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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  August 9, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> that was a fast three hours. >> we like mondays to fly by. >> thanks for having me. it was fun. >> see you tomorrow. >> so long, everybody. >> bill: good morning, the united states now returning to a grim milestone. we have not seen it since last winter hitting 100,000 new covid infections a day driven by the highly contagious delta variant. hope you had an awesome weekend. it's monday in august. i'm bill hemmer, live in new york. good weekend. >> dana: rainy yesterday. >> bill: the theme. >> dana: a soaker but a good weekend nonetheless. i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." new infections are up nearly 32% from just last week as tens of millions of americans eligible for the covid vaccine have still not received a
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single dose. all this as schools are reopening across the country. jonathan serrie is live in atlanta for us. >> here in the southeast many school districts have already reopened and here in metro atlanta several school districts are reporting first cases of covid-19. the numbers in the hundreds. the delta variant is more than two times as contagious as previous strains of the virus and although school children, children in general are at low risk, relatively low risk for serious complications from the disease compared to older folks, their hospitalization numbers are increasing. in fact, twice as many kids have died from covid as they would in a previous -- typical flu season. obviously this is something people need to take seriously and causing educators and some politicians to rethink mask mandates. back in the spring arkansas governor hutcheson, republican, signed a law blocking school
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districts and other entities from imposing mask mandates. he now regrets that decision. >> whenever i sign that law our cases were low, hoping the whole thing was gone in terms of the virus. it record back with the delta variant. whenever we're pushing the vaccines out. those under 12 cannot get vaccinated. >> public health officials say the best way to protect school children too young to get the shots is to surround them with people who are vaccinated. the president of the american federation of teachers, the nation's second largest teachers union said she is now if favor of requiring educators to get vaccinated. randi wineen 90% have gotten vaccinated already. dr. anthony fauci says that once a vaccine receives full fda authorization, he believes you are going to see more
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colleges, universities, and individual businesses mandating vaccines for their students and employees. back to you guys. >> dana: jonathan serrie, thank you. at the bottom of the hour we'll talk to dr. marty makary. he makes the case against mandating masking in children and put it in context. >> bill: top aide to new york' governor andrew cuomo. brittany -- she says the criminal complaint was a necessary step. >> it was the right thing to do. the governor needs to be held accountable. what he did to me was a crime. maybe to him he thought it was normal, but to me and the other women that he did this to, it was not normal.
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it was not welcomed and it was certainly not consensual. >> bill: state lawmakers wrap up their probe in albany very soon. what's coming up today? >> bill, at 9:30 this morning the state assembly's judiciary committee will meet behind closed doors in the capitol behind me to discuss next steps in the possible impeachment proceedings against governor cuomo as the woman known as executive assistant one brittany commisso says cuomo groped her twice and kissed her on the lips. >> they were not hugs that he would give his mother or, you know, his brother. these were hugs that the intention of getting some personal sexual satisfaction out of and then when he went to go kiss me on the cheek he would quickly turn his head and kissed me on the lips. >> commisso still works in the governor's office and filed a
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criminal complaint last week with the albany sheriff's department. the criminal investigation is in its infancy but could lead to a misdemeanor arrest of the governor. the top aide, melissa derosa resigned suddenly last night and allegedly helped foster a toxic workplace and led efforts to retaliate against one of cuomo's accusers. she determined he no longer has a path to stay in office. cuomo's lawyer says the governor is not stepping down. >> i am not aware of the governor having plans to resign. that report is shoddy, it is biased, it omits evidence and they haven't shared all their evidence. >> cuomo has until this friday to submit evidence in his defense in the impeachment
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investigation going on now for five months but is nearing its completion. we're told they are looking at all of cuomo's scandals including the alleged cover-up of nursing home covid-19 deaths. >> bill: thank you, bryan. i want to bring in charlie hurts, opinion editor. a statement from the top aide. personally the past two years have been emotionally and mentally trying. kind of -- here are the headlines. the top aide is out. accuser goes public and assembly committee meets today on impeachment. what next, charlie? >> well, i think that what next is sort of in the governor's court right now. the biggest development out of all of this is melissa derosa's resignation. somebody who has been with governor cuomo from the very beginning. she has been integral to his governorship as well as a lot
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of the allegations that have been leveled against the governor as you probably recall from the report, according to the report, she was the person who set up the protocols to prevent the governor from being around young female aides alone going forward, which is a pretty damming protocol to put in place in the first place. the fact of the matter is people like this, cuomo won't resign because he is embarrassed but only if he feels he has no option. democrats in the state assembly now appearing to support an impeachment trial and some kind of removal. with derosa is a clear indication of someone reading the tea leaves from a strong vantage point. >> bill: the ball is in his court as they say.
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it is his call as to what happens next. let's talk about washington and in all likelihood this senate will pass with maybe 18 republicans voting on an infrastructure bill that totals $1.2 trillion. the bill is longer than obamacare if you can imagine that from 11 years ago. now there is this focus, charlie, on all these issues out there whether it's crime, border and how they may influence the mid-terms of 2022. axios came out with this over the weekend. gop gusher, inflation, rising crime, border surge are positioning republicans for bigger mid-term gains than they had imagined just months ago. infrastructure bill to the side we'll see what the fate of that is. how do you analyze that headline that i just read? >> you know, bill, it is interesting. obviously i think republicans are working very hard and want to look like they are at least trying to get something done on infrastructure. they view that as something the american people want.
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they are probably right about that. but these other issues that are percolating such as crime, such as covid, such as the border crisis, all of these things will be far bigger issues in the upcoming election. so i understand why republicans are wanting to get on board and look like they're playing ball on the issue of infrastructure but the problem is, of course, yet again this is one of the largest spending bills ever enacted by congress. by my life i think it's the second largest spending bill ever enacted by congress and it is not paid for. however much people want to say it's paid for, it is not paid for. it will add massive amounts of debt. republicans are supposed to be the party concerned about debt and unfunded spending. this is a great example. a little unclear why republicans are so eager to get on board with it. the real problem is the democrats are also wanting to tack on this $3 1/2 trillion which will be the largest -- by
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far the largest spending bill in the history of the united states. they want to tack this thing on and it's the new green new deal bill for $3 trillion. the fact that they want to twin those two is going to create real problems for getting this through the senate and through the house and so that -- to me that's the real issue i'm looking for right now. >> bill: as you mentioned i should say just 30 minutes ago the a.p. crossed with the headline senate dems unveil 3.5 trillion budget measure. if it passes the senate, we'll see what comes in the house. do you a view? >> dana: they wasted no time getting the 3.5 trillion proposal out. the infrastructure bill required republicans to get on board. reconciliation they can do without any republicans, however, there are moderate democrats in the house who know their jobs are on the line.
