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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 1, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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lot of great things planned for all of you on saturday nights. set your dvr so you never miss a show. thank you for watching. "unfiltered" with dan bongino is next. i'm jeanine pirro, advocating for truth, justice and the american way. ♪♪ ♪♪ dan: hello, welcome to "unfiltered". he started to ask yourself this week, why are we back to the fear campaign? we had joe biden just back in may tell us we think we've got this under control. you can take masks off and go back to living your life. some think you are doing anyway down here in the free state of florida. you wonder why they flipped the light switch and went back to a 24 hour fear agenda. i can tell you what my sources are telling me. the democrats think they are going to get routed in the 2022
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election. this serves a couple purposes for them. gets them to throw a monkeywrench in voting reforms and also they can blame inflation and everything else on the pandemic, they tell you that still going on right now. the fear porn is back. listen to any democrat out there but in order to keep the fear porn going, they have to control you and keep your mouth shut and they've used the same tools to do it for decades. first they lie about you and talk you with a label on them for review and call you names and tell you to shut up. watch joe biden to hear. >> if you're not vaccinated . dan: they just can't call you names, they need to call control you. calling you names is a good enough. they do this to keep you quiet. here's the democrats saying the quiet part out loud. they want control over you.
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>> we've got to shape people and say come on now. we try father terry. he could not have been more kind and compassionate. the voluntary phase is over. >> we've given them lottery tickets, we've given people incentives all over the place. football tickets, krispy kreme's. bribery didn't work so the next step has to be what we might look at as press. you might not be able to go into a restaurant if you're unless your vaccinated. not a museum or a theater. >> if you don't get vaccinated, he can't come into this office or place of business. you can't come to work. if you don't get vaccinated can't come into the gym. he can't come into this airplane. dan: they are not even hiding anymore. many tyrants. they used to at least try to hide it.
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that's all gone now. how to make shut you up and stop you from projecting for control agenda shut you down. the current label is misinformation is how they shut you up remember the white house already admitting the missing information label check this out. >> we've increased research and tracking within the surgeon general's office for problematic post for facebook that spread disinformation. we are working with doctors and medical professionals to connect medical experts with popular with their audiences accurate information and boost trusted content so we help get trusted content out there. dan: here is biden again reaffirming his warren you which he labeled a one misinformation this week. >> we need some straight talk right now because there's a lot
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of fear and misinformation in our country. we need to cut through it with facts. with science and with the truth. dan: why are we talking about this now? this is the second flip-flop on masks while simultaneously attacking americans who have basic questions. that says to me this isn't about science or the data or the truth. this is about their narrative and definitely about control. watch doctor fauci changing his mind again and again. and again. fauci is allowed to do that but are you? >> people should not be walking around with max. let me state for the record masks are not theater. were are the masks it's not providing the perfect protection people think it is.
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there's no indication putting a mask on and wearing a mask for considerable period of time has any effects, there are unintended consequences. people keep fiddling with the mask and touching their face. >> you do not need to wear a mask endorse if you've been vaccinated. good that your vaccinated but in this situation where you have people endorse crowded, you should wear a mask. dan: sears question, is that misinformation? biden says there's a war on misinformation it took about every position imaginable to wear masks. doctor fauci set the message changed because the science change. newsflash, that's what size does so maybe it's a good idea to let other people speak to may be there fuchs will change based on the evolving science. speaking of free speech, was this misinformation? joe biden and kamala harris refused to take the cover
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vaccine for the election. >> if and when the vaccine comes, it's not likely to the test and trials that need to be done. >> let's just say there's a vaccine approved and even distribute it before the election, would you get it? >> i think that's going to be an issue all of us. >> at the present announced a vaccine tomorrow, could you take it? >> only if it was completely transparent. >> if donald trump tells us to take it, i'm not taking it. dan: remember, fauci, biden, kallick harris, you are supposed to shut your pie hole filled. i don't think so. a lot of americans are starting to ask questions and say why are we back to this mass thing again? the answer is because they told you so. >> the vaccines work. why do people have the vaccine
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need to wear a mask, the same who have not had one? >> the public health leaders in our administration have made the determination based on data from a way to make sure they are protected from their loved ones are protected and it's an extra step given transmissibility of the virus. dan: while you are attacked and prorated and treated like a second-class citizen by your government, you hard-working citizen of this country, across of super citizens been created before your eyes. illegal immigrants who don't respect our laws don't even need to observe the same protocols as you and who reportedly don't need the same id to flat. i can't think of a more corrosive, destructive policy. twenty-two midterms can't come quickly enough.
