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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 4, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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i think we'll be doing remote for a longer time. >> neil: i think you're right. i didn't mean to jump on you but we've got some news with collins tomorrow about the spikes and some of this that might keep this virtual lifestyle work for a while. just how long is a while? we'll find out tomorrow. "the five" now. >> hello, i'm greg gutfeld here "the five." >> greg: you never know when you need a dose of patriotism until you get it into your system and then it's like, wow! that felt pretty awesome. we're referring to an american olympian getting a ton of attention for all the right reasons. tamara making history in tokyo
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after becoming the first black american woman to take home a gold medal in wrestling. unlike some other who have used their platforms to protest america she has no problems praising our country. she's saying -- i love the u.s. i freaking love it there. i'm so happy i get represent usa. she then went on to give this emotional response at a press conference. >> i'm very happy and i keep trying not to cry but it keeps happening. >> what does this mean for the popularity of the sport and for all the young girls out there that will see you and feel inspiration? >> it means that they see someone like themselves on that podium. just because you're a female doesn't mean you can't accomplish the biggest of goals and being an olympic champ is one of the hardest things i have ever done in my entire life. and i can say it's well worth it. >> greg: so obviously, the sheer positivity coming from that young woman is welcomed relief. and we all know it's that attitude that will carry her throughout life.
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people might mock the power of positive thinking but i dare you to find a failure among anyone who employs it. obstacles become adventures and setbacks become challenges. contrast that with the activists' persona which dictates any expression of glee or gratitude is viewed as counter to their mission. everybody must be part of the great struggle against the perceived aggression caused by the evil country you represent. last night this great athlete reminded everyone why the olympics is so special. it should be the greatest time of your life for you and your country and i'm saying that as someone who hates the olympics. i'll just stare. so katy, now, that's like old school olympics, like you remember growing up. happy athletes. happy winners. patriotism. everybody is adorable. >> i just love the wholesome goodness and gratitude that she showed to her coaches, her own hard work and work ethic, to her ability to take on challenges and overcome them. i feel like we live in a tame
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where people think taking challenges are beneficial, it allows us to overcome adversity. her dad is an immigrant from ghana who came here somewhat recently and to watch his daughter take home a gold medal to represent the united states of america is amazing. it's what everybody needed and i just love everything about her and i hope she gets to go back again. this was her first olympics. also impressive to go in and win gold the first time. congratulations to her and thank you giving us all optimism and gratitude. >> greg: does it strike you as sad that she's accomplished more than you have in your number one entire life? >> a number one best seller -- i heard she might be doing a little fox in a few days. i can't wait for that interview. >> i'm excited. tomorrow morning she'll be on
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"america's newsroom" tomorrow. we're so excited to have her for sure. >> i'll be watching that because she's just brimming with exuberance and it's contagious for anybody who watches that what i've noticed, the people that are happy are also patriotic. it takes happiness to be patriotic because happiness is a key component -- it's key to being grateful. when you're grateful you're living in the moment and you appreciate the blessings of everything around you and there is nowhere, where the blessings are as plentiful as the united states of america. so people that are grateful express that and that's inspiring to other people who are watching at home. we don't want to feel guilty when we watch the olympics. we could just watch cnn if we wanted to feel that time. >> or the "new york times." >> did you notice how this female gold win female wrestler
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hasn't been covered on cnn, nbc news or cbs. why do you think that is? she checks all the boxes. she's black. she's female. gold medal winner. one box she doesn't check. she's not patriotic. so they can't put that story on because -- you. >> mean unpatriotic. >> she is patriotic. >> right. they sell the story of black athletes who are unpatriotic. they sell stories of black athletes that maybe didn't pass a drug test. this story is not that. this is all beautiful be all patriotic and they are not sharing that with the audience and that's something to think about and why hasn't joe biden been saying anything about the olympics? why is that? if president trump were president right now, he would be tweeting, he would be galvanizing us to watch. it would be unifying. he would be on twitter, big win for the female rollers in tokyo. the precision and beauty and
