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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 31, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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across the country and we appreciate your support and don't forget to follow us social media. "unfiltered" wine facebook and instagram it at "unfiltered" on fox "unfiltered" on fox. that doesn't for us tonight with dan bongino. we'll see you back here next see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." permanent pandemic is the subject of tonight's watters words. fear gives them power. make you so scared they can control you. they want to keep us in a forever pandemic. the left isn't doing the one thing they tell you to do. follow the science. cdc telling vaccinated americans to wear masks indoors in public
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places with high cases. do average americans follow case quantities county by county? no. case counts are kinds of irrelevant at this point. if you are vaxxed, this virus isn't deadly anymore. your chance of catching covid is small. there is a 99% chance you won't die from it or even go to the hospital. out of 160 million americans who have been vaccinated. just a little over 1,000 have died. knees are cdc numbers. and most of them were older americans. one death is too much. but you have a 0.0007 percent chance of dying from covid if you are vaccinated. low risk there is an understatement. you have a bigger chance of dprieg a car crash. but we still get in the car
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every day. don't we? the left is hysterical. they are being karens about all this. and they can't stop yelling about how some people aren't getting vaccinated. so they are deciding to punish everybody. the left is talking about covid cases are up, but they are not talking about the low number of deaths. this is the least deadly month since the pandemic began. we are talking about cases now because deaths are so low. the left overreacts because that's what they do. it's not possible for the country to function if americans aren't willing to put up with the tiniest amount of risk. but again back to masks. they want you to be like secretary of defense lloyd austin. can you believe that? wearing a face shield and a mask. how embarrassing. first they said don't wear a
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mask. then they said wear one. the left shamed everybody and everyone that didn't. >> you are not wearing a mask. >> so what? people are not worried about their own personal safety? >> nobody is wearing them. there you go. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]. [bleep] [bleep] [bleep] >> this is a wake-up call for people across the country to wear their mask. [bleep] jesse: then they said no mask. americans are confused. biden promised if you get a vaccine you can take them off. when the cdc said take them off in may, biden followed suit. >> when your country asked you to get vaccinated, you did.
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the american people stepped up and did what i consider to be our patriotic duty. that's how we got to this day. if you have been fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. let me repeat. if you are fully vaccinated, you no longer need to wear a mask. jesse: now they are taking it back again. biden flipped out on fox's peter doocy. >> in may you said we are losing the mask forever. >> that is true at the time. i thought people were going to understand that getting vaccinated made a joy began tick difference. what happened is the new variant came along. they didn't get vaccinated. it was spread more rapidly and people were getting sick. jesse: threatening americans, telling them it's a matter of life and death.
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now he's telling federal employees they have to get vaccinated. our military has to wear masks. and have travel restrictions if they can't or won't get vaccinated. they want to control you. what you put on your face. what you say, how you run your business. they don't have the facts so they put the fear. they are devoted to dividing americans into bitter camps into political games. the vaxxed and the unvaxxed. it's like the new race hustle. d.c. is going crazy. anybody over 2 years old has a mask mandate. there has been one covid death in july in all of d.c., one. which has a population of 700,000 people. there were more homocides in that in july.
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the white house says d.c. is a hot zone. if there were 20 covid pay sent in hospital. now if you are not wearing a mask you will be arrested. but cross the border illegally and you will get a free bus ticket to whatever you want. pelosi is calling house minority leader kevin mccarthy a moron. jesse: what's moronic is punishing the good people of d.c. >> we have a crisis at our border, and we are playing footy with mask mandates in the people's house. i mean, it's absolutely absurd
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what this body is doing in the people's house. it's an embarrassment, it's a mockery. and the american people are fed up. they want to go back to business and back to school with their children not wearing a mask. and the speaker says we have to wear masks in the people's house when we have thousands of people pouring across our borders and democrats don't do a thing about it with covid. jesse: if democrats are so worried about covid, why aren't they doing anything about our open borders. biden is letting it in and then blaming us. there was a 900 percent increase in the number of covid migrants in one section of the border.
