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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 6, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i also want to say, sweetheart, i will be home soon and looking forward to not talk about joy behar for a very long time. until next time, you lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray, tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight," coming to you from budapest. earlier this week, we traveled to the southern tip of hungary come along with serbian border. it was at that spot six years ago that hundreds of thousands of migrants of north africa and the middle east all showed up, all hoping to reach the famously generous welfare state of europe. when we arrived at that border on wednesday, all was quiet and
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peaceful, no suffering mass of humanity, no crying children or violence. there was a simple chain-link fence separating the two countries, just birds and trees. so how did this happen? it happened because hungary is a serious and modern country that cares about its own citizens. hungry has no desire to destroy itself, no desire to encourage crime and misery and unemployment in its cities, no desire to contribute to the human trafficking of people fleeing from syria. when illegal aliens arrive at the hungarian border now, they are photographed and politely escorted back across the line. the whole process takes about half an hour. it is the most civilized thing we have seen in years. and as we watched it, we thought to ourselves, why can't we have this in america? the answer, as you know, is because our leaders don't want to have it. they benefit from the chaos and the pain of illegal immigration, when the rule of law collapses, they become more powerful.
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that is why we have open borders. fox news' bill melugin has spent months covering the man-made tragedy at our southern border. he joins us tonight with an update. hey, bill. >> hey, tucker, good evening to you. local officials not pleased with the federal government, they say the biden administration is just not doing its job when it comes to enforcing immigration down here at the border, so they say they have to fill that void and do it for them, so we will show you what they have had to do. take a look at our fox drone right now. the city of mcallen has had to build an emergency tend to compound in the middle of a park with the specific purpose of housing covid-19 positive illegal immigrants released from federal custody, they have to do this because the federal government has been dumping -- and they can't handle the capacity. many are testing positive and they have to build it to keep them in one place because of a health risk. take a look at the video we shot on the ground earlier today,
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given one hour of access to go in and take a look at it. current capacity started at 250, but they say they are expanding all the way up to 650 migrants. not everybody in there is covid positive, some are family members who decided to quarantine with their loved ones, but you can see there are hundreds of people in there, and again, the city furious. they put out a scathing statement to the feds commode reads in part, "the city intends to demand relief from the federl government for the alarming number released" and "the federal government does not test them for covid-19." the testing question, they are tested by a third party once they're dropped off in mcallen. look at this shocking graphic right here, the city of mcallen says just in the month of february, the federal government has released more than 7,000 covid-19 positive migrants into their city, including 1500 of which were just in the last week alone, and tucker, back here live, what happens with the covid positive full in this
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compound, once they test negative, they are free to go, their sponsors and family members will show up. we have seen it happening. they can come pick them up and they take them elsewhere into the united states, whatever they want to go. so far we have talked to people picking them up and taking them to houston and louisiana. we send it back to you. >> tucker: bilbo lujan on the border, thank you so much. unlike you, being forced to wear masks and get the vaccine, foreign nationals breaking our laws. it is interesting as you do not typically see ways like this of human migration in mid-summer. historically, june and july have been light months for border crossings from mexico, it's too hot. but this year is difficult. the world's poor understand that america no longer has borders. joe biden invited millions to come and promise them free health care and education and housing when they arrived, so they are coming. you would, too. why wouldn't they? the migrants arriving are coming in unprecedented numbers from around the world. many thousands from brazil
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alone. they are also coming from africa, asia, the caribbean, the middle east, all over latin america. our country has literally never seen anything like this. the question is, what does it do for americans? how does it improve your life or the life of every citizen here? and by the way, why should you obey our laws now that the white house has told the rest of the world it doesn't have to? no one in authority has explained any of that. at the same time, the downsides of all of this are becoming very obvious to everybody, try as they do to squelch it. a few days ago, for example, in minnesota, an illegal alien from cuba beheaded a woman in broad daylight as she was sitting in traffic. bystanders found her head at an intersection by her car. it was an awful crime, obviously, but the worst part was i did not need to happen. authorities had been aware for years that the killer was living illegally in this country but they refused to deport him because he had rights. even now, most in the news media
