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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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rally moves to martha's vineyard to avoid criticism. bret: now that would be something. just the ferry alone would be really good to see. all right. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted this week by lawrence jones starts right now. lawrence: thank you, bret my friend. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ lawrence: i'm lawrence jones and tonight democrats are reviving segregation. the white only signs that people like martin luther king rosa parks and malcolm x and countless others fought to tear down appear to be making a comeback this time they are cleverly disguising them as vaccine passports. now doesn't seem that race should be a factor in your vaccination status. but, when you look at the data, you find that only 38% of america's black population is vaccinated for covid-19. the smallest amount of any other
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demographic. now, this may sound like a surprise. the media has been trying to convince you that it's only those evil white conservatives who refuse the shot look at this just 50% of trump voters have at least one dose. you have a lot of republican leaders out there, a a lot of people in the conservative media who are super charging this. >> so you are a republican. there is a lot of vaccine hesitancy among republicans. >> what we have seen across tennessee ideological objection to vaccines where it's really felt that getting the vaccine the left part of the political spectrum. >> trust in the federal government is very real in the black community. the u.s. has a long history continuing to help minorities while actually exploiting us. black folks we have a lot of questions and just sayings get over it doesn't exactly answer
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them. >> easy to get. it's free and it's readily available. so, you know, you got ask what is the problem? get over it. get over this political statement. just get over it and try and save the lives of yourself and your family. lawrence: hesitancy is understandable when everywhere you look there is someone trying to convince to you get a shot messages like this one paid for by the state of arkansas is are not working. >> i'm a customer, i'm entrepreneur, i sale things. i come in contact with people all the time i have to stay safe. i didn't have a choice but to trust the vaccine. if you live the type of lifestyle that i live you are out here in these streets and yous hustling an entrepreneur like me, why not do it safe. i want everybody to take this seriously. take a shot at staying healthy. get the vaccine. lawrence: now that's a good looking brother but that's not going to work. earning someone's trust isn't easy. it takes time that doesn't fit with the democrats' timeline they want to hit 100 percent
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vaccination rate right now. so what do they do? they segregate under new york's vaccine passport program nearly 70% of the black population won't be able to eat indoors or exercise in gyms. to be clear they can only go where the mayor lets them. those nurse will just show you aren't a seeker. public information they knew before mandating. it explicitly hurts black and brown communities. where are all the activists and leftist 'politicians who raise millions of dollars pretend to champions minorities? so far nowhere to be found. joining me now republican congressman of florida byron donaldsson, dana loesch nationally syndicated radio host and a good friend of mine, both of them. congressman, i have got to go to you first. look, i have gotten the vaccine. that was a personal choice that i made. it took me a while to get there i had to talk with my doctor. it was the best decision for me after some hesitancy.
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but, the way that they are going about it is forcing people to be even more recess tans tant. don't you think so? >> absolutely. and that's you have people who are still pull back and decide not to get it one thing that we have got to remember, go back in time to the elections last year. you had joe biden. you had kamala harris. you had andrew cuomo. you had every prominent democrat question vaccines. had you joe biden bring up tuskegee multiple times on the campaign trail. that kind of rhetoric seems into the body politics. when you look at what is going on in the country, yes, the largest percentage of our population has vaccine hesitancy is the black community. at this point i would tell anybody go talk to your doctor go get the information. if you feel comfortable enough. go get the vaccine. the way the democrats are going is the way always do. choosing segregation that's heir history if it means maintaining power it's no different today. lawrence: dana, what about that? this is going to be open
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segregation, it's going to happen. a lot of folks aren't going to be able to have black folks in their facility. we know that's unconstitutional. we know people shouldn't be mandated to get a vaccine that hasn't been approved yet. what are all the civil libertarians in the democratic party? >> oh, lawrence, that's such a great question. and i wish i had that answer as well. the crazy thing about this strategy that democrats have, i guess they look at this like it's like a two bird one stone kind of thing. and i realize that they really want to go after republicans. and they want to go after that trump base and trump is the perpetual boogie man that the left uses to try to, i guess, get out the vote or whatever. but, the problem is that they are completely ignoring legitimate concerns that you just raised. that the black community h that the hispanic community h and that's just -- there is a ton of other concerns that people that aren't in those communities have. lawrence: bingo. >> by ignoring those concerns raised by the black community to go after what they evidence perceive to be white trump voter
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they are making themselves look less credible than we started off with the congressman gave a great example the president and vice president of the united states were the first people to actually question taking the quote unquote trump vaccine and shame everyone for saying the very words that they said a year ago. doesn't make sense. lawrence: yeah. so true, dana. congressman, it seems like a lot of laziness. you know, it takes real work to go and talk with people, communicate, talk about the wrongs of the government in the past. my grandmother still tells me tuskegee story. so a lot of people still have some hesitancy because of government wrong in the past. so why won't they do the work to educate, to show the information to the people? instead they just shame people as if that's going to force them to get the vaccine. i'm in a group chat right now with some of my brothers who are educated. one is a lawyer. one is an accountant. they are not dumb people. they have some concerns. no one wants to answer the questions.
