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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 9, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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our job description. visit tucker carlson is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: that evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." you had a great evening? did you see what barack obama did? way more fun than anything you did saturday night. barack obama threw himself a party on his estate martha's vineyard off the coast of massachusetts. unlike your oceanfront property in destin, barack obama's party
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is exempt in the devastating rise in sea level thatat will never accompany the exhaustion article crisis of climate change but matter what, obama will be safe on martha's vineyard, even if you continue to eat steak and listen to didba his best to downsize the size and opulence of saturday's event. mentioned hundreds of servants who would be there. the party they assured us with nothing at all be like something king farouk might've hosted in his later years, no resemblance. obama's gathering was an intimate gathering of family and friends and in the end, that's exactly what it was. as you can see from the photographs, barack obama has an awful lot of very close friends. what's interesting is who they are andnd who they are not. joe biden was i not at the party and that is we are considering that joe biden and barack obama are like brothers, as closest to go straight men can be as joe biden has told us himself
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many times. you may have noticed that barack obama has never made that claim, never said a lot about liking joe biden. now we know he doesn't. so who does barack obama like? in a word? celebrities. obama like celebrities, lots and lots of celebrities. he's like the red carpet of a lesser award show. oprah, jay-z, gayle king, tom hanks, george clooney, as well as a bunch of whole other people you wouldn't recognize if you don't live in social media. there were a ton of them. a surprisee to see it because barack obama is a genius. we know we can be certain of it because we have heard that claim this fact for almost 15 years now. and yet, we now know that when barack obama relaxes at his own house, not with intellectuals, people who can read books. it's with the kids he watches on tiktok. obama passes around some high fives, throws on the pair of beige slip on shoes and the
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world's only gray hawaii shirt, hits the dance floor. it's party time. wait a second, you asked. a great hawaiian shirt? is that even legal? when you are barack obama, the normal rules don't apply to you. this is the man who staff referred to him as "black jesus," totally without sarcasm. you don't get too hung up with the usual fashion regulation or on public health regulation. there is a global pandemic out there.on you may have heard about it. it's getting worse. the cdc tells us that the so-called delta variant is so dangerous that we can no longer have civil liberties in america. private property rights have been suspended. happened the last week. our children must wear masks at school again. we should not be allowed to go to dinner, fly on airplanes, have a job without first displaying our new vaccine passports. barack obama supports all of that. but that does not mean that he wants to live under those restrictions.
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so on saturday, obama's guests did not have to share their papers to get in the party, unlike cn and employees who had to prove they were vaccinated, unlike your kids you had to wear masks. it was like 2019 at barack obama's house, like the whole pandemic thing neverer happened. the question is does tony fauci know this and is he okay with it? that's a pressing public health question. we called tony fauci to find out. he was not free to do the show. he was too busy, he's a science not into publicity, tied up doing other photo shoots 14 vogue. our loss. what's going to have to go with tony fauci's previous statements? here's what we learned that when large groups of massless people without passports gather in one place, it's a grave danger to america. but only when those people ride harley-davidson's. but on sunday fauci's gold bikers gathering for the annual event in sturgis south dakota. these people are dangerous.
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some of them went to community college literally and some we didn't go at all. you should be worried. pretty much what he told us last year, that many would die. we checked because numbers are important on a news show, did that happen? what happened to last years 'sturgis. half a million people went, four to 50,000. in the end and the viewer than 0.1% of them got. millions did not die, it was fine. he is not deterred by his own bigotry and stupid predictions. here he was the other day warning us once again about the perils of charges. >> i'm very concerned that we are going to see another surget related to that rally. to me, it's... it's understandable that people want to do the kinds of things they want to they want their freedom to do that. but there comes a time when you are dealing with a public health
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crisis that could involve you, yourld family, and everyone els, that something supersedes the need to do exactly what you want to do. >> tucker: "i'm very concerned, chuck." bo hit up given how dangerous the publichs are, you've got to wonder what the risks the rest of us face might be from barack obama pottery is martha's vineyard birthday party. here you have hundreds of people indoors without masks who haven't proven their vaccination status. if the numbers tell us anything, quite a few of them were not vaccinated. is that acceptable? that's an urgent public health question, the kind you think tony a val g exist to answer as the highest-paid public sector employee. but he didn't answer the question and as we told you we try didn't heed wouldn't answer it. as an ebolae jim where do you thinkbarack obama r
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hold huge indoor events without people who have not gotten the shot, how could he determine that? maybe he watched his friend muriel bowser the friend of d.c. who did the very same thing. you will recall forest a new mask mandate on her city, but she delayed it within hours just long enough to hold a birthday party for herself. that's fine. it's cool. not like she rides a harley. she's a democratic officeholder. if you still believe in science and are becoming thoroughly confused by this public health guidance, you didn't watch cnn this weekend because they laid it out in the clearest possible listen to this reporter from "the new york times" why barack obama and his friends from tiktok can hold massless parties without vaccine passports at the very same moment you are not allowed to visit your dying parents in the hospital. it's not arbitrary, capricious.r there is a reason, a medical reason. watch.
