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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 7, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪♪ dan: hello, welcome to "unfiltered". we've got to have the 45th president of the united states, donald j trump. you're not going to want to miss this but i want to talk about something first. i want to talk about the democrats, their love affair with life and the burden of carrying all the lies all the time. this was an address this week must read by victor davis called the crushing weight of lies. optimistic the crushing burden
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on the democrat party continuing to lie to the american people will be exposed shortly. as he states in the opening paragraph he says one reason i remain optimistic about the impending end of walk is him and failure of the cultural revolution is the dangerous they post our unsustainable. by that i mean they require such assimilation that the load of lies eventually will snap spite of those asked to carry and disseminate them. one of the things they are openly lying about, first obviously immigration. you see this with bill malaysian, he has actually gone at the border, he can see it with his own eyes. he tweeted this week this video in texas as the federal government released over 7000 covid positive migrants into their cities since february including over 1300 new infected migrants in the last week alone local state has been declared.
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someone else. this video, are your eyes lying to you or are bill solutions eyes lying to him? people are piling out of the buses in texas. you can see it right there on your screen. it's not an ai that created this. who do you believe? your eyeballs or jen psaki and for biden administration? look at this. >> the president thinks his plan is working. >> the president continues to convey to anyone, as you said who want to come to the united states now is not the time to come. it's not the time to come and try to go through regular migration, you're still at work on improving a system that was very broken when we took office. dan: we have no photo, sp kansas and stop. please, the southern border has been entirely evaporated by the biden administration, you can waltz right in here.
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jen psaki is trying to deflect from that because she knows it's going to be damaging in 2022. it's a lie but she carries the lie all the time. what is joe biden up to? tell him the truth, no, the truth of joe biden. he's busy blaming other people. notably public and governors ron desantis and greg abbott. >> some governors aren't willing to do the right thing to beat the pandemic and they should allow businesses and universities who want to do the right thing to be able to do it. i say to these governors, please help. at least get out of the way, the people are trying to do the right thing. dan: the incredible irony of this failed president attacking the governor of texas, greg abbott about his handling of coronavirus at the airport in texas while promoting open borders himself. if this doesn't get under your skin, nothing will.
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also, how disturbing to attack the government of florida, ron desantis had a relatively good track record he's handling it in his state, my home state of florida. i write about? i believe in nothing part numbers. here it is, florida. every death is tragic, no doubt the series prices but where does florida write when you measure death for 100,000 people? they ranked 25th. who's at the top? new jersey and new york city in massachusetts, by the way. new jersey and new york city led by yes, democrats. he focused on ron desantis and greg abbott. the burden of carrying these lies all the time. the good news is, ron desantis wasn't having it. >> joe biden suggests that if you don't do lockdown policy and you should quote get out of the way but let me tell you this, if you're coming after the rights
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of parents in florida, i am standing in your way. we are trying to restrict people impose mandate, trying to ruin their jobs and livelihoods small businesses, if you're trying to walk people down, i am standing in your way, i'm standing for the people in florida so why don't you do your job, why don't you get the border secure and until you do that, i don't want to hear a blimp about covid from you. [applause] [cheering] dan: the endless lies, deception. as an opportunity, it's preventing us from focusing on what really matters. treatment, therapeutics, public education, they are not doing any of that. they are too busy line. imagine carry the burden from the life that the crime wave and liberal cities, that was just a summer thing. >> crime historically rises during the summer as we emerge
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from the pandemic summer spike may be more pronounced than usual. >> we see up like the quick during summer months uncertainly during holiday weekends. dan: this is an obvious lie. they must think you are idiots. the numbers don't lie. people are seeing the victims. vertebrates in the role run cities 2020 until now, 85% up. i did 6% up. 52%, 82%. portland 327%. these are real people, real lives. they are not statistics. books, 2020 and 2022 can't come quickly enough. your family matters from other country matters and the truth matters. it's time for the party to step up and tell the american people the truth, we can deal with it. we are never going to fix this place if you can't tell us the truth. coming up next, the comment on the democrat love affair with lying and many more issues.
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former president donald trump. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered". joining me now, 45th president of the united states, donald trump. present tom, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you very much, dan.