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democrat majority is on the line when it comes to the 2022 mid-terms. keep an eye on this. it might not be able to pass. >> bill: one other thing we came across over the weekend. editorial in the "washington post". for the most part this is on the border now. for the most part the administration's impulses are humane. however they have driven a policy that yielded pressure at the border that may cost the democrats control of one or both houses of congress in next year's election. nothing in the administration short or long term strategizing likely to shift that dynamic. that has been largely supportive what is happening thus far but this is an editorial that goes very much 180 against that view. >> dana: a mystery why they don't want to deal with it. they have to deal with it at some point possibly after the mid-terms. next as the migrant surge at the border we were talking about shows no signs of slowing down. the latest data from the feds. expected to address new records. >> bill: morehead lines for
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spirit airlines. the budget carrier struggling to rebound from widespread cancellations that are back in the news again today. >> dana: a chicago officer shot and killed in the line of duty. next former d.c. homicide detective ted williams on protecting those who serve. >> i'm asking chicago to wrap their arms around our police officers today. and encourage them to continue their great work. so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors!
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>> bill: so on a monday yet again chilling video of a brutal attack on the streets of seattle. you might find these images disturbing. seattle police released surveillance video of a freelance photographer beaten and robbed. it is awful. the suspect repeatedly punching
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and kicking the man in the head before taking off with his belongings. the victim has head traum -- trauma. it is tough to watch. >> dana: guy doing his job. >> bill: the point we're making with charlie hurt and a lot of people talking about the mid-terms. crime is an issue out there and people are paying attention. you have to watch these suburbs, right? 2018 to 2020 all the stories are written about republican voters in the suburbs leaving the republican party because of donald trump. was that true? we can argue whether or not that happened to a certain degree. i tell you, when you look at the stuff and talk to people out there in america they are paying attention. all those suburban voters they thought had fled the party are coming back in a significant way. i would argue independents are, too. >> dana: let's go to chicago. a police officer killed in the line of duty. partner fighting for his life after a shoot-out saturday night. it happened during a routine
6:19 am
traffic stop on the city's south side. all three suspects are in custody. superintendent david brown asking the community to support their policemen and women. >> they come to work willing to run toward danger, toward gunfire, and they are willing to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of perfect strangers. >> dana: sincere comments from him. fox news contributor ted williams attorney and former d.c. homicide detective. it was the police chief. here is mayor lori lightfoot. >> the police are not our enemies. they are human just as we are, want justice and risking their lives every day for our safety. we have a common enemy it's the
6:20 am
guns and the gangs. >> dana: ted, what can we do about it? >> first of all let me say good morning, dana. and let me also my deepest condolences to the family of officer ella french and i would also like to say i'm praying for the officer who was wounded on that scene and is in the hospital fighting for his life. this, dana, shows us just clearly the danger of police work and what the men and women in chicago go through on a daily basis to try to serve and protect that community. but you know, i listen to the superintendent of police there, david brown, and i listened to mayor lori lightfoot, and i ask the question what are you all doing to support the police
6:21 am
there in chicago? it's good to come up to a microphone after a police woman has lost her life, but what in the hell are you all doing to support those men and women to keep them as safe as they can? they're trying to keep that city safe. that's the big question in my mind. >> dana: she wanted to be a police officer since she was a little girl according to her mom. she had not been on the force not that long, just three years. routine traffic stop. look at the shooting incidents from the weekend as of last night at midnight shooting incidents over the weekend in chicago 54. victims 86, murders 13. so every monday we know this is happening and it's extremely troubling. you have to wonder who would want to become a police officer? this will become a real concern. if you have so many people retiring from the police service and people
6:22 am
discourageded from joining the police, then you aren't going to end up having police in your cities. take a look across the nation. city homicides up year-to-date. you can look from las vegas, los angeles, philadelphia, houston, san francisco, minneapolis. this is just a sampling of the cities we pulled today. there are more. so this issue about even like a routine traffic stop total disregard for human life and the rule of law and respecting police. they pull you over, there might be a reason for that, ted. >> you know, you are absolutely right. there is a total disregard for life in some of these communities when it comes to law enforcement and the disrespect that these law enforcement officers are given. there is a clear solution, dana, and these are city officials need to have whatever it takes to bring police
6:23 am
officers into these communities, the solution is hire more police officers, get in these communities, make these thugs feel damn sight uncomfortable to survive in these communities. if you do that, you can bring about and control crime in these communities. but do these city officials have the will? they want to be damn sight politically correct. they're willing to come up when a george floyd is killed. who comes out when officer ella french loses her life under these circumstances? >> dana: fair point. thank you. our condolences to the french family as well. >> bill: what have we left behind in afghanistan? taliban seizing more cities. general jack keane joins us on that shortly coming up here.
6:24 am
the debate over masks in schools. this will be red hot in the fall. why our next guest calls it abusive to force some children to wear them. stay tuned. that's next with dr. makary. >> what we shouldn't have is government mandates telling people that have been vaccinated that they have to wear a mask indoors on telling kids and teaches mandated to wear masks or even worse shutting down schools for a third year in a row.
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6:30 am
lines can require covid vaccination passes. to bypass florida state law the blocks businesses from requiring documentation while its vaccine passports case heads to trial. company sued the state a month ago. norwegian ship is set to sale out of miami on sunday. >> dana: our next guest is making the case against mask requirements in schools in a new "wall street journal" op-ed he warns the dangers of mask main dates for some children. he is a professor of surgery at john hopkins university and fox news contributor. the headline from the "wall street journal." the case against masks for children. one of the things you said any child who wants to wear a mask should be free to do so. forcing them to make personal health and developmental sacrifices for the sake of adults who refuse to get immunizeed is abusive. before we mandate that, let's see data showing the benefits and weigh them against the
6:31 am
long-term harm. anything that we're missing there that you want to add as america starts to get its kids back to school this fall? >> well dana, the co-author i wrote that piece and i are pro-masking. it turns out in kids they're very inefficient transmitters. delta is unknown. areas with high levels of background infection wearing a mask makes sense. for many kids in low areas of transmission, 40% of adolescents are immunizeed and some kids struggle with masks and we have to remember that. we cannot forget about the 5% of american children with disabilities. the 25% of american kids that wear glasses and have trouble seeing because they have trouble getting a tight seal. so for kids who do well with masks feel free to wear a mask. for kids who struggle we have to individualize and think about a carve outthat gives them and their parents the
6:32 am
option to not wear it. the risk/benefit ratio isn't there. >> bill: different states have different rules for masks and we're trying to work through this. what would be your expectation with school back in very soon. >> well, the cdc guideline was pretty stern. with zero data. there is only one inconclusive study out there on masks and kids and no study funded by the nih's $42 billion a year budget. yet we had a very vigorous recommendation that all kids k-12 should be wearing a mask regardless of vaccination status. i would tell parents out there see how your kid does with mask. when the kid shifts to mouth breathing is a concern. 42% of anxiety are tied to changing in breathing patterns. it changes your level of co2 in the system. kids that develop acne. that's the most stressful thing for some adolescents. for some kids they just struggle with the distraction of having to wear a mask not fitted properly.
