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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  August 3, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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billy, you and karen have lived worthy of his sacrifice and his memory. thank you so much. >> thank you, pete. thank you. pete: all right. impressive family. yeah, it's worth seeing. it's a powerful story of heroism and the men -- a. ainsley: his last point, well taken. pete: yep. ainsley: he was a handsome men.
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>> joe biden and the left using a campaign of fear and intimidation in order to try to keep the country in a perpetual state of crisis. >> joe biden has to stop forcing america to live in fear. >> bill: team fox coverage. karl rove on deck, griff jenkins at the white house.
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>> if you're confused you aren't alone on masked mandates versus mask recommendations. eight states with mask mandates. six require only unvaccinated people wear masks indoors, california, connecticut, illinois, nevada, new mexico, new york, washington state. two states require that everyone regardless of your vaccination status wear masks indoors, hawaii and louisiana. nevada is requiring everyone to wear a mask in 12 of their 17 counties. so not fully statewide. louisiana has the highest covid-19 transmission rate in the country this week. here is the governor. >> we have to do our part to slow transmission, to reduce the demand on our hospital systems. we have to do that now in order to buy ourselves the time necessary to get people vaccinated so that we can
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reverse the current trends. >> many cities have their own mask mandates. most recently the city of san francisco and seven bay area counties are requiring everyone, including the fully vaccinated, wear a mask indoors. the same is true for atlanta, los angeles city and county, st. louis city and county and washington, d.c. new york city is choosing not to mandate masks for everyone despite substantial covid-19 cases. >> we want to focus on vaccination, vaccination, vaccination. we want to make very clear the separation between all the good things, all the opportunity, all the positives that will be available to people who are vaccinated versus increasingly more limited world for folks who are unvaccinated. >> nine states have issued executives order prohibiting local governments from issuing mask mandates, texas, florida, arizona, tennessee.
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now the cdc strongly recommends masks indoors for everyone in all counties where the delta variant spread is substantial or high. look, that includes 80% of the nation's counties. states that have high delta variant transmission. so essentially the cdc is recommending strongly that every state except for michigan, maine, vermont and new hampshire wear masks regardless of vaccination status. >> dana: president biden will give an update on the u.s. covid response this afternoon. griff jenkins is at the white house this morning. >> the president has his work cut out for him when he tries to dispel the cdc's confusion and constantly changing guidance on masks and vaccines with fears of more restrictions coming. something he said we can expect in all probability as health
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officials tout the vaccine's efficacy against the delta variant but have this warning. >> if in the future some additional mutations pile on here so that the virus is really turning out to be quite different than where we started last year in the wuhan outbreak, then we could face a moment where the vaccines are no longer as effective and that would be a world of hurt. >> white house press secretary jen psaki says we're not going back to lock downs. >> this as the white house announces the 4th of july milestone, 70% of adults have received at least one shot with just over 60% fully vaccinated. we're averaging more than 63,000 cases a day.
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hospitallations up 30% and why they say it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated. breakthrough cases are continuing to emerge. senator lindsey graham tested positive saying in a statement i'm very glad i was vaccinated. without vaccination i am certain i would not feel as well as i do now. my symptoms would be far worse. graham says he will quarantine for the next 10 days. another milestone the white house says they have donated and shipped more than 110 million doses to more than 60 countries, all part of their effort to stop the spread of covid worldwide. >> dana: griff jenkins. thank you for the update. >> bill: so much for a slow august. want to bring in karl rove. good morning to you. we found the headlight in the "new york times." americans suffer pandemic whiplash as leaders have an evolving virus. it has left americans angry,
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exhausted and skeptical of public health advice. a lot there, karl. >> there really is. it's a commentary on where we are as a country. we're exhausted. we have gone through this for a year and a half and getting conflicting advice and you know, i hate to say it finally mayor deblasio to me seems to have the right focus. let's focus on vaccinations. what we know about masks, masks will help decrease transmission among people who are unvaccinated but all of us who are vaccinated it has a very limited impact. and yet it's just like dragging us back into the past. let's focus on the problem at hand, how do we get more people vaccinated? we're a month behind the administration's target. they hoped to get 70% fully vaccinated by july 4th. we have 70% who have gotten one. 60% who got all their vaccinations. that's where the focus ought to
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be and what keeps the disease from having a severe effective and keeps it from spreading. >> dana: if you're in the white house and the president is doing something every day this week. it shows you their level of concern and they know they need to do something about it. you also have a border, you have crime and the possibility of the real problem of inflation. how would you prioritize right now? >> they have a lot. that's just the start of the list. we have now got the huge eviction problem where congress is being asked by the white house to quickly solve a problem. we have the budget that has to be passed. we have a looming need to raise the debt ceiling. this administration that's five or six majors issues coming its way it can't avoid and the bipartisan infrastructure bill and american jobs plan which to a lesser extent are not as sort of time sensitive being driven by events.
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but it strikes me they're about ready to come a part because they aren't prioritizing and not keeping the focus. you have to have a focus and discipline. these people don't seem -- they had some in the beginning but it seems to be dissipated. can i give you an example? last week they surprised the house by saying oh, you know this eviction, in march of 2020 president trump signed a bill delaying evictions until july and it was increased to september. then increased to december and then the new administration used its executive power. supreme court says you don't have the authority to do that. it runs out at the end of july. then they pop up and say congress, you have to deal with it just as the house is leaving. look at this. this problem we knew in january. of the 47 billion dollars all indicateed to help people avoid getting kicked out of their homes, as of today $3 billion has been spent. they knew this was a problem
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when they came into office and yet they didn't do anything about it until it was too late and now we have another problem on our plate. someone in the white house has to say what's the most important thing for us to do. >> bill: at what point do you stop the money and go back to supply and demand and the rules of capitalism? >> you know, that's one of the things. if you give somebody something free you say to them look, we'll give you extra unemployment benefits and then we are going to allow you to stay in your apartment free and then we'll give you all this other pandemic assistance why are we surprised people aren't going back to work? >> bill: thank you, karl. a lot to get through there. >> dana: we'll talk more about the eviction moratorium as well. >> bill: landlords are losing a ton of money. >> dana: they aren't all warren buffett. >> bill: you have something on obama's birthday coming up? >> dana: we talked about it a little bit last night at the five. president obama is turning 60 and having a big party.
