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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 16, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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note, tony and 9:00 p.m. easterr armor president donald trump tot disastrous situation in afghanistan and more and how hes on the ground and the advice and intel community and commanders to actually give advice and listen. don't forget to set your dvr endo let your heart be troubled. i know you have a great show tonight, secretary of state pompeo. >> laura: we do, sean. i'm curious to hear what he has to say about the state department said today and what its conditions would be for recognizing the new afghan government. i kind of want to throw up when i say that. incredibly depressing. >> sean: that taliban feared pompeo and they feared trump here they believed both of them. that is not the case anymore. >> laura: 100% and i will pick it up where you left off, a great show. we will see you tomorrow i am
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laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. the establishment has no clothes. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." that collapse of afghanistan represents another catastrophic failure of our political establishment. now, other obvious examples include the collapse of the southern border and long before that, the collapse of one's unrivaled manufacturing base. well, they keep doubling down on failure insisting that if they have a few more years, they can make americans understand why their actions, why they are policies are smart and proper. and of course, to distract the public from their own abject failures, these old hacks do their best to stir up phony crises. >> is their influence with russian silver president trump? his behavior hasn't done much, at least in my mind, to delay that concern. >> maybe it is my warning as a
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professional but the lights blinking red in terms of what trump is doing and bringing this country down on the global stage. >> laura: oh, my god, come i can't even watch this. and if the russians weren't going to destabilize america, they wanted you to believe that face paint contingent wood. >> i want to understand white rage and i'm white. i want to understand it. so what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the constitution of the united states of america? what caused that? i want to find that out. >> also tackling the problem of violent extremists in the workforce. >> laura: maybe they should focus on the extremists owe thousands of people at the airport. how embarrassing. can you imagine what china must be thinking? taking taiwan will be like taking candy from a baby at this point. of course, it is far easy to
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demonize your fellow americans though and finally own up the fact you and your fellow general spectacularly failed in afghanistan. that you didn't own up to the obvious inadequacies of the afghan army. that you literally got almost nothing right in this mission right up until the end. >> the afghan security forces have the capacity to sufficiently fight and defend their country. a negative outcome of taliban automatic military takeover is not a foregone conclusion. >> laura: golly, he's so smart. and from 1 to 10 years before that, they filled americans with false hope. >> the afghans are resolved to mimic this fight. we see success and that convinces me that we can apply that success across the country. >> afghan security forces are now on track to meet their target and strength objectives by the end of the year and we
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are seeing early progress as we get the inputs right in that country. >> they are probably the best trained, the best equipped, the best lead of any forces we have developed yet inside of afghanistan. they only continue to get better with time. >> laura: does that not want -- it takes your breath away. that taliban is the best equipped. well, it is all garbage. the new book by "the washington post" craig whitlock everybody on the ground seems to know it was garbage. in oral histories of the war provided to the author, the brutally frank assessments of the effort to train afghan forces. the afghan suffered lack of motivation and corrupt chain of command that preyed upon his own soldiers and police. one afghan battalion commander who the u.s. lost his job after charged with raping one of the male soldiers. he was killed by his own man. the major problem with literacy,
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whitlock reports, the military had to teach every afghan recruit how to read. when officer said they couldn't even count. and some even needed to learn their colors. yet the generals never wanted to leave. effectively treating our troops and our tax dollars as expendable in order to pay for their own monumental failure. of course, trump pragmatic international expert at heart saw through this and wanted us out of afghanistan. but general milley, mattis, mcmaster and others wanted us to stay in afghanistan as long as it took me basically forever. to this day, they refused to listen to the american people who have been saying "no" to the war since 2006. >> it was always a pipe dream. it was always giving you a stage to some of the most odious people on earth, that trump administration doubled down on the mistakes of obama administration after the
