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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 18, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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and promoting this book, "how i save the world" on fox news prime all next week. >> and i will be back tomorrow night at seven. but tonight it's time for tucker carlson. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: a good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." what a betrayal of the war in afghanistan turned out to be. they people for 20 years who paid for the occupation are the ones that died there of course, and that's a disaster for the rest of our lives. they lied to, we were all lied to. but the war in afghanistan if we
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are being completely honest about it, was a betrayal of the afghan people. honorable countries don't do that. it's shameful. we woke up the other morning to find your american patrons gone. he didn't tell you they were leaving, they just left. so what happens to you now in a country run by the taliban? and yet tonight many americans are thinking about it and feeling distressed as they do. americans are kind people and they are quicker and more eager to help strangers than anyone else in the world. should we try to help afghans who are facing persecution for helping us? most americans would have said it, of course we should. and we should be glad that they say that. we should be happy to live in a country that loves children and dogs and wants to help refugees. we are generous and empathetic people and we should be proud. unfortunately there are many in
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our ruling class that are anxious to take advantage of that, anxious to take advantage of our best qualities. they take advantage of our decency and our weakness and they exploit these things. let's try to save our loyal afghan interpreters we tell them, perfect, they think. we will open the borders and change the democratic balance. that's what we do right now on our southern border. naturally in our name of human rights and compassion. and would like to do the very same thing for the disaster unfolding in afghanistan. watch this kid from msnbc yesterday. never as you watched that he is regarded with total seriousness in washington, that's a foreign policy expert and as fellow foreign policy experts wholeheartedly agree with them. >> we are talking about an evacuation of people who help the war is and that's an obligation of the united states but it's sort of a moral fort, its functional ophthalmic functional and as moral ceiling. the biden administration isn't
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doing things necessary like increasing gps access, and letting in refugees by the millions to escape their certain fate at the hands of the taliban. >> tucker: so we must "let in refugees by the millions, said the mustachioed foreign policy expert. the millions. millions is not a handful of loyal afghan interpreters, that's not even a fleet of cargo planes full of afghan interpreters. millions is a good chunk of the entire population of afghanistan. to our country at our expense to live in your neighborhood at the very moment that the national fabric is fraying in case you haven't noticed and the united states is becoming unmistakably more poor. and that's not just one man's eccentric opinion on msnbc. all the clever people are saying exactly the same thing. the u.s. should take as many afghan refugees as it can demands a recent headline in "new york magazine." as many refugees as we can?
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how many refugees is that and is it really good idea idea to do that for us? don't ask. who are not allowed to ask that question because asking is racist. watch. >> the notion that they are sort of horrific peer mongering that racism, that doesn't carve out the men and women in afghanistan who kept our soldiers alive for two decades, it's a new level of reprehensible. >> so our right wing personality is using the crisis in afghanistan to push an anti-refugee sentiment. >> they are getting caught up in what i call the brown menace which is this trumper right wing fear of people coming into the country from central and south america. these people seem to be getting swept up into that xenophobia. >> the response to the collapse of afghanistan, the fall of kabul, the takeover of afghanistan, will look at biden. it's sickening and it's
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pathetic. >> it's hilarious is what it is. the right wing hates brown people. the problem is most afghans are not brown. your average green-eyed 'and this is as pale as anyone sitting on the set right now. do the dummies of cable television know that? from their perspective, anyone who has access to the subway must be a foreigner and all foreigners are brown. we know that, they just are. so maybe they really know that. do we need millions of afghan refugees in phoenix, you ask? shut up racist. okay, go ahead and do it. that's how the process typically works. that's how the process almost always works with everything now. at this point fighting racism is the universal justification for every bad idea. teardown is statues.
