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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 3, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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pretend think care what is going on. they don't. this was all their plan and we are seeing it before our very eyes. todd: don't miss no interruption on fox nation with tomi lahren. thank you very much. jillian: good to see you. thank you for watcherring. have a good good day. "fox & friends" starts. todd: right now. >> president biden will address the nation about concerns over the changing cdc guidelines. >> joe biden has got stop forcing america to live in fear. >> biden extended title 42. >> extremely limited bed capacity in our hospitals and really pitting our residents with the migrants. >> is president obama sending the wrong example hosting a big birthday party. this event is outdoors and in moderate zone. >> i couldn't go to granny's ninthth birthday but perfectly fine for barack obama to have
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500 penal. >> republicans it bolstering the covid lab leak theory. >> we need to have a serious investigation. >> why would democrats not join us in getting answers? ♪ ♪ are. pete: good tuesday morning. i'm pete hegseth in for brian kilmeade. steve: good morning, dallas, texas. ainsley: we thank you for waking up with us y'all. we love that state. steve: the metroplex. it is august 3rd, 2021 it is a tuesday and live from the mezzanine level, welcome back to the couch, folks. ainsley: i like that song.
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pete: it is the metroplex, isn't it? steve: metroplex fort worth, dallas. ainsley: you spend a lot of time visiting your daughter she moved back there. steve: she is working there. her husband is working there. went to college there. ainsley: dallas is a fun town. love dallas. steve: we're going to start with something you probably have, and that is covid confusion. today president biden is going to have to address the nation again, a second time within a week about concerns over the cdc's ever changing guidelines they put on all of us. ainsley: this happens while many cities are bringing back mask mandates. pete: griff jenkins joins us from washington with the latest where there is a mask mandate as well, griff. griff: there is, indeed. i have my mask handy because we are in 2000. pete, ainsley, steve, it was a milestone monday at the white house. a month late. the white house says they finally hit that fourth of july
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goal of 70% of americans receiving at least one shot. and just over 60% are fully vaccinated. and the cdc director rochelle walensky is warning this delta variant is continuing to surge. >> this remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated. while vaccinated people can spread the vice if they get a break through infection, the odds of them getting sick in the first place are far lower than those that are unvaccinated. and, in fact, places with more vaccination generally have less disease. pete: this as senator lindsey graham says he has tested positive in a break through case. tweeting i am very glad i was vaccinated because without vaccination i'm certain i would not feel as i do now. my symptoms would be far worse. he will quarantine for the next 10 case. louisiana becoming the first state to implement a statewide mask mandate as governor cuomo there in new york is asking private businesses to mandate vaccinations for their employees
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while florida, which accounts for 20% of current cases with hospitalizations on the rise, is becoming ground zero in a mask mandate battle between the white house and governor ron desantis. and, guys, about that confusion, president biden will address the cdc's confusion and constantly changing guidance and vaccines in the east room later this afternoon. pete, ainsley, steve? steve: all right. thank you very much. you are right, griff. thank you. because remember, the white house had promised a summer of joy? and it's going to be a summer of confusion. and, you know. as we heard -- as we saw in that open, there are people in the pressroom in washington, d.c. and the white house. everybody is masked up. if you want to go to equinox or sole cycle as customer or employee you have got to mask up. it. ainsley: vaccinated. steve: louisiana statewide
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indoor mask mandate. the white house coordinator for covid calls for companies to impose vaccine mandates on all their employees to get ahold of it. pete: i was shocked that new york city bill de blasio said it was optional. ainsley: i thought he was going to say mask man dates. a lot of democrat states are going that correction. you have san francisco where all but two counties in that region in the bay area have said you have to wear a mask even if you are vaccinated and going indoors. and masks, you have to wear a mask now at the home depot, mcdonald's and target. all their employees have to wear activist that. american federation of teachers the second largest teachers union we're always talking about pushing for universal masking in schools. pete: of course they are. steve: meanwhile the cover of the "new york post" are able to perfectly summarize what's going on. that's barack obama that's his fancy $12 million house. is he having a birthday party this weekend. happy birthday, mr. president. is he going to be 60. it's his party and i will defy
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if i want. to say this is confusion, too. why is he able to have a party with 700 people in attendance while at the same time, you know, we are being told that we're under all sorts of restrictions? you know, he apparently has been -- his spokesperson has been asked a number of times, the one working for the former president. so what's the deal with this? 700 people that's a lot. they say we are going to abide by all the cdc guidelines. here's the thing. the nih director two days ago you maybe could have a party with seven, eight people. 700, 800 people absolutely not. don't have big parties. that he was the official guidance from the. in ih. the former president is going to have a big party and people are going wait a minute is that fair, is that equitable? ainsley: there will be a covid coordinator at the party. you have to get tested before you go. be vaccinated.
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500 guests, 200 staffers there. massive party including steven spillberg, oprah winfrey and george clooney. pete: i had a fourth of july party i was the covid coordinator. summer is open have a few barbecue with a few of your friends outdoors only. it is the double standard. i want barack obama to have 2,000 people at his party if he wants. we should be able to as well if that's the case. it. ainsley: congresswoman nicole malliotakis said that too. i'm not saying you shouldn't have a party it's a double standard when you have these people all over the country democratic leaders saying you have to mask up. you can't go into a restaurant and then you see the opposite. pete: as he often does, peter, was in the press briefing room and asked jen psaki about this birthday bash. listen. >> is president obama setting the wrong example how serious covid-19 is by hosting a big
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birthday party with hundreds of people this week. >> i would note first that former president obama has been a huge advocate of individuals getting vaccinated. when cdc has provided-what cdc has provided guidance is for indoor setting or high or substantial high zones of code cases. this event, according to all the public reporting is outdoors and be in a moderate zone. pete: is there dhearn this will become a super spreader event. >> the tesh peter steps people take settings to keep themselves and others safe. steve: she said it's in a moderate zone. it's what i said this morning's risk is substantial where this particular thing is. they have made it moderate the day before that press conference which is curious. pete: really? steve: well, you know, the local authorities can do whatever they want to do. pete: sure it's science.
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steve: unclear though if they are going to be using the bathrooms in the house. this is one of the questions the "new york post" is asking, unclear if the guests will use the bathrooms and whether masks will be required indoors when they go into the house. and there is a caterer who spoke to the "new york post" and he said the event is a nightmare this bash is a nightmare to pull off tiny island especially due to the lack of labor because of covid. what is he thinking? pete: so now they are probably bringing people in to help with the event as well. steve: from new york? ohio risk area bringing in super spreaders. ainsley: ferry rides or airplane to get there i'm sure many will be flying their private planes to the island. i didn't think of that you are right. a small little island. not a lot of staffer its there. steve: a lot of affluent people there not going to work that event.
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they are going to have to bus people in from boston or new york or philly. ains ains elise stefanik typical liberal do as i say not what i do. this is what socialism looks like. nicole malliotakis says if this were president trump the left would be screaming. it would be a super spreader. pete: all you have to say if trump. steve: hair on fire. pete: mark steyn was on tucker carlson's show last night. >> 200 guests fawning foot men and under butlers what's interesting to me is the way that people are perfectly happy about this. you have been talking about citizenship on this show. but, actually, disturbing number of people are quite happy to be subjects. they say oh, yes, i couldn't go to granny's 90th birthday perfectly fine for barack obama to have 500 people our rulers are so much better than us.
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the last 18 months has actually clarified this. the governor of california eating at the french laundry. that's different. is he great man. obama is a great man. flying george clooney and oprah in, that's appropriate. oh, i'm just going to put my mask back on and go back in the house for another 18 month. pete: if you are looking for signals inside the confusion. watch what they do, not what they say. steve: sure. pete: this is a great example of that. steve: we canceled all three of my kids got married in the laster i don't. they always planned on having big weddings. one had 10 people, one had 18, and one had 20-something because of the restrictions they're putting on all of us. and, yet,. ainsley: down in florida ron desantis told the schools you are not allowed to require masks for our kids. and there were two school districts down there that said they were thinking about requiring them and he said then we are thinking about pulling your funding. now they're saying o never mind. steve: follow the money. as you can see a very busy
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tuesday. coming up breaking news, simone biles back on the beam in her return to the olympic competition. we will tell you how she did coming up next. ainsley: plus, guess who is going woke? the muppets. >> i'm not supposed to wear a dress. i don't want to be one anyone to be upset with me. if it makes you feel better i can make your outfit so amazing they won't even know it's you. ainsley: what message is this sending to our young viewers? we are going to discuss it right after the break. ♪ i don't know where my soul is ♪ i don't know where my home is ♪ ♪
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♪ jillian: good morning we are back with headlines starting with a fox news alert. simone biles taking home bronze in her return to competition. the super star gymnast placing third in the balance beam finals overnight. it was her first event since stepping away to focus on mental health. she won bronze in the event. the u.s. is tied with china with 68 total medals. investigators reportedly grilled new york governor andrew cuomo for 11 hours as part of the inquiry shower. allegations against him. the "new york times" reports cuomo became confrontational at times. questioning investigator's fairness and objectivity. several women have come forward accusing the democrat of sexual misconduct. cuomo denies all allegations: american airlines cancel hundreds of flies leaving thousands of passengers. chaos in terminals in orlando,
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fort lauderdale. as people waited to find out their final destination. america's main hub in dallas due to bad weather. that's a look at your headlines and that's that is always a nightmare scenario when you are just like tell me. when. steve: sorry, we canceled all the flights. there is no next flight. we canceled all of them. ainsley: brought me to tears a few times in the airport to be honest with you. so frustrated. pete: been there. thank you, jillian. steve: some breaking news. we talked a little bit over the last couple of months about how the biden administration did not seem to be -- seem to be lifting title 42. title 42 is the designation that they use where they say, you know what? during covid covid we are going to turn you aren't. yesterday it was announced that it has been extended by the cdc and it's going to remain in effect until the cdc director says the danger of them bringing covid into the united states is no longer a problem. but as you look at those thousands of people under that
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bridge, hundreds of people, maybe a thousand people under that bridge, you realize the covid thing is going to be a problem for a long time. there are some exceptions though. if you are a child or a certain family unions, you still get to come in even if you have covid. pete: and just because the cdc renewed title 42 doesn't mean the biden administration will utilize it. steve: right. pete: we have not seen them utilizing it so far. covid infected patients coming across our border can be turned around the opposite is what we have seen. ainsley: the mayor of laredo, texas, they go into our hospitals and taking our icu beds. some days only had one day i think that was last week available for the residents that live there is he concerned. they are busing them into laredo three bus one day the other day. here is pete the behavior lower raid dough. listen it this. >> the main issue we are facing now we have extremely limited
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bed capacity in our hospital. that's pitting the residents with our migrants. that's very insensitive and cruel to even create this environment one day last week we only had one bed four facility. in is very concerning. this is basically why we are asking the federal government, you have a choice. steve: keep in mind, the federal government does not covid test them when they come into the country. what they do is they process them and then they hand them over to an ngo. a nongovernment organization like catholic charities or relief fund. and then they help these people along their way. these ngos are being given money by the federal government to help essentially take them off the government's hands. pete: i see. they are not tested but they are processed. who is processing them? border patrol agents.
