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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 16, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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you. just want to say for all the veterans out there, hang in there if you were in afghanistan. it's a tough time. and we get it thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. fox news "fox news primetime" hosted this week by will cain starts right now. hey, will. >> will: hey, bret. thank you so much. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ i'm will kaine and technically when you talk out of both side of your mouth it means you give different parkways in different situations. but for president joe biden it means you will give a different opinion and different although back-to-back sentences of the very same speech. for the past 72 hours, during one of the most embarrassing episodes in american history, president biden was hunkered down like a threatened afghan translator, hiding from the news the taliban was taking over afghanistan. we watched on sunday worried we might see demoralizing images,
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reminiscent of the retreat from saigon with would be refugees hanging to helicopter skids. and woke up this morning and realized it was much, much worse. as we saw images of the bodies of would be refugees falling from the wheel well of c-17s leaving kabul airport. let's just take a moment and realize that over the past year, we have talked about and debated how oppressive this great country is while we watched people literally cling to the opportunity to be american. but from president joe biden, silence. silence until today. in one breath in a speech before the nation, biden told us that he planned for every contingency and then in the next breath, he explained why he quickly and suddenly sending thousands of marines to secure the airport. >> we were clear-eyed about the risk. we planned for every contingency authorize and i did 6,000 u.s. troops to dally no afghanistan. for the purpose of assisting in
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the departure of u.s. and allied personnel from afghanistan and to evacuate our afghan allies and vulnerable afghans to safety outside of afghanistan. >> will: that's the weirdest draw down in history. a withdrawal where you increase your troop levels. look, in one sentence he claimed that human rights will always be at the top of america's values and in the next he explained is he abandoning the afghans to the taliban. >> i have been clear the human rights must be the center of our foreign policy, not the periphery. but the way to do it is not through endless military deployments. >> will: joe biden spent the vast majority of his speech deflecting blame pointing at president trump. pointing at the afghan people. pointing to the afghan army and then suddenfully one sentence says the buck stops with him. >> when i came into office, i inherited a deal the president president trump negotiated with the tall back. the political leaders of afghanistan were unable to come together for the good of their
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people unable to negotiate for the future of their country. i am president of the united states of america. and the buck stops with me. >> will: what a master class in double speak. that's grade a gas lighting as the kids say. always wrong but never in doubt. joe biden has been wrong on every foreign policy decision in his career. and he managed to contradict himself in a matter of minutes, which, if we are being honest means he is beginning to perfect his craft because it took a full month for this embarrassing statement to be proven total malarkey. >> the taliban is not the south -- the north vietnamese army. they are not -- they are not remotely comp flable terms of capability. there is going to be no circumstance where you will see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all comparable.
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>> will: whoops? joe biden spent most of his speech defending the decision to leave afghanistan. the vast majority american people want to leave afghanistan. more than 70% according to most polls. three presidential administrations have tried to leave afghanistan. now, there is a worthy debate to be had as to whether we should have left a residual force as a base to fight terrorism. but virtually no one wants to try to turn that collection of tribe into a jeffersonian democracy. but, whether to leave and how we leave are two separate questions. and how we have left with our pants around our ankles an international embarrassment that will cost america dearly should cost joe biden his job. president biden owns this humiliation. he is incompetent and incapable of doing the job. he should resign. but, his resignation papers should be stapled to the top military generals who built this house in afghanistan on a foundation of sand. how is it we were told for two decades that america was winning
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in afghanistan only to see the afghan national army wash away in 8 days? how is it that all the preeminent military, the most preeminent military on the face of this planet, the best we could do was manage chaos? you see, president biden wasn't the only one saying everything would be okay in afghanistan. here is his chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general mark milley. >> the afghan security forces have the capacity to sufficiently fight and defend their country. a negative outcome, a taliban automatic takeover is not a forgone conclusion. we will continue to monitor the situation closely and make adjustments as necessary. >> will: our top military leaders have been wrong or they have lied to us about this war for two decades. what's the mission? what's the plan? what's the goal? what's the status? are we winning? that clip you just watched, that was millie in july.
