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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 6, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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todd: how many issues of this show look to 2022 to see how everything is going to turn out. jillian: 2022 definitely going to be interesting that's for sure. make sure you down loot the fox news app. todd: qr code right there. haven't pointed it out in a while. hope you have a great weekend out there. "fox & friends" it starts right now. bye-bye. sean: shocking honesty from far left congresswoman 'bush. >> i have private security defund the police have to happen. >> >> this wasn't a radical. this was s. a member of congress. >> do you have a response to governor desantis? >> you have a president who has gone down 9 percentage points. >> the white house clearly made a calculated decision to go after the governor. >> border cities rising up against the biden administration. >> i'm extremely disappointed we have received absolutely zero communication. >> our community is angry and
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when biden loses the majority in the house he needs to look no further than the border. >> he says he will cooperate with the impeachment inquiry and won't be stepping down. >> he had a smooch montage video as part of his defense. >> touchdown. 16-3 is the final and for these two teams the first of four preseason games ends here in canton. ♪ if ♪ ♪ ainsley: you just saw a pretty shot of las vegas. you are listening for king and country. a wonderful group. we have had them on the show a lot. they will be on today at the end of the show singing the song
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"joy." steve: it's a friday in the summer it means it's the day we celebrate the all-american summer concert series brought to our friends at fox news channel. ainsley: they sponsor us. brian: that's a great point. something else is pretty important. over the last few months we saw something amazing. we saw the democrats try to turn it around and take their most destructive phrase and that is defund the police and blame it on republicans. no one really bought it amazing how prevalent it was and became a talking point on all the major sunday shows and rarely push back. everything went quiet. why would defund the police a problem? if they look at everything that took place in 2020 the thing that did more damage to democrats was the term defund the police. it made no sense. the results you could argue as crime in our treats at a rate we have not seen over the last 15, 20, 25 years. so that's why things went silent. and the cops are starting to step up and maybe sign up. and then it happened. cori bush spoke.
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and said what every squad member would say when pressed. she wants to defund the police and didn't stop there. ainsley: and, therefore, it's very ironic when we find out that she has her own private security. she paid $70,000 over the past three months to have security guards guard her. listen to this. >> i'm going to make sure i have security because i know i have had attempts on my life. i have too much work to do. there are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. so if i end up spending 200,000, if i spend 10 more dollars on it, you know what? i get to be here to do the work. so suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets because we're trying to save lives. ainsley: guess what for those of us who can't afford our own private security team we rely on the police. steve: absolutely she is spending $200,000 a year a member of congress only makes
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$174,000 a year. so where is all the money coming from for that? if i were kevin mccarthy, i would send her the biggest bouquet in washington, d.c. because that particular soundbite will be clipped and used by every republican running for congress in 2022 because, you know, when you look at the swing districts, there is no issue that is higher for the republicans than defund the police. brian: and it should be. steve: nothing worse for democrats than defund the police. there you have got cori bush from st. louis say suck it up, defunding the police has to happen. you will see that 1 million times starting now. brian: is that the most tortured logic you have ever heard in your life. i want to survive so i have security. i don't want you to have security. my people don't matter the people i represent don't matter you watching at home don't matter she matters pause she has things to do. what social safety net is any good if you don't have security to guard it? ainsley: what's also interesting where is the money coming from?
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the people who give to her campaign who like the defund message, the ones who are contributing to her campaign are actually paying for this. the campaign is covering this it's accounted for 1/3 of her campaign expenses during the second quarter. and in st. louis where she is from, the city she represents, they cut 4 million from their police budget. she called that historic. they eliminated almost 100 police officers, 98 to be exact. where did the money go? some went to affordable housing, assistance for homeless and crime victim support services and that includes funeral services for the crime victims. well, guess what? maybe st. louis if they had 100 more police officers, they wouldn't have more funerals. brian: wait a second they have 29% more increase in homicides. 16% rise in major city murders across the country in the 22 major cities. that's the fact of the matter what's happening in america right now. and the face of the party, the voice of the party says defund the police. you make the choice, america. what makes more sense. steve: so there was a poll and we cited a harvard harris poll
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beginning of the week where a giant majority of the country does not support defunding the police. they support having more police. there was a "u.s.a. today" poll in early july where 77% of americans say defunding the police is stupid. the white house sees those numbers. they know joe biden has come out and said i never said defund the police. peter doocy asked jen psaki about the president and about cori bush saying suck it up defunding the police, this is what jen had to say to pete. >> democratic congress come cori bush is saying that she favors spending tens of thousands on private security to keep her safe and the people should, quote: suck it up, defunding the police has to happen. didn't president biden say a few weeks ago that anybody accusing this party to be anti-supplies lying. >> we shouldn't lose the forest for the trees a member of
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congress, elected official feels her life is threatened and that's disturbing. of the president has been crystal clear he opposes defund the police. increased funding from his predecessor who as you might note or be aware of a republican. there may be some in the democratic party, including congresswoman bush who disagree with him. that's okay. brian: every member of the squad feels the same thing the loudest voice social media presence they're primarying the one moderate voice in texas with another would be aspiring squad member don't -- now she wants to minimal rides 24 hours prior she was getting praised for single-handedly reinstating the rent relief package that allowed people to live in apartments rent free. steve: its unconstitutional. brian: she got all the praise from higher ups senator schumer down you did it by sleeping on the steps now you want to minimize her voice? dan crenshaw won't have it. understands what it's like in the halls as well as in front of the microphones for democrats.
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it's what they believe. watch. >> we have to do away with this notion that the democrats are not this radical party. they are a radical party. this isn't some fringe activist that you just played on tv. that was a democrat member of congress and a very popular one at that. a member of the squad. the highest social media fog. they have real influence into the democrat party. defunding the police is not just some radical talking point. it's hand across the country in american cities murders have gone up 33%. this year it's because of tee funding the police. it's because of this sort of social justice bail reform letting criminals out on bail instead of putting them in jail and our communities are being killed and hurt. ainsley: why is crime up across our country? because all these democratic areas are cutting money from our police democracy. minneapolis cut 8 million. oakland, california cut 14 pulp of. portland cut is a million. are new york city a whopping $1 billion.
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police morale is down. retirements and people leaving the force to take other jobs, those are up. police officers don't want these jobs anymore. brian: and they can't do their job. they are not allowed to interact. now they have to worried about qualified immunity. sued for making arrest for some criminal or some suspect doesn't like the way they were handled. forget it. ainsley: democrats want them personally sued. these guys and women don't make a lot of money. brian: that's why police reform doa. see what's happening in the country. wait a second there is not the same momentum we had a year and a half ago. steve: forget about the police when you take the police out of the equation, the average person in america right now, do they actually feel safe? that's what it all comes down to. ainsley: just hire your own personal security. steve: come on. we have got the police. we need the police. so cori bush is at one soundbite she gave the republicans a gift and she destroyed the democrat talking point that the only people talking about defund the police are the republicans.
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the biggest soundbite in the history of the world regarding defund police happened on wednesday on cbs. thank you, corey, the republicans would say. all right. coming up on this friday. it president biden making a inside comment at the sunshine state it covid response. >> it president biden do you have a response to governor desantis. >> governor who? >> desantis. >> there he is making a joke. governor desantis getting the last laugh. we will show you that coming up brain brian she probably represented the red, white and blue and the army in tokyo bringing home the gold in her debut. amber english joins us live later this morning. ♪ ♪
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>> good morning a fox news alert. a deputy is shot and killed in kentucky. deputy brandon was off duty working as a security guard used car lot ambushed inside his vehicle. police belief it was targeted attack and say they are investigating several potential suspects. homeless crisis in seattle is so bad the sheriff has ordered all nonessential staff to work from home to avoid derek. seattle radio host jason rantz joined "fox & friends" earlier breaking town the situation. >> you have homeless encampments right next door to the county courthouse which is where the sheriff's office is located. homeless encampment attached to a school that parents are
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terrified of sending their kids to. jillian: protesters are expected to gather later today to call for the city to take action to clean up the streets in seattle. a state of emergency is declared in southern northern california counties as the river fire almost doubles in size. over 5,000 have already evacuated with another 5,000 under evacuation warnings. this as the at a time's largest wildfire nearly destroying an entire town in northern california. the dixie fire leveling much of the historic community of greenville this image of a firefighter saving an american flag bringing hope amid the destruction. let's go to the tokyo games now where american shot putter ryan crowder honored his great grandfather after winning gold. the olympian held up a touching sign that read grandpa we did it 2020 olympic champions. the was deaf and signs to
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grandfather. sunni lee and grace home both welcomed in minnesota home towns. back at the games team u.s.a. extending medal lead while still trailing china in gold. ainsley: not by much now. ainsley: five more golds and we win. steve: it ain't over. brian: basketball game has to beat france. are you predicting that. >> sure. >> we are pulling for team u.s.a. steve: who beat them in the first game? brian: i think it was france. jillian: actually you are right. brian: only guy we know from france new york knicks they just cut we will see. hard to beat them twice. ainsley: thank you, jillian. we heard joe biden get out of the way a message to ron desantis and governor abbott. not happy they have to wear masks in school. then governor desantis responded by you come down here and i will get in your way i'm protecting the state of florida. the war of words continued
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yesterday. president biden was asked about it and this is his response. governor desantis using your words about don't be in the way and he is saying i am in the way to block too much interference from the federal government. your response, mr. president? >> governor who? >> desantis. [laughter] steve: that's my response the president said. and that happened in the late afternoon. he had just taken a ride in the electric jeep wrangler for the first time on the south lawn. and said he wanted to test the all electric corvette in the same spot as well. before that in about i believe the 2:00 hour. the secretary of education miguel cardona was asked about reopening and what the country's teachers were doing and the country's education system to get kids back into schools safely. at one point he was asked by one of the reporters in the room about the same two governors you are talking with of texas and of
3:19 am
florida and they didn't want the mask on the kids but it sounds like the administration does. so what did the secretary have to say? here's his answer. >> what is your message to governors like governor santd of florida and governor abbott of texas who has banned mask mandates? >> you know, don't be the reason why schools are interrupted. our kids have suffered enough. let's do what we know works. let's do what we know works across the country. we shouldn't get -- politics doesn't have a role in this. educators know what to do. we did it last year. so, i have called out to those states but at the end of the day i want to work with texas. i want to work with florida. i want to make sure those students have access to in person learning. brian: that was nice politically he decelerate, fine. the thing is he has a false equivalency. this is the parents' decision. the families decision as opposed to people they don't know in districts that maybe they just moved into with faces they
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didn't elect deciding what your kid should do all day. parents can look at the numbers and talk to others and decide and make their own conclusion. they have doctors and physicians they can make that decision. it is not take the mask off first put the mask on. let's let the parents decide how their kids should learn. we had a dry run it lasted a year can. and they at this point in time to last a year and a half longer. also, we should take into account that the u.k. is about two and a half weeks ahead of us in terms of this variant. and marty makary and others have said they looked at models and by the end of august, early september this thing should fall off a cliff precipitously. so, therefore, the numbers are going to go down and they're saying we don't want to leave that mask on as numbers drop. maybe you want them the first week maybe you don't you don't want to be gummed the middle of october or leave it on until thanksgiving. others are pushing back in counties in florida. they have counties pushing back in leon, deval, broward, and
3:21 am
alachua a i think you say it these counties say we are not going to listen to the governor, same thing in arizona they have no mask mandate, phoenix, tucson are going to defy that order. ainsley: he might cut funding because of governor desantis? brian: that's next thing. ainsley: i might consider cutting funding from your district if you go around me and require masks. why is the federal government? i want them to provide the information, the cdc, i want the professionals who have medical experience to tell us what the numbers look like, what their recommendations are and then it's up to the local, the local governments to decide because some areas are not seeing higher rates. brian: and the parents also at joe bidenwhen he said the wordsn desantis, he was talking about he is trying to get as many people vaccinated as possible.
