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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 3, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> sean: our villain of the day of the day is from the rhode island democratic party writing about lindsey graham's break through case of covid, saying it's wrong to hope he will die. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, they are so nice on the left. just kind and sweet and loving? >> laura: when i had my health challenge. i was on the phone with you and you were on the radio show. we were joking how many people want you dead? i can't even count. >> sean: i remember that. if i didn't have a sense of humor i would crawl under a rock. >> laura: they're the humanitarians and we are the
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hard-hearted ones. get your translation book to interpret their comments. unbelievable. i will pick up where you left off. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. as the "angle" predicted last year, you may remember, biden would never be strong enough to it stand up on the squad. boy, today we were proven right again. i have a hint for you. it's bad news if you are a landlord. a well known imuneologist did some of the early research on the covid vaccines and says that part of it was a mistake -- he will tell us what it is later tonight. first new york's death wish. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." anyone of a certain age remembers an ad campaign used to promote tourism in a beleaguered
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new york. >> i love your foreign accent. >> ♪ ♪ . >> i love the way you put on a show. >> i love new york. >> there are more ways to love new york then there are lights on broadway. >> ♪ ♪ >> i love new york. do you know why? because it's open all night. >> laura: well, that was back in the 1980s. celebrities and the tourism board worked to try to save new york that was in trouble back then. if the chairman of the board were alive today, i bet he would start spreading a different type of news about new york. far left democrats at all levels of government are responsible for cratering a once great american city. it's about to get a lot worse because of something the "angle" warned you about at the start of
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the pandemic. there are proposals for immunity passports required for commercial flights or to go to work. >> digital certificates that certify that american citizens have an immunity to this virus to facilitate travel and work. >> i am concerned about the slippery slope with encroachments on personal liberty. >> laura: in 14 plus months, the only group that hasn't had its liberties encroached upon on in new york are the looters, thugs and the bang -- gang bangers who are free to terrorize the city.
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dimwit bill de blasio doesn't care. >> because someone is vaccinated they can do all of the amazing things available in this city. it will require vaccination for workers and customers in indoor dining and fitness facilities and entertainment facilities. this will be a requirement. the only way to patronnize these takenments indoor size if you are vaccinated. -- >> laura: think about this. you are one of the brave restaurants that kept going despite the obscene lockdowns and rules. now they throw up this barrier to you and your customer base. for most of the past 18 months now the city has been suffering
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under covid shutdowns and criminals have a run of the place. mayor de blasio wants to take this city backwards like may of 2020 because of the delta variant. it's the latest excuse for making life miserable for businesses, students and service industry workers. i am hear to tell you tonight what de blasio is doing has zero to do with the virus. i want you to look closely at the death chart from covid in new york state. does this look like a crisis to you? if you look at new york city alone, 8.3 million people, the 7 day average of total deaths from covid right now is 5. on april 7, 2020, that number was 815. we don't have a covid crisis in new york. we have a leader crisis in new york. putting aside what we know is
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a gross deprivation of liberty which will be challenged in court, this new normal mandate will be another stake in the heart of a city struggling to survive. this is the reality of life in new york city after de blasio's rain of terror. vaccine passports will only have more new yorkers abandoning the state. in tennessee they are going on with their lives. ditto with texas, florida. covid cases are going up, but the governors of red states america know that mandates, threats and restrictions they
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kill the patient, meaning their state's economy and their children's future. they also know the government's refusal to recognize the protections that millions and millions of americans already have from natural immunity shows that this is not about science. this is about power and about control. biden may not understand the dynamics in play, but the stark contrast between life in a free state and life in a covid captive state, biden's political ventriloquist get it so they sent old joe out again to attack desantis and abbott. >> do you believe that governor desantis and governor abbott are harming their own citizens? >> i believe the results of their decisions are not good for their constituents. it's clear to me and to most of
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the medical experts the decisions made like not allowing mask mandates in schools are bad health policy. >> laura: the medical experts. in the spring of 2020 and the fall of 2021, the red states will once again begin to leave the blue states behind. why would you start a new business today this new york? which you could live a normal life in nashville. more and more americans trapped in blue states will see they don't have to live this way anymore. unless you are itching to it live under these terms: sky rocketing crime. murders and shootings way up. insane covid rules and the entitlement democrats want to make permanent.