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now, that's less than a month ago. but it was one month after he told us his focus was not necessarily on how to leave kabul but rather on white rage. >> i have red move tongue, i mod lenin. what's wrong with having some situational understanding for the country for which we are here to defend. i want to understand white rage and i'm white. >> will: white rage that's what he wants to understand. white rage. re little understanding of the situation on the ground in afghanistan. did you know that this past weekend our national security apparatus, specifically the department of homeland security, this is just days before al-qaeda would ride into afghanistan published a list of potential terror threats. number two on that list people that question the results of the presidential election in 2020. number one on the list? people that oppose lockdowns, school closures, mask and
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vaccine mandates. this was published as a bunch of goat herders ak since the world's preeminently military chaotically on the run. our political leaders, our top general, our military brass, our national security apparatus are grossly incompetent or, worse, corrupt. and their resignation letters should be stapled to joe biden's. here to respond julie kelly, investigative journalist and american greatness senior contributor. julie, great to see you. it seems that the question that joe biden avoided purposefully, was not whether we should leave afghanistan, but how we left afghanistan. >> right. so that was the deflection today in his very brief statement that this was sort of -- he was trying to portray himself as the hero here. sort of the martyr, a victim in a way. that he was accomplishing what other presidents hadn't. and that he didn't want to leave this behind to a future
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president. but, to your point, exiting afghanistan has huge support by the american people. it is what has transpired so quickly over the past week that is so alarming that is so heart breaking it really is so tragic to think about the lives that have been lost in afghanistan. the parents of soldiers who were killed in action over 2,300 who are sitting there wondering what was this loss for? and so for his deflection today was really infuriating on top of that, the press conference at the pentagon, which should give no one confidence that the pentagon and defense department have a grasp, have a handle on this situation and how this is going to unfold over the next several days really is anyone's guess at this point. >> will: julie, what we have seen unfold over the last several days, i think, would be accurately described as an insurrection in afghanistan. but i'm unclear, have we exhausted our quota on the use
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of insurrection in this country as applying it to ojanuary 6th? >> you know, you just brought up a great point. you know, we have had our top government officials from the defense secretary, secretary of homeland security, joe biden himself our justice department. every agency so fixated on a 4 or 5 hour disturbance at the capitol on january 6th obviously they took their eye off the wall over things that are really important that really matter. >> when you are too busy trying to convince americans that the biggest threat are domestic violence extremist which is code for trump supporters. while you are letting go what's happening in afghanistan, letting a real insurrection happen, letting legitimate terrorists take over a country, and thwart over throw a government, you know, the two contrasts i think democrats are going to have a hard time now trying to convince americans that a furry organic sham monday who took selfies in the capitol
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is a bigger threat than what we see happening in afghanistan under the taliban right now. >> will: reality may be a rude awakening for those trying to convince us anyone who wants to go maskless is the biggest threat to your safety when we will soon see terrorists rise in afghanistan. lastly, i brought up the military brassments you brought up the military brass. when we are apportioning blame, we have to ask the question: is joe biden in charge? was he the one making these decisions and was he making them alone? >> i mean, i think that's a very legitimate question. his not saying anything or being publicly present over the weekend and then the statement sort of thrown together today does not inspire confidence, but, look, there's no reason to have confidence in any of these institutions. we see how highly politicized from the military now to the intelligence community, the -- our foreign diplomats, our state department, they have become so highly partisan and politicized that most americans don't trust
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what's coming out of anyone's mouth at this point. it's a real crisis of confidence. and the division between the american people, what we expect from our political leadership and what we are getting is as great as it's been in recent memory. >> will: julie kelly of american greatness, always great to talk to you. thank you so much. >> thanks, will. >> will: also here tonight are glenn greenwald a pulitzer prize winning journalist. glen, it's stunning to see the turn around in statements from one month ago both from president biden and from general mark milley to the reality on the ground one month later. were these leaders wrong or were they lying to us about what they were seeing one month ago? >> we have been hearing a consistent message basically since the beginning of the war in afghanistan going all the way back to december 2001 when george w. bush essentially proclaimed that the taliban had been vanquished and defeated. the same message being that the united states was making great progress in building up the
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afghan national security forces. and they would soon be able to stand on their own and defending the government and protecting the country against the taliban when we know for certain not speculatively but for certain that inside the government military leaders and political officials for at least a decade privately were recognizing that what they were assuring the public was true was actually a lie, that the afghan national security forces were a joke and, therefore, the reason it seems shocking to watch the taliban overrun afghanistan isn't because we left afghanistan. donald trump wanted to leave afghanistan, too. and wanted to do it quickly. i supported him in doing so. the reality is the taliban was always going to take over once we left. the reason it is shocking is because the government, up until five weeks ago with biden and millie and going back years, was lying to the public that there was a viable police and military force there that could protect the country when there never was.
