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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 19, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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ask whether the limiting factor is the state department's afwoilt process people or the ability of people to physically get inside the airport as we understand they are lined up outside? >> let's talk first about the movement, the air capacity is set. as i briefed a couple times before that ability to air move up to 5,000 to 9,000 a day has been set and continues. as i think you've seen in the report today of the increased numbers, we continue to see the ability to build those ready to fly on kabul airport to increase to allow us to fly those out. with the ability to continue obviously as mr. kirby said. we want that to continue to increase as we continue to bring more people, more american citizens onto the airfield and siv so they be
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processed and ready to fly. >> maybe to expand the perimeter around the airport and -- >> the commander on the ground the airfield is secure. every day if security operations commanders are always what we can improving the security environment. so as the commander on the ground at every level finds those things that need to be improved to increase the security to allow mission success, they are going to do those things they have the authorities to do on a daily basis. so i think as you saw today the ability to continue state department afwoilt bring more people on and to continue those that's what we'll continue to look at over the next few days. >> do they have the ability to expand the perimeter around the airport? >> i don't want to get ahead of where we are. the mission remains security at the airport and inside the
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perimeter of the airport and that's what we're doing. there are, as we speak, there is no plans to expand beyond that. i think we leave it at that. the other thing i want to touch on your first question what the general is talking about is capacity. as i said from very early on, what we want to make sure is that airlift is not a limiting factor. and it hasn't been. that doesn't mean that at this point in time every single seat on every single plane will be filled. we're working hard to get there but want to build out to that capacity and we continue to do that. there are lots of factors that go into the through-put including the situation out in town, including the checkpoints that the taliban have set up, including processing at the gates where we have set up and the general mentioned we have additional gates that are available to us so that's helping flesh out some of this capacity. weather is a factor and
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security at the airport is a factor. we're not taking either of them, weather or security at the airport we aren't taking for granted. the security environment changes and the weather. so there is lots of tick points on the way to getting to through-put. what we want to make sure is that one limiting factor is not airlift capacity. as the general said we're confident it is not now and going forward it will not be. but that doesn't mean that there aren't going to be -- it doesn't mean just because you have 5,000 seats that you can automatically fill 5,000 seats every day. that's what we want to get to. as the secretary said we want to move as many people as fast and safely as possible. there are lots of steps in the process. not all of them do we control and we understand that. >> one clarification. you are at capacity now with
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the flights. you would have the capacity to take 5,000 people out in 24 hours right now but you have only taken 2,000 out? >> like i said, within the centcom commander's capabilities and assets available we have the appropriate air assets to fly to 5,000 to 9,000 a day. depending upon the ability meaning the queue, those ready to fly, we bring in assets to fly them out. so yes, we have assets available throughout centcom and available to reach those numbers today and we have had those. >> but what's physically flying in right now? is that enough? do the math and see -- >> it is not about the math. it's about what's ready to fly. who is on the airfield ready to leave a holding area and get on
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the aircraft. and as those numbers increase, which you've seen they have in the last 24, 48, the centcom command team will continue to bring in the airflow required to fly out those people. >> among your many other factors is the u.s. dependent upon the taliban to keep those terrorist groups in check during this operation? >> isis and al qaeda is a planning factor. you wouldn't expect it to be otherwise. and i won't talk about specific force protection measures against terrorist threats. i think clearly we're mindful that that threat could persist. >> is that part of the reason for the overhead flights? >> the overwatch flights again have been in the air since before the non-combatant evacuation operation. it is prudent force protection measures in the air to make
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sure that we can protect our people and operations against any threat, any threat. >> can i just -- i just want to be clear. you are nowhere near the demand for getting people out is nowhere near the 5,000 to 9,000 that you have established and maintain capacity to do, right? two is what's the best estimate. american citizens are the first priority. what's the best estimate that you guys have that you will work through those and then you can turn kind of full-time as it were to sivs, afghans or whatever? >> a couple of points on this. as the general said we have the capacity now. there is certainly enough airframes to meet the capacity we would like to have of 5,000 to 9,000. but that doesn't mean that
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number of airframes are landing at kabul and we're just taking them off empty. we are trying to make maximum use of the ramp space, of the aircraft, and of the queue. and we are going to adjust that every day. the demand will drive -- the demand and the queue will drive how many flights we fly. your second question? >> what's the best estimate? >> american citizens. i think as the general briefed, just in the last 24 hours of the 2000 that got out, it was a mix of american citizens and family members as well as seshl immigrant visa applicants and other at-risk afghans and you will see that every day, gordon. we want to take care of our fellow americans and secretary and chairman were clear about that but we also want to take
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care of at-risk afghans and special visa am ka*nts. -- applicants. we are processing people as fast as we can and getting them onto their on ward stations. it is a balance and we're trying to strike that balance every single day. >> what proportion of the 2,000 are american citizens versus sivs, what proportion are women? as well? >> i don't have a gender breakdown. of the 2,000 over the last 24 hours i think nearly 300 of them were americans and that includes legal permanent residents, it includes american citizens as well as family members. that's going to -- every day it will change. i don't have a gender breakdown what the manifests are. >> does the u.s. government recognize the taliban as a legitimate government of afghanistan now? >> that's a question for the state department.
