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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 11, 2021 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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done and we all know why. look, i understand -- no, look, we spent over a trillion dollars. look, look, the lesson learned is being willing to talk and listen. zzckgutfeld. jillian: a fox news alert, we are following two major breaking stories this morning. first, new york governor andrew cuomo resigning in disgrace. todd: in washington, democrats are pushing more massive spending after the senate clear's biden's infrastructure plan. plan. some republicans say the price tag already crosses the line. >> calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like -- it's like calling anthony weiner a saint. there's more green new deal and welfare in this bill than infrastructure.
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they told us the bill is paid for. it isn't. they told us the bill wouldn't raise taxes. it does. they told us the bill wouldn't contribute to inflation and higher prices. it will. jillian: you're watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning, i'm jillian mele. todd: i'm todd piro. griff jenkins is live in the nation's capital breaking down the democrats' spending spree. we go to marianne farr e -- rafferty live. >> reporter: andrew whoa mow cuo maintains he never sexually harassed anyone. >> i never crossed the line with anyone but i didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. the best way i can help now is if i step aside.
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>> reporter: accuser lindsey boilen baffled at cuomo's continued denial. i simply asked that he stop his abusive behavior. it became clear he was unable to do that, instead attacking and blaming victims until the end. the governor's brother, chris cuomo, saying silent as he is peppered with questions about the scandal in this video obtained by fox news. >> have you spoken to your brother today, sir? did you advise him to step down? do you believe the women's stories? did you counsel your brother to malign them? >> reporter: president biden questioned about the scandal, raising eyebrow as he appears to praise the disgraced governor. >> can you really say that he has done, quote, a hell of a job, if he is accused of sexually harassing women. >> should he remain as governor is one question and women should
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be believed. the question is, did he do a good job on infrastructure. >> can you separate the two? >> i'm trying to ask a specific question. >> reporter: jen psaki later clarified the remarks. he reiterated his support for women who come forward. despite the resignation, a criminal investigation will be ongoing, the lieutenant governor kathy hochul will address new yorkers today as she prepares to step interher role as governor. todd: with that let's bring in assemblyman, angelo santa barbara. despite the resignation, do you expect the impeachment to go forward. >> the resignation allows the state to go forward. we need a governor that can have a collaborative relationship with the state legislature. clearly, governor cuomo is not
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that person. we have a lot of work to do, a lot of challenges ahead. the resignation doesn't give us the accountability. the judiciary committee, the impeachment investigation needs to be completed because the ag's report is certainly a start but it only looks at the sexual harassment charges. but when you look at what the assembly and judiciary committee is looking at, it's much more than that. they're focusing on delays in releasing the nursing home data, the use of government resources for his book deal, the improper use of covid testing for family and friends in the inner circle and the list goes on and on. there were threats against my colleague, ron kim, and other members of the legislature. there's a lot more work going into the judiciary committee's investigation. i think they were charged to complete that investigation, they should do that. they should present their findings to the state assembly,
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to the entire body and we will draw our conclusions from that, to what the next steps should be and impeachment should absolutely be on the table. we should not remove that option. that should be one of the option ofs when we receive the report and get the information. jillian: as we move forward, what does the future look like under the lieutenant governor in new york? >> well, i'm from upstate new york, i'm from a small town, rotterdam, new york. she is the first upstate governor in more than 100 years. i had hoped that the future -- i have hopes that the future will be much better for the executive chamber so i think that as i said we have a lot of work to do. we have a lot of challenges ahead. we do have to work on reforming the executive chamber. there is a lot to look at. one of the bills that i have is to look at officials that are impeached and in regards to pensions, walking away with a
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pension even after impeachment but there is much more to be reformed in the governor's office itself so i think there's an opportunity to do that. so we need to look at that. i think working together, we need a collaborative relationship. there was clearly a persistent pattern of abuse and in the governor's office and that's what made his service no longer tenable. in fact, it was a distraction from the important business of government. but what we need is some reform now. we need to look at that and we need to work together to make that happen and i'm hopeful that we can do that with the incoming governor, kathy hochul. todd: along those lines, there is a cloud, one of many clouds hanging over this governor and it's the fact that while you and your fellow colleagues on both sides of the aisle knew what you were up against in cuomo, knew what kind of guy he was. not like the media shared that sentiment. they were a little bit confused, maybe a little bit fan girling over the governor. take a look.