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>> because, if you go and actually answer questions with empirical data the data come out very clear on this if you are between the ages of 25 and 54, even though you are much more susceptible to the delta variant, the deaths per thousand or death per 100,000 are still very, very low. so when you give people credible information, you break it down for them, you -- people will actually see is their risk of infection higher? yes. is their risk of hospitalizations higher than somebody who is vaccinated? yes. but their risk of death is still significant bely lower than somebody who was in the vulnerable population either with the original strain or now with the delta variant. the white house doesn't want to give that information because their entire goal is zero covid so joe biden can run around and saying he solved the pandemic. give people real information. they will make decisions for themselves in their own lives. lawrence: it's their choice. congressman, you are in florida. dana, you are in my home state of texas. you lived there. what i have noticed is that
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there has been some republicans because of the p.r. stunt that has been out there by the mainstream media to shame them. they started to bubbling. do you see that happening in texas? >> not in texas, lawrence. but i do see it happening in a couple of other states where either it's state lawmakers or even some governors that are going out and saying well, i regret either signing no mandates for masks, what have you. i really like how florida's governor ron desantis is holding the line. i know he is issue 'king back on this idea that schools, they want to have masks for kids and, yet, we can talk about the science for that all day long. but ultimately this is a parental decision and parents and their healthcare professionals need to come to this decision with real clear data. i think that florida and desantis have been incredibly transparent in all of this. the congressman and you lawrence have made really good point regarding the transparency in this government. if people could answer the questions that a lot of vaccine hesitant folks have if they could be honest about what they know and what they don't know.
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i think that will go a really really long way in making people feel comfortable. do you know what still there is going to be people who aren't going to be comfortable no matter. what that's the reality of freedom. freedom is a double edge sword. freedom does not guarantee happiness. it does guarantee if people want to take the vaccine they can. if they don't want to, there are those people who don't want to. they feel like they're questions haven't been answered. i hope to answer your question, lawrence, that republicans hold the line for their voters and for their constituents. that power must always remain in voters' hands not just in the government's. lawrence: i hope. so i like to think we trained the government how to act over though year and a half. we gave them unlimited power. landlords still aren't being paid. shut down after shut down. mandate after mandate. i feel like they feel they can get away with a a bit of this. up to the people, especially like you congressman, containna, you talk about every day on your radio show to hold the line and educate the people and stand with them. thank you all so much for come on the show tonight.