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defense department is conducting the evacuation. >> are you seeing more through-put of individuals able to access the airport? are you seeing more people being able to access the airport over the last 24 hours? >> we have seen -- by opening up another gate and adding consular officers now, we believe that we will soon begin to see an opening up of the aperture and we're hopeful that means a more consistent increase in the flow. but i can't tell you right as we speak here louie that there has been a dramatic rise. we have additional consular officers at additional gates with additional troops helping them and so i think we're poised to see an increase but i want to be careful before i make predictions what we are trying to do and what we want the drive is an increase, very much on everybody's mind. >> the clarification is you are
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talking about american citizens, about afghans and sivs but 7,000 number that was presented earlier. the general said you are including other countries' he vaciations in those numbers, is that accurate? or is the 7,000 exclusively u.s. and afghans. >> it is others. since the 14th they've included some measure of third country nationals. >> hang on, please, one at a time. >> this is confusing. how many people has the u.s. government flown out on u.s. military planes. 7,000, if you include other countries and including civilian flights that seems like -- >> we are giving you the total number of people we helped evacuate since the 14th. it is not all just americans. there have been some of our allies and partners that have gone out and we are giving you u.s. government flights.
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that is not counting people who are still getting out commercially or on charter fl igights. understand at the pentagon we're fixated on the tails that we own but it is not the only way out of kabul right now. as the general briefed, the commercial side is open. it is limited and not as robust as what we can do on the military side but people are still getting out that way. >> is there a breakdown of the 7,000 saying this is u.s. citizen and afghan. i suspect over time as the manifesting process gets more refined we may be able to be there. we don't have that specific breakdown. >> how many american citizens remain in afghanistan? >> i don't know. >> so you are planning for these operations and you should be -- have some kind of account of how many americans are whether in harm's way or need
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to be evacuated, right? >> i think as you probably know, first of all the state department would be a better place to go for an estimate of how many american or afghanistan around kabul. it's not the figure the united states military would know. i think as you also know not every american citizen in another country, there is no obligation that they register their presence. and that you can have a perfect accurate count. but i don't have that figure and i would refer you to my state department colleagues for the best estimate on that. >> does the president have the -- does the pentagon have the authorization at this point in time to expand the perimeter at the airport or to go into kabul if necessary from the president? >> the mission is to provide safe and secure operations at the airport. >> does the pentagon has the authorization from the president. >> i won't talk about the
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potential of any future decisions one way or another. that would be a policy decision. we are focused on security at the airport. >> my question is do you have the authorization now at this point. who makes that decision? biden or others >> we are authorized to provide safe and security at the airport. >> a lot of civilians and troops at the airport. there is food and sleeping arrangements, water, sanitation. are you handling military and civilian and how are you doing that? >> when you look at when whomever comes into the gated airport and processed for ready flight, all human needs. all of those things basic needs to insure their welfare, their care, to insure -- all those things to insure they can go forward and fly are being done. that is a combination of state
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department support and military support working hand in hand. the commander and state department to insure eating, sleeping, well taken care of. out of the elements are being done absolutely. >> you've got two more weeks almost of this. are there concerns about maintaining the input of supplies, the cleanliness over time? >> as military planners we always insure that we have the proper supplies to conduct missions and those are assessed on a daily basis. and those commanders are always assessing what do we have now? what do i need to do in the short term and so forth. we're always continuing and why you see other planes continuing to arrive as required to continue to insure commander has everything they need to do to execute the mission that we have right now.