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good to be with you. dan: when you were in office, you declared an emergency at the border in april 2020 when you realized the problems he would have with the coronavirus. apprehensions at the border dropped to 16000. after you made that decision. president biden saw the opposite and apprehensions at the border are upwards of 200,000. this is a total failure, isn't it? >> there's never been anything like it. we have the safest border, most secure border in the history of our country and now by far the worst. hundreds of thousands of people are pouring into our country on a monthly basis and we are talking millions of people. millions and millions in the worst of all, other countries are emptying out jails and prisoners are coming in and these are the toughest prisoners you will find anywhere in their coming into our country totally unchecked and it's a disgrace. there's never been anything like
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it, they are destroying our country. dan: mr. president, you had a big wind and endorsement of mike carrying for congress, a big win for you and your endorsement over there, what are your feelings about 2022 and 2024 given the democrat overreach, defendant police, inflation out of control, we don't even have a southern border anymore. whether democrat may be? >> i feel very good about it and we had a big win in texas, to republicans running. we won three months ago, a big one and to republicans running, no democrat and the democrat voted against me but i was a tremendous win and then the big win in ohio, more of a normal election and mike on by a lot. what he did was fantastic and took the opposition. people in the opposition but mike carey is going to do a
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fantastic job. he's got an election coming but i think he's going to do very well. dan: mr. president, where do you stand on this explosion and reemergence of mandates? we get it, we heard the science on the vaccine. we get it, it's a serious threat, everybody understands that. you didn't have as much information, it was a new virus obviously. where do you stand on the mandate? >> first of all, could you imagine if i were president right now and we had this massive attack from the coronavirus, they like to call it, they have new names but it's exactly what we had, the same thing. if that were me, they would say what a horrible thing. these are numbers in some cases that are equivalent to what it was but we don't hear that. i have to be a big vaccine fan because on the one who got it done so quickly, less nine
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months, it was supposed to take five years. they would never have gone a gun so i am a big fan. at the same time, i'm a fan of our freedoms and people have to make that choice for themselves and i would recommend they get it and get it done and they are being protected in the vaccines turned out to be a tremendous thing and i also feel strongly here are some people who do not want to do it and i really believe somebody's choice, somebody's freedoms and that's the way it is. the mandates are crazy and what they are doing with schools, they don't know whether they are going to keep them close, the teachers union is in flux, all of the things happening, people have to get back, the kids have to get back to school. they do well against the coronavirus, unbelievable or as
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i call it, the tyrant china biased because that's what it is, where it came from. it came from the lab. i said it came from the lab and now they are saying i guess he was right about that but they used to take people off and probably still do take them off twitter and a deep platform people when you said it came from the lab. but it came from the wuhan lab and it's a different disgrace what happened. dan: that segues into my next question. media coverage during your administration and abomination that may be selling it short, it was atrocious whether it was the wuhan lab leak which was likely at this time, you said that from the beginning and pointed that could be a likely scenario, one of the other things i find odd, you were gracious to democrat governors whether it's governor murphy at the white house or governor cuomo even though you have obvious political differences. these democrat governors had a terrible record. deaths. 100,000 people are the worst in the country from new york and new jersey and now it's the
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opposite approach by the media. now joe biden is in the white house in his own crisis to deal with and republican governors all of a sudden are the enemy. >> it's a great way of phrasing it. i used to do it weekly call, we would have a weekly call with governors from all governors. republicans and democrats, 50 governors plus. people from the island and others but 50 governors and they were very gracious and they would say what a great job unbelievable job we did and some of them would say exactly the opposite, it was disgraceful and by the way, we could write a book on governors. i am the king of governors because to tell you the good ones and the bad ones and you have good ones and really, really bad ones. both parties. you have good ones and really bad ones. the way they are going after desantis, great in the great
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governor from texas, he's done a really good job. but they are going after republican governors, i do to a much lesser extent, some obviously did a horrible job, it destroys their states, it's going to be years before they can really come back but it's a total double standard in the press understands that but the press has been unbelievably dishonest and corrupt. dan: it's incredible how the governors were heroes in your administration and now the opposite. let me move on to a different topic, cory bush, member of the squad, a congresswoman, she came out this week and reignited calls to defund the police. this has been an absolute apocalypse for the democrats even the joe biden during the campaign against you was on the record saying he would be for reallocating money away from the police.