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power that they dip those oars into the water. they will have a big celebration back at the white house with the also beautiful first lady melania. go usa. >> he would know the medal count. >> that's almost verbatim. were you writing for him? i'm deeply impressed. geraldo, it reminds me of marilou retton. remember her? >> sure. can i speak more broadly referencing marilou retton, a great champion. >> greg: how dare you. >> i'm an old fashion patriot and i think you and katy both made a very eloquent presentation in that regard. i also believe in the first amendment. i think people have the right to protest. they can use any platform they have access to. they have total freedom, but i as an old fashion person, you can tell by my mullet, i really feel that the olympics is not
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the appropriate stage to be negative about your country. the reason i lover the olympics, one of the reasons, aside from the superb athleticism, there is the flag of this country -- pick a country, france, africa, and all of this, ivory coast, however you say it, by using the olympics as a stage to make a political point is a cheap shot, and i really believe, for instance, woman soccer team, and how they started their run, there were so many americans that i knew were cheering sweden in the three zip rout, i know it's a very controversial statement and apologize if i offend you, but i de test people grabbing the opportunity of that stage and cheapning it. i don't even like the kneeling at the football games. i saw that that knocked off from
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the nfl from its momentum. >> it's a distraction. it would be like us on the five all of a sudden throwing a football in the middle of a political discussion which i think we should do. people used to, i believe. >> greg: dana, what are you going to ask her? >> dana: there are a few things. i think the adversity point is a good one. her father actually died when she was in high school and he was on his way back from one of her events, and she almost quit the sport altogether but then she said she was inspired to pick herself back up. she said she loves getting beat up and she loves beating people up. she told her coach, i'm nervous, scared, freaking out. help me. somehow she was able to take that anxious energy and transform it into something that's absolutely incredible. she knew how to bite the medal. she knew how to bite the medal. the other thing is, with her prize money she's going to buy her mom's dream, which is to have a food truck.
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i think she should call it gold medal barbecue because apparently, greg, it's barbecue she's a specialist in. >> she lives in texas. it's got to be barbecue. what else would bit? it won't be a sushi truck. that would be my dream to own barbecue truck but i wouldn't have any customers. >> dana: you wouldn't but she'll have a lot of customers. she's fully her authentic self and i think all of us could learn a lot from that. >> greg: excellent. that was fun and upbeat just like our next block. the next stage in the cuomo scandal, could be criminal charges and why is the governor's qu tip love and brother all of a sudden silent? ♪ >> hi, i'm william -- see this number. this is the amount of debt our nation has doug itself into.
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♪ >> greg: as the crazy fallout keeps getting worse for new york's disgraced governor he could now face criminal charges, multiple d.a.'s are launching probes. cuomo is defiant as ever despite mounting pressure from democrats to step aside. >> i think he should resign. i'm sure there were some embrace that is were totally innocent but apparently the attorney general has decided that there were things that weren't. >> he should resign. >> the fact that there are 11 women coming forward is deeply disturbing.
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>> greg: what about mike cuomo? he ignored it on his show. confidential state intel and helped to write a response to one of his brothers' accusers. yesterday, greg, you brought up ralph northham. the black face scandal and everybody called on him to resign, even democrats. he didn't do it and now he's still sitting in the governor's office. >> greg: i think this is different because he's got the hard left after him. he's like king kong right now at the top of the building swatting at the plane. still clutching a woman. i don't think he's going to last. but i go back to what geraldo said. who replaces him? we might be going from the outer circle of hell to the inner circle of he will if we get james or deblasio. he's got to go. 11 women, and, i mean, we should
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just sit back and let the process take care of it. chris cuomo is just lucky, he doesn't have to ever cover big ugly stories. he can play with a q-tip but he can't talk about the nursing homes. he can talk about how his bro is ready to mingle but he can't talk about the crimes with women. it's oddly convenient. cnn should have him on as a guest. cnn should have chris cuomo on as a guest. therefore he doesn't run the segment and they could ask him questions. >> i should create a conflict of interest with regard to january 6 so i never have to talk about it. i'm sorry, i have a conflict. can't talk about it. dana perino, from a public relations standpoint, can you please give chris -- please give governor cuomo a grade on how he's done thus far? >> dana: i would say f for integrity but you've got to say, he's basically going to hold on.
