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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  August 11, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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yankees against the white sox. a place we haven't been but we've watched we'll see it all. thanks joe. >> all right brian thanks. brian: and the good news about this , in the age of the pandemic, you can do your interviews from your study. steve: that's right, but our own will cain will actually be at the field of dreams tomorrow. brian: that's arguably the biggest story. ainsley: we'll see you tomorrow, everyone.
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>> dana: ron desantis vowing to fight those efforts every step of the way. >> we'll do whatever we can to vindicate the rights of parents and make sure parents are in the driver's seat when it comes to the health, education and welfare of their kids. and these should not be decreed by the government but something that a parent is ultimately making the decision on. there are different parents that feel differently about it. i respect that but i think to force one way is alienating and marginalizing a lot of parents throughout the state of florida. >> bill: where is this headed? admiral brett giroir is standing by with reaction. casey stiegel in dallas today. >> good morning. right now the governors of at least seven states have some
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kind of an order prohibiting school districts from creating their own mask mandates. two states here in texas and florida the battles are going to court. harris county or houston expected to file a suit today. yesterday san antonio joined dallas in the legal fight challenging governor greg abbott's executive order which keeps pandemic protocols out of the local government's jurisdiction. at the center of it all mandatory face coverings in public classrooms. something that critics of the governor are necessary as the delta variant surges. >> our schools are up and going. it is very, very dangerous for children. just in the last month or so twice as many children are going into the hospital as they did before. >> now abbott's office saying this in response to the challenges of his order. i'm quoting here. the assertion that the governor of the state of texas doesn't
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have the authority to protect the rights and freedoms of texans is just plain misguided. meantime in florida leon county schools became the latest district to defy the governor's order creating its mask mandate. the governor's office there the salaries of superintendents and school board members could be withheld if they don't comply. president biden said he would look into alternative pay if the governor makes true on that. by the way, it is estimated about 30% of students will be back in class across the country by the end of this week. bill. >> bill: casey stiegel in dallas. dana. >> dana: joining us now is former assistant hhs secretary giroir. everybody needs to hear from president biden yesterday. >> president biden: i don't believe that i do thus far. we're checking that, but there
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are federal workforce. people should understand seeing little kids, i mean, 4, 5, 6 years old in hospitals on ventilators, some of them passing, not many. i should not characterize beyond that. >> dana: nobody wants to see little kids in the hospital on ventilators. do you think these mask mandates would be helpful for teachers and students as they get back to classes or is it not necessary? what is your opinion? >> well, my first opinion this is a big distraction and it is really just a big excuse from the biden administration. 100,000 children did get covid last week. not a single one of them got it from a classroom. the classrooms aren't there. it's a failure of the vaccine roll-out, a tanking of all testing. the messaging has inconsistent, incomplete and incoherent and they aren't getting the vaccine approved. if you want to keep children safe you have to get the vaccination and testing out there. the discussion about schools is
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important but it is theoretical and missing the main point, a failure of biden to do the basic things to protect children. >> bill: maybe you have a court fight and debate. based on some of that answer yesterday afternoon that's where this could be headed. washington, d.c. health officials are saying we're very hopeful we'll get back to normal around the holidays. we're hopeful by thanksgiving we'll be in a different spot. that relies on people getting vaccinated. what is your view on that? what is your view now on what seems to be the emerging logic, covid will be with us for a while. maybe even a few years and there could be various variants that come into american and global society between now and say over the next year or two. >> it's very hard to understand washington, d.c. the mayor should be congratulating the citizens, not repressing them further. their adult vaccination rate is 76%, much higher than the
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national average. they've had three deaths in the last two weeks. out of the 2200 available hospital beds, there are only admitting seven paishents with covid per day on average. d.c. is open up. they need to open up. in terms of variants. we won't go to zero on covid. there will be baseline with variants particularly among people who are immunosuppressed or elderly. getting to zero is not the goal. minimizing hospitalizations and deaths are the goal. we're rapidly getting there. >> dana: you said in your characterization the biden administration has failed on the vaccine roll-out. 31% of people say they're more likely to get the vaccine if it's fully approved by the fda. will that happen soon and do you think it's true that people will actually then be more willing to get the vaccine? >> so i want to say first of all i have every confidence in the safety and effectiveness of
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the vaccines and encourage people to get it. yes, 30% of people who haven't been vaccinated want to see that approval. data has been sitting on the fda's desk since the first week in may for pfizer, a couple weeks later for moderna. no reason it hasn't been approved already. pfizer was given over 200 million doses. we have enormous safety information. biden used to do simple things like let's nominate an fda commissioner. how can you be in the middle of a pandemic and vaccines are the most important way out we haven't had an fda commissioner and not nominated one. it can't be a nameless, faceless bureaucracies. let's do the right things before we start debating what might happen in texas in a few weeks. i believe in school masks are safer for children than they are in the community. the community is where they are getting infected. >> dana: for those people who
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are concerned about the long-term possible consequences or side effects of this vaccine, what would you say to those people who are concerned? you said you have confidence in the vaccine. how do you talk to them about that a little bit unknown? >> so the vaccine has been so politicized and they have so much doubt cast including by biden and the vice president during the campaigns, i understand their concern. but we have given over 200 million doses in the u.s. worldwide among all vaccines over 4 billion doses. if you see a side effect it will be within the first two or three weeks. it is not going to be two or three years. so we know exactly what those side effects are. they are not zero but they are very minimal. the risk of covid is so much worse than getting a vaccine, 10,000 times worse so you can be confident that there is not going to be long-term side effects. they're only in the short term. the risk/benefit for adults
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over 18 is certainly proven. >> bill: we have 100 more questions. come back soon. thank you for that. a few things to follow up on. the surveys about people who haven't been vaccinated. about a third of them will say it's because the fda has not put their stamp of approval on it. that may happen in september. redfield told martha two days ago. there is very few studies that support masking in the classroom. a study out of north carolina suggesting that masks do help. now randi weingarten seems to be pushing more and more for the vaccine first and mask used as a backup. whether or not we get more studies that support what redfield is saying, kids are going back to school right now. the beginning of school has arrived for the new calendar year. which point do we have? >> dana: i like the jen psaki
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one. this is what she said, the president wants to do when it comes to florida. >> what i was really speaking to at that point is the schools being under the threat and their administrators of not getting pay. certainly we're looking into that and how we could help address that. >> dana: one of the ways they can address it. you remember the money that went to schools? billions of dollars to schools, right? aei, has done a study that finds only a small fraction of money has been used for covid and ventilation. $200 billion question, how much of federal covid-19 funds for schools will go to covid-19 relief? that is still in question. it is about 20%. i think that's wrong. >> redfield thinks we'll get more and more variants because if you believe this was manufactured in a lab whether it was leaked intentionally or
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by accident, humans were the ones that were messing with this in wuhan. and if you do that, the virus is going to be looking for more and more opportunities to go ahead and be transmissible. and he is suggesting that once you get past delta there could be another variant that's more transmissible. watch it, it's coming. we'll be on it. in new york big news now. surprise resignation of the governor andrew cuomo. he will be gone in 13 days. shock waves through the political world. fox news caught up with his brother chris cuomo yesterday in this exclusive video vacationing in the hamptons east of new york. a big day yesterday. what's happening today? good morning. >> bill, good morning. in 13 days governor andrew cuomo will be homeless because over the last 10 years he has been living inside the state's executive mansion behind me.
