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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 18, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert, trusting terrorists. thousands of americans and us allies stranded in afghanistan and the white house is relying on the taliban to read them home. todd: attempting to reach the airport a woman is murdered for going in public without a burqa. we have live team coverage, mark meredith standing by washington where president biden returned from vacation. >> reporter: good morning, afghanistan's new leadership, the taliban is bowing to present themselves to the world, many taliban leaders haven't been
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seen in public other than their closest allies since the war began 20 years ago. many in the capital or the country including the taliban's founder who had flown into couple in the last 24 hours as the taliban seeks to shift to this new role of governing the country after two decades of fighting in the shadows. very disturbing reports of heavy-handed treatment being dealt by the new government including reports that people who are trying to make their way to the airport to flee are being beaten back despite the taliban's pledge of free and safe passage to anyone who wants to leave. the taliban and shot and killed a woman for going out in public without a burqa, another action not consistent with their pledge to respect women's rights. growing concern about weapons the united states left behind gave the afghan army, falling
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into the arms of the taliban yesterday national security adviser jake sullivan painted a disturbing picture. >> we don't have a complete picture of where every article of defense material has gone but a fair amount has fallen into the hands of the taliban but we don't have a sense they will readily hand it over to us at the airport. >> reporter: president biden held a phone call with british prime minister boris johnson, his first call since the fall of afghanistan, lots for those leaders to talk about including the safe evacuations of thousands of their countrymen on the ground in kabul. todd: right now there are reports that up to 40,000
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americans, some reports said 15,000. jillian: self identified as american citizens. todd: robert charles, 40,000 american citizens could be stranded on taliban and controlled streets. put the visual in your mind, that is your average major league baseball stadium. a large number of people yet at any point in the last 20 years if i told you and said we will trust the safety of these individuals to the taliban, their safety and security, their lives, to the goodwill and honesty of the taliban you would have thought i'm crazy but that is what is playing out. jillian: our understanding is the taliban and set up around the airport in kabul that is hard for a lot of the afghans to try to get into the airport. we are seeing stories and reports that some of them are making their way and but also there are checkpoints all over the place so they are having a hard time leaving their homes to make that trick to the airport
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to get out of kabul safely and on twitter yesterday i saw a report from a cbs news producer, fox is not confirmed this but a note went out to american citizens requesting to be evacuated from afghanistan and the note said thank you for registering your request to be evacuated from afghanistan and make your way to the airport and at the end please be advised the us government cannot guarantee or security as you make this trip. that's one of the big questions. how do we make sure on the ground that american citizens, interpreters we promised to help make their way safely to the airport to get out of the country to safety, let's listen to what the biden administration official said yesterday on how america is working with the taliban to ensure their safety. listen to this.
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>> they are prepared to provide safe passage of civilians to the airport and we intend to hold them to that commitment. >> we had no hostile interactions, no attack and no threat by the taliban and. jillian: no hostile interactions is what they are saying, fantastic to hear and video different images on the ground doesn't exactly paint the situation is pleasant over there. video showing taliban members beating afghans who are attempting to reach the airport. this is just one video of many videos we are seeing that are disgusting and disturbing. todd: you don't need to be a foreign relations scholar to get the point this is how we treat our own american citizens, how we treat people who help us who have helped us in the war on terror. what is that sending to the rest of the world.
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and, involve national security. it hurts the homeland. >> jen psaki was taking questions. >> the american and afghan allies, at the end of the month. that is day by day. and of all aroma population eligible to be evacuated. >> not a satisfactory answer. we struggle to reform and reform alliances with those who question whether they can trust us and based on our track record. jillian: hope and pray every
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person who wants to get out and deserves to get out of there can get out. injured on the streets as far -- it is impossible. todd: joey jones will join us later to discuss the white house's plan to get americans out of afghanistan. jillian: president biden will recommend the covid booster shot for most vaccinated americans. todd: it will serve as additional protection against the delta. as cases surge across the us. jackie ibanez joins us live. >> reporter: sources tell fox news the booster shot should be administered eight month after a person gets there second dose. boosters could be administered as soon as mid-september after the fda approved the pfizer and moderna shot. federal health officials say they are waiting on more data before deciding whether to recommend of booster for johnson & johnson vaccine recipients.