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will not report the fact he has an illegal alien. telling you that might discredit joe biden's immigration policy. again. this is not natural, it is a manufactured disaster. it is not a tornado, not an act of god. the biden administration did this on purpose, and they are still doing it. and that is exactly why democrats become hysterical when you mentioned the obvious excesses that are on display here in hungary on the immigration question. they don't want you to know that there is an option to the chaos and filth and crime growing all around us. we don't have to live like that anymore. actually, we could have a functioning country. all we have to do is to uphold our own law, the ones already on the books. but that is not happening. instead, the administration is using american courts to encourage more illegal immigration from other countries. in his immigration plan, joe biden proposes millions more in federal dollars to lawyers in
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order to defend foreign nationals caught entering our country. so as an american citizen, you can be summarily fired from your job for not taking the unapproved covid vaccine, yet if you sneak into our country, violating our laws, and you are covid positive, coming from haiti or brazil or ghana or honduras, you get a free lawyer, free housing, and then you get free health care. so watching all this, after a while, you begin to wonder, what is the point of having american citizenship? what is the point of paying your taxes? other smaller countries, far less privilege places have figured this out. here is footage we just shot in budapest. notice as you watch it what you don't see. they are not tent cities of a drug addict living in the parks here. there isn't garbage into human waste on the sidewalks. people do not get beheaded at intersections. blm is not allowed to torch entire neighborhoods in
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budapest. that is how we live before the leaders decided they do not care about you. the hungarian government protects its border because it wants to protect its citizen. that is the basic role of government. it is not a radical concept. it used to be commonplace across the world, especially in the united states. and now it is not. here is the prime minister of hungary explaining it, victor orbach. >> this is our country. this is our population. this is our history, this is our language, so we have to do that. of course, if you're in trouble and there is nobody closer to you than the hungarians, have to be helpful, but you can't say, okay, it is a nice country, i would like to come here and to live here because it is a nicer life. it is not a human right to come here, no way, because it is our land. it is a nation, it is a community, family, history, tradition, language. >> tucker: oh, they are so troubled by that. family, history, tradition, language. they hate it when you say that. but why?
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those are all good things. in fact, they are the things that unite a country. particularly a huge continental country that is multiethnic. you need those things. it's not hard to have a decent country. it's not complicated. you just need leaders who want one. stephen miller is a former white house advisor and he joins us tonight. stephen miller, thanks so much for coming on. you are a expert in immigration policy, but let me ask you for e biden administration leading in the world, promising them benefits that in many cases american citizens don't get it, and allowing them to violate their own covid restrictions to come here, what do you see? what does that add up to? >> let's get to first principles. this is about degrading the meaning of american citizenship, and in a very ritualized way, debasing american citizens themselves. joe biden recently invited a group of illegal aliens to the white house. and his top domestic policy
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advisor susan rice put out a message on social media saying that those illegal aliens are americans, period, not to be questioned, and then went further and said "and we will fight to secure their future." the message from your government is that you, as an american citizen, or unworthy. you are not entitled to the defense or protection of your laws. you are not entitled to the maintenance of your heritage. you are not entitled to be treated with priority over the citizens of any other country. in fact, your needs are to come last. that is the message being sent. that is the policy being implemented. so we don't just have an unprecedented border crisis, tucker. we have a legitimacy crisis. we have a constitutional crisis. and we have a moral crisis. because for the first time, and i really mean this, for the first time in the entire history of this country, we have a
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government that is openly disloyal and disdainful of its own citizens. that has never happened before. >> tucker: so, this could develop into a crisis because of the system is based on voluntary behavior. it works, the government is funded, all institutions exist, because normal law-abiding middle-class people decide to support it by obeying the law, by paying their taxes, by playing along. you know, you jeopardize that at a certain point -- that's a nightmare, that's the last thing any decent american wants, but it feels like they are pushing the population to a point where people are not going to obey. why are they doing that? >> at bottom, tucker, it is all about, it has always been about political power. mass illegal migration disenfranchises american citizens, economically, socially, culturally, and it leaves them feeling helpless and hopeless. in other words, americans