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he has no other properties listed under his name. yesterday fox news digital caught up with his brother, chris cuomo. >> thank you, sir. is your brother coming to east hampton? >> chris ignored questions about where the governor will live next. he is under scrutiny for taking part in strategizing meetings with his brother who he reportedly urged to resign. despite the resignation governor cuomo remains under multiple criminal investigation by the albany sheriff for groping and for an alleged cover-up of covid-19 deaths. the new york attorney general is investigating whether he misused state resources for his pandemic memoir while the state assembly's impeachment investigation is looking into it all. the question now is whether democrats will still move forward with impeachment. >> the question of accountability can be looked at
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from very many different angles. one would be an impeachment but also he has left in disgrace. that i think for a public figure is an awful lot of accountability. but i still think that we as a committee have to issue a final report the confines of which are still to be determined. >> impeaching cuomo could bar him from running for office again and make him just the second governor to be impeached in new york state history. the governor framed his resignation as a decision made for the good of new york. >> government really needs to function today. government needs to perform. it is a matter of life and death government operations. and wasting energy on distractions is the last thing that state government should be doing. >> lieutenant governor will
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take over. she will become the first female governor of the state of new york and executive mansion residence. >> bill: bryan llenas live with us today. a lot of people were stunned when he said he was out in two weeks. >> dana: i predicted it on "the five" on monday. president biden said i agree with the decision. later asked again and he said this. do we have it? >> president biden: he has done a hell of a job. he has done a hell of a job. and i mean both on everything from access to voting to infrastructure, a whole range of things. that's why it's so sad. >> dana: so sad. >> bill: access to voting can be debated based on early voting in new york versus a lot of other states that have it in florida, texas, georgia. infrastructure, we want to argue that? is new york city better now
6:15 am
than it was five years ago? is new york state better now than it was 10 years ago? >> dana: we are going to go. i don't think so, no. i don't think so. take a look at this now. >> they want to put behind this budget resolution somebody walked across to the house and handed the squad and pen a piece of paper. >> bill: mitch mcconnell reacting late last night early morning hours, 3.5 trillion budget plan that senate democrats dropped at 4:00 a.m. packed with progressive items. what it could mean for the 2022 mid-terms and beyond. >> dana: the saga continues in loudon county virginia. one teacher had enough and quit on the spot. ian prior is here and we'll get his reaction next. >> i quit your policies and training and i quit being a cog in a machine.
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>> dana: fox news alert. fallout over woke school programs. not only parents outraged. a powerful message from one of the teachers in loudon county, virginia. >> school board, i quit. i quit your policies, i quit your trainings and i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents, the children. i will find employment elsewhere. i encourage all parents and staff in this county to flood the private schools. >> dana: we're following all of this. >> good morning. the board got an earful yesterday. they'll vote on a new policy focusing on transgender students. more than 150 parents and members of the community had two minutes each to address the
6:22 am
board last night. many in favor of the new policy and others saying it was unnecessary in their opinion and took the focus off what kids are there for, an education. here is a sample of some of the comments. >> into the social justice realms finds you dumbing down academics, destroying mental health and promoting sexual abuse all of which is a million miles from equity. >> when we protect tran students and students of color we protect all students. >> here is what they're talking about voting on tonight. first whether children should be able to use the bathroom or locker room of their choice. second whether to require teachers and students to call fellow students by their preferred pronoun and whether to allow students consistent with their gender i.d. to have access to participate in extracurricular activities including sports. now even though the meeting was
6:23 am
very passionate as you saw and fiery at times it was very calm and orderly compared to the very rowdy meeting they had in june. last night they had extra private security and they only allowed 20 speakers in the room at once. now again the board is going to vote tonight. school starts at the end of the month in loudon county. parents have a lot of questions about covid policy for the year but some told me they can't get any of those answers because of the heavy focus on a social agenda. >> dana: emotions running high. >> bill: for more on that ian prior fight for schools leading the charge in the battle over critical race theory. you were there last night. what went down? >> well, i tell you it was hot, a heat warning out in loudon county but over 100 people waiting outside to get in to speak. they allowed for the first time ever the virtual speakers to speak first. many were supportive of the school board. we had to stand out there and
6:24 am
with no bathroom access and no portable bathrooms outside. we stayed through it and went out there and spoke our minds and one thing is clear is that this school board in loudon county, virginia, is not listening to the vast majority of parents trying to have conversations. they ultimately blame us and say that we are divisive. they are the government officials and the ones that need to provide answers for us. how will they deal with learning loss from last year? will kids be in school five days a week and the curriculum and materials used for teacher training and students is quite so divisive that you actually had a teacher who had enough and had the courage to get up there and quit right in front of the school board. >> bill: yes, here is more of what she said, watch. >> as well as the emails sent by the superintendent last year reminding me that a dissenting opinion is not allowed even to be spoken in my personal life. going so far as to send a form
6:25 am
to my colleagues and i encouraging us to fill it out if we hear one another speaking against the controversial policies being promoted by this school board and adopted in this county. >> bill: i guess what amounted to a two-minute speech last night. marco rubio put out a statement yesterday. the story of our nation is under attack as the radical left continues to attempt to rewrite american history and categorize our citizens into oppressor and oppressed class. she is encouraging people to go to private schools. is this idea being sold now and people buying into it? >> i can tell you from 2020 to 2021 loudon county lost about 1300 to 1400 students as a direct result of what this school board and superintendent are doing. want to talk about teacher training. i got a hold of a teacher training that links to a
6:26 am
resource that provides for transgender awareness, gender role play for kindergarten through second grade. parents are not happy about having to deal with. if you want to teach that stuff, view it in your home. respect parents' first amendment rights to speech and religion. this school board and many school boards throughout the country don't seem to have a conception of what the constitution says and what it provides. >> bill: seems like loudon county is ground zero. student is back in three weeks from now. we'll see what happens then. ian prior in d.c. >> dana: governor andrew cuomo may be out. what about his brother? growing concern inside cnn about the future of chris cuomo next. while you were sleeping senate democrats breaking the bank with your tax dollars. how their latest spending spree hit new heights in the dead of night. n homannouncednewday just their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr.
