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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 8, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> i'm expecting it in the mail. a lot of fun with you this weekend. thank you for watching. we are not trying to keep john's got away he is coming up next with "the fox report". have a great weekend. ♪♪ jon: the senate is inching closer to passing a bipartisan infrastructure package. they are already gearing up for the next big fight. i am jon scott and this is "the fox report". the us senate reconvenes after voting to break a filibuster in advance the $1 trillion spending bill on saturday. as a way a final vote democrats are starting to turn
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their attention to the three.5 trillion-dollar budget reconciliation bill which republicans have largely slammed among growing concerns over surging inflation in this country. senator haggerty will join us shortly that beginning with white house correspondent lies in delaware where the president is spending the weekend. reporter: good evening. the president is monitoring the action from his house here in delaware. another - - nothing happen quickly because haggerty denied multiple notions from democrats to speed the process up. despite the majority leader schumer. >> i repeat democrats are ready and willing to vote on additional amendments to the bill before moving to final passage. once again, that requires the cooperation of our republican colleagues. i will cooperate so we can move more quickly. otherwise we will proceed by the book and finish the bill.
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reporter: if there is no agreement to speed them up after the expected predawn vote on tuesday now speaker pelosi's plan is to attach it three.$5 trillion in a reconciliation budget bill to make members vote on that. >> the fact pelosi says she has to link then tells you she doesn't have the votes for the three.5 trillion-dollar package. a democratic colleagues said infrastructure is the desert the three.$5 trillion spend a lot of money is finished. he i eat my dessert now i have to eat my spinach? i don't think so d2 trying to tie something unpopular with
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republicans a three.5 trillion-dollar budget to something that has decent republican support of the infrastructure package for roads and bridges in the all or nothing gamble. jon: i from delaware thank you. for more on is that spring in tennessee senator haggerty from the foreign relations committee. we just heard that clint from majority leader chuck schumer. telling senators they want to move along her he wants to move along. it doesn't sound like you are very popular in the u.s. senate right now. >> tennesseans did not elect me to be the most popular but to stand up for their interest. i will point this out. it senator schumer said was not borne out today. i offered a full package of amendments for the body to vote on. i can vote on them right now and so are my colleagues. the democrats objected to that. that is their true intent. they are trying to rush this through that was evident on thursday night when i stopped this.
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they found out they had a terrible budget score over a quarter of a trillion dollars in the hole but they been saying all along this would be paid for. it's not. they missed it by a long shot. one quarter of a trillion dollars in the red and then to pass this in the middle the night on thursday night have blocked it now today offered to have as many amendments as we want to hear. what they are really trying to do is rush ahead on the three.5 trillion-dollar budget. jon: the cbo says this was improperly funded. it will not pay for itself. >> exactly right. what will happen later on this evening the senate will be forced to vote to waive the requirement that legislation passed is paid for. that underscores that this is not paid for. not this bill. jon: it is 2700 paces twice as long as war and peace. have you had a chance to read the whole thing?
