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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 1, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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mike: we are waiting an update on bourbon street in new orleans leaving five people wounded early this morning welcome to fox news live i am mike emanuel hair ween footage from the video live camera showing crowds running to safety after repeated gunshot charles watson has everything that we know, good afternoon. good afternoon the shooting happened around 3:00 o'clock this morning on a very crowded bourbon street, what we can see video circulating around social media seems like any other weekend night on bourbon street
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people enjoying themselves in the moments later. chaos, the cell phone video huge crowds of people literally running for their lives scrambling to find cover as a barrage of gunshots let off near bourbon and orleans street at least five people wounded by the gunfire at this hour we do not know the extent of their injuries, however, according to local reports none of the injuries are life-threatening the newer lanes police department says it has detained one person in searching for others but it's not clear any connection that those people have to the shooting, new orleans like many other cities across the country of a police officer shortage and a spike in crime this is how the president of the police association of new orleans recently frame the issue. >> new orleans should be at 1600 commissioned officers and were about a thousand that puts a 60%
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of what we should be we are so shortstaffed that we have a backlog of calls and they have to be prioritized but people may be waiting hours as they should be entered in ten minutes or less. here's a look at some of the crime and a nonfatal shooting there have been 316 shootings in the city compared to 190 won this time last year that is a 65 according to data in june new orleans mayor announced a plan to reduce gun violence in the cities that will focus on prevention, apprehension and intervention the city is spending $1 million on 70 new cameras that were monitored 24 hours a day for crime and they put a call out to the new orleans police department to get more details about the shooting on bourbon street, we have not heard back but we will keep the story updated as it goes. mike: charles watson starting as off will go back for breaking
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news. thank you. the senate at work on a rare sunday session, the goal is to iron out the details on a proposed bipartisan infrastructure bill costing more than $1 trillion. >> the idea is to produce an outcome the real bipartisan agreement that provides a significant down payment towards level of infrastructure investing, investment our country needs. >> a key progressive voice with a huge following on social media issued this threat. >> if there's not a reconciliation bill in the house and if the senate does not pass the reconciliation bill we will uphold our end of the bargain and not pass the bipartisan bill until we get the investments in. mike: congresswoman aoc is organizing a bus tour from new york to d.c. to lend support to sleeping outside the united states capital protesting the end of the advection auditorium
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which expired yesterday the demonstration outside of the capital led by cori bush, she says she won't be letting up until congress takes the issue back up again griff jenkins is following us live, good afternoon. >> good afternoon we just got a shower but that's not stopping more than two dozen broke into protesters on the steps of the capitol fighting to extend the eviction moratorium you can see some of the signs they brought here, this woman says how can congress go home when people are losing their homes they are demanding more from that congress, the house come back into session and vote to extend the moratorium as you mentioned cori bush organize it since friday night and congress jamaal bowman is here but first how long are you prepared to stay here, what is the endgame and what you hope to accomplish. >> this effort was organic we didn't play the somebody before
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it happened we just showed up and we put out a call and people came out, in the same way we want to see the change that we need with this eviction emergency right now. what we want to see is people not end up forced out of their homes were talking about 700 million people, i don't have any plans on going anywhere i don't think any of you have any plans of going anywhere people are calling bringing more people here we need to see the moratorium happened now and we are committed. mike: let me ask you there is a letter of and sent to the administration of president biden to do something about it he says the administration cannot do anything because of the supreme court ruling that they overstepped their authority to begin with, what do you say to the administration of what you hope the administration does. >> by any means necessary whether it starts with biden or the senate or the house we have to get this done this is the opportunity for government to work together and come together
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and figure it out people who are in danger of being evicted they don't care about the rules and policies and procedures they want to stay in their home. i represent the bronx and westchester, 24% are in danger of being in the 18% of westchester this is unacceptable, unhuman we have a homelessness problem prior to the pandemic this is all going to exacerbate. >> congresswoman your colleague aoc said the finger-pointing belongs to fellow democrats because you have the majority in the house, do you agree is that the democrats really letting you down opposed to republicans. >> what she was saying we cannot say it was only republicans, there was democrats who did not want to take this vote so were asking for everyone, our republican colleagues, our democratic colleagues, everyone because everyone has something to lose we were elected to take care and represent every single person in our district that's what we have to do.