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pfizer says it has submitted data to the fda for authorization of a booster shot. the company says the third dose is safe and produces antibody response, this as the delta variant surges making up 100% of new covid cases according to the cdc. yesterday the us reported 128,000 new covid cases, right now just over 50% of americans are fully vaccinated but some experts warned pushing a third shop could distract from getting the vaccine for those who are hesitant to take the jab in the first place. >> it is not good timing and it distracts from our main mission. it appears the protection against death and severe illness is durable, lasting and going strong with vaccinated or natural immunity. >> reporter: greg abbott tested positive for covid, gave us an update on social media. >> i have tested positive for covid 19. my wife continues to test
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negative. jillian: abbott is currently isolated in the governor's mention and receive new antibody treatment to stay in touch with officials to keep government operation. >> the president and vice president to questions about that but guess who is talking to the media. >> he got more on that live next.
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jillian: president biden cutting his vacation short as the afghan government falls to the taliban and. todd: amid the chaos joe concha said the images won't go away soon. the aforementioned joe concha joins us. how sad of the optics oral that looks to the us for strength? >> reuters had a poll out just yesterday showing the president down 7 points just since last friday. the optics are horrible and americans have all seen the
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images by now and understand the stakes as far as al qaeda and a possible attack that resembles 9/11 on the homeland because they have a safe haven in afghanistan you see the taliban and take over the capital of kabul in no time in the president is hiding on vacation and comes back on a statement for 20 minutes, doesn't take questions afterwards, runs off the stage, goes back on vacation only to return from vacation as jen psaki was on vacation and comes back from vacation, you could find it snowden before you could find vice president kamala harris doing interviews are talking the to the decision she played a key part of and juxtapose that with the taliban and their spokesman on msnbc, being interviewed by lara logan or all over al jazeera. the taliban is not only winning but conditions on the ground in afghanistan, the messaging game
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against the white house that appears to be afraid of the mostly friendly press because they know how wrong they got it. jillian: why do you think the president went back to camp david? why do you think we haven't heard anything outside twitter from the vice president. what really has their motives been in not saying that much? >> it is a replay of the 2020 campaign when they didn't campaign in public or do too many interviews and won and election as a result, the problem is they are in charge and with that sort of power comes responsibility, accountability and just like the southern border they can put in their head in the sand and hope
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the story goes away. that is not happening anytime soon. this will have legs through september 11th and beyond particularly on september 11th you will see celebrations all over couple, at our us embassy, death to america and all that on a day 20 years later when we are not going to be able to remember the folks that lost their lives, 3000 of them, properly because we will be talking about what could happen as a result of afghanistan becoming another terrorist haven once again. todd: we were told by the mainstream media the dc pros would be back once that bad evil guy trump and his administration left office. how are these pros getting every single part of this so horrifically wrong? >> look at jake sullivan, national security adviser where yesterday during the press briefing at the white house he is asked a simple question which is how many world leaders has the president spoken to and he says he hasn't actually spoken to any. how is that possible? you know that question is coming
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and couldn't advise the president to speak with someone in the middle east, any of our allies, he ran on having the strongest relationships with world leaders than anyone and he can't pick up the phone, here's what is going on and here's how it will fix it. optics on this could look worse if the white house tried. jillian: 16 after the hour is the taliban and tightens its grip and the biden administration scribbles to get americans out afghans wonder what is next. >> where is my president, we don't have anything because they don't know what to do. todd: that afghan journalist demanding answers, she joins us live next. jillian: twitter facing fierce backlash for allowing the taliban to tweet while donald trump is silent. more on that.
