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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  August 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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diego padres petco park game wentlike this, impressing fans. that is it for this sunday "fox report," august 1, 2021. here is "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy. trey: good evening thank you for joining us, i am -- trey gowdy. welcome to "sunday night in america." fairness is often requires a referee, we don't have to like the referee, but we should be able to respect the referee. the most recent example of duplicity and unfairness is matter in which congressional
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investigations are handled by political parties and media, dc media never met a republican investigation that should start or democrat investigation that should end with "fast and furious," you would think two groups always talking about gun control would be interesting in u.s. aiding and abetting the flow of guns to mexican drug cartel, most democrats in the media did not care, benghazi? more democrats voted to investigate what happened in benghazi, libya than republicans voted to investigate the january 6 attack on the capitol. did you know that? did you know more democrats voted to form a select committee to investigate the deaths of 4 americans. in libya than republicans voted for the january 6 select
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committee. of course you didn't. the media wants you believe one inquiry was a witch-hunt and the other is bipartisan and serious. i'm not trying to change your mind on any of those investigationses, you are free to think they were worth pursuing or not pursuing, i did happen tong what happen -- happen to think what happened on january 6 is worthy of investigation, prosecution and incarceration for those convicted. regardless of what you think about merits of the investigation, i think we could all agree same standard, same rules, same process should apply to all congressional investigations, regardless of who? power, the rules should not change depending on which team is up to bat and the strike zone should not change. kevin mccarthy picked 5
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republicans to populate january 6 committee, highest ranging republican in congress. and their, he picks the report members. but nancy pelosi rejected two of his picks. she refused to allow them to participate. she deemed them unqualified. we're not sure why she rejected leader mccarthy's picks. the dc media is too afraid of her to ask, to afraid of losing an interview or not be on receiving end of a leak. the dc media tells us they speak truth to power that democracy dies in darkness, and they publish all the news that is fit to print. but they can't question pelosi on her open duplicity when it
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comes to congressional investigation, she pit adam schiff on the benghazi committee, even though his mind was fully made up, he did everything he could to protect the democrat nominee for president. that was his job. not to interview survivors, not to access information, not to ascertain why the military did not respond in a timely manner, but protect hillary clinton. pelosi picked him despite his bias. she also picked schiff to investigate donald trump over russia collusion allegations, even though schiff misstated evidence, prejudged outcome and claimed to have evidence he never produced. she picked schiff to lead the prosecution and a failed impeachment trial, even though he misstated facts. pelosi picked him anyway.
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pelosi picked eric swalwell to investigate trump even though he was running for president against trump, she picked swalwell for the intelligent committee, despite his close relationship to a chinese spy. she picked democrats on her january 6 select committee event though they system themes challenged the 2016 election results, she picked a democrat to investigate the january 6 attack on the capitol even though that democrat sued trump in court. nearly 500 people have been charged with various crimes related to january 6, those cases are being investigate by law enforcement that we
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prosecute and sentence if convicted. there is not a single cop, prosecutor or judge who would be allowed on those cases if he or she did what schiff, swalwell or castro did. not one, she picked her own biased members but rejected jim jordan. jordan is the top republican on the judiciary committee, he was on the intelligence committee, which has more access to more sensitive information than any committee in congress, jordan has participated in previous investigations, he worked hard, he didn't leak. which is more than i could say for many of his colleagues. but whether you like jim jordan or not is irrelevant, whether you think that previous or current investigations are appropriate is besee the point, congress has power and often responsibility to investigate,
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it should be fair. it is fair to ask, why democrat members of congress are free to prejudge evidence, misspace miss every, run against the person they are investigating. leak like sives, yet they are qualified for service on an investigative committee, but jim jordan is not? that is the question, why schiff and not jordan? why swalwell and not jordan? why is it your members can have their minds already made up, but somehow that is disqualifying for the other side. the sort of question a serious objective media would ask. the sort of question, a media serious about speaking truth to power would ask. it is sort of question a media devoted to the truth would ask. but the modern media in this country is just as partisan as
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politicians themselves, truth to power they claim. democracy dies in darkness, they claim. well, it doesn't do well in the slough of hypocrisy either, that is where we are right now, no small part because the referee is just as partisan, as the players. joining me now fox news contributor, law professor george washington university professor jonathan turley. >> thank you, trey. trey: what is standard for participation on a select committee in congress. >> historically both parties have been allowed to populate the part of the committee, it gains credibility if both parties are able to be represented fully, that brings
