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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  August 4, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> look at that. the board walk in wildwood, new jersey, down the shore. a beautiful day there. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> love having you on. see you tomorrow? >> i don't know, maybe. >> bill: democrats are calling on andrew cuomo to -- good morning, everybody. midweek here, i'm bill hemmer live in new york. >> dana: i'm dana perino. >> bill: lovely jacket. >> dana: i'm so flattered. this is "america's newsroom." you could say it was a fall from grace but he didn't have really -- >> bill: i saw the pre-tape presentation. he knew it was coming. >> dana: i want to know who was the p.r. genius behind that and
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they should never work again. sorry. feeling strongly today. we're not the only ones. new york state assembly is ramping up the impeachment process after outside lawyers working under the attorney general concluded cuomo arrested about a dozen women. staffers as well as a state trooper. >> bill: investigators laying out the findings. cuomo remaining defiant in the pre-recorded response making it sound like it is one big misunderstanding. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> independent investigation found he harassed multiple women. >> i've been making the same gesture in pub politic all my life. >> some suffered through unwanted grabbing of their most intimate body parts.
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>> bill: new reaction, james scoop joins us in a moment. the news from bryan llenas here in studio in new york. >> the study 155 page report led investigators to conclude governor cuomo sexually harassed 11 employees. this selfie of an unnamed executive assistance and governor taken seconds after he allegedly groped her. the assistant says cuomo put her hands under her blouse. the district attorney is conducting a criminal investigation. investigators detailed a new allegation from a now 30-year-old state trooper who the governor personally asked to have assigned to his protective detail. >> in an elevator while standing behind the trooper he ran his finger from her neck down her spine and said hey you. another time she was standing holding the door open for the
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governor. as he passed, he took his open hand and ran it across her stomach from her belly button to her hip. >> charlotte bennett said the governor asked her about her previous sexual assault and made inappropriate sexual remarks. >> do you love, do you really love me. do you love me, do you care ♪ >> in a taped video response the governor denied all of the allegations. he included a video montage of him kissing and touching people and released dozens of photos showing the same. cuomo says everyday interactions are being weaponized against him. >> it is meant to convey warmth, nothing more. indeed, there are hundreds if not thousands of photos of me using the exact same gesture.
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>> charlotte bennett says cuomo needs to step down. >> i don't believe him and i don't want an apology. it is not necessary. it is fake. and his propaganda video was not only uncomfortable and inappropriate but down right weird and unnecessary. >> president biden is calling on cuomo to resign and 74% of new york state lawmakers mostly democrats. the speaker says they're moving to conclude their impeachment investigation. >> bill: we wait for the next step. bryan llenas thank you for that. >> dana: joining us is one of the many democrats calling for cuomo's resignation. what is the next step for you? >> look, the next step is waiting to see in the very near term whether the governor does the right thing here. everyone up to the president of the united states of his own party has called on him to step down and short of that if he doesn't do that immediately and by immediately i don't mean
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months or even weeks, i mean today, tomorrow, then the legislature ought to take the necessary step to remove him from the governor's mansion. look, there are two things that i'm going to say here. number one, it's over. there is no gray area, no maybe, no scenario in which the governor survives this. it is over. the writing is on the wall and it would be best for this state if the governor did this willingly. the second thing i'll say is that i don't believe it is going to come down to an impeachment vote. i don't think we'll get that far. once the governor sees that impeachment is going to happen, it is set to happen. the votes are there, he will step down. i don't think there will be an impeachment vote. i don't think we'll get to that point. make no mistake there is no scenario in which the governor survives this. >> bill: you are suggesting he takes it right up to the edge of the impeachment proceeding and then steps down. do you think that's the play here?
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>> i hope it doesn't come to him taking it right to the edge. look, i think it will take a number of weeks for the assembly from what i can tell to put together articles of impeachment and to move forward. this happened once in the entire history of new york state. it hasn't happened in over 100 years. it is not really a playbook. it will take a little bit of time but again the writing is explicitly on the wall here and it is just stunning to me and i think most people in the legislature the governor for the past 11 years or so has been the most powerful person in new york state by far. he wakes up this morning completely powerless, completely without allies or friends and on the brink of being removed from office. it is a stunning turn for someone who was by all measure the most popular politician last spring a little over a year ago. this is where he is today. >> bill: in some ways national as some people look at it. what happened in the meeting
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with lawmakers yesterday afternoon? >> look, i'm in the state senate. the meeting you are referencing was a state assembly democratic meeting. i served in the assembly for six years and look, it was -- i think about a 3 hour long meeting and i'm sure it was an emotional meeting for a lot of those members. some members of the legislature on the democratic side, myself included have had a tumultuous relationship with the governor over the years but he has had stalwart friends and allies. very close allies in the state assembly and the legislature and so i'm sure it was a painful meeting. >> dana: look what he does to his friends. the cover here. it's official, cuomo is a creep. also this from commentary magazine. cuomo the mad king, alone upon his throne. a narcissism so all encompassing it helped him believe the words he was
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speaking but everything he was described had a power dominance fetish. if the governor does not resign or not impeached, does the #metoo movement completely fall apart? do you think he has disgraced the democratic party especially in the state of new york? >> so look, your first question i think is mute. like i said before, there is no path to him riding this out. he back five months ago. i called him to resign five months ago back in march almost to the day. at that time you probably remember that he was pleading with new yorkers please give the attorney general time to conclude her report, to do her investigation. please do not cast judgment until i get that due process. now we've gotten that due process. the attorney general came out with a large report, in-depth investigation. nothing left to investigate.
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they interviewed almost 200 people and 70,000 documents. the attorney general ought to be lauded for her independence here. the due process is over. no way he survives this. forget about the #metoo movement and prospects and future of the #metoo movement, this is -- he is not able to survive this. it's over for governor cuomo. >> dana: thank you for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> bill: more to get to on this now. the a.g. report renewing chris cuomo advised him on the scandal and drafted a response. the younger cuomo did not address the story last night on his program. all of it making for a bit of a strange hand-off to the show that followed him. >> you know what? i love you, brother. i love you. >> bill: the younger cuomo said he can't cover his brother's scandal. compare it to last year when he
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repeatedly interviewed the governor on the handling of the pandemic. >> hope you are able to understand what it means for the rest of the country and those who love and care about you the most. i'm wowed by what you did and wowed by how you did it. >> bill: this will be awkward. see how cnn handles it. clear from the report yesterday he played a role in one of the statements that was made and crafted for a public response. >> dana: on email, right? >> bill: yes. >> dana: the other thing that's interesting. the fact that vice president kamala harris hasn't spoken yet is interesting. the first woman vice president, one of the top two leaders of the democratic party and we haven't heard from her yet even though president biden said he should resign. >> bill: think how she went after kavanaugh in the early days. >> dana: now you get me riled up again. good news out of the olympics this morning.
