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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 11, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: a fox news alert, we are following two major breaking news stories this morning for you. first, new york governor andrew cuomo resigning if disgrace as he enters his final weeks in office. office. jillian: in washington, the senate passes the framework for the democrats' $3.5 trillion spending plan, it comes after the senate cleared the president's infrastructure plan and some republicans say that initial $1.2 trillion price tag already crosses the line. >> calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like -- it's like calling anthony weiner a saint. there's more green new deal and welfare in this bill than infrastructure. they told us the bill is paid for. it isn't. they told us the bill wouldn't raise taxes. it does. they told us the bill wouldn't contribute to inflation and higher prices. it will. todd: you are watching "fox & friends first" on a very busy wednesday morning.
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i'm todd piro. jillian: i'm jillian mele. thanks for starting your day with us. we have team coverage this morning, griff jenkins is live in the nation's capital breaking down democrats' spending spree. first, we go to marianne raff earth on governor cuomo's resignation. >> reporter: governor cuomo is in his final weeks in office, after he resigned on monday, >> i never crossed the line with anyone, but i didn't realize the extent to which the line has been redrawn. the best way i can help now is if i step aside. >> reporter: accuser lindsey boilen baffled at cuomo's continued denial, tweeting from the beginning i simply asked that the governor stop his abusive behavior. it became abundantly clear he was unable to do that, instead attacking and blaming victims until the end.
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the governor's brother, chris cuomo, staying silent as he is peppered with questions about the scandal in this video obtained exclusively by fox news. >> have you spoken to your brother today, sir? did you advise him to step down? do you believe the women's stories? did you counsel your brother to malign them? >> reporter: president biden also questioned about the scandal, raising eye you brow as he appear -- eyebrow as he appears to praise the disgraced governor. >> can you really say he's done a hell of a job if he's accused of sexual harassment. >> you asked a sub stan continue, should he remain as governor, that's one question. the question is did he do a good job on irlier. >> can you separate the two. >> no, i was asked a specific question. i'm trying to answer specifically. >> reporter: press secretary jen psaki later clarifying those remarks, saying he also made clear it was right for new york
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governor cuomo to step down, reiterated his support for women who came forward. despite the resignation, a criminal investigation will be ongoing. kathy hochul will address the public today. todd: marianne, thank you. fox news contributor joe concha, quite a deal yesterday. this new york times report really raising another issue in this whole saga. quote, chris cuomo has regularly spoken with governor cuomo by telephone over the past week and advised his brother to resign, said two people who requested anonymity to describe private conversations. we have been discussing for a while now governor cuomo's reliance on his brother and the conflict that that creates. with that in mind, does resignation fever catch chris cuomo next? >> no. it doesn't. it should. right now, if you look at the
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top trending topic on twitter, it's fredo. i don't think it's because the godfather is coming out with some sort of sequel or prequel or something. it's the nickname for the cnn anchor. look, the network publicly stated in may, what chris cuomo did was inappropriate in advising his brother on how to discredit a accusers of sexual harassment that it absolutely would not happen again and now he's absolutely doing it again because knows that he can. at cnn apparently you can break every rule, if you get paid seven figures, it doesn't matter. there's no accountability. the network has no credibility. that's why tlc and the hallmark channel are kicking its butt in the ratings right now. unbelievable to watch that video of chris cuomo in the hamptons jumping into his emotions killing suv, the guy who screams about transparency, you have to challenge the powerful and he wouldn't answer a simple question.
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it's really just incredible the ethics disaster that's going on at cnn right now and the people that are in charge are hiding. they're hiding. they won't even make a public statement because they're hoping this is going to go away. ain't going away any time soon, piro. jillian: i'm guilty of adding to the hallmark channel ratings. just throwing that out there. on a more serious note, they are brothers at the end of the day, and chris cuomo is off the air this week. i guess we'll see what happens once he comes back on the air. in the mean time, you do have brian seltzer speaking out about what's going on at cnn. i want you to listen to this exchange. >> new york times is reporting that that's true, chris was helping his brother. has that created any conflict over at cnn? >> some people are mad at him. i have a source that says chris was on the phone with his brother this week. >> is your source chris cuomo. >> it is not. you have to have boundaries,. >> why, he doesn't. >> i think he does, actually. >> really. >> i think chris does. i don't know about the governor.
