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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 10, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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up for your country? no, they voted for pete buttigieg's fake infrastructure bill. that's it for us. a new book. it's a pretty good book called "the long slide." order it from tuckercarlson have a great evening. >> sean: the reckless spending on capitol hill, it continues, yeah, though rino republicans that you just heard. information skyrocketing. we are stealing money from our own children. republicans are helping to enable it. the $1 trillion down payment on the green new deal just passed the senate with republican support. senator john kennedy said the bill was full of stupid stuff. keep in mind the 1 trillion is in addition to the 600 billion already spent on top of the
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3.5 trillion the democrats will use the reconciliation project to show that down america's throat. that's coming up next. senator kennedy has all the details. he will join us in a moment. the great one, mark within, he will react to joe biden's puzzling behavior, cuomo, and much more. today upon his return from an extended weekend in delaware a very frail, weak, cognitively struggling joe seemingly had trouble finding the door. to the white house. my name is joe biden. someone needs to put in his pocket "i live at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, washington, d.c. "i go and what door? slowly he meanders across the yard but we with night top story. not really a surprise. but in some ways it is. andrew cuomo stays as governor of new york officially numbered after a bombshell investigation by the near state
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attorney general determined andrew cuomo was a serial abuser who violated state and federal law, cuomo saw the writing on the wall and his resignation effective two weeks from today. during up speech, the near posted trial set was insulting and self-serving, cuomo proclaimed he accepts full responsibility before listing all the reasons why he's not responsible for anything. take a look. >> i take full responsibility for my actions. i've been too familiar with people. my sense of humor can be insensitive and off-putting. i do hug and kiss people casually. women and men. i have done it all my life. it's who i've been since i can remember.
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in my mind, i've never crossed the line with anyone. but i didn't realize the extent to which the lien has been redrawn. >> sean: according to reports, cuomo stepping down because he had no other options, the walls were closing and the governor was a most completely abandoned by his friends and political allies. i have questions if he even had any as he made enemies of many, many people. the washington swamp, at least one person was deeply concerned by today's news despite calling on him to resign just last week, joe biden complained that this was all so sad. sad because cuomo, he had done a hell of a job. >> how would you assess his tendon and a year's as governor? >> in terms of his personal behavior when he has done as a governor? >> what he has done as a
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governor. >> histone hell have a job. on everything on access to voting to infrastructure, the whole range thing or less, that's why it's so sad. >> did you really say he's done a quote hell of a job." >> the question is, did he did it -- to be do a good job on infrastructure? >> as governor. >> no, the question was. correct me if i'm wrong. >> outside of his personal behavior. >> outside of his personal behavior. >> can you separate the two? >> i was asked a specific question. >> sean: caitlin collins was right. hell of a job. what about the thousands of seniors who are dead because of cuomo's insane executive order decision that put covid patients in nursing homes while leaving the coban hospitals that donald trump built for them 80%
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empty. the biggest hospital ever built at the javits center. the hospital navy ship. what about the ensuing cover-up when cuomo allegedly tried to hide the true number of nursing home deaths, according to a whistle-blower to keep that information from the department of justice. what about the fact that new york state is home to the second-highest covid-19 death rate in the entire country. what about his crushing taxes? what about the crumbling infrastructure, the rampant public corruption, apparently it's just the allegations of sexual misconduct that troubled joe biden. well, that's pretty incredible considering that joe biden himself, he's been credibly accused of sexual misconduct. one former congressional aide, tara reade, claiming biden violently sexually assaulted her on capitol hill the 1990s. today she called on a real investigation into joe biden. a serious investigation from america so-called media mob's an
