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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 8, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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before we go, you can stream the dan bongino show on fox nation every week that 12 to 3:00 p.m. eastern, simulcast on my radio show around the country as well. don't forget to follow "unfiltered" on facebook and instagram at "unfiltered" on fox. that doesn't trustht, hope you enjoyed the show. i'll see you back here next saturday night. ♪♪ >> welcome to "watters' world", i am jesse watters. present confused, fast the subjects of tonight "watters' world". the president is confused. he does understand the science, he doesn't know what to do. people are uncertain about the delta. , quietest different, it's that they are, where cases are growing up if cases even matter. we need a booster shot? no clue. the teachers unions have been
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wishy-washy on scorpio thanks, no one understands why kids are wearing masks, why do we do that? are masks back in certain counties but not other counties? biden has been no help. he wears a mask outside no mask inside. it makes no sense. no one trusts fauci anymore, he's been all over the map on every issue and its partisan and deceitful. especially about the lab leak. are you turning to the office? companies are switching up to return to work plan. are people going to be wearing a mask inside? we are now. covid is such a threat, why is biden blessing covid positive migrants into florida? none of as up and americans are alarmed. nobody trusts the media to tell them the truth, media has been shot. we've been my to about everything so even when we are told the truth, we don't believe it. if we say what we really believe on social media, we get censored so we feel under attack from our
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own country. joe biden has a messaging problem, he campaigned on ending the pandemic and restarting the economy if the pandemic has ended and the economy has been restarted. biden asked like none of that happened. 70% of the country is faxed and that's are the lowest level ever. biden is hyping the delta. i'm moving backward on mask mandates and liberal teachers unions are like i don't know if we can open this fall. if the economy is back up like biden claims it is, why do we need to keep everybody giving everybody free rent? why do we need to spend trillions in stimulus? minor americans feel that? millions are still sitting on the sidelines as the rest of wage gains are offset by high gas prices. buying administrations : an economic message is all messed up. the president has a bigger problem, management. can't do it. he can't manage anything.
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biden and the democrats are in charge, it's a disaster. the border was mismanaged into a full-blown crisis among the cities have been mismanaged from a crime wave everywhere, quality of life brian, for or the burbs buying guns, record spending so i teachers unions and crazy scoreboards destroying classroom of racism, driving parents. and it doesn't inspire confidence. only getting worse. the republicans take advantage of it? joining me now for reaction, fox news contributor, gingrich. it's a mess. do you think you can party implement make any hay out of these problems?
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>> i think the problem is going to be so big by the election next year the country will turn to the republicans and on the house side, kevin mccarthy clearly has a strategy to gain what he would lose seats but he gained my recruiting right people and competing with caught positive i guess and it's going to be a mess. when you realize how many people are coming in, basically the biden administration is reporting a city every month of illegal immigrants. in the month of july the equivalent of birmingham, alabama, the company people came in country, no idea where they are growing. this kind of thing can't go on very long dramatically rising crime rates in our biggest cities, really rising back to 1970s when we thought crime
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was terrible. i think you have a spending spree underway that will be massive inflation so you take the pieces and put them together and you have jimmy carter times 20 and i think by next summer this will be a disaster the democrats will be seen as a party incapable of solving any of these problems. jesse: you believe joe biden get that? i don't think he gets it. he came in kat the crime thing he did a speech about guns and then just forgot about it, doesn't forgot talk about it anymore. the media is in talking about the border because kids are being hidden so they don't have any pictures so it's not even on his radar. you think he's even cognizant of these rising issues saturdays during the american people? >> you do a great show and you are very funny, maybe the funniest person on fox. jesse: i will tell them he said
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that. >> i don't want to get in a fight but you have a great sense of humor and i think asking the question, does joe biden get it? one of the funniest things you've said this year #how could you watch him for five minutes and have any belief he gets anything? i said the other day i waver between fauci and biden and whose cognitive ability i worry about the most. both of them are only partially in touch with the real world. president biden i think it's almost nothing anymore, even when he was senator he didn't get much. he was not a brilliant intellectual, not john f. kennedy of his generation. [laughter] jesse: i think even barack obama was aware of that. something that's going to be creeping up and i don't think