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thought not just for years, but for decades, to pass every single immigration law that we have. the elected one congress after another, one president after another, to declare that it is unlawful to enter the country in the way that people now are by the millions. so you do all that work, if you participate in all of those elections, you do your faithful duty as a citizen, and you look at it all adds up to nothing. so it leaves you demoralized, it leaves you dispirited, it leaves you feeling completely hopeless. who is empowered by it? multinational corporations to get cheaper wages, activist groups that are able to get extra money from the federal government, ngos, nongovernmental organizations, and the politicians themselves. more than all of this, more than all of this, it is about unwinding the very social fabric of our country. you mentioned earlier, we are a country that has people who come from many, many different places. that makes it all the more important that we elevate
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citizenship above everything else in this country, we hold it as sacred. what they are doing instead is there saying to every citizen, you don't matter, your family doesn't matter, your children don't matter, but the people in other countries and other places, they are the only ones who matter, not you. >> tucker: i think they are playing a really reckless game. this is a great country. i don't think we should destroy it or let them. stephen miller, i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: so, does your employer has a right to know details about your medical history, what you are infected with a not infected with? can you be fired for not taking a medicine you don't want or need? it didn't used to be. suddenly that is happening in america, even on another cable news channel. we've got details in a minute. coming to you from the palace hotel in budapest, hungary. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> originally, they had said the vaccine is not going to be mandatory. and i got an email, all of a sudden, changing course, telling me it was going to be mandatory, and even when i got that email, i figured it was still open to a conversation, so i emailed back, expressing my concerns, once
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there is more research. i would be open to changing my stance on it and i would also be happy to speak to them more about it in person. also, i think it is very important to mention, i gave an alternative option. i said i would continue to get tested regularly. >> tucker: that was bonnie jacobson. she was a waitress in new york, she was fired for asking questions about the covid vaccine. no questions allowed. her employer decided she did not have the right to control what drugs go into her body. it was not her body, her choice, they have been lying to you all these years, so they took her job away. we expect this to become more common in america because fascism always spreads and it has spread. we just learned at cnn, being unvaccinated is a far more serious act -- we know that from an internal memo, "we have been made aware of three employees who are
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coming to the office unvaccinated. all three have been terminated." you should note jeffrey toobin, the masturbator, remains employed. clearly they are not cnn anchors. one of cnn's prime time anchors exposed other people to covid when he was infected with it. last winter. he is still there. are the high-level people? or are they more likely studio technicians, potentially african-american studio technicians, and how did cnn learn about their vaccination status? what else do they know about people's medical histories over there? those employees have not publicly been named yet but they are always welcome on this show, so give us a call. and it is not just cnn, we should tell you. the ceo of one of houston's biggest hospitals has just announced that all of his workers must be vaccinated. >> what difference has your vaccine requirement made? >> oh, i am so pleased that we
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did the vaccine mandate, and so thankful to all of our employees for stepping up and getting vaccinated. unfortunately, most hospitals took too long to do this and not benefiting from this, and i'm hopeful many, many more will follow suit soon. >> tucker: huh. so the question is, why did health care workers need a mandate to get vaccinated? why wouldn't they just get -- they are health care workers, they don't know enough about medicine or covid but choose not to get the vaccine? why did they make that choice? why did you have to force them? mr. hair spray did not ask that question but it might be worth asking. in the meantime, we have legal questions, which is why we are grateful to be joined by harmeet dhillon, fame civil rights attorney. harmeet, thank you for coming on. can cnn fire employees for being hiv-positive too? >> no, they can't, tucker. in fact, this is a unique situation where the government is allowing private employers to fire people for the type of protected category they would otherwise be respected in the
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law, and you have to ask some questions about why it is that we are treating some as vaccination status differently than pregnancy or having or other type of communicable disease. >> tucker: so, the biden administration has decided this is the one health category over which you have no expectation of privacy, people can just get right in your face and ask you about a private medical decision, they can force it on you if you don't want it or if you don't need it, and they don't have to give exemptions for people who have active antibodies and are almost certainly more protected against covid than the vaccinated? why aren't they forced to give that exemption? >> well, they should be, tucker. in fact, a good friend of mine from law school has filed a lawsuit of that exact issue. he is a survivor of covid and his positions have told him it