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here is peter duesy and jen psaki on this yesterday. >> he is hosting a big birthday party. >> he has been a huge advocate of individuals getting vaccinated. this event according to public report evening is outdoors in a moderate zone. in terms of what protocols they're taking, i would refer you to them and they can give you more details. >> bill: 500 people going. >> dana: i think the president is doing the right thing, former president. he is -- he has a covid coordinator. he can have a party if he wants to. he is vaccinated. if he wants people to wear masks, fine, if not. in is what people should be doing, i think. >> bill: about 500 people invited. i was at a wedding in florida in april with a covid
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coordinator. it was outdoors as well. most of it. >> dana: i don't know if that job will last for long. >> bill: shooters in major cities across america, democrats doing a 180 about defunding police. we'll talk to the former nypd xhish knee bill bratton. >> dana: china pushing back on the origins of covid as the lab leak theory gains traction how will the world get concrete answers. >> bill: american and spirit airlines cancelling hundreds of flights and leaving passengers high and dry. >> we deserve better. we deserve better. >> everybody knows spirit sucks. cash. o because home values have climbed to all time highs.
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>> dana: get this. at the height of the summer travel seasons flight delays stranding people. american airlines canceling as many as 500 flights, delaying hundreds of others, spirit canceling 300 flights, a third of its operation, so what's to blame? steve harrigan is live at the international airport in atlanta where passengers had to be furious, steve. >> they are keeping their tempers right now in line. when you talk to some of these people they've been trying to get home since sunday. now tuesday morning. this line for spirit airlines stretches down here around the corner, then all the way around back as well. spirit's cancellations up to 440 flights sunday and monday. as you mentioned american also 500 flights. 17% of their entire schedule. the reasons for the cancellations aren't all that
6:19 am
clear. summer storms, increased travel, spirit is saying it's facing operational challenges. when you talk to people in line, though, while they're showing patience here, they say they aren't getting much information and almost no help at all. >> before i even got here, so before i got here i spent over $1,000 just to get on my first airplane flight. this was the worst experience ever. >> people are taking to social media to criticize spirit airlines. one person summed it up, never again, you bozos, a spokesperson for spirit says they're working around the clock to get the flights back on track. back to you. >> bill: man, oh man, good luck to them. meanwhile more democrats are looking now to distance themselves from defunding the police. the movement as major cities
6:20 am
across the country deal with a spike in violent crime. refunding police is necessary but not sufficient enough to stop the crime spiral. here we go. cops effectiveness depends on other factors. among them are the legal structures affecting police activity. how much good police can do depend on the willingness of the broader criminal justice system to do its part to incapacitate the repeat high rate offenders. police can bring them in but it doesn't do any good if they end back up oh than the street. bill bratton, former new york city police commissioner. welcome to our program today. what about the point on the back end, the courts are allowing these who have been arrested, some of them charged with murder in america, are back on the street, sir. >> that op-ed this morning in "new york post" is right on the money.
6:21 am
our criminal justice system collapsed during the pandemic and a hard time recovering. the unwillingness on the part of government to put people in jail. there are a lot of very bad people in our society and need to be separated from the rest of us and currently the progressive left is really pushing the idea of alternative types of treatment rather than incarceration. i'm sorry, some people need to be locked up. if you've been arrested 90 time and arrested carrying a gun we need to keep those people away from society. >> bill: very interesting. keep an eye on the state of washington, by the way. they have now signed into law a police reform bill. they're experimenting in the state of washington we'll talk to the union on that. d.c., philly and chicago. motor vehicle thefts in d.a. up 24%. philadelphia shooting incidents up 28%. chicago criminal sexual assault up 22%.
6:22 am
that's not the shootings and murders. how -- when crime goes into a spiral like we have watched, how hard is it to reverse it, sir? >> it's going to be extraordinarily difficult this time. back in 1994 and 1995 we had a lot going with us. the public was fed up. new laws to work with. 100,000 additional police given to us by the 94 crime bill. many reforms that were intended to deal with the criminals. sounds now like most of the prosecutors in the country and major cities are more focused on defending the criminals than defending the public and victims. that's part of the problem. we're in the midst of this reform movement that ising too far too fast. statement we're losing thousands of police officers. 800,000 cops and this problem is now being dealt with by
6:23 am
670,000 cops and we lose them by the thousands. we're going in many wrong directions at the moment. >> bill: what changes that, the mayor, governor, president, who is it? >> it's in new york where we once described ourselves as the safetyest large city in america. we had something to do with that. we have a new mayor coming in in january, eric adams. more in the center than many counterparts around the country. talking a good talk at the moment. see if he can put it into action. he will deal with district attorneys going in a different directions and a liberal city counsel and albany, liberal. he will be up against a lot of adversity. we wish him well and i will support his efforts. i think eric, his heart and mind are in the right place.
6:24 am
see if his political skills with help him deal with the many reform efforts working against what he is trying to do. >> bill: bill bratton, thank you for coming back today. we try to get eric adams on our program and see what he is going to do. he has a lot of challenges. bill bratton, come back,. >> dana: interesting talking about the loss of the thsa of police officers. in illinois the governor there basically saying that law enforcement is to stop housing any ice immigrant detainees. here is what he said. >> every family, every child, every human being deserves to feel safe and secure in the place that they call home. >> dana: so that's a hard statement to argue with but do you think the people in chicago dealing with huge crime wave feel the same? they would love to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods every day. there is all that. bill bratton, great to have
6:25 am
eric adams here, too. as the delta strain surges most people in arkansas are refusing to get vaccinated. we'll ask the governor next. simone biles does something remarkable. ♪♪♪ veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. ♪ born to be wild ♪
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you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. rates. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest in their history. two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. save thousands a year. >> dana: china rejecting a new congressional report on the origins of the pandemic that could give more weight to the lab leak theory. it shows officials from the wuhan lab requested safety renovations months ahead of the outbreak. here is michael mccaul. >> i think they were involved in a cover-up.