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he closed the canadian border but not the mexican one. it's ridiculous. why should we take anything he says about covid seriously. then when will the cdc recommend we close the border? fauci meanwhile at the center stage of the mask and covid confusion. >> change anything that you are doing on a day by day basis. the risk is still low. >> it was just bad and is bad now. these numbers are so stunning. if you are a healthy young person will is no reason. if you want to go on a cruise ship, go on a cruise ship. it's not a good idea to travel period in the united states. >> people should not be walking around with masks. if one mask is good, it makes common sense that maybe two masks are better. jesse: now he's saying the cdc
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hasn't flip flopped on masks. you know it's bad when earn msnbc is questioning him. >> why are we discussing vaccine mandates and a mask mandate all over again. there are some who say the cdc doesn't know what it's doing. >> the cdc hasn't flip flopped at all. jesse: what are they urging the government to mandate they wear masks again. they are fully vaxxed. why would they have to wear masks. if they want to wear one, go ahead, no one is stopping you. donald trump handed imieden a vaccine and an economy on the rise. businesses are scared to bring back their workers after this mask guidance. people are canceling their plans staying home because they are freaked out.
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he keeps change his tune and guidelinesser single month. the only thing he and the cdc is achieving is scaring us or just annoying me. cnn's don lemon has a message for the unvaccinated. >> don't have a vaccine can't go to the supermarket, or a ballgame. don't have a vaccine. can't go to work. don't have a vaccine. you can't come here. no shirt, no shoes, no service. people saying i don't want to put that into my body. drinking on the weekend and putting other stuff in their bodies is way worse than a vaccine. jesse: it's all about control. the left wants to tell you what you can and can't do. why wouldn't you want to go to the supermarket when more than half of the country is vaxxed. but you could go last year when nobody was vaxxed.
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vaccine passports are about punishing people who aren't vaxxed. biden is looking into whether the federal government can impose mask mandates on the whole country. >> why not push for vaccine mandates? states and private companies. >> i would like to see them continue to move in that direction. that's why i pointed out' i asked the justice department to determine whether they are able to do that legally, and they can. it's still a question whether the federal government can mandate the whole country. i don't know that yet. jesse: i got the vaccine myself and encourage everybody to. you can't punish americans for not getting the vaccine. without freedom, we have nothing. the u.s., our constitution, our entire social fabric won't be permanently changed by a virus
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we nearly defeated. we basically beat this thing a year. covid-19 isn't even in the top five leading causes of deaths in america right now. we are stuck acting like every day is d-day. no, we are in mopup mode. everything is open and has been for months. more than half the country is vaccinated and more continue to get shots every day. everyone is eating, making out, and enjoying their lives. if this was ebola you would push hard for a 100% vaccination. but covid even before vaccines had a 90% survive rate. you can only push foe far. but the left won't stop. they are pushing and keeping us in this permanent pandemic. the left is always saying the right wing is moving towards
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authoritarianism. but they want to push vaccines into people's arms and censor you if you speak out. author of "the authoritarian moment: how the left weaponized america's institutions against dissent" ben shapiro. before we get to the book which is great. what is your reaction to this craziness regarding masks. >> it's madness and not rooted in logic or data. if you have had the vaccine you are essentially safe from this virus. if you haven't had the vaccine. you have ever ability to get it. but you are a rational adult and you can make your own risk assessment. the notion that we have to mask up everybody vaccinated to protect the unvaccinated is
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assinine on its face. if you go out there and keep saying over and over that people who are vaccinated and are creating risk, the takeaway is that they are not working the way they said they would. but that's not true. they are working to avoid hospitalizations and prevent death. the moving of the goalposts has been ato be i shaling. it was two weeks to slow the spread and don't overwhelm the hospital system. zero covid is what the white house and democrats are focused on. jesse: i was flipping through this the other day, "the authoritarian moment." we are looking at the movement
