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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 11, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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you can watch our interview, amazing interview, on and we hope that you will, it's worth it. now, ladies and gentlemen, sean hannity takes over. >> sean: i will pick up right there. welcome to "hannity." we are tracking multiple developing stories including some of the footage you just saw, hunter biden's laptop from hell, it shows the president's son expressing blackmail concerns while in bed with a female companion. we have the entire three and a half minute video that we will play in full. here is part of it. [inaudible]
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>> sean: by the way, adam schiff, you always look for "compromising materials" to give to the fbi. i think we found them. we will play the entire three and half minutes, that's coming up. somebody might want to tell the congenital liar, adam schiff, from california, to watch. we've got the "compromising materials," finally. and the california recall election just weeks away, gavin newsom's poll numbers sinking like a rock. now, the pressure now appears to be more than he can handle. we've got video of newsom in a public meltdown. that's coming up. and later, olympic champion -- we talked a lot about her, tamyra mensah-stock, she'll join us live with her inspirational story. what an incredible young woman. and what she has done for her mom will inspire all. her comments about the country
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will inspire all. but first, let's see... we've got vaccine mandates, mask mandates, vaccine passports, social distancing, new rules popping up everywhere, for we, you, the american people, at the request of thendcias biden administration and their parent supervisors in the cdc and the nih, the cdc now saying that even if you're fully vaccinated, yeah, you can still get covid. nih is advising parents to wear a mask inside their own home. wow. okay. the delta variant, yes, it's very serious, theyey tell us. i agree. but for some reason, their concerns, their mandates, magically, completely, utterly despair when it comes to our southern border. as we speak, at 25-year record number of legal immigrants are pouring across that border, most on vaccinated, many infectedcr with covid-19. in fact, 20% of migrant children now testing positive for covid, an 18% of families. that is double the positivity rate in the entire u.s., but the biden administration just cannot be bothered to find the real solution.
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in other words, the one he inherited and got rid of. let me be very clear tonight -- any american that gets covid, any american that needs to be hospitalized, god forbid, any american that ends up dying from covid that is traced back to joe's open borders, that is joe biden's fault. he is now officially putting american lives at risk with his open borders policies, in the middle of this pandemic, and then dispersing people all over the country and not testing most of the people at all. no mandates for illegal immigrants, only for american citizens. and look at your screen, we are seven months into this crisis, in the middle of a pandemic, and this is what our border facilities look like righto no. migrants literally stacked on top of each other in small rooms and jail cells, and cages that joe biden built, until they dispense and disperse people all over the country. and get this, according to a new report from "the daily caller," after days packed in these overcrowded biden cages and
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facilities, well, migrants are ultimately then transferred on private, unmarked jets to abilene, texas, and then loaded onto buses and commercial flights with destinations all across the u.s. -- again, with a high rate of covid positivity. this is madness, because it is draconian measures for you, the american people, no testing for people that are breaking our laws, b not respecting our sovereignty or our borders. i guess this is what america-last policies look like. according to washington, one overflow migrant facility with more than a thousand migrants transferred, they are now experiencing what is a massive covid-19 outbreak, according to "the seattle times," hardly a conservative news outlet, while the government released about 570 detainees deemed at high risk for contracting covid-19, and the harm is done.