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independent fact-checkers, not likely. joe biden, the candidate was in the candidate protection program. now he's in the media mob, big tip -- big tech mob program. they are determined to protect joe biden at all costs. needless to say cuomo is not currently enjoying those same protections and with trump out of office and allegations swirling, cuomo's value to the democratic party if there ever really was and he is now diminished. he is no longer the savior of the left. the fawning coverage is gone and so cuomo might even face criminal charges. cuomo joins the last two new york democratic governors that left office in disgrace. the question as well andrew cuomo if a state or federal charges? here with the reaction from the well, legal side of things is fox news legal ns gregg jarrett. this is something you have researched extensively. to me it was not a question of if he would stay or go, i
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thought it was inevitable he would go. the question is on the legal side, and what do you say, if you have to try each case individually, we are talking about 13 women, you've got the civil side of it. i am talking more about the legal side. this executive assistant number one they gave cvs the interview, i think it came off as incredibly credible to me. so my question is if the law is broken and a woman tells her story and they don't allow testimony of these other cases, does it become the quintessential he said-she said? >> it does put a competent and credible accuser is sufficient by itself. to bring a case until we win case. two words: harvey weinstein. his resignation today, andrew cuomo's resignation, changes nothing legally. there is nothing in the state constitution that prohibits the legislature from proceeding with
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an impeachment trial. today when he announced his resignation, a cheer went up in the state assembly. lawmakers on record say they want to continue within the impeachment trial if for no other reason that upon conviction it would prevent him from holding future office. handy andy has bigger legal woes than that. there are five district attorneys who are conducting criminal investigations in their jurisdiction related to andy cuomo. the most serious accusation is in albany where as you pointed out, his chief accuser says he molested her, fondled and groped her, he lifted her blouse against her will and fondled her breast. the d.a. will be looking at forcible touching, sexual assault and battery as well as criminal harassment. the only cascading sex scandal, there are other investigations
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that are criminal. there is a federal investigation into whether he cooked the books and lied about those nursing home deaths you were talking about in order to prevent department of justice probe. using deception to thwart the pending federal investigation is called obstruction of justice. it could also be false statements. it could also be perjury. beyond that, sean, there's the state investigation into whether he secretly exploited government workers for his own use to write and edit a book for which he was paid $5 million. the conversion of government resources for personal financial gain is called corruption. it's a crime on the street. it's known as theft. finally, let's not forget about all the 11 accusers who were eligible to file lawsuits for money, damages against cuomo and the state of new york for all of
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the reasons, sexual harassment, retaliation, hostile workplace, ratified by the state attorney general in a 165 page report which he said is evidence cuomo violated state and federal laws egregiously. to the reign of terror by andrew cuomo may be over but his legal problems are just beginning. >> sean: let me go to the doj on the nursing home issue because they decided to give new york, new jersey, pennsylvania, michigan a pass in terms of the executive action putting positive covid patients in nursing homes resulting in tens and tens of thousands of innocent people needlessly dying. i guess the attorney general is busy. merrick garland, because he's out there going after georgia's election law, you know, the one
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that allows accessibility while ignoring the law in delaware where there's little accessibility to voting. seems like the department of justice under joe biden is now politicized, am i wrong? >> i think it's the most politicized doj i have seen in decades. merrick garland, by the way, is not going to win those lawsuits against states over their new voting rules because they mimic the rules in blue states. as to dropping the civil rights cases against governors, including cuomo, for the nursing home deaths, that's only to the executive decision. it does not pertain to the cover-up, and lying to the government and cooking the books about the true numbers of nursing home deaths, as i say, that could will be obstruction of justice. that's a crime. >> sean: a whistle-blower actually said that was the