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president would have been the first reasonable and sustainable approach to afghanistan in 2017. the self-delusion. we are seeing an end of that delusion now. >> laura: delusion? who is delusional? people who still think they can win? they dragged their feet until trump's last day in office and hated what the people have been asking for four oh barack obama, and then to the wars. as we saw over the past week the military, political, and our national security hierarchy is, i'm sorry, it is filled with a bunch of people who shouldn't call themselves experts. they can't do logistics. they can't game out the obvious collapse of order once the troops pulled out leaving all these people in harm's way, heartbreaking. it is the same humiliating error basing played out under trump, the democrats and the media
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would have crucified him. they nod and a cabinet with meaningless diplomatic gibberish. >> i'm not going to do with the way trump get it. we will focus on international rules. >> our purpose is not to contain china, to hold it back, to keep it down. it is to uphold this rules-based order that china is posing a challenge to. they went but what we's all over the weekend in afghanistan proved once again that there never has been and never will be such a thing as rules-based international order. no one fights for a rules-based international order. no one dies for a rules-based international order. we have all seen this before. 1928, germany, france, the united states, and many other countries find the kellogg brand act. they announced work with
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international policy and relations with one another. it was basically a pinky promise among girlfriends. there was no way to enforce it. of course, 11 years later nazi germany invaded poland and the largest war in history began. so the piece is not kept by diplomat meeting behind closed doors. the piece is not kept by solemn promises or beautiful dreams. it never has been and never will be here or there is one way to have peace. you must be certain that the good guys with guns are strong enough to defeat the bad guys with guns, that is it. now the biden team with the rest of the establishment is hapless when dealing with a tele- band. president trump is right to insist that we withdraw from afghanistan for the simple reason that the national security establishment was utterly incapable of doing anything in that country beyond facing money in american lives.
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her secretary of defense should resign immediately. ditto for general milley. and he's been over his head from day one into pentagon and general milley has got almost nothing right. they should both go want to tangle and beat professors on a u.s. college campus or something. the next should be a civilian who will bring in a new approach to the pentagon. he or she should clean house and rid us of the incompetent colds who have made the military sadl. they deserve better. made them a laughingstock because of the leadership that poorly served them. an ex-chairman of the joint chiefs should be someone who will tell the political leaders the truth about the military situation, and who will never, ever argued with members of congress about whether america is a racist nation. we need a top-down reform at the pentagon.
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when biden finally emerged late today to address the situation in afghanistan, well, he quickly noted it was a long for us to get out. but he failed to explain how the withdrawal of forces went so badly bundled. >> i stand squarely behind my decision. after 20 years, i have learned the hard way that there was never a good time to withdraw u.s. forces. that is why we are still there. we were clear-eyed about the risk. we plan for every contingency. >> laura: i mean... every contingency? is that what we saw over the weekend? zero credibility. it will be difficult for the united states. the ship of status -- our present is old and incompetent. his advisors collect the political skills necessary to manage the country in his absence.
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inflation is going to soar, crime rates will continue to rise. we will suffer for the humiliations around the world. our enemies are already celebrating. we warned you about all of this last year, and now, it is going to happen. but i'm telling you, we have been here before. the harder years with one long series of disaster. and they encourage many people and abroad to give up on the united states. well, those people then were wrong, and next year, the democrats will likely lose at least one chamber of congress. that will make things better. and then in 2024, we will have a chance to elect a real president who can actually do the job, who can defend american interest, and perhaps, bring about the renaissance. and that is the "angle." joining me now mike pompeo and fox news contributor, mr. secretary. how can the intelligence on patella ban strength be off by so much?