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the love gov let it slip. >> i don't think we get back to normal. i think we get back to or we get to a new normal. right? like we are seeing so many facets of society right now. we will be in a different place. >> laura: if there is a shred of principle in the democratic party, not much of a chance of that. we will have more on the governor later on. until the voters in new york deliver a rebuke to the far left, they should expect a new normal of constant misery. any city that follows their lead will join them in a slow death via political suicide. that's the "angle." joining us is joseph smith,
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owner of the great steak houses. thanks for joining us tonight. i want you to explain to the viewers who heard about the vaccine passports, what will the practical effects of this being on already struggling businesses? >> well, first let me thank you for having me on. i am a big fan. i watch your show every night. i think it's the most truthful show on television. thank you for all you do for restaurants and other such businesses. right the latest thing coming out after 16 months of nonsense between dumb and dumber as i have called them before -- the mayor and the governor -- this could be the straw that breaking news the camel's back. there could be another 5,000 restaurants on top of the 5 innocence giving back their keys
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because people will not come out. it's a fear monger thing. this is political. as you said 5 people died. this has nothing to do with the virus. de blasio wants the governor's job. he might be able to go after it soon because he might be saying good-bye. de blasio goes in 2 months. we get someone else. this could be a total disaster. as far as checking an app on your phone and stuff like that, we don't know what they will do. business right now is running at like 30%. offices are occupied 25%. mid town manhattan we cater to office people. we are a steak house. we have been decimated for the last 16 months because our people are in the hamptons.
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they for florida. i said this for a year, the earliest return will be mid september and only then 50%. now they come back out with the mask thing. it will be down to 20% like in the past. we can't pay our rent. we have very understanding landlords, we got little from the governor. there was no business. >> laura: who will be checking this app or passport? do you have top hire a trained professional and the onus is on you.
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you could be find fined? >> we will have to have a professional who will have to stand at the door -- make sure they wear a mask and have it on their phone or carrying a card. this is going to be an added payroll which we can't afford. >> laura: joseph, mid town manhattan i found desolate last week. i had not been there in 18 months. i was shocked how many great restaurants were out of business and gone and never coming back. i hope everyone listened to you tonight. these are real businesses never coming back. joseph, i hope you will come back on the show soon. thank you. >> thank you. >> laura: who will be most
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affected by de blasio's vaccine mandate. new york city's own statistics those with the lowest vaccinations are black american. we will hear about racist policies targeting people of country for entry to restaurants and bars and grocery stores? where is their outrage. horrace cooper, there will be a desperate impact on african-americans. reaction? >> any time they can divide us and create racial divisions, these guys and gals come out to do it. any time they need to stand up to represent and promote the interest of america and in
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particular the black americans they say they want to represent, they are silent. this is a killer disease that you would think they would want to come out into the communities, talk to people. engage them and educate them and the like. it is to me the height of irony this we are hearing nothing that people who can't go to gyms to work out. even though overweight people in the black community are a significant co-morbidity issue. even though people who are not college educated, aren't white collar professionals often work at the restaurants and these other kinds of places, are now told you can't have the access to do this? oh, but last year in 2020, it we
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found 6 people in a state with more than a million that didn't have an ied i.d. card that was the end-all and be all -- the ability to feed yourself and provide for your family and be self-sufficient is at stake with vaccine passports. all they are going to do is exacerbate the existing disparity in the number of people -- this is poor people as well as minorities who will be less likely to it partake in the vaccine with this technique. >> laura: we put up a graphic of the fully vaccinated in new york city. african-americans lowest number. biden administration wants to
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change that dynamic. that's their priority and i understand that. this will have a real world impact. >> this not how you do it. >> laura: shaming and bullying them and fining them. we talked to joseph and they will be hit with massive fines when they can't afford barely to stay in business. think about the people that's affecting. >> and the new professionals in charge of checking, let me see your papers, that person is likely not going to be a low income or a minority. this is an amazing set of circumstances. as i said, i am not too old to remember 2020 when i was told that by the way, an i.d. card that everybody uses for all activity its, if you find one person that can't go vote because they never got their
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i.d. card. that's the end of the world and it's evidence of the bigotry and racism. now we are saying you can't keep your job. you can't provide for yourself. you have to become a ward of the state. >> laura: it's a sham. we have to roll. >> people will leave new york quickly. >> laura: they are leaving already. last night we exposed another sham that is the bipartisan infrastructure bill. supported by 17 gop senators that would change the country in ways we would think unimaginage. tonight there is a new reason to oppose this bill. newt gingrich and jim jordan next.