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>> i think it's going to be, i think we are going to do very well, we've done a great job. we had the strongest border in the history of our country, another two months would have the wall completed and now they are paying billions of dollars not to build a wall, not to complete it we would have had it done in two months or less. it's got to be painted or it will rest and they know that but they don't want to do that either. who knows where they are coming from. look what's coming into our country, who knows what they are doing but i will tell you, i watched her the other day, i watched the hatred, the statements she was making and she wants to defund and they want to defund, it's not a popular issue so some of them are trying to back off of it they want to defund police, they want voter id, they don't want it. not every once in a while you see them say absolutely, we love voter id because they see whole
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numbers, 88% positive so some of them are saying we can't ruin our political career over so they are saying we will accept voter id, it's disgraceful but they want to defund police. tell me that make sense. look what's going on in new york. look at the crime in new york, look at the incidents over there, beating up elderly people in the streets, beating them up the cops aren't doing anything. just have republicans, guys like me prosecutors, the biggest problem is the prosecutors in new york and other places going after republicans but if you kill someone, you are okay. it's a disgrace what's happening and i don't think the country will stand for much longer, they are disgusted. fake election, and election with voter abuse and voter fraud like nobody's ever seen before and based on that and based on what
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happened, they are destroying our country whether it's at the border, or on crime and plenty of instances putting military, you look at the leaders of military, the local leaders of military, we have to focus on our great military for what is supposed to be to protect us against very powerful countries like russia and china and others who don't exactly love us. dan: can you stay with us through a brief break? >> yes, go ahead. sure. dan: will be right back with former donald trump. stay tuned.
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sixty fire.burning in part in california, the largest single qualifier in the states history. for 50000 acres in mass evacuations threatening thousands of homes and businesses. thursday, the town of greenville knows that reported that at least five people are missing tonight. one hundred wildfires are raging across the west with new fires erupting this week in alaska, oregon, montana and wyoming. overseas, massive wildfires there in europe forcing thousands from their home.
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eight people have died in turkey. fueling the flames, the rain is bringing some relief. fifty-five fires are burning across greece, bear urging people to leave their homes. now back to "unfiltered" with dan bongino. enjoy. dan: walked back to "unfiltered" and we are back with former president donald trump. your voice when you give speeches and see an american flag you grab the flag, and brace yourself and proud of our country. yet we have athletes in the on the bricks representing our country deciding it's a good idea for the international audience to embarrass the country take a need and you seek ratings, as a result. your thoughts on that? >> the ratings plummeted for the nfl, it plummeted for baseball, you see what's going on for look at the soccer team from women's soccer team all of a sudden they're not like they were.
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they were supposed to win the gold medal but the word woke means loser. if you are walk, you're going to lose and ultimately we are not going to let woke make this country into a loser but you watch that and some of the people now is proud some of the young women of the soccer team stood up proudly against all odds with what they have to put up with the but the word woke is loser and the soccer team did not get the cold metal they didn't even come close and flip, the country doesn't like it. i don't like it and a lot of people have turned off the sports. lebron james, they don't like it. the mba didn't do great but they did better after he was out, they don't want this. there's enough of it, they want to watch sports from a great athlete. they don't want politics in the middle of the sports games including the announcers. ice here some of the announcers, they are not big shots but i listen to what they say and you
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just want to turn off the game and many people do. you seek the ratings, how bad they are. dan: i appreciate your time, your very generous with it. a quick question about school closures, it's a hot issue right now. the teachers unions remarkably without story on fox news about the chicago teachers union, implying thicker shut down the scores again now. parents understandably are fired up, this could be upwards of three years of their children's lives taken away from them, no social interaction, no school. it's not the same thing. your thought on that as a father yourself? >> you mentioned chicago, let's talk about crime before that. seventy people get shot over a weekend, 70 people and many of those people die. in afghanistan, we haven't lost a soldier in a year end a half because of what i did. in a year end a half and yet in chicago you have 70, 80 people
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being shot some weekends, it's a disgrace. as far as the schools this was how to open. these young people are losing a big part of their life and they are not going to recover from it. schools have to open. what they are going through socially, they are not dealing with people. it's going to leave a scar on their lives. it's going to leave a psychological scar. we have to open our schools. i say that the teachers get the vaccine, they should get the vaccine, i hope they do. it's something i'm very proud of. i think if we didn't come up during the trump administration with the vaccine, you could have 100 million people dead just like you have in 1917. you take the spanish flu, 100 million people, up to 170 people died. this has been great for the world but the teachers, let them get the vaccine. i don't know how they are being
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dealt with but they have one in particular, they don't want to go back to work. it's crazy. our children need to be educated. it turned out computers are wonderful but one thing we've learned through college and school, undergraduate and everything, being in the school is much better than looking at a computer screen. that's one thing almost everybody universally agrees to and the children have to go back to school. dan: last question and then we will let you go. thanks for your time. the biden ministration has taken a shot iger economic record which is hilarious of how awful of a job they've done. they are comparing the rebound from my coronavirus to your record. when you got into office, gdp grew well over the average, that's not to upset you given everything you've done.