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jillian: i thought that was a good question, asking is the source chris cuomo. what did you think of that exchange? >> that would be like me being asked -- by the way, colbert, i guess there are no celebrities to get on the show right now when you have you to book the cnn media critic. it would be like me saying i heard that jillian mele is mad because someone stole her stapler and didn't give it back but i have a source who knows who it is and i get that from hanging out like at the break room or something at fox. i almost feel sorry for the cnn media critic. he's being sent out to defend the indefenseable and serving at the network's crisis management director and pr person and he's patently poor at it. they're not providing any comment but it's laughable when you hear the media critic there talking about how i heard from a source, well, yeah, you work for the network and i think colbert challenging him there was the most i've seen anybody at cnn
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been challenged in a long time. again, what's this person even doing on colbert last night. it's incredible. jillian: for the record, my stapler is very pretty, it's a nice coral color, i can understand why someone would want it. todd: from cnn to nbc, chuck todd over at the peacock network thanks cuomo for not dragging new york dems through impeachment and hyping the idea that cuomo, andrew, could return to office. take a listen. >> this move, he actually helped the party and put the party before himself. look, i expect in my lifetime andrew cuomo to probably run for office again. todd: what do you want to go with first, joe, the prematureness of the last comment that he will run for office or the hey, good job keeping our electoral hopes alive here in new york state. your choice. >> lots to unpack there. that was minutes after the resignation and chuck todd is already talking about a comeback and he wasn't kidding.
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what's he going to be the president of, the man's women hater's club? do you think he will be governor again? sexual harassment allegations can be very sticky. he has the nursing home investigation going on, 15 you thousand going on and he has no allies in albany in new york, in the first place, before any of this came out. he's not a very well liked person. to say that andrew cuomo is going to come back, it's interesting. it's another lesson. when you prop up grifters like governor cuomo, like cnn did last year, during an ongoing nursing home scandal, all that happened because they were the it guy at the moment, whether it's avenatti or lincoln project guy or governor cuomo because they were the anti-trust. they said provocative things about trump. this is your result. the person that deserves the
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most credit for not buying into any of it was janice dean who was well out in front of it in terms of the nursing home thing before anyone else. todd: we'll talk to janice dean coming up in a few minutes. you do not want to miss that. jillian: the senate takes a major step towards passing democrats' $3.5 trillion reconciliation by approving their budget blueprint. todd: griff jenkins would normally be the top story. blame cuomo, this is still a big story. >> reporter: the senate has been very busy, just a block away from us. and they did as you mentioned take that first step towards passing the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package. it was straight down party lines. one republican, mike brown was absent and majority leader chuck schumer is not surprisingly hailing the passage. >> despite this long road we've taken, we have finally, finally reached the finish line. of course, we democrats believe
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we need to do much more. >> reporter: but minority leader mitch mcconnell is blasting the partisan move. >> they want to put behind this budget resolution, like somebody walked across the rotunda to the house and handed the squad a pen and piece of paper. >> reporter: this after overnight senate did pass that $1.2 trillion infrastructure you're looking here at the 19 gop senators who handed the president his long sought after bipartisan victory. in total, the deal includes $550 billion in new federal investment, $110 billion in roads, bridges and major problems, 66 billion for rails and 65 billion for broadband, 2.75 billion for achieving digital equity, 2 million for bee friendly landscaping, $500 million for healthy streets programs including reflective sidewalks and tree planting and
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$7.5 billion for electric vehicle charging stationings. that's why senator hawley is among those opposing it. >> this isn't an infrastructure bill. this is a radical left woke politics bill that has gender identity mandates■ this bill. >> reporter: now, let's put all this in perspective. the president's meeting with mayors and governors to discuss the infrastructure bill today but will it make it to his desk? we'll find out. the senate appears on track to pass this $3.5 trillion budget republican as we mentioned opposing it universally. you're going to hear a lot of discussion today on the senate floor, todd and jillian, about this $3.5 trillion bill which includes among other things free community college and climate change initiatives. that of course could see some challenges. challenges. todd: this is just the beginning. griff, thank you very much. jillian: it is 11 minutes after the hour. the cdc revising florida's covid-19 data after the state
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called out an incorrect report on a case spike. our next guest wonders what else the cdc is getting wrong. we're talking to florida's chief financial officer after the break. plus -- >> i started feeling for you. [laughter] >> you had feelings for me? >> yeah, what? so? you had feelings for me first. jillian: i know that episode. todd: are ross and rachel more than friends in real life? i can't believe this story. jillian: oh, my gosh. todd: the romance rumors that have everyone talking this morning. i can't believe this. ♪ i'll be there for you. ♪ you're there for me too.