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here to discuss the florida governor ron desantis, governor, welcome to the shelf. appreciate you joining us again. >> great to be with you as always. dan: governor, you led the way on coronavirus sanity the entire time i lived down here. i'm a constituent of yours, president of florida. what you plan to do about these new mask guidance from the cdc? is there any potential we could have mandate band in florida? i know you signed an executive order but is there a legislative situation to ban mandates? >> we've already done it. i signed a law in june that terminates local governments ability to impose restrictions or mandates on individuals or businesses. that's not happening in florida and it certainly will not happen by me or at the state level as well. the one area where we did necessary legislate was with the school district so last school year some school districts have
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mask policy and others didn't. many private schools have mask optional and same with charter schools. the results were no different, there were not major outbreaks no matter what so this coming school year, every district in florida planned on doing optional for masks and i think that's the right policy. the cdc comes in and says every single person in a school, students, teachers and staff have to be massed at all times, that's not consistent with the evidence and not data-driven so you start to see one or two school districts think we are going to follow that and impose a mask. i signed executive order that says under florida's bill of rights, the parents should be the ones to decide whether they want their kid to wear a mask". do you believe in that and that makes the yogurt, no one is stopping you but that should not be imposed on everybody and we've got to give parents the choice. a lot of these kids suffered under wearing masks. his a lot of harm that comes
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with it and we are basically empowering the parent to recognize what's best for their kids and i think in most instances what's best for the kids from the parents perspective will be go to school mask free. dan: i sorry, i should have been specific with schools and that question, you're accurate what you have done to combat these mandates and you have seen even in blue pleading counties in florida like broward where they are looking at mask mandates again, rising grassroots efforts and you know very well not just republican spread amongst democrats, parent saying i just want my kid to have a normal school year. the mortality rate for kids who don't have comorbidity or diseases, mortality rate of the virus is 0%. >> and i think one of the dangers i feel having mandatory mask at this time, given
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statistics you cite, i think a lot of the bureaucratic authorities are going to say we massed for cobit, flu is more dangerous for kids than cobit, maybe they need to mask the kids every flu season and then it never ends. if the cdc had its way, i think it probably have kids and masks indefinitely and it's not a partisan issue. parents have to deal with this in real time just like last summer there was such hysteria because florida was going to go to school in person five days a week in the media was raising a ruckus and other people but parents across the board want the ability to send their kids to school and i think it's the same this year with the mask. they want to send their kids and their kids to be normal and the schools are the perfect place to do it, one of the lowest risk environments we have for covered in the data on that is very clear. dan: the irony here is one of the reasons you were elected originally because of your,
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you've been an open advocate for school choice and minority parents supported you. many voted democrat. i live in florida, i don't get mapped out much but when i do, people know i'm republican and they tell me and say i'm a democrat but i think you are right on this. i think a lot of them believe it's a fear campaign. they are not using hospitalizations and deaths, they are using cases. it good to know that but candidly it's almost meaningless statistics if vaccinated people are showing up as cases but many of them are asymptomatic. >> exactly and i think that's the thing, i think the vaccines were sold and prevent infections, i don't think that's happened. i think a lot of people tested positive who were vaccinated but i do think it's helped particularly older people against severe outcomes including death so what you have is you have cases and a lot of
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people vaccinated testing positive but they have an incredibly mild illness. why would we want to shutdown society because of back? i think nationwide we are at one of the lowest points in mortality for the entire pandemic and i think that is a reason why so fear doesn't work, i think people are sick of that and see that people have an agenda and constantly want to do it meant you and i both know there are certain people who never want the hysteria to end for their own purposes and we can't let them win. florida is free and we pride ourselves on people being free to choose how they want to govern their affairs. dan: governor desantis, thank you very much. thank you for everything you do in trying to keep florida free. appreciate it. thanks for the time. >> god bless you, thanks. dan: joe biden is losing with
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voters on big issues like crime and the border. but the administration claims it's just cyclical. >> time rises in the summer. >> it's highly unlikely it's going to be long-term inflation. dan: is is all seasonable? former deputy national press secretary drains before a rebuttal, next.