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>> will: yeah, there obviously was not. reality has just interrupted that lie. so, who are we to trust going forward, glenn, as we look at this? i think there is a worthy debate and you and i might fall on separate sides of this debate whether or not we should have left some residual force in afghanistan, not to nation build, not to bring democracy to afghanistan but whether or not to serve as a forward operating base to fight terrorism but i don't know who we can trust to give us the reality on the ground moving forward. certainly not the president of the united states and it doesn't appear to be the top military leadership as well. >> well, again, i mean, if donald trump had succeeded in his plan, if he had been reelected and followed through on his commitment, he would have removed all troops from afghanistan. i support him, and joe biden -- this is the longest war in american history. and i think we have to come to grips after what we have seen in iraq and syria and libya that no matter how well-intentioned we might be or poorly intentioned we might be or no matter how
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great our strategy sounds and think tanks and state department and pentagon offices in washington, we can't control other countries on the other side of the world using military force. these are very complex, old and very different countries. and every time we try, we seem to make things worse. not just for those countries but also for ourselves. we lost thousands of lives and billions and billions of dollars in afghanistan only for it to go right back to 2001 as if the whole thing had never happened. and at some point we have to restore humility to our own sense of what we can do in the world with regard to other countries. we are having hard enough time managing our own countries. >> will: i read your twitter feed today. you probably heard me in the introductory to this statement. i have to be honest with you my antennas go up a little bit. i'm sharing an opinion at phillies that respect that seemingly everyone else in the media shares. i could put it on morning joe or cnn. i could listen to every single national security analyst and everyone is mad at joe biden
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today. it does make my antennas go up ha little bit. should it? >> absolutely. i think that, look, if you look at the lives of the american people, and what they're struggling with, and what they care, about this is what i was always saying about russia gate, i don't think americans are waking up worried about vladimir putin. i don't think americans are waking up worried about how kandahar and kabul are being governed. the problem is there is a permanent national security state in the united states that is supported by the establishment wings of both parties and the media that always favors war. they always want more war and want it to continue for a lot of different reasons. the presidents that get attacked the most are the ones that defy that when obama refused to attack assad. when donald trump tried to improve relations with russia and with syria. and now joe biden doing what multiple american presidents and polls have overwhelmingly showed americans want, which is finally ending the 20-year-old war. so, yeah, i think there is a huge pro-war sentiment and bias
4:16 pm
on the part of d.c. elites who don't have to send their kids over to fight. they have other families do it for them. >> will: glenn greenwald, always interesting. thanks so much for being with us on the show tonight. >> thank you, will. >> will: all right. i do think there is a debate going forward how we put america first. our strategic interest. no one wants to nation build. how do we make sure we serve america first? in fact, let's talk about that, because china is watching what is happening in afghanistan and they are taking notes. not just taking notes. they're making moves. how they are using biden's foreign policy debacle to intimidate their enemy right now. that's after the break. ♪ note
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power vacuum as thest are of the world was evacuating their embassies in kabul, not russia and china, they were keeping their doors open signifying their willingness to work with the taliban with america out of the picture, china is now the major economic force in the region. rioters said the following: china can now deliver aid investment and technical support chinese state minors can help afghanistan exploit its vast mineral reserves valued at over $3 trillion according to officials. and that's from 2017. but, as the communist nation clamps down on freedoms in hong kong and preferably in taiwan if they had their own way, they are beginning their warnings, they told the taiwan knees people this that america will abandon them, too. look at this. this is from state media who tweeted from what happened in afghanistan, those in taiwan should foresee once a war breaks out in the straits the island offensive will collapse in hours and u.s. military won't come to help. so has our withdrawal emboldened
4:23 pm
china? is this one of the costs of the collapse of the last 72 hours? david tafuri is a former obama state department official and he joins me now. david, thank you for being with me. how do you think people are sleeping tonight in taiwan? i can't imagine soundly. >> well, that tweet is from global times. global times is just a newspaper that's a mouthpiece for the chinese communist party. so that's propaganda. that's chinese fear-mongering in taiwan, trying to worry taiwan. the situation between america and taiwan is very different from afghanistan. we don't have troops in taiwan, haven't for a long time but we have had over 70-year alliance. it's a complicated alliance but we have stood by taiwan. >> will: david, let me interrupt you for a moment. the two points you make so far would make the taiwan knees people even more nervous. you are telling me a warning came from official state media, propaganda. that means they might mean what