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do we have that? i do not believe we have that sound bite. basically the gist of it is, they loved him from the get-go and propped him up at almost every stage of the game until the last couple of weeks. how tiresome was it for you to hear that praise when you knew exactly what was happening up there in albany. >> what we've seen is this governor has slowly accumulated more and more power, consolidated you power into the governor's office. he didn't want oversight. he didn't want people disagreeing with him. it was a toxic environment within the chamber as we saw. but it was also an abusive relationship with the legislature. he many times just wanted to push the legislature aside and over time he accumulated more and more power and when we tried the to exert oversight he simply ignored us. we saw that with the nursing home data that was delayed that
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he made a number of excuses, he didn't want to give us the information, we had hearings but that oversight was just ignored and so there is a lot of room for reform here because we experienced that. ron kim was not the only assembly member that was threatened. there are a number of others that were even afraid to speak out. what we saw with the ag's report, what's happened over the past -- even the past several days, we saw an exodus of his top aides including just a few days ago melissa derosa which was really a signal that the end was near. this governor was facing imminent impeachment that was just a few weeks away here. he knew he didn't have the votes in the assembly or the senate and this had to be the only option or i believe he wouldn't have done it. we were all kind of surprised that he did in fact resign yesterday but we weren't expecting it because he had been so defiant.
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he had tried to interfere with ongoing investigations. he had continued to try to manipulate and control everybody around him including members of his own staff. so there was a number of things going on. this had to be the only option. this resignation allows us to move forward but it don't give us accountability so we need to move forward with the impeachment inquiry. jillian: my next question is if you were surprised by the timing of this. you answered that already. thank you very much for getting up early this morning and joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. todd: coming up later this morning, janice dean on the forefront of this the entire time, joe con !1ñ?ñ?with more reaction from te fallout from the resignation. jillian: the senate passing the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint paving the way for the massive spending bill, this as conservatives are slamming the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed the senate yesterday. todd: as you look at the senate
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floor there, griff jenkins has more on the breakdown of the bill. >> reporter: very busy there, the senate just moments ago. you can look there live on the senate floor. what they're doing now is getting ready for the larger movement of the bill. what has passed is the budget resolution. that's the framework that will pave the way for consideration of this $3.5 trillion bill which includes things like free preschool and community college and climate change initiatives which republicans have opposed universally, the budget resolution framework passing 50-49, all republicans opposing it, one republican senator mike rounds absent in it but it will move forward, so you can see them in the wee hours getting 0 so it is all but a done deal but we are in for the formatics and a lot of consideration for it today. at the white house yesterday the
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president hailed the passage of his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. watch. >> >> reporter: we aim not to confuse you. that is a building burning down. hopefully the firemen put that out. but the president was hailing it at the white house and the important part of this is that this was done by 19 republicans who handed the president his long-sought bipartisan victory. you see them here. among them is senator bill cassidy who calls it simply good politics. here is cassidy. >> it's good for jobs, good for quality of life, good for the economy, as one of my colleagues said, what's not to like. >> reporter: in total, the deal includes $550 billion in new qj"
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for roads, bridges and major projects, $66 billion for rails, $65 billion for broadband. but it also includes 2.75 being for achieving digital, $500 million for including reflective sidewalks and money for vehicle charging stations. that is why senator hawley opposes it. >> it's a radical left woke policy bill, the radical equity agenda, the green new deal, that's all in the bill. >> reporter: will it make it to the president's desk? we'll find out. speaker pelosi is holding firm that the senate, once they pass this $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill we saw on the senate floor she wants it together to send to the white house. here's what she says. >> they passed this but until