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columnist miranda devine and "fox & friends" co-host pete hegseth. pete, i call you the human chainsaw. normally i try to be the libertarian voice on "fox & friends" and then you come and tear it down. hear me out on this. i think this is a moments of leadership from the former president. shouldn't would he be following him into battle on this issue? pete: i absolutely agree, lawrence. i say he should have had twice as many, instead of scaling down, he should have scaled up. he should have said i believe in the vaccine so much that i'm inviting even more people to come here and party like it's 2019. instead of 2020. so i support this. and do you know what? i feel like is he not leading anything. he is following the rest of us. because my backyard has had a covid coordinator for over a year called me. i decide who comes and who goes. it's outdoors and it's all based on your own personal choice and
4:17 pm
risk aversion. i support, this like you, lawrence, i agree. they should be allowed. the hypocrisy, of course, he tells me that my 5-year-old has to wear a mask in the classroom for the next year while he can have a party wherever he want. to hypocrisy is rampant. but if we are playing on a level field i say party out all you want. lawrence: nancy pelosi got cut from the list. they claim they limited it to close family and friends. they said that that tent was supposed to be outdoors but the sign says that's not really considered outdoors when they have the tent that way. so, my question to you is do they actually believe the stuff that they're saying? because, if it's convenient for them right now. we can talk about the hypocrisy. pete is definitely right. i want to know if they really believe some of the stuff that they are saying. because they said people would die. >> yeah, and it doesn't really look like it. and, look, i am so happy that you are coming out and saying
4:18 pm
let's party and let's have fun and let's not scold and nag president obama because all those people were having great time and i think i give him extra points because, you know, he didn't really scale down but he took the opportunity, as you said, to disinvite nancy pelosi. and to me anybody who does that is very smart. the party was a lot better without her, i'm sure. and there she was trailing around martha's vineyard looking our wistful and trying to bump into him. look, i think good on him. the party was so much better. and, you know, we are all adults, it's the hypocrisy that gets us really. you know, who cares if president obama has an outdoor party at march that's vineyard and everyone is vaccinated and his friends and they take their own chances, it's when they then turn around and say oh, you have to be locked down and oh the super spreader event happening at the southern border, who cares? that's not really happening? lawrence: that's exactly right.
4:19 pm
i want to party with erika. dallas. i like dancing. i don't like john legend's politics but i love his music. pete, but the real question is how do we get so sophisticated? because, you know, they said it was a sophisticated event. so what is the barometer to get to that sophistication? >> well, being a former president at march that's vineyard does feel pretty sophisticated, okay? i will tell you i don't like his politics but i would love to party with obama. i bet he is a fun guy. i bet he can cut a rug, you know. so no doubt it was sophisticated the rest of rubes just have tents in the backyard. tents ice houses built ice tents outdoors technically outdoors but plus? a plywood shed eating out in the street. like none of it actually makes any sense but makes us feel good about our sizzles or at least lie that we're doing something
4:20 pm
about it. lawrence: miranda, i'm going to give you the last word. >> look, i think we should just give president obama a break. is he 60 years old. he is having a good time. he looks fantastic. unfortunately though, pete, i hate to break it to you, you are not sophisticated unless you are a democrat. [laughter] pete: good point. lawrence: the president did look nice and dandy. retirement looks good on the man. i can't wait until we have our fox party hopefully the christmas party is back. thank you so much, miranda, pete, i will see you this weekend. pete: thank you, lawrence. lawrence: coming up, carnage in chicago another bloody weekend leaves a police officer dead and another fighting for his life but the pain doesn't stop there we talk to a mother who lost her son so the st. louis street violence in chicago that's next. ♪
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♪ lawrence: welcome back to "fox news primetime." the city of chicago was struck
4:26 pm
by a tragedy this weekend when a police officer and hero ella french lost her life in the line of duty. fox news national correspondent matt finn is here with more. matt? >> lawrence, three suspects, including two brothers have now been charged in relation to the shooting death of chicago police officer ella french. chicago police say 22-year-old eric morgan is charged with multiple felonies including unlawful use of a weapon, his brother, 21-year-old amman at a morgan is charged with first degree murder and attempted murder of a police officer. police say an indiana man jamal is charged with illegally buying the gun that was used to shoot to death chicago police officer ella french. dansy bought the gun for eric morgan who was unable to purchase a farmer because of his felony background. 29-year-old officer ella french was shot and killed on chicago's south side over the weekend. her partner, a male officer, was also shot in the head and is in critical condition. french had been on the force for four years, a member of the community safety team.