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reason that didn't give out the numbers. instead of admitting what they knew two months later this is a bad policy, it's not working and doing the right thing and adjusting to changing the policy, no, they just decided to cover it up and get a book deal. all right, gregg, thank you. also tonight, while many on the left are suddenly eager to denounce andrew cuomo, others just can't shake their deep affection for the new york embattled governor. today a likely teary-eyed alan baldwin bravely tweeting "regardless of what you think of cuomo, this is a tragic day. party politics in this country draw ambitious but ultimately isolating even socially maladjusted men and women who have given the current cancel cultural likely have their shortcomings exposed and magnified. i wonder if alec baldwin would offer a similar level of compassion for donald trump or any republican. just asking the question. meanwhile, don't call it a comeback. we have nbc's chuck todd who is
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already plotting governor cuomo's return to public life. he things it can happen. take a look. >> part of the punishment he was convicted in an impeachment trial would've been no longer being able to serve in office in the state of new york. i think cuomo believes he can live another day. his career was either permanently over our almost permanently over and he chose the path of almost permanently over, the resignation gives him, we know the way our world works. it's amazing the people we have seen make political comebacks. you can never rule out. >> sean: eliot spitzer, didn't he get a job on fake news cnn. i don't remember. not to be outdone, the face of "the washington post," jennifer rubin, sidestepped cuomo's resignation slaney new york is about to have its first woman governor evers. new york's lieutenant governor will take over for cuomo in two weeks. here with reaction, fox news
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senior meteorologist janice dean. she has tirelessly worked to hold andrew cuomo accountable ever since her own in-laws, that's right, father and mother-in-law died from covid-19 in this nursing home scandal along with fox news contributor joe concha. fox news contributor, former arkansas governor, mike huckabee. janice, we'll start with you. you were as surprised and then you actually need to comment that you never thought this day would happen. you are in a state of shock. you thought it was some divine intervention and he's going to blame everybody else today. >> i really did. i thought he was going to follow his own playbook which is blame, blame, blame. "the new york post" and fox news, god, mother nature, the women. not him of course. just a misunderstanding from these women who we groped. that's what i thought he was going to do today. and then he started to say well, you know, i want new yorkers to
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be tough and i love new yorkers and i love this states i think instead of an impeachment, i'm going to resign. i was shocked but i'll tell you this. yesterday we had all morel for my in-laws. finally after after a year and a half and not evil to have a wake or funeral or last rites or see them before they died and we had it at shawn's father's firehouse, 323. for 23 years he was a firefighter. my husband said wouldn't it be interesting if the governor resigned today? we thought about it. that happened today but i am grateful because yesterday was about my in-laws and i didn't wanted to to be about andrew cuomo. >> sean: interesting points. governor, as you look at this from not just a political standpoint but the legal case that gregg jarrett very articulately laid out on a whole series of issues, that to me is the vulnerability now andrew cuomo. i knew it was pretty inevitable
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when every democrat in new york condemned him then walked away from him. i am that pretty much he didn't have any friends by the end of it. he didn't have many friends for years apparently. the question is, do you see the department of justice doing their job? do you think the people of new york are capable of equal justice and application of our laws? >> let me first of all just say to janice, i'm so glad that there has been at least a piece of justice, not full justice. a piece of it. even though it has not been adjudicated yet about the nursing home deaths in the cover-up of the nursing home deaths, thank god for janice dean and her relentless pursuit of the truth. without her, i don't think this day would have happened. >> sean: by the way, governor. let me add to that. i want to say i agree with you. but i will tell you, we have to get to the nursing home issue. this has to be gotten to the
6:17 pm
bottom of. >> and i think there's more than the nursing home issue. there is also, did his staff help write that book for which he was paid over $5 million? that's a major scandal. there's a lot of things and i don't the national department of justice at the washington level will do anything. i just don't think joe biden's doj is going to pursue him. here's what i think might happen. it may happen in new york between the legislature and the attorney general. here's why. andrew cuomo he has spent years making enemies. they were afraid to fight back. by keeping much just rained on everybody's parade. he was a bully. that's why he got away with this with women so long. if, in fact, everything they said is true. because they were afraid, afraid of him. they're not anymore and nobody is. not the legislators.
