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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 17, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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instagram? todd: i was busy doing non-instagram stuff. happy birthday, tomi. >> good to see you. obviously a heavy show. these are heavy times. tough right now and we are happy that you spent two hours with us so we could break it all down for you. jillian: "fox & friends" has continuing coverage right now. have a great day. ♪ ♪ >> president biden sticking by with his withdrawal from afghanistan. >> i do not regret my decision. >> it's not about whether we have how we execute that. >> biden's biggest blunder saigon moment. >> everybody is upset, especially women. >> we all understand the anxiety fear and pain from outcome girls who haven't [inaudible] lives are all destroyed. >> the biden administration is advising all americans to get a booster shot. >> at this point i don't see an argument. natural immunity provides the
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same level of protection. >> aide workers around the world rushing to haiti after saturday's devastating earthquake. >> complicating matters even further violent gangs and tropical depression bearing down on the island. >> new york state lawmakers will release a final reports on the impeachment probe. >> leaders faced backlash for suspending the investigation after cuomo announced his resignation. brian: here we go. welcome to the show. we start with a fox news alert. kabul's airport reopening following chaos on the tarmac we all witnessed yesterday as many as 8 afghans dying. many who are riskily. they were trying to flee the taliban. they had one plane. and all the planes stopped after that ugly incident. jillian: there were some people that were in the stow away area and fell. brian: wheel well. ainsley: hundreds of people packed on a cargo ship desperate
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to escape. steve: president biden plays the blame game. he wasn't exactly quoting harry truman yesterday the buck stop stops here but i blame everybody else. >> it was a long speech but were notable moments like the one you mentioned right there. you also have been talking about the situation in afghanistan. certainly chaotic and, however flights are resuming at the kabul airport today as thousands of of a fans look for any way to get out of their country. you showed that dramatic photo underway of the evacuations. this one hundreds of people packed on to a u.s. air force b-17. we think it was taken on sunday shows people fleeing before eventually landing in qatar. others were not able to escape. at least 8 people died at the airport while trying to get out over the weekend. of the taliban announcing offering amnesty to afghanistan. urging people to get back to, would. taliban militants going door to door looking to root out people who would challenge their rule. as for president biden, he insists more relief is on the way and that the u.s. will do
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more to evacuate u.s. personnel and afghan allies. the president is back at camp david today but on monday, he was here in d.c. defending his decision to pull u.s. troops out. >> did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated. the buck stops with me. i'm teachly saddened by the facts we now face but i do not regret my decision. >> the president is also taking some flack for suggestions in that speech his hands were tied during plans made during the trump administration. we are expecting to get update on camera from white house officials a little bit later on today. steve, ainsley and brian, as i mentioned the president is back on vacation. steve: that's right. back to camp david. mr. meredith, you showed that image where the 640 or 70 people were were inside that c-17. apparently what we now know is the back door, the ramp had opened up and they all ran in and rather than say go get off
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the plane, the pilots decided you know what he? we are going to save everybody's life and going to take off. are those guys in trouble? we haven't heard of any u.s. personnel that are going to be held to any sort of punishment or anything like that. based -- when you look at that photo you imagine what any of us would do in that situation. steve: absolutely. >> my god, all of those people just desperate to survive. not just the u.s. have sent planes. french have sent one today. there is concern about the international community how they are going to respond. we heard from boris jobs. he said he is going to be holding a call with world leaders. this is not just american and afghanistan problem. everyone is going to have to deal with it. steve: absolutely. those pilots are heroes by the way. ainsley: imagine the people on the ground who didn't get on the plane and how they must feel. brian: more planes come in today. 640 estimated on that plane. keep in mind, too. there is going to be a massive refugee issue. that's what thee they fear in europe because of what happened after syria. we plan to do this?
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is germany going to let everyone in. what are they going to do in france? plus, this was an international effort which nato wanted to stay. nato, including france wanted to stay. the said we should stay. we are keeping the status quo there we are really concerned about terrorists come here. they live more in the line of terror than you could argue we would. we have an ocean separating us. we decided to do that anyway. joe biden's stance yesterday was unthinkable. he says the buck stops here this the is deal i got. this is his mindset from 2008. he actually blamed president obama i was against the surge to begin with. our trooches shouldn't be there. how many more visits to dover, how many more graves in arlington? i ask you how many more? do you think this problem is over because you decided to leave? not by a long shot? did you actually plan for contingency? you expect us to understand that? ainsley: brian, look at these weapons, the taliban taking weapons, getting reports they are taking weapons from people who are not their allies. the defense department is preparing now to house thousands
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of afghan refugees. and our military bases here in the united states i know cori bush and aoc have been asking for us to take in those refuse we dids. steve: that's right. joe biden said yesterday from the east room of the white house, the withdrawal has been messy. what he didn't say was what went wrong and how it's going to get fixed. because, obviously, everything went wrong and we don't know exactly how it's going to get fixed. because everything has played out as joe said it would not. he said there would be no choppers leaving the embassy. there were choppers leaving the embassy. of the tall ban won't overrun the country tri and own the whole country. wrong again. brian: why did we leave the embassy. wife couldn't we protect our own embassy with sensitive documents that would have allowed us to process people. russia is still there china is still there. i mean, sweden left. there is a lot of country still there. you can't protect one building? ainsley: we are sending in another 1,000 u.s. military. brian: too late.
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ainsley: kat cammack was on "fox & friends first." congresswoman. there was no contingency plan. that's the problem here. mike pompeo said the same thing. listen. >> we got our folks out. president biden sent spent a lot of time talking about it today. it's about how we execute that and failures we have had for all of these years, we had come to an understanding with our adversaries, the taliban. we weren't about to recognize them. we weren't about to beg them to protect our embassy. we made clear these are the expectations. these are conditions that you have to meet. they hadn't met them so we were continuing our work to get our boys and girls home. but we weren't about to allow what we have seen the last 96 hours happen on our watch. brian: former secretary of state doing a great job going out there and not letting things spin and go on him. a lot of people are trying to blame him and president trump. they started negotiations, absolutely. you can debate that not what happened now. keep in mind, too. he says we did not have a good partner in ghani, he pass hooved 100 percent right. this president of afghanistan. this coward left the country
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without a leader, without even talks, but he did leave with four cars full of cash. our taxpayer dollars. one chopper full of cash and in uzbekistan right now this guy went to columbia. this guy had no interest in afghanistan. he was enriching himself. and now he has got to be arrested and for him to sacrifice his entire country and for us to count on him is an intelligence failure. i want every dollar of that back. he needs to be put in jail. ainsley: joe biden said mr. begany, who is the leader of afghanistan -- or was until the taliban took over, that he insisted his military would fight. steve: right. ainsley: they didn't do that i don't know why they didn't fight for their country when they have more military individuals than they have the taliban. but women are really worried over there, especially. because they are concerned for their human rights. and women in previous years, the taliban would not let them really do anything. would not let them work. they are just served to have
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children, have babies. apparently they are already forcing marriages and executions in the outlying cities. there was one journalist who spoke with mr. kirby who was the spokesperson for the state department. he was at the pentagon answered took some questions and this is a very emotional journalist from afghanistan. she reports for a local news outlet there. here in america asking him questions about where her leader is. listen. >> from afghanistan. i'm very upset today. because afghan women didn't expect that overnight all the taliban came. they took my flag. this is my flag. they put their flag. everybody is upset especially women. where is my president former president ghani? people expected that he would fight for the people. immediately we don't have anything. afghan people they don't know what to do. women has a lot of achievement in afghanistan. i had a lot of achievement.
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i lived under taliban 20 years ago. enough to we go -- >> we all understand the anxiety and the fear and the pain that you're feeling. steve: as the admiral says we understand your pain now. they simply did not understand what was going to happen. i have heard through white house sources that apparently people told the president, look, the taliban is -- has embedded themselves into all of the major cities in afghanistan. as soon as they give the go sign, they are going to take over. and joe biden and company thought, you know what? that's going to take a little while there was a big miscalculation this flies in the face of how joe biden ran as president. you need to elect me president i'm much more competent than donald trump. i know how things work. now you look and you see what has happened to afghanistan and as it has descended into chaos. you realize this was a gigantic
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miscalculation of biblical proportion. in effective earth to make up and now to deflect to say oh, look, it was the right thing to do, the buck stops here but everybody else made the mistake. not only donald trump, not only barack obama, not only george bush but the afghanis themselves and their leaders. you know, they didn't have the will power and we can spend -- we can have 300,000 people but they didn't have the will power. brian: couple of things. number one, nobody screwed up worse than joe biden. don't let anybody tell you different. to your point also. you said they all do. they are not equal. nobody left like he left. the most irresponsible thing in our lifetime. maybe in american history is what we are witnessing. to your point earlier, ainsley, on the surface i thought wow, why didn't they fight? then it was brought back to my attention the reality of the situation for the people that are actually on the ground. since 2008, they have been in front. do you know what's estimated they lost between 50 and 70,000 but they continued to fight for the most part? and do you know why they kept
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fighting? because america was there with air power and support and command and control. now, you -- if someone would whisper into his ear that we are the kernels and captains and we commander of the operation. they are on the front lines and getting bloodied and dying but we are using intention not just to help afghanistan this has got to be clear. this is to help america. our presence there had us front and center in the war on terror islamic extremism while keeping an eye on china, russia, iran and pakistan in the region. we have now lost all of that. steve: there is an item in the "new york times" today that -- and this goes to the point that mark meredith made a moment ago about how the taliban pictured right there in the presidential palace, they are going door to door. and they are looking for people who were involved in the old government. the "new york times" says today that apparently in this instance the question, ainsley and brian is why didn't the special ops
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people in the afghan army, why didn't they fight back? they were told by their government don't fight back. just we're going to see how this plays out. so do not shoot at the taliban. so, you know, they are sitting at home now sheltering in place having been so frustrated it [inaudible] ainsley: 10-year-old could have told them how this was going to play out. that's what happened 9/11 the first female mayor only 27 years old. and she said i'm sitting here waiting for them to come. there is no one to help me or my family. i'm just sitting with them and my husband. and they will come for people like me and kill me. i can't leave my family. and anyway, where would i go? there was a big rally at the white house. steve: there was. ainsley: afghan american rally one woman weeping said my family is all there all my people are there and they're killing all my people. brian: when people talk about refugees be clear screen them, absolutely. when guys like pete hegseth and guys like marcus luttrell and people who work in the field and
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see these interpreters put their lives on the line, that's -- and if you check out your background checks out, you and your family should stay. those are the type of americans we need, first generations that want to be here. bret baier is reporting this at this hour from a former senior defense official in contact with commanders on the field in cab bull they have a ring outside of the airport and won't let anyone inside. the 82nd airborne is securing the airport. the big issue here is that no people outside of the taliban ring will get. in no way they can get 30,000. not even close. getting anyone outside of the taliban ring from the safe passage needed to get to an airplane is going to be a real challenge. now the challenge is mr. biden you don't want to put anybody else in arlington? have you thought about this? are we going to let americans in that country tri outside of kabul just die because you were tired of the war and wouldn't listen to your experts? now, when the people outside the ring of the airport want to make their way in with their paperwork and the taliban say no, are we going to stay outside
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and say oops, i guess you are going to have to stay and live under this regime and be beheaded maybe we can see that video a little bit later. that's the choice you have left it can country. steve: at the airport thousands of americans waiting. dips and thousands members of the embassy personnel on the north side of the airport which is controlled by the military. the balance of americans in afghanistan have been told by the state department to shelter in place. do not come to the airport. but, nonetheless, you know. brian: now they are stuck outside. steve: well, they are waiting for everything to, you know, get a little more worked out there because they can't obviously. ainsley: we knew the taliban was coming for the airport. that's why they all were desperate. steve: speaking of desperate. afghan americans, you were talking about that big rally at the white house yesterday, they have a message for the current president of the united states and they spoke to fox news digital, watch this. >> the young girls who haven't
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seen taliban, the girls under 20 don't know what life is like under taliban. >> their lives are all destroyed. >> they're all destroyed. all incredibly disappointed in president biden and his administration for pulling out all the troops from afghanistan literally overnight. [chanting] >> fly out. >> face the consequences again. we had 9/11 because of this. and you are giving back the power to people, the same type of people, savages bad for the world and bad for america. >> back to where it was in 19 4. tune hot taliban leader is. the mastermind of the regime, former detainee the taliban mule la who president obama released as part of the taliban five because we wanted to get bowe bergdahl the despicable deserter bark lost lives trying to
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recover him after he defected. we know his miserable story. the five people president obama go back who said they wouldn't go back. aid to bin laden, found in pakistan, arrested there. and considered too dangerous to let go. but that didn't stop that great swap on that saturday where we see the bergdahls together. and now he is leading this country again. ainsley: when we had him detained in gitmo as too dangerous to be released. i know pete hegseth was a guard at gitmo. is he going to come on and talk about this. we will get his reaction. we have congressman kevin mccarthy, brian mast. rob o'neill. dakota meyer, kayleigh mcenany and allen west. steve: we have a very busy tuesday as things continue to be chaotic over in kabul. brian: chaos, self-inflicted wound on america that we're not going to recover from and president biden, he's going to have a hard time living this down and trying to get anything else done.