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>> thank you very much, that is going on at the final point we should point out there was protest in san francisco outside of speaker pelosi's home demanded that the speaker return as soon as possible. mike: griff jenkins live on capitol hill rain or shine, he is a man on the scene. mike: the cdc says 58% of americans 12 years and older are fully vaccinated as the agency reverses its guidance on indoor mask wearing regardless of vaccination status is leaving many concerned about the return of covid restrictions mark meredith live with more. >> plenty of rain at the white house, less than a month ago president biden made it clear he believed the pandemic and was in sight and no longer appears to be the case with the fears of the delta variant continued to spread throughout the country
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last week the cdc recommended people put their masks back on even if they were fully vaccinated no surprise that your a lot of criticism including from lawmakers but health officials tell fox news they still believe it's necessary at least in the short term. >> delta is spreading we know it's extremely contagious and certainly in some parts of the country like missouri, arkansas, louisiana it is reaching high levels and were once again seeing case levels per day closing in on 100,000 which we haven't seen since february this is a different virus than last year. >> where do we stand 164 million are fully vaccinated that is close to half the total population since 70000 new cases reported per day that is a double-digit increase from where we were a week ago the white house as vaccination rates are up from the fourth of july they released the new numbers a few minutes ago showing 500,000 people getting vaccinated in the
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last 24 hours in the white house is encouraging employers to make it easier for people to go get the vaccine, paying people time off to get the shot in encouraging people to do whatever they can to make sure that their friends and family are getting the vaccine were expecting more from the white house on the vaccination efforts the white house is insisting that school should be able to reopen this fall but the cdc clarified its guidance indicating that anybody going to k-12 whether the vaccinated or not were talked about students, staff, parents, teachers anybody coming and that they should wear a mask a number of governors say they have a problem with forcing kids to wear masks that includes ron desantis he signed an executive order last week making sure the parents will have the final say. >> this coming school year every district in florida had planned on doing optional for masks and i think that's a right policy the cdc comes it is as every single person in the school students, teachers, staff have to be mass at all times that is
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not consistent with evidence and is not data-driven. >> the fight over masks in school comes at his time where they get ready to move the country out of the pandemic or try a big week for the economy on friday which will indicate where things are throughout the country this summer. mike: mark meredith live on the soggy northline, thank you very much. for more on the future of the bipartisan for structure built now in the senate california democratic congressman, welcome. >> thank you for having me. mike: some said their little cautious about the bipartisan infra structure bill noting a lack of trust between modern and progressive in your party and suspicion between democrats and republicans in the rivalry between the house and the senate how confident are you the infrastructure gets to the president's desk for his signature. >> we have to we deferred our
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investment in our infrastructure and were way behind the rest of the world in terms of percentage that we spend $3 trillion according to engineers that we deferred. we have to get it and i think were making progress of what happened to the senate but it's a long way from what i want. mike: your colleague alexandria ocasio-cortez said there's not a reconciliation bill in the house and if the senate does not pass the three and half trillion dollar reconciliation bill she insist the house will uphold their end of the bargain and not pass the bipartisan bill until they get all the investments in, it sounds like nothing is going to get done, is that possible. >> this is a process as you know one house out of two houses 535 members between both so we all have our opinion i agree with her in this case but i'm also understanding that this is a
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legislative process and i want to see what they pass out and then our will be a discussion. mike: the process is compromise which in recent years in washington has become a dirty word but if you got a bipartisan infra structure package to the president's desk when it that be a victory for everybody? >> yes and i believe in that i've been legislative at the state and local level and in congress for 30 years but it depends on what the compromises if you compromise 1 - 200 on either side that is a problem, that is a challenge to get something that is acceptable to the majority 535 members in both houses, we've done it before in this country. mike: to the return of masks on capitol hill summer you republican colleagues are furious they said there's different roles between the house and the senate in terms of mask wearing, do they have a point? >> to a point i would say, the
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inconvenience of wearing a mask given the risk i'm a survivor cancer while i wouldn't be here talking to you i want to listen to the doctors, both houses should be in an agreement while i do agree on that, who do we blame for mask confusion, is that the cdc, the white house or someone else. >> i think all of us including viewers we had great science in this country the national institute for health is remarkable but they are humans they don't always communicate precisely as do we in this business we have to accept once every century situation and we should be fortunate that we have the vaccines but we have to accept the fact is very unusual circumstances. mike: can you understand your constituents in many other americans who got the vaccine and said i thought it was done with my masks might be burnt out on masks and feeling frustration right now. >> i agree with them i feel that