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vacation short over thousands of americans trapped in afghanistan. todd: the biden administration working on evacuations, mark meredith has reaction on capitol hill. >> reporter: the white house is facing growing questions how it plans to ensure americans and its allies in afghanistan especially with everything we see under taliban control. president biden came back to dc. he was at camp david, now he is back we think for least a full day today amid this crisis. the president's national security adviser, answered one question tied to the evacuation plan. >> will the us government commit to ensuring any americans on the ground in afghanistan get out? >> that is what we are doing right now.
2:23 am
we asked the world to get into fights to bring them home. that's what we intend to do. >> reporter: after the briefing the national security pfizer tweeted that is already happening, trying to get americans out and with the ear paris opening they plan to evacuate as many people as possible quickly but some 5000 people have to leave per day, a huge number, 40,000 americans could be in afghanistan as we are hearing from donald trump. he reacted to this speaking to fox news directly bashing his successor. >> he should of gotten this billions out first, take frequent out and then take the soldiers out and i said before you leave blowup all the forts because we built these forts being used by the enemy. >> reporter: trump is not the only one that has criticized the white house for the international chaos. we heard from so many demanding congress deeper into what happened. you heard from mitch mcconnell
2:24 am
and among the speaking out is tom cotton. >> we are at the mercy of how long the taliban is willing to grant safe passage to american citizens. this is a fiasco that reveals president biden's incompetence to the whole world. >> reporter: the president came back last night, scheduled for today as of right now the president is not scheduled to speak publicly about afghanistan but giving security briefing this morning and during that event tied to covid and the vaccine could take questions at the event, reporters will be allowed in. he will be doing an interview with abc's george stephanopoulos. we will hear more from the president about afghanistan but as you've been talking about there are a lot of questions the white house is facing, we don't think there's white house briefing today but anything could change in 20 minutes. heather: number of unanswered questions grows by the hour and we need to hear from the
2:25 am
president to answer those questions. jillian: i understand addressing the nation and the need to take questions because there are so many questions that he hasn't taken questions reporters about this. todd: the first time he addressed the nation he was speaking about the decision in the argot to withdraw from afghanistan. that is not what is at issue. what is at issue is the hasty way this transpired in the past week. jillian: the question of how to ensure everyone's safety. the us army is planning to house 22,000 afghan refugees, the northern comanche general says fort bliss plans to house 10,000. the texas base is holding migrant children. fort mccoy in wisconsin to take 12,000. todd: turning to fox weather, tropical depression fred unleashing heavy rain, flash
2:26 am
flooding could reach upstate new york. jillian: north carolina tornado causing damage across the south, no injuries were reported. tropical storm grace, people left without homes after the devastating earthquake in haiti. todd: you see these images out of haiti, seems every 5 years they get horrible storm. how much can they take? >> reporter: that is the big story in the tropics as it continues to strengthen. it is on the move so folks in haiti can take a break from this one but we are in the middle of hurricane season. it seems the next six weeks we could be lining up a lot of activity through the tropics but the one that did move over haiti still a powerful storm that is strengthening now that it is over open water. winds 65 miles an hour gusting to 75 miles an hour, the storm is on the move at 60 miles an
2:27 am
hour to the west going to continue to strengthen and jumping up to her hurricane category one, 85 miles an hour making landfall thursday morning in the yucatán peninsula before running into the gulf of mexico, strengthening again to a category one hurricane once again before making landfall in central mexico. this is the tropical storm we have to pay attention to. however there is no threat of this one making landfall in the united states, very good news but as i said we are at the point of the year we start to see the storms ramp up so we could have a busy next 6 weeks or so. jillian: end of august, beginning of september, october. todd: two teachers joining a lawsuit against the district's transgender policies claiming after a pe teacher was ousted for saying this in may. >> i love all of my students that will never lie to them regardless of the consequences.