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>> tom. >> hi, thanks. good morning. i want to just check on something. in regard to the pentagon policy that existed to provide air support and other assistance to the afghan government that was in place this summer, has that policy ended with the fall of kabul or is it still alive for elements of the government to still function in places? >> tom, as i think you can see by events, there aren't operations out in the rest of the country to support. our focus in terms of air power is, as the general described, providing appropriate overwatch for our operation. that operation right now is at the airport.
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>> back on the question of gates at the airport. can you tell us this new gate that you opened, are the taliban outside of that gate, are they letting people, both afghans and u.s. people, citizens, through that new gate? and have you been able to keep very specifically all your gates, including camp sullivan, on your side, have you been able to keep them open or have you had to close camp sullivan at various points? have you had to close any of the gates? >> so the gates at the kabul airport are secure. and as we continue to flow more forces in, it gives the commander greater capability to provide security at those gates and as we said open more gates and allow for greater input into kabul airport.
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>> follow up with kirby. the question is are all of the gates continuously open? have the marines had to close sullivan at various points? do you have the taliban letting people through this new gate you are talking about? have you been able to keep them all continuously open? >> barbara, as the general said we have additional gates now and reporting this morning is that they are open. but i can't tell you with perfect clarity that there haven't been times over the last 72 hours when temporarily because of maybe security incidents that they have had to close. i suspect that's true. i don't have a firm answer for you on that. our goal is obviously to keep them as open as possible and to increase the flow as much as we can. >> for the record, have any of the u.s. troops been involved
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in any additional crowd control measures that included them having to fire? >> i'm not aware of any over the last 24 hours. >> thank you. >> i think that's probably good. that's a good place to stop. thanks very much. my plan is to -- jim. >> can i just give a haiti question? there are reports that american military medical teams are going into the area. do you have anything on that? >> that's what i said earlier. first we do have air force medical personnel there helping assist. and the first thing i said the flights of those helicopters were bringing in one of our medical hospital capabilities. and more to come today to be able to help and assist in a medical hospital first-aid type care. >> so they're setting up a field hospital that will be manned by american military
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personnel? >> that is correct. >> thanks, my plan is to update you again this afternoon. it will be off camera we'll see you at 2:15. that's the plan right now. thank you. >> harris: we've been watching there a very extended with a lot of questions. pentagon press briefing what's unfolding in afghanistan. he only has a couple of minutes so i want to right away go to capitol hill. senator tom cotton, republican from arkansas who sits on the armed services, judiciary and intelligence committees. senator cotton, i'll jump right in. i just tweeted the headline or one of them was when asked whether or not the pentagon knows how many americans are left in afghanistan, there was a one word answer, no. what is your reaction to that? >> the situation around the kabul airport is getting worse by the day. kirby stressed how many lights are landing and control of the
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tarmac but violent chaos outside of the airport. my office has been in touch with dozens of people on the ground outside the airport where the taliban are beating people and taking their passports. taking their visa papers. all of this is happening just a few yards away from the gates and american soldiers are not allowed to venture beyond that perimeter to try to secure american citizens who are making their way through these crowds through taliban goons to get into the airport. it may be true the tarmac is under control. it doesn't do any good for the thousands of american citizens who our government just told again cannot be guaranteed safe passage to the airport. that has to change today. >> harris: they can't guarantee they know who is on the ground. the pentagon said refer to the state department. the state department gives changing numbers. jen psaki went to 11,000 but
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the previous number was 5,000. it is mind-boggling. i want to get to this and i know you have to run. a very good source inside afghanistan is telling fox news today that there is real concern on the ground in kabul that despite president biden's promises, assurances in that abc news interview last night that america will take off on august 31st. there is serious concern and worry that because of the slow current pace of processing thousands of americans will be left behind. how can there be such opposite facts on the ground of what a president is telling the american people and what we're seeing unfold and what you have shared that you know that's unfolding on the ground? >> harris, president biden is confronting the consequences of his catastrophic miscalculation of his horrific execution of the decision to withdraw our troops from afghanistan. and he is spinning that
