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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  August 16, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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very symbolic and it is safely somewhere. >> it is coming home. >> radio we'll talk more about this. general david petraeus and liz cheney. >> joe biden is still on vacation. >> bill: to our colleagues at fox and to you at home and around the world a fox news alert. fast-moving developments on kabul perhaps this is the moment so many will remember. this is a u.s. air force c-17 at the airport in kabul from a few hours ago. afghan's by the thousands desperate to escape life under the taliban. if that video continues to roll you see the plane take off
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without showing viewers at home a few of those who cling to the wing drop from several thousand feet above the airport in kabul. monday, good morning. moment of history together. >> dana: i'm dana perino this is "america's newsroom." for the afghans clinging to the plane i think two things. the pilot knew what was happening and had to get out anyway and the second thing is that they were willing to face a certain death because the alternative to them staying was worse than trying to leave. >> bill: so many times the images that you remember for years to come may very well be this one we're showing you right now. i think if you watch the video overnight in the darkness of the airport and here on the tarmac again. when people run like this it shows the inner fear they have that they are trying to get away from. that's the reality now in afghanistan. here we go. next two hours we'll see what we get. >> dana: that's a image today. images in days to come could be even worse.
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america's exit from afghanistan has given way to a complete taliban takeover and prompted thousands of people to flood the airport in kabul. you can see it there. trying to force their way onto any departing flight. >> the taliban set up shop, an office inside the presidential palace. that happened sunday. the afghan president left the country, that happened on sunday. all this appearing to catch the biden administration entirely offguard. we have not heard from the president in nearly six days. he has no public events scheduled for today. here is what his national security advisor jake sullivan said earlier this morning. >> the president did not think it was inevitable the taliban would take control of afghanistan. he though t the afghan national security forces could step up and fight because we spent 20 years training them, giving them the best equipment, giving them the support of u.s. forces for 20 years and when pushed came to shove they decided not to step up and fight for their country. >> dana: team fox coverage.
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general jack keane is standing by with analysis. let's begin with jennifer griffin reporting live from the pentagon. you have been reporting on this story for 20 years. >> dana, there are reports of shots being fired at the kabul international airport. tear gas and warning shots to keep people off the runway. it is a real humanitarian crisis now. we confirmed the u.s. military suspended all evacuation flights out of kabul until it can reestablish control of the tarmac which has been flooded by afghans trying to flee the country. fox news obtained this image of the u.s. embassy flag being flown out of afghanistan. videos of afghan's swarming transport planes and one man climbing into the fuselage and falling to his death and others clinging to the wheels. they sum up the chaos at the airport. commercial aircraft halted all
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flights to kabul. this is a scene like from vietnam the administration hoped to avoid. >> this is not saigon. we went to afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission. that mission was to deal with the folks who attacked us on 9/11. we have succeeded in that mission. >> the taliban took the entire country in just 10 days. the fall of kabul shocked even the most skeptical military planners in a rather stunning about face president biden, who has remained hold up at camp david, avoiding public questioning from the media approved plans to plan 1,000 more paratroopers from the 82nd airborne to kabul to evacuate americans and those who worked with the u.s. government desperate to escape the country. 6,000 u.s. troops will now be on the ground. twice the number of troops that were in afghanistan when biden ordered them out in april. last week the military said kabul could fall in 90 days or as little as 30. it fell in just 6. my colleague jackie heinrich
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broke the news late last night the biden administration plans to evacuate 30,000 after ga*ns bringing them to fort bliss in texas and fort mccoy in minnesota. the head of u.s. forces in the middle east general frank mckenzie met with taliban leaders to make it clear any attacks on americans would result in a swift and deadly u.s. response. we're now learning president biden plans to address the nation soon about the developing situation in afghanistan. back to you. >> dana: thank you, we appreciate it. >> bill: meanwhile strange and deafening silence from president biden to this point. get to peter doocy on the north lawn. what are you hearing about a potential address? so far he has stayed at camp david and stayed out of sight. good morning. >> we haven't heard a peep from the president in several days. we're hearing that unless the schedule changes he will remain at camp david through wednesday. >> focused on insuring that the mission, which is to secure
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that airport and to continue these evacuations, that that mission continues and is brought to a positive conclusion. that's his overriding focus right now. he is deeply engaged on it and yes at the right point he will absolutely address the american people. >> at the right point. the taliban are confiscating weapons and killing anyone they know helped the united states over the last few years. critics want to see a little more urgency in evacuating those afghans. >> there are apparently gun fights breaking out there. tens of thousands of afghans on the runway. we need to get folks out as quickly as possible. the issue of afghans who supported the u.s. forces, these are questions we raised in april we were encouraging the biden administration not to wait to make it go fast in order to stop planning and actually start acting. >> officials say the afghan military didn't put up much of a fight at all and kabul fell without a shot being fired.
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>> i have to tell you the inability of afghan security forces to defend their country has played a very powerful role in what we've seen over the last few weeks. the fact is we invested the international community invested over 20 years, billions of dollars in those forces. >> that's just not what president biden said. he said the afghan military outnumber the taliban. they had u.s. training. they had u.s. equipment. they would be fine. that's turning out not to be the case. >> bill: thank you, peter doocy from the north lawn. back to you momentarily. >> dana: let's bring in general jack keane. instead of having you a spifs i can question i would like to the night -- to process all we saw yesterday. he were on the air yesterday giving your thoughts how do you feel this morning after seeing that c-17 trying to take off from the kabul airport. >> it is heartbreaking to watch something like that and you can't help but make the
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comparison to the helicopters flying out of saigon and c-17s attempting to fly out of the kabul airport. a stark reminder what defeat really looks like and the suffering that people are going to experience as a result of that defeat. listen, it took four presidents to get where we are in afghanistan. good things done by each and serious policy mistakes done by each. when it really gets down to it, this taliban victory that we're seeing right before our eyes is something president biden truly owns. his self-righteous stubbornness when advised by his own national security team, civilians and military, that there is a likelihood not just a probability but a likelihood that the taliban will take over if we pull out our robust intelligence and air support. and by the way, in terms of the vietnam comparison, our military leaders at the time said the same thing if we pull
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away the air support from the south vietnam east army it is likely the north vietnam will collapse them. that was ignored. these are people, military leaders have years of experience and know the fragility of the afghan military and know they have relied for the last seven years, since 2014, when we pulled our combat forces out, the afghan security forces have been fighting the taliban with robust intelligence and air power. and every offensive that has taken place in those seven years has been pushed back. this offensive would have been pushed back as well. look, the situation in afghanistan so our viewers understand has never been a perfect situation. it is imperfect to be sure. but we have been able to establish something of a status quo stalemate where the taliban could not take over the government and remove it and the government even with u.s. assistance could not defeat the
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taliban largely because they have a safe haven in pakistan. but that imperfect situation and that status quo that was achieved was in the interest of the united states national security because it provides us the means to insure that al qaeda and other international terrorists did not resurrect themselves inside afghanistan and therefore we were protecting the american people. and that is what we have abandoned here. >> bill: we're watching some video. i think it was filed late last night at sundown. you can feel the fear these people have with the desperation to try to find safety and security. the last thought there with foreign forces going back to afghanistan. if you were a member of the isis caliphate who survived western iraq or eastern syria before president trump wiped them out and able to go back to your village and spend the last five years there perhaps going
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back to 2016, 2017, this is like christmas morning because now you know a new refuge has been created for you. am i right or am i wrong? >> no, absolutely right. listen, the consequences of this will unfold over the next months and years. they will be significant. none of them are good for the united states. certainly when it comes to the world jihadist movement itself. this is their major victory. 9/11 was to a certain degree but now a radical islamists are in charge of afghanistan and the united states surrendered to them. that's the way it will be sold around the whole world jihadist movement. their recruiting is going up. many will want to come to afghanistan because the taliban's stature will be preeminent among world jihadist and they will want to be a part of it.
