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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 18, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> i would but they are not into words, they are into strength. in this strength is the president because we had an obsolete military. we had a 45-year-old jets. we rebuilt the military and created space for us. the answer is i would like to help but you have to do it through the strength of the president's office and biden has taken that strength away. >> sean: laura will have a great show next, don't miss it. straightht ahead. from washington tonight. the debate over how many laura: debate over how many afghan refugees the country should absorb is one certain folks don't want to have but most americans do. stephen miller is here on wyatt madison restaurant owners are
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being driven out of business by new york city vaccine mandates and a nurse's job is in jeopardy because she refuses to get the job. but first the invisible president is the focus of tonight's angle. we have 3500 troops redeployed in afghanistan as of tonight, hundreds of thousands trying to get out, china is poised to exploit the situation, the us border under siege with covid infected migrants and we don't have an actual president in charge, yesterday president biden darted back to dc from camp david, red for 19 minutes, then took no questions and left the podium and went back to camp david. answers were supposed to be provided today by the national security adviser, a young chap
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who looks like he's running for student council but i wouldn't vote for him after this performance. >> when the civil war comes to end with an opposing force marching on the capital there are going to be scenes of chaos, there are going to be lots of people leaving the country, that's not something that can be fundamentally avoided. >> translation it happens. what about getting those americans out of afghanistan? >> i'm not going to come into my propheticals. i will stay focused on the task at hand which is getting as many people out as rapidly as possible and we will take that day by day. we asked them to come to be a particular on flights and take them home, that's what we intend to do. >> don't worry about the taliban people attacking everyone on the way. of yours ago, the diplomatic national security sector, trying to clarify in a tweet claiming
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what he meant to say was the intent and they will get all americans who want to leave out of afghanistan. maybe leave with that next time around. that was the only shocking revelation today. apparently are most experienced foreign policy president ever was so busy trying to figure out how to use those tv remotes at camp david that he had not spoken to another world leader during the crisis that he helped create. >> is not it spoken to any other world leaders. myself, secretary blinken, several members of the team have been engaged on a regular basis with foreign counterparts and we intend to do so in the coming days. jillian: after feeling the blowback for obvious reasons the white house scrambles about word that biden finally picked up the
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phone to talk with british prime minister boris johnson. in other words they had to do cleanup for the guy who was supposed to clean up for the president, his people are totally incompetent. this so national security team, wasn't foreign-policy kind of biden's think? >> this is a moment that require strong, steady, stable leadership. we need someone tested and trusted around the world, this is a moment for joe biden, a president with the experience to lead. >> i worked as long as anyone throughout afghanistan during this war while the war was going on from kabul to kandahar. i have traveled on four occasions, i met with people, spoke to the leaders.
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laura: now still under the delusion that afghanistan was a stable country. i thought america was back, didn't he say that, they were foreign-policy gurus who could get other countries to help the united states. i thought they had a plan. experience is key, biden would calm things down and get us back to the regular order of things. >> president biden brought his expertise on foreign policy and national security. >> a world of experience. >> the entire cast of national security people who were on that stage yesterday with the president-elect joe biden, competence, experience, insight, humility. laura: basin trump had to be
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defeated because he was too green, too arrogant, a little brash, made things more dangerous. foreign leaders didn't listen to him, but all of it was a live. we just suffered one of the most humiliating defeats in american history, a defeat made worse by the rhetoric ability to predict anything with accuracy and their response is that biden isn't talking to anyone. shouldn't biden be talking to everyone and trying to assure them that he actually knows what he is doing even if the biden team doesn't think he should do the job shouldn't they pretend he can do it, they could have given him some flashcards or something to read, anything but no, we just had radio silence. the team of blinken, sullivan has plainly failed, the notion that they could run the country while biden hidden from public view has been proven false. on the military front, general
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white rage millie, secretary crt austin should have been terminated. they are being outmaneuvered everywhere in the world and it shows. democrats and republicans on the hill should all be demanding that biden clean house and bring in better people to get this under control. we can't take these three much longer, can take three weeks of this much less 3 more years and that is the angle. as biden and many leftists rush to blame trump we are bringing you the inside story of what trump had planned for afghanistan and you will hear it from the man trump appointed to take over the dod after he fired mark s per. joined me former pentagon chief of staff and advisor to donald trump. this was a fight against the
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swamp entrenched pentagon bureaucracy. was it not? >> thanks for having me and you said it, donald trump sent me over there and said we have a condition controlled withdrawal from afghanistan, surrender any affiliation or reject al qaeda and sit down at a table, the afghan government and television and negotiate interim peace government that will last and 3 and most importantly that if any americans interest is armed, any american personnel his arm donald trump informed us doing the full wrath of the united states military to protect our citizens abroad and we are prepared to do that and lastly, we were going to be the special operations force and country for counterterrorism purposes so that is a coordinated strategic plan that has conditions which is lacking today. jillian: it is -- laura: it didn't take long for the former defense secretary marcus for to play the blame game.
