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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 10, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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it's really hard to get back in if you have a life jacket on. this is him off the coast of southern ireland. he spend his time between ireland, britain, france and spain. one time he fell asleep on a iceberg and floated back to ireland. >> greg: he got in. >> dana: so good. all right. that is it for us. "special report" is up next. hi, bret. >> bret: a lot of animals are great today. thank you, dana. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight new york democratic governor andrew cuomo is resigning amid the enormous controversy over shower. allegations. of the democrat saying today that he wants to let government, state government get back to governing and avoid months of litigation and impeachment proceedings. governor cuomo said he accepts full responsibility for what he calls his misinterpreted actions but blamed politics for his persecution. we have fox team coverage tonight david lee miller in new york city tells us how cuomo may still have legal problems despite his resignation and
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bryan llenas is in albany tonight with the blockbuster details of this day. good evening, brian. >> bret, good evening, governor andrew cuomo's reputation in albany is infamous a bully and fighter who gets his way no matter what. tonight, facing the biggest political fight of his life, cuomo did what few believed possible, he gave up. >> the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. >> new york governor andrew cuomo resigned today amid shower. allegations criminal investigation and a looming impeachment. in a surprise speech, the governor apologized for offending women but at the same time denied that he ever groped anyone while also saying he is the victim of a political witch-hunt. >> the most serious allegations made against me have no credible factual basis in the report. i am a fighter. and my instinct is to fight through this controversy because
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i truly believe it is politically motivated. >> just minutes before cuomo resigned, his attorney rita glafn leveled blistering attack via powerpoint against last week's state attorney general report which found the governor sexually harassed 11 women including groping it? >> failed to include witnesses whose testimony did not support the narrative. >> she discredited each accuser one by one including linz is i bowl len the former cuomo aide who was the first to accuse him of harassment. >> she was out for some type of revenge against the governor's office. >> in a tweet bylan shot back from the beginning i asked him to stop his behavior. it became abundantly clear instead attacking and blaming victims until the end. the question is now whether the democrat controlled state assembly will still move forward with impeachment. >> we will get to the truth of not just the women but the nursing home scandals,the book deals, everything in between.
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>> cuomo's resignation may end a story book political career. the son and adviser of an iconic democratic governor he came to the national stage as president clinton's housing and urban development secretary and was later elected as new york's attorney general. but he had bigger ambitions to be governor like his dad. [chanting] >> thank you. >> in 2010 he was elected and served three terms. today the president said he respects cuomo's resignation and said this about the fall of one of the democratic party's biggest stars. >> i have done a hell of a job. -- he has done a hell of a job on everything from access to voting and infrastructure. that's why it's so sad. >> the governor will step down in 14 days. lieutenant governor kathy hockle will fill the role. she will become the first female governor of new york. >> the resignation may not end his legal jeopardy. david lee miller is in new york
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with that part of the story. good evening, david. >> bret, even after his resignation takes affect, governor cuomo's legal problems are only likely just beginning. multiple investigations on the state and federal level could result in fines, the payout of monetary damages and even the possibility of time behind bars. prosecutors in at least four new york counties are looking into whether cuomo's alleged shower. was criminal. one of the women, brittany commisso has already filed a criminal complaint in albany county which is the home of the state capitol. the albany county sheriff issued a statement soon after cuomo went public with his planned resignation saying in part, quote: today's announcement will have no effect on our investigation. we still have a complaint and an allegation of criminal conduct. our investigation continues. unlike the investigation by the state attorney general that sparked cuomo's resignation, a criminal conviction would have to meet the higher standard of guilt yard. according to a former new york prosecutor, a possible charge of
