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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 12, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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jimmy door, great to see you tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> tucker: that's it for us. we are back tomorrow night, 8:00 p.m., they show that is the sworn enemy of of lying, pomposity, groupthink. sean hannity standby for the 9:00 hour. >> sean: yes, sir. welcome to "hannity," basic question. can you name one good thing that joe biden has done as president, just one? in your mind, what has he done for you, the american people. he repealed all of trump's border policies that were working. and we have another investigate a report tonight. he promised to eradicate covid-19 and now it has made a massive comeback. he is responsible for what is the biggest virus super spreader
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event, not modern history, in american history, and americans will die as a result of these policies, as a direct result. he spent your money at record pace, literally robbing our future generations. now we have inflation through the roof. he halted the keystone xl pipeline's and other pipelines. gas prices have never been higher and as a consequence, everything you purchase is going to cost more to ship, and that means we are going to pay more for everything that we all buy. he gifted putin with a new pipeline himself and germany, by the way, they made a multibillion-dollar deal with vladimir who was rewarded with a series of cyberattacks against this country? compliments of russian hackers? this is great foreign policy, make >> former president trump: and make russia rich again? he bribed the
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what do we get as a result? he bowed down to the communists in china, now they are threatening to blow up our military and naval bases, lecturing our secretary of state on human rights? they let him get away with that? he's not allowing china to talk about reunification with taiwan in less than a year after causing a worldwide pandemic? without a doubt, joe biden's weak make america last putting us at risk at home and abroad and it gets worse. in afghanistan, total humiliation. instead of following through with president trump's gradual drawdown of u.s. forces, biden demanded we evacuate entirely by august 31st. told us that a takeover was not inevitable. he's wrong.
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watch. >> is the taliban takeover of afghanistan now inevitable? >> no, it is not. >> why? >> because you have the afghan troops at 300,000, well-equipped as any army in the world. and in air force again something like 75,000 taliban. it's not inevitable. you will have no chance of seeing people lifted off the roof on an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. >> sean: per usual, joe biden was dead wrong. the taliban made tremendous gains all across the country, seizing province after province after province and they in the process were able to collect a stockpile of u.s. weaponry and military equipment left behind by joe during this haphazard drawdown. and now they now control 60% of
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the country, joe, and experts predict that couple could fall in less than a month. the situation is so dire, biden needing to send down 13,000 troops just evacuate americans remaining in kabul, what's resembling saigon, americans hastily being airlifted out of afghanistan just as -- biden actually begging the taliban, this is a radical terrorist organization. he's begging them to spare our u.s. embassy and our diplomats inside would begging the taliban? does it get any more humiliating to this country than that? this is the same taliban that harbored and assisted, yes, usama bin laden and al qaeda 2001. the same taliban killing american soldiers were 20 years,
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joe. joe is begging these monsters to spare our embassy? is is not pathetic and naive? you've got circle back jen psaki to encourage the taliban to consider their role! they got to consider their role in the international community. i'm sure this is their top priority. that's a genius comment. take a look. >> the taliban has to make an assessment of what they want their role to be in the international community. making clear that the international community is going to watch closely how the taliban behave. they have a range of tools in their arsenal as well to take steps as they should. >> dear terrorists, what do you consider your role to be in the international community? okay, let me paint the picture for you right now. as you speak according to the reports, taliban fighters are going door to door and raping young girls as young as 12,
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something they've done in the past in case you don't know any history. executing anybody who stands in their way. one 22-year-old female journalist is being hunted for sport by the taliban. so, jen, what do you think the tele- bounds role in the international community should be? according to u.s. officials, its role will soon be a top exporter of terrorism worldwide once again and according to marine general frank mckenzie, it's not only a matter of time before al qaeda and isis assert themselves and begin to plan their next attacks against our homeland. and now thanks to biden's hasty retreat, they have plenty of weapons at their disposal. joe does not seem concerned at all. had a hard time finding the door to the white house. after a two day workweek the president now has support of the warehouse for another vacation in delaware. we are not entitled to know what he does. the major crisis at home and
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abroad, the leader of the free world missing in action yet again. with a full report, fox news white house correspondent. the only guy usually in the room that's willing to ask the tough questions and get a sarcastic answer just across the river in arlington explaining how these 3,000 troops are going to be deployed. we found out from a senior white house official this evening that the president gave the order to send the troops this morning after two meetings. one last night and one with the defense secretary earlier today. the defense department tells us following up on what you said, they have not spoken to the taliban about u.s. intentions to come in and just evacuate the diplomats. it is not at all clear that the coast is going to be clear when narrowly focused american
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mission begins and they put a pin on it in a little more than a week. the taliban has already taken out over 12 of the 34 provincial capitals in afghanistan. biden used to brag about how he used to be in and out of afghanistan more than anybody else on the debate stage and as president he said he was okay ending the forever war because bin laden is dead and al qaeda is degraded in afghanistan. in the east room after the president talked about prescription drugs, i was shouting out to him, is afghanistan lost? he did not answer then and he has not said anything about this order that he gave since, on camera or a written statement. >> great job as usual. thanks for staying up late with us. joining us with more on biden's disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan but also the disastrous foreign policies, former figure state, mike pompeo.