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is more dangerous to get vaccinated, put them in a worse status medically then the natural antibodies that he has that are as good as the best vaccine and far better than all the other vaccines, and you know, i was discussing this with him in the educational context, and this may apply to employment, as well, the school even allowing the vaccine from china, which are frankly garbage, and the theory is that they want and many of those foreign chinese students to be able to study there, so this is a huge civil rights crisis, tucker. it's going to be a lot of litigation. >> tucker: yeah, i hope so. i hope that comes soon. harmeet dhillon, thank you so much. good to see you tonight. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: obviously, we are in the middle of a moral panic. driven by politicians who are dividing us for their own power. but if you face this, if your employer tries to enforce you to get medicine you don't need or residence to fire you if you
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don't, threaten to sue, make a lot of noise, don't go along with it, you are an american, you don't have to. we promised you last night to reveal the name of every republican who supports the lunatic infrastructure bill that joe biden is pushing for a very good reason. we have their names. we are going to show them to you straight ahead. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ if you think you or a deceased loved one was harmed by opioids like hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, or roxicodone, or, if you care for a child that was exposed in the womb to these opioids, you can vote on the mallinckrodt bankruptcy plan.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i am matt finn in los angeles. a woman who accused new york governor andrew cuomo of groping her has now filed a criminal complaint. also included in the state attorney general investigative report which concluded cuomo sexually harassed 11 women. while most attorney did not address the criminal complaint today during the nearly one hour long news conference. cuomo has denied he touched anyone inappropriately. the supreme court has been asked to block indiana university's plan to require students and employees to get vaccinated against covid-19. it's the first time the high court will weigh in on a vaccine mandate. two lower courts have allowed
5:30 pm
indiana university to proceed with its vaccination plan. students who do not comply will have the registration canceled and employees who refuse the vaccine will lose their jobs. i am matt finn. now back to "tucker carlson tonight." for all of your headlines, log on to ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: joe biden's infrastructure bill is winding its way to the senate. a lot going on, you may have missed this, but you should know, it is moving without meaningful republican opposition. that means unless something changes very soon, it will become law. here's what you should know about that bill. it's 2700 pages long. it will cost more than a trillion dollars. it will not pay for itself despite what they told you, and much of it has nothing whatsoever to do with infrastructure, meaning fixing roads and bridges and airports and train stations and all the rest that embarrasses
5:31 pm
americans. instead, this bill will make science denial official, ensuring gender identity and federal law. it would allow the government to track your driving, why? so they can charge you a fee for every mile you go. this in addition to the gas tax. and scariest of all, this bill requires all new vehicles in the united states to come with monitoring technology. such as eye scanners or breathalyzers. and that means that going forward, you will need the express permission of your federal overlords before you start your car in the morning, because it is their car now. as of tonight, 20 republican senators appear to support this lunacy. the final vote is this weekend, so if you have views about this, you might want to let them know right away. they assume you're not paying attention, so they can do whatever they want to you, and in this case, they are. here are the 17 republicans who have already voted to move this bill forward, listed in alphabetical order. roy blunt, richard burr, shelley
5:32 pm
moore capito, bill cassidy, susan collins, kevin cramer, mike crapo, lindsey graham, of course, chuck grassley, john hoeven, mitch mcconnell, lisa murkowski, rob portman, jim risch, mitt romney, thom tillis, and todd young. now, a few of these people plan to retire soon, thank heaven, but most of them intend to get reelected at some point. and it might be good if voters made that impossible. a youtube personality called chris chan has just been arrested in virginia on, of all things, incest charges. authorities say he was having sex with a 79-year-old member who is his grandmother. they classified chris chan as a female and that means chris chan, and accused sex criminal, would have been housed in a
5:33 pm