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steve: federal agents. pete: federal agents on the border. brandon judd the national border patrol council president talked about what's happening amidst this covid crisis to border agents. >> everybody that we take into custody, we have to assume might have covid. and we have agents that are coming down. agents that have already died due to covid exposure, and, yes, we have over 80 of our agents. now that's another 80 people that we have to take out of the field that can't be patrol the border simply because we're being overwhelmed and the cartels are being allowed to make billions of dollars in transporting these illegal aliens that have covid and other diseases that are coming into the united states. pete: they have had federal agencies, border patrol agents who have died from covid after exposure. ainsley: it's horrible. if you look at the numbers, they are just staggering. 176,000 apprehended at the border in july, they're
3:22 am
estimating. and look at the child migrant encounters. 19,000. that exceeds the previous high of 18,877 back in march. pete: has not stopped. by the way go back to first number. that doesn't include got-aways. which could be even more than that number. considering. put that in context. in 2017 that number was 25,000. in 2017 that number was 25,000 in july. it was 40,000 in 2018. surged a little bit in 2019 to 81,000. it was 41,000 last year. 176 in the height of the summer is a number like we have never seen before. steve: not like 176,000 okay turn around. when they say apprehended that simply means these people are coming up to them and surrendering hey, i'm right here process me so i can be on my way. those are people who are interfacing with the border patrol people who may have inadvertently brought them covid into their lives and we heard
3:23 am
that apparently some people are dying from it but it's the got-aways who come in and, you know, they bypass the border patrol people. they are just, you know, next stop omaha. pete: more time we spend processing the last time we have dealing with got-aways. in the past they would have been sent back to mexico or processed with a definitive report date in court. many of these illegal migrants don't even have a court date. they are just released to charities on their own recognizance on the belief that maybe some day we will identify who they are. there is no train of custody. steve: when it comes to joe biden's polling numbers, the number he does the worst on is border and immigration. is he at the bottom. it's getting worse. come up in about 40 minutes. we will tell you in the last two months joe biden's approval rating has dropped 10 points. that is sending off alarm bells at the white house. but, images like that do not help. ainsley: it's covid, it's the
3:24 am
border. it's critical race theory. steve: it's crime. pete: i would say though without what bill is doing on the border and griff jenkins doing on the border. without what peter doocy is asking about in this press briefing room this wouldn't be a conversation. without the fox news channel this isn't a story. this is a story that isn't covered. ainsley: what about cuba? pete: absolutely. none of it would be covered that's what they count on. ainsley: none of it was covered. when fox news went down to south florida, we heard from countless reporters people in the street saying we are so grateful for fox news tell the story we haven't seen any other media outlets. pete: it's true. steve: all right. in other news we haven't done anything about cartoons yet or animated series. ainsley: we normally don't cover that. steve: municipality babies has a character by the name of gonzo. gonzo wanted to attend a royal ball. i believe we have got a clip where gonzo wanted to wear a dress and two characters said to
3:25 am
him that boys are not supposed to -- boys are supposed to wear knight clothes. however a fairy rat father according to the story granted gonzo's wish to become a princess. and that's happens. watch this. >> i real i had wish i could wear one of those princess dresses to the ball. >> well, i hate to see a good -- i will tell you what, i'm going to grant your wish because i am your fairy rat father. >> the girls said i'm not supposed to wear a dress. i don't want anyone to be upset with me. >> well, if it makes you feel better i can make your outfit so amazing they won't know it's you. ♪ ♪ >> look it's, it's a mysterious
3:26 am
new princess. ainsley: so then at the end of the blumenthal ball the glass slipper left and they are trying to figure out who it belonged. to say miss piggy said we met the most amazing princess. the princess to ho came to the ball tonight was me. some of the other puppets said it wasn't very nice of you to tell you what to wear to the ball. pete: gonzorella makes his debut is this what the muppets cross dressing is that a big ask something they were missing in their lives what this is. you can overdo it. we have also underdone it for too long. we have allowed places like this okay. let's throw a little bit this in there little bit more general determine fluid and throw cross dressing in there and expect culturally for us not to change and we have. and that's -- it's cartoons like this which influence kids which are a part of that.
3:27 am
steve: the show is the target audience is 4 to a, 6, 7 years old. fox news asked disney jr. for a comment they have not responded. stand by. pete: i have watched a lot of disney junior over the last couple of years. steve: of course. pete: it is amazing the amount of subtle and not so subtle left wing messaging that you get. ainsley: there are certain shows i don't allow hayden to watch there is language in sponge bob square pants i don't allow her to watch that. we watch shows or movies with our kids so if there is a message we can explain it to them. pete: i do love sponge bob. ainsley: number one. during the pandemic it was number one and peppa pig was number two. we watched a lot. >> fin nasa and ferv. pete: depends on bad language. i have heard a lot of bath bad
3:28 am
language in my lifetime. [laughter] steve: there is a million channels and somebody is doing something for everybody. meanwhile students in chicago say they don't feel safe as crime and shootings have shocking levels. we will talk to one university of chicago student who wants to see more being done by mayor lower light foot. plus the exhaustive efforts to bring home american engineer believed in have been kidnapped by the tall ban that afghanistan. colonel michael waltz leading the charge and joins us live on that. ♪ called tardive dyskinesia - td. and it can seem like that's all people see. some meds for mental health can cause abnormal dopamine signaling in the brain. while how it works is not fully understood, ingrezza is thought to reduce that signaling. ingrezza is a prescription medicine used to treat adults with td movements in the face and body.
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try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look. jillian: good morning back with headlines, we start with this. the illegal immigrant quicketsd of killing mollie tibbetts will be sentenced later this month after iowa judge denies a new trial. the judge dismissing cristhian rivera's claim that newly discovered evidence implicated other alleged suspects in tibbetts 2018 death. he faces life in prison. firefighters battling a record firefighter on hawaii's big island. the fire has burned more than 40,000 acres. the biggest ever on the island. lifted evacuation orders but warns they could return as heavy winds in the forecast could cause the flames to spread spread. it comes as the state deals with the drought. in pennsylvania, a school board member -- school board president there is facing calls to resign after snatching the microphone from a concerned mom against critical race theory.
3:33 am
just watch this. >> since when my kids 12, 13 years old are supposed to. >> katie you are [inaudible] >> no. >> yes, you are immigrant from iran she calls the battle over critical race theory divisive. the pandemic has apparently changed the dating game forever. >> i want a baby now. i'm 37. too much for a first date, isn't it? jillian: dating app. usage surged during the pandemic prompting many to roll out new features. tender users can add videos to their profile and chat with others before matching. 40% of users continue to use video chats even post covid. ainsley, send it back to you. >> thank you so much, jillian. student at the university of chicago are speaking out about all the crime in that city.
3:34 am
campus reform interviewed several undergrads that interest frustrated with the policies that they say are putting their safety at risk. one student calling out the mayor saying, quote: it's wrong that the politicians of chicago are flat out lying to the people of the city by claiming crime is going down whether it very much is on the rise and nothing is being done to stop it. yet, despite the skyrocketing violence, new analysis showing us that just one person has been charged in relation to the city's 39 mass shootings this year. university of chicago student and managing editor confident chicago thinker joins us now. the daughter of our own rachel campos-duffy. good morning avid da. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks for coming up what's your reaction to the mayor and only one person has been caught for all these crimes? >> it's truly heart breaking. i mean, i go to u chicago. i'm a senior this has been my second home for a long time now. and i wasn't able to return this summer in large part due to the
3:35 am
rise in violence. lori lightfoot says it on decline. murders up 49%. shawlts up 23% as a result of peer of mine was shot on his way to a summer internship and killed. before that in january there was another student killed by a stray bullet in a parking garage. so the situation is very bad and it's truly heart breaking. ainsley: it's changing what you are doing. would you have normally been there over the summer and hung out with your friends. >> yeah. of course. it's where people go to have internships. it's where we all have apartments year around. it would be what we would do. it's not what is happening. ainsley: max lewis was killed on the train coming home from his internship and i know that's terrifying for y'all on campus and especially for your parents who are worried. there is a picture of max lewis. the other one was a fourth year ph.d. student who was gunned
3:36 am
down you mentioned in that parking garage. if you look it at some of the stats just from july 21s to jul. if you compared this those same days to last year. 25% increase in shooting incidents. 25% increase in thefts. 29% increase in murders. and then also, he i have the that the number of officers leaving your area staggering officers left january to june 363, 560 officers retired last year in 2020. safe? part of why you are seeing some officers retire at staggering numbers is that we have this massive defund the police movement going on in chicago. specifically on college campuses you have students actively trying to abolish and defund not just, you know, chicago police but campus police and then you
3:37 am
have lori lightfoot all but endorsing these radical left wing anti-police advocates. so that is part of why you are seeing that. ainsley: why is that? why would she do that when crime is truth roof. >> i think she is trying to play it safe. she wants to play both sides while having her -- saying that she supports her police department while at the same time wanting to appeal to left wing voters in chicago. but you can't have it both ways. you need to show support for the police in chicago and for law and order. ainsley: evita we are proud of you i know your mom is too. thanks for coming on. good sty again. >> thanks so much. ainsley: we did reach out to the mayor's office and pd for statements we did not get a response. come up an american engineer remains missing in afghanistan. many fear he was taken by a group with links to the taliban. colonel michael waltz is going
3:38 am
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3:43 am
eleessments michael waltz is the leading advocate to bring him back home. colonel, thank you so much for being here. mark is kidnapped in 2020. federal governmentations are ongoing with the taliban. here we are about to have all u.s. troops out and is he still in limbo. >> yeah. that's absolutely right. first, i don't think we ever should have signed the deal with the taliban when they think they can take an american veteran hostage just before the signing but here nor there, here we are. the last american troops have pretty much gone home and the biden administration has given away all of our leverage. the thing the taliban wanted the most and have been asking for for 20 years is for american troops to leave. you would have thought before president biden just yanked everyone out and we're seeing the collapse that's happening now in afghanistan as we speak. they at least could have gotten
3:44 am
one american in exchange and then the other piece that's so frustrating is should we find him through intelligence means, we have now taken out the helicopters, drones, special forces that could go in and rescue them or go in and rescue him. so, it's incredibly frustrating. my heart breaks for the family. you can imagine as they saw that announcement how they felt and their frustration and mine, too. they repeatedly asked the frerich's family repeatedly asked to see president biden to make their case personally and been declined from my understanding. pete: my understanding as well the taliban is requesting an exchange for an afghan drug war lord. is that on the table and the haqqani network they are a nasty terrorist organization. afghan, pakistan border. would they operate in good faith and is exchange of possibilities
3:45 am
the right thing to do. >> just philosophically i hate to see any type of reward or exchange because it only emboldens terrorists and gives them upside to do this in the future. that said, this drug king pin, you know, who has been described as the carlos escobar of the middle east, he has been there 15 years. the guy, he has been there a while. and i would not be opposed if some kind of deal was struck. at the end of the day, you know, he risks, the same folks that are around biden were there when obama signed the iran deal. we had hostages there at the time. they left one behind. he is still there and we can't have that happen to. if rerichs. we have to put a lot more pressure on the pakistanis. the it fund the taliban, supporting them i believe could get them out if they could get
