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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  August 7, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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congratulations paid manning that's how fox reports on this saturday august 7, 2021 i am jon scott thank you for watching we will see you tomorrow. "life, liberty & levin" is up next. mark: hello america i am mark levin this is "life, liberty & levin" mabel do something here that i think is typically done on television and even this program. before bringing on our two great guests, went to have a little chat with you.
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look at what is going on in our school system. look at the abuse our children are taking. we have federal bureaucrats whether medical or educational telling our children that they will wear masks even if the science does not support it in the least what the science does show us is having a incredible deli a toy is affect on the psychology of that generation we senate for children what use are we we do not turn our children over to the government or to the school system or to the teachers unions. so well over 600,000 copies sold sold in a little over two weeks not because my name is on this so why is this a runaway bestseller because of you. it is the contents of the book.
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so we choose liberty so we need to address this. i am thrilled that parents are starting to show up in numbers at school board meetings but the entrance unions and educational bureaucracy and administrators, the school board members, they have no intention of doing what we demand. they call it public education and we don't even have transparency. that's got to end. and i got up plan. and not just for parents and a couple of things generally we need to adopt the strategies
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of the left in some respects. we don't intend to do that but we can use boycott divestment sanctions those that are undermining the country we can apply it against school systems more importantly against the national education association, american federation of teachers in the state and local affiliates. what else can we do? we have the power of the freedom of information act for every state. hundreds of people every school district should be filing freedom of information act request for what? how do they hire, promote teachers what is in this contract with the teachers union? we get the text and e-mails and other forms of communication of the union representatives teachers in
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the schools assuming the computers and laptops and telephones have been given to them released by the school system that is covered by for yet it is time to do it again. not just coming in from the outside to protest. i'm all for it. but time to get tactical and what we do. how are the budgets decided? school board meetings have these executive sessions why executive session what is discussed? ladies and gentlemen. lawsuits could be brought obviously they are expensive but legal groups throughout the country i have links and contacts in the book the civil rights act of 1964 amended education again in 1972. your children are not supposed to be subjected to a hostile educational environment that preaches or and doctor needs about racial stereotypes they
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should be all across the country. we need to become litigious just like they are. what else? your kid is taught by a teacher who is teaching them marxism or louis farrakhan dressed up is critical race theory you go into the school board or the principle i don't want my kid taught by that teacher. period. what training materials are given to the teachers? you can foia that information. overwhelm the system get all the information find out what's going on. when i was present the legal landmark foundation i am the chairman but we filed complaints with the irs against the national education association and state affiliates. a lot of them. you can do this.
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you don't have to be a lawyer to do this but there are legal groups who will help you it's time to liberate our school system. it's time to prevent them from being the playthings of the markets —- marxist movement of the democratic party is time that we start subsidizing these movements a complaint filed many years ago. the unions are required to file a form 990 internal revenue tax form they are required to provide that information on the websites to make it publicly available if they don't they violate internal revenue code you could still contact them and demand a copy. what about that form? they are explicitly required to provide the government was certain political expenditures that they are using. it's public to you to know what they are doing with the money and the dues. fall such political expenditures and activities are accounted for as taxable income we found at the landmark legal foundation it is not it is in direct contributions in-kind contributions not reported.
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political expenditures are not limited to money transactions but the cost of using any facilities, personnel, automobis that are not really supposed to be used for political purposes. how do you find out this information? foia how else? the internet. a lot of times they confessed to what they are doing even though they may violate the internal revenue code. the time spent with volunteer campaign efforts are volunteering on behalf of candidates that must be accounted for if they are subsidized by a general revenue. this is too much information. no. this is great look at the newspaper articles, press releases see how they are involved in political activities when they coordinate with the democrat or republican party almost never but other unions.