6:33 am
>> dana: hard to think straight. there is 100,000 new covid-19 infections a day. this is up 37% from the previous week. as the mask discussion goes on people are being asked to weigh in from a political standpoint here is senator rick scott on governor desantis in florida and trying to give parents choice. >> we can't go back to fear. fear that kills jobs, fear that shuts down schools, fear that slows everything down because it hurts all families. if you feel comfortable get the vaccine, if you don't figure out how to keep yourself safe. that's what i believe we ought to be doing. >> dana: parents are wrestling with this. there is also all the other peer pressure that comes with it whether you want masks or you don't, there is pressure all around. >> that's right. and the reality is that right now we've got to recognize that we're in a situation that is probably temporary.
6:34 am
the delta strain is expected to peek in the next 2 to 4 weeks in most part of the country and we see a rapid decline. north you'll see increases. that is their normal viral season. you'll see an increase but far less than you'll see that we've witnessed in the south. i think people need to make their own individual choices and figure out what's best for them and their children. >> bill: the headline over the weekend the head of the big teachers union is now suggesting that all teachers should get the vaccine. i don't know if that happens or not. we shall see. seems to me if you require a mask in a classroom you take away the argument about requiring teachers to get a vaccine which would encourage kids and schools to stay open. what is your view on that, doctor? >> bill, what i've seen out there is that people are saying i'm okay with my kid wearing a mask in order to appease the teachers union to make sure they get there in person. that's a reasonable argument but not a medical one.
6:35 am
we've assumed zero harm with mask. that's not true. there may be zero harm for a matter of months or weeks. when you talk about coming on two years with kids being masked they are losing the human connection. they are not visualizing the mouth as people speak to them and it impacts phonetic development. and cases of anxiety and depression are related to altered breathing. these are things we have to consider. they are not -- masks are not 100% harmless for some kids. >> bill: thank you, it's very interesting and we'll have you on soon. >> dana: we need to have all these viewpoints. thank you so much. >> bill: thank you. we're waiting on a government report on the number of migrants encountered at the southern border in july. staggering. expected to show agents apprehended 210,000. a sharp spike from june, he said. highest monthly number more than 20 years. jonathan hunt, la joya, texas watching things on the border. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning to you, bill.
6:36 am
we're in the rio grande valley here which according to border patrol agents is the epicenter of this current surge. i want you to take a look down this road behind me here. a dirt road about a mile that way or so is the rio grande river where they cross and all day and all night we've seen groups coming up here. it is quiet now. yesterday look at the video. our cameras caught a group of several dozen, perhaps as many as 60 or 70 at one point. they come up this path, take a left here and down to my left is one of the border patrol processing centers and that's where they meet border patrol agents, most of them, for the first time. it goes on all day and all night. take a look at this nighttime video. we were out here last night and then there were around 30 to 40 i would say migrants being processed at that same processing center. as i say, it just keeps going. it is a pretty much constant
6:37 am
flow and that's why take a look at these numbers. in the rio grande valley in july agents stopped migrants something like 78,000 times in july up from around 59,000 in june. overall in terms of unaccompanied children in july, 19,000 unaccompanied children picked up. that's 4,000 more than were picked up in june. and overall as you said at the top u.s. authorities stopped migrants about 210,000 times up from 198,000 in june. the highest monthly figure in more than 20 years. now take a look at some pictures shot by our drone team of some migrants being processed this morning underneath a bridge about 15 minutes from where we are now. one of the other concerns is the increasing number of covid cases among the migrants and
6:38 am
that is the virus passed to agents. we're getting reports from some border patrol sources as many as 25 agents who have been working here have recently contracted the virus. a doctor who was on "fox & friends" today practices in the rio grande city and says it is absolutely inevitable. listen here. >> it is very closely related to the number of migrants that have come across that are either testing positive and being released early, or not being tested at all and continuing to spread the virus as they travel up further north into the country. >> now there was a lot of speculation and claims by the biden administration, of course, bill, that this would slow down a lot during this hot july and august. clearly the numbers and the pictures we've been showing you day after day show that that is emphatically not the case. bill. >> bill: thank you, jonathan.
6:39 am
it defies logic, it defies patterns and it is ongoing at the border today. jonathan hunt. thanks. >> dana: spirit airlines is trying to get back in customers' good graces after widespread cancellations left thousands of passengers stranded for days and governor andrew cuomo rejecting calls to step down. eed. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> dana: spirit airlines slowly getting back on track after last week's meltdown whether the carrier canceled more than 1700 frights. they blame bad weather, crew shortages and technical issues. we're live in atlanta. things better today, steve? >> things are a lot better today than last week when the line stretched around the corner. as of today, 4% of spirit flights are canceled. that's moving in the right direction. as of yesterday it was 11%, friday as high as 40% of all flights canceled. they hope that by the middle of the week they'll be almost back to normal. they are citing a lot of difference causes as to why this catastrophe that stranded tens of thousands of americans actually happened. in part it's due to increased
6:45 am
travel during the pandemic, technical problems as well and say the weather has something to do with it and also crew shortages. crews have worked allotted hours and getting stuck in various cities across the u.s. as cost flyers hundreds of dollars getting to and from the airport. missing events. there is a lot of fury against spirit right now. ceo said he knows there is a lot of angry people out there and he says they will do everything possible to try to win back their loyalty. they're giving cash refunds for tickets that have been canceled and giving $50 vouchers for future trips on spirit. back to you. >> dana: that's the spirit. thank you, steve. >> bill: now to this executive assistant of governor andrew cuomo gone public detailing alleged inappropriate touching. her name is brittany commisso the first accuser known to have file a criminal complaint
6:46 am
against the governor. good morning to you here. a quick clip from the interview. let's listen together. watch here. >> these were not hugs that he would give his mother or, you know, his brother. to me and the other women that he did this to it was not normal. it was not welcomed and it was certainly not consensual. >> bill: she goes on from there. as i stated earlier is ball is in his court. if he doesn't resign what does the state assembly do? can you give us a roadmap for what's next? >> well, the spotlight is on the assembly and they are meeting actually right now judiciary committee to announce what their next steps will be. we expect them to take strong and swift moves to head toward impeachment. i don't think the governor will do anything until he knows that's the path the assembly will go down soon.