3:46 am
frerichs out if we wanted to. pete: his name is mark frerichs taken by the taliban held hostage and our troops are leaving and we are at risk of leaving him behind. colonel michael waltz thank you for being on this. keep us updated hopefully someone at the white house is watching now. >> no one left behind. pete: you got it, colonel. thank you very much. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean. >> good morning, pete. a beautiful day here in new york city. it was gorgeous yesterday. we have cooler air moving in. take a look at the temperatures because we were barely out of the high 60's today in new york city. but across the country, we are dealing with the heat. especially for the northwest. so 65 here in new york. 56 in cincinnati. this is kind of reminiscent of as we get into fall. what the fall feels like. we are going to warm those temperatures up this week. past 24 hours showers and thunderstorms along the gulf
3:47 am
coast, southeast and florida. we will deal with the potential for more flash flooding for the four corners region. monsoonal moisture working its way. in the heat returns to the northwest as well as california. and parts of nevada. looking at the tropics we have a couple of systems out in the pacific. they are not going to do anything to anyone across the u.s. nothing to be concerned about right now for the atlantic. we will take it all right, pete, back to you. pete: janice i don't blame you i love the fall but too soon. janice: i will try to change that turn the heat up. pete: struggle to rebound from covid lockdowns well, this is what democrat led cities are facing. how do they rebound? host of making money charles payne joins us next with why they are falling behind. ♪ take it easy. ♪ don't let the sound of your own wheels ♪ make you crazy ♪ come on, baby note ♪ don't say maybe
3:48 am
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3:51 am
jillian: good morning back with quick headlines, gas prices on the rise again as demand hits
3:52 am
historic levels. according to gas buddy the average price is $3.16 a gallon. nearly a $4 higher than it was a year ago and the highest price in more than six years. and apple tops another financial list. fortune ranks the tech giant as the most profitable company on global 500 list for the 2020 fiscal year. it brought in a profit of more than 57 billion beating out saudi saudi company held the spot for two years. steve? steve: thanks, jillian. large democrat cities are lagging behind in job recovery. chicago, new york city, and l.a. all hitting hard on that list. and with rising inflation across the country, the co-founder of home depot says this can lead to trouble. >> i'm worried about the little guy right now. the little guy is the guy who is going to get it in the neck. this inflation is not, in my opinion, is not transitory. this inflation is basic and it
3:53 am
will continue. steve: well, that's not good. charles payne knows that he is the host of making money on fox business. he joins us now. what he ken langone is talking about the democrats would like to pass $3.5 trillion wish list, he says that would be just like throwing 5-gallon can of gas on a fire. >> well, he is absolutely right. and we all feel and see that fire. and i guess, listen, the democrats understand this as well as anyone else. let's just talk about inflation, right? you have two types of inflation. i want to help the audience understand what is really happening here. one is what thee they call demand. when demand goes up. economics 201. too much money facing goods. this thing happening with the biden administration is making this worse. government spending is one of the major issues demand. inflation expectations and more money in the system. we know the federal reserve is
3:54 am
pumping a whole lot of money. those things are not going to go away. they are absolutely insidious. raw material. higher wages, an economy where people don't have to work. they have the luxury of tell employers, small employers particularly no thank you. i will stay at home and make more money. it is insidious and now we toss another 3.5 trillion into this caldron, the irony, of course, the same people are saying no thank you, i will stay at home, they are making more but it doesn't go as far. i want to point one thing out. this year, wages have gone up every month until you factor in inflation. month over month, every single month this year, wages, real wages in real life have gone down. steve: absolutely. during this pandemic and then when you look at something else we were just talking about in the introduction about how top -- some of america's biggest cities, america's three biggest cities all lag in job recovery whether it comes to l.a., new
3:55 am
york, and chicago. the -- all of the top 10 cities and job recovery are in states run by republicans. in the top three cities are lincoln, nebraska, omaha and huntsville, alabama. so, charles, real quickly, what are the democrats doing to tamp down growth? >> well, the draconian measures taken during covid, locking down the states, forcing businesses out of business, tell people to stay home. they have made it really tough for anybody to start a business, operate a business, and, of course, one thing we don't talk about losing muscle memory. as a nation we are losing muscle memory. you have folks not work for one or two years you forget how to, would. it's a scary thing. not right and politically correct to say that's another major issue. you are seeing it big time in these big cities. steve: you have all these covid restrictions on people in the big democratic cities and you have got crime. recommendation well, the rise in crime doesn't help either. people are fleeing. a lot of times those people who
3:56 am
flee create opportunities elsewhere. steve: they do indeed. charles, we will be watching you this afternoon 2:00 over on fox business. >> okay. steve: thank you, sir. all right, coming up on this tuesday, president biden hits the road in hopes of turning trump country blue. look at the build back better stop over -- what's he doing exactly? well new polling shows he is quickly losing support among voters. more on his mission to build back blue just about three minutes. king you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic® can help you get back in it. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®!
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4:01 am
the teachers have to be back next week. steve: a lot of places out in the central states get started in the next week or two after the fair, of course. pete: too soon. steve: one thing at a time. pete: that is exactly right. thanks for being with us in the 7:00 hour of "fox & friends" on this tuesday morning. it is august 3rd, year of our lord 2021. we still have covid whiplash. confusion about the cdc's ever changing guidelines. steve: that's confusing right there. he spoke to the nation just last week. this as the administration vows we will not go back in to lockdown but that does not mean there won't be more restriction. ainsley: he said it will be a summer of joy. now they are saying summer of confusion. griff jenkins joins us live from outside the white house with the latest. good morning, griff. griff: good morning steve, ainsley and pete. mark your calendar 3:45 today the east room president biden will try to dispel much of that confusion and constantly
4:02 am
changing guidance on mask and vaccines. weave got a preview yesterday when white house press secretary jen psaki said no lockdowns are coming. watch. >> we're not going back to the shut downs of march of 2020. we are not going back to the economy shutting down. we have made too much progress. too many people are vaccinated. griff: oh, but in the same breath she noted they will be guided by the science and scientists and not taking any options off the table. this as the white house hits that fourth of july milestone a month later 70% of americans have now received at least one shot with just over 60% fully vaccinated. meanwhile cdc director rochelle walensky warning the delta variant is surging and remains a of the unvaccinated. break through cases continue to emerge like senator lindsey graham tweeting he has tested positive. i'm very glad i was vaccinated because without vaccination i'm certain i would not feel as well as i do now. my symptoms would be far worse. this as more restrictions are going into effect.
4:03 am
louisiana implement a statewide mask mandate vaccinations for their employees. in florida is becoming ground zero for a battle over mask mandates. a war of words between governor desantis and jen psaki. as schools, you phis mention, getting ready to reopen many states passing laws prohibiting mask mandates. chief among them, florida. pete, ainsley, steve? steve: they got one in the white house. if you go into the building which is to your left i hope you have a mask -- there you go. griff: can't enter without this on. steve: good enough. thank you, sir. pete: thank you, griff. steve: he was talking about lindsey graham who announced yesterday he is the first u.s. senator who has had one of those break through cases. ainsley: vaccinated and got it again. got it. steve: bad. do you know what else is bad. he apparently felt bad on
4:04 am
saturday night at some point and went into the doctor yesterday and yep, you have got covid. saturday night a little earlier he was on joe manchin's boat. they were having a bunch of senators on the boat to talk about infrastructure. also on the boat senator john thune, chris coons, mark kelly, jackie rosin, kathy cortez masto and marie cantwell, all of them have been vaccinated yet again so has lindsey graham. ainsley: symptoms are mild. feels like sinus infection. flu like symptoms. >> will chief strategist for rhode island's democratic party she is facing criticism she tweeted out yesterday it's wrong to hope he dies from covid, right? it she tweeted that out. pete: that was an actual thing she typed in? ainsley: yeah. asking the question is it wrong to hope he dies? steve: #asking for a friend.
4:05 am
pete: didn't find many online or elsewhere. i will say she is also not privy to the science of that. because, steve, you mentioned break through. break through means you have covid thankfully because of the vaccine symptoms are more mild. the death rate of break through is, are we have it in our notes somewhere. it's .0001. steve: really tiny. lindsey graham says he i'm very glad i was vaccinated without the vaccination i'm certain i would not feel as well as i do. ainsley: some of the statistics the cdc says 9 .999% of fully vaccinated americans have not had a deadly covid-19 pleak break through case. the good news is you do get it and you are vaccinated your chances of having the types of symptoms of lindsey graham. pete: you turn on so many other channels right now break through cases infections. 99.999% of fully vaccinated americans have not had a deadly covid-19. ainsley: look at the province town outbreak that happened. 934 confirmed cases in july.
4:06 am
73% of them were vaccinated. seven were hospitalized and zero died. and as you said, this proves that vaccines are working. steve: pete, to your point, when you watched the other channels and they are going break through thing makes it sound like it's racing across the country and people are getting sick even though they got. that's party of the information that's floating around there that joe biden is going to try to address later today. because, last week i think it was on thursday night when he had that press conference at the end the fox news correspondent said hey, mr. president, you said, you know, essentially i'm going to paraphrase but you flip flopped because you had said if you get the vaccine you don't have to wear the mask and now you are telling us all to put on the mask. that is why his approval rating, i believe, has tanked in the last june to today, it has gone down 10 points according to the harvard harris poll of the biden
4:07 am
approval. the one thing he has always done the best on, we talked earlier about what he does lousy on that's the border and immigration. the best thing he does on is covid. but now because of the confusing and bad messaging from the white house, people are going what are we supposed to do? the "new york times" the "new york times" today, the lead story is americans suffer pandemic whiplash. they say 18 months of ever changing pandemic messaging have left many americans angry, exhausted and skeptical of public health advice. so what joe biden is going to say today from the east room, he's going to say vaccines are safe and the reason vaxxed people have to wear their mask because so many people are unvaxxed so get your shot and tell your friends. pete: even though we hit the goal a month late but we hit the goal. ainsley: they are saying this poll if you read about it. people are concerned about the direction ever the country. almost 50% say that the country is on the wrong track. that's almost half of our country, 47 percent said that in
4:08 am
june, the top concerns were jobs and the economy. but, here, they are saying the top concern is covid. that was the most important issue facing our country. pete: steve, you put that in important context. 10% is a big drop in that period of time unless your strength has now been turned into mother of a weakness. steve: bulls eye. border chaos inflation, crime, critical race theory, censorship, there is lots of issues out there. many of which people are already frustrated about. code, the one thing he was supposed to deliver on is chaos and confusion there you have it. 62 to 52. steve: nonetheless, they are already trying to raise money to get democrats elected for the midterms. joe biden had a virtual fundraiser last night for the dnc. i don't quite get how you can have a big fundraiser other than people are looking for a tax write off because the tickets for this zoom call were -- they had three levels. $36,000 to be on the zoom. $50,000 to be on the zoom.
