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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 19, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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wouldn't be add suffered to think after the trillions of minerals afghanistan is sitting on under taliban control. jillian: thank you for your words there, very powerful. and, again, we are sorry for everything your family has had to go through. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos, i don't know how that happens. >> he broke his promise and he left my family and other american allies behind. >> during a speech about covid-19, biden took no questions at all. >> byron donalds responded tweeting, quote: this isn't incompetent leadership this is no leadership. >> today fallen chicago police officer ella french will be laid to rest. her partner officer carlos was left -- >> thank you for your support
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[inaudible] >> the water level began to rise a whole lot faster than i have ever saw it. >> search for at least '0 missing people remnants of tropical depression fred. >> thank you for everything you sacrificed. i want to say thank you on behalf of the cleveland browns. thank you so much for allowing us to play this game we love. we appreciate you more than you know. ♪ steve: fox news alert. it is 6:00 a.m. here in new york city. it is 2:30 in the afternoon live right now in kabul, afghanistan where the taliban takeover worsening by the day. brian: the excuses get more ridiculous by the hour. new reports say several afghans were killed this morning when taliban fighters opened fire on protesters who had the audacity to waive the national flag of previous government that was in power one week ago. ainsley: mark meredith joins us as president biden calls it inevitable. >> president biden says there was no way to avoid the chaos
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and confusion in afghanistan. he talked to abc news he said after 20 years of war that he expected there to be problems as american troops left. >> back in hindsight and look, but the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. i don't know how how that happens. >> so for you that was always priced into the decision? >> yes. >> overnight, the white house announcing another 1800 people have been evacuated from afghanistan. later on this morning the president will be getting another update from his national security team, republicans, they're demanding updates as well up on capitol hill. this all comes as the pentagon is denying reports it warned the white house so much chaos was coming. >> following our departure, there was nothing that i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days. >> fox has learned that the biden administration recently
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ended a program that some believe could have helped u.s. citizens trapped abroad. it was called the contingency and response bureau. first developed under the trump administration but as i mentioned fox has learned a memo was issued in june that would basically discontinue the establishment and terminate that ccr attachment was signed by the deputy secretary of state. a state department official says the program was never formally established and that the department still has the resources it needs. meantime some lawmakers demanding the white house do a heck of a lot more to help afghans especially after seeing videos like this one. [crying] it? >> really is heart breaking stuff. we know that next week the house foreign affairs committee is getting ready to hold a hearing on all things afghanistan. we know the president has been reaching tout other world leaders going to be speaking with g-7 leaders too to talk about ongoing humanitarian needs. a lot of heart breaking video
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coming out of afghanistan. back to you. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: we can't forget those people. as the days progress people are going to move on with their lives in america. we cannot forget those people trapped there. steve: that's one of the things that came up yesterday with the press conference with the general hey, why did you close the bagram airport because they have got two run ways you could get more people out? i believe general milley said well, here's the thing. my orders from the commander-in-chief were we needed to protect the embassy. and the airport in kabul. so we protected the embassy and the errant in kabul. we do not have enough people in country to protect bagram and that's why it's now run by the taliban. ainsley: there is this blame game going on. you have the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff general milley he is blaming the intel community, lloyd austin blaming the afghan troops can't buy will power. and biden blaming trump we trained them and they left and the leader of the country left. larry kudlow made a great point yesterday. he says biden's blame game
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forgot to blame the taliban. steve: he is right. brian: as an american, you probably could not be more embarrassed and angered by the three people who spoke yesterday. president biden is so angry, defiant and clueless you realize he is not capable of understanding the magnitude of his screw up. and the defiance that he showed, chaos reign chaos? you pulled the troops out and left the people there? you had no plan? you dismantled in ended in june the contingency plans you said you planned for? and general austin makes a comment that i'm there to protect the embassy we couldn't do that with bagram air base? you didn't protect the embassy. they left for some odd reason because the russians and chinese are there. you brought them and exposed everybody to the airport where we see the taliban ring around it and they are executing people. the number right now is 17. you know that's going to jump up exponentially. they say 12 are dead.
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weave now 5,000 troops there. get this. you said that you had had to go down to 2,000 troops. you already had 5,000. what you do is what you did general milley to president trump. you said you needed 4,000 troops, at least. you said that to the "new york times." it's leaked out. you have not denied it now you say the president thought about contingency plans this was the plan all along. he has got to be fired. how many more times does he have to show his incompetence before you realize he is incompetent? and if general austin has any ability and experience, he is hiding it so well. for them to sit up there and think that was okay to leave americans behind enemy lines and tell them to get to the airport and leave them in various cities around the country with no cover? we have men and women in face paint and wear camouflage who wouldn't leave a dead army member behind enemy lines. and you are leaving american citizens there?
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and joe biden says this was unavoidable? you blamed a game of you bulk up with forces and get them out and send the military out. ainsley: joe biden said yesterday in the interview with george stephanopoulos they released a few clips they planned to get 5,000 to 7,000 out per day. but my question is, who is advising him? yesterday he had this press conference where he talked about the booster shot for covid. we have americans that are so worried about their lives. they are in hiding. they can't give their addresses because the taliban with will them. he didn't address it or take any questions. watch this. >> we just need to finish the job with science, with facts, and with confidence. and together as the united states of america, we will get this done. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you. [shouting questions]
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steve: you know, sometimes he turns and he looks and he answers the question or two from somebody who is really loud. but he answered no questions. because things have gone so fast south. he also knew that before he did that live event from the east room as we look at some of these heart breaking pictures of people being -- trying to essentially run for their lives and get over the wall to the airport, past the check point to safety, joe biden knew yesterday that he had already taped something, an interview with george stephanopoulos it was featured in "world news tonight." and once again, joe biden was defiant. he made the right choice. it was going to be messy. but he was defensive. and when asked about the imaging imageimage of 650 people in that he said -- that picture right there, do you know what the president said? well, let's go to abc, here is some of their tape with potus.
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>> we have all seen the pictures. we have seen those hundreds of people packed into a c-17. we have seen afghans -- >> -- that was four days ago, five days ago. >> what did you think when you first saw those five pictures? >> when what i thought is we have to gain control of this. we have to move this more quickly. we have to move in a way in which we can take control of that airport. and we did. steve: we have got move things more quickly. that explains one of the reasons why they set this date of augus. there is no way they are going to be able to get all the americans out and all the afghans who helped us from that perilous situation. brian: it is so sickening for him to get away with that answer. that was four days ago. even if he said four years ago to dismiss people falling from landing gear to their death symbolically reminding of what happened on 9/11, this guy is on the record supporting nation building in 2002 and 2004. he was handed a report put together by a nine partisan
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afghanistan group talking about a rapid withdrawal and the chaos that would follow if you left afghanistan. they are celebrating al-qaeda and isis and for those who say they didn't fight, there are 60,000 -- no one denies it between 60 and 80,000 afghanistany casualties and still fighting in the north. ainsley: i got a text message from a friend who wants me to pay for pastor a former marine. he is stuck there in afghanistan. steve: an american? ainsley: an american. and in the text message it is from a church. and they said we all know this individual, whose name is wes bentley. please remember him in your prayers. former marine. on the frontlines for christ in africa. i'm not sure if that is a group or if he is an african and happens to be in afghanistan now. urgent prayer request to for him. 22 pastors underground in afghanistan. two have been able to escape. the situation is so terrible
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most do not expect to survive they need to be rescued but it looks impossible. brian: that's what general austin said yesterday. can't help you. get to the airport. ainsley: sent out memo we can't ensure your safety on the way to the airport. brian: can you believe this? steve: we have only got enough people in country to protect just the runway and perimeter. the norwegian. brian: unacceptable to say that as an american commander. it's okay guys get to the airport. i got to go. it's been four days. i have got to give you 15 minutes and i have got to run. steve: the be shared with the "new york times" apparently the taliban has a list of people who they particularly want to question and punish for working with the u.s. military. particularly members of the afghan military and the police as well as people who worked for the previous government intel community. they are sending out this letter that says to former employees, report to us and if you don't, your family members will be treated based on sharia law
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there is a man we talked to yesterday live on this program. it was an amazing 14 minutes. you probably saw it live. his name is herron. an american citizen. in june he went to afghanistan to visit with his family and his father who is very ill. he talked yesterday about the desperate situation at the airport and he is simply trying to get on a plane but to do that you have got to show your american passport. and the worry is that the taliban saw the american passport, follow him home and kill him. here is herron yesterday on our show. >> there are taliban you can see all over there too. and afghan military afghan military they broke my phone. i was making a video and they took it and just lit it on the ground and broke it. i was like hey, i'm an american. just trying to get in here. it was crowded. of a began permanent residents
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and afghans who had been good to americans have their paperwork. packages. we all know what's going to happen next few days or next couple weeks after america leave afghanistan. everyone is scared. i have my family from both sides. they are waiting for their visa to get approved. they have everything ready my family, they were trying to go in there, too. because they know like our embassy, u.s. embassy does not exist in afghanistan anymore. they have nowhere else they can go. brian: they tell them to go online and fill out a form and wait to be called if you are an american, if you are from another country looking to come to our country there is another form to fill out and then find a way to get to the airport. but the taliban are getting impatient. they are telling everyone to go back to work. they are telling women in a low profile way that outfit is not going to be acceptable. if you see some of these reporters, these reporters are saying that more and more women
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are walking around in full burqas. other are panicked. please don't tell me the afghanistan people have chosen their government. anyone who chooses their government does not act like this. ainsley: taliban is sending a message to the people who helped america over there they have intensified their search, looking for americans. they are sending a message to them you went against us. you are not for us. you were helping america and changed this country for the better. they disagree with that now they are hunting them down and the fear for these individuals is they will be dead. they will kill them. the memo that went out from the state department that said we can't assure your safety as you head to the airport, they said go to camp sullivan to that entrance of the airport. you might have to wait for a long time. please fill out a form. you are not allowed to bring your pets. you have to leave your pets behind. if you pack a bag, bring one bag and we can't guarantee that makes it on the plane. brian: this is not unavoidable chaos that the president wants you to take. this is avoidable. they blew up the contingency
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plan pulled out the military. state department in control now they don't want any responsibility. do not go for the booster shot head fake. steve: mr. ha reason, we are not identifying him -- we will be interviewing him again today. we will try to have him back 45 minutes from right now. for him, he has an american passport. yesterday, joe biden said probably 65,000 afghanis who worked for the american government during our 20 years there. for those people they have known for a while that the end was near. and the united states was going to pull out in some fashion, didn't know if it was going to be complete or a couple of thousand people. nonetheless, the state -- you know, you have got to put a lot of blame on the state department of the united states of america because those people who have known that the end was near needed to apply for a visa.