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that is to be reported on their tax returns and rarely is. the nea does not report political activity irs form 990 but they are supposed to. the point is you are trying to also show not only are they not reporting all the amenities of the general operating funds thereby violating the attack status, what else? these expenditures demonstrate tax-exempt resources to support political activity and shows the nea final to state affiliates use those in support of political activity. look for this. they have to report every nickel for political purposes. they are very sloppy. they are very arrogant on the website and press release they tell you about all these political things. get copies of that information and compare that to their tax return. we should create community committees they may have a
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local accountant and a local lawyer or people who are earnest who want to do again and compare what they are doing 20 reporting. the information is out there but nobody looks at it. the nea state affiliates must comply fully. here is the conclusion. irs enforcement of the ir code enables the public nonmember fee fears to receive accurate and complete information for their activities the evidence presented in the complaint that we filed they fail to disclose the full extent of those expenditures as required by the internal revenue code. i will not go through all of this but you have enormous tools at your fingertips think outside the box i do with
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american marxism at the back of the book this is just with respect to the unions may have thumbed their noses teaching critical race theory if you like it or not we're pushing the marxist agenda if you like it or not. i'm sure they are working with the cdc to require your kids to wear face masks? why am i sure because they did it two months ago. they are at war with your kids and parents and i were with our communities we are subsidizing the holding them thing to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year. we are in our school systems. they do. who are they? you don't agree with them. i'm not talking about every individual teacher but the institution of the public sector teacher units. they are the enemy of public education they fight school choice in the inner-city and demand tenure for teachers who shouldn't get it and pay raises even when they are not working. i know i won't be the most popular individual in the
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world when it comes to teachers i'm not attacking you. many of you don't even want to be associated. what does joe biden want to do? get rid of right to work class so in every state, every state the public sector employees are unionized and individual teachers cannot break free. there is a lot we can do. litigation, protest, irs, foia. there is a lot we can do getting those cameras in the classroom is critical the next time that contract comes up with the teacher union you want those cameras in the classroom with a threat into strike in a non- straight state they should be fired if they threat into strike in the state allows them to move the kids at least temporarily it's a battle worth fighting and winning is just one little area want to discuss stuff to do in ten minutes you can check out yourself at american marxism that we don't have to take it these organizations
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that we subsidize directly and indirectly are supposed to work for us we are not supposed to work for them. do you like the education your children are getting? delight test scores are dropping like an anchor in the ocean? you like the fact they are taught radical ideology? incredibly radical ideology? and the teachers union says you have to take it if you like it or not then your tax bill comes every year typically property taxes and you have to pay it if you don't they will take your home away. folks. claude our way back let them stand on their heels. i will be right back. like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe... can save up to 30% on your auto insurance. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today. challenging times are nothing new.
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>> of it succeeding split the groups. and she allegedly participated in the 1983 bombing of the united states capital. the exclusion blew up senator byrd's door ripped through a painting and damaged the cloakroom one year after, his girlfriend a close friend of barack obama who helped launched his career and they were close for many years if they blew themselves up in greenwich village townhouse taking part in the 1971 bombing of the us capital we already bombed the capital he wrote in the memoir the pentagon was like a trifecta. bill ayres gets off on a technicality black lives matter marxist organizations
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and what was done to the portland courthouse and the white house to put billions of dollars of damage. maybe 15 people killed all through the summer and that period of time. i do not support reaching any government building i spent my life standing up for law enforcement i was chief of staff to the attorney general of the united states and the reagan administration. but i know a political motive when i see one and i know a phony committee hearing when i see one when they are promoting politics. what is your take quick. >> exactly right. we are consistent we condemned the violence on january 6 and all the violence last summer. democrats have been inconsistent. you are right. it's all about politics. they do it every day visitors
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protect the staff everyone capitol hill god bless them and all the other law enforcement around the country to do that every single day but it would be nice if the democrats had some consistency. they don't because everything for them is about politics i said this last week it on to address one of the fundamental questions of the better security posture house reports indicate nancy pelosi feet and it also indicates on she hesitated to call them off why would she hesitate if they are accurate what would be the reason? my hunch is what we saw last the democrats talk about defunding the police we saw democrats the writers attacking law enforcement, destroy small
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business so that is hard to say we need more of you here in january 62 protect the capitol grounds and personnel inside the capital i think that's why the speaker didn't even let us go on to the committee. mark: did you not call law enforcement federal law storm troopers are they not protecting a federal courthouse with federal employees night after night for three months with multi- cocktails? did they not attack the white house and over secret service personnel and the park police? did they not burn a church almost to the ground? to the media not come to their defense every step of the way did not paint black lives initials from one city to
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another did nancy pelosi ever speak out in defense of the caught. >> no. democratic members of congress while there is unrest they said we need more unrest in the street while it is happening. that is over 100 days siege frankly has never stopped in portland oregon. that all took place and then just last weekend i think there were 12 people murdered in chicago in one city alone just that weekend supported is the january 6 committee is they have nothing else to talk about. they cannot talk about crime in the streets what they did to the police last week they can talk about the crisis on the southern border or the fact that every good and service is increasing dramatically so what will they do attack president trump one more time.