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forcible touching is not a felony in no new york state. >> that could be argued as unfair as outrageous as how could it only be a misdemeanor in well, again, a misdemeanor still carries up to a year in jail. it's still carries up to three years of probation. and it carries a criminal record. so, let's not water down the seriousness of being convicted of a misdemeanor sex offense. >> cuomo could also face possible prison time resulting from a federal investigation into his administration's handling of covid nursing home deaths if charged with obstruction of justice. state investigators meanwhile want to know if cuomo broke the law by using state workers and other resources to write his memoir about the pandemic. cuomo could also be sued civilly for his alleged misdeeds as well as being held financially account being for a civil rights violations. at least one legal expert says the greatest punishment for
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andrew cuomo is sullying his reputation. bret? >> bret: david lee miller in new york. david, thanks. let's bring in our panel early. former education secretary bill bennett, harold ford jr. former tennessee congressman ceo of empowerment inclusion capital and byron york. bill, for some, it felt like this was a long time and it dragged on. if you look at kind of how things evolved, how do you see this resignation today that comes 14 days from now? >> well, it's over. and i think the whole country is grateful that it's over. republicans, democrats, everybody. listening to the is a little foe get out and it's time that he did. i'm glad that he did. now there may be these trials. i hope people can focus on what seem to me the most important questions of law, which is the liability of andrew cuomo if
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criminal or civil of these nursing homes. the deaths of people in these nursing homes. let that not be forgotten, and let's carry forward on that. but i'm glad this chapter is over. i think there are a lot of lessons here, too. and a major one for the media. i don't want to occupy all the time. >> bret: yeah. to your point about the nursing homes, the lawmaker who was spearheading that, ron kim, a democrat, weighed in on this resignation today. take a listen. >> >> i'm relieved that he stepped down so we can focus on the people's work. i'm also grateful for the women who stepped up courageously. i have committed back in martha after he depose down for sexual assault and harassment i will still be here to hold him accountable for the thousands of nursing home deaths that happened under his watch. >> bret: byron, in the big people people said that was so much more egregious not in the
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scale of how things are bad but as far as the impact on families across new york. >> well, what was clear is that the attorney general's report killed him. he just could not survive it. any democrat who might have been inclined to support him fell away after the attorney general's report. and the reason he resigned today had nothing to do with the whole covid nursing home thing, it was because he saw that after the attorney general's report he did not have the minimum level of support necessary to stay in office. and today was very strategic. his event was very strategic. it gam began with his lawyer going on for nearly an hour attacking that report. nearly line by line. questioning the credibility of all of the allegations. and then the governor himself came out and, again, attacked the report questioning its credibility. and he admitted to small things. he said well, you know, my sense
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of humor can offend people sometimes. and maybe i'm an old throwingy and i haven't realized how the rules for interactions between men and women in the workplace have changed. but he was clear to say that he did nothing wrong. and this is really for a couple of reasons. he still might face criminal charges. he couldn't very welcome out today and admit it. so he denied everything in terms of any potential charges against him. and the other thing is he is 63 years old. he thinks maybe in a few years things could change, conditions could change, something unexpected could happen and he might be able to run for office again. so that's what this resignation today was about. >> bret: which is truly amazing if you think about the media coverage of this governor lifting him up in covid, the really vaunted status, some people wanted him to run for president. then they were naming him, harold, as a vice presidential candidate.