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the stated department, there are stories in the "new york times" "the washington post" about how the state department over the last six month has been dragging their feet. people are applying for special visas to get into the country. get out of afghanistan. they just are going two miles an hour. now you have got all those people at the airport, they are essentially the u.s. passport is the get out of jail free card. had those people had the american visas from our state department, they would be on a plane today. brian: keep in mind, they have got to be screened. 80,000 people coming here right away, they have to be screened in a third country. or extremely screened. they could be the most loyal or disloyal, we have to make sure we are pulling in the right people into this country and they got to check out. all their contacts have to check out what they did. how do you bring 80,000 people in and give them refugee status while letting in the southern border? there has got to be some organization. thanks to them there is chaos there has got to be a third country where we could screen them, feed them and understand
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where they are first. ainsley: they are going to go to our military bases do you trust this administration to screen them. brian: no, i don't. i don't. ainsley: i know. brian: because they don't care. that's the only thing that's pretty consistent and tony blinken and general milley said this is unpredictable. are we supposed to belief the "new york times" that had documents that said the cia briefed you directly or are we supposed to believe that press conference yesterday that said it went so fast? incredible. here is afghan interpreter yesterday. ainsley: lives in america. family lives over there worried about him. brian: take a listen. >> they are helping my family. my family and my brother family, they all living close to airport become one week i didn't sleep. i didn't eat good. and i didn't -- i'm very worried about my family. i might lose my family. and i'm asking for mr. joe biden, that he broke his promise and he left my family and other
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american allies behind. what's your answer for humanity, for me, that i support and sacrifice for this country now i need your help. what you will do. thank you. steve: exactly. you know, and over the last couple of days, we heard that the new taliban as they take the government in some fashion, they turned over new lease. they are very i object exclusive. they are going to include women in their programming and their movement as well. but, a senior member of the afghan likely government, said the new system will probably be a lot like the old system where it is a council but it is based in sharia law. ainsley: hard to change someone's ideology their faith and what they believe the woman's role should be. they grew up hearing that from generations past. it's hard for anyone to trust them and believe they are going to all of a sudden change? brian: ainsley, you are 100 percent right.
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no one should trust them. going back to what it was. al-qaeda is going to be the terror university again. and it's on president biden. meanwhile the vice president of the united states? where is she? where she belongs singapore and over to vietnam. unbelievable still going to the pacific rim even though chaos is breaking and there is all types of hell breaking loose here. you would think if you were a valuable decision maker you would be right by the president's side. oh, yeah. in april she told dana barb that when asked were you by the president's side made that decision to pull our troops out of afghanistan. said yes. i was the last person in the room. now you are also the first person, the second person most responsible. steve: all right. so a lot going on as you can tell right there. and we have lots of other information once again. haroon, we hope to have him back on the show in 45 minutes. brian: coming up, the father of a chicago police cop shot in the line of duty telling the city's mayor to stop tying the hands of police.
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go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. ♪ jillian: good morning, we are back now with your headlines, the suspect believed to have shot a southern california sheriff's deputy this week is killed in a gun battle with police. san bernardino officerswere atte suspect. two officers were shot but
3:25 am
expected to be okay. the deputy injured tuesday is also expected to be okay. turning to fox weather now, moments ago hurricane grace making landfall on mexico's yucatan peninsula. the storm bringing heavy rain, wind and storm surge. remnants of tropical storm fred causing major flash flooding up the east coast. crews are searching for at least 30 people in north carolina after making nearly 100 flood water rescues. and then there is this: disturbing video out of an ohio amusement park. police body cam footage shows a cedar point guest screaming in agony after being hit by a piece of metal that had fallen off a roller coaster. witnesses say it looked like a metal disk flying through the air. the woman was standing in line for the ride and immediately fell to the ground. she was rushed to the hospital. her condition is unknown at this time. 112 veterans braved the rain to sing the national anthem shoulder to shoulder in d.c. ♪ our flag was still there
3:26 am
♪ o say does that. ainsley: it was part of the first honor flight since the pandemic began last year it flew veterans from chicago to washington to see the national memorials built in their honor. the group was comprised of veterans of world war ii the korean war and the vietnam war. wow, we thank them all for everything they is done. ainsley: that is so cool. honor flights are awesome. means so much to the veterans. steve: great that they are back. welcome back honor flight. ainsley: thank you, jillian. steve: it was earlier this month how out in chicago during a traffic stop a police officer three years on the force by the name of ella french was shot and killed by a couple of guys who are now being held. there she is right there. they had her visitation last night and thousands of police officers and others showed up and thousands more are expected for her funeral to be at saint
3:27 am
rita today in the morning hours. but, after she was shot. we learned more about her partner who at the same time as she was being murdered got shot in the head and still at this hour is clinging to life, fighting for his life and he has a bullet in his brain. ainsley: there is a picture of him there in the hospital room. we will play a little clip of what he posted online. first tell you about his father. his father was the one, remember lori lightfoot went to the hospital. she is the mayor of chicago. people are furious with her. especially the police department. they all turned their back on her because she has turned her back on them they say. she walks into the hospital. goes up to the floor where this gentleman is recovering and his father, also a retired police officer, meets her and apparently they had words. she said that's not true. but the father says it is. and we have heard from other sources that it was true. so the father released a statement explaining why he is not in favor of lori lightfoot.
3:28 am
brian: she has tied the hands of the police. you can't fight evil crime, bruit force with one hand tied behind their backs. people are starting to question if the police are good or not. if not pro-police or pro-people. about right and wrong: she doesn't have any consideration for the safety of the officers. they are expendable replaceable. they are going to get killed. you can't change survival tactics in place for years to protect the officers as well as the citizens to pacify some voters. it's not going to work. let the people hunting down evil and catching the monsters, let them do it the way they have to do it to catch him. not the way you feel is politically correct. and that could -- that statement can go for a mayor in every single major city where crime has spiked. that would have been. that is the exact reason why four years ago they turned their back on this mayor. he vilifies the cops and then shows concerns when they're executed. ainsley: this is how the officers feel. they have feel like they're being. brian: no kidding. ainsley: their hands are tied.
3:29 am
they are not allowed to make decisions. they are putting their lives at risk to go after these criminals. it's just like what we hear in the military when you hear we are not allowed to engage unless we get word from the white house. the white house isn't out there on the field. and the officers feel the same way. steve: it is interesting. because we told you that and we just saw the images of the police officers who turned their back on the mayor when she was there in lobby at that chicago hospital a while back, that right there. and the officer said you don't want to talk to the family because they are not a fan of yours, mayor. but she went up anyway. ainsley: she went for the photo op. steve: people asked her what did the family say? she never said any of that stuff. we had to hear it from the dad. in the meantime, the guy who is fighting for his life, the family put out a twitter video yesterday and so many people are praying for this family. we thought we would share a little of how he is right now. here he is. >> thank you for your support.
3:30 am
your donations. and prayers. i love you all [inaudible] and my wife ainsley: i did this all for you. steve: he still has a bullet in its had brain. ainsley: bullet went into his eye and brain. shot in the shoulder. not sure if the same bullet but shot in three different places. ainsley: brian: the mom says i don't believe a thing the cops are tell me and those two brothers are involved. ainsley: you are talking about the two suspects, yeah. their mother got arrested for storming in to the police station. brian: she did it on face time. ainsley: that's right. steve: officer ella french will be laid to rest today in chicago. ainsley: 6:30 here. rest in peace. god bless her family.
3:31 am
6:30 here on the east coast. still ahead, she was once held hostage by the taliban for preaching christianity until u.s. special forces they went in there and saved her from captivity. and that former aide worker reacts to the military worker taking over afghanistan. that's next. nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ from prom dresses to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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ainsley: a fox news alert. another day of chaos in kabul as taliban militants reportedly blocked roads to the airport
3:35 am
while americans and afghans try to flee the country. our next guest no stranger to all this brutality of the islamist group. u.s. aid worker heather mercer spent 105 days as a captive of the taliban in 2001 before she was rescued by u.s. special forces and heather joins us now. good morning to you, heather. >> good morning, ainsley, thank you for having me. >> thank you so much for coming on. i know your life's work, you had the calls from god to go be a missionary and do christian aide work overseas you grew up in d.c. and went toe baylor university. you and your college roommate were there in 2001. tell us what happened. >> sure, yeah. we were working with an international relief and development agency primarily with widows and orphans, developing small business opportunities for women who were not allowed to work at that time. and then we had a job skill program for kids who were forced to beg on the street. so through that work, we had a
3:36 am
lot of relationships with local afghans. obviously cared very much about their desperate polite at the pe time. the taliban had their eyes on us over a couple months and ultimately set a trap for us one day on august 3rd, 2001, when we went to visit an afghan family. ainsley: what was it that got their attention? they heard you were preaching christianity? >> well, i think it was probably a combination of things. that was the time that the taliban was really trying to gain control of the whole country. they had recently blown up the buddha statues and forcing non-muslims to wear yellow star. and really the taliban were just trying to create a pure islamic imrit and did not want anything that was an affront to that ideology taking place in afghanistan. so, we were an easy target. ainsley: how did they treat you?
3:37 am
i'm sure you were terrified. lots of prayers. worried they were going to kill you. how were you treated? >> you know, i think all things considered, we were treated better than i would have expected. basically we were never physically harmed, but, of course, there was a lot of psychological tactics that were used to create fear, to try to get us to say things that would have harmed people we worked with. that would have harmed ourselves. so, it was a very terrifying experience. and eventually we were brought to trial before the afghan supreme court and tried under islamic law for a capital crime. ainsley: and what happened? >> we were miraculously rescued by u.s. special forces. ainsley: thank goodness. before we run out of time i want to get your reaction to what happened. >> the last three days working very hard to get an afghan family, a mother and her six kids, all u.s. citizens and
3:38 am
green card holders out of afghanistan and the situation is dire. three have it 72 hours and they have been unable to breach the perimeter around the airport. we have had u.s. people in the errant anticipating their arrival, and it is just impassable. so the situation is extreme. >> we have dangerous. yesterday they were throwing tear gas, shooting bullets, and hitting people back with wooden batons. ainsley: oh my word. i can't imagine doing that by yourself let alone with six children trying to get them home safely. all right, well, we many remember them in our prayers. heather, thank you so much. i'm glad you got out safely. >> thank you so much. ainsley: thank you for what you do. coming up iowa senator joni ernst will join us live as the crisis in afghanistan is getting worse. but, first, president biden now pushing a third shot for those that are fully vaccinated. dr. marc siegel is up next with
3:39 am
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3:44 am
brian: does he pre-read any of his copy. the white house announcing steps to offer covid-19 shots to all-american adults beginning september 20th. so what should you know before lining up to get a third dose and should you? let's discuss this with fox news tributer dr. siegel. we know politically this was a head fake to get us distracted again but do we need this third shot? >> well, brian, we don't need it yet. i will tell you, look up the terms diversionary tactics because he didn't take any questions on afghanistan and, also, he -- and everyone is talking about that. and also he is diverting attention from the fact that about 25% of americans have adults over the age of 12, haven't even received the first shot. and i'm concerned that this sends the message to america when you say everybody, a month from now, a month from now is going to need a third shot, it's going to make people shaky on whether it works or not. and do you know what? it actually works. they are basing everything, brian, on the idea that the antibodies are diminishing over time. that doesn't prove that the
3:45 am
immunity against severe infection diminishes over time. we have every reason to believe that you still have a very very robust immunity at this point if you had the two shots. they are basing a lot on israel, also, which i must admit is something to look at because you are about two, two and a half times more likely to get infected with covid-19 if you were vaccinated in january versus april. so, okay, there may be a reason lining up to give this to nursing home residents, to make sure everybody in a nursing home who works there gets the vaccine. healthcare workersen the frontline like myself should be looking at boosters. when he says the whole population, that's a diversionary. brian: if you want to kill this virus you have to get the rest of the world vaccinated. already got two shots. maybe it's time to give them to other people. i'm struck by "the washington post" editorial. i guess they could have their twitter account frozen. the headline is, why the
3:46 am
recommendation on booster shots is a mistake. it's by william f. parker, one university of chicago assistant director of clinical medicine the other is university of denver. and they come out and they say there is also no evidence that an additional shots meaningfully reduce death or hospitalization from covid-19. excuse me? >> well, that's actually true, the data in israel i'm talking about where 60% hospitalized now have already been vaccinated because 80% of those over 12 in israel have been vaccinated. there is no evidence that actually giving them boster will decrease those hospitalizations. doctor who i know is correct about that. it's actually not proven that it will do that again, i'm in favor of it for high risk groups. but your other point is true, brian, also. we have about 10 million -- we have about 10 billion people in the world that need vaccines. and we need to be focusing on that. where is that coming from?