6:31 am
the greatest cover-up in human history. i think the chinese communist party very concerned about this report coming out telling the truth. fact of the matter is they were playing with fire, they were genetically manipulating at the lab this gain of function that was taking place. >> dana: rich edson live at the state department with more on this. >> good morning. china's government has responded to that report calling it concocted lies and distorted facts. chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said what the relevant u.s. congressmen have done smears and slanders china in pursuit of political gains. we express categorical opposition to and strong condemnation of such despicable acts with no moral bottom line. house foreign affairs committee republicans released the most comprehensive case yet that the pandemic began in the wuhan research lab building their case on circumstantial evidence
6:32 am
found government requests for major renovations to air and waste systems at a lab operational for less than two years. health experts say this investigation should continue. >> there are a lot of answers out there. this report that came out yesterday from the house foreign affairs committee republicans added some additional new perspectives and information and we need to keep this kind of digging. we need to keep the pressure up to get to the bottom of this. >> next hour deputy secretary of state wendy sherman testifies before the senate foreign relations committee. last week she met with chinese diplomats in beijing, second contentious meeting between top u.s. officials under the biden administration. the president has also tasked the intelligence community to look into the origins of covid-19. that report is due at the end of the month. china's government refuses to allow an independent investigation in china with regard to the origins. >> bill: from china. that country taking no chances.
6:33 am
mass testing in the city of wuhan. this after a wide series of outbreaks of covid reached that city, remember that's where it all was first detebted in late 2019. three cases confirmed in wuhan yesterday. the first non-imported cases in more than a year. there are other cities, too, throughout china experiencing this as well. we want to bring this to you and follow it as well. >> dana: we don't know but is it a new variant is what i would love to know and what do we need to know? >> bill: is it home grown? it could very well be. arkansas has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country. as the state sees a spike in covid cases and as the delta variant spreads how to convince people to get the shot. governor asa hutchinson is with me now. good morning. >> great to be with you today. >> bill: here are the numbers. alabama 34%, mississippi 34 1/2 and arkansas 36.6 of total
6:34 am
population. what is your challenge in getting people to get the jabs? >> first of all, we're working very hard. we're taking it to the communities. i've been to 16 cities holding town hall meetings, having community doctors there, open conversations. those that are skeptics, those that have had experience with it, put it out on the table and get good, accurate information to them. we've seen a 40% increase in vaccinations since we started this. now, much of that is because of the increased risk because of the delta variant but we are seeing the vaccinations go up as people get more greatly concerned. our hospitals are really struggling now and people see that. they know people who are getting the covid and so they are responding by getting vaccinations. i expect to get the numbers up significantly. despite all the challenges that's the best way out of this.
6:35 am
the most reliable source is your local doctor. get your source of information from a medical professional that you trust and that's what we urge people to do. >> dana: as you mentioned the hospitalizations in arkansas saw the biggest increase yesterday since march of 2020. has the confusion from the cdc, they are being roundly criticized from all sides. has that frustrated your efforts in arkansas? >> well sure. there has been some inconsistency and that's been challenging because people point to the cdc and they look at that as big government now versus a ted messenger and that's a problem. now to cdc's credit, whenever you had that breakthrough -- those breakthrough cases in providence, massachusetts, they reported that and they did the study. they have been transparent on the data. whenever people have questions
6:36 am
go to your department of health website and go to the cdc and get that information. but the other challenge just in terms of credibility, you know, goes to let's just go to your local doctor. they don't trust government. they are skeptical about government. go to somebody who is trusted. the conspiracy doesn't go that far. >> dana: tyson based in springdale, arkansas said yesterday it would require vaccines for its u.s. workers, half of whom remain unvaccinated and trying to work it out with the unions. what's your position on employers mandating vaccines. >> employers have the prerogative to control their work space. that's their private enterprise. they can make decisions and government shouldn't be mandating it. but they have that prerogative just like individuals have the prerogative not to make a decision to get the vaccine.
6:37 am
and tyson's has processing plants that were hit very early in the pandemic. they took great measures to protect the workplace. so this is just another step that they are taking to make sure that they have a healthy environment for their workers but also for the product that they produce. so i think you are going to see that continuing debate among the private sector and they should have that right to make that decision. >> bill: thank you for your time. will you have masks in schools or not? transmission rate in every county in arkansas is in the red. >> we have no statewide mandates in reference to masks. that is not going to happen. there is a debate on local decisions by school. for those kids 12 and under that's the vulnerability. they don't have access to the vaccine yet. that should be a local decision made by the local school district based upon what's being transmitted in their community. >> bill: all right, sir. thank you. >> dana: thank you, governor. >> bill: asa hutchinson from
6:38 am
arkansas. >> dana: simone biles back in action winning a bronze medal on the balance beam today. bill has thoughts. her only individual medal. she also won a team silver comes one week after she withdrew from multiple events after developing a case of the twistese. she has a seventh olympic medal and tied with shannon miller. >> bill: i was up at 4:30 watching it. i thought she did great. she was better than the other two chinese gymnasts. they were really good but i thought she was -- >> dana: she earned the gold in our minds. >> bill: she comes home with a bronze. the medal count we're leading by a little bit. the chinese are crushing us in the gold medal, not the overall. they're at 32, we're at 24. >> dana: can we catch up in the track and field? >> bill: maybe, there is hope. stand by. emotional day in court.
6:39 am
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>> bill: we're waiting a major announcement from new york a.g.90 minutes from now coming as "the new york times" reports her office investigators grilled the governor for more than 11 hours last month with sexual assault claims with cuomo. what will it be? we'll find out together if it comes our way. >> dana: don't blame us is what the white house an congressional democrats say to each other after the moratorium on evictions expires. renters face the possibility of losing their homes and the biden administration is looking elsewhere for help. >> the president has asked to do everything in our power to look for every potential legal authority we can have to prevent evictions. he is requesting today that
6:45 am
state and local governments extend or pass eviction more atoriums to cover the next two months. >> dana: we have andrew mccarthy and cheryl casone. a combination of all sorts of things happening. federal taxpayers generous. america gives $50 billion to help with rental assistance that goes to the states. the states aren't doing anything with it. in the meantime the eviction moratorium, andy, is deemed unconstitutional and yet they extended it for a little bit and still the democrats did not get anything done and they waited until the last minute and now the interfighting with the democrats with cori bush telling the white house do it with an executive order and deal with the illegality later.