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today, immediately following the resignation speech on another channel, there was this as by ron just mentioned a cuomo comeback. >> we know our world works it's amazing, the people we have seen make political comebacks. you know, you can't ever rule it out. he eventually did something that was -- that maybe over time will at least give him an opening to, oh, maybe, you know, not be a full pariah in the party say in three years, four years, five years. i expect in my lifetime andrew cuomo to probably run for office again. what that office is, i don't know. but that's what this resignation tells me today. >> bret: if we wait like one hour, maybe two hours before the cuomo comeback analysis, harold? >> look, thanks for having me on. you know, that's the kind of
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analysis who knows i don't know what will happen what the future holds for him or for any politician. i do know this though. it was democrats nationally and state and local new york democrats that eventually brought an end to his governorship right now. there are going to be those who quarrel with his resignation speech. at the end of the day, he resigned. it allows the state to move forward. it allows the new lieutenant governor to take over and manage the recovery, the surge, the covid-19 surge and tackle the crime and restore public safety across the state. it's important to note, democrats held him to the same standard that they have held others around these issues. and at the end of the day, it was the president, the speaker of the house, and washington, the speaker of the state assembly of new york, the senators and a whole host of democrats that said enough was enough. >> bret: here is just a review, kind of a montage to listen to. take a listen. >> i never touched anyone
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inappropriately. >> the independent investigation found that governor cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. >> some suffered through unwanted touching and grabbing of their most intimate body parts. >> the governor hugged executive assistant number one and reached under her blouse to grab her breast. >> i know the truth. he knows the truth. i know what happened. and so does he. >> the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing. and, therefore, that's what i'll do. >> bret: lieutenant governor kathy hokle takes over in 14 days the governor's mansion. not clear her influence in albany or how that will all transpire. any thoughts on the first female governor actually in new york taking the reins? >> i know very little about her. i want to say point about the media. because of the outsized presence
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of the media in new york, we were saturated with this coverage. and, you know, many more important issues are going on in this country the invasion of the southern border, crime, resolution of the schools. bret, i think you ought to suggest some of the mainly media might want to move to florida or some other state. this would be good in terms of differentiating a little bit. we know it's an echo chamber cbs has lunch with nbc and the "new york times." i don't think the governor of tennessee where harold is from or the governor of north carolina where i'm sitting made these pronouncements would have had nearly the affects. this is partly because of the incredible i object influence. new york, washington and l.a. disproportionate. >> any thoughts about the lieutenant governor and her prospects and dealing with albany which can be a tough place to make things happen? >> bret, are you talking to me?
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>> bret: yeah. >> i'm sorry. you broke up one second. i think she will have her handful. she apparently is reaching out to some of the current aides that may want to stay on. she has her own team. she has served in congress so she believes relationships with members of congress. as much as her hand will be full because it's happening to quickly. i think she is going to move into this position with experience, with the expertise and with the relationships to do well. the key will be a good relationship with the new new york city mayor which likely will be eric adams. >> bret: okay. panel, we will see you at the bottom of the show. thank you very much. ♪ >> bret: also breaking tonight president biden says the passing of the bipartisan infrastructure spending bill proves democracy still works in his words but before the ink is try on that measure, senate democrats are already pushing a $3.5 trillion domestic package that will incorporate elements of the green new deal, other things, child care, republicans characterize that as inflicting pain on the middle class without
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letting them have a say. white house correspondent peter doocy has the details tonight on all of that in the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> good evening, bret. a trillion dollars is a lot of money. it is a one with 12 zeros after it. it is a million million. and it is also just the starting point as the president hopes the government can lead the way in addressing things that matter most to progressives. >> this is transformational. >> and timely. >> some bridges are so weak that they couldn't have a fire truck go across it requiring the fire department to go 10, 12 miles out of the way to get just literally a mile away to put out a fire. >> sounds urgent but speaker pelosi won't take it up until the house passes an enormous $3.5 trillion budget first. >> he is going to work in lock step with speaker pelosi just as we have worked in lock step with leader schumer successfully over the last several weeks and months to get this done. >> the president is confident in
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the speaker. >> we'll get it done. i will get that. >> unlike the infrastructure package that enjoyed support from leading republicans -- >> -- i want to thank republican senate republican leader mitch mcconnell for supporting it -- this bill. >> no such support for the budget bill. >> senate democrats want to take their next big step toward playing russian roulette with our country. they want to begin pushing through a taxing and spending spree that was authored by self-describialist colleague chairman sanders. >> the president is trying to figure out how to get more people vaccinated. >> i understand that the lakely to get those move and vaccinated. >> has lawyers looking to see if he can intervene in states that dow jones enforce mask mandates. >> we are checking that but there are federal workforce i can. >> the feds were reportedly considering withholding funds from florida. >> obviously we don't want to hurt the people of florida but today the president focused less
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on the pandemic and more on a victory lap. >> i know a lot of people, some sitting in the audience here, didn't think this could happen. this bill is declared dead more often than -- anyway. >> the president doesn't usually host an event like that until there is a bill to sign. and there's not right now. this infrastructure package has only passed the senate, not the house. did he use his remarks though to talk up the value of bipartisanship which was definitely on display with infrastructure. but bipartisanship is not expected to be part of the next package, bret? >> bret: peter, even though there are talks about vaccine mandates underway. there is still no one nominated to head the fda. >> right. and there still is no fda final authorization full approval of the vaccine but the president said today he understand that is something that is driving vaccine hesitancy and even though the vaccination stats have been improving recently, he
3:18 pm
sees this final fda approval something that is going to get the numbers even higher and he says he hopes it comes in the next couple weeks. bret? >> bret: ominous day there on the north lawn of the white house. get inside. >> yeah. i don't think the heavy stuff coming down. >> bret: peter, thank you. up next, chicago police turn their backs on the mayor. we will tell you why. >> the police are not our enemy. >> now she has to pivot and be our best friend. it's too damn late.