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without a doubt, the border crisis is the single largest nationwide super-spreader event in the history of the u.s. but the covid warriors in the biden administrationov are pretending the end of this is happening. no crisis at all. i don't see any crisis here. even worse, they are actually encouraging migrants to come by raising the limit on refugees, ending the very successful trump-era stay-in-mexico policy, reinstituting the catch-and-release program under obama that donald trump stopped. now it's notro even catch-and-release, it's process-and-release. immigrants have been dispersed all over the u.s. without so much as a court date. our system is just not capable of processing the over a million plus illegal immigrants that have entered our country since joe biden's inauguration. by the way, these are the illegal immigrants, only the ones we know about, that were
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actually processed and detained briefly by law enforcement. we have no idea how many illegal immigrants slipped across undetected, because all those resources pretty much are in just a few areas. and tonight our federal government loves to scold florida, loves to scold texas, not taking covid seriously enough. why, because governor abbott, governor desantis, won't force anyone to wear masks in school? but given this crisis at the southern border, migrants packed in cages, small rooms, not tested, then dispersed nationwide -- where, it's obvious, clear, transparent, that joe biden doesn't really give two adam schiffs about the spread of covid-19 unless he can use it to bludgeon his political enemies or blame trump. to that end, it appears that the cdc was caught red-handed, patting the daily covid numbers right out of florida. here with more, ohio congress and jim jordan along with fox newsid contributor, ari fleischer. all right, jim, it's a simple thing, american citizens, passports, mandatory
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vaccinations, mandatory mask-wearing or you can't get anywhere. but you see what's happening at the border. we are going to be at a 25, 30-year record high of illegal immigrants. nobody is barely even getting tested down there, but dispersed to the entire country. >> yeah, sean, i don't want to hear anything about covid cases in florida, mask mandates in new york, vaccine passports, i don't want to hear anything about that until the biden administration deals with the crisis they created on our southern border. there is nolon other conclusiony rational person can reach other than this is intentional, this is deliberate, they are deliberately trying to harm our country. march was the highest level of illegal crossings until april, april was a highest month until may, may was the highest month until june, june was the highesr month until two days ago when we got the july numbers. that is a bad trend, that is intentional. they are doing what hillary clinton said five years ago. they've created a borderless hemisphere, and the american
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people need to understand this is deliberate. they are trying to shift blame and shift everything else to where it doesn't belong, trying to attack governors who are actually trying to t do the rigt thing for their constituents, governor desantis and governor abbott. >> sean: they are smart political observers. all these draconian measures, vaccine passports, mask mandates, for citizens, and not even testing for illegal immigrants in record numbers. your reaction? >> this is the exact kind of thing that the american people see and feel and recognize instantly as just plain wrong. when we have to go through all these hurdles ourselves, and isen we look and we say, other people, because they came here illegally, don't have to be subject to what we are subject to? this is how voters turn out in record numbers. it inspires anger, because people know the government is
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doing something they should not be doing. but look, on the people coming here, sean, as you know, i'm a first generation american.ra my mother is an immigrant to this great country. i want immigrants to come to america. but you have to come here illegally, andmmig this is why e biggest mistake joe biden has made was to stop building the wall. it was working. it's common sense. it still allows people to come here illegally because they are coming here the right way. that would have helped us withe covid, too. >> sean: if you go to the process -- i'm not against immigration, either. i don't care where you come from. i think certainly, in light of the pandemic, a health screening -- i think we need a background screening in light of what happened onsc 9/11. i think people need to show that they are capable of taking care of themselves financially and not being a burden on the american people. hardly draconian in my mind, but jim jordan, this is the reality. is there any measure that congress can take? not only are they not enforcing the law, they are aiding and abetting law-breaking.