6:47 am
unlike washington in albany impeachment means the removal of the governor. he is temporarily removed during any trial. and i think for those of us who are around albany the idea of the governor fighting this out as a non-governor is unfathomable. that's where the rubber hits the road when he knows it is happening, does he resign at that point? shortly before. i think we're waiting to see the assembly put the choice to him. >> bill: when would a trial begin under that scenario? >> the law requires in new york 30-day period between an impeachment vote and any trial so if we're speculating here but a week or two away from some impeachment charges. i would like it to be sooner, 30 days beyond that for a trial. a trial would be a grueling process. it may have to put the victims through a lot. that's his right and what he is entitled to under the constitution and senators will be ready to listen to the evidence. we think the assembly needs to move now and quickly. >> bill: you are thinking once
6:48 am
the trial begins is when he would step aside is what you are thinking as of today do i have that correct? >> i think it would happen before. i think when the assembly says they are about to impeach this governor does not want to go down as an impeached governor and have to fight out a trial as a non-governor. have someone else take over the executive mansion and his officers. i don't see the governor going through this. that's my speculation. i don't think we'll get to that point until the assembly shows its course towards impeachment. >> bill: community activist. several outside of his office showing support for the governor. >> the question that people are asking is why do you still support governor cuomo? the answer is very simple, because he is the best person who can govern new york and keep the people of this state safe especially now with the delta variant increasing. >> bill: she is talking about
6:49 am
the delta vair yanlt. i wonder why democrats like yourself didn't take action against this governor after what happened in the senior citizen center during covid and the hundreds of thousands of deaths? why not take action then? >> well there is a lot to answer for. we know the department of justice, my old office. i'm a formal federal prosecutor is looking closely into that. that won't end just because the governor might be impeached or resign. justice still needs to be done in those areas. the problem the governor has now he really has to confront a mountain of evidence, 11 different victims, corroborating evidence and convince people the attorney general and her investigators including a former federal prosecutors are biased against him. it reeks of desperation. my voters aren't buying it. they want to see the governor go and the assembly force him to go if he won't do it on his
6:50 am
own. there is lots to answer for for sure. >> bill: thank you for your time. >> dana: they're talking about holding money from federal institutions for vaccines. can they do that? molly hemingway joins us next hour with her thoughts. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate. ♪ rock the boat don't rock the boat, baby ♪ ♪ rock the boat don't tip the boat over ♪
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6:55 am
veteran homeowners, the two and quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save. >> bill: breaking news again overseas, taliban is on the move and it is winning. they grabbed three more cities in three provinces. they're warning the biden administration against any further interference. from the pentagon lucas tomlinson has the story today. >> another example how dire the situation has become in afghanistan, the u.s. embassy in kabul is ordering all american citizens to evacuate as soon as possible quote, u.s. embassy urges u.s. citizens to
6:56 am
leave afghanistan immediately using available commercial flight options. given the security conditions and reduced staffing, the embassy's ability to assist u.s. citizens in afghanistan is extremely limited even within kabul. u.s. embassy said the u.s. government will help pay to keep people out of the country. three cities and a fourth this morning provincial capitals fell over the weekend to the taliban. three of the four up north. one west near iran. all cities that fell to the taliban is where u.s. air strikes are not happening. u.s. have been providing in down south but forced to fly drones and b-52 bombers from qatar and uae. eight hour flights that leave little time overhead. president trump's former national security advisor is asking biden to change course. >> bill: what should be done if anything? we're losing territory like sand through your fingers right
6:57 am
now. >> dana: some estimates it would take six months for the taliban the take over. >> bill: six weeks? >> dana: also with many kids stuck in remote learning a debate is raging over reopening classrooms this school year which has already started in some parts of the country. what about the long-term effects of remote learning on kids and national security? our guest has thoughts on that. i wanted to talk to you, ian, i know how important education is to you and how you look at this from when your own personal vantage point, the ability for kids to learn and grow and reach full potential but what it also means long term for our national security. love to get your thoughts today. >> i do think that when we're talking about the pandemic, the focus has to be overwhelmingly about trying to keep everybody safe. but there is another side of that equation, which is the damage that you are doing on
6:58 am
the back of a lockdown. of course, we've addressed that with things like ppe and anti-eviction clauses on the economic side. what are we doing for the kids? you are looking at two years of development that they are missing, socialization, lack of ability to engage directly with teachers and mentors and their friends. and i just saw that the new york teachers union is strongly resisting coming back into the classroom and they are not willing to support vaccines being mandatory for the teachers in the classrooms. this strikes me as an enormous hardship and burden for parents that are particularly in the lower incomes in the united states and long-term it is a deep impact on american
6:59 am
competitiveness for these kids that aren't going to be getting the kind of opportunities that you and i did. and i don't know how it is that we aren't addressing that side of the equation personally. >> dana: last question about how other countries are doing this. europe for example. schools were open. >> schools are open, that's right. >> dana: when they have delta. why can't we do that? >> i think we should. again, i do believe that we are in the world's best position in terms of both the quality and the availability of these three vaccines, mrna we've been working on for a generation and we have them. and their emergency status now but almost certainly will be fda fully approved within days. how is it that we are not saying that teachers in the united states, these are front line workers, too, should have to have these vaccines so that
7:00 am
the kids can get back into the schools. yes, we need a safe environment but we have to be able to educate our kids. other countries can all get this done and for some reasons the americans are not considering this a top priority. >> dana: we do, you do, we're glad to bring your thoughts to the audience. thank you, ian bremmer, have a great day. fox news alert now. white house neither confirming or denying reports about the administration possibly withholding federal funds from institutions in a move to force more vaccine requirements. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: how are you feeling? >> dana: great, how are you? >> bill: good weekend for the most part. a bummer of a summer in the northeast, right? >> dana: rainy. >> bill: you can't get more than two days of sunshine. >> dana: a lot of the rest of the country would want our rain and we should be grateful. >> bill: silver lining, all right. good morning.