4:09 am
or $100,000 to hear joe biden on a zoom. ainsley: you didn't get anything else? they all got the same product? steve: somebody might have got an tote bag, maybe. but everybody maybe an autographed picture. steve: what everybody did get is joe biden stay saying stuff like this. >> the republican party today offers nothing but fear, lies and broken promises. we have to keep cutting through the republican fog that the government isn't the problem and show that we, the people, we the people are always the solution. steve: joe biden is saying it is the republicans who are the problem. but, you know, i think it was largely the republicans who said when you get the shot you shouldn't have to wear the mask. it's the president who said okay, you got the shot i said you didn't have to wear the mask now you have got to wear the mask again. that's why people are suffering from what the "new york times" called pandemic whiplash.
4:10 am
pete: yeah. ainsley: we interviewed evita duffy a moments ago we will hear from her coming up. she goes to the university of chicago. her biggest concern is crime. she was planning on living there for the summer but she didn't feel safe. she has since left for the summer until school starts back. murders in d.c. are surpassing covid deaths. in the month of july, nearly 3 to 1. crime is such an issue. and that's going to be an issue that's extremely important to the voters in the midterm. "chicago sun times" the headline is, listen to this. over 1,000 victims, 126 dead. just two conviction he is, six years of mass shootings in chicago. steve: and that answers the question, you know, why are we seeing all these images kay after day where 20, 30, 40 people are shot on a weekend. do you know why? because there is no consequences because the people know they are not going to get caught. pete: this is gang warfare. and gang warfare you get a culture of silence. i'm not trying to let et chicago
4:11 am
p.d. off the hook here. but gangs run these neighborhoods in chicago and when a murder happens, it's never talked about. and frankly ours later, you get retaliation from the other gang against the other gang. ainsley: you are right. pete: no one is talking at all about that. they want to talk about root causes are gun violence and ultimately this is a culture problem, this is a family problem, this is a fatherless problem. this is a gang problem that isn't and hasn't been addressed and won't be after dressed even with a few more police on the street. a number like that makes it staggering. two convictions in six years? two? steve: only one person apprehended, charged in any of the 39 mass shootings this year. only one out of the 39. chicago police department has got a 13% clearance rate for shootings overall, which is the lowest of any big still in the united states of america. ainsley: in june, they think they were gang members and they pulled up to a fast food restaurant. they started firing shots. they shot six people in front of
4:12 am
this restaurant. an innocent bystander, 23-year-old lady was killed. she was riddled with six bullets. then two hours later, six miles away, they think gang members pulled up and they shot 12 people, the person who died was a 37-year-old woman and she was not the intended target. the police officers, the chicago police department's chief detective says solving these cases is not being prioritized. and some of the witnesses that saw it said they knew who did it. they witnessed it. and they said they know who is doing it. pete: we also have a prosecutor in kim foxx there who is uninterested in prosecuting. ainsley: they know who is doing it. go back on the streets and don't even get arrested and they continue to could this they are doing it all the neighborhoods in chicago. read about it every monday what happens over the weekend. pete: 170,000 gang members in chicago. it's a massive force of people. steve: the people who blab hey,
4:13 am
it's that guy who did it, wind up dead the next day. if they make it to the next day. you know, here's the thing. i was just thinking. this is one of the foundational problems we are having with the country right now. pete, you very accurately narrowed down some of the things that it stems from. why doesn't joe biden put kamala harris in charge of looking for the root causes of crime, i mean. pete: that's right. steve: you detailed it perfectly. pete: absolutely. steve: so let's address it. pete: that's a really difficult conversation to have to address. a conversation that the democrat party doesn't want to have. they actually like and benefit from dependency and not on government and government stepping. in except and unless it include the police. i will give barack obama, he previously tried to talk about it a little bit. steve: he did. pete: fatherlessness in these community, broken homes, kids without park rangers, gangs stepping in and becoming their parents and families.
4:14 am
total mistrust of law enforcement. when you think the police are the bad guys, you are demonizing them and the democrat party become the party of defund the police, then it's an adversarial relationship completely not to mention the cull culture of silence. ainsley: i watched a movie basically a documentary of all these former gang members. they had gone to prison and it talks about how they got in the gangs. it was called the gang of -- was my father. and it talks about how they got out of the gang. and getting into the gang. if you are pretty much forced to get in the gang if you live in one of these neighborhoods, i wish they would find a way to clean up these neighborhoods and save these kids' lice. steve: regarding the harvard harris poll that showed that the president was under water, 75% of americans say we need more cops. 72% say they oppose defunding the police. 52% support stop and frisk. and then the outlier regarding law and order, 57% say marijuana
4:15 am
should be decriminalized. ainsley: 363 officers have left chicago from january to june of this year. 560 retired last year. they don't want to be there because there is so much crime. lori lightfoot is the mayor there and evita duffy, i was talking about earlier the university of chicago student, she is calling out the mayor for all of this violence. listen. >> it's truly heart breaking. i mean, i go to u chicago. i'm a senior. this has been my second home for along time now. i wasn't able to return this summer in large part due to the rise in violence. lori lightfoot said it crime is on decline that is flat out lie. murders up 49%. sexual assaults up 23%. as a result, a peer of mine, max lewis just last month was shot on his way to a summer internship and killed. and before that in january there was another student killed by a stray bullet in a parking garage.
4:16 am
so the situation is very bad. pete: steve, i'm glad you brought up that number of 75% supporting. that is not just trump supporters. people live in communities black brown white or otherwise who are traumatized by gang violence constantly but forced to stay silent because if they do speak up, as you guys have both mentioned, their lives are at stake. ainsley: james clyburn from south carolina says that message is horrible. he supports the police. he's a democrat. steve: the reason i mentioned marijuana 57% say it should be decriminalized it was about 10 days ago we highlighted how the police chief in washington, d.c. said he sees a direct connection between gun violence and marijuana use in the nation's capitol. pete: drugs, yeah. steve: we have given you a lot of numbers. and now we are going to give you an update from the olympics and this is about somebody that everybody has been following and for that, let's go to jillian.
4:17 am
jillian: good morning. get right to this fox news alert because simone biles takes home bronze in her return to competition. the super star gymnast placing third in the balance beam finals overnight. it was her first event since stepping away to focus on women's health. scary moment in women's volleyball crash heads during a match against russia. stayed on the mat and helped they're team a win. 68 total medals. new twist in the hunt for a killer in atlanta. friends of catherine tell "the atlanta journal constitution" some surveillance cameras were not working at the popular park where she and her it dog were found stabbed to death. this as rumors of a serial killer spread online after another woman tori slang found dead in a different atlanta park. no evidence of a serial killer in the area. equinox and sole cycle studios will require proof of vaccinations for customers and
4:18 am
employees. the mandate will begin in new york city early next month before rolling out two other locations and starting today. mask mandates go back into effect inside home depot, mcdonald's, kohl's and target for employees in high risk areas. mcdonald's is requiring customers wear masks inside stores in those high risk areas. and six flags is building the world's steepest dive coaster. check it out. [screams] [laughter] if. jillian: dr. diabolical 95-degree drop. the ride is set to open 6 flags in texas san antonio next summer to which i say no thank you. steve: maybe once. jillian: nope. steve: it's the 95-degree drop. in other words, it doesn't go straight down it goes straight down and backwards and around.
4:19 am
jillian: you can't pay me to do it. ainsley: i love those rides where it drops your stomach like tower of terror? jillian: i did. pete: i loved them. i'm loving them less as i get older. ainsley: maybe because you know what can go wrong. pete: head, i still love it i will go to texas and go it. jillian: go ahead and let me know how it goes. steve: i'm sure they have a diner nearby. ainsley: we can make it happen. pete: let's do it. steve: thanks, jillian. ainsley: shocking video shows nearly a thousand migrants held 00 our southern border after they turn themselves into authorities. our next guest has covered the situation there on the ground. he shares the dangers of the migrant crisis coming up next. pete: plus the shocking price a texas city is reportedly paying to turn its police officers woke. that's coming up ♪ tell me something good ♪ tell me that you love me, yeah ♪
4:20 am
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♪ >> the main issue that we are facing now is that we have extremely limited bed capacity in our hospitals. and it's really pitting our residents with the migrants and it's very insensitive, even cruel to even create this environment where sick people are actually competing now for a our beds. pete: that's a texas mayor warning about the covid crisis at the southern border as more and more and more illegal migrants test positive. this as stunning footage from our southern border shows a massive group of migrants,
4:25 am
nearly 1,000 strong, waiting under a texas bridge near a popular rio grande crossing. the largest one we have ever seen in the area. high schoolio is a senior writer for town julio, thank you so much. you have seen the drone footage things we have seen on fox news what are you seeing on the ground when it comes to how large the numbers are and whether it comes to covid with the illegals. >> you can see it behind me right now a group of 50 people. the sad fact is this is one of the smallest groups we have seen in our time down here very recently a couple days ago just off to my left border patrol was processing 200 people. one of the most disturbing parts about that group is there was a lot of needing and coughing which is not uncommon thing to hear talking about the in united
4:26 am
states the delta variant and how we might have to go back in some restrictions like we were last year, you know, you would think that border security and making sure that, you know, people who aren't carrying any type of wouldn't be coming into the country. this is just a continuation of the border crisis. it's a multifaceted problem. when we are talking about happening during a elm pa. that's not good for the migrants who are making the journey or to the border patrol agents dealing with these people. steve: julio you are right stay on the code side hearing coughing and sneezing. are you seeing protocols? >> testing does occur it's his or miss. remember, this is the people that we see. and because they are willing to be caught. now, there are people the got-aways, which you know, estimates are at highest levels in recent years, that are able to get away. so, you know, they could be sick or they could be carrying, you know, narcotics or what have
4:27 am
you. and so testing does occur. it depends on whether or not they're actually willing and able to hand themselves over. as we know there are people that don't want to be caught at all. pete: julio, i presume you have had a chance to talk to people on the border. i hear thunderstorms behind you. what is the mindset of border patrol individuals? >> i mean, so, yeah. talked to not just border patrol but also talked to local law enforcement down here. this is the worst that they have seen it. in their time living down here. this is something that they see on a pretty consistent basis. they did notice a dramatic increase in activity after january 20th. no surprise because of the biden administration policies and rhetoric on our border. pete: we were told this summer would be less because it's hot. is this unlike other summers they have seen? >> yes. and, you know, when we are talking about the apprehension numbers just reported probably over 200,000 for the month of
4:28 am
july. it's consistently gets to be about 100 degrees down here, yet, there are still a lot of people coming. the rio grande day behind me is about a mile and a half. so even once they get to the united states, they still have to make a long journey and they often get lost heat, it's dark. so, again, it's dangerous for people to make this journey for many reasons and the heat is one of them, and, yes, we are still seeing high numbers of people coming in here on a daily basis. pete: doesn't sound very humane either for anyone involved. julio rosas, thank you for the on the ground report. stay safe in that thunderstorm. >> thank you. pete: all right. coming up, a startling new report could reveal the dangerous actions of wuhan researchers in manipulating coronavirus. w.h.o. adviser jamie metzl will address a bipartisan senate briefing later this morning. first, he joins us live next. plus, the olympic shot putter who threw her arms up in the air in protest reveals just how long athletes have been planning their own demonstration.