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>> donald trump the contents want to withdraw american forces out of afghanistan undermine the agreement which is why in the fall when he was calling for a return of us forces by christmas i objected. laura: is a superhero of the afghan war? >> know. he had to fire two secretaries of defense to get what the commander-in-chief wanted. and here's a prime example of failure of leadership. when you're playing the blame game on national tv and you responsible for the largest fighting force on god's green earth and failed to commander-in-chief he didn't feel you you failed him, you failed to prepare the requirements necessary to remove americans, jake sullivan said they are basically sending text messages to the 10,000 americans in country asking them to come to us. that's not what america does. america gets our citizens come
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our fighting forces, we go rescue our own. we don't ask them to come to us in a foreign land. laura: what was donald trump's plan to secure our military vehicles and weaponry american taxpayers paid for if indeed turns out the afghan military might not be ready to fight? what could have been done? >> donald trump set our personnel and equipment and machinery and weaponry had to come back because leaving the would be a national security disaster and the department of defense takes on transport operations, we literally fly in thousands of airplanes the size of four greyhound buses to remove those equipment and we had a plan to do that and we
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will not do that until the taliban and afghans agree to our terms which they did and it was working and another example is not one american casualty occurred under donald trump's with oral plan, now you have people dying at the airport following from cargo planes to their death. laura: how is it biden's team, someone has to have a brain, wouldn't have started withdrawing people, withdrawing americans, contractors, they have to get out of the country before august or july whenever they wrap up the plan for full military withdrawal why would 10,000 americans still be there? i don't get that. they knew this day was coming. >> they failed to prepare and
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plan, we prepared to secure interest and withdrawal of people and personnel and to prop up a joint government for the afghans and the taliban and. what president biden failed to do is listen to the intelligence from career officers, politicized the afghan withdrawal and listened into the mainstream media. >> biden's blunders are not limited to withdrawal. we recently learned biden planned on for billions more into that money pit, 3 billion to be exact. were they worried about the cash and bring it out and's hands, the white house is mom on that. americans deserve to know where their hard-earned dollars are going. likely the good folks put together a fairly comprehensive list of how taxpayer dollars were spent or i should say misspent in afghanistan including $83 billion for the
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afghan security forces but surrendered within days of american troops going out and $174 million on drones we lost track of, 9.4 million a couple carpet center and $800 million on a respect women pr campaign aimed at the taliban, what we've seen in the last 24 hours tells us, indiana congressman jim banks, afghan war vet, congressman, is it not time for congress to hold comprehensive hearings on the utter catastrophe that has been this withdrawal and the lies about the afghan security forces being up to snuff that have been happening, that have been going on for 10 years? where are the congressional hearings on that. >> without a doubt this is the greatest application of leadership we've seen in my
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lifetime by an american president and his team when it comes to our national security interests, the least we can do is hold congressional hearings. i'm not holding my breath with nancy pelosi, speaker of the house saying she supports president biden's plans in afghanistan and the undoing of everything that has happened in the last 72 hours of the month before that. the speaker of the house supports president biden's efforts i can't imagine she will allow us to have oversight hearings, perhaps those will wait until the republicans win back the majority. laura: the us embassy in afghanistan cost several hundred million dollars to build and that was abandoned, gone, money that is by, staggering amount of money. >> the taliban controls not just
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the afghanistan presidential palace which is right next door to the us embassy where i served in 2014-15 when i was there is a reservist. i participated in these efforts, it is humiliating to me to think the taliban and now controls one of the most expensive us embassies we build around the world, they now own it. they literally own the united states embassy, humiliating to every american, humiliating to the projection of america's strength and posture around the world that it all happened on president biden's watch. >> the biden administration has to admit it has no clue on how many americans are still in afghanistan. >> how many americans do you believe to be in afghanistan
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right now? >> certainly thousands of americans, we don't have an exact count. i would say best guess between 5 and 10,000 near kabul. >> individuals who self identify as american citizens, that numbers around 11,000. jillian: the level of incompetence is so breathtaking here and they said the trump team, they called the trump team jv in the first hundred days, missteps on the travel ban but these are american lives at stake here. they don't even know how many people are there. >> can't believe jake sullivan, national security devices still have a job at this point. it is his job to answer the question. >> i hire mister sullivan to
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secure an elementary school to get kids out of an elementary school that alone get thousands of americans, unknown number of americans out of the country like afghanistan. but these are the most experienced people ever, isn't that what nancy pelosi assured us, the most experienced team we ever had in washington. >> that's right. 12,000 estimated americans, jake sullivan doesn't know but those still in afghanistan, this hasn't been widely reported but another part of that press conference was and prioritizing americans to get them out first. why would americans not be prioritized to get them out of the country, they can't get to the airport. my office is receiving phone calls from americans and others in afghanistan who have no idea where to go or what to do because embassy has been vacated. there is no plan at all to get
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americans safely out of afghanistan and responsibly make this happen by the biden administration. it is shameful and will go down as a black mark. laura: if these facts unfolded under donald trump they would be demanding his resignation, forget the cabinet resignation, his resignation. what if i told you just over half the people evacuated from afghanistan were americans? so why is this not leading every news site and? senior advisor stephen miller is next. he will pick up the baton.