7:01 am
biden administration saying it is being as creative as possible in the push to get more americans the vaccine. now only 50% of americans fully vaccinated. national institutes of health director francis collins believes vaccine mandates would be good for the whole country. >> certainly i celebrate when i see businesses deciding that they are going to mandate that for their employees. i think we ought to use every public health tool we can when people are dying. >> dana: peter doocy is live in wilmington, delaware. president biden is spending the day there today. what do you know? >> we know there is growing concern among some elected republicans that the combination of rising cases and back to school could soon mean required vaccinations. >> what we shouldn't have is government mandates telling people that have been vaccinated they have to wear a mask indoors or telling kids and teaches mandated to wear masks or even worse shutting down schools for a third year
7:02 am
in a row. that's not the right course of action. >> one of the big hang-ups the biden administration has right now is that the vaccine isn't yet fully fda approved but that may soon change. >> i hope that it will be within the next few weeks. i hope it is within the month of august. if that's the case, you are going to see the empowerment of local enterprises giving mandates. that could be colleges, universities, places of business, a whole variety. and i strongly support that. >> we've also been told that it is possible the administration could withhold federal funds from places that continue require employees to get vaccinated but those talks are just in the early stages. >> there are early conversations, early discussions about a range of options. those are all early stage. they are pre-decisional. i would not -- i don't have any
7:03 am
policy decisions to preview for you. we aren't at that point in the process yet. >> the president is at home a few minutes away from here. we don't have any public events on the schedule in wilmington but he will be in washington later in the week to be closer to the action in the senate. >> bill: good question and debate from molly hemingway fox news contributor and from the federalist. what do you think about the withholding of funds based on a vaccine mandate? how is that going to fly? >> there are two different issues here. one is the vaccine and the story of how it was created and developed and what an amazing fete that is and how many people have gotten it and how much protection it's offering that is great. and how people are using politics as a way to have power over other people, to have greater control by the federal government or state governments and to take away people's liberty as they decide how to
7:04 am
handle public health issues. and so these are in conflict. this idea you are going to force people by restricting funds, these types of draconian measures are something that should be receiving a lot of pushback and are. >> bill: carrot and stick. the head of the one of the big teachers unions sort of conceded, i would say based on previous answers she has given, about a vaccine mandate with teachers. watch here? >> vaccines are the single most important way of dealing with covid. we have always dealt with or since 1850 we've dealt with vaccines in schools. it is not a new thing to have immunizations in schools. we need to work with our employers, not opposing them, on vaccine mandates. >> bill: quite a change it would appear. >> teachers unions haven't been
7:05 am
helpful during the entire crisis. we know people who are older or immunocompromised are most at risk, not children. these unions have kept children from schools and keps them masked. things not done in other countries. she has been all over the place. the biden administration listens carefully to her. part of the reason why they haven't been opening schools and didn't open schools was because of pressure from this teacher union. teachers were moved to the front of the line to get the vaccine and able to get it before anybody else. that is good that we prioritize certain people like that but the teachers unions messaging has been a disaster and not based in science. she mentions that we've had vaccines for other things. that's true. children are much more likely to die from the flu and yet we don't mandate the flu vaccine to participate in public life or school. so it is something that we need to have a really good understanding who is most at risk, who is not, and to have
7:06 am
our policies reflect the reality and not the desire of people to exert control over everyone else. >> bill: interesting analysis. the grocery store worker went to work and teacher stayed home. all these issues now with crime and inflation, the border. axios had a headline late sunday. get your reaction. inflation, rising crime and border search are positioning republicans for even bigger mid-term gains than they had imagined just months ago. muse on that for a moment. how much consideration have you given that idea? >> historically the out party does stand to make major gains in a mid-term election. that would be true even if democrats weren't having such a bad time of having unified control of the presidency, senate and house. there is no question that these policies are unpopular and that there will be a huge pushback in the next election. having said that republicans
7:07 am
need to be careful not to just let democrats give them that victory and not do -- they don't seem to be doing much to fight what's happening by the democrats. they might be restraining some of what they could accomplish by not fighting against extreme policies that are so unfavorable whether it's a situation at the border which was a democrats chose to open up the border and democrats have a conflicting idea people can swarm over the border without vaccines but requiring vaccines elsewhere. the damage to the economy, the damage in terms of inflation, the social policies whether it's critical race theory. there is a lot that can be done by republicans to fight back against this. just letting democrats fail is not going to be sufficient for them. >> bill: the "washington post" pointed out on sunday there seems to be no short term or long-term strategy ton border. that's clear. molly, thank you.
7:08 am
we'll speak later in the week. molly hemingway in d.c. thanks. >> dana: new developments overnight in and drew cuomo's sexual harassment scandal. melissa derosa, his top aide resigned. the last two years have been emotionally and physically trying. i am grateful for the opportunity to work with colleagues in our state. after an executive assistant filed a criminal complaint. her quote, what he did to me was a crime. let's bring in melissa owen, criminal defense attorney. and i just want to play a a little bit from brittany commisso talking about what she went through. >> to me this was a dream job and it unfortunately turned into a nightmare. i know the truth. he knows the truth. i know what happened and so does he. the governor needs to be held
7:09 am
accountable. >> being held accountable to you means seeing the governor charged with a crime. >> what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law. >> dana: from your vantage point and expertise and background was it a crime and could he face a criminal charge? >> so there is a question of whether or not the very basic threshold of charging can be met. often the answer to that is yes if somebody is making allegations that there was a forcible touching that didn't serve any legitimate purpose. the very basic threshold can be met for charging but what is going on in the minds of prosecutors and the people who would charge this case is what else is out there? can this case make the threshold of proof beyond a reasonable doubt if it were to reach a jury. >> dana: curious about how they are handling this. there was an immediate video that cuomo put out after the
7:10 am
initial statement last week by the investigators and then the lawyers have been out there and talking and some kind of bizarre stuff i think from my perspective. here is former governor chris christie on abc this week talking about this very issue. watch. >> governor cuomo and everybody else operating in two universes. he is arguing the facts displayed by his inept lawyer's argument on a zoom call. if we could have a better advertisement for what not to do. >> dana: do you think they're doing the wrong thing? >> that will be a political strategy question. that changes dramatically when a criminal charge comes into play. when you have criminal charges, one of the benefits you have is that you don't have to be making any statements. now, cuomo is facing the challenge of also having to appease politics of the matter and he is having to give answers which in a criminal case you would prefer not to have until all the information
7:11 am
is in about exactly what claims are being made against you. >> dana: the aide that resigned, melissa derosa, is also part of the investigation about the nurntion home deaths and data covered up. do you think one of the reasons she wanted to leave and resign is because she is concerned for her own future and possible legal implications? >> so i think that what she is going to be as it relates to governor cuomo's potential criminal case is a key witness. because she is somebody who has worked with this -- this woman has gotten to know other individuals and may have a lot of history and background that will be critical and useful to get to the truth of the matter. right now where we are is there is speculation and political posturing, it is not getting to the truth of the matter. it is our courtrooms where we get to the truth of what happened. >> dana: that could be a while. brittany commisso is speaking what she went through and appreciate that and appreciate you coming on. thank you. thank you so much.