3:22 am
so jeffrey yesterday praised the number of people getting vaccinated. he praised in particular the states of louisiana, arkansas, missouri, alabama, oklahoma and mississippi. 864,000 people got vaccines on wednesday. half a million first doses that's the most in a single month because the numbers in certain states are going the wrong direction. to us in florida the all time record for the number of people in the hospital. actually more people in the hospital in florida on wednesday than there were at the might of the crisis last summer. and one -- 23% of all new coronavirus infections in the united states are coming from florida. brian: chicago's teacher union saying look at all of this. forget about the mask. they might actually -- they are considering a pause on bringing the kids back. do you believe that?
3:23 am
ainsley: the border is open town in texas. maybe that's why the numbers is no so high in texas. brian: doesn't help. ainsley: governor desantis says they are all coming to florida. they want to be in florida is that why numbers are up too. brian: if you are the federal government. why don't you focus on that because there is local stays and cities and towns that cannot put up enough tents fast enough. there is not enough stakes attic's sporting goods to put up the pup tents to put up the families they here to begin with. ainsley: they are not answering their calls. brian: kamala harris is on top of it she had a zoom call six weeks ago. steve: so far we talked about governor abbott and governor desantis and now governor cuomo. the cover of "the new york post." hide and creep. drowning cuomo deep end. brian: he looks stressed. steve: there you see the governor in the lower right hand corner. if you notice a blonde woman sitting right there with a
3:24 am
laptop. that actually is his secretary, stephanie benton. she is typing on a laptop. she went with him when he was interviewed 11 hours by the prosecutors or the a.g.'s office last month. hearing out of the state assembly they could start impeachment proceedings within a week or 10 days. the worry from the democrat is that if they give the governor more time, he could find a way to survive the scandal and the more time the state assembly gives him, the more it looks like they are covering for him. so, you know, he has got all these charges. ainsley: what if we go into another lockdown? then does that delay it, delay it, delay it? steve: so they are trying to impeach him quickly so they shorten his window of opportunity to try to willing out. ainsley: they are giving him into next friday at 5:00 p.m. to present his are facts and perspective and spokesperson says they will cooperate.
3:25 am
brian: he lost two more prominent left leaning organizations a union that represents healthcare workers to they told him to step down. and a major fundraising flat form for liberal politicians when he is have asked him to step down. special counsel judith mogul who handle complaints from the governor resigned this week and keep in mind, keep the name carl heastie in your -- on -- keep your eye on him. he is the one who wants to slow it down. he is going what's the rush? i want him to resign too. this guy wants to play this whole thing out. his ego will not let him resign. he believes that he is correct. he says he has a plan within seven days to push back on the impeachment hearings. he's going to mount a deserves. he's going to make this all public. he doesn't care what happens to the state. he doesn't care about his personna. he believes he has been wronged. his ego won't let shame come in. steve: clay travis and buck
3:26 am
sexton host a radio show and yesterday puck was actually on gutfeld and said, from cuomo, the governor of the empire state of no, it he is just not the kind who quits. and that's not going to be good for anybody. watch. >> this guy is utterly shameless. he thinks he is the governor. meaning he always will be. there is no one else who could ever have the job. he is not going to step down. is he going to for them to try to pull him through the impeachment process 60, 90 days according to people in new york state politics. that point deeper into covid vaccine passports and all the rest of it you want a 70s the shamelessness he had smooch montage video as part of his defense. steve: as the investigation was presented to the people by the attorney general a couple of days ago, the february is still looking into criminal charges about doctoring numbers and things like that. so he could actually be impeached, leave office, and
3:27 am
still face criminal investigation or liability. brian: yeah. the fbi takes their time in these investigations. they are still looking into hunter's laptop. have we found out about that? what is their priority? i would love to know. meanwhile, 26 minutes after the hour. up next, patients across america are waking up to the threat of critical race theory. ainsley: dr. carol swain is exposing how cr. >> it is being weaponized to divide our nation. she wrote a book about it and she is going to discuss it coming up next. ♪ i
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ainsley: a new book is challenging critical race theory as creeps into creeps into classrooms nationwide. opposing the threat crt posing to our students and american values. the author of that book dr. carol swain and christopher shoor join us both. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> why did you say burning down the house? >> well, the house is america critical race theory has permeated every institution. it is destroying our nation. so it is burning down the house. and if you think about black lives matter and antifa, they literally burnt down parts of america. ainsley: dr. shoor, what led you to write this book. >> we both came to this project
3:32 am
because there was an outpouring of concern from parents, from citizens legislators all across the country for surrounding the spread of these devices and really racist themes out of critical race theory and into our major social institutions. so we wanted to just explain language nonacademic be and everybody can understand how they can combat. ainsley: what did you find. >> we have been talking about it a long time and critical race theory we held -- we exposed its marxist roots, how it impacts our society. and how it is unamerican. it is counter to our civil rights laws, our constitution. and we have two chapters on how to combat it how to resist it. and this book also has a glossary for people that are unfamiliar with the terms and an
3:33 am
index and say stations and it's short. anyone can get through it in a few hours. ainsley: okay. well, that's good. dr. shoor, we hear all these school districts and lawmakers in these democratic areas and they they say we are not teaching critical race theory. we have the parents on fox news and they say they are and here is the evidence. are they surreptitiously putting it in our kids mind and literature and we don't know about it? >> yeah. so that's actually one of the reasons, that's the main reason we wrote this book is critical race theory doesn't present itself as critical race theory. it presents itself as educational equity or diversity equity and inclusion. they have all of these euphemisms. in order to understand what it is your kids are being exposed to, it does require a little bit of research. you are right, it is disingenuous in many cases. if they called it critical race theory. then immediately parents would recoil and parents would know what it is they be are being exposed to. >> i heard critics say you are
3:34 am
critical race theory is racist, it's unamerican and run counter to our constitution and harms all of our children and nation. ainsley: what do you think the best way dr. schorr of a this research to heel our country so we are not divided? >> first of all, people have to understand. ainsley: i will start with you dr. swap and then dr. shoor. >> people have to understand what critical race theory is, how it manifests itself. how dangerous because a lot of people who are embracing it, they think they are doing a good thing. some of them believe it. the ordinary people the elites know that it's marxist. and it's about turn down our nation and our institution. ainsley: dr. schorr, your response? >> yeah. so, the source of our strength as a nation has been our unity and what critical race theory does is divides up up against each other and emphasizes
3:35 am
differences and suggests that our differences put us in these mutually antagonistic camps. coming back together is going to have to do with american nationalism. going to have to do with promoting our common identity and common values and understanding that opposition to racism, and opposition to prejudice is what is rooted in our nation's d.n.a., right? our nation's d.n.a. is not bigotry and racism. liberty, equality, it's equal treatment under the law, merit and these things. ainsley: we don't want our country to have black eyes. we want to be healed as a country to come together. the book is called "black eye for america" bic it up today. thank you for coming on. >> you are welcome. >> thank you. ainsley: first they bolted from texas to our nation's capitol to block a will reform bill now two of those democrats are vacations in portugal. lieutenant allen west running for governor in the lone star
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and osteoporosis. call your doctor if worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. it's time to start a new day. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at jillian: good morning, back with head lanes, this man illegal immigrant cuba arrested for beheading his girlfriend. he is charged with second degree murder. he allegedly beheaded his girlfriend and dumpedner an intersection in front of are intersection in front of witnesses. he was wanted for ice. he was a lengthy violent criminal history that includes battery, arson and fleeing police: meantime police arrest a man in the hit and run death gone girl bains. brian boyd lives on the same
3:41 am
corner as the deadly june collision. is he facing charges including leaving the scene of an accident and failing to yeeld a pedestrians in a crosswalk. she was known for broadway, tv and movie appearances. she was going to meet a friend for dinner when she was killed. cbs says it has stopped offering the johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine at its pharmacies. the national chain did not give a reason for the move but a spokesperson tells cnbc the change has been in place for several weeks now. still offer the pfizer and moderna vaccines. and pro-football is back. the pittsburgh steelers and dallas cowboys kicking off the nfl preseason with the hall of fame game in canton, ohio. steelers pulling off the win 16-3. meanwhile tom brady will be cheering on rival quarterback peyton manning. manning says brady will be in his section during the hall of fame induction ceremony. and jimmie johnson finally gets bustput in the hall.