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check this out. we have stock becoming the first black american to win gold in women's wrestling and she had a hard time holding back her joy about representing the team. she was absolutely amazing. i don't think we have the sound yet but we're working on it. let's listen here. >> i'm really very happy and i keep trying not to cry. >> you are the second american woman to win gold. >> being olympic champ is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my entire life and i can say it's well worth it. >> dana: we'll talk more about her later. she has captured the gold and our hearts, i would say. >> bill: amazing woman. grew up in chicago and lives in houston, texas. took up wrestling late in life during high school. hasn't been in the sport for that long in the olympics. what you did not hear and we'll play it for you later is a reporter asked her how she feels wearing that flag around
6:12 am
her back and her response was just pitch perfect. i love america, i love my country. she turned from the reporter to look straight into the camera and delivered that message. >> dana: she will use some of her prize money to buy her mom a food truck. her mom has had this long dream and she is a good cook and makes great barbecue, which we would love to have here at new york. >> bill: no doubt. great story from tokyo. want to bring it to you. we'll get to it later in the hour. dramatic new video, surfside building collapse in florida. this is hard to watch. the first time we have seen it. here is a clip of that. >> i don't know what's going on. i can't see. are you guys okay? is there anybody injured? >> this is 1:30 in the morning. first responders finding total devastation on the scene. a live report what that tape tells us now. >> dana: vaccine passports
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coming to america's largest city. >> bill: biden administration using the government to revive the rent moratorium. the court said they could not. is it legal? >> that's what the point of this moratorium is, buy time. a huge victory for the power of direct action and not taking no for an answer. you need an ecolab scientific clean here. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal. veteran homeowners. while mortgage rates are still near all time lows, now helps the places you go too. home values just keep going up.
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6:19 am
vaccine passports and could this happen not just in new york city but across the country? >> yes and no. you are likely to see more local governments requiring proof of vaccination to get into indoor spaces but the white house has made it clear that it has no plans for a uniform national requirement. take a listen. >> we are not issuing federal passports, vaccine passports from the federal government. we know that private sector entities and other local alts will make their own decisions. >> the patchwork approach requiring proof of vaccination has some logistical challenges. the handwritten vaccine cards you get with shots are easily duplicated. official state i.d.s are harder to forge but difficult for visitors to obtain which may discourage tourism to states with such requirements. new york mayor bill deblasio says the benefits outweigh the challenges. >> we've heard from lots of folks in the business community
6:20 am
saying amen. this is really helpful because it makes the rules clear and it's the way to stop covid once and for all. >> bill: many state and local governments continue to focus instead on education and persuasion trying to convince people that getting the shots are the best way to protect them against the delta variant and protect people either too young to get vaccinated or too weak to benefit from the shots. dana. >> dana: we'll keep on top of it. thank you so much. >> bill: a host of questions from nicole saphier and former doj prosecutor and hello to both of you, doctor, will this encourage more to get vaccinated or not? >> i think you will see what other countries have seen. a small bump in vaccines for the next couple of days just because it will be an inconvenience for people but i don't think this is a good long-term solution. it doesn't make sense in terms of an endpoint. new york city has less than 20 cases per 100,000 population.
6:21 am
about 1 to 3 people dying daily and it completely ignores the fact that you have upwards of 10 million children with natural immunity who have such lower risk of a severity of covid than any vaccinated adult. unvaccinated children have the same risk as a vaccinated adult. at some point the united states has to start following the science and truly start acknowledging natural immunity and the fact that children are at very low risk. the vaccine passports don't make sense and don't follow the science. >> bill: watch that. you say we've gone from urging, to bribing, to mandating. is it legal? >> yeah, we have and look, to echo dr. saphier's point for a quick second. just because something is legally sustainable doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. we do under the constitution give a great deal of authority to local governments to take care of public safety. so there is a lot of discretion there for them to impose things.
6:22 am
1905 supreme court case that allowed massachusetts to mandate vaccinations for smallpox. however, the key will be whether it's tailored. federal laws kick in like ada and title 7:00 and carve-outs for health and religious beliefs. those are the types of things along with whether its every business or a smattering of types of businesses. they would be smart to keep away from mandating it for houses of worship. you start triggering serious constitutional problems. >> bill: a snapshot in new york. a lot say it's a red state and blue state thing. that doesn't seem to be the case. it's much more nuanced than that. in new york not yet vaccinated we're at 40%. we live in a city where it's 71% democrat. muse that number. among blacks fully vaccinated only 31%.
6:23 am
they lag behind hispanics and latino that are 42% among the fully vaccinated. white people 46% among fully vaccinated there. interesting headline, doc. "new york times." doctors see change in covid patients. if that's the case, why has the fda taken so long to give its stamp of approval on this if many cite the lack of approval why they don't get the vaccination? >> let's be clear with the headline. younger, sicker, quicker, it's because older are vaccinated. people younger are the ones being infected and hospitalized because of the vaccine efforts. in terms of the fda, listen, the bureaucratic bloat under the fd has, a lot of red tape. at this point 300 million doses given in the united states alone, the fda has said they're
6:24 am
accelerating the pfizer vaccine and putting it on a fast track. not cutting any safety corners, it just means it is cutting people in line and moving its way to the front of the list which over the year's worth of data. you have to remember human trials in the spring of 2020. we have ample safety and efficacy and manufacturing data they should be able to evaluate it and most likely give it the stamp of approval. >> bill: maybe in september. jim, you say no coincidence it came out the andrew cuomo news was announced. why is that? what's the tie? >> well, it might be more dana's lane to talk about press management. the bottom line is i don't think it's a coincidence they roll out the notion of this program before it's officially in our hands on a day where cuomo is essentially on fire. so i think deblasio knows there will be some pushback to this. it may not result in legal success but there is a lot of
6:25 am
reluctance to see government encroachment on private liberty and that's what this is. >> bill: you guys are great. thank you on the law and the medicine. >> dana: yesterday there was also dr. francis collins. he was on a different network yesterday morning in which he said that fully vaccinated adults should wear masks inside the home if they have young children. >> bill: you have to wear a mask around your family. >> dana: then he walked that back and what he wrote. let me clarify the masking message i garbled in this morning. mask out in public indoor settings. no need to mask at home. >> bill: you don't need to wear it at dinner, right? >> dana: you have to be cautious in your words here, people. >> bill: there was a dinner in washington, d.c. over the weekend when the washington mayor came out with the suggestion for masks and what you should be doing and a picture that showed her sitting.
