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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 17, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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our thanks to tom. great to see him. he's so inspiring to all of us here. we wish him a happy birthday. hope to see him on his 101st. that's "the story" of august 17. the story goes on. we'll be back tomorrow at 3:00. have a great afternoon. "your world" starts right now. >> neil: the scene outside the kabul international airport earlier today. shots being fired as the taliban was putting out a statement that declared no one from the u.s. will be hurt, declaring amnesty across the country. it's a country that has an airport open, but a perimeter around it that is inpenetratable. if you're in it, odds are you'll
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get out. if you're outside, odds are you never will. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world." who to make of the situation at the airport that seems to go from bad to outright confusing and where all of those thousands will descend. we're told among many places in the united states, texas. the border. but the crowd, knee deep trying to get out, remains a big worry as we're getting indications from the taliban that anyone that wants to go can. but that is proving easier said than done. jennifer griffin now has the very latest from the pentagon. jennifer? >> neil, general frank mackenzie flew into kabul to inspect the security today after meeting the taliban in qatar sunday. the pentagon says the 82nd air bon has landed in kabul and haas been put in charge of securing the airport. 1,000 troops arrived last night
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and the airport resumed military and some civilian flights overnight. >> thought the night, nine c-17s arrived, delivering equipment and approximately 1,000 troops. additionally seven c-17s departed. these flights lifted approximately 700 to 800 passengers. >> the situation remains tenuous and dependent on the taliban who have been seen in videos like these intimidating those trying to make their way to the kabul airport. >> the taliban has informed us they're prepared to provide the safe passage of civilians to the airport. we intend to hold them to that commitment. >> the u.s. military is in communications with the taliban who have set up a cordon around the airport. >> there's been no hostile interactions with the taliban on either our people or our operations.
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>> the u.s. military is not seeing what is happening around the city with taliban fighters going door-to-door with lists from the previous government of those that worked with the americans, a former senior defense official in contact with commanders on the ground tells bret baier that the taliban have a ring outside the airport and won't let anybody outside of it. the big issue is no people outside of the taliban ring will get in. no way that they get 30,000. 4,000 troops will be on the ground tomorrow we're told and they hope to avoid scenes like these from yesterday, which caused them to had flights in to and out of kabul. the goal for the u.s. military is to begin one departure flight per hour in the next 24 hours. they can get 5,000 to 9,000 passengers out per day. neil? >> neil: thanks to jennifer's point, we have heard again repeatedly that the taliban has
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said that any civilian that wants to reach the air field can. thousands of afghans that had been employ by the western embassies or not government organizations, they're unable to reach the airport at these taliban checkpoints. in other words, at the checkpoints they won't let you in. jacqui heinrich with more. >> this is the first q&a with the taliban since the white house started the withdraw. the fallout is 20 years of military action. he maintained that the administration planned for all contingencies. even though we've had assurances now, we learned from the taliban that americans needing to get
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out will get safe passage to the airport. the u.s. is not providing transport for those people. we just learned how many americans are out there. >> how many americans are in afghanistan? inside kabul and outside kabul and should they get priority on evacuations like john kirby said that is going to be a mix of sid applicants and americans. should the remaining american citizens get priority and how many are there in the country right now. >> i should tell you, there's individuals that will self-identify as american citizens. the number is around 11,000. beyond that, around the country, beyond that there's individuals that may not have self identified that may request assistance and come to the airport. we're going to work to assist american citizens but we also have a responsibility and obligation to help the men and women that served by our side.