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that's why we created the sportstech accelerator, to invest in and develop the next generation of technology that will change the way we experience sports. we've already invested in entrepreneurs like ane swim, who develops products that provide hair protection so that everyone can enjoy the freedom of swimming. like the athletes competing in tokyo, these entrepreneurs have a fierce work ethic and drive to achieve - to change the game and inspire the team of tomorrow. todd: welcome back. three major airlines will not require employees to get vaccinated. american, delta and southwest all saying they are encouraging workers to get the shot but will not issue a mandate. the move puts them at odds with united which has given employees until october 25th to get vaccinated or get fired. 16 minutes after the hour now. the cdc revising florida's covid-19 data after the state called out an incorrect report on a case spike. jillian: the florida department of health says multiple days of
2:17 am
cases were counted as one. t petrones. thank you for being here. tell me how this happened. >> look, the cdc got florida's numbers wrong. what else did they get wrong? i mean, it's obvious that joe biden and the cdc are just obsessed with my governor, ron de santis and if they care so much, i biden doesn't deal with the border first. jillian: how does this happen? like in your mind, what do you think went wrong here? >> you know, again, i just think it goes back to just the obsession duel between the governor and the president. florida is doing things right. covid is a serious condition. but we're in a different spot than we were last year. we have access to vaccines. we have access to different drug therapies now. i'm vaccinatessed. i think people should get vaccinated. vaccinated. but again, i think this is just obsession with each other. todd: let's pop up the number comparison. you can see it's from august
2:18 am
6th, 7th and 8th. you see the comparison your screen. the cdc up by about 2400 i'd say for august 6th and that pattern repeating itself on the seventh and eighth. much wider spread on the eighth. my research shows that this was because they double counted things on the weekend whereas the florida data single counted. is that the way you understand the problem? >> that's the way your math looks. but i know there's obviously an obsession with -- it makes the media elites and crazies go nuts about what's going on in florida. people are still moving -- as we talked last time, 900 people a day are moving to the state of florida and they're moving with their feet, they're making a decision to move to a state that is balancing keeping the economy open and keeping our people safe. jillian: the numbers from the florida department of health are still high, there is still a spike going on. so obviously the numbers are off
2:19 am
a little bit but we'll continue to follow that and see what happens in the great state of florida. in the meantime, some folks over on cnn have proposed the idea of maybe a travel ban on certain states like florida, louisiana, for those rising covid numbers. let's take a listen to what they had to say and then get your reaction. >> sure. >> if florida or louisiana were foreign countries would we ban travel. these places, louisiana and florida, other states in there as well, they're worse than places in which travelers are mostly banned. jillian: what do you think about that? >> i wish the media elites would have said the same thing about obama's birthday party. it looked like a blast. i didn't get the invite. they're going to hate on florida. they will continue to hate on florida. ask governor gretchen whitmer, she put a travel ban on florida and then she traveled to florida. i think let the numbers speak for themselves, 900 people a day are moving to our great state. you know, it's a great place to
2:20 am
live. i'm born and raised there. i'm raising my family there and people are learning that every single day. todd: thanks for getting up with us. we appreciate it. >> sure. take care. todd: you too. time now 19 minutes after the hour. parents across the country have been flooding school board meetings to protest critical race theory and the debate taking center stage in middle america. a kansas mom who says parents are the last line of defense joins us live next. jillian: a patriot looking to honor patriots, first responders and freedom, taking the stars and stripes to new heights. the details still to come. ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. ♪ stand a little taller. ♪ doesn't mean i'm lonely when i'm alone. [engine revs] now let's go borrow a boat and make some bad decisions. [engine revs] time to go incognito. [zippers fasten] [engine revs]
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2:25 am
sweeping reconciliation package with massive funding for education, healthcare, climate, without gop support. todd: this comes after 19 republicans crossed party lines to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure bill yesterday. house speaker nancy pelosi saying the lower chamber will not pass one bill without the other of. afghan security forces capturing a new city. they say the city has been taken back. the taliban still has captured at least eight cities in five days. despite this, president biden defending pulling u.s. troops >> they've got to fight for themselves. fight for their nation. the united states we continue to keep the commitments we made but they've got to want to fight. i do not regret my decision. todd: the state department blaming the violence on the trump administration, saying its