2:28 am
i'm a teacher i serve god first and will not affirm the biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it against my religion, lying to a child. todd: executive director in former doj official ian prior joins me to discuss. here is the teacher's argument. be forced to communicate a message they believe is false. a truly collar in society can permit such differences and accommodate all views and soak in a school district. why does the school district insist it cannot accommodate the views of the teachers? >> ultimately you have a school board that refuses to value the input of all the community and the majority of the community. we are not talking a policy that prevents this, nation or prevents bullying or things everyone agrees with. those policies are on the books. this is accommodation only applies to a small group of
2:29 am
people. on the other side of the ledger a majority of people whose first amendment rights are impacted whether it is compelled speech from the sixth circuit or the safety of their children or the modesty of their children. the bottom line is the loudoun county school board despite hundreds of parents going there and speaking out against this policy refuses to listen to its community and i commend these teachers. todd: let's pop up a policy on the screen. students preferred pronouns and undergo lgbt q plus training, play sports, trans students can use bathrooms corresponding to gender identity. the first minute and a half we referenced the parents and the school board. i have a question. what do kids think about this? at the end of the day education is about the kids, right? >> parents that are speaking or
2:30 am
speaking for their kids and girls, teenagers not comfortable sharing bathrooms in this way. it is interesting because in regulation they talk about overnight field trips. the overnight field trip, biological boy would stay in a room with girls, you cannot separate that biological boy into a separate room but if a girl feels uncomfortable in that situation that girl has to stay in a separate room by herself, that is what we are talking about, creating accommodation for people that have issues with it making it difficult for them and impacting their rights, there are ways to do this where you can respect people's first amendment rights and parents were pleading with the school board to slow this down and figure out a way, and impacting children's rights, and the school board, two individuals
2:31 am
want to hear it. todd: we reached out for a statement but have not heard back. we will let you know. jillian: it is half past the hour. afghan journalist, country's attention with her emotional plea for the women and girls left to face the taliban and. >> we don't have anything, they don't know what to do. jillian: that journalist joins us live next. ♪♪
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jillian: and afghan reporter getting emotional while asking john kirby about the future of women are country. >> where is my president, people expected he would get by with the people and we don't know where this is. we don't have a president or anything, people don't know what to do. >> i can't speak for where he is or what his views are. we all understand the anxiety, fear and pain. jillian: thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me.
2:36 am
i was emotionally in a bad situation. everybody knows where the taliban came from. i remember the bad memories in 1996, the emotion came from 1996 when i was close to afghanistan because i remember all taliban ideology and policy. at the same time everything as it peaked, overall in afghanistan to remind me in afghanistan, my time in afghanistan. it was a bad situation emotionally.
2:37 am
i raised my voice but it was not my voice, it was voiceless woman in afghanistan although in the united states i am safe. i'm okay but physically i am here but i think about that is why my days, my voice, ask the pentagon spokesperson why has he left the afghan people, afghan people because the united states responsibility about my people situation. jillian: the telegram will uphold the rights of women and girls as they interpret them under islam. what do you think the future looks like for women and girls in afghanistan and do you have
2:38 am
any reason based on your previous experiences living in afghanistan, any reason to believe what they said? >> if you ask my opinion, my belief it is difficult to change some of these ideologies. the afghan woman, afghan journalist, difficult and hard to change ideology because taliban is the same taliban but as long, folks say they go to school. sharia law and don't know what that means and the interpretation of translation, everyone knows afghanistan is a
2:39 am
country that is muslim. teach us to be a good muslim. i doubt the taliban changed. i am worried about the afghan people but believe strongly they are very strong, they will fight for their rights but if the taliban and will be the taliban as i knew them in 1996 but i don't believe i am not very optimistic about women in afghanistan, women's future in afghanistan. jillian: thank you for joining us this morning and keep us updated on everything, appreciate the time. todd: house speaker nancy pelosi braces for showdown with moderates over the infrastructure bill. jillian: cheryl casone breaks it down.
2:40 am
ed: >> reporter: those moderates to vote on the infrastructure bill as a stand-alone bill but she intends to pair it with the $3.5 trillion spending bill. those moderates include representative josh scottheimer saying if it was good enough for bernie sanders and 50 democratic senators why can't we move forward? minority leader mitch mcconnell says republicans are unified opposing the larger bill. >> every single republican in the house and senate is opposed to it. it is a devastating blow to the economy on top of the inflation we already have, trying to take the country in the wrong direction. >> reporter: nancy pelosi under threat from house progressives if she brings infrastructure first. they say they will oppose it. a war between house democrats right now. todd: moderate democrats hold the line.