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i feel if sean hannity did it or jim jordan did it or ari fleischer did it we would be in a heck of a lot of trouble for picking and choosing which laws we choose to not obey, or aid and abet others in breaking the law.os >> all we can do is talk about we can draw to the american people's attention just how bad it is. we can save that we know it's the case, that this is intentional, it's deliberate, it's trying to harm the country, it's creating a borderless hemisphere, as i said before. frankly, ari is right. we are going to win back the house and then we can begin to do something. ibut joe biden is the executive branch, he's the one who has to enforce the law of the land, and he refuses to do that. the other thing we can do is we can quit listening to dr. fauci. he's been wrong on everything. i would say this, how about we start listening to parents and stop listening to dr. fauci? that would help the situation overall in our country, as well. it is frustrating, but the truth is they are deliberately and intentionally doing this. bry
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>> sean: #firefauci. i like it. the last word goes to ari fleischer.nt what should republicans do at this moment, ari? >> they need w to keep making te case, the public case, we've been here before, we were there with president obama in 2010. republicans had the biggest win in the house in 70 years. republicans have the ability to communicate and express what's wrong. when joe biden goes on this massive redescription of income, big a spending spree, allowing people to come into the country illegally, not handling covid properly, republicans have a great case to make for why the democrats and joe biden should be thrown out. >> sean: congressman jim jordan, ari fleischer, always great to have you both. thank you. tonight, while the border crisis spirals out of control causing a nationwide super-spreader event, the biggest in history, state and local governments, they are now ramping up mandates for yous and for youris children. at a local school board meeting in tennessee, doctors advocating for mask mandates c in schools were met by a massive crowd of
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very angry parents. meanwhile, out in california, we have governor newsom now mandating vaccines or frequent weekly testing for all teachers. of course, the ever so flip-flopping dr. anthony fauci is letting the mandates. according to fauci, we must all be willing to sacrifice our individual freedoms for the greater good. um, wow. take a look. >> do you agree with randi weingarten, the head of the largest teachers union in the country, who came out yesterday and said yes, teachers should be vaccinated inside schools? do you think they should be mandated to be vaccinated? >> yeah, i'm going to upset some people on this, but i think we should. i'm sorry, i mean, i know people must like to have their individual freedom and not be told to do something, but i think we are in such a serious situation now that, under certain circumstances, mandates should be done. >> sean: now, i have a
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question tonight. why is it that great flip-flop fauci, the great doctor that democrat love and the media loves so much, why has fauci never once -- not one time that i've seen -- talk about what is happening? the super-spreader event at our southern border. dr. fauci, what do you have to say about what's going on at our southern border? before you're willing to take away america's constitutional rights, things like medical privacy, doctor-patient confidentiality. here with more,ke arkansas g.o.. gubernatorial candidate, sarah sanders, along with fox news medical contributor, dr. nicole saphier. dr. saphier, you've been following covid as closely as anybody i know. you've seen what's happening at our southern border. we know most people are not being tested, we know they are being displaced all throughout the country, we know there's a high rate of covert positivity. is it likely that, as a result of these policies, americans will contract covid? that some will also be
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hospitalized, and people will die because of these very s policies, open borders? >> well, sean, this is a very heated discussion, topic of discussion, right now. tole i can't really attest what is happening at the border, i can tell you that, when it comes to infectious disease and the migrants crossing our southwestern border, that's always been an issue. we've always had concerns about tuberculosis, bringing antibiotic resistance, and other sort of infectious diseases that here in the united states may be under control. but some of those migrants coming from south america maybe don't have the same medical care or vaccination rates that we do here. the same is to be said when it comes to sars-cov-2, the virus that causes covid-19.ntca i would hope that, at the border, the same way that we have implored in the past, during tuberculosis screening and follow-up, that is still occurring for those now in the cover 19 pandemic. we don't have resources at our border -- >> sean: it's not happening,
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and they are being dispersed, and it's well over a million people. we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration when donald trump left office, and now it's the highest in 25 years. with such a high rate of covid positivity, and then dispersing people without even testing them -- no mandates like the american people are burdened with -- doesn't it just makes sense that they are going to spread it? those that have it? >> well, certainly, sean, it doesn't really make sense that we will put travel bans on the u.k. and other places across the globe because of certain variants circulating, yetwe we o have people coming from the southwest border. if we do not have the resources to test, trace, quarantine, and to ensure follow-up, then no, that would be irresponsible, and that could lead to further spread. >> sean: we know that's not happening. that is my biggest point. sarah sanders, let me ask you -- one thing that has frustrated me throughout all of this is the pressure that mounts