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>> jen psaki said the administration is prioritizing a number of groups including american citizens, 11,000 of whom are around afghanistan right now as well as embassy employees, staff and their families as well as afghan visa holders and applicants. that answer is consistent with the answer i got from john kirby sunday. the evacuations would not just be american citizens first and only then afghan refugees. jake sullivan defended against criticism this was executed in a a hazard fashion saying the u.s. has been telling americans to get out for weeks. they placed some of the blame on that chaos as president biden on afghanistan, on the afghan refugees that didn't want to leave. he said that this afghan government made a passionate plea not to do any sort of mass evacuations because that might undermine confidence in the afghan government. so now there's tens of thousands of afghan refugees trying to get on these flights, trying to get
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past the taliban checkpoints and right now only guarantees from the taliban for americans, neil. >> neil: so when the administration looks to the taliban, to you know, do the right thing and follow these international standards to do the decent thing, who is to say there's anything in the path that would indicate that the taliban have changed their stripes? >> they're certainly talking about how well the discussions are going. they say they have gotten assurances. they're not necessarily placing trust in them. everyone realizes this is the taliban. anything could happen. that being said, any sort of -- them reneging on that promise could invite some retaliation from the u.s. so i think they're hoping that the taliban will stick to their promises and not invite
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retribution. >> neil: thanks, jacqui. as jacqui reported, the language has changed from the taliban to provide safe haven for americans leaving the country. earlier on the taliban said they would grant civilian safe passage to the airport and that prompted jake sullivan to say that we intend to hold them to that commitment. christian whiten joins us, the former state department official. that's an important distinction and important change if true, that the taliban has made from making sure americans can get out to making sure that civilians that want a safe passage to the airport can get out as well. they have seemed to drawn the lines at americans. what do you say. >> i think you're right. guessing here, but they don't want to create a situation where six weeks from now half the country is leaving because they can or because they can say that
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they worked with the americans and it's unclear if that is true until their safely in some third country being processed or in the united states. so definitely it's very interesting. so far the taliban has been shockingly pragmatic. it's disappointing that we have to depend on their good graces. seemingly allowing the situation at the airport to unfold and halting people going to the airport. perhaps, you know, a willingness to let people that they dislike very much, afghans that collaborated with the united states leave rather than implement or inflict be justice on them. >> neil: let me ask you about these lines outside the airport around this perimeter. it goes 360 degrees around hamed karzai airport. the administration is saying you better let these people through
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including those that want safe passage out. or are they thinking the administration wouldn't send soldiers to that perimeter to go outside the airport perimeter, to gather up those individuals, to allow them safe passage? someone is taking a big gamble here. >> right. seems as though we are. even though 6,000 troops sounds impressive at a condensed area like an airport, the fact is the taliban has their entire army pretty much in kabul and controls if not the airspace at least the ground space there. we're depending on their tender mercys. they have been very pragmatic. you saw bbc reporters interviewing taliban administrators that is a break through that they were allowing interviews rather than beheading the western reporters. one of the reasons the afghan national army melted away so
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quickly is the taliban offered amnesty and seemed to stick by that. saying drop your rifle, take off your uniform and go back to your hometown and you'll be okay. we'll see if that holds. seems the taliban doesn't want to take on the u.s. force at the airport. says let those people go. these are the former leaders. who knows how that lasts especially in the taliban decide they want another humiliating picture for the united states. >> neil: interesting. thanks, christian. to senator bill haggerty who sits on the senate armed services committee. senator, do you think we should test that? should we go beyond that perimeter through the soldiers to gather those waiting outside? afghan nationalists and the rest to and through the airport?
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>> neil, we should do what it takes to save and preserve american lives. what we should have is a coherent plan. that's what i haven't seen. as you know before i took on the position of senator, i was the u.s. ambassador to japan. we had over 250,000 americans in japan. every chief admission understood their authority is responsible for their lives and have a plan to evacuate people. i redid mine as soon as i got to japan. if you remember, north korea was launching rockets. i had a plan to move and flow americans out of the country under any type of contingency. we're not seeing that planning. that leadership is lacking here. >> neil: sitting on the foreign relations committee, how do you think we achieve relations for should we with the taliban? the administration types have been, i don't know the details of those discussions outside of arranging and maintaining this
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exodus. what do we do? >> let me be clear, neil. the taliban are terrorists. there's an agreement in place, put in place last year where the taliban was going to agree to a cease fire, abide by the afghan constitution a negotiated process where the taliban would work with the afghan government. not attack them. what we've seen take place here is a military coup. we begin to recognize a government like this. >> neil: so when they say, senator, to degree they have, all the right things, i don't know if they're concerned about p.r. but it would seem like a p.r. offensive, nobody from the u.s. would be hurt, we're declaring amnesty, woman can continue pursuing work and case, you don't believe them? you don't them a leopard changes his stripes? >> it's contrary to the reports i'm getting what you're seeing in kabul with cameras could be different than in rural areas.