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>> you are putting in motion i think the demise of america as we know it. >> bill: lindsey graham, democrats burn the midnight oil until 4 a.m. to pass a 3.5 trillion resolution. the bill isn't written yet along party lines. 50 democrats, 49 republicans. vote follows the passage of a trillion dollar bill earlier in the day on infrastructure. how many trillions this afternoon, chris? we're waiting on that. a clip from senator kennedy last night with sean on all this. >> they told us it was about real infrastructure. it wasn't. calling this bill an infrastructure bill is like calling anthony wiener. there is more green new deal than infrom structure. they told us the bill would be
6:33 am
paid for it isn't. that it wouldn't raise taxes, it does. >> bill: breaking it down this is what we believe to be in it. permanent status for millions of undocumented illegal immigrants. clean energy, manufacturing and, i don't know what that is. free prek for three and 4-year-old. guaranteed paid family and medical leave. that is what we think we know is in the bill. go. >> because it's 2700 pages. it will take the average person over 50 hours to be able to read through. which means they weren't able to read through everything. not all senators are the fastest readers. the house of representatives is extremely angry. the democrats they basically stripped out a lot ofwhat the liberals wanted to push through in the more progressive caucus in the house of representatives. their own vehicle. now you have speaker pelosi and the chairman of the committee saying we're not even interested in this bill. it is not left wing enough.
6:34 am
we have a weird thing in this country now. everybody is generally for infrastructure, even the last president was for infrastructure. they didn't get it done in time. this president is for infrastructure. right now the way it's looking from this bill it is a lot of spending on a lot of things and not a lot on infrastructure. >> bill: you can flip a coin as to whether or not either one goes through. we'll see in time. governor cuomo is out. chris cuomo on vacation in the hamptons. brian stelter was on stephen colbert last night. an exchange that -- >> chris was helping his brother. has it created conflict as cnn? >> some people mad at him. i had a source tell me chris
6:35 am
was -- you have to have boundaries and draw lines. >> he doesn't? >> i think chris does. i don't know about the governor. >> what does cnn do next? did two shows in prime time. the biggest story for that day in america and he did not touch it. >> he have wasn't allowed to. colbert asking that. he has lost his crush on the governor leaving town. chris cuomo was helping him. every person would help their brother when they're down and do what they can. no one will disavow their brother to keep their job or be political. however, all this stuff was in plain sight in the middle of a massive pandemic, people dying, freezer trucks holding body in new york city and panic spreading to the country you had chris cuomo interviewing his brother every night on cnn doing some kind of comedy skit hour in plain sight. anyone who wanted to look at
6:36 am
pictures how andrew cuomo reacted around women was basically an open -- all other publications were saying there is something weird going on in the nursing homes. they're covering it up. media chose to ignore that at the time. all of it in plain sight. i'm glad it's finally coming down and finally being aired in public but i just think it is too convenient for all this to be happening at this moment. >> bill: chris bedford. we'll speak soon. >> dana: next the fundamentals of education taking a back seat the a democratic run state. oregon's governor signed a bill last month that drops the requirement that high school students prove their skills in reading, writing and math before graduating. the governor doing her best to keep it under wraps. minority leader of the oregon house of representatives is here. who thought this was a good idea i have to ask? >> not parents, right? no.
6:37 am
we've had democrat control in oregon for a decade and this is entirely the handiwork of democrats in oregon. parents absolutely deserve to have their kids come through high school to know they can read and write and do math. but for whatever reason democrats in oregon have abandoned our kids. >> dana: the newspaper editorial. it deserves a veto. oregon schools were among the last in the country to reopen to in-person instruction due to the pandemic. legislators should be focused on students helping to regain the ground they last, not on lowering standards. i have to say i also think the country deserves better. we as a country invest in our young people to get them educated. it doesn't help these kids in their careers and life to not have to at least do basic standards and democrats are pushing for free community college. you should have to prove some standards to be met before all
6:38 am
of that passes. why won't the governor answer any questions about this? >> well, it's misguided. she has made another bad decision. and it's a long list of issues in oregon that come streit to the question of leadership. we have democrat leadership in our state that has taken our state in the wrong direction. now they are adding our kids to that. they're not holding them to the standards and providing them certainty when they get all of high school we can be assured they can read and write and do math. >> dana: long term consequences for the business community in oregon. they want to hire their local students. but if they can't do basic things like reading and writing, just be able to say yes, i can pass a basic test. nobody in china is suggesting that standards shouldn't be met.
6:39 am
these young people will be entering a very competitive marketplace. give you the final word. >> yes. there is no doubt right now in oregon our future is dependent on high standards for our kids. it was a wrong decision. the bill should be vetoed. we need to hold kids to the higher standard. parents expect it and students deserve it. >> dana: thank you so much. we'll see what happens in oregon. >> bill: if you do free community college, you have a view on what the requirement would be for someone who receives free community college. >> dana: i'm not necessarily against free community college. there are some governors like in tennessee have put forward a program. it might work well for some people. i don't think you should be able to not have to pass the high school standards test and get free community college. there should be some standards we insist upon for taxpayer investment. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hour.