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>> the reason our economy is doing relatively well is because of the foundations we built. with the numbers because of us not because of them. plus what they are doing is a lot of artificial stimulus which makes numbers look a little better but the reason we are doing well is because of what we did. if you look at just prior to the virus coming in from china, we have the greatest employment numbers we've ever had. 160 million people working, african-americans, asian americans, hispanic american, women, people with diplomas, without diplomas, high schools without and with diplomas, everybody at the top of the line in the history of our country, it was the strongest and again, we've never had 160 million people working, not even close right now so we have the best numbers we've ever had and then we have the buyers come in and
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then i rebuilt the economy a second time and then just going off what i rebuilt, that's what they are doing. they are killing the economy. we will have inflation that will eat us alive. we are no longer energy independent. they went to see and had meetings with russia and opec to see if they would get more energy. we have so much energy, we didn't know what to do with it. we were a dollar 87 a gallon for gasoline and now up to $4.50 and it's going much higher so what they are doing will destroy economics of our country and maybe more importantly, what they are doing at the border and other places with a lack of respect that other countries have for our country is being destroyed. dan: mr. president, thanks for your time. it's an honor to speak with you. >> you very much. i. dan: next, an all-star panel reacts to my interview with president donald trump. kaylee machen any ice director
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tom holman and fox news contributor, my friend joe contra. they off during the next. ♪♪
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the mandates are crazy and what they are doing with schools now, they don't know if they want to keep them close, for they doing? the teachers union is in flux. all of the things happening, people have to get back, the kids how to get back to school. these young people are losing a big part of their life and they are not hard to recover from. the schools have to open, it's going to leave a psychological scar. we have to open our schools, i say let the teachers get the vaccine, they should get the vaccine. i hope they do. dan: here to react to the interview with president trump, former press qatari cohost kaylee machen any former fox news jupiter for the help from joe contra. thank you for joining me.
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kaylee kayleigh mcenany, i asked about dreadful implications from the teachers unions they may be shutting down the schools specifically in chicago. your thoughts on back? >> he was fired up about it. i'll never forget the press asking me about the president says when schools open, does he mean every day of the week, as he mean partially, what does he mean flux i went to him in the oval office and i said what you mean? i'm pretty sure i know your gut instinct think i will was open, they don't transmit it the same way, i once was open pretty sure that was the answer. went to the oval office he said yes, i want them open and i want them now. this was like last year. the data was always there. schools need to be open. claims reported from a schools lunches, a lot of kids depend on. the president was unmistakable and then you have joe biden kat telling teachers union friday,
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jen psaki was asked, can you name one parent group you are working with at the cdc she could not name one because the parents and the child not come first, the teachers union does the president trump always put the american people and children of the country first. it was put to hear from him with that segment, dan. dan: and sure was. tom, we asked about the crisis, you could hear his answer. >> we have the safest secure border in the history of our country and now by far the worst. hundreds of thousands of people are pouring into our country on a monthly basis and we are talking about millions of people. the incense millions. he knows where they're coming from. look what's coming into our country. dan: forgot thoughts on back? >> the greatest part of his legacy, starting with ronald ragan, but no president did more
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secure our borders and president trump. that's just a phone call back. he had illegal immigration down from 80% depending on where you look at for instance we look at releases right now and that's why turned to run, president trump had three months. you know how many in the united states total in four months 43. forty-three people released with court dates because they had humanitarian, and eight month pregnant woman or something we couldn't deal with but at least 43, how many has the biden administration released? 167,000, most without court dates and all the president trump was more secure, for most people who say the biden administration, let me tell you something. what illegal immigration has done, 80%, how many women get raped?