2:41 am
not surprisingly business owners in the big apple not happy with the vaccine passport requirements. >> reporter: the program got underway which requires diners to show proof of vaccination before going inside but one restaurant owner says this is recrimination. >> we are trampling on civil liberties discriminating against people was the mayor of new york blocked out tourists, families, telling people who have not been vaccinated that they don't belong. >> reporter: a pastry shop, she put up a sign that said all are welcome, and vaccinated or not. the enforcement doesn't start until next month so she may be able -- this might be safe for the business but next month i don't know if they will be knocking on her door. jillian: speaking of vaccines one university is taking vaccine
2:42 am
policy to the extreme threatening to cut off internet access to students who don't get the shot. to carley shimkus, talking to her about it next.
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>> coming up on "fox and
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friends" in 14 minutes texas congressman tony gonzalez on help lone star state is bracing for afghan refugees. amid the surge of migrants at the southern border. morgan ortagus reacts to the white house response to the taliban's quick take over, marcus luttrell the frustration of goldstar families, and the end of america's longest war. mark levin will join us live and the first female afghan he pilot who has a warning for young girls in her home country. a busy 3 hours kicks off 13 minutes and 45 seconds from now on the channel you trust for your morning news and that is why we trust todd and jillian. todd: you did a better job than
2:47 am
brian kilmeade, 15 minutes, you did the math down to the second. >> we have 13 minutes and 17 seconds before we take over. jillian: i will take on brian kilmeade later. todd: not ever again. jillian: talk about double standards, taliban spokesman shares updates on twitter but donald trump's account is frozen. what is this about? carley: the official spokesperson has 280,000 twitter followers actively posting updates. donald trump is banned from the platform for inciting violence. twitter is that is facing backlash from trump supporters but critics and members of the media responded in a statement the situation in afghanistan is rapidly evolving and we are witnessing people using twitter
2:48 am
to seek help and assistance, the top priorities keeping people safe, and make content twitter rules and policies against glorification of violence. the taliban has not broken any rules yet but allowing the taliban to tweet and get their message out violence. sue there will be be headings. ask some of the victims, do the interpreters want to the taliban to be on twitter? todd: up to wednesday we haven't talked about squad hypocrisy. >> reporter: members of the squad including rashida tlaib and ayanna presley, the process led to the eviction moratorium. there financial disclosures.
2:49 am
15,004 rashida tlaib, they did not respond to fox news request for comment. it looks like they are telling other landlords to stop collecting rent from tenants while collecting rent themselves, looks like we eagerly await their response. todd: i will be waiting by the fax machine for their response. >> a new one, get vaccinated or you are not allowed on the internet. that is what the university of connecticut telling students if they don't request an exemption and don't get vaccinated their internet access will become often have to pay a fine up to $2,275 a semester, indoor mask mandates are still in effect on campus.
2:50 am
those numbers, no internet for the unvaccinated and you have to wear a mask indoors. jillian: preventing them from learning. carley: making it impossible to be a student as opposed to saying you can't come on campus, you have to stay off-campus, can't use the internet, makes it impossible to be a student. todd: we should send you back there. carley: first time i've done a quinnipiac story that hasn't been about polls. todd: thank you, time is 15 minutes after the hour. why is the united states trusting the taliban to bring americans home safe? jillian: joey jones reminds us what the terror group really is. ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars... relax. you just need digital workflows. they help keep everyone supplied and happy, proactively.