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mark: nancy pelosi is in charge of security disorganize reports to her and head of the capital police said there's nothing called to testify the nypd and the office got some rumblings about the events they pass that on to the fbi. christopher ray. i don't know what the hell he does every day. apparently he didn't do anything about it sat on his desk the only person that was concerned about security was then president donald trump who offered 10000 national guardsmen who were turned down. when we come back let's pursue that. we will be right back. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back.
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>> in battle new york governor cuomo could face criminal charges. the albany county sheriff today said the first no criminal complaint against cuomo could lead to his arrest it was filed by an aide who claims he groped her and cuomo denies it. a california police officer in critical condition after shooting outside a police station near los angeles last night. please responded to a disturbance in the honda and the suspect was killed in the shootout. atlanta police might have a break in a brutal murder of a woman and her dog inside the park. potential witness to the stabbing death has come
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forward and is cooperating with the investigation. more details as we get them. i am jon scott now back to t11 on —- "life, liberty & levin". mark: welcome back america. jim jordan the effort is to paint january 6 as an insurrection nothing that took place this summer is an insurrection all with an armed insurrections but that said the effort is to paint former president donald trump is the president who incited it. if you insight and insurrection do you send an armed civilians to take over the capital building and on top of that offer 10000 national guardsmen to protect the capital building? does that make sense to you? >> you are exactly right in an
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interview the other day the white house offered national guard ahead of time that nancy pelosi turn that down. those officers were in a situation they never should have been about how do you insight a riot or anything when president trump said peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard nobody thought there was anything wrong with the speech that now after he have that unfortunate incident on january 6 we have the left and the democrats. as i said before, i am convinced they have to do this. what else can they talk about? it is the worst art to any administration in my lifetime. we went from a secure border to chaos to peace in the middle east and fired on our ally israel energy independence to the gas line the chaos on the borders
4:29 pm
, march was the worst month on record and tell april and then the worst intel may and then until june that is a bad trend they are doing nothing to correct that they are making it worse they have nothing else to do so the playbook is always the same. attack president trump they did it with miller on —- with impeachment round one and two and here we go again. i think american people see through this. they see it for what it is. the answer or the question that needs to be asked to do with why there wasn't a better security posture that day. and the speak of the united states can answer that and that is the one question chairman thompson said everything is on the table except that question so this is the political nature of this entire committee.
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mark: why should we trust policy and the democrats? the murder and mayhem going on our streets right now is something they are party has unleashed i trashing police forces they have embraced black lives matter which is a fireman organization and led by marxist and they have been trashing police officers from sea to shining sea now they have this event how come more officers are not testifying including the ones that open the doors and that people in? including the ones that have questions with nancy pelosi and leadership in the house? is a lot of questions here but she doesn't want to pursue them. >> like the guy that has a capital police union he put out a letter the other day. everyone sees this for what it is. talk about the democrats not
4:31 pm
being square with the american people they use the term the big lie what about what they have told us they told us the protest were peaceful and it was republicans trying to defend the police that would be laughable if not so serious but they told us president trump covid with russia and the dossier was real. for four years as recently as october of last year just days before the election hillary clinton said it was stolen i guess the rule is only democrats are allowed to object to election results we can't raise concerns about the fact that state unconstitutionally change their election like he did a great piece on this on the unconstitutional changes made when they went around the state legislatures to change the election pennsylvania is the best example.