3:42 am
the fox football analyst led the cowboys in the early 90's. that's look at your headlines, steve? steve: congratulations to him. all right. thank you very much. jillian. as a number of texas democrats continue to flee their home state, hold up in d.c. in an attempt to buck republican backed election bill, state representatives jessica gonzalez and julie johnson reportedly jetting off to a vacation in portugal with their significant others. while the rest of their democratic colleagues remain hold up in a hotel in washington, d.c. but governor greg abbott the texas says moving full steam ahead on the bill vowing to call a special session after special session until they show up and it's passed. the writing is on the wall. here now is texas gubernatorial candidate and former florida congressman colonel allen west. colonel, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. greetings from houston, texas.
3:43 am
steve: it's good to have you this morning, sir. what do you make of these two run away texas democrats who, you know, they left your state and went to deck and now they have gone on vacation to portugal because apparently they had made the reservations a year ago or something like that and they had nonrefundable tickets. obviously they had to go. they had nonrefundable tickets, colonel. >> yeah. it's amazing. and when you think about hypocrisy. i remember during the winter storm and the blackout that we had how the media from the left went absolutely apoplectic on senator ted cruz when he decided to go to cancun but, yet, he was not involved in a special session. we have a special session here where they are supposed to be doing the business of the people of texas. they're duly elected representatives and their constituents. my representative bowers is up there in d.c. as a matter of fact. but, instead, they run away to washington, d.c. and now they take a vacation and oh by the way, steve, they are still getting $221 per day. that's the per diem on the texas
3:44 am
taxpayer doll to obviously go to portugal for vacation. >> the optics are terrible politically for them to say we have got northeast niece nonrefundable ticket. somebody should have some political action group or some organization should have given them the money and said you know what? go whether this is over. they decided we are going to leave right now and no one will notice. we noticed. colonel, we noticed this soundbite which will be over the next year and a half the most played soundbite we believe by republicans running for congress. watch cori bush of missouri wednesday on cbs. i'm going to make sure i have security i know i have had attempts on my life. i have too much work to do. there are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that so if i end up spending 200,000, if i spend 10 more dollars on it, you know what? i get to be here to do the work. so suck it up and defunding the
3:45 am
police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets because we are trying to save lives. steve: so, colonel, there you have got one of the most prominent freshman voices in congress cori bush from missouri saying defund the police. how big a gift is that for republicans? >> well, it's a huge gift. but the thing we also should understand representative cori bush is the person who led a violent marches in st. louis that resulted in the life of david dorn being lost. and also this past week we saw patty and mark mccloskey being pardoned for the charges brought against them. it was cori bush who was leading the marches against patty and mark mccloskey there at their homes not once but twice. now she is a member of the united states congress and sitting on the house judiciary committee call for more violence, obviously. call for defunding of the police. so when you look at the left and
3:46 am
how the democrat party has become so radicalized they have someone that led violent marches, a member of their body up in washington, d.c. steve: well, talking about violence. she said she has already spent $70,000 on private security and would spend 200,000 on private security to keep her safe. but, you wonder where is that money coming from as a member of coming you know she is only paid $147,000 a year. how is she going to pay for $200,000 worth of private security. >> well, when you have people like robert francis o'rourke here in texas blank rolling the texas democrats to go up there and have a vacation in washington, d.c. or go out to portugal, yet they are still asking for dr. pepper and soda and candy, you have george soros. you have a lot of these leftist groups doing that again, the hypocrisy is that they tell us as the american people legal law-abiding citizen we should not be armed. we cannot protect ourselves. but, yet, they want to take away
3:47 am
the police from our neighborhoods and communities and they want to disarm us while they want to have their own private security. this is just laughable hypocrisy that comes from the left and hopefully the american people are waking up to this charade. steve: they distanced themselves from defund the police. will colonel, thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> thanks so much, steve. have a great weekend. god bless you. steve: god bless you. could thinking like a vehicle ling help our society face the challenges posed by covid. our next guest says yes. his tips for overcoming the pandemic come up on this friday "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
3:48 am
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
brian: all right. amid all the uncertainty covid-19. a lot of people are scared. going forward, navigating a path forward for america poses a challenge and for american families. so a new op-ed suggests we think like vikings.
3:52 am
author herman wrote it and wrote the viking book how scandinavians conquered the world. explain the role they had in america and how we can learn from them. you a thorn you studied the vehicle kicks. people are fascinating with lord of the rings. do we have that spirit in america. >> i think we do. we are discovering it again because that spirit of being willing to venture forth, take risks, working together and this is one of the key aspects, viking voice could say never have worked if everyone wasn't there working and sharing in the burden of the work that involved in viking expeditions and in creating a homeland for themselves i think that's part of the american experience actually. in the age of covid and the reaction that we're having to critical race theory. to all these other toxins that are spread into our culture
3:53 am
beginning to find those roots that self-reliance that sense of responsibility and that willingness to take on the challenges that the world has to throw. >> instead of being victims. are down five tips fascinating read how it happened and how here way before columbus. number one, learn to see chaos and destruction as opportunity obviously in the middle of that now. how is that opportunity in. >> it's opportunity if the sense that if you look at when other people are losing their heads or in a safety confusion that can you find opportunities to press ahead and not only benefit yourself but benefit your community and your family we are seeing in the post covid age new businesses bringing up. the vikings were excellent at this. they saw vulnerabilities, particularly in dark age europe and they took advantage. they didn't just do it as
3:54 am
robbers and pillagers but also as traders. far away places that's the kind of spirit we want. brian: let's get through the first five. saw the dark ages get in a ship and get out of here. stop worrying about past mistakes and errors. they made a lot of mistakes. they moved forward. keep it small and agile the tip of the spear. their small fleets were very effective or secondly or second to lastly build a team can you rely on and reward them accordingly. that's important why? >> that's because because in that environment of scanned knavia, the freezing cold winters, scarce resources you learn that survival is about group survival that is working together with people you can trust in the viking context of course that was family. that was village and the community in our world it is also family but it's also community. one of the things that's happened with covid is we have come to realize big institutions
3:55 am
out there supposed to protect us and watch out for us often don't know what they're doing, in a world in which danger and risk is there you have got to look for people with whom you can work and cooperate to achieve common goals leadership belongs to the strong looking for that now right, arthur. >> we have learned trusting the experts and people with big credentials and big titles doesn't pay off. that you have got to look to people who can deliver with real goods and with real rewards. and that's how the vikings are able to not only secure revive but thrive in the chaotic age they lived. in the age we are going to be embarked in today. >> they lost a lot. but they just -- they only cared about the last battle not the previous battle win the last one. exactly so don't worry about the past. arthur herman how you brought 1740 life in 2021 i don't know but did you it thank you so much. >> thank you.
3:56 am
it's been a pleasure talking, brian. brian: a talented duo set to grace the stage this morning as part of the all-american concert series the christian pop group for king and country debuts new single right here on "fox & friends." that's what they look like ♪ ♪ (burke) deep-sea driving, i see... (customer) something like that... (burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, you can get a new one. (customer) that is something else. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had. but my nunormal with nucala?
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>> biden administration considering withholding federal funds from institutions to push americans to get vaccinated. >> moving to the full-time stage coerced consent. >> border cities moving against the biden administration. >> i'm enextremely disappointed we have received absolutely zero communication. >> our community is angry. and when biden loses the majority in the house he needs look no further than the border. >> i have private security suck it up defund the police has to happen. >> she is saying her life is more important than the more 100 people in her district who have been murdered this year. >> i feel safe when there are no police. >> backtracking claiming it was posted in error and since removed from the website. >> gymnast brl welcomed in hometown. team u.s.a. extending total medal lead while still trailing china in gold.