6:46 am
>> it's probably unconstitutional, dana. the main reason that it has been invalidated, it goes beyond the statutory authorization that the cdc had. they didn't have legal authority to order this. i think it's very interesting that biden is asking the states to help, which goes to the constitutional issue. this is intrastate commerce. the arrangements between renters and owners are overwhelmingly intrastate. it is something that congress ought not to be involved in in the first place and why biden is turning to the states to deal with it. in the meantime as you point out, about 93% as of the weekend, 93% of the money that congress had appropriated for this hasn't been disbursed. >> dana: it is just -- here is
6:47 am
what cori bush said. >> i don't want the people of st. louis ending up on the street because of policy choices and failed leadership an passing the buck. she is working. >> but do you believe her >> i do believe they're working to try to see what legal roles they can go down to bring home the moratorium. >> dana: the bureaucracies is making it difficult. the system is hard to deal with if you're a renter or a landlord. >> i'm confused by her comments. there are more than 9 million jobs available that need to be filled according to u.s. companies. i digress. let's talk about a renter or landlord. 7 out of 10 rental properties are owned by individuals, not big large corporations of evil doers trying to kick people out of their homes. that is just wrong and that perception is wrong. now to andy's point, he is
6:48 am
right. it depends where you live. this is a local situation. it will come down to the courts in states and cities and counties and also it comes down to the renters and landlords of the minute amount of money that has been released to the states. $3 billion i think it is. that has to be going to the court or the renter or landlord if they qualify. so they are the ones that will have to take action. they will have to talk to each other and if they can't talk to each other the evictions that are going to start. they'll start in the next if you days or weeks because it has been 16 months that a lot of these individual landlords have not collected any rent. you can't tell me that all of these people -- there is a lot of hardships and jobs lost. where we are today versus march of 2020 is very, very different in this country and i think the moratorium, the time is for it to end. there is plenty of help out there if you need help.
6:49 am
go to, legal aid societies, everywhere to help renters struggling or landlords that are struggling. it is both. >> dana: go to national and read andy mccarthy's piece on this. when speaker pelosi tried to blame brett kavanaugh for the whole thing we've hit rock bottom and now they have to figure out what they are going to do. appreciate it. >> bill: border patrol telling fox news the agents are being pulled from the field despite a record number of migrants coming across. we'll tell you why that's happening and get reaction from the president of the national border patrol council art del cueto is live. former white house covid advisor saying many of the masks we're using simply do not work. really? >> i think one of the things right now we have to get a better handle on what does protect people and what doesn't. >> bill: can it get any more confusing? we'll ask clay travis in studio coming up next.
6:50 am
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>> bill: wild scene here a cat gets loose on the field. bottom of the eighth. good luck or bad luck? the grounds crew having a hard time getting him. they caught him in left field. the crowd was chanting mvp. yankees lost to baltimore 7-1 the final there at yankee stadium. that's kind of fun, right? >> dana: i would love to hear what the cat was thinking. >> bill: it is bad luck. yankees are on the skids right now. >> dana: i'm out of here. look at the cat. i don't want to be here. >> bill: you won't get me. >> dana: oh, oh, ouch. ouch. i feel a one more thing coming on. >> bill: we're done with it. all right, it happened. it's over now. >> dana: i could watch him for hours. more mask confusion. dr. michael, a covid advisor to president biden's transition team says most masks are ineffective but a growing number of cities are moving
6:56 am
ahead with reinstating mandates. let's bring in clay travis founder of having a great time talking to him. what did you think of the cat? good luck or bad luck? >> i think it's probably good luck. yank aoefs have had a lot of tough luck of late. >> bill: you've been in your house, right? is that the basement or attic? >> the attic. my wife says we love this house. it looks like the bachelor house if you watch the bachelor ever and also "game of thrones". she said upstairs, the attic you will have everything set up and be able to disappear and go up this and work. now the danger as i was telling you, i have three boys and they play madden and baseball and it's so loud. right before i do television i have to yell down no screaming during video games home all summer. that's the biggest challenge. >> bill: we brought you in to talk about this. >> dana: the question is about
6:57 am
this whole mask mandate. here is oser holme saying the masks are not effective. do we have this? >> we know today many of the face cloth covers people wear aren't very effective in reducing any of the virus movement in or out. either you are breathing out or breathing in. we need to talk about better masking. we need to talk about n-95 respirators which would do a lot for both people not yet vaccinated or not previously infected. >> bill: a lot of people respect him out of the university of minnesota. >> it speaks to how much of what we're doing to respond to the virus is cosmetic theater. we feel as if we need to be doing something. the cloth masks that people are wearing as you hear from experts all the time aren't making much of a difference. anybody in an airplane. walk through an airport terminal. sit and have beer and eat food. pull down your mask on the airplane to drink and eat. none of it makes sense. it's mostly cosmetic theater
6:58 am
and the essence of what he is saying there. >> dana: and the vaccines work. you also read bill mcgurn. masks are a covid distraction as you say. >> bill: have you watched the olympics? >> i have not. the least amount i've ever watched the olympics. you guys may well agree with this. i imagine a huge percentage of your viewers feel the same way. i used to be so excited for the olympics and track the medal counts and everything else. it is hard to figure out when they are airing. time zone doesn't help. streaming makes it difficult to know what's live and not. the least amount of watched olympics are all time and some of the athletes aren't likable. >> bill: you had an athlete from qatar and italy and they had a face-off. neither one of them succeeded. >> dana: it's a jump off, right? they both have to -- you jump, like penalty kicks and instead
6:59 am
of keeping going, the official just basically says you guys want to share this? everybody gets a gold medal? >> i agree. i was talking to my boys the other day about college football. that used to have tons of games that end in ties and they were blown away at the idea there were ever ties. what do you mean? they would play the whole four quarters and the game would just end in a tie? yeah, the game ended in a tie. my kids and i think most american sports fans would say it defeats the entire purpose of having the competition. we don't play to win in a tie. when an nfl has an extra overtime and ends in a tie, people feel like they -- >> bill: i never knew in the olympics an athlete can refer to the rule and say can we just split it? >> dana: can we be done? i want to go have a beer. >> that's fine if the rules allow it. most people want to see a champion crowned and why we watch competition.