6:26 am
>> dana: indoors seated at a wedding without a mask. she said it was about conservative media going after her. guess what? four pinocchios from the "washington post". >> bill: here is what she said. do we have the sound bite? she talked about right wing wing nuts going after her. the evidence is in the photo. >> dana: pinio owes. >> a top campaign officials -- the white house scrambling to get control of the southern border as the migrant surge turns into a health crisis. >> you said there is no wall high enough and no ocean wide enough to protect us from the virus. so what is the thinking behind letting untested and unvaccinated migrants cross the southern border? two and a.
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6:32 am
southern border now a health crisis as the surge of covid positive migrants are crossing into the united states. now the biden administration is reportedly planning to offer vaccinations to those already in custody. our own peter doocy questioning the president about his policies yesterday. >> what is the thinking behind letting untested, and unvaccinated migrants cross the southern border? >> president biden: we have not withdrawn the order. unaccompanied children is a different story because there is -- that's the most humane thing to do is to test them and treat them and not send them back alone. >> dana: bill melugin, what are you seeing this morning, bill? >> good morning. we're seeing what we see every single morning that we've seen for the past few months. another group of migrants here, what's left of a larger group waiting to be apprehended here. something that happens like clockwork every day on the heels of "washington post" reporting the biden
6:33 am
administration is planning to offer the vaccine to migrants as cases continue to surge at the border not just within the migrants but within border patrol agents. take a live look at our drone over this bridge in mission, texas. we've been showing it to you guys all week long. typically barely any people under the bridge. in recent days hundreds are packed underneath there. sunday well over 1,000 as the border surge showing no signs of slowing down here in the rio grande valley. we talk about what we see in la joya, texas every morning and night. last night another group of migrants walking up the road once they cross the rio grande, they walk around the incomplete border wall. walk here to this park in la joya, texas and give themselves in. pulse taken, health checks. happens every day. look at this video we shot right here this morning. part of that group we just showed you in the live shot just now. started off as a much bigger group. border patrol telling us in the area they apprehended more than
6:34 am
500 people overnight. a sense of how many people are streaming in here day in, day out. take a look at these wild photos in a city where border patrol apprehended five illegal immigrants wearing come mrauj and evading them. they had binoculars and knives they had stolen from a nearby ranch house. it goes to show you there is a criminal element as well. not all these family units being willing to turn themselves in. railroad criminals mixed in and people actively trying to get away from border patrol. the biden administration according to the "washington post" set to start offering covid-19 vaccines to migrants here at the border. the question is, they are offering those vaccines, not mandating them. it is up to the migrants if they want to take them. ice official told fox news that 30% of the migrants in their custody were refusing the covid-19 vaccine when they offered it. we'll have to see how that plays out. >> dana: where will they be if
6:35 am
they need a second shot? we might not know the answer to that yet. >> bill: another alert. this time on the crime in atlanta. police are on the hunt for the killer of a 40-year-old woman by the name of kathryn janice and her dog in atlanta's popular piedmont park about a week ago. the mayor dismissing the idea a serial killer could be on the loose. >> there have been several rumors that there is a serial killer on the loose in our city. we don't have any evidence of that. also that this was a hate crime. as of now, we don't have any proof of that as well. >> bill: that stabbing that we reported on last week happened the same day that 18-year-old tory lang was found shot to death in a park 20 miles away. the two killings are not related whatsoever according to officials. >> dana: house democrats
6:36 am
sounding the alarm on their chances in the mid-terms after a top party leader warned they would lose the house majority if the elections were held today. we're not afraid of this data or trying to hide it. if democrats use it we'll hold the house. that's what the data tells us. we have to get in action. national journal of politics editor joins me now. lots of reasons for this. one of them would be the fact there is crime going up and we heard from democrats that were able to hold on and win they almost lost because of the whole defund the police notion. a map of los angeles, minneapolis, portland with defund the police was successful and you look at the crime rates in those cities that chose to defund the police. austin up 96%. minneapolis 19 and others up. how does the crime issue figure in here? >> crime is rapidly becoming one of the top issues for voters across the country. and the reason it's such a
6:37 am
powerful issue, dana, is that the polling shows it is not just republicans that are saying crime is a big issue. you have a lot of democrats especially in the big cities that are really, really worried about the trend lines, about the homicide rate in many of those cities reaching 20 year or more highs. this is a bipartisan issue. it's an issue where democrats developed some scar tissue because so many of the more progressive lawmakers were saying defund the police for months and months last year. and now there is a backlash. now we are seeing the results of that type of rhetoric. democrats have been wise knowing it is not a good political slogan and biden is now talking about spending more money to get more police. a little too late and the damage has been done. >> dana: the other issue is the possibility of inflation, cost of consumer goods have been surging. headline inflation rate june 2021 was 5.4%. anyone who tried to rent a car
6:38 am
knows it is nearly impossible. 90% up. airline fairs and used cars and trucks. and bacon and related products up 8.4%. milk that people need to buy, 7 1/2%. inflation, is that something that figures into what this democratic leader was trying to warn people about? >> look, dana, democrats thought they would be running on the economy in the summer of 2021. they thought the economy would be a winning issue and by passing trillions of dollars in spending, by talking about more spending potentially to come that this would be an issue that voters would look to the democrats and say they're trying to help us out. the reality is voters vote on the state of their own personal finances. they vote on the state of the economy not whether you are writing $1,000 checks to a lot of americans. if the economy isn't good at large voters won't be rewarding the party in power. so this poll is really an eye opener for democrats.
6:39 am
the democratic poll shows in the battleground districts 6 point lead for republicans. that's a big surprise for them and it shows that you may have individual initiatives that are popular but when the economy isn't living up to expectations you won't get credit for any of that stuff. >> dana: how will the far left and moderate wings of the democratic party deal with something like this? >> well, the test coming up will be whether the democrats can kind of get their left wing in line over the infrastructure spending bill, a more limited bit of spending for roads and bridges and so on. the left wants to scuttle that unless they get another $3.5 trillion in spending on social priorities. that is not going to fly for a lot of these swing voters, that degree of spending passes. >> dana: we'll see, it is not too early to talk about the mid-terms if the democrats are this worried at this point. thank you so much.