4:27 pm
here are some of the horrifying audio moments after french and her partner were shot. >> officer down! i got an officer down, 10/1. officer down, officer down, shots fired at the police. officer down, male, black, a bluff cuffed jersey he shot at the police. 6'3" male. give me some units. stay off my air. stay off my air. everybody stay off the air. i have an officer down. give me two ambulances, two ambulances needed. two officers down. two officers down 736 adam. >> custody. >> two officers shot. >> what's the condition of the officer in your vehicle? >> is he talking right now. >> okay. 10/4 whoever [inaudible] >> responsive. she is unconscious. take that damn vest off right now and start compressions start breathing whatever have you got to do. >> david brown held a very tense
4:28 pm
press conference announcing the charges against the suspect. he also said police feel alone, unsupreme courted and are not acknowledged for their bravery. >> officers hearing over the police radio officers were shot and down and, you know, shooting at us, ran toward that danger. >> a support the police prayer rally is scheduled for wednesday evening in chicago. lawrence? lawrence: thank you, matt. heart breaking story and prayers for that family is family. unfortunately the heart breaking story isn't the only tragedy to come out of the city this weekend as the carnage continues on the streets of chicago between friday and sunday. there were 54 shooting incidents. wounding 86 and killing 13 people. now, outraged residents are asking where is the mayor.
4:29 pm
lori lightfoot as the city spirals out of control under her watch. britney benson knows the truth cost of failure as 15-year-old son was gunned down on the city street. another example of the acceptsless violence. mrs. benson joins me now along with violence interrupter executive director tealle hardiman. britney, can you tell me the story of your son demarchian when you got that phone call what did you do? >> well, what happens was i talked demarion about 5:53. he asked me what i was doing. and i told him i was cooking and he said oh yeah, oh yeah, i'm coming home. i'm like well, you know, come home because you know we got to take care of important business. he was like all right mom. all right mom. i love you, mom. and that was the last time i spoke with him. so, it had to be like 6:11.
4:30 pm
my mom was calling me back to back. maybe she didn't want nothing. i wasn't thinking. my sister-in-law called me she was like tell me it's not true me. i said what are you talking about? so, my sister called me, she was like she was crying where are you at. meme [inaudible] i get to the hospital and i knew something was wrong because at that moment it felt like my stomach was caving in and it felt like i had to regurgitate. it was weird. it felt awkward. like i knew something was wrong and then 30 minutes later, they told me he was deceased. lawrence: britney, you said he was your eyes. >> yes. i was born with a condition called congenital glaucoma. he was everything.
4:31 pm
lawrence: he was his momma's eyes. i want to go to uto. you have been on the streets for a while talking with the community trying to bring some type of justice in that city what do you think it would take right now to end the violence in chicago? >> well, first, i just want to send my condolences out to officer french and her family and also with britney, what i plan to do here is assign some of my staff to britney 24 hours a day to help her to take her to the store because she lost her son. her son served as another set of eyes to her. i plan to allow some of my staff to take her to the grocery store and help her when she runs errands number one. number two i want to say this. what it will take to really stop the gun violence in chicago we need pretty much to assemble a big unit of african-american men that are really concerned about these young guys out here and we need to swarm the community in big, big numbers. and bring these people to the table and try to mediate all conflicts with them young guys. the young guys are looking for
4:32 pm
help instead of they are shooting and killing one another because they do not know how to resolve conflicts out there. so it terence deadly. lawrence: tio, i have to chicago, talk with young brorps, talked with the community. tried to get the mayor on the record. one thing i have noticed is that these young people aren't being given a choice anymore the violence is ruling the city. it's either you join the gangs or you die now they stront a choice anymore, tio. >> people have to understand worldwide the gun violence problem in chicago, baltimore, new orleans, st. louis is cultural and tribal. if you do not address the culturallism with the gun violence because people are conditioned to respond a certain way here when it comes to gun violence. so all the experts out there in the field, they do not understand the culture, the history of gun violence with
4:33 pm
african-american people. and i say that because over 80% of the gun violence occurs in the african-american community, but today this interview is about britney i'm not going to take up much more time if you don't mind i want britney to talk about britney benson today. >> lawrence: i appreciate it britney i want to go back to you. if you had the opportunity to talk to the mayor, the d.a., and all the elected officials that are representing chicago. the what would you tell them? >> what i would tell them is they need to do better. i don't have no problem with mayor lightfoot. i think she is a nice person. i don't know her personally but i feel like she could do better but it's like how could she do better when all this stuff is going on in the community. >> lawrence: so austin tio it is being said that kim foxx the d.a. is allowing these offenders to be back out, no bail, they put ankle bracelet on them and