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adversarial process. you don't have an echo chamber. that is what was troubling about how this committee was put together. it is like we're now in a post-persuasion politics, the interest is no longer to have a committee or a commission that can persuade people as to what occurred, revealing information allowing them to make up their own mind. we're now in a bludgeoned politics, we stipulate the facts and control who is on the committee, speaker pelosi made a calculated choice, deciding not to go for the compromised moment. but going for a partisan approach. trey: professor, i try to follow the news. i still have not heard the explanation for why schiff is
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okay despite prejudging evidence or whatever elses republicans credibly allege high did. but jord -- he did, but jordan and banks were disqualified. the referee, is not asking the questions, but maybe they have and i missed it? >> no, they have not. that is troubling. like you, i believe there are ample questions to investigate. like you, i believe what happened on january 6 was an outrage. most americans feel that way, it was a collect of tragedy, that is why we should all be upset when that tragedy is used for partisan purposes, we really do need a full investigation. i would like to know whether there was encouragement and the white house, and how security around the capitol collapsed so quickly, this became an out of
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control riot. instead, we have is a committee that starts in the very partisan way, it has been the signature of speaker pelosi's tenure, directing her effort toward that small percentage of her own party. not to the duty to the house as a whole or public or country. we have unfinished business here. but this committee is not going to finish that business. trey: professor, you have devoted your life to the law. i would love for you to layout for the viewers the serious investigation, maybe one run by the executive branch or an independent commission, then what we have now, i was critical of investigations. i don't think that serious ones leak, they access the in. >> you are an expert in the law, what does a serious
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investigation look like, so we can contrast that with what we're seeing now. >> first, you could have a commission that was selected with input from both parties but with a broader membership and purpose. it is important to have party select their own representatives. it will become obvious to the public in watching the members, if they are not honestly pursuing the truth, you can't control that. you can do is guarantee both sides of divided down the middle. but most importantly, is to bring witnesses to produce raw information. not rhetorical momghts but real date -- moments but real data and real documents, what concerned me about the starts of this committee is how it was
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framed. of it a powerful series of statements but most of us are interested in seeing is real evidence we can interpret. no to have conclusions given early on in this process. >> i wish that is what we had in this modern environment. examination and cross examination is the best. professor, i love talking to you, you always provide an insight i had not thought of yet, thank you. >> thank you, trey. trey: senate democrats advocate for women to register for the draft, some republicans are pushing back, we'll discuss that coming up. >> and jesse waters with us ahead on "sunday night in america." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we have seen how cyber threats, cause damage and disruptions in the real world. i can't guarantee this. you are as informed as i am, i think it more likely we'll end
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up -- if we end up in a war, a real shooting war with a major power it will be as a consequence of a cyber breach of great consequence. trey: with cyber-attacks ramping up in u.s., americans are wondering how this impacts their lives, what the president said was sobering, a shooting war is possible over cyber-attacks. >> she is joining us now. welcome to you congresswoman. >> wonderful to be with you, trey. trey: what do you make of president's remarks on cyber-attacks and the pos pill the --possibility of a shooting. >> that ares have come to that conclusion, that means it is that much more important to take
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your cyber security seriously and enact penalties and sanctions upon those who hack and demand ransomware and money. it is more than just a list of saying these are companies you don't want to attack. we need to have a bold, strong approach to avoid any shooting war. trey: you know, if memory serves russia is alleged to have attacked or interfered with our election, food supply and energy supply. if that is not enough to trigger a shooting or really much of a response, what would it take. >> if the president believes, a
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major cyber-attack could lead to a shooting war, then by all means that means you need to institute policies now, and have a strong stance toward china and russia. although vladimir putin said that russian government is not behind the cyber-attacks, we have intelligence that indicates there is not of it on russia part to prevent those types of attacks. they affect local and state governments as well. we need to have a stronger position. the president needs to be strong or that whether sanctions or trade status. allowing russia to go forward with pipeline in face of having cyber-attacks maybe a pause on