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you described. the constant revolution and destruction of everything that's come before us. this censorship from the top down, and this kind of moral superiority that everybody that disagrees with you is evil. tell us what this left wing authoritarian movement looks like. and are you scared of it? >> i think most americans are scared of it at this point. not only from the government. but predominantly from the social sphere. every major institution that impacts our lives has been normalized by aggressive radical leftists and has taken the insurance institutions and used them against us whether you are talking about entertainment or science or social media or the corporation you work for, there is a feeling by americans that if they say what they think they can be fired their job and
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excised from the body politic. every american in the united states with the exception of staunch far leftists believe they cannot speak up without risk of repercussions. jesse: we are being dominated by a tyrannical minority and we are letting it happen to us. in the book you describe, there is something people can do to resist the cab sell culture and oppression a lot of people on the right feel. especially predominant in corporate america. what would be your suggestion when you are just being inundated with the diversity training all the time and you feel that you can't speak freely at your office. how do you suggest americans counter that? >> organize and unify with other people at your company. it doesn't require 50% of your company to push back. what the left has done is they have taken about 20% of each
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institution and they waited for all the people to just collapse out of fear or risk aversion or conflict aversion. but you can do the same thing from the other side. if you can get 20% of your company to write the boss, saying we are not going to do that. perhaps your boss says we are not. we are going to be neutral on these issues. all the right has to do is push these institutions back into neutrality. not right-wing orientation. jesse: all we are asking for is respect and neutrality. you mentioned something about hatred. i talk about it in my book and mark levin discussed it. the mass psychology involved in these radical movements. explain what you mean when you say they hate us. >> one element ements of left wing authoritarianism. the feeling of moral authority.
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and people they oppose aren't just wrong, but evil, and that justifies whatever you want to do against them. whether it's a twitter mob or in your corporation you didn't post the right black square at the right time of year. the polarization is coming from the left. jesse: you mention people you were friendly with on the left wouldn't wish you birthday publicly, they would have to do it behind closed doors because they couldn't be seen being nice to ben shapiro. i don't know why i'm promoting this. you will just knock me farther down the best seller list. but it's worth reading and i appreciate you coming on to "watters' world." rival monkey gangs clash.
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- had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. [♪♪♪] [crowd chants no more masks] >> do your job and take the masks off our kids and particular to education. >> hands off my children. jesse: serious parents gearing up for another battle as one of the largest teachers unions in
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the country refuses to commit to schools going back to school in september. >> delta threw us a real curveball. the lack of the herd immunity and enough people being vaccinated, and you know, kids not being able to get vaccines, 12 and under, has thrown this curveball. so the bottom line is we are going to keep kids safe, we are going to keep our members safe and we are going to try to open up schools and move through this political battlefield. jesse: joining us to discuss, former education secretary and fox news contributor, bill bennett. i have a theory about what's going on. they say it's a curveball, delta, that's bs. they are either squeezing us the taxpayers for more money, or
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lying about the number of teachers vaccinated. some of these teachers don't want to go back to the classroom. they want to stay at home and do the remote thing. >> i will take c. they have gotten used to the sedentary life, or vacation life. they are getting paid full-time salaries. any suggestion of a virus, even just a common cold, they are going to say maybe we ought to shut it down. randi weingarten has given the warning that this could be their position. there are several things to be furious about in the schools. the fact that they are not opening is one of them. jesse: when you combine critical race theory with not opening in the fall. there will be another million mom march that the biden administration will have to deal with. something sickening and disturbing is happening in la.