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ainsley: biggest fear taliban is taking over that entire region. now they are heading to the airport. won't let any of these americans or afghans get on planes to get out. and then when do they come here? that's so scary. brian: absolutely. 2500 left. now had to put 7,000 back on the outskirts another 2,000 to 6,000 to go in. for those of you who wanted the war to end how it ends matter because now it looks like it might be reigniting unless we let all the americans and allies die at the hands of the taliban. those your choices. still ahead, president biden addresses the world as the taliban seeks control of the afghanistan. what do the american voters think of his remarks? we are going to toot kyles on the commander-in-chief. ♪ ♪
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♪ steve: fox news alert. the president on the on defense as decision to withdrawal troops yesterday as after the began rises to power. what do americans think of the speech? you saw it live here on fox. now let's go live to talk to the. steve: have you taken some of the snippets of what he said yesterday and you look at them through the lens of pandemic's politics the blue lines are democrats. the red lines are republicans and the yellow lines are independents. before we start the soundbite, what surprised you i think what
3:24 am
surprised me the most is how for the most part when biden speaks they give hem him the benefit of the doubt. they were disappointed overall with the message. that to me was the most surprising. steve: first soundbite watch the dials, folks. here he is sounding a lot like harry truman, kind of. >> i will not mislead the american people by claiming that just a little more time in afghanistan will make all the difference. northerly shrink from my share of responsibility for where we are today and how we must move forward from here. i am president of the united states of america. and the buck stops with me. steve: you know, what's interesting is the independents gave him an f. i understand the republicans. buff the independents. >> yeah. you can see that they were really disappointed with this. in fact, one independent said this, and i think is this is really important. i like the idea not passing the
3:25 am
war on to another president. what he is wrong about is what people are mad about. we are not mad that he did it. we are mad instead that he pulled out the troops in this way and put them in harm's way. so the buck does stop with him and people say he is going to be held responsible for this because he simply did this the wrong way. democrats gave him a b and republicans and independents gave him an f. steve: here is he next explaining the war in afghanistan. >> i made a commitment to the american people when i ran for president that i would bring america's military involvement in afghanistan to an end. while it's been hard and messy, and, yes, far from perfect, i have honored that commitment. steve: well, he said it's messy, and democrats gave him a c. which is one of the lowest grades he has gotten from his own party. >> that's right. you can see democrats gave him a c. independents a d and republicans an f. while many people like the fact that he was honoring his commitment, many people said he
3:26 am
honored his commitment but he failed in honoring to do it in the right way. it wasn't, again, that he did it. it was how he did it how could he not have been prepared? people wanted to hear more details and just didn't give it to them. steve: that's right. he didn't say what went wrong and how he was going to fix it. here he is on how on what is happening in afghanistan tough to watch. >> the scenes we are seeing in afghanistan are gut wrenching, particularly for our veterans. our diplomats, humanitarian workers, those that have lost loved ones in afghanistan. and for americans who have fought and served in the country. serve our country in afghanistan. this is deeply, deeply personal. it is for me as well. steve: and republicans felt that's one of the highest grades they have ever given him. >> that's right. you can see there democrats gave him a about. plus. independents and republicans both gave him a c. we are all watching this in
3:27 am
horror. it is, in fact, painful to watch. we can't believe what we are seeing, the images are heart breaking and we wanted to hear that from him and people wanted to hear more of it people criticized him felt like he was reading it he didn't emote as much as we would like. to say this is terrible what we are watching is atrocity, apalm nation. people wanted to hear him say it was painful to watch. they agreed with that. steve: absolutely. meanwhile we have seen the chaos at the airport and elsewhere. descending into hell. >> made it clear to have the taliban if they attack our personnel or operation the u.s. will be swift and the response will be swift and forceful. our current military mission will be short in time, limited in its scope, and focused in its objectives. get our people and our allies as
3:28 am
safely as quickly as possible. steve: once again, lee, the independence gave him an f. you know, politically, that's not good for him in any fashion. ' people wanted to hear that he was going to operate swiftly and protect the american people. what they say though they don't see it happening. short on details. all watching in horror as people are getting left behind as our allies are being left behind it simply wasn't credible. people want to hear what he is going to do to fix it. there are so many unanswered questions. the story here isn't what he did say it's what he didn't say. people have more questions left now than when he started his speech. he didn't address what's most important to the american people. evidence has to be held to account for it. steve: i have a feeling the daniel control will continue today from the white house. lee carter, thank you very much for joining us live. >> of course, good to see you this morning. steve: thank you.
3:29 am
ainsley: admitting they have no information about plans to keep american weapons out of the hands of the taliban. >> no u.s. action is being taken to prevent equipment from falling into the hands of the taliban by destroying it? >> i don't have that answer to that question. steve: not a good answer. withdrawing from afghanistan left behind weapons and equipment. now those are being seized and used by taliban force was controlling the country. brian: tell me that was acceptable enunfortunately little we don't have any plans. joining us now to react house foreign committee members and army ranger congressman brian mast. congressman, i'm looking at your tweets. you are flabbergasted of. you are angry. it's unacceptable. where are we at right now in your mind and what are your thoughts after leaving so much in afghanistan? >> we have an energized taliban. a much more well-armed taliban. a protected taliban because they
3:30 am
have all of our up armored vehicles, equipment. all funded by the u.s. taxpayer. and one of the most dangerous things that could possibly be going on, you have the administration saying they want the quickest exit not the safest exit. brian: yep. >> they are totally concerned about optics. and if there is anything that his industry teaches us when politicians are more concerned about optics than they are about the safety of the troops, the service members, whether it's the beirut bombings, the barracks bombings in beirut, whether it's mowing kish shoe or mogadishu. troops get killed this ongoing mission is extremely dangerous. ainsley: they seized our humvee weapons. tanks stole those from the afghan security forces that we paid for. video all over social media showing these images. what do we do? do we just let them get away with this? >> there is not going to be a repo team that's sent.
3:31 am
in when the pentagon answered, you know, what they said about the plan to get those things back, there is no plan. there is no capability to do that. they are not going to go up and say hey, listen, do you have the title for this humvee? do you have the title for this? did you register this weapon? that's not going to happen. it's in the hands of the taliban. they are much better equipped for the duration forever. that's just the simple fact now. steve: you know, congressman, sometimes when the end is here you try to take it out of the country. otherwise worst case scenario you blow it up. this goes to show how fast the whole ball of wax unraveled it's like okay, we are running for our lives we don't have time to torch the humvee. >> it doesn't just go show that it goes to show how full of crap the administration really are. because they're trying to play it both ways. right? they are trying to say well, we knew that they weren't going to be able to protect things and that's why we were getting out. didn't matter if we stayed a month or a year, that's biden's
3:32 am
line on this. well, if you knew that they were going to take all of that equipment over and there wasn't going to be any success, then why didn't you take that equipment out of their hands? brian: exactly. >> why didn't you get rid of it? they are trying to play it both ways and nobody is buying it. brian: congressman, get this there is a situation now where there are americans outside of kabul and there are allies to americans outside of kabul. people that helped you outside of kabul. we are now -- according to reports, there is a ring outside of the airport that won't let anyone inside and the 82nd has just landed and trying to secure the airport. please play this out? i thought they were out of there, going to put it behind us? we are in a fight. there is going to be a standoff. what are we going to do? >> well, the idea coming from the administration that if they say listen, people, taliban that have been fighting us for 20 years, if do you what have you been doing for the last 20 years, we are going to come in and hit you?
3:33 am
they're laughing at that of course they are taking over the airfield? what are we going to do send a telegram or message to the people. hey go show up. brian: 8,000 going, in congressman, will they fight? when our too guys land will they fight these guys to get our guys back to get americans out of holts? >> brian, this is why it is so dangerous. they need to fight. they are going into a place that we have been fighting for 20 years. they are being told because of the bad optics, we don't want to call this a mission. you are going in there just to secure the area. not to go out there. and give the greatest violence of action ever seen so nobody comes anywhere near our people, you guys, those that we are trying to get out. that's not what's happening. they are trying to tip tow out of there in the way they did when they started that whole mess when they tiptoed out in the middle of the night. that's what started this mess. that was the impetus of what happened.
3:34 am
them tiptoeing out in the middle of the night. their optics are going to get people killed. this is the biggest problem in my opinion. ainsley: congressman, thank you for joining us this morning and for serving too. brian: what do you think of the former president ghani leaving with four car loads of cash and chopper full of cash and in uzbekistan right now. should he not be arrested? that is our money? >> it was the most predictable thing. i have been sadly joking about this for months that we were going to see this guy become an expatriot living in london somewhere with a couple billion dollars of our money. now we see two of the worst things we see that playing out in uzbekistan and the taliban taking a couple billion dollars and billions of dollars in equipment in afghanistan. it's going to be the new club clubmed. steve: know kidding. it didn't have to happen that way. thank you very much. >> y'all take care. steve: 25 minutes now before the top of the hour.