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♪ ♪ >> bret: chicago police turning their back on democratic mayor lowe light foot, literally. several showed their contempt when the mayor came to the hospital after the murder of one officer and the critical wounding of another. correspondent garrett tenney has the story from chicago. >> the two chicago police officers shot on saturday never even drew their weapon before they were callously shot in the head. that's what a judge said today as pail was denied for the two brothers prosecutors say are responsible. amonth yea and eric morgan were out on bond for several cases and got the semi-automatic gun jamel dans buy charged with
3:23 pm
strawman. >> these are dangerous people don't mind killing officers or people in chicago. >> superintendent david brown said this weekend's shooting was a blow to the already low morale among cpd's rank and file. >> they feel alone, they feel unsupported. they feel like no one appreciates the work they do. that frustration was on display saturday night when more than two dozen officers turned their backs on mayor lori lightfoot during her visit to the hospital the injured officers were taken to. a demonstration the mayor's office tried to down play saying in a time of tragedy, emotions are run high and that is to be expected. the mayor spoke to a range of officers that tragic night and sensed the overwhelming sentiment was about concern for their fallen colleagues. but according to the head of the city's police union, the family of officer ella french's partner, who was shot, told the mayor they didn't want to see her and when she showed up, the officer's father, a recently retired cop himself, laid into her.
3:24 pm
essentially saying the blood of his son was on her hands. >>the officer's father gave her a piece of his mind. the officers up there all turned their back on the mayor and rightly so. it was the exclamation point to the sentiment that was outside on the street level. >> through july, nypd officers retired this year than in all of 2018 according to chicago's police pension board and that trend is one we are seeing in major cities throughout the country. bret? >> bret: gate tenney in chicago. thanks. pediatric cases of coronavirus are on the rise tonight. children's hospitals in louisiana, tennessee and florida are at or nearing capacity. washington, d.c. democratic mayor muriel bowser is requiring all district employees to be fully vaccinated. she says they have until september 19th. and on hypocrisy watch now, michigan democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib danced without a mask during an indoor wedding sunday. the event occurring in the county where the cdc is calling for indoor masking.
3:25 pm
this happened as congresswoman tlaib criticized kentucky republican senator rand paul after he encouraged americans to resist new cdc guidelines. tlaib's office is not commenting. texas governor greg abbott is asking for out-of-state help to fight the coronavirus resurgence. especially with hospitals. meanwhile school districts in several cities in texas are defying the governor and requiring students and staff to wear masks. senior correspondent casey stegall has the latest tonight from dallas. >> the san antonio leaders on tuesday joined the fight against texas governor greg abbott's emergency order had which prohibits local governments or school systems from creating their own covid mask and vaccine mandates. a lawsuit filed in state districts court essentially asks that power be restored at the local level when it comes to how communities establish their own pandemic protocols. mayor ron unrine inberg saying
3:26 pm
in a tweet unvaccinated kids shouldn't be forced to gamble with their lives while the deck is stacked against them. the suit targets face coverings in public schools arguing it should not be up to the governor to decide. at least two other school districts already defied dallas and austin school leaders said masks would still be required at all campuses for now. while other districts like fort worth -- >> we are not going to mandate mask-wearing. >> a similar battle is also being waged in the sunshine state after governor ron desantis put similar restrictions on public schools. >> there will be community spread when these children bring the virus home to their unvaccinated parents or unvaccinated neighbors. >> at least seven florida counties have either filed lawsuits or chosen to ignore the governor's order and create their own rules.