4:29 am
♪ ♪
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jillian: good morning, we're back now with a look at your
4:33 am
headlines, police believe a missing pennsylvania woman may have been ejected from the sun roof of her vehicle after crashing into a tree. they found a body in a creek matching the description of cassandra casey johnson. the philadelphia medical examiner's office will perform an autopsy. johnson went missing last month. thousands of residents and tourists are forced to flee raging wildfires in turkey some by car others by boat. at least 8 people have been killed. flames have been raging on the country's southern coast for six days. more than 100 fires are burning across more than 30 turkish provinces. right now it's not clear what sparked them. all right, let's go to the olympics where the u.s. athlete who protested on the podium says she is not the only one. shot putter raven sanders telling the "new york times" athletes have been planning protests, quote: for weeks on a group text. she confirms that included spencer spotted with x on his hand during the medal ceremony.
4:34 am
the olympic committee is looking into gesture but not commented that's a look on headlines. send it back to you. >> turning now into the investigation on the origin for covid-19. republicans on the house foreign affairs committee make their most detailed case yet in a report supporting the lab leak theory. >> so we now know this started way back in 2019 long before we thought it did. >> the white house offered scientists to help. they wanted to send who would only allow dr. peter daszak. many of our members on the republican side would like it see him subpoenaed. >> they were working on gain of function research. manipulating viruses to make them stronger more deadly more contagious. we cannot allow this to happen again. ainsley: our next guest sits on the advisory board for the
4:35 am
w.h.o. jamie metzl has been on our show several times joining us now to discuss this hey, jamie. >> hi, there good morning. ainsley: what can we expect today and when will we find out the origins will will we ever. >> today i'm here for senate briefing on cody origins and next steps. this is the ultimate bipartisan issue. it's an outrage that a year and a half following the initial outbreak there is no international investigation in place for determining the origins of this pandemic. and one is not planned and china has engaged in a is estimate systematiccover-up hiding recor, silencing chinese scientists it's just unacceptable. leaders in the democratic party, the republican party must come together to find common ground to dig because there are a lot of answers out there. this report that came out yesterday from the house foreign affairs committee republican added some additional new perspectives and information and we need to keep this kind of
4:36 am
digging. we need to keep the pressure up to get to the bottom of this. steve: absolutely. a portion of what they said, the republicans on the house foreign affairs committee that you were talking about. they were talking about how even though the wuhan lab was practically a brand new building, they were looking for somebody to fix the air conditioner and the waste water and we know it's a respiratory disease and so that's very suspicious. part of their document says such a significant renovation so soon after the facility began operation appears unusual. it raises questions about how well these systems were functions in the months prior to the outbreak of covid-19. and, jamie, that is just one of a number of circumstantial things that sure make it look like they had a disaster on their hands. >> that's certainly my perspective. as you guys know, early last year, i identified that there was a bigger story here. the story we were hearing in the mainstream media and elsewhere
4:37 am
didn't seem right to me. because there is a very, very real possibility that this pandemic stemmed from an accidental lab incident, at the wuhan institute of virology or wuhan cdc. we need to keep digging and put pressure on the chinese government, dr. tedros, the w.h.o. director general has been very adamant, calling for full transparency by the chinese calling for access to the lab and china has basically told the w.h.o. and the international committee forget it, that they aren't going to allow this kind of investigation. and that's simply unacceptable. whatever your numbers. maybe it's 4 million. maybe as 10 million people are dead because of this avoidable crisis. we must get to the bottom of what went wrong. pete: a systematic cover-up by the communist chinese. your words. you are not systematically covering things up if you don't have anything to hide jamie metzl, thank you for your time.
4:38 am
we will be watching your testimony today. >> thank you. ainsley: the city of austin cuts its police budget only to train its officers on critical race theory. that story next ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier
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i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. ♪ ♪ steve well, it does appear critical race theory is making its way into the austin, texas police department. a recent report revealing that the city of austin is reportedly spending $10,000 a day on anti-racist training for police officers with, obviously, taxpayers on the hook. this after the city council cut
4:43 am
$150 million from the police budget last year while the department struggles to hire new recruits. here with reaction it former tucson police officer and author of the upcoming book "beaten black and blue" being a black cop in america under siege brandon tatum joins us now. >> good morning. steve: right now the city of austin has 150 positions open they cannot fill them on the austin police department. now they are talking about doing this critical race theory for all the officers. what is the city trying to do? >> well, i think the city leaders in austin are either stupid or they are evil because there is no way in the world that you care about your citizens when you are putting them in danger by defunding the police and putting the police in a bad situation where they don't have enough staff. and being on top of spitting in the officers' faces by having them be under staffed. you have pushed critical race
4:44 am
theory. which is a complete racist ideology, a theory that is rooted in evilness and anti-american principles. so i think that these leaders should be ashamed of themselves what they have done to the police department. steve: well, and, brandon, aren't they taking money out of other departments to pay for that? >> well, i think what's happening is that when you are responsible for leading a city and budgeting, you do divert funds from other resources to put them in different places so diverting millions of dollars from the police department is going to lead them at incredible deficit. when you defund the police it's not a simple we take this money and put it over here. it's that the police officers are going to have to make some crucial cuts. that's going to be to investigative units and all of the above that really create a violent environment for police and also make the city unsafe. steve: you know, brandon, summer 2021 is much dish than summer 2020 last year after the george floyd killing. there were protests all around the country and people were
4:45 am
talking about what we need to do police performance and stuff like that. now, a little while ago, i cited a couple of polls that came out according to harvard harris poll. now forget about what people said last year, 75% of americans says we need more cops and about that same number, 72% say they oppose defunding the police. so, the people of america, regardless of what the police department and what the city hall is doing, they want more protection in austin they are not getting it. >> well, it's common sense, nobody wants to get robbed and people don't want to have to be afraid for their children to go outside. they don't want their property value to go down because of crime in the area. it makes sense that most people want police. and it's obvious that police are doing an incredible job in most cities bar the few bad apples. most of the of the time police officers doing incredible job keeping people safekeeping traffic at a minimum so people aren't getting in traffic accidents and all of the above.
4:46 am
it makes sense to me and i'm glad to know that people in this country value police to a certain degree. but city leaders are completely out of touch. steve: brandon, thank you very much for joining us live today. >> god bless you. thank you. steve: god bless you. by the way, we did reach out to the consulting which is doing that and the mayor of austin for a statement. haven't heard back from either. if we do we will check in with you. all right. meanwhile, let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean from the fox weather forecast for what feels like october 15th. janice: do you know what? it is cool in new york. mike and linda over here from minnesota. thank you for coming my friend. i will say hi to pete for you and we will take pictures right after this forecast. take a look at this. it's in the 50's in new york city, will it's feeling like autumn. we are going to heat things up later this week. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast along the gulf coast and florida and southeast as
4:47 am
well as the four corners. still watching the potential for flash flooding. this is the dessert southwest. that's what they call it and when we have a lot of rainfall it floods. so we have flood advisories in effect for pars of colorado, up towards wyoming. and then the heat advisory for parts of california in towards the southwest and the northwest where we continue to have those wildfires burning and amazingly enough, some of that smoke is continuing to travel across the central u.s. and the east coast. all right. steve, back to you, say hi to steve. steve: hi, nice to see you. janice: they love you. steve: thanks, j.d. janice: you got it. steve: congressman dan crenshaw is going join us live to discuss mask mandates, the covid crisis and the border crisis as well. first, joe biden's build back better 20ur were held in key swing states this summer. can he flip trump country with his plan for america? that is coming up next right here on "fox & friends." ♪
4:48 am
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♪♪ >> good morning. we are back with some sports
4:52 am
headlines. minnesota vikings head coach matthew zimmer not too pleased with his team's current covid situation, sharing his frustrations aimed at unvaccinated players. as of sunday, three of the team's four quarterbacks were on the team's reserve covid-19 list. and steph curry is not going anywhere. nba insider mark steyn reports the golden state warrior withs are lock up curry for four more years with a $215 million extension. that sounds lovely. curry averaged a career high 32 points per game last season. ainsley: thanks so much, jillian. president biden making recent are stops to blue collar areas in places that voted for former president trump in past elections. >> there's a reason why unions are the best. not to be the nice to y'all, you're the best trained people in whatever field you're in.
4:53 am
nobody's as good. in recent years buy american has become a hollow promise. my administration's going to make buy american a reality. ainsley: but will the president be able to flip trump countryvo? joining me now to discuss is new york post columnist and washington examiner reporter selena. good morning. what are the chances he will be able to flip those areas that voted for president trump in those states? >> well, i think it will be incredibly difficult, and here's why. these voters, first of all, while they did vote for president trump, these are the conservative populist coalition that formed far before president trump was elected president x. those sentiments have only become stronger. he is not doing, i would argue biden is not doing the hard work and the communication needed to
4:54 am
win voters back or to win voters towards the democratic party and/or the things that they are trying to accomplish. and that's the challenge for him. he was supposed to, he sort of sold the american public believp
4:55 am
party is the party of fear, lies and broken promises? >> well, you know, people identify with the party that is most similar to them. so when you call a different party names or you make fun of it, you're not going to be persuaded. you need a message of persuasion. maybe not to vote for you, but at least support the things you're trying to sell like infrastructure. and that type of rhetoric isn't the type of rhetoric that earns new voters or earns support. ainsley: well, i know in the past week you told our producers you have driven to pennsylvania, ohio, indiana, illinois, south dakota and nebraska. you're talking to them as a reporter. you're hearing their concerns. what are their concerns? >> concerned with the tate of our education, with the rising crime and concerns with the immigration problem. you know, what happens in texas doesn't stay in texas and/or what happens at the border
4:56 am
doesn't stay at the border. and they know that that will ultimately impact them, and they're not -- the instability and the, you know, being unsure of what that means causes people great is going to be in alabama, he's going to have a rally on august 21st. do you think he'll run again? >> i'm not, i have no idea if he'll run again, but i do know that he is a force within the party. there's not a places that i haven't driven through that's not 15 minutes outside of the city that the there's not some sort of trump sign is. now, talking to people that doesn't mean that they, you know, that they haven't given up on him, but what it means is they're letting people know that he's still there. ainsley: i hate to cut you off, we've got to go, but thank you. we'll have you on again, thank you. more "fox & friends" coming up.wi for severe eosinophilic asthma.