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it will be dangerous for the united states and for our allies if that epicenter begins to reform again. think of what -- the backlash that has already taken place from our allies. they are saying i thought america was back. this doesn't look like america is back. that's from the british defense official. germans are criticizing us. remember this, the european countries who were participating in the conflict in afghanistan, and they had 7,000 or 8,000. we were going to keep 2500 there. they wanted to stay. these are the europeans we criticize so much. they wanted to stay in afghanistan, because of their national security interests. they didn't want to see an epicenter formed in afghanistan for jihadism. a threat to them and certainly a threat to the united states. our other allies around the world certainly in asia have got to be questioning the biden
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team was just out there shoring up the alliances. we're back and be there for you. are they looking at that and saying is that a hollow promise? does the united states have the credibility and resolve to come for us and protect us? those questions are out there. >> dana: general, you mention our allies. what about our adversaries. september 10, 2001. the taliban at that time didn't have recognition from our enemies and now they do. one of the things the biden administration assured everyone if the taliban were to do what they were doing in front of our eyes they would be isolated in the world. but are they actually now isolated? >> well, they are likely not going to be isolated because certainly china and likely iran will recognize them and see what russia does. the taliban certainly wants to enter into not only recognition agreements with other countries
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in the world to gain legitimacy but they certainly want to enter into trade to be able to sustain their country and move their economy forward which will have real problems for them. have we played into the narrative of china and russia who have already out there on the world stage saying the united states is in decline? they no longer are the world's global leader? what we're looking at today on our television screens, does that look like the world's global leader and the chaos that we have unleashed here not just in the afghan people themselves, which is the suffering will be significant, but large in the world. that narrative will be out there and use that propaganda and use it with our allies in the region to intimidate and coerce and say to them the united states isn't going to be here for you. what do you think about the people in ukraine and what they're people and the people in taiwan and what's on their mind?
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will iran try to drive us out of iraq? we're no longer on their eastern board. they don't want us on their western border. will they increase the pressure with the proxies? you bet they will do that and try to get the united states out of iraq as well. >> bill: let's go through a couple of days. it is august 16th on the calendar. i want to go back over 60 days, maybe 45 days. two clips guys. call for one, this is the president july 8th of what i would argue is a rather infamous clip now as we see these images asked about the withdrawal. >> do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in vietnam? >> president biden: the taliban is not the north vietnam east army, not remotely comparable. there will be no circumstance where you'll see people lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all comparable. >> bill: that was july 8th.
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one month prior, june 7th anthony blinken before a house committee. >> we're not withdrawing. we're staying. the embassy is staying. i don't think it will be something that happens from a friday to a monday. so i wouldn't necessarily equate the departure of our forces in july, august or by early september with some kind of immediate deterioration. >> bill: this is just remarkable. he said from a friday to a monday. general, we left work on friday and the string of events that occurred throughout the day on saturday and sunday were mind blowing to us. it would defy the ability to imagine how afghanistan could unravel so quickly after 20 years. now, the president put out a statement over the weekend, two pages in length. he said a lot in there, part of it was blaming his predecessor but this is what he said. i want the know from you from a military standpoint if this is
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accurate. i was left with no choice. a bare minimum of 2400 forces left behind. i faced a decision to follow through on the deal with a brief extension to get our forces and our allies' forces out safely or ramp up our presence and send more american troops to fight once again in another country's civil conflict. we did not lose a person to the taliban in 18 months. is that accurate based on the two choices that he thought he had as stated in there? >> no, i go back to this stubborn self-righteousness that he is the foreign policy expert and dismisses his own people advising him. we know for a fact that experienced military leaders told them -- our intelligence capability enabling afghan security forces to achieve this -- it is not only probable but
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likely that the taliban could take over.. now, having had that piece of knowledge, if he still chose to say i'm going to withdraw unilaterally regardless, then he should have put in the conditions to insure that the taliban does not take over, which was one of the conditions that the trump administration had. they announced if a withdrawal and it never would have taken place in my mind because they never would have been able to do that by may 1. what i mean by that is withdraw in the winter, not the height of the fighting season for sure. but more importantly you had to have a basing strategy in the region which we were not able to achieve. so you could maintain the air support that the afghan security forces so desperately needed. coming from the middle east, our flight to be able to --
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>> dana: general. we're losing your audio a little bit. thank you for all of these comments. we'll be in touch with you throughout the day. general jack keane will follow the story. >> bill: this is a quote from the statement from the commander-in-chief who we have not seen in six days. when i came to ted the deal cut predecessor which he invited the taliban to discuss at camp david on the eve of 9/11 of 2019. yes apparently that invitation went out. the meeting never happened. such an unnecessary shot at a time of such heightened sensitivity for all of us. >> dana: during a campaign president biden said i'll be the kind of president that does not blame by predecessors. basically saying the buck stops here. apparently not. even if you make the decision, okay, make the decision, supposedly you would try to have a plan in order to deal with the fact that this morning you had and yesterday american
6:20 am
troops scrambling to get out of the country. our troops should never have to scramble. and the fact that they are trying to get jennifer griffith trying to get 30,000 people here. the biden administration has done nothing to process the visa problem. >> bill: they know has been out there for a year. >> dana: beyond. they would have known that in the transition. they complained about it before and they did nothing in order to get it all set up. >> bill: last night i reached out to a guy i met in kandahar 20 years ago. he said what do you think? he said we did our job and the second text he said others not so much. >> bill: the taliban takeover of afghanistan complete. fox news confirmed the pentagon will relocate 30,000 refugees, take some time. a moment that will be talked about for a long time right here ton runway. they could be temporarily housed at military installations including fort mccoy in wisconsin and fort
6:21 am
bliss in texas. joni ernst. our minds and hearts are filled with so many thoughts, ideas and feelings right now. share yours with our audience if you could, please. >> absolutely, bill. i do have to start by saying thank you so much to the men and women that have served in the global war on terror over the past two decades. it is because of them and the fact that we took the fight to the terrorists in iraq and afghanistan that our country and our fellow americans have been safe. so thank you. that is a message that has not been communicated by our commander-in-chief president joe biden. he is absent from this discussion. he is absent from the leadership that our country needs right now. it is so disheartening to see the pictures and the filming that is going on at the international airport in kabul
6:22 am
just to see those afghans that have depended on the united states and many of our allied countries for so long, to see them fleeing and trying to grab onto those planes, it is heartbreaking. as a combat veteran, you know, my heart goes out to everyone who has sacrificed so much in this theater of operation, to see it fall back to day one. so a lot more will follow, i'm certain. but right now we need to pray for the safety of our american citizens and our allies and those afghans who helped us over the past 20 years. >> dana: could you also comment on the women and girls who have had a very different experience in the last 18 years or so when the taliban was ousted. they are already going back to basically be called the dark ages. >> this has been a bright spot
6:23 am
over the past 20 years where we have now seen women and younger girls going to school, becoming educated, being accepted into community in leadership positions. and unfortunately now that we have handed the country over to the taliban, we know that there will be tremendous civil rights abuses and violations against these women and girls. so it is very, very important that we are getting these women's advocates out of the country. they're being targeted by the taliban and yes, i am so distraught over what will happen not just to the general population of afghanistan, but especially the women and girls because we know what the taliban does to those that have been educated. to those that have authority in their communities as women.