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on me to play doctor on tv and radio, which iss refused. i say take it seriously. i tell everybody. i said, this is serious. people are dying. pay attention. do your research. s look at your own medical history, which only you know, and your current medical conditions. consult your doctor, your doctors, make that decision in consultation with them. but as far as the people at the border, i don't see passport mandates, mandated passportsco r the people across the border. we are not even testing them. no mask mandate, no vaccine mandate at all. >> absolutely. i believe in personal freedom and responsibility, and it's absolutely ridiculous and absurd that we have a completely open border, allowing people to come in with no check whatsoever. yet, we have government entities that want to shut down schools, want to shut down churches, want to shut down businesses here in the united states, and force mask mandates andd vaccine
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mandates on those individuals, yet completely open up the i think we have to make sure that we don't have these mandates across the country, but people need to take -- like you said, make their own decision. and they ought to have the ability to do that. look, i've been vaccinated, i'd encourage my friends and family to do so, but they shouldn't be forced to do it because some government bureaucrat told himim they had to. no business should be shut down because the government tell them they are not essential, and no school or church shouldn't be allowed to operate because o the government tells them that it's not important. we have to have personal freedom and responsibility, and the government shouldn't be able to completely impose and shut people down the way that they have tried. while, at the same time, opening up our southern border with no protections whatsoever. >> sean: thiss one-size-fits-all medicine, dr. saphier, there are people with rare conditions whose
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doctors recommend to them, based on their condition and history,, not to get the y vaccine. are we taking that into consideration? if we are really following the science, do you agree with the cleveland clinic science that says, if you had covid, you don't need any of the three vaccinations? that is their science. that is not "hannity" science, it's a highly prestigious medicalio institution. >> sean, it's not even just the cleveland clinic at this point. we have ample data showing that natural immunity shows effectiveness of severe disease from sars-cov-2. in fact, israel showed that reinfection following prior infection is about seven times less likely than if you are fully vaccinated. i find it to be very myopic that the cdc continues to discount the protection of natural immunity. they only do it for sars-cov-2. they acknowledge natural immunity for measles, chicken pox, and many other viruses, but they are so myopic right now in trying to encourage vaccination that they are truly actually not following the science. as you mentioned, there are some conditions -- sure, it may not be contraindicated to get
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vaccinated, but it does cause pause, people that might have a history of myocarditis, pericarditis, certain autoimmune disease, and others. it isn't contraindicated, but there should be a conversation between a person in their physician as to whether or not they should get the vaccine. it should not be because a restaurant or a business or somewhere told them they have to get the vaccine to be employed or go there. this is a medical decision. again, if somebody has antibodies, protective natural immunity, to say that they need a vaccine to protect themselves and to others around them is not following the science and, unfortunately, i blame the cdc for being so narrow-minded right now and not actually seeing and acknowledging what many other countries are doing. that if you have proof of natural immunity, that is probably as good,wh if not bett, than the vaccine. >> sean: by the way,
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sarah sanders, i think your dadd is mad at me because i predicted you're going to be a much better governor than he was, and he was a pretty darn good governor. it's a pretty high bar. i hope is not that mad at me. >> i don't think he's too mad at you. i'm pretty happy with you, so play that will balance it out. [laughs] >> sean: all right, thank you both. we appreciate it, dr. saphier and sarah sanders. >> thanks, sean. when we come back, the most stunning revelation from hunter's laptop to date. "the daily mail" has now has now released the shocking video as a naked hunter. r we have the entire three and a half minutes. it shows and suggests that joe biden himself may be compromised by the russians. by the way, we'll get a legal analysis from gregg jarrett. somebody please call adam schiff and remind him that i have the "compromising materials." later, olympic gold medalist tamyra mensah-stock will join us. why she loves america, and the great love she shows her mom. an inspiring story, straight-ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, finally, the "compromising materials," about russia, a compromise president or potentially compromised president, for adam schiff. yeah, they are now m out. explosive video from p "the daily mail" tonight, and hunter, reportedly back in 2019, talking with a woman about how he apparentlyrt had another lapp and it was stolen while he was drugged out in a hotel room and people are wondering if he was even alive. he references dealers that "the daily mail" is reporting are russian, and saying the laptop had pictures of him
11:26 pm
engaged in sex acts and otherr f hunter's -- let's just call them "hunter moments." hunter is even bragging about making, quote, "gazillion dollars" a couple of times. remember, this while dad was running for president. they protect his father running for president, the candidate protection program. as you watch this, i want you to think about something. based on, what, three plus years about all the russia conspiracy hoax lies about donaldse trump, the dirty clinton bought-and-paid-for dossier -- let's see, hookers urinating in a bed at the ritz-carlton in moscow and everything else. doesn't it seem it's-p hunter biden -- that everything the media lied about that was true about donald trump may be true, but not about trump? blackmail, sex tapes, and much more.