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we leave our weapons, we beg the taliban not to take over or hurt our embassy in kabul, and we are urging the taliban i think about the role in the international community. mr. secretary, please tell me that they know more than that because that is a fundamental lack of basic knowledge about who the taliban is, who they have been and what they are capable of. >> thanks for having me on the show tonight. that is naive and at worst ignorant. we had a conditions base plan for how we would get our young men and women back home. we were going to get our soldiers back, and we were going to make sure that this kind of thing you are seeing happened today could not happen, which is a breeding ground for what potentially could be terror attacks coming from this very place. i'll never forget the president saying you got two missions, mike, we got to have an orderly plan and executing of leadership
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to actually do that and second you've got to make sure that we are never attacked from this place. we are now a little bit less then a month away from when al qaeda attacked our homeland. we never want that to happen from afghanistan again. we started to withdraw from our embassy, president trump himself made clear to the taliban leadership, we are going to come hard and going to come fast. from when we had the first set of understandings with the taliban, didn't have a single american killed. awful long time in afghanistan. weakness begets war, and you see what weak leadership ultimately needs to. we hope we are successful in the achieving those two missions and hope there are no americans harmed as we said dell that we had down the next several weeks and months. >> it's never know what's going to happen in afghanistan sadly. let's make a whip around the globe, if we can. let me talk about china. very few people seem to be
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talking about china and russians arming the number one state sponsor of terror, iran. we have the chinese lecturing secretary of state blinken on human rights. i have a problem with that. threatening u.s. and japanese military bases and talking openly about what they are calling reunification with taiwan and america must get permission to land our military airplanes that are allied country taiwan, china wants to grant us permission to do that? reunification? is that what you could call the takeover of taiwan? that's not the words i would use. >> it's not reification. taiwan has never been part of the chinese calmness parties place our sovereignty. these two are connected. when you have weak american leadership, when there are there are red lines drawn and you fail
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to put them in the administration with vice president biden on his side, when you are not resolvable you don't have peace or strength like reagan or the deterrence model, the russians see weakness with their strike the taliban and the iranians and these bad actors, whether it is maduro in venezuela, they can sense that america is apologizing and begging the taliban to get some assistance to get americans out of afghanistan, this is a dangerous understanding to be flung around the world. it's chinese aggressiveness, all the things that you have spoken about are the direct result of america failing to lead and put american furs in the way that the trump administration date. >> let me go to russia. hostile regime, hostile actor in vladimir putin. i would argue and the bidens copper mines based on the money that hunter biden god and his admission that they have compromising materials as adam
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schiff said. we see these cyberattacks against this country. joe biden then grants vladimir putin a waiver to do a multibillion-dollar deal with our western european allies while simultaneously canceling our own keystone xl pipeline and eliminating high career paying jobs and offers him a summit and i'm trying to understand why we would reward that behavior. can you explain it? >> this is bad national security policy and bad economic policy. i'm heading this weekend to kansas to speak to the kansas independent oil and gas association. president biden is making it impossible for them to keep their employees, and he's demanding tyrants like the iranians and russians to produce oil so that we can buy it from them. this makes absolutely no sense. it's bad for american workers, bad for the american economy, terrible from a national
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security perspective as we've delivered american independence, we were shipping these products around the world but we should be producing at home and exporting. not begging others to import so we can have cheaper gas prices when inflation is running rampant in our own country. >> sean: now we are begging opec to produce more oil. we'll get to that with rick perry in the second. last question. we know about obama and biden's deal with the irani and mullahs and cargo planes full of cash and other currency. now we pressure the south koreans to give the mullahs in iran the $70 million. can you think of any good reason why anybody would do that and we see even more enrichment of uranium? >> we prevented that very $70 billion from being transferred from the south koreans to the iranians. it was the right thing to pressure the iranian regime, it protected the state of israel, the gulf states to enter into