6:24 am
it is extremely unfortunate and again i have said it before that all of this falls right on president joe biden's shoulders and it is extremely shameful to have had the withdrawal that we've gone through over the course of the past number of months leaving these women and these girls behind at at the mercy of the taliban. >> bill: thank you, senator. joni ernst from iowa. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us today. you can make the argument the mainstream media has protected the biden/harris team in a lot of different issues in the first seven months. there is a decided change on all these channels earlier today. you heard it, right? msnbc, cbs and the "today" show came out hard. the case i would make. this white house listens and watches those news outlets. when they hear the way they've changed things 180 degrees i would imagine jennifer griffin is right that we'll hear from president biden today and we
6:25 am
should. >> dana: the other thing that happened it's august and a lot of people i imagine in the administration, everybody deserves a vacation. august is usually the time. one of the problems they have is everyone is scattered and it will show in their communications efforts. >> bill: a reporter from cnn there for several weeks reporting, does a terrific job in street clothes. today she was practically in a burqa. not the entire face covered but in black garb in order to stay safe. >> dana: a desperate search for survivors in haiti after an earthquake devastated the island over the weekend. a live report from haiti's capital ahead. their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year and there are no upfront costs.
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this is a va mortgage rate watch. newday's rates have dropped to the lowest in try it for free. visit their history. . . two and quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. refinance now and save thousands. >> dana: continuing coverage. more than 12 people are dead after the earthquake in haiti over the weekend. now they're bracing for another
6:31 am
disaster that could strike any day. >> we're in the international airport at port of prince. they'll be taken people to the hospitals. going on now for the last day. they've been transporting people which is the city 80 miles west of here and transporting them to hospitals here that can deal with critical injuries. we expect three people here transported off and getting care in port-au-prince. 1300 people have died thus far in the earthquake. more than 5700 people have been injured. buildings collapsed. about 5,000 homes completely lost. 7,000 homes damaged. you can see now this is just horrific. it is reminiscent of what they
6:32 am
saw in 2010. this earthquake was stronger than that earthquake. the difference is this earthquake hit in rural parts. live pictures they're moving an injured person from the chopper here and put them now onto an ambulance. this is an effort the u.s. coast guard has been doing for the last day. three u.s. coast guard helicopters making round the clock trips to those rural areas about 80 miles west of port-au-prince picking up people and dropping off supplies. they'll do this as much as they can. tropical depression grace is making her way this afternoon with 35 miles per hour, torrential down falls and more landslides and makes roads more impassable and why it's important the u.s. coast guard is here. she looks like she is doing okay as she is moved off of the chopper and into the ambulance and why the air assets are so important. they have gangs that are taking
6:33 am
over a lot of -- there are gangs taken control of a lot of the areas where the earthquake hit. getting humanitarian aid by road is nearly impossible and very difficult. they are in a race against the clock to try to pull survivors before the rain gets bad and also given everything that's been happening here. haiti obviously has still rebuilding from the 2010 earthquake. about 1 in 10 people who survived that earthquake ended up being amputated. these are injuries that you can see in the landscape. it is all over. you can still see crushed buildings in port-au-prince. they're pulling more people out of the helicopter but a race against time as the tropical storm comes and they're doing the best they can. >> dana: thanks for being there. >> bill: cdc reporting hospitalizations for those under 50 at a pandemic high. delta variant spurring a surge in covid cases across the nation.
6:34 am
n.i.h. director dr. francis collins on sunday saying the worst is yet to come. listen here. >> this is going very steeply upward with no signs of having peaked out. i will be surprised if we don't cross 200,000 cases a day in the next couple of weeks. the heart breaking situation. 90 million people unvaccinated sitting ducks for the virus. we're in a world of hurt and a critical juncture to do everything we can to turn it around. >> bill: couple questions for dr. nicole saphier fox news contributor. we're waiting for a peak maybe the end of august still. is the peak in sight? he says we're not there yet. >> i can tell you i respect dr. collins immensely but i don't appreciate the hype he shallly. -- the last year and a half has been bad. we won't see it that bad again. no, the worst is not yet to come. do we have rising cases in the united states right now?
6:35 am
absolutely. in fact, we're almost at 50% of where we were during the winter months but it is not necessarily just about new cases. we know the virus is still transmitting but we have to look at our hospitalizations and deaths. our deaths are still about 10% what those were in the winter months, bill. that's important to remember. so while they reported younger people are being hospitalized with covid-19, that is because that's the population that hasn't been vaccinated at the same prevalence that the older populations have. so good news in the sense our elderly are being protected. bad news is we still have a large amount of the 20 to 49-year-olds choosing not to get the vaccine. the safest way to prevent severe illness from covid is to get vaccinated. >> bill: why do you think he talked that way then? you are adamant there. why would he use those words? >> the same reason that cdc
6:36 am
director walensky in march said she was almost tearful saying she was afraid of impending doom. a couple weeks later the cdc is never mind, we'll take off our masks now. i don't understand it. we need to get professional spokes people to be speaking to the media right now. the emotion, the exaggerations are not good for the mental health of america and i think we really need to focus on the data. cases are up, we are having breakthrough infections when it comes to those vaccinated. good news is the majority of the breakthrough infections is an annoying summer cold if you are vaccinated and talking about booster shots in those that are the elderly and immunocompromised. good things. we want to do what we can to less en the spread. the virus is become seasonal in the united states. why the sun belt is overrun with new cases like last summer maybe the northeast and other
6:37 am
areas will see a rise in cases getting into the fall and winter months. the best way to combat the virus is increase the wall of immunity through the natural protection from prior infection as well as the vaccine. >> bill: very important interesting message. thank you, doctor, for coming on today. nicole saphier, the latest on covid. we'll watch that. 37 past the hour. fox news alert now. here is what we've got. evacuation flights on behalf of the u.s. are put on hold at the airport in kabul. some reports of 100 afghan soldiers flying themselves to neighboring countries trying to track that down. a lot to cover. a lot of headlines. trey yengst is following it from jerusalem and good day to you. >> good morning. the taliban has declared victory in afghanistan after taking the capital of kabul yesterday. the images coming out of the country this morning show pure devastation and desperation. many civilians heading to the airport throughout the night and into the early hours chasing down u.s. military
6:38 am
planes that were evacuating people from kabul. video circulating online show young men falling to their deaths clinging to the side of one aircraft. the airport is the focal point of the story. president biden authorized 6,000 u.s. troops to assist with the extraction of embassy personnel and american allies. some of those troops fired their weapons into the air trying to disperse the thousands of civilians who showed up on the runway. five people killed in a stampede near the terminal. taliban fighters took over the presidential palace after the afghan president fled the country. fighters spoke to a camera that made it inside saying they were talking with the americans and soon declare afghanistan as the islamic emirate of afghanistan. the propaganda they have is significant not only in the palace and airport but taking over the entire country. with the anniversary of 9/11 next month the group is expected to make an even greater stand in the capital of
6:39 am
kabul. >> bill: trey yengst, mideast bureau watching all that from there. >> dana: trey, thank you so much. we want to talk about this now. the taliban's takeover of the afghanistan with the biden administration defending it and overturning so many trump era policies they say don't blame them for this cris >> we inherited a deadline negotiated by the previous administration of may 1. the idea that we could have maintained the status quo beyond may 1 if the president decided to stay i think is a fiction. >> dana: let's bring in former white house deputy chief of staff to president obama. thank you for being here today. jim messina. on one of the other khaenls, msnbc typically pretty supportive of president. >> this has been a fiasco by any and every measure. >> joe biden for 20 years has sort of thought that he knew
6:40 am
more about afghanistan than anybody else. and he finally gets his chance now as president to do things the way he thought things should have been done all along. so in so many ways this is completely on president biden. >> joe biden is going to be the face of the failure of the withdrawal. >> dana: jim, president biden basically has tried to reverse every trump decision but over the weekend president biden said well my hands were tied because trump made this deal and we had to go through with it. what do you make of that this morning? >> look, what i make of it is there has been bipartisan consensus it was time to get out of afghanistan. mike pompeo the former secretary of state earlier this month he supported biden's plan. we've been there 20 years. america's longest-running war. it was time to get out. why should american troops be fighting a civil war that afghan troops this week just refused to fight for themselves? it was time to get out.