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way but i have an immune system that is more vulnerable than most people because make springs with cancer but again these are complicated issues but it's a part of life pandemic and virus is a part of life and were conquering them slowly but surely but everybody will participate. mike: it is august 1 and it's time typically for the traditional recess, does recess on the horizon force action in terms of getting the bipartisan infra structure package to president biden's desk for his signature? >> i hope so personally i would be happy to be in d.c. and work seven days a week as much as it takes to get this done this is too important, i hope it will. mike: your on the transportation committee in your view what would this do to benefit transportation across the united states of america. >> infrastructure is about providing the resources to make protective workers, we need to
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do that and first of all we have to fix what we have we have deferred investments for 40 years, we have to do that but we have to look at reconciliation and look at the infrastructure today as opposed to 50 years ago two incomes working out of the household all of those things require a different set of infrastructure investments then we had 50 years ago. >> will follow the infrastructure debate congressman of the great state of california, thank you so much for your time. with the senate continuing to discuss the details of the one point to trillion and other infrastructure built let's bring in new york republican congressman and ranking member of the house homeland security committee john casco he serves on the transportation for structure committee, welcome. >> i want to give you a chance to weigh in that i was discussing with a colleague from california are you frustrated by the mass confusion that's
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created by the cdc, the white house in speaker pelosi? >> i really am you were talking to him and i think he got it right, think about this were a few hundred steps away from the senate in the same building and we have different mask rules that shows you how disconnected the whole processes and i think everyone bears responsibility. in the same building every rules, half does half-dozen that how messed up this whole thing is. mike: let's get to the meat of the issue infrastructure near and dear to your heart how confident are you that a bipartisan bill will get to president biden's desk with the senate in for a rare sunday session. >> i'm confident when you have the number of senators working together on the bill i think that's a good sign it's a bill that a lot of problem solvers caucus and ensure the subcommittee that helped write the guts of this bill the contours of the bill i'm very
10:17 am
excited and i think it's really important and who want perfection everything i think they should think about the people in flint, michigan who might get a better water system or the person scraping up money to get ins to meet, this bill is for all americans democrats and republicans of political persuasion and it can be very important that we get this done and is long overdue. mike: many democrats especially the local progressives also want the $3.5 trillion spending package as well does including that or trying to do that at the same time as a bipartisan package in danger the bipartisan deal getting done? >> it makes it tougher but hopefully cooler heads will prevail you won't get everything that you want politics you got a compromise this bill is a quintessential example and there's a lot of republican support for this bill and a lot of democratic support and i hope
10:18 am
we get it across the finish line you have to take what you can get and what we really need in this country is new roads and bridges we need broad brand and clean water for inner cities and make sure people when they can't go to school can get access to broadband home, we are to make sure people in rural communities can get connected to the internet 33% of this country don't have access to broadband we have got to fix that this is too important to play politics with. mike: let's put on homeland security hat for the crisis at our southern border what does the biden administration need to do right now to get a handle on. >> they need to pass the bill i introduced i'm not skeptical that they will but here's what the bill does the border security for american act and it finishes construction of the border wall that is the trump of administration initiated in the modernized border technology and puts boots on the ground to help law enforcement which are
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completely under siege of the border what is happening at the border is completely out of control and dangerous for our country on many levels. mike: i realize you might have support from texas democrats were seen this problem firsthand but do you think house speaker nancy pelosi will put it on the floor with a chance it could pass out of the house of representatives. >> i highly doubt that she will but there will be an election next fall and i want this to be front center because people in my district, 45 out of 47 in my district it came from that now laced heroin that is streaming across the border in record numbers we have covid cases spiking at the border because of coming across and releasing people in their communities these illegal aliens and they have covid, this is an issue that is not going to go away has a long-term negative effect on
10:20 am
our country and this will be considered extra become election time and what country you want to go and we can't keep having this surge of drugs at the border, fentanyl for example we had more fentanyl this year than last year end last year was a record number the amount of fentanyl ceased not that's gone through and sees that the border is enough to kill every american five times over that is a crisis and we need to fix it. mike: may be more careful screening of members of congress of cove within there are for people crossing the border but congressman john katko, we have to leave it there, thank you for your time. with students heading back to school over critical race theory in the classroom intensifies, more on that next. ♪ sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind.
