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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i'm guessing jesse jr. could compete. >> obviously. >> look at those little outfits. they are all kinds of special combinations. >> all right, okay guys. that's it. we are going to see you back here on monday. a combination people will be here. [laughter] ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening, i'm bret baier. break into nights, a victory lap for president biden over positive job numbers for july. there also some major hurdles i had with the covid resurgence leading to massive problems on the southern border. we have new exclusive images and details from south texas and we will take you live there in just a moment. but first, the u.s. economy gained 934,000 jobs last month. the unemployment rate dipped to 5.4% pair that ignited a one had a 44-point game for the dow today to close in a new record
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close. the s&p 500 was up seven, that's also a new top finish for the nasdaq lost 60. however, the covid related labor shortage and rising inflation are still significant problems throughout the country. luscombe of the fight against the delta variant of covid-19 presents many unknowns. white house correspond to peter doocy leads us off tonight live from the north lawn, good evening peter. >> good evening, bret. officials think it's the way to keep the economy on the right track by keeping as many people vaccinated. there are now stats, level conversations about possibly starting to withhold federal funds from places that don't require federal workers or people that are getting federal money to get faxed. >> the biden plan is working. >> the president is taking credit for july's jobs report. exceeding estimates as the country clause back from covid from covid. >> we were in a dark winter with real concerns about what spring
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would bring. but then we got to work. >> cabinet officials are pleased. >> not perfect, but it's a good story. the economy is nearly 6 million short before covid. >> this is not a normal recession. this is not something not predictable. as we think about moving forward, as we continue to get more and more people back into the job market, we need to see more rages rise as well. >> prices are rising more, though. leading to renewed concern about inflation. >> we've all been talking about this, wage inflation. that is the thing that could take transitory inflation and make it longer-lasting or potentially make it permanent. >> variance may be turning in the wrong direction, but economic trends are unaffected for now. >> we haven't seen to date a direct impact on the economy from delta. >> the white white house wants o
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respond to strict guidelines. >> now ron desantis is firing back. >> i guess the question is, what else is he forgotten? biden has forgotten about the crisis at our southern border, i could tell you that. biden is forgotten about the inflation that is fighting the budgets of families all across the country. >> he's threatening to withhold funds from student districts that require their students to wear a mask. >> harmful, emotional, academic effect of putting kindergartners and masts for hours at a time -- is there any concern from officials that you haven't talk to you your early predecisional discussion about that? >> no, there is not. i also had a chance to ask her why? if the economy is growing and creating historical number of jobs in the first couple months, the president is still pushing for the massive relief program like the ban on affections.
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she basically said that is because even though there was a good job support, there are still too many people out of work right now. >> to that point, the administration today extending the pause on student loan payments. what do they have to say about that? >> the education secretary was explained that they want people spending their money and focusing on their families on their health. a student loan pause was set to expire at the end of next month, now it's going to run through the end of january 2022. progressives want the president to go a lot further and just go cancel up to $50,000 of student loan debt per borrower, but the president has not expressed a willingness to go that far. >> bret: we will follow that one. the mandate over vaccines and masts in the product of my classroom is raging across the country. it is looking at possibly requiring teachers to be vaccinated.