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speak to other people said, this is really being overblown. they follow all the city precautions. people go out and sporting events bigger than this. this is going to be safe, this is of the, vaccinated crowd. >> okay... now we are talking science! when it happens at barack obama was 12 -- that was the purchase price, we are talking over il$20 million house on the ocean that is immune from t climate change, when it happens there, it's notap a problem because the crowd according to "the new york times" as we say this is "sophisticated and vaccinated." we do not know about the vaccinu because they didn't have to prove it and again if the numbers are right, a lot of them weren't vaccinated. maybe more than half. but that's not what she was saying. the emphasis here, medically significant word is "sophisticated." right now the biden administration is forcing unvaccinated people to obey every requirement that
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vaccinated people have to follow. it's the sophisticated crowds are exempt from the rules. vaccines have nothing to do with it. you should also specific aided in this country the key for those towering above the rest are exempt from having to pay the taxes. exempt from having their pulleys defunded, exempt from catholic carriages moving their immigrants to the neighborhood with the new section housing they have on -- it's nice to be sophisticated. it's definitely bad to be unsophisticated. because if your answer vacated, cnn will not come to your defense. anchors will not defend you when you ignore the rules. they willef devote hours of coverage to mocking and deriding you. as they did here. >> do you think this is going to be a super spreader event? >> the slogan this year for sturgis is "we are spreading our wings but i'm concerned they're going to be spreading a lot more than just their wings.
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>> the>> attendees were mask lat year and that's likely going to be the case again this year. >> rally attendees approving -- drawing them even bigger crowd that could lead a major surge in cages shall make cases in the delta variant and unvaccinated. >> kicks off with rock concerts, barely any masks. >> you'd think they'd learn. but nope. >> tucker: "you think they'd learn... can you imagine riding a motorcycle outside with no mask on? reckless freaks -- "you'd think they'd learn! but nope. that's the judgment of dr. don lemon's. this is a news program. we remind you there was no covert outbreak at sturgis last year. no one has told cable news. people are firmly convinced it's a super
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a cautionary tale in the age of covid-19. cautionary tale. believing the dummies in cnn? or that there were no tiktok stars this year at sturgis, they were all at martha's vineyard. according to cnn, sturgis and we are quoting now, drag races, rock concerts, pub crawls, tattoo do you know what that means, right? public health disaster. the worse at cnn. the sturgis rally had many characteristics of a super spreading event. large crowds, high-intensity of contact between people from the potential for highly infectious individuals traveling from hot spots and events in poorly
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ventilated environments. not all like what they are doing under the tent in martha's vineyard -- in this country, you are one or the other. that's your choice. candace owens is the host of the local candace owens does close candace owens, so great to see you tonight. a lot of us have been thinking how do we protect ourselves against this global pandemic and it turns out sophistication is the most reliable prophylactic against "fox news @ night" infection. cnn just told me. >> that's exactly right. i just a chloroquine does not work, but sophistication most certainly does. if you have a dose of sophistication, you can do whatever! you can see your relatives. it is funny, laughable, and it's also just so frustrating and people are right to be angry. we spent an entire two years
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where people looked at people and said, are you a person that wants to go see your loved ones who passed away? do you want to attend their funeral question mike you are a selfish human being. you want to watch her daughter get married, you are a selfish human being if you don't shut that down. were you pregnant during lockdown question what did you want your husband to attend your first old straw sound? you are a selfish human being. you are ignoring the signs. being real first by the academia, elitist snobs who generally looked over their balcony and they say whatever they want because they do not live like us, tucker. they don't live like us. they do not care. obama just had his media -- i'm going to scale it down massively. i don't care because i'm going to celebrate my 60th birthday party. essentially what they said to people. they have in they have nots. they are laughing as they continue to make these simon says rules that everyone has to