7:00 am
>> bill: the irony is they were jumpers. >> dana: the gutfeld show you are on tonight. >> bill: come back. >> dana: love to have you. invite us to nashville, too. >> bill: it's an amazing town. we're full. >> bill: we're checking out the attic. your attic. >> dana: i'll check it out. thank you so much. fox news alert. america's violent crime crisis casting a dark shadow on the nation' welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. nice to see you. we're seeing the same kind of figures showing more homicides than covid deaths in chicago and philadelphia and washington, d.c. as well. in washington mayor bowser wants to hire more cops after the city council voted to defund the police. bill bratton last hour with us putting his finger on another big problem. prosecutors who are soft on crime. >> like most of the prosecutors
7:01 am
in this country in major cities are focused on defending the criminals than defending the public and the victims. that's part of the problem that we are in the midst of this reform movement that is going too far too fast. >> dana: david spunt is live in washington at the justice department. hi, david. >> bill: these numbers are not moving in the right direction. if you ask any authorities including d.c. police chief other d.c. officials say they're concerned about the violent trend they're seeing in washington, d.c. let's take a look at these numbers comparing homicide deaths with covid-19 deaths. 21 homicides in all of july in washington, d.c. 8 deaths from covid-19. in chicago dana 95 homicides from june 30th to july 27th. 31 deaths from covid-19 in the same period. in philadelphia 40 homicides from june 28th to july 25th. 13 deaths from covid-19.
7:02 am
the week of the 27th of june to july 8th. last week mayor bowser proposed spending more funding to hire an additional 170 police officers. the plan is already getting pushback from some on council arguing half of that money should be spent on violence prevention programs. d.c. police are down nearly 200 officers from last year. some retired and some quit. the head of the police union says the priority should be to replace those officers. >> this is a systemic problem in the criminal justice system. you don't have enough police officers. they are having to tools taken away they need to do the jobs. becoming apprehensive based on the liabilities put on by the city councils. >> the city council will debate the funding bowser wants putting less money into the police department earlier this year. not as many officers on the force. she has changed her tune following several high-profile shootings including one outside a restaurant a mile from the
7:03 am
white house. the other one outside nationals park. you cannot forget the one that killed little 6-year-old courtney who died in a drive by shooting. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: president biden set to address the widespread and growing confusion around masks and vaccines later today. this as the white house finally reaches its 70% target vaccination rates. adults in america, 70% of them have at least one dose. that goal was set for the fourth of july. we missed it by four weeks. covid is now a pandemic among the unvaccinated. peter doocy, what can we expect to hear from the president today? >> we can expect to hear about how much more contagious and how much easier it is to catch this delta variant vaccine or no vaccine. >> the delta variant is highly
7:04 am
contagious. to put this in perspective if you get sick with the alpha variant you could infect two other unvaccinated people. if you get sick with the delta variant we estimate that you could infect about five other unvaccinated people. more than twice as many as the original strain. >> the administration is endorsing required vaccines for employees of businesses of all sizes as new york's governor calls for businesses to ban unvaccinated customers. the white house has been looking for trusted messengers to spread the word about vaccines but don't want to say anything negative about the 500-person birthday in martha's vineyard this weekend for barack obama. >> is there concern that the president obama birthday party might become a super spreader event? >> the guidance is what steps people can take, indoor settings with the new guidance to keep themselves and others safe. in terms of what protocols
7:05 am
they're taking i would refer you to them and i'm sure they can give you more details. >> president biden is not attending that event. he will be at his beach house in delaware instead. >> dana: the biden administration applauding its efforts to get americans vaccinated despite having millsed the july 4th deadline by a month. the director tweeted this. milestone monday. we hit 70% of adults with at least one dose. 468,000 doses reported administered including 320,000 newly vaccinated. let's bring in dr. marc siegel. fox news contributor and that is the case, the vaccinated is going up and yet look at this gallup poll from americans. the assessment on covid pandemic, 45% of people say it's getting worse. do you think it's getting worse? >> i think the case numbers are going up and we're hearing more and more about the case numbers.
7:06 am
you just heard jen psaki talking about how contagious it is. it is highly contagious. that's an issue. what has been mismessaged is if you're vaccinated at worst you'll get a mild case. everyone looked at senator lindsey graham, 66 years old getting covid. the key is he has a mild case. appears to have a mild case. >> dana: because he was vaccinated. >> because he is vaccinated. that's what we saw with guy benson at fox and tweeting about this, really importantly. look at the state of vermont, dana. in the state of vermont 86% of the population has at least one dose. 67% fully vaccinated. they have three hospitalizations. one person in the icu. the more people you get vaccinated, the more -- plus natural immunity. i want to add that in. if you are vaccinated or gotten over covid and have antibodies your chances of getting a severe case from the delta variant is extremely low. >> dana: we talked, dr. os tear
7:07 am
home said cloth masks don't work. why are we doing all these mask mandates? here is randy weingarten and she said this. >> we see the delta variant being very transmissible. masks stop transmission. so universal masking is going to be very helpful to keep kids safe, to keep the unvaccinated safe, and to keep schools open. >> dana: if masks don't work do we need to require masks? >> well look, here is the problem. it's the politics of fear, isn't it? suddenly the mask will protect you and save you. as you pointed out in the last hour, bill mcgurn wrote in the "wall street journal" today masks are a destruction.
7:08 am
do they work at all? yes. i interviewed the doctor last week about this, too. he made the same point. masks are very limited. are people wearing them properly? are they hanging off their face? cloth masks may be 20% for a short period of time. the n-95s work. i wear an n-95 in the office. you won't get a 3-year-old to wear that. i can barely keep it on my face. >> dana: i feel like it is covering my entire face. this just in and we wanted to ask you about this. new york city is expected to require proof of vaccination for indoor dining and fitness centers. so that is just in. mayor deblasio plans to announce it on tuesday morning. new york city requiring proof of vaccination for people participating in indoor activities including restaurants, gyms and performances i imagine that includes broadway and concerts. your thoughts on that. >> i'm not opposed to businesses having something that makes them feel comfortable. coming from the government
7:09 am
disturbs me. also how is this going to work in the real world? i said if you got over covid and have antibodies you might not be ready for a vaccine or maybe covid plus one vaccine. will we have people lining up showing proof of something and everyone else gets marginalized. what about people who don't tolerate the shot and people with allergies. this will be a disaster. it will be marginalizing and mocking and bullying. we need an inclusivity. unity as the president says. that's not about pointing fingers at people. >> dana: that news just in. dr. marc siegel thank you for your take. >> bill: west virginia meanwhile, the governor launching the first statewide program to test and measure antibody levels among fully vaccinated individuals. that program will focus on residents older than 60 especially in nursing homes. the tests are designed to see if they received their final vaccine shot six months ago might need a booster or not.