3:47 am
the world health organization? who didn't warn us about this pandemic has done very little to get the world vaccinated. and do you know what happens when a country has no vaccines? they spin out variants like the delta variant, which is what is so much of a problem here now. brian: which started in india, no one wants to say that dr. siegel, are the unvaccinated endangering the rest of the world or orest of the country? >> well, i think the unvaccinated should be vaccinated. i think we need to talk about it a certain way. that it's not just your personal issue of a personal, you know, the right to choose. it's also the issue of public health. so, if you -- if you have people around you that are immunocompromised or elderly or at higher risk and you are not vaccinated and you get covid, then you can spread it so we are not messaging this the right way. certainly the government is not with the bullying, are with the shaming, with making people feel wad. using the word disinformation like they know information.
3:48 am
and the rest don't. that's the wrong way to go about it. i like to talk to people about what their emotions are, brian. what are their fears? what are their concerns? how can i meet them one on one? and i don't even have the vaccine in my office to give it to someone after i have that conversation. another big mistake. brian: yeah. and we just got to talk about therapeutics at some point when people get it what do they do? oh, you got the virus? go home and sit there and hope it don't get worse. i think that's got to stop. do you know what's you are a doctor. that's what people usually do call their doctor for medical advice. that's what people should be doing. dr. siegel, thanks so much. >> right. don't call the president, call me. you got it. brian: or anchors. we should just talk to doctors. thank you, dr. siegel. up next, the media comparing republicans to the taliban terrorists taking over afghanistan. fox news contributor lara trump knows more than anybody else about this. ♪ it's my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on
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♪ steve: welcome back. msnbc op-ed columnist under fire for comparing the horrifying realities of the taliban and the rule in afghanistan to republicans in congress according to dean obeidallah the
3:53 am
are proghts gender equality extreme religious beliefs. sound familiar? fox news contributor lara trump joins us now. lara, does it found familiar. >> it sounds totally ridiculous. let me just remind people that the taliban is a barbaric terrorist organization who treats women as second class citizens, subhuman even. women are not allowed to have an education, they are not allowed to work. they can't even leave their house without a male escort without full fully being covered. tortured. we saw a woman murdered in broad daylight the other day because she didn't have her head covered. yet, they are trying -- writer is trying to compare that to a pro-life republicans who are actually trying to save a life, trying to prevent the termination of a life, wow, that is quite a stretch.
3:54 am
and it's incredibly, i think, hypocritical because obviously this writer is a democrat. it's democrats who constantly see and scream my body, my choice, but what about vaccines? it seems like it is my body, my choice for them except when it comes to vaccines. they are the ones that want to mandate vaccines. they are the ones like bill de blasio in new york who is saying if you don't have proof of vaccination you can't even go into a restaurant and have a meal with your family my goodness, we have really gone on quite a stretch here with the comparison to the taliban. but i guess all bets are off. they can say anything they want about republicans. steve: well, and his last column was titled why desantis is more dangerous than trump but that's a whole nother story according to him. all right. let's talk a little bit about just generally what we are looking in on and seeing in afghanistan. it's been chaotic. but, the president said yesterday, you know, there is going to be chaos. when you do this kind of thing, there is going to be chaos.
3:55 am
that seems to be the understatement of the decade given the fact that it was so preventable. there were things they could have done, but they didn't and now it's all messed up. >> yeah, well, you heard former president trump on sean hannity the other night talking specifically about that. i mean, there was clearly no plan here by the biden administration and you are right, steve, it didn't have to be this way. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that maybe before you just pull the cord there, you want to get your people out. you want to get americans out. make sure that everything is secure. that is obviously not what happened here. it's just such an embarrassment and humiliation for america that we have found ourselves in this place. i think it makes us look so bad to our allies. so bad to our adversaries. to people who have relied on the united states throughout history. can they rely on us now? are we going to do the same thing to them? it seems incredibly preventable.
3:56 am
but, it was robert gates, the obama-biden defense secretary who said about joe biden specifically he has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision he has ever made. i guess we will add this one to the column as well. steve: i think there are a lot of democrats who would agree that this was the wrong side and unfortunately it's the side we are on right now. we are going to dig ourselves out of this hole. lara, thank you for joining us on this thursday. >> you got it. steve: good day. meanwhile, still ahead on this thursday, south carolina parents fighting back and win after their city council wanted to impose mask mandates for kids as young as 2. one of the moms who spoke out with her message coming up shortly right here on "fox & friends." ♪ so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars.
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[shouting] >> the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos, i don't know how that happens. >> for you that was always priced in the decision. >> yes. >> the brave men and women who protected last 20 years. >> plenty of time talk about regrets. right now focus on the mission and peeping getting out. >> american warrior is the best equipped. we need to remind them every chance we get that their sacrifice was not for not. >> the fire forcing emergency closure of all national forests. giving the scenery an eerie orange glow. >> president biden making a announcement on cody booster
4:01 am
shots for vaccinated americans. >> he took aim at g.o.p. governors resisting mask mandates. >> you have got to wonder where are your priorities that you are so obsessed with this issue. ♪ o say does that star spangled banner yet wave >> the touching moment captured as honor flight veterans return to the national mall for the first time in more than a year. ♪ ainsley: straight to a fox news alert. the taliban takeover worsening by the day in afghanistan. steve: look at these images of people running for their lives. new reports say several afghans were killed this morning when taliban fighters opened fire on protesters who were simply waving the national flag of the last government. brian: as they struggle to get to us or to the airport to get to us, afghans are being hunted down by reports by the taliban because they were affiliated to americans over the last 20 years. peter doocy joins us live from the white house with more as president biden calls the chaos inevitable. he wants to move on.
4:02 am
peter? peter: yes, and we are now hearing two different things from the white house and the pentagon here at the white house the president is saying he always knew it was going to be messy at the end of the mission. >> we're going to go back in hindsight and look, but the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out chaos ensuing i don't know how that happens. i don't know how that happens. >> so for you that was always priced into the decision? >> yes. pete: so the president saw the chaos coming but the top general didn't. >> following our departure, there was nothing that i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days. peter: on your screen, this is how the taliban is keeping order outside the gates of harmid karzai airport, something the biden administration is relying on them to do.
4:03 am
american troops have evacuated more than 6,000 people so far. it's not clear how much faster that would have gone if the biden state department did not dismantle plans for a hostage rescue team aimed at avoiding another benghazi. but a memo from june ordered the, quote: distinction of thee establishment and crisis reresponse bureau that was assigned by deputy brian mckean on june 11th. president biden is here at the white house today. no events on the public schedule. back to you. brian: hey, peter, this could get very enticing and bad for the country. the intelligence agency clearly said yesterday they were stepping up warnings about the deteriorating conditions in afghanistan. especially in july as the taliban shut off major throughway tosca bull. that seems to show a panic and that they're going to collapse pretty quickly, but the pushback yesterday makes it feel like it's your serve intelligence
4:04 am
apparatus because they are now getting blamed. peter: yes. that is something that these intelligence agencies are not going to see somebody put their name on a statement like that. but they will use the press and the generals at the pentagon were saying we thought that this was something that would happen months or years downtown line. and so somewhere, between all the intelligence that's getting collected and the policy makers here at the white house, when things really started steaming up, the information either was not shared or it was ignored. steve: there goes the leaf blower behind you. peter, you said that the president doesn't have anything on his public schedule today. he had one event for the most part and it was where he talked about how people need to get a booster 8 months are a they have gotten their second shot. it sounded like every white house reporter and you are famous for yelling questions to the president. it sounds like every white house reporter yelled a question he
4:05 am
didn't even turn and answer a single one of them. you have got to figure there is frustration on the part of the white house press in not getting answers. >> we have heard from the white house communications officials that they almost always tell the president don't take any questions today. but he usually does it anyway. this is the rare issue where the entire press corps is same thing and it is stheag does not want to talk about further than whatever he told george stephanopoulos. ainsley: he is the president. this is the biggest issue. and thousands of americans are stranded over there. he should have taken questions. he should have talked about it. brian: right. thanks, peter. ainsley: thanks, peter. brian: right now looking at a situation looking to get about 5,000 out a day and 5,000 troops that can bulk up to 8,000. what you saw and probably missed it because you are working during the day and hopefully listening to us touring the morning first. general austin and general milley four days after this operation began and failure of the afghan fighters who told off the taliban finally got their
4:06 am
way to the microphone. they would not say anything. in fact, so frustrating because secretary of defense austin said, well, i can't do anything essentially about americans in country. just get to the airport. they said why didn't you get -- why can't you do anything? says i don't have enough troops so i had to protect the embassy first. excuse me, secretary of defense you didn't protect the embassy, we vacated the embassy while china and russia held theirs. i still don't know why we held the embassy. we moved operations to the airport. and if you tell the president that i cannot get -- the american people out of the country, if this government falls with only 2,000 troops, and he said who cares? i think you have to resign. if he didn't say it, and you didn't say it, both of you should resign because the american people are used to be protected by the best military in the world. why we shut down bagram air base makes absolutely no sense. we gave up a multibillion dollars operation. let the prisoners go. and now we have nowhere to
4:07 am
stage. steve: well, you know, the blame game is going on. and expect major hearings on what went wrong on capitol hill. in the meantime, you know, the pentagon is blaming the intel community. they are blaming the state department. ainsley: the afghan troops. steve: they're blaming the intel community. ainsley: president trump. steve: so much finger pointing going on and not just unnamed sources as peter referred to them. it's also the president himself. he is pointing the finger at everybody. watch this. >> president biden obviously is blaming everyone. he is blaming president trump, is he blaming the of a dan national army. is he blaming the intelligence community. the intelligence community was briefing members of congress on a bipartisan basis. the problems that were materializing as a result of this hasty retreat and unplanned retreat, and members of both parties in these briefings were asking not if the taliban was going to take control of kabul and take control of the country.