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>> also twice as long as the king james bible to but into perspective. we had it for six days by thursday we divided it up reading through it as furiously as we can certainly nobody had an opportunity to go to the cbo analysis when i blocked this. but the people that are rushing this through are the democrats. there is no reason we can't move this through regular order and take our time to assess and understand that. i am for hard infrastructure i worked my way to college shoveling asphalt. my father and grandfather in the road construction business. we want those that have a real return on investment. this bill does not accomplish that. there's so much more the has to do with hard investment or infrastructure. it drives us deeper into the whole parking another quarter of a million dollars on the shoulders of children and grandchildren. jon: you are getting support from newt gingrich putting out a tweet suggesting you want to
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get the support of other senators. senator haggerty is doing writing demanding more debate on the so-called infrastructure bill with nine infrastructure policies. senate republicans should back haggerty. it doesn't seem like you have a lot of that backing. >> as we take more time and i'm glad i was able to stop this so we could to see what is in the bill and it's comments like these and the fact that you and i are having this conversation right now that allows american public and my colleagues to better understand within this bill i hope that will inform their votes and decisions as we move forward. >> one of your colleagues from north dakota had this to say this morning. >> there are some things that democrats be like quick sure. there are things that they would love that this is a 50/50 senate democrats have a majority so you have to take those and all of those other
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things that you reference are not exclusively necrotic principles. there are some other things that contribute to the overall infrastructure of our country and this is all hard infrastructure. jon: it seems like you have to take some of the better with the suite. >> but what comes next is this is a rush job to open the door to pass the infrastructure package so schumer can move in a three.5 trillion-dollar socialist that mom. that's a policy is waiting for in hold the infrastructure package hostage until she gets a three.$5 trillion package that she wants. jon: do you think that will pass quick. >> i will vote against it but they will use a different process. the same with a one.9 trillion-dollar so-called covid relief package in march. they will not have a single republican vote but they have a budgetary process at the parliamentarian the —-
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parliamentarian gimmick and that's the path able try to follow the reconciliation process which they are using this the right to again shove through another huge package. this is more government dependency than we have ever imagined and then new deal legislation planning to shove this through on a 50/50 partisan vote. jon: thank you senator. a fallen officer overnight honored in chicago. she was shot and killed during a confrontation on the cities outside. and other officers in the hospital fighting for his life. the weekend violence did not end there and we are live in chicago detail detail a source as the surviving officer was shot three times one of the bullets went through his eye he is fighting for his life at
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this moment at the university of chicago medical center. the officer who gave her life in the name of public safety has been identified. just 29 years old, she had been on the force since 2018. preparations are underway to move her remains to the next page in her farewell. police officers gathered and they hug and shed a tear. chicago police superintendent noted that despite the loss police officers put on the uniform again and return to the street and encourage the people of chicago to embrace the men and women behind the badge. project leaders troubled neighborhoods to put aside hostility with police. >> there are some who say we do not do enough for the police and that we are handcuffing them from doing their jobs. there are others who say that we do too much for the police.
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it is constant strife is not what we need in this moment. detail it occurred just after 9:00 p.m. local time on a troubled south side neighborhood. they were doing the community safety team to combat the bloodshed they pulled the car over one man opened fire the officers returned fire. both were hit. the gunman with her and survived both men arrested right away. the woman escaped but picked up later this morning. back to you. jon: might tell them. thank you. chicago. a manhunt underway in houston for several suspects after a man was killed and five people wounded in gunfire at a nightclub overnight. shares deputies responded after 2:00 a.m. when people began shooting inside the club during a fight. it's not clear what prompted the dispute the five wounded were taken to hospitals all are expected to survive no arrests made just yet.
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governor cuomo and then revealing her identity after criminal complaint against the governor last week. britney identified executive assistant number one in the attorney general's report says she wants cuomo to be held accountable. we are live in a new york city newsroom t to the new york attorney general says andrew cuomo sexually harassed 11 women in her testimony many detailing how difficult of a decision this was to come forward one now opening exclusively to cvs in the times union about filing her complaint against the governor this week. >> account one —- the governor needs to be held accountable. what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law detail cuomo attorneys call out the accusers thing it did not