2:17 pm
he'll be godzilla, king kong. there is a possibility he drags this thing out as long as he can. he doesn't care that he doesn't have a friend in the world. he doesn't care -- one of the things that he did that's so egregious is changing the rules so that that state trooper that he had his eyes on would then be added to his detail, and then he harassed her in front of everybody and her boss did nothing about it while he was doing it. i think that's one of the most egregious things. she's one of the 11. she didn't want to come forward but she did because she thought it would be the right thing to do. everyone else is doing the right thing and he's doing the wrong thing. he doesn't care that he doesn't have a friend in the world. the other thing, northham apologized and then powered through. this guy is a complete jerk. i don't think it's a great idea, we keep showing the video he put out -- he just kisses everybody and everything is fine. like no big deal. i don't think that's the right
2:18 pm
thing to do although maybe from a p.r. perspective, maybe it was smart. they put out this video and keep playing it. >> he always looks like he's trying to suck a pimple. >> geraldo, if this moves forward with impeachment how long will a process like that last? >> impeachment is his big peril but i have to say andrew cuomo is no harvey weinstein. when you look at these charges. something and disgraceful, you know, makes me puke and this guy -- you know, he didn't rape anybody. i mean, i just want to say that -- it's interesting to me that everyone has seized on sexual assault and nobody mentions the nursing home. nobody mentions these hundreds and hundreds of people who died arguably because of vancouver decisions made in albany. nobody talks about it. they have a press conference. we lost 15,000 people. they get two reporters to show up. sexual assault, they get 300
2:19 pm
jumping all over each other asking, did he put his hand on her elbow? did he smooth his mustache -- he doesn't have a mustache -- i just think >> it is a point that this scandal is more devastating politically than the other scandal where people died as a result. >> dana: and he hid data to cover it up. with that, people were engaged together. the new jersey governor made some of the same decisions. the democratic governor in michigan made some of the same decisions. so they all kind of wanted some immunity from the justice department which apparently they were happy to give them but on the resignation of andrew cuomo, i don't know if he'll resign. i don't think he will. i think he'll stay and this is all up to the democrats to hold him accountable. they are in charge and if they want to put their money where their mouth is when it comes to me, too, harassment, they would impeach him. biden said yesterday he should resign but when they were
2:20 pm
pressed again today about whether he should be impeached because it looks like he won't resign they won't go as far as saying democrats should impeach him and interesting and ironic, based on the nursing home issue, today jen was asked if he should still be in a leadership position on these covid calls for all the democratic governors every week with the white house and she said that she doesn't want to hurt the people of new york by removing andrew cuomo from a position of leadership to run the covid response, but not just for new york, but for the other states as if he hasn't done all of this damage including putting thousands of people back into the nursing homes. so they are kind of using that as a shield rather than taking responsibility for it, and it's one thing to say he should resign but it's another to call for action if he refuses. >> jen has had a tough week. dana won't say it, but i'll say it. next, democrats can't seem to keep their covid messaging straight. former president barack obama adding more fuel to the fire by
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scaling back his massive birthday party. ♪
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>> democrats in the white house can't stop causing confusion because of mixed messages on vaccines and how effective they are. former president barack obama is now scaling down his 60th birthday bash to just family and close friends, despite the fact that all attendants would have been vaccinated and news like that asking some americans to ask what's the point of getting the shot if they can't get back to normal. how did they decide who to disinvite? >> i would love to have been there. let's see, ron hasn't donated to
2:26 pm
the library. got to cut him. i just love that barack obama, most powerful man in the world democrat, caved to the mob. i love it. and my sources tell me, michelle is not happy about it. michelle wanted to double down and invite more people but barack said no, no, no, we have to do this. katy, he had 500 people outside all vaccinated, and the media said, no, you can't do that. are you kidding me? he's following the science. he just wasn't following the script. because the script says we need to keep the fear card down. we need to make sure everybody is nervous and scared, so we can control them and regulate them, and that's what happened with barack. palooza went off and had a hundred thousand people all vaccinated, all outside for four straight days.