4:08 am
but what was the administration's response when they did it? democrats were asking and republicans were asking about what was going to happen to the women and the girls? we were warning about vacating and evacuating bagram before we could extricate all of the u.s. military and civilian personnel and what were we going to do about the special immigrant visas for the afghans? those were the questions that members of congress were asking because that was in reaction to the briefings we were receiving. steve: he is a member of congress. it is bipartisan in the criticism of the administration. you have got senate armed services chairman jack reese, a democrat from the great state of rhode island. he said the administration had failures of intelligence, diplomacy and lack of imagination. then you have got congressman seth moulton, a democrat from massachusetts. he served in iraq. and he said to say that this is anything short of a disaster would be dishonest. worse, it was avoidable. and then a congresswoman by the name of chrissy houlahan, who
4:09 am
san air force vet. she is also a democrat from the great state of pennsylvania, said that the administration disregarded the warnings that she and others had said, look, this is going to be a problem. pay attention. they did not pay attention. ainsley: mitch mcconnell, nancy pelosi, both sides of the aisle are asking for briefings, and we are looking to have those maybe next week. they are going to be grilled on capitol hill by democrats and republicans. the president in a interview with george stephanopoulos says the -- he blamed the leader of afghanistan, said he left afghanistan troops collapsed after we trained them. there were 300,000 of them he said. they left all their equipment and they took off. we removed our military before removed our civilians. and they are all saying the same thing. we expected this collapse. just not within 11 days. we were expecting it in months or maybe even years. but, if that's the case, why would we leave and allow the taliban to take over and that country to collapse? brian: ainsley, so much important things you said there.
4:10 am
number one, if you are a general, you are trained to evaluate troop strength of the enemy it should be really easy. ainsley: exactly. brian: troop strength of our ally. if you can't look at the afghan forces, get on the ground and trust the people on the ground look and say i have got a problem here and this could happen rapidly. you have the wrong people on the ground. you are not asking the right questions and you can't get away with that the other thing to keep in mind, too. is that what can you expect? you never had 300,000. many of them were just cops. many of them were getting double pay. what did you expect? you knew you had 12500 fighters. you didn't give them air power. you wouldn't provide backup. you wouldn't allow the contractors to stay in country. you told the 5600 nato forces you are no longer needed. and you told them through a press conference not each directly you say well, it caught us by surprise as to speed. as modern as those hearings are
4:11 am
how many americans will still be stuck in afghanistan when those hearings are taking place? there is 12,000 at least americans in there. they are struggling to communicate. and it worries me, too, that the afghans are being hunted down, according to u.n. officials, the taliban unsure of the new rules know this: they are stepping up efforts to find allies of the former government. and by the way this is an important scene, too. that's the ally government flag. they are still fighting in the streets. in the north. massoud's son is putting together a new northern alliance still fighting. what do you mean they weren't fighting for their country? ainsley: back here at home the pentagon is offering mental health resources to any veteran who served in average. now they are wondering what was all this for? if we are going right back to where we were 20 years ago, why did we lose our limbs? why did we i give up our lives. brian: these people are for the government the gutless ghani who left the country. the vice president stepped up to
4:12 am
put out audio recording yesterday i'm in charge. i'm not giving up. if you really think that the taliban are preferred by the people, you are not paying attention. steve: well, ainsley, to your point, you started to talk a little bit about how, you know, there are so many people who are heart broken about what is going on there we have been talking to gold star families about, you know, they lost someone over there now it's like we put 20 years into it, and we are pulling out. and what do we have? there are some concerns that the pentagon, they are worried about the mental health of the marines and everybody else. and that marine brass sent out a letter yesterday, essentially asking whether or not do you feel like this was worth all the trouble? and they wrote we see the videos and photos, we read stories that bring back memories for some of us, and it becomes intensely personal. we value human life. and we want to believe that what marines have done in afghanistan made a difference. we both believe the two writers, without question, that your
4:13 am
service was meaningful, powerful and important. you fought to defend your country. your family, your friends and your neighbors. you fought to prevent terror from returning to our shores. and that is such an important point. you fought for the liberty of young afghan girls, women, boys and men who want the same individual freedoms we all enjoy as americans. you fought for the marines to your left and the marine to your right. you never let them down. you never ever gave up. was it worth it? yes. does it still hurt? yes. and we know that. brian: right. your commanders have let you down. your politicians have let you down. did you not let us down. ainsley: no way. brian: i would argue this as finest generation of war fighters has ever been. forced to fight in the most difficult circumstances for the longest period of time. you have a great reason to be proud. and to make you even more angry, the agency that was set up to protect american citizens by the
4:14 am
trump administration was dismantled on june 11th in a memo that the quote is discontinuation of the establishment of the termination of the contingency and crisis response bureau you wonder why there was no plan. ainsley: think about what you have done if you fought in afghanistan for the women over there. you gave them a taste of freedom. you allowed them to walk outside without a chaperone. you allowed them to have a job and allowed them to have freedoms they have never had before. the fear is that the taliban is taking over what does this mean for women and families and afghan forces who were american allies to us and helped our country. matt whitaker former acting attorney general, you know who he is, he is very concerned about how this has been demoralizing to the american warrior. listen to this. >> the first thing i keep thinking about is how uninformed the president of the united states appears to be. >> yeah. >> he's not talking about what's actually happening in the world. is he talking about -- maybe somebody needs to say hey all
4:15 am
these refugees from afghanistan are not vaccinated. >> the american warrior is the best equipped, best trained war fighter anywhere. >> um-huh. >> we need to make sure this doesn't demoralize that whole class of people that raised their hand and swear to give their life in defense of the republic. i'm really concerned how demoralizing this has been and we need to remind them every chance we get that their sacrifice was not for not. that they were defending the principles we stand for and that the flag, you know, is going to fly forever and that we can be trusted as an ally. brian: our best hope is for this those men and women to fight and do what joni ernst did. do what others have done like dan crenshaw, go into politics. we need clear-thinking people who have america's interest in mind and understand the enemy. keep in mind, we let people out of gitmo, become commanders in the taliban. allow al-qaeda come back in this area. we allow all our enemies to see us fail. we have made ourselves less safe
4:16 am
through precision's decisions not military war fighters. >> and military war fighters are great leaders. that's why they are called to service, it's always fantastic. they have already done public service in defending all of us. at the same time you can understand the frustration because it's like nobody gets in to the service to fight a war and lose a war or have a politician take you out of the game. and, you know, some people, we have all gotten letters and texts from people who are saying that's so depressed at what we did, what we did. baker mayfield is the quarterback for the cleveland browns. and he had a pep talk for active military members yesterday at training camp. we have got share it with you. listen to this. >> thank you for everything you sacrificed and continue to sacrifice. if there are any veterans here continue to thank you as well. i want to say thank you on behalf of the cleveland browns. thank you for allowing us to play this game that we love. we appreciate you more than you know. thank you.
4:17 am
ainsley: looks like training camp and those were spectators that wanted to come and watch them train. he walked over and thanked the veterans. so sweet. steve: also we wanted to share with you a tweet with a picture from air force general jacqueline van -- reads bravery and displayed by airmen last few days you a eye on expiring. impressed by can do spirit and proud to serve alongside them as we project our vision protect team. decisive strength and delivering hope. ainsley: picture of a child wrapped up in a camouflage uniform. brian: such a shame they have to wait for the errant for our people to get there because we can't secure the roads for them to arrive there. and all you have to do is tell the military give me some numbers, i will go back in and i will get all nine to 15,000 one by one. but our president wants to move on and talk about booster shots.
4:18 am
ainsley: in haroon yesterday, individual trapped over there, he said he went to the airport right before our interview, and he couldn't get through. we interviewed someone else this morning. she said one of her friends is there with six children. she tried three times to get to the airport, and made there but wasn't able to go through. i don't know what we need to do right there at the perimeter of the airport or do we not have enough planes? steve: show the passport, your target, that's the problem. as he said i didn't pull out my passport. i didn't want them following me home. brian: reopen the embassy and start processing people normally. china and russia have their embassy open. what are we afraid of? steve: we heard from the generals yesterday. they said essentially our hands are tied. the boss, commander-in-chief said protect the embassy and the airport and now we are all at the airport. we got nobody left. ainsley: they said we can't guarantee safe passage to the airport. proceed to the airport as soon as possible. there are no specific flight times. we are running as many flights
4:19 am
as we can every day. we do not have information how long these flights will be available. please come to the airport as soon as possible. >> that would be something aruba would say because they have no military. steve: one thing they should say at the end good luck, you are on your own. because that's exactly what they said. get to the airport but you are on your own. brian: in america, unbelievable. steve: 7:19 here in america. on the east coast. and jillian joins us with some disturbing news. it's the cover of "the new york post." jillian: unbelievable. here is what it is. the suspect of accused of attacking a man with a hatchet in new york city is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. eric gathers arrested and charged with attempted murder and assault. bank manager hit with the hatchet while pulling money from apartment tm in manhattan. the victim is recovering. thousands of evacuations are underway as wildfires gain ground in northern california. the dixie fire has been burning for a month and the will hundreds of homes are destroyed.
4:20 am
high winds are fueling the fires that are both burning in forests with severe droughts. inmates will now be called residents at a wisconsin county jail titles matter. the change has been made to the online jail roster. newly elected sheriff calvin barrett defending the move saying quote we want to eliminate the barriers that those who are as far as incarcerated face when they're getting their warm reentry back into the community and by the sounds of this brian kilmeade has something to say to it. brian: i will stay at rikers island or holiday inn. it's unbelievable. they're prisoners. what is going on in this world? ainsley: coming up next, parents are fighting back against mask mandates for kids as young as 2 years old. >> enjoying the last day with our children. we are here fighting you and your overreach. i urge you to cease all attempt at mandating masks for us or our children. ainsley: that momma is going to join us after winning her war on
4:21 am
masks next. ♪ joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx® works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! get real relief with cosentyx.
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>> masks will be optional for all children full stop. >> i don't want the government being able to tell me i can't assess the risk for my family. >> i want to know which one of you wears a mask for 8 plus hours a day? i urge to you cease all attempts at mandating masks for us or our children. i will not comply. my children will not complivment and more importantly, slew of parents, citizens and granted parents will not comply. >> parents in charleston, south carolina expressing outrage at city council meeting over a proposed mandate for all people over the age of 2 to wear a mask
4:26 am
at public facilities including schools, private schools, and day cares. that proposal failed after the hearing on tuesday night. but comes after the city's main school district, the county's main school district passed its own mask requirements where kids are going to have to wear them through at least october. ashley regan is one of the parents you just heard from. she is the mother of two. and joins us right now live from the charleston area. good morning to you, ashley. >> good morning. steve: okay. so, you know, last night they said okay, there won't be a mask mandate in public buildings for anybody over 2. so, that's a win for you, but at the same time, the school district said everybody has got to wear a mask in school through october. now what happens? >> we keep fighting. our voices have been silenced. we have been made out to be the crazy antiscience far right
4:27 am
political group and we're parents. we want our voices to be heard. and we want our children health and medical choices be made by the parents. steve: what's the main reason you don't want your child to have to wear a mask in the public building. >> i have seen what it does to our children. we know the virus is just that it's a virus. and we also know the science now that children have less than a .1 percent chance of dying from it and serious complications are very rare. there is more to a child's health and wellness beyond just whether they are physically healthy. it's mentally, it's cognitively. it's socially. and we don't know what the long-term effects are going to be with these masks on our children. steve: you make such a good point there at the end. we don't know about the effects of masks on children with the
4:28 am
masks. the nih and cdc haven't done any studies for the most part where they look at that with kids. it's hard to cite a study or say the science says this. ultimately, you have got figure and this is what we're all struggling with on this pandemic on try trying to keep people safe. the school board was do we want kids at home looking at a computer or do we want the kids in a class with a mask? when given the choice between the two, i think most parent would like to have their kids in the school and if the price of admission is a mask, are you okay with that? >> personally, i'm not. i think that there is other options. there has been plenty of schools who have opened up last year with no mask mandates and they never shut down. and i think that charleston county school district can do the same i think there are school districts throughout our country who could do the same keep our children in school without a mask.