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♪ so i'd like to know where you got the notion ♪ ♪ to rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ ♪ don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat ♪ see disney's jungle cruise. it's time to rock the boat, america. ♪ >> president biden will address the nation about concerns over the cdc's changing guidelines. >> this remains a pandemic of the unvaccinated. ainsley: shocking video shows nearly a thousand migrants held at our southern border. >> really, this is the worst that they've seen it. >> portland police are struggling to find officers. >> we're just trying to hold down the fort, but our elected officials aren't taking responsibility and accountability. steve: large democrat-run cities are lagging behind in job recovery. >> they've made it very tough
5:01 am
for anybody to start a business and, of course, the rise in crime doesn't help either. brian: a startling new report could reveal the dangerous actions of wuhan workers. >> china has engaged in a systematic cover-up, and just unacceptable. ♪ ♪ >> six flags debuting the world's steepest dive coaster. it's got a 95 degree beyond vertical limit. ♪ dance in the living room -- ♪ hurts when i'm leaving you ♪♪ steve: good morning, miami. good morning, america. you're looking live at the city down there in florida, currently 84 degrees. probably raining this afternoon with a high of about 84. right now here in new york city we're looking at the flags, wind's a little out of the west about 5 miles an hour and temperatures in the 60s. 72 degrees here in our studio,
5:02 am
and this is the third day of august, 2021. brian is off and pete is in his place. pete: thank you for having me. ainsley: let's begin with this, the crisis down at our border. the biden administration says migrants will be quickly turned away while covid cases surge. pete: this while the number of arrests in july are at the highest level in decades. steve: bill melugin joins us live from la joya, texas, where we we believe there is an imminent thunderstorm. >> reporter: not imminent anymore, it's happening right now x this border surge is not slowing down rain or shine. this is something we see every single morning, large groups of migrants crossing the border illegally, and then they just wait for border patrol to apprehend them. and they're completely overwhelmed. and we' show you what that looks like. take a look at this remarkable video that our drone team shot in mission, texas, yesterday. what you're looking at here is a
5:03 am
massive group of illegal immigrants about 15 minutes away from where we are right now. this is one of the biggest we have ever seen -- crowds we have ever seen, upwards of a thousand people just waiting to be processed under that bridge. there's a very popular river crossing area just about a mile away from that location where a lot of people cross the rio grande and walk right into the united states. but some pretty shocking footage just showing how many people were crammed under there at once. and then you hear me talk about la joya, again, another one of the big hot spots along the border. big group of people just walking up the road, they're celebrating, they're kind of dancing, they're waving at our cameras. when these people turn themselves in, they know if they can just get into the united states and get here and get into border patrol's custody, they're going to have a chance to potentially be released, get a plane ticket, get a bus ticket to go, essentially are, wherever they want to. and we got video of that happening yesterday. take a look at what we shot in
5:04 am
downtown mcallen all day yesterday, busloads are of migrants being dropped off at the catholic charity. we watched bus after bus after bus, pretty much every 30 minutes, dropping off hundreds of migrants at that catholic charity, again, in downtown mcallen. mostly those family units, they get off the bus, they go into the charity, they get a meal, maybe a shower, and take a look at this video, this is what happens after that. the charity walks them right across the street to the mcallen central station, the bus terminal where they're given bus tickets and free to, essentially, travel across the country wherever they want to go. some of them get ntas, notice to appear in court, ohs don't. others are told to report an i.c.e. office in a city of their choosing. and we talk about the staggering numbers. take a look at this graphic, the associated press reporting the month of july we are set to see a staggering number of apprehension encounters here at the border, 210,000.
5:05 am
keep in mind june was 188,000, that was a 20-year record high, if these numbers pan out to be true, 210,000, that is going to be a staggering, another 20-year record high. remember, the administration had said the border is closed, that there's extreme progress being made, that this is seasonal migration, things would slow down over the summer. i can tell you absolutely nothing is slowing down. and it was just announced yesterday the biden administration is going to be continuing title 42, that is the trump era covid-19 policy that allows border patrol to essentially immediately return migrants right back to mexico on the basis of covid-19 health concerns. but as soon as the biden administration came in, they dismantled pretty much all of donald trump's policies. they stopped getting rid of -- building the wall, they got rid of the remain in mexico policy. this is one policy they think they might want to keep because every single day thousands of migrants are spilling across the
5:06 am
border just in this sector alone in the last week there were more than 21,000 apprehensions. absolutely staggering numbers for one single week. that's enough to fill up most nba arenas. pete: real quick, you mentioned title 42. they have -- the cdc's extended it. is it being utilized? it's one thing to have the tool, another thing to use it. have you seen migrants being turned around? >> reporter: it is being used for some, not all. it's mostly being used for single adult males from the northern triangle countries. it does not apply to unaccompanied minor children, they are exempted, but it is being used on single adult men. but if they show up with families, family units, most of them are just being picked up and released like what you saw in downtown mcallen. so, yes, in some cases, certainly not all cases. most of those family units if they are not, if they're claiming fear or asylum, they're
5:07 am
just being picked up, and they're being released. ainsley: are all they getting tested and if they test positive, they're sent back? >> reporter: they're not tested at the point of -- they're not tested at the point of contact. so we have a border patrol bus pulling up right now to apprehend these folks. they're not tested right now, they're not tested immediately when they get back to border patrol custody. it happens further along the line, possibly when they get into hhs custody or before they're turned over to catholic charity. so, yes, testing does happen at some point, but it's not right here when they're making contact with all the migrants, and as you can see is, they're already mingled together. they mingle together with border patrol as well. so, you know, it's not always consistent, and as you've seen the numbers of covid-19-positive migrants have have been surginge than 900%, and there's more than
5:08 am
80 infected agents. it's just getting worse. steve: and we heard from minute from border patrol yesterday -- somebody from border patrol yesterday say border patrol agents have actually died of covid. so dovetailing so to what ainsley said a moment ago, if somebody tests positively for covid, one of the migrants, they don't put them in the hospital, they do what? because we've heard they put 'em up at a hotel or put them on a bus, and they could infect even on the bus. >> reporter: so it's kind of murky on what happens. it kind of depends whose custody in. there are hotels that covid-positive migrants can be put up in, we learned of a second hotel yesterday. but what's happening is they're testing positive, and they're being given to the catholic charity. the catholic charity has been very quietly putting them up in local hotels without telling the city they're putting them up in the hotel, and those cities are upset because they're saying, hey, you guys are putting
5:09 am
covid-positive migrants in our cities, and you never bothered to give us a heads up? i actually reached out to the executive director of that charity and asked her straight up how many covid-positive migrants have you guys placed in hotels, and she told me she has been advised not to comment. who advised her, we don't know, but we didn't get an answer. ainsley: wow. pete: wow. not a lot of answers, bill, but amazing imagery. have you had any restrictions on what you've had access to see there? without these drone videos, without your reporting, there wouldn't be coverage of this, we wouldn't be seeing this. maybe we'd get numbers, but otherwise are you relying on the numbers, are you still able to get full access? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, you see what we're able to get on the ground. border patrol agents aren't telling us we can't film in certain areas. they know the law, if we're out in publishing we can shoot whatever heck we want, however, the drone videos add an extra
5:10 am
layer. we cannot access the area under the bridge, that's more of a private area. so the fact that we're able to get that drone up there and our fantastic drone team is able to get us those images, it really tells the story and gives you that perspective of just how many people are coming across the border sometimes. we can only show so much from the ground right here, right? but that drone, obviously, we'd love to have it up right now, but we're in the middle of this lightning thunderstorm. those people are still under that bridge right now. ainsley: have you heard any of their stories? i'm always just amazed that moms and dads would send a child by themselves up to the border. >> reporter: yeah, i talk to them all the time. i speak limited spanish, but a lot of the folks i talk to are economic migrants. they're coming here because they want a job, better work, they want to send money back home. not a whole lot of the ones we talk to are actually here requesting asylum saying they fear the situation, they fear the situation back home. they're coming here for work and
5:11 am
better opportunities. steve: yeah, but, bill, economic migrants, that is not one of the reasons they can apply for refugee status. >> reporter: that's right. steve: so if they say i'm here to make money, the border patrol, we have heard, is obligated to immediately just turn them around. but they're not doing that. >> reporter: right. but they know not to say that, they know to say they have fear what's going on in their home country, fear for their lives, and as soon as they say that, our laws here they have to take them in and they have to go into asylum hearings. one last thing before i wrap up, what a lot of the migrants have told me, because i ask them why did you feel the need to come right now? a lot of them have cited the dropping of the remain in mexico policy. they didn't want to wait in mexico as their asylum case was being heard. once that was dropped, they know if they get here, they can have their case heard in the united states, and they can possibly get a plane ticket or a bus ticket to go wherever they want as that case is being heard, and
5:12 am
the cases are so backlogged so many years, hey, show up to court in 2024. sure, okay. do they actually show up? you know, we don't know, but there's a chunk of time when it doesn't happen. ainsley: all you have to do is look at the numbers to prove exactly what you're saying. pete: and is as you with say, bill, many never get a notice to appear in court. steve: only 13% according to axios show up. bill me lieuin -- melugin, thank you so much for standing out in the rain for 20 minutes. it beats the heat you guys have herald. >> reporter: happy to do it, guys. thank you. steve: he's a great reporter. pete: yeah. ainsley: fascinating. so covid deaths are, they are going down in d.c., or there are not as many in d.c., 8 of them, but guess how many homicides there are? pete: in the month of july. ainsley: 21 homicides. the number surpassed coronavirus deaths, and the officials are saying we've put a lot of resources and time into the
5:13 am
covid pandemic. we're in a pandemic when it comes to crime in this community, and we've got to start a acting on it. steve given the number of people who are vaccinated, that is a pretty substantial number of people who have died from covid is. but just to put that up against the number of people who have been murdered in the streets, it just goes to show you that's the real problem down there right now. pete: yeah, sure is. and considering where we were on covid looking at that number, 8 is too many at any point, but it means we have covid-19 more or less contained and under control. but with what is not under control is the violence that's unleashed on these streets. and it's because you've created a culture of criminality. i was there last summer during the riots at lafayette square. i was holding a riot shield. there have been almost no consequences for the people involved in the looting and rioting last summer. so when big events like that happen, like what happened in portland and minneapolis are, ultimately that sends only one
5:14 am
signal to criminals and gangs, that police are not in control. they not be -- you will not be held accountable for your action. and so you see gun violence and violence on the streets exploding. what are the leaders talking about? what are other networks talking about all the time? covid, covid is, covid, delta variant, formerly known as the india variant, breakthrough cases even though it's .001% chance you could die from a breakthrough -- ainsley: this might be why bidening's approval rates has gone down 10 points just in the last month and a few weeks. 75% of voters saying more police are needed on the street. that's democrats and republican, 75% of everyone polled. steve: and a moment ago we were showing images of portland, oregon. what is the irony of this? last year they disbanded their gun violence unit in portland. and so now they're trying to reinstitute it -- pete: they renamed it, right? steve: they did -- [laughter] and now they've got a public
5:15 am
advisory board and all sort ises of restrictions. they can't find police for the gun violence unit to fight the rising murder rate. few volunteers on the team that comes with more oversight and a mission as well to combat racism. they have 14 openings in may, only 4 people have applied for the job. daryl turner, who's the portland police association, he says they're demonizing and vilifying you and then they want you to put you into a unit where you are under a microscope. he actually, god bless him, got up early this morning, was on the channel and had this to say about how the local people in portland are not supporting the men and women on the front lines. >> the officers have not been supported by our elected officials, by our city council. over a year ago we were defunded over $20 million, and many staffing positions and one of those or many of those staffing positions was our gun violence reduction team which was a model
5:16 am
in the nation and subject matter experts and also best practices experts in what they did; taking guns off the street, taking people committing those shootings off the street. that doesn't happen now. so now they want to put together a team after they've made the mistake of defunding and disbanding this unit, and so our officers don't have confidence in our elected officials who have never shown support for them. a. ainsley: yeah. if they're not supported, why would you want to work as a police officer? and if you talk to some of these police officers out here on the street, we always have them in front of fox and we talk to them and thank them for their service and what they do, and i was talking to one of them who said my son wants to be a police officer, and i said how do you feel about that? he said i really am trying to discourage it because of the crime, and i'm scared that he has a target on his back just wearing the uniform. pete: what do you think is going to happen? the same thing's happening with s.w.a.t. teams, riot control teams. you're charged with dealing with riots, yet if you use your baton
5:17 am
the wrong way, suddenly the microscope turns on you. you don't want to be involved in a profession where you got into it to be the good i guy and you are, yet everyone is pointing at you as if you're the bad guy, and if you do arrest the bad guy, your d.a. will probably let them out anyway. steve: well, i'm optimistic. you know, after a year of demonizing the police, this new poll shows 75% of america says we need more cops and they oppose defunding the police. that says to me america's waking up to the actual crime at their doorstep and saying, you know what? we've had it up to here with that stuff, we need protection. pete: i hope you're right. steve: i hope so too. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: good morning. simone biles takes home bronze in her return to to competition. the superstar gymnast placing third in the balance beam finals overnight, her first event since stepping away to focus on on her mental health.