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we see the budget, it goes in the senate first, then it goes to the house, then we send it back at reconciliation and .u build back better. >> reporter: watch for the president today, he's meeting with mayors and governors to discuss the infrastructure bill but with this budget resolution moving forward, that of course will be top of mind. already tonight, senator pat toomey saying that oppose this reckless tax and spending spree every step along the way. it's going to be a busy morning in the senate. jillian: it's already a busy morning. it's early morning, overnight, whatever you want to call it. todd: i thought you were trying to prove some point saying like this bill is like a fire but that's not like griff. griff isn't insensitive like that. then you explained it. keep us posted. time now, 13 minutes after the hour, texans calling on the biden administration to curb the covid outbreak at our southern
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border. >> we have compassion. we're not saying that we don't. but at the same time, this is in our backyard. what about our children? what about our families? todd: more of that emotion you'll only see here on fox news. jillian: an oklahoma school board member is waking back n11xowjqra-l maskless students to murderers. yeah, you heard me. we'll have details on that coming up. ♪ is it too late now to say sorry. ♪
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. arizona creesman andy biggs introducing two articles of impeachment against dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas. todd: he is accusing mayorkas of overseeing a reckless abandonment of border security and failing to put public health protections in place. jillian: meanwhile, mayorkas and a jake sullivan met with counterparts in mexico to discuss slowing down migrant crossings. todd: this move is understandable. we have hundreds of thousands of migrant encounters at the border last month alone, obviously we're in the millions in terms of total for 2021. jillian: numbers normally decrease in the hot summer months and the numbers are still astronomical. astronomical. todd: and we see images like
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this in light of that, migrants crowded underneath a bridge in texas, from the heat, to the pandemic, to human smuggling of coyotes, they're putting lives at risk in light of that, here's what the crisis looks like you through the eyes of texans. >> what scared me is that as an unassuming citizen you hear the narrative that they're going to quarantine these people, they're going to be wearing ppe, they're going to be guarded in some way. they're not. it's a lie. >> we have compassion. we're not saying that we don't. but at the same time, this is in our backyard. what about our children? what about our families? >> president, we are now in the biggest super spreader event of covid in this world, right here on the border. jillian: look, we've interviewed so many people, we interviewed ranchers who live in border towns and they said they same thing, that they've seen an
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increase in foot traffic, they've seen an increase in suspicious activity in their area and as that woman said, she said look, we have compassion, we're not saying we don't. but at the same time this is our backyard and that's what you have to remember, when looking at the situation at the southern border, a lot of them just want answers. you know, they just want to feel like their voices are heard and that seems to be a sentiment that is echoed. todd: my caveat to what andy biggs is doing, is if mayorkas is gone tomorrow will anything change? these policies are put in place by the biden white house. if the white house employs someone else to be the dhs secretary and employs them to do the same things, what will change. jillian: that's a question we don't know the answer to right now. we discussed before that a lot of people said put jay johnson in a role like that. is that going to happen? is that a possibility? at this point i don't know who would replace mayorkas and would anything change. i don't know.
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but a lot of this is still to be determined. todd: while you hear those complaints, those concerns from texans, there are questions, concerns, anger coming out of all 50 states, not the least of which is why can these individuals illegally cross the border but my kid has to wear a mask in school, i could be potentially under restrictions going forward. i can no longer enjoy -- potentially not being able enjoy the freedoms i enjoyed earlier this summer, going into the fall, while these individuals can do this. it's being encouraged, not stopped by the administration. with that, the texas supreme court ruling the run-away democrats can be arrested if they don't show up for a session on the gop backed voting bill, the ruling overturns a restraining order that prevented governor abbott from arresting them. 50 democrats left for d.c. last month. some have returned to texas, 25
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remain in d.c. jillian: it is 21 minutes after the hour. coming up, a free man, california's governor releasing a convicted killer who buried a man with disabilities alive. the new backlash. plus -- >> can we add also that every senator here wants to defund the police, believes that god, country and apple pie. todd: i really just want to fix his collar there. senator corey booker speaking out on why he calls new legislation a gift from the republican party. jillian: i didn't see the collar. todd: it was off. ♪ good old boys drinking whiskey and rye. ♪ saying this will be the day that i die. ♪ this will be the day that i die.