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>> laura: okay, now that biden has completely screwed >> the withdrawal from afghanistan, the establishment presumes the american people will have to pay for it. the left of the pro-war right, believe we should admit afghan refugees in the tens if not hundreds of thousands. >> the 60,000 numbers right, not some obstruction, we should do what is necessary to keep our word we've given to these people. >> there is a sense that we
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can't do anything will, eventually the 30,000, what about the rest of them? laura: we can all agree special admission into the us for helping our troops, no doubt about it, we are being kept in the dark how any of these people will be vetted. for starters how many are there? what criteria is being used to determine who gets in and more importantly will family members be allowed to join them? your family members mentioned, cousin, second cousin, who qualifies as a vulnerable person? by looking at the news at the website tonight pretty much everyone in afghanistan is vulnerable. how many do they propose we take and on what basis, they can't all be interpreters. the lesson of this 20 year war cannot be that every time we turn the country upside down or make huge mistakes, our
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immigration laws, refugee laws no longer apply but the left believes everyone should be able to come here and the 20 plus million here illegally right now should normally be allowed to stay but to vote as well. now they think we have nothing at all to learn from who they usually tell us we should listen to, europe. what about europe's experience with millions of syrian refugees and afghan refugees and iraqi refugees and drawing any such parallels is deemed racist. >> it is xenophobia, fear mongering, scaring people that they are coming to your town, the specter of the kind of refugee chaos and crisis we had in europe after the syrian war and they will try to frighten people. most of the world might see this
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as a moral test of our decency. laura: we are going to take lessons on decency and morality from that guy? google him. there's nothing moral and decent in jettisoning the rule of law in pursuit of short-term political goals but i'm sure there are many people who helped us in afghanistan and should be held recently must be carried out under existing us law and with full transparency and full accountability. and after that i have 0 faith in any of these people in charge, to the left it is trump supporters, not the taliban, not al qaeda who are the real enemy. >> over the last 20 years what we have seen is the biggest
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threat to america is homegrown, right-wing violent white supremacists, white nationalists that we saw take part in large part on january 6th. laura: the faster they can neutralize trump supporters with government dependent immigrants illegal or otherwise the better. 20 me now stephen miller, former trump senior advisor, we want to help the afghans who helped us in a meaningful way, verifiable way and there are many of those but should we trust the biden administration to carefully fit these folks? >> not only should we not just the biden administration to do so, the simple reality is we no longer are in control of the apparatus in afghanistan to be able to that anybody. the taliban has control of the government so the notion that people could show up at a
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checkpoint and we could have any idea about their backgrounds or belief system or where they come from now that the us government has fallen it is an impossibility. there is a more fundamental point. those who are advocating afghan resettlement in this country are doing so for political, not humanitarian reasons. it is expensive to recently refugee in the united states. they get free healthcare, free education, free housing, free food, cash welfare. for the price you could resell refugees in america you could result in times more, 15 times more in their home region, in this case primarily in pakistan, resettling in america is not about solving humanitarian crisis at accomplishing an ideological objective to change america and if we want to help people in the region we will be
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working with our partners to find a place for people to go. >> i want people to understand how fluid these numbers are, you hit the nail on the head. it is externally costly. i'm getting emails that catholic charities are putting them in this hotel in maryland and social services putting them in this hotel in virginia and it is not like they are getting government money to resell the refugees. not just a 1-time deal but a decade plus of money they get which somebody has to pay for. it's not coming out of nicole wallace's wallet but all-american's wallets. >> local communities pick up the tab as well but just to get to first principles here the united states of america never ever made a promise written or in written to the people of afghanistan that after 20 years they were unable to secure their
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own country that we would take 2 hours. that is nonsense, that is never policy. laura: they keep saying it has been set all over cable, we made a promise, if we don't live up to our promise, very heart wrenching as a mom, heart wrenching to see any suffering in afghanistan, the streets of chicago, africa. it is horrific. >> of the united states takes the policy that every person suffering under sharia law has a right to live in the united states of america we are going to need to make room for half 1 billion people. this is not intellectually serious. it's not about you ministering relief because it is cheaper to settle afghan refugees in pakistan and other neighboring countries. laura: they are doing big amounts to bring people out of