3:35 am
jillian joins us and the news starts with the weather. jillian: let's get right to fox weather fred makes landfall in florida as a tropical storm. declaring a state of emergency as streets in mexico becomes submecialgd. some areas seeing winds as high as 65 miles per hour turning this swimming pool into a wave pool. the biden administration is expected to recommend covid vaccine boosters for all americans. the third shot would be administered roughly 8 months after receiving the second dose. the associated press report the booster doses would likely not be available until mid to late' september. it says the third dose shows higher antibodies. new york state lawmakers will release a report on the impeachment probe of governor andrew cuomo. the probe's leaders face backlash for suspending the investigation after the disgraced democrat announced his resignation. this as the governor's brother
3:36 am
cnn anchor chris cuomo returns to the air said this. >> it's never easy being in this business and coming from a political family. i can't be objective when it comes to my family. so i never reported on this. when it happened, i tried to be there for my brother. jillian: andrew cuomo leaves office next week. former u.s. women's national soccer star hope solo takes aim at teammate megan rapinoe said she would, quote, almost bully other team members into kneeling during the national anthem on a podcast last week the former golly describes kneeling as, quote, very divisive and said being an athlete is difficult right now due to pressure to speak up on political issues. that's a look at your headlines. i'm sure that's not the end of that story. >> carli lloyd retired officially. she will played former. she never kneeled. captain of the team. 39 years old. best player ever. she did not give in but the rest
3:37 am
did. ainsley: has megan rapinoe responded? brian: she nasa not responded. subway saying we are getting so much backlash because we used her and she has been such a divisive figure subway fran chis chiz owners are saying why did you pick her? you don't want that to advertising your product. you don't want to divide people. you want people united and buy whatever product you have. ainsley: protect. it's 6:36 on the east coast. coming up what will the taliban takeover in afghanistan mean for women in the country? >> are they going to start their violence and their laws and it will be the same laws that they had 20 years ago maybe even stronger. ainsley: the warning from the first female afghan air pilot who escaped their oppressive rule after the break. ♪ ♪ overwhelmed by the ups and downs
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brian the taliban takeover of afghanistan could mean a return to radical sharia law as afghanistan's first female pilot warns their role may be even stricter than before. >> we never thought this situation and this story back in afghanistan would repeat again. they are just waiting for america to evacuate completely and then they are completely know that satisfying under their control and they are going to start their violence and their laws and it will be the same laws that they have 20 years ago, maybe even stronger. brian: so now with insight is the president of the american slack forum for democracy zuhdi jasser. good to see you. first off there is report now that abdullah dull la the second in command since ghani left with all this money is negotiating with taliban officials though have some type of coalition government. should we see any hope in that? >> absolutely not. make no mistake, brian, the
3:43 am
taliban is afghanistan's isis. you don't negotiate with terrorists. these are folks that enslave women. they throw guys off cliffs and off of roofs. they commit marital rape. they want to bring afghanistan back not only for what it was preour intervention back back to the 13th century which there is torture and otherwise o. now they will do it with abandon. they won't have any limitations or obstacles because they know america doesn't have the stomach for the military fight let alone the ideological one backed by iran and every other islamic on the planet. this is not the america i know. it's sad we will the way we left. we didn't have to do it this way. i discharge patients from the hospital all the time we have a discharge plan. you don't throw them out after treating them for years. this is what we did and this is the way america is going to be per received. it's going to make us weaker on
3:44 am
the field abroad and also domestically. brian: china has made an announcement. look, this is what america does for allies, taiwan take note. you don't need to be in the think tank to hear that they are saying it out loud. the first female mayor in afghanistan feels like you do. quote: i'm sitting here waiting for them to come. there is no one to help me or my family. i'm just sitting with them and my husband. they will come for me people like me and kill me. i can't leave my family anyway -- anywhere. where would i go? zuhdi i'm seeing pictures now wasn't coalition government learn from mistakes seeing pictures from. >> geraldo: roth hot tar to a it look beyond words is what their is. >> absolutely, brian. ownership is possession. yes we owned a lot of afghanistan over the past 20 years we didn't have to own this detar purr. we have have publicly handed it off. families like mine escaped
3:45 am
persecution in syriaened a iran. wherever our america is a beacon of liberty. we don't abandon people that share our values. yet, that's the narrative that we leave with. that we wasted. we turned on a dime. left them and abandoned them. all the good we did the last 20 years. the biden fecklessness now has left and wasted because of lack of planning, lack of strategy. that's not the america that i know, that my family knew and as a muslim fighting for reform, i can't tell you what power this gives to our islamist enemies america is all conspiracy. they don't want to help muslims. boy, talk about the left feeding into the islamist power structure. this is -- this week, bribe, is going to be looked on in the next generation august 2021 tipping point for islamists american weakest and islamist. brian: weak because we left two commanders out of gitmo. never should have been let out. we let world pressure do that
3:46 am
show you how ridiculous the taliban is with their extremists they don't stand for anything. they would not have day one talks with china. china has over a million muslims in concentration camps, harvesting their organs for other chinese military members but, yet, they have talks with the chinese. if they really cared about muslims, they would actually be attacking that country. but they are not. >> i don't know what's wrong with the left. the state department won't meet with iranian dissidents in washington that are for democracy. the state department now debacle in afghanistan have handed it to the most radical islamists as far as i sees a american muslim everywhere i see around the world the left is helping the islamist who share no, ma'am of their values of freedom et cetera. they don't. they are letting them ascend to them all they care about weakness and being anti-right whatever that is rather than standing for values and letting
3:47 am
americans dignity stand tall. brian: the president made us look terrible on the world stage and it's unforgivable. i have never seen anything like it. zuhdi jasser. thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: jillian mele, you have the latest news. >> that's right. good morning. let's start with a fox news alert. rescue crews working through a tropical storm to find any survivors following the haiti earthquake. more than 1400 people have died. 6,000 people are hurt overwhelming the hospitals there. the u.s. coast guard bringing in more medical supplies and personnel. overnight tropical storm grace drenching a camp for those left homeless. a murder suspect is walking free after dallas police lose a massive amounts of data. jonathan was made eligible for release because prosecutors were not ready for trial. photos, videos, audio and case notes simply vanished required to wear ankle monitoring device he faces charges from a dead buy shooting in 2019. major u.s. oil industry groups
3:48 am
are suing the biden administration for stopping drilling leases on federal lands and waters. american petroleum institute, a main group in the conglomerate claims the president has failed to justify his policy changes. biden's executive order blocks permits for one year. at least two other lawsuits have been filed challenging the orders. and starting today, new york city will require proof of vaccination to eat indoors. use a gym, or see a show. of the mandate was supposed to take affect monday but mayor bill de blasio moved it back. meantime, de blasio getting some bling from rapper slick rick as the city's first homecoming week concert. de blasio sporting -- quote greatest honor my career. i don't know who he is but there you have it. brian: shows you what kind of career he has had. that a rapper impulsively giving you a necklace was the highlight. shows you what we have been like in new york. jillian: the necklace is
3:49 am
probably worth more than i have. brian: that's true and big. with the power invested in me i like to go and check in with adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. >> good morning, brian. we are tracking tropical storm storms. the tropical system. tropical depression lift into the southeast. that's one of the big stories. 35 miles per hour wind. tropical depression fred made landfall as a tropical storm on the florida panhandle yesterday afternoon. now it's moving into north georgia. there are going to be some areas with maybe isolated tornadoes with this one. there is very heavy rain in north georgia. i will leave you with where this is going. this is the track. you see heavy rain running into eastern tennessee. eastern kentucky. this is going to be a storm we track the next couple of days. brian back knew. brian: thanks, adam. big tech has come under fire for silencing conservative voices like president trump. and now twitter is getting blasted for allowing the taliban spokesperson to continue tweeting as the radical group takes over afghanistan. vivek ramaswamy will be joining
3:50 am
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♪ >> good morning, we are back now with some headlines, the las vegas raiders will require all fans to show proof of covid veex at regular season home games.
3:54 am
this after nevada's governor announced new standards for large events. meanwhile the atlanta falcons say it has 100 percent veex rate among players. the first team in the league to make this claim. and, fans are blasting the rams for seeing high priced less than appetizing food at its brand new so phi stadium in l.a. one fan taking to social media to share this picture of a slice of pizza if we have it that purchased for $15. do we have that pizza? one fan calling it straight up robbery. we don't have the pizza. it would make everyone hung grill. helping everyone. ainsley: nothing better than cold pizza still in the refrigerator. have it this morning. the crust so good. ainsley: twitter's ethical standards being questioned this morning that's because an account believed to belong to a taliban spokesperson is still up and running but others like
3:55 am
former president trump have been permanently banned. joining us now to react is biotech entrepreneur and author of woke thank comes out today we will get to that vivek ramaswamy. good morning, vivek, thanks for coming on. >> good morning, ainsley, good to see you. >> good see you too. we wanted to get your action. >> been censored credit the taliban is allowed to tweet? >> yeah, look, the hypocrisy is staggering. and these companies are the most powerful companies i believe in human history. they have now turned their back on america. not only one of the themes i talk about in my book one of the themes we ought to appreciate as american people right now is that the companies we have produced are not advancing american interests one bit smoke screen do whatever allows them to advocate the must power on a given day. now add vanning the taliban's ability to stage a coup while
3:56 am
the 45th president of the united states cannot have a sustained platform. the two planes hit the twin towers on 2000 1, i could not have imagined 20 years later platforms in the united states would censor the president of the united states while enabling the taliban to fly their flag over the u.s. embassy on the 20th anniversary of 9/11. it's staggering. ainsley: it really is we did reach out to twitter for a comment and we didn't hear back. i'm holding a copy of your book. brian and steve have it too. it's fascinating. we have all been reading through it this morning. there is steve right there. brian is over there in front of his computer. fascinated to reading this book. thanks for sending us all copies this morning. your parents immigrated from india. you were the valedictorian at small school in ohio. you went to harvard and yale law school. you founded a multi-billion-dollar enterprise. several of them. become a hedge fund partner in your 20's. steve: other than that. ainsley: you have accomplished a
3:57 am
lot. you are showing us what stockholder capitalism looks like, why are you pulling back the curtain? why is it important for us to know what's really happening? >> look, i have lived in elite america. i wasn't born in it but lived in it over the last 15 years. defining scam of our century that the american people need to see straight for what it is. it is that these companies pretend like they care about something other than profit and power precisely to gain more of each. i think that scam is actually wreaking havoc on american democracy. a small group of investors and ceos now get to determine behind closed doors what's actually good for the rest of society at large. i think that is polarizing our politics. it is racializing our society. it is dividing us to a breaking point. even in the theme of today, that we are talking about with the sad events unfolding in afghanistan, i look at the military industrial complex and the way they led america astray to profiteer from the middle east, while i see a new marriage of big government and big business. what i call the woke industrial complex that is doing the same thing to profiteer off our
3:58 am
culture war here in the united states today. the first step is to shine some sunlight on the problem. that's what i'm doing on the book. ainsley: you have a show on fox nation called "woke inc." as well. let's look at a clip. >> i think there is now as i said before a chinese word for wokeness. they understand this game far more deeply than any of us do. and i think that they are now using wokism as a geopolitical tool to advance their own agenda. >> there's nothing like the threat if we get it wrong here at home. if we aren't focused on the things that matter. the values that our founders left to us the understanding of our republic, then the chinese communist party will have this base. ainsley: vivek, tell us more about the show. >> yeah, sure, actually in that particular segment one thing talk about in the show and also in the book. this is the first book to talk about the geopolitical implications of wokism and woke capitalism. one of those implications which when we are weak at our core, obsessed with self-criticism as a country which is what wokism
3:59 am
demands, we lose our ability to project strength abroad at the moments we need it most. actually learned that lesson in recent days. where we are going to learn it more painfully is in china where they have turned our own corporations into trojan horses back against us. where companies like disney and the nba and goldman sachs and black rock don't say a peep about true injustices in china but they constantly criticize here in the united states and home. which erodes our moral standing on the global stage. i fear that the day that china evades taiwan we are going to see the same thing that we see from these companies that they will sit down and cheer while they continue to criticize the united states. that's one of the things i lay out for the first time in the book and i talk about in the special as well. ainsley: i'm sure you are going to be able to add "new york times" best seller's list. thank you so much vivek for coming on it's called woke inc. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. the second hour of "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ brian: kabul's airport reopening following chaos on the tarmac.
4:00 am
ainsley: look at the stunning picture showing hundreds of people packed on a u.s. cargo ship desperate to escape. >> the president thought everything would be fine and that was not the case. >> deeply saddened by the fact we now face but i do not regret my decision. >> august 2021 will be looked upon a tipping point for the islamist american weakness and islamist -- >> fred makes landfall. it declaring a state of emergency as streets mexico beach become submerged. >> it advising most americans to get a booster shot. >> at this point i don't see a good argument for it natural immunity that many people have provides the same level of protection. >> gavin newsom has a new campaign out. >> what's at stake in the september 14th recall is a matter of life and death. >> shows that gavin newsom truly is terrified. don't let the fear tactics fool you. ♪ steve: fox news alert. 7:00 in new york city.