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when it comes to masks, a judge in arkansas is temporarily blocking the state for enforcing its ban on mask mandates. the state legislature has considered rolling back the band for some schools and the state of florida has approved private school vouchers if parents say children feel bullied by a districts mask wearing rules. as peter reported, florida is one of several states shown in red on the map banning mask requirements in public schools. nearly a dozen other states and the district of columbia shown in green are requiring masks for students and teachers. as we mentioned at the top of the show tonight, fox has exclusively obtained images and video from inside madonna texas migrant facility along the southern border. shows migrants packed into pods there, similar to the way they were back in february and march. officials in texas are blaming the biden administration for those problems. correspondent vilma lucian reports again tonight from
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donna, texas. >> exclusive video obtained from font to new reveals overcrowded conditions inside a facility once again. it shows migrants packed into pods similar to what was seen back in march. the board of patrol sources telling fox news that as of thursday, there were around 5300 migrants being held with between 40-60 migrants and each pod. that is well above the covid-19 limit up of about ten per pod. and mission texas, early friday morning, an emergency compound expanded significantly overnight. the compound started at a capacity of 250, but officials say they expected to go up to 650. hundreds were there already friday morning. so not all are infected. some are family members quarantining with loved ones. nearby, a line of vehicles of the compounds entrance waiting
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for them to be picked up after testing negative. >> they say they're trying to make the best out of a horrible situation. to speak what used to be four or five, 6%. it's over in excess of 60% positive. we have to protect our citizens no matter what. >> and eagle path texas, a special response team spent the week tracking down illegal immigrant workers, many of whom they caught trying to board moving trains. all of these illegals trying to get past troopers. dozens eventually apprehended, including active gang members. as texas law enforcement says they have to do the job of the federal government. >> bret, earlier today they confirmed that they have started flying migrants expelled under
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title 42 deep into the interior of mexico. that's a bit of a change paired with of typically been doing up until this point is they will bus them right back across the border and drop them off right near the border. they say a lot of people have just been trying to recross again that same day or days later. so the idea behind this is, they're going to drop them off deep into mexico and hope it's too far for them to come back as the delta variant surges in this area. we will send it back to you. >> bret: we will follow it every day. bill, thank you. an attorney for andrew cuomo says he was ambushed. this happened as a former executive assistant brings a first criminal complaint against governor cuomo following the sensational sexual harassment allegations collaborated in the state attorney general's report. the latest tonight from new york, good evening, brian. >> tonight cuomo's attorneys are speaking out for him attacking the attorney general's independent investigation into the governor calling it "unfair
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and one-sided." complaining that about not being able to see the evidence or the transcripts, or even given a chance to rebuttal. they claim governor cuomo was "ambushed by the report." even though he authorized the investigation. >> there has been no open-mindedness fact finding in this case for the investigation was conducted to support a predetermined narrative. this was not an exercise in truth finding. >> the press conference came on the same day a criminal complaint was filed by an unidentified executive assistant pictured here who claimed governor cuomo groped her multiple times in the executive mansion including seconds before taking the selfie in 2019. and again in 2020 when cuomo allegedly put his hand under her blouse and touched her. the incident was detailed in the attorney general's report.
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the governor replied "i don't care" and slammed the door shut. at that moment, he was sexually driven. i could tell, and the way he said it, i could tell. while most lawyers said this never happened. >> this is stated as fact in the report is false. the documentary evidence does not support what she said. and what is disturbing to me is that the two investigators did not show that evidence to you. >> the governor has been bunker it up inside the governor's mansion in albany where yesterday "the new york post" caught him lounging poolside with a woman identified as his secretary. reportedly intent on not resigning, cuomo's lawyers today said the governor will speak to the public about the allegation
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soon. the ag's office just released a statement saying in part, a tax on this investigation take away from the bravery displayed by these women. >> bret: we will continue to follow the story. brian, thank you. now, to the travel nightmare. right in the middle of summer vacation season, spirit airlines has canceled almost 2,000 flights since sunday leaving countless travelers stranded. correspondent jonathan serrie is at hartsfield-jackson airport in atlanta tonight with what the company says is behind all these problems. good evening, john. >> good evening, bret. spirit airlines has canceled 44% of its scheduled flights just today. and passengers are trying to adapt. speak i've been worried i've been up all night checking -- sr it's good. >> it was the sixth consecutive day of flight cancellations for spirit airlines. >> i've never seen this in my
3:12 pm
life. >> this is been a horrible experience. horrible. >> we deserve better. >> they can blame a combination of weather, system outages, and staffing shortages that led to the cancellation of roughly 2,000 flights since sunday. >> this is bad. we've had for canceled flights. and they made us go to united or delta. because they couldn't take us. >> major airlines don't like to some of the smaller airport service by spirit leading passenger patty gilroy to drive more than 16 hours from tampa, florida, to atlantic city, new jersey. >> you've got to roll with it. >> earlier this week severe weather caused a similar delays. >> we have to stand in this long line, two hours in length. >> today a spokesperson tells fox news american airlines is now operating normally systemwide. however, spirit airlines
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cancellations are expected to continue into next week. the ceo explains the smaller airline was not equipped to deal with this type of disruption, but can learn from the experience and regain passenger trust. >> that starts with building the airline back, making it as reliable as we wanted to be. it's going to take us some time to build back that confidence and earn their trust again. but we are up for the challenge. >> bret, this comes as airlines are scrambling to meet consumer demands. the tsa says that it is handling about 80% prepandemic passenger volume just yesterday they screened more than 2 million passengers. >> bret: jonathan serrie and atlanta, jonathan, thank you. up next, breaking news from california as western wildfires rip through one historic town. ♪ ♪ >> my heart is crushed. by what has occurred there. all i can tell you is i'm sorry.