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you see it coming at all, vaccine mandates, the passport and it's not just a problem with the country, it's especially a problem with black americans going for this, here is democrat mayor of boston basically comparing these passes to segregation. listen. >> a long history in this country of people needing to show during slavery among post- slavery, as recent as the immigrant population has to go through here, we heard trump with the birth certificate nonsense. here we want to make sure we are not doing anything that would further create a barrier for residents of boston or disproportionately impact the communities. jesse: black americans not vaccinated at a higher rate,
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just under 30%. nap democrat mayors are going to tell them they can't work out in gyms, they can't go to clubs and they can't go inside and eat dinner. i don't think that's going to fly. do you? >> no. you've already seen it in the postal unions. but you just said no. even the french are having riots over the idea of the vaccine passport. america has a deep tradition of being in favor of individual liberty to the idea that the government is going to come in and insist the last 15 or 20% get vaccinated, i think it's an example of tierney and i think it's outrageous and i believe, i've been vaccinated twice, i think it's the smart thing to get vaccinated because even if you get the newest variant, you seem to get not nearly as sick
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so i will defend permanently, the right of other americans to say no and i am sick of watching petty tyrants whether they are mayors or governors or the president of the united states, who by the way issue orders and then you see them violate their own rules so your supposed to wear a mask inside but the mayor of washington or chicago doesn't because they are an aristocracy, they don't have to hate like the commoners. that is unacceptable in america and we ought to rise as a country and say that, just say no. a good friend of mine is very reasonable, i was shocked when she said to me in montgomery county, if they come back with masks, i'm not wearing one and they can put me in jail.
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i'm sick of being told by these guys who interfere on my life, they don't know what they are talking about and keep changing the rules. jesse: barack obama had to cave because he was following the science by having a birthday party outside but he wasn't following the script. the script on the left now is delta is going to kill everybody, we've got to go back to masks and mandates, no large parties and he now has to train invitation list to what he was having at his multimillion dollar compound in the vineyard. i want the guy to celebrate his 60th, it sounds like a hot ticket. nothing wrong with that, that didn't go against any guidelines but the media came after barack and he caved to the fauci of the country. can you believe that? >> he understood where the left wing of his party is and whether pressure points were but think
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about this, you have a guest list of 600 and i you have to cut it to say 50. how would you feel if you are one of the 550 people who got a note that said i really love you but not enough to have you come to my party? [laughter] it's an interesting mess. jesse: i think emmanuel may have been cut. joe biden wasn't even invited. [laughter] i don't know what's going on there. >> aoc was not invited, that's why it blew up. jesse: that's true. you know what, i'm not going to say anything mean. we are going to wait until later in the show. thank you so much. not to scott member or a brush calling to defund the police once again despite shelling out 70 geez for her own personal security. liberal lawmakers defending her own privacy protection because
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of threats on her life. listen. >> i'm going to make sure i have the freedom from i know i have too much work to do, too many people who need help right now for me to allow that so if i end up 200,000, if i spend ten more dollars on it, i get to be here to do the work so defunding the police has to happen. we need to put that money to a social safety net because we are trying to save lives. i have security because my body is worth being on this planet right now. i have private security because they, the white supremacist racist narrative they drive into this country. jesse: fox news contributor mike huckabee joins me now. her life is worth protecting by her constituents in st. louis, their lives, no, not worth it to protect them. >> you are such a cynic, of
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course she's way more important than you, me and the rest of america. the big question we are confronted with, how on earth did america make it for almost 250 years without cory bush being here to do the great work she's doing? somehow we barely were able to come along now that cory bush is here, we are all going to be okay as long as we protect her and put her in the cone of protection. she's worth, the rest of us, not so much. i give her what i call the gavin formal award. the award for ultimate duress hypocrisy for those who want to impose upon others rules they would never and act upon themselves and she may just be the first and most important recipient of the award. jesse: you think she knows when she says defund the police and i get private security, she did it in the same sentence mike you think she even sees the