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okay. stop teaching math. okay. move swing states for the democratic party. okay. oppose any of it and you are racist. so in the end it always happens. but what happens then? how will this new wave of immigration affect america? will it be a better country or be more like afghanistan which is to say not really a better country. so for a glimpse, and that's a body of a 13-year-old girl, and she had been drugged and and murdered. it took a few days but by monday authorities had announced asylum-seekers from afghanistan for the rate and murder. a chance for austria, and i find
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that tolerable. and that's increasingly throughout the western europe. and, the people that live there do. they've they are not capable and not doing a good job of successfully assimilating many afghan refugees. and why is that? they are notorious for barbaric
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attacks. a gang of 50 afghans who terrorized, and that they were brushed off by a government official. and an afghan migrant was arrested in germany for rating an 11-year-old girl. authorities released him from jail in just a few days, and the migrant then proceeded to rate another girl, this time she was 13 years old. situations throw comics all these are not just anecdotes. shut up abruptly in 2015. and syria arrived in germany. more than 90% of the new crimes in germany, the german government has found, and and
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this is not a slur or not slander, these are the numbers. and it's not just a problem in europe. ever been to pakistan? is one journalist acknowledging that it is happening in places like iran and yes pakistan as well. >> something like 2.8 million refugees in the world are afghan refugees, basically about one in ten. and let's are never during the trump years we lower the refugee at admission to the lowest possible level that it has ever been and also many european countries have shut their doors to refugees and sent them back to places like afghanistan and that was before all of this happened. so i cannot even imagine what's going to take place afterwards. and that's a huge influx and we talk about destabilizing those countries even further.
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>> okay. so afghan refugees have destabilized countries into which they have moved in large numbers. and they we have a moral obligation to take them anyway. that's the only point to have the government to look out for its citizens and whales have a government actually. and he sent a letter to the white house which was signed by dozens of house republicans saying it's just as important to evacuate american citizens as it is to accept afghan refugees and vice versa versa. in prioritizing the evacuation of u.s. personnel from the country.
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attacking up the biden administration because none of this is the fault of the afghan refugees. in the fault is ours. it's with people like that. the idea that we can move people from a completely different country and to completely different culture and language and history on either side of the globe to our country in large numbers and everything will be just fine and it's insane. and until somebody does, maybe we should pause if we care about their own people. the biden administration is still by the way refusing to guarantee the safety of americans going to the airport
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and it that's a fault of americans trapped in afghanistan because they didn't leave sooner even though biden has been saying that the taliban will never take over. so instead of rescuing those american still stuck there we are saving afghans. possible recurrent partial-birth trend said we are of relocating more noncitizen afghans than we are americans out of afghanistan. and so joe biden didn't have questions about this. american citizens remain trapped. he got off the phone with bill haggerty, take a look at
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hundreds of afghans crammed into a c17 cargo plane. this was the air trafficker is a reaction when he saw the flight lift off. >> how many people are on your jet? 800 people on your jet? holy cow. >> tucker: so every one of those 800 according to congressman peter meijer who is like 33 years old "risk their lives to help protect american troops." really, peter meijer? you are just making it up. every one of those afghans on the plane is a hero in my queue. in fact stephen law wants every
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one of them in that area admittedly. it's pretty easy to encourage unlimited migration of refugees because in the end they are not actually going to his neighborhood. and and we have a housing crisis by the way. a big one, and according to "the wall street journal," the amount of available entry-level housing in the united states, and that's to find the homes up to 14 a good story. is it a five low? that rose above $800,000. the first in history. the growth in median rent out
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plays the growth in median rental income in every state from 2001 through 2019. that's a terrible deponent for human citizens. we are now living through the biggest influx of american refugees in american history. that's far more than the number of asylum applicants who arrived in europe in 2015 and that was under 1 million. so how many will bring family members with them? the vast majority it turns out, not just the translators. roughly 70% of the special immigrant visas that we have given out in recent years have gone to relatives. more than 70%. so in general, chain migration like this has been a huge driver
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of population growth. each new immigrant sponsored average of 3.45 additional immigrants. getting a lot more than you thought they were. between 2005 and 2016, for an no other reason than they had extended family members. how many of these afghans and their family members, you have to wonder. are excited about coming to america. it's interesting. maybe you should ask that question. a bu should ask ilhan omar. her position is the only reason that american citizens might object to be flooding with millions of new refugees from afghanistan because americans and those born here who built the country are actually mediocre and insecure.