4:34 pm
they commit the crimes again. what would you say to her? >> well, that's what happens when you make decisions from the mountain top and you are not interviewing and talking to the people down in the valley. a lot of people have been released from prison. well, put it like this, they have been released from the county jail. electronic monitoring. some of the guys have repeat offenders, gun offenders, when they're released they go out and shoot and kill somebody while they are out on bond for electronic monitoring. that's not right. kim foxx should stop making decisions from the mountain tops. come down in the valley and talk to the victims of crime like brittany benson lost her 15-year-old son. in chicago, people under 15 years old have been shot in chicago. so far today 460 people killed in chicago. over 2600 people shot to date. it makes no sense. that's what's going on in chicago. we need a total new strategy to be implemented here in chicago right now. >> lawrence: i will tell you, brother, i appreciate the work that you do. ms. benson i want you to know that you are loved. as long as i'm as fox news i
4:35 pm
will continue to cover these stories. i will continue to show up in chicago and highlight this because it matters to me. that could have been me, that could have been someone i loved in chicago. and it has to stop. i know a lot of people watching this show feel the same way. thank you all so much for coming on the program tonight. >> appreciate you. >> lawrence: you get. the white house just unveiled its knew vaccine message. they know shaming republicans wouldn't change their mind but will this do it? [gunfire] >> we have come a long way in our fight against the virus. we vaccinated 160 million americans. >> are you down. >> don't worry queen. all right here. fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right:
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republicans have haven't worked. people are sick and tired of being scolded by joe biden and dr. fauci. the white house has a new plan to sway the skeptics. starting today they are hiring tiktok influencers to spread the message for them. watch. >> hi my name is cooper and this is a day in my life as a white house intern.
4:41 pm
>> we did it joe, hey, everyone. >> i start off with a coffee. >> i a nail point, love. >> i didn't tell you to do that. >> it's called initiative. >> hey, potus. >> is still here. >> no. >> we have come along way in our fight against virus. we have vaccinated 160 million americans are you getting this all done. >> don't worry, queen all here. >> cooper. >> sorry, ms. jen. [whispering] we need to get shots in the arms of every single women. >> here to react is katie pavlich. katie, i think you have some thoughts on this. >> a few, yes. the twitterverse has some thoughts, too. my favorite being that i want to unvaccinate myself after seeing that campaign. no, look. the white house has been trying to get young people vaccinated they think that paying with
4:42 pm
taxpayer dollars tiktok stars or people who have a lot of influence on social media young people will help them in their endeavor to get more people vaccinated. but, i think if you look at this and you see that white house's time to make a video like this, using official government offices, the west wing, on one hand trying to say that the pandemic is still very, very serious and on the other hand they are producing a video like this. the other thing i would say is, look, you know, there has been a lot of trivializing of getting this vaccine. it is a serious medical. >> lawrence: it is. >> medical decision. especially for young people who are under the age of 18. you need parental con sent to get the vaccine even if you are eligible. and i feel like this video has really just taken this very serious medical decision and made it seem like oh, it's no big deal. we have also seen that through a number of incentive programs in the states or in cities who say things like we'll give you a doughnut if you get the vaccine. i think for people who have
4:43 pm
questions about the vaccine or who are questioning maybe why they need to get it, if they have natural immunity and why they would do that and why the government is not counting that as a valid way to fight back against the virus when we have studies out of israel showing that natural immunity has six times more defense ability than many of the vaccines do. instead they're offering up very cheap incentives for a very personal, private and serious medical decision. >> lawrence: you know, katie, the white house has been doing a terrible job. i decided to help them out with their job. i started looking at the data some of the poll. one of the issues that the people haven't gotten the vaccine say they have is it hasn't been approved by the fda yet. >> right. >> lawrence: the second inner is they are concerned about some of the side effects. so why not get te'o proved, a itapproved. how it impacts people it seems like an easy deal. >> the white house would say
4:44 pm
that, look, the fda is working on getting it approved. and i would say that people will be more confident in the process if it isn't rushed along especially by people who have, you know, changed their perspective on a variety of issues when it comes to handling the pandemic. also, you know, dr. marty makary had an op-ed the other day that is very interesting. the idea that we are going to vaccinate every last living human being in america, including children, is just a ridiculous standard. he says people who decide not to get the vaccine are doing it at their own risk and people who have the vaccine are protected from serious illness. and, you know, we are living in america. this is a country where we used to be able to make private medical decisions and assume the risk on our own it's really difficult to say on one hand you should get vaccinated but on the other hand everybody still has to do all these mitigating factors even if you do get the vaccine and then the counting out natural immunity again really down plays their own