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relentlessly to try to convince the american people that everything is okay, taliban is cooperating and acting like a civilized government when nothing is farther from the truth. the abc interview he was pressed to acknowledge that perhaps we'll stay on the ground past august 31st. if our government can't say how many american citizens we have, what will stop joe biden from rolling up things and flying out on august 31st with thousands of american citizens left behind? let me say this. a lot of people are speaking this week about comparisons to saigon in 1975. what increasingly worries me is the scenario of tehran in 1979 when 52 hostages held by ayatollah paralyzed american foreign policy. imagine if the taliban has hostage control of thousands of americans stranded in afghanistan? it would be a catastrophe. >> harris: it would be. i want to get in that's why it has been your focus. you are reaching out to people
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and saying for them to call your office and there are other lawmakers doing this, too. you actually just helped one man that we knew of that we just interviewed on "fox & friends" yesterday. he called on president biden or anyone in power to help him and you were able to help him. what did you do? >> we have a great teamworking around the clock trying to help americans stranded behind enemy lines. a lot of contacts and able to con thekt them. nect them. when everyone is safe we can talk about it at greater length. the state department are not able to help these american citizens we'll do everything we can. we can't control the gates. we can't put people on an airplane man fest but have the best information possible. if we can get them connected to people inside the airport to help them get through the taliban gangs policing the roads and entry points to the airport.
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>> harris: you are still serving. i know your military background. that's military service you are talking about right now helping people on the ground. i look forward to the day we can look back and you can fill us in how you saved americans and how much was necessary during this administration. thank you for your time. i know you have to go. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: for more on this i want to bring in general keith kellogg. former national security advisor to president trump and vice president pence. i wish this was under different circumstances but i will lean on your expertise. as you listened to the pentagon briefing just now what really popped in your mind that is a very urgent matter above all? >> first harris, thank you for having me and right up front the plan that we worked on for four years in the white house when i was there with president trump sure did not have the ending this one does. we had a plan and it was an executeable plan and i felt very comfortable about it. here is what i was watching and
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listening with the pentagon press briefing. they are talking about tactical issues. everybody needs to be able to chew gum and walk at the same time. the fact is they're talking gates being open and talking about what about a field hospital. people need to sit back and do -- lead the commanders in the field to handle that. what's concerning to me is a complete lack of both operational and strategic planning going forward. it is almost like we don't know what we're doing except on a day-to-day basis. we're living in this on a day-to-day. when they get pressed we don't know what we're going to do. we don't know what we're going to do about the american citizens. that's the largest concern i've got. at a national security level you have to depend on the tactical commanders to get those done. what guidance are they being given? i don't think they're getting
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any. >> harris: would that come from the commander-in-chief. >> yes. he needs to be giving that through the chairmen of the joint chefs and secretary of defense. i don't think he has given it. the reason is, i don't think he knows what he is doing and what's happening there. i think they're almost paralyzed by it. i was watching yesterday secretary austin. the commander for me years ago and mark milley the chairman of the joint chiefs. it was one of the first steps it looked like deer in the headlights. they don't know what they're doing. it's like day-to-day and not stepping back and saying our job is to provide the commander-in-chief, the president and his entire national security council strategic and operational guidance going fofrmentd i don't think they're doing it. i don't see it. >> harris: you call this intellectual agility. does biden have it? what you call intellectual agility you need on the
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battlefield in wartime. you can't fight the current battle but you need to know where you are going with the enemy. >> that's what i'm talking about. you have to be able to focus on the current fight going on but at the same time say what is tomorrow going to bring and the next day >> harris: biden doesn't vit. >> it doesn't. honestly, this is one of those i hate to say it. secretary gates had it right when he said joe biden has been wrong on nearly every national security decision in the last four decades. remember, you had president obama make a comment don't underestimate joe biden's ability to screw something up. we're seeing that very, very clearly. that's not me talking. that's members of the previous administration. i think if people sit back you go oh boy, we're in for a long haul. i don't see strategic competence going forward. >> harris: i don't know if you caught when senator cotton said moments ago.