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the other officials. this idea that he may come back, that's nonsense. there's a silver bullet in it, a stake in the heart. this is a vampire that will not come back out at night. i think there could be some serious repercussions that will happen in new york but not at the federal level unfortunately. >> sean: joe, what's your take on it? >> let me first condemn janice dean as well. she was alone vessel more than a year ago in the spring of 2020 talking about the nursing home scandal when very few in the media wouldn't i'm old enough to remember a spokesperson for andrew cuomo going after janice dean directly, someone who lost her in-laws, saying stick to the weather please. guess who's getting the last laugh now? janice, great job sticking with that when very few in this business would do that in standing up for your principles and knowing what was right. as for chuck todd, only the
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political director of nbc news and the moderator of meet the press. how could he make this statement sober? "cuomo eventually did something that maybe over time will at least give him an opening to may be not be a full pariah, say, and three, four or five years and perhaps he can make a comeback." in opening where exactly? as president of the raccoon lodge? governor of the rings for seniors association? andrew cuomo 32020, very few political allies? still an ongoing investigation for the nursing home scandal. sexual harassment allegations from 11 women don't vanish. they are sticky. chuck todd has a comeback could happen. that sound you just heard, that's the great tim russert rolling over in his grave. you're not going to see andrew cuomo running and winning anything ever again. it can't happen given everything we just laid out. he could be charged criminally in bed the time this is all done. >> sean: janice, it's
6:20 pm
appropriate we give you the last word. i like what the governor said and joe said, he still lost your in-laws. what you went through this week sounds awful. my question is, what was your reaction at joe biden saying "hell of a job he did." that came out of nowhere to me. >> i thought it was a tape from last year when he was wanting cuomo to be his ag. i couldn't believe that it was from today. i would like president joe biden or jen psaki to give me a call and i will give them a rundown of all the things this governor did wrong that led to the deaths of thousands of seniors and may be if they listen to that, they might have a different opinion. >> sean: tens of thousands when relook at the four states that followed his lead. he was first. then you have pennsylvania and new jersey and michigan. people died needlessly including your in-laws. thank you all. when we come back in a more reckless spending inside the
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>> sean: the weak and frail and ever struggling joe biden continues to talk about everything except the super-spreader event at the southern border, covid rules for the but not for him. anyway or me. as the saying goes. or the migrants that seem to be biden and harris' agenda. they want your kids masked up. we have mask mandates, vaccine mandates. they want you masked up indoors even if you're vaccinated. the nih director evincing last week he wants moms and dads wearing masks at home. they want you to show your papers if you want to go to work
6:26 pm
or eat at a restaurant or a sporting event or pretty much anywhere. look at your screen. even joe biden, see him right there? he's not even following his own white house mask rules. will ask again. you need vaccine proved to eat a new york city restaurant but not to cross into the country illegally. let that sink in for a second. wow. you can come in illegally, no vaccine mandate, no mask mandate, no mandate whatsoever. here with reaction, author of still the number one "new york times" best seller, number one on amazon right now. it's been number one for weeks on end. it's on pace to the sell well a million copies in just four weeks. he's the host of life liberty and living here at the fox news channel. he's a nationally syndicated radio host. he's also one of my best friends. i have been calling the great one forever, mark levin is with us, oh great one, i'm going to
6:27 pm
tell you why your book is doing so well. i'm going to tell you as an outsider that a friend. this is a book, this is a call to your fellow patriots, we choose liberty. they are at a tipping point. this country is at a tipping point. the best chapter i think you've written in your life and you are an incredible writer, the last chapter of this book and that is the road map back, how do we win? we choose liberty. it's in that book, "american marxism. ." graduations. and i have a lot to say. >> thank you. we choose liberty. the 19 republicans in the senate chose tierney. biden shows his tyranny in every single democrat lockstep is for tierney. how many people know what's in that 2700 page document that just passed today? with the 19 republicans.
6:28 pm
we have more internet, social media, independent journalists and you have to dig to find out. government by omnibus, massive bills, massive spending, massive deficits, massive expansion of wealth for his tyranny. you want to see your congressman and senator, good luck question like you want to call them up this bill? what are you going to say to that was released to you. we had 19 republicans who supported it before the democrat staffers even finished writing it. the congressional budget office that works for congress said there's at least a quarter of a trillion dollars in this that's not paid for. if you're in the private sector running a company, you've conducted your accounting business this way, you would go to prison for life. this wouldn't be a joke no matter how righteous he sounded. these republican senators, i blame them. these are mcconnell republicans. they think they're doing something for the people. they are destroying our currency. they are destroying our finances. they are destroying our economy. 23% of this bill was for heart
6:29 pm
infrastructure. there's all kinds of junk in this bill. they push up the debt. every household in america owes the federal government must a court of a billion dollars with this additional infrastructure bill. almost every household in america. they've got all kinds of crucially important things in here. they are creating a new department that promotes female truck drivers. they have a digital equity act, internet access for prisoners, what else? federal funding of local projects called traffic calming. ever heard of traffic calming and road diets? the intentional creation of traffic jams by pete buttigieg so you'll take public transportation. they have all sorts of stuff in here, the bill doesn't directly impose a federal miles traveled tax on cars. it provides a hundred 25 million to encourage states and localities to tax every mile you drive. it goes on and on and on. it undermines our notion of
6:30 pm
republicanism. it's fiscally utterly irresponsible. those 19 republicans who voted for it led by mcconnell, these are mcconnell republicans, 19, 30 voted against, 19 of them, you know what they did? they laid the foundation for what they say is a $3.5 trillion bill coming next. it's 5.5 trillion. you know what's in there? i'll tell you. there is a there's free day care, free prekindergarten, free community college, student loan forgiveness. making permanent the $300 weekly but was temporary bonus on appointment payment. you know what else is in their question what they're going to expand medicare and medicaid. covering dental care! vision care! hearing care and medicare is supposed to go broke. medicare is supposed to go broke according to the trustees. if not by 2024, no later than 2026. they're going to push it over the cliff. it's already in deficit, long-term $55 trillion.