4:01 am
♪ amen ♪ amen ♪ amen ♪ amen. steve: :00 look at beautiful downtown tennessee listening to king and country on this august 6th, 2021. look at the batman building there in downtown nashville. it's a friday in the summer. all-american summer concert series for king and country. ainsley: sister is rebecca saint james christian singer as well. brian: might be the best name for a band ever. don't you think it's a great and makes you. ainsley: god we serve. brian: makes you take notice. ainsley: that's right. beautiful. talk to them with how they came up with that title. steve: great story behind that. brian: getting word beatles is
4:02 am
also a good name. steve: for what? brian: a band. >> steve: they disbanded like 50 years ago. brian: i'm not sure. steve: thanks for joining us on this friday. take a look at the white house. we have got a camera on the building across the street to look at it. this as reports surfaced saying the biden administration is considering withholding federal funds to spur vaccinations of different organizations, perhaps. ainsley: this as the nih director says there is a strong argument for vaccine mandate. brian: really, okay. griff jenkins live outside the white house with more. griff, we promised you would have more did. you do anything? griff: i have more for you. happy friday brian, ainsley and steve. one thing is very clear this morning the administration appears to be pushing toward vaccine mandates. though, it's unclear exactly what authority the president has, particularly for vaccine that isn't fully fda approved. now, "the washington post" reports today what you mentioned that the president is looking at playing hard ball by possibly
4:03 am
threatening to withhold federal funds for institutions that don't require shots for their employees that could mean everything from nursing homes to universities. and it could be seen as an aggressive federal use of powers to convince the roughly 90 million americans eligible for the shot but have been hesitant or refused to get them so far. now, the discussions are reported to be in early stages. but, one thing is certain. and that is that the administration is firmly supporting vaccine requirements. >> shouldn't the healthcare providers or anybody who comes in contact with a patient who is immunocompromised shouldn't they be vaccinated? is that not a reason to require it? i think there are strong arguments for that. griff: meanwhile, as schools prepare to reopen, the chicago teacher's union is calling for a tougher approach for targeting the unvaccinated suggesting in person learning could be paused again if cases continue to rise. they write in a letter to mayor lori lightfoot and the school board quote school communities need more than masking to ensure
4:04 am
safety especially as we continue to learn about the dearnlt. this after education secretary miguel cardona was here yesterday at the white house in the briefing room, guys, he was asked about governor desantis who has done things like banning school mask mandates, cardona said, quote: don't be the reason schools are closed. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: all right, griff, thank you very much. north lawn of the white house. brian: one has nothing to too with the other. if the governor wants the schools open and says on executive order it's up to the parents that is not the reason. steve: and that is why apparently the administration is considering supporting private businesses that mandate vaccines of all their employees and we have been seeing lists of companies is a say okay, if anybody is going to work here got to get the shot. if you want to visit got to get the shot. also they are considering that they will withhold federal funding of organizations where
4:05 am
people aren't vaccinated like long-term care facilities. universities, it cruise ships. stuff like that. to try to pressure more people to get the vaccine because that's the stage they're at right now. ainsley: in chicago they're talking about in school learning possibly being paused again. here we go again. brian: by the way, if you look at the one group that needs the vaccine most hesitant the african-american community. one of which is the most biggest push back arguably yesterday was the african-american mayor of boston who said really? i have to walk around with papers? that sound like something we have had to deal with as a race in the past that i don't want to have to deal with again. this is definitely a loaded weapon that they are dealing with the administration who called up "the washington post" and said why don't we put that out there and see how it resonates. steve: part of it is they are saying do you really want to carry the little card? why don't you put it on your phone. the problem is if they put it on your phone then they can track
4:06 am
your phone. ainsley: put your phone number in there. travel down to texas the rio grande area. put up tents to house the immigrants, the migrants that are infected with covid. covid-19 and they are saying that they are reached capacity put those tents in the i had dag hill dog go county park. the white house, no answer from them. not answering their cries for help. here is the judge richard cortez and the mayor of mcallen. >> i have invited the president to come here to come and see what the federal government really has done to us. i'm extremely disappointed we have received zero communication with him. i hope it changes quickly. the problems it's causing to our communities. >> if you want to place blame, we know exactly where to do it and that's in washington. whether it be the president,
4:07 am
congress, the senate, whatever it is, they are doing p the ones take care of it. there is overflow we had two days ago we had to put up emergency tents. we have never had to do that before. brian: by the way 834 unaccompanied minors came through on wednesday. guess what? they all get to stay under the biden compassionate capacity. do you realize 834? because you took the other tens of thousands in earlier. word get out to south and central america. and they are going to come -- and by the way, africa, the caribbean, everywhere, and come one, come all. they are coming romania, they are coming through the border. coming alone. they are giving their life savings to drug -- to human traffickers, cartels, who are selling more guns than drugs. so does the president understand it. where is andrea mitchell? where is martha raddatz? why aren't they trying to get into that tent city and saying from president. ainsley: why isn't the president visiting he hasn't been down
4:08 am
there. brian: he hasn't acknowledged it that's a democratic judge says they keep calling the white house and they will not pick up the phone. steve: in fact democratic judge who said yesterday we would love to have the president and kamala harris come down and see the situation with their own two eyes. they don't want to do that because that's bad optics for them because they would hate to be in front of a tent city. for instance, that one had to spring up in the middle of nowhere near mcallen they found this open area away from residences and businesses because it's going to be crawling with -- yesterday they had 250 covid positive patients. they are saying and the capacity is 250. they say it's probably going to have 650 later today. and it just speaks to the problem that they're having down there. you know, once the federal government process says them. they have a contract with catholic charities to hand them over to the catholic charities and he had hope arrange transportation and covid screening and stuff like that. but, catholic charities said to the city and said to the federal
4:09 am
government, we have no room left. we have got to have some help from the federal government. the federal government didn't do anything. and that's why they set up this tent city. ainsley: they completely feel abandoned. steve: 100 percent. ainsley: talked to border patrol, talked to people who are trying to stay down there and volunteer and help these families. they feel abandoned because the message the white house is sending is we will open the border and you deal with it, texas. you deal with it, arizona. we are not going to help you. we are not going to answer your letters or your calls for help. brian: what about bill melugin he actually tweeted out yesterday apparently i drastically undercounted the amount of migrants under one bridge on sunday. some border patrol agents reached out and told me it was over 4,000. just talked face to face with an agent who says that was there that day, he told me it was over 5,000. steve: unbelievable. brian: under a bridge. ainsley: he originally said a thousand. steve: he did. ainsley: you said was it a thousand? was it tens of thousands. turns out way more than what we thought.
4:10 am
steve: no kidding. going back, so that's obviously a temporary situation. but, you know, it's outside. they are under a bridge because it's awfully hot in texas this time of year. ainsley: that reason or hide it without our drones we wouldn't have known that. brian: i have to show a card to get into apples and sit down, right? you are allowed to come from 20 million other countries stream across our border we give you a tent and bus ride everywhere you want to go. how does that make sense? steve: you know, not everybody in that tent city that they set up yesterday is covid positive. it turns out somebody in their family unit may have covid and they have decided to stay with that family member. brian: i feel so much better now. steve: here's the thing. that mys in the face of what joe biden said the other day where peter doocy asked him about what about these migrants coming in with covid? he said we are turning everybody away through title 42 except the children. it's not just children. it's the children and their families are in this brand new. brian: that's a flat out lie. people are coming across the
4:11 am
border. you are barely testing them. dropping them off in states where the governors don't even know what's happening. the council men don't know who is there then you wonder what's going on at that private college? i might withhold funds because there might be a sophomore who tested positive for it and didn't get a vaccine. what about the 5,000 a day that we're seeing in just one sector? it's maddening. treyed to you abouty weighed in. he has never seen anything like it. >> we are continuously reminded that immigration and border security is a uniquely federal responsibility. and the state and local authorities have no business getting involved. the folks on the left tell us that all the time. it's a health crisis. it's a national security crisis. it's a law enforcement crisis. and i will tell you, bret, that means it's a political crisis and when biden get swept out and loses the majority in the house, he needs to look no further than the border. brian: hopefully the senate. steve: the number one issue that joe biden does the worst on is the border. currently his best item is
4:12 am
covid. but as we told you at the beginning of the week. his numbers have gone down 10% in two months. ainsley: it's not a winning message. neither is defund the police. and people are now criticizing how he is handling covid. brian: it must be hard being on another network deciding the two biggest story you are can't talk about immigration and the most -- at one point the most popular governor in the country, certainly the most well known. a myriad of scandals and every day you have to go out of your way to step back those two big stories and talk about ron desantis steve one of the other stories you won't see on the other channels and something impacting millions of people across the country and that's what is being taught in the schools. we have learned through the pandemic there are a number of school districts in the united states teaching critical race theory. and we have told you what that means. there is a video that was submitted to whistleblower ezra naomi, been on this program anti-critical race theory. ainsley: speaks up in school board meetings and speaks a lot.
4:13 am
steve: she has children in fairfax county schools. as it turns out in falls church, virginia. on one of their web sites they linked to a video that they said this is what you should take -- have your kids look at during the summer. it's about awoke kindergarten. it's 58 seconds long. we have a little part of it because. so things they say here are extraordinary. watch this. >> kid feel safe. i feel safe when there are no police. and it's no one's job to tell me how i feel. but it's everyone's job to make sure that people who are being treated unfairly feel safe, too. >> at one point the narrator says i feel safe when there are no police. ainsley: she starts off it's 58 seconds. and azra naomi fairfax county
4:14 am
is. someone sent her that video. when you watch it is shocking it start off by saying i feel safe in my home. i feel safe with my part n i feel safe with my friend. i feel safe yadda yadda yadda. then at the end it says i feel safe when there are no police. imagine your kindergarten, your first grader and second grader hearing that message. steve: well, here's the thing. it was in content related to crt, black lives matter and news articles critical of white parents according to the fairfax times and once it was leaked the whistleblower publicized this then the fairfax county schools said you know what? that's a mistake. they said, quote: this content was posted in error by the school and has since been removed from the website. that is exactly -- they. brian: they keep saying the same thing over again made a mistake. i don't know who put that in. steve: they said this last week when we showed you the video from the abolitionist teaching
4:15 am
network. brian: what are you talking about. steve: same school linked to that. what did the education department and the white house say? we put that up by mistake. sorry, don't look at that but the daniel was done. brian: right. i buy it sometimes you make a mistake over and over again and point fingers. i don't know what's going on at the border. i haven't been there what's in there i haven't read it caught me by surprise. unbelievable. here is a statement the fairfax county spokesperson said in this content was posted in error by the school and since been removed from the website. so a big thank you. ainsley: now that it's discovered. your example and this example both were discovered and then they were removed and they were posted by mistake. steve: for instance, with the abolitionist teaching network that had been up like five month. the question is how many schools actually went on their website, sought them out for assistance, we will never know the number of schools. ainsley: that was from the department of education.
4:16 am
steve: right, exactly it wasn't one school in fairfax county. brian: so, please, if you saw this and used it, deny you used it and unsee it. ainsley: so the school is bailey's elementary school for the arts and science. that's the specific school in falls church that is part of fairfax county. steve: just a couple of miles right outlines of washington, d.c. on route 66. brian: turning kindergartens against their parents. ainsley: and police. brian: and parents. jillian: a rhode island woman is charged in a brutal road wage beating. want to warn you this video is graphic that you are seeing right now. a female victim dragged out of her car being kicked and punched. her infant child was still in the vehicle at the time. the attack allegedly happened after the 35-year-old mother honked at a group of atv bikers. shae an bow variety has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct in the incident. the city of denver shelling out funding for homeless population.
4:17 am
city officials are reportedly spending twice as much on one homeless person as they are on school children. even less on veterans. the colorado department of military and veterans affairs budget is reportedly just a fourth of what denver spends on homelessness. while the rest of the national team knelt before game carley boyd took a stand. she followed up by scoring two games. help u.s. win a medal. first u.s. women's soccer player to score in four different olympics going back to 2000 will beijing games. the michigan international guard takes off and landed multiple planes right on a highway. the pilots did this on highway 32 marking the first time that modern combat aircraft had intention nally landed on a u.s. civilian road. officials with the guard worked with local residents, utility companies and local first responders to make that success.
4:18 am
steve: the key ask working with the utility company. because you want to make sure that they have taken down the power lines that might cross the road. ainsley: good idea. steve: but that's cool. brian: let's hope we don't need fighter jets on our roadways. ainsley: we want to be prepared. steve: practice makes perfect. brian: fighter jet alone don't use the carpool lane there are rules for that. steve: it depends, brian, on what time of day you land. ainsley: if you do have a co-pilot. jillian: y'all are making great points. steve: after 9:00 you can have one person. ainsley: is that true? steve: in the hov lane in certain localities. they try to make it harder for you to drive alone during rush hour. ainsley: heading out to long island yesterday, which is where you live, we breezed through the hov lane and traffic was stacked. backed up for miles. steve: how many people in your car? ainsley: two. it was legal.