2:26 am
deal with the taliban made the situation preordained. jillian: arizona congressman andy biggs introducing two articles of impeachment against dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas. mayorkas. the republican is accusing mayorkas of overseeing a, quote, reckless abandonment of border security and failing to put public health protections in place. meantime, mayorkas and national security advisor jake sullivan met with counterparts in mexico to discuss slowing down migrant crossings. they agreed to expand cooperation at the border. sarah carter spoke to residents in south texas who are fed up over the amount of covid-positive migrants flooding their communities. >> what scared the death out of me, as an unassuming citizen you hear the narratives they're going to quarantine these people, they're going to be wearing ppe, they're going to be guarded in some way. they're not. it's a lie. >> we have compassion. we're not saying that we don't. but at the same time, this is in
2:27 am
our backyards. was about our children? what about our families? >> president, we are now in the biggest super spreader event of covid in this world. right here on the border. jillian: you new nbc news report shows 18% of migrant families and 20 of% of unaccompanied minors tested positive for coronavirus upon leaving cbp custody over the last three weeks. todd: the texas supreme court ruled the run away democrats can be arrested if they don't show up for a session on the gop backed voting bill, overturning a lower court's restraining order that prevented the govern for from arresting them. more than 50 democrats fled to d.c. last month to block the voting reform bill from passing, some of them have returned to texas while 25 remain in jillian: okay. a california food blogger, like a video blog, right, cooking up controversy after calling to cancel the word curry because of
2:28 am
its british colonialism origins. >> i have more important things to discuss, like canceling the word curry. we're still using that umbrella term popularized by white people who couldn't be bothered to learn the actual names of our dishes. jillian: she is urging to replace it with the individual names of each dish. todd: she must be really fun at parties, like a blast. jillian: i don't think i've seen many vloggers. todd: we'll get you on that. also more tom selleck movies. .jillian: he was in friends. we finished that out. > albany are numb belled. many want his held accountable for his nursing home coverup, including our own janice dean who lost boast her in-laws in new york nursing homes, she joins us, next. todd: and how about this close call, a car plowing into a
2:29 am
tattoo parlor, nearly crushing an artist putting fresh ink on a client. we'll have more on this when we come back.
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todd: governor andrew cuomo beginning his last two weeks in office, resigning amid a sexual harassment scandal. but the embattled democrat insists the allegations are not true. >> i've never crossed the line
2:33 am
with anyone. it is a matter of life and death, government operations. wasting energy on distractions is the last thing that state government should be doing. jillian: janice dean also wants cuomo held accountable for another scandal, the one involving the nursing home coverup. né?&0,-%7ç!k■(h'y in-laws died and joins us live. i know yesterday was a big day, janice. janice. i saw your tweets. you were like it's happening. i mean, could you believe wha you were seeing happen in that moment? did you think it would come to that? >> i thought in the beginning it was going to be sort of the same broken record of blaming everybody, blaming the i didn't do it, i didn't mean to, you know, with the nursing homes it was all about god and mother nature and the new york post and it was political and fox news and donald trump so i was waiting for him to dig in his heels and then when you kind of heard him, his trajectory went towards i love new york, i
2:34 am
want to be -- i want to be there for new yorkers, i want to do the right thing and i thought oh, my gosh, he's resigning. when you think of it. he had no other choice. he was backed into a corner. and his people from his administration were jumping off the sinking ship. so why would he want to go through weeks and weeks of impeachment because that is exactly the road they were going down. todd: now that you've had a few literal minutes of sleep, you didn't get a lot of sleep yesterday to digest all of this, what is your main a take-away from yesterday. >> that there is justice but our work is not done. i was on greg gutfeld last night. he's like let's do a toast. and i thought i will, but not yet. because i need to see some accountability for the over 15,000 people that we lost in nursing homes and i know that the narrative has shifted towards the women and the me too and i'm grateful for them. you know, i feel like we're all in this together.