4:24 pm
they say. you point out the government doesn't have troops in taiwan. afghan people watched as thousands of troops abandoned that country in a matter of hours. so if you are living in a country where american troops had a presence and now you are living under the rule of the taliban, how do you think people living in a country where there is no american troop presence must feel when they have an official warning on their hands? >> well, it's not news to the people in taiwan that china opposes them and opposes their democracy. everyone in taiwan is aware of that and aware of that threat. >> will: but it might be news if the united states of america might not be there to back them up. >> yeah, well, i mean, let's talk about that. you know, the videos are coming out of kabul are concerning and should be concerning to all. but the deal for us to leave afghanistan was signed by president trump in february of 2020. and people seem to forget that on your show. it was president trump that did this deal. in fact, under his deal, he
4:25 pm
would have had all-american forces out of afghanistan by may. it was biden that extended it until september. so this was a forgone conclusion that biden followed after trump did it. remember, also, president trump gave 5,000 taliban prisoners and released them. in order to get the deal a pretty bad deal in the first place. and many of those 5,000 taliban fighters have rejoined the taliban. >> will: david, i don't think anybody on this program have want forgotten that trump leaving aching it's possible you might have been getting your ifb plugged in during that. we make a point factual and truth seeking point whether or not we leave afghanistan with how we leave afghanistan. and the point we are getting at today is who steps into our vacuum when we step out and leave chaos? the way that joe biden and our military leaders have left in the last 72 hours, we see immediately that our adversaries in china and russia step up.
4:26 pm
and i would have to think we don't have to focus specifically on tijuana. if you are united states ally in the middle east, if you are not a united states ally anywhere in this world, but most specifically, if you are a united states ally in taiwan, you would look at the last 72 hours and think, i'm not sure we can trust the united states of america. >> you seem to be arguing that we should have kept the troops in afghanistan for a long time for the foreseeable future. i think there is an argument that we should have. once president trump signed the deal to pull the troops out from afghanistan, this was always going to happen. whether it was under biden or under. >> will: joe biden one month ago whoa they said one month ago this wouldn't happen though. you said this was always going to happen. that's the same thing joe biden said today. can i roll the tape from less than a month ago where joe biden was saying this would never happen. >> i think everyone knew it was going to eventually happen it happened more quickly. the taliban gained strength very quick there snowballed in many towns and cities. they switched over had when they
4:27 pm
saw that the taliban was gaining in power because they care most about their own safety. that's why it happened so quickly. but it was all happen and actually so far, although it looks really bad. it's not as bad as it could have been. there have not reprisal killings yet in kabul. and there may be. i will be one of the first people complaining about it if it happens there aren't so far yet reprisal killings. we don't know what the taliban is going to do. the taliban is committed to having an exclusive government. i'm personally very skeptical of that there are people in the biden administration and trump administration who still believe the taliban and not the taliban of the 1990s and might have inclusive government and let's see. [laughter] >> will: the taliban might just have an inclusive government. right. i'm sure that's something we can all hold our breath to see. maybe they will follow, for example, some of the guidance in the united states and we can rename breast feeding chest feeding. i'm sure that's the kind of expectation we can hope for. >> i said i'm skeptical. >> will: i appreciate that skepticism. i will tell you i appreciate
4:28 pm
that skepticism. i think it's more than skepticism i think it's realism. i hope in the united states future the united states bar isn't to cross no reprisal killings. i hope we can do better than mass chaos and lies one month period of time. i hope we hear better than we heard from the biden administration in the last month. the people of taiwan and israel and over other across the world hoping, that may be all they are left with is hope but hoping for the same thing from this great country. i appreciate you being with me tonight, david. >> thank you. >> will: up next, it's back-to-school time for students across the country. i hoped you packed your mask along with your kids' lunch box. admiral brett giroir on mask mandates and more after the break. ♪ ♪ plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi, 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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4:34 pm