2:27 pm
he can't have 500 guests on the coastline. no masks, no mandates, full capacity. he doesn't do that? i love that he caved. i love it. >> dano, in this scandal bubble up, you said he was doing the right thing having a party? >> dana: he was and he caved. i wish that he would have been able to have the birthday party that he wanted. you only turn 61 once so maybe they can have a do-over later on. it sends a signal that we're in retreat on the virus and we're not. if you actually look at the science and you're being rational and using common sense. the perception is reality. unfortunately for him, they caved to the mob. i wish that they hadn't. >> greg what about this perception that the majority of americans think the worst is ahead on the virus and that comes from dr. fauci? >> greg: none of us bashed him for throwing a party so -- >> i wanted to go. >> greg: i think what happened
2:28 pm
was, he canceled it because it was leaked. i don't think he would have done this if it wasn't for the press. but i also think he canceled it for a really good reason. he's not just one of the most beloved humans on the planet. he's the most beloved black american in the world. so should you, a role model, throw a giant party when 70% of blacks in new york aren't vaccinated? and can't go to that party? and can't go to restaurants, right? they can't go to any entertainment venues according to deblasio because they aren't vaxed. so when 70% of blacks aren't -- in cities, i don't know how it is nationwide but that's a super high number, he probably watched "the five" and realized more work needs to be done and i need to encourage everybody out there to get vaxed. that's the way i'm looking at it. >> geraldo, reason why there was some outrage over this is because the white house is saying one thing about
2:29 pm
gatherings, president obama was maybe doing something el and democrats have been very keen on going back to mandates even though we're supposed to be moving forward with our regular life if you get vaccinated. there is a mixed message here in terms of what people are supposed to do. >> yes. there is. i remember crying when he got elected. i was so deeply affected by it. for a different reason, much different reason. but, you know, i tried to get interviews with president obama in his second term. he was giving interviews to the dog food channel and saying no to me, and i'm still irked by the last time i was on martha's vineyard. it was allen dershowitz's 80th birthday. he was celebrating 50 years at harvard and his 30th book. president obama was literally next door. in other words, you could see him through the bushes. he was invited to the party and didn't come and allen told me he
2:30 pm
didn't come because i was at the party. a fox news guy at the party. so when i heard that this party was canceled i must admit that, in a very petty, small minded way, i said, but i withdrew that and i wish he had the party, i wish he had celebrated the fact that we're over the hump and the fact that everybody is vaccinated, and that goes with my rule, you know, show me your i.d., your proof, and your full access forever, let him have his party and maybe next time he'll invite me. >> to be fair, geraldo, a lot of people don't go to parties that you're at. >> that's true. >> did you talk to the bushes when you were there? [laughter] >> martha's vineyard. you said you saw them behind the bushes, he was standing behind the bushes. [laughter] >> maybe geraldo will get an invite next time. a top campaign official warns of calming red wave. ♪
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>> democrats sounding the alarm about the potential of a big red wave in the 2022 midterm elections if the party does not find its way and reset its message after all that defund the police nonsense that was made so public by the squad. house democrats campaign chief warning behind closed doors that if the midterms were held today republicans would win the majority in congress. one democrat who attended the meeting told politico, "the polling looked pretty dismal to me." what are you thinking? >> well, we're still a very long way away from 2022.