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get started today. walk back to "unfiltered". biden's approval rating crime immigration and gun violence, 39% on crime, 37% on immigration, 37% and confronted. could it be because every time democrats are backed into a corner, this is there default excuse? >> it's highly unlikely will be long-term inflation will get out of hand. >> inflation turns out to be higher and more persistent than we expect. >> crime is historically rising during the summer. >> rising crime rates across the country including chicago 18 months or more. that's unfortunately not going to turn on a dime. >> the searchers are cyclical. the result of, for example weather disasters in the region,
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fair are the result people fleeing property. >> it's not seasonable. >> joining me now for the rebuttal, the nc deputy nash, josé. thank you for joining me, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> is at a crisis at the border or is this a seasonable think? the numbers don't marry up with these seasonable claims. >> i think the u.s. government has to be clear in its messaging we are not allowing them to cross the border. biden has be clear that kamala harris has been clear on that. we've got to work with central america so they don't continue to come because the problems of happening in their home country so we as americans understand a clear message to el salvador, honduras and you name it. if you come to the border, he will not be able to. over 1 million up against at the
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border. biden has done everything he can't in his power to fix the problems. it is easy to solve? it's not. trump couldn't solve certain all of government to do it to get it done. dan: that's entirely inaccurate and i'm sorry you have been misinformed. president trump declared an emergency at the border as a coronavirus crisis hit last year and you know what the illegal pricings, you know what the number? the member was 16000 crossing. the number this month, it's not even over yet is 188,000 so what did trump do right that biden is doing wrong? >> let me remind you real quickly republicans but the white house and the senate the house so a majority of the american public wanted democrats to take back because if trump control immigration, he couldn't pass, couldn't get the vaccine
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to the americans so for me to even talk about trump is a waste of my time but i can tell you biden was to work with republicans and fix the problem at the border and infrastructure and this is why we are seeing the economy and what we are seeing. the highest it's been today under president joe biden. dan: interesting how you avoided the question so i'll ask again, you make the comparison by the way, resident trump declares an emergency at the border, cut illegal crossings to 16000. he's at joe biden was doing everything he could do except illegal crossings are 188,000. please explain the numerical his verities and if you could answer, i would appreciate it. >> joe biden apprehended his government over one million people at the border and continue to be clear, our message to central america that we do not want undocumented immigrants. we've got to change the whole
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system. maybe we should work with republicans on regression reform. dan: is on, this is a simple question, trump was in charge 16000 people crossing, biden is in charge -- >> -- he's going to inflict anything. he loves the election. dan: whether he lost the election or not has nothing to do with the members i told you. i guess you're not going to answer. do you agree with the biden administration's policy that canadians should not be able to enter the country unless it's an emergency or sump business needs right now? is a policy they have going on with the biden administration. how do you feel about that? >> joe biden has been clear when it comes to covid-19 and the cdc and his recordations so he
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knows. the cdc so we've got to listen to them. dan: how you feel about the canadian don't need joe biden to toilet is the canadian one post, how you feel about that? >> american interest i lived in the effusions of the severance from the cdc says the policy should be and that should be it. i'm going to listen to the american government. dan: okay so thank you. you just acknowledged biden was correct, you trust him and the canadian border is closed. should we close the southern border than as well? >> i think let me say it again . dan: no, it's a simple question. i'm out. a simple question. you said agree with the closure of the northern border because of science so you do agree with the southern border closing
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science? it's a simple question. >> get. if the cdc, whatever the cdc is saying -- you are not the doctor. dan: i tried to get a straight answer out of democrats and i can't do it. nice try, appreciate it. folks, order to arrest congressman, byron donald reacti