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that would be a preferable way to send the message to russia. these types of actions in information testimony sphere and affecting companies or governments within the u.s. could lead to more serious ram -- ramifications, the best ofence is a good defense, right now we're not in a posture where we're really putting forward the best interest of the united states. trey: congresswoman, a topic you are also familiar with. if we did go to war should women be drafted into the armed services, not a question of whether could serve that was answered a long time ago, but whether they should be legally required to register for the draft. senate democrats think so they propose link -- legislation, you are an expert, you have served in uniform, you serve in congress, what is the right
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response. >> women are tremendously capable of serving in the military, i have served with phenomenal woman, primarily in the medical field. i did not serve in vietnam, but i worked with numerous nurses and helicopter pilots who became nurses who served in vietnam. the question, if you are drafting individuals, then to do that you have to have a selective service registration. should women then required to register then be drafted. the first question what is purpose of draft to send people into war to combat immediately. you need mid level commanders not our heads at pentagon and joints chief of staff, but mid level officers who command units, captains and majors and
4:24 pm
lieutenant colonels, ask them would they have enough time in an immediate situation, do they have enough time to train individuals. if they have enough time to train individuals or the capacity to put individuals where their skill set will allow them to be deployed that does not affect the team or mission, i would say, take the information that i would get from those individuals to put that in determining whether women should register for the draft. without that information i don't think we could make an accurate determinetation whether or not it would be-- appropriate for women, i have utmost regard for our women who serve in military and continue it serve. trey: we're grateful for your service, just as you were talking. women have been defending this nation for as long as i can remember. i speak on behalf of everyone we're grateful for your service,
4:25 pm
as well. >> thank you, i appreciate that. women have tremendous attributes to offer in military service, they do in all walks of life. but we need to make the appropriate decisions and information because, we have to remember what is the goal of our military. the goal of our military is not wokeness, it is to protect the homeland to go to war to battle. i think without all of information on whether or not the military and mid level commanders will be those who can give you the better information. they are those who can give you the information if they think they would have appropriate time to train and deploy troops to places. trey: thank you so much for joining us. >> you are so welcome. trey: coming up some democrats want to abolish i.c.e. even as those agents are
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protecting our country from dangerous criminal elements, what i.c.e. does and why it matters, that is next.
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interrupt. >> we have to reexamine i.c.e. and its role and the work it is doing. >> we should protect family that need our help, that is not what i.c.e. is doing today, that is why i believe you should get rid of it start over and reimagine it. trey: u.s. border patrol agents are arresting more than 1,000 noncitizen criminals of month, this includes hundreds who have been convicted of impaired driving, sexual assault, burglary and murder. most would agree that is not who we want coming into or staying in the united states, most i say, because apparently not all, progressives are pushing to abolish the very agency responsible for keeping the criminal element out of our country and enforcing our laws. joining me tonight, tom homan welcome you to director.
4:32 pm
>> thank you. trey: i want you -- i know this basic. our viewers to understand what i.c.e. does and distinguish it from border patrol. >> border patrol protection of the border. they are assigned to the border to stop illegal flow of drugs, people and contraband. i.c.e. is interior enforcement. for those who get by border patrol it is i.c.e. responsibility to seek out and remove them, under this administration i.c.e. can no longer seek them out. they can no longer arrest someone for being in the country illegally, you have to be convicted of a serious aggravated felony, biden administration made illegal immigration no longer illegal. and i.c.e. can no longer enforce the law. trey: all right director, if i.c.e. is, abolished -- who
4:33 pm
would do what i.c.e. does. >> that is a good question, they also do drug trafficking investigations. they have investigations with technology like weapons and missile technology cannot be smuggled out of u.s. and given to the foreign adversaries, they save women from trafficking, they saved thousands of children from sex offender, i.c.e. does very important work to protect our communities. on immigration side, why haven't immigration -- have an immigration court or border patrol any more. once you arrest someone, who will look for them, who'll remove them. it is ridiculous to want to abolish this agency and take money from the department of homeland security, does she know that department of homeland
4:34 pm
security has fema, the coast guard, secret service, the terrorist screening center? it is ridiculous, concept for a congressman to say i want to abolish the department of homeland security whose job is to protect our homeland, that is ridiculous concept to begin with. trey: all right, if i am keeping score at home progressives don't want i.c.e., they don't want state and local law enforcement helping with enforcement immigration. i am struggling to figure out what they want? if you don't want the border patrol to stop people from coming into the country and you don't want i.c.e., once they pass the border, to help with deportations and state and local cops cannot help at all, what do they want? >> you know they want a society without law enforcement and shame on them, they realize border patrol saved over 7,000 live so far this year.