across the country. and today is the day, against all science, that kids will strap on a mask for 8 hours a day. i sent my 10-year-old off to the first day of a new school this morning where i guess his new friends won't even know what he looks like below the eyes. it's insanity. mass hysteria. it's claimed our children and it's just the beginning, unless we make it clear that we have had enough. in new york, for example, teachers are saying they can't teach a full classroom. it's unsafe. they want a remote option. and some teachers are threatening to walk out of ifcertain safety demands aren't met like mandating the shot for 12 years old and older. it hasn't happened yet. today new york required my proof of vaccine to enter a gym. an official vaccine passport begins tomorrow. so you don't have the shot? you will be eating outside. i'm going to be talking about the segregation of america all this coming week. but let's start tonight with the insanity that has devoured our children. joining me now to react former
4:35 pm
health and human services sent a secretary dr. bret giroir, dr. giroir, thank you so much for being with me tonight. i have seen the covid numbers. i understand where and how much it is rising. but i have not seen any science that suggests that students, that children are at great risk in the way to alleviate that risk is to mask them up all day. am i missing something? >> you are not missing anything but we have a lot of uncertainty. we do know that children are becoming increasingly infected with covid. they are not getting that in the classroom. this is all from the community. we also know that the best way to help our children is to get vaccinated or if you are previously infected, you are probably immune and that's okay. getting everyone back into the classroom now, we have shown in the united kingdom, for example that when children went in the classroom their rates of disease actually went down from the community even without a mask. but right now with high transmission, if you are not
4:36 pm
vaccinated, and you haven't had covid before, it's reasonable to wear a mask for a short period of time until we get that evaluated. but it shouldn't be mandatory. it shouldn't be for month and months and months. and the number one priority is getting our children back to cool. will with will dr. giroir you point out that our knowledge evolves and we learn as it goes. but woe have no knowledge on the really honestly, we have no data on the effectiveness of these masks. we hear that they are effective. we see data where japan, for example, has something like a 95% mask compliance and, yet, the numbers still go up. and we have no information, no information on the negative effect of masking on children. and we cannot assume, i wouldn't think, can we, that they are absolutely a universal good. it's got to be hurting these students in some ways. >> there is no such thing as a free lunch in terms of medical intervention. and there will be harms from mask. social development. you know, acne, you know, very many things. and that's why the w.h.o., the
4:37 pm
w.h.o. says don't put a mask on kids under five and 6 to 11. it only should be in very specific circumstances. the cdc could find this out in two weeks. they could look at the places that have masks and not masks and give you the answer. all we do know and this is the bottom line, is that when children are in school and they have warn masks and this is a very good north carolina study that you don't need to physically separate. can you go about -- how much you can back off on that, we still need that information. you are right. we need to have that the cdc should be providing it. and then we can talk intelligently and not make this a political debate. >> will: let me ask you a theoretical question, dr. giroir. it seems we have lost expertise and science. there is a difference between those two things. expertise can be captured by group think. we have seemingly conflated those two ideas. if we do this, if we untether ourselves from science. really honestly we can go anywhere. we look at australia right now where the military is on the street locking down the
4:38 pm
population, imposing 6-mile radius. people are basically on house arrest. and this -- you wonder, with this happen in america? and i have to think if we are totally divorced from science and fighting this disease, the answer must be, yes, this can happen here. >> i am very concerned. you wouldn't know it from the media, but in the trump administration, science drove the policy and what i'm seeing right now is policy is driving the science. and that's very dangerous. the vaccine mandates, there is no reason why proof of a former covid infection or negative test would be equivalent to a vaccination. but, yet, they are pushing vaccination as the only alternative. if you are an american citizen, coming back to the united states, and you want to get, in you either have a negative test or proof of prior infection. that's the standard by the cdc. they don't even accept vaccination. so why to get back into the united states does a negative test or proof of former infection good enough but that's
4:39 pm
not good enough to go to a gym? this is not scientific. it's not based in data. it's strictly pushing a political agenda. i'm for vaccination but we shouldn't have inherently discriminatory abusive policies that are not based in science. so i want to emphasize your point. i think you are pot on. >> will: if we are divorce from science it makes no hypothetical completely off the table. that means we need to watch where we are going here very carefully. dr. brett giroir, i have enjoyed the conversation. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> will: coming up, the u.s. made commitments to thousands of interpreters and allies in afghanistan. we made commitments they had our back. will joe biden have their back? also though, how do we respect the victims of 9/11 and the soldiers who fought there who fought in afghanistan? there is many questions to ask about everyone who had a stake in the game in afghanistan? coming up. ♪ ♪ shingles? oh... you mean bill. he's been a real pain. again with the bill...