6:40 am
>> bill: interesting development there. meanwhile the biden administration bowing to pressure from the hard left. the supreme court said you can't do the moratorium on evictions. john kennedy is coming up next. so many delicious snacks. -they're -- -nope. would you say, ballpark, when group two is gonna get boarded? 2 hours and 58 minutes. progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. someone should've left home earlier.
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>> bill: you -- ban on evictions. after the white house said it's hands were tied by a recent supreme court ruling at the end of june. they lost that ruling. here we are in august and they're going back to it regardless. republican senator john kennedy louisiana member of the judiciary committee. good day to you. a few questions for you. your colleague tom cotton tweeted biden admits it's unconstitutional and he concludes with the word lawless. what's going on in that town? >> i think it is unconstitutional. that has never stopped the permanent washington types from doing something. i do think it's unconstitutional and i think it's unwise. i don't want anybody to have to lose their home but look, it is time that we rejoin the world. and we have spent -- we meaning
6:46 am
the congress -- about $4.7 trillion helping the american people recover from the coronavirus. our economy is clearly recovering and in my state we sent louisiana $550 million to help people with rental assistance and only spent 50. that tells me there is not a big need there. >> bill: okay. among your colleagues then what do they tell you about the natural forces of capitalism? you can look to some of these states right now in nebraska unemployment is 2 1/2%. that's awesome. and utah 2.7%. new hampshire and south dakota it's 2.9%. idaho 3%. your point about the economy recovering is well taken. at what point do we take our foot off the gas?
6:47 am
>> we're there. we have had a v-shaped recovery. we have -- we're now generating a gdp that is slightly greater than it was before the pandemic started. we have what, 10 million jobs that we can't fill, we set a record last quarter, we will probably set a record this quarter. our economy is back. and it is time that -- now, we still have the virus with us, which we can talk about, but it is time to rejoin our lives and we can't give free rent to everybody. if you want free rent, there is nothing free, bill. everything free somebody had to work for. >> bill: this is like free rent to infinity. i pulled those unemployment numbers for the "wall street journal." the headline.
6:48 am
eviction ban has to end sometime. tenants and landlords have to work it out and better now than later. supreme court said you can't do this after july. it is august now. should the supreme court have an emergency ruling and come back and say that's against the law? >> yes. and i suspect somebody will file suit and try to get in front of the supreme court. now whether the supreme court will take the case or not i don't know. but let me say it again with permanent washington types who run this place and under this administration make most of the decisions, the constitution is just a nuisance. >> bill: you mention covid. here is your state where it ranks, in the bottom five of vaccination, louisiana checks in at 37.1%. behind you alabama, mississippi, arkansas and wyoming. what is happening and why you think people are hesitant? >> this is america. we're all entitled to our opinion. here is mine.
6:49 am
number one, the vaccine works, the nrna messenger technology works. it is the single greatest achievement of the trump administration. i have -- i believe in it and have taken two shots. if they came to me and said in order to get a booster you've got to take a shot in the eyeball, i would do it. why? because i don't want to die. this stuff is like playing russian roulette. it can kill you. number two, if you want to wear a mask in my opinion you should, if you don't you shouldn't. the mask issue is not nearly as important as trying to get people seriously think about taking the vaccine. number three, we're in a fourth wave. the single biggest thing that has undermined our efforts to make the american people understand we're in the fourth wave is president obama's decision to hold a birthday bash with 400 people. now, i've never seen something so irresponsible.
6:50 am
he knows better. he needs to cancel it and have a beer and a personal pan pizza at home with his wife. >> bill: he has done just that. only family and friends. scaled it back for this weekend. >> he needs to cancel it. scaling it back don't get it. >> bill: we'll speak again soon. >> dana: the lights are coming back on at broadway. a lot has changed since covid shut things down more than a year ago. theatergoers can expect new restrictions when they go to the theater. hi, lydia, in times square. >> bill: when patrons arrive at the threater to see the preview of the play passover they have to provide proof of vaccination and wear a mask to gain entry inside. now, these mandates that were announced last week apply to all 41 theaters in new york city. bruce springsteen's performance that reopened under similar protocols required vaccination
6:51 am
but did not require masks. tonight's play reopening under the mandates will test ticket sales. a particular challenge for broadway now is tourism in the city. 65% of the audience is made up of tourists. whether local interests will be enough to make up the ticket sales even as the mandates are imposed. the broadway league says in a typical year about 75% of seats are needed to be sold for a performance to stay open. sustained low attendance over a couple of weeks could jeopardize of production. the cost of reopening evening with the restrictions is estimated between 1 and 4 million and a complicating factor of the mayor's announcements yesterday and restrictions on restaurants. pretty soon dinner out and a broadway show will be reserved for the vaccinated only. >> dana: lydia with that update. >> bill: changing by the day,
6:52 am
right? in a moment we have the story of the red, white, blue, gold. olympic medalist who will melt your heart. don't miss this coming up. ♪♪♪ veteran homeowners, newday usa is holding the line on interest rates. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest in their history. two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. save thousands a year. verizon launched the first 5g network and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g, by giving every customer a new 5g phone. old customers. new customers. families. businesses. every customer. from these bakers to these bakers. hello! new 5g phones when you trade in your old ones. cracked, busted, sticky buttons and all thank you. upgrade your phone. upgrade your network.
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6:58 am
trend of activist owe olympians and says how much she loved her country. >> i'm having a better morning. i got to watch the interview for the 900th time. this is just the story that we should be talking about. so often we've been seeing the headlines about gwen berry and what she did turning her back on the flag, covering her face during the national anthem. i thought why are we talking about this when we could be talking about someone who shows passion for their country and this woman came the day. she won our hearts. she was asked by a reporter what does it mean to you to represent your country? it was a genuine excitement. the words are one thing. anyone can say words. the genuine excitement and giddy and happy and she pumped her fist and said i love representing the usa. i got up and i said i love the usa. >> bill: she said i freaking love living here.