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follow absent any meaningful scientific dialogue or discussion. it's trust the science blanket. do not question it or you are a horrible backward selfish human being. >> tucker: class were opposing as public health. it's got to the point where it's totally transparent, it's just open. you can towards minneapolis, but that's not a super spreader atevent. you can have a party at martha's vineyard, totally cool. sturgis is a danger to the nation. how long do people keep participating in their own humiliation, do you think? >> they have to stop. i've been saying and every one of my social media that is following this birthday party, this is adding insult to b inju. it's a time for civil disobedience. i want to be clear so people do not misinterpret my words but i mean live your life. go to a birthday have your daughter's wedding's bid stop listing these people who don't care about you can who tell you who you need to wear a mask on the plane while they fly around private and don't know
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what it's like to have to go through an airport and be treated like you are a disease individual. it's time to stop listening to those individuals because they do not have to go through what you go through and they enjoy it, by the way. they don't care. they are laughing at you and mocking you behind closed doors. they enjoy watching you suffer while they continue to live theirnj lives. >> tucker: might ever uttered line is "civil obedience like having your daughter's wedding. delma." you're theug best. thank you so much for that. >> thank you. back in our country, rippled to be here spent in hungary. we learned a lot there. it's worth leaving once in a while to get a bit of perspective. turns out we do not have to live like this. you can have ali country that is orderly and clean and pretty and has real borders. all you need is leaders who care about you. we will show you part of what we learned after the break.
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>> tucker: welcome back. still can't get over the fact that barack obama is wearing a gray hawaiian shirt. does not defeat the purpose of a hawaiian shirt if a grave? we just got back to the united states.
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shocked byke how things are goig here with barack obama anyway. we were in hungary all of last week interviewing the prime minister of hungary for a documentary we are doing and take a look at their border policies which seem to be working much better than ours. didn't expect it to be too big a deal but while we were gallantly were denounced as fascists, up to something really bad. so my producers decided that maybe we should admit we were up to. a speech at a college in hungary about, no, not invading anybody, or fascism. honestly, mostly about architecture. we are going to play you a clip from it just to prove it. here it is. >> can't believe i'm saying this since we are standing in the middle of central europe looking at this vista which really moves me. looking at these buildings, which move me. not because they are old and some of them have bullet holes which in my view are a very
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useful reminder. i wish i lived in a city full of bullet holes in the building. you look at them and think to yourself, it could be really bad, because it has been really bad. there is a lot at stake. make wise, sober long-term decisions or else you could run across -- it's true! it's true. if i could level like it's been all day, leveling very accurate accusations against american foreign policy establishment, the main one would be that they have no sense of how bad things can get. this is the bad side of the upside of america. america is an optimistic country. always has been. showed up in this mostly untouched consonant with the most fertile farmland in the world and an ocean that separates us from the lunatics. [laughter] and it gave us the feeling that anything is possible and everything has been possible and i've never stopped being grateful of that were proud of that. but the downside to n that, the
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other side of the corn delma coin, as you say in hungary, is that americans have no sense of how things down like bad things can get. it could be a lot worse. our physical isolation because of off from the history of the rest of the world. there is not a passion to study whater happened before in a plae you are building a new, right? right. so we do not have a sense of that. i love your bullet holes. i am the first visitor who has complemented your small arms and artillery scars.rm here's what i like more about the landscape of hungary: a few soviet remnants notwithstanding. it's pretty. the buildings are pretty. theld architecture. this is another third rail in american politics, you are not allowed to note that our buildings are grotesque and dehumanizing. why are they bad? because they are ugly and ugly dehumanizes us. let me be more precise what i
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mean when i mean dehumanizing. dehumanizing is the act of convincing people that they don't matter, that they are less significant than the larger hole, that they are not -- they are not distinct souls, they are not yet delma created by god, that they are merely putty in the hands of some larger force, so they must obey. that's what all authoritarian movements do, you don't matter. you are masked. we are all the same! ugly architecture, brutalist architecture, glass and steel architecture, was designed to send that message. not to uplift, but to oppress. and it is very noticeable. this is never noted in united states which unfortunately overtime has had its aesthetic sense dulled but we are told it's not important. what matters is, really, get the new microwave or whatever, the new car, the new place in aspen.