6:31 pm
they are destroying our constitutional system. they are destroying our border. they are destroying our economic system. they are destroying our classrooms. they are destroying everything they touch and i'll say it again and i said it before. joe biden is a human pandemic. his party is as radical as it gets and let me tell you something else pretty brought up the book. these various american marxist movements whether it's critical race theory, whether it's the growth movement dressed up as climate change. the open borders. do you know in the next bill that comes forward, they want to give a pathway to citizenship to 13 million illegal aliens. you know what else no one talking about? once they get citizenship there's something called chain migration. then we are going to have another round of amnesty with all the people biden is bringing in right now. this is a colossal disaster. let me say this. i can sit here and whine about it. we all can. we need to galvanize. we need to rally.
6:32 pm
we need to understand what's going on. republicans who sell out, who don't get what's swelling around for a few bridges and tunnels need to go! write down those 19 republicans, assuming some of them are going to run for reelection. we have to have a new party movement, reagan revolution, trump revolution, gingrich revolution. that's the point of the book, american marxism. if we don't to the grassroots in our neighborhoods and communities, stand up for our own liberty and embrace some of these strategies and in my book or that you may have, we are gone. they win. with a 50/50 senate. no mandate. majority of the house, no mandate. they win. so we better wake the hell up. i'm done. >> sean: "american marxism", mark levin.
6:33 pm
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>> sean: the democrats grain new deals socialist fantasy they are one step closer to reality. as we've been telling you 19 senate republicans pretty much got suckered, made a bag deal, they joined democrats to pass more than $1 trillion far left spending spree under the guise of so-called infrastructure and bipartisanship. now the bipartisanship is democrats didn't have to give in on anything because they are going to put it in the reconciliation bill that's to follow that will not be bipartisan. which will be 3.5 trillion.
6:38 pm
so basically they give a phony appearance that they are bipartisan when they are not. infrastructure used to mean roads and bridges and tunnels. now they want the new definition of infrastructure, new green deal socialism, human infrastructure. what's actually in the bill? for example the bill would create a pilot program to study a federal vehicle miles fee. okay, meaning it actually lamented you be taxed more for getting behind the wheel as if the gas taxes aren't enough. oh, and are truckers going to get taxed too? what do you think's going to happen to the price of goods and services that we pay for? everything you buy in every star that's delivered by a truck? how much more inflation, and possibly create? human infrastructure? well, that's dishing out billions of so-called renewable energy initiatives. you know, electric car chargers, electric school buses, tens of
6:39 pm
billions more for climate change mitigation. it includes billions for a digital equity program, whatever the hell that means, there's so much underneath the hood that has nothing to do with building better airports, roads, bridges, tunnels. but it will add hundreds of billions of dollars frankly trillions to the budget deficit. don't forget progressives in the house have already said they won't take up the bill unless the senate passes for $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package which is expected to include amnesty. here to break all of it down and all of add all of it up is louisiana senator john kennedy. we have the 600 billion already spent, 1.2 trillion bipartisan moon, 3.5 trillion that will be rammed down america's throat unless joe manchin or senator sinema step up in all 50
6:40 pm
republicans hold the line. seems like a fait accompli. maybe i'm too pessimistic, senator. >> sean, i am disappointed. in my opinion we republicans in the senate keep finding new ways to lose, to lose on policy and to lose on politics. opposing president biden's infrastructure bill should've been a fat guy lay up. it take me two hours to outline its deficiency. from the bottom of my heart, i mean it. it's real swamp stuff. they told us that it was about real infrastructure. it wasn't. calling this bill and infrastructure bill is like