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>> floor this was a terrible execution at the incredible mission. president trump campaign done him for years demanded that we find the path forward in afghanistan where we got the young men and women in the right path we were headed down appeared to be tried to work to try to find peace and reconciliation but make no mistake about it patella ban new. they didn't do the things that we asked him to do and didn't honor the agreements and threatened america is scared to an american that we would bring real cost. we did that. we did it time and time again and drew down 15,000 to just 2500 by the time we departed. we managed to keep it stable place. we managed to protect americans and we had the embassy secured with all the things you see fall apart over the last 96 hours in a way that reflects so poorly on the blood and treasure and work that we have done for those 20 years. it didn't have to be this way. it is not whether we got our
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folks out. president biden talked a lot about that today. it was how we execute that and that failures we have had for all of these years. we had come to an understanding with our adversaries, the tale of panic and we were not about to agonize or beg them to protect the embassy. these are the expectations and the conditions that you have to meet. they had not met them so we are continuing our work to get the girls and boys home but we were not about to let happen what has happened over the last 36 hours. >> laura: what are the chances, mr. secretary that president biden and antony blinken with a tele- band to be able to remove thousands of people from that airport over the next week or so? what are the chances of that? and we will never know, what price had been paid? >> yeah, the probability is low and i pray that it is. maybe they got that -- actually
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to suggest that they actually had a plan, you talk about the planning and contingencies. you don't put 4,000, 5,000 people back in after you just took them out. this is clearly an planned activity. i would be surprised at that kind of agreement. if they do come i want to know what it is. this will cost the united states of america in terms of morality and in terms of the risk for the rest of the world with a deterrence model. we knew that strength -- four, and the result of the weakness at the administration with their southern border or the pipeline. they are all watching what is happening today. i hope this administration comes to understand that apologizing --
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>> laura: an interview, liz cheney had something to say about you, sir. watch. >> there is no question that president trump, his administration, secretary pompeo, they are significantly responsibility is to legitimize attala ban. the notion that we will and make this war, that campaign sloth slogan and in afghanistan. >> laura: mr. secretary, your response. >> again, we demonstrated that we would in fact conduct their mission in afghanistan. we had a plan. and executing that, january 20th, but for the last pin out of the pile without thinking as a ramifications that would result. so i think congresswoman cheney
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just thinks that we should have never been there with the dignified transfers at dover. our young men and women did amazing work there. the young soldiers did remarkable work. it was to get our team home and reflected well in america and protected the interest we have it. representative cheney simply has a different view. she thinks we ought to be there putting your kids at risk in america simply has no vital interest in. >> laura: secretary pompeo, this is a catastrophic failure. you said it, so many people with enormous experience had said the same thing. there should they accountability life for this? we have a president of the united states currently at camp david. he's gone back there. we have people who went before congress time and time again and said things are on track. we had some challenges that things were going well. this went on for ten, 12 years
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we were getting those updates. should secretary austin remain in his position and mark milley and his? >> boy, there is a lot of work to hold the leadership accountable. maybe not even just -- this may be history and ten, 11 years ago that we need to go back and look at irregular outcome as i think about these things, our constitution demands that senior leader commander-in-chief be held accountable. we've had a lot of challenges when we were in office. building up the program, previous administration giving back a fit that the ukraine. we had lots of challenges. we didn't pass the buck or blame them, we confronted them and took them on. president biden needs to be held accountable for what is taking place in afghanistan today and anything that befalls the united states as a result of the decisions he made in the way he executed this withdrawal and hasty, unplanned way that up and did so much of the good work that had already been done. he needs to be held accountable.