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afghanistan, the uae can take these folks as well. they should be more culturally at home in the middle east it makes a lot of sense. >> in europe. >> europe doesn't want them. we got to listen to europe, they don't want them. france, britain doesn't want them, germany and sweden are trying to deport migrants and put a temporary halt on that. they do not want all this influx of migrants into their country, take a poll on americans, what do you think the pole would be? >> it would be 90-10 know. the bottom line to sum it up, there's a lot of people in afghanistan, millions and millions and millions who don't like the taliban and rightly so. that doesn't necessarily mean all those millions of people are jacksonian democrats are pro-american and embrace our way of life. the most logical thing to do for people who don't want to live in
12:32 am
afghanistan is to find them a home in another country in southeast asia or the broader middle east. jillian: stay home, thank the people who helped us but hundreds of thousands of people is the last one. thank you. mayor bill deblasio is making life even more miserable for new yorkers if possible, city vaccine passports went into effect in some business owners are fuming. we will speak to two restaurateurs who are fighting back, plus australia, strict lockdown in the covid situation is getting worse during the lockdown. you won't believe who they are blaming, polymer george christiansen is back with us tonight.
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>> people in new york city have to show proof of vaccination to catch a movie, eat endorse at a restaurant and deblasio calls it the key to the wonders of the
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city which implies the unvaccinated are being locked out. if you are not vaccinated doesn't matter if you have natural immunity on untouchable who need to be shown from polite society. the left wants you to think this is progress but it is shameful and un-american. new york city business owners are fighting back against this attack on our civil liberties. with the nose manager and owner of a restaurant. mary, josephine and rocco, great to see both of you. your first reaction to the news that new yorkers would need this vaccine passports to live their normal lives. >> i was in such despair i was dismayed. i think i laid down in bed. i could not believe to have come so far and now in a place that
12:39 am
we are doing this, separating people based on the vaccine. you said it in your opening, this is segregation, we are trampling on similarities, discriminating against people. the mayor of new york just locked out tourists, families, telling people who've not been vaccinated they don't belong. that they don't count essentially. i can't believe we've created two new classes. jillian: i wake up every day and can't believe this is our country, we have an invisible president, all while breaking loose all over the world and at home.
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rocco, mayor deblasio was asked about your bakery and how you called mandate basically echoing what your wife said discriminatory, here is his response. >> it's not discrimination. it is about protecting people. in our society for generations we've done also to things to protect people, we have drivers licenses, vaccinations of all kinds, so many things we do to protect people. this is a way of protecting people. >> grocery stores, big-box stores don't need to require proof of vaccination but this is a noble thing, protecting people. >> it is discrimination in two ends, discrimination against us, bar owners and restaurant owners to go against what he said, but also the employees and city officials can be vaccinated or take a weekly covid test, that doesn't apply to us so that is discrimination and he discriminated against people who freely choose not to take the vaccine and he wants us as business owners to segregate those people based on a new
12:41 am
class he just created which is the vaccinated and unvaccinated. definitely discrimination and segregation. laura: do you think this is just another attack on small business in the united states. you've gotten hammered. it's hard enough to run a bakery, i know some people who run bakeries, it is hard work, hard to make it. >> more than that. this is an attack on our constitution, and attack people living lives freely, an attack on people wanting to come to the restaurant and sit down and have a cup of coffee with family or friends. you are father and son and want to take your son to a ballgame can you do that now if you are not vaccinated can't take it will you make a ballgame, where we, what kind of country do 11? this is insane that people can't
12:42 am
see that it is not just about safety. without our civil liberties, without our constitution what foundation do we have, are you afraid that you are going -- the find come your way, money is a big deal but without the country that i grew up in what is money without freedom. i really implore everybody to listen to what is going on here, the message is not meant to be political, we need to protect the constitution, we need to protect our civil liberties:start segregating people. i have natural immunity. other countries -- they allow natural immunity, you have doctors on your show that said as much. laura: your words are so important, what is money without freedom, nothing. thank you. we will be following your case.