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what i'm hearing is the girls schools are being burnt, revenge lists are being executed and going door-to-door looking for people that cooperated with america. i hope that's not the case. we don't want it to be the case. 's had plenty of experience looking at the taliban, looking at what they're capable of. we have to be extremed about their words versus their deeds. >> neil: senator bill haggerty. the fear that the taliban has taken control of afghanistan and will launch more attacks around the world including on us. that's not critics of the administration saying that. that is the fear raised by general mark milley, the chairman of the president's joint chief of staff. after this.
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>> this is not a question about whether we're clear-eyed about the terrorist challenge from afghanistan. it's about whether the terrorist challenge in 2021 is different from the terrorist challenge in 2001. we believe it is fundamentally different and we need to be postured effectively to deal with the terrorist challenges as opposed to 20 years ago. >> neil: all right. what that means i have no idea. the signal seems to be the taliban might sound a lot different but is it all that different 20 years later. general jerry boykin joins us, former undersecretary of defense. what do you think? a different taliban? one that we have to rethink? what do you think? >> well, i think the real question is whether they will immediately rush back in to afghanistan where they launched the 9-11 attack from. i don't think that is necessarily the case. it's a result of our reaction to
1:20 pm
9-11. they spread out all over the place. in fact, a lot of places in africa, pakistan as well. even syria and western iraq. so i don't think they're necessarily going to rush back in there. al-quaida still operating from the same theology. they're the same al-quaida they were but more sophisticated now with better technology. i don't think they're going to immediately rush back in to afghanistan. they might but i doubt it. >> neil: general, do you worry the type of chatter that we've had on islamist social media that this has galvanized them? they were so stunned by the collapse of the afghan government, especially with the united states on the way out that they thought similarly propped up government or thousand that thought that they had frightening control are
1:21 pm
equally vulnerable and this could be the start of something? >> yeah, certainly could, neil. that's true. we need to realize a lot of these terrorists groups are not working together effectively. so i don't know that they all will take the same message from the fall of kabul. i think many of them are probably going to stay right where they are and continue doing their terrorist activities in a regional fashion rather than a global fashion. >> so i do wonder, general, what the administration got wrong here. certainly it had to be aware that the taliban would take every opportunity it could to rush this exit and take advantage of this exit. obviously department comprehend the speed with which it
1:22 pm
happened. what else might we be missing and where else might be missing it? >> first of all, the advice of the president is abysmal. he needs to fire all of them and start over. this time try to pick some people that are not recycles, that actually have some time on the ground, actually have a situational awareness that doesn't seem to be part of his current national security apparatus. i think that what he did not recognize here is the nature of afghanistan. this is a tribal nation. look, the afghan army has fought and fought well. they lost 69,000 people that we can account for. then they turn around and they run when the taliban goes after them. that is because again, we don't understand the tribal nature. once the u.s. pulled out of there, that was an abandonment. as far as they were concerned,
1:23 pm
we had abandoned them and all the support that they had had in the past was gone and they would not fight for a central government because they don't recognize that central government. they're tribal. they recognize the tribal chiefs. as long as the americans were there, the advisers were there to support them, to encourage them, they would fight. so people that say the afghans didn't fight, that was proven in the previous 20 years they do fight. they fight well when they have a reason to fight. >> neil: and they have leadership behind them. general, thanks very much. very good seeing you again, sir. >> good seeing you, neil. >> neil: all right. meantime, this does not look good for the president to put it mildly on foreign policy. is it already infecting what he wants to do in this country? how what is going down in afghanistan could be taking down
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>> neil: all right. just when you think that all eyes were just on afghanistan, a lot of eyes in the market focused on us and retail sales that are slowing down and reversing. they dropped four times more than we thought they would and a lot of people look at what home depot was saying. never mind the product giant had numbers off the chart. they're not off the chart and they're not having as many
1:29 pm