6:40 am
here we go. lethal drugs continue to flow into the country at the southern border by the ton, dana. the latest drug seizure setting a new record. also president biden extending eviction for renters. after that small time landlords are under more pressure than ever before. as covid cases surge in georgia the governor brian kemp is live. what is his strategy? we'll ask him about it coming up shortly when we continue. you, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors! one gram of sugar, verizon launched the first 5g network and now we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g,
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>> bill: late last night federal prosecutor charging a former bay area college professor with arson accused of starting a series of fires in northern california as the dixie fire rages out of control across the northern part of that state. william la jeunesse has the fallout today from los angeles. good morning. >> here is a professor who taught others about crime and now he is charged with committing one. gary maynard taught criminology in 2020 -- he is accused of setting seven fires this year. a forest service investigator found him hiding under his car stuck in a ditch near a newly set fire near mount shasta. he refused to come out or
6:46 am
identify himself and became uncooperative and displaying bipolar behavior. the next day another fire. investigators found similar tire treads. co-worker told police maynard suffered from split personality and wanted to kill himself in 2020. police began tracking him through his welfare debit card, cell phone records and put a tracker on his car. when booked in jail maynard denied setting any fires and said he would defend himself in court. he became enraged and began kicking the cell door saying i'm going to kill you fing pigs. i told them i didn't start any of the fires. when arrested he was caught setting fires behind firefighters endangering their lives and thousands of others under evacuation orders. >> my heart goes out all the hard work these people have
6:47 am
done through our fire agencies and through the forest service, all outside fire crews that have been here. they're doing an amazing job up here. they really are. >> he is talking about the dixie fire which is where this guy was caught setting those backfires. he faces five years, maybe eight years in prison, bill, if there are aggravated injuries in any of those fires. getting help for mental help. >> bill: if guilty, a sick, sick man. william la jeunesse on that story in l.a. >> dana: the extension of the eviction ban is causing a lot of pain for some small time landlords with missed rent payments mounting, many landlords are struggling to pay their own mortgages. this woman is on the hook for $50,000 in missed payments for a house she rents in long island. i heard from your mom and your story is incredible. tell people the situation.
6:48 am
>> so currently we have what is considered a holdover tenant in our home. he has been in the house since september of 2019. last payment he made on rent was in february of 2020 and he continues to stay in our home, not paying rent and doesn't seem to have any plans to leave due to the moratorium that is currently in place. unfortunately -- >> dana: you have found that he is actually employed this entire time and didn't lose his job. >> yes. we have determined through his employer that we are in contact with that he has been gainfully employed this entire time and is just choosing not to make his payments. >> dana: given that, the eviction moratorium should not apply in this case. what do you hear from authorities when you take it to them? >> so we've spoken to local and
6:49 am
state legislators and they have no answers for us. we are not allowed to take it to court. there are no programs to help the landlords and we have basically exhausted all avenues and we continue to come up short while he continues to live in our home and now recently we found out that he has actually moved two additional people into our home. >> dana: who are probably paying him rent. there is a question, though. the federal government passed a bill for $46 billion in emergency federal relief. that was specifically to deal with this issue. have you applied for any of that money for relief? >> that's the program that we've looked into extensively. however, what we've been told is that the tenant needs to initiate that program. so unless he initiates it, we
6:50 am
can't do anything on our side and because he is gainfully employed if he initiates it he will be admitting to fraud. so we are stuck no matter where we go, we're stuck. >> dana: well, i know this is in court right now. the biden administration had to present in front of the judge and she didn't seem to buy it. even president biden said himself he didn't have the legal authority to do it and they did it anyway. we hope you get an answer soon and give my best to your mom. >> bill: got to be one of thousands of stories. after years of play dating in the hit show friends has the romance between david sh wemer and jennifer aniston gone to the real world. what's the rumors between ross and rachel we wonder? ♪♪♪
6:51 am
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6:56 am
>> at the time what you needed to gain a little perspective. >> bill: rumors have it friends star jennifer aniston and david schwimmer are rumored to be dating in real life after they
6:57 am
admitted having a crush on each other during the run but always maintained their disanswer so we're told. carley shimkus is running down her sources trying to get to the bottom of it all. >> i love talking about love. it's exciting, right? so you teed it up accurately. there was the reunion special and admitted they had crushes on each other when they were filming the show. the new report is albeit reported in a british tabloid that because they got their feelings out in the open, it rekindled the flames and they are secretly dating. a source told said british tabloid that he flew out to l.a. he lives in new york she lives in l.a. and they've been spending time at jen's home where she cooks dinners in the evening chatting and laughing and enjoying quality time together. >> bill: did you consult jesse
6:58 am
watters on this? >> dana: i texted him. i said how can you not be here today when i want to talk about this story? >> i have his book in my office and reading some stuff and i look over and there he is. david schwimmer in the book. >> dana: we were at a wedding together in may in nashville. a young girl goes up to jesse and she is like you are the guy from friends, right? and then he said you want to get a selfie? do you do this all the time or pretend you are david schwimmer? >> do you guys want to know what jennifer aniston and david schwimmer's representative said to fox news? they denied it. could be true, who knows? >> bill: does jennifer aniston cook? >> according to this report. >> bill: quality time together and chatting and laughing. i believe all that. >> dana: i believe somebody
6:59 am
gave this to them. i think they are floating the trial balloon. >> bill: she is excellent as publicity. >> dana: even if it's not true is it a good thing we're talking about jennifer aniston and ben affleck. that's a different jennifer. >> bill: i have a hair thing she promotes. i have to start taking the hair pill again. >> dana: she is big on the collagen thing. >> bill: she is on the cover of more magazines who hasn't been on a sitcom for 10 years. she sells magazines. >> totally. >> dana: and their products. >> bill: this reminds me of the jennifer lopez, ben affleck thing. i don't really believe this jennifer aniston, david schwimmer thing. i was wrong about j. lo, i could be wrong about this one, too. >> bill: a place in new york city the friends cafe or theater and you can go in there
7:00 am
and walk among the set. >> dana: my sister is a huge super fan of friends and i texted her this morning. she hopes its true. >> i hope it's true, too. you have to love love. >> dana: they are our royalty >> sort of. >> dana: fox fuss news alert. governor ron desantis and the white house is looking into options to go over his head and then pay educators if they have their paychecks halted for enforcing a mask mandate. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> dana: i'm in a great mood. >> bill: a rare mood or no? >> dana: we're having some thoughts. >> bill: many thoughts during the summer thal breaks. the president's decision to ratchet up the fight over facemasks in florida after the governor banned the mask mandate for students in some schools after that and they
7:01 am
defied that order from the governor. >> dana: jackie heinrich is at the white house with more. is it legal? >> one of the few things they're considering. after governor ron desantis threatened to withhold the salaries of school board members and superintendents who don't comply with his order banning mask mandates, white house press secretary jen psaki said the administration is looking into its options with regard to covid money that was distributed to florida for the purpose of being used in schools. they are considering whether they can take that money and use it to cover the salaries of administrators who aren't going to be paid if they fail to comply with this order. this is the message that psaki said the administration has for desantis, listen. >> if you are not interested in following the public health guidelines to protect the lives of people in your state to give parents some comfort as they are sending their kids to school.