3:27 pm
today, desantis doubled down on his decision. >> if you believe in the masking during the school, you are free to do it. but if you are somebody that is concerned about that, that thinks that may not be the right thing for your child, then i think you should have the right to make that ultimate decision. >> governor greg abbott's press secretary telling fox news that the current health disaster has continued to change and so should the state's response. adding that the governor does, in fact, have full authority to issue executive orders in response to a disaster. bret? >> bret: casey stegall in dallas, casey, thanks. can you find nearby vaccine locations by going to stocks were mixed today. the dow gained 163, to post a new record close. the s&p 500 finished ahead 4. the nasdaq lost 72 today. up next, president biden goes up against his former boss over a controversial gas pipeline from
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3:32 pm
>> like to be able to halt the pipeline construction? of course, you bet. but that wasn't a realistic option. >> and so the biden administration cut a deal with germany, essentially allowing russia to complete the nord stream 2 gas pipeline in exchange for energy security projects in eastern europe. now overseeing that agreementian outspoken opponent of the pipeline and an official who has warned for years about these russian energy projects. >> we cannot have a dependence of a reasoning or a country on a neighbor for its most basic needs. >> he served in the obama state department as an energy envoy and then on the supervisory board of ukraine's state owned gas company. one congressional aide tells fox the appointment of a strong i'm pipeline opponent to oversee a deal allowing its construction is an attempt to soften an agreement congressional republicans and democrats have criticized.
3:33 pm
democratic senator jeanne shaheen says hock stein's experience makes him the right pick though the biden administration must address and the energy security risk posed by this pipeline. then the environmental impact of a russian pipeline delivering carbon energy to germany while the biden administration tries to cut emissions at home we need to pressure both. >> in this agreement with germany pipeline opponents point to two other american allies, ukraine and poland. their governments say this deal is insufficient and fails to prevent greater european energy depend dentsdz dense of vladimir putin's russia. bret? >> bret: rich edson at the state department. rich, thank you. tonight we have new exclusive video from the southern border. we see hundreds of migrants streaming into south texas even as the biden administration insist the border is still closed in their words and one of its top officials prepares for a visit thursday. chief correspondent jonathan
3:34 pm
hunt shows us tonight from mission, texas. >> almost every minute of every day border patrol agents are intercepting migrants who cross the rio grande. some hide in small groups. hoping and in this case failing to outwit the agents. others come in large groups. this one last night a startling sight, several hundred strong, their goal not to evade border patrol agents but to get picked up, processed and hope for asylum. it is a constant flow and the white house is also being pushed by mexico to remove pandemic related travel restrictions and fully open regular border crossings. that could potentially attract more migrants to those facilities. just as the biden administration says it is adopting new measures to try to emile rate the crisis such as expulsion flights deeper into the mexican interior and renewed attempts to avoid overcrowding at holding facilities here.
3:35 pm
>> newer steps that we have started to take which is moving migrants from one part of the border to another where there might be more processing capability or facility capacity to expel migrants. >> so far whatever the administration has tried has not worked. the number of migrant apprehensions has shot up rather than headed down. so much so that the 210,000 apprehensions in july represent a five fold increase over the same month in 2020. it is against that back drop that homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas will travel to south texas on thursday and the dhs meets with those working the frontlines. >> if the secretary speaks with any of the many border patrol agents who have spoken with us off camera here and if those agents are as candid with him as they have been with us, he will likely hear stories of frustration, exhaustion, even outright anger that more is not
3:36 pm
being done to stem the still rising tide of migrants crossing this border. bret? >> bret: jonathan hunt along the border in mission, texas. jonathan, thanks. up next a northern virginia school board holds its first meeting since things got a little crazy two month ago. first beyond our borders tonight. fire gas and bullets at protesters. resignation of the prime minister over the response to covid. and pressing for reforms in the monarchy. president biden says he will not change his afghanistan withdrawal strategy and that afghans have to fight for themselves in his words. this comes amid fresh warnings to taliban leaders in afghanistan. u.s. envoy khalilzad they risk becoming global pariahs of any military takeover of the capital of kabul even as the taliban is advancing. north korea denouncing the resumption of north korea south korea drills. the sister of kim jong un calls
3:37 pm
them invasion rehearsal and warning of possible preemptive reaction in response. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ n also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein.