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he needs to make accountable members of his team. but in the end, the false the president, laura. >> laura: finally, china has made no qualms and no qualms about expressing its desire to take a vantage of the situation. the trade through the region and obviously looking at taiwan with hungry eyes. what is happening there tonight and what is your final comment on china? >> so with respect to the things happening in afghanistan, good luck to the chinese communist party. they will face him at the same challenges everybody who has taken on this task to build afghanistan. it is a mess. they were complete corrupt set of the leaders so they will face challenges. i'm much more worried what they will do in the east with respect to taiwan. they have seen america cannot defend the basics promises it made under this leadership team. i hope this administration will
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do something, something to not just demonstrate words but to demonstrate that we are prepared to do the right thing by the people of taiwan and it will be important to establish that deterrence model especially after enormous failures in afghanistan's. >> laura: thank you, secretary pompeo. it is great to see you tonight as well. is it really our responsibility to welcome thousands of potentially unvented refugees from afghanistan? all day, we have heard phrases like we promised them. who did? did you? well, mollie hemingway have some thoughts on that. they are here next to suggest what could end up being a disastrous situation if we don't play our cards right. stayed there. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> i made a commitment that when i made a mistake, i would tell you. i made mistakes. i think i got it right. take responsibility for what i do instead. they went except when it comes to the unfolding crisis in afghanistan. >> when i came in office, i inherited a deal president trump with the taliban. and they gave up and fled the country. the afghan military collapsed. sometime without trying to
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fight. i know there are concerns about why we did not begin evacuating afghans sooner. part of the answer is, the afghans did not want to leave earlier. >> laura: it look like a lot of people didn't want to leave in the airport over the weekend. they were begging to stay in afghanistan. then after blaming everyone except his own generals that failed the intelligence, he jutted back to camp david with a helicopter. joining me, mollie hemingway senior editor avenue "the federalist" and fox news contributor. cn in is suffering from a crisis of confidence, but i don't think, that presumes confidence to begin with. but as you pointed out over the last six months, they have been focusing on january 6th, not safely withdrawing our forces from afghanistan. >> p.m., laura, this entire end
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days sees of people pulling out of airplanes reminds me of 9/11 jumping off the twin towers. french people packing the train stations in 1942 paris. it is tragic that indictment of the entire military intelligence and political leadership basically of the last 20 years, but especially in the last six months. joe biden always has his pick. i'm going to take responsibility. the buck stops with me but then he blames everybody but himself. he blamed barack obama and said barack obama did a surge in afghanistan. and then he went on to trap and said he inherited this policy as if he shackled by it from trump. there has not been one policy from trump he has not destroyed and they were good policies. then he blamed the afghan military, his been doing the front line fighting since 2015. never himself did he have an idea to withdraw humane and safe
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and secure. so the whole army, we have never seen that in the last 30 years, 40 years. a whole army dissipated because people in their mind said "i would rather cut a deal with the dark age taliban pre -- then put my trust in the biden administration and early but draw to provide temporary air support or help." >> laura: right. >> it is an indictment you are absolutely right about the joint chief and the secretary of defense they have taken one iota of the time they had spent on wokeness and critical race theory and what are you reading and what proportion of this group is racially balanced then that group. and just told us, this is what is happening in afghanistan. we have 50 intelligence officers, laura, that came out before the election and said hunter biden's laptop is russian information. why didn't they been one fraction of that time to assess the situation in afghanistan. >> laura: let's get mollie hemingway in here.
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this is quite staggering and infuriating. we were lied to for about 18 years or so, at least. and no one is going to get fired here? no one is going to resign after the these scenes over the weekend? >> trillions of dollars, trillions of dollars, not 1 trillion by trillions and lives lost. >> president biden said today the buck stops with him. he gave a speech arguing it is a good thing to depart afghanistan after 20 years. nobody is criticizing -- very few people i should say are criticizing the departure. that is something the american people have wanted for a very long time. it is good president biden followed president trump's decision to exit afghanistan. the entire operation, the entire outrage and word that people have right now is over the manner at the departure and
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the incompetence of the departure but just as incompetently run, much of the war was incompetently run. and yet, nobody is held accountable. not the pentagon brass who lied about the success, the realistic nature of whether it would be successful or not. not the pendants who popped out interventionallism with the leaders who kept us there for long after every made sense to be there. not the political leaders who turned into a nation exercise. we need accountability. people need to be hired, court-martialed, imprisoned and the level of corruption that led to 20 years have a nation-building exercise that was never what the american people wanted is staggering. >> laura: victor come at the same time, lots of prisoners frd in afghanistan. the left now want the united states to unequivocally give refuge to those fleeing
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afghanistan. watch. >> it was quite simply little discussion about the tapes of the afghanistan's. >> how many can they get out? there is 86,000 people who are currently left behind in afghanistan alone. >> we have been covering on the show for months this idea afghan allies come interpreters, and others trying to get out of the country. >> these are moms and dads, and everyone was gotten out by us. >> laura: victor, do you think the american people want 80,000 folks from afghanistan headed by the same people who screwed up the war for the past 20 years? coming into the united states, all 80,000? >> i have seen people who destroyed federal immigration law and blew up the southern border and expected 2 million people across the southern border and a fiscal year. so they have no credibility of that they can what, sent to kate
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who is coming in, adjudicate whether someone is on loyal to america. and if someone has covid. they have no record of competency on any issue dealing with immigration. yes, there are people that have been loyal, brave, we should welcome them. but they don't have the ability to find them and separate them from the people who would do us harm. this administration has zero credibility on immigration. >> laura: i just don't trust them. mollie, yes or no, will anybody be fired after what happened this weekend? anyone of high rank? >> no. they will move up and get great lobbying jobs. >> laura: unbelievable. mollie and victor thank you. the afghan reaction plus the media coverage doesn't quite square with reality. raymond arroyo has it with "seen and unseen" next.