6:59 am
we can't show it because? >> dana: nbc is holding it back. they have the exclusive. why not give this young woman a chance to shine and have this sound bite? she said i love representing the u.s. i freaking love living here. i'm so happy i get to represent the usa. also pretty interesting. she wins $37,000 and she said $30,000 of it will go to her mother to buy her mom the dream that she has had, a food truck. >> she doesn't even eat meat. my mom makes the best barbecue. that's an accomplishment itself. this shows people watch the olympics not just for the sports. they watch it for the inspirational stories. she gave us that inspirational story. like you said she is something -- i've always been a firm believer that athletes are role models. the fact that she chose to give the $30,000 and she only got
7:00 am
$37,000. she gives $30,000 to her mom. >> bill: why can we run that clip and not run the sound bite? because the reporter said how do you feel about that? >> dana: i didn't do it as well as she did. she was genuine and her enthusiasm is contagious. >> bill: it really is. a good news story. thank you. said they should get out of the way they they aren't going to follow guidance. >> bill: how are you feeling? >> dana: great. how are you? >> bill: excellent. >> dana: a lot of governors think the federal government is in the way. >> bill: that's probably what they would say. president biden trying to clear up confusion as the delta variant spreads strange the healthcare system. at the same time the white house is facing a lot of questions about allowing
7:01 am
unvaccinated and untested migrants to enter the country illegally and release them into communities all over the 50 states. georgia governor brian kemp saying earlier mandates don't work. mixed messages lead to only more confusion. >> these mandates haven't worked. it makes it worse when governments are not consistent. i've been consistent for 15 months. we have mixed messages coming out of the white house and cdc and other places, national institute of health. that's why people don't trust the government anymore when it comes to covid guidance. >> bill: here is the man who tried yesterday with a question to the president. >> i'm doing well. good morning, president biden has particularly harsh words for the leaders of texas and florida. but his message for any place in the country now that is not promoting masks or vaccines is this. >> president biden: i say to these governors please help. if you aren't going to help, at least get out of the way for
7:02 am
people trying to do the right thing. use your power to save lives. >> as the delta variant spread barack obama's 60th birthday party is off. a spokeswoman says president obama is appreciative of others sending birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon. many international travel restrictions remain in place to keep covid out except at the southern border. so we asked the president about that. >> what is the thinking behind letting untested and unvaccinated migrants cross the southern border into u.s. cities in record numbers? >> president biden: we have not withdrawn the order that is sometimes critical -- criticized saying that unvaccinated people should go back across the border. >> the president is meeting with his team today to talk about preventing future
7:03 am
pandemics. no public events on the schedule right now. >> bill: thank you, peter, nice to see you. you got another shot soon. we'll wait and watch for that. >> dana: i have one thing to say about that. the president should take more questions and should take questions from peter doocy. you get him at the podium and it is bert. -- better. >> bill: you need to hear the whole thing in context. the president pivoted away from him and went to other questions. it is interesting there is such a lack of curiosity about ot white house reporters at the border. if you have to go back to vaccinations and masking, peter's question is so legitimate. how do you justify the thousands and thousands that have come across the border on a daily basis? it doesn't make sense. it doesn't add up. he tried to get to it and he tried. >> dana: new york's embattled governor cuomo is facing calls
7:04 am
to resign after an investigation found he sexually harassed 11 women. he remains defiant. >> he harassed former employees. >> the facts are much different than what has been portrayed. >> he sexually harassed multiple women. many of whom who young women by engaging in unwanted groping, kisses, hugging, and by making inappropriate comments. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> governor cuomo's administration fostered a toxic workplace that enabled harassment. >> i have always said my office is a demanding place to work and that it is not for everyone. politics and bias are
7:05 am
interwoven throughout every aspect of this situation. one would be naive to think otherwise. >> dana: so is power and corruption. the front cover of today's "new york post." it's official, cuomo is a creep. ron kim has been a fierce critic of cuomo since the pandemic nursing home scandal and he is calling for impeachment proceedings to begin immediately and he joins us now. do you believe those will start quickly? >> i believe my colleagues in the assembly want to push for immediate impeachment if the governor does not step down. and i believe it will take -- he will take shape the next few days. >> bill: how long would that last, that particular proceeding? >> well, i don't think any of us would want to drag this out. the impeachment process and trial may take up a couple of months in my opinion. and no one wants to see that especially at a time when we need leadership, when the pandemic is spreading once
7:06 am
again with the delta variant. we need leaders across the aisle to work together to make sure we can protect the people of new york and this governor is an executive without a mandate and a total distraction for all of us. >> dana: the "wall street journal" wrote this in the editorial. andrew cuomo standard we're about to find out if democrats believe what they say about having no tolerance for sexual harassment. if they do, they have little choice other than to move to impeach andrew cuomo as governor of new york. you've been around the governor for a while and you've been a critic of his and you know the kind of political machine that he runs. what did you think of his response yesterday and the montage of him basically saying nothing to see here, rather than owning up to the power dynamics that he has as governor of new york? >> it's gas lighting at its best. i want to acknowledge the 11 women who bravely stepped up at a time when our society and culture often do not believe in
7:07 am
a woman. it is up to us as lawmakers to protect their voice and others who may not feel comfortable to step up and speak out against this executive. he broke the law. the top prosecutor in the state of new york had claimed that he broke federal and state laws. we have as a legislative body an ethical and legal duty to remove when imfrom his position of power. >> bill: here is part of the defense that was played out in his defense yesterday. >> i do it with everyone, black and white, young and old, straight and lgbtq, powerful people, friends, strangers. >> bill: this went on for several minutes and was pre-recorded. he had an idea what was coming his way i think we can safely assume that is the case.
7:08 am
if he were to step down, what happens to the investigation on the nursing home deaths during covid? >> oh, we will continue. i will make sure that my colleagues and i continue to investigate him. but him stepping down is a critical first step because right now as long as he is in a position of power he can leverage public resources, his political capital to dodge accountability. at the end of the day that's what this is about. impeachment doesn't necessarily equate to accountability but it removes him from a position of power so we can continue to hold him accountable for the thousands of unnecessary deaths that were under his leadership in the state of new york. >> dana: does he have any supporters in the democratic party of new york at this point? >> at this point i can confidently say there are no democrats at the local, state, federal level who are supporting or stand with the governor. >> dana: so he stands alone?
7:09 am
>> he stands alone. executive without a mandate and no partners and distraction to the public safety of new york. >> bill: ron kim, thank you for your time. >> dana: appreciate you. >> bill: thanks for coming in here today. a lot of this action according to new york state law begins on the house side in the assembly. it takes 76 votes to impeach cuomo. the 43 member republican congress would probably support a move unanimously. how many democrats would vote with it? many -- half of the 107 democrats called on cuomo to resign back in march. only a handful supported the process of immediately holding an impeachment. a lot of things have changed from then. >> dana: honorable thing would be to step down today but i don't think honorable is in his vocabulary. >> bill: the ban of evictions with the cdc order. it applies to places seeing high transmission rate of the delta variant.