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i'm not against any of that. i'm not against wealth, for sure. but i would trade it to live in a pretty place, a place that uplifts your spirit by looking at it. but here is the point. you behave this way if you care. if you care. if you think of your country like your home, you don't want it to look crappy. it's really that simple. if it's your house, you want to be in charge of who sleeps there. that's not a complex principal. it's the most basic human principal. so i'm standing at the border literally at the border fence watching the german shepherd amble past. i was trying to talk to a border guard who by the way who has noted that every hungarian i have met, every, from the driver to the border guard had better english than our own president. [laughter] [applause] and said...
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how often do people come to the border? how often do you see migrants putting ladders on top of the wire? is it every hour, every day, at nice -- i'm trying to ask the dumb journalist questions. he said, well... he stopped. he looked down. very intensely like somethingel had happened, we are in the u.s. we have a poisonous so i mutely thought that i didn't not know if they have cobras in hungary. i didn't speak the language but i step back and there is ast plastic sandwich bag about that big on the ground stuck at the bottom of the chain-link fence. and this guard reaches down, r grabbed the bag and puts it in his own pocket. and i don't think i have seen in myav life very few displays more powerful than that. bottom line, we do not have to live this way. walk through midtown manhattan, which the m people in charge rit now did not build, previous
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generations built it, watch for the people now in charge have let happen to it. we don't have to live like that. we have people who care, we live in a great country. it's simple. that was the ncc festival in hungary, by the way. we were there for a new episode of our long form documentary series "tucker carlson originals." so we are about to do something after the break that we've never done before. we are going to defend chris cuomo. we can promise you, not a single picture of his sweaty workouts, no kidding. that's next.
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>> tucker: as if >> tucker: as of three eastern time, andrew cuomo was still the
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governor of new york. can't promise it's going to last longer. we are not sure. but fox 'has matt finn has been on the story. >> has named executive assistant number one and the attorney general's report and says while taking a self it, the governor up in a properly touched her. >> i felt his hand go down my back and started rubbing m it. not quickly brushing, rubbing my butt. >> commisso also alleged that the hugs were not normal or welcome. the governor has denied in a properly touching anyone, even released a real of himself kissing and hugging people suggesting that it's his normal
10:34 pm
behavior. there are going because tonight for the governor to resign. even the president says cuomo should step down. the new york state assembly isn't conducting an impeachment assembly where fines could be released as early as the end of this month. only needs a simple majority vote to move forward with the impeachment trial, tucker. >> tucker: thanks for much of that. matt finn is a terrible governor, but we want to pause from filing on andrew cuomo and take a moment to defend the chief body building correspondent over at cnn who is his brother. notta going to show any pictures of chris cuomo flexing at the camera. we've done that before but just going to note that at the middle of this scandal that may have removed his brother of office, we know what you are thinking, could this really be a vacation? cnn broke into its extended coverage to extend delma answer that question. yes, it's a real vacation. here is their position on his
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vacation. >> tell a well off post to hang out by the pool a couple of weeks is not a real punishment. it is b.s. scolding a host in public, saying what they did is inappropriate, that is a natural punishment. chris is going to have a surreal birthday on monday.ay he always takes his birth week off. but this year he's going to be absent whilelw his brother is fighting for his political life trying to stop this impeachment train. and going to say chris has been canceled when they do not seepo them on the air on monday. do not believe it. i checked with sources on the staff. they confirmed that he booked this time off months ago. >> tucker: he's got to be a plan from msnbc. no chance he's acting on behalf of cnn. anyway, we are just playing this and you can evaluate for yourself. when one of our anchors takes a
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vacation, it's totally real. if you work at fox news, all vacations are potemkin vacations. that was donon >> due back on the 19th. fox news has a long history of their hosts heading out on vacation after they have become involved in controversy over inflammatory comments. >> tucker: yes, don lemon, the plaintiff probably flew in a black hole. prepare for his sigmund freud "sometimes a vacation is just a vacation." we are willing to believe that chris cuomo's vacation is a vacation for two other quick things about chris cuomo in total sincerity. one, you're not responsible for the misbehavior of your relatives. sorry. you didn't choose them. that's just true. it's the basis of american justice and it's the basis of human speeds and cp do not blame people for things they didn't do. another point to make his chris cuomo is coming under a lot of