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i believe what they are doing is testing every single teach, student and administrator every week whether they have been vaxxed or not. and everybody has to wear a mask. i feel like that's almost borderline abuse at this point. >> it's crazy. what they have done is infuriate parents even further. they will make teachers angry and they will go own strike and that's another reason not to go back to class. you are right about critical race theory. i'm ambivalent about whether the schools should be open give what they are teaching. i want to see full choice. in the state of west virginia the money is attached to the child's backpack. it goes wherever the child goes. private school, charter school, home schooling. more options are opening up. this could be the pivot point
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for real change in education. i'm hoping it is. and they can thank their own bad behavior on several fronts. not showing up, then showing up with bad stuff. jesse: greg gutfeld made the same point as bill bennett did. if you agree on something it's got to be true. >> i did my ph.d thesis under professor gutfeld. studied under him. jesse: thank you very much, mr. secretary. we appreciate you coming on "watters' world." i'm watch. shocking -- crime watch. shocking crimes happening all over the nation. we'll analyze with our favorite philly detective next.
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i'm mike emanuel. now back to "watters' world." jesse: now for a new edition of crime watch. crime surging across the country, especially in cities that defunded the police. some big cities are starting to
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panic, crying for more help. but it's too late. no one wants to be a copyright now. retirements are at an all-time high. >> let me tell you something. let me tell you something. jesse: gunfire in philadelphia after a wild fight between two dudes, a famous spot for tourists. it started over a parking spot. but the gunman said it was self-defense. here to analyze, former philadelphia police officer nick gerace. >> i have had many steaks down there. we have a situation where calmer heads should have prevailed. mainstream media was quick to jump over it saying a white
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person shot a black person. but you see pedro is the aggressor. you see him charging from probably 10 yard away. when you are in a physical altercation like that. pennsylvania law states if you feel your life is threatened or serious bodily harm can happen to you, you have the wright to defend yourself. so when you go off screen, you hear the shot. before they go off screen you see burkehead is in a headlock. he has complete control over him. jesse: you have to be cautious. you can't start throwing hands in the middle of a cheesesteak spot. and look what happens. the guy gets shot and he's dead. in brooklyn a gunman sprayed bullets on the street, broad
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daylight. you can see a woman pushing a baby stroller. she takes off running. it's brazen when you look at it. you don't expect to see this happening in broad daylight. the guy has a mask on it looks like. this is new york city. this isn't -- it's like a third world country. >> well, that's exactly what barack obama said let's level the playing field. i guess that's to bring us down to a third world country. this isn't kevin costner and we aren't watching the untouchables. this is real life. we are so desensitized with what's going on. look how calm and collected this guy is walking out and shooting. regardless. how calm. >> he measured up the shot
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behind the car and looked like he didn't have a care in the world. there is no police there. i don't know what's going on with deblasio and the police department. it's a mess. i want to show you the nightclub parking lot in texas. broad daylight. three people injured. one man is holding a baby, trying to get away. just kind of the casual nature of these guys letting off rounds in broad daylight. it seems like a game. they are not great aim obviously. these aren't marksmen. but that's what makes it so dangerous. anybody could be a victim. >> there is no consequences to their actions. my favorite part of that video is the guy behind the particle board door and he shuts the door like bullets won't penetrate
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that particle board door. there is no long guns or ar-15s. those came from the border, right across with everything else, along with covid. but we aren't going to shut the border down. and wearing a mask wouldn't stop bullets. jesse: thank you. is cancel culture killing comedy and hollywood in i think we know the answer. >> first you want to find a stud. i said stud, not dud.
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jesse: cancel culture is killing comedy. everyone is so offended by everything. remember the good old days when it was okay to laugh at an inappropriate joke? >> you put a hose on it 50-70 miles an hour across the lawn. whack. there is no lawyer involved. [inaudible] jesse: comedian tim allen has spoke out against cancel culture and free speech. now he's returning to standup.