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ridiculousness of what she say that she even get that? >> her lack of swamped self-awareness is a great ad for the republicans to take back congress next year so don't lose that video because it's going to come in handy all through 2022. jesse: we are going to get the french laundry video from gavin newsom, the aoc video which we will show you later and then we are going to get this cory bush video mess all you need to do for sure people don't care about you, they only care about themselves. governor, this woman, they picked her up off the street, she was a loudmouth might basically professional protester, she cut her teeth, handsome, don't shoot by that launched her career, she was both outside, basically arm in arm with antifa ferguson and now
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she's a member of congress and she's sleeping out on the sidewalk protesting, she want three months. if the economy is so hot, why do we need to keep handing out free rent? >> well, we don't need to keep handing out free rent. it's an unconstitutional action on the part of joe biden and his administration but with shredded the constitution pretty well. i think we are where now we tell americans forget the first, second, in fact all the amendments and we will just tell you what to do and you are going to do it or else but the cory versus and aoc's of the world, all of the squad, they are making it a lot easier for america to make the decision for the future of our country, we want to let these people run things? because they are. they are running the show. we want to bring responsible adult that respect the constitution and rule of law and sense of equality of justice
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rather than justice for some but not for all? we want i don't have any private security, i guarantee i get more death threats than cory bush. you should see the threats i get. not pretty, i'm sure you've got to in your days as well. >> i've had those but the thing is, you deserve yours, jesse. that's the difference. jesse: you are right, i do deserve every little bit of it. thank you, we appreciate it. creepy cuomo blaming his italian heritage for all of these sexual harassment allegations. italians are very happy about it. ♪♪
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jesse: new york governor andrew cuomo accused of being a serial sexual harasser. his defense? i'm italian. he's accused of kissing women on the lips, groping their butts, asking women to play skip poker and asking a state trooper if she could set him up with a girlfriend who could quote handle pain.
2:22 am
despite calls for him to resign, he says none of this is his fault. it's either a lie or just a misunderstanding. he claims he's italian. this is how he was brought up to show affection. >> i learned from my mother and from my father. it's meant to convey warmth. nothing more. i do kiss people on the forehead, i do kiss people on the cheek. i do kiss people on the hand. i do embrace people. i do hug people. men and women. i now understand there are generational or cultural perspectives that frankly i hadn't fully appreciated. and i have learned from this. jesse: does that defense hold
2:23 am
any water? let's ask radio talk show host and median joe piscopo. are you buying this ethnic defense? >> you know what this means, jesse? you know what this means? forget about it. forget about it. you get the finger in the mouth, forget about it. and this. we have an array of hand language we are compassionate and passionate in our embrace of people and we do kiss folks upon both sides of the cheeks. if i may, governor cuomo saved the christopher columbus statue. andrew, don't blame us. you need the look, what are you look at with the head like this. from jersey.
2:24 am
you are going like this. when you want to get out of here in come on, come on. but no. jesse: so he does the hug, and the hug lingers. this like this is a long embrace. then he does the double-check kiss. that's what they do in europe. and he does the hands on the face. you have seen that in the movies. people do that all over the area. boom, boom boom. but it's not just that. he's been accused -- italian is that custom to grope women on the chest or rear end? i don't think that's an italian thing. >> the italian handbook, you run you finger count back of a state trooper, it's note really. it was the hey that was creepy. you can't blame the ethnicity
2:25 am
for this. also, you and i were so pro law enforcement. we appreciate what the gal had to go through. but you hate to make it an ethnic thing. jesse: imagine if bill cosby said in the african-american community, harvey weinstein. in the jewish community we have customs. i'm not comparing governor cuomo to either of those. but when you do that, everybody knows that's just a dodge. joe, you want to go? you want to go? get out of here. >> let's go. get out of here. jesse: thanks for coming on. we appreciate it. >> love you, man. jesse: kamala harris in big trouble. are democrats trying to sabotage
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. . . .