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2:55 am
white house trusts the tall pan to cooperate with u.s. evacuation efforts. but as the biden administration tells stranded americans to shelter in place. todd: here to react retired bomb tech johnny joey jones. when you hear they're relying on the tall pan to safely evacuate americans what could possibly be going through your mind as somebody who fought the war on terror took so much from you and your colleagues in the military? >> yeah. i guess this is one of those moments where you hold your breath and hope but why the united states military and our civil yaps over in afghanistan why are we in a position to where our best chance is to hold our breath and hope. especially what happened in tall pan circles? airport for anyone to get on to leave the only airport we have left they have to go through the taliban to get there really the point of contention here is who goats decide who gets to come through that cordon? the taliban does, not the united
2:56 am
states government. when we say our people, what we consider to be our people may not be what they consider to be our people. i think that's why the white house and spokesperson pretty much everyone that spoke on this has been so reluctant to say yes, we will stay until every u.s. citizen gets out of afghanistan. jillian: joey, do you think that us leaving bagram air base would prove to be one of the fatal flaws here? because you would know more than me, but from what i have heard, that we would have greater capabilities at balgram versus at the kabul airport to get people out. >> well, we certainly had greater capability to defend ourselves from bagram. bagram was not just an air base, it was also a military base. so, i think abandoning august of our military bases before we started to evacuate people really showed just how unplanned and how unprepared we were for something like this to happen. at this point we have to believe that the biden administration truly believes this was not an option. they didn't plan for it and what
2:57 am
i really hate is to have people stand on a podium and lie to us about that fact. i can forgive someone for making a mistake and doing what they can to fix it. a whole lot easier -- why are we in outsnraj american citizens may not make it through this. we may leaf people behind and we may have to watch videos like we have seen not that long ago and i pray to god that's not the case in any way, shape, or form because a lot of us that fought there don't understand why did we make a sacrifice for those same things to happen over again. todd: one area where this administration has been shockingly somewhat forthcoming albeit with an answer that is not satisfactory at all when it comes to the status of all of our weapons. all of the tools that we used to fight in afghanistan, here is jake sullivan on that. listen. >> we don't have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defense materials has gone. but, certainly, a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of
2:58 am
the taliban. and obviously we don't have a sense that they're going to readily hand it over to us at the airport. todd: i mean joey, you know how this, would. you know where the weapons go. you understand sort of like the path that these weapons go and whose hands they get into. how bad is this and what are the ramifications for us quite frankly in the homeland? >> it's terrible. it's absolutely terrible. i don't know it information i just know the pictures circuited social media. pretty sensitive information like drone technology have fallen into the hands of our enemy. not only that but many of the vehicles weigh that used for the last 10 years were specifically designed to circumvent the impact of an ied which is the terrorist's number one tool against us. so if they can see how we prevented death and serious injury from ieds then they will reverse engineer. they will use different ie did. s. they will reverse engineer their
2:59 am
own vehicles make it harder for us to attack them. it really is a worse case scenario narrow inner shape and form. one thing to get things we paid for. another thing for them to have that much more insight how stay alive if we have to fight them. president biden talks about how we are fighting this terrorist group and others around the world. we just gave them that lot of intellectual ability to fight against us in all those places. jillian: we have about 30 seconds left. joey, how dangerous is the taliban? >> they are as dangerous as they want to be. that's the important part here. our government is putting faith in the taliban that their want for international legitimacy and domestic rule is greater than their want to kill us. i just don't know that i believe that. todd: that is frightening when you think about the realliances we are making and all that we are sort of betting on this. it is not a bet that i think any of us would ever take, yet, our government is doubling down. joey jones, as always, a
3:00 am
pleasure, thank you, sir. jillian: thanks for your service, joey. >> thank you. jillian: well, still so much news to follow out of afghanistan. todd: we mentioned all morning long some unanswered questions. hoping to hear from the white house today. it will be on the channel if it happens. stick with us all day long. jillian: "fox & friends" has continuing coverage. have a great day. ♪ jail jill president cutting his vacation short as he faces backlash. >> meanwhile, there is growing concern about the weapons left behind. >> data has gone into the hands of the taliban this has been the most humiliating period of time i have ever seen. >> thousands of americans still stuck in afghanistan. >> can you guarantee u.s. troops will help them evacuate? >> that is day by day. >> we are really now at the mercy of how long the taliban is willing to grant safe passage. >> two shots aren't good enough. the white house is about to push a covid booster shot. >> there is no evidence really to support that my opinion it is


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