6:41 am
>> dana: however, president biden made the decision to leave. he also then making that decision on april 14th had no plan in order to help manage the withdrawal. i would argue also that when you had 3,000 military forces there in terms of intelligence basically providing the air cover that was needed to keep this from happening, they had no plans to deal with that. plus now you are trying to get all the afghan interpreters out but no visas to help them process that. isn't that all something that president biden could have been doing in the last few months? >> look, we can all play monday morning quarterback and we worked in white houses and you understand these situations are fluid and we'll go back when it's all over and figure out the lessons learned. america needs to rethink it's foreign policy whether or not we want to stay in these long wars like iraq and afghanistan and if we do, how we get out of them. that's a fair assessment to have.
6:42 am
>> bill: jim, we've been having that debate for several years and no one here is going to argue that 20-year war is a long time. and too long. but this is a cluster. >> well look, i think we are where we are. this is bipartisan decision to get out of here and we now need to make the best of it. we can play the political blame game all we want. now we have to figure out. >> bill: what happens inzoo i had the administration when you rely on intel community and military commanders on the ground? they are your eyes and ears, right? it seems as if they either went against all the recommendations these people were given the commander-in-chief and he overrode all of them or they did not take the time to ask enough of the right questions to get a better understanding for what was happening there.
6:43 am
>> well look, you and i weren't in the room. what is true is the military didn't want to get out. that was clear. president trump said that, president biden said that. it was true. obama administration. but in some point you have to get out. there aren't good -- we all know iraq. there aren't good options here. the fact that afghanistan forces decided not to fight for themselves, people didn't predict that including the military or the biden folks or the trump folks. and so we can't fix those things. >> dana: i think many people might disagree with that especially some of the military. i wanted to ask you about this from a communication standpoint. where is president biden? he has not spoken or been seen except a photo of him with his team. do you think he should speak to the nation? >> i think he will. dick sullivan said this morning he will. >> dana: he said in the coming days. don't you think it should be sooner? it has been several days already.
6:44 am
>> bill: no, i think he should do what he wants to do. he is president of the united states. you and i scripted those events in our various white houses. >> dana: right now i would have been saying you are going to be going out there and giving a speech. i wouldn't have had to encourage that. it would have been a natural instinct, i believe, in order to speak to the american people. there are a lot of veterans today, too, jim that are loong at this saying wait, you said we would never forget. it wouldn't be in vain. our sacrifices would be honored. any president has several audiences all at once. allies, adversaries, american people. large but what should he be saying to those troops that fought? >> look, one of the troops is my little brother. my little brother thinks it was a right decision to get out of there. we couldn't stay there forever. the president will address the country and do it when he wants to do it. >> bill: i don't know about you but i could not turn away from
6:45 am
this all weekend and it almost seemed like the headlines dribbled in every hour. i know i'm not alone. there are tens of millions of americans wondering what in the hell has gone wrong here? you've got a commander-in-chief at camp david who has been a wol. so many people find it unacceptable. >> well look, i think the president will address the country. obviously he was working on this all weekend as was the entire government. i think you will see the president address the country when he has something to say. >> dana: we will be anxious to hear those remarks indeed. jim we always appreciate you coming on. thank you so much. >> bill: thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: you worked in the communication of the white house, what do you do? right there in the west wing and your position you had a lot of authority and influence. what's the right decision now? >> dana: to communicate.
6:46 am
the press secretary don't always weigh in and say this is what we should do on the ground militarily but there is a responsibility one, to speak to the american people, but also i mentioned that one of the audiences are our allies. general jack keane at the top of the hour talked about they're saying wait, i thought president said america is back. that's clearly not the case. he has several audiences he could speak to today including our adversaries and the taliban and i don't think for me i would have been saying you absolutely get out there and speak but i wouldn't have had to do that. the instincts are there. any time you leave a vacuum for this long other people will speak for you and why we showed that clip from msnbc. those people speaking were not from the house republican congress. they are typically very supportive of president biden but that ended yesterday on this issue. >> bill: in a moment here how could the president have been so wrong in the assessment? a couple questions we're asking. talk to someone who served there and republican jim banks
6:47 am
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>> bill: want to get to some other news quickly. another weekend of deadly gun violence in chicago. 52 shot, nine dead. among them a 7-year-old who was shot inside of a car. local reports say more than 250 children have been shot, 32 killed this year alone. it is monday and good morning to you, matt, again in chicago. >> the grandmother of that 7-year-old girl who what's wass
6:53 am
shot and killed in chicago yesterday said she was going to take that girl on her first plane ride to myrtle beach tomorrow. instead that 7-year-old girl and her 6-year-old sister were shot in front of their mother yesterday. the latest from chicago police this morning. they have not confirmed any suspects or arrests in that shooting. the two girls were sitting in a parked car on chicago's northwest side yesterday afternoon. the 7-year-old hit in the chest, pronounced dead at the hospital. the other girl struck in the chest and armpit and stabilized. police say the girl's mother was placing the girls into the back seat of the car when bullets started flying from an unknown shooting. the mother thought it might have been fireworks only to discover her two daughters had been shot. anti-violence organizers are outraged and along with chicago police are asking for any surveillance video or tips. >> we are out here every day beng and pleading to put the d*uns down. guns down.
6:54 am
these baby should be starting school. parents should have been preparing for first day of school not a funeral. >> they need to be in custody without a half hour. you will stop 7-year-old's future right then and there. >> here in chicago funeral services were announced for the police officer ella french shot and killed. the funeral will be held this thursday. a man is charged with first degree murder and his brother charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. >> bill: matt finn thank you in chicago again. >> dana: also more on this. cocaine seizures soaring at the southern border seizing nearly $600 million worth just this year. jonathan is in la joya, texas. >> the new border patrol chief tells me the drug surge is directly linked to the migrant
6:55 am
surge because the cartels are in his words taking advantage of the chaos at the border. the customs and border protection publishing pictures overnight of some of the recent cocaine seizures and take a look at the numbers, 76 1/2,000 pounds of company tain seized in the last 10 months. a 70% increase over 2020. and that is worth more than half a billion dollars in terms of street value. meantime, dana, the migrants keep coming. our cameras out again last night in la joya, texas, talking to the migrants who all have a similar story of how and why they make this journey. listen here. >> she is fleeing honduras because her dad has several enemies. the gangs have attacked them and gone after him and have threatened to go after her family. she is here because her
6:56 am
hometown, her area was hit by two hurricanes and they weren't warned about the hurricane coming. she lost everything. her house, automobiles, everything, all the appliances inside her house and they have not been able to recover. >> quiet here right now behind me. the surge continues. there will be more today, dana. >> dana: jonathan hunt for us at the border. >> bill: now to a fox news exclusive. 80% of the coast patients in mack all en, texas are migrants. the border patrol released more than 7,000 migrants with covid in the border city. extraordinary numbers. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel has more on this report today. good morning. >> good morning, bill. we're talking about the southern border with dr. lopez
6:57 am
and she basically works in a hospital where she is the medical director. she has no support. she is overwhelmed with migrants and let's take a look what she had to say. >> probably about 10 days ago things got a little bit hectic. we are making plans and we are working extra shifts, we are planning to get help soon from the state because the cases are increasing very much, fast. we deal with suffering, we deal with pain, we deal with loss. but this is my first time that i see people suffering alone and the only face and only hand and only probably optimistic words that they can have is from us. >> she says many of her fellow staff have gotten sick and some have died. as a group they mourn but they
6:58 am
are dedicated even though being anxious and worried. >> he was coming in here to try to have a better life and now he was in a bed alone, not knowing how his family was in his country. it was really impacting to see how his plan was one and ended up in a really different situation. >> this is not a political story, it is a humanitarian crisis. she says some catholic charities are building shelters to quarantine immigrants to protect local citizens but the shelters are filling up quickly. instead of sending aid down across the border, the immigrants are coming across and overwhelming our hospitals and the staff is overwhelmed as well and people are dying. >> bill: the numbers, is it 7,000 in one city in one border town? >> creek. -- correct.