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>> bret: breaking tonight, much of northern california is on fire. and we have some stunning pictures of the devastation they are. officials one blaze grew by 110 square miles overnight and has
3:18 pm
consumed almost a half million anchors. many california lawmakers say climate change and extremely dry conditions have made the state a tinderbox bear the latest this evening from auburn california. good evening, claudia. >> good evening to you, bret bear this is the staging area for the river fire burning outside of sacramento good containment on this fire doubled overnight and they are beginning to turn the corner here, but 80 miles north, the dixie fire continues to grow and is now the third largest wildfire in california history. >> an eerie red glow settles over susanville california pit it's estimated 75% of the town's historic buildings and homes are gutted. the cause of this 3-week-old dixie fire, now 35% contained, is under investigation. but officials with pacific gas & electric say blown fuses from a
3:19 pm
utility pole may be responsible. amid the devastation, images of heroism as a firefighter rescues an american flag before it's consumed by fire. the county sheriff as a resident of greenville. >> my heart is crushed by what has occurred there. their life is now forever changed and all i can tell you is -- i'm sorry. >> not far away, three people including a firefighter were injured in the river fire which started wednesday and fueled by high winds and dry vegetation quickly burned 2600 anchors and 88 structures. officials say wildfire statewide, many sparked by lightning, have forced the evacuation of more than 18,000 people. drought conditions causing crown fires that jumped from treetop to treetop. >> we are getting too wet from a normally be considered peak fire season and we are already having fires that are burning with the same intensity we would normally see towards the end of the fire
3:20 pm
season. >> the smoke can be seen from space. satellite pictures show the scope of these fires that together have consumed more than 800,000 anchors, a new state record for anchors burned by this point in the year. >> thousands of firefighters are bracing for more hot weather this weekend, but also calm her winds and that will be a big help. >> bret: we will continue to follow this, claudia. thank you. tonight, some frightening video of a san diego sheriff's department deputy and training. sustaining what could've been a fatal fat and all overdose while vehicle. it shows just how fast working and dangerous that drug can be. they have the shocking images tonight. speak i'm not going to let you die. >> it's a terrifying moment to watch a sheriff's deputy make a
3:21 pm
lethal mistake. investigating a suspicious vehicle. >> yes, the powder. >> it tested positive for fat now. this is super dangerous. >> just by standing too close, he breezed in the deadly opioid that has killed so many across america. >> i wasn't feeling right, then i fell back. i don't remember anything outside of that. >> breed, but he [bleep] on. >> fortunately he had narcan and his car, a nasal spray carried by many law enforcement officers that can counteract certain drug overdoses. >> moments later, the first doses wore off and firefighters
3:22 pm
pulled up. >> i need to narcan! >> i've got you, i've got you. once more on the way to the hospital, he overdosed and was saved by first responders. having almost died three times, purely because he stood next to fentanyl. >> i don't think people realize the severity of it, just how deadly it really has. >> according to him for a preliminary figures, there wered high and 93,000 deaths from drug overdoses last year. that is compared with 72,000 deaths in 2019. and fentanyl was involved in around two-thirds of those deaths, close to 60,000 people, not as lucky then the deputy. >> bret: amazing story, jonathan. thank you. up next, the standoff between texas lawmakers it's a new stage for the latest on that showdown
3:23 pm
next. fox 23 is told fire crews responded after a semi truck hauling 27,000 pounds of women's aerosol deodorant cans explodes at a travel stop near big cabin for the fire chief says the scene looked like a war zone with cans flying everywhere. some hitting the fire truck as it drove up. this is a live look at dallas-fort worth international airport, our affiliate there, fox four, one of the big stories in dallas tonight. a parade for a pioneer, 82-year-old wally funk who recently became the oldest person to go to space, will be celebrated saturday and her hometown of grapevine. congratulations, that's a nice live look outside of the beltway. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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3:28 pm