4:01 am
hundreds of afghans run toward kabul's airport in hopes of escaping the taliban. brian: stunning pictures show hundreds of people. we hope to not get any new ones today but we think we will. packing a u.s. cargo ship. 650 people on it desperate to escape. peter doocy live outside the white house as president biden plays the blame game. >> and president biden is being blamed by a lot of republicans in town for pulling u.s. troops before evacuating everybody from afghanistan. but now he is saying any problems you see? not his fault. >> deal that president trump negotiated with the taliban. needed to follow through with that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting it afghan military collapse. mr. ghani insisted that the afghan forces would fight but obviously he was wrong. pete: look at this screen. this is what 640 people in the belly of a c-17 looks like following the frantic scenes
4:02 am
from the flight line of afghans desperately trying to get out of the country. but, even though things have gone so haywire that 6,000 troops have been deployed to try to go and restore order for a few weeks, president biden says he has no regrets. >> this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated and the buck stops with me. i'm deeply saddened by the facts we now face but i do not regret my decision. >> and a senior defense initial contact with the commanders on the ground reached out to colleague bret baier to say right now the taliban have completely surrounded the harmir karzai. if u.s. diplomats think they will get 30,000 people evacuated on these flights in the next couple weeks, that seems like that is going to be very difficult to do. a huge part of president biden's pitch as a candidate was that he
4:03 am
had foreign policy chops and now on the first big foreign policy crisis we are going to see how he uses them. back to you. steve: good point. hey, peter. yesterday, you were assured by a white house adviser that the-we would not hear from the president yesterday. but something happened yesterday morning, was it the optics where those pictures of people running for their lives that they said you know what? mr. president, you have got to go. you have got to make a speech in. >> well, it's tough to tell exactly how they make the calculations when the president is at camp david during the workweek because that is the one place that he goes that he does not travel with press corps, so it's tough to tell what the driver was there. ainsley: did he come back to the white house and spoke and went back to camp david, right? >> he was here for a few hours, yeah. brian: can't ruin his vacation. thanks, peter. three members now after the top of the hour. pete heg sphret "fox & friends
4:04 am
weekend" joins us. army veteran who served in afghanistan and gitmo this is deeply personal to him. pete, we also understand we are in a conflict. we might pretend we are out. but now we have the 82nd airborne come in. we have 8,000 right now there is about 3500. about 8,000. and the taliban have decided not to let anyone in the airport. we have media on the outside. let alone the people on the outside of kabul. how does this play out? pete: anyone knows, anyone's guess. it is a disaster. it was entirely predictable. i mean that earnestly. when i was in afghanistan, i was the senior counter insurgency structure at our counter insurgency academy that was 10 years ago. my job was to study the taliban. owas to study the insurgency. was to study what they were trying to do population. the writing was on wall in 2011 and 2012 before that only legitimate ebb at this time good entity. i don't mean good i mean legitimate entity in afghanistan
4:05 am
was the taliban. they had justice systems. they had provided security. they saw the afghan government as corrupt as incapable, the afghan military was not going to fight unless it was paid. and supported by the u.s. military. our commanders knew that any time we spent -- anyone who spent time with members of the afghan army and police knows some of them are okay. almost all of them are illiterate and all of them are terrified that if the taliban takes over, what's their next move? it was a house of cards 10 years ago. and we poured billions into the afghan army. and still to the very end sold this idea that they were going to fight and stand up to the taliban, a motivated force who has the support of the population in the rural areas and ruthlessness with which to control them? this is all predictable. this is -- there have been successful tactical retreats in the past. this is a disaster. it started with getting rid of the bagram air base which was securable. you can use that to get people
4:06 am
out in addition to what you have in kabul. so it is really demoralizing to see. but, what's more demoralizing is the utter failure of our defense department and intelligence agency to understand the nature of the enemy and that we created an afghan army from a country that didn't exist. there is no afghanistan. the it pashtuns don't relate to etch auto other. tribalism to its core. you can't create a central government and military that stands up for that it's a fool's errand unfortunately. steve: we heard have clearly from the commander-in-chief yesterday the buck stops here but don't blame me. we didn't know exactly where kamala harris was request with w. this adventure and she tweeted this out for two decade our courageous service members put their lives on the line in afghanistan. we will always be grateful and proud ending u.s. military involvement in afghanistan is the right decision, she said. and joe biden yesterday said, you know, i am bound by donald
4:07 am
trump's timeline. he put this in place. but, when wee look at -- and i couldn't undo that. unlike every other policy of donald trump's that joe biden has tried to undo in the last seven months. >> he is bound by nothing. if you wanted to take a different approach, he could. i actually agree that it's time to end our time in afghanistan. but a couple thousand troops here and there at bagram or elsewhere to maintain a counter-terrorism mission pretty easy investment. moving away from nation building which was never going to work because there was nothing to build. i say that with great respect to the afghan people. for afghan girls who have a chance to go to school otherwise never. we i understand the stakes of what the taliban are going to do to people ruthlessly taking them back centuries in application. at the same time, the nation building project was doomed to fail. have a counter-terrorism mission. we are going to need it because this is going to be a breeding ground for terrorism, unfortunately. brian: we lost it. >> of course we did.
4:08 am
we never won it that's the problem, brian, having been there. there wasn't anything to win. after we went and killed them. we could have a small footprint to do that but, frankly, after the navy seals killed bin laden, that was about -- our mission was complete there. and we kept trying to build a national army that didn't exist and we knew it that's an intelligence dod failure and now we have thousands, tens of thousands of weapons, heavy weapons that will fall into the hands of the taliban, helicopters, vehicles, because we built something we knew couldn't last. it looked good on paper in some pentagon power briefing oh look the afghan army has 300,000 troops. we believed it to the end when we should have known without our support and without payment, the taliban would -- the more motivated legitimate force would carry the day. and that's why the airport is surrounded. we have troops in harm's way trying to defend people and evacuate and others who can't get there the amount of texts i have gotten who i know who know
4:09 am
people there trying to get to that airport but they can't get past the taliban check point because the taliban controls the city. we should have seen it should have at least been a corridor from the embassy to the airport. tactical are military operation. they can be done. it's been bungled. somebody should be fired. secretary of defense, national security national security adviser. son's head should roll because the lack of plan something staggering. watching worse than saigon with people being evacuated from the embassy and the airport. ainsley: many are comparing it to see you gone, bay of pigs. here is leon panetta. listen to this. >> you know, in many ways i think of john kennedy and the bay of pigs. you know, it unfolded quickly and the president thought that everything would be fine. and that was not the case. but, president kennedy took responsibility for what took place. i strongly recommend to president biden that he take responsibility, admit the mistakes that were made.
4:10 am
ainsley: he was the former defense secretary under obama. how do you think we could have done this better? you mentioned earlier. you touched on it a little bit. leave a few thousand there, maybe? how could we have prevented this from happening? >> well, you know, brian is right. there are power projection platforms and bases there that we could have held on to. who knows if in perpetuity if the taliban controls the entire country and decides to start shelling a base where we have counter -- there system different problems that come with any one of those scenarios. ultimately jfk was a brand new president try stair down and communist when the bay of pigs. joe biden was supposed to be the experienced one, the seasoned one get out out the right way. donald trump was going to do it wrong he was going to do it right. secretary gates who was right who said biden has been wrong on everything. will, every major. [broken audio] joe biden doesn't understand the situation in afghanistan. he hasn't.
4:11 am
unless you walk the ground and work with afghans you don't understand how backwards it is. as a result you can fall briefing of your military leaders and others who say that everything is going to be okay. that happened here. and god bless every american -- everyone i served with. all people over 20 years that made an investment in this country. this is not on you. this is not on the people who fought and gave everything. this son policy makers who made prisoner swaps. and who made deals with the taliban and surged but didn't really surge. there were so many things that were done in a half-baked way in afghanistan. that's how you end in a situation. brian: so a couple things going on. number one, the men and women like you who fought there, did an incredible job. the intelligence were able to go -- what we were able to understand about al-qaeda, isis and affiliates because we were there. able to interact on the ground from satellites, going to benefit us for a while. another inaccuracy on president biden's speech yesterday saying that's the old war on terror
4:12 am
it's moved on to yemen. yemen where he already pulled our intelligence out of. back there in 2021 of 24 provinces al-qaeda is present. if you hold on to that base and allow us to work that base, with drones and other things, we would have been effective. now we find out that big swap in 2014, that we got bowe bergdahl back, the disgraced deserter, who embarrassed this country on many levels, one of the guys that came back from there is now running things. he is at the palace in afghanistan. he was affiliated with bin laden, worked for him. he actually was one of the people instilling the punishments for the taliban. is he back in power. he was let out in a taliban five under president obama. isn't that n. an in your face? >> absolutely, brian. how fundamentally unserious we have been in the conduct of this war. almost from the beginning.
4:13 am
and that doesn't take away from what the guys and gals have done on the ground. what i'm talking about is we had guantanamo bay. i was there when there were 600 detainees there including this now commander of the taliban. if we had had a real system. we would have tried them. found them guilty of the war crimes skewed our enemies from that prison through a military tribunal process. because we understood the nature of radical islamists this they were going to continue to keep fighting. instead, we traded a traitor who abandoned his unit for five of the worst outside of the protocols the pentagon said do not release these guys do not release them they are a danger in the future just like baghdadi who we released from the prison in iraq became the leader of isis. in this case one of the leaders from taliban game from guantanamo bay. we did not want this of course we did. they said it would happen. and we counted the number of people who went back to fight with the enemy. islamists and this threat are not quitting.
4:14 am
we can quit them. they won't quit. the calculation we have to make is within ascendant communist chinese how much do we invest in trying to build infrastructure and nation build in countries in the middle east with no infrastructure at all like afghanistan versus small counter-terrorism measures seriously executed like not releasing gitmo prisoners and killing people who deserve to be killed while then staring counsel the communist chinese. empires fall when they try to do too much in too many places. that's happened to us in afghanistan. scale back, realize this threat isn't going away. otherwise, brian, to your point, we will get another 9/11 because if we are going to turn our backs and they are not going to stop. steve: so, pete, as we look at the image of the phi you actually guarded at gitmo. is he actually one of the taliban leaders. the taliban, what they are trying to do now, you know, people were terrified as soon as they get to town they are just going to start killing people left and right, they haven't done that in a widespread way. but they are trying to show that
4:15 am
they're responsible leaders and the world should trust them and they are saying hey, we would love to have women join the movement and things like that has the taliban actually turned over a new leaf or is this just spin? >> oh, give it time, steve. give it time. good old fashioned taliban propaganda. what they have a legitimacy advantage and legitimacy problem. their legitimacy advantage was that the afghan government was so corrupt and so incapable that when they rolled in they could prove hey, i can solve your land dispute that otherwise someone else with a different ethnic background will take a bribe and not resolve. i will resolve it swiftly. we talked about it very directly legitimacy was important. their legitimacy problem will be now they are going to become more heavy handed. they have shown that. of course they are not going to treat women respectfully. , they are going to have the brutal executions they have had in the past.
4:16 am
of course they are going to kill anyone with that worked with earns in. they are going to overplay their hand with the more western side of kabul which is a very small part but there is a part of that in can a full. that's not what they're worried about. what they are worried about is the massive people average ultimately observed religious muslims who may not like the taliban but recognize they may be more effective in their everyday lives than the corrupt, failed central government of the afghan government that we created or the afghan military. so, it is a bad choice. no one wants to choose the taliban. a lot of people will by default because they have to. ask the russians, ask us after 20 years. they are a resolute bunch who believe -- the other thing we have missed in our intelligence, they believe the can a th -- wey
4:17 am
ever accounted for when it came to our defense department. ainsley: just five weeks ago joe biden said he doesn't trust the taliban and that was a silly question to the reporter. now the white house says they're willing to transfer power to the taliban with conditions if they uphold rights. steve: they took the power. ainsley: they protect the rights of women and girls. is that a smart move? pete: what condition? what condition are they going to honor? we left. we left and we left with our tail between our legs. we left looking like fools. we left looking weak, unfortunately. and i don't like saying any of those words. but we are on the way out. we are setting conditions? according to whom? it's not going to happen. and so ultimately the taliban will be exactly who they are. the question is, brian, and i think this is an open question. how willing are they to openly work with al-qaeda knowing that connection with al-qaeda and isis would be the nexus by which we would go in start killing taliban senior leaders not that we want that we don't want entangled in that we will see.
4:18 am
brian: pete, i can answer for you. one of the conditions mike pompeo said openly divorce yourself from al-qaeda. they wouldn't do it. they would jump around and not say it we understand side by side right now and more are going to flood into kabul to celebrate this big victory over the world super power the united states of america. we also understand this just -- maybe if you go back to afghanistan you might remember them. rany next gitmo guy he got out of gitmo, do you know why? he told the state department shop keeper his dad was sick answered worked with measures. americans. that was able to get him out. number two, i think it's important to point out admiral kirby said on another network that he is working to get everybody out with american visas. i'm not sure i would feel good about that because there are 80,000 applications. 80,000 applications. the people in kabul can't move. can you imagine if you in kandahar or herat what are you going to possibly going to do?
4:19 am
>> it's not happening. you can't get to the airport. you can't get through the checkpoints. our soldiers and others that paratroopers that are there are felony secure the evacuation at the airport. they are not going to push out into taliban country at this point. this is a policy that we are stuck with because of the lack of planning that existed throughout that entire process. as far as al-qaeda is concerned? you are right. in negotiations, they have said we're not going to work with -- they have said both sides of their mouth, they won't disown them. we won't work with them. we know exactly what they're wig. they are fellow islamists. they are islamists. whether or not the taliban seeks to strike us at home remains to be seen. but they will make the marriages they need to to maintain their power. you are right. they are flooding into that capital city. it's going to be ruthless and brutal. i think our evacuation efforts are going to be meager compared to what -- why would we believe what kirby is telling us right now? why why would we believe what millie is telling us.
4:20 am
after the disaster that unfolded on their watch. don't buy it. what they have been selling us for 20 years didn't work. steve: you know, because the images are so bad, pete, you know, the white house and the state department is in damage control mode. the secretary of state blinken yesterday got on the phone and called united kingdom, china, india, pakistan, russia, turkey just. >> why? steve: had to explain, hey, listen, you know, apparently this is why we did it because he didn't have a good answer. pete: here is another lie of the afghan war. that we were part of a coalition. i had a patch on my shoulder called 9 isap. we called it i saw americans fighting. there were 50 flags at the embassy. 50 flags at the airport of countries that were supposed to be art pa of this coalition. do you know how many of them fought? one. the united states of america. sure the brits had some good troops. brian: australia. pete: i worked with good australian troops.