7:12 am
i was going to say i didn't realize until our guest last hour todd kaminsky supports impeachment of cuomo that unlike the impeachment process we watched on capitol hill with president trump twice, if cuomo is impeached. if they start impeachment he has to vacate the governor's office. he defends himself without being in that. >> bill: kaminsky is making the point he is essentially impeached at that point. in theory i guess you could make that point. i wonder how many states do it that way? that's the first time we heard about it. >> dana: learn something every minute. >> bill: it is august. we'll get to the early days of september and the nation's focus will go to the 20-year memorial for 9/11 on september 11th and in all likelihood if you get into an impeachment proceeding mid september before it gets underway. maybe sooner but it doesn't appear right now. >> dana: they want to do it
7:13 am
right in terms of due diligence. >> bill: we think mid september if it gets that far. >> dana: what do we know? >> bill: questions surrounding the stabbing deaths of a woman and her dog in atlanta are still ongoing and disturbing as ever. >> i knew immediately something wasn't right because she would have answered her phone or called me back or texted back immediately. >> bill: two weeks have gone by. no suspects in the case. nancy grace lives in atlanta and will join us. >> dana: former president obama threw a big party for his 60th birthday. no masking. how did the media react to that? joe concha is here next. veteran homeowners, if you're ever going to
7:14 am
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7:19 am
>> bill: you might know this by now. former president obama said to have scaled back the guest list for his 60th birthday bash but man, was that tent big. the party did go on, hundreds of guests in attendance. former president can be seen in pictures hitting the dance floor without a mask. he danced all night and had a great time. happy birthday to the former president. hello joe concha. here is the coverage by network, are you ready? msnbc, 2 minutes 45 seconds. fox news channel 17 minutes 35 seconds. you want to make sense of this? >> oh, well, it seems that this is being ignored for some reason. wonder why that is? i think the tent will host the super bowl in 2025.
7:20 am
that is big. no question about it. as for our media no mention of obama fest anywhere in the sunday talk shows either. i watch chuck todd on "meet the press" and he broached the sturgis biker rally with dr. fauci. fauci went off on the biker rally but didn't bring up the former president's maskless mega party. an increasing number of people may think -- our leaders are not leading by example whether it's the former president obama, whether it's newsom, pelosi, lightfoot, bowser, countless others all caught breaking their own rules. they don't care. they know most of the media will provide cover instead of coverage. >> bill: a couple of things here. labor day weekend a year ago the president -- former president tweeted it might be labor day weekend. we're still in the middle of pandemic. wear a mask and follow the experts and it will save lives.
7:21 am
that was before the vaccine. a lot of things changed back then. there was a segment with a "new york times" reporter on cnn. >> going to be safe. this is a sophisticated, vaccinated crowd and just on optics, not safety. >> this is a sophisticated vaccinated crowd and it is just about optics. "new york times" reporter justifying the maskless birthday bash because he only invited a sophisticated vaccinated crowd is about as emblematic of liberal discourse as it gets. what happened to the concerns with vaccinated people spreading dealt take to the unvaccinated. >> "the new york times" reporter said she was simply sharing the sentiment of one martha's vineyard resident who said the whole thing was overblown on national television i would have spoken
7:22 am
to doctors on the island or the cdc. by presenting this argument the guest list is a sophisticated crowd seems to imply the smart and responsible were going to be smart and responsible enough to take the necessary steps to avoid contracting the virus. if you look at the photos the smart and sophisticated flaunted any concept of masking, social distancing indoors. just because the tent was outside, it was an indoor event. dukes county where martha's vineyard located a high transmission area and requires masks. the president and obama and most of his guests ignored that while dancing inside. if that party was so safe if the criticism so overblown why did the deejay at the party, why was he ordered to delete them? may look like they're hiding something. worlds for thee, not me. >> bill: i said what did they scale back? i guess she said nancy pelosi
7:23 am
didn't go or -- >> dana: david axelrod. >> bill: anyway, i mean get your super bowl tickets for martha's vineyard. thank you, joe, nice to sigh. talk to you later in the week. >> dana: portland police trying to get ahead of the rising gun violence across the city. the problem is this, not enough officers willing to join a violent crime unit. details on that next. taliban taking over more and more of afghanistan over the weekend. the president there blamed the u.s. troop withdrawal. is he right? general jack keane joins us straight ahead. that's two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. this is our lowest rate in history. and it can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments we're holding the line on interest rates so that every veteran family can save.
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> bill: in case you are looking for a job nasa needs
7:29 am
astronauts. they're taking applications for four volunteers. you have to live and work for one year in this thing called mars dune a alpha. you don't leave the planet. it is 1700 square fit simulated martian habitat in a building in houston, texas. applicants must be between 30 and 55 and have pilot experience or ph.d. >> dana: question, you can't see outside? there are no windows? do they have a peloton? >> bill: i think you can work that out. >> dana: do they have wifi? final question, can i bring jasper? >> bill: i think that might be a deal breaker. >> dana: i'm out. i'm out. >> bill: remember the biosphere? that was in arizona. >> dana: yes, exactly right. move on to this.