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kidney alert! ckd often has no symptoms until it's too late! help protect your kidneys. call your doctor for a uacr test. it shows one of the earliest signs for ckd. visit! >> bret: breaking tonight a federal judge has ruled several indiana laws restricting abortion are unconstitutional including ban on tell medicine cults between doctors and women seeking abortions. upheld state abortion limits challenged in a broad lawsuit filed by virginia base whole women's health alliance in 2018 as it fought the denial of the license to open an abortion clinic south bend. we will follow this likely to the supreme court. the national security agency's internal watchdog says it will investigate allegations that the agency quote improperly targeted the communications of a member
3:42 pm
of the u.s. news media. this follows tucker carlson's claims the n is a tried to shut down his show conservatives have for weeks demanded an investigation into carlson's claim that a major u.s. spy agency targeted his program in any way. a northern virginia school board is holding its first meeting right now since the firing session in june we brought you. featured parents upset over a new transgender policy. correspondent anita vogel tells us what's happened tong in loudoun county, virginia. good evening, anita. >> well, good evening, bret. tonight the board is considering a number of policies about how to treat transgender students. and it is really dividing the community over what exactly is a priority. let's take a look at what's on the agenda tonight. first, whether children should be able to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice. second, whether to require teachers and students to call fellow students by their preferred pronoun and whether to allow students consistent with
3:43 pm
their gender i.d. to have access to participate in extracurricular activities including sports. right now inside the building they are taking a break. but when they come back, they may also talk about whether to allow students to keep their gender preference at school private from their parents if they choose. while a number of parents support all of these policies, others say somewhere in this social agenda education got lost. >> our kids are walking into these classrooms with social anxiety and challenges. you have done nothing except train teachers in cultural competency. what about our kids? >> it breaks my heart what has happened to this school board. >> i'm here to ask you to support 8040. vote for that policy because when we protect transstudents, gender nonconforming students and students of color, we
3:44 pm
protect all students. >> now the student got -- the district did got quite a lesson in how not to run a meeting back in june so they are doing a lot of things differently tonight. first of all, they have hired extra private security and they're limiting the number of parents who have allowed inside the building at one time to just 20. some parents have been speaking virtually but most are speaking in person. and you can really feel the extra security here so far people have been very passionate inside but also very calm. now, the board will plan to meet tonight as late as 10:00 p.m. but if they don't finish up this evening, then they will take a vote tomorrow. and very interesting, there is media here from all over the world. >> we have interested in what is happening in u.s. public education. there are crewing here from japan, from denmark and even sweden. bret, back to you. >> bret: international story. we will follow it anita, thanks. up next the panel on the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure
3:45 pm
bill by the senate. what comes next. first, here what happens some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight fox 32 in chicago where another round of severe storms is expected today. forecasters confirmed at least six tornadoes touched down monday. severe weather knocked down trees and power lines causing some outages. this is a lye look at st. louis from fox 2, the arch there, the big story there tonight, mers's 200th birthday. missouri became the nation's 24th state in 1821. ice cream socials are being held across the show me state. to celebrate the bicentennial. that's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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3:50 pm
was like somebody walked across the rotunda to the house and handed the squad a pen and piece of paper. >> historic investment in infrastructure is what i believe the american people want, what you have been asking for for a long, long time. this bill shows that we can work together. >> bret: it was significant, this passage of this infrastructure bill today. the vote alone was a statement you had 69 senators voting yea, 30 nay. again, a bipartisan piece of legislation; however, this is how the "new york times" looks at it going forward. the measure faces, quote: a potentially rocky and time consuming path in the house where speaker nancy pelosi and a majority of the nearly 100 member progressive caucus have said they will not vote on it unless and until the senate pass as separate and even more ambitious $3.5 trillion in the