women's prison. chan is now being considered a man by the jail. but this is not an isolated incident. many prisons in this country do housed biological men with women. this is something we predicted -- many predicted -- and were laughed at. one of the people who predicted this, the president of the u.s. chapter of the women's human rights campaign, and she joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. i remember very live avidly when you sat on our air, if we don't put the brakes on this, we will get men housed in women's prisons, and he recalled hysterical or silly and now you are seeing it happen. what is your reaction? >> absolutely. we know for a fact california passed sp 124 last year, when in effect january of this year, we see approximately 300 applications from the male prisoners to be housed in the women's prison in california. we approximate that 20 of them have been granted. there are 20 men being housed in
5:34 pm
women's prisons now. we suspect that none of the applications have been denied. we also know that in washington state, approximately nine male convicted felons are being housed in a women's prison. one of those men has been convicted of multiple murders of women, and another one of those men has been convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl. we know that in states all over this country, there are various policies for actual statutory laws on the books that allow for this. in fact, mandate it. >> tucker: i mean, i'm not in the habit of carrying the banner for prison inmates, but this is cool and unusual. even if you have been convicted of a crime as a woman, you have an expectation you are not going to be raped in jail. i mean, has anyone brought this to court? it is so over-the-top outrageous. >> a couple of things, yes, these women are being held under absolutely torturous conditions, and there are reports coming out saying these women are absolutely terrified. it has also been preliminarily
5:35 pm
reported that one woman in a california prison has been pregnant and that the california department of corrections and rehabilitation is distributing condoms. what this tells to me and do not not only do they expect and anticipate that these men will be raping these women, they also understand these people being transferred to women's prisons are not women, they are men. it completely uncovers the lie that "trans women are men" -- or "trans women are women," and california officials know that. >> tucker: well, sure, everyone in the prison was female, you probably wouldn't be distribute condoms at taxpayer expense. >> yes, exactly. in these prisoners being transferred were women, pregnancy would not be a concern. this should be obvious to everyone. but the problem is that most people in america have no idea that this is going on. >> tucker: is there anybody -- and i think there are so many issues -- you can stop this, and
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i just want to say, i don't care if you are in prison as a woman, you don't have to -- this is torture, and you should not be subjected -- is there anyone who can stop this? >> absolutely could go to court, and i should also note it is in blatant violation of international norms that requires the separation of prisoners by sex. the vast majority of women in prison i'm not committed a violent offense, and women tend to be housed under lower security restrictions than men do, so what this is going to mean, either when men get transferred to women's prisons, they will be held under conditions that are lower security than they ordinarily would, or -- or officials are going to have to increase security in women's prisons. >> tucker: right. and women are held with more lax security because they are far less prone to commit sex crimes until you put men into the female population. this is truly insane. and you called it really, really
5:37 pm
early. and i remember the derision you faced or for saying that and you have been proven right, unfortunately. carrie jansky, thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: still, this probably is not going to surprise you, but a lot of the people who pushed for defunding the police movement lunacy on the country have been caught with private security that you e paying for. one of them just got forced to explain why she is doing this on camera. is she embarrassed? wait until you see this tape. we will be right back from budapest. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome back to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." now, defund the police was the battle cry of the left and has borne fruit, destroyed cities across the country. thousands of people have died because of it as crime rate spike. but the neighborhoods of the people who called for defunding the police are exempt. they have private security, lots
5:43 pm
of private security. we know this for a fact. federal filings show that sandy cortez, for example, a big defund the policer, has spent thousands of dollars this year on body parts for herself, including ex-backwater contractors. everything is "animal farm" now. that is nothing compared to the bill that cori bush of missouri has racked up. in less than three months this year, cori bush spent nearly $70,000 in campaign funds for her own personal police force. and at the same time she was surrounded by armed bodyguards, that donors were paying for, she was calling for you to lose your police protection. she was asked on wednesday how exactly this works, and as you watch this tape, imagine the reaction of the chinese in beijing as they watch this. jaws open thinking "this is who runs the united states?" "we are in good shape." ladies and gentlemen, cori bush. >> i'm going to make sure i have
5:44 pm
security because i know i have had attempt on my life and there is too much work to do, too many people that need help for me to allow that. end up spending $200,000, if i spent ten more dollars on it, you know what, i get to be here to do the work, so suck it up, and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets because we are trying to save lives. >> tucker: i'm going to make sure i have security, so suck it up, and defines the police. your police. just look at that. if you are from a foreign country and saw that, you would think to yourself, "whatever political party she is aligned with should have no power. that's too crazy, it's too stupid. it's too reckless." by the way, all these billionaires who are funding the d.a.'s who have made our country far safer, the ones -- more dangerous, rather, the ones who are letting murderers out of jail in places like chicago,