7:10 am
>> dana: that's good, useful information. in the u.k. they've been doing a twice weekly blood draw from a sample to see how the herd immunity is coming. we haven't done that here. i don't know why. >> bill: the vaccination cards at a restaurant. if that goes to other american cities look out. they've been doing it in france and italy a month ago and we were told in the u.k. this delta variant ran its course after about a month and the line of cases started dropping dramatically. and we're hoping that's the case here but we won't know that until the end of august. >> dana: that news just in. the runaway texas democrats are getting company. we'll tell you who is joining them from around the country and why. >> bill: a patchwork of new police reforms taking place in the state of washington why some in law enforcement say they are causing confusion and giving the bad guys a free pass. >> it will take decades to recover because you eviscerated any type of human being that
7:11 am
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7:17 am
six democrats testing positive for covid but they're defending their move to be in washington instead of austin. >> why did we ring the alarm? why are we raising the concern about what's going on in texas? well, it's not just happening in texas, it is happening across our country. we have seen the concerted effort in various states to pass legislation that would limit access to the ballot. >> texas governor greg abbott firing back i'll keep calling special sessions until we address every emergency item. foster care, bail reform. the democrats' decision to break form. as for congress the u.s. senate is still in town. the house is due to be out until the end of august. dana. >> dana: mike emanuel, thank you. >> bill: police officers in washington state now facing a dramatic shift in the way they do their jobs.
7:18 am
nearly a dozen new police reform and accountability laws take effect starting this week. supporters say the laws will reduce racial inequity, critics say they are causing confusion and hurting officers' ability to fight crime. the president of the seattle police officers guild. how are you doing, mike? this is going to be something else here right now. police use of force is strictly limited. no car chases, no tear gas, no choke holds. what do you think about these laws? >> it doesn't sound like it is fair. definitely seems like it is targeting specific law enforcement people and the reality is it's the public that will be the ones most impacted by this because your safety, the public's safety will be put at risk because we're basically handcuffed from being effective from doing our jobs. all because of the seattle activist class that continue to push some of this legislation that has drastic repercussions
7:19 am
for everybody now across the state. >> bill: mike, you said they are going to target certain law enforcement. why would this not be targeted against all law enforcement in washington >> this started basically in seattle. all of this reform work has been long in the process of occurring. now the seattle activist class has impacted our politicians in olympia and it's across the state. that's what is tragic about this whole reform movement courtesy of seattle's activist class. >> bill: seattle police retirements in 2020 and 2021. last year 180, this year 70 thus far. here is your homicide and shooting rates. 2020 versus 2021 year-to-date through june homicides up 5%. shooting incidents up 41, wow.
7:20 am
that's something there. just want to read this, okay? from abc news. these laws cover virtually all aspects of policeing including background checks for officers before they are hired, when they are authorized to use force, how they collect data about that use of force, and the establishment of an entirely new state agency that reviews police use of deadly force. they want to go deep inside the police units and find what do you think, mike? >> they are looking for some type of misconduct under the guise of accountability. the problem is their example, the seattle police department. we've been doing this accountability movement for over 10 years. i remind your audience and the people out there that the seattle police department is the most accountable police agency in the united states of america. we're one of the most progressive agencies. but yet it's never good enough.
7:21 am
and they continue to push this accountability march. what it has done is it's completely made our jobs extremely difficult and we've lost up to 300 officers now who have just had enough. i'm really concerned about where we go from here. how can you find a quality human being to want to put the uniform on and do this job under this unreasonable scrutiny? it is time the reasonable citizens literally need to wake up. start at your local school board. get involved, support your police. then start at your city council. then you have to connect with your representative at your state capitol. right now this is it. and we're under such pressure to just fill the basic patrol responses in the city of seattle that bill, i don't know where we go moving forward. this is not alarmist. this is the reality.
7:22 am
i want to thank the activist class with this. >> the black lives matter alliance talked the laws being a mandate from stopping cops from violating our rights and killing people. they tweeted their support for communist cuba beating the daylights out of people in the streets of havana three weeks ago. >> what will stop to your point, it will stop proactive officers and it is leading officers to have a state of confusion so they don't know how to conduct their professional business from a day-to-day basis. it is going to lead to, sadly, more crime as we already mentioned in the stats that you provided. crime is through the roof. now cops are left wondering what is next? >> bill: big challenge ahead. thank you for coming on today. we'll stay in contact with you and see how these new laws go. thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> dana: a border agent telling fox news the u.s. is waving the
7:23 am
white flag pulling officers from the field amid a record surge of illegal crossings. we're live at the border. hi, bill. >> dana, good morning to you. border patrol completely overwhelmed here in the rio grande valley as apprehension numbers set to be the highest in decades. we'll have that story coming for you up next. >> dana: also have new reaction from art del cueto the vice president of the national border patrol council. veteran homeowners. while some banks are raising their interest rates newday is holding the line to keep their rates low. two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. shingles? camera man: yeah,
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7:29 am
handed down in france and italy last month. the program will start later this month. later in august after a transition period. enforcement begins in mid september. how that goes we're not quite sure. schools expected to reopen in september. more workers could return to the office in manhattan. trying to get ready for that. in the meantime making a major push of vaccinations. here he is on record a moment ago from city hall. >> it will require vaccination for workers and customers in indoor dining, in indoor fitness facilities, indoor entertainment facilities. this is going to be a requirement. >> bill: so he is also requiring as of yesterday, dana, city workers to get vaccinated or face weekly testing. also offered $100 as incentive for more people to get the vaccine. >> dana: including teachers then. >> bill: i would imagine it would. whether they do i don't know. i can't say. >> dana: enforcement thing is
7:30 am
interesting. you might need a different card, a vaccination card. let's say your doctor has said you aren't a person should get a vaccine you would get a card that is acceptable. things starting in new york city often roll out to the rest of the country. not everywhere but it can happen. >> bill: like california coming back our way too, sometimes. >> dana: you can stop it sometimes. >> bill: moving on now. border patrol sources telling fox news the agency is pulling agents from the field in order to process my the decision to surrender. bill melugin back on the border in la joya, texas. >> dhs sources telling us it is getting to be a bad situation. they're so overwhelmed down here a lot of border agents are being pulled from out in the field on field duties being pulled in to do processing because of so many family units coming across and doing
7:31 am
paperwork. few in any agents physically patrolling in certain sectors with one agent telling us we surrendered the border tonight. why it's such an issue. take a live look at the fox drone over in mission, texas now. right back out once again at the bridge where you can see a mass of migrants. more are coming in every day. this sector had 21,000 apprehensions in the last week alone. a mass of migrants waiting to be processed. only one part of the rio grande valley. look at la joya, texas last night. a large group walking down the road. no border patrol. some are dancing and waving to the cameras. they are all in a good mood knowing they show up and make an asylum claim and bused down to mcallen and released with a plane or bus ticket. look at this morning.