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>> laura: it is time for "seen and unseen" segment. we expose the cultural politics. we turned to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. you closely watch the presidents afghanistan response. >> the halting address about the situation he helped create was clearly written by somebody else. it was not only inaccurate at times, but the delivery like the policy was incoherent. speak with american troops are performing this mission. the current military mission limited in its scope. our mission in afghanistan is taking many missteps over decades. >> missteps is definitely the operable word of the day. so much for foreign policy being the white house strength. it took biden days to respond to the fall of afghanistan. jen psaki the press
7:38 pm
secretary never returned emails. everybody is on vacation and the only thing offered initially as this, camp david zooming with national security intelligence. former cia members pointed out, this could be a huge mistake because they may have outed cia operatives and individuals at the del haas who were photographed on the wall. others like this might be a stock photo since the time set the clocks are not correct. some speculate this is a state photo. biden was watching something entirely different. ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, -- ♪ ♪ >> that is like watching jeopardy, laura. we could have taken foreign
7:39 pm
policy. but the biggest problem is to go back to camp, as if nothing is going on, to continue recreating. he is liberally not at home when it comes to the business side of things. >> laura: pat was a traveling photo. u.s. air force. and i keep saying, the exact type of thing that the same scenes plaguing out at the air force. they wouldn't have given 1 inch. >> one of the most amazing things today, laura, beyond the dramatic chaos in afghanistan is the media coverage of this.
7:40 pm
i mean, just reality, you have heard of the multi-verse, this is the media first. watch. >> this is a relatively peaceful, if you like process. they haven't had to have fire or bloodshed in kabul. it was straightforward. >> as far as we can see. >> very friendly, laura. i've been in egypt with the muslim brotherhood and i know what it's like for a reporter in that situation. you can't distort it. the report there, i'm sorry. they are not friendly. they are threatening families, right now, they are thugs with twisted religious ideology.
7:41 pm
and these people were interviewing after the fall -- >> laura: some of the interviews come a spokesman today, they have been more aggressive with republicans when they were with the taliban spokesman with a split screen. i don't know. >> one of the questions -- one of the questions, are you going to let womenfolk? we're going to let them party. they live under sharia law and impose everywhere they go. and that should be reported, laura. >> laura: the international order, i'm sure. i'm sure the taliban come at the taliban. raymond, thank you. at the next.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: >> they will prevent us from ever going back to normal. it seems like yesterday. apparently, i do have the ability to predict the future.
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when it comes to the left fearmongering for pandemic. >> we are talking about it today. >> we are battling, delta plus right now in south america. this is something, with potential with more severity of illness. >> laura: i forgot it again, until absent. joining as now, the professor, harve risch, the yale professor. i will start with you. now, it sounds like an old '80s kind of rock band, but we are all supposed to reference again. what do we need to know about this? >> there is no evidence more deadly than any other version of this.