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fire for helping his brother in the middle of this crisis. we can't evaluate how true that is. but if it is true, let's be real for a second. it's understandable. it'sco his brother. your loyalty should be to your family, above all maybe even above your job. maybe even above jeff zucker. if your brother calls and says, i need help, if you don't give him help because your pretend to be a news anchor on sums cable channel nobody watches, you're perjuring your brother and that's a greater sin than any of the dumb politics, totally true. so we are not going to criticize him for that. one more piece of advice, chris cuomo, take a break from the curls on. vacation, you'll enjoy it better. several republicans in the senate, number of them appeared to be supporting the biden administration's new infrastructure bill. among other things, forces people to have monitoring heart
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devices in their cars, need permission from your federal overlord before starting your vehicle in the morning. also will legalize yet more racial discrimination in the name of equity, which is the opposite of what america is about or should ever be about. not many republicans have said much about this. senator bill cassidy of leary isaiah tweeted this. a good guy most of the time but he just tweeted this defense of the bill's equity provisions calling, equity is not a catchphrase for critical racee theory. of course, equity is the whole justification for vertical dell that critical race theory. important to know what you talk about before you weigh in on social media. it's one of the only republican senators we can find doing anything to stop this bill is bill hagerty of tennessee and we are happy to have them join us tonight. thanks so much for cominge on. so many of your colleagues who you work with closely and lots of other things, some would you like personally, are not only supporting this bill but actively defending it in publicu
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but you are doing the opposite. why? >> this bill has become rather obvious, what it really is. it's been gilded with a veneer of bipartisanship but what it has really become as the opening gateway to lead right into this $3.5 million package, the bernie sanders transformation package they are trying to set up. they give us a 2700 page bill and only a few days to look at it. in the very afternoon come out toco see what the bill actually caused, it fell short by a quarter of a trillion dollars. what's the response? what is chuck schumer's response? let's go ahead and accelerated, was put in her rearview mirrors and get to the bigger part of this transformation of america. the more we are able to talk about it, that's the reason why we have this conversation rightt now. we've had the opportunity to let the american public understand what is in this bill. we let them understand what it costs.
10:40 pm
and we are seeing is a real positive movement in our direction for a couple of senators are ready have changed their positions and are not going to vote for the bill even though they were going to support it before. i think we put a lot of pressure the house are presented is. i think it to be very difficult for democrats in these swing districts to continue to support this a as the light of day comes to bear. their taxpayers, their citizens understand exec to what's in this bill. >> if it's an infrastructure bill, that suggest is for everybody. regardless of what youor look like, regardless of how you were born. what is equity, what does your race have to do with fixing the george washington bridge which is swaying, or makingeo our airports -- >> that has nothing to do with it. yet this will empower pete buttigieg to determine how race is the system is and how he's going to fix it. equity is a code word for redistribution. it's not the quality, which is what the foundation of this nation is, it's the absolute opposite of that.
10:41 pm
>> no offense, but if you are a republican voter and desperate for someone to defend you and stand up and say, this is totally anti-american, what you are doing, how should you feel when these republicans, some of them pretty good guys, but they are on board with this stuff question what do they understand the message they are sending their voters by getting on board with this? >> this is a massive power grab by the democrats. as soon as the democrats to control, they moved to federalize their elections, to basically pack the court, and now they've taken the attempt to basically give us zero time to evaluate a 2700 page bill that's falling a quarter million dollars short. so the time is now to push back on this and that's exactly what i have done and i think my colleagues need to take this time to really look hard at this bill and what's in it and i hope it will affect their decision when it comes time to vote. >> tucker: you will not win lindsay
10:42 pm
lindsey graham. senator bill haggerty, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> you have this feeling that there is weird stuff going on in hollywood. anthony napolitano knows what's going on in hollywood, the famous fixer in all of los angeles. he went to prison for a very long time. he's out to him that he's highly informed, he's a great guy, and we talk to him. after the break.