7:32 am
same situation. rain or shine middle of a storm, another large group of migrants apprehended by border patrol. something playing in day in and day out. in the last weekend we're told from sources there were more than 8,000 apprehensions just here in the rio grande valley alone. keep in mind this is one small part of the border. back out here live staggering numbers to report. the associated press is reporting that for the month of july apprehensions at our southern border are set to exceed 210,000, the highest in 20 years and another record high over last month which was 188,000. we are talking more than 20,000 increase. the numbers not slowing down at all even in the summer heat. >> bill: it's remarkable. thanks, bill melugin. no end if sight. >> dana: let's bring in art del cueto the president of the national border council. unaccompanied minors picked up at the border. another record broken, art.
7:33 am
>> it is overwhelming. a lot of what's happening and the cartels and drug smugglers know about this so they purposely send big groups across knowing that agents will be distracted and knowing that agents will be pulled from certain areas of the line so they can have to process. all the while they are bringing their drugs across. something needs to be done by this administration to stop it. you hear words of hey, they've waved the white flag. from speaking to agents on the ground none of the agents out there are waving the white flags. we are americans and we won't give up our border. they are out there doing a job and will continue to do the job. it is very frustrating when you have the agency heads and administration that is not backing them up right now. >> dana: we talked about record numbers. today is august 3. listen to what vice president kamala harris said on june 25th. >> progress. we aren't exactly where we want to be yet but we've seen
7:34 am
extreme progress over the last few months because of his dedication and his efforts. >> dana: has there been progress? >> if what they mean by progress is allowing people to enter and break our laws then i guess in their eyes that's progress. i don't ware if you're on the left or right side of the aisle we deserve to be safe in our homes and no difference in our nation's border. right now it's horrific with these individuals coming across and you look at the numbers of apprehensions. what you have to look at is those apprehensions are being released into the united states. then you have the covid talk. many times individuals being arrested get sent to other organizations and detention facilities. later after they've been there for a while agents get the call and say hey, so and so that you arrested several days ago ended up being positive for covid. so it is a domino effect that
7:35 am
there is no end in sight right now unless you go back to the policies that worked under the last administration, the remain in mexico was a humane way to do things because it fast tracked those that had real asylum claims and discouraged all the people that are coming across right now finding those loopholes in our immigration system. >> dana: the point about covid cases in the rio grande valley, 135 detainees tested positive for the first two weeks of july. 900% increase compared to previous 14 months and now with the delta variant you can imagine that is going to be even higher. a lot to deal with here, art. we appreciate you coming on. we'll stay in touch with you. thank you. >> bill: so a judge reaching his decision on whether molly tibbetts convicted killer can get another trial. more than 25 years after she went missing the body of kristin smart still has not been found. could it jeopardize the chances of this case heading to trial?
7:36 am
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>> dana: motion to grant the convicted killer of molly tibbetts. the lawyers offered they have evidence showing other people committed the murder. this was known to attorneys before the guilty verdict came down. her body was found in a corn field weeks after disappearing in 2018. the scheduling forward the convicted is scheduled august 30th. >> bill: two men charged in the disappearance of kristin shart 25 years ago. preliminary hearing yesterday the california college student
7:42 am
could be a runaway. smart's body was never recovered but other biological evidence has been found according to the prosecution. want to bring in fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin on this. hello. sometime in this preliminary hearing. what did you take from day one? >> great the start my day with you, bill. certainly it was all on the prosecution. they have a pretty tough row to hoe. the defense that's 12 days pretty much to convince this judge that they have enough evidence forensics, family coming forward and testifying about who she is and the fact she couldn't possibly have been a runaway. very close to her family. to try to get the judge to agree that they can proceed with trial. we have a lot to cover in these 12 days and i'm sure the prosecution is up for the task. >> bill: why does the prosecution have to or want to
7:43 am
show its hand now? >> most of it is because there are so many rulings that will come into play. a lot of forensic evidence apparently that we know has been reported that at least there has been some evidence that her body had been moved underneath ruben flores's home, the father. paul flores is the accused of her disappearance in the murder. so that evidence is going to come forward. then they have the other evidence because the defense as you said has already started to plant these seeds somehow she was a runaway and frankly the mother took the stand and when she was faced with all these cross examination questions by the defense didn't kristin want to go and travel the world? didn't she want to go and work in thailand? there were several sightings of her after her disappearance. maybe she didn't want to come home. the mother deflected the questions by saying she was close to my daughter. that was the first.
7:44 am
the second interesting development yesterday there was a whole squabble about the subpoena of ruben flores's wife. spousal privilege. the judge ruled in the defense's favor and won't allow flores's mother to come forward and testify. we'll have to see what happens with that. >> bill: in march of this year, going fwaok 1996. in march of this year they take a radar penetrating device into the backyard and find some soil has been moved in a 4 by 6 area said to be part of the evidence. in addition you've got this comment from a phone tap in january of 2020. this is susan flores talking with paul, right? she says the other thing i need you to do is to start listening to the podcast. i need you to listen to everything they say so we can punch holes in it. wherever we can punch holes, are you the one that can tell
7:45 am
me. what is this podcast? >> apparently a podcast out there just poking holes into the theories of the crime. so that's going to be -- i'm not even sure if it will come forward because a lot of these recordings, we see a lot of these jail house recordings come into play with respect to evidence. i'm not sure the jury will hear it if there is a jury trial. this type of forensic evidence, their experts will come forward and say there are so many ways, the tampering of the evidence could have happened. the fact it is 25 years ago, soil may have been contaminated. all these ways to poke holes from the experts. a battle of the experts if her body -- if her body is not found before the trial. we'll have to see. another thing that's interesting they are allowing evidence of paul flores's predator behavior to come into the trial. that may not happen if there is
7:46 am
a trial but we'll have to see what happens. >> bill: we'll need you to help us through it as we progress. nice to see you. >> dana: another day, another controversy surrounding democratic prosecutor kim gardner. wait until you hear the number of cases dropped under her watch in st. louis. are masks necessary when kids return to school? of your home's value. you can take out $50,000 or more. use it to improve your home, get the kitchen you've always dreamed of, or have the security of cash in the bank. use your va home loan benefit at newday to get the financial security you and your family deserve. the newday100 va cash out loan.