4:32 pm
because the election ends at 8:00 o'clock tuesday they are sitting in the state supreme court and they say no. it ends on 5:00 o'clock friday. the extended the election but jim jordan cannot object but jim mcgovern of the chairman rules committee objected to alabama. but then they object to florida? maxine waters january 6, 2017 objected to the electors from wyoming. maybe the only state holding by the biggest margin. mark: and joe biden himself george w. bush was an illegitimate president. we don't need lectures we know who they are. congressman thank you for your patriotism and your willingness to speak out and god bless you. mark: we will be right back.
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mark: welcome back professor kilgore is on the experts of the he is been many great books and professor i have written a book called american marxism i have taken a position after months and months after looking at this and reading with the marxist scholars and professors has said past and present, that there is the americanized form of marxism taking hold in this country. this is the a scare tactic it is their words and they had put themselves into various parts of our country culture
4:38 pm
and whether race or whatever it is they are promoting a marxist ideology of them against us and the overthrow of the existing society. you have had an opportunity to examine this as an expert. i'm curious to know your take. >> thank you for having me on. it struck me when i first heard the title of your book american marxism i said great title i wish i thought of that and then i got a copy of the book and i started to read it and what really struck me is that this is quintessentially american marxism it is an american form of marxism we are not seeing anywhere else in the world. this stuff in the 1930s and forties and fifties the founders of the american communist party communist party usa they all swore a
4:39 pm
literal loyalty to the stalin soviet union if other hand in the air i pledge myself to rally to defend the masses of the soviet union the only party that triumph of soviet power they call it is soviet america langston hughes said put more one more s so we can call the us essay so what hit me is that's not where we are today. today's american marxist have nothing to do with the soviet term there is no ussr they are not even reaching out to china this is a type of marxism the american strain born and fashioned here in particular in the modern manifestation based on issues like race and gender that hereto for that we
4:40 pm
have never seen before. >> i think it's very important that people understand this because on my radio show people come up to me they want to know what's going on my it's going on how could people believe these sorts of things and how they undertake the enormous project why so many people are interested in learning about it this isn't a social activism it certainly isn't progressivism as they self characterize and progressivism those so-called early progressives like john do we they like marxism they supported marxism they rejected the declaration and the constitution. we had people pulling down monuments and burning books
4:41 pm
shutting down debate, attacking free speech trying to vulcanized the nation on race and gender and income isn't this fundamentally quintessentially dressed up as something else. >> and i quote that from a number of different biographers he had a favorite line the line was from the character the devil demon character and that was everything that exist deserves to parish marks called in a letter in 1843 for the ruthless criticism of everything that exist. so he really sought to tear down the foundation to our ace raise it down they seek to fundamentally transform the
4:42 pm
order they really are revolutionary. and they are seeking to do it according to something else like race or gender or sexuality but what's important to understand they take the general framework of putting people and categories of groups not an individual made in the modern-day image of god the judeo-christian understanding we are all individuals and products of a loving god that's not this marxism neediest they are hammering people into categories. hebert and categories of class or economics so the proletariat versus the bourgeoisie versus the workers a capitalist versus the workers. the modern marxist drains today include the marxist of critical race theory put
4:43 pm
people in groups as well according to race and gender but the important thing is they pay you against one another and they tell you that you are in that group and they are your file. they are your enemy. in some cases they foment hatred against those people so it's very divisive and in sense, this is the commonality with classical marxism talking about sexuality and gender but marxist talking about this kind of pitting people in different categories or groups. mark: when we come back what i try to do is look at the history of these movements that have been spawned from marxism and who has been behind them and how they had been promoted and where we stand today and what we can do about a little bit more on that when we returned with professor t15
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mark: welcome back america critical race theory rejects martin luther king come the civil rights movement the civil rights act of 6465 the
4:48 pm