7:10 am
some landlords are stuck footing the bill for unpaid rent. here is what senator kennedy told us last hour. >> i do think it's unconstitutional and i think it's unwise. i don't want anybody to have to lose their home but look, it is time that we rejoin the world and my state we sent louisiana $550 million to help people with rental assistance and we've only spent 50. so that tells me there is not a big need there. >> bill: dan springer picks up the story in seattle. good morning. dan, we're live on the air, hello. >> dana: all right. we will try to get to dan. i think the story is really important. the fact that the bureaucracies is making it so difficult as well if you are a renter and need help it is difficult to navigate. if you are a landlord and you need help you can't get there. plus there are lots of
7:11 am
complicating factors. cori bush from st. louis slept on the steps of the capitol on behalf of the renters. what about the mom and pop landlords who will sleep on the steps of the capitol for them? >> bill: the moral hazards you have when you continue to crank out billions of dollars out of washington and try to find your footing where the market should be stabilized. a vicious attack on the streets of new york city. a man punching an asian woman for no reason at all. how do we stop it? >> bill: another city pouring thousands of dollars into anti-racist training as the city loses police officers. does that make sense? tyrus is on that coming up. >> on top of spitting in the officers' faces by having them
7:12 am
be understaffed you push critical race theory, a complete racist ideology. these leaders should be ashamed of themselves for what they've done to the police department.
7:13 am
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7:18 am
allowed property owners to recoup some of the losses but it says apartment owners are out $27 billion. there was one man who sold a rental building in seattle because he can't make all the payments. >> our politicians talk about wanting more affordable housing. they are creating all the ordinances that create an impossible balance of power between landlords and tenants. we can't maintain a safe environment for our good tenants because of a couple bad ones. >> it was put in place the slow the spread of covid when millions of americans were laid off during government shutdowns. supreme court upheld it narrowly but indicated it wouldn't be allowed past july 31st without congress passing a law. well yesterday the cdc ignored that court directive and instituted a moratorium in places where covid infections are up. eight states across the country have their own eviction moratorium in place. washington is one.
7:19 am
they aren't affected by the cdc's move yesterday but again they have their own moratorium in plates and landlords can't evict if people are trashing their apartments. >> bill: the sand is moving beneath them as we speak. thanks for that. >> dana: police and first responders in one new york county could be able to sue protestors who harass, attack or hurt them simply because of their job. the nasa county legislature advancing the bill on monday. the measure needs to be signed by the county executive who says she will consult with the state's attorney general before making a final decision. >> bill: interesting story, right? nypd blue stood on the street taking it in 2020. austin, texas had to spend $10,000 a day on anti-racist training for police officers in this town after the city cut $150 million from the budget last year. it is now losing 15 to 20 officers a month and seeing a 96% increase in crime.
7:20 am
response time now topping nine minutes. that's not a good formula. want to bring in tyrus on this. hello to you, sir. >> the sand comment, phenomenal. you always raise the bar. thank you so much. this is tragic. a complete waste of money. to spend $10,000 a day when it could go into the pockets of a law enforcement officers that's desperately needed. you might as well say it's 100%. the response time is now over nine minutes for someone who is in trouble. unbelievable how much. but the good news is we'll have kind of ated people on the early slave trade if you don't blame portugal, spain, and europe but they will be able to do that and it will come in handy with problem solving with the bank robber, put the gun down and talk about critical race theory. the sand is loosening under that thing. >> dana: the former tucson
7:21 am
police officer on "fox & friends" this morning talking about the issue in austin, watch. >> the city leaders in austin are either stupid or evil because there is no way in the world you care about your citizens when you are putting them in danger by defunding the police and putting the police in a bad situation where they they don't have enough staff and then on top of spitting in the officers' faces by having them be under staffed you push critical race theory, a complete racist theory. >> dana: "the new york times" editor said biden's honeymoon is over. the 2021 rate is 6.2 homicides for 100,000 people on track to become the highest recorded in the united states is more than 20 years. people are paying attention. >> here is the -- i wish it was a simple case and where i disagree with him. they are not evil and stupid. they are unaffected. so when you have your own
7:22 am
security team and your own protection and live in neighborhoods you don't have crime in, it is easy to want to defund the police because it doesn't affect you. until it starts affecting their homes and their neighborhood then they will want to take the $10,000 a day and try to get police officers to come back to work. in itself i don't know how we do. the police officers still willing to work now just want to say thank you. it was already ridiculously tough job as it is. now it is fashionable to be disrespectful and not respect police officers. >> bill: critical race theory. in louisiana are parents talking about that now? my sense is most people are just now being enlightened about what the teaching is all about. >> i recently did a podcast on real talk talking about critical race theory. if you actually talk about it, let's talk about it. the thing is, it's not fun if you actually read it. because every part of this world at one time or another
7:23 am
worked with slavery, human cargo was as important as gold and land was back in the 15th century. america didn't invent it. the only thing that america did different than the other nations involved they had a war over it to stop it. if you want to talk about critical race theory as it should be, you can't blame whites. if you will blame a certain ethnic group. there is enough blame to go around with the countries at the time. portugal. they had a great armada. if we look at it, it was the american -- the white americans in this country who worked together with african-americans with brown people to fight to get change when we had to deal with it for 400 years. that is not what should be discussed but there are no -- i'm getting the wrestler's shirt as soon as it comes out.
7:24 am
it will be a big shirt full of flags and excitement. >> dana: i thought you would like that. >> bill: when i saw that video yesterday it crossed around 5:00 in the afternoon i walked out of here and i had a smile on my face. i felt good. >> dana: everybody on the five was trying to get it as their one more thing. nobody succeeded. we'll make up for it today. she is america's one more thing. dramatic new footage in the aftermath of the building collapse in surfside. you can see police running through the dust and smoke in search of survivors. the white house sending ice agents to the southern border despite touting progress in the migrant crisis. is this a quick fix or will it help? former acting ice director tom homan will join us next. ♪♪♪
7:25 am
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7:30 am
>> bill: fox news alert. police in florida releasing body cam footage from the morning of the deadly building collapse in surfside. some of this is disturbing video and the first time we've seen it ourselves. at 1:30 in the morning this is what the first responders found when they arrived. >> the >> bill: a chaotic scene. 98 people killed on that tragic day in june. steve harrigan has more live for us now. steve. >> i think the most upsetting thing for many people who see this police body cam footage is
7:31 am
the audio. these officers arrived just moments after that 13-tower collapsed killing 98 people. when they get on scene they aren't sure what happened as they move through the dust with their flashlights they can hear people calling out for help. i'm over here and they can also hear people simply moaning in pain. one officer tries to see what he can through that fog and through that dust. >> hello? where are you? are you okay? >> no. >> are you okay? is anybody down their injured? >> those are agonizing sounds. just two people pulled from the rubble almost immediately. only two people were saved who were pulled out of there. most of those cries you are hearing are cries of people who died. a second officer on scene tried to get people out of the part of the building that was still standing trying to hustle them out of that building. the first responders were unsure how long the building would stay up. how stable it was.