7:02 am
schools are opening in florida this week. i know in many parts of florida. then get out of the way and let public officials, let local officials do their job to keep students safe. this is serious and we are talking about people's lives. >> president biden said they're checking to see if it has the power to intervene in states like florida and texas banning mask mandates. desantis is holding firm for his part. >> we are going to do whatever we can to vindicate the rights of parents and make sure that parents are in the driver's seat when it comes to the health, education and welfare of their kids. and these should not be decreed by the government but something that a parent is ultimately making the decision on. >> so today president biden will meet virtually with governors and local leaders on covid response efforts butted indication secretary cardona is turning his focus back to race. having a virtual summit on
7:03 am
equity as kids prepare to go back to school in florida and elsewhere just a couple weeks from now. >> dana: aside from the merits of the issue and the debate on masks, is this a political fight that the white house wants? >> it's hard to say. didn't necessarily get the impression that they were shying away from it. i think that their focus is on making sure that vaccines get out. they are very much still focused on trying to ramp up vaccinations as delta is spreading. i think they are trying to provide some sort of relief for folks in states that they see as standing up to these bans on mandates, rather, that put people at risk in their opinion and put kids and families at risk. they aren't shying away from it. i wouldn't necessarily say they are stoking it. but they're responding to what is happening for sure. >> dana: thank you so much. we appreciate it. they do a lot of polling and i just wonder if they are reading
7:04 am
these polls and thinking this is a political fight good for them. i don't know. politically it could be good for governor desantis, too. >> bill: maybe. if the white house would intervene what would they do? we'll talk to governor brian kemp. we talked a lot about this with brett giroir last hour and we had a lot of questions. robert redfield on monday with martha said sadly, former head of cdc under trump. sadly i will predict in 2 to 4 months we'll have another variant and more infectious than the delta variant. if he is right we're dealing with this thing for a year? two years after that? >> dana: already in south america another variant has been ravaging that continent as people are migrating and crossing the border illegally and being allowed to basically get on a bus or plane and go to wherever they'll go until they have their hearing, this is one of the ways that you spread. also one of the reasons you
7:05 am
need -- >> bill: could be -- with every variation of the virus it could become more transmissible. >> dana: that's how -- viruses are smarter than we are. >> bill: can a mask protect you or can the virus, depending on the variant of the virus can it pass through the mask? questions for doctors that are smarter than we are. >> dana: the white house says it has taken steps to alleviate the crisis at the southern border including moving migrants from one part of the border to another with increased processing capability. it comes amid an influx of border patrol activity ahead of mayorkas' visit happening tomorrow. jonathan hunt is live in la joya, texas as they get ready for the secretary. >> good morning. ahead of the secretary's visit here to south texas, he was in mexico meeting with mexican officials yesterday trying to come up with further ideas
7:06 am
about how they might stem this ever-rising tide of migrants. we've seen them in exclusive pictures we shot in la joya, texas, coming across in the hundreds at night and then yesterday during the day we saw another small group. they were hiding in the grass. those were adults, not a family unit. border patrol agents moved in, they found those migrants hiding in the grass. they took them away. apprehended to add to the expected 210,000 total apprehensions we've had in july. another side of the myriad of issues at the border from west of us at a checkpoint in california last week, cbp officers apparently found nearly three tons of meth and fentanyl powder hidden in household articles.
7:07 am
the largest drug smuggling seizure along the southwest border. 414 packages in all. $13 million worth of drugs. bringing it back here to the border in south texas, dana, if secretary mayorkas talks to some of the many border agents who talked to us off-camera and if they are as candid with him as they have been with us he tomorrow will hear stories of frustration, exhaustion and outright anger that the administration is not doing more to stem what i say is an ever-rising tide of migrants crossing this border. dana. >> dana: i'm sure they want to get his ear. thank you. >> bill: want to get back to the covid cases now. they are rising in the state of georgia. that state recording more than 41,000 new cases in just the last two weeks. want to bring in the georgia governor brian kemp to talk about this. good morning. here are the total cases
7:08 am
114,000 among children ages 1-17. total hospitalizations 1452, total deaths 12. vaccination rates. one dose about 48%. fully vaccinated around 40% in your state. can you get that number higher? >> well we're setly messaging on that. there has been a lot of mixed messages coming out of the white house. get the vaccine, take your mask off. now they want you to wear your mask. i think that's been part of the issue and delay in the johnson & johnson vaccine. we were set to get rolling when it was paused. we're seeing our vaccination rates go up as the delta variant continues to spread here and across the country. i'm so thankful we took the approach early on to vaccinate our seniors and medically vulnerable. we are seeing the fatalities in that age group and many other people in our state.
7:09 am
we're fighting hard. my message to people is talk to your doctor and your local pharmacist. we have a life-saving vaccine that the trump administration delivered to us in warp speed time with operation warp speed and that's my message to folks. there is so much distrust with the government now. >> bill: what do the experts tell you what is happening in georgia? do they give you some hard core evidence that this is -- a, it is happening because b, c and d are following it? >> i had a really -- i've been traveling the state a lot. we're seeing very high case counts in our rural communities where vaccination rates are low. i've talked to a lot of hospital ceos and administrators over the last week or so. we've been doing that constantly throughout the pandemic on the metro hospital ceo called yesterday. every one of those systems 90 plus percent of the covid patients in the hospital have
7:10 am
not been vaccinated. my message to folks is do your due diligence. make a healthcare decision for yourself. i don't think mandating masks or vaccines will work. we haven't done that so far. i'm trusting people in georgia to make the right decision to get us through the wave we're experiencing like we did on prior waves but also keep our economy open. >> bill: you don't support masks in schools but there is a county southeast of atlanta that will go ahead and do it. the superintendent samantha furry said this. we tried the mask optional status but must revert to requiring mass usage because of the spike in cases. no one likes wearing a mask, if parents and community want our children to attend school in person we must do this at least for now. what would you say to her? would you intervene there and then if the white house were to intervene with georgia, what
7:11 am
would you do? >> well, we don't need the white house intervening in georgia. top down federal policy one size fits all not going to work on masks or vaccines. certainly not going to work on elections, either. we don't need any of that here in georgia. the way our system works we have a statewide elected school superintendent. we have local boards, we have a state board of education and we are taking the same tack that we did last year at this time. we are trusting our local schools, local school boards to work and listen with their parents and each of them are doing different things to help us get through the spike. a lot of people offering virtall options. i think kids need to be in the classroom. also support if the parents don't want to do that right now they should have an option to do something different. and we will continue to support them every way we can. >> bill: so if that county says
7:12 am
wear a mask you won't stop it. >> i've been a local governor. best decisions are made closest to the people and i don't think a federal mandate is a good idea or a state one. i try to be consistent how i handled things throughout the pandemic not just now but even a year ago when we were the first state in the country to start reopening schools and get kids back in the classroom in person. we had a great year last year and i trust our superintendents and we'll continue to work with them to make that happen. good thank you for your time. there is a lot to get to. please come back. we'll follow it and see whether or not the strategy is working or not. brian kemp, thank you for your time in atlanta today. >> dana: and crime and shootings gripping another democratic run city in california. community leaders are fed up and calling for action. what they are demanding from governor gavin newsom. >> bill: senate democrats bringing back the welfare states. trillions of dollars in
7:13 am
suggested new spending. is that what america really needs and wants? we'll talk to bret baier in a moment on that. >> this is an invitation to an economic disaster and the people who are going to catch the blame are called democrats because they are doing it. watch. is ae newday's rates have dropped to the lowest in their history. . . two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. refinance now and save thousands. ♪♪ (vo) the rule in business used to be, "location, location, location." now it's, "network, network, network." so you need a network that's built right. verizon business unlimited starts with america's most reliable network. then we add the speed of verizon 5g. we provide security that's made for business and offer plans as low as $30 per line. more businesses choose verizon than any other network. we are open and ready for you.