6:59 am
almost all are unvaccinated. almost all of them are unvaccinated and filling up the icus with covid and catholic charities are trying to help. biden administration have sent 8 million doses to mexico and some to. if they sent more aid over the border instead of trying to deal with the migrants when they're here then the results might be different. >> bill: do you know if you test positive and you are a migrant, do you stay in that facility or is it possible that you could board a bus and go to dallas, texas, for example? is that possible? >> you could. dr. lopez is trying so hard to make sure it doesn't happen, to make sure people that are discharged and have been treated and are ready to go. they're trying extremely hard but it is happening all the time. catholic charities are building quarantine centers but overflowing into the
7:00 am
communities absolutely. >> bill: remarkable story. >> dana: gunfire and chaos in afghanistan as the capital falls to the taliban. u.s. troops struggling to manage the chaotic he vaciation. -- a crowd of people pushing and shoving their way up a staircase trying to board a plane. while hundreds of people surrounded a u.s. transport plane moving down the runway. some climbed onto the side and hanging on just before take-off. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. quite a weekend. we'll wait to see what we get coming up here. i think when we last talked last week we talked about the soviet empire leaving in february of 1989, right? remember the tanks and dirt roads and dust kicking up behind them.
7:01 am
wow, the soviets couldn't win in afghanistan. a stung -- a stunning end to a 20-year war and we are coming up to the anniversary of 9/11. >> dana: a stunning end to america's longest war. the situation in kabul is getting worse by the hour. the u.s. halting all evacuation flights. the afghan flag lowered for the last time. taliban militants took over the presidential palace posing inside the afghan version of the oval office hours after the president of that country fled. new reaction last hour here on "america's newsroom." >> he is absent from this discussion. he is absent from the leadership that our country needs right now. it is so disheartening to see the pictures and the filming that's going on at the international airport in kabul.
7:02 am
as a combat veteran, you know, my hearts go out to everyone who has sacrificed so much in this sphere of operation to see it fall back to day one. >> stark reminder of what defeat really looks like and the suffering that people are going to experience as a result of that defeat. this taliban victory that we're seeing right before our eyes is something president biden truly owns. >> dana: full fox coverage ahead with reaction from congressman jim banks who served with our military in afghanistan and mark meredith with the view from the hill. let's begin with jackie heinrich live on the north lawn. >> we have not heard or seen president biden since friday when he left for camp david without taking questions from reporters and although the white house has put out various statements and pictures of him working from camp david his next address to the country is still up in the air. in the meantime his critics are hammering him saying this withdrawal has been botched.
7:03 am
u.s. intelligence heads should have known the afghan forces wouldn't stand on their own. a plan should have been in place to get out all the americans and allies before the taliban seized control. the administration did concede that the collapse and how swiftly it happened is a surprise. >> the president did not think it was inevitable the taliban would take control of the afghanistan. he thought the national securities would stand up and fight. we gave them the best equipment and trained them and the support of u.s. forces for 20 years. >> evacuation flights are suspended with hundreds of afghans clinging to the sides of aircraft as they take off and falling midair. people are also stuck behind taliban checkpoints trying to get to the airport. late last night fox news confirmed the u.s. is making plans to relocate up to 30,000 afghan refugees on u.s.
7:04 am
military installations immediately including fort mccoy in wisconsin and fort bliss in texas. a reversal that refugees had to go to third countries to wait out their processing, unlike migrants at the southern border some were allowed to wait their cases in the u.s. the president told me this back in july. >> why can't the u.s. evacuate these afghan translators to the united states to await their visa processing as some immigrants at the southern border has been allowed to do? >> president biden: it's why we're asking congress to consider changing the law. but in the meantime, we can guarantee their safety if they wish to leave by taking a third country and/or while the wait is taking place. >> the president said because the law didn't allow it. at that point he said applicants had to go to third country. we aren't aware that any law that changed between july 8 and now but the policy did. the question is whether these
7:05 am
afghan refugees will get out and get to the flights and eventually come to the u.s. to await the processing. >> dana: there was no law initially. thank you very much. stunningly swift takeover by the taliban is raising all kinds of questions on capitol hill and lawmakers are wondering how this could happen too quickly and what the president is planning to do next. mark meredith. the democrats control both chambers so they control the hearing schedule and the republicans no doubt will be frustrated by that. >> i would imagine they will still call for hearings. lawmakers from both parties are certainly demanding answers urging the administration to give us more insight into what is going on in afghanistan and what the last 72 hours will mean for long-term security right here at home. >> i think we're going to have to see what tomorrow holds. again, i was supportive of the withdrawal, the execution of that withdrawal has been an embarrassment to this country. we are dealing with 1975 saigon right now trying to avoid 1979
7:06 am
tehran. >> we're also watching that senators are having to say including arkansas senator tom cotton. he writes ghani has fled and joe biden is hiding, pat en particular. more briefings are expected after they return from the august recess. nancy pelosi urged the taliban to refrain from violence. the taliban must know the world is watching its actions. we're deeply concerned about reports regarding the taliban's brutal treatment of afghans especially women and girls. others aren't being so kind. there is no way to hide it. the situation in afghanistan is another shame on this administration. withdrawal was never going to be easy but didn't nooed to come to this. the u.s. must do everything in its powers to protect our national security. while the biden administration says things are moving faster
7:07 am
than expected republicans aren't buying it. rubio is claiming the white house ignoreed things in afghanistan and we'll hear a lot more about people accountability of what's going on. >> bill: want to bring in republican jim banks on the armed services committee and served in afghanistan in the military. i want to quote a colleague of mine who i knew for 20 years. i met him in kandahar in december of 2001. we were part of the original footprint for the war on terror. i said how are you to make sense of this? he sent me two text messages in return. the first one said we did our job. the second one said others not so much. sir, where are we now? >> well bill, these images are heartbreaking. for anyone who served in afghanistan like myself, thousands of others, anyone who has invested anything at all in our efforts there, this makes all of us angry because it was
7:08 am
completely avoidable. it was predictable. this administration knew what was going to happen when they made the decision just a month ago to abruptly and hastely pull out of the country. what's more shocking to me than the images coming out of afghanistan is what is happening right here at home. we have never seen an american leader abdicate his responsibilities in leadership like joe biden has. he is in hiding. the lights are on at the white house but nobody is home. where is joe biden? if he doesn't appear and speak to the american people today, and explain why he made decisions that led to the images that we're seeing come out of afghanistan over the last 24 hours, all of us have to wonder if this man is capable of leading our country over three more years. >> dana: it is interesting you say that. this quote caught my eye from last thursday the former ambassador to afghanistan crocker who i'm sure you know. he said about president biden. this is a diplomat, not somebody from the house
7:09 am
republican conference. he said i'm left with grave questions in my mind about his ability to lead our nation as commander-in-chief. your thoughts on that. >> dana, as you know this ambassador served in high-profile roles under democrat administrations. that's a powerful statement for an ambassador who knows firsthand this region very well. so it is a striking comment. it strikes right to the heart of what i'm saying. if president biden doesn't address the american people today, we all have to wonder where this administration is leading this country. it is not just afghanistan but what is going on at the border, rising inflation, crime waves. this president in a short period of time has turned this country upside down and made america less safe and secure and you are seeing that play out right before your eyes in afghanistan in a dangerous way. >> dana: the negatives are certainly piling up. we just had a report about the surge of delta virus in the country, you have the surge of
7:10 am