7:32 am
so despite that uncertainty they really kept going to try to save as many people as possible. finally one survivor of the collapse came on scene with police. his mother was still on a balcony inside that partially collapsed building and asked police if he could go to her aid. >> hold on, hold on. >> police said he couldn't go so he basically standing there unable to go to try to help his mother. it was simply too unsafe. now it is still uncertain what caused the collapse and first responders worked for a month at that site to recover and identify the remains of those 98 people. back to you. >> bill: we watched a lot of it and saw you there on scene first. steve harrigan. thank you. >> dana: we've been reporting for months on the flood of migrants overwhelming border patrol. reinforcements are reportedly on the way to areas swamped in the form of 300 ice agents. those agents expected to use
7:33 am
ankle brace lets to track people. they are sending additional ice reinforcements. what does it say to you? >> it shows me they are continuing to manage the optics of this crisis rather than managing the crisis. look, the drone video from fox news that showed 1,000 under that bridge, they can't sustain that type of optic. so they are sending reinforcements to process people quicker so you don't see the overcrowding. remember president biden and the vice president were bragging how they made a lot of progress because people aren't in border patrol custody. no overcrowding border patrol facilities. they release and process them quickly. the drone video hurt. they are more concerned with the optics. they'll send reinforcements. nothing to slow the flow or enforce law. just process and release quickly so it doesn't appear to
7:34 am
be a crisis. i applaud them for doing this, hopefully that will mean more border patrol agents get back to the line quicker and do their mission. there is a positive to this but they are doing it for the wrong reasons, absolutely wrong reasons. >> dana: the white house press secretary was asked about progress at the border yesterday and here is what she said. >> we also have made great progress in moving people through border patrol facilities especially, of course, children and getting them into places where they can be treated with safety. >> dana: she is trying to say look, we say there is progress. what you are saying is the optics of the drone video shows the opposite. so that those messages are in contrast with one another. >> look, they think that releasing people quicker and processing them quicker is a success. it is another enticement. people are watching what happens. you cross the border this administration will work hard and fast to release you and buy you a bus and plane ticket.
7:35 am
what the reporter should ask her, can you name one thing this administration has done to enforce the laws on our border and to slow the flow to try to gain control of the unprecedented numbers coming across this border every day? can you name one thing, please? she would be silent. they haven't done a single thing to slow the flow. >> dana: the progressive left and squad is critical of ice. they've been quiet so far on this, perhaps they recognize they also have an optics problem and political problem there but also the covid issue. the delta variant is quicker and it is more deadly for some people that aren't vaccinated and when president biden was asked about this yesterday by peter doocy kind of like saying we aren't going to rescind title 42 just yet and moved off of it pretty quickly. >> he also said we are going to let children in because it's humane. let's understand two things. 70% of what he calls children
7:36 am
are 16 and 17-year-olds. second of all he didn't mention the family units brought. in third that no one is talking about. we can talk about it. aliens from 140 different countries have come across that border. mexico only takes back those from central america and other spanish speaking countries. those from african and european nations are being released into the united states and turned over to ice. just last week those iced in custody were ordered to release. a vast amount of illegal aliens from around the world are being released in our country every day with covid. that's a fact. while the northern border remains closed and we are being asked to remask and vaccination check. they release covid cases every day across the country buying them a plane or bus ticket to our communities. they cannot run from this. that's a fact and they can't hide from it. >> dana: tom homan, thank you for coming on today. we'll keep on it. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: sometimes it feels like we haven't covered it.
7:37 am
>> jamie diamond was grilled about doing business with communist china. >> people look at you for leadership. you go in there and open up shop now and expand your operations in china after what we know about the ccp? >> you may not believe this. american foreign policy wants j.p. morgan to properly expand to serve american and other companies and be part of that. it is at the point in time they decide they don't want to do it we simply won't do it. i think they're barking up the wrong tree. me jumping and responding all the time like a bunny is not going to fix the world. >> you think any contract you sign will be backed by a rule of law in china. >> every country when we sign a contract different rules apply. the rules in china i don't like them but we sign with eyes open. >> dana: interesting to hear from him and great questions by maria as well. >> bill: it is not just about
7:38 am
china and everything. covid, how america is in the world. the new economy coming out of the pandemic fits into the new world. real estate market. what happens to the future of new york. she covered a ton of ground. you can see it on fox business and check it out online. >> dana: a passenger restrained with duct tape on a frontier airlines flight. yeah, that happened. why the flight attendants were forced to take drastic action and violent crime surges in new york city. will a change in leadership bring safety back to the big apple? >> we're in the midst of this reform movement that is going too far too fast.
7:39 am
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>> dana: a drunk passenger wreaking havoc on a frontier airlines flight. watch this guy. the man allegedly groping two flight attendants before punching a third forcing the crew to duct tape the unruly passenger to his seat. he has been charged with three misdemeanor counts of assault. the three flight attendance have been placed on leave pending an investigation.
7:44 am
they should give them a bonus for having to deal with that. >> bill: that clown? >> dana: he was screaming his parents were worth millions of dollars. i'm sure they're very proud -- not. we used to. that's from the 80s. >> bill: nypd on the lookout for suspects from unprovoked attacks tuesday. a 68-year-old asian woman was punched in the head. a 70-year-old woman was slapped in the face in mid town manhattan tuesday afternoon. joe borelli is a new york city councilman. what's happening in this town? >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> bill: what's going on? >> look, we are seeing an unprecedented rise in crime that has been occurring over the past few years and we have to look back at what the catalysts are.
7:45 am
two years ago democrats who govern this city and state made a radical decision to start dismantling our law enforcement traditions and our criminal justice procedures. the result has been the spike in crime. and until we see really a change at the top, until we see things like bail reform be reformed itself and bail be given to inmates, we aren't going to see a change for the better. >> bill: here are your numbers, murders 2021, 245 for the first of august, by the way. you are at 245 as compared to the year prior. rapes 842, felony assault 12,481. the problem is i live here and i don't see an end to this. >> no, again until police officers can rest assured that the people they lock up are not going to be let out and let off ryker's island before their police tour is over you won't see the results.