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todd: a fox news alert, just moments ago the senate passing a the democrats' $3.5 trillion budget blueprint, paving the way for the massive spending bill. keep in mind, that was not
1:27 am
passing the bill, it was just passing the budget blueprint, the first step in a long process designed to allow democrats to úp(rá reconciliation package with massive funding for education, healthcare, climate, without gop support, all this after 19 republicans crossed party lines to pass a separate $1 trillion infrastructure bill just yesterday. house speaker nancy pelosi says the lower chamber will not pass this bill without the other one. jillian: another fox news alert, new york cuomo now in his final weeks of office after resigning amid sexual harassment allegations from 11 women. >> the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to government. government. jillian: a criminal investigation will be ongoing despite his resignation. lieutenant governor kathy hochul will address new yorkers today. she will officially replace cuomo on august 24th, becoming the state's first female governor. coming up, janice dean and joe
1:28 am
concha will join us live with reaction from the fallout from cuomo's resignation. todd: the two brothers accused of killing a chicago police officer will be held without bond. they are facing multiple charges for the attack. prosecutors say monte admitted to firing his gun. another officer was shot in his eye and remains in the hospital. police stopped the suv they were in because of expired plates. a memorial to honor the officer has been growing at the scene. community leaders in oakland are calling on governor gavin newsom to call for a state of emergency because of a rise in crime. >> it is a state of continuous fear for our safety, well-being, livelihood and future. .todd: a man who was shot is in
1:29 am
stable condition but the president of oakland's chamber of commerce says the community is still under attack and is calling for more law enforcement and surveillance cameras. jillian: california officials are blasting governor gavin newsom after opening the door for a convicted killer to be released in prison. david whiter was convicted in 1980 for brutally murdering a developmentally disabled man and has since been denied parole three times. california assemblyman jim patterson and district attorney lisa smitcamp join us live. the details of the story are appalling when you look at them, the fact that the man was forced to create his on grave, he was brutally beaten and buried in a grave that he was forced to shovel up, it's just -- it's awful. what is your reaction when you heard this news? >> it's unbelievable that the governor did not block this
1:30 am
grant for parole. you know, what's happening here in california is we're headed for lawlessness and unless things change here, we really are. you know, i just heard the story before. we are. we're in a public crisis here. because the fact that the governor, who is facing a recall, would do something so, so callus and so cold to let this killer out without -- it's not even the fact that he let him out, it's how let him out. there was no notice to the community or the attorney's office, more importantly, no notice to the victim's family who have been advocating for this man to stay in custody. jillian: this is newsom accepting the board of parole's ruling, this reads he does not pose a current unreasonable risk to public safety. you know, i bet the family members of the man who was killed would certainly argue this. what do you have to say, jim? >> well, thank you, jillian, for having us on.
1:31 am
this is what passes for justice in the state of california under gavin newsom. we are just outraged here. we've been working along with the da and others for a long time to keep this individual in prison. and just a year ago this governor refused parole. so we ask ourselves, what has changed in this short period of time, 2016 governor brown, 2018, governor brown refused to parole. the only thing that changed here in my mind is gavin newsom changed his mind on this and it's absolutely outray just. we're all -- outrageous, we're all broken hearted for this family. jillian: this what is the lawyer has to say, mr. whiter understands the gravity of his crime, he is somebody who always emphasized his remorse and acceptance of responsibility. he has earned his way out by pursuing a long and arduous path of rehabilitation.
1:32 am
there are some people who believe in second chances and believe in the fact that people can grow and people can take ownership of mistakes they've made. in this situation, though, district attorney smitcamp. you do think about the family members and you think about a person like this who is capable of committing a crime like this back on the streets and this is one example, there are many others of people being let out of prison early, correct. >> correct. the statement came from whiter's lawyers. the board of prisons three times in a row and this time also, they produced no information at all. in fact, the reason that governor brown twice and governor newsome once blocked the parole of this man is exactly the reasons opposite of what you stated from his lawyer. he has not accepted responsibility, he has not shown any remorse and he has done nothing in prison other than not get in trouble.
1:33 am
he's had no rules violations but he hasn't progressed, he hasn't accepted responsibility. he is not remorseful for this crime still to this day and the fact that they could think it's appropriate to let a man out of custody who took a developmentally disabled boy, took him, beat him, made him dig his own grave, stabbed him, beat him, put him in a grave and buried him alive when this young man, the autopsy was done, there was dirt in his lungs which gives us the indication and the evidence that he was buried alive. it's one of the most heinous crimes we've ever seen in fresno and the fact they this man is walking free is despicable and gavin newsom should be ashamed of himself. jillian: i got chills when you were describing the details of this story. it is really unbelievable. we appreciate you being here. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you for having us. todd: how can you not recoil when you hear something like that. unbelievable. did you hear about this, a criminal justice professor
1:34 am