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it has been compared to saigon 1975 but after watching that pentagon briefing he said i'm thinking more about tehran in 1979. he is concerned now if the pentagon, the state department, other people don't have a good handle on who we have on the ground, it is very easy to leave somebody behind and the taliban will not miss that opportunity just like they did in tehran in 1979 to hold hostages. what do you think about that? >> it was a great comment. this is a leadership issue. this is where you say to the president of the united states. trump would have done it. i heard him in very undiplomatic terms when he talked to the chief negotiator for the taliban during this process. this is one of these you know something? we're going to put the full weight of the american military on you and get our people out. if it takes us until christmas of 2028 we are going to do it. if you don't like it, stand in our way and he has to tell them that. look, we'll put -- when i say the full force of the american
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military, i don't care if it takes two course of u.s. army troops we'll get every american. i don't care what it takes. i would tell them we're getting our people out if it takes another squad, another division, another army corp with marine reinforcement and air support we'll account for every single american here and i don't care how long it takes. and he needs to tell the taliban that and he needs to tell our commanders that and he needs to tell the american people that. i don't think he has done it. >> harris: general kellogg, i also had congressman mark green on yesterday who served in iraq and afghanistan. he said look, we've talked about how they closed bagram airport. he said but the bigger issue is why don't they reopen? why don't we go get some air fields where it is not all everybody being funneled through what some have called -- we had a guest on "america's newsroom" on fox news about an
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hour ago who said they've created a kill zone. let's watch this and i'll get your response. >> we've created in the military terms a kill zone. we en habld the taliban come in and targeting their interpreters through a single checkpoint and violating major military fundamentals by what we just did. >> yeah. >> harris: your reaction. >> first of all you are right about bagram air base. no idea why we gave it up. we should have opened it. this is where i would say expand your perimeter. they are not doing it. they say they don't have the authority if you listen to the pentagon spokesman. you push and you put enough troops on the ground to do it and push it out there. a mile, two miles, or 100 miles. you push your perimeter out to insure you have a safe zone for the americans to be extracted and everybody else that needs to be extracted as well. bagram would be great and they
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have to make the hard decisions. what i'm hearing they aren't making those decisions and i don't know if they're capable of making them. >> harris: before i let you go. and i don't want to drag you into politics. i don't know how we can walk around a minefield without having to take some calculation about how everything on that minefield looks. one of the things is politics. how bad would it look for president biden to actually put 25,000 or 40,000 troops back into afghanistan if that's what it takes? is that the game of politics that has us wondering whether or not he even meant it when he said we'd get out by august 31st or maybe stay? we don't know what he will do but it will take a lot of people. >> yeah, harris, this isn't politics. this is a game of being an american. you don't mess around with the united states of america. we are going to protect our citizens. i don't care if it's one or 100. and whatever it takes, he needs to do that.