2:36 pm
>> so you are saying don't jinx it? >> but i will say in 2020 republicans came a lot closer to winning the house than everybody thought that they would, or most people anyway. there is a very slim majority with democrats. i think one of the slimmest majority in the house with pelosi, and they have tried to push through a lot of far left wing ideas and also in the senate 50-50 taking advantage of that. when it comes to what the issues are, inflation, obviously is a big one. crime is up, when you have 42% of people saying that they don't think that democrats can be trusted on the economy, that's a big problem for democrats given these factors, and when you're talking about people's livelihoods and crime and democrats not being trusted with that at all and defunding the police and having to crawl back from going in on the deep end with activists, activists were totally in on defunding the police, so yes, they have got to work on it. >> within the democratic party,
2:37 pm
even because they are so liberal, people have a false impression, i think, within, for instance, in the hispanic community. as in the african-american community, there is a lot of conservatism. a lot of conservative people within these liberal groups. one issue which is pretty local is about israel, and support for israel. the squad, because -- i, in many ways, i agree with them about the palestinians being even-handed but the jewish community is very, very suspicious. like in cleveland, we just had an election for the ages. i think it broke all the records in terms of the money spent. brown, the joe biden democrat, against nina turner, surrogate for bernie sanders so there was this clash but nina turned her head in the past and said things about israel that called into question her loyalty to israel. brown went to israel a couple of years ago and supported the jewish state with great
2:38 pm
emphasis. yesterday, was the election. tuesday was the election. >> longest question ever. >> the turnout was very low. 13% or so. the jewish turnout was more than double that. don't these issues count and don't the democrats have to remember who their constituents are? >> they do, geraldo. >> do you remember the question? >> no. >> joe biden has a messaging problem and a management problem. the message was during the campaign, we have to defeat the virus and then the economy will recover. we have defeated the virus and the economy is recovering. but joe biden is acting like anyone of those things are true. he's acting like we haven't beaten the virus. he's hyping up delta. we're back and forth on masks. and, oh, i don't know, are we going to open the schools, geraldo, and on the economy, the economy is so great like he's bragging about then why are we giving -- why are we spending
2:39 pm
trillions more in stimulus. >> that's very popular. >> and all the so-called wage gains that are happening are offset by high gas prices and inflation but the management also is terrible. on the border and in inner cities democrats control both and we have a border crisis and a crime wave. and black americans don't like that. hispanic americans don't like that. suburban women don't like that. white males. that's unpopular across the board and when you throw critical race theory into that mix, that's an uphill climb. >> dana, this didn't answer my question. >> he didn't remember the question. >> what about the importance of remembering your constituencies and isn't the fear of the squad's radicalism and lack of loyalty to groups like the jewish americans, isn't that -- >> sure. i'll just concede. >> dana: that's an important point and i'll make another one. i think the democrats really benefit from having congressman sean patrick mahoney as head of
2:40 pm
the congressional arm for the cycle because he's willing to tell them the hard truth. they learned it out. everybody on notice, that this nonsense could cost us the majority. and he wanted everybody to know that on top of that, president biden's numbers have gone down in a poll that just came out today. in may, 49% approval. today, august 4, he's at 46%. about where president trump was. so he's lost quite a bit of ground on that front and so the president who is in power, in his first midterm, in the first term usually loses seats. the republicans have three other things going for them. redistricting. that's probably going to give them five to six seats. recruiting. excellent recruiting, and kevin mccarthy puts a lot of emphasis on that. fundraising. phone will be short of money. my last point is this. the republicans have yet another issue because what the biden administration did yesterday to landlords all across the country that own 23 million rental housing units all across the country just found out that they were going to get screwed again.