5:45 pm
philadelphia, they don't care if you die, but cori bush just made it explicit, she really doesn't care. so, the country is more politically polarized than it's ever been. largely because of so called leaders like ones you just saw. the people in charge of our country don't seem that interested about the lives of american citizens. they just want to be more powerful. you wonder how long can a system like this go on? michael antone has thought a lot about that question. he is the former speechwriter, former national security official in the last administration, and he sat down for us with a long and fascinating conversation on "tucker carlson tonight" on fox nation. here is part of it. ♪ ♪ >> in the competing technical models, the blue state model versus a red state model, it seems to me there is a real serious will on the part of the blue side to rule the reds -- >> tucker: yes! >> and the reds have no desire not to ruled the lose, but they
5:46 pm
also don't want to be ruled by the blues. >> tucker: the red states are kind of the ottoman empire. you can practice your own sectarian religion if you want to come unmolested. and the blue states are like the soviet empire. you have to read the catechism or else you are in deep trouble. >> that's a problem. if these two governance models, contending for the future of the united states, they are not contending on equal terms. >> tucker: no, they are not. >> one of us is going to win in one of us is going to lose. i think the red model, if you would just back off and let us live the way -- >> tucker: leave us alone -- >> everything would be fine. great example, to me, important, is energy. there is almost no issue on which texas and california differ more greatly, leave aside cultural issue, a real public policy question, right? texas has a thriving oil and gas sector, the strongest in the
5:47 pm
union, probably. i think, for sure. and texas as a public policy question from the governor's office on down is all in for this, they think it is good for the state, local companies, business, workers, right? we are all in on this. california sees itself -- i'm sure other states too -- but california is this green energy pioneer. the california mind-set, there is no possibility of peaceful coexistence because in their view, texas' view, develop all the wind and solar you want and if it works out, great for you, we're going to do our own thing. the california mind-set, texas, as long as you are drilling oil and burning hydrocarbons, you are killing us all and we must force you to stop. it's hard to see what the basis of compromise on those two -- on that issue is. >> tucker: yes. >> what i said, texas is willing to compromise. >> tucker: theirs is an evangelical faith. it's almost like eight century islamic, actually.
5:48 pm
what happens if we don't do this? >> i think the polarization will get worse and worse and worse. i think public opinion could eventually come to a breaking point. i mean, i guess you would have to say, two possibilities. one, the red parts of the country, they gave up and say all right, we can't get out from under, nothing we can do. and you and i have talked about this before. you've already seen a certain amount of decline in a lot of ways in red america. life expectancy, jobs, opioid crisis, they induce hopelessness. they kind of suck the spirit out of areas. i think that could happen if red america just feels like we have lost control our destiny, our rulers, you know, far off, you can't even petition them, they won't listen to us, they are going to do what they want to do. the other possibility, you could see a real revolt. that is to say, people may over time make repeatedly good faith efforts to resolve his question
5:49 pm
politically, at the ballot box, through compromise, and told over and over and over again no, you could see a backlash that could take a number of forms. i think the reason why we should start talking about this is because that backlash will not be good. >> tucker: michael anton. that conversation went on for nearly an hour. it's all on a brand-new episode of "tucker carlson today" on and well worth it. so, in terms out that when you go to hungary, you make a lt of people in washington mad. why do they get so mad? they don't like the contrast of the country they have created? really? it's interesting. a tiny country in the middle of central europe, 10 million people, and economy smaller than new york state, we mentioned it, they are triggered. we will talk about why with douglas murray next. ♪ ♪
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>> we decided not to take that risk to our society. that is the reason that hungry -- the reason my personal reputation is very bad, i am treated like the black sheep of the european union, personally. >> tucker: that is viktor orban, prime minister of hungary, we came here to see their secure borders, happy little country, how did they do that? see how the rest of the world those things. people in washington had a heart attack we would dare do that. a million examples, but someone just sent this to me, a tweet from one of the dumbest ladies in "the washington post," i'm going to read this because i don't have my glasses on, it's good, every line, see how deeply this amuses you. "in hungary, more than 90% of the media is controlled by the ruling party, business are physically and legally harassed if they do not toe the party line. elections are manipulated. party leaders are mysteriously rich.