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big deal! we get unlimited for just $30 bucks. i get that too and mine has 5g included. impressive. impressive is saving four hundred bucks a year. four bucks? that's tough to beat. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. okay, that's because you all have xfinity mobile. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. mike: children heading back to classroom to speak parents are ramping up against critical race theory in the classroom for more on what parents are hearing from the school board i'm joined by executive director of the fight for schools pack into children of the school district and prior, welcome. >> the keeper having me. >> i want to play the clip of liberal pushback and i'll ask you to react. >> now a new bogeyman critical
10:25 am
race theory. >> this is what people are trying to use in order to strike. >> trumper's want critical race theory to be a foghorn they don't want dog whistles this is about the woke left making the white man pay-for things. >> culture warriors are labeling any discussion of race, racism or discrimination as crt to make it toxic. mike: how do you respond? >> certainly in loudoun county virginia there is dozens of documents and e-mails, correspondence that talk about the utilization of critical race theory concept being allowed in public schools, the teacher training level and at the individual school training level, this is not something that is being manufactured from the left this is something happening in schools, parents have really learned about it
10:26 am
during the pandemic, being able to look over the kids shoulders to see what they were learning teachers have talked about some of the teacher training and when kids go back to school in late august people will be on the lookout to see exactly what it is that their kids when they get back to school. mike: the last time i was in your community on an assignment earlier this summer school board meeting throughout the critical race theory and oppose trader were punted until august which starts today, should we expect another explosive school board meeting in your community. >> that's a great question the next school board meeting is scheduled for august 10 but a lot of whispering at that meeting might not happen and it might be a closed session and they might try to do virtually there's a lot of things on the table the transgender policy will be one of those things i think parents are wondering what's going on with potential mask mandates and parents have
10:27 am
heard from people within loudoun county public schools of their considering going back to hybrid learning or distance learning in november after the election there is a lot that's going to be discussed at the august 10 meeting and if they decide to do something where they don't allow parents to have input i think they could find themselves in legal problems. mike: part of the fight has been involving trying to recall some of the school board members, there is also a controversy over a private facebook group and some of the members plotting against parents, what is the latest on that. >> this happened in march of private facebook group called the anti-race of loudoun county there were six school board members and at that time one of the school burned members really incited this mob to go out there in the private facebook group and they wanted to publicly expose parents against critical race theory infiltrate their groups, hack their websites and that gave rise to the removal effort, what we found recently in june the same group was plotting against the teacher that was suspended they wanted to cause a disruption at his school to keep him on
10:28 am
suspension, amazingly there were still three school board members in the group so despite the fact that all of this in the community came about in march you still had three school board members showing the height of arrogance staying in the private facebook group as active litigation was being discussed by members of the community to the exclusion of 99%. mike: i'm up against the clock but fox news polling suggests a lot of americans are not familiar with could go race theory despite the coverage, 42% know something about a go race theory, 47% don't know it very well, for those doing other things this summer like spending time with their families at the pool, why should parents be concerned about critical race theory. >> they should be concerned because with happening in schools are trying to turn every kid into an identity group and are missing the point which is each kid is an individual with unique skills, values and goals that should be paid if attention in the best opportunity.