4:21 am
the canadians want toed do more. brian: the french. pete: the french wanted to do more but politicians held them back. ultimately not about the troops but political caveat that their assembly sent them with which meant they couldn't actually go out and fight. we are a part of a coalition where every other member of the coalition can't fight except for us. and now we are calling them and asking for their help or explaining something to them? they weren't there for us. they were falsely there with their flag but they weren't invested. it was an american boy out there alongside afghans who can't read, who can't write, who can't count trying to give them a country and ultimately they did the best they could. it's time to leave. we shouldn't have left this way. what a disaster from the biden administration but i don't know what tolls say. brian: for 20 years for people watching, for 20 years there hasn't been a major attack on our homeland, not close. because. pete: true. brian: i would argue because of the work done over there not because afghanistan became this great democracy but because we
4:22 am
kept an eye on the people who he hate plot and plan most. as technology advance the plots would have been easier to execute. it would have been much easier since think about what's happened over the last 20 years with digital technology. but now we are not seeing that that has a lot to do with the what the men and women doing over there nothing to do with karzai and ghani. now they have to stop in their tracks. now look at massive refugees heading into western europe. i don't know like two years ago what happened in syria. >> yeah. we have massive refugees heading into our southern borders as well. where are the politicians with courage saying you are not coming? it doesn't exist because we are led by globalist leaders who can't even enforce their own borders. of why would we think they are going to win wars. why would we think they will execute ruthlessly against the enemy. we could have done that, brian with, and not tried to build a false afghan neacial army in a nation building exercise. i think it's a bit of a false choice. god bless the people who
4:23 am
invested there the way they could with the limitations they had. and it is saddening to watch what's happening. i do pray for the people there. ainsley: me too. think about those 19-year-old girls who have never known what the taliban really looks like and they are about to find out. it's heart breaking. pete: people jumping from wheel wells of airplanes trying to get out of that country. brian: 50,000 afghans that did fight they did believe. pete: they did. steve: thank you very much for joining us. it looks like you are at camp david. i know you are in the middle of a family vacation. pete: that's right. steve: 10 feet away from where pete is an rv and heading west. pete: it's starting to shake because the kids are waking up. my wife jen is right there. waking up in beautiful indiana beautiful campground of america. ainsley: now you can write it off because you worked. tell the family hey. brian: one of the great things about marrying a producer they can help you in the field on vacation. steve: we will continue the rob
4:24 am
o'neill, kayleigh mcenany, allen west and wesley hunt coming up shortly here on "fox & friends." ainsley: okay. in the meantime jillian has more headlines for us. >> let's begin with this story. the teenager accused of shooting a u.s. marine in times square dismisses a plea deal. 16-year-old shaking his head no when offered seven years in prison. he faces more than 25 years in prison for allegedly opening fire in june during a feud with a street performer. one of the bullets ricocheted and hit tourist and marine samuel poland in the back. california governor gavin newsom release as dramatic new campaign ad as early voting begins in the recall election. take a listen. >> what's at stake in the september 14th recall? it's a matter of life and death. with delta surging, gavin newsom is protecting california. >> the ad also taking aim at g.o.p. frontrunner larry elder accusing him of peddling deadly conspiracy theories about covid-19. now let's go to fox weather.
4:25 am
fred making landfall in florida as a tropical depression. governor desantis declaring a state of emergency. some areas seeing winds as high as 65 miles per hour turning swimming pool into a wave pool. grace tropical storm overnight as it drenches earthquake survivors in haiti. the mlb's next field of dreams game will be a midwest classic. the league is reportedly considering having the chicago cubs and cincinnati reds compete in next year's game held at the iowa field featured in the 1989 film. the inaugural game between the chicago white sox and new york yankees was the m. will b's most watched regular season game since 2005 with nearly 6 million viewers. that's a look at your headlines, ainsley. send it to you. ainsley: all right. thank you so much, jillian. former president george w. bush sending a message to troops that served in afghanistan over the past two decades and as that country was collapsing. the former president and first
4:26 am
lady lara saying in a statement, quote: you kept america safe from further terror attacks, provided two decades of security and opportunity for millions, and made america proud. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will always honor your contributions. joining us now to react is west point graduate former army captain and an afghanistan veteran meghan mob. good morning to you meghan. >> good morning, how are you? ainsley: doing well. thank you. i want to hear about your service in afghanistan and your role there first, what's your reaction to president bush and laura bush's comments to you. >> former president bush and first lady laura bush have committed first presidency lives committing lives to military families and empowering women. i think they deeply believe and have a very real sense of responsibility for lives of those who served in afghanistan and their family members. and they did everything in their power to make sure that they improve veteran outcomes and improve veteran and this statement proves their on their
4:27 am
behalf. ainsley: whats was your role in afghanistan. >> i led delivery station out of afghanistan. i had an organization under my control that provided aerial resupply to 45 remote combat outmosts and four operating bases. ainsley: what is your experience like? >> it was an honor to serve my nation in afghanistan. i think that some of us though as we watched this knew that the end had to happen. so many support the withdrawal of our forces from afghanistan. veterans and the broad american public alike and it did not have to happen this way. this withdrawal is chaotic. it is not at all a testament sacrifice and service of so many veterans and military families over the last 20 years. and frankly, the statement by the -- by president biden yesterday laying the blame at the feet of the afghans and passing the buck to everyone else was a complete disservice to all of those who served during the past 20 years of war. ainsley: meghan, when you see these images we are seeing people so desperate.
4:28 am
desperate exodus out of afghanistan trying to get out because they don't want to be killed by the taliban. the first female mayor 27 years old says i'm sitting here waiting for them to come. there is no one to help me or my family. i'm just sitting with them and my husband. they will come for me and kill me. i can't leave my family anyway where would i go? what's your reaction? >> the outcome for women and children in devastating. the life that they are going to have under the taliban is unfathomable to us. they will lose opportunities they have had. the education, the ability to be employed. it is true devastation and a sense that everything that they have worked for the last 20 years is going to be ripped from their grasp. now the only hope that can be had is that you can't unlearn an education and so there are some gains that have happened over the last 20 years that can't be taken away. no matter if the taliban truly comes into power and removes all these opportunities for women. they will have the ability to teach behind closed doors, hopefully. and, again, pass along the
4:29 am
educational lessons that they have learned over the last 20 years. ainsley: will they be able to say if the taliban says i'm forcing you to marry me will they be able to say no? >> of course not. right? it's over left it life. again, their lives are going to be absolutely under the thumb and the rule of those that are in power. and we have seen before when the taliban has been in power the implementation of sharia law pulled away any ability for women and children to have a life for themselves. so, this again, is just true devastation for those who have worked so hard for 20 years to make sure that women and children had opportunity to grow up in a different afghanistan. ainsley: meaghan mobbs thank you for your service. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: senior reporter in kabul raising eyebrows over comments like. this chanting death to america but they seem friendly at the same time it's utterly bizarre. ainsley: two american hero rob
4:30 am
owe meal going to react to that next. ♪ ♪
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steve: cnn's chief international correspondent are describing them as friendly despite the group chanting death at the america. and you can see the taliban vehicles with their flags. this comes as afghans are desperately trying to flee the country and as concerns of terror threats now rise near in the united states. remember that death to america part rejust heard. here to react the navy seal who killed usama bin laden rob owe okneel along with marine corps medal of honor recipients dakota meyers, it's a pleasure to have you both today. thank you. >> thank you, steve. steve: rob, let's start with you what did you make of joe biden said saying okay it's messy but the buck stops here but i'm going to blame everybody for getting us into this mess and i'm sorry i have got to go back to camp david. goodbye. >> yeah it seems to me came out and blamed trump like everyone
4:35 am
does, not my fault we just pulled out. i really hope if there were senior officers and senior enlisting guys advising the president against what he did. there is a couple examples. if you could do anything completely the wrong way here it is. the buck should stop with him but it won't. steve: dakota attachment what we wanted to hear from the president yesterday after we saw those images of people, you know, running to that airplane trying to get on that airplane to fly out to save their lives. we wanted to hear from him what went wrong with this calculation and how we are going to fix it he didn't say that. >> well, i mean, first off. afghanistan has been a political football for a long time. i mean, it's all about passing the blame off to the last administration. now we are blaming trump for everything like rob just said. i mean, it comes down to accountability. it comes down to saying i'm wrong. it comes down to having to look at this and face the problem. i don't know how when you watch a human being fall from an
4:36 am
airplane because they want to get out of this country so bad because the fear of what the taliban is going to do to them simply because they were helping us, helping as an ally to the united states of america the most powerful country on the face of the planet, if that doesn't make you are look at your strategy and say hey, we should look at this and see what we are doing wrong, then i don't know what gets the attention of the president. steve: yeah. people falling through the sky very reminiscent what happened on 20 years ago on september 11th. rob o'neill, i know that was the impetus for why you became a navy seal ultimately killed bin laden in that soundbite from cnn where the taliban is quoted as saying death to america the worry now, you know, 20 years after 9/11, the irony is the taliban is going to be running afghanistan just like they were back in the old days. back in the good old days. so do we have to worry in this country about being attacked by, you know, the terrorists, the
4:37 am
bad guy? >> yeah, we have completely taken our eye off the ball on this one. and we got to realize instead of being on the left side of the aisle, the right side of the aisle. there are people out there that want to kill all of us. it doesn't matter what you look like which part of the country we are from or alliance from. they are out there and they have always right on the border teaching younger kids new wave of taliban, new wave of isis. new wave of al-qaeda, all that stuff. they are come. we know they are coming. i hope there are people smart enough to realize that big convoy coming in that might be taliban let's bomb them. they are in the presidential palace why don't we bomb it they are on the treadmills bomb them. i don't know why it's so hard to kill people that are trying to kill you. we lost sight of that a long time ago trying to build schools for people who don't want them. steve: dakota meyer there are reports out of kabul and elsewhere that apparently the taliban is going house to house. they are looking for the afghan special forces who fought alongside the u.s. military. we are talking about the collaborators and, you know, if
4:38 am
you are one of the people who fought with us, you have got to worry these guys are going to kill us. that's a real fear. >> yeah. i mean, absolutely. you know, but what i will say it's terrible. they knew this was going to happen. like that was thing i was embedded training for u.s. afghans on base. every day i went out i served next to the people of afghanistan. the afghan national army. the interpreters. you know, who were literally so critical for our mission and for us being successful over there and for us going out and honestly just for us being able to come home every single day. i don't know how many missions i looked around two u.s. and 50 afghans out on the pakistan border going out and doing patrols. if it wasn't for those allies there is no way i would be standing here today. it's just so -- it's just so terrible that we went over and we left them there. but, on the back side of it, i want to say this. it's frustrating to me as much as it is we are leaving them. i mean, i wish i could see these guys stand up and fight.