5:18 am
the u.s. is tied with china with 68 total medals. another fox news alert, police are on the scene of workplace shooting in tennessee. this is happening at the smile direct club factory in antioch. two employees are hurt and at the hospital, an officer shot the suspected gunman while leaving the scene. it's about 12 miles southeast of downtown nashville. we will bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. spirit and american airlines cancel hundreds of flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded. chaos filled terminals in old, miami and fort -- orlando, miami and fort lauderdale as people waited desperately to find out when they would reach their destination. some 500 flights were canceled in dallas due to bad weather. and then there's this story, a game of cat and mouse breaking out at yankee stadium. a stray cat sprinting across the field as grounds crew members struggled to catch it. it even got the crowd on its
5:19 am
side. >> two times the cat was right near the bullpen door and they had the door closed. makes no sense. jillian: well, the cat eventually escaped into the stands and for my, you know, stupid pun of the day i'll say, boy, that cat was really feline itself, huh? steve: oh, my goodness. [laughter] brought to you by t-mobile. ainsley: that's hilarious. [laughter] pete: you may have said this already, but how did the cat get there? jillian: i don't know. jumped onto the field. a. ainsley: we cover these stories at least once a season. it's like all these grown men -- jillian: trying to get the little cat. ainsley: no one can get her. pete: you're not going to want to get the cat once you get her, claw your face off. steve: that would be a catastrophe. [laughter] jillian: oh, gosh. ainsley: thank you, jillian. it is 8:19 here on the east coast. still ahead, americans facing pandemic whiplash as many cities
5:20 am
and states reinstate covid restrictions. congressman dan crenshaw sounds off on that. pete: plus a bombshell report from house republicans raises new questions about the wuhan lab leak. what if your watching another network? steve why would you? pete: indeed. you would have missed it. joe concha on the media silence, next. ♪♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement
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♪ ♪ >> you know that the bat lady doctor, she was working with dr. peter das ec, and they were
5:25 am
working on gain of function research, genetically modifying, manipulating viruses to make them stronger, more deadly, more contagious. i think we need to have a serious investigation, and it should be bipartisan. but unfortunately, the democrats don't seem to be very interested in this. steve: that's right. house republicans demanding answers after releasing their report yesterday on the origins of covid-19. their bombshell findings first obtained by fox news makes the most detailed case yet in support of a lab leak. but despite this, all network and major cable news outlets except us ignored the story. here to react, fox news contributor and media opinion columnist for the hill, joe concha. joe, good morning. >> good morning, steve. how are you? steve: i'm doing okay. thank you very much for a busy tuesday. why is it that the mainstream media and democrats don't seem to be curious about this virus that has killed millions of people around the world? >> well, steve, a few reasons.
5:26 am
for one, the media doesn't cover it because it serves as a reminder that when they rushed to judgment because as a republican like senator tom cotton who said that this could come from a lab, that being covid, or when president trump echoed the same thing, they were portrayed as reckless conspiracy theorists. and when you think about it, coming to that conclusion must have been really hard because there were barely any boots on the ground in china. wall street journal, washington post, new york times all had journalists expelled at the onset, the very beginning of that pandemic, so it was impossible to verify anything or get answers. and, look, finding the origins of this virus that has killed, what, 4.2 million people worldwide, more than 618,000 people here? it's the most important investigation we can do of our lifetimes because if we don't learn how this happened, steve, we are absolutely condemned to repeat it. steve: sure. and you look at some of the headlines from last year, cnn, march of last year, their
5:27 am
headline was lab leak covid-19 theory is like something out of a comic book, their virologist said. "forbes," may of 2021, no science clearly shows that covid-19 wasn't leaked from a lab, and reuters of 2020 said china lab says conspiracy theories hurting efforts to curb virus. whose side are they on? [laughter] >> and you only have knew night, you know, space -- finite space on the screen, so the dozens of other headlines we saw from "the new york times"es and washington post and other outlets. remember, up until earlier this summer facebook would suppress, censor any posts about covid originating in a lab in wuhan, china. why is that the job of the social media giant like that? and many in the democrat party called it misinformation, now suddenly it's a real possibility. even democrats are conning seeding that even though they won't go ahead with an investigation. here's the bottom line: poll after poll after poll shows trust in media, confidence in
5:28 am
media is at such a low, here are your bottom three entities. your top two are small businesses and military. yea, good. at the bottom, congress at 12%, broadcast media at 16%, newspapers at 23%. i wonder why that is, steve. steve: when i say whose side are they on, when i went to journalism school, it's tell me what -- tell the folks exactly what is known. don't put a political spin on it to suit for, you know, some other cause. >> rock, chalk, jayhawk. that 's all i have to say about where you went to school. steve: kansas university, it's a good one, indeed. good for you. thank you, joe. >> good to see you again. steve steve coming up on this tuesday, new poll numbers suggest vice president kamala harris is the least popular vice president since the 1970s. and the ladies of "the view" think they know why.
5:29 am
>> let's see, what is different about her that we haven't seen before? oh, that's right, she's a woman if she's black. [laughter] i almost forgot. steve: leo terrell's going to join us to talk about that coming up next on "fox & friends." ♪ got a bottle of whiskey, but i got no proof -- ♪ ♪ helen knew exercise could help her diabetes... but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know with freestyle libre 14 day, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 14 day. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. this isn't just freight. freestyle libre 14 day. these aren't just shipments.
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♪♪ ainsley: more voters viewing vice president harris unfavorably compared to those who like her. and the hosts of "the view" say the reason is obvious. >> vice president kamala harris has the lowest approval of any vice president since the '70s. where do you think this is coming from in. >> what is different about her that we haven't seen before? what could it be? oh, that's right, or she's a woman and she's black. [laughter] >> it's not surprising because it is all about race and gender, as joy mentioned. what's different about this one, different about this particular vice president. ainsley: fox news contributor and civil rights attorney leo or terrell is here to react. good morning, leo. >> hi, ainsley, how are you? ainsley: i'm doing well. they're blaming racism and sex i
5:34 am
feel. where's the evidence? >> let's see is, what could it be? how about job performance, ainsley? you've been showing, fox has been showing the disaster at the southern border every day. she was responsible. she was the white house point person on the southern border. the american voter is saying she's doing a horrible job. but let me tell you what's so insulting about that, the numbers and the statement made by joy behar. she just threw over half of this country under the bus by accusing them of being racist. that is insulting. it is a statement, it's a conclusion without a fact. ainsley, i looked at those internal numbers. there are black people, brown people, white people, yellow people, there are -- they don't like kamala harris' job everyone of all different colors, ethnicities racist? that's what i'm talking about. for her to have that national platform and make a illogical, racist statement, she just threw over half of america under the
5:35 am
bus. ainsley: when she ran for president, her pomming was in the single -- polling was in the single digits. meghan mccain says she hasn't handled the border crisis well. do you agree with her? >> absolutely. let's be very clear, here is the fact that joy behar will not consider. you correctly stated she was running for president, she was below -- she had small numbers in california as a favorite son, and she drops out of the race. she was unpopular in california. and, again, you cannot ignore the southern border. it is a total disaster. the biggest problem is this: joy behar of "the view" will ignore her job performance and pull out the easiest argument for democrats, the race card. by using the race card, they're attacking all americans of different colors and different ethnicities. ainsley: you know, when you talk to people who did vote for joe biden, many of my female friends voted for him because they
5:36 am
wanted to see the first female vice president. but they expected more from her. what could she do, what do we need to see her do to help america? >> very simply, ainsley, act like a vice president, perform like a vice president and accomplishing something. let's -- accomplish something. let's be very clear from. january 20th of this year up until today, what has she done? you know, joy behar and them never listed any accomplishments simply because there aren't any. she has accomplished nothing, and the american public, they get it. they don't see anything that she's accomplished and, therefore, she has those underwater numbers. let me tell you right now, if joy behar is accusing everyone of being a racist, then i'm a racist. because i don't agree with her. ainsley: thank you, leo. >> thank you. ainsley: all right. coming up, obama's birthday backlash. critics calling the former president tone deaf for planning to throw a crowded, star-studded party while cities across the
5:37 am
country reimpose covid mandates. dan crenshaw with the fallout next. ♪ run s away but we're running n circles. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. veteran homeowners. if you haven't refinanced yet, summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. get in on record low rates now. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again.