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the abraham accords. i was going to try to buy out the mullahs like we buy out the taliban. this is bad foreign policy. >> sean: it's finally great to have an adult way and on foreign policy. i worry for our country. thank you, sir. according to fox news, a new poll, a whopping 50% of democrat voters in this country have a positive view of socialism. okay. is anybody really surprised? this is the new green deal party, socialist party. the party that thinks big government socialism will solve all of your problems and take away every bit of stress in the world. make no mistake. give del make big government socialism is filled with nothing but false hope, false promises, they will be unfulfilled. you will end up being poor is a country and you will lose freedom as a result. one recent example, is's urging gas prices in the u.s. when
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joe biden took office, he paved to the environment of extremist in his party and shuttered the key oil gas and pipelines in the u.s. drilling, exploration. we are no longer energy independent, something donald trump achieved for the first time in 75 years. our supply is down. prices as you know our way up. on average over a dollar 30 per gallon. the average price for gas during four bucks a gallon and it could get a whole a whole lot worse really quick. in order to pay for their social proposals, socialist are plotting new taxes on along with a mileage tax but you would owe the government money based on how many miles you drive. not only would americans be forced to pay more at the pump, anything that should be a truck, guess what? everything will cost more. corporations, their tax increase, they'll pass that onto you as well. to make matters work, because of
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the historic levels of spending, inflation is now more severe than that any point in the last 15 years. already everything you buy cost more. that represents a massive tax increase, for lower middle income earners in the country. all the spending, big government socialism actually hurting these earners the most. and now in a desperate attempt to address what our rising gas prices, joe biden is now begging opec? we weren't even getting a barrel of oil from saudi arabia when trump left office. not one. begging opec to add up more production, and put more production, and pump more oil so we can buy it from them? why don't we go back to the trump policies, joe? reduce the oil and gas supply in the u.s. to "save the environment and is now begging opec, countries in the middle east that hate our guts to give us more oil and produce
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more oil? from a heavy polluting region? big government socialism. always one big false promise after another. on what this will mean for you and your family, former energy secretary rick perry. instead of begging opec, why don't we just go back to the trump era policies that made us energy independent for the first time in 75 years? that would be the obvious answer for me. >> it is stunning to see how fast we went from energy independence to now reliant on countries like iran to get our energy. i didn't think there would be anyone that would make me think that jimmy carter might have had it right. but joe biden and his policies that he's putting in place, making jimmy carter look kind of good. and i never thought i would say that. but you think about where we were, the work that we did, the
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americans that we put to work, whether it was building pipelines, good union jobs, building pipelines all across the country, stopping that keystone pipeline out of canada. and then allowing the russians to finish -- it just absolutely makes no sense. the country that will hold the year hold the european union hostage with energy just got the green light. it makes you kind of question, you know, what are on those computers that biden's son lost. >> it's interesting but we have an investigation in her neck segment about hunter biden's computers. my question is the obvious answer is put the keystone pipeline up, get it back up and running. continue drilling. governor abbott said, come back to texas, let us drill again and will produce oil faster than you can use it. why don't we go for the obvious
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answer. why would we big countries and kiss their ass when we don't need their oil, we've got enough? >> i can't answer it. it puts america in a national defense. when the military requires that all around the world and we are going to rely on countries halfway around the world, some of them that really dislike us. when you think about the iranians, this is such a green light for them to go do the terrorist acts against americans and american allies around the world? and the biden the administration is basically sending a message that it's okay. we will lay down -- when you think about what the taliban is doing to this administration and they are basically making us come and beg them to -- how
6:21 pm
about if we give you some foreign aid, if you let us come and get our people out. and they'll be nice to us. >> we appreciate it. thank you, governor perry. when we come back, we have a hannity investigation. what does that hunter biden tape really reveal, and does it show that the biden family is completely camp compromise? shocking details to share. and news on the free britney movement. we got more straight ahead.