customers as they thought. could that be a worrisome sign for the president and for us as a result? phil wegman. that would be a double whammy. what are you hearing? >> certainly we know that the markets react to certainty and there's not a lot when they look at the administration. look, if you boil down the central promise of the biden campaign, it was that he was going to be the elder statesman that had the experience to be the adult in the room that could unite a house divided here at home and restore our presence on the world stage. well, his approval numbers are turning in the wrong direction. the americans are worried about the direction of the country. that was before afghanistan. so foreign policy situation is making things much more difficult and on top of all of that, now the president has to look back here in the united states to deal with this situation. it's going to be trying to say the least. >> neil: all right. he's already come under a little bit of fire from some of the foreign leaders that are
1:30 pm
concerned about what kind of influence he might have on things that they hold near and dear like dealing in global issues and climate change. even back here at home, i wonder if it's having residual effects on what he wants to do on infrastructure and the other big spending plans. has it taken his negotiating clout away? >> we're going to find out. because right now the white house certainly has an incentive to change the topic. they would like a conversation about infrastructure, about getting a budget deal through reconciliation. that is happening at a moment when then't has diminished political capitol. he's not in a position to be calling josh gottheimer or any of the eight house democrats that are standing in the way of things and saying hey, it's time to get open board. the president is at camp david focused on afghanistan. it's going to be difficult for the administration to focus on what is going on here in
1:31 pm
congress and then what is going on overseas because there's only so much of the president to go around. right now he's not front and center. his deputies are. we're talking about the airport in afghanistan. not whip tallies for whether or not something can get through the house or the senate. >> you know, a lot of people in the white house have been saying this is an obsession with the media, guys like you and me. they would be saying in all seriousness, with the american people, this doesn't resonate. they know 20 years is enough already. why it dwelling on it. that's what they seem to be banking on. what do you think of that? >> think the polling is clear that the american public was in favor of withdrawing from afghanistan. but that's different than whether or not the american people are in favor of the chaos that they see on the ground right now. clearly the biden administration has tried to split the difference to try to thread the needle by making an argument
1:32 pm
about withdrawing. americans are reacting to what they're seeing on their television screens. they're reacting at the airport. what is important to know here yes, this is going on 20 years. but it's the last impression that will matter most. what i'm afraid of and what i'm interested to learn more about is that this is happening at a moment when a lot of americans don't trust our institutions .one institution from back home from where i'm at that they do trust is the military. they send their sons and daughters to make tremendous sacrifice. now i'm wondering what leaders in the military are going to do to increase confidence in that institution because right now i think that this is -- this is a cascading crisis of confidence and the institution of the military seems to be one that, you know, as a country we should not lose faith in. >> neil: yeah, transcends
1:33 pm
politician for the sacrifice that americans made, ultimate sacrifice. thanks, phil. the big changes right now in afghanistan, the taliban. they said they're different, new and improved. they're saying all the right things. so i check in with claudia, a famous critic of the united nations and a big critic of the new taliban as well. she's next. named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. tempur-pedic's mission is to give you
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>> neil: here's something you don't see every day. the taliban taking questions from the press on everything from free speech from what is the deal with facebook? it's a sign that maybe we're told a new taliban or so the administration hopes. don't count claudia. she doesn't believe a word of it. the independent woman's forum.
1:38 pm
an uncanny read of all things international. claudia, you're not buying this new pace. >> no. that is the most macab sense of audacity i've seen in awhile including president biden's speech yesterday. the taliban take the cake. they're promising all of these marvelous things. they're up with the press. they're not going to be inclusive and peaceful and girls can have education and everything. but there's this catch that they mention in you look for it. within islamic law. okay? appropriate for the culture. when the taliban say that, they're talking about the brutal repressive regime that they i'm posed before. that's what they mean. they said themselves, our ideology hasn't changed. they're saying the right words. they did that last time.