4:19 am
brian: all right. i'm pretty sure, i think you need three. are you sure you don't need three? ainsley: i think you might need three. ainsley: now don't. you just need someone else carpool thing. steve: hov high occupancy vehicle. two doesn't sound high. ainsley: you can have more than one. steve: i'm with you. i'm. brian: i'm going to ask siri. >> general jack keane explains how grave of a threat this really is. ainsley: a sharp shooting soldier comes home with the gold. first lieutenant amber english of team u.s.a. joins us live after her big win. ♪ ♪ chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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. brian: new satellite images appear to show a new expansion of china's missile program suspecting missile silos under construction in a dessert in western china. follows the discovery of yet another chinese missile field back in june. let's bring in fox news senior strategic analyst retired four star general jack keane. general, does this concern you? >> >> well, certainly, china has conducted the most rapid conventional advance in military capability in recent history. it's probably not too surprising that they are beginning to build up their nuclear arsenal as well. they have modernized nuclear weapons. public sources say about 350 nuclear warheads. we are restricted to about 1600 or. so by the stark streety the united states and russia. but ours have atrophied through the years and there is money in the budget this year and as it
4:25 am
was last year to modernize those. and that has to be done. now, these 250 silos and that's all they are, for icbms intercontinental continental missiles we don't know whether they will put if we had to deal with china we would have to target all of it i'm convinced that president xi has moved away from the old strategy of minimum deterrence and has gone to a strategy of at least having parody with the united states or maybe actually going beyond that because that is what he has done with all of his conventional military expassengers and his intimidation and his coercion of our allies in the region. brian: right. of course that's why president trump wanted them involved in nuclear talks in the new start agreement. they didn't get involved and president biden just renewed it with russia. and, of course, real quick on this, they know that we have satellite images, satellites
4:26 am
there. they know it's the middle of the dessert. do you think they care we know these silos are there or do you think they like it? >> well, i think they want us to know. they want the world to know what china has been sending messages out to the world that there are powerful, re competent, very efficient organization the chinese communist party that their state version of capitalism will eventually dominate democratic capitalism in the united states and the person powers. yeah. so they certainly want everybody to know what's taking praise here. brian: something i know you like, the biden administration is proposing giving taiwan $750 million in arms. the move likely will anger china no. question. of course in, the chinese foreign ministry reacted to the proposed sale saying, quote: china urges the u.s. to side to honor its commitment earnestly abide by the one china principle. stop arms sales to and with taiwan and revoke the sales to
4:27 am
taiwan les it should cause more damage to the china u.s. relations peace and security across the taiwan strait. should we back off? >> no, no. absolutely not. the 1979 taiwan relations act, that is the act when we officially moved away from recognizing taiwan as the republic of china and mainland china. that was done by president carter. in that act it required the united states to assist with taiwan's arms so it can defend itself our president has abided by that 14 billion arms sale in 8 years. trump did about the same in four years. and so it's good news to see the biden administration stepping up here. taiwan does not have the military capacity to defeat mainland china to be sure. but what they are trying to do is impose costs on china too
4:28 am
challenging militarily to do this on the world stage and doing doo it over a period of weeks as opposed to days because there isn't enough capability there. and that would bring in our allies, taiwan's allies and partners also to defend them. that is the theory of this. that is why those arm sales are very important. sending a message to mainland china hands off. don't conduct an attack here. the cost is going to be too great. brian: general, real quick they don't want to fight. they want to beat up billionaires and beat up college kids and hong kong. they haven't had real fight since 197. they didn't do too well against vietnam when they tried to teach them a lesson. do you think japan should get more offensive weapons and being a more of a military force in the region. >> yeah. absolutely and they want to do it. the prime minister wants to do it. the defense minister wants to do it. they have been very vocal about this. they are very concerned about mainland china's acquisition of taiwan. they believe that that would put
4:29 am
japan at war are with china. all the other allies in the reasonable feel the same way. i personally believe that we should walk away from the taiwan relations act which said that we don't declare we would defend taiwan. the reason for that act is maintain the status quo. china hasn't been they have been undermining taiwan for years. as a result of that we should unambiguously say the united states will defend taiwan. let's get that off the table and china having any doubt whatsoever about it. we want deterrence here. that's what we need. brian: general jack keane thank you so much. >> great talking with you, brian. brian: one of the new members of the squad mace facing major backlash over this bold statement. >> i'm going to make sure i have security. if i end up spending 200,000 i get to be here to do the work.
4:30 am
so suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. brian: really, a boston reverend calling on liberal leaders to actually lead in black neighborhoods rather than bash law enforcement. he sounding the alarm with us next. ese aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. usaa is made for the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there.
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jillian: good morning, we are back with your headlines now. take a look at this. a woman is spotted hanging out of a moving car with an ak-47. police say she was riding in a cadillac during an illegal drag race in san francisco. police are still searching for her and tracking town an impounding the car. the shocking photo comes as san francisco deals with an 18% increase in homicides this year compared to last year. and police budget cuts which have created a shortage of 400 officers. let's go to rhode island where a mom is refusing to back down in her fight to stop critical race theory in her kid's school. nicole tweeting game on after she is sued by the teachers union for seeking public records on crt. she joined "fox & friends" back in june to talk about her fight for transparency. listen. >> i think it's really important for parents to start asking for questions because the more parents that ask more questions, the harder it will be for schools to retaliate against a lot of parents.
4:35 am
jillian: the teachers union also filed a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction against her in an effort to stop the records from being released because of teacher privacy. president biden driving around the white house lawn in a hybrid jeep to promote his green vehicle agenda. the president signed an executive order targeting half of all vehicles sold in the u.s. to be zero emissions by 2030. he wants billions invested in electric charging stations and breathalyzer technology in all new cars. tesla ceo elon musk tweeted he was snubbed from the event. that is a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. steve: all right. thank you very much. well defund for me but not for . major backlash after major calls to defund the police despite having paid $70,000 on her own security detail just in the last couple of months. watch this. >> i'm gonna make sure i have security because i know i have
4:36 am
had attempts on my life. and i have too much work to do. there are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. so if i end up spending 200,000. if i spend 10 more dollars on it, you know what? i get to be here to do the work. so suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets because we're trying to save lives. brian: yup, crime continues to skyrocket in major u.s. cities almost all. our next guest has seen firsthand how the defund movement has hurt community. he is calling on liberal leaders to take action. ainsley: the founder and director of the see more institute for black church and policy studies. he has been working for what, decades, reverend to get the black community and churches to work with police. >> that's correct. ainsley: you worked you and the clinton and president bush to do. >> this we worked with the bush administration, and played a
4:37 am
major role assisting in the development of the faith based initiative which was one of the single initiatives led by the bush administration and i want to say very quickly because i know we are limited for time, the call for the defunding police is not wrong, it's absurd and ridiculous. it is absolutely ain't electric actual and ideological crime against black people to talk about defunding the police had the city of boston has as a result of good policing supported bay the black community, we actually have a decline in violence because, number one, we supported law enforcement. we supported the law enforcement. and they have got developed the best partnerships that exist in the country and function as a prototype. ms. bush should be arrested for political and ideological malpractice.
4:38 am
it's absurd. steve: reverend, she is going to watch this tape later today if she is not watching it live right now. explain to her why she is wrong. >> it's real basic. in our poorest black neighborhoods, we don't need to defund police. we need to support and improve policing. and one does that by developing strategic partnerships. it's not a question of fighting harder. it's about organizing smarter. ms. bush come to boston to see the model that exist and, in fact, frankly, the best model in the country. i'm going to be meeting with people in new york city with some of the staff for eric adams to talk about developing faith based law enforcement partnerships. that's the model. that is the answer to black lives matter. brian: the other thing is gangs, the gangs, they are shooting each other. people getting in the crossfire. where do you start?
4:39 am
'. >> listen, i will give you the bullet points. number one, the black churches, with support, must mentor, monitor and minister to the most at risk young black males that are involved in gangs. in boston, that's what we did. we put clergy on the streets, working with law enforcement, doing the outreach to the gangs black lives matter never showed up. ever. ainsley: how many of those lives did you change, did you save do you think? >> listen, i will say this. because i don't want to be inaccurate on television. in the city of boston, we are well known by all the gangs. if a young dude wanted to get out of the gang, he had options. the thing is, this is very important. we weren't guaranteeing their success. we were saying you have an option. you had an opportunity. and it's on you. we told out of every 10 black kids in the inner city, seven
4:40 am
are good. three are stupid and one is a real criminal that needs to go to jail. we went onto the streets. listen, if we can get a national campaign where faith communities work hand in hand with law enforcement, we can objectively reduce violence and has been the case in the city of boston, which is a national model. steve: nobody knows this topic better thanou because as ainsley said you have been working on this for decades. it's a pleasure to have you reverend eugene rivers iii the director of seymour institute. >> god bless you all. ainsley: god bless you. i love him. steve: what is come up. ainsley: north korean defectorring verse she was mugged in chicago. when she called police, a large group of woke by standers stopped her and called her racist. pete hegseth and will cain are going to react to this disturbing story next. ♪ this may look like a regular movie night.
4:41 am
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♪ >> looting in chicago. i was robbed by three black women. anybody can be [inaudible] if they happen to be a black women. i was trying to catch them for the police these people on the street bystander white people calling i'm a racist. telling me the color of skin doesn't [inaudible] >> north korea human rights activist and defector park revealing she was beaten and robbed in chicago last year and being accused of being a racist. ainsley: claimed woke bystanders witnessing the attack did nothing to help her and even labeled her a racist for attempting to call the police. brian: here to react "fox & friends weekend" co-host pete hegseth and will cain. what a hard life she has. you think she would come here and everything would be blue skies. pete, wasn't like that and she told joe row began that over the
4:46 am
course of three hours. >> amazing interview. she said how is it that characteristics the color of your skin, something you can't change is what would define who you are in this country. she also goes to columbia university and said not even north korea as nuts as the ivy league when it comes to safe spaces and wokeness. the scary part is in about a month, guys, i have a five part series coming out on fox nation called the miseducation of america. it's about the 100 year progressive takeover of our classrooms. the same ideology that took over north korea, the marxist communist ideology is what motivated the changes in our own classrooms. what we're seeing today is at columbia in people pointing at someone and saying you are racist for i saying you are being robbed is a dividing of people based on a presser and oppressed and versus in some places it was class. here it's race. they have done it effectively in the classroom and now it's infected the mind of average people who see someone getting robbed the normal instinct is, i don't know, jump in and help but instead they point racism.