illegal immigration as well. the concerns about exploding violence in urban centers, and crime, and then of course the whole issue of inflation. but you say the president should speak today. given that he made these decisions and this is on him, what do you think he should say and what do you want to hear? >> i think the american people deserve to know why did he make the decision that he did and what is he going to do to undue the generational damage he has caused. >> dana: but if he says president trump put forward this deal. i inheristed nothing. there is nothing i could do what would you say to that? >> it's laughable and the american people when they hear this excuse that it was donald trump's fault, they are laughing at those in the biden administration who are using that as their excuse because we all know that's not the truth. anyone who served like i did in the congress, on the armed services committee over the last four years of president
7:11 am
trump know this single fact. president trump never shut the door on keeping a light footprint of counter terrorism special operation forces in afghanistan to prevent the catastrophe that we've seen occur over the last 24 to 48 hours occur in kabul and throughout the country of afghanistan over the last month. this never would have happened on donald trump's watch. that is a fact. donald trump never closed the door on keeping a light footprint there to prevent it. >> bill: we'll see what happens with the commander-in-chief today. right now he is awol. mark millie, the general had this quote yesterday. think about this now, okay? we're thinking about the events in realtime as they transpire when the president comes out to talk about it. this is a long-term statement. terrorist groups like al qaeda could reconstitute in afghanistan sooner than the two years defense officials had previously estimated to congress because of the recent
7:12 am
rapid taliban takeover of the country. all of this now, sir, needs to be re-examineed pronto. sir. >> yeah, bill, i completely agree. what general milne said there before the armed services committee now for years as other military leaders have. this isn't just about the taliban. it is about the situation on the ground in afghanistan, the rise of al qaeda the last time that i was in afghanistan, just a couple of years ago as a member of congress again i served there five or six years ago. back a couple of years ago as a member of congress the military leadership were informing us about the rise of isis k in afghanistan. the true threats. >> bill: what does isis k stand for? >> a rise of radical islamic terrorism rising up again in a region that poses a threat to
7:13 am
the homeland and why the commander-in-chief needs to explain to us what he will do about that. >> bill: what does the k stand for? >> it is the corson region. not just about the borders of afghanistan but the rise of isis k means the worst strain of all, the most dangerous strain of isis rising up and making afghanistan their caliphate to take over a larger, broader region for isis terrorism, which does directly pose a threat to the united states of america. >> bill: we haven't heard about that in five years. that's a fact. jim banks sir, thank you for your time, republican from indiana. >> dana: i know rothman is one of my favorite writers and he tweeted i can abide total incompetence. i cannot tolerate shamelessness in the defense of the consequences of their ineptitude. >> bill: on the last point about the caliphate here, right?
7:14 am
you go into eastern syria and you take it out. how long did it take? >> dana: not long when president trump did it. >> if you're part of that caliphate and gone there and survived in different parts of the world and you laid low for the past five years and now you have the opportunity to find another refuge for your radical beliefs and that could be afghanistan very soon. president biden taking a lot of heat for the rushed exit in afghanistan. watch. >> just because you want to end your endless war doesn't mean they want to. i wish we lived in a different reality. if people want to live in that reality they can right a fiction book about it. i live in the real world. the real world just got a lot more dangerous because of this kind of incompetence. >> bill: commander-in-chief holed up at camp david. thousands of americans and afghans stranded as the country falls under the control of the taliban. >> dana: the biden
7:15 am
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merrick garland met with supreme courts. the white house wants to help millions who can't pay rent due to the 18 month pandemic. the original moratorium expired a few weeks ago. cdc extended it until october 3. the president admitted the critics who say it's illegal may be right. >> president biden: the bulk of the constitutional scholarship says it is not likely to pass constitutional muster. whether that option will pass constitutional measure with this administration, i can't tell you. i don't know. >> the president is banking on running out the clock as this is fought in the courts hoping
7:22 am
to give that 45 billion to the renters while they need it but the issue is hot. >> dana: the other issue is the renter has to initiate request for aid before the landlord can apply for the aid which makes no sense. don't expect you to answer that. thank you, david. >> bill: biden administration announcing a raise, a permanent boost to its food stamp program. average monthly benefits increase about 36 bucks which means the new maximum benefit for a family of four is $835 a month. taxpayers foot the bill at the cost of additional $20 billion per year. david asman is here on this. was it a good idea? >> of course not. we saw it coming. there was a republican committee back in 2018 that called for an investigation into whether there was enough money going to food stamps. they came out with their results and of course the biden
7:23 am
administration says we're just following what a republican congress actually got started which isn't exactly true. they didn't sign off on the increase. we can't solve inflation with policies that create more inflation. it is that simple. government spending can never keep up with inflation because government spending causes inflation. it is not rocket sigh ebbs. -- science. you have this incredible other welfare spending. with regard to the eviction moratorium. you have the extra spending from the federal unemployment benefits and all of these disincentives to work cause inflation, too. the fewer people working means the fewer goods and services are created and it causes inflation as well. >> bill: "new york post" inflation keeps growing, dems won't stop spending. all new cash pumped into the economy particularly the hundreds of billions funded with debt is fueling already
7:24 am
pent-up demand as supplies remain bottlenecked. washington clearly needs to hit the breaks. emergency relief was needed in the depths of the pandemic but democrats' drive to spend is only spreading mystery. >> not only is inflation tough for everybody but we have the situation where we have all these disincentives in the economy. the free market creates incentives for job growth and new businesses and everything. president biden is creating incentives not to work. with all these tax cuts -- tax increases that you know are coming online there will be fewer incentives to create businesses as well. we also have tremendous increase in regulation particularly in the energy industry and one of the biggest things it is hurting people with inflation is the cost of fuel. >> bill: here is the cost, too, increasing hardships in our fox poll from last week caused hardship grocery prices 70% say
7:25 am
yes, gas prices 67%, housing costs 53%. that makes the case for you there, david. >> every government that has tried to spend their way out of inflation has run into the exact opposite problem. the extremes are places like venezuela, etc., are we heading towards 100%, 200% inflation? not probably in a year or so but we could be seeing double digit inflation in 2022. anybody that was alive in the late 70s remembers how disastrous. there was a phrase called stagflation. we create disincentives to work and to create new businesses, that means we have a stagflation economy. higher inflation, lower growth and that's where we're headed. >> bill: do you think the moderate dems will hold the line at 3.5 trillion? >> are we putting all of our money and cash on joe manchin's backbone? i don't know. i'm not willing to put my retirement funds there. that's one of the things that
7:26 am
will be hit. retirement funds won't be worth much in a couple of years if this keeps up. >> bill: moderate democrats in the household the line? >> it may be the house that holds the line. >> bill: dana, what's up next. >> dana: united nations is holding an emergency on the situation in afghanistan as the u.s. suspends all flight out of the country. what it means for interpreters and others waiting to be evacuated? thousands of americans gave their lives in afghanistan. a gold star widow next whose loved ones died trying to help the people of afghanistan. >> he would say what are we supposed to tell them now? what are we, the united states of america, supposed to tell them about what is happening today?
7:27 am
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>> dana: mad dash to get american personnel out of afghanistan as the taliban seizes control of kabul. the group claims it wants a peaceful transition of power. how is that going? fox team coverage. rich edson live at the state department and trey yengst is live in the middle east. good morning, trey. >> bill: good morning. the taliban is claiming vick vee over the afghan government and security forces after taking the capital of kabul yesterday. the scene of despair and desperation across the city seen today especially at the airport as these afghan civilians doing anything they can to chase down u.s. military planes. there are reports that two individuals were killed after they arrived at the air base with weapons. those american forces doing everything they can to keep themselves safe but also keep the embassy personnel that remains there and the u.s. allies waiting to be evacuated safe. a changing situation by the minute. these updates coming in and the images from across kabul.