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#1 prescribed for td. learn how you could pay as little as $0 at ♪♪ >> president obama setting the wrong example about how serious covid-19 is by hosting a big birthday party with hundreds of people this week? >> i would note first that former president obama has been a huge advocate of individuals getting vaccinated. this event, according to public reporting, is outdoors and in a moderate zone. steve: so it's okay with them. the white house playing defense over former president obama's upcoming 60th birthday party this weekend. he's set to host 500 guests, have a couple of hundred employees servicing drinks and what a not at his martha's vineyard mansion. pete: that's right. this as president biden addresses the nation today to try and clear up the ongoing confusion over cdc's changing
5:42 am
guidelines. ainsley: texas gop congressman dan crenshaw is here to reacteao the double standard. good morning, congressman. >> good morning to y'all. ainsley: good morning. nicole mall ya malliotakis saidt like president obama, every american should have right to celebrate milestones without arbitrary government mandates and interference, but we all know if this were president trump, the left would be screaming. what do you say? >> i think that's about right. look, i'm pro-birthday party -- [laughter] and happy birthday to the former president. but, but we're not going to go into the hypocrisy here, okay? this has consistently been the case with the left. you saw with the mayor of d.c. just recently right after imposing mandates and broke them. this is the case with governor newsom, president obama, this is what they do. it's rules for thee and not for me. and i think that's what really frustrates americans. they've been told they have to lock down, they've been told they have to lose their jobs and suck it up, and they've been
5:43 am
told there might never be an end to a lot of these mandates and hardships and, you know what? it's -- we have enough information now that you can live responsibly and that you can assess your own risk. you have access to a vaccine. the vaccine is extremely effective. and so we can live with this. and it's time for the democrats to stop creating such uncertainty with the american people, with our economy. i don't know why they do it. i think it's highly politicized. and when it's something that's highly politicize ised, they tend to not rely on truth which is why they don't give you the full context of data which is why they rely on cherry-picking studies to impose new mask mandates. studies from india that weren't peer-reviewed properly, and when that failed, they went to province town and took an extreme outlie writer of statistical data. they really need to stop and actually start getting objective with the science is. steve: well, you know, and, congressman, regarding the science because particularly the
5:44 am
white house and things that were said by the administration over the last couple of weeks regarding these breakthrough cases, now people are going, well, wait a minute, i was told if i got the shot, i wouldn't have to wear the mask x. now i'm hearing about these breakthrough cases, maybe the vaccine doesn't work as well as the administration told us. and that, apparently, is why the headline in "the new york times"es today is americans suffer pandemic whiplash. and the president's apparently going to go on tv again this afternoon from the east room and try to explain, okay, the vaccine works really good, let's get as many people vaccinated as possible. >> yeah, and this whiplash has caused more uncertainty with the vaccine than any facebook conspiracy ever could have, okay? so they're relying on a bad data. again, they used a study from india that was studying a vaccine that's not even approved in the u.s. when that failed, they took a smaller study -- by the way, only four of those vaccinated people were even hospitalized, two had underlying conditions.
5:45 am
and that was also a very intimate festival where people were spreading that disease, so to speak. and so there's -- it is not a representation of the rest of america at all, and yet they used that to impose wide-ranging policy on everybody which is crazy. it will reduce vaccine uptake. the vaccine's actually extremelyfective. i think it's actually more effective, and if you look at hospitalizations as a percentage of how many people have actually had the vaccine, it's 99.99% effective. that's extremely effective. and it's still very effective against the delta variant from keeping you sick. that's what effectiveness means for a vaccine. pete: aye got to ask -- i've got to ask you about the border, the number for july are staggering, and that doesn't even include gotaways. cdc has now extended title 42 which does give the biden administration the ability to deport people or send people back who may be at risk of inningfecting the population, yet we're hearing mayor after
5:46 am
mayor and others saying covid is coming across the border, and the biden administration's doing nothing about it. what's your take on the border situation right now? >> well, it's not that they're doing nothing, i think they're actually taking quite a few actions that deliberately make it worse. that's what they've been doing from the moment they took office. they got rid of the migrant protection protocols, the asylum cooperation agreements with the northern triangle countries. these two policies that trump had in place were single-handedly solving the border crisis because it didn't incentivize people to make these false claims of asylum. the vast majority, everybody knows, are not asylum seekers. they're economic migrants. not bad people, but they are cutting the line. and look, we can't help everybody around the world, so we have to have a system in place, and you have to prioritize that system. you have to help the neediest first, and there has to be some kind of standard for doing so. that's why we have an asylum process. but the biden administration is deliberately breaking it. they want this to happen. i don't know what the other
5:47 am
explanation might be. so, you know, unfortunately, they have taken actions, and those actions are directly in violation of biden's constitutional duties to execute the law. and it's infuriating. there's already been at least 50,000 people just released into the interior of the u.s., only 13% of them reportedly have even checked in with an immigration official. this is unconscionable, okay? it's destroying the sovereignty of america, and he's doing so deliberately. the democrats are doing so deliberately. and they immediate to -- they really need to pay for this in the election. i just can't believe -- we can't put up with this much longer. ainsley: congressman, pete's about to interview a gold star father right after we interview you about fallen angel, the documentary about extortion 17 and the shocking, true story of what really happened to this navy seal. and we wanted to get your take on that since you have served our country as well. >> yeah, i remember the day it happened. it was our greatest loss of life
5:48 am
in the entire afghanistan war. and it's tragic. we'll never forget them. you know, we toast those guys often in the team, and and all i can say is to their families is we'll never forget. pete: it's hard to believe almost ten years ago. august 6, 2011. the film kohls out -- comes occupant, as a navy seal, i know it hits home for you, representative crenshaw. steve: and he's to going to be busy, congressman crenshaw's going to be speaking at the young americas foundation student conference this friday, streaming live and on demand at fox nation through friday. congressman, thank you very much for joining us. pete: thank you, sir. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. pete: up next, as we just mentioned, a new documentary tells the true story of the night an army helicopter was shot down killing 31 americans including a number of navy seals in afghanistan. the father of one of those navy seals onboard joins us live. a.
5:49 am
ainsley: but first, let's check in with bill hemmer. bill: great show. karl rove here to analyze for you today, how do you reverse a wicked crime wave? bill bratton has a ton of ideas. what's the story with vaccines in your state? we'll talk to a governor where the numbers are lagging, we'll find out why. and a special treat with clay travis. don't miss it. come join dana and me in a couple minutes, top of the hour. the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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♪♪ jillian: good morning, investors reportedly grilled new york governor andrew cuomo for 11 hours into the sexual harassment allegations against him. "the new york times" reports he became confrontational at times. several women have come forward accusing the dem contract of sexual concern democrat of sexual misconduct. the investigation is on truck to finish sometime this summer. three people are hurt after an exhibit collapses at the titanic museum attraction in tennessee. the owners of the pigeon forge museum say an iceberg fell. the extent of the injuries are not known. it is unclear what caused the collapse. the attraction was closed after
5:54 am
the incident. and disney jr.'s muppets babies is catching heat after gonzo transforms into gon, gonzorella. >> i don't want everyone to be upset with me. >> well, if it makes you feel better, i can make your outfit so amazing, they won't even know it's you. jillian: the show is aimed at kids ages 4-7. pete, send it to you. pete: thank you very much, jillian. let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. janice: it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood here in new york city. [laughter] that's a different tv show -- pete: it is. janice: temperatures across the map, we are struggling to get out of the 60s across new york city. these are temperatures more reminiscent of the fall. so so if you love the fall, an early case of it, it's happening across the northeast and ohio valley. showers and thunderstorms across the gulf coast and southeast is, we're still in that monsoon
5:55 am
season in the southwest, so they'll get some beneficial moisture. however, the heat returns to parts of the west and the northwest with temperatures well over 100 degrees for death valley and las vegas, and that's going to last throughout the next couple of days. so just keep that in mind. high heat advisories are in effect, and that could be dangerous heat. stay indoors in the air-conditioning. and you know what? great news to end on, we have nothing to watch in terms of tropical activity in the atlantic which is, you know, great. it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood -- ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbor. pete: won't you be mine? janice, thank you very much. appreciate it. sing anytime. thank you. all right, remember this? august 6th, 2011. thirty americans were kill when an army hell continue9er -- helicopter was shot down in afghanistan a. it was america's deadliest day in the region. now, nearly a decade later, almost ten years, a new
5:56 am
documentary called fallen angel aims at the lingering questions and exposing the truth of what really happened that tragic early morning. >> the families want to know why. we owe that to them. >> the tragedy is the caliber of men that were lost. >> what we do know is that it is clear that someone wanted the truth out. pete: aaron vaughn was one of the navy seals onboard extortion 17. his father billy joins us now. billy, it is so good to see you. it's been a privilege to know you and your wife karen for many years. and i can attest personally to the fact that you guys have been fighting to make sure you get to the bottom of what happened to aaron and those brave men on extortion 17. i presume this film is part of it. and what are people going to learn when they watch this film? >> well, first of all, good morning, pete -- pete: good morning. >> -- and the feeling is mutual.
5:57 am
you mean so much to us, pete hegseth, and thank you for all you've done. pete: thank you, sir. >> and you're doing. people are going to learn that there was definitely, there is definitely a cover can -- cover-up. we don't know why, but the military and senior military leadership at the pentagon have lied about some of the things that happened that night. they particularly lied about the black box. there is so much evidence in this documentary about the black box. in fact, in 2014 on y'all's show, "fox & friends," after karen and i had been at the hearing the morning before, i said that harry reid lied about the black box. and before karen and i got out of d.c. that morning, we had three people call us and tell us that many reid had lied and there was, indeed, a black box on that chopper. i can talk about other evidence, the helicopter expert who led the investigation said the black box was washed away in a flood. the pentagon carried that story for three years until all of a
5:58 am
sudden one day harry reid decided it didn't have one. the commander who looked for the black box with his crew and, in fact, employed extra help from the rangers and the 10th mountain division to find that black box, and he testified that this is the only black box we have not recovered in this whole war in afghanistan, and at that time there were 52 crashes and almost 50% of them being ch-47s. men have stepped forward who have flown that helicopter, and they will say the truth about that, that they know there's a black box -- pete: gary reid, secretary of defense for special operations. in addition to the black box, billy, and we only have a minute here -- >> okay. pete: -- the aircraft involved, the afghans involved, the denial of permission to shoot. there were so many variables, questions to be had. and i presume this film tackles that or at least provides another view. >> it does tackle that.
5:59 am
yes, absolutely does. the men, the people who produced this film have put the truth out there. karen and i, as you said, have talked about this for a long time, and others. but they have, they have produced this. they spent three years producing this to put the facts out before the american people. and i challenge people like congressman crenshaw and other congressmen to take the time to watch this documentary and get the facts. these will be the facts. and if i could just one thing that i would like to say, pete, is as you know the story of aaron, you know aaron was a believer. to him, it was god, family and country. and he would not believe, he would be sickened to see where we are in afghanistan today. and i would ask, this is what i would ask, these leaders, please, never send our sons and daughters into a war again you don't intend to win. y'all watch this film, you'll get the answers. pete: well said. the film is "fallen angel" streaming at
6:00 am
get the full story. billy, you and karen have lived worthy of his sacrifice and his memory. thank you so much. >> thank you, pete. thank you. pete: all right. impressive family. yeah, it's worth seeing. it's a powerful story of heroism and the men -- a. ainsley: his last point, well taken. pete: yep. ainsley: he was a handsome men.


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