7:30 am
very troubling. taliban making major gains in afghanistan just over this weekend. they captured several provincial capitals to go with dozens of smaller cities they've seized since may. the president of afghanistan says this is thanks to the u.s. troops withdrawal set to be complete by the end of this month. let's bring in retired four star general jack keane chairman of the institute for the study of war and senior strategic analyst. one thing from the afghan ambassador to the u.n. saying it is too painful to watch. afghan children are bearing the brunt of the violence. the world cannot sit on the sidelines for another tragedy to unfold. general, this is all foreseen. our viewers won't be surprised but you're telling them this is what could happen. >> it certainly is a sad situation. we're watching in slow motion the bloody and ugly situation in afghanistan which will likely be the collapse of the government and also their security forces as the taliban
7:31 am
are on the verge of taking over. when i look back on the decision that president biden made, which now i think he will come to regret, remember that the united states military and much of his national security team had advise i had him not to take this action. to prevent a taliban takeover and a resurgence of al qaeda. that was the premise of that recommendation. even our nato allies who were participating in the afghan operation with us wanted to stay. that's the situation we had there. now i think we have conditions that no one foresaw as happening as immediate as these situations are. that is with the collapse of the security forces, the momentum the taliban have had because until just recently there has been no u.s. support of the ground forces, which are indeed the afghan security forces.
7:32 am
so what i think biden add his team should do is reassess the situation given these new conditions, given that they were not foreseen as being imminent and ask yourself two tough questions that should have been asked when the decision was made to withdraw. what else can we do to sustain the kabul government? and what do we need to do to sustain the afghan security forces going forward? and the likelihood of those answers will come with different recommendations than we have right now. one thing when i comes to the security forces is certainly we are -- there are air strikes but what our viewers likely don't understand is for those air strikes to be very effective, we need people on the ground who know where the friendly people are and the enemies so you can deliver precision weapons against that enemy. we don't have that. and what would be good is to put some special forces back in there. that would be a reassessment
7:33 am
decision. we can have them work for the cia if we want to keep it classified where they can work with conventional sources, the commander is central command, general mckenzie. that's a recommendation that would really change some things. and then what else do we need to do for the government? what else do we need to do to sustain the military? contractors for the military. supposedly we're pulling them all out in august 31. makes no sense. it supports their air force that we want to empower. so i think a reassessment is necessary. if mistakes were made, admit them. let's get on in make certain we don't see an afghan government who we have been aligned with with 20 years and security forces fighting side-by-side against radical islam, we don't see it collapse before our eyes and the bloody situation that would intern. >> bill: maybe they're listening to you over the
7:34 am
weekend. who knows what intel you have on the ground. you got 20 years invested. 74 billion dollars. it is true we thought the afghan army was better than it's shown itself to be. can you -- what was the issue in keeping 2500 u.s. forces behind? why not do that? 70 years later in germany you have troops there. south korea the same as well. just a small contingent to make sure people don't get slaughtered in broad daylight. >> there was no real political push from the american people either on president trump who wanted to get out or on president biden who wanted to get out. if you ask the average person on the street should we get out of afghanistan after being there for 20 years probably the answer is yes. if you said to them keeping 2500 soldiers in afghanistan to make sure we don't get attacked again do you think it's worth it? a favorable answer to that as well. people are reasonable on both sides of this issue.
7:35 am
i clearly no one intended for the taliban the take over and create a carnage inside of afghanistan when that decision was made. if that is the case, mr. president and others, reassess it. let's go back and see what we can still do to avoid and prevent this horrible situation that we see playing out right on our tv screens. >> dana: just to wrap it up president biden said in july the likelihood there will be a taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely. but there you have it. general, thank you. >> bill: thank you. jack keen there. back in the u.s. police in portland struggling to find recruits for their new violent crime unit as the city faces an unprecedented number of shootings this year. critics say it's linked to the defunding of several specialty units during the height of the black lives matter protests. dan springer live in our northwest bureau with more on that. hello, what's happening.
7:36 am
>> as we've been reporting portland seems almost powerless right now to stem the violent crime wave there. case in point the police department can't even stand up a unit designed to fight violence. the portland police bureau has been trying to get cops to sign up for the team and they need 14. shootings have more than doubled and homicides up 327% on a pace to set an all-time high in portland. the head of the police officers union cops aren't vol tearing for the unit out of self-preservation. >> our officers don't have confidence in our elected officials who never showed support for them that this will work. not only that this will work but they'll be allowed to be able to proactively police the way they should. >> it's gotten so bad in portland the police union resorted to paying for billboards asking residents if
7:37 am
they've had enough of the crime. the fit team will have civilian oversight including city residents providing direction and advising the officers. mayor says the unit must work to lower tensions with residents while reducing gang violence. one of the qualifications to be on the fit team is the ability to identify and dismantle institutional and systemic racism. >> we all have implicit bias. what we can all do is take a look at those. become more aware of them, unpack them, address them. >> and many cities are facing this rise in crime and shortage of cops. here in seattle they're down hundreds of officers. so far efforts to replace them have gone nowhere, bill. >> bill: dan in seattle. thank you, dan. >> dana: there is this. a dire warning from the united nations on climate change. more massive wildfires and
7:38 am
storms. what scientists say must be done and more. the search is on for the killer of katie janice and her dog stabbed to death in an atlanta park. police coming up empty on clues. our own nancy grace on the case and she is up next. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors! ♪♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis... or psoriatic arthritis, little things, can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream...'s a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable...
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>> bill: so follow the bouncing ball from state to state. new jersey a rise in covid cases there meaning the garden skate falls under the cdc guidance for indoor mask wearing even if you've gotten the jabs and are vaccinated. all 21 counties have a substantial rate of infection. nine of those counties mostly in central and south jersey have a high rate of infection. no word on what the government will reinstate a statewide mandate. he did announce mandatory mask wearing for all k-12 students
7:44 am
when they go back to school in september. >> dana: police stepping up their investigation into a gruesome murder that happened in atlanta. katie and her dog both stabbed to death two weeks nag a popular park. so far investigators have no leads. possibly in these surveillance videos who may have witnessed the killings. let's bring in nancy grace from fox nation. before i get your take i want you to listen to the victim's girlfriend emma clark and what she saw that night. >> i ran over to her and i -- you know, put my hands on her face and i checked for a pulse but you could tell that she was not alive. it was a lot of blood and she had her neck slashed so it was
7:45 am
very clear. >> dana: this is quite an ordeal and quite a crime. what do we know about this, nancy? >> no suspects. i'm very distraught to hear about the cameras in piedmont park, the heart of the city like central park to you, the cameras at the park were installed in 2008. there was a reassessment in 2017. officials knew the cameras weren't working. what you are seeing at a red light. i've jogged there many times when i worked with the district attorney's office. that is one entrance to an open park. you can get in anywhere. it is not really helping me except we got a timeline from that. we can see on there when katie went in with her pit bulldog. interesting the killer not only killed her but stabbed the dog dead, too. which opens up a whole lens of the killer's mind.