various decisions on the supreme court because mark said among other things that he detested the socialist because they were not even halfway marxist they were trying to steal the fervor of the revolution that we could never have a full-blown marxist revolution while the marxist doing half measures and critical race theory is of the same mindset. now i want to turn to professor kengor what do you make of what i said quick. >> there is a good quotation in your book from walker who was close to mlk junior and said among other reasons because communism is a materialistic philosophy that rejects god but wyatt t1 canoe keying very well and he rejected critical race theory and pointed out this was a post marxist philosophy and
4:49 pm
reverend king and we learned this growing up and then to judge people by the content of their character and not the content of their skin. and putting people of the. press versus the oppressor you could find yourself and this oppressor category that rejects the humanity of the person or the individual made in the image of god and and that's why king would have been completely against it. mark: and louis farrakhan would celebrated the effort to take them and wrap them in
4:50 pm
scholarship. white race and worse than that the anti- semite black lives matter was the original mission statement clear that they were anti- somatic and there is some overlap and the push for marxism. but not just critical race theory but coming out half a century ago and the open borders movement say the white man is the interloper or illegal alien and they took over this area united states is an illegitimate country therefore the indigenous people coming cannot possibly be illegal aliens this applies to people of color if you don't buy into these marxist movements you are rejected you
4:51 pm
are considered repulsive and compromised by the dominant white ideology that basically embrace so much of the marxist ideology there is not a difference with the major policy issues of the democratic party and does executive orders and then to devour those institutions. >> that what sad about it is they bordered the line. and then people will say you want to call everybody you disagree a marxist. especially when you have groups and theories that are
4:52 pm
marxist influence or even say that they do and then to mention blm the founders black lives matter i read it cover to cover and to say we are trained marxist. and to say we are super first an ideological theory and with this is part of the new left that it is spreading and branching out everywhere. and the guru was herbert marcuse that you talk about an american marxism they applied to sexuality. this will surprise people
4:53 pm
watching right now the term of a sexual revolution was coined and he literally wrote the book the sexual revolution read the new yorker article freudian marxist gender marxist race-based marxist. so it's getting more and more difficult to separate the lines of distinction. mark: thank you for your career and focusing on this as it has evolved. i have done what i can do and i will continue to do it explain what is going on in this country and who is doing it. professor we do you but on —- we wish you well. god bless you. >> it's not fun but somebody has to do it. mark: we will be right back. sy . and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. try claritin cool mint chewabls for powerful allergy relief
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you know, folks. we live in very weird times. i watch the republican party busy spending money like drunken marxists. while they complain about the democrats spending money. the media, the mouth pieces for these marxist movements. then you have people like chuck todd say i don't know why they think we are liberal, we are not liberal. i watch the president of the united states who can barely put one foot in front of the other and complete sentences. he's surrounded by various movements and pushing that agenda as well. this is why i'm talking to you. not the establishment. not the america media. i have left twitter and facebook. i'm communicating with you, the american people. the fact is there are only a
4:59 pm
couple million at any time watching this network and watching me. it's up to you to be the paul reveres in this country and the movements taking place under the hegemony of the marxist ideology. we are being attacked. we need to understand what's going on in this country. where it comes from, who is doing it. then we need to do something about it in a lawful, civil manner. we are not them. they are the ones who are violent. but it's important we understand what this is. calling this book americans max i'm? really? that's what it is. how do i know? because that's what they call themselves. like patton said to rommel after he defeated him in north africa after a massive tank battle, i
5:00 pm
read your book. i read their books so you wouldn't have to. in the end we are red-blooded americans. we are the heart and soul in this country. we love this country, and nobody is going to take it from us. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. the president is confused. the country is confused about covid because the president is confused. he doesn't understand the vie even and doesn't know what to do. people are concerned about the delta variant and cases are going up, but do the cases matter? do we need a booster shot? no clue. the teachers unions have been


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