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it is into something at home. halfway around the world new zealand's prime minister put her nation on lockdown over one case and warned citizens not to speak to their neighbors. we -- in australia the lockdown is so ineffective they just experienced their worst day of the pandemic. the response to this news totally unhinged. newly imposed restrictions include a ban on removing facemasks to take a drink of alcohol in public. australian member of parliament george christiansen. the lockdowns don't work, they prolong the pandemic. does anyone see this in australia? >> last time, the pandemic
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policy what hasn't worked before we will do harder and when i thought this insanity -- along comes new zealand, do better than australia locking down their entire country over one single case but this is the kind of mentality that is floating around politicians and public policy experts in this country and in our region. >> is this about the virus? or is there -- something else happening? >> probably a fair bit of also a fair bit of holding on to the power they've taken from us, the ridiculous stuff we are seeing now, restrictions on visiting graveyards, one person in victoria reported being fined by police for visiting a graveyard,
12:45 am
now they shut down access to playground so kids can't run around 3 in the playground or park and more than that, your compadre tucker pointed out, our premier, equivalent of a governor actually sued to people you're not allowed to remove your mask to drink alcohol outside. they take their beer drinking very seriously. might be more attempts at protests and they are warning people in south wales that they are going to be harsh, penalties for anyone not inside their homes unless for specific stated purpose. do you see more of this about to happen and how ugly could this get?
12:46 am
>> quite a political response. in june last year we didn't know which way the pandemic would go, we had black lives better protests happening all around the country, and people acquiescing to these people and the media then said afterwards there was no spread of covid 19 from these protests because it doesn't spread outside but when people go to protest against the restrictions themselves suddenly they are evil people who must be fined and locked up and so i think the police need to think again, delving too far into political arguments -- laura: turning against their own people and that is -- is it really just the virus we are dealing with? >> i'm very pro-police but a lot of people have become skeptical
12:47 am
about always, not the overreach, policing in south wales and other things who you hook up with as a single you have to register who you are seeing and worse than that we had official government dialogue that said words to the effect the only safe sex is so low sex, talking about what they know about. laura: good to see. come back soon and risking her job the refusal to get the covid vaccine, here next, she will tell us why. do you know when yoe found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling. do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: across the country health care workers who risk their lives during the pandemic laura: healthcare workers who risk their lives during the pandemic don't like the covid mandates are at risk of losing their job including my next guest, emergency room nurse in fredericksburg, virginia. what is your objection? >> my objection at the moment is risking losing my job over a decision i'm not ready to make it. laura: what is your visitation
12:53 am
about the vaccine? >> my hesitation is i'm a data person. we are science minded people, healthcare workers generally are. i would like to see something other than a headline to make this decision and i believe everybody should be able to make it for themselves. the fact that we work so hard this past year and a half and are faced with losing the job we love and is a calling for us over a mandate doesn't sit well. laura: are there any exemptions at all in your er? >> there are two. we can do a religious exemption or a medical exemption. i don't fall into either of those categories. i believe i shouldn't need to be exempt just to say no to something i'm not ready to decide for me yet. laura: to listen to some of the democrats you are putting
12:54 am
people's lives in danger. >> that i have been told several times but i have been putting people in danger by not and we've spent this last year putting ourselves in danger to help everyone else when we didn't know what was going on one day to the next. if i do little more time to make this decision it is okay for me to take that. laura: how many others feel the same? >> i've gotten so many messages in so many emails people are afraid to speak out. >> we wish you the best of luck. next bite next.
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>> laura: >> president by maps of using
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taking post war refugees seems to have evolved into the early days in washington dc, in 1975 the freshman senator declared i'm tired of hearing about moral obligation the senior he proclaimed the united states has no obligation to evacuate one or 100,001 s. vietnamese. gutfeld next. todd: the state department americans trapped in afghanistan to shelter in place as us citizens and allies face an uncertain fate in telegram controlled streets. the strength. >> president biden cutting the vacation short as the white house admits it is trusting the terror organization itself to allow those evacuations to proceed safely. we have team coverage this morning.


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