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that's his job. he has got to do that. i don't care what it takes. i think the american people would say that's the kind of leader we want. we want the guy who is a tough guy and we'll make sure if i go anywhere as an american that the american military and government will come after me if i get in trouble. that simple. >> harris: general keith kellogg. a pleasure to have you in focus today as we navigate through what we just learned from the pentagon which was a lot of information. not sure how much of it will help us understand how they will bring home americans but we're getting bit by bit. thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> harris: another alert now. playing out in washington, d.c. police there are investigating a suspicious car and bomb threat. this has been going on for an hour. so we've got assets on the ground who can tell us exactly what's happening. mark meredith there. mark. >> good morning. capitol police are calling it an active bomb threat investigation. we believe this involves a man in a pickup truck near the
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library of congress just across the street from the u.s. capitol and police are trying to figure out whether or not the person inside that vehicle may or may not have an explosive device. you can imagine with it being capitol here a large contingent of security. after this incident began more than an hour ago, we have seen capitol police pretty much lock down this area around the u.s. capitol and streets that surround it. not just the buildings that you are used to seeing on capitol hill but any tourist trying to get close to the library of congress or supreme court or shakespeare library are blocked off. f.b.i. and a.t.f. involved. we were hearing 20 minutes or so ago sounded like police on a bull horn trying to speak to that suspect. it is kind of hard to make out the words. we can't say that for sure. no information yet on who the suspect may be. capitol police are escorting
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tourists coming close or walk to the capitol to get them off the sidewalks. our bureau is close to capitol hill and trying to get from there three or four blocks took me a long time to get through. they have all of the senate office buildings as well as the house office buildings blocked off so people can't get close to them. also reports that maybe the capitol south metro, close to the cannon house office building. not seeing everybody running or loud sigh rens. -- sirens. this is not regular. we've seen capitol police take security more seriously in the wake of what's happened. the fences have been taken down but we believe this incident is occurring is really on the street across from the capitol which is the library of congress. some fountains, some photos going around social media but we can't verify if they're accurate. tourists are asking us what are we hearing? police have set up a staging
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area to give us an idea what they're hearing. >> harris: not everybody has gone back to school yet and the tourists there. i know there are a lot of schools that are represented across the country having lived in d.c. when my dad was stationed at the pentagon you would get groups of kids around and so being able to communicate to that wider public that isn't normally there on capitol hill has to be a challenge. a quick response to that, marc, as we navigate the breaking news. >> lawmakers are not in session this week. not here right now. congress is not here. this is really going to impact the tourists and regular office workers out here. >> harris: thank you very much. keep us updated. in the midst of an international crisis you may think president biden would do more than just one sit-down interview with abc's george stephanopolous. but just yesterday during a
8:36 am
news conference on vaccines, the president ignored questions that were being shouted by reporters because that's what we do when someone keeps walking away from the microphone on behalf of the american public we raise our hand and with all due respect mr. president, take a question. about the taliban taking over afghanistan. he didn't want to talk about that. >> president biden: we just need to finish the job with science, with facts, and with confidence. and together, as the united states of america, we'll get this done. god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thank you. [people shouting questions] >> harris: he didn't even look back. critics torching the president's lack of transparency. >> president biden will not answer questions from the media or the press during his gravest foreign policy disaster. we struggle to get information
8:37 am
and data on what's truly going on there. >> he doesn't say one word about afghanistan? he is too programmed. he is too scripted. and everybody is now seeing what i've been talking about for two years which is this is a president that you take him out of a teleprompter and handlers are terrified what he will say. >> harris: brian kilmeade is from "fox & friends" and host on the radio. exiting is not this president's thing. you heard joe concha describing him as programmed, scripted. i would say robotic as he turns away from people and walks away and look at the exit now in afghanistan. >> it couldn't have been done worse. i'm embarrassed for this country. we deserve better from our leaders. i look at the secretary of defends and chairman from the joint chiefs of staff. no idea it would fall so quick.
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no idea how americans will get home? when we lose somebody behind enemy lines we risk our lives to get their bodies back. you won't get civilians out of cities where they were helping out? you don't live in afghanistan to go on vacation. you live to help a country get back on its feet that we were helping to rebuild. so at the very least they are ballparking how many people are actually in afghanistan. how do you know, president biden, if you got everybody out? by the way, i want everybody that helped us eligible for refugee status i want it. we need to make sure we're pulling out the right people. >> harris: it's hard to do. have you seen the tarmac? that's difficult to do. i don't know that we'll be able to successfully vet everybody for siv status and do all of that. if the choice is no not be able to do that but get all the americans we have. that is one heck of a binary choice. you heard the general, general kellogg.