2:35 am
i texted with several of them yesterday and it's all about bringing someone down who has abused power for so long. it doesn't matter if it's sexual harassment, doesn't matter if it's the nursing homes, doesn't matter if he was giving friends and families covid tests when nursing homes couldn't get them or using state resources for his $5.1 million book, it's all about this man who continued to lead and not really care about new yorkers, just care about himself. jillian: in the break i had asked you, i said do you think that this mission that you and many others were on to try to hold him accountable for what happened in the nursing homes somehow helped some of these victims come forward and feel i guess more comfortable to be able to speak their truth about him, their alleged truth about him, when they heard you and others speaking your truth about him. >> i never had the conversation with some of the women but we are friends and we did exchange messages yesterday. and i feel like we couldn't have done this without each other.
2:36 am
right. i feel like if i didn't have them, i don't know if the nursing home issue would have gone as far as it's gone and i feel like if it wasn't for me raising my issues with the governor that maybe they wouldn't have had the occurring to go forward. i've been in this position before where you see someone stand up and you say, yeah, that happened to me and i'm going to be brave and do the same thing. so if it wasn't for these women i don't think i would be sitting here today. todd: we heard a lot of punditry talk over the last 24 hours, talking in generalities. speaking of behalf of the victims, specifically what needs to happen next. >> the investigations need to move forward. he has two weeks by the way. he didn't resign immediately. he has two weeks to figure out what he's going to do, where he's going to live, that kind of thing. but i spoke with ron kim yesterday, assemblyman ron kim
2:37 am
who i have become good friends with as well and he says he will continue to raise his voice about nursing homes. he's a lawmaker so he has power. there are many investigations into this governor. i think some of them are criminal. we are not done yet. i think there will be more charges. jillian: you talked about this before, you had many threats against you, warnings telling you to stop what you're doing, various warnings across the board. do you feel now in light of this that that will amplify or do you think that you're in a safer space now? how do you feel personally about this? >> you know, i haven't looked at social media like my family members, like my mom. my mom has been really concerned from the very beginning, you know, why are you doing this? why are you putting yourself out there? you don't read your comments on facebook. aren't you wore of rid? but i never -- i could never get in that head space because then i wouldn't continue to forge
2:38 am
forward, right, so, listen, i'm 51 years old. i've had a lot of stumbling blocks come towards me in my life and i've decided is this something worth fighting for and this was. so i'll continue to do so. todd: you talked about the bravery of the women involved but i think your bravery can't be discounted. you're a mom of two. they're not old men who can get jobs on their own. they're little boys still. maybe getting a little bit older as we watched them grow. but it took a lot of bravery for you to be so resolute and you came out on top. >> i don't know about on top. i just want my boys to know that their mom saw something that was important and decided to try to do better for them and for their future. jillian: gives me chills. >> love you both. todd: love you too. jillian: president biden says
2:39 am
he's looking into whether he has authority to intervene in states that are banning mask mandates. >> i don't believe that i do thus far. we're checking that. the federal workforce i can. jillian: the president's remarks come after he addressed states that have banned mask mandates like florida and texas. the president calling the effort, quote, disingenuous, arguing governors should allow districts to follow cdc guidelines. todd: louden county school board in virginia will reconvene tonight to vote on several controversial policies, last night's meeting after 150 community members spoke. the board facing backlash over several policies they were set to vote on including a transgender policy, masks for students and critical race theory. one teacher resigned in front of the board. take a listen. >> i quit. i quit your policies. i quit your trainings. and i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push
2:40 am
highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents, the children. i will find employment elsewhere. i encourage all parents and staff in this county to flood the private schools. todd: powerful words there. during the meeting residents rallied outside against the board, calling for members to resign and refuse to adopt controversial policies. jillian: an oklahoma school board member is going viral to comparing maskless students to >> it's not okay for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask. they will cause a death of another child because they come to school without a mask. jillian: this morning that board member is trying to walk back those comments, carley shimkus has more on the swift apology. todd: i'm not saying this to anybody specifically, i'm reading the prompter. think you're a shopaholic. think again, next snotted that makes you larger -- next.