1:39 pm
we're a force for law and order. yeah. >> neil: when they talk about the rights of women and say under sharia law women have no rights, so there's nothing there, right? >> that's the problem, neil. this is basically -- you can do whatever you want as long as what you want is what i tell you to do. that's the way this works. you know, they're saying that they've already been -- they're lying in so many directions saying we're fine. one of the most chilling things is that we're ensuring security. we're going to stop at the gate but realize you needed more security. so now we're here 24/7 to ensure your security. think about that a minute. would you want the taliban securing the security in your town? >> neil: good point. >> then they say they haven't been doing anything. they have been treating people well. we've seen footage of summary executions in the provinces
1:40 pm
which they deny. but the footage is there. fox news was reporting on people being beaten on the way to the airport. anyone who is in touch with people in afghanistan there certainly myself, we're seeing reports coming in of people knocking at the door. the taliban says there's nobody knocking at the door. they're not only be knocking at the door, they're assaulting people within. in other words, right now, they're relatively restrained because they want the u.s. gone. that's not the way this is likely to play out at all. >> neil: what happens on the perimeter that encircles the airport, those that want access can have access but we haven't seen since they established that perimeter that near granting anyone access? what if we want to test that,
1:41 pm
our soldier goes to bring some of those, thousands standing outside a chance to come in? what will happen? >> this is really a guess, neil. i would guess that they let people go through. the people that are facing real nightmare are the people that went to the airport and waiting. so clearly asking to get out of there and go to america or someplace of refuge and don't get out and left to go back into the city. it's not a big trip. it's a short distance. but the taliban are everywhere right now and they know who these people are. >> neil: you think we'll test that? you think the biden administration will test that and saying we're going to the perimeter, break through it, take these people back in. you think we'll try that? >> i thought it. i've seen nothing from president biden and his staff that would suggest we're going to do anything brave, enterprising or
1:42 pm
i think a favorite word of the administration, "genuinely bold" here to protect the people that relied on us. the effort is getting americans out. we'll see what else that they can do. they're bringing us some afghans. they abandoned them, neil. they've abandoned them to these real thugs. that's what you saw at the press conference that are telling that they have the right words. anyone can read that script. if you look at what is going on on the ground, the record, the stipulation, terrible vengeance is coming from the taliban. it's already started. i'm not seeing anything from the u.s. to suggest we're going to do anything to mitigate that. we're calling our ambassador to the u.n. talked about how we want the taliban who behaved well and the u.n. security council put out a call for unity and representative and diversity in government. you know, form a great new
1:43 pm
government. i suppose complete with flying pigs. it's fantasy. >> neil: claudia, i hope you're wrong. you rarely are. we'll watch it. following all of these developments. all right. so you know about the great exodus at the kabul airport. you ever wondered where all of these afghans are going? what if i told you the places they're mentioning is texas? that's right, texas. by the way, at the border. yeah, the border. stay with us. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars.
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>> neil: all right. the scene at kabul airport, they're fleeing the country by the thousands. we're getting the first indications where a lot of them are going to go. bases in wisconsin, virginia and look at that, texas. that is a concern of my next guest, lieutenant chris from the texas department of public safety. lieutenant, great having you. what do you make of that? right at the border, right at a time when you're dealing with a boat load of migrants to begin
1:48 pm
with. what do you do? >> thanks for having me. yeah, it's tragic what is taking place in afghanistan. we're still dealing with the crisis here at the southern border where it's still out of control. cdp reported numbers in june of over 80,000 apprehensions. in july, over 200,000. so the numbers continue to spike every month. now with this current situation in afghanistan, the possibility of more immigrants coming across and refugees coming across, it's very alarming, concerning to us as a state agency, especially in our state because right now the border is unsecured. so we're anticipating these refugees coming across. of course, again, we -- you just don't know when they make entry into the country unless you apprehend them, run their criminal backgrounds. other than that, you don't know who they are until you catch them. >> neil: and in the case of the
1:49 pm
afghans, you don't know who they are. some questionable types have gotten through and will get through. it's fair to say most of them are leaving under legitimate asylum conditions. i get that. but you have to go through them as well, right? you have to check them out as well. >> neil: you're right. like with the current situation with the illegals coming across, the mexican cartels, other organizations exploiting that crisis right now. we have individuals mixed in that we don't know who they are. they're criminals. they could be suspected terrorists. cdp reported over 200,000 got aways. those are individuals that got in the country and got away. want dough know their backgrounds. it's very alarming. >> neil: so let me get this straight. you're responsible for that and no added personnel. so that is before the