11:27 pm
i will tell you, viewer discretion is advised. this, courtesy of "the daily mail," in its entirety. take a look. [video playback]
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>> sean: we did reach out to hunter biden's lawyer for comments. yet to hear back. after seeing all this, maybe russia-obsessed congenital liar adam shifty-schiff, the congenital liar, maybe he should be investigating "compromising materials" of hunter biden, saying the russians likely took his laptop instead of lying like
11:31 pm
you did for three years to the entire country about donald trump, russia, the dirty hillary clinton dossier, et cetera, and getting caught being tricked by russian pranksters. just in case you forgot -- it's one of my favorite tapes of all times. yeah, this is adam schiff looking for "compromising materials." >> she met with trump, olga buzova, also known as a person with a strange reputation. >> and how do you spell her name? >> olga buzova. >> and what is the nature of the compromise? >> well, there were pictures of naked trump. >> so putin was made aware of the availability of the confirmation material? >> yes, of course. >> thank you very much. we'll be back in touch with you through our staff to make arrangements to obtain materials for the committee and the fbi. i appreciate you reaching out to us. >> sean: you want to get the "compromising materials" to give to the fbi.
11:32 pm
maybe you will take these "compromising materials." here with reaction to all this breaking news, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. okay, what do you hear on that tape? because i hear that not only did hunter biden get all his money from china, russia, kazakhstan, and ukraine with no experience, but now he is admitting that the russians have compromising materials on him? >> yeah, this adds a whole new dimension, sean, to the notion of russian collusion.on i mean, if it's true that the russians still this particular laptop, 1 of 3 that hunter seems to have lost, and he implies pretty clearly that he thinks the russians stole it. that invites several questions. have joe and hunter biden been blackmailed by the russians? was there an attempt at blackmailing them?
11:33 pm
or might there be a future attempt? t might the russians beholding this laptop as a bargaining chip for future foreign policy negotiations with the united states, to the detriment of its citizens?ti joe biden could be blackmailed in three different ways. not just the sex tapes contained therein, which will be embarrassing to the president of the united states, but any sensitive information that he, joe biden, conveyed to his son, which has been reported. in addition to that, what about incriminating evidence of corruption and influence-peddling that was contained on another of hunter biden's laptops? so i would think that the fbi, and intelligence agencies in the u.s., would be deeply concerned that this is a legitimate national considered security concern. my question is, have you sat
11:34 pm
down with the president of the united states and hunter biden and interrogated them about this, t demanded to hand over ay materials relevant to this? you know, onean of the things i mentioned, it's been reported and confirmed that joe biden was using a private email address to send sensitive government information to his son, who is not cleared for classified information. it's a crime to convey classified information, if that happened. just ask hillary clinton. >> sean: let me ask you this. i have been offered the laptop, my lawyers won't let me accept it. the reason, i'm told, is because of what is believed to be on it. i have three individual and separate sources that have told me that there are pictures on this laptop, probably the very things that alerted john paul's macs, the computer repair man, to alert the fbi. the fbi has been in possession of these laptops for quite some time. now, miranda devine, i think,
11:35 pm
will reveal a lot of this information in her book. my question is, why has it not been revealed now? and i know you know what is being said out there, because we have similar sources. why has there been no arrest at this point? >> it is damning information that looks very much like influence-peddling and corruption. the u.s. attorney in delaware has conducted a 2-year investigation, and sean, we haven't seen subpoenas, search warrants, we certainly haven't seen indictments and prosecutions. it really makes you wonder, what's going on here? is this really a sincere, vigorous investigation, or are the bidens being protected? isn't it interesting that, every time obama appointed joe biden as the point person for ukraine, china, russia, suddenly and magically millions of dollars flow into bank accounts of hunter biden's from individuals from those countries with ties to their governments?