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>> sean: tonight, even more explosive developments
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surrounding mr. zero experienced hunter biden. we'll have this breaking news straight ahead. last night we showed you this 2019 video of hunter talking with a woman discussing how he was drugged out in a hotel room. they thought he was dead. and another laptop supposedly stolen by a dealer is russia. we still reached out again to hunter's lawyer for comment. they won't get back to us. here is a shorter version of what is very revealing. >> they have cleaned up the entire place. everything. and then i woke up.
6:27 pm
and she had been there long. and they didn't know that i ever, i was breathing, i was [bleep]. i feared it. all this [bleep], do you know what i mean? it was [bleep], [bleep]. and somebody sold it. i had to pretend search [bleep]. he was going to be there, the
6:28 pm
two guys. i did everything, [bleep], [bleep]. >> sean: here with more breaking details on hunter's, let's just call the moment, to be polite. miranda devine, she has a book coming out i believe november. she has had access to the entire laptop, correct me, miranda, if i'm wrong. we've been telling people that there is more on it. we can say tonight that there is more than this lead still has not come out that may be viewed by people that is even far worse. fair statement? >> yes. it sure is, sean. you are seeing a glimpse there of the kind of debauchery that hunter 'his life had become in
6:29 pm
that period about a year before he abandoned his laptop in delaware at the repair shop in april 2019. he had millions of dollars that he had got from his chinese business partners, all of whom ended up in jail or thrown into the yangtze, and he had just come back from a month long crack and prostitute bender, talk about being in his $10,000 hotel room in vegas, there are photographs on the laptop that show just how he placed himself in jeopardy during that period. he was very, almost suicidal in his recklessness and his debauchery, his drug taking and multiple at the time.
6:30 pm
there is a photograph showing that he has taken himself of speeding on his way out from l.a. to vegas in august of 2018. he's doing 175 miles an hour. that is insane. that was the sort of thing that he used to do. and yet he always seemed to go right to the edge and then -- i don't know, a guardian angel or looking after him, or several, who knows, but he was operating at a level of -- you know, in the elite of the elite of the chinese and the russian government's. this was someone who was bumbling around. >> this is the heart of my question. if you remember when adam schiff got sandbagged by russian comedians that said that they had "compromising materials on the president, naked trump." does vladimir know?
6:31 pm
""of course vladimir knows." he wanted the compromise materials to go to the fbi. is it fair to say that there is a reason, legally, that john paul mack contacted the fbi and my question is there are all sorts of illegal activity being discussed. we see compromises as it relates to russia, and he is a gazillion air, according to his own words, and his father knows this, the fbi had it, and the things you and i both know that our worse, the fbi has this. my question is now, does that factor into joe's decision to give a waiver of vladimir on his pipeline? does that factor into joe biden's decision as it relates to the russian cyberattacks, never mind china,
6:32 pm
never mind ukraine and keswick stun. if there was any conservative knowing what's on that laptop, can you imagine any scenario where they wouldn't have been arrested by now knowing that the fbi has it all? >> sean, the fact that you can ask those questions and they are not preposterous tells you everything that's wrong with what hunter biden was allowed to do by his father, by the intelligence agencies, by the obama illustrations ethics is ours. we are hearing a lot from walter shop now, who was the obama's ethics as are and widely critical of hunter biden and joe biden, with the very expensive art that hunter wants to buy, monetizing the white house yet again. but where where they for the eight years that joe was president, that he and his son running around the world, making billions of dollars and putting america's national security at
6:33 pm
risk? these are the questions. who was protecting them and why? >> now we have the compromising materials and we don't hear a word out of one single democrat. when is your book out -- i'm dying to read it. i want this book. >> i'm hoping that it'd be as soon as possible. so i guess it just depends on how quickly they can get them printed. so november is what i'm being told. as soon it is off the press can we go get hot the press. >> i do want to say this, the fbi has a lot of questions to answer for. is that a fair statement? last quick ten seconds. >> they already do. they already do. the fbi, the cia, intelligence services, what were they doing, why did they allow the situation to continue the way it did for eight years?
6:34 pm
>> it'd be a different story. >> might be. >> sean: great work as always. thank you. we have other breaking news out of hollywood tonight. a quick update. i know there has been this viral "free britney" -- and i agree. she's an adult woman. she's been under this pretty oppressive agreement that she had. anyway, her father jamie has not agreed to step down as a conservator of her estate. here with the very latest on this, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. help me among those people who think that, you know what, she's an adult woman. at this point in her life, she has the right to manage her own life. this has gone on way too far. do you agree? >> i agree wholeheartedly. may have been justified in the beginning when she had substance abuse problems, mental health issues. but now, 13 years later, sean? this is a major victory today.