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>> then we have these crazy people on the right. what they always do with their fearmongering and their hateful rhetoric. i know what some of these people, and there were refugees like myself that i come from these countries when they have signed them. >> tucker: it's with the obvious response to that is to attack it ilhan omar. she saved from a refugee camp in kenya by a child with a kindness and generosity of america. and she became worse after she got here. laura logan is one of the very few journalists, and what might
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happen if we import millions of africans through the country? we decided to bring you part of it tonight. here it is. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: and tell us what you think is going on in afghanistan, i know it's a broad question but give us the overview. >> essentially what you are looking at, the collapse of the u.s. will, and i think what people really miss in the whole conversation is that the united states has the power to affect anything in the afghans know that. so what's really interesting about living on the ground with people in a country like afghanistan is that you get to see, when you take away the prism of political spin and parties and all the trappings that we have that have obscure the truth from us, we look at
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things in the most basic form. they are all coming from pakistan and everybody knows it. this is one of the early ones of the taliban took in the beginning of this offensive. you know that the taliban doesn't exist without pakistan. and it you know the united states funds the entire defense budget of the pakistani, and every time you try to address the issue, the immediate response for 20 years of this war has been, you are advocating for war and pakistan. no you are not. there are many things that the united states could do right now to change what has happened and is happening in afghanistan and
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they are not doing it. >> how could the u.s. be funding for pakistani intelligence? >> that's a fantastic question. but what i can tell you is when we hear about the bureaucracy that is on capitol hill which are the bureaucrats, and this has been their policy. they pushed through the bush administration, through obama and through trump and now to bite and because pakistan is a nuclear nation. they are the only country in the nation that actually matters. in fact joe biden told afghans president, exactly that. he said to him, we don't care about afghanistan. we believe that pakistan is the
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only one in that region and that message never ever changed. what we are seeing in afghanistan today as a result of that policy because the taliban leadership is based on pakistan. those are the three leadership councils that cover the entire war for the taliban in afghanistan. they are not just in pakistan, they are in a loving and warm embrace of the isi who recruits on their behalf. orders pakistanis in the tribal areas to give up their children come to go and fight. they don't have a choice sometimes. the united states has known this from day one. this is the staggering part to me, when you hear this debate. intelligence agencies failed to see, the nsa is known as the crown jewel of intelligence curve in the world.
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and store and analyze and to have a log of the rooms and everything else to sort through. the idea that they missed this, you know what it takes to do an invasion like this? they have to stage forces, you have to have meetings, and you have to have weapons are moving in. >> and that's literally our narrative on the iraq war. we get so caught up in the weeds of this if you complicated it's a tactic and information warfare called ambiguity increasing. so now we are all talking about the corruption and at this and that and there's all these complex parts but at its heart every single thing in the world, in your personal life and
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professionally on the global stage, at its heart, it's very simple. and in this phase in afghanistan, this comes down to the fact that the united states wants this outcome. whoever is in power right now, whoever is really pulling the strength, they could do anything they want to change this and then are not and you see that on the southern border. see that with critical race theory and you see that in the 8,000 different and you see it all around you. >> tucker: if you are telling the truth right now. sometimes when you are listening to someone unveil an insight and you haven't tested it against anything, you are saying that it's right. >> you can have a marriage and you think should i stay with my life or leave and, everything
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else flows from that and that's exactly where we are not in afghanistan. the united states government could change this even today and they will give you 5,000 reasons. they don't tell you the national security threat posed by letting the cartels come across the southern border. you know what they are not addressing? the al qaeda and other islamic terrorist literature and can indications that they are picking up as they celebrate this as a massive defeat. and whether the taliban's dismantling equipment and sending it back over the border to afghanistan. but worse, they are not stopping it. the nsa and the national geospatial agency which controls the satellites and watching this
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happen in real time. they are seeing advanced u.s. military equipment going over the border into iran and into pakistan and we are doing nothing to stop it. why not? so what the afghans will tell you, what they will tell you is that the united states chose this outcome. >> tucker: laura logan, an amazing person and amazing conversations. she spoke to the spokesman's for the taliban by the way and talks about that in the full episode. we will bring you the first episode this sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. so, we told you about ilhan omar a moment ago and there is no evidence tonight that she actually did marry her own biological brother in order to cheat immigration law and stay here. if the fbi know this, do something even more stunning about her that we discovered.