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mike: thank you for your time, multiple shootings in new york city last night with murder rates rising in major cities, will bring you the latest coming up next. ♪ coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations, so you only pay for what you need. limu, you're an animal! who's got the bird legs now? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> woman: what's my safelite story?
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so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi. mike: we expected update from the police after a violent night left five people wounded on bourbon street now are hearing from the cops to not expected update until they have new information, we will see where that goes to new york the nypd is releasing body cam footage police lieutenant who was shot by a known gang member this is ten people injured in a shooting last night in queens, brian llenas is a new york following the stories, hello brian. >> the man expected to be the next mayor of new york city
10:34 am
demo, nominee eric adams is set to speak right now from the scene of the mass shooting in queens, the nypd says after 10:40 p.m. to gun and wearing hoodies and facemasks started shooting toward a crowd of bystanders walking on the sidewalk in queens, new york the shooters were followed and picked up by two other men on mopeds and they all fled the scene, in the end ten people between 19 and 72 were shot and rushed to local hospitals, the good news they suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds that are all in stable condition police recovered 40 bullets at the scene and three of the ten people shot were known gang members and believed to be the targets. >> if the recalling thing that keeps happening in a has to stop throughout the city that is gang members, guns, multiple guns on the scene, scooters, masks and
10:35 am
lastly unintended targets getting hit. >> in friday night on the bronx and nypd lieutenant officer was shot and wounded during the struggle with an armed suspect, body cam footage showing the struggle and why pd commissioner said four officers confronted the known gang member which led to the struggle the suspects gun went off and they were shot in the ankle he's expected to make a full recovery. >> stop reaching for. >> stop reaching for it. >> stop reaching for. >> shootings are up over 21% compared last year 104% compared to 2019 major cities across the country continue to grapple with violence over the last year. mike: brian llenas, reporting
10:36 am
live from new york, let's bring in our panel senior editor and american radio show host and fox news contributor, welcome. >> think you. >> get to see you. >> let's start with numbers the number of people incarcerated in the united states drop by 15% since 2019 at least 25 major cities have reduced or in the process of reducing funding for police, killings in albuquerque, boston and pittsburgh have doubled in 2021, how do you assess those numbers in the crime problem in many american cities right now. >> it is quite troubling crime, violent crime has been decreasing falling dramatically since the early 1990s until the last two years where that decline paused and is now rising again it is a huge problem obviously the number one priority of government to stop crime and protect the public and
10:37 am
promote public safety and the activist culture of the last year that has been harshly critical of policing in races has not been helpful in many people who live in minority communities want more police and the activist don't really speak for them, that said there are aspects in the criminal justice system that do need reform and qualified immunity like locking everyone up for decades and decades it doesn't actually have a deterring effect on crime what we need to talk about is how to deal with the rising problem in several specific cities where crime is out of control. mike: richard what is your analysis of those in the crime search. >> i agree with what he is saying there's some real solution on how we deal with crime in major cities i live in one of those cities they live in
10:38 am
washington, d.c. and a black community and here's what we want from the police we want the police to keep our communities safe everybody who hears my voice is watching this agreed with the value of public safety with that being said from poll after poll, a lot of times when african-americans have interacted with police they feel like they disrespected aren't treated equitably or fair that's why we need reform they don't mean abolishing the police they mean how do we reimagine police with dealing with crime while also finding ways in domestic violence and drug abuse in many different ways that's where the solution lives and it's in the middle and we have to tone down the volume on the political aisle to say what can be done in communities and deal with the crimes leading amongst those is the fact far too many illegal guns in the hands overly bad people you are using those guns to kill people like brian llenas just reported.