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♪♪ 's. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered". capitol police directed by nancy pelosi to arrest unmatched staff and visitors on the house out of the capitol. members can't be arrested, but there staff or visitors who don't comply with the mass order could be arrested for unlawful entry. our next guest was amongst one of the republican congress number two marched on the senate floor this week in protest of the new ridiculous mask mandate. byron donald is here, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> hey, dan. good to be with you. dan: you plan on complying with this radicular non- science mandate? >> absolutely not. [laughter] it will not happen. the court on the floor and said
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sir, you know you need a mask? said that's what i heard but i'm not doing it so you do what you have to do. told my staff i will protect you as you work for me, you don't work for nancy pelosi. the visitors who come to my office see me, they don't come to seek nancy pelosi and i'll protect you at the nation's capitol. dan: congressman i appreciate you taking a stand. we have to stick to science and they've been careful about releasing what science they want us to see. i want to switch gears for a minute because you are from florida, west coast and doing a great job but it's interesting when it comes to immigration, being a part of represent a familiar which tends to vote republican. you find interesting the dhs secretary seems to be all for open borders but when it comes to human refugees who may have legitimate asylum cases all the time he takes a hard line and let's refugees know you got to turn around and go back? they happen to vote republican?
1:31 am
>> it's all politics all the time. when i first started paying attention to politics, i thought maybe democrat have a different opinion. no, i'm at the nation's capitol, it's pure politics. if you come from a tribal country or somewhere overseas they think you will be a democrat voter, their view is permanent, the water is fine but if you are under tierney, totalitarian communist tierney in the country of cuba, they want to block you. two reasons. one, the voters tend to be republican more important, if you're going to come from cuba and hopefully tierney, with the same political ideology the left supports and endeared to. they have a hypocritical double standard and outrageous but unfortunately we are seeing it everyday from this administration. dan: you've become a rising star in the party speaking out loudly about conservative principles.
1:32 am
i'm genuinely concerned, we are spending our way into an abyss and a generational problem, it's not you. it's not limited just to democrats but this new bill that nancy pelosi chuck schumer bill that will cost about 5.5 trillion, not 3.5 trillion, this will be the end. i don't see any way we recover from this, spending money we don't have. where are your colleagues on the republican side of the house on this? >> we are firmly against her. there's not a republican is has they are anywhere here supporting this monstrosity. we are one 100% against it also debate and switch the senate deal they are voting on against right now. we are against the as well because we know it's a bait and switch. he wants to push to get bipartisanship and jam through the rest of it on reconciliation. our country is out of money but number two, we've already spent trillions of dollars dealing with the pandemic, inflation is on the loose and we have serious
1:33 am
problems with people in our country getting back to work because of the present in the administration and we shouldn't be spending more money like this, it's reckless and out-of-control. dan: i appreciate you joining us and fighting the good fight. thanks a lot. >> anytime. dan: next, hotcakes from fox and friend host from my friend. surprise, too. you don't want to miss it. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered", time for hotcakes, three stories you may have missed this week but you need to know about, here to break them down is my friend, fox and friend cohost. laughter, life and the joy of liberty, the great brian kill me. thanks for joining us. >> i've ever seen a guy in all honesty, you have made such a natural transition as a host. i knew you had the opinions but the host show and be traffic cop is fantastic. dan: listen, that's nice of you. i've only been doing this for like 20 years so i appreciate it. >> going to go onto this now. dan: i can see your trainer like a rocky montage. you like that segue? is a montage here, college
1:39 am
students who say they refuse to support team usa. check this out. >> i'm not rooting for any team because it's a country i live in. triggers patriot are you going to go 15-psi? >> i don't, i root for athletes. >> would you go to usa kat? >> that's not going to be me, i'm sorry. >> no. dan: think about how bad this is. you've got conservatives angry team usa because you had a few mueller's and liberals college campus angry at team usa because there's a usa and their. >> a couple of them i talked to a reporter and said no you would see the university of southern florida and i asked somebody out and we both know her and she said it was never an anti-