11:36 pm
it certainly looks like political corruption, and it may be actionable criminal corruption, as well. >> sean: i suspect so. all right, gregg jarrett, we'll be following this story. it's not over, that i can tell you. all right, i've been looking forward to this interview all day. olympic gold medalist and wrestler, tamyrara mensah-stock, with her inspiring story that inspired the nation, her love for the red, white, and blue, for her mom. she joins us for an exclusive interview coming up next, as "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪ next, as "hannity" continues. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now, olympic gold medal winner tamyra mensah-stock inspired the country with victory in tokyo. that's right, gold medal victory, that inspired millions in her moving press conference where she talked about her deep love for this country and the country's greatness, and the glory of god, and get this, she is celebrating -- i, by the way, never knew that if you win a gold-medal you also win $37,500. and she's taking all of her winnings to fulfill the dream of her mom, and getting her a food truck. gold-medal winner tamyra mensah-stock. did i say it right? i messed your name up before and the tease, i apologize. thank you for being with us. you've become a hero at the olympics. you are the shining light for this country at the olympics.
11:42 pm
thank you so much for all you did. >> you are very welcome. you said it a little wrong, it is tamyra, but it's fine. [laughs] >> sean: well, thank you for being here. you know, he said a lot of things here. when you are talking about -- i don't think in my horrible world of politics, it's about your life and the passion you spoke about, how great this country is. tell me about where that comes from. >> honestly, i'm not entirely sure. my mom raised us to be respectful, my dad was an immigrant, and he came from ghana. he came to america and he made his way for himself, he had a whole bunch of businesses. he made something out of nothing. i just know that if you go out and get what you want, nothing
11:43 pm
can stop you. so i guess just from those kind of parents in my life, i just have love for my country. >> sean: said the amount of work that goes into being a champion athlete, you said the hardest thing you ever did in your life, and you win olympic gold. and, i don't know, to see you so happy, it was infectious happiness for so many other people. i've been talking about it a lot. you promised your mom, tell me about the promise to your mom for the foodyo truck. and i'm dying to know what kind of food your mom makes, because i want to go to her truck when you buy it, and be a customer. >> giving all glory to god, i greatly appreciate that i'm even able to be in the position to provide my mom the food truck of her dreams. a little surprised, there was actually something that came out that surprised her on a different station. somebody is actually buying my mom of food truck and making it from scratch.
11:44 pm
so she is about to be getting a hefty sum for her food truck, it's going to be the foodso truk of her dreams. it's going to be called -- what does she want? it's called pellicle's finest, she wants to make african food, sweets, and barbecue. i think she wants to base out of san antonio. i'm notts entirely sure. >> sean: my favorite barbecue is ribs. as she make ribs and chicken? that's my favorite, my personal favorite. >> she definitely does. >> sean: i have my masterbuilt electric smoker in my backyard. i love it, i use it all the time. i'm sure it's not as good. now, she has had a little business at home, you mentioned in one interview. now she'll have the truck, and she'll be able to provide this
11:45 pm
great food for so many people. do you know the location of it yet? >> you said the rotation, what do you mean by that? >> sean: the location of where the truck is going to be. >> oh, the location! well, so right now it's going to be being made in san antonio, texas, and she loves cooking in houston, because she has a little hot spots she loves to, where shehe had her pit on whee. i'm pretty sure he's p going to houston, texas, but she might go to san antonio, too. i don't know what she wants to do. she might want to travel all over the country, who knows? she's been provided with the food truck of her dreams or she can go wherever and do whatever. i'm extremely excited for her. >> sean: if you make a map, i'll put it on my website and social media websites and let everybody know where and when she's going to be. i happen to have family there,
11:46 pm
and i'm finding -- as soon as it's open, i'm going to be down there and be online and waiting for it. i heard you're going to try one more time? you're going to go for 2024? >> i am, and actually going to be going to the world championships in three months, in oslo. yeah, i'm just going to be trying to increase that legacy. why not? god has given me this gift, so i'm going to see how far it can take me. >> sean: it's amazing, your incredible work ethic,t your love, your passion is infectious, your story isth amazing. you know, what you did for your family is beyond inspiring, and you know what? it's a very contentious worldly leaven, and a story like this lifts everybody up. i can't thank you enough for that. thank you for being on the program. >> thank you for having me! i just want to spread love and joy.ugei