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happen and casting doubt and blasting the investigation. and then doubling and down again last night. >> i will be quite clear the executive assistant number one he did not grow per and there was evidence provided i several individuals to the attorney general about potential motives for her to have made that claim. >> the ag office replied governor and attorneys are trying to undercut the complaints saying they were dishonest and wrong. governor christie ways in today saying the governor needs to get new lawyers. >> governor cuomo and everybody else operating in two different universes. the facts as displayed by he is the inept lawyers argument on a zoom call we have a better advertisement for what
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not to do. >> photographers only catching him in photos walking his dog this weekend, says he will not step down but that decision is not entirely up to him he could face impeachment and removal if he decides to stay. jon: our special premieres tonight on fox's channel the president of one of the largest teachers union once a vaccine mandate for teachers plus surge on the southern border. >> right now as i speak this is starting to get overcrowded once again we have the story coming up
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jon: the crisis at the southern border growing increasingly dire as migrants cram into overcrowded facilities and hundreds test positive for covid-19 as the el paso border patrol agent is shot out from the mexican side this weekend we are live with
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more. >> just a short time ago a border patrol agent told us they were monitoring smugglers on the mexican side of the rio grande they have just started to arrive take a live look at our photographer dozens of migrants across the rio grande illegally entering the united states walking around incomplete border wall that was stopped as soon as biden took office. i talked to them as they were walking by some said guatemala but this happens every single day out here day or night these family units show up and they are walking tour border patrol is they seek out agents and they want to give themselves up. you mentioned that border patrol shooting look at file video friday morning 3:00 a.m. a border patrol agent in the el paso sector working near
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the station was apparently shot at from the mexican side of the border about 20 rounds were fired. border patrol report some camera operators caught the shooting they saw two subjects on the mexican side armed with what appeared to be a rifle. thankfully that agent was not injured and could dive for cover the fbi is now investigating the shooting one of the dangers the agents are faced with. once again border patrol donna facilities severe overcrowding a source telling fox news as of thursday there were more than 5300 people crammed inside of that detention facility. this video exclusive to fox news provided by a source. migrants are stuffed into the pod between 40 and 60 people despite covid-19 restrictions are only ten people per pod.
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why is it filling up so fast? this video we shot last sunday with our drone massive migrants crammed under the bridge the processing area that border patrol uses at the time we thought it was 1000 migrants i severely undercounted that border patrol agent said it was in excess of 4000 migrants under the bridge at that point in time listen to it border patrol union has to say or the covid-19 surge or the delta surge the border patrol union says things will only get worse. >> about 40 percent of the total number that we are releasing without testing so we just don't know what is spread into the united states. reporter: any day the official july apprehension numbers will be reported by the federal government and they are
3:21 pm
expected to be staggering associated press reports they are anticipating to be over 210,000 apprehensions in one single month setting another 20 a record and absolutely nothing is slowing down the surge. jon: that is a good-sized city added to the population in one month. up next arguing the case against masks for children in schools.
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show your world what's truly inside. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. jon: if you are just joining us here is a look at the top stories. that dixie fire still raging in california after a month 460,000 acres have been burned the fire is only 21 percent contained in minnesota a single engine plane crash killed people on board going down in a vacant lot on saturday 25 miles southwest of minneapolis. the crash sparked a fire with the family inside no one in the house was injured new orleans jazz and heritage a
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civil has been postponed again due to a rise of covid cases it was already rescheduled once from last spring to this october organizers say now it will take place next april and may. for more on these and other stories download the fox news at scan the qr code or go to / apps. as children get ready to go back to school some might have to mask up as a topic dividing schools and parents and teachers. reporter: the mask debate is engulfing school districts nationwide today president bidens secretary urging people to follow the revised guidance even if parents and educators object. >> i understand the argument about not wanting to wear a mask because we are fatigued but without question student safety comes first. >> last week new jersey governor mandate's masks be
3:28 pm
worn. >> this is not an announcement that gives any of us any pleasure but with the numbers rapidly increasing it is the one we need to make right now. >> florida republican governor taking a different approach issuing an executive order allowing parents to decide instead of local officials but now the governor's facing lawsuits over his order today fellow republicans from the sunshine state are coming to his defense. >> americans are smart and will make good decisions for their families. we cannot go back to fear. fear that kills jobs or shuts down schools. >> the fight of covid in the classroom goes beyond that the ongoing debate that schools should mandate teachers and staff be vaccinated today the head of the largest teachers union says the conversation is still ongoing. >> it's personal conscience we need to work with our