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rush town of greenville earlier this week. i'm jon scott. jesse: kamala harris damage col
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mode. the democrats are so worried about her, they reportedly held a dinner to decide how to defend her. it crown sifted of all women. at this dinner they discussed the sexist overtones by the media. kamala's numbers continue to free-fall as the border crisis gets worse. thousands and thousands of covid positive migrants are being duffel'ed into this country. as you know in july border patrol agents encountered more than 200,000 illegals at the southern border. that's the most in over 20 years. joining me now, former senior advisor to trump, stephen miller. what is your interpretation of
2:32 am
this crisis dinner? >> i think it's clear that people who are close to the vice president are extremely concerned that her long term political aspirations are going up in smoke. everybody understands kamala's goal is to be the president of the united states. beyond the reporting of the toxic workplace environment in her office. the signature issue with which she is most associated. the one she is in charge of is the border. she is the border door. and it represent d she is the border door. the border czar. jesse: here is how i see the politics of this. this was leaked. people at this dinner which sound very swanky. these are the top female
2:33 am
democrat operatives in the entire country. they cut their teeth with the obamas and the clintons. they wanted this out so they leaked it -- to "axios." at least two of them leaked this to the media. if you read between the lines, this is top female democrat operatives having to save kamala harris. but not kamala harris for herself. trying to save her from the sexist media. this is the message to the media. if you report negatively on kamala harris, we are coming after you and there will be a big problems. >> this is a message to the establishment media and a message to the party that they need to start doing their part to try to rehabilitate herb image and lay off.
2:34 am
but she controls her own fate. she has a simple decision to make. i'm afraid she is not going to take my advice. but either do the right thing on the border. reject the crazies, the lunatics, the marxists driving this open borders policy. start doing the right thing and send illegal many immigrants home. or assure yourself you will have no political future. jess rrp kamala harris, i know she watches "watters' world." so listen to mr. miller and do your job. thank you very much. the not so friendly skies. air rage incidents worse than ever. what's driving this. a airlines whistleblower lands in "watters' world." i have got to get out of here.
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>> get ahold of yourself. >> calm down.
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>> could i get that headset, please. >> do not raise your voice to me, sir. >> i am not raising my voice. i just want my headset. >> our country is going through a difficult time. if you won't cooperate. >> i don't know where a headset ties into patriotism. >> is there a problem? >> i don't think so. >> will you come to the back of the plane so we can have a talk? >> i will only say this one time, calm down. jesse: so much for flying the friendly skies. air rage out of control. >> oh, my gosh, oh, oh ...
2:41 am
[bleep] [bleep] [bleep] jesse: they need to duct tape that guy. airline workers are taking self-defense classes to deal with violent passengers. the faa says there have been 3,500 reports so far just this year with 600 of them under investigation. that's double the number of investigation in 2019 and 2020 combined. here to discuss, southwest airlines attendant myron seefns,
2:42 am
sonia lavoska. at southwest, it always seems like it's a southwest situation. what have you experienced, what have your colleagues experienced, and what are you doing to deal with these crazy people? >> the traveling public changed quite a bit. they are like [inaudible] i don't think they realize we are in flight first responders. we are there in case you have a heart attack. we are literally we do classes on how to move an inkren difficultary -- an incendiary
2:43 am
device on a plane. jesse: are you training in self defense to deal with violent passengers? i would take karate if that was me. >> i started training before this went haywire recently. there are always incidents. i train with a female mma fighter. i started training with her two years ago because i said i want to be able to protect myself. i didn't want to make basic random self-levels. jesse: you are learning how to do choke holds and head strikes. oh, my god. i would tap out if you came after me. but that's fine. duct tape me if you have to, mason. sonia, you were an air marshal for many many years. why aren't there more air
2:44 am
marshals on these flights? every time i see this it's the flight attendants or passengers who have to separate violent flyers. why aren't they having an air marshal on every flight? >> that answer is simple. the federal airt air marshal service does not have the capacity. we are down less than 50% on air marshals. so there are absolutely no resources. the director of the air marshal services testified on a subcommittee that we had adequate resources to help the flight attendants. but in reality we have disintegrated to almost no air marshals. jesse: you are saying joe biden
2:45 am
is throwing around trillions in infrastructure and we can't spend a couple mil putting mayor marshals on these flights? look at the video we are showing you. it's unbelievable they are saying we don't have enough money. you were also involved with some of these confrontations. if you have a passenger and a passenger next to you get unruly, what would you suggest we do? >> i suggest the first thing you try to do is deescalate. try to calm the situation down. if somebody is being physically aggressive. you better believe we'll put them in a chokehold. that person can harm you. you are 35,000 feet above sea level. there is no error for something to go wrong. tape them up or handcuff them,
2:46 am
do whatever you need to do. jesse: don't mess with these ladies, it don't go well. thank you very much, and stay safe. o.j. simpson, britney spears and aoc. what do they have in common? carley will tell us, triple play up next. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food.