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4:45 pm
against terror. as thousands of local afghan citizens put their lives on the line to help us. we promised to protect them and they need our help now. we owe it to them. but, we also owe it to ourselves, to ensure that these refugees are properly vetted before they come to the united states of america. so how do we do this? and how do we honor not just what was sacrificed on the battlefield but also those we lost in september of 2001. are we paying respect to our fallen loved one and soldiers of 9/11. as we retreat from afghanistan. almost 20 years of a going in? frank siller lost his brother steve on the attack twin towers and knows the burdens these carry. and sean parnell served in afghanistan. they join me now. thank you both for being here. sean, can we state-of-the-art with the refugees for just one moment, the translators that helped us? >> sure. >> will: i know many men who
4:46 pm
fought over there know how much they contributed to the effort. what do we owe them? >> well, first, i will just say the best way to take care of those people is to have a commander-in-chief that was fully engaged on a responsible exit strategy. it's difficult to -- it's difficult to describe in words the disaster that's unfolding in afghanistan. it was something that was wholly preventable. and joe biden totally botched it. and i would also say, will, that this isn't as clear cut as you might think. 15 years ago today, actually, we had an interpreter that operated with us that fought with us, that bled with us, that charged into the teeth of the enemy with us and then turned on us and killed one of my soldiers today. 15-year anniversary of his death his name is jeremy kohl. we'll never forget him. will, 20 years we have been in afghanistan, right? 20 years we bled, we fought for the freedom of the people of afghanistan. we went into that country after 9/11, after thousands were
4:47 pm
killed. we gave them an opportunity for freedom. we lost thousands of our own people. wounded tens of thousands more. is it not okay to ask the question how can our allies, perhaps, honor that great sacrifice as well? of course we want to take care of our refugees. of course we want to take care of the interpreters who fought with us as long as they are vetted first. i think it's incumbent upon all americans to share burden as well. >> will: frank, i want to get to you in a moment as well. let me follow one sean, i'm not surprised what you are saying. green on blue killings, the killing of american soldiers by our supposed afghan allies. so how do we balance that really quickly here, sean because i want to get frank, in how do we balance that to uphold our honor and what we owe those who helped us but also protect americans because we can't just flood america with refugees that are fully unvetted. >> well, look, i mean, i would just say this.
4:48 pm
is 20 years of blood and treasure, sacrifice on the ground of afghanistan enough? i have lost over 40 of my friends, like risked of my life for that country, my men risked their life for that country. we gave them a shot at freedom. at some point they have to stand up and fight for their own. i'm not saying we should abandon them on the battlefield. we should have had an infrastructure in place to vet these people prior to our exit strategy even beginning. >> will: right. >> so, now, unfortunately, it's almost too late. we can figure -- we can have conversations about how we can go in after but this botched exit strategy makes it far more difficult, will. >> will: yeah, we see images and i'm sorry to rush you along, sean, you have an important message here. we see the images of c-17s full of refugees. we have bases all over the world. allies all other the world. there needs to be a process put in place now. frank, i want to turn to you. you lost your brother on 9/11. we went to afghanistan because of 9/11. can you help share the perspective of a family of a victim of september 11th? how do you feel today as you
4:49 pm
watch afghanistan unfold? >> well, my heart breaks for all 9/11 families, but even more for those gold star families who lost their loved ones, our men and women who gave their lives protecting us here on our homeland so another 9/11 wouldn't happen. and, listen, our country has to be better than the scenes that you are seeing over there now. there is a way to do it and do it right. and to protect the afghanys that that helped us fight the war on terror. we owe it to them to bring them here on our shores and protect them. look, i never want to forget what happened on 9/11. i'm more walking from the pentagon to shanksville to grounds zero commemorating the 20 years where i lost my brother while he ran into a building with his fire gear on saving people's lives. and this year we are reading over 7,000 names on veterans day the ones who gave their life on the war on terror. i don't believe it's ever been
4:50 pm