10:39 am
mike: company bid mass confusion in america, please listen. >> there are many situations where fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask, particularly if they are outdoors. >> if you're fully vaccinated you no longer need to wear a mask, let me repeat if you are fully vaccinated you no longer need to run a mask. >> when you're vaccinated you don't need to wear a mask not only outdoors but you don't need to work indoors. mike: who blew it. >> the reissuance of mask mandates is an idiotic thing that is happened.the pandemic i live in d.c. were under a mask mandate the d.c. mayor did that in part because the cdc guidance and she's not followed her mass guidance she had a birthday a mask was birthday party before the mandate went into effect and
10:40 am
it turns out she officiated a massless wedding while the mandate is in effect our officials don't follow these things in any way we know the vaccinated do not match, it's perfectly clear we need to get unvaccinated vaccinated and we don't need to get people to mass. , it's so absurd that the government is undermining the public confidence in vaccination, when they want to push mask some people which we don't need any more. mike: richard, what is your take on this. >> i do agree if you are vaccinated there is no need for a mask with that being said for unvaccinated in your saying i don't want to wear a mask and be locked down you can't have all three and not expect the delta variant to spread when you they get the delta variant think about where it's spreading many places that we once thought we beaten covid income out of the tunnel you seen icu bed the capacity and hospital ers are
10:41 am
capacity slams with delta variant covid patients because they made the choice not to give vaccinated, it's everybody's choice and i urge everybody to give vaccinated because that's what are the best treatments for covid-19 understand when you get sick and end up in the hospital, god forbid the treatment that you get at the hospital is not effective as the vaccine. mike: gentlemen, thank you very much. officials at our southern border dealing with a spike in public cases as it surges across the border with extreme heat, the busiest section of the border coming up next. a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less.
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that's career services for life. learn more at life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that's scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. mike: live pictures of the united states other border from the fox flight team as ice will process migrant families and facilities to reduce overcrowding reports say more
10:46 am
border crossings in the busiest section of the country the rio grande valley film and ocean is in the way of texas, what is the latest there. >> good afternoon just to put into perspective how busy the rio grande valley sector on friday alone order patrol had 3400 apprehensions again in 124 hour period nothing is slowing down the numbers continue to skyrocket take a look at the activity in la jolla as we watch border patrol helicopter they had to pin down a group of a couple hundred migrants across the legally and eventually detained and apprehended by border patrol the same thing that we witnessed last night as soon as we landed there was a group of 100 likely more here at the ballpark being apprehended by border patrol border patrol use their pickup trucks, a lot of family units and a lot of young kids this is recent
10:47 am
reporting from fox news down the street covid positive migrants were being housed without the city evernote 800 knowing a local catholic charity they put them up in a local hotel room some of the migrants went out into public, congressman ronny jackson was on air and he said. >> they have a high rate of infection in the delta virus coming across the border in greater numbers than ever before their huge health risk to this country and is completely ignored by the biden administration. mike: take a look at these photos, this is a human smuggling aspect, not everybody is walking across the border some do not want to be caught border patrol in the rio grande valley apprehending this car with four migrants being smuggled inside somewhere hidden inside and it was wrapped up in a roll of carpet, they cut the
10:48 am
carpet open it ended up being 102 degrees inside of that car with it 0 airsick elation that driver later arrested but as you take a look at the fox drone how inundated in the busiest along the border they apprehended more than 20000 migrants in one single week that's enough to full up and be a arenas that puts it into perspective. mike: is there a shortage of ground resources, a lot of those folks are dealing with processing migrants. >> that's exactly what we hear from our dhs contact the recent days or week a massive surge of family units coming across the border more than 10000 local customer local stations and what were being told by those contacts, they have border agents driving around on patrol we barely seen any because what
10:49 am
were told all the agents are being called back processing having to do the paperwork and process the families of the centers what happened that leaves no agent to do active patrolling and that's a recipe for disaster when they're able to come across and not be apprehended but it shows this is not slowing down and they have to dedicate their resources to process all the people coming over and unfortunately one of the aspects there will be fewer agents to patrol the border. mike: it says 94 degrees, you look cool but is that he any deterrent? >> it feels a lot hotter than 9s slowing down everybody thought once we got into june, july that things and slow down, absolutely not these july numbers are probably going to be pretty high june were the highest in 20 years each month has only got higher so everything whether the reorg grand or del rio is the biggest group survivor seen in all of her trips and nothing is