7:33 am
afghan security forces simply putting down their weapons when the taliban walked into kabul over the weekend taking everyone by surprise and all these questions still remain today how did this happen? how did the taliban so quickly work their way into the afghan capital? the afghan president fled the country along with a number of top aides. it's anyone's guess how it plays out with the scenes at the airport because the u.s. military says they will do everything they need to do to keep the americans safe that are on the ground but they still have thousands of after begans they've promised protection to and visas. it appears they won't be able to get out everyone who helped those american forces over the past 20 years. >> dana: i wanted to ask you about the reaction in the region to this. in the past couple of years we saw many of the gulf states come together under president trump's abraham accords trying to basically push back against iran. what are they thinking now in terms of afghanistan and the
7:34 am
possibility that iran will recognize the taliban and maybe combine forces there? >> look, the idea for all these peace accords over the past several years was focusing on bringing the region forward and pushing it ahead and forging new connections and understanding. basically what we're seeing in afghanistan is the country taking a step backwards a number of decades. the taliban will quickly implement sharia law that will change the situation on the ground in afghanistan but look at this from a 30,000 foot view when it comes to the security situation. groups like al qaeda now have a number of their top fighters free as a result of the taliban taking over all of these key provincial capitals that house not only taliban fighters but also afghan -- al qaeda-backed fighters. you see the situation and it's a recipe for disaster with terrorism in the region and security situation in the region. all of these american weapons on the ground in afghanistan, the second and third largest
7:35 am
cities in afghanistan and kabul. when you look at iran, that's something that i think the region will talk about for the coming weeks and months. we saw iran's new president overnight encouraging stability in the region but also understanding that this means a new era for not only the iranians but also the chinese who have reached out to the taliban and will very quickly encourage and increase relations with the group. it changes the geo politics of the region and it will have long-lasting consequences for the united states and allies including here in israel. because we know that iran is a major threat to the israelis and certainly the americans have not been happy with the developments out of afghanistan and the region this weekend. >> dana: much more to come on that and you'll be there covering it all for us. >> bill: back at home now in the u.s. state department rich edson is live from there now. >> sources involved in the evacuation tell us and our pentagon team as well that flights out of kabul have been
7:36 am
suspended with thousands of afghans crowding the airport. also reports of shots fired there. one source telling us that the scene has become a total free for all with afghans hanging from taxiing airplanes. officials are trying to evacuate thousands of american citizens, embassy workers and thousands of afghans who worked with the united states over the past two decades. >> we begin we can continue an ongoing evacuation of american citizens, after begans who worked for us including interpreter and translators and other vulnerable afghans. we are trying to do that by securing the airport today and in days ahead taking people out one flight at a time. >> bill: republican senator ben sasse writes the mission at this point ought to be simple. bolster american troops and fire power until we can get flights running around the clock. the taliban must not dictate when every last american, our
7:37 am
courageous afghan partners and their families are off the tarmac. state department says the u.s. already has relocated 2,000 afghans to fort lee in virginia. the administration is working to potentially move up to 30,000 afghans to bases in the u.s. for vetting. they are also going to third countries. the pentagon says it won't just be americans first and special visa applicants. they are working on getting as many people out as they can. much of that depends at conditions at kabul's airport that have deteriorated since yesterday. >> bill: rich edson. back to you at the state department there. >> dana: president biden has sent a total of 6,000 troops back to afghanistan to help evacuate u.s. personnel from kabul. more than twice as many as he ordered to withdraw from afghanistan back in april. my next guest is a widow of a
7:38 am
man killed in action in afghanistan in 2011. jane horton. thank you for being here. i know this is probably a day where you alternate between rage and grief. let's get your thoughts this morning. you've traveled to afghanistan and as you watched what is happening unfold in that country today. >> yes, ma'am. thank you so much for having me on today. i'm so grateful to have a voice. my heart is broken. our hearts are broken as the gold star community. i've seen the same message sent to me. our fragile hearts already broken that we pieced together through service honoring our loved ones and loving and caring for them and americans here at home is broken. and we're worried about their fellow brothers and sisters in arms as well and afghan allies. >> dana: when you traveled you had a blog you kept notes on. i want to read one portion. you wrote i did not want to go to afghanistan for closure, but
7:39 am
more to see the land that my husband gave everything for in a fight against terrorism to show that even though he was killed, terrorism did not and will not win and the american spirit will never die. i still believe that's true but it is a little bit hard to watch this humiliation today, jane. >> we have americans born here just by luck have a responsibility to be good, actually good people and we have got to come together as a country. my husband did not die for the red or for the blue or for the white. he died for america as a whole and we have to find what brings us together instead of what separates us as a nation. when we are so separated things like that happen and we forget about the very men and women on the ground fighting for us for 20 years that have just volunteered to insure that we remain free and safe in america and we have got to do better as a country. >> dana: what should we know about christopher, how he lived
7:40 am
his life? >> he loved america more than anything. he loved america more than me. and the one thing that is one of the most influential things in my life i'll never forget in basic training he wrote me a letter and said jane i'm sorry i'm starting to love you more than my country and i'm feeling guilty. it is about his love for his country and how that he compared that to he felt guilty because how could he love someone nearly as much as this nation. their heart would be broken to see where we are today. i beg the country to get something to get involved in your nation. here in america we have a say and people we can make a difference and do things to change our members of congress' mind and this nation. >> dana: it is reported the white house is planning to have president biden speak in the coming days. is there anything you would want to make sure that he either says to the nation or that he hears from you on behalf of the gold star families?
7:41 am
>> i'm worried about my husband's legacy. i'm worried that he will be -- i'm worried for the afghan people and our stalt us in the world. i hope he addresses that and finds a way to reach out across the aisle and to the country as a whole and bring our hearts together. there is a lot of healing and the military veterans community and everyone are completely broken. so much has been sacrificed. it is not just me, the men and women away from their kids for years, all these deployments. there is so much involved in this. >> dana: you are an incredible american, jane horton. thank you for sharing your thoughts today. you are a tribute to your husband and to the country. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: she is profound and he would be very proud of her. >> dana: absolutely. the feelings that representative michael waltz was on the channel yesterday. he served in afghanistan and he
7:42 am
said he alternates between rage and grief but also resolve. if you listen to what she is saying she is saying please come together as americans. >> bill: i think you would listen to these gold star families. they're so impressive and represent their family so well. veterans out there we showed you the number on friday. the veterans hotline. we can certainly understand if you feel some of that rage and some of that pain as some others have expressed already. >> dana: there is help out there for you, do call. >> bill: now this from earlier today. >> i think they can expect to hear from the president soon. he is right now actively engaged with his national security team. he is working the situation hard. he is focused on insuring that the mission, to secure that airport and to continue these evacuations, that that mission continues and is brought to a positive conclusion. that is his overriding focus right now. he is deeply engaged on it.