4:39 am
i wish i would see them do and take the training and the money that we put into them and the time that we put into these men to fight for their country and i'm sure a lot of them are i'm sure a lot of them are. but it's just terrible that we didn't -- we owed it to at least the men that served next to us and that we are allies that helped us to do them better justice. steve: dakota meyer, rob o'neill, you are both american heroes. thank you so much for getting up early with us and starting your day with us. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. steve: always a pleasure. 21 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up. before his botched afghan response. president biden was already facing heat for the ongoing border crisis. now, some americans have had enough of his failed policies. lieutenant colonel allen west and army vet wesley hunt join us next for that conversation right here on "fox & friends." ♪
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brian: 17 minutes before the top of the hour. from the crisis unfolding overseas what's happening on the border is president biden making the best decision for the people impacted by his policies? here with reaction texas gubernatorial candidate lieutenant colonel allen west an army veteran and wesley hunt. let me start with you, colonel. so far if you want to keep us safe from radical islam, are these the moves you should be making? >> no, absolutely not. brian. and it's good to be with you. and you and i first met back when i was in afghanistan working with the afghan army. and when you look at this porous border that we have. and we have already apprehended some members that are on the terrorist watch list here in texas, this is not the time when we should be having cartels, which are working right now with iran, and also hezbollah and hamas to funnel in slack jihadi fighters. this is a big concern for us islamic jihadi sanctuary in afghanistan and have a porous
4:45 am
border 12 a 54 miles that is wide open. >> as we bring in you wesley hundred-dollar, david axelrod says you cannot defend the execution here this has been a disaster. biden needs to own this failure. it is a failure. what are the repercussions very interested interesting in yesterday's speech he blamed everybody except for the taliban. elections have consequences and our previous administration there was a conditions based approach. we actually had our troop level down 2500 troops which is really and now we have to go back and send 6,000 more troops to right this catastrophe. and, again, this is what happens when you lead from a position of weakness and not strength. i can tell you one thing, iran is watching. russia is watching, and, of course, china is watching. it is bleeding over into our texas border. we have had 1.2 million illegal crossings just here in texas. and guess what? i can assure you that many so of
4:46 am
them are terrorists. there is actually blood in the water and the sharks are now circling. brian: we had looking glass in on activities there we weren't building democracy there was counter-terrorism effort. that's why i think entrepreneurship was wrong to want to get totally out i believe president biden couldn't have made a poorer decision. because it effects us at home. former cbp chief rodney scott warns about the record number of warning at the border where you guys are. >> context immigration current crisis today being an immigration crisis. and i challenge you and i firmly believe it is a national security crisis. immigration is just a subcomponent of it. right now just cover for massive amounts of smuggling going across the southwest foward include tsdbs to a level we have never seen before. that's a real threat. brian: that's a real threat got
4:47 am
a lot worse even the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general milley the threat assessment gone up since the terrible dismownt from afghanistan. colonel? >> yeah, you are absolutely right. i agree whole heartedly with the former customs and border patrol chief. we have seen here in the state of texas, individuals coming across our border illegally from 160 different countries. that's an incredible nun much it's not just about mexico. nicaragua. del rio sector individuals from 70 different countries that have come across the border into the united states of america by way of texas illegally. and these individuals are not being deported. they are being processed and being released into the interior of the united states. brian: wesley, i feel the frustration of those in texas and arizona. and new mexico and california you don't hear much about because democrat run states. but most of the media is not even covering this catastrophe. 96% decrease of coverage by abc,
4:48 am
cbs, and nbc since they initially thought there was interesting back in march. how do you explain it because the problem has gone and effects everyone? >> how do i explain this? well, let's just talk about covid. what about covid? 20% higher infection rate of those illegally entering our country right now. and this were actually about covid, then the biden administration would simply shut down the border and say this is an issue of national health. but it's not. it's an issue of control. it's an issue of allowing these extremists into our country and there is no stopping them. so let's really point out what the issue is. it's actually our media that's not covering this because it's actually pretty big cover up going on and america better wake up because we are in trouble. brian: it's a shame. the watchdogs are not watching certain parties. colonel wesley hunt, best of luck in your races. >> thank you, brian. >> god bless you. brian: you got it while americans are frustrated with
4:49 am
biden's afghanistan response it's been terrible. what is the global reaction to the taliban siege. we will talk to nigel farage live next. ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement ... the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there. and sgt moore.
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steve: welcome back to fox & friends. turning now to our reaction from our allies in the crisis unfold ing in kabul, especially
4:53 am
at the airport. >> afghanistan must not, once again, become the sanctuary for terrorism it once was. it's what's at stake for international peace and stability against the common enemy, terrorism and those who support it. >> i think it's fair to say that the u.s. decision to pull out is accelerated things, but this is in many ways something that has been a chronicle of an event. we've known for a long time. ainsley: former brexit party leader nigel farage joins us now to react to this. good morning to you, nigel. >> good morning. ainsley: so what will the international community, what happens next, we're hearing them speak, they aren't putting up with it but what will they do >> well what can they do that's the point isn't it because now the taliban have assumed total control, and all of this happening within the space of a few hours, despite the u.s. intelligence reports suggesting that kabul could last for at least three months, the immediate problem is how do
4:54 am
we get our nationals out. several thousand brits, many thousands more americans, mostly inside the airport. there's also of course the interpreters that helped both u.s. and uk forces over the last 20 years, signs that already some of those people have been murdered in the streets, so the immediate problem is how do we get people out and we just have to pray that those operations continue, but it does look to be a very frightening situation, and how, how on earth president biden can unilaterally have done this without consulting with his allies and without making any exit strategy plan for those thousands of people from both our countries working in afghanistan is beyond me, it is a total failure of leadership , so that's the immediate problem. the bigger problem we have, it's certainly here and i know in america, the founders of those who lost their lives in
4:55 am
that conflict, asking what on earth 20 years was for. it was surrendering back to the very people that were there in the first place and the broader concern that could dove us for years to come is that once again, afghanistan becomes a safe haven for those who want to plot international terrorism but even more frightening is we have jihad in europe, we have jihad in the united kingdom and they will be taking great comfort from what's happened in afghanistan until there's a worry about a rise of domestic terrorism here too so overall, information, when joe biden said "america is back", he clearly didn't mean it. this is the worst foreign policy decision any of us have seen in our lifetimes and we have to live with the consequences for many years to come. brian: how would you gauge the anger in your country towards ours? >> just let's remember, we
4:56 am
forgot about 1812, you know, for the last hundred years or more, i think we have, but for the last hundred years or more, we are the two countries, we've been side by side. we are the two countries who fought together and to defeat nazism, to defeat all these horrible things that we faced. we're the people that believe in liberty, democracy, and we're the people that are literally just given this back to radical islam on a plate, it is incredible. brian: and our people are still in danger. bad combination, nigel farage, thanks so much. >> thank you. ainsley: steve what's coming up? steve: coming up, from the reaction around the world to reaction on capitol hill, lawmakers are slamming joe biden 's response to the taliban takeover , house minority leader kevin mccarthy is one of them, and he joins us after this time out. overwhelmed by the ups and downs of frequent mood swings of bipolar i? ask about vraylar.
4:57 am
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i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> its been hard and messy, i do not regret my decision. >> somebody's head should roll for this because the lack of planning is staggering. >> what happens when you leave from a position. >> it comes down to accountability and saying "i'm wrong." >> the buck should stop with him but it won't. >> even the media could not ignore the full disaster. >> the speech was full of finger pointing. >> he did not, in any way, accept responsibility. >> the next month, it's going to be horrendous for him. brian: twitter is getting blasted for allowing the taliban spokesperson to continue tweet ing. i was in u.s. history class when those two planes hit the twin towers i could not imagine that
5:01 am
20 years later, platforms extend to the president of the united states enabling the taliban. >> the biden administration expected to recommend covid vaccine boosters for all americans. >> those booster shots could start in mid to late september. >> at this point i just don't see any good argument for it. >> fred makes landfall in florida as a tropical storm. governor ron desantis declaring a state of emergency as the beaches become submerged. ainsley: a fox news alert hundreds of afghans running toward kabul's airport in hopes of escaping the extremists, but the taliban are reportedly surrounding the area. brian: do you believe this? this as hundreds pack a u.s. cargo jet, desperate to leave. they say 640 are there. steve: and the pilot said do you know what? we're not supposed to take you guys but close the door, we're flying you to kuwait. ainsley: they only carry 150. steve: i know and those pilots are heros. peter doocy is live outside the white house as president biden yesterday afternoon blamed trump. good morning, peter.
5:02 am
reporter: good morning, president biden is monitoring the latest from camp david and we're told the latest is that taliban fighters have surrounded the international airport, a former senior defense official whose in touch with the commanders tells bret baier that is going to make it really really hard for anybody not already at the airport to get to a place they can be evacuated. president biden says, none of this is his fault. >> i inherited the deal that president trump negotiated with the taliban. either to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting if the afghan military collapse. mr. ghani insisted the afghan forces would fight but obviously he was wrong. reporter: mr. ghani he's blaming there was the president 's guest at the white house a few weeks ago and he's fled afghanistan to parts unknown and many afghans are hurrying to do the same 640 people piled on to a c-17 transport plane that is reportedly as many as ever on
5:03 am
that kind of aircraft as the president says, he would do it all again. >> this did unfold more quickly than we had anticipated and the buck stops with me. i'm deeply saddened by the facts we now face, but i do not regret my decision. reporter: and in those remarks president biden also said that human rights must be at the center of u.s. foreign policy. so this is what human rights at the center of u.s. foreign policy looks like. back to you. steve: peter, we just heard joe biden say that everything unraveled faster than they anticipated. the white house was really caught flat footed and over the weekend, you know, we last saw him friday, i think, and then, all they had were a couple of photos, because clearly, this went south fast, and that's why they had to bring him back, because photos aren't going to do it. reporter: and this is the second
5:04 am
trip in a row of his that has been cut short. you'd think about how quickly things change in the news cycles it was a little over a week ago, a week and a half ago, that he was in wilmington and came back early because he wanted to be in town for the infrastructure vote. brian: right. that was plowed over by the governor cuomo scandal and his resignation. real quick, peter, we know that the secretary of defense, through leaks, said i don't recommend we leave. we know chairman of the joint chiefs of staff says i think 4,000 troops this could be trouble. do we know any aids that recommended for sure that recommended this way to leave, that we're leaving on this date and this is how we're going to do it? do you know anyone that said this was good? reporter: not by name, except for the commander-in-chief, and he's been talking about this for a long time. he wanted the responsibility and he got to make the order and that's where we're at right now. ainsley: i know he came back to the white house yesterday and we all watched that on tv and he
5:05 am
went back to camp david. what about the press office? i remember jen psaki at the beginning of the week saying if eyou mailed her it said i'll be back in on sunday. is she working now? >> she is working and there's a press briefing at 1:30 with the national security advisor jake sullivan that was not something we originally expected so again as world events happened they are adding things to the schedule to try to get ahead of it if that's still possible. steve: no kidding peter thank you very much. regarding jen psaki i was just reading in the washington post, apparently, she had planned a week away with her family. she has been working over the last 48 hours trying to get american journalists safely out of afghanistan. brian: so think about this. the president of afghanistan, where did he go? he said i want to avoid blood shed he put on his facebook page , so go get him because he's got four car loads of our money and he tried to jam the chopper he left with with money but he couldn't get it in so he left some behind so the taxpayer dollars we use to support various operations, domestic as
5:06 am
well as military operation, afghanistan, stolen by the president who leaves the country, at this hour, the one that was with a run-off election with ghani, is in talks reportedly with the taliban of being part of the government that has non-taliban involved. they said they will have women involved the taliban and abdula abdula is talking to them now, they have this guy named geraldo rivera whose good friends so maybe we'll get an up close look. ainsley: joe biden said yesterday, mr. ghani, he promised his military would fight back in afghanistan and you said this. brian: we talked about it yesterday. for you to say that the afghans aren't fighting, in his words, over the since 2015 when we went to as defensive posture, we're losing 17 a year, 17 too many, i understand it, but 17. they have lost between 53 to
5:07 am
57,000. i talked to a reporter yesterday they believe it's between 70 and 75,000 so if they aren't fighting why are they dying? 53 to 57,000. 2,600 afghanistan fighters for the government have died since august 5. since august 5. think about that. the force that was out there was never 300,000, and the ones that are out, that we're willing to fight, have been hollowed out. why does mark tiesen have these numbers from the state department and why didn't joe biden get these numbers. ainsley: i'll tell you something that will really make you mad. the taliban leader he was freed in 2014, remember when barack obama released those five taliban commanders? he was one of them in exchange for the american deserter, bowe bergdahl. the pentagon classified him as too dangerous to release yet we did it anyway, and now look what's happening and there was a big rally at the white house where these afghan americans were rallying one woman was weeping saying my family is
5:08 am
there, all of my people are there, they are killing all of my people. steve: well two americans who fought in global war on terror, dakota meyer, and rob o'neill, the navy seal who killed osama bin laden also an american hero they were on with us a little while ago talking about this evolving catastrophe in kabul, and the commander-in-chief has executed them. here they are. >> he just came out, blamed trump like everyone does, and not my fault, so if you could do anything completely the wrong way, here it is. he just did it and made a call and the buck should stop with him but it won't. >> it comes down to saying i'm wrong. it comes down to having to look at this and face the problem and i don't know how when you watch a human being fall from a airplane, because they want to get out of this country so bad, if that doesn't make you look at your strategy and say hey, we should look at this and see what
5:09 am
we're doing wrong then i don't know what gets the attention of the president. steve: well the president yesterday said "the buck stops here" and then blamed everybody else. let's bring in representative kevin mccarthy he's a republican from california the house minority leader, good morning to you, mr. leader. >> good morning. steve: nancy pelosi' office apparently has been distributing the white house talking points on how this goes to respond to questions about how mr. biden is handling this. senator ben ben cardin, democrat from maryland said joe biden is cleaning up a mess left bye-bye three presidents before him. what do you make of that spin? >> no one believes that. no one in our country, no one across the world. when you listened to president biden yesterday, he not only blamed everybody, he fought with everybody, everybody but one person, the taliban. this isn't about leaving, this is about american legacy, and biden's lack of leadership. this isn't just about today.