4:47 am
steve: no kidding. irony is she essentially is saying she was safer in the streets of north korea than she was on the streets of chicago, illinois. will: well, i think she was disappointed steve what she experienced there more than disappointed. she was stricken by what she saw in the streets of chicago. i don't know that she felt safer on the streets of north korea because what she describes is the end result of a society that as pete points out starting with academics and divorce itself from history and starts relying on the word of the great leader the proclamation, bureaucrat as the truth what she saw in north korea was pretty dang striking as the end result of that process. she saw people dying from starvation. the story she paints the picture she paints of her mother going out. her not know going her mother would ever come back. watching people eat rats cooked and uncooked after feeding on the dead bodies of human beings. she describes the scene of a
4:48 am
teenage boy walking around with his insides falling out behind him and dogs trailing him because they saw him as the next male meal. the point i'm getting at is not to ruin anybody's breakfast. we take this for beganned. we take this society built on enlightened values and western civilization as though it's a permanent condition it's not. and in north korea someone is explaining to you the life they have lived that shows you the end path. 9 end result of this irrationality that we have begun to embark upon. ainsley: what a journey she has had. she was pulled into slavery she and her mom. ended up here in america columbia university and now this happens to her. pete, what's coming up on your show this weekend? pete: well, in addition to will cain, of course, we have. ainsley: i meant both of you have. pete: yeah. brian: pete wants us to refer to it as his show we fell into that trap. ainsley: don't turn into brian, pete. pete: will is out for one weekend i didn't know what to do. we will go back.
4:49 am
mike huckabee, jason chaffetz, dan bongino and of course my friend will. steve: pete, will, we will be watching for you on the couch this weekend. ainsley: rachel is going to take some time off because she worked like two weekends in a row and a weekend in between. steve: i think ashley strohmier is going to be there. ainsley: ashley strohmier is going to fill in. pete: there you go. looking forward to it. ainsley: thanks, guys, we will be watching. steve: coming up next on this friday. do you want to win big money tom shillue has the exact questions that you could win $10,000 with. ainsley: plus she said there is nothing better than blending team u.s.a. with the u.s. army. olympian and gold medal winner amber english explains what it took to get gold live on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ make me that much smarter ♪ thanks for making me a fighter ♪ ♪
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brian: the fox bet super 6 app is giving you another shot to win on a wide variety of topics.
4:54 am
ainsley: tom shillue is host of fox happy hour, sign up for fox nation to get exclusive access to content and your favorite personalities on any device. steve: and tom joins us right now, and i bet he's got the app going and he's got the exact questions you could win $10,000 on. >> you got it, steve. i play with one finger, it's so easy. [laughter] let's play. how many gold medals will separate the u.s. and china by the end of saturday's events? steve: two. ainsley: that's a good one, let's see. five or more. we're so close to them right now. i like that one. let's do that. >> all right. which of these will finish best by percentage on friday at four? brian: i'm going to say gm because they're going to be in
4:55 am
the electric car business. steve: i'm going to say marriott. ainsley: i like the gm, i think the stocks will go up. >> there you go. all right. best finish at the world golf championship. brooks, dustin, bryson, justin, colin or xander? >> dustin. ainsley: i'll go with justin thomas. >> justin thomas. we got a dusting, we got a bryson. here we go, the number of the powerball, saturday night's draw, okay? this is like your consolation are. if you don't win the powerball but you get close, you win 10,000. brian: i'll just say yes because everyone else is. steve: i'll go with a, 0-3. ainsley: i'll go with c, 8-11. >> how about this? ufc 265, is it going to be --
4:56 am
the. steve: no idea what any of that means. [laughter] ainsley: brian with, what do you think? brian: i'm going to go e. ainsley: okay. we're following brian's lead. steve: tom. it goes with the exact question, so people just need to download the super 6 app for their chance to win $10,000 -- brian: and the last one i'm going to go with mark levin, american marxism. ainsley: me too. brian: way to go. steve: sorry, jesse. ainsley: we are gearing up for another friday summer concert here on "fox & friends." steve: a christian group debuting a brand new single next hour. put down the remote, don't want to miss it. we will be right back. ♪
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♪ >> look at us, we need to defend the police. >> there may be some who disagree with him. that's okay. >> should be arrested for political and ideological malpractice. ainsley: the war of words continued yesterday. president biden was asked about it. >> mr. president, do you have a response to governor desantis? >> the biden administration is considering withholding federal funds from institutions to push more americans to get vaccinated. >> we're moving to coerce and
5:01 am
consent. brian: americans are waking up to the threat of critical race theory. >> critical race theory is racist, it's un-american. >> the force and strength of our nation has always been our union. >> sets up and touchdown! 16-3, is the final. and for these two teams, the first of four preseason games ends here in canton. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: before you were looking at milwaukee. the city of milwaukee arose from a section of scattered settlements, the name was derived from a tribe which is
5:02 am
pronounced, which translates to -- [inaudible] meandering council. so that's how we got milwaukee, and soon after that we got old milwaukee. steve: and what we're hearing, this is for king and country. it is the featured entertainers on i our all-american concert series today from coast to coast. from new york city, milwaukee, out west. you name it, we know you're watching. ainsley: they've been on the show before with. they're all a big christian family, and they love music. hay grew up playing music with their dad. brian: right. normally it's probably the biggest crowd all year, but because of this pandemic that lingers, we're going to wait until next year to sell out the veranda. meanwhile, two minutes after the top of the hour, for the longest time heard president biden said, i never said defund the police, what are you talking about?
5:03 am
if it was republicans that wanted to defund the police. that's not true. it was nonstop democratic cities, democratic mayors who decided to defund the police. case in point, democratic mayor here took a billion dollars out of the budget, basically told them to stop doing anything and made it almost impossible to keep somebody in prison. the democrats knew it was devastating to hear defund the police from any of their constituents, let alone one of their most popular members with a huge social media presence, a member of the famed squad, and it came out yesterday loud and clear. it was actually done on cbs earlier in the week, but now it's making national news. ainsley: listen to what cori bush said. >> i know i have had attempts on my life, and i have too much work to do. there are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that. so if i end up spending 200,000, if i spend $10 on it, you know what? i get to be here to do the work.
5:04 am
so suck it up. defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets because we're trying to save lives. steve: you know, they probably went to price club yesterday or costco, as it is now called, the democrats in the house who are looking toward 2022. because what she said is going to come back to haunt every member of congress on the democratic side. because there is no more potent issue than personal safety in the swing districts. and we have heard so many times from democrats ever since defund the police started a while back, you know what? we don't say that, it's only the republicans. well, cori bush just gave every republican and democratic member of congress the sound bite that they will run right through election day, 2022. ainsley: she apparently is rich enough to spend $70,000 in the last three months to have private security detail. guess what? most of us can't afford that, so
5:05 am
you know who we rely on? the police. and she wants to defund the police. in st. louis, where she is from, she cut $4 million -- or they cut that from the city, 4 million from the police budget, and they eliminated almost a hundred police officer positions. and that money went to affordable housing and assistance for homeless and crime victim support services including funeral services for crime victims. but if you don't want as in funerals, you need to have police officers to make our cities safer. and who paid for it? her campaign did. so the people who gave her money because they liked the defunding message, they're giving her money for her own private security. it accounted for one-third of her campaign expenses during the second quarter. brian: in case you want to point out and say, well, she's a freshman congresswoman, she's on the back bench, it's not true. the president of the united states credited her for rental assistance relief continuing and bringing that fight back up to the supreme court because she slept on the steps and said we
5:06 am
actually have to have it, the heck with the landlords who are losing their properties and giving it back to the banks because no one's paying rent. that's for another time. so 24 hours after getting praised by the most powerful democrats in the country, she goes and gives the phrase that they want to run from as fast as they can x, and that is defund the police. certainly done more to the quality of life than any phrase i've seen over the last 15 years. steve: right. and joe biden and the white house, they've seen the polls. they know that defund the police is a terrible message for the white house and for democrats, and that is why peter doocy asked jen sake about the congresswoman's -- jen psaki about the congresswoman quote, and the white house pushed back against the democrats. watch this. >> congresswoman cori bush is saying she favors spending tens of thousands on private security to keep her safe and that people should, quote, suck it up, defunding the police has to
5:07 am
happen. didn't president biden say a few weeks ago that anybody who accuses the party of being anti-police is lying? >> well, i think we shouldn't lose the forest through the trees here which is that a member of congress, an elected official, is concerned that her life is threatened, and that's disturbing. the president has been crystal clear that he to opposes defunding the police. he has proposed increased funding for law enforcement and the cops program and increased funding from his predecessor who was, as you might know or be aware of, a republican. this may be some in the democratic party including congresswoman bush who disagree with him. that's okay. steve: so the president disagrees with cori bush, but that's okay. ainsley: well, they cut funding in minneapolis, $8 million. oakland, california, 14.6. portland, they cut 15 million. philly, 33 million. we saw here in new york city they cut a whopping $1 billion. and these are all in democratic areas, and we're seeing crime go up in all of these cities. brian: and working class regions
5:08 am
often, the ones that need the security the most. that did not elude reverend eugene rivers iii, director of the seymour institute for policy studies. he was not happy with those statements. >> ms. bush should be arrested for political and ideological malpractice. the call for the defunding of misis not wrong -- police is not wrong, it's absurd and ridiculous are. it is absolutely an intellectual and ideological crime against black people. in our poorest black neighborhoods, we don't need to defund police, we need to support and improve policing. and one does that by developing strategic partnerships. it's not a question of fighting harder, it's about organizing smarter. ms. bush, come to boston to see the model. steve: right. and so he was very clear she was
5:09 am
wrong, wrong, wrong about calling for defunding the police. and while the republicans certainly disagree with that, they love the fact that she has given them a video gift that will come back to haunt the democrats right through the next election. brian: ultimately, though, it's going to hurt the country because that's the sentiment that's hurting law enforcement, that's affecting all of our safety. ainsley: i love the ref recommend because he says -- reverend because he says we have the model here, he's been working for 35 years to try to partnership9 with the churches and ministries that he's involvedded with there to go into these neighborhoods and try to pull out children that are in gangs and save their lives and and teach them about god. and he has invited cori bush to go. i hope that she accepts his invitation. brian: and, by the way, the squad's probably going to get bigger if the squad gets their way. the one voice of reason has been henry cuellar.