4:29 am
steve: it sounds like you are going to be going to the next school board meeting to talk a little bit about that mask mandate. >> yeah. probably. steve: all right. well, ashley, thank you very much for joining us toted. and your kids are back in school are they okay with everything with wearing the mask? >> no, they are not. they are not okay with it. children with special needs, my son has a speech delay, this is a huge challenge and an obstacle for him. so i think this called last minute, 36 hours before school started that the school district went against the state and implemented this. i think the teachers are scrambling, the principals are scrambling and there is a lot of confusion right now. steve: there is confusion everywhere, it seems like, ashley thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you so much for having me. steve: you bet. >> thank you. steve: we are coming up 7:30 here in the east. women across afghanistan are
4:30 am
fearing for their safety as the taliban has retaken the country. iowa senator joni ernst was a combat vet in the middle east. she is going to join us live with her point of view next on "fox & friends." ♪ as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ my name is monique, i'm 41,
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♪ steve all right. back with a fox news alert. today fallen police officer ella french will be laid to rest. brian: johnny joins us now as thousands of officers are expected to attend and pay their final respects, joni? >> good morning, a huge crowd here on the south side of chicago for the funeral of officer illustrate la french the chicago police officer killed in the line of duty earlier this month. her death impacted chicagoens and beyond because she was a dedicated public servant who often said she wanted to help her community. yesterday was the visitation for 29-year-old legal french. local police and officers? all over the country traveled here to pay their respects along
4:35 am
with chicago mayor lori lightfoot. illinois governor j.b. pritzker, chicago elected officials, friends, neighbors and sympathetic public. french and her partner carlosian necessary jr. were shot while conduct wag traffic stop on the south side of chicago august 7th. officerrian necessary has been recovering from serious injuries. and he recently taped a message from his hospital bed, a message of gratitude for his family and supporters. >> thank you for your support. your donations, and your prayers. i love you all. >> we were told early on that when he regained consciousness after the shooting the first thing he did was ask about officer french. they were very concerned about his prognosis. so they delayed this horrible news. now, ella french had been with the department for three and a half years.
4:36 am
she served on the specialized community safety team volunteering for that duty in the hardest parts of the city. and in those three and a half years, she really made an impact on the city. we are expecting a lot of people at this funeral. reporting live in chicago. i'm johnniy. >> the dangers women may now face under taliban rule. steve: one afghan woman who run as nongovernment organization there, telling fox news we are seeing everything we have built so hard piece by piece being lost in afghanistan. our 20 years have of gains and hard work vanished overnight. afghans, especially women, will face a very new world a world of
4:37 am
fear, destruction, misery, and endless pain. ainsley: our next guest broke barriers for women in the global war on terror. senator joni ernst first female combat vet elected to the senate and she joins us now. good morning, senator. >> yeah, good morning, ainsley, thank you. ainsley: thank you for being here and for your service. the "wall street journal" profiled some afghan women and these are some of the comments the women made. today i am afraid to show my photos. i'm hiding myself. i had my liberty and freedom. we went to the gym, restaurants, everythings that changed in a week. another female student says a week ago we were planning on how to study and work but now everyone is scared to death our dreams are gone. their dreams were shattered overnight. what's your reaction? >> well, i feel the same way. the gains that were made by women in afghanistan were significant. and they were able to go to school, to obtain leadership positions in their communities. and all of that is being stripped away. and even worse than losing
4:38 am
opportunity for education and for leadership is that now they will be forced back into their homes, forced under taliban rule. they will be at the mercy of these brutal, brutal people that have taken over the country of afghanistan. steve: sure. brian: senator, after watching general austin, general milley and the president yesterday, what is your take away because i think all three of them should be ashamed of themselves and their explanation or lack thereof. >> well, i am so disappointed in president joe biden and one thing that has been lacking amidst so many other things is the fact that he has yet to fully, fully thank the men and women that have served in the global war on terrorism. is in that you have done that quite well in thanking the men and women that have protected our homeland for 20 years. and joe biden is a disgrace. not to thank these men and women that have protected us.
4:39 am
what we see going on in afghanistan, it was preventible. this has been a hasty and haphazard withdrawal. brian: he says it wasn't preventable and people falling out of planes, that was so four days ago. >> you know what, brian? you see it, i see it, the nation sees it. this was preventable. we don't understand why we allowed bagram airfield to go. why we didn't remove our civilians, those afghan interpreters, before we withdrew our military forces. all of this was preventable. whether joe biden wants to acknowledge that or not. i see it, you see it, the nation sees it. steve: the nation is looking at these graphic images. senator, you know, there is so much frustration because over the last 20 years our investment there, we never thought we were going to lose. now, here we are and we pulled out and it's just descending into complete chaos as we look
4:40 am
at more of these images. you know, one of the biggest problems is and the president last night on abc said that they have got something like 65,000 people who are in afghanistan, of a gappies who helped u.s. government during the last 20 years. they are having a mad scram to be try to get out of the country. i'm sure as a member of congress, your phone in your office is ringing off the hook. people here in the united states have somebody over there that needs to get out. how are members of congress trying to help them get out? because right now, it's almost impossible for somebody without a u.s. passport to get past the taliban to get to the airport. >> steve, this is epic, epic failure by the leadership here in this nation to provide for safe passage for american citizens going into kabul as well as those that have 'assisted our united states military. my phone is blowing up. not only my office phone, but my
4:41 am
personal phone with other members of the military that are reaching out, trying to find some level of passage for the men that assisted them in afghanistan. one that i was visiting with yesterday, his interpreter is on the perimeter of the airport but cannot get through the taliban. he has tried multiple times and has been turned away. so, we know that there are people eligible for sivs that are not abeing allowed by the taliban exit from the country. so, yes, i know other members whether it's senator tom cotton, whether it is congressman jason crow or mike waltz, all of receiving same messages. ainsley: even democrats jimmy panetta of california, a democrat saying this is not as running as smoothly as he would like. i understand the lawmakers, y'all only got one email and one phone number. every single lawmaker is supposed to call that one number to help get your constituents that are trapped over there, their family members out. and that's uncalled for.
4:42 am
people are saying brian mast said that's a death sentence. >> absolutely. and we are -- we're directing all of that to the state department. and, again, this is something we have worked on for months. i was at the white house april-may time frame asking them to start processing these sivs. we were trying to work with the national security advisers for the president all to no avail. brian: senator, as you know and we have got to go to break. always told don't leave a man or woman behind even if they lost their lives. risk their lives to get back their bodies. we are leaving 15,000 americans. ainsley: if not more. brian: in a war zone, the general secretary of defense says can't do anything about it. unacceptable. senator, thanks so much. ainsley: thank you. steve: thank you, senator. brian: all right. we move ahead. business owners are pushing back against new york city vaccine mandate. why wouldn't they? a restaurant owner taking the mayor to court, thank goodness.
4:43 am
join us next. steve: later, cancel culture is coming for carrie underwood the reach the country singer is facing backlash coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous. tide pods child-guard pack helps keep your laundry pacs in a safe place and your child safer. to close, twist until it clicks. tide pods child-guard packaging.
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don't miss our best offer of the year, and experience your best sleep of the summer. all tempur-pedic mattresses are on sale, with savings up to $700 on adjustable mattress sets. learn more at ♪ brian: all right, new york city restaurant owners are fighting back big time against mayor blapsz ridiculous vaccine mandate. our next guest sued de blasio over the indoor dining ban back in december and is taking action again. irene the opener of the famous kellogg's diner in brooklyn and joins us now. irene, now they want you to show a vaccine card. >> good morning. brian: if you got caught with someone eating your restaurant with a without a vaccine card 1,000 bucks. second time 2,000 bucks. how do you feel about that? >> i feel that my liberties are been taken away from me. my civil liberties have been taken away from me.
4:48 am
i feel like i don't have the right to feed my children. i feel fear that -- this mayor has just put danger in my life. he is creating division. and he is going to create violence. this is not going to be good. brian: you told me that, you know, you saw it in people's eyes. they don't want to be asked about their health, their vaccine status. and you have to be on the frontlines? what's the reaction you are getting from the people in brooklyn? >> so, the stare, the stare at the door is putting fear in me. i just -- i feel it and one person actually said to me you better not refuse service to me. it shook me. this is exactly what i'm afraid of.
4:49 am
and our mayor really thinks in his demented mind is he doing something good here. he's not. he is going to create more violence. is he going to create more crime with this. he is taking away people's liberties. brian: you are suing, correct? >> i have to. i have to. brian: tough pay for a lawyer and you are suing the city. >> correct. we're suing the city. we're suing mayor de blasio because he is -- he is not letting me run my business with all the rights that i have. you know, i already have a 1.4 million judgment against me from the first mandates that our governor and our mayor put on us, the first time around. and now this? they are breaking me. that's exactly what they are doing. steve: don't let them. and you are taking action. >> i'm a mom of four kids, too.
4:50 am
i'm not complying, brian. brian: irene, i'm going to have to leave it there. continue to come here. i'm so glad you are taking action because now the clipboard police are going to come up to you and start hitting fines with you and let them deal with the customers. the owner of kellogg's diner find a way to get down there and patronize that place. irene, thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. thank you so much. brian: you got it. we reached out to mayor de blasio's office for comment. we did not hear back mainly because he sleeps until about 11:00. up next lone survivor marcus luttrell reacts to the dangerous end to longest war. the message to those who served in average. that's next. ♪ we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. ...