facing charges for setting fires near california's dixie wildfire. investigators put a tracker on gary meader's car and found he was in the area when two fires started on saturday. he denied the charges and is being held without bail. the fire is threatening more than 16,000 homes as weather conditions worsen. turning now to fox weather, severe storms sweeping across the midwest, leaving more than half a million people without power. >> oh, my god! >> they said no tornadoes with this storm. >> well, there it is. todd: in wisconsin, a tornado, look at that, touching down just outside green bay, ripping off siding and shingles from this home and flattening a car. on the east coast, heavy rain, powerful winds pounding the d.c. area. i was watchy doocy's live shot,
1:35 am
i thought he was going to blow away. in maryland, lightning sparked an apartment fire and displaced dozens of residents. jillian: there was severe weather. the wind was really whipping. several people rescued after their cars were hit by flash flooding. the crew says they pulled three people to safety from rushing waters after initially trying to use the fire ladder seen there. multiple roads have been closed due to flooding after monsoon thunderstorms across southeast arizona. monsoon thunderstorms. i didn't know that was a term that was used. todd: wish it wasn't. that means there's a lot of bad stuff coming. time now, 35 minutes after the hour. a contentious board meeting in louden county, virginia ends with a teacher stepping down in protest. >> quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on the most vulnerable constituents, the children. todd: another twist in the county that has become ground year in pro for the debate over
1:36 am
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todd: president biden says he's looking into whether he has authority to intervene in states that are banning mask mandates. g we're checking that. but there are federal workforce
1:40 am
i can. todd: the president's remarks come after he addressed states that have banned mask mandates like florida and texas, the president calling the efforts, quote, disingenuous, arguing that governors should allow districts to follow cdc guidelines. guidelines. jillian: board member forced to apologize after she accused maskless students of committing murder. todd: that's some language. carley shimkus is here with her new apolicy. carley: good morning, guys. mask man dates in schools have of course become the hot button issue. but one oklahoma school board member is apologizing for saying this about kids. listen. >> this is just not okay for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask and when it comes down to it, it's possible. they will cause a death of another child because they come to school without a mask. that's not okay. carley: norman public school board of education member linda
1:41 am
sexton responded to backlash, apologizing, saying my emotions got to best of me and i went too far in regards to people's decisions not to wear a mask. i apologize for my choice of words and i regret that i place blame on students and families for their personal choices. the governor of oklahoma banned mask mandates in schools, he thinks like other conservative governors that the choice should be with the parents. todd: the word murder, there's elements of the crime of murder, one includes intent. a child cannot have intent to cause murder by not wearing a digress. jillian: alec baldwin weighs in. carley: he posted a tweet saying regardless of what you think of cuomo, this is a tragic party politics in this country draw ambitious but ultimately isolated, even socially mall
1:42 am
adjusted men and women who given the current cancel culture will likely have shortcomings exposed and magnified. that tweet did not go over well. check out this from the daily beast, an op-ed says whyrl]hp7"+ alec baldwin, a man who once told his daughter she was a little big, saying what was wrong with a governor who accused his accuser to the very end. so i think someone stepping down after a thorough investigation, 179 interviews, 11 accuser and trying to cover it all up, that's not necessarily an example of cancel culture. jillian: i want to know about the voice mail. carley: i missed that story too. todd: odd choice in an on day to try to stay on that cuomo shift. carley: senator corey booker
1:43 am
spoke in favor of an amendment that would eliminate federal funds to municipalities that defund the police. he did it in a very colorful way. watch this. >> this senator has begin us a gift, finally once and for all we can put to bed the accusations that somebody in this great esteemed body would want to defund the police. can we ad÷q0 b&)ñsñzetrrx 8p police, believes in god, country and apple pie. carley: this is a big deal, the amendment was introduced by senator tommy tuberville, obviously a republican, it passed 99-0. we'll see what happens house. jillian: unpopular opinion, i don't like apple pie. todd: and she said she didn't know who tom selleck was and she doesn't like apple pie. i don't know how much more i can take. [laughter] todd: thanks, carley. speaking of apple pie, are you ready for this.
1:44 am
flavor town, celebrity chef guy fieri and chevrolet are teaming up a treat, a mash up of apple pie and hot dogs. it will be served tomorrow at the field of dreams field, it features a hot dog wrapped in an apple pie crust, smothered in bacon jam. you might think they don't, they do. we'll bring home 12 here on the set. jillian: how about this, special delivery, a space station supply run will include my favorite, pizza, for seven astronauts. the slice of heaven will arrive at the international space station tomorrow. it also includes fresh apples,
1:45 am
tomatoes, kiwi and a cheese smorgasbord. it is northrup grumman's biggest load yet. i have one request, do not put the kiwi on the pizza. as we learned in previous years, that was a thing online. we tried it here and it was not wonderful. todd: that said, could the producers have broken up the stories any better. that story has everything you want, space, pizza, fruit. the story i read had baseball, hot dogs, apple pie. you said a word that i said 5q]x what i tried to say was holding onto cuomo's ship. i wasn't cursing. holding on to cuomo's ship. jillian: up next, oregon's governor quietly signing a bill that eliminates reading and math
1:46 am
exams needed for high school graduations but theory is reportedly a-okay. todd: download the fox bets super 6 app. predict six outcomes in the fox bets super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to play. ♪ free falling. ♪
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the team of tomorrow.