done. we are going to read it at the lincoln center on veterans day. we can't forget we have lost over 7,000 men and women. >> will: frank, you are on that 500-mile walk. it's an awesome thing you are doing. you have been doing awesome things for the last i don't know how many years, frank, but you are on this 500-mile walk. we are approaching the 20th anniversary of 9/11. what does it say to you, what does it mean to you on this 9/11 anniversary and i will put this to both of if you can answer very quickly the taliban will be reinstituted as the leaders of afghanistan? we will be right back where we started from, frank. >> well, it's very upsetting for sure. i think that we have more intelligence now than we ever had. and i don't believe that our country will let that happen again. at least i pray for that because i don't want other families to go through what 2977 families had to go through 20 years ago. we will never forget the tunnel to towers foundation stands by that and that is our first mission. of everything we do. we pay off the mortgage as you
4:51 pm
know for gold star families. we build especially adapted smart homes for catastrophically injured service members but our first mission is to never forget. >> will: i have got to run, sean. listen, i appreciate both of your input today. i appreciate the perspective of someone who fought there and someone who suffered from terrorism here. i appreciate both of you and the time you gave us today. thank you. >> thank you. >> will: we are putting clay travis on the clock when we come back. ♪ ♪
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because we only serve those who honorably served. all ranks, all branches, and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. >> just a few minutes left on the show so let's put clay travis on the track, clock. are you ready? let's go. >> i am ready to roll. >> let's start with your former state your love, your home state, but a former tennessee health official who has been the pandemic blaming by conservatives for spreading covid is back in the headlines. said that she was sent a dog
4:57 pm
muzzle back in july. it she took it as a threat and went crying to the media but turns out the muzzle was bought with her own credit card on an alternate amazon account so somewhere, jesse small that is smiling. >> not only that, her husband sits on the school board that my kids are written and voted that all kids should have to wear masks and ran on a campaign of integrity matters than they are now moving outside the state of tennessee but this is what always seems to happen when the attack is just too good grade when benefit from an attack, i think we all have to be skeptical as you said, this was awfully convenient for this woman to end up getting a dog muzzle now appears that she bought it herself. >> and it shows the currency of being a victim. you are all over the university of missouri which is fraudulent as well and so many of these are hard to count.
4:58 pm
megan were pinots former teammate is dishing dirt calling her a bully. so the former goalkeeper for the u.s. women's soccer team said he bullied her fellow teammates into kneeling with her during the national anthem. >> doesn't surprise me and you know this, it's actually braver now to stand for the national anthem than it is to kneel because kneeling has become such a trend and the people who claim to be the most interested in diversity actually have no interest in diversity of thought and they have become the real bullies. it is not a shock at all that she would be doing that. >> it doesn't surprise me at all either. imagine the social pressure among teammates in a locker room to do something brave like stand for the national anthem. quite honestly, we saw drew brees caved to that pressure in the nfl. it takes a backbone. and finally, time to look
4:59 pm
through your old baseball card collection. got a big payday if you do. so the world's most expensive baseball card just sold at auction for a $6.6 million, a honus wagner card. and it is obliterating any previous record by more than $1 million. my boys are in the cards. it's like covid and being home sent that card industry through the roof. >> it's been so much fun, one of the best things is getting to see sports back through their eyes for all of us out there that are school fans, we open baseball and football and basketball cards together and it's amazing to see how excited kids are with the cards they are getting, the obsessions that they have is absolutely fantastic and it takes me back to being ten and 11 years old and i hope some of these kids end up with cards that are valuable years ahead. they probably won't.
5:00 pm
>> you bought that wagner? >> that's what i did. we can either buy a beach house or get a baseball card. >> i've got to run. i'll see you later. thanks for watching fox news prime time. don't forget to download the will cain podcast and we can hang out together every monday and friday. in the meantime, i will see you back here tomorrow night. tucker carlson is next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." joe biden went on television this afternoon and talk to the country about afghanistan. he said among other things that we had no choice but to leave in on that question, he is right. the united states should have left afghanistan for 19 years ago when it became obvious usama bin laden wasn't there and had fled to pakistan. no reason to stay in the country and the longer we remain, the worse it was always going to be. the


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