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>> laura: you guys got played. you have to agree first. they still haven't shown the text of l legislation. -- their legislation. make them show it. >> will you tell us everything? >> laura: senator, i know you are doing this -- senator. >> $110-million for roads and
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bridges. >> laura: senator, you could have gotten that without giving away the store. i know you are talking loudly tonight to be persuasive but it's not working. as i did last night with senator casside i hold all 17 republicans including mitch mcconnell, all of the establishment gop accountable for the entitlement disaster about to unfold for americans. they will bankrupt our country and diminish our freedom and now gender identity is a protected class under the infrastructure bill. nice going guys. there is another reason not to give biden a lifeline. during a closed door lunch house democrats campaign chief delivered a blunt warning: if the mid-terms were held now
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they would lose the majority. a congressman advised the party to course correct and promote president biden's agenda. giving him an infrastructure win. joining me now newt gingrich and congressman jim jordan. newt, some gop members it seems like they don't want to win back congress supporting this infrastructure. going to 4 trillion dollars. >> well, i think some of the republicans tend to take a short term win and forget the largest gain. they feel good. they have been bipartisan. they are getting something done. the thing they are getting done -- as you pointed out, they have no idea what is in the bill. they have no veto over what is
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in the bill. they will get a bill which is dramatically worse than anything they agreed to. they will have no ability to change it. it's going to be a disaster. there is a wing of the republican party which is the wing that reagan opposed and the wing we opposed when i was speaker of the house. it's a wing which says you always have to find a way to be responsible. being responsible means selling out to the left. these 17, many are good friends and i have respect for them but they got suckered on. this it's the wrong thing to do. they ought to rethink enough. more than enough reason to vote against the bill when they see the bill. they have not seen the written language. there are plenty of opportunities for them to decide that was a mistake. i don't think i can go along with it. >> laura: it's 2700 pages long
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infrastructure bill. senator casside said he read it. that would have to be a speed reader. congressman jim jordan, some republicans including a fellow from ohio, what is going on here? it's obvious this is a 2-fer. it's not infrastructure on its own. >> right. only 10% of the bill is devoted to infrastructure. what is in the bill is the word equities mentioned over 60 times. in all of the time that speaker gingrich was in congress he never saw a infrastructure bill focussed on equity. it's a bunch of left wing spending and the democrats crazy economic play. lock down economies and pay people not to work and for those who are working they will raise your taxes. this is bad. what the republicans are
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thinking, i don't know. it's step 1 of a bigger spending bill coming later. you pointed this out last night in your interview. this is part of the crazy economic plan. i think it's why we are going to win. the election is not today but it's next year. i think we will win and take back the house. >> laura: newt, you giveaway some authority if the wise men in your party and women too are the people who give biden this win on infrastructure and glide right into 3.5-trillion dollars of family medical leave and bankrupting a future generation. this is insane? >> i am embarrassed to be called a republican when they are wanting it. >> look. there is the kind of behavior
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which led to the rise of the tea party from people who were furious at the failure of washington leadership. it led to 63% disapproval of republican leaders in the congress just before donald trump ran for president. people look at this and think what is the plan? why do we race the money and go out to vote? we are getting people suckered in. i don't mind if they can't play chess, but if they can't play tic-tac-toe something is wrong. at their luncheon this is anything and should bail on it. it will be worse than they think. the 2700 pages will be followed by 50,000 pages of regulations. there is more than enough reason for those 17 senators to decide they got suckered and the time has come to kill it and not move
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it forward. >> laura: congressman gordon, it's important to see how a former obama strategist is describing this. >> it's a one sided massacre of anti-trumpers. you are seeing it in this bipartisans infrastructure steal. >> president trump the leader of our party. americans appreciate he did what he said he would do when he was president. that's why we will win. these guys have done so many crazy things. crime and inflation and the crisis on the border. that's why we will win. people are frustrated with these guys and they will put republicans back in charge. >> laura: newt gingrich did not take the house back after 50 years of gop being locked out of
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the house because of these times of votes. i remember that night very well. great to see both of you. after today's damning ag-report on instances of sexual abuse andrew cuomo's political future seems doomed but could he face criminal charges and biden administration extending the moratorium on evictions, it's not just unconstitutional. it self-creates another crisis. stay there.