7:46 am
we've had this fundamental dismantling of the police department. we've had defund the police and ended our undercover anti-crime teams. it is good to hear people like eric adams say he will restore the undercover units but realistically until the state makes necessary changes and reforms the law, even if we catch people they will be let out very early. if we caught those two guys who were recently shown in that video on the back of mopeds shooting into a crowd. if we caught those people before we fired those rounds they would have been let out on bail reform law. the police really have their hands full because the criminal justice system is not following through. >> bill: here is how bill bratton put it. he was on our show yesterday. give it a listen. >> i'm sorry, there are a lot of very bad people in our society and they need to be separated from the rest of us. currently the progressive left is really pushing the idea of alternative types of treatment
7:47 am
rather than incarceration. if you've been arrested 90 times and arrested carrying a gun we need to keep those people away from society. >> bill: i think he states it so well, joe. the trend is going that way. did you get a sense that it's coming back? >> yeah, certainly. look, he is right. even in the most crime plagued neighborhoods it's 1% or 2% of people committing all the violent crime. the mayor earlier this year announced ryker's island had the lowest population since world war ii. if that corresponded with the lowest crime and crime victim numbers we've had since world war ii we would be praising bill deblasio. but we're making arrests, letting people out and 100% the radical aoc wing of the party doing this. thankfully you have people that like eric adams and like curtis lee running on the republican ticket saying we'll vow to
7:48 am
restore criminal justice in new york city. >> bill: you heard with the d.a. in la and you wonder if the new d.a. in new york will do something people. there are bad people in our society and need to be separated from the rest of us. you describe a very small percentage, right? >> sure. we know the manhattan institute is going come out with a study this month that shows that 1% of the blocks in new york city account for 25% of the crime. and i think 5% of the blocks account for 50% of the crime. so we really do have ways to identify where this is going the happen, who the people likely are. and we do have the resources and expertise to go after them. politicians made the decision to dismantle units like the anti-crime teams who were actually going out there, performing aggressive and proactive policing and lowering the crime numbers. the police department didn't of themselves come up one day and do that. they were pushed by progressive policymakers who now run new york state.
7:49 am
until we make a significant change in government, we should expect more of the same. i hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel. until the voters choose to do that we'll get more of the same. >> bill: interesting thought there. thanks for coming on and we'll check in with you. you have a strong piece in the daily news about covid and where we're head wednesday that as well. we'll check it out soon, joe borelli here in new york. >> dana: you know have to show proof of vaccination in indoors for dining and gyms. a gym owner says the new restriction will hurt his bottom line. are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash for your family? you should know about the newday100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow 100 percent of your home's value. you can take out $50,000 or more.
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7:55 am
without a home. many families still searching for justice. trey yengst is live in beirut, lebanon with a follow-up now. >> good morning. thousands of protestors have gathered in the streets of beirut today to mark the one year since the explosion took out portions of this city killing more than 200 people. i want to show you the scene here as these demonstrators say they plan to march to the lebanese parliament demanding justice and accountability. thousands were injured in the blast. you can still see the scars on people's faces, on their arms more than a year after this has taken place. but really significantly is the trauma that these people have experienced living in beirut, in lebanon following the explosion because this was seen as a representative example of what the lebanese people are dealing with when it comes to corruption, government mismanagement and as we saw in the port ammonium nitrate
7:56 am
imported by hezbollah. a hotel owner we talked to last year and talked to him yesterday about the situation and how dire things are here. >> after what happened one year ago, i have no fear, someone comes and shoots me now or torture me or whatever it is doesn't make a difference honestly. that's it. i died one year ago. i'm still physically alive but basically many people are dead from this. >> the demonstrators will march to bring their message to government officials. >> bill: trey yengst thank you in beirut. >> dana: small business owners in new york city aren't happy with the new vaccination requirement saying it will only hurt their recovery. michael carlin is the owner of slope fitness in brooklyn, new york. thank you for being with us today. tell me a little bit about how
7:57 am
you had just basically gotten back on your feet. >> getting back on my feet, we're nowhere near where we were prior to the original shutdown. and with the announcement yesterday where we are one of three different -- three different areas that are now going to have tasked in new york city to require fully vaccinated members and staff, it is unjust. it is a double standard. mayor of new york is requiring new york city employees to be fully vaccinated or they have the option to get tested weekly. if they have a negative test they can return to work. why put this on our industry, the restaurant industry and the theater and entertainment venues? >> dana: you have a good point. those are the three entities
7:58 am
that he is imagining saying where people gathered but not true of retail establishments or any of the stores you go into, that's different. is that what you mean by a double standard? >> double standard for yes, the rest of the industries like let's say target where nobody is being checked. you can go in without a mask. double standard is like if you work for the city, you choose not to want to get vaccinated, you just have to have a negative test and then you can return to work. why if he -- the mayor is asking the fitness industry and restaurant industry and the entertainment industry, why aren't they asking us to do the policing? we aren't the federal government. it is not our role to police people coming in and going out. and you know, governor cuomo back in december said the fitness industry was 0.06%, one of the safest places to be. >> dana: exactly.
7:59 am
>> now the sigma comes back, i have to be fully vaccinated to go to my gym so it must not be safe again. >> dana: your fitness center is i would recommend people go to. you've done all you can in order to stay in business and we appreciate you coming in and hope this goes as well as it can for the small business owners out there. thank you so much. >> i appreciate this opportunity. thank you. >> bill: good luck to you. >> dana: he has a good point. if you are a smaller gym you don't have the resources of the bigger gyms and international chains where you can maybe do the testing. but if you are a smaller gym then you want to attract those customers. >> they will be jumping through hoops. before we get out of here, tamara is also.
8:00 am
>> dana: show you a bite of the medal there. the first gold medal for a black woman in wrestling for the united states and so happy. her mom will get the food truck and she said she can't wait to get home to celebrate with her husband and her dog. >> bill: and her dog, i got it. >> dana: dogs make the world go round. see you then. >> sandra: new york governor andrew cuomo re in for harris today. the list of powerful democrats calling on cuomo to step down has exploded. it includes governors, members of congress, the mayor of new york city, and even the president of the united states. virtually everyone is in agreement that the attorney general's brutal report detailing the governor's sexual


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