3:29 pm
employees are employers not opposing them and vaccine mandates. reporter: they expect conversations and debates about vaccine mandates to increase in the days and weeks ahead likely just as the fda begins to fully authorize the vaccine which some people think it happen by the and of the month. jon: our next guest fox news medical contributor from johns hopkins medical co. authored an opinion piece published today titled the case against masks for children. the headline reads it is abusive divorce kid to struggle with them to sacrifice you heard the education secretary student safety come first talking about the requirement that
3:30 pm
students wear masks how do you answer that? >> first of all patients a my co-author and i are pro- masks and we have been talking about that for a long time but when it comes to imposing mask restrictions on 56 million american children, where is the data there is one inconclusive study we found in some kids do well with masks but others struggle severely. they develop dermatologic reactions they cannot see and then that affects with those with learning disabilities who wear glasses it alters one's breathing and that can change whether they kid induces mouth breathing which can affect development 40 percent of cases of anxiety are changes in breathing patterns and also they lose the human connection they are muted and facial expressions which is an important form of communication and they need to visualize the pronunciation of words for phonetic development. clock masks may have a very minimal reduction in
3:31 pm
transmission but if it does the data has not come in and it would rank number four of mitigation steps if kids do well they should wear a mask that those who don't the risk-benefit analysis may not favor them wearing a mask. jon: you also mentioned you say there is a story in north carolina 90000 students were in school before vaccines are available how many past covid to their teachers quick. >> . >> not a single transmission from child to teacher of 90000 students during the pandemic. since then delta has set in and that is more contagious but in that instance we have vaccines if teachers or parents are unwilling to get vaccinated are we really asking students to give away their likelihood to have their faces covered for their sake that's not something students
3:32 pm
would be in favor of if they had a say in the matter. jon: there's been quite an argument between governor desantis and president biden about masks and the use of they should be mandate here is what the president spokeswoman was asked on friday. >> he said his current one —- concern is about harmful emotional and psychological effects of putting kindergartners and masks for hours at a time. is there any concern from officials that you have talked to in your early pre- decision discussion? >> no. there is not an from personal experience my rising kindergartner told me two days ago she can wear a mask all day and she's just happy to go to camp and go to school. jon: but as you point out, doctor not every rising
3:33 pm
kindergartner is like hers are not everyone wants to wear a mask all day. >> and if her child is in an area with an active outbreak and does well then by all means she should but a tremendous number of kids have hearing and learning disabilities, physical disabilities and some kids just don't do well with masks. they struggle it distracts them and changes their breathing patterns. there should be a choice in blanket mandates right now don't not only account for those issues not even for the background level of infection in the community or whether or not the child is vaccinated which 30 percent of those over 12 through 15 now are vaccinated. jon: talking about the southern border there was a report earlier suggesting as many as 215,000 migrants are likely to have come to the country illegally in july how
3:34 pm
does that not create, thousands of them are infected with covid how does that not create one great supers brighter event throughout the country quick. >> it's definitely a public health concern one of the areas of epidemiology one oh one if you look at the countries that have done best with the pandemic control over the last year, they have been island countries because they are easier to secure. if you look at australia and singapore or south korea they have been able to control migration patterns and therefore do well with mitigation. jon: doctor, good to have you on. thank you. former president obama hosting a star-studded birthday —- on his vineyard despite concerns over the delta period detail
3:35 pm
as cities reinstate covid constrictions urging people to be careful a large number of people still attended the extravagant birthday bash in a massive tent last night. it was supposed to be scaled back from 500 people but at least several hundred still showed up to celebrate in this big tent some guest included kristie t again, john legend and earlier this week white house press secretary jen saki defended the party. >> this event according to all public reporting is outdoors and in a moderate zone in addition there is testing requirements and other steps they are taking which i'm sure they can outline for you in more detail. >> some conservative lawmakers call this hypocrisy at its finest the chairwoman says democrats are enforcing mask
3:36 pm
mandates and vaccine mandates openly discussing lockdowns while president obama gathers with hundreds of mask lists liberal elites who flew been on private jets with no vaccine requirement to attend and. >> i am pro- birthday party and happy birthday to the former president. but we will not ignore the hypocrisy. this is consistently been the case with the left you sought with the mayor of dc recently after imposing mandates they broke them in the case of governor newsom and this is what they do wheels for you and not for me on —- rules for you not for me. >> there is still a lot of frustration and back-and-forth and social media. right now on twitter #obama variant is trending.