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dreams are on the line. you got this. refresh... it all, comes down, to this. ♪♪ >> dana: democrats approving a resolution to move forward with a 3.5 trillion dollar spending mra*n and it is sprawling. touching on everything from immigration to clean energy, free prek and free community college and free family leave. bret baier is here to talk about it. i guess i would ask you the chances of all of this passing but also the strategy to have passed the 1.5 trillion infrastructure bill and on the heels of that at 4 a.m. this
7:19 am
morning passing this out of the senate. >> they have to link the two. the pitch on the second is much more heavy burden to get moderate democrats to sign onto it and that's why you saw nancy pelosi say she wasn't going to put the first one on the floor without the second one structure of it being passed. i think the second part, the 3.5 trillion first of all is months away. it is going to be churned out in the sausage making factory of capitol hill and a really heavy lift when you look at the money and all of the priorities that are in there. even though democrats only need 50 votes in the senate. the first one, however, i think there will be some pressure. you peeled off 19 republicans out of 50 in the senate to vote for this. that's a big number. as you head towards 2022, both sides need some sort of a win to take home. they have to say they are doing something. otherwise the other side will use it as a baton to hit them
7:20 am
over the head. >> bill: her margin is three in the house. since we've been alive we have had a margin that close. i'll make a point in a moment. "wall street journal" guaranteed income. the worker shortage grows more extreme that is predicted. no one should be surprised when you pay people this much not to work millions decide not to work. this is bad for employers that need workers, bad for the economy that needs more production and ultimately bad for the workers themselves whose skills erode as they make themselves dependent on politicians and their welfare state. the last line there, politicians and their welfare state. the 3.5 trillion bill was largely the idea of bernie sanders, was it not and why you have mitch mcconnell every day calling him chairman sanders. i would guess that's the messaging on behalf of republicans who want to kill this thing. >> 100% and why progressives and democrats on the left are
7:21 am
trying to do this p.r. campaign with a bus tour and build back better and explain exactly what they are trying to do because they know how powerful the socialist tag was the last election and election before that. they know in places like southern florida, they know in places across the middle part of the country that this really sticks and if they don't get ahead of the messaging progressives, they are really going to get stuck holding the old maid. i don't think the big one is getting through but they'll make a push and their real push should be with joe manchin and kyrsten sinema and other moderate democrats who aren't signed on as of yet. >> dana: jamie harrison said this about the build back better bus tour. we know there is still be done and the build back better bus tour will remind that it is democrats deliver results to the american people and no thanks to republicans. will they visit safe republican places or are they going to try
7:22 am
to hit the swing districts that hang in the balance and matter for november of 2022? >> i think they do the swing districts, dana. where these elections have historically been turned and listen, the house as you look at it heading to 2022 should be paint by numbers for republicans. they should be able to pick up the house. they already picked up some seats in redistricting in traditionally rerepublican areas and you talk to kevin mccarthy and he is he ecstatic about the prospects. things can turn. this bus tour goes to a lot of suburbs and i bet you hear a lot about donald trump in those pitches. >> bill: joe manchin is key. came out with a statement earlier today saying this is the kind of spending you do when you are in the midst of a great depression. and we are not there. economy is doing pretty well. you could argue it's a v-shape,
7:23 am
could you not? >> yeah, i think that message from manchin not only that but also him saying he is not going to do what he did last time. at the end of these vote-a-rama amendments where they vote again and again on the different amendments, senator schumer put forward an amendment that cleared the deck and said none of this matters and erases everything we just did and manchin voted for that the last time. he said he is not doing that this time. this changes the dynamic. some republican amendments did get through and they will have to deal with that. >> dana: also we're running out of time. the whole thing about the immigration piece within the 3.5 trillion provide amnesty without having to argue it on the merits just doing it on a party line vote would probably get attention in those very suburbs you are talking about. >> and mark kelly in arizona. >> dana: he have is the one always hiding. thank you. >> bill: see you at 6:00. violent crime tearing through
7:24 am
another democrat-run city in california. community leaders in oakland's chinatown are calling for action from the governor gavin newsom in order to fight back. claudia cohen is live in sos lito, california. >> oakland, california has always had a gritty reputation. the latest attack has this one community demanding the governor send in reinforcements. it happened on saturday in oakland's chinatown district. surveillance video shows two suspects wearing hoodies trying to steal a woman's purse when two other men try to stop it one of the assailant pulls a gun and opens fire. the good samaritan gets shot and slumped to the ground. his friend gets pistol whipped by the second assailant. both expected to recover. oakland is seeing a surge in violent crime. carjackings up 95% over this time last year. homicides up 51% and robberies
7:25 am
are up 14%. chinatown leaders are demanding the governor take action. >> we request that you, governor newsom, declare a state of emergency and deploy patrols and other law enforcement officers for the safety for citizens and property. >> so far no response from the governor's office and those two suspects are still on the loose. >> bill: wow, thank you. more on that coming up. >> dana: president biden standing by his decision to withdraw from afghanistan even as the taliban continues to gain ground. >> president biden: they've got to want to fight. but we are going to continue to keep our commitment. i don't regret my decision. >> dana: what the impact could be for afghan citizens left to fend for themselves. sources telling fox news president biden is set to reverse one of the moves president trump made in israel.