year. i think it will be prout, quite pronounced. it will be felt all across the country. >> bret: of a majority of voters decide to oust the governor, the challenger with the most votes will take office. the latest polls suggest the election will be close. texas state lawmakers will hold a second legislation stash session tomorrow. they fled the state during the first session in order to stop a g.o.p. election reform bill. the republican governor says he will keep pushing. the story tonight. >> it's turned into one of the biggest games of political chicken. but the standoff between texas state legislators and the republican state majority is now entering a new chapter. >> we will never stop fighting. >> governor greg abbott is set to call it a second special session to vote on several key republican items including a new election bill that dems feel is too restrictive. >> we've been able to derail
3:29 pm
this bill that republicans have had to suppress our vote in texas for now for now. >> the group flew from texas to d.c. a month ago, where some members at the time were pictured together unmasked. as many as six legislators tested positive for covid-19 shortly after landing. there weren't enough members present. the runaway state reps instead have used their time in d.c. to lobby for federal legislation to protect voting rights. >> they say, don't mess with texas. well, i say don't mess with these texan legislators. >> as long as democrats stay out of the lone star state, there will be no vote. but both governor abbott and of inert dan patrick aren't going anywhere either. >> we will do it the fifth, the six time, the seventh time, until we pass it.
3:30 pm
>> a compromise is nowhere in sight. >> governor abbott has made clear that he will call session after session until the democrats come back. >> the next special session is tomorrow at noon. it will run for another 30 days. the number of times he called the sessions is unlimited. >> bret: jeff, thanks. white house press secretary jen psaki says bite in the mr. risch and officials families of 9/11 victims over their displeasure on the white house decision -- some family members, survivors, and first responders are asking resident biden to skip the 20th anniversary memorials next month because of that. nearly 2,000 people who were directly affected by 9/11 say president biden has broken promises to be more transparent. a second missile field capable
3:31 pm
of housing nuclear missiles that could reach the u.s. has just been discovered in china. lucas tomlinson at the pentagon shows us the evidence and gets official reaction to that discovery tonight. >> for the second time in two months, new satellite photos showed china building over 100 silos to house nuclear missiles. when complete, they will have more than 200. that is half the number of land-based silos the u.s. military has in the western united states. >> they are great for soaking up enemy warheads. if you look at china's silos which is on the order of 240, it takes two nuclear war heads to destroy each silo. >> he's part of a team that discovered the first missile site in june. he said when operational, chinese missiles containing multiple nuclear warheads can reach targets up to 9,000 miles away, putting all of the united states and range. the head of u.s. forces is also
3:32 pm
sounding the alarm. >> china is coming at us rapidly. that it's including economically, diplomatically, and militarily. >> taking note of their growing arsenal saying "beijing has sharply deviated so their decades load military moves." china's nuclear warhead stockpile currently estimated to be in the low two hundreds is projected to at least double in size as china expands and their nuclear forces. the u.s. has more than 5,000 nuclear warheads. china and the united states have no nuclear arms control treaties. >> it's very important that we find a way to at least talk about how we want to manage this hostility so that we don't end up in a nuclear war. >> early next month, the pentagon is expected to release its new annual report detailing china's military expansion including its nukes.
3:33 pm
bret. >> bret: lucas, thank you. up next, the july jobs report, the labor shortage, we will talk about all of that and your reaction from our panel. first, beyond our borders tonight. the taliban is claiming a provincial -- in afghanistan since the first time that the u.s. reached a deal interpret withdrawal. the taliban leaders have controlled about 220 districts inside afghanistan. a sumo wrestler statue is removed after competitors say the lifelike figure may have spooked the horses. however, the course designer said he planned to remove that trophy all along and blamed and experienced writers for any
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♪ ♪ >> while our economy is far from complete and while we have dealt with ups and downs along the way is, we continue to battle through the surge of covid. what is indisputable now is this -- the biden plan is working, the biden plan produces results, and it's moving the country forward. >> it's not perfect, but it's a good news story. and unemployment is now at the lowest rate that it's been since the beginning of the pandemic. >> bret: well, the president and the commerce secretary touting this new jobs report and they have a lot to be crowing about, because it is positive. the markets reacted that way to it. the u.s. economy added 943,000 jobs in july, better than the estimate that was on wall street.