2:41 pm
and they can't get the help that the federal government gave out because the states don't know how to get it to them so there is an opportunity if the republicans can figure out a way to message to them and to get to them they might be able to get those votes, too. >> republicans still influenced in a very profound way by president trump in the southern part of ohio. a guy who was a lobbyist, greg, for the coal industry, was one of many candidates. trump went down there, did a rally, and did guy that trump anointed won, so he still has some potency. >> there you go. i predicted that yesterday on the show, for those of you who didn't watch with you'll never be able to prove that. party out of power always comes on strong. there are always red waves and blue waves but the red wave is based on the crime wave, of crt and other denigrating education trends and the wave of class warfare that we're seeing as well with this landlord -- >> and the board. >> the spending wave. there are a lot of waves. the red wave can only happen if americans pull themselves out of
2:42 pm
this deep rabbit hole called the smartphone. i really do believe excesses of the left took hold because we were ambivalent and distracted by so many things that everything that we hate and we should hate in hard core left politics has been able to sneak in right under our noses because our nose was do busy. >> you've got to show up. if you don't show up, then there is no wave. >> there is no wave. >> wave it goodbye. >> wave it goodbye. >> the fastest is up next. finding new routes to reach your customers, and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about. it's what the united states postal service has always been about. so as your business changes, we're changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide.
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♪ >> welcome back. here we go. first up, could this be the must-have item to get people back in the office it? it's called the kneeling chair. it forces people to kneel all day at their desk. >> what would a sexist say. >> you know what a sexist would say? i would like to put that in my fun room. i wouldn't be working on that
2:47 pm
thing. >> you would never say that. >> you would sit in the chair? >> no, i would just use an office chair. >> i have sat in one of these. have you tried knit >> i have never tried it. it looks like a massage chair. >> it makes you sit up straighter. >> it's good for your posture. [laughter] >> we do have a sedentary lifestyle, it's true. if you have an apple watch, it will tell you to get up. your back is up like this. >> i found the button today that lifted my desk. i had no idea. [laughter] >> that was invented -- well, never mind. could we go on to the next line. >> greg loves ribs, who doesn't know that? he likes this recipe called corn
2:48 pm
ribs. it has people frying and seasoning ears of corn in order to make them taste like smoked meat. all right? >> is it good? >> it taste meaty. tastes like chicken. >> these are done in the air friar, katy. >> so they are very healthy. i don't think they count as meat. there are all these different conspiracies to get people to eat things that aren't meat. this looks like corn to me. not meat. >> they make salted butter and air fry the corn at 400 degrees fahrenheit for 10 minutes in case you want to try this at home. >> i don't know. i'm a traditionalist when it comes to my corn. i like it going in and out the same way off the cobb. >> you're the real expert, does this count as ribs? >> no, i had ribs monday and tuesday and will probably have ribs tonight. a great new place. i'm addicted. >> okay. so that's how the corn went.
2:49 pm
>> finally, here's a question. how is it going? it turns out some people have forgotten how to make small talk because of covid. thanks to zoom we ignore body language and just talk to each other without any back and forth and this is even hurting the dating scene. >> i've been reading a lot of books about men and women between the two. and women like to talk about themselves so all you have to do is you ask a woman a question and she'll just talk and then you ask another question and she'll just talk and talk and talk. that's what these books have been saying. [laughter] >> and so -- >> small talk is easy if you're a guy. you just ask questions. >> that's your advice? >> that's what the book's advice is. >> it's true. if you don't have anything to say just ask questions -- >> that's not gender specific. >> i'm not going there. >> you know what the problem is in our job? talking small talk or big talk takes the same amount of effort?
2:50 pm
. i don't like small talk. i feel like i'm on the clock when i'm talking which is why i'm often very quiet otherwise. >> no, you're not. you're always talking. law talking about? >> you're always smoldering. i see you smoldering. >> that's the gas. >> what do you think about people finding their way back to small talk? >> some people don't like small talk. >> it's great at the dog park. >> there is this weird thing happening where people don't talk to each other, don't look at each other and they don't even talk to the talk. i find that bizarre. they get close to each other and they don't say hello. having.