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you can't say no to the americans on the ground. it is disingenuous for the pentagon or the state department to say they don't know who is there. you don't think they have a list? heck, they have a list of us when we say stuff on facebook. they are working with big tech to find out whether or not we're saying things we shouldn't say. the administration said that. you know they have a list of people in afghanistan with american passports. >> i don't know what's worse. if they have a list and didn't tell us or really don't have a list. i've heard a lot of your show and i've been on 90 minutes already. we have a lot of people keep saying this. under whose plan do we give up the best base, military base in the country? when general austin comes out, secretary of defense austin comes out and says i only had enough troops to guard the embassy. mr. secretary, you left the embassy. why did you leave the embassy? why did you get all of our diplomats and stick them on the
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tarmac? if you had enough to protect them at least we would have had some type of organization and infrastructure built in and maybe that's where the names are. maybe someone ground up the wrong list when they had 48 hours to bug out. i'm so embarrassed how this is happening and how president biden says we had to expect this chaos. well, when someone falls off a plane to their death or hiding in the wheel well of a cargo jet, that was four days ago. no, mr. president, it was one day ago. it is never okay. you know that saigon moment you said wouldn't happen? those seem like the good old days. this is worse. >> harris: this is tehran 1979 when they took over 50 hostages. that's what's keeping him up at night. by the way, you mentioned austin. his former boss was just on. that's who general kellogg is. general kellogg said that as he watched that procession with austin saying he didn't have enough of this or that the.
8:41 am
that. he said someone is telling him he doesn't. he does and he is forced to take orders from that person. who would that be the commander-in-chief? he said yes. i want to get to this the vice president quiet on the crisis of afghanistan as she gets ready to head to vietnam. the "new york post" op-ed is asking where is kamala? harris silent six days amid afghan pull-out chaos. remember this? this is what she said earlier thisier when the president announced his plans to withdraw the troops. watch. >> president biden always said that he wanted to be the last person in the room particularly for big decisions just as he was for president obama. he just made a really big decision, afghanistan. >> yes. >> were you the last person in the room? >> yes. >> you feel comfortable? >> i do. >> harris: brian. >> okay. you were the last person in the room.
8:42 am
people say kamala harris had nothing to do with this or argued against this move. oops. dana asked a good question. joe biden was wrong about foreign policy decisions in 40 years. he admits he was in the room. now kamala harris is on the record. let's be honest. there is nothing that indicates that she is up for this job. now for her staff who by the way hate each other, at each other as throats. that's a story came out and not denied three weeks ago are deciding it's a great idea to go to singapore and check this vietnam to reassure our allies. that when taiwan gets run over we won't do anything? what could her message possibly be? what could that message be that would be reassuring? what has she shown she represents american might or wants to use it? >> harris: i have one more. one of the many jobs that
8:43 am
president biden gave vice president kamala harris was the border. it is not working out. the big problem with the border and how porous it is now that we're dealing with not just the taliban but al qaeda and who knows what it will birth on that soil with terrorists coming in from wherever and nesting there. that's our potential future now. why isn't she talking about securing the border? >> real quick. three jobs, sell everybody on voting rights at the republicans taking away. tell everyone to get vaccinated and number three take over the border. please tell me at what point will we see any success or interest in doing her job? except for being historic figure with an historic background as the first female vice president. she has been terrible. worse when people give you a job, good or bad, do the job. don't not show up. we're saddled with this leadership, sadly, for almost three full years plus.
8:44 am
please get somebody competent. they should be hiring them at white house. >> harris: we have to hit the commercials. simulcast with my any time. good to see you. >> thanks. >> harris: the battle over masks inside classrooms is hotter than ever. as the start of the new school year has already begun in some parts of the nation parents, teachers, lawmakers at odds over whether mask wearing should be required for the little ones. the latest on that debate. stay close. >> which one of you wears a mask for eight plus hours a day? i urge you to -- i will not comply, my children will not comply. veteran homeowners, newday's rates have dropped again. it's time to refinance. newday's low rate refi offers their lowest rate in history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr.