11:47 pm
>> sean: we can use a little more of that right now. thank you so much. i'm goinge to be following your career.m the octagon, mixed martial arts, and wrestling. i train every day, but i would never -- you would crush me you are too great. you are too good. i couldn't go down that road. but it was inspiring to watch it all. thank you for sharing that story. all right, after the break, sail governor gavin newsom had an absolute melt down recently when he got a few tough questions from the mob and the media. rare moment. we've got the and reaction, leo 2.0 terrell, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ rare moment. we've got the and reaction,
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now governor gavin newsom appears to be on the verge of the total collapse in the recall race. even got very testy with the press recently when he actually got a few tough questions -- very rare for him -- on crime, decreasing quality of life across california. take a look. >> and i totally reject that people can't do anything about retail. i didn't go to law school, i wasn't smart enough to go to law school. i couldn't pass the lsat, but i can read the penal code section. a lot of these damn d.a.s act like they can't do a damn thing because of prop 47. that's not true. i seem pointed today but i've been taking a lot from a few folks for a lot of months. it's nice to be able to express myself, too. it would be damn nice if our homegrown team started focusing on what's right. if you everybody outside this state is bitching about this state because of our success.
11:53 pm
i'm proud of it. i'm not -- our competitive liabilities, that's why we're trying to address them. >> sean: for the first time in years, more people left california than are going into california. great job,b, gavin. i hope you enjoy the restaurants you went to when others couldn't, but the fact that your kids had in-person learning while the rest of california didn't, same at summer camps in every other covid hypocrisy you're involved in. here with his reaction, leo 2.0 terrell. i see a guy that sound only angry but desperate and worried that larry elder or caitlyn jenner or somebody is going to beat him. >> let me tell you right now, that's a total meltdown. gavin newsom is too radical for democrats in california.ot what's happening is he has beenr told the truth. democrats want him out, republicans, blacks, white, brown, 54-41, hispanics want him out. you know what, sean? he's lying to himself. he is disconnected to mainstream
11:54 pm
people living in california. he said crime is going down. he just let out a murderer of a mentally disabled man who was buried alive. he welcomes homelessness here. we are the castledom of homelessness. this man has basically kept kids, people of color, of all colors, of school. he has destroyed california. last year was the first time i wanted to leave california. he's been told the truth. he is unlikable, and people of all parties, colors, ethnicity want him out. >> sean: only 40% of californians said they definitely want him to stay. okay. i thought that was the big hurdle, that's question one. that means if he gets recalled there will be a new governor in california. you think that he's going to have tens of millions of dollars flooding the airwaves in the last month, i think ballots are
11:55 pm
being sent out this week. i don't know if i trust anything california because it's run by democrats, but you're saying there's a chance he is gone? >> let me think about it -- yes, and i'll give you some factual reasons why. likely voters, he is in trouble. he is underwater with likely voters.e and i'll tell you right now, sean, you can't find anyone to say, name me one thing gavin newsom has done. not his counties,ou i talking about people on the street. the barber shop owners, beauty shop owners, grocery store workers. he has hillary clinton problems. he's unlikable. he's unlikable. >> sean: all right, leo. did you like the last interview? how great is our olympic gold medal champion? amazing. >> i choked up. that woman is amazing and a role model. i was choked up. great interview. i'll tell you right now, sean, gwen berry, you should go and learn about this young lady. learn a lot from her.
11:56 pm
>> sean: thanks, leo. more "hannity" next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. please set your dvr, 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific, so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, laura ingraham has a big, huge >> a good show. >> laura: i'm going to pick up a little bit when he left off. do you know what hunter biden's tattoo is of? do you know what the tattoo is? >> sean: okay, i'm sorry, you're breaking up on me. i can hear. i guess we got cut off. >> laura: you got to watch to find out, okay? what is the tattoo he has on? all right, sean, great show as always. i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. we have a lot to get to, including the very