6:41 pm
calling anthony weiner a saint. there's more green new deal on well for them this bill and envision her. they told us the bill was paid for. they told us the bill wouldn't raise taxes. it does. they told us the bill wouldn't contribute to inflation and higher prices. it will. they told us that this bill if we passed the infrastructure bill would make it harder to pass president biden's companion bill, the four to $5 trillion tax and spending binge reconciliation act that we are debating right now. it will make it easier to pass that. as you pointed out, speaker pelosi is so excited about the infrastructure bill, she is thinking about merging the two bills in the house. i'm telling you, the democrats desperately wanted this infrastructure bill. they wanted it like and acts
6:42 pm
wants of turkey. they want of it like ben wants j.lo. we got outmaneuvered. intelligence was chasing us and we got beat. >> sean: chuck schumer didn't -- his agenda. he said he was going to follow it up with the reconciliation 3.5 trillion. he didn't hide it. he was outspoken, up front about it for once. >> let me give you one example. louisiana gets $110 million for real infrastructure and new money in the bill. we also have to pay $130 million a year in new taxes on our petrochemical industry. we are going backwards here. chuck schumer gets $12 billion for one single project in addition everything else. one single tunnel in new york.
6:43 pm
chuck gets ten times more money for one project and my people get over ten years. it's a dumpster fire. one other point, we are fighting with schumer, senator schumer, over raising the debt limit. our position is look, it's your debt, chuck. you raise the debt limit. but by passing this bill which created at least 250, may be $400 million worth of debt and passing the american frontier act which i have talked about with you before, that means that republicans voted for between 600 and $800 million worth of new debt and chuck is going to throw that right back in his face. he's a shrewd politician. i don't see the win policy wise or politically. >> sean: on question is, is
6:44 pm
there any signs of hope? pelosi has got her own problems because we really need three democrats to switch and republicans could stop it in house. usually house republicans don't book the leadership. you have the squad that's really been leading the effort behind the scenes. do you see all 50 republicans standing together to stop this reconciliation bill? that means lisa murkowski, the 19 that we mentioned, that means mitt romney, that means ben sasse. are they going to support this bill? are they -- or are they going to hold strong? will any democrats jump over? >> maybe i'm naive but i do believe that we will hold together on the reconciliation bill. i do. if i come back, if i'm allowed to come back and apologize for making that prediction. we better.
6:45 pm
we better. >> sean: the next question, will be 50 democrats, will they stay united? >> oh, yes. oh, yes. >> sean: so we lose in the senate. >> yes, yes. >> sean: america loses. >> senator schumer, let's face it, the democrats stick together much better than the republicans. on this infrastructure. if senator schumer told my democratic friends to join the taliban and, they would say where's the line question like they would be together. >> sean: senator kennedy of louisiana. we appreciate it. when we come back, we have an exclusive, shocking report. sara carter at the border and dana loesch weigh in on what's really happening the lies that are told every day about what they say is not happening at the border when it is. we'll give you the truth the media mob will never give you,
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>> sean: another day, a complete disaster overwhelming authorities of the biden-harris super-spreader event, our southern border, covid infected illegal immigrants are being released into the interior of the country code according to some border officials the infecf illegal immigrants is as high as 20% and get this, one member of a catholic charity told cbs news that the number of illegal immigrants testing positive for covid is overwhelming. it's not even enough room for them and actual buildings. all of this biden-harris budget border neglect has residence in south texas and all across the southern border at their breaking point.