7:43 am
>> bill: that's jake sullivan abc earlier today. taliban controls afghanistan, the white house saying president biden will address the american people when the time is right. senator tom cotton placing full blame on poor planning by this administration and this commander-in-chief. >> every since joe biden announced in the spring that we would withdraw from afghanistan, i've asked for answers about how we plan to protect ourselves. you see the consequences of the terrible, ill-planned, disorganized withdrawal that joe biden is responsible for. now he won't even appear on camera to explain the circumstances and what's next to the american people. >> bill: marc thiessen is with us more. jane horton there is so amazing. i want to ask you a specific question but there is so much to think about right now and so much in the orbit. what's in your head now? >> so here is what's in my head. on september 11, 2001 americans were falling from the sky
7:44 am
jumping from the twin towers to escape the fires that had been set by al qaeda and taliban. today in afghanistan and kabul airport afghans are falling from the sky hanging on to american planes trying to escape taliban and al qaeda. that's what happening in afghanistan today. the most shameful thing i've seen in my entire career in washington it is shameful that joe biden hasn't spoken to the american people for six days while this plays out. what could he say? how can you defend the indefensible? this is -- either joe biden completely miscalculated in which case he is incompetent, or he knew this would be the result and didn't care in which case he is a horrible human being. in either case, the american people deserve better from their commander-in-chief. it is just the most shocking thing i've witnessed in my career in washington >> dana: i wondered about you today, marc, in terms of what would you say? what would you write for a
7:45 am
president to say at this point? i think those comparisons are impossible to make. you worked for a very different president. >> and different policy. >> dana: you say that basically president biden gave the taliban the green light in april. tell us more. >> yeah. so a lot -- the biden administration is blaming anybody but themselves. they're blaming donald trump that they didn't have a choice. the taliban violated that agreement. they were not obligated to follow it. they spent the last eight months reversing every trump policy from keystone xl and paris climate agreement. this is the one policy they were absolutely obligated to keep in place. the reality is the difference i was very critical of trump's plans for withdrawal from afghanistan. but he at least said that his withdrawal would have been conditions based. based on conditions on the ground. joe biden explicitly said when
7:46 am
he announced it, it wouldn't be a conditions-based withdrawal from afghanistan. if we waited for the right conditions we would never leave. it sent a message to the taliban you have green light to do whatever you want in afghanistan. gave them a green light for the offensive taking place. they knew no matter what they did, no matter how they responded, we were leaving no matter what. and so biden is responsible for unleashing this taliban assault that is so devastated and taken over the country. >> bill: if you went back to 2009 12 years ago when president obama was making the decision to beef up forces or not. he chose to beef up forces. his vice president joe biden at the time disagreed with that. strike force was more appropriate to fight the battle. prior to that he thought you should break up iraq to three different parts. sunni, shiite and kurd and ambassador crocker, ryan crocker, he spent the last 20 years of his life in these places.
7:47 am
kabul and baghdad. he said this. it's insane and idiotic to think we can tell the taliban if they don't play nice the international community with withhold recognition and support. i'm left with some grave questions in my mind about his ability to lead our nation as commander-in-chief, to have read this so wrong or even worse to have understood what was likely to happen and not care, end quote. >> yeah. robert gates said it best. joe biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy decision in the last 50 years. it is just a fact. the other thing that angers me is how they are out there blaming the victim. blaming the afghan army for a kol answering them. we gave them and gave them the best equipment and they decided not to fight. we transferred the combat mission to the afghan army in 2015. and since then there have been
7:48 am
between 54,000 and 58,000 afghan soldiers killed in combat fighting the taliban. just this year 2600 afghan fighters killed in combat. they've been fighting and dying and sacrificing their lives to fight our enemies as well as theirs and one of the things we did in afghanistan in 2015 is we were not there nation building or not fighting the war. we were providing them with what jack keane described on the show earlier. providing them with intelligence, mission planning and air support. and they couldn't defend the country without that. name me a u.s. ally anywhere in the world who could. do you think south korea could defend itself against north korea without the u.s. military? could taiwan defend itself without the u.s. military, japan, germany, any of these country, germany could have defended itself or ukraine against russia? no u.s. ally in the world could defend itself without u.s.
7:49 am
support. it's why we have troops in germany during the cold war. all these people running around blaming the afghan army because we abandoned them and saying they didn't fight is victim shaming and shameful. we abandoned these people. the goal in afghanistan was not to create a democracy. the goal in afghanistan was to make sure there was a government in place that didn't wake up every morning saying that america must be destroyed and provide sanctuary to activities who wanted to destroy america. that mission was being accomplished by our united states military in afghanistan. we were succeeding and doing it with 2600 troops which is less than we have in spain today. the idea we pull that out and abandon that country and hand it back to the taliban is shameful. >> dana: we're coming up on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. and we'll be covering it. everyone will be covering it. a lot of speeches by a lot of different people and i know that you pay a lot of attention
7:50 am
to the words spoken. what do you think forecast ahead four weeks from now when we get to that day? >> i can't imagine. quite frankly i would be surprised if joe biden wasn't booed when he showed up at ground zero. on the versey of september 11, 2001. 20th versey he handed afghanistan back to the people who gave sanctuary and harbored the people who brought down those towers. he really shouldn't show his face. normally my view is the commander-in-chief if you don't like the person and you respect the office doesn't matter who it is. to have so explicitly -- they are celebrating in guantanamo bay today. mohammed said you americans what you don't understand is we don't have to defeat you militarily. we only have to wait long enough for you to defeat
7:51 am
yourself by quitting. he predicted this day would come. on the 20th anniversary on the attack he carried out it has come through because of joe biden. >> dana: sobering but also very true. >> bill: marc thiessen, thank you. >> thanks. >> dana: we have a lot more thoughts and bring them to you right after this quick break. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate. my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... much better. my psoriasis, clearer...
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veteran homeowners, the two and quarter refi is the lowest rate in newday's history two and a quarter percent, just 2.48 apr. lock in this record low rate and save. >> harris: the mission to get the people out of the airport in afghanistan is complicated. panicking afghan citizens trying to get on the plane and falling to their deaths. all of our flights have been suspended. where is president biden who set this mess in motion? republican leadership is with me. senator john barrasso is in focus plus is this biden's afghanistan? not going much better than the border crisis. tammy bruce weighs in. "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> bill: thank you, harris, big american cities requiring proof of vaccination for any indoor
7:57 am
activities but the business owners already reeling from the pandemic say that new restriction may put economic recovery in jeopardy yet again. alex hogan is tracking that quickly from times square today. good morning, alex. >> good morning, bill. mayor bill deblasio announced it will go into effect tomorrow. everyone will need to prove that they've at least received one dose to go in restaurants and businesses. there is a similar mandate in new orleans. a lot of mixed emotions for businesses who are struggling to keep their employees safe to still stay open. >> we have some that are really happy about the requirement and others that are fuming mad. >> i'm not a professional in checking for vaccination cards. someone can just as likely hand me a fake card. we don't feel it's our responsibility. >> san francisco's mandate goes into effect friday. requiring full proof of vaccination. there are exemptions for those ineligible to get the vaccine like children. here in new york city a lot of
7:58 am
questions about how this will work logistically and who could be exempt. it will all start to be enforced starting september 13th. >> bill: we'll watch and see how it goes. alex hogan with the update on that. before we get out of here try to wrap it up as best we can. a couple things we can mention. the biggest fear next is what happens next? and i would argue this new caliphate. where the foreign fighters will not be sucked in towards. that's something this country has tried to avoid for 20 years. >> dana: the u.n. reported the taliban is in cahoots with al qaeda. that reconstitutes. michael waltz. congressman from florida said what happens in afghanistan doesn't stay in afghanistan. ist will spread and it will follow us home. >> bill: jim banks republican from indiana we talked to him last hour. role this clip here. >> for anyone who served in afghanistan like myself, thousands of others, anyone who
7:59 am
has invested anything at all in our efforts there, this makes all of us angry because it was completely avoidable. it was predictable. what is more shocking to me than the images coming out of afghanistan is what is happening right here at home. we have never seen an american leader abdicate his responsibilities in leadership like joe biden has. he is in hiding. the lights are on at the white house but nobody is home. >> dana: the other thing you have to ask is when is president biden going to speak? the white house has said in the coming days. jen psaki has an out of office reply and not briefing today. that could change but as of right now it is not. bill, they called -- the white house called a lid at 10:00 a.m. today. you might not hear anything more from them the rest of the day. >> bill: something could change. they have the technology to do it. i think you can ask yourself in the first seven months of this
8:00 am
presidency what has gotten better in america? dow is up, jobs are good. vaccinations are good. all that was headed toward there anyway. after you take those three off the table what has gotten better? >> dana: even the media is saying the crisis for president biden are piling up. we'll be here to walk you through all that is happening this week. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. americans being rescued from one of the most dangerous places on the planet right now. the time difference is 8 1/2 hours. nightfall right now. where the home turf enemy taliban are systematically owning afghanistan. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". mass panic at the kabul international airport. afghan systems go on the tarmac and as they lifted in the


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