3:37 pm
jon: thank you christina. up next the cdc reinstates and nationwide eviction moratorium even president biden says it may not pass constitutional muster we will take that up with congressman gallagher
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jon: cdc extension of the federal eviction moratorium last week as love mom-and-pop landlords helpless many rely on rent to pay their own bills. now with no way to collect the future is looking bleak tg when cdc extended the eviction moratorium was states with high covid infection rates another blow to rental property owners coming days
3:42 pm
after the association sued the government of losses of $27 million of unpaid rent since the van was put in place. >> now we're in a situation the economy is doing great unemployment is five.3 percent people are not paying their rent that challenges more people are not paying their rent as time goes on. >> 250 rental units in seattle including this building
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>> the wuhan military again.
3:48 pm
thousands of athletes from all the world coming to move on and was potentially the first super spreader event and then going back to their home country, and the cover-up ever since. the last critical time in november and december we lost millions of lives as a result. the second thing is that role is a member particularly here they had of eco- health alliances, millions of dollars from the doctor in the federal government to do cooperative research and wuhan making natural viruses more pathogenic in this report outlines his role to the extent which which he was acting as a propaganda push and dissent and origins of covid-19. it and get to the bottom of this pretty. >> so many to be done and congressman of wisconsin, thank you. and of next federal aviation officials want help from air force to stop the spike of rowdy passengers in the skies.
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>> the federal aviation administration escape asking airports for help after arriving unruly passenger incidents like these, more and more passengers are getting violent with flight attendants and usually over federal mask requirements of charles watson his life in international airport in atlanta. >> hi john, the faa says that alcohol is sometimes dangerous altercations on flights in the agency is urging airport leaders to make the necessary changes to put into it in the faa must airports to work with the vendors to top offering alcohol ratio the agency said that in the some passengers believe that they can cure those drinks right under the flights and in some cases, this led to drug and altercations in the sky like this viral altercation involving an intoxicated passenger and frontier and the situation is so out of hand the airlines have to dictate this 22 -year-old into
3:54 pm
the scene after he allegedly groped several flight attendants and took a swing at another. >> if somebody is being physically aggressive, you absolutely better believe that were going to put them in a chokehold and you need to take action, they can harm you, 3500e sea level and there is no error for something to go wrong and take action and put those people on the ground and kept them and do that to them whatever you need to do. >> these incidents is a bad behavior are piling up and so far this year, the agency has received 3750 reports of unruly passengers and has initiated 6208 investigations and most of which disputes or masks and the administers and the law enforcement is urging them to take a more aggressive approach including criminal charges and the faa has gone so far as to create a psa using children to help a lot of adults understand
3:55 pm
how they should behave on a plane jon. jon: children teaching the grown-ups. in atlanta, thank you. legendary college football coach, bobby belden has passed away at the age of 91. jon: more than 350 games to build florida state into a dynasty with two national championships, and july 31st, he had a terminal illness and sent later said, was pancreatic cancer. he received the inaugural governor's medal of freedom from florida governor ron desantis back in april. i'm bobby boutin, legendary coach, dan at the age of 91. to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g, by giving every customer a new 5g phone. old customers. new customers. families. businesses. every customer. from these bakers to these bakers.
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4:00 pm
founder jeff bezos on the trail blazing aviator became a pilot is 17 and only living member of the roughly 13 have the limited completed the astronaut training program in the 60s but never got to go to space, as we get it right minds texas celebrated her flight and proclaimed wally day. that's the fox report this sunday, 82021 and i am jon scott. >> good evening and thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy and welcome to sunday night in america with trey gowdy. simpson democrat senators centers the practice of recording increase the number of local justices had almost every democrat senator opposed neil and kavanagh and amy kony parent when they were nominated. they're not content staying opposiom


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