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we will show you what that is, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so, it's been known for quite a while that ilhan omar apparently married her own brother to help him gain entry legally into the country which is a violation of the immigration law. then when the fbi had evidence to confirm it but didn't do anything about it. miranda devine is an actual journalist who works at "the new york post" and, thank you so much for coming on. >> is a pleasure, tucker. and decided to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on private investigators to find out if ilhan omar was a genetic match, a dna match to the man who was her second husband. they went to three consonants, they found a cigarette butt and a drinking straw which they decided, they sent it to a dna
5:32 pm
laboratory and found conclusively that the dna matched in the second husband was a sibling according to the dna sample. so the very day that they were going to unleash this on the world, and fact i was interviewing one of the people involved. the fbi swooped in on the gentleman and arrested him on some different charges, whether he is or not guilty. guilty until proven, but he's in jail. but in the story never got to see the light of day. luckily he told the fbi, they were not interested, the statue of limitations had run out and he managed to see the website and minister report the story
5:33 pm
such as it was. >> tucker: i wonder, what would be more shocking to her fellow liberals, the fact that ilhan omar had an incestuous marriage to her own brother, or that she used smoke cigarettes? which would they be more stunned by a question mike >> definitely the latter. i don't think that is at all in doubt. >> tucker: is just an alternate lifestyle, but smoking a cigarette is immoral. she did marry her brother, we know that. not only repulsive but but that's totally cool now. >> the fbi was told, and was just told no, they just decided the statute of limitations has run out even though there is no statute of limitations on immigration.
5:34 pm
>> tucker: or on smoking cigarettes apparently. >> miranda devine, thank you so much. so i wish voters had known that, but government covered it up. they've also been hiding the truth about ufos and that's true. did a whole documentary on it for a tucker carlson original series and took a look at what our leaders had been hiding. and it's just out, here's part of. when the government isn't lying about what they are seeing they are hiding what they know. >> you can see they would black out on everything that was part of the pages. >> sunshine laws give the americans the right to appeal blacked out portions within government documents. >> when i asked the nsa to do that they mysteriously lost each and every one of the hundreds of pages that they had collected and the reality of the nsa losing all of that on ufos is nil.
5:35 pm
an end that's the links they will go to to try to cover this up. >> the government knows more than it it's flooding on but i'm not convinced that the government has all the answers there. when chad underwood spotted the notorious flying tic tac he learned that the naval base nearby have been tracking it for several weeks and we've still never seen a video. that's up tomorrow morning on fox nation and you can stream it then. pretty amazing documentary. so if you refuse to take the medicine, now some hospitals just to make it punitive will not give you an organ transplant and you just die. that's happening in one city and we will talk to a man to whom it's happening, straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: it before we get to the next topic, we showed you a clip from cnn and which reach a kara and chris cuomo were berating america is racist because some americans don't want millions of afghan refugees to come to our country. while a sharp eyed if you were noticed this. notice at the top of the screen where fareed zakaria is coming from, a place called cheer mark massachusetts. the island of about 800 off the coast of massachusetts and they are 98% market in chilmark. the median housing price is $4.2 million so let's be totally clear. if we could move millions of afghan refugees there, a lot of us would fully support that. that would get our seal of approval immediately. we wonder if fareed zakaria, the blowhard that he is, would approve. we will see.
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so if you refuse to get the covid shot in new york you are now banned from eden. you can't go to restaurants or grocery stores, and one hospital decided to stop treating sick people who refuse the shot. they are refusing to allow unvaccinated patients to get organ transplants. just let them die. one of those patients, is honored derek kovic. first of all i could be sorrier to hear of the situation that you're in. it's beyond belief. tell us what the hospital said to you. >> thanks, tucker. i've been on the transplant list for my third liver transplant since last fall and i got some bile duct issues so this past week i needed to go to the university of washington in seattle to have a procedure done. before i came up, a nurse called me and said that the infectious
5:43 pm
disease team had met and decided that all of his transplant patients now have to have a vaccine, otherwise we will be placed on the status seven which means you aren't going to be on the transplant list. you basically have to adhere to the rules which is having a covid vaccine. that was sprung on me last minute. i didn't get a lot of time to think or give them an answer. they just said you need to be working on it real soon and so the state of affairs obviously changed because the issues that i had with my liver, a high fever and other side effects that some of my peers have experienced are a side effect from any of the covid shots in the vaccines. it's putting me more in jeopardy because that's already at
5:44 pm
symptoms that i'm having as we speak and then to throw a covid vaccine on top of that which could experience even more severe, i thought that, may be the medical freedom was starting to be challenged a little bit. i've seen it happen through the whole united states, but now here it is in my kitchen. this is a it. you basically have a hill to die on. you choose the vaccine and get to see another day or you don't and you die. >> tucker: when you say your medical freedom is being challenged to come up the hospital is telling you, you're going to die unless you obey and to take medicine that you don't want, believe you don't need and think and hurt you. it's hard to believe this is happening in america. our prayers are with you and i can't imagine a tougher spot. derek, thanks for telling your story, i appreciate it. >> you are welcome. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: at the very same
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time a leader is telling us to triple mask assure us that it's no big deal. and, also our new book, the long slide it, is out. you can join it directly at tuckercarlson we will be right back. aaaand welcome back to guess the price. sal. what do you do? oh, i'm a retired postal worker. fantastic. are you ready to play? oh, heck yeah. ok johnny, tell him about eargo.