7:26 am
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7:31 am
no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save. >> bill: fox news alert. 10:30 in new york. taliban gaining more ground in afghanistan. seems like a daily drumbeat here taking one province after the other. this amid the u.s. troop withdrawal. 27 children have been killed. 136 others injured in the past four days. dan hoffman, former cia chief of station. good morning. unicef says the following. these are not numbers. each death in each case of physical suffering is a personal tragedy. these children are much loved and longed for daughters and sons, brothers and sisters and cousins and friends. all children whose right to
7:32 am
protection under humanitarian law has been disregarded by warring parties. why has the president been so inflexible in changing the withdrawal strategy? >> well, i think the president set his course and he did it without a real transition plan. one that would guarantee the united states an ability to find, fix and when needed finish the terrorist threats that still exist in afghanistan and are only going to grow. we know the taliban has a long history of conducting ruthless attacks where they draw no distinction between civilians and combatants. they often use young teenage boys as suicide bombers. the petri dish that pakistan will be growing into. taliban was an insurgent force. they could lose every battle but they will win by staying in the fight. >> dana: i scoffed at a
7:33 am
headline that said the biden administration is stunned by the capabilities of the taliban. is it the case that once these capitals fall to the taliban that's it? we aren't going to get them back for the afghan security forces and the afghans seem incapable of doing it themselves. >> i think we're in a real inflection point now. the president is in the northern capital and that's a major economic hub on the border of uzbekistan. the government of afghanistan is rightly very concerned about losing this city which is surrounded by taliban forces. if the taliban takes that city, then it could be on ward to kabul and there could be extraordinarily violent fighting that would cause more civilian casualties. but at the very best we're looking at the taliban controlling massive swaths of territory. if we learned one thing from 9/11 you don't want to give the
7:34 am
taliban ungoverned space where we know al qaeda would homestead when the taliban promised intraafghan dialogue and server ties with al qaeda. >> bill: in is so sad to watch unfold after all the years and money. my point about the president who said this when asked about it at the white house. >> president biden: we spent over a trillion dollars over 20 years. we trained and equipped with modern equipment over 300,000 afghan forces. we lost thousands death in injury. who have to fight for themselves and their nation. >> bill: if they're capable. so far a lot of them have put their guns down and walked away. whether or not you can recapture some of these towns, michael waltz said this earlier. >> right now biden unexplainably has given them
7:35 am
one bomber per night. like throw a band-aid at a chest wound. if we put serious american air power with a small group on the ground we could take the taliban down within weeks. >> bill: week take the taliban down in weeks. is that point past us or not? >> we've gone way past that. look, we have 78,000 troops in japan and south korea. 3500 troops in afghanistan. 6,000 of our nato alies and contractors. when we gave up the air force base we gave up the capability effectively to launch those sorts of air strikes and maintain the government of afghanistan's air force. the air force is critical to conduct operations against the taliban. we're sadly past the point of no return. you have know, the countries in
7:36 am
the region, pakistan, russia, china, central asian former soviet republicans are not going to be holding our best interests at heart, either. we are looking at a bloodbath. >> bill: why not keep some forces there? it was an argument many in the administration were making. they said with the withdrawal of u.s. military our intelligence would be degraded. all the evidence and facts pointed to keeping a resillall force of 3500 to 4,000 to maintain an effective counter terrorism capability. we gave that up. it is not an endless war, that's a deployment to deal with persistent threats. we'll leave, the war will carry on. those attacks we would have detected and preempted before they visited our shores will cause great harm in the region and beyond. >> dana: dan hoffman with interesting words and food for
7:37 am
thought. thank you. fox news. president biden is moving forward with plans to reopen a consulate in jerusalem to handle palestinian affairs. president trump shut down the consulate in 2019 in recognition of the holy city as israel's capital. trey yengst is live in jerusalem with the details. >> good morning. that's right. the biden administration will move forward with plans to reopen a consulate in jerusalem. that according to a u.s. embassy spokesperson who talked with fox news this morning. now this was originally announced by u.s. secretary of state anthony blinken in may but remained an uncertain and controversial political decision. the consulate general that serves palestinians was closed by president trump back in 2019. previously existed in jerusalem for decades. no indication right now the biden team plans to reverse other decisions such as moving the embassy itself to jerusalem or recognizing it as the capital of israel.
7:38 am
the move is drawing criticism from israeli politicians who says the plan could hurt relations between the u.s. and israel. >> by doing something like this without consent between -- bullying israeli government to make a decision it is not in our best interest, is something unacceptable. it could dramatically impede the relationship between is lease and americans. something that friends don't do to each other. >> a senior palestinian official said the consulate should be reopened in jerusalem immediately from the perspective of the palestinians. any delay in this decision would be as he said unacceptable. dana. >> dana: interesting update. >> bill: back here now a have school teacher sounding off and stepping down at a school board meeting last night. >> you have made your point. you no longer value me or many other teachers you've employed in this county. >> bill: a look at the controversy over critical race theory in schools coming up.
7:39 am
governor andrew cuomo is calling it quits but not going quietly. why some are saying he was victim blaming yesterday. martha maccallum weighs in on that and more when we come back. limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ plaque psoriasis, the tightness, stinging... ...the pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tremfya®. emerge tremfyant™. janssen can help you explore cost support options. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks!