6:35 pm
britney spears has been trying to get rid of her father for the last year in court. given the acrimony and the very serious accusations she leveled against him, he saw that it was inevitable. so he said he'd stepped down. then he said he'll do it at the right time. that's not good enough. he says he's been "protecting her all this time. she says, he's been abusing me and making millions of $ off for me. you know what? what's so astounding the accusation, quite serious, forced her to perform, drugged her, prevented her from removing a birth control device from her body. it's incumbent, spears and lawyers going after him personally.
6:36 pm
this is a conservatorship for 13 years. 26, 39 years old. conservatorships are options of last resort for people who are impaired or incapacitated. this is a woman who has been performing at the highest level, putting out albums, appearances in las vegas turned her $108 million. to say she can feed herself, make her own financial decisions, support herself on her own? that seems ludicrous. >> sean: the free britney movement is gaining speed. good for her. we wish her the best of luck and thank you. when we come back, and a "hannity" exclusive. you will not leave what happens when a biden official visited the border. we have our investigative reporter sara carter, she is there. and stephen miller. straight ahead.
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>> sean: joe biden's border crisis super spread or even hitting a new high tonight as border apprehensions, they hit a whopping 212,000 in july, that's only the number we know about. that number is the highest in two decades. every month this number keeps getting higher and higher. get this, local government officis in laredo, texas, say that among one group of migrants, the covid, positivity rate there was a whopping 40%. according to border patrol chief, 400 border patrol agents remain in quarantine status. as we learned earlier this year from the gao, at least 7,000 agents reported have been infected. dozens have died from covid.
6:42 pm
joe, why don't the migrants have to show proof of vaccine, or why is there no vaccine mandate or vaccine passport or proof of a negative test? why aren't you testing them before you disburse them all over the country? resident's in south texas are so overwhelmed they are at a breaking point. see the reporting from our very own investigative reporter, she's been there the entire time, sara carter. take a look. >> d if you like the federal government should abandon texas? they are not thinking about the american people. these immigrants, illegals, as far as we feel, they are more important, saying that you've got to wear a mask, these illegals aren't being told to d! they are carte blanche. >> they are getting without any
6:43 pm
identification. >> exactly. there's only one man you can fix it. but he won't. to me, that's un-american. it's un-american what is going on. >> sean: vaccine mandates, mask mandates, mandatory passports. sara carter again joining us along with america first legal founder stephen miller. down at the border one more time. you've been there throughout all of this, you look at these draconian measures now being placed on the american people and they aren't even testing people and they are dispersing people to every state. americans will contract, with a high rate of covid positivity. exponentially americans are going to get sick. americans will die because of these policies of joe biden. >> that's right. we are seeing this in texas. it's a strain on the resources and i've got to tell you the frustration not only lies with the resident's pluralists in hidalgo, brownsville, all along
6:44 pm
the border, but also with federal law enforcement officials. i spoke to numerous sources this past week, they were saying that in anticipation of secretary mayorkas' visit, they were written a directive to basically clean everything up, make it look good, put people on buses, ship them out. and we saw that over and over again while we were out here on assignment. busload after busload after busload. filled with migrants, these private chartered white buses, we didn't know where they were going to come some of them were going to laredo, some of them may have been going to austin. and people were not being tested. also met with a group of migrants because we had to keep checking the border because they were moving them from the border directly over to endless park which we can no longer go into because that is now under the control of basically have security at the front gate that won't let
6:45 pm
anybody in. according to the correspondence i spoke there, there is 40% rate of speed 36 inside the park where the bear people being tested. you can imagine the frustration here, and the frustration for americans all across the country, as people are moved from the border into american cities without being tested and particularly with new strains of the virus on the way. >> stephen miller, they are hiding the truth, we are setting a 25-30-year record of legal immigrants. a high rate of covid positivity. draconian measures for americans including forcing mandates vaccine passports and mandating masks yet again and soon i guess children come up they'll mandate vaccines for them. and they are not even testing and then dispersing all over the country? illegal immigrants? tell me the logic behind that.