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight,
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batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> tucker: there are reports tonight that congressman adam kinzinger of illinois has been crying again and we will try to get to the bottom of that story and get to the latest of stomach on the adam kinzinger trail of tears. meanwhile in dallas, a lunatic judge and county administrator called clay jenkinson's forcing mask on children and people dining in restaurants and there's no medicine behind this. by the way, the order violates the law. what's interesting is this is the same judge who ostentatiously went out of his way several years ago to tell us that ebola wasn't dangerous. if you thought it was, you are a bigot. so what are the effects of this judge's new order?
5:51 pm
for restaurant owners in dallas it's crushing. so we thought we would check in with one of them. ray washburn is the charter of holdings and thanks so much for coming on. what effect does this having? it's been a tough year for restaurants, a year and a half. what effect this is having on you? >> the interesting thing is the dallas metropolitan area encompasses six different counties. eight if you really stretch it out and we operate in five of them. clay jenkinson is the only judge who has made this ruling into dallas county so our employees and our customers don't know exactly what's going on. so the governor has come out and said with a ruling is on the statement clay jenkins seems to be holding onto something that the texas supreme court has ruled against them on. so we are operating in dallas county under one set of rules and in tarrant county fort worth which is a different set of rules. it's a lot of chaos and all of our businesses here. >> tucker: does he have data
5:52 pm
that showed is that covid is dangerous when the ebola isn't? is our reason for this? >> i'm just talking about the vaccine passport where you have to go into a restaurant and show your vaccine identification in which case the restaurant will then have to buy a whole computer system which will absolutely kill the small restaurant industry. then you go in and find and 750,000 people were hacked into that campaign. and that's how the rules against texas supreme court, and it's very confusing to our customers and employees.
5:53 pm
>> tucker: i hope people want to obey. but that vaccine passport applied to people who work at the restaurant as well, kitchen stuff? >> yes, i'm sure it will. by putting it into the system, you then have all the data. this is like a george orwell 1984 nightmare of the government trying to grab all your information. so that's our fear as an industry that the government overreach continues down the slippery slope we are going down. one thing leads to another and we just don't understand the judge's ruling. >> thank you tucker. >> tucker: things seem darkest, and california is very
5:54 pm
close. closest to understanding and replacing the lims tech that's mismanaging it. the most hopeful story of the year, straight ahead.
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>> tucker: it just a reminder, we don't have to live this way. the country is getting dirtier and more chaotic and the law is being ignored, unevenly applied. our leaders are out of control and not capable of leading and this is still a democracy. in 27 days of voters in will have the chance to recall it's thoroughly incompetent governor gavin newsom. 27 days. i could happen. it would be an earthquake. it would be an inspiration to everybody who wants this country to get better and not worse.
6:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. our documentary on ufos tomorrow morning on we will be back, 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, groupthink and smugness, sean hannity takes over about now. ha >> sean: all right, tucker thank you. welcome to "hannity." an unknown number, thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of our fellow americans are trapped behind the lines throughout the country of afghanistan then what is one of the biggest foreign policy debacles and disasters in history of this great republic. they have encircled the international airport and are viciously beating, whipping and abducting people who are attempting to gain access to that airport. but this morning, some hope.


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