4:51 am
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4:54 am
ainsley: welcome back. let's check in with our meteorologist adam klotz for our fox weather forecast. >> good morning, ainsley it is kind of hot and sticky out here on fox square. that's at least partially because the remnant of fred just moved through the area we're continuing to track those let's dive into our forecast, you're seeing all of that rain all of that moisture lifting from up state new york, there's really heavy rain with fred, flood watches and warnings now advisories stretching across that region as we continue to see heavy rain. otherwise, hurricane grace mate landfall earlier this morning near tulum, still a category one hurricane, we'll continue to track as it eventually runs
4:55 am
across the yucatan peninsula, back into central mexico, by saturday and our next tropical storm to pay attention to for the united states, tropical storm henry. i'm going to leave you here with this graphic that shows this thing will turn and run up the east coast this weekend. still not forecast to make landfall but it could and that is something we'll be paying very close attention to ainsley. those are your weather headlines for now back into you. ainsley: good deal thank you so much. president biden doubling down on his commitment to withdraw our troops from afghanistan. >> and are you committed to making sure that the troops stay until every american who wants to be out is out? >> yes. >> how about our afghan allies? >> the commitment holds to get everyone out that in fact we can get out and everyone that should come out. ainsley: gold star families and veterans are sharing their frustrations as they watch the 20 year war end just as it started with the taliban in control. here with his message is navy seal who served in afghanistan, he also wrote that book right
4:56 am
there, " lone survivor" marcus l uttrell. >> good morning, how are you? ainsley: we're doing well, thank you. i can't even imagine what you're thinking because you deployed to afghanistan with your navy seal team, we're all attacked by the taliban and you were the lo ne survivor what's going through your mind when you're watching these images? >> i had the same feeling most everybody else does it's like watching the end of a movie that turns bad on you. ultimately i think it's the fact that we worked so hard over there to prove to the american people that we would do our jobs and by looking at that it's like we didn't do anything, and i kind of understand that, but i've been in that exact situation, not only just being there, but was left there and i was, all i could think about was getting here and america is not just only a place, it's the people. all i wanted to do is get back here to you all. they literally have people falling off the outside of aircrafts just to get here to our people. they are only familiar with our
4:57 am
uniform people, and they don't understand how amazing grace, america's people that just the best there is, and these people are trying to get here, and they're not, we're talking about americans. the ultimate feeling that we have is that we left people behind and we don't do that. i was out there by myself, in a hole, about the size or the dimensions of underneath the couch you are all sitting on and you all found me, so you sent the entire army to come get me and we have about 10,000 of us sitting there, so we need to go get them. ainsley: how can we do that? >> it should happen like that. ainsley: how can we do it marcus >> we're america. call us to get the expend expendables online or something , just send us back in there, the problem isn't whether we can do that job. we'll drop right in there and pull everybody out. we can do whatever you want us to, it's up to the american people how far you want to let
4:58 am
us go. its always been that way. you set the standards and rules for us and we implement them and it's when we don't get a chance to perform and our duties and do the best we can it actually affects us and hurts and that's what most of us are feeling. ainsley: what's your message to the president? to joe biden? >> i'm praying for you, sir. do the best you can get that gi joe on, we got boys and girls still over there, we got to go get them and we're doing that. i think the american people need to take a deep breath. we've been through a lot and this is kind of added fuel to it , to the fire. i'd tell all of our people out there to take a deep breath, relax, and i know that's tough, but we'll handle this and we'll get it done, and even if the right things aren't happening right now, we'll shift course. we're a big machine, and we want to do the best we can for you all. always believe that. anybody in the uniform we're trying our level best to make you all just honored to be, to have us.
4:59 am
ainsley: the problem is, marcus, the commanders, joe biden's not calling on them to go in and get these people. he hasn't given our military those orders, and it's hard to take a deep breath, when you know that women and men are over there, so terrified, that they're not coming home. >> they are. they are terrified. like i said i've been there and i was trained and i was scared, and if they are going to -- you need to go get them and get our people. that's what i'll say. everyone else is tearing the administration down. i don't do that and come at people like that. it's not my business. there's plenty of people that do that. i will say this. we're the most powerful thing down here, and you can go get them if you want to, i mean, you don't. it's your decision, sir. make one. ainsley: marcus, thank you. thank you for your service, god bless you. >> god bless you all we miss you all up there. ainsley: come visit us. >> we want to. ainsley: i know. hopefully soon.
5:00 am
we all want to be back to normal god bless you marcus you're the best, thank you. next hour of fox & friends starts now. steve: the taliban takeover worsening by the day. brian: several afghans were killed this morning when taliban fighters opened fire. >> the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos i don't know how that happened. >> during his speech about covid-19 biden took no questions at all. >> joe biden is a disgrace. this has been a hasty and haphazard withdrawal. it was preventable. >> new york city mayor bill deblasio downplays a violet attack at an atm in manhattan. >> we should never stereotype folks with mental health challenges. >> a twitter momma tacking carrie underwood for liking this tweet. >> a child's mask is a symbolic security blanket for you, not them. >> we replaced our free speech culture with a miranda rights culture. what you say can and will be
5:01 am
used against you. >> thank you for everything you sacrificed and continue to sacrifice, thank you on behalf of the cleveland browns and for allowing us to be able to play this game that we love. ainsley: straight to a fox news alert president biden speaking on the afghanistan crisis, just moments ago saying the taliban must decide whether it wants to be a part of the international community. brian: unbelievable. steve: meanwhile new reports say several afghans were killed just this morning when the taliban opened fire on people, waving the national flag of the previous government. brian: people are being killed at the airport, mr. president, peter doocy joins us live from the white house with the latest. reporter: in the run-up to kabul 's fall president biden had been getting daily briefings about afghanistan. now, he says, based on everything that he was hearing in the time before kabul fell, and the days since, that the u.s. operation there was not a failure, and he claims that he knew this was going to happen. >> we're going to go back in hindsight and look but the idea
5:02 am
that somehow, there's a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing i don't know how that happens. i don't know how that happens. >> so for you that was always priced into the decision? >> yes. reporter: so the president says, he claim, that he saw this coming but the top general at the pentagon says that is not what the intel showed. >> following our departure, there was nothing that i or anyone else saw, that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days. reporter: we have video showing how the taliban is keeping order outside the gates of the airport something the biden administration is relying on them to do, and as the u.s. military hopes to fe rry americans and allies to safety out of fear the taliban is going to hurt them or worse. the president just said he expects the taliban to behave. >> i think they're going through sort of an existential
5:03 am
crisis about do they want to be recognized by the international communities being a legitimate government? i'm not sure they do. reporter: and there is some further mixed messaging just a difference in what we're hearing from here and across the river at the pentagon. the president's line to get out of afghanistan is the end of august. he says in this interview that he will stay until all the americans that want to get out are out, if it takes longer than the end of august; however, the defense secretary, whose in charge of the military operations over there, says that we will stay until the clock runs out or we run out of capability. back to you. brian: it's a great point, peter. what a difference. how could you be the secretary of defense and not err on the side of i'll get every american out and let the president walk back my statement if he chooses instead he's parsing his words almost with pride saying i can't do anything for anybody because they got to get to the kabul airport. really? i can't believe this is america.
5:04 am
reporter: and again, there are so many questions about why there are differences, but there are very few opportunities and i guess i should just say there are no opportunities since last tuesday, to ask the president about it. steve: sure well people tried yesterday but he just walked out after he talked about covid. peter in the last hour over on good morning america the president said i've been working the phones to make sure that other world leaders and i are all on the same page to figure out how to go but he also said before i made this decision , i met with our allies, our nato allies in europe. they all agreed we should be getting out. you were with the president at nato in europe. did we hear any of that in public? reporter: we heard from the president and officials and they were saying that these allies did generally agree with the timeline and getting out, but something else that they were saying and part of that was that they were going to continue to support the afghan national
5:05 am
security forces which now, the pentagon says or the national security advisor says basically, don't exist any more, and that they were going to support the afghan government but the president fled, and so things are a lot different and to the point about consulting with the nato allies before, that was in the second and third week of june, if i remember correctly over in brussels. this president said many times on that trip that he would walk into the room and these other world leaders would ask him, is america back? and he would say yes, we're going to lead with our allies. it's not going to be america alone again, but it took him several days into afghanistan just evolving into the pictures that you see before he actually picked up the phone and spoke to an allie. ainsley: he was on vacation, he was retreating camp david for a while. steve: maybe he was working the phones from camp david. brian: no he wasn't. ainsley: thank you, peter. brian: boris johnson was the first. ainsley: it was tuesday morning when they were asked that
5:06 am
question, has the president talked to any world leaders and they said no he hasn't and it's like what this is such a national disaster and then he called boris johnson that night. steve: sure, we played earlier in the program a tape that was available from world news last night where the president says look, you know, there's no way to get out of there without having chaos. okay, it's chaotic. we figured that out, but he just said, they just aired another sound bite about where he's talking about it makes it sound like he thinks this is effective , because so far, no one is being killed, which we know is not true. people are being killed but nonetheless, here is the commander-in-chief. >> there is, but look, no one is being killed right now. god forgive me if i'm wrong about that but no one is being killed right now. people, we got a thousand, somewhat 1,200 out yesterday, a couple thousand today, and it's increasing. we're going to get those people out. >> but we've all seen the
5:07 am
pictures, those hundreds of people packed into a c-17. we've seen afghans falling. >> that was four days ago, five days a.g. >> what did you first think when you saw those pictures. >> i thought we have to gain control of this and move this qmore quickly. we have to move in a way in which we can take control of that airport, and we did. brian: he thinks a good answer is that was four days ago? ainsley: and no one is killed? he didn't even know, he said forgive me if i'm wrong. he's our president, he doesn't even know. we showed pictures of the afghan lady that was killed. brian: 12 have been killed at the airport already minimum you know that number quadrupled. ainsley: what about all of the men and women killed there fighting for that country i'll give you the numbers 2,448 american military have died in afghanistan, 3,846, and then 66,000 afghan national military and police who were helping us. steve: sure so keep in mind as we look at some of the images
5:08 am
of kabul, i believe yesterday, the way that our u.s. government is running the evacuation of americans and of afghans who have helped us is okay, you get to the airport, you get past the taliban, you're going to be fine, but we cannot guarantee you get past the taliban. we've showed you images where the taliban is roughing up people, they killed people, they are intimidating people, they don't want them to get by and there we can see people so desperate they climb over the wall. the president also was just asked, and he said, he does not think that the taliban has reformed from, you know, essentially their ideology that we know all too well, with shari a law, but the president said that the federal government, the united states government, and our allies will try to change the taliban's behavior with economic, diplomatic, and international pressure. brian: by evacuating from the embassy you've lost all your leverage while china and russia
5:09 am
sit there and are having lunch right now. meanwhile let's listen to more of -- steve: we have our special guest brian: all right let's go a little bit later we'll hear more from the president who is way over his head and angry about it , we're angry that he's actually in that spot. meanwhile let's bring in haroon, what we know him as , as he sits behind enemy lines in afghanistan, he's an american, stuck in that country, trying to go out with his family, went to visit his sick dad. how are you today? >> i'm doing okay, sir, how are you? brian: can you setup your circumstances for us? where are you? without giving away your location. >> yeah, i'm still in kabul, and it's my second time, i tried to go to the airport and i have my passport, or i have my green card and passport for my child so today once again, i tried and
5:10 am
went there at 1:00 a.m. in the morning and i was there until 12 p.m. it was noon, actually, so there were thousands of people there, and there was a rush and a lot of people and the system that the soldiers are trying to get people in to find out what's going on it's really hard to get , there's thousands of people, there's no lines, there's just thousands of people and you can not just make a move like that and they have their units that is on side by side with american soldiers, the air force right there, sorry if i'm wrong, so they are with all
5:11 am
those people trying to figure out how to get out of afghanistan and the chaos situation. steve: we just heard from the president who said on abc, that nobody's being killed at the airport. he said he could be wrong, but you've seen with your own eyes what's going on at the airport and we have reported that over a dozen people have been killed. you know, apparently the president needs new information, new intel. tell the president what's going on. >> i'm going to tell you what i saw today. steve: exactly. >> so at the airport, there was tons of people and you know, like people are rushing, of course, because everyone wants to get closer and as long as you get on the wire, and by those,
5:12 am
with the belt, they will hit you and it's like this is crazy and for me and for everyone else and i have my passport in my hand and i'm showing them, this is my passport, i'm an american, let me in and they are like wait, wait, how are you going to make your way right behind these wire s that they cut, can get cut by those, with thousands of people that are pushing you and this is what's going on and what else i saw on that yesterday was they were dropping grenades on people, not the real ones, which i saw one was he was holding my older daughter, so what happened , they dropped three of
5:13 am
them at the same time, with like thousands of people, so one of them was on that lady's shoulder and she just dropped and everyone was dropping all around and even my daughter she dropped on my brother, and my brother was on top of her and she got burned on her hair, and on her head, and it's crazy, there is ashes all over her face, it's crazy. i just got out and thank god that mr. matt from senator cotton's office, he was in touch every 30 or 20 minutes, how i'm doing so he figured out somehow on the east side of the airport, and when i went there, it was the same situation there. there were taliban on the first and the americans were behind him and the taliban, they were
5:14 am
hitting everyone with whatever they have in their hands and hitting people on the shoulder, on the face, and blindly shooting while everyone is running. i saw like a couple little kids like two or three was dropped on the ground and everyone was stepping on them and no one was able to help them, so of course, everyone is seeing this stuff until they are gone because they want to get out of there. everyone knows what's going to happen when americans leave. go ahead. ainsley: haroon i just wanted to get one question in here and wanted to ask you about how women, the women who lived in the 90s, how do they describe what they went through? >> in the 90s? ainsley: back before when the taliban was ruling before 9/11. >> yeah, i mean, the taliban
5:15 am
was, they were, the history that i heard, i'm not that old, i'm only 29 years old, but still i heard a lot of what they were doing with the women, no women had no rights at that time, and they were had to cover over, but right now the taliban, to be honest at the moment is like political or whatever, but they are okay with that. they aren't, they don't have much or they are changing, but still, you don't go out. just keep going forward to get out of afghanistan and to the airport. brian: yeah, we'll let you go and try to work your way out they say they hope to get 5,000 out a day.