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. clay travis speaking out against masks at a heated tennessee school board meeting. watch. >> don't let your kids wear masks. [cheers and applause] i!(3duke children in williamson county schools. the board ultimately voted to require masks for students and staff at the elementary level. travis voicing his frustration on tbitter, saying quote, all mask mandates are unscientific madness, with young kids being forced to wear masks makes the least possible we'll hear from clay travis later this morning. in virginia, the louden county school board will reconvene tonight to vote on several haven't veer shale policies. -- controversial policies. speakers had to wait outside or virtually last night. the board has faced backlash
1:51 am
over several policies they were set to vote on including a transgender policy, masks for students and critical race theory. theory. one teacher resigned in front of the board. listen. >> i quit. i quit your policies. i quit your trainings. and i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents, the children. i will find employment elsewhere. i encourage all parents and staff in this county to flood the private schools. jillian: during the meeting residents rallied outside against the board, calling for members to resign and refused to adopt the controversial policies. todd. todd: that was pretty powerful. oregon governor kate brown facing backlash after signing a bill that drops math and reading requirements for high school grad wests. here to react -- graduates. here to react california it exec, kevin mcgary. great to see you. when our competitors on the
1:52 am
world stage like china see stuff like this, how happy does it make them? >> i tell you, it must embolden all our competitors. one of the reasons we started every black life matters, because we wanted to provide immediate pushback when we see instances like this where we would have people like this, like governor katie brown, who would do this sort of racist condescending racist approach, thinking they're doing good and helping but they're actually putting forth these types of policies that are ruining their state and actually causing more problems than good and certainly not helping us on the world stage as you've said. todd: here is the statement from governor brown. quote, suspending the reading, writing and math proficiency requirements while the state develops new graduation standards will benefit the state's black, latino, latin-x,
1:53 am
indigenous, asian, pacific islanders and students of color. my question is how will it benefit those groups. >> when you use as your primary justification, you use ethnic minorities, start with black and latino communities, basically what you're saying is as compared to our white students, our black and latino students are the ones who need a little bit of extra help. so we're going to roll back all of our standards, all of our reading and writing and mathematical or arithmetic type standards, we're going to allow -- we're basically going to roll them back and we're going to allow these other ethnic minorities now an opportunity to get their diplomas. this is abhorrent. this is not what parents pay for with their tax dollars. this is not helping the competitiveness within the state
1:54 am
and this is not going to help the future of these students that are graduating in the year 2021. todd: i want to touch upon that, does she not appreciate that while she can suspend proficiency requirements in high school, she cannot suspend proficiency requirements in the real world, in the working world, when these kids graduate and have to become employed. >> that's exactly right. what employers are going to look at, what year did you graduate again? 2021. that's the year we didn't have standards. we'll have to take you through a few extra tests and that's where the rubber meets the road. this is not good for anyone. you won't be a proud graduate with 2021 on your diploma this year. todd: this is scary. every american should be fright inned by this. if it's happening in one state, you can expect it to happen somewhere else. kevin, great to see you up early with us this morning. >> thanks for having me.
1:55 am
todd: coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends first," three major airlines charting a new course by not requiring flight crews to get vaccinated. some travelers say they won't fly because of that policy. jillian: plus, continuing coverage of governor cuomo's resignation with janice dean and joe concha and reaction to the border crisis from congressman jody hice. don't go anywhere. we're coming right back. ♪ push it real good. ♪
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todd: a fox news alert, we are following two major breaking news stories this morning for you. first, new york governor andrew cuomo resigning if disgrace as he enters his final weeks in office. office. jillian: in washington, the senate passes the framework for the democrats' $3.5 trillion spending plan, it comes after the senate cleared the president's infrastructure plan and some republicans say that initial $1.2 trillion price tag already crosses the line. >> calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like -- it's like calling anthony weiner a saint. there's more green new deal and welfare in this bill than infrastructure. they told us the bill is paid for. it isn't. they told us the bill wouldn't raise taxes. it does. they told us the bill wouldn't contribute to inflation and higher prices. it will. todd: you are watching "fox & friends first" on a very busy wednesday morning.


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