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this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. >> i have been making the same gesture in public all my life. i actually learned it from my mother and from my father. it is meant it to convey warmth, nothing more. i do it with everyone.
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black and white, young and old, straight and lbgtq. powerful people. friends. strangers. people who i meet on the street. >> laura: that's like an snl skit. i am speechless. governor cuomo one of the more bizarre defenses of accusations of sexual harassment ever assembled. i am weird and creepy but i didn't know do. that it was so bad even biden doesn't believe him. >> you said biden should resign? >> yes. >> if he doesn't resign do you
7:38 pm
think he should be impeached? >> let's take one thing at a timism think he should resign. >> laura: joining me now is the ceo of the center for american liberties. he is political damaged. we thought ralph was as well in virginia and still wreaking havoc in virginia. he is destroying this state little by little. what will happen? >> well, laura, the difference here is there are many victims within the statute of limitations to sue the governor and the state. it's a 3 year statute of limitations in fork. even on the federal statute they could make claims. -- there are criminal charges that could be brought against the governor for third degree sexual abuse touching someone even through clothing is
7:39 pm
a crime. the governor can't just brush this off like ralph northam did. impeachment is the correct remedy. >> laura: tonight the "new york times" is reporting that according to a person familiar with the process, it could take a month to complete the inquires and draw up the articles of impeachment. it doesn't take the democrats that long to impeach the president of the united states? >> great question. the issue about impeachment was raised in march of this year when the first articles of impeachment were brought in by republicans. democrats were slow rolling this. this report was worse than expected. the process could take time. this process is in the hands of
7:40 pm
the democrat head of the judiciary committee there. if they wanted to start tomorrow, they can. it's all according to political whim. they could speed it up. plenty of evidence before them. it's conclusive after today's report. >> laura: a lot of people that believe the attorney general wants to be the next governor of the state of new york. that's a little curious, isn't? a conflict of interest. she has big ambitions? >> yes, she would have to run for office. everybody has their own baggage. i don't think anyone should make any assumptions. democrats and the governors around him are all united in calling for him to resign.
7:41 pm
he is dragging down the democrat brand. that's what they care about. not about all these women or all the dead grandparents he caused. >> laura: we won't play his singing to his friend on the phone. but that was choice. thank you. while this was happening in new york joe biden talking to the far left in the house of representatives in the issue of rent forgiveness. the supreme court put the white house on notice that the president did not have the constitutional authority to extend a covid moratorium on evictions. but they don't care. biden is so terrified of the capitol camping crazies like cory bush that he is defying the courts. >> the bulk of the constitutional scholarship says that it's not likely to pass
7:42 pm
constitutional muster. but there are several key scholars who think it may. it's worth the effort. at a minimum, by the time it's litigated it will give additional time while we get the 45 billion dollars out to people. >> laura: why did bret kavanaugh not deal with it and threw it back. the court should have settled this. joining us victor davis hanson from the hoover institution. we don't have a functioning economic system anymore. if you are a landlord, you are providing free housing for as long as the squad says so which means forever. >> yeah, if you are a landlord, the only leverage you have over a tennant that won't pay or damages your property is the threat of eviction. you take that away you have foe
7:43 pm
clout. -- no clout. joe biden can defy the supreme court but he went can't defy the laws of humaninator. -- human nature. people won't rent or they will jack up the rent so high. you are seeing critical legal theory. these people don't believe in the law. on the border they don't enforce federal law. joe biden took an oath to execute the laws. there is no border. bernie sanders and aoc are above the law. we saw it with unemployment extension and extension so the incentives are not there to work. he feels that there is a new dawn awakening. we were warned. gavin newsom said this crisis gave us a chance to discover a new progressive capitalism.