5:16 am
hope you're on one of those flights please let us know how you're doing. >> i mean, they are saying 5,000. i don't know how, maybe somehow, i was there for almost like i say 12 hours. there was like thousands of people, like every hour i was watching, they only take three or four or five people in, because most of the time, they are arguing, hitting people. just trying to help people, i know that, i can see that but it's not organized. they need to work on the system. they have to make lines. brian: yeah, you would think we would know how to make a line. unbelievable. ainsley: how many flights did you see take off? >> i saw only three, but i
5:17 am
don't know if there was more that i missed. steve: haroon real quickly when you talked to us yesterday and you are from the united states, you went over in june, because your father was ill. yesterday, you said you were reluctant to show your passport at the airport, because then you were afraid that the taliban would follow you home and that would not be good. do you still have that fear? >> exactly. when i went to where mr. matt helped to get there and he coordinated with the american soldiers, he is a good man and he was trying to help me out and another man from his office too so when i was going in the first-line, when you have to show your passport to the taliban, and then, if they want they can let you go in and if not they are going to hit you in the face or on your shoulder and go away or they are going
5:18 am
to shoot right in your face, like boom boom boom boom boom. so if you have your kids in your arms, he was asleep on my shoulder at the moment they started shooting and she just looked at me to hear that loud shooting. so what they were doing was something else. then on the second day when i went, they were saying give me your name, give me your child. they are going to keep your child inside and then call you in and i heard someone lost their child inside and they were looking for . so how is this possible? what are they doing with this child? ainsley: oh, my gosh. steve: we're following what the federal government, our u.s. government said, they said anyway you can get to the airport. you did that, but it's simply a
5:19 am
case of volume. there's so many people, and so few flights, it's a tough situation. haroon, thank you very much for joining us, and we'll try to continue to keep up, because people are worried about you and your family and everybody else so we'll try to talk to you again tomorrow. brian: haroon, thank you. ainsley: we're praying for you haroon. brian: think about this , its already been as joe biden says, four days and we still can't figure out the system at the airport. you just heard the reality and then you heard the hyperspace and the planet that the president is on, and the secretary of defense is on and you heard the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. it's embarrassing. they are not worthy to command our troops. steve: well the problem is the deadline, you know? if they are going to stick t that deadline the president was kind of squishy about that that's a problem. ainsley: marcus luttrell said get in there, we're america, get them all out, but yesterday, we were showing you those images of the woman, for the last 20 years they haven't been made to
5:20 am
wear berkas on their head so that's not normal. some of them choose not to. she's walking on the street and she's shot and kill lying in a big puddle of blood, of her own blood with her loved ones crouched over her because she didn't wear a berka. brian: a little bit later we'll play a clip the president evidently talked about the women in afghanistan. steve: newt gingrich, next.
5:21 am
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xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. >> the reason it wasn't happening is, the last president negotiated a year earlier that he'd be out by may 1 and that the return there be no attack on american forces. that's what was done. that's why nothing was happening , but the idea if i'd said i had a simple choice, and if i'd said we're going to stay,
5:25 am
then we better put a whole hell of a lot more troops. steve: new sound of the president speaking over on abc, president biden blaming former president donald trump for the problems in afghanistan. let's bring in fox news contributor newt gingrich. he's the author of the upcoming book "beyond biden", on novembee -order at bookstores everywhere and wherever you buy your books. mr. speaker good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: okay, so there, we've heard him blaming president trump before, but now he's blaming him for the timeline and he said look, you know, donald trump had the timeline i couldn't undo that policy and yet, over the last seven months all he has done is undo different donald trump policies, so apparently that's the only one he couldn't change. >> you know, the tragedy of all this is he's still going to be president for more than three more years. nobody in the world is going to trust him. the europeans are watching him
5:26 am
abandon them, and remember, they have i think 100,000 europeans, in afghanistan and the afghans who fought on our side are watching him abandon them, he has surrendered to the taliban. the chinese are openly saying this means that taiwan will now be gone because nobody is going to trust biden to protect taiwan the damage he has done, and i don't know whether it's ignorance or arrogance, but i do know that the secretary of defense and the chairman of joint chief should both resign. they accepted a plan that was militarily impossible. you can not give up bagram airfield and think you're going to keep the airfield, this is insanity and the president gets elected by the american people so if he wants to do something totally crazy that's a problem for congress to deal with but we don't have to tolerate a secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs who
5:27 am
accept and implement, they should both resign, they accepted and implemented a plan which was militarily impossible, surrender to the taliban, keep the embassy, give up your only combat center in the country and think it's going to work somehow i'm appalled, i'm frankly more appalled with the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs. i expected biden to range between sinility and arrogance in the way he operates but you don't have to accept that out of your senior appointees. steve: well joe biden also blamed the intel community and said there was a breakdown in intel and there was no consensus. they said that what has happened in the last 11 days would happen , you know, maybe by the end of the year. you know, maybe the problem is nobody is telling him what's going on, and it appears he's not watching television, because it seems like there is bipartisan criticism across the political spectrum at what he's done. he just said, mr. speaker, we're going to play the sound bite.
5:28 am
he apparently doesn't even know what's going on at the airport, listen to this. >> well there is, but look, no one is being killed right now, god forgive me if i'm wrong about that but no one is being killed right now. people, we got a thousand, some 1,200 out yesterday, a couple thousand a day and it's increasing. we're going to get those people out. >> but we've all seen the pictures, we've seen hundreds of people packed into a c-17. we've seen afghans falling. >> that was four days ago, five days ago. >> what did you think when you first saw those pictures? >> what i thought is we have to gain control of this. we have to move this more quickly. we haveq to move in a way in which we can take control of that airport, and we did. steve: yeah, he wants it over quickly, that's why they had that deadline of the end of the month, but mr. speaker, he said nobody is being killed, around the airport. that is not true. >> look, ronald regan used to say the problem with liberals wasn't what they didn't know.
5:29 am
it's what they knew that wasn't true, and i think that's what you're seeing here. i think president biden has in his own brain blocked out any information which would challenge what he decided. look, he's got a bad problem. he made the decision to surrender to the taliban. that decision is not working very well. he can't walk it back. i mean, he can't announce tomorrow morning that we're going to send 40,000 troops to recapture kabul and begin to destroy the taliban, so he's got , i think in his mind, he's going to live through this horrible tragedy. we'll come out the other end, and he'll get to go back and talk about covid and paying off the teacher's union, and things passing a $3.5 trillion socialist big government bill. i mean, the things he likes to do, and i think he's just trying to endure and get beyond this , and of course, the price of that endurance is thousands of people , tens of thousands of people who are being trapped in a country where you have a
5:30 am
basically terrorist organization , now running the government. steve: and we just heard from one of them, a guy named haroon, he's trying to get his family out and can't do it. newt, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on this thursday, fox nation host laura logan joins us next with her take on the crisis in afghanistan, and her new special , taking a look at the 21st century. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. hot dog or... chicken? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ from prom dresses
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he used to have bad breath. now, he uses a capful of therabreath fresh breath oral rinse to keep his breath smelling great, all day long. (combative yelling) therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. at walmart, target and other fine stores. jillian: we're turning to fox weather now and this morning hurricane grace making landfall on mexico's yucatan peninsula. the storm bringing heavy wind and dangerous storm surge. remnants of tropical storm fred linger as a flood threat up the east coast. crews are searching for at least 30 people in north carolina after making 100 flood water rescues. >> cancel culture's latest target is country star carrie underwood. twitter users attacking the singer for liking this tweet that we'll show you in a second here from the daily wire's matt
5:35 am
walsh. in it he is speaking out against mask mandates for children there you have the tweet. the twitter mob accusing under wood of being an anti-vaccer, saying she's untrustworthy and trashy, the tweet is still listed among her liked content and walsh fired back writing she should know better than to like something they don't like. this is an unforgivable sin. >> some members of afghanistan's all-girls robotics team have success actually fled the country, after their initial flight was canceled and days of chaos trying to evacuate. the teams founder confirming some have arrived in qatar where they will continue their education. yesterday we spoke to a human rights lawyer working with the team. listen. >> the afghan girls robotics team are girls between the ages of 12-18 who essentially are just these amazing, educated, young women who are into stem, so they are the future of afghanistan. reporter: other girls on the robotics team plan to remain in the country and stick by
5:36 am
their homeland. brian? brian: all right, thanks, jillian. president biden pressed on the dangers facing innocent women and children in an interview that just aired let's watch this together, for the first time. >> the idea that we're able to deal with the rights to women around the world by military force is not rational. it's not rational. look what's happened to the wege rs and western china. look what's happening in other parts of the world. look what's happening in the co ngo. there are a lot of places where women are being subjugated. the way to deal with that is not with a military invasion. the way to deal with that is putting economic, diplomatic and international pressure on them to change their behavior. brian: unbelievable. fox nation host lara logan spent years covering the war on terror in afghanistan including a brand new special you've got to watch it on her series "no agenda" which airs sunday and we'll see a clip in a moment but lara, i want you to respond to that
5:37 am
clip. >> um, [laughter] , that is just spectacular, brian. i mean, i could not believe what i was hearing when i watched that interview, because so of course, joe biden has forgotten what the u.s. government and state department and usa id has been saying for years and years and years and there's very specific issues here. if you don't believe that the u.s. , through military action, could affect change in afghanistan, that's not the message that your government sends for well over a decade, right? that's not the message that you actually delivered village to village and city to city in afghanistan for a very long time that's still not the message of the u.s. state department. why was the u.s. embassy in kabul flying the gay pride flag if what you can do is through diplomatic pressure, that is not a message that was well-received by millions of afghans who do not see the world that way and
5:38 am
are not really in lockstep with woke ideology, so you know, what is very apparent in that interview to me is that joe biden is, he's completely without any credible reason to give for this situation, which only reinforces the idea that the real reason that the u.s. is in this situation is something he doesn't want to talk about or admit. brian: through force, we took a country, and allowed people, women, to go to school, to have a job, to have a future, not ride in the back of a car with blacked out windows and sit in the back of a closet every single day. that happens because we had guns what is wrong with him. meanwhile, nobody knows, and i really would challenge this , nobody knows more about the afghans and the afghan culture and the challenges the ups and downs of our 20 years there, than you, and your contacts are incredible. it's going to be on your special here is a clip from your special , as you interview a taliban spokesperson, on why they haven't done the fundamental thing that donald trump required, and