3:39 pm
the unemployment rate as mentioned slipped to 5.4% compared to what the expectation was, which was 5.7%. the real question a lot of people had was how much did they factor in about labor and some of the states decisions and different governors decisions to stop the unemployment benefits and different places have an impact on all of this? take a listen. >> we don't see any evidence in the available data that some states ending unemployment benefits early had any impact on today's incredibly strong numbers. we are seeing strength across the economy and across states and regions, of course. but that is thanks to a number of investments that have helped get people through this difficult time and get them back to work. we know there's more that needs to happen, but we haven't seen evidence of that data today. >> bret: different lawmakers, governors, economists have different takes on all this. let's bring in our panel, dequan
3:40 pm
williams, and phil mcgurn. bill, your thoughts on the take. >> i think it was a good jobs report, this is encouraging. we should be coming back. there's a lot of pent up demands. we have some restrictions, the employers have more jobs than they can fill. i do wonder about -- it reminds me of how popular the stimulus was in 2009. not so popular in 2010. we are about to spend another $5 trillion. the arguments i'm hearing is that you could spend that money and there is no inflation. you can subsidize staying at home, it will have no effect on unemployment. you can extend the eviction moratorium, it's not going to have any effect on the housing market. and i just have to wonder about this. i don't think we will know and tell may be early next year.
3:41 pm
>> bret: there is no sugar coating this was a good jobs report. we can see that this is a positive thing for the country. they are just wondering about if this is so good and it didn't have to do with the on employment benefits in some places going away, then why the need for what they are trying to do for a $4 trillion package. >> well, let's think about where we were a year ago. clearly it's after the american rescue plan. things have gone down -- we would be blaming the democrats and biden. so things are going well and i think at that point, just like bill said coming up to give credit where credit is due. i will say that if it was a matter of some concern to people who are experts in the economy, as to the impact of taking away some of these unemployment benefits and whether that was
3:42 pm
that -- i think you see it in terms of the staff market. what we saw today, what we've seen since president biden has been in office, the passage of the american rescue plan, as if the stock market continues to boom. they continue to invest in the american economy. >> bret: there are concerned, katie. these are expressed, take a listen. >> there have been huge shifts in demand across sectors of the economy continuing problems in the global economy, but i believe it's temporary and that inflation won't be seen to the normal level of the not-too-distant future. >> this is not a normal recession, this is not something that's predictable. as we think about it moving forward, as we to get more more people into the job market, we need rages to rise as well
3:43 pm
which allows people to spend more money and our economy and i think this is something we have to keep an eye on as we move forward here. >> bret: they are saying they're going to keep an eye on it, katie. and they will know when to turn the spigot off. whether it's the administration with congress. that is the big question. >> well, based on what president joe biden wants to continue doing in terms of spending money and putting forward these big packages that create more deficit spending, it is clear that they don't really want to turn it off and you have the federal reserve chairman also warning that this is may be a long-term inflation problem when at the same time, the white house communications team is trying to argue that this is a temporary process that we are going through as a country as a result of reopening. but in terms of the unemployment numbers going down, i think it's important to remember that they governors, 26 of them had
3:44 pm
decided to cut off federal benefits early, deserve a lot of credit for this. the administration has continued to try and make this argument that -- not endless, but lengthily and extended unemployment benefits didn't have an impact on people going back to work. and they continue to cite the data from the labor department, but they are ignoring hundreds of restaurant owners who are trying to get people back to work and small businesses who are a sane look, i'm competing with the federal government when it comes to wages. and on the issue of inflation, look, if wages are going up but inflation is going up and you get your job back, they are going to be pretty frustrated as an american family for paying more with your paycheck than you were before the pandemic. >> bret: bill, quickly, i want to put the u.s. deadlock. and we don't see it a lot. it hasn't in recent years been talked about a lot. if you remember two cycles ago, presidential campaign was waged with the candidates on the republican side standing in front of the debt clock. it stands at 28.6 trillion picking up every single second
3:45 pm