5:56 pm
[laughs] does that sound like anyplace you know? is that at all familiar to you? it sounds like my country. it is not even true about hungary, but whatever. douglas murray has spent time in hungary, knows the prime minister, wrote one of the best books on europe, "the strange death of europe," and joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. i'm sure there are things you don't like about hungary, orban, you don't live here, i noticed, but the portrayal of hungary as the worst place on earth, it seems very important to a lot of the people running our country to say that, why is it so important to them? >> yeah, i noticed, first of all, really, in 2015, one i noticed hungary had become the sort of whipping boy of the e.u., and of the american left. there was a reason for that, which was because that year, angela merkel, chancellor of germany, opened the borders of europe and said "come" to the world migrants.
5:57 pm
viktor orban was the first european leader to say no, we don't want millions of people we don't know to walk into our country. to put that in some perspective, that year, almost a million people walked illegally into hungary. hungary tried to get them through the country to germany as fast as possible, but just put that in american terms. hungary with a population of 10 million people, 1 million illegal coming in and a number of months. that is equivalent to something like 33 million illegal migrants coming through the southern border of the united states in a matter of months. that's three times the estimated number of illegals currently in the u.s. coming in in a few months. so hungary said no, we can't cope with that. and after that, the demonization of the country and the demonization -- not legitimate criticism -- but the demonization of the hungarian people started in earnest, and it has never stopped since. >> tucker: so, i mean, it
5:58 pm
almost sounds, listening to the president speak, people of the state department, that they would like regime change in hungary. in fact, it doesn't almost sound that way, it is that way. >> yeah, and it is very sinister, because there is no evidence that victor or von has rigged the elections. you may not like victor or von, a lot of people in america do not like him, but there is no evidence he has a rick to the election, so he is the legitimately elected leader, repeatedly elected leader of hungary, and this extraordinary decision to just sort of decide if you don't like somebody, they are a conservative leader, basically you can advocate regime change, which lets remember, in the 20th century, was very nearly raised repeatedly by fascists and communists. that country suffered so much of the 20th century and in the 21st century, when hungarians, people in washington and elsewhere talking about basically, them not having a
5:59 pm
legitimate country, outside powers having to intervene, they get very worried, and i think they are right to feel worried and right to feel sore about the treatment that they get. >> tucker: that makes me mad, hearing your characterization, so precisely true, it really is embarrassing. douglas murray, thank you so much for that. good to see you. >> it's a great pleasure. likewise. >> tucker: thank you. that's it for us tonight and for our week here in budapest, but before we go, a few people to thank. we have spent a happy week at the palace hotel in budapest. we have been broadcasting from there. they just opened, by the way, along with the new. it is a great place, recommend it strongly. thanks to our team, we were not just here for "tucker carlson tonight," we are putting together more fox nation show on "tucker carlson originals" coming very soon. thanks to all producers who came with us on location, charles kruger, tom fox, lexi, tom read,
6:00 pm
"tucker carlson originals" photographer and editor, kyle rothenberg, frank merola, justin welsch, who runs the show. i would also like to thank the people of hungary for being so nice to us. we will see you back from america, monday night, 10:00 p.m. eastern. ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, welcome to this special friday edition of "hannity." covid confusion. joe biden's pandemic failures. tonight, we are bringing you a special "hannity" investigation into what is the disastrous handling of covid by the administration and by joe biden himself. we began this investigation on january 20th, 2021. that is when joe biden, well, inherited a country that was fully on the mend. every single key tool to battle


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