1:40 am
american campus, she doesn't know what happened so i asked the reporter, you cherry pick anti- american students? she said no. talk to two dozen, only to endorsement of the country. i have two recommendations. one, travel. if you find a better place, stay. number two, parent, you failed. you raise a kid like that doesn't appreciate what they have where they are going to school probably 50, $60000 in a beautiful state with incredible weather with dorms that look like hotel rooms and you are not sure if you like the country that depressing, it's outrageous shows nor proportion. you have no idea what's beyond these borders. you have no idea what's beyond the beach. dan: that's incredible advice. the first time i left the country and i went to russia and circuit service agent, when i got back to the air force base, i kissed the ground, you really
1:41 am
look at this place different when you see everywhere else. speaking of travel, you mentioned listen, it may be time for me to give it a shot, you're never too old. apparently this grandmother wasn't too old either to give it a new shot, 83 years old. not just got her black belt from the great chuck norris. your thoughts on that? never too late. >> i've got to get turtleneck shirt and be like you, sir. this woman is taylor, she picked up martial arts at 68 years old, she's 83 now. so after 15 years in the united by the art federation, she gets a fifth degree black belt from the most famous artist in the country. after chuck norris gave her the belt, he said i hadn't been training during the pandemic, you have inspired me and i think
1:42 am
that's awesome. number two a shows always have a call. the pandemic is terrible, not allowed to do these things, i'm in that dangerous age group. i might have to train alone but i'm hundred train. i'm going to make the most of the time i have and enjoy the years but i'm not saying she has a lot of years left but a lot of people are looking at the finish line at that age but she's looking to get another belt. that's inspiration. dan: i'll send you some shirts. they are medium. from queens new york, everything is three sizes too small. i expect you wear one on fox and friends, i'd appreciate it. >> a family from brooklyn and queens, they are from everywhere in the area. dan: my mother is irish and german, i'm only half italian. there's a third story you may not have seen but you are not share something in common. i just learned this week, check this out. >> straightahead, sharp week and
1:43 am
we have real sharks. you need proof? that's what they look like mary. run for your life. you. but this will change all this great white shark would be coming to got beat. this he have your name on his mind? why is the shark so angry? [laughter] >> i did not know i talked so much about sharks. i did not know you would put this together. evidently i'm obsessed with them. [laughter] dan: is a wildcard segment. we always have to throw something in there. i did not know you were scared of sharks. on eating, i have a cousin with an inground pool, we had no money so we would go swimming and i was afraid to swim in his pool when i was six or seven because of sharks.
1:44 am
me and you share a lot in common. [laughter] >> you are no help so if i see a shark, you say onshore, no help. i'll add the sharks in the middle of the ocean, they seem to want to come close to us. even this week, the sharks are in there. they shall make six pictures of sharks, am i the only one alarmed by this? [laughter] dan: i agree. all right, appreciate it, great segment. >> congratulations, again. dan: new spyware, is a hacking your iphone? to make sure your p
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welcome back to "unfiltered". new sophisticated spyware on iphone. lungs were half using a so-called zero quick exploit where hackers can't control without any interaction. spyware was developed. joining me now and how you can protect your information cybersecurity expert, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> you but. dan: how real is this threat? what concerns me is no quick
1:49 am
malware meaning you know how to click obviously on anything, just has your phone or device infected. how real is the threat? >> there's basically two types of spyware, a type that's made by dodgy porn sites and advertisers who want to get on your phone and then there is espionage, patient great spyware, unit 8300 and we can become people. if you're targeted by something called pegasus, there's not a lot to do with that until they discover the zero day exploit, there's no defense to get this so you don't know what you have because you don't know something is wrong. on the other hand if you're a consumer, about try to stay where stay away from quick bates, don't click on links. don't open stuff you don't one 100% trust.