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>> good morning, everybody. coming up on "fox & friends," 15 minutes from now, congressman michael waltz will be talking about the latest taliban takeover in afghanistan. and why wokeness in the military is becoming a very big problem. 23$w3tju8uo governor andrew cuomo gave his two week notice
2:45 am
yesterday. but still denies anything bad by him. new york congresswoman nicole malliotakis says resignation alone, not accountability, there's got to be more. plus, tucker carlson getting up early, we'll talk to him about his brand-new book and so much more. the new york yankees and chicago white sox will meet for the field of dreams game tomorrow on fox in iowa. joe buck has a preview and clay travis is going to join us as well. well. we have a busy three hours, kicks off about 14 minutes and 45 seconds from right now, right here on the channel you trust for your news. now let's go toed and jillian, -- go to todd and jillian, located on the tenth floor. >> i see you have -- you are
2:46 am
wearing yellow. jillian: an oklahoma school board member forced to apologize after she accused maskless students of committing murder. todd: come on. carley shimkus here with her new apology. carley: that's right. so mask mandates in schools have obviously become the hot button issue and an oklahoma school board member is apologizing for saying this about children. listen. >> it's just not okay for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mask and when it comes down to it, it's possible. they will cause a death of another child because they come to school without a mask. that's not okay. carley: norman public school board of education member linda sexton apologizing, saying my emotions got the best of me in that moment and i went too far in regards to people's decisions not to wear a mask. i apologize for my choice of words and i regret deeply that i placed blame on students and families for their personal
2:47 am
choices. the governor of oklahoma banned mask mandates in schools, he thinks that should be a decision made by parents. todd: not everyone abandoned governor cuomo. kind of. carley: alec baldwin appeared to blame cancel culture for governor cuomo's resignation. he says regardless of what you think of cuomo, this is a tragic day, party politics draw ambition but ultimately isolated even socially maladjusted men and women who given the occurring, cancel culture will likely have shortcomings exposed and magnified. the daily beast attacked him saying why would he, who once told his daughter was a rude, thoughtless pig in a voice mail, to understand what was wrong with a governor who accused his
2:48 am
accuser to the end. after 179 interviews, 11 accusers, i don't think that's cancel culture. jillian: there's a kentucky business owner who is suing the city. carley: this kentucky business owner, his patriotism is on full display. unfortunately, he's paying the price for that. his name is john hoffman. he placed a 200-foot tall flag pole outside of his storage unit facility. it sent him back $160,000. jillian: what? carley: that's how much it cost. the county sent him a letter saying the flag pole goes against zoning laws. flags are only allowed to be 40 feet tall. he filed a lawsuit to keep the flag pole. he said it's a tribute to his mother-in-law who fled to the united states from cuba.
2:49 am
he said i heard the stories about socialism in you cuba and it's for first responders and the freedom we have taken for granted. so he has a gofundme page set up to try to pay for his legal expenses to try and fight this but look at that flag pole of. it is a big one. 200 feet tall. jillian: there are zoning restrictions. i don't know if this is tall enough to impact air travel and things like that. this is all at play here. carley: i guess you have to take it in consideration. the zoning laws is that the flag poles are only to be as tall as businesses are in the community. businesses are only allowed to be 40 feet tall. jillian: that's a wild story. can't wait to see how that plays out. todd: speaking of wild stories -- jillian: the good is first. jennifer aniston and david schwimmer could be more than
2:50 am
just friends after all. >> really? >> really. it's always been you, rach. jillian: oh, boy. the friends co-stars revealing their secret feelings for each other during the show's reunion in may. closer reports the pair have been flying back and forth from la to new york to spend with each other of. reps for the actors deny the rumors. but we'll see. todd: this could unite the country. next, the bad, you want to see what carley and jillian's office looks like, massive amazon delivery, the huge pile going viral on tiktok. one user joking when the ppp loan kicks in, it's ppe, the recipients of the packages believed to be an amazon seller getting business and personal packages delivered to their home. jillian: finally, the ugly. shocking surveillance video shows a car plowing through the front doors of a north carolina
2:51 am
tattoo shop. a customer and tattoo artist are violently thrown as the car comes barreling in. amazingly, thankfully, no one was seriously injured. that is scary. todd: the border crisis seems to be getting worse and worse by the day. house republicans calling out homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas for keeping them in the dark. congressman jody hice part of that group, joins us live, next. jillian: download the fox bet super 6 app. predict six outcomes in the fox bet super 6 quiz show. topics range from entertainment to sports. it is free to play. download the fox bet super 6 app now. ♪ don't let me down. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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todd: 20 house republicans slamming the biden administration in a letter demanding answers from the department of homeland security on the escalating border crisis.