2:51 pm
>> exactly. >> one more thing is up next. ♪ this may look like a regular movie night. but if you're a kid with diabetes, it's more. it's the simple act of enjoying time with friends, knowing you understand your glucose levels. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: time now for one more thing. i get to go first. let's do this. greg's nutrition news with 50% bioflavin. today is my favorite day in celebration of a berry. do you know what berry it is? the watermelon. to celebrate take look at these animals enjoying the watermelon. we have an elephant getting a watermelon. it's quite amazing. look how tiny. look how amazing. great to him. lemurs. enjoying his first watermelon.
2:56 pm
>> dana: looks a little skittish. >> greg: eyes bulging. a pear. a linus. i have 28 of these. linus better than a human head i hear. of course bats enjoying it upside down this is what they like to do. this is much better than andrew cuomo's kissing video. >> dana: run this instead of that. >> greg: exactly. >> geraldo: suddenly enter. >> greg: dana. >> dana: the western county junior over the weekend wyoming. i sponsor the women junior girl's all around saddle. guess what? yet again my cousin emery she won, wohoo, her horse is named trouble. that's her on her horse right there in the barrels. this is what she said and there is a message in here for jesse and greg, watch. >> hi cousin dana, my name is emily and i would like to thank you for sponsoring the junior girls all around saddle.
2:57 pm
i was lucky enough to win two of them on my horse named trouble. see you at the rodeo. >> we would like to see greg and jesse step up and sponsor the senior boys saddle. [laughter] >> dana: get everybody to get to there there. emre is 11 and brother cohen 13. you don't have to sponsor. i want to take "the five" to visit new castle, wyoming. >> greg: i own the horse afterwards? >> dana: a contest to see if you can win it. >> katie: congrats to her. that's awesome. >> dana: congrats. emeree. >> jesse: song hit number one on billboard top 100. ♪ you know i wish i had jessie's girl ♪ i wish that i jessie's girl.
2:58 pm
>> jesse: won a my anthem. how i saved the world. also number one. i will be signing books in north veil, new jersey tonight and i'm going to shoot up there after the show. books and greetings. i will sign your book. if you can't make it, i will be announcing more of these book signings because they are a big hit. they are a big hit. people love it. [laughter] >> greg: i can't wait. all right. katie? >> katie: all right, so this is causing quite a stir and debate on the internet. fall is coming but it's still summer and cup of noodles is introducing a pumpkin spice are ramen in august but at all. like pumpkin spice like it in everything. if you hate it, you think this is a crime and people should go to prison for even producing this thing. some people are recommending that you eat this with whipped cream to get the full pumpkin experience. >> greg: just eat a pumpkin.
2:59 pm
>> katie: recent survey shows adults actually hate pumpkin spice this may be limited. other 35% you will have to wait because it doesn't come out until october which is gadd. because everything pumpkin should be banned until fall actually arrives. >> jesse: feedy frenzy, should we book it. >> katie: try it. >> greg: geraldo? >> geraldo: now for the latest edition of geraldo's news with geraldo. i got some new art in my pool room. >> greg: you shaved. >> dana: oh wow. >> geraldo: look behind me that new sculpture there that's called stargazer from lewis south africa can artist i got the it at my friend's gallery. show me in the pool. >> katie: do you blow paint through a straw like hunter? >> geraldo: notice i have my red, white and blue bandanna, the only clothing i'm wearing in the shot. [laughter] >> dana: all right joe biden.
3:00 pm
>> greg: you haven't learned anything from that twitter incident have you? >> geraldo: i was thinking of putting that shot in the cuomo scandal. [laughter] >> greg: thank god we have evil shannon bream. >> geraldo: why is she evil? >> shannon: greg, that is the question all of america is asking only you know the answer. we will discuss it. >> greg: that's true. >> shannon: thanks, greg. the presser intensifies on new york governor andrew cuomo to resign calling that robert corroborating shower. by almost a dozen women. president biden's education secretary says vaccinations and the masks should be part of the back-to-school preparations this year. plus, a texas town at its whit's end takes the migrant crisis into its own hands. and dramatic video from body cams of first responders to the south florida condo collapse that killed almost 100


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