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how many children didn't die, how many covid infected people didn't get released into the u.s.? how many pounds of functional didn't reach the border in the humanitarian crisis? president trump not only secure the border, he saved thousands of his life by securing the border. dan: that's a staggering number, 43 versus 100 plus thousand. my gosh. joe, who spoke to president trump and you obviously media expert. i asked about the coverage of the governors during his time in. >> i noticed the way they are going after the great governor from texas, right out of has done a really good job. ron has done a great job. they are going after republican governors, a total double standard in the press understands that but the press has been unbelievably dishonest and corrupt. dan: just to sum it up, democrat governors were all heroes during the trump administration and not
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even the republican governors have performed better, they are all the goats now that biden is in office. >> what was most palpable during the interview, what really stood out was how frustrated the president was in terms of where the country has gone in the seven months mr. biden took office particularly as it pertains to the border skyrocketing violent crime across the country but something was noticeable, he used the word disgraceful seven times but then he also encouraged teachers to get the vaccine and we always hear the president is not encouraging people to get the vaccine that came under his watch operation warp speed. seven months in new york for example, 40% of teachers are still not vaccinated. as of last week, that's a staggering number in the president overall has a right to feel the way he did in the time he had the interview based on
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these staggering numbers. 82% are concerned about inflation according to a new york times poll so you have a country more expensive to live in regardless of income, 78%, eight and ten of voters say they believe that crime is a major problem in the united states and obviously the president talked about elderly people getting beaten in the streets and 70 to 80 shootings in chicago. biden's handling of the border just one in three of the jobs he's doing on the border but who knew 33% of the public, they can't be the same person with working eyes and ears who believes things are going well at the border. overall about the president's frustration and wants to be back in the game to fix all of these things before the next administration came in. dan: kayleigh mcenany, an interesting points here, 2022 of the predictions came but it does
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not look good, we asked president trump about. your opinion on where 2022, you been in politics a long time, given inflation in the police movement, evaporating for, poor handling of the coronavirus by the biden ministration. >> prime, one 100%. people don't feel safe. president trump was so good, he understood the cultural issues which the left admits is a right wing crazy theme to try to slight voters but it's not crazy. president trump always puts his finger on it. not really you can give your conservative views or he mentioned the other bricks not having pride in our country. this racial division, the firefighter left, president trump has fought against the and the number one "issue is" crime and number two race relations,
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two and three combined, there's a hurricane brewing in this country, people are sick of disrespect for the country and sick of racial division, most people just want you to be on that. dan: thank you for joining me, appreciate it. next, how can democrat possibly rationalize 120-dollar price take on the infrastructure bill? i'll take on former bidens sarah gets in the rebuttal coming up next. ♪♪
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i'm really nervous. i don't know what i should wear. just wear something not too crazy, remember it's a business dinner not a costume party. on a spotty network this is what she heard... just wear something crazy, remember it's a costume party. a costume party!? yes! anybody want to split a turkey leg?
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>> what's the question what is
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the question? dan: yeah, spend more money we don't have when we go bankrupt. >> miami-dade, i promise you infrastructure is not. dan: i live in florida. let's move on. it's amazing how you want to spend money, it's bizarre. second question, joe biden wrote an op-ed on gun control, stop spending money. good, we agree. you agree, we could go back and don't spend money. there enthusiastic about infrastructure. dan: since the beginning of the month. i know. i get that. an op-ed on gun control, wants to get rid of apparently weapons of work, where's gun-control? what are weapons of war? >> a good question. i have found flipped in ways
7:53 pm
that i think are appropriate because i'm not particularly literate in all of the kinds of guns and magazines in capacity and etc., the thing i am most concerned about are the laws that 84% of americans including gun owners, people who belong to the nra which is universal background checks sopping gun shows and making sure people have permits to carry guns so i think is weapons of war don't know are high-capacity magazines taking down people who are shopping or first-graders in big commercial stores in el paso, it's a universal fear and i think one of the things i'd like to invite your viewers to be included -- sure, i could talk about weapons. dan: where's gun-control? i'm just asking what you
7:54 pm
recommended. can you name one -- >> new zealand, australia. dan: actually, there is actually more guns now in australia and their work before the crime controls, did you know that? we have that ready to go. australia, work now than before. >> what about new zealand -- every country, dan. dan: i love how you can't cite -- you are supporting more guns and australia. incredible. >> don't put words in my mouth. we want you cited an example, the wrong example. >> gun violence and . dan: apparently you don't, listen, i've got to go. australia institute is on the screen, you can watch on dvr. thank you for joining us, i appreciate it. thanks a lot. >> we can do this .
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dan: no, we can't get her to tell the truth. next, my hero of the week, a very special one. don't miss it. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered". our here of the week this week was an easy call. olympic medalist chimera, she spoke up about what it means to her to represent america as the first document to winter growth in the olympics. she said i love representing the u.s., i love living here. i love it and i'm so happy i get to represent the usa. let me tell you something, we love you living here. we love you and we are honored you represent the united states as well. wrestling has always been a sport most of my heart. she did a great job. it was incredible. nice job, we are really proud of you.
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before we go, you can stream the dan bongino show on fox nation every week that 12 to 3:00 p.m. eastern, simulcast on my radio show around the country as well. don't forget to follow "unfiltered" on facebook and instagram at "unfiltered" on fox. that doesn't trust tonight, hope you enjoyed the show. i'll see you back here next saturday night. ♪♪ >> welcome to "watters' world", i am jesse watters. present confused, fast the subjects of tonight "watters' world". the president is confused. he does understand the science, he doesn't know what to do. people are uncertain about the delta. , quietest different, it's that they are, where cases are growing up if cases even matter. we need a booster shot? no clue. the teachers unions he


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