2:56 am
jillian: the group writing quote these numbers are appalling and a direct result of the biden administration's weak border policies and lackluster performance of the secretary of the department of homeland security. congressman jody hice is part of the group demanding answers and joins us now. congressman, good to see you. do you think you will get answers? >> listen, i doubt very seriously if we will get answers but we need answers. this is a catastrophe of gigantic proportions on our southern border where we had a secure border seven months ago and now it's a train wreck down there. we are having records of people coming across. we have covid. we have violent criminals, gangsters, terrorists, and the american people are footing the bill on all of this. it's time now for heads to roll. people need to be held accountable from the president, the vice president, mayorkas. people need to be held accountable for what's going on and what is not going on at our southern border.
2:57 am
todd: your colleague andy biggs introducing articles of impeachment against mayorkas quote secretary mayorkas has faithfully failed to uphold his oath and ban done would any of this change under a new dhs secretary if the orders are still coming from the biden white house? >> well, i mean that's part of the problem, isn't it? we have and by the way we have filed a resolution, also censorship against biden himself which is one step below impeachment, but, look, the biden administration its needs to start being held accountable for this. that's where it all starts. so, yeah, there is a problem goes all the way to the top. and it includes the secretary of dhs who has absolutely not done his job. i mean, the mission of the did. hs is with honor and integrity to safeguard our homeland, our people and our values.
2:58 am
they are not doing it there has got to be accountability both at the level of department of homeland security as well as the biden administration itself. jillian: i guess i will kind of reiterate and double down on todd's question. we discussed this at length over the last few days and weeks. if you are successful in getting secretary mayorkas out and a new person comes in, you know, it's hard to fathom a scenario in which there is going to be drastic changes. you look at these border encounters here in the southwest, this is june of 2020 and 2021, and you can see this year we're nearing 200,000 in just that month. june of 2020 was just over 33,000. i mean, these numbers are stark differences. so, you know, is a new person going to change those numbers? >> not unless we have change in policy from the biden administration. i mean, you are exactly correct. that's why we are trying to apply pressure across the board.
2:59 am
i mean, kamala harris has been in charge now as the czar. she doesn't even really care to go. she doesn't want to know what's happening at our southern border. biden has reversed of all the policies, so, yeah, if we have a continual path that we are currently on coming from the biden administration to ignore our southern, then nothing is going to improve. so we are applying pressure to the homeland security director in hopes that that message will go all the way to the biden administration, the top. we have got to secure our borders. we have covid coming across, traffickers, human traffickers, terrorists, you name it. it is insane. last week alone, mcallen, texas had 1500 people positive with covid that were released into their town and, yet, all across america we are shutting down over covid. this has got to be corrected. it starts at the top and we're doing everything we can to put pressure from mayorkas all the
3:00 am
way up. todd: congressman jody hice thank you so much for being here. going to be interesting to see how republicans play this as we look ahead to 2022. as we said the situation is not getting better. see what happens between now and november of 2022 congressman, thanks. jillian: thank you. thanks so much for joining us this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. have freight day. ♪ ♪ >> the yeas are 50. the nays are 49. >> just moments ago the senate passing the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint. >> as conservatives are slamming the $1 trillion infrastructure bill that passed the senate yesterday. >> my resignation will be effective in 14 days. >> have you spoken to your brother today, sir? >> andrew cuomo's resignation changes nothing. >> beyond the cascading sex scandal, there are other investigations that are criminal. >> loudoun county virginia school teacher publicly quitting. >> i quit being a cog in a machine that asks


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