4:35 pm
children, drowning in the rivers and dying in the deserts. the president said that last administration watched children die on the banks of the rio grande, what worse things a commander and chief say to the men and women who put their lives on-line every day. this an insult to men and women who wear a uniform and the wives and children of the men who died bravely for this country. they had -- you know first thing they give when they take money away from law enforcement is training. they have to put gas in the car, and payroll, and response to drug situation, training is the first thing to go. the men and women that wear the
4:36 pm
badge and gun are finest 1% this country can get, they are american patriots for any member of congress to vilify the men and women of i.c.e. and border patrol to enforce the laws they enacted, i.c.e. is not making them up, they are enforcing the laws. if you don't like -- change the law these men and women are protecting this nation. trey: thank you director and for your service in previous life in law enforcement people wondering why they have a hard time recruiting people to go into law enforcement with you what to put up with what cops put up with >> thank you. >> thank you for voicing the issue, appreciate it. trey: coming up, there is pressure that comes with every day life. and then there is pressure of being an elite athlete with the
4:37 pm
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>> i didn't want to do something silly out there and get injured, i thought it was best if the girls took over and did the job, they should be proud of themselves about how well they did last minute, going in, it has been stressful this game as a whole, not having an audience there are a lot of different variables, a long week, a long process, a long year. i think we're just a little bit too stressed out. we should be out here having fun, sometimes that is not the
4:43 pm
case. trey: simone biles is one of the greatest gymnasts ever, she was overwhelming favorite to win multiple golds at the oh, olymps but then she withdrew. critics pounced like they always do. do you know whatever one of those critics has in common? not a single one is named simone biles, and not a single one that i heard is an elite level gymnast, she joins a growing list much athletes who are not afraid to talk about mental side of competition. here to talk about it dr. gill land. >> thank you. trey: she is in a sport where a fraction of a second is difference between landing on
4:44 pm
your feet and your neck, why not let her decide if she feels up to it. instead of someone sitting on a couch that can't touch their toes or even see their toes. >> the athletes are so in tune with physical and psychological muscles it would cause the critics chest pain. like you said, she is hurling her body through space, twisting, spinning, landing on her feet. i don't think much will happen if they fallout of their podcasting chair. but they simply cannot relate to what elite athletes go through, day in day out. just to prepare for that single day. what is remarkable truly remarkable is their ability, her ability to analyze data, make adjustments, most of the time with her, she is successful. she did that there analyzed her
4:45 pm
performance. was making adjustment and knew she for whatever reason did not have it on that day. and mind you, that goes against everything that elite athletes know and do leading up to it they always believe they can, what is remarkable she did, she analyzed that and as hard as it was, against every fiber in her being, she knew the risk personally and also to the team, she stepped back, i promise you, every fiber in her being wanted to keep going, she stepped back for the team, many don't believe they would have won silver if she continued because she did not have it that way, look who won the gold, her teammate, remarkable how elite athletes can adjust to feedback and be honest with themselves and
4:46 pm
teammates, that honestly really cements her role as one of the most likely best ever, she is such a winner. >> you know, steve sacks all-star second baseman could not throw ball from second to first, tiger woods had chipping issues and field goal kickers who are all pros then they can't pick the call into the pacific ocean, there is a minimal component to sport, you are a triathlete. >> it is -- here is the piece about elite athletes at this level, their psychological abilities are as critical as their physical abilities when you stretch your physical ability to actual maximum, something has toehold it together, what -- has to hold that program, what that is, that is psychological muscles.