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>> for decades, at the appellate town it was the best known
10:48 pm
private detective and fixer inhe hollywood. his message methods were unconventional and according to the federal government sometimes illegal. federal agents raided his office and found r practice grenades ad c-4 explosives were he serves a decade and a half in the end in jail on racketeering charges. he never ratted out anyone and he learned an awful lot in the meantime. one of the interesting things in 2019. we spoke to him at great length about what he learned in hollywood and in prison for a brand-new episode ofne here is part of the conversation. without betraying the confidence of the people you worked with, give us your assessment of hollywood. you are at the very center of it. >> are you talking about hollywood than a hollywood now? >> tucker: the hollywood that you knew.
10:49 pm
>> everything that you could imagine going on went on. the reason i made so much money is because people got themselves into trouble and needed to get out. they couldn't go to law enforcement, so they would go to their agents, they would go to their managers, lawyers. no names, but what do you kind of think are talking about? >> you had the me too movement now. there was no such thing as me too movementt then. there were women who would do whatever they could to get next to a movie star or to make money or athletes, especially athletes. sleep with them, become pregnant so they could get an annuity., or try to extort them for large sums of money. you know, you've done something
10:50 pm
with a woman, your wife doesn't know about it, you are a celebrity. you could cost you a lot of money should someone disclose this. and i'd come in and i'd take care of it. [laughter] be slightly more specific. how would you get that problem. you got professional athlete, a pregnant woman... >> got to give them a reason to do it. i gave him that reason. i mean, it's just as simple as that. i mean, you fix the problem. that's what i did. they called me a fixer? that's what i did. >> how hard is it to make that case to the person? >> being me, not too hard at all. i mean, they have to look at
10:51 pm
you, they have to know that you are serious. i mean, you could do this the easy way or you could do with the hard way. i don't give a capitol which way you choose because you are going to do what iu want you to do at the end of the day. it's just that simple. >> tucker:si [laughter] how forcefully did you have to make that case, or do people believe you? >> sometimes very forceful. a lot of times people would go run to other people to try and intercede, and i'd have to face those people too. but at the end of the day, i always started out as a gentle man.ta always. always with the reason. i always tried to reason with people. i didn't get to the point where had to usepe other means unless reasoning did not work. you know? so just think about that. >> tucker: what percentage responded to reason?
10:52 pm
>> not more than 25%. >> tucker: you had to go to plan b quite a bit! >> an amazing conversation with an amazing man. comes out of prison after 17 yearsish. loving america and wiser. sounds improbable, but it's true. it, this goes on for an hour. a great episode of tucker carlson today. quite a person. on we got news to share with you next and we will. we will be right back.
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this is my third "live" concert this month. the energy is insane. the crowd, pumped. look, i haven't seen a show in a year. because the more we're indoors together, the more covid spreads. and, until i'm vaccinated, masks help slow the spread. which means the sooner we can go to concerts, like real ones. - can you turn it down babe? - of course, sweetheart. so mask up. not for me, for the music.
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>> tucker: in january, the book publisher announced canceling a book by senator josh hawley because he voted away a defendant. they denounced him as a terrorist bid the vote cast was identical to a vote democrats had cast at the end of previous elections but didn't matter, they canceled his book. i was under contract to scheinman's to publish magazine journalism. i reported out the story, i called john clark who runs simon & schuster, anna reported out why exactly they canceled the book, how many other authors had been canceled for political
10:59 pm
reasons, and explained how american publishing, which were generations defended the right of free speech and free expression, has become the vanguard of censorship in this country. the book is called "the long slide: 30 years in american journalism." you can download it at "tuckercarlson got a lot of magazine pieces that hold up well appear we are going to be on a bunch of different shows going on laura's show at 10:00, on "the five" t tomorrow at 5:00, and getting a very early by our standards for "fox & friends." can't wait to do that. anyway, it's called "the long slide." this is just a snapshot of the spread of censorship in this country. it's pretty interesting, actually. go to tuckercarlson
11:00 pm
tucker carlsonandrew napolitanoo n"fox nation." we'llseeyou,sean hannitynext. >> sean:thank you. welcometo"hannity"'sah echairwomanofthetime'slegaldefen sefundforsexualharassmentvictims w a sjustforcedtoresignindisgracea f t erworking we will tell you the reports out there. governor cuomo himself abusing to resign and now legal charges and impeachment are well on his way. coming up, a lot more on this. we want to wish a very happy birthday to barack obama. because of covid-19 concerns, supposedly his birthday bash was going to be scaled back from over 700 guests to what's estimatedr to be only around


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