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7:52 am
>> dana: in a letter the republican committee of chester county called the behavior reprehensible. accuse him of trying to intimidate the woman. a mom of three that immigrated from iran to the united states.. we had a woman last week who came from the former soviet union. she had a lot of feelings on that, too. rolling calls for st. louis district attorney to resign. three murder cases were dropped in one week. mike tobin is in chicago, illinois in the midwest bureau. hello. >> kimberly gardner of st. louis is one of the george soro's backed prosecutors. three murder cases under her authority fell apart. locals report that a grand jury has turned over evidence citing errors all the way down to misspellings and incorrect dates on legal documents. now data from the clerk of the
7:53 am
22nd judicial circuit in missouri shows her office is dropping felony cases at a little more than double the. the average of felony cases dropped more than doubles to 27.84% after she took over. an attorney representing police says cops are discouraged. >> the cops on the street are feeling beleaguered. they are working -- they're understaffed, underpaid, so when they have the ability to bring a orce to not have it prosecuted is demoralizing because they know that nine times out of 10 they will run into this person again. >> one result is officers leaving the force. the percentage of officers leaving st. louis metro p.d. is
7:54 am
expected to increase by 83%. >> bill: what's remarkable about that sound bite we had bill bratton on last hour saying the same thing. in your coverage in chicago, are you hearing that from the police officers in that city also? >> they're extremely discouraged and i'm hearing from police chiefs in some of the gulf states who say we're welcoming these guys who are leaving the forces in these metro areas where they aren't getting enough support. some are leaving and some taking early retirement, bill. >> thank you, mike. we had an officer on here who moved to iowa for the same thing. mike, thanks, mike tobin in chicago. >> dana: with the return of school right around the corner dozens of cities are rolling out mask mandates for kids. former health and human services secretary giroir says it's not the right way to go.
7:55 am
>> the transmission is schools are incredibly low. if there is a high spread in your community masks are reasonable. if the number is low it should be optional. >> dana: i'm looking at a list of the states that have this in. for example in illinois, chicago public schools will require universal masking in schools. then you go to south carolina. i talked to the governor mcmaster on sunday and he said the state would not follow the cdc's updated guidance on that. check with local officials. what i hear from randi weingarten, they are going to ask that kids be masked up in school. >> you will have to follow the bouncing ball. the issue about the union. if she is insisting you have to wear a mask, you wonder if the union then pushes to go back to zoom. and i would bet dollars to donuts a month ago nobody thought we were headed that way
7:56 am
and now we could if the union is going to say wear them. what are you going to do if your kid is 10 years old? send them to school and wear a mask? >> dana: there are parents who wanted to keep their kids home. we saw that. not universal by any means but a significant portion across the state of people that said i would rather have my kid be at home for any variety of reasons. the "new york post" said masking kids is irrational child abuse saying stop listening to unhinged bureaucrats who frame children as little disease vectors. there is a reason much of -- it isn't that they care about their kids less than we do. if we start masking at the insane age of two. it shows european kids care more about their development and not play bit parts in a grand psycho drama. >> bill: we'll see how it goes.
7:57 am
in the meantime in new york the mayor announced 30 minutes ago if you want to eat indoors in a restaurant in new york city very soon you will have to show a vaccination paper or they'll create a new app to go on your phone and make sure you are vaccinated and show it to the owner of the restaurant. he has a big push for vaccines in new york. they did this in france and in italy about a month ago. the reports out of france apparently prompted millions of french people to book vaccine appointments. >> dana: it caused a huge amount of protest in france. this is actually even though you aren't traveling per se. it is considered a vaccine passport. and there will be in some quarters i think there will be support for this. but there will be pushback as well. you think about the restaurant owners. they have been through a lot. just got restaurants back open and started having people come back in and be a part of their community and now all of a sudden they will have this
7:58 am
situation because maybe they'll want people vaccinated. they might do that. the mayor is saying that enforcement starts mid july. what does that look like and mean? >> bill: mid august. by mid september they'll do the enforcement aspect of it and offering you $100 to get a vaccine. breaking news in washington, d.c. alexandria virginia. the pentagon is on lockdown after a shooting on the metro bus platform outside the building. a warning was sent to all the department of defense computers and an overhead announcement telling people to remain in their offices and not go outside. it was an order issued. all entrances to the pentagon have been secured according to police. if you've been around the pentagon area you know how massive this is, a big area to secure. news crossing now. the headline multiple shots said to be fired at the pentagon transit center prompting a lockdown there. that's what's going on. >> dana: we found out that gwen
7:59 am
berry the american hammer thrower, remember this she didn't want to have the national anthem played up on the medal stand and said yesterday she would protest again if she were to medal but this just in. she failed to medal. so there will be no protest. >> bill: got it. i believe that ends her olympics in tokyo, japan on the same day that simone biles got back on the balance beam and brought home the bronze medal. >> dana: and team silver. >> bill: she looked great on the beam. >> dana: she should have won the gold. >> bill: give it to her, right? >> dana: yeah, absolutely. want to see this? just for fun. here is a violinist playing for the whale and the whale seems to like it. kind of dancing, too. >> bill: it looks like it.
8:00 am
>> dana: he has that emoji face that is dead pan. i need a face like that. >> bill: we'll get you more information out of the pentagon as soon as we can. >> dana: i'll be on "the five". "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> sandra: the white house facing a messaging crisis. fallout continues after biden ordered federal workers to either get vaccinated or tested frequently. cdc urging even vaccinated americans to wear masks again.


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