1:50 am
that's how a lot of spyware get on it. dan: for the layman, i obviously don't have the level of sophistication you do about this technology, how would you even know if your phone was infected? from what i've read if you have this spyware on their, they effectively own your phone and can activate the camera, microphone, nobody is comfortable with phones and cameras being activated. better in living room forever, it's a pretty good guess i would think. >> that is the million dollar ticket software out there. the other software if your phone is like it's hitting up its warmth about things slowing down and looking at your data plan and it's going off the roof, there are some things you can look at and there are a lot of
1:51 am
tools out there that can check your phone other android or apple just if you have spyware think your privacy and security settings and restrict what ads can do and what other things can do but i will tell you, if you're targeted by something like this, it too late. they've got you with something that sophisticated. dan: you are not the first person with experience in this arena who told me that. they want you with this no quick stuff, they will find a way. this has been hot on the mind of a lot of business owners, this trend now with ransomware taking custody of a businesses intellectual property on the computer saying you want this back? pay us $1 million in bitcoin. what is the average business doing to avoid being a victim to this ransomware has become a trend? >> allows the ransomware takes advantage of exploit things they could have patched up, things
1:52 am
they could have applied for simple stuff, authentication using a password and a secondary coat that generates a new coat every 30 seconds. would putting that on, do not use the password out of a dictionary or you might think that sophisticated but trust me, there are things called rainbow cables that have billions of passports and they check in. they are easily basic things you can do to protect yourself. the biggest thing is, be careful of the fishing e-mails, don't click on stuff. it goes back to what you're talking about spyware, unless you one 100% know where it's coming from, nobody dies because you didn't click on a link. nobody has ever gotten rich through a nigerian prince clicking on a link in an e-mail so don't do it. dan: darn. really? [laughter] planning my future around that. you are fantastic, thank you for coming on. your information is great,
1:53 am
thanks a lot. coming up next, i'm answering questions you sent to me. don't miss it. don't miss it. ♪ he looked after his community. she built an empire. fought for his people. protected this nation. they are the heroes in my family. who are the heroes in yours?
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welcome back to him. time for special installment again. this time i'm answering your question how you handle it might democrat support are to have the people in the world different from other very rich and very political. very great want in, they don't want or need anything, i think they want beta value of the different, too.
1:58 am
what, it doesn't matter. the one thing that shouldn't be we should be there for you. he met up with the idea of unconditional love ... see how they it's the best i can offer. question number two. my other repugnance involved in the infrastructure bill not working the way? the perfect time for dan bongino golden rule number one of the show. golden rule is this because most republicans on the hill are really democrat but no democrat on the hill are really republican. that's why. they believe in this economics nonsense the government can create prosper. you know whether money comes from for prosperity? you. that's really good. it's total nonsense but most repugnance sapphic belief that. ask them. i promise they will tell you the truth.
1:59 am
his a third question. client emergency still looking for violence and terrorism young people? why would the democrats want to get to the bottom of that? the republicans if they win in 22 may finally get to the bottom of the terrorism sponsored by nt for an and acted by them. democrat never will because they don't want you to follow them mercy whose funding and the democrat, some of them especially benefited from the chaos and nt for in the streets. they want answers, that's nonsense. it will never get to the. we elect good people in 2022 on the republican side, there's a chance we will finally have some permission to look at what happened while they burned on american cities. it deserves an answer. before we go, you can stream for dan bongino show box nation 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. eastern
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time. you can listen on radio stations across the country and we appreciate your support and don't forget to follow us social media. "unfiltered" wine facebook and instagram it at "unfiltered" on fox "unfiltered" on fox. that doesn't for us tonight with dan bongino. we'll see you back here next see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." permanent pandemic is the subject of tonight's watters words. fear gives them power. make you so scared they can control you. they want to keep us in a forever pandemic. the left isn't doing the one thing they tell you to do. follow the science. cdc telling vaccinated americans to wear masks indoors in public


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