11:43 pm
he tweeted this. very nervous since i have been off stage for over a year. i wonder if government agents will be policing comedy from the back of the house. joining me, adam carolla. he said i like pirks ssing people off. lane's nothing more than a smart funny conservative that takes shots and is certainly self-afacing. would you agree with that? >> yeah, i do. for some reason comedy used to be a countser culture thing and you pushed back against the man. i live in california. the man is not donald trump. the man is gavin newsom and eric garcetti, the mayor of
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los angeles. and no one wants to push back against the man ruining your life. trump is in florida. he's not in charge of you. at some point comedy turned into a popularity contest when it used to be a contest who could make the most people think and get the most conversations started. jesse: i never cared about the politics of the comedian. i laughed fit was funny. your material is pretty good. here is he adam carolla on gavin newsom. >> no business with more than 18 employees shall have a board room that does not have a bicurious llama in it. a bicurious llama of color.
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we are going to need an all that, transitioning. [bleep] is on fire and we are broke. okay? jesse: bicurious llama of color. you have hit on the absurdity of liberals in 2021. and that's funny. do you think you have been marginalized because you are conservative? i think that's funny if you are right or left. >> if you are going to live in hollywood and you are conservative, you shall be punished. i have my own podcast, i write books, i write documentaries, i go on tour, i play clubs. if i just worked for the disney corporation i would be punished. none of my documentaries make it
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into sundance which is the biggest film festival in the world. so i'm punished that way. but it's a small price to pay for speaking your minds. jesse: if there are 27 genders, and you have a therapy llama he loued on flights. everybody should be able to laugh at that, no matter what your political backgrounds. hopefully i didn't ruin your brands too significantly. i had a good time. i hope everybody checks the podcast out. thanks for coming on. wild monkeys flood the streets. and a trailer park for swingers want to go there and share house and spouses.
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jesse: time for "watters' world" triple play. this video catches a woman trying to run over a man,
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probably the ex. the guy dodged the car like the was an olympic sport. joining me, fox news contributor, raymond arroyo. that's how women behave when they break up with you. they are so passionate. they want to merit you with their car. >> i thought honda has no worry like a woman's scorn. they broke my first cardinal rule of female-male relationship. you never break up with a woman if she is behind the wheel. i guess it's his car. so she has into qualms about smashing it in'neighborhood. jesse: that explains a lots of that story. there is a trailer park that
11:52 pm
mass become a swingers' club in southern louisiana. here is the guy that's running it. let's roll it. this will be one of many good things. there is a big communities much it. i think it's a good thing compared to most things. >> first i want to thank you for bringing me the high minded topics to dive into. his motto, he writes, bring your house and share your spouse. looking at this guy. you are safer sharing the house. this is like campgrounds of america for the sdt sect. you get a plug-in and a vial of penicillin. who would want to go in the woods with this guy?
11:53 pm
jesse: i think it's better to catch covid than some of the things you could catch at that trailer park. thailand out of control. monkeys are running wild. i guess there was a shortage of food. imagine going into a little vacation in thailand and your walking out to breakfast and you see a mob of monkeys. this looks scarier than antifa. >> i thought this was steven spielberg's new mounting of "westside story." it looks like the green room on "the five" when catering doesn't show up. this is what happens when animals don't eat. the best part was when dr. fauci came out and he called all
11:54 pm
unvaccinated monkeys to get their masks. jesse: are these swingers, these monkeys, raymond? >> i don't think so. i don't think tee boy is ready. jesse: we'll have more high-minded stories for ray mind. we don't want him slumming it? "watters' world." up next, last call. and you might get a picture with moi.
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[♪♪♪] jesse: don't forget, i'm on tour for "how i saved the world." i'll be in new jersey tomorrow. unfortunately the event sold out. maybe you can sneak in. you can still catch me in north vail, new jersey wednesday around 7:30 in the evening right after "the five." i will bike up there on a motor scooter. i will be signing books, shaking hands and kissing babies. maybe you can even up me. this past week i was at the nixon library. thank you so much for supporting my book.
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it's doing well, thanks to you. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪♪♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. let's get right to my open. is the biden administration recklessly ebb dangering american citizens by allowing infected illegals from some of the poorest countries in the world where medical care is rare and vaccinations are even more rare to illegally enter


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