5:39 am
that's to renounce al qaeda, listen. >> why have you not renounced al qaeda? >> in that we have clearly said , we will not allow anyone whether an individual or an entity, any group, to use afghanistan against the united states, or in any other country >> but the specific questions why will you not renounce al qaeda? you never have, know the from day one, not from 9/11 until now >> we have said, we condemn killing of civilians by any entity, any group, where it is an organization, a state, or any group, that is our agenda the renouncing of anyone. brian: such an important clip and they still haven't and they are working with them. final thought, lara? >> so, couple of very important
5:40 am
things. number one, the afghans chose to bring rights to their own women. the afghans had rights like that in the 70s, afghan women. this is not something that the united states imposed on afghanistan through the use of military force. what the u.s. did was went in and hold people accountable, held the taliban accountable. they were as responsible for 9/11 as al qaeda. because they allowed afghanistan to be a base of operations for them and unfortunately, donald trump's envoy as the presidentia l envoy for him and for trump and for biden he's the one that made a deal with the taliban where he didn't need to make a deal. the taliban know how to use social media. they know how to use propaganda. they are just flat out lying. they cannot renounce al qaeda because ideologically if they do that it be a sin, and in the islamic extremist jihadist world where they are celebrating this as a massive victory. first they defeated the russians and now they've defeated the
5:41 am
world's greatest super power , so make no mistake that when you actually listen to what they're saying in their own language, they are delivering very different message to the one that they are delivering in english and they do deliver their messages everyday more languages than the u.s. state department does, so, they are particularly savvy about this , and brian, the reason they absolutely cannot renounce al qaeda today is because it's not true, right? they are the same. in fact what the vice president of afghanistan said to me in an interview that's also in that special is what's the difference if you drink pepsi or coke? can you tell the difference? that's the difference and when they interrogate these fires in afghanistan, they find one minute they were taliban, then before that they were isis, before that they were al qaeda, i mean they are exactly the same and the u.s. government, particularly starting under obama, has been lying about the relationship between the taliban and al qaeda and the ideological motive behind
5:42 am
this war, for years and years. they've been deceiving the american people and betraying them. brian: and you unwind that in your special, lara logan has no agenda, 21st century terrorism revealed available sunday, on fox nation and the special airs on fox news at 10:00 on sunday, and we'll be watching both. lara i'll talk to you again on radio. >> thank you. brian: right and it's also important, a terrible job representing america with the taliban in this whole agreement. ainsley? ainsley: all right, thank you, brian. a hatchet-wielding suspect behind bars this morning accused of a terrifying attack on a new york city man, while he was getting money out of the atm at one of the chase banks here in new york city. the shocking incident, part of a surge in violent crimes, rocking major cities. now, forcing democrats in these liberal-strongholds to refund budget cuts to police departments. former detroit police chief james craig is here to react. good morning to you.
5:43 am
>> good morning, ainsley how you doing? ainsley: i'm doing well, thank you. i don't know if you saw that video of the man someone comes up from behind and just takes an axe and chops his leg and then starts wrestling with him, and he was cut three times on his face and now he's in the icu i mean, this is so scary that is something that we all do. why do you think crime is up so much? >> well you know, i tell you, now that the moderate democrats are trying to back away, pedal away from this defund movement, they're really complicit is the way i see it because the radical side of their party continues to pedal the whole notion of defund, dismantle policing, but in terms of violence, what never gets discussed, one, what about the victim is? secondly, what about these radical rogue prosecutors in some of these counties across our country? one that comes to mind is out here in michigan, this
5:44 am
prosecutor has opted to say well we're not going to charge felony firearm any longer and she says the reason because there's too many black and brown people being incarcerated, so in other words forget about the victim and oh, let's not forget about the judge judges. these bail reform judges and it's affecting crime across our country, so we can talk about now refunding the police, but the other thing we're not talking about is how do we retain police. how do we support our police officers? we have a recruitment, retention issue, and everything they are talking about today is just not going to make it right, ainsley. not now. ainsley: the headline for reuters says "as murders surge democrats find a new message, fund the police. where are they refunding? new york city, they are adding 200 million, minneapolis, 192 million, atlanta 70 million, los angeles 50 million, baltimore 27, oakland 24,
5:45 am
washington d.c. 11 million." we are seeing crime surge in cities all across the united states. look at the stats in atlanta, new york, los angeles, baltimore , we've got to get a handle on all of this. they are realizing that is not a winning message it's a bad message and dangerous, right? >> it's an absolute bad message but again, it still falls short, and so how do you repair, i mean , let's face it, our profession is in crisis today, and when you have a suspect who faces no consequences, the violent suspects are aggressive and my heart and prayers go out to chicago police officer ella french and her partner, carlos, whose still fighting for his life, and this aggression against our men and women must end, and it's not ending, because there's no consequences and so it's no surprise that we see that, we see crime in our most vulnerable
5:46 am
neighborhoods continuing because it's not being properly addressed. ainsley: and you're retired. to do it all over again would you get back in the force? >> well i'm a life long public servant, and i would, you know, somebody has to take a strong bold leadership role and driving the right messages. our communities count on us. here is what i know. the vast majority of our community, the silent majority, they support the men and women who serve. unfortunately, it's the loud mouth radicals on the left, the corey bush, rashida tallib, maxine waters, their voices are being heard but that's not reflective of the majority of americans. ainsley: james clay burn, democrat from south carolina even told them that. thank you so much, for joining us. >> thank you. appreciate it. ainsley: you're welcome god bless you thank you for your service. a special message from marcus lu ttrell coming up let's check in with bill hemmer.
5:47 am
billionaire good morning to you, just getting word the pentagon is going to brief at 10 a.m. eastern so that's one hour from now, state tuned for that good brand new comments from the commander-in-chief and the questions that will play out in a moment. john rad cliff on the withdrawal , morgan orteagus on the women left behind, we'll talk to interpreters who have gotten out and americans who have lost loved ones in the war, a lot to get to on this thursday morning join dana and me in 10 minutes we'll see you top of the hour. ♪ ♪ i had the nightmare again maxine. the world was out of wonka bars... relax. you just need digital workflows. they help keep everyone supplied and happy, proactively. let's workflow it. then you can stop having those nightmares. no, i would miss them too much. whatever you business is facing... let's workflow it. servicenow.
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steve: we'll bring you a special message from marcus luttrell coming up but in the meantime we'll wrap up with something. ainsley: let's switch gears a little bit, wwe is gearing up for its biggest event of the year, summer slam in las vegas this weekend. brian: first the special summer slam edition of friday night smack down is airing on fox tomorrow. steve: here is wwe chief brand officer stephanie mcmahon. stephanie good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you so much for having me. steve: at least with the wwe, we're starting to get back to normal aren't we? >> we are trying to get back to normal but you know, wwe never went off the air. we felt like it was an obligation during this time,
5:52 am
during covid to give a little bit of levity, to give a little bit of entertainment during such times of uncertainty, and certainly as this week's event and the news cycle, i think that we can all use a little bit of levity right now. brian: so the big time actor, john sena , it's the summer of s ena and he's taking on another one of our past guests roman raines, right? >> that's right it's the wwe championship match and we'll see who is the true leader of the locker room. ainsley: what other show downs should we watch? >> oh, you should be watching s asha banks versus bian ca bell air, that is the smack down women's championship rematch, from wrestlemania and that was the second time our women have actually headlined wrestlemania as part of the women's revolution in wwe, and that time sasha banks is the champion and this time in the rematch, bi
5:53 am
onca is the women's champion and we also have edge who is returning against seth rollins, and our fans believe that match might steal the show, bobby lashley vs. goldberg, and of course that is the championship match and for the universal championship. we have a lot of championship. ainsley: how do you keep it all straight. steve: no kidding. well, speaking of the fans, the fans have bought up all the tickets for the event in vegas, right? >> absolutely, it's allegiant stadium, the first time we held summer slam in an nfl stadium and you should tune in for a story line the larger than life characters, the returning john c ena, and the specatacle that is wwe. ainsley: with it all sold out are you able to do that? do you all have to follow these rules or do you have to space out, how are you all doing it? >> absolutely and every arena, every city, is different so we're just following the local guidelines of the local state and federal mandates. ainsley: okay.
5:54 am
brian: all right thanks so much , stephanie mcmahon appreciate it. >> thank you for having me and please tune in on saturday. brian: watch the summer slam edition on friday night smack down, tomorrow at 8:00 only on fox. stephanie mcmahon we'll see you soon. more on fox & friends in just a moment marcus luttrell straight ahead. i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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5:58 am
in the last hour, put out a sound bite where, you know, at least nobody died. so many of americans did die, and yesterday, we talked to gold star family taya kyle and today we talked to marcus luttrell because they understand the frustration so many people are feeling about us leaving, and not winning. ainsley: marcus luttrell went to afghanistan, and they were attacked by the taliban. he got out. his other guys did not, and he is the loan survivor and that's why he wrote the book. we asked him how are we supposed to get these americans out that are left there stranded and this is what he said. >> i think it's the fact that we worked so hard over there to prove to the american people that we would do our jobs and by looking at that it's like we didn't do anything, and i kind of understand that, but i've been in that exact situation not only just being there, but was left there and i was all i could think about was getting here, and america's not just only a place it's the people. all i wanted to do was just get back here to you all. they literally have people
5:59 am
falling off of the outside of aircrafts just to get here, to our people. they are only familiar with our uniform people and when they don't understand how amazing grace, america's people just the best there is, and these people are trying to get here and they aren't, we're talking about americans. the ultimate feeling that we have is that we left people behind, and we don't do that. brian: the military doesn't do that. and they got him out, and they put great risk in order to get him out, michael murphy's famously didn't. so, he's saying contrast that with the secretary of defense, saying i can't help the americans get to the airport , they just dot to find a way to get to the airport, sorry don't have enough troops. that is not the american can do attitude. especially from a military man. and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. you put the people in, you take back those streets, and you escort all of our people back. that's the american way. steve: the headline on daily mail right now is nobody can get to the kabul airport,
6:00 am
increasingly frantic westerns say they can't reach their evacuation flights because of the huge crowds of terrified afghans blocking. ainsley: marcus luttrell said he believes in our military, we're americans we can go and pluck them all out and get them home safe. brian: they need the president to give them the green light. steve: thank you very much. see you back here tomorrow.


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