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7:43 am
>> dana: fired up teacher resigns on the spot during last
7:44 am
night's school board meeting in loudon county, virginia. she refuses to push their highly politicized agenda on students. >> you don't value mow or other teachers. since my contract outlines the power you have over my employment in loudon county public schools i thought it necessary to resign in front of you. school board, i quit. i quit your policies, i quit your training, and i quit being a cog in a machine that tells me to push highly politicized agendas on our most vulnerable constituents, the children. >> dana: martha maccallum is anchor of the story. teachers love their job. >> >> she made a decision to make it public and do it at the meeting last night. a very contentious meetings. one in a string of meetings they've had. it's the heartbeat of the debate going on in education right now. i think that her resignation is
7:45 am
clearly heart felt. you look at this woman and listen to her words and know she has had to deal with material in her classroom that she does not feel right about. that she thinks puts kids into these categories of opsors and victims and pushes an agenda she feels she can no longer support. i think you'll see a lot of new schools sprouting up and people with more choice than they've ever had because there is so much support. she will have a job in no time. >> bill: part of her message last night. telling everybody go private. i think they go back to school on the 26th of august. interesting to watch. governor cuomo taking heat for the way he presented his announcement yesterday before he said i'm out of here in two weeks. here is part of that. >> the most serious allegations made against me have no credible factual basis in the report. i thought a hug and putting my arm around a staff person while taking a picture was friendly but she found it to be too
7:46 am
forward. i truly believe it is politically motivated. i believe it is unfair and it is untruthful. >> bill: after that he said i'm out of here in 14 days. lindsey boylen tweeted from the beginning i simply asked for the governor to stop his abusive behavior. it became clear he was unable to do that. instead of attacking and blaming victims until the end. is he guilty of that? >> well, i believe him when he says he doesn't believe he did anything wrong. i think that he is so absorbed in his own psyche and his own ambitions. we've watched andrew cuomo reading through his whole history. the straw that broke the camel's back these accusations that have come up and the pool of them was too much for him to sustain his job and to stay in that job. he lost all the support of everybody around him. once that was gone he had no choice but to resign. lindsey boylen is suing him in court and so is brittany
7:47 am
commisso. this doesn't go away. the political part of this story is ending for him to some extent by this resignation and with it i think the impeachment falls apart in albany. there are more charges coming against him. it is an extraordinary story. talk about pride comes before the fall and think about the way he was during covid and how proud he was of what he did and his leadership book and the art poster he had drawn and all of those elderly people who lost their lives in nursing homes and no remorse for decisions made along those lines. there is a long string that led to what we saw yesterday. >> dana: "new york post" cover is great. at the end of his grope. the other thing i found galling is when he said i was unaware that the lines had been redrawn. he signed legislation that requires everybody who works in the state of new york to have to go through this long sexual harassment training that he signed into law and like i had
7:48 am
no idea. >> how galling is that moment when he says i didn't know that the lines had been redrawn. it must be because there is a new generation. wake up. what has he missed in all this? i can only assume he thinks his own personality in way of dealing with people is so endearing and his whole personality that people want this kind of touching and all of the things that he is accused of doing here. it is shocking he feels like he didn't know that the lines had been redrawn. not many men out there that don't know the lines have been redrawn and shown how untouchable he thought he was. the ego of some people is enormous. i think it's fair to say based on his life and the way he has lived and worked that he does have -- that he thought that protected him. >> bill: it can happen after 11 years in power.
7:49 am
see you at 3:00. hang around here. you are going to love this, martha. she put patriotism on display grabbing her heart for the olympic games. the first black woman u.s. wrestler to win gold is home and here to share her experience and her story and it is a great one coming up live. >> that's exciting. refi wday two andr is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression.
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7:55 am
hour. >> bill: who could forget the all-inspiring performance in tokyo by olympian tamyra mensah stock. she is back in the usa and live in colorado springs. good morning to you. how are you doing? >> i am well. thank you for asking. i want to give glory to god. i wouldn't have been here today if i didn't put all my faith in him. >> bill: beautiful. can i ask you the question a thousand people have asked you? how did it feel? >> oh, man, it -- honestly it felt amazing. it felt like i didn't have any control. i did what i practiced and by the grace of god. my mantra is let go and let god.
7:56 am
it worked and i'm ecstatic about it and i'm overjoyed and so happy i'm affecting so many people and yeah. >> dana: our audience fell in love with you. i did want to ask you something. you took a karaoke machine with you. what is your go-to song? >> i have a lot of go-to songs but it would have to be my starter would be you're welcome from moana to get the mood going. >> dana: love that. you also said sometimes your coaches put you through a tough work-out. i'm curious, what does a tough work-out look like for you? >> one where i end up crying, honestly. that happened in indiana at our olympic camp.
7:57 am
it was painstaking. everybody did fresh people came in and we went live and i had -- i cried. i cried. >> dana: i would have cried, too. >> bill: so i will quote you because we saw the video from tokyo. you said i'm so happy i get to represent the usa. you were screaming it on camera. and it's like that reporter asked you a question from one angle and you took the question and looked into the camera to give your answer. i think -- it's okay. he said how do you feel with that red, white and blue flag around you. i think that's what he said. do you remember that moment? what do you want to share with us about what came to mind when that happened? >> it's funny you asked me that question. that specific moment when he asked me that i felt like i went into a trance and god just spoke through me and i was like all right, look directly at the camera and just go.
7:58 am
i know there are a lot of negativity going on and i just want to enlighten people of my feelings to spread positivity and it happened. i did not realize it would go viral. >> dana: you said you freaking love america. give us some reasons why. >> shoot, i was born here. my dad is an immigrant from ghana where he met my mom. i grew up in texas. it's the only place i know and i have traveled all over the world and i definitely wouldn't want to live anywhere else. i prefer here. here is better. >> bill: do you know how good you made people feel when they watched that? do you have a sense of that? >> that actually hasn't hit me
7:59 am
yet. i know since i was a little girl i've always made people feel great about themselves. my mom would always get asked where is the hugging twin because i would always hug people after i met them. so in that sense i have always known that i have been a pretty happy and infectious person with my joy. so to be able to enlighten the entire nation on what 28 years has already done for me is pretty awesome. >> dana: your light shines so brightly and i do -- when you say that you have god speaking through, i think it comes through very well. i wanted to ask you, you are going to buy with your earnings your mom her dream as a food truck. i have a question, does we have a name for that or can we call it gold medal barbecue? >> she actually already has a name for it. she wants to call it beautiful
8:00 am
things barbecue. >> dana: maybe you could put on the menu something gold medal ribs or something like that. >> bill: tamyra you are beautiful inside and out. thank you for sharing your story with us. awesome stuff, red, white, blue and gold. >> dana: i want to get a hug from you one day. thank you so much. "the faulkner focus" is up next. >> harris: the epic downfall of governor andrew cuomo leaving a permanent stain on his legacy. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". mere hours after governor cuomo announced he was stepping down, president biden stepped up and weighed in and plenty of people are not thrilled about that. >> how would you assess his 10 1/2 years as governor of the state? >> president biden: in terms of his personal behavior or what he has done as a


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