tier as you see. to be fair, under president trump, the debt was 26.9 trillion. trump added 6.7 trillion to the debt and there you see the numbers there. it hasn't been a concern, and yet this year's deficit bill projected to be the second largest since 1945. as it stands now. and that is just the cbo estimate. >> right, look. for most people, it's very abstract. i don't really think we have a debt problem, we have a spending problem. republicans were not good at this during their time in office before joe biden and the democrats took over. but it's going to come down to an interesting showdown now. because of all this spending. and i think some of the democrats are going to be nervous about them defending both the spending and raising the debt -- they can do it. they have the votes to do it on
3:46 pm
their own. and i think senator mcconnell is gambling that a lot of them won't. the last time that worked against republicans, but we will see what happens when this comes up right now. it's very hard to make the argument on the abstract about that, but when you couple it with the spending, which i think it's the real problem, it doesn't come from nowhere. >> bret: all right, panel. up next, the friday lightning round. stay here.tu knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ as your business changes, the united states postal service is changing with it. with e-commerce that runs at the speed of now. next day and two-day shipping nationwide, and returns right from the doorstep. it's a whole new world out there. let's not keep it waiting. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. it's a whole new world out there. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: exclusive pictures of the friday and lightning dell knocked lightning round. packed just like we saw it months ago. the mayors in several towns along the texas and southern border in texas saying that they are at a breaking point right now. they cannot handle it anymore. we are back with the panel. katie, these images keep coming every day. you out on top of that the concerns about covid in that area. >> yeah, just thick about the fact that the biden administration has set up the border patrol to fail in this instance bear their policies in place, they were put in place under the trump administration to stop this from continuing. the idea that the white house continues to break the texas governor greg abbott for a rise in covid cases in his state with
3:51 pm
images like this of having the justice department suing the state of texas for trying to prevent covid positive illegal immigrants for traveling across the state -- it's very clear that they have no plan or intention to stop us from continuing. >> bret: democrats and republicans calling in a crisis down there in texas down there along the border. governor cuomo, who is under fire -- his handling of his job as governor approved 28%, disprove 63%. should he resign? 70% yes, 25%. >> he's hanging on, and he seems defiant. it's really bazaar. he has few allies.
3:52 pm
if he does stay on command he seems intent on doing so, he will seek retribution that their district could suffer and of course, they don't want that to happen. impeachment would be months away. you have to drag him from albany kicking and screaming. i saw it, i sought. he's going to use some of that time between when the report was being prepared and when the report was released to arrange sort of a class c exit to say you know, i'm sorry, i made some terrible mistakes. but he didn't do that. he's just in their dug in. >> bret: president biden calling for him to resign and step down. winners and losers -- bill, first, a winner? >> the winner is of course the person who won the olympic gold at the -- for rustling. and give this tremendous speech talking about how she loves our country and so forth.
3:53 pm
i think it was a big uplift for a lot of people. and the loser of the week i would say is the united states constitution with joe biden taking an action to extend this moratorium line eviction even though he admitted he doesn't have the authority to do so. >> bret: winner or loser, katie? >> sidney mcglocklin, limbic athlete. not only did she win gold, but she set a world record at the 400, but also said she was grateful to represent our country. >> bret: loser? >> those at the brink of bankruptcy due to the rent moratorium. >> you look at the progress on the infrastructure bill and bipartisanship, the loser i think is ron desantis, the
3:54 pm
governor of florida with the covid numbers rising and spiking. he's losing the basis that he has for any hopes of moving forward as a national candidate saying that he kept florida safe but open. >> bret: summer republicans are saying he's a winner because he's arty having a verbal fight with president biden ahead of the next election. but we shall see. i think the winner could be this flight attendant who duct taped the passenger -- just look at it online. it's unbelievable. when we come back, notable and quotable's.
3:55 pm
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3:59 pm
>> we are not shutting down, we will have to have schools open. we cannot let mask fatigue pride or politics get in the way of doing what's right for our students. i don't want to hear anything about the pandemic. we are having a health crisis. we need to cancel this and have a beer and a personal pamphlet of home. >> i know we can suck it up and defending the police has to happen.
4:00 pm
this party is just the tail wagging the dog. >> one week covering washington monday a special report on the infrastructure built if you are just joining us i'm sitting in for chris. for fox news sunday check your local listings. >> think to brett thank you so much good evening and welcome t fox news primetime. all this week i've been purging you to put on the armor of idea join your neighbors and take a stand what does it mean to be wide-awake? are you prepared to do what you are the challenges we face are enormous stagnating