6:51 pm
they spoke out to our investigative reporter. we've been down there the entire time pretty much. sara carter. take a look. >> would scare the death out of me as the unassuming citizen, you hear the narrative that they are going to quarantine these people, they are going toe wearing ppe, they are going to be guarded in some way. they are not. it's alive. i watched it being broken constantly and it was just me popping in for 15 minutes on a random day. >> especially during covid it seems like a very risky game to leave the border wide open. >> wide open and exposing all of us and like i said, we have compassion, we are not saying we don't. at the same time, this is in our backyard. what about our children? what are family question right >> what did you say to the president? >> i would say to the present we are now in the biggest super-spreader event of covid in this world. right here on the border. it's a huge super spread or
6:52 pm
event. we are dying. please help us. you're doing this to us. >> sean: sara carter, investigative reporter, joins us now with nationally syndicated radio host dana loesch. sarah, let's start with okay, being told that vaccine mandates, mask mandates, indoor mask mandates, even if your vaccinated mandates. but yet they're not even testing people. they are making the claim in the administers that they are testing people. that's not true, is it? >> no, it's not, sean. i've been talking to not only the residence but border patrol agents as well as others who are on the ground, other officials here in mcallen, texas, as well as mission. what they are telling me is that a majority of people aren't being tested at all. they are being put on buses, we just watched over the last hour seven busloads, seven busloads of migrants, large buses, taking migrants from the border, roughly 2 miles from where i'm standing off to being
6:53 pm
processed. many of these migrants are left at the at cafeterias. they are being dropped off at bus stops. they are being housed in motels at the area. residents are frustrated and angry. they say they've been abandoned by the administration and they say that it's a nonpartisan issue. this is an issue democrats and republicans all have to get behind because it's the american people, the residence here that are being exposed to covid and whose national security is at stake. >> sean: the cdc last week said even fully vaccinated people are not protected against getting this variant, the delta variant. okay, that's a game changer. if you run the numbers, those 20% numbers are correct, we could expect anywhere from 400,000 to 500,000 people crossing the border illegally with covid and they are disbursed to the rest of the country exponentially people are going to get sick and die, aren't they? >> yeah.
6:54 pm
and what's more and sara has done a great job reporting on this issue, one of the things i've been hearing from an affiliate in mcallen is that the numbers for the illegal entrants coming across the border, if those individuals test positive, texas department of health wasn't exactly forthcoming with me about this when we reached out to them but apparently it's being questioned as to whether or not those numbers are being added to the overall county totals. remember when we talk about transmission increase in transmission rate, you have to think that elsewhere in the country and in texas, democrats are fighting to push mass mandates on kids in schools, lockdown, economic lockdown, business lockdowns based on those sorts of members. i think the texas department of health as well as other counties in and around the united states need to be really forthcoming about the numbers and about the totals because if we're going to be penalized for an increase in transmission rate based on individuals illegally crossing the border who are testing
6:55 pm
positive, i think we have a right to know that especially if we are going to suffer the consequences of it. >> sean: i think so. sara, in the few seconds that we have left, you've seen up close and personal. our people being tested? how many people have you even been helping in the course that you pretty much know they have covid? >> yeah, you're right, sean. when you're out here in the elements, there's no other choice but to help people especially when they are struggling and when they are sick. you have to put yourself second. you have to put them first. there's a lot of people out here being exposed. border patrol agents are being exposed everything the day and first responders. the government needs to do something. they need to pay attention to the people here in mcallen. >> sean: they are disbursed to the rest of the country. thank you, sara. thank you, dana. you wouldn't believe what a member of the squad was caught doing over the weekend. we've got the video.
6:56 pm
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>> sean: hypocrite of the day, squad member congresswoman tlaib's spotted maskless. the video comes on the day she was critical of senator rand paul for speaking out against new cdc guidelines, the same one she's not adhering to. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham killing it, takes over. >> laura: hannity, i think she actually went to the barack obama school of dance. none of these people can dance. no, i'm not going to dance on camera. >> sean: let me see you dance. wait, whoa, whoa, that would be really high ratings. i love to see you dance on camera. >> laura: only when you do. >> sean: hell will freeze over. i have done juul on camera. i'm not dancing on camera. >> laura: awesome. we will do the dance video show and tell as the weeks go on, okay? i'm going