4:47 pm
don't go to home depot, i have looked it not in the aisle, you can't buy it. it has to be homemade. it is a little bit different for each elite athlete, but there are common ingredients when that glue starts to pull they know it, often course correct, but the psycological piece they develop day in, day out, is remarkable. they do it in a monk-like way of life. they have restricted, given up so much, they build psychological muscles in a way we can't relate to. trey: dr. gillisland thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> good to see you. trey: from working in the basement to interviewing america to getting his own show, and now
4:48 pm
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trey: i've often wondered if we should talk and listen more with one another, not argue, and yell, but talk, and listen, even if we disagree. jesse watters got his start in n television. >> what do you think of the state of the nation right now. >> i'm not thinking about that right now. >> i think we're pissed off right now as a country. reporter: how do you think that country is doing.
4:54 pm
>> longer than a red carpet. reporter: would you vote for him. >> no. reporter: why not. >> i am a republican. reporter: he is a republican. >> oh,. reporter: what year did we sign the declaration -- >> i don't know that stuff. reporter: why did you boycott inauguration, you said fox news chokes us and lies to us, who is us, what are the lies? trey: joining me now a former production assistance at fox news, now host of -- watters world. >> i am great, after watching all my old exploits, i forgot how interesting i used to be. >> are still interesting.
4:55 pm
what did you learn conducting these conversations. >> i learned that i was in the bubble. i learned that most people don't really care about what is happening in washington, d.c. they don't have a lot of respect for politicians, they are living their lives. they are taking their kids to school, making it to class on time, they only care about a few things, the cost of living and traffic and basic things like going out to dinner. dating, and perhaps school. or work. everything el, you hear about, the infrastructure bill. you know. those things, people's eyes glaze over, they don't care, they don't really understand the difference between republicans and democrats to a large etent. they just want their lives to be easier and cheaper. that is pretty much it. trey: that is a good lesson to
4:56 pm
learn for folks in dc and new york. let me ask you, it strikes he as requiring a lot of self confidence to write a book on saving the world. and requires a lot of humidity to put what you put on the back of the book, why did you write a book about saving the world? and we'll get to the back, i find amazing what you put there. >> i wrote it for the money, moi needed the money, i still don't think i was paid enough. i had felt like i had gotten to a place in my life, i had the time to do it, i wanted to reflect on 20 years almost on fox, tell the truth what i have learned about myself and about the american people. and the next question?
4:57 pm
trey: the stories in the book are very funny. you instead of putting endorsements on the back, put a series of insults, including one person i think that said you were shockingly ignorant. that could be a compliment in a way, she was surprised you were ignorant, you put -- insults on the back. >> i didn't want to have to go on my knees to hannity asking for a blurb . soledad o'brien believes that i am shockingly ignorant. brought me down to earth, i need that. trey: a compliment she was shocked. that is how i look at it. not like you are boringly
4:58 pm
ignorant, you are shockingly. >> the most compelling part of your story to me is you started about as low as you could start on fox news, now you are the host and co-host of fabulously popular shows, you get to sit next to dana perino, how it that happen. >> i think it was a lot of luck. i was in the right place at right time. and i was told to do things. trey gowdy, obedience was important. i did it right away, i was first do it i did it as hard as i could. i did that for about 15 years. now, i get to sit next to dana perino, in my book, i made it. i think that rest of the country
4:59 pm
would agree. trey: in all our books you made it. your book made my laugh. inside, and the back. this mixture of self awareness and hume mill tie, we could -- humility, we could use more. congratulation to having a number one "new york times" best selling book and all you have accomplished in well. >> thank you, trey, and the podcast, one of may greatest, trey gowdy graphics package is boater than "watter's world"? how did that happen? trey: i think they fell like i needed it more, that is why. they have to dress me up. >> stop, thank you, trey, you are the best. trey: thank you, jesse. >> thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up
5:00 pm
next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin," we'll do something here that i don't think is typically done on television. before i bring on our two great guests. i want to have a chat with you. look at what is going on in the school system, the abuse our
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children are


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