5:10 am
this will last for decades. our allies will question, we watched china utilize this now, when it comes to taiwan, we watched russia, he emboldened our adversaries this is an embarrassment, and to have the president sit there and tell us that they had planned every scenario, why do they continue? steve: mr. leader i'll tell you what, we're not going to continue we're having a problem with your audio so we'll go ahead and pull some wires and fix it, so we're going to go back to kevin mccarthy who is in jackson hole, wyoming, i think the locate or said where it sounds like it's raining but it's just electrical. in the meantime let's dial in jillian has headlines until we fix the audio. jillian: i was in the back and i'm like wait is that me? [laughter] but hopefully we get that fixed for you while i'm doing headlines so let's get that started with this story. the biden administration is expected to recommend covid vaccine boosters for all americans. the third shot be administered
5:11 am
eight months after receiving the second dose. the associated press reports the booster doses would likely not be available until mid to late september. pfizer has already submitted initial data seeking authorization of a booster dose. it says the third dose shows higher antibodies. >> let's go to fox news weather right now, fred making landfall in florida as a tropical storm. governor ron desantis declaring a state of emergency as streets in mexico beach become submerged some areas seeing winds as high as 65 miles per hour, turning a swimming pool into a wave pool in that area. it looks like it's doing the same on the streets. meanwhile, grace strengthening into a tropical storm overnight, as it trenches earthquake survivors in haiti. >> and despite pushing to cancel rent during the pandemic, bringing in thousands from a rental property. a 2020 financial disclosure reveals a massachusetts lawmaker made between 5,000 and $15,000.
5:12 am
now, it's unclear whether presle y and her husband canceled rented at any point during the pandemic. she did report the same amount in 2019 though before the pandemic began. >> let's go to delaware where a school there is offering to pay parents to drive their kids to school as it struggles with a bus driver shortage. the washington post reporting the east side charter school in wilmington is paying parents up to $700 to drop-off and pick-up their kids for the school year. the school says roughly 30% of parents have taken the offer. that's a look at your headlines i'll send it back to you. steve: i wonder how many parents drove the kids to school anyway. they should get the money. thanks jillian. brian: i think we can bring back kevin mccarthy, the house minority leader. steve: we can. brian: congressman, the biggest disaster i've seen in american history, as an unforced error and clearly he wants to blame president trump, so is president trump culpable in your minds at
5:13 am
all? >> no, i talked to president trump yesterday and you heard from secretary of state mike pompeo, this would have never happened under president trump, the scenario wouldn't have transpired they would have stopped what was moving forward. this biden administration said they plan for every scenario. they told us two days prior that kabul was not imminent. he told us less than a month before that this would never happen. i was in those intel briefings. we knew this would transpire, why didn't he stop it? he blamed everybody but the taliban and what's even worse here, this isn't about leaving. this is about american legacy and biden's lack of leadership. this will last for decades. remember what secretary of defense robert gates said about joe biden that he's been wrong on almost every foreign policy decision for the last four decades. he just cost the rest of this nation for our allies, for our adversaries what they do and remember what joe biden said as vice president, his advice was not to go in and get bin laden. this is the decision he has made
5:14 am
once again, but it causes problems for decades. what's even worse, the people he is leaving behind, there's americans still sitting there. to shelter in place? and these individuals who fought with us, who were the translators and others who are now dropping from airplanes, that's the symbol of america and about freedom. brian: embarrassing. >> i have, for every gold star family, for every soldier that fought there, i want to say thank you. you did your duty. what is transpiring right now should have never happened and it was an ill on americans for decades to come. ainsley: what's the plan to get these americans out? what's the message that he's sending to these parents that are here in america and their kids are over there, or those gold star parents who lost their loved ones fighting for our country? >> they are sitting at an airport. he's now moving more military in that he pulled out.
5:15 am
we had a small individual set group there of soldiers that were keeping the peace when he just ripped them all out, and now, you have americans sheltering in place, how are they ever even going to get to the airport. there has to be more blood shed to be able to save them. what about those who fought alongside of us and what about the promises we made to them. who planned for that scenario? brian: nato said they would stay, the contractors said they would stay. if we just committed to air power, there's no way this could have happened. >> i was with president ghani when he came to america and asked these questions. why didn't we give air power and stop it when we sat around watching the taliban circling these provinces, why didn't they stop after they went into the first city? we had the air power to do it. that goes directly with joe biden. he is right. the buck stops with him. he made those decisions. he overrode what the intel told him to do. steve: yeah. >> and this is why this should
5:16 am
not stop. we should get all the information, all the accounting and people should not be kept into positions that are making these decisions. steve: leader mccarthy it was a year ago joe biden was running for president and he said you need to elect me president of the united states because i am more confident than donald trump donald trump doesn't know what he's doing at president of the united states. now, you look at the evolving catastrophe that is happening right now in kabul, and the rest of afghanistan, and everything that joe biden said wouldn't happen is happening. hustles wouldn't be choppers leaving from the embassy. brian: it's worse. steve: he said the taliban isn't going to take over the whole country, overrun the country and own it all, but that has happened. and now people are scratching their head. as we look at that transport plane with 640 people on board, where the hero pilots took off to save their lives, people are going, what exactly did we get when it comes to foreign policy by electing joe biden, commander-in-chief. ainsley: and there won't be a saigon moment. brian: there you go. >> when he had our military
5:17 am
leave bagram air base at night without telling anyone, there were 5,000 prisoners there who are now released and this is the same president that opened up our border and remember when we went down to the border back in february, we learned then that whose coming across that border, we were catching people on a terrorist watch list from yemen. my question to the white house is are they going to shut this border down now? whose going to come across that border now? if these people on the terrorist watch list why are they coming to america and what do they have planned? those prisoners coming out, every single action this president has made has made us weaker and more vulnerable. from the border to our energy. ainsley: sorry to interrupt but when he was vice president with barack obama, they released the taliban commander whose in charge of what's happening in afghanistan right now, he was in get mo and we traded him with four others for bowe bergdahl. >> it's a prime example of the decisions of joe biden, the ramifications that has on america. so when we watch what unfolds
5:18 am
today, the embarrassment, of our adversaries, what will it do to america years from now? not just from where our allies will even trust us, not that china fills en bold en on taiwan and actions that can be taken but you've got american lives at stake sitting right there today, and he turns around without answering the question. his own cabinet, who did a conference call with republicans and democrats, where you had the speaker of the house praise his action, praise his bold words, but refused to take questions, each member had to sign in with their own identity so they could pick and they said nobody else is in the queue. you know how many members we have on both sides of the aisle? brian: amazing. >> that is served our nation but they are afraid to take a question from him? right now we need to solve this problem and rebuild this nation, trust with the rest of the world. brian: but that's even more long term. i'm talking about today. today, right now, you have 80,000 of these applications, you have americans who can't get out of the hotel rooms,
5:19 am
journalists, washington post, new york time, fox news, cnn, they cannot get to the tarmac, they can't get to a cargo plane. they can't get to a cargo seat, so what are we going to do to them and what about the ones outside kabul? leader mccarthy, you could get answers to this , and if you don't that means the pentagon doesn't have them. they need answers now. >> yeah, and they told us they planned for every scenario. these questions that you have that needed to be done today, it needed to be done last month and we asked those questions more than a month ago, more than two months ago on the scenario and they tried to tell us they had this planned. we knew time and again they continued to fail. we need to protect these american lives and protect every individual that fought with us and every promise we made to them. we need to get them out of the country into a third country , to be able to screen them before we bring them in. the president should be working on this day and night, not hiding, not vacationing, but getting the job done, because we will do it. we will work together to make this happen. i sat with the secretary of state in the white house.
5:20 am
i told them, whatever needs to be done, prior to any collapse we are seeing scenario that was happening that republicans would work with them to make sure all americans are out and every scenario and an interpreter was protected as well. steve: well something fell through the cracks and now we have to figure it out, leaderrer mccarthy thank you very much for joining us from wyoming. good to have you, sir. ainsley: thank you. steve: then he would say thank you. listen we've got 40 more minutes of program coming up we've got serving eight tours in afghanistan also an mma fighter ainsley: and jake beckett, a republican from arkansas, u.s. senate candidate and army veteran and former nfl player. brian: and nate boyar actually consulted collin colin kaepernick and what he feels is taking place in afghanistan and beyond. ainsley: president biden address es the world as the taliban seizes control of afghanistan but what do american
5:21 am
voters think of his remarks we're dialing the commander-in-chief's speech, next. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because a quality night's sleep is scientifically proven to help increase energy and improve recovery. and it keeps you at your best all day long. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is temperature balancing. and it helps keep you asleep by sensing your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable.
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5:26 am
independents, right, lee? >> it's no doubt about it. you can see that democrats gave him a b here, independents and republicans both gave him an f, and what they said is i'm glad he's taking responsibility but he's taking responsibility for the wrong thing. he's taking responsibility for the decision itself, not for how it's executed. people really were outraged at the footage that they saw, at the way this was done, not that it was done. many people agreed it was time to get out of afghanistan, but the way this was done has people really upset and he didn't address it adequately. ainsley: i know just so many people left behind. here he is saying that he will not repeat mistakes of the past. listen. >> how many more lives, american lives, is it worth? how many endless rows of
5:27 am
headstones at arlington national cemetery? i'm clear on my answer. i will not repeat the mistakes we've made in the past. mistake of staying and fighting indefinitely and the conflict that is not in the national interest of the united states. ainsley: it doesn't look like independents like that either. >> they sure did not. you can see they gave it a d, while democrats gave it a b plus , republicans gave it an f. again what we heard over and over again from folks is i want to hear him take responsibility for the fact this was just done so poorly, that people are suffering so unnecessarily. how could this have happened? i want an explanation and i want to know what he's going to do to fix it. it's not enough he's taking responsibility for the decision. it's not enough he's explaining the decision a lot of people understand that. he was just simply not address ing people's real concerns. ainsley: and here he is explain ing why he didn't evacuate the afghan civilians sooner. watch this. >> i know there are concerns about why we did not begin
5:28 am
evacuating afghans civilians sooner. part of the answer is some of the afghans did not want to leave earlier. still hopeful, for their country part of it because the afghan government and its supporters you discouraged us from organiz ing a mass exodus to avoid triggering, as they said, a crisis of confidence. ainsley: independents and republicans, at the very bottom again. >> they sure were, but even democrats in this moment didn't give him the benefit of the doubt. he got a c from democrats, independents gave him a d, republicans an f. really what they said is i don't like, he said the buck stops with in had. he's taking responsibility and here it sounds like he's blaming the afghan people. you can't blame them for this. he was responsible for getting americans out safely, supporting the transition here, and he didn't do it. he said no one could have predicted how fast it happened, and then he also talked about planning for everything. he just simply didn't deliver on what people needed to hear and this really was an issue of what
5:29 am
he didn't say as much as what he did say. ainsley: lee thank you so much for joining us. >> yeah, great to see you this morning. ainsley: coming up next, kayleigh mcenany is going to join us live as the media bails on its support of biden. that spin class was brutal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $500 purchase allowance on most 2021 buick suv models. finding new routes to reach your customers, and new ways for them to reach you... is what business is all about.
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5:33 am
steve: well here is something you don't see every day. the mainstream media slamming president biden over his handl ing of the afghan crisis, calling it a failure and a catastrophe. watch this. >> how does the biden administration miss calculate this intelligence so gravely. joe biden is going to be the face of the failure of the withdrawal. >> he did not, in anyway, accept responsibility for catastrophe that's unfolding >> friends alike are calling this withdrawal a fiasco, a debacle and it is one that apparently the administration did not fully appreciate or see coming. >> this is not just about the overall idea of leaving afghanistan. this is about leaving ineptly. secretary blinken, how did president biden get this so wrong? steve: ouch, joining us from the couch right now, kayleigh
5:34 am
mcenany used to work at the white house, former white house press secretary. kayleigh, you know, i don't think the white house ever thought mainstream media would jump on joe biden for this decision. he made it very clear. he's got no second thoughts over it. it was the right thing, and yet, everybody in the mainstream media seems to be saying what the heck were you thinking? >> they never expected it and what tells you that is the fact there were planned vacations coordinating with a planned withdrawal from afghanistan and the trump adminitration that never would have happened i can assure you, but they were banking on the media covering for them, despite knowing that the taliban was up at this and it be a challenging fight to keep kabul but they kept the planned vacation and now you have the washington post editorial board, and it's stunning to finally see the media doing their job but they can't help, you know, but address those. ainsley: you know it's pretty bad when the new york times and cnn and nbc and many people who love and praise him
5:35 am
constantly are saying something negative. we keep hearing the same message it's not that they disagree with pulling out. it's how he did it. there was no plans. >> yes that's right. with president trump, you know, he organized a plan to have conditions with withdrawal, remember how many times he came up to the line of withdrawing from afghanistan but stopped short because the conditions on the ground did not merit it. not only that he sent an unmistakable message to our enemies. look what happened to soulemani, look what happened in syria when they gassed their own people. he addressed it. this would never have happened on president trump's watch. brian: there is one former republican now on another channel that sees biden, nothing but blue skies, listen. >> 95% of the american people will agree with everything he just said. and for an american president to finally be completely aligned with such an overwhelming majority of what the american people think about afghanistan is probably a tremendous relief.