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>> harris: unfortunately as you've seen throughout this pandemic some politicians are trying to turn public safety measures, that is children wearing masks in school, into political disputes for their own political gain. some are even trying to take power away from local educators by banning masks in schools. they are setting a dangerous tone. >> harris: president joe biden stepping up his battle with governors over school mask
8:50 am
mandates directing the department of education to take action against those who try to ban them. more than a dozen states have mask mandates in place for public k-12 schools. but in places like florida and texas, where those mandates are banned, school districts which require masking face sanctions. meanwhile, florida governor ron desantis and president biden continue to go back and forth with a war of words. >> we believe that's the parents' decision. joe biden thinks the federal government should come and overrule the parents and force these young kids to wear these masks. you have to wonder, where are your priorities that you are so obsessed with this issue and so obsessed with taking away parents' rights and you are letting afghanistan burn, our border burn, and so many other things in our country fall to pieces. >> harris: power panel. wendy and matt. i'll start with you, matt for your timeline reaction. >> i just keep coming back to
8:51 am
what if the roles were reversed and republicans were denying a democratic governor? the press and democrats would be howling, howling. look, if you agree or not, it's the state law and you have to respect it. having deja vu these democratic lawmakers in texas who leave the state, broke the law by not doing their jobs and became folk heroes on the left meeting with kamala harris. it is a double standard. >> harris: wendy. >> children wearing masks shouldn't be politicized. it is a human rights crisis. in the last week alone there have been 72,000 cases of children testing positive for covid-19 and then on top of that children are now making up 19% of all of the positive tests. as a mother myself and as an educator this is not something political this is about our children living or dying. the fact that the republicans are trying to politicize this is completely abhorrent.
8:52 am
these are k-12 children who are minors and for them to not be safe within the school house, which is historically one of the safest places for all people, that is something that speaks to how republicans are continuing to make this an issue and it shouldn't be. >> harris: you are right about the numbers that are there and we see 5500 kids quarantined in one school district after a few days in school in america. those numbers are eye-popping but when you say that school is the safest place why did we take them out of school? 1918 when they had the spanish flus, they didn't do that. they found a way to make it work. that's what we're trying to do now, matt. >> you are absolutely right. they are minors. so therefore it should be the parents' choice. that's all that is happening right now. look, you should consider that masking is not a total no-brainer. we shouldn't ask if there aren't down sides psychologically leading to
8:53 am
anxiety and depression according to a paper i read this morning by two doctors. we shouldn't treat it as total gospel that there are no side effects to this and why it's parents' choice. >> harris: just to double up with you a bit. i'm curious we're all parents on the panel this morning. so what is the answer in terms of if you want your kid not to wear a mask and go to school and under the age of 12 and can't get a vaccine, and other parents are anticipating that environment to be mask wearing. do you keep your kid home and put pressure on the school board to offer virt wral? ual. a lot of districts will wait until it's their only choice. should it still be cooked into -- we're not through this yet. shouldn't there be options? >> you're right. if i'm a superintendent or parent that really feels strongly about this. respect the state law and work and persuade other parents. don't flout state law. educate, don't compel. >> harris: wendy. >> you shouldn't have to sit
8:54 am
here when it comes to your child safety and say that you should galvanize other parents. for our children to go to school they have to get imization. no one argues with that. it's the state. >> harris: they have to gain immunization but not for something that has emergency authorization. that's where the white house has fallen down. why not press -- we are at the point where the white house could put some pressure on the fda for full approval. they want people to take three shots. i don't think that's a good sell but i have yet to see this president make a good compelling sell outside of the fact that the vaccines work. so if you need three of them you need approval for the first two. matt and wendy, i did not get your titles in there. we have been rolling with breaking news. matt, a quick thought before we exit. >> you are right. joe biden is picking this fight because he is on the defensive in afghanistan and the border.
8:55 am
that's why. >> that's not true. good one, matt, nice try. >> harris: you got the last word. thank you, both. appreciate it. it has been a very fierce packed hour of breaking news as we heard from the pentagon and so much to get into there. you know we're not done. "outnumbered" after the commercial break. thank you for watching. is the lowest rate in newday's history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. just one call, and you can save thousands every year. there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. the newday two and a quarter refi. at these rates, you may never need to refinance again.
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save thousands every year. [gunfire] >> harris: watch this new video into fox news. this is the taliban opening fire on afghan protesters near the kabul airport. the scene outside the country's single evacuation point has turned into very, very dangerous chaos. mothers are seen handing their little ones over the fence line, that wall, to soldiers in


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