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jesse: time for triple play. democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez on the capitol hill steps with no mask. bus as soon as it was time to take the picture she puts the mask on. moments later the photo was taken, off goes the mask. is the mask just a prop? carley shimkus. this is pretty bad. >> yeah. well, in the words of rand paul, masks have become political theater. remember the pictures of her
2:51 am
dressed in white weeping at the southern border. i did see some people defend her on social media saying she is trying to send the right message to her constituents. but that's not the right message. she is outside and she is vaccinated. that message is fear the pandemic is still going on and vaccines don't work. >> let's go to o.j. the juice. he took some time away to play golf and gave public service announcement on vaccines. >> a female doctor was on this morning and made the best analogy i heard. she said being vaccinated is like wearing your seat belt. it doesn't guarantee you won't get in an accident, but if you do, you have a much better chance of surviving. hey, get your shots. i don't like wearing masks.
2:52 am
it's you people who won't get the shots that brought this mask thing back. jesse: oj murdered two people and now he wants to save lives. >> i think there is something ironic about o.j. symptoms lecturing people about saving lifltion and doing the right thing. i think literally anybody should be talking except for him. jesse: oj is not the right messenger. maybe tell people not to commit crimes. >> prison reform speech. >> that would be more well received. i need to show you this footage of britney. i have been so trying to help britney. i am all about free britney. i want her to get rid of his conservatorship. but britney is getting naked all over social media.
2:53 am
she is posting topless. she is dancing around. the last four photos on her instagram, she is totally naked. britney, keep your clothes on until you get through this litigation. >> she has little stars carefully placed. i have seen these pictures because i follow her on instagram. not the way i would curate my instagram. but she reads comments. she responded and said listen, if you don't like what i'm posting, if you don't like my dance videos, then unfollow me. which i thought was a solid response. she is out there doing her thing. i think she feels restricted in other ways of life. it's her new artistic forum. jesse: if you are about to gain
2:54 am
your freedom and everyone is saying you are crazy, wouldn't you act less crazy? >> i would probably stay off social media. the other side of that argument is terms of a conservatorship. she made millions of dollars under the conservatorship. she is allowed to be as crazy as she wants and still have control of her money. jesse: i'm the only side of the armed, carley. just one side over here. it's "watters' world." thank you so much. we appreciate. up next, "last call."
2:55 am
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[♪♪♪] jesse: do you want to meet me in person? i am still on this book tour for how i saved the world.
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and the book is still doing great. still on the best seller list. i will be doing a book signing in long beach island in new jersey august 31 at the lbi book swap at 11:00 in the morning. i have been getting out there a lot, i'll take photos with you, i will sign the book. i will even let you touch me. covid is over. just not the hair. thanks so much for showing up. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. remember i'm "watters' world" and this is my world. [♪♪♪]
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