1:50 pm
afghanistans coming to your area. have you been told or promised anymore help here? >> not from the federal government, neil. that's why governor abbott stepped up and launched operation lone star. we started this in march deploying state resources to the southern border. we started with 500 texas department of public safety personnel. right now we're up to 1,000. that is only state resources. that's not from the federal government. so right now we're doing the job of the federal government. >> neil: nothing like more work for those overworked. thanks, chris. i don't know how you and your men and women do it but you do it without complaining. man that is a tall task. lieutenant, thanks very much. meantime, i want to draw your attention of taking responsibility. if the buck stops with you, does it really stop with you? for the president, many are
1:51 pm
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1:55 pm
agreement, to withdraw our forces or escalating the conflict. afghanistan political leaders gave up. the military collapsed. sometimes without trying to fight. i will not mislead the american people by claiming that just a little more time in afghanistan will make all of the difference. >> neil: joe biden saying the end the buck stops with him but he did pass it to his predecessor. i happens times? history. another predecessor could have blamed his president. remember this? >> an old saying that victory has 100 fathers and defeat is an orphan. i wouldn't be surprised if information is poured into in
1:56 pm
regard to the recent activities. >> neil: bottom line, he took the blame for that. he took the responsibility for that even though he could have easily said it's the president if his first few months of office and concocted by his predecessor. all of the brightest minds on the planet. but he didn't throw them under the bus. he took responsibility for it. that is something that makes great leaders. we my point out that jfk actually boosted his popularity. >> it did eventually. you are bright, at first he had a disaster at the bay of pigs. castro went on to nationalize a whole lot of american property. so americans were trying to
1:57 pm
figure out a way to oust him. so we settled on this plan to help humans had led come back and we would back them. however, we provided no air support and that was kennedy's mistake. without the air support, castro captured the mall and jailed them and killed them. so candid he did take credit fo that and said, hey, i made a mistake. he had a chance to correct it actually because the russians took advantage of their victory and put some missiles into cuba and aim them at the united states. the next year, 1962, kennedy stood up to them and said, no,. >> but what is interesting at the time, he took responsibilit for the bay of pigs. we don't see that very often. his popularity went up and i don't think at the time he said
1:58 pm
the effect we should sell more often but we don't see that our politicians today. i think that is why americans are forgiving and understanding. they can see what is playing ou of the tv as well as anybody else. it looks like a disaster. own up to the fact that you hav a timeline and you exhausted an you were not prepared for it. end of story. it becomes a bigger story when you refuse to accept it. >> absolutely. what happens when you refuse to accept it, the story has legs. you have follow-ups and you loo bad in future days. by admitting he made a mistake, the story guys and he looks somewhat courageous by admittin that he did wrong and maybe mov on. >> i'm just wondering where goe from here. what will the biden position beyond this, especially if it gets worse but maybe if it doesn't, what you think?
1:59 pm
>> well, i think that it is ver likely to get worse but they ar not positioned well if it does get worse because there have been a lot of statements that say, hey, we are going to evacuate all the americans and it may or may not happen and if it doesn't, there are even more excuses. there doesn't appear to have been a good plan for the evacuations of americans. even in saigon almost 50 years ago at the end of vietnam, president ford had a better pla of evacuation and we did get most of the american personnel and a lot of south vietnamese out before the collapse on apri. >> normally win someone says th buck stops, it truly does. you might want to pass along to others along the way with it does carry more weight when you own up to it. the buck just met me and i said stop. i don't know, burt folson, it i so good to have you. thank you very much. again, that is something that i
2:00 pm
have seen play out in corporate america all the time. a ceo will sometimes had to acknowledge when they have a lousy quarter and they botch something. they say it. the great ones do that. and they come back and show tha they have learned. so did abraham lincoln who went through generals like to shoot paper with said he would find a great one and he did. >> hello, i'm dana perino along with kennedy, geraldo rivera, jesse watters. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five". >> the taliban has informed us that they are prepared to provide safe passage of civilians to the airport. we intend to hold them to that commitment. >> president biden faced a new wave of criticism for how he plans to get over 10,000 americans and countless african out of the country. the white hous


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