6:46 pm
what is the rationale behind that? >> the rationale is simple and tragic. it's to get as many illegal immigrants into this country as possible, as quickly as possible. let's not kid ourselves. joe biden inherited from president trump the most effective proven set of border security tools in american history. catch and release was done. illegal immigration was at record lows and anyone who got caught crossing the border was humanely and swiftly returned either back to mexico or back to their home country. biden and his deputies deliberately and intentionally dismantled that entire system for the sole purpose of opening our nation's borders. and now as a result, our border agents are getting sick come up our fellow citizens are getting sick in the migrants are cross infecting each other. let me throw a couple of quick stats at you.
6:47 pm
the number of legal immigrant families increased 50%. the total amount of illegal immigration from this time last year increased 400%! and the number of on the company minors, the largest number and the whole history of our country, it is a travesty. >> sean: it's a travesty and this is what america last looks like. americans, you get all these draconian measures. you need a vaccine passport. you want to work? you want to go to a restaurant? you need to have a mandated vaccine. we have a one-size-fits-all health care. unique medical history, everyone must follow the rules. but coming across the border illegally? no rules for you. it's incomprehensible. great work, sara, stephen miller. two vets, they tell us why joe biden's foreign policy is a disaster. and can you blame them straight
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>> sean: two heroes who served in afghanistan, fox news contributor joey jones and senate canon in pennsylvania sean parnell. let me ask you both, joey, you go first. you watch what's unfolding, we are leaving munitions, we are now begging the taliban and, please don't destroy our embassy when you take over a couple where they have over 60% of the country. i can't think of the worst foreign policy blunder than this right now in modern history. your reaction? >> it's by far the worst in my life. perhaps if you say that we could've prevented 9/11, that is worse, but outside of that, will come of this? and what makes me so mad about
6:53 pm
this is that we have a man in the white house that told us just a week ago that nothing like this would happen? we have a man in the white house, leaders of our country that could not see this happening, the entire country pretty much falling in a matter of weeks? that was not something they could see it coming? those are the people that are going to keep us safe that are in charge of our borders, in charge of the virus spreading across the country, people who couldn't see this happening, or did they know they just wanted to lie to us because biden knew that he be the president who lost afghanistan and wanted to do it before the midterms? i don't know. only biden can answer that question. >> sean: they are asking, please don't hurt our embassy. and what role do you want to play international community? i would argue that we already know the answer. the leading sponsor of terror. there is your answer. >> that's exactly right and i think it's important to
6:54 pm
acknowledge that trump deserves a lot of credit for starting the conversation of getting us out of afghanistan, but trump's plane was very different than what joe biden is doing. trump had a phased withdrawal that was supposed to be based on conditions on the ground in order to move onto the next phase. trump was engaged with regional leaders in the area. joe biden has been president for seven months and he still hasn't had a conversation with the prime minister of pakistan and i think this is the most egregious thing. joe biden pushed the withdrawal date back to september 11th for strictly political reasons and why does that matter? it gave the taliban and the time and space to consolidate and reorganize and plan an attack on kabul. my men and of afghanistan bled the ground read and for the last seven months, i watched generals engage in twitter fights, critical race theory on capitol hill?
6:55 pm
you are seeing the tragic and disastrous consequences of that play on the battlefield right now. your soldiers, you did your job coming sacrifice can be fought, you give the people in afghanistan and shot at freedom and it's important for the american people to hear this. we need to blame the people in suits, not the boots, but the suits. >> sean: and what about this disaster that was easily prevented, easily prevented. joe said it would never happen. anyway, so sad. thank you both. when we come back, a shocking case of road rage. we got it. it's caught all on tape. that's next.
6:56 pm
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♪ ♪ >> sean: video of the day, washington street driver, hurling a hammer through the window of a vehicle during a shocking case of road rage all caught on camera. the altercation reportedly began
7:00 pm
when the two drivers tried to merge onto a ramp simultaneously. okay, maybe we could just calm down a little bit on the road and take a deep breath. unbelievable, unfortunately that's all the time we have left, please set your dvr so you never missed an episode. but in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, because the great laura ingraham is here to take it over. a >> laura: okay, hannity, what was your first job? from the time you are a little, little kid. >> sean: my first job was throwing papers at eight, my first job job was watching -- washing dishes at 12. >> laura: so paper route first, that was my first job at age nine, eight, something like that. >> sean: i had to put it in my sister's name. i lied, i admit it. >> laura: did you ever pick fruit? >> sean: i did at my sister's school, they had an apple worker, we used to do it for fun but not for money. >> laura: how about blueberries $0.10