7:44 pm
barack obama said look at capitalism where they are paying money back. it's been institutionalized by the biden administration. 1, they don't believe in the law as it is written. they feel they can answer to a higher law. joe biden just said that. and they feel it's not reciprocal. you could have a sanctuary city and violate federal immigration laws but don't say you can buy a gun without federal laws applying on gun ownership. it's never symmetrical. they are our moral superiors. they pick and choose laws to follow. >> laura: i said in january of 2019 that aoc, after she was elected, she would be the thought leader of the democratic
7:45 pm
party and i was laughed at because everyone thought she was so much out there. he is the thought leader. >> she is. >> laura: a canadian immunologyist says a big mistake was made with covid 19. he is here. stay there. (upbeat pop music in background throughout) what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> laura: this doctor is a professor of viral imnology in canada. he saw covid 19 focus to develop a vaccine. he brought up a new peer review study. the vaccination doesn't remain in the shoulder muscle and gets into the blood and can lead to cloth and bleeding and neurological problems and more. >> the spike protein, will we render some young people infertile? >> laura: here is that doctor. we will get to your response and
7:51 pm
the criticism in a minute. in lay man's terms explain what you came across in your research? >> yes, thanks for having me. this was a study. the data is pfizer's own data. they submited it to the japanese government. unlike the fda in the united states and health canada in my country, the japanese government requires additional data that our health agencies don't require. included in that data package was results of a study that looks at where the vaccine goes in the body. traditional vaccines when the vaccine is injected into the shoulder muscle, the vaccine would stay there. but in this case, the study indicated that as little as 25% of the dose remains in the shoulder muscle. the rest of the dose goes
7:52 pm
throughout the body seeding all kinds of tissues. there are a couple of concerns. there was a peer reviewed study that demonstrated that the spike protein that the vaccine causes our bodies to manufacture gets distributed throughout the blood stream. there is evidence the vaccine which carries the blueprint for the spike protein from the coronavirus goes throughout your body and in high concentrations in the ovaries. in the ovaries after 48 hours the amount of the vaccine left in the shoulder, females end up with 7% of that dose in the ovaries which is a concern. if the vaccine is seeding the ovaries, this is providing the genit blueprint to the cells in the ovaries meaning they will
7:53 pm
manufacture a spike protein. the spike protein itself can be toxic to the body. as we generate antibodies against the spike protein if cells in the ovaries are expressing that spike protein our own antibodies will attack ourselves. >> laura: you have been fact checked? >> that's correct. >> laura: experts say they found nothing of concern from the same study. one expert claimed the spike was not detected after the second dose because they developed anti-spike antibodies. they say you are cherry-picking data. >> what they are highlighting is the secondary concern of mine. my primary concern is the spike protein generated by the vaccine
7:54 pm
stays anchored to the surface of our cells but it's going throughout the body and seeding tissues like the lungs and intestines and spleen, we will cause cells to have this spike protein. as we mount an antibiotic response which takes 2 weeks and peaks at 3 weeks that clears the spike protein but it is now on our own cells. that's killing cells in our body. >> laura: we have a hard break. this is so important. we will have you back and continue to ask tough questions. thank you. cuomo should have heeded his own words. what does that mean? "the last bite" explains.
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>> laura: before we go. a walk down memory lane.
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>> you will get knocked on your rear end. you will deal with pain. you will deal with suffering. the question is: how do you get up? first, do you get up? second, if you get up, how do you get up? you get up smarter. >> laura: you be the judge. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> give that man a cigar. >> [cheers and applause]. [laughing]. >> [cheering]. >> greg: happy tuesday. if you


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