7:48 pm
first come out of china last year. that is what these kind of viruses do. the only question is, is it more severe in terms of illness? the answer is there is no evidence of that. there has been a thousand cases of her in the u.s. the other thing to note, laura, out of peru, one of the harshest lockdowns in the world. the lockdown come if anything is correlated with the productions. and so i don't really understand the panic over there with the data. and if you had the disease before and natural immunity, what you are up against is a variant of this disease. it might still get reinfected with a variant, but it will produce a disease and no reason to panic. and i think this is in response to the top officials that go on the air. >> laura: i think i had five
7:49 pm
or six emails in the course of one hour, one hour. i don't know what was going on this weekend. i had to get your take on that. and respond to what we heard from biden surgeon general today, natural immunity. >> we are seeing more and more data that tells us how you get protection from natural infection commit is not as strong as what you get from the vaccine, especially with that delta variant the heartiest. we need all the protection that we get. that is why the vaccines are needed. >> laura: really? >> the vaccine can of course, if given a strong faxing, you can make antibodies at almost any level you want, but that is not immunity. it is how the person response to
7:50 pm
infection. and much stronger and much broader and much deeper and much longer lasting from vaccine immunity. we have over and over now data showing natural immunity survives and three, five, six months of vaccine immunity before you have booster after booster after booster. >> laura: it is time to ask you this, it is submitting a shout out to the fda to support the third booster shot. i guess the antibodies to her to flex after some period of time, which of course, dr. fauci is thrilled about. >> we are assuming sooner or later we have to get boosters. it is not imminent. the as if it will be imminent. so we will be ready to do it whenever the data shows that the protection is gone below a
7:51 pm
certain level. the durability of protection and the special-effects scene with the delta variant. >> laura: i think he's making it up at this point. not hearing about the special effect, natural immunity, now the third and then the fourth, fifth, sixth. aren't we just going to have to get used to living with his parents? >> i think that is the thing and if you look around the world, the data come at the countries are highly immunized had cases e protection against severe disease. that is a very good thing. if you are older, it is worth getting the vaccine because covid is so bad. but on the other hand, the government and dr. fauci arguing
7:52 pm
that it can stop disease from spreading is very close tonight. and another poster? let's see what that trial data says, i just don't believe in natural immunity that many, many people have. i would guess 100 million people in the united states are recovering from the disease provides the same against the disease as the vaccine does. the natural immunity seems to be fairly long-lasting as dr. risch said. i just understand why you would jump ahead and say you need a booster in place to anything like that. >> laura: what i don't understand, dr. risch and you read the studies all day long. what about a completely comprehensive study done on the tmb cell memory and variance that we know about? there was the cleveland clinic study, correct, but then they sort of tried to qualify at a little bit.
7:53 pm
we still like vaccines, don't criticize us. doesn't it seem curious that the doctor said so many people have had the virus and a lot of them don't know it but they haven't gotten their t cells checked? so they are wandering around not knowing if they have natural immunity? >> well, that is part of life. that t cells will wane over time. so people are still immune because they had t cells that bone marrow when stimulated encounter the virus again or a new virus similar to it will make antibodies again. the t cells, you can exactly test the immune system. >> laura: okay, is that all be made or we don't need that? >> may be. but people who have covid know they had it. they went not all of them.
7:54 pm
but i've gotten my fixed. good to see you both, dr. risch, good to see you. and a democrat just tried his hand at rapping. one of the most embarrassing once in a while. that is next. ♪ ♪
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[crunch] >> laura: chuck schumer took the stage. did you see it? it was to thoroughly embarrass himself in a different way. [indistinct]
8:00 pm
>> laura: oh, my gosh, was that a dance? the old man khaki pants dance? politicians just can't dance. they shouldn't dance, can't dance. reagan dance in his inaugural. all right. that's all the time we have to mind. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. see you tomorrow night. >> they are chanting death to america but they seem friendly at the same time. it's utterly bizarre. >> greg: it's refreshing to hear kyler, gentler "death to america." [applause] happy monday! or as joe biden calls it, and you thought jimmy carter sucked.


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