5:10 am
do you know they're going to primary him? there's going to be a rematch there, and it's going to be with jessica cisneros will run against representative cuellar who's done a great job pointing out to the administration all hell has broken loose at the border. you can't look away. it's in our nation's interests for you not to. put party aside, and he's being primaried. if you're a leader and you're against what the squad stands for, the far left, you would stand up and say don't touch him. ainsley: henry cuellar has been in office for a very long time. people love him there. maybe he'll get more republican votes though this time with that message -- brian: no, but in the primary -- ainsley: that's true. steve: one of the things, so crime is sweeping the country, we know that. in these large liberal cities, there is a terrible problem with homelessness. and as it turns out, there's a lot of crime involved with that too.
5:11 am
first of all, a woman by the name of deborah todd was just walking on the street, and she wound up getting so significantly hurt because of, you've seen the tents on the streets where there are great big tents, there are homeless people, it's kind of scary. there she is. here's a quote she gave to "the new york times." listen to what happened to her -- ainsley: l.a. times. steve: because of the encampment, you. couldn't walk on the street, so she did. there was no light or stop sign anywhere at the street where i got hit. so she was struck by a car, i believe she sustained brain damage and is now suing the city. ainsley: yeah, injuries to her held, her hip, her back, her arm and her leg. steve steve terrible. brian: and now, first off, it's not just los angeles county, they're all over new york too, maybe your city. in the city of denver, it's out of control. they spend $41,000 a year when
5:12 am
it comes to education, when it comes to homeless, between 41-104,000 per person for homelessness. steve: right. brian: compare that to $19,202 on k-12 public school students. steve: i mean, there are a lot of numbers there, but start on the right side of the screen. city of denver spends about $20,000 per child in k-12 education, right? $20,000 per year, per kid. that's over really, what, nine months out of the year? but then the amount they spend on the people who are homeless, they spend at least double that, 40,000, or up to 104,000. it all depends on the services they need. that's every year for every homeless person on the streets of denver. that is jaw-dropping. ainsley: a lot of this is because there's no bail. they release you without bail. if you have committed a nonviolent, low-end felony or a misdemeanor, i mean, even felony, a hoe-end felony --
5:13 am
low-end felony, you get put back on the streets. there's a guy in california who got -- he was arrested three times in three days, one was for stealing a car, there was a methamphetamine pipe in it, another one was stealing money from a tip jar. so they're saying these are small crimes -- brian: they can't hold him. steve: and then when he was released the second time, he stole a truck in front of the police station, and then they booked him, there were actually -- i think he's being held on bail, on a bond now. but nonetheless, that's the perfect exhibit of how the zero bond thing means there's no deterrent. there's no consequence. if it's a misdemeanor, you do it, you're not going to get in trouble. brian: governor gavin newsom who was saying come one, come all, live your homeless dream in los angeles, now says we have to start cleaning up the homeless situation and is demanding the federal government provide housing. provide housing for the people you attracted who you said come one, come all, now you want the
5:14 am
government to put them in housing? the government's in charge of putting everyone in housing now? he has created tent city after tent city. even in orange two years ago they were saying on the highway people are choosing to live that way to not pay taxes, let alone the mentally ill that are sitting them and the criminals -- sitting there. and now he's cheering the cleanup of venice beach. why? because he's being recalled. steve: one of the problems with the homeless population is you have covid that has ripped through that community out on the streets. a couple of days ago the president had his second east room speech to the nation where he told people, please, get vaccinated. if you're not, pretty much 99% of all the people who are getting covid these days are the unvaccinated. and so he specified these states like florida and texas, desantis and abbott, who are saying, you know, we don't need to have a mask mandate. we can do what we want. the president then said get out of the way.
5:15 am
desantis said i'm standing in your way. ainsley: uh-huh. i am protecting the people of florida. well, then the war of words continued yesterday when president biden was asked about what desantis said is. listen. knox -- [inaudible conversations] >> -- using your words about don't be in the way and he said i am in the way -- [inaudible] too much interference from the federal government. your response, mr. president? >> [inaudible] [laughter] [inaudible conversations] brian: yeah. well you know what desantis is saying? i'm going to get parents in charge of their children, and i'm going to make sure in an executive order that no one mandates in his state masks for students. it should be the parents' choice. now broward and three other counties including, i think, duval have said we're going to push back against that, same thing in arizona. they said, the legislators said nobody should mandate masks nation wild. it should be up to the --
5:16 am
nationwide. and it should be up to the parents, and tucson and phoenix said, no, we're going to mandate it. the president's not helping things. ainsley: ron desantis said i won't pay the counties if they don't do what i say. steve: and the federal government is saying we might withhold money to different institutions, long-term care, maybe cruise lines which have gotten a bailout and universities. if they get federal funding, we might withhold funding unless they mandate everybody get the shot. the education secretary, miguel cardona, took questions for about 20 minutes yesterday in the brady briefing room, and he was actually asked about the governors in texas and in florida and their mask mandate ban. watch this. >> what is your message to governors that have banned mask mandates? >> you know, don't be the reason why schools are in trouble.
5:17 am
our kids have suffered enough. let's do what we know works. let's do what we know works across the country. we shouldn't get -- politics doesn't have a role in this. educators know what to do. we did it last year. so i have called out to those states, but at the end of the day, i want to work with texas, i want to work with florida. i want the make sure those students have access to in-person -- ainsley: don't be the reason that our kids, but i'm going to work with you. brian: right. there's going to be in-person learning in florida and in texas. a. ainsley: but not in chicago. brian: keep in mind, washington -- not him -- was the one keeping those schools half full because they had to have 6 feet apart, and it turns out there was no science behind it. 3 feet apart allowed those classes to fill up again. steve: the war of words continues from washington. ainsley: maybe there'll be more tomorrow. steve: oh, there's going to be more tomorrow. ainsley: that will air tomorrow
5:18 am
on "fox & friends." hey, jillian -- jillian: i know the day's almost over for us, but -- steve: good morning, everybody. jillian: let's are get you caught up with a state of emergency declared in several northern california counties as the river fire almost doubles in size is. almost 5,000 have evacuated with ooh another under warnings. this as the statement's largest wildfire nearly destroys an swire town in -- entire town in northern california. this image of a firefighter saving an american flag bringing some hope amid the destruction. this just in, tennessee senator bill hagerty blocks democrats from ramming through president bidens' $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. haggerty says he does not want to expedite it over fears that democrats will move rapidly to pass a larger reconciliation bill. this after the package was found to be not fully paid for as
5:19 am
promised. a congressional budget office report claimed it would add $256 billion to the deficit over a decade. a vote on the bill is expected tomorrow. britney spears filed paperwork to remove her father from her conservatorship immediately. she's asking an l.a. judge to move an upcoming september hearing in her case to later this month. her lawyer saying, quote: the time has come for mr. spears' reign to end. ms. conspiracy -- ms. spears should not be forced to suffer further. every day matters. and while the rest of the u.s. women's soccer team knelt before their olympic final, carli lloyd took a stand. she scored two goals against australia helping team usa win a gold medal. team usa leads the board with 95 total medals. and the back story to that is
5:20 am
his grandfather, he would write him messages, that's how they would communicate. and his grandfather died, and he said this is the final message i want him to read. ainsley: oh, that's cool. brian: carli lloyd. 39 years old, might be her last game, never kneeled. steve: meanwhile on this friday, a republican lawmaker saying states that require proof of vaccination also have voter id laws. north dakota senator kevin cramer is shining a light on the left's hypocrisy, and he's coming up next. and here. which is why the scientific expertise that helps operating rooms stay clean now helps the places you go too. look for the ecolab science certified seal. usaa is made for the safe pilots. now helps the placelike mac.too. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30%
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5:24 am
ainsley: one u.s. senator shining a light on statewide hypocrisy. steve: our next guest's proposed bill would require any state
5:25 am
implementing vaccine passports to also mandate voter id. brian: north dakota senator kevin claimer joining us -- kramer joins us right now. >> seems pretty obvious to me, brian. i never cease to be amazed at how easily democrats willing to give up their personal private health care records just to eat at a restaurant in manhattan but then to do something as important as casting a vote for president of the united states. so what my bill intends to do is shine that spotlight of hypocrisy -- which, by the way, that's not exactly new in politics, but this is a pretty extreme version of it. ainsley: this is really a message for bill de blasio, because we're the first city in the country that is saying you have to show a vaccine passport in order to eat indoors, go to a gym, go to a show. are we going to now show an id when we vote here?
5:26 am
>> i haven't heard from bill de blasio, and i expect that we won't, but he's going to have to answer some questions about this gross intrusion on people's personal information. and i think this is really, to me, a frightening situation where the american people have been asked to do something like demonstrate or prove that, you know, a vaccination. that is highly personal and private information. steve: right. and, of course, senator, it's all about they're trying to get -- right now i think the number is just under 50%, just under 50% of americans have been immunized against covid. the administration realizes to get to herd immunity these days, you've got to be at 70, 80, 85%. the number seems to be changing. so their just trying -- they're just trying, they're pulling out all the stops trying to get everybody vaccinated. >> a couple of things, steve. first of all, there's been no credit given to the fact that many people have, you know, antibodies because they've had
5:27 am
the disease itself -- steve: that's right. >> the other is it's counterproductive. the american people are not ill-informed about this. there's lots of information. self-governed people are capable of -- and when you start bullying or harassing people, that's very counterproductive. let people consult their doctors, make their own decisions. brian: what's going on with this infrastructure bill? 2,702 pages, they need 10 republicans to vote for it. it is going to add to the deficit, it is not paid for, it's going to be $a 256 billion -- $256 billion according to the cbo. how to you stand, senatorsome. >> i support it for a couple of reasons. first of all, the cbo score is not the only thing that matters when it comes to the pay-fors. cbo is barred from including repurposing already appropriated funds from the cares act and other, you know, relief packages. so is it actually, in my view, i'm very comfortable with the
5:28 am
pay-fors. but beyond that, even if it's $25 billion a year of expense, we've just spent $7 trillion on things that produced nothing now -- don't get me wrong -- to people's individual economies. but an asset like infrastructure has as its primary purpose the movement of goods and services in our economy, it's an asset that returns value to our economy and, ultimately, to the taxpayers. is so i still think this is a very good and, i think, a high priority and important -- brian: does it pass the senate today? >> i believe it'll pass if not today, tomorrow. you mentioned senator hagerty's objection to moving quickly through the amendments. he has every right to do that. if it takes a day longer, then we stay here and get it done tomorrow night if we can't get it done or even sunday night. brian: senator, thanks so much. kevin cramer, appreciate it. >> my pleasure. brian: coming up straight ahead, you see now hiring signs everywhere you go, but are businesses having better luck?