4:45 pm
argument. you know, they could really put some wins on the board by saying look, we have 60% vaccination in the country and also based on our data and our modeling we have millions of americans who have natural immunity. we're on our way to prosperity. but, instead, they are more focused on attacking people like governor ron desantis and governor greg abbott in texas. numbers there surge. and president biden who is now in outside of, of course, is the one who ran on ending the pandemic and so, they have a messaging problem. that's for sure. >> lawrence: yeah this guy was the guy that was supposed to take the communication message to the next level after he was given a vaccine under the prior administration. and we're not seeing that i mean. >> the first video. you showed, remember the talking point was the adults will be back in the white house? not sure that's the message. >> lawrence: some petty stuff going on in the white house having celebrities, tiktok, anyway. katie, thank you so much. >> thanks, lawrence.
4:46 pm
>> lawrence: you bet. shifting to another topic, democrats are working hard on real issues affecting americans. choosing own climate change and following the release of a new u.n. report they are wasting no time in using it to push their progressive agenda. look at prominent democrat like kirsten gillibrand elizabeth warren all rehashing their calls for the green new deal. and once again, they are telling us to follow the science. here is al gore tweeting one of the most important lessons from the covid-19 pandemic is that when scientists are warning about a looming threat, we are -- we ought to listen to them. haven't we heard that one before? let's ask the climate depot publisher and author of green fraud marc morano. mark, are we going wrong on though or are the liberals going wrong with the fear-mongering and not following the science that they say that we're not following? >> no, here's what's happening, lawrence, they are following the bureaucratic science institution, not the science. what tough understand, what all these democrat politicians and
4:47 pm
all the climate activists are latching on to the united nations self-interested lobbying organization. if it fails to find co 2 is driving the crisis it fails to be in charge of the solution and hold annual conferences all over of the globe. what they have done with this report when current reality fails to alarm they have gone to extreme scenarios over 50% of the report is based on implausible extreme model based scenarios of doom. because they couldn't find current reality to scare people. and this is what people are latching on to. it's a lobbying effort to get people to support a u.n. climate treaty and the green new deal. you are being conned if you are falling for this u.n. report. >> lawrence: see, that's just it. the american people are reasonable people, i believe god instructed us to are good stewards of the environment. take care of the virnlt. do the right thing. but they are not basing that on that. the logic is extreme, let's get rid of cows, no planes, although they can ride the planes and
4:48 pm
america has to do all the work, meanwhile the u.n. and all the other nations they get to live the way they want to live. >> yes. i mean, all these trees they are going to effect that they're talking about limiting flying for americans when it's only morally justifiable. they be talking about getting rid of private car ownership and internal combustible engines do you think that's going to affect al gore, john kerry, bill gaetz? you had the quote up there with al gore limping it to covid. the former u.n. chief actually said the only way to meet the u.n. paris agreement is for the global economy to shut down one year. guess what? we did that and we still didn't meet the u.n. paris agreement. they want economic repression degrowth. this is where we are headed. and it's just another -- it's like the mafia come in to its neighborhood and say i would hate something bad to happen to that climate if you pay us we can protect you from the climate. the u.n. is saying unless we go marxist, the climate is going to get us. it's time for us to say hell no to the u.n., to the green new
4:49 pm
deal. and expose this corrupt science. >> lawrence: mark, i only have a few seconds with you. the question is will it work? >> sure. >> lawrence: we just had a pandemic as you just correctly noted. and americans caved pause of fear. and government was given a lot of control. scary control. and they don't want to release that power. so, will americans react the same way to that fear when it comes to the climate as well? >> well, they have tried for decades. and they have failed to scare people. what they did the climate activists they moved children, essentially kid are more gullible than adults whole youth climate movement led by people greta thunberg it will work with young people i don't think it will work with old people. what they have done with the covid model they can implement the green new deal without a vote of congress. that's exactly what congress is doing through executive orders and through every agency. >> we can't let it happen, mark, thanks so much for coming.