5:36 am
brian: i've not heard that opinion anywhere else. >> that is a remarkable statement and she went on to say this decision envelopes what the biden doctrine is this. okay so leave our allies behind, the interpreters who partnered with us, seize this country, give it over to terrorists who declared the new islamic emirate of afghanistan. leave 10,000 americans stranded that's the biden doctrine, surrender and this is what nicole wallace went on to say. steve: we know that joe biden has been for the withdraw famous ly but then it sounds like the white house which is so data driven looked at the polling, a super majority of americans would like to end the war in afghanistan, just pull out. they combine the two, next thing you know they've got this , which didn't have a plan. >> right and now 70% of americans disapprove of the way president biden has exited. it was 69% who once said hey we want to withdraw from
5:37 am
afghanistan, now 49%. no one wants to see images of afghans hanging from u.s. military planes. no one wants to hear stories of little girls and women who are sold into sex slavery, interpreters and allies left behind. ainsley: kayleigh, jen psaki said you were reporting on this earlier, that she is working on getting our american journalists out there. how would she be able to do this >> yeah i'm not sure how she be able to do that. i guess in coordination with the pentagon. there are now 10,000 americans left behind. they say they are calling their congressional offices and no response in return, and jen psaki having an out of office reply starting on the 15th that was sunday. an out of office reply, we knew afghanistan was deteriorating on friday. there were reports that maybe the taliban would seize it as quickly as monday, but that out of office reply was still there on sunday. brian: unbelievable. real quick, your assessment on this is bad it's going to get worse. how long does this , the ugl iness for joe biden last?
5:38 am
he's going to want to look towards the infrastructure and the reconciliation bill. >> it becomes impossible. until you evacuate 10,000 americans from this country, and even beyond that, you look at the fact that china wants to recognize this country, russia, by the way, did not shutdown their embassy interesting they were given safe harbor there in afghanistan. china is now going to be a player in this region. this will be a problem for decades to come. steve: joe biden needs to address the reconciliation with afghanistan. >> correct. steve: kayleigh thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: meanwhile, speaking of afghanistan the taliban announcing amnesty for everybody in afghanistan, and is urging women to join their movement, and our next guest says talk is cheap. civil rights attorney leo terrell on deck, live, next, from la.
5:39 am
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steve: well here is some breaking news. the taliban now offering amnesty to afghans and women to join their movement, but as afghanistan's first female pilot warns, treatment of women will become even worse than before. >> we never thought this situation and this story would repeat again. they are just waiting for america to evacuate completely, and then, they are completely know that afghanistan is under their control and they are going to start their violence and their laws and it will be the same laws that they had 20 years ago, maybe even stronger. steve: all right let's bring in fox news contributor, civil rights attorney and former history teacher, leo terrell. leo, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve, thanks for having me on this subject. steve: you're a perfect guest to be talking about this because you were a history teacher, you can tell us a little bit about the history of afghanistan and to her point, you know, she's from afghanistan.
5:44 am
she knows about civil rights, and they didn't have, women didn't have any before under the taliban, and now the taliban saying hey, do you know what? we've turned over a new leaf. ladies join our movement. what do you think of that? >> you know, this is right in my wheel house, as a world history teacher and a civil rights attorney, the taliban, steve, has no history of treatment women fairly. they don't know how to do it. whose going to apply it? those are just words and they're lying and here is the part that's so sad, that if you really want to see the evidence, look at the number of women who are running to that american cargo ship. look at the number of people who are running away from the taliban. look at the people inside the presidential palace. all men, they have no history of working fairly and treating women fairly. one point that is very important we have a vice president, a woman, as the vice president's
5:45 am
country and we have joe biden, for them to turn their back on the women and children, steve, who are going to be sold into sex slavery who are going to be raped as a history teacher, that is the history of the taliban men. it's frightening and shameful for kamala harris as a woman, as a woman of color. steve: and here is the thing regarding history, leo. as we come up on the 20th anniversary of september 11. in 2001 on september 11, there were 900,000 students in afghanistan. not one girl. not one. fast forward to today, there are 9.5 million. that just goes to show you how things have turned around for that country and now the big question is, what's going to happen for those girls and young women now? >> very easily, steve. the taliban immediate goal is to wipe out every image, impression
5:46 am
, influence of america for the last 20 years, and again as a history teacher i'd challenge anyone watching this program. look at the afghan history. women are a non-factor so the goal is very simple, as soon as the cameras are gone, as soon as the americans leave afghanistan, it is unfortunately back to normal. the old way. that female taliban pilot was telling america the truth, that they do not treat women fairly, equally, and they don't know how to treat women fairly and equally, and the white house know that, steve. steve: all right, leo, thank you very much for getting up so early out there in los angeles today. >> always my pleasure, thank you. steve: 14 minutes before the top of the hour, jillian joins us with news from haiti. jillian: that's right good morning so let's begin with this fox news alert. rescue crews working through a tropical storm to find any survivors following the earthquake in haiti. more than 1,400 people have died
5:47 am
6,000 are hurt overwhelming hospitals. the u.s. coast guard bringing in more medical supplies and personnel. >> los angeles city councilman joe bascano is seeking to ban homeless encampments near all public schools. he wants to use the council's new anti-camping ordinance which goes into effect next month. in addition to schools he wants to add libraries, beaches and parks to the no camping ordinance. >> t-mobile is investigating claims of another data breach impacting 100 million customers. hackers on an online form reportedly selling the data including name, social security numbers and addresses. a t-mobile spokesperson says the company does not have a full picture of the breach, the last breach happened in january. >> and starting today, new york city will require proof of vaccination to eat in doors, use a gym, or see a show. the mandate was supposed to take effect monday, but mayor bill deblasio moved it back, meantime, deblasio getting some
5:48 am
bling from rapper "slick rick" at the city's first homecoming week concert. deblasio is sporting the rapper 's chain in the bronx. he later tweeted it was the " greatest honor of my career." that's a look at your headlines, steve, send it back to you. steve: thank you very much, jillian. all right, what kind of a day to you have in-store for you? right behind me, about half a block, is meteorologist adam klotz with the fox weather forecast. >> adam: good morning, steve. for now, nice weather out here on fox square, that's not the case across the entire country, as we continue to track a couple of tropical systems one really battering the southeast as we speak, low pressure system moving currently, from alabama into georgia, the heaviest rain in north georgia right now, including atlanta, we could see flash flooding with this and isolated tornadoes and as this moves to the north, it's going to bring all that moisture with it expect a lot of heavy rain in eastern tennessee, eastern kentucky later today, maybe some flooding, and the other tropical system just moved off the coast of haiti, is on the move, it's organizing, it's strengthening the good news
5:49 am
is at least for the united states, is it looks like it's going to run into mexico on thursday, no threat of this one making landfall. those are your weather headlines , for now, back into you. steve: thank you very much adam. coming up on this tuesday, as president biden defenses his decision to pull troops from afghanistan, our veterans panel, who all had boots on the ground, in the middle east, will share their story to the white house. but first let's check in with bill hemmer for a preview of coming attractions. bill: steve, good morning to you. good show to you still moving quickly the pentagon holds a briefing in an hour we're waiting for more on that we'll cover it live for you, in the meantime, general david petraeus on the decision, senator tom cotton on those left behind, karl rove on the politic s, the gold star families living with the pain of war, there is much to cover yet again today, so come join dana and me in 10 minutes we'll see you then, top of the hour, 9:00 a.m. eastern. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip.
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brian: all right, president biden addressing the nation defending his decision to withdraw from afghanistan. listen. >> if anything, the developments of the past week rein force that any u.s. military involvement in afghanistan now was the right decision. american troops cannot and
5:54 am
should not be fighting in a war and dying in a war that afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves. brian: that was flat out wrong because 50,000 lost their lives since 2015, 2,600 have lost their lives since august 5. our panel has a message for those american troops, the fellow veterans who fought for the afghan people, and for our country all those year, let's bring in our panel jack ro binchaux, a former u.s. marine, jake bequette is with us a former nfl player and the army's 101st air important and nate boyar, former nfl player and army green beret. nate to you. your reaction to the president's assessment. >> yeah, i mean, above all politics, i just think of the people. when i see the images and the videos of 800 afghans piling into a u.s. airport cargo plane, and people hanging on the side trying to get out of there, like
5:55 am
it's clear that there's a good amount of people in that country that don't want to be in that country right now under taliban rule, and my heart just breaks. i mean, there's been 20 years of work done over there, and it's like you've been plugging this damn and all of a sudden you're asked to step aside and the water just overflows and destroys everything, and it just hurts more than anything, and i just feel for those people, because there's a lot of people in that country that deserve more than that, and they deserve hope. brian: jake, the president said the war on terror moved on we have to move on is that the case >> well first of all, i salute every american soldier, sailor, air men and marine who fought in afghanistan over the past 20 years, and the families of those who died in afghanistan. they fought with honor, they served this country, they deserve our gratitude and the american people deserve better leadership than the empty husk that is joe biden that speech yesterday was an absolute disgrace. he took no responsibility for the absolute catastrophe that's happening in kabul right
5:56 am
now. he blamed everyone but himself. look, every veteran knows the first lesson of leadership is you take personal responsibility. joe biden acts like as the president of the united states he has no say in the matter, no agency, no influence over the outcome. look this is about so much more than afghanistan, our enemies are watching, china is watching as we look towards taiwan, iran and north korea are watching as they try to accelerate their nuclear weapons programs. russian russia is watching if you look towards eastern europe and when they see joe biden, they see weakness, they see someone who runs away from press conference with taking no questions, they are seeing someone who just goes back into his basement and shows no leadership and they see joe biden and they see weakness. the only guarantee peace in our world is american strength and when our enemies see joe biden, they see weakness. brian: chad, eight tours in afghanistan, this matters to you , like he said the president said, we've been there long enough they don't want to fight so we should just leave. >> yeah, well first of all, you know, thanks to all the troops that have been there you didn't
5:57 am
do this in vein and to the afghan people, what joe biden says, we love you guys, so many people in america are praying for you guys and want to see you safe. did we belong there in the first place? yes. should we have left in my opinion, no. america believes we should have left and joe biden has been projecting we should have left, based on false pretenses. the truth is, we only had 4,000 troops in afghanistan, and we are working in an international effort to not be in a long term war, but to support and provide safety, a global safety by keeping that taliban at bay. we have 80,000 troops in japan, since world war ii. 40,000 in germany. 30,000 in south korea. why aren't we leaving there? 4,000 troops in afghanistan was not too many. it was keeping the world safe, and we pulled out for unknown reasons. brian: nate, we've lost on the average 17 a year, since 2015 and that meant they matter, but we haven't lost any in 18 months, and the president acted like there's an urgency and says i don't want to see any more
5:58 am
graves in arlington, i don't know anyone that does but is that a false choice? >> at the end of the day, we took pride going over there and doing what we could to fight for those that can't fight for themselves and there's a good amount of men and women, especially in the special operations community where i come from that i know still want to be over there doing what they can to keep hope alive and give those people a chance and give that place a chance. it's probably generational if not longer than that and we got troops all over the world and so when we're called upon that's why we volunteered we signed up we weren't pulled in we made the decision to step up and take that position so we want to be there a lot of us. brian: jake how many men does it take to get the rest of the americans out do you think? >> we still have american citizens trapped behind enemy lines, i hope we can get to them before the taliban does.
5:59 am
we just have to show leadership and we need to see a way forward i think that it's time to continue to project american power when necessary but the first priority had to be to secure american citizens who are behind the lines right now in kabul. brian: your leadership let you down, you did not let anybody down, and chad, final thought, 20 seconds. >> yeah, we have 10,000 americans still on our ground, 80,000 afghan allies. every resource in the u.s. military arsenal should be in place to get them safely out. and the american military, get them out and that's what the taliban needs to know right now. we will get them out. brian: at the very least we should be able to get americans out. the press out. our allies out. that help you guys stay alive. its been a pleasure talking to you. nate, jake, and thanks so much. for joining us.
6:00 am
>> dana: so much news happening this morning and a lot more to come. the president saying he stands squarely behind his decision to withdraw from afghanistan but not talking about how they are deciding to leave despite the gut wrenching images out of kabul. men and women


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