3:51 pm
fall that could put the infrastructure bill on hold for weeks if not months. not exactly the finish line as of yet. back with our panel harold ford jr. bill bennett and by by on y. crazy federal spending, congress has already passed into march signed in law by the president, a $1.9 trillion covid relief bill they want to add the $3.5 trillion on top of that. i don't think they are going to get it i don't think they will get all 3.5 trillion, but they are going to get a lot. so we may be looking at 5 plus 5 plus trillion dollars in extra spending this year. and democrats have pulled it off
3:52 pm
without having a majority of seats in the senate. it's tied 50/50. and if they're able to pull off five or $6 trillion in extra spending, that's astonishing accomplishment with terrible, terrible repercussions for the economy. >> bret: just makes you think back to that georgia run-off election with the two senate seats and what happened there as far as losing that and losing the majority and what that meant going forward. but, talking about this bill bill bennett there is that doubt there needs to be infrastructure around the country. by tying it to separate bill. you work for ronald reagan and he said you have got to take the win. you have to take loaf, that's a risk across the finish line. >> former member harold close observer by ron i do think they risk that very much so.
3:53 pm
they had 19 this mopster 3.5, $3.7 trillion vehicle they will use to get this monster through that they will pair it down, satisfy their conscious that way manchin and sinema and still have this huge thing. they have priscilla the house, progressives, and the senate they have got sinema and -- sinema and manchin those are serious obstacles to navigate. >> bret: you know, harold, we talk about this in the way of the senate and looking at those moderates, kirsten sinema and joe manchin, there are others, warner from virginia, kaine from virginia there are others who have problems with big deficit debt numbers. but why isn't it phrased the other way? why isn't the pressure on house speaker pelosi to put this bill now passed the senate on the
3:54 pm
floor for up or down vote. >> i think we are moving there imi agree with just about everything byron york and bill bennett have said. the highway bill transportation bill with eisenhower passed along with the help of the very first al gore. al gore's father who was a u.s. senator. done in a bipartisanship way. hopefully we build legislative muscle and memory how to address big things maybe they will deal with crime and immigration and how we more easily distribute economic growth urban and rural america alike. to your direct question, bret, the pressure does move to the house. speaker pelosi has proven to be very adept, an adept legislator, we shall see. thee got the healthcare bill passed for obama and it sounded today like president biden was asking in the kindness and most
3:55 pm
strenuous of ways pass this fracture bill. >> bret: with no strings attached, perhaps. we will see, panel. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines with you all. ♪ ♪
3:56 pm
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♪ ♪ >> bret: finally tonight a lightning look at the headlines with the panel. bill, first to you. >> you stole my thunder loudoun county parents here is the bulletin loudoun county parents believe sex differences male and female are real and fundamental. they took on critical race theory now they are taking on something maybe even more explosive. they are brave people. >> bret: all right, harold? >> first happy 200 to missouri but my headline is the country wins with bipartisanship passing of infrastructure plan. >> bret: byron? >> white house seeks to clarify. biden's statement to governor cuomo did, quote, a hell of a job. i don't think we will hear the
4:00 pm
president repeating that one. >> bret: we have heard that before from presidents. thank you all, panel. appreciate it thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for "special report." fair, balanced unafraid. "fox news primetime." "fox news primetime" hosted by lawrence jones starts right now. thank you,. >> lawrence: lawrence good evening, bret and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> lawrence: i'm lawrence jones and sometimes when you love something, you've got to let it go. >> new york tough means new york loving. and i love new york. and i love you. and everything i have ever done has been motivated by that love. and i would never want to be unhelpful in any way and i think that given the circumstances the best way can i