5:29 am
data from the july jobs report is just moments away. ainsley: plus, she's a world class marksman -- markswoman, and now a gold medal winning olympian who says there's nothing better than uniting the usa with the army. how the best fighting force in the world prepared her for her big moment in tokyo, next. ♪♪ welcome to allstate. where our new auto rates are so low, ♪ you'll jump for joy. ♪ here, better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... you're in good hands with allstate. that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...'s a tasty way to conquer your day. try centrum multi gummies. now with a new look.
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5:33 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news ale. the july jobs report was just released. the u.s. adding 943,000 jobs last month, that's more than economists predicted. as the unemployment rate fell to 5.4%. ainsley. ainsley: short headline. thank you so much, jillian. all right, this morning we are saluting an american soldier and olympic champion. u.s. army reserve first lieutenant amber english taking home gold in skeet shooting at the tokyo games, setting an olympic record with 56 hits and finishing ahead of italy and china, and she says there is nothing better than blending team usa with the u.s. army. first lieutenant and gold medalist amber english enjoins
5:34 am
us now from fort mening, georgia. -- fort benning, georgia. good morning to you. >> thank you. so much for having me. ainsley: it is our honor. how did it feel to bring home that gold? >> yeah, it was just a very crazy experience. i am so is glad after years of hard work that we were able to put it together. and although this is an individual sport, it really takes a team behind everybody to be successful, so i'm very, very hull bled by this -- humbled by this experience. ainsley: well, congratulations. tamyra mensah-stock had a similar story to you that you came up through adversity, and you fought hard and brought home the gold. i know you came up short of making the teams in 2012 and 2016. we always love to support folks like that. so how did that adversity, losing your dad, get you to where you are today in. >> you know, it was a very tough battle, to be honest. it took a little bit for me to get back on the range.
5:35 am
and vincent hancock, who just won his third gold, was kind of the reason. he was in colorado springs and he said, you know, i believe in you, come out here, i'm going to shoot. we cried and i kept shooting. so just was don't quit and believe in yourself and keep going. iowans training as an army officer and training to be an olympic athlete at the same time, how did you do that? >> you know, it's just one bite at a time. it was kind of a little overwhelming at first, but i am so fortunate to have the support of the army and the reserves to really be successful and to see this go out. ainsley: what was the reaction when you got back to the u.s.? >> oh, they showed up in atlanta at baggage claim just to try the embarrass me. [laughter] landed at almost midnight, so i was just shocked to see so many people were up. ainsley: why did you decide to join the military? >> you know, i fought it for a very long time.
5:36 am
i was already training and competing, so after i lost my dad i said, you know what? i need to do something different. i was, like, you know, better late than never and here we are. ainsley: where is your gold medal? is it in front of you? >> it is, it's right here. a iowas iowans don't let that out of your sight. is it print heavy? >> -- is it pretty heavy? >> it is. we were comparing sizes and they said mine is bigger. [laughter] ainsley: you deserve is it. what are you going to do with it? what do most athletes do with them, do they frame them? >> no, mine's actually going in my gun safe. we travel a lot -- ainsley: that's smart. how did you get into skeet shooting? >> it's a family affair. i come from a line of competitive shooters, and my dad and uncle shot, my mom and aunt, everybody, cousins. i kind of decided right before college that i wasn't going to pursue that, let my body heal
5:37 am
and said i want to compete in something, might as well make it shooting. i'm kind of the only one to step into the shotgun field, but it's been a awesome. ainsley: your dad would be so proud of you. what did the rest of your family say? >> oh, they're just super pumped that we were able to see this goal through. they had to deal with my craziness over the last year -- [laughter] but it worked out, and we're just very happy. a. ainsley: first lieutenant amber english, you have a great personality. you're bringing home the gold for us, we are so proud of you and we'll continue to here you on. god bless you. >> thank you so much. ainsley: thank you. a texas border city at a tipping point as migrants, some cohid-process -- covid-positive, are flooding into our country. laredo's mayor joins us next. and two talented brother is set to debut a brand new single for us live, the wonderful christian pop group for king and country coming up.
5:38 am
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5:43 am
75 of them are covid-positive. that's about 25% are covid-positive. laredo, texas, where the mayor joins us now. good morning to you. >> thank you for taking an interest in the border. steve: it's of great interest to everybody. s that is why you had to declare a disaster the other day to ask a judge, please tell the federal government to stop is flooding our streets with these covid-positive migrants and migrants in general. we just don't have enough room, right? >> absolutely. yeah, we've been -- it's truly a crisis. it's a triple crisis. we have a border security crisis, we have a health crisis here in our city, in the area, and, of course, we have a humanitarian crisis as well. and it's all as a result of this huge influx of migrants that are coming in throughout the entire border area and, of course, laredo's no exception. our situation is counting on it because we have migrant withs being bussed -- migrants being
5:44 am
bussed to the laredo area because the rgv, which is about 150 miles down river of laredo, is just overwhelmed. i think they've had over 400,000 migrants since october 1st, i believe. so we're now the place where they're bringing these migrants for further processing. yesterday we did reach an agreement with the border patrol, so there's no need to continue the lawsuit. but it's temporary. now the city of laredo proper with taxpayer money, we're financing the busing of these migrants further north into texas so they can reach their destinations. so it's become so complicated, steve. steve: no kidding. and, mayor, the president was asked the other day about, you know, he's concerned with people in this country having covid, but at the same time our southern border seems to be wide open, and the president cited title 42 saying we're turning
5:45 am
everybody around at the border, saying you can't come in because of covid. he said the only people being let in are children. you're seeing the people. i'm looking at the video. they're letting in a lot more than kids. >> absolutely. it's these family units and, of course, they bring the children so family members can also tag along. and, again, it's the asylum seek isers. the policy is there -- seekers. but obviously something's terribly wrong here. of it's not orderly, there's chaos and, obviously, it's creating this crisis that we're facing here throughout the border area. so we're asking for resources. if you're insisting on this policy, enforce it, you know? make it work -- steve: right. >> -- totally on the federal nickel. don't expect the local aals to -- locals to, you know, expend money to help the federal government.
5:46 am
we can do our part -- steve: no kidding. >> that's all we can do. steve if the feds are going to ask you to take all these people, they should at least help you with the money. you could use it. mayor pete signs, thanks very much, i mauve know you've got your hands full. >> thank you o care. steve: coming up this friday, for king and country rock our all-american concert series with a special performance coming up next. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> those job numbers just crossingt expectations. it's the lowest since the start of the pandemic. what's behind it all? police for thee but not for me, lawrence jones is here, we'll have a wrap on the olympics with abby hornacek. see you at the top of the hour. ♪♪ ♪ steve: we know them from their uplifting hits like priceless and amen. ainsley: now the grammy award-winning christian duo for king and country is out with brand new music to kick off
5:51 am
their first arena tour in two years. brian: joe and luke join us right now for the all-american concert series with a special performance of their new single. welcome, i guys. >> hey, hey, hey. glad to be with you guys. brian: good morning. how have you handled the pandemic? what has it done for your creative juices? >> yeah. well, i think it's been, you know, we've never had that much time at home almost since we've -- it's kind of been one of those the unique situations where we have had some unexpected time. it has been a moment for us to be able to get in the studio. >> usually we would make records kind of on the road but also coming home. this has been almost exclusively at home. so i think it's provided an extra little oomph, wouldn't you say? it's been quite delightful -- >> that would be the -- an extra little oomph. [laughter] steve: it's hard to sing with
5:52 am
mask. just saying. >> touche. >> do you try it often? steve: i have one in my pocket, but i'm not going the sing. ainsley: tell us about the title of your group, for king and country. steve: because you u.s.ed to be joel and luke. >> right. we always wanted a name that had sort of depth and intrigue, and you might know that, you know, dating back to british commonwealth which, australia's a part of which is where we're from, their chant was for king and country. if you're a downton abbey fan, you'll here that. on a life level and also on a spiritual level, it's why we do music as well. steve: terrific. ainsley: that's great. and tell us about your family. you all grew up in a musical family, right? or musical surroundings? >> yeah, that's right.
5:53 am
our older sister, john -- joel and i kind of grew up as her road crew -- >> at, like, 12 guys. we're breaking some child labor laws here. [laughter] >> in high school joel came to me and said, hey, what do you think of running some music? kind of been doing it ever since. steve: you're our future performers on our all-american concert series, and here is for king and country from the kettle house amphitheater in missoula, montana. guys, take it away. ♪ has it gone too far to find the middle ground? ♪ did they raise you so high just the pull you back down? ♪ have you been so last you can never be found? ♪
5:54 am
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5:56 am
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6:00 am
>> well, tickets for king and country live on tour and go to at for king and as we wrap up this friday telecast. >> have a great day. good weekend. happy birthday to my sister which is tomorrow. bye, everyone. >> bill: 9:00 in new york. fox news alert. u.s. economy is open for business. july jobs report out moments ago. we beat expectations. unemployment dropping to its lowest level since the start of the pandemic. that's good news on a friday, huh? i said friday. i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm dana perino. >> bill: the u.s. added 943,000 jobs last month. to tell us what's driving all of this is


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