7:46 am
police are saying according to sources that she was, quote, mutilated and they have not seen anything like it. >> dana: based on your experience what might that tell you about the criminal's mind? >> well, it tells me number one she was left out in the open which tells me random. this woman, katie, was a singer/songwriter with a part-time job as a bartender. she just got off work and taking her dog out. that's why she was there. a lot of aspersions cast on her for being late at night. she went when she got off work. very carefully reviewed the photos that we have obtained from that red light entrance, one was a man with a cane, a guy in a hoodie, jogger pictured has come forward to police. a $10,000 reward. so far not working. another interesting fact
7:47 am
another woman, 18-year-old woman was murdered the same night around the same time in a park, yellow river park, connected i say no, m.o. different. i would say no. it was somebody she knew that killed her. this is not a serial killer, however, i do think this perp has either killed or attacked before. interesting, her dog we think may have bit the perp. they are looking at dna in the dog's mouth. they will do a rape kit to find if it was a sex attack but it was a frenzy. nobody heard screams and it happened very quickly. >> dana: i did not know that about the dog bite. that might help find him. we'll check in on your show. so good to watch there and appreciate your time this morning. >> bill: dr. anthony fauci warning the sturgis motorcycle
7:48 am
rally in south dakota could be a super spreader but oddly quiet about other large gatherings like large birthday party for former president. , we're talking to carley about it all coming up next. social media is taking notice. quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save.
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newday's rates have dropped to the lowest in their history. . . two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. refinance now and save thousands. >> harris: the nation mourns as the chicago police department loses one of its own. officer ella french. say her name today. just 29 years old. back on the job after having a baby was gunned down. of course, this is sparking even more outrage over the push to defund police. in focus, a former police officer who was shot three times when she had just returned to the force after maternity leave. plus huge backlash after the so-called scaled back birthday party, the big 60 for president obama? "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> dana: a brand-new report from the united nations calling
7:54 am
the climate crisis a code red for humanity. 200 scientists across the world warning damage to the planet will be irreversible if axis nt taken to reduce emissions. more extreme weather. the fires and stronger storms along the coast. should it be debated? the most expensive climate report in years. >> bill: we shall watch that. oregon and california has a big fire. >> dana: affecting air quality in denver my mom let me know. >> bill: dr. anthony fauci blasting the hundreds of thousands of bikers in south dakota as black hill for the sturgis motorcycle rally saying it could be a super spreader event. where was the concern for the lollapalooza in chicago? stacked in like sardines. what about the obama birthday bash? carley shimkus has questions.
7:55 am
hello, my dear. let's start with sturgis. >> the criticism is misplaced. chuck todd asked him about the sturgis rally. i'm concerned and it will be a disaster. you know what he is going to say. chuck todd could have asked lollapalooza and obama's birthday party. people in walks of life want to get back to normal life. are you concerned? this is more an example of the media demonizing a conservative event over others like they did with the trump rallies and black lives matter protests and not having anything to do with dr. fauci. >> bill: shall we play the sound bite? >> i'm very concerned, chuck, that we're going to see another surge related to that rally. there comes a time when you are dealing with a public health crisis that could involve you,
7:56 am
your family and everyone else that something supersedes that need to doex actly what you want to do. >> bill: okay. you've crunched the numbers. >> dana: i think that especially the sturgis event is outside. not in a tent. the lollapalooza was almost 400,000 people and remember this was where we had the mayor having her mask on outside but off inside. none of that makes any sense. so i think there is also an assumption -- you saw this from "the new york times" reporter, that the obama guests are sophisticated and vaccinated and there is an assumption the sturgis riders are not vaccinated. we don't know that. over 50% of americans are vaccinated. surely maybe most of the sturgis folks are. >> at another point in the interview with dr. fauci they play clips of people from the sturgis rally saying why they
7:57 am
didn't get vaccinated. it came across like shaming. i was thinking not all those people will get vaccinated because dr. fauci is telling them to. at what point does the administration realize he may be hindering the vaccine effort when it comes to conservatives because he has become such a politically polarized person. >> bill: university of wisconsin-madison where the rocks are racist. they took the rock. and it is a huge boulder and took it out. what is up? >> i think this will be like the dinner conversation tonight. the details of this are wild. university of wisconsin there is a big boulder on campus and students called it racist. this rock two billion years old named after a former president of the college who is also a geologist. and this rock was put on campus in 1925. back then there was a reporter who did a newspaper article about the rock and used a
7:58 am
racial slur in describing the rock. 2021 students called the rock because of the newspaper article 100 years ago racist and hurtful and it was actually excavated from the campus and moved. >> dana: bizarre. the hall of fame over the weekend and i have some friends there and said it was a really good time for the nfl. i'm all into it. peyton manning ribbed tom brady a little bit. let's take a look at that. >> next year acceptance speeches will probably shrink to four minutes. by the time tom brady is inducted in his first year of eligibility in the year 2035, he will only have time to post his acceptance speech on his instagram account. >> they only gave them 6 to 8 minutes today. a timing joke there.
7:59 am
peyton manning, people should not be that talented in two different ways. he is so athletic and also so charming and personable. you have to pick one. >> dana: such timing. you have great timing. >> thank you. >> dana: joining us on a monday. >> bill: straight in from nashville. nice to see you. we got a couple things we want to share. you may not want to go anywhere. a big debate on friday what is a good classic summer song and ridiculed by my partner and we're still on the mend over this thing. hemmer got a ton of support for frank sinatra summer went online. >> dana: do you think summer winds. >> bill: as big as the rock you saw in madison, wisconsin. >> my dad texted me after the segment saying i love that song. it's a great summer song. >> dana: my mom found sheet must i -- music and played it
8:00 am
for bill. when i hear that song in the summertime this is how i feel. coming across, the moose, i've had it. we've had it. >> bill: get that song out of my mind. >> dana: tell us what your favorite summer song is. >> it has to be fast paced and a toe tapper. >> bill: here is harris. >> harris: fox news alert. a chicago police officer shot and killed in the line of duty as violent crime again tears through the windy city. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the tragedy is highlighting another bloody weekend in chicago. at least 86 people were shot in 54 separate shootings. 13 of them died. among those who lost their lives was officer 29-year-old ella french. police say a suspected gunman


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