10:50 am
slowing down border patrol is overwhelmed and want to get into fall you can expect to see another spike, the heat not stopping anything. mike: la jolla texas doing a phenomenal job, many thanks let's go live to queens, new york eric adams the democratic nominee for mayor holding a news conference, let's listen in. >> cabs and delivering food, this is a community that is representative of the quality of new yorkers and to hear that right here in this community you had a well organized total disregard for human life, the people who were shot here were not members of gangs for the most part they were ordinary new yorkers ten people were shot
10:51 am
that is a mass shooting and it appears they were gang related and trust me when i tell you if you allow gangs to get the holes of the city we have a real problem this is a crisis when two people follow on a motorcycle wearing face coverings shoot at a crowd that is a signal of gun violence out of control, unacceptable then when you added with the incident of the lieutenant that was shot a few days ago with the person who did the shooting over 20 arrest, over 20 arrest out on bail for a gun related issue and able to walk the streets in
10:52 am
total disregard of public safety and what is interesting when you do a real analysis there are a small number of shootings in the small number of gun dealers that are providing the guns it is about focusing our attention on the shooters and focusing our attention on those who are providing illegal guns inner-city we have to come to grips with the fact that were living in the cities where somebody can drive up on a moped, shoot people hop back on the moped and get away safely you have to come with the group that we are losing their grip on public safety and we have to respond immediately to treat this like a crises that it is a ten imaginable that this is taking place in a safe community, this has traumatized the communities in the residence that i've communicated with i'm going to put out my call again,
10:53 am
the same way we responded to terrorism in the city and the joint terrorist task force we needed joint gangs and guns task force with the federal state and city coronation to make sure that we can do information sharing, go after the guns on the streets, stop the flow of guns and take down the cruise to make sure we send a loud message that were not court a lower city to be controlled by the civil gun violence. our challenge is not only the number of guns on the street but also the violent cruise this gang is associated with the same membership that took the life of young junior in the bronx. they are spreading throughout our entire city and they feel as though they could do it with a level of impunity and that's unacceptable, the task force
10:54 am
requires sharing information and resources allowing federal agencies to work together more effectively with local state law enforcement to track illegal guns and go after those who are using the guns and who prosecute on the federal level your might until likely to get harsher penalties and the resources that is needed to take down of the men and women who are carrying guns and take them off her street. in addition to the release of resources from the federal government and the collaboration it would allow d.o.j. and etf to target a gun violence that federal database and some investigation details must be shared with existence joint task force members we have to share the information this is what we did during 9/11 that is why the city became safer from a
10:55 am
terrorist attack and sharing, addition to the task force i'm also calling for congress to fully fund community convention with president biden's gun violence initiative agenda is so important that we get this done and the bill passed in the resources on the ground five-point to billion dollars in the cvi fund is a approach of dealing with gun violence. lastly i made this clear and resell the changes with the crime of the subway system as well as on the streets, when we beef up our enforcement where there should be precision. with the anti-gun unit were gonna have the element of the certainty of omnipresence let's
10:56 am
reinstate this unit to allow them to do their job well trained officers with body cameras so we can see how the police was carried out a significant increase of fundies for the city to prevent gun violence with important entity that we must fund properly shifting resources to the gun violence suppression and highly specialized nypd unit and let's get cops off the street. mike: that is eric adams live in queens the democratic nominee to be the next new york city mayor he is the brooklyn borough president but has interesting perspective because before all that he spent 22 years in law enforcement clearly alarmed by the spike in violent crime in new york city asking washington policymakers for help, that is all for fox news live, "fox news sunday" dan perino and for chrir wallace, i'm mike emanuel thank you for watching, have an awesome day. all who've honorably served.
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dan: i'm dan perino and for chris wallace abiding a administration pushing back of the mass guidance based on new data from the cdc. >> the cdc recommend you wear a mask when you're public and indoors that is true for the vaccinated in the unvaccinated. >> the cdc warning the delta variant spreads as easily as chickenpox and more easily than the common cold the debate over masks and vaccinations


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