4:50 pm
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>> bret: all right, guys. a few minutes left in the show. time to but my friend, host of the morning wire podcast on the clock for us. four stories, 60 seconds each. let's go. last up, a single mother was interviewed facing eviction so she claimed. her story went viral. she got a go fund me that raised $230,000. the only problem is, she's not a single mom and those are not her kids. their her boyfriend's who he splits custody with. this is why we can't have anything nice. >> this remind me being home, watching daytime tv and they have the show and you're not the father.
4:56 pm
parentally they don't look at this stuff. cnn asks two questions before they run a story. number 1, does this further or narrative and number 2, is it true. if the answer is yes, it furthers our narrative, doesn't matter about number 2. that's how you get cases like, this raised over 250,000 in the go fund me. go fund me says they're going to return the money. >> they cost their audience a lot of money. lots of celebties treat their parents after they make it big. quinton tarantino is not one of them. >> she was in my head. i'm like okay, lady when i'm successful, you won't see penny one. no house for you. there's no vacation for you. no elvis cadillac for mommy.
4:57 pm
you get nothing. >> so we love our parents but boys, we love our mommas. can you imagine being in that position? the person that gave birth for you and you do nothing for her. >> a lot going on behind the scenes here. all of his movies are about a character holding a grudge. sometimes it's good to have someone challenge you. i played basketball with you for five years now. i'm glad sunday sat you down and say you need another career or another dream. sometimes it's a good thing. >> you're like cnn. fake news. i dunked on you. next, you can outrun security but you can't outrun the ball girl. look at this idiot trying to sneak his way back in. he almost made it if it wasn't for the game-saving athlete like the ball got. what do you make of this? >> i make of this that -- it's a
4:58 pm
contrarian take, this ball girl is not a hero. have you been to a baseball game lately? it's horribly boring. there's nothing going on. the most fun thing that happened is when someone runs on the field. for this ball girl to take it away. the mlb should say we'll have more people run on the field and maybe the ball girl is the only one that is allowed to tackle that would be more entertaining. this girl is brave but i don't know if she's a hero. >> you know what? you're being mean. i say she didn't do anything because she tapped them a little bit. it was because of the science that he flew up. the momentum, cabot. mean guy. finally, o.j. simpson says he's having a hard time visiting los angeles because, get this, he might run into the wife's murderers. he told the athletic, people may think this is self-serving but i
4:59 pm
might be sitting next to it. i don't know who did it. >> in o.j.'s defense, i used this line of defense before. i told my wife, emma, i didn't want to go in the kitchen past midnight because i might run into the man that eats ice cream directly out of the carton. that's a scorery thought. i wonder how o.j. can get ready in the morning. how does he look in the mirror? get ready in the morning? my only question. come on, o.j. you can do better than this. a horrible defense for a guy that -- >> he did write a book saying if he did. >> if. >> if. he never said he did it. that's not for us to decide. a jury of his peers. i'm dodging this one, lawrence. i'm going away from the o.j. questions. i'm not answering anything. >> i'm not buying it like emma is not buying it when you say what you say, cabot. thanks, brother, for coming on
5:00 pm
the program. >> always a pleasure. >> you bet. >> before i leave, i have to wish my parents a happy anniversary. they have been married 29 years. look at my dad with that cool phone and my mom beautiful as ever. i'm lawrence jones. tucker carlson is next. >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy monday. you thought you had a great weekend. see what barack obama did? it was more fun than anything that happened at your house. for his 60th birthday, barack obama threw a party on martha's vineyard. his place is on the ocean naturally, but unlike your ocean front property in destin, obama's property


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