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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  August 19, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> bret: all right. quickly, byron? >> biden to congress: please overlook afghanistan and pass my $3.5 trillion spending bill. remember, infrastructure? i don't either. >> bret: all right. we'll follow that, too. thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by will cain just a couple seconds late starts right now. hey, will. >> will: i will forgive you bret, no problem. have a good night. good evening, and welcome to "fox news primetime." ♪ ♪ >> will: i am will cain and, what an absolute display of uberous. just stunning buffoonery. president biden sat down with george stephanopoulos this morning and he said that the chaos we are seeing in afghanistan was inevitable. endangered americans? that was priced into the decision. the taliban, well, they are just
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going through some growing pains. >> the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. i don't know how that happened. >> so, for you, that was always priced into the decision? >> yes. i think they are going through sort of an existential crisis about do they want to be recognized by the international community as being a legitimate government. >> will: existential crisis how perfectly 2021. hey, you remember those bumper cars we showed you the other night the taliban having a grand old time? apparently after they were done yelling wee, they burned down the ride. melted it. not unlike the democratic party. they get to enjoy the finer things in life like dining at french laundry or receiving rent checks. but everyone else has to be locked down under masked cherie a we are going to talk more about this a little bit later tonight. we have a really big show. tucker carlson is going to be joining us shortly.
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first, i want to keep talking to you about stunning arrogance buffoonery. let's talk about the media. and the scientific industrial complex that has ignored innovation totally shut down debate and cost thousands their lives. and i'm not just talking about covid. last night we laid out five truths about covid. facts backed up by studies about mask effectiveness, the risk to children and natural immunity. you should go check it out online. that is if you can find it. because not long after it was posted, twitter slapped it down labeled it misleading. now, there wasn't a single misleading statement in our program. but twitter, youtube, facebook, google, the federal government have all conspired to let only one point of view, one statement, one treatment, one thought see the light of day. and that thought? everyone must get vaccinated. >> i would like to make an important announcement today in our work to get every american
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vaccinated. >> will: every american. now, look, the vaccine is a wonderful innovation. and many watching, if you fit the risk profile, you should get vaccinated. but it's not for everyone. and getting 100 percent of the population vaccinated is not only impossible and stupid, it's dangerous. and it will cost lives. it already has. and here's how. look, censoring me is one thing. i'm just a television host. there are many, many promising treatments out there that can save lives that, like our segment last night have been disappeared from the public health conversation. now, here are three. three examples. first, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, you remember this conversation from a year ago. you remember the media mocking this therapeutic treatment. >> tonight, stunning news from president trump revealing he takes the antimalaria drug hydroxychloroquine, a controversial medicine that mr. trump has touted as a potential treatment for coronavirus despite limited
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evidence to back that up. >> did you just say that you took the hydroxychloroquine? my sound is a little weird. >> yes, ma'am, yes, i took it. >> wow. i can't believe anybody with a brain would take that stuff but you seem like an intelligent guy. you are a representative in congress. why would you take that drug? there are terrible consequences. >> the president of the united states said today he is taking the drug to prevent coronavirus that the fda warns is dangerous in study after study now shows is useless against the virus. >> will: morons. a study published in the american journal of epidemiology by dr. harvey risch a professor of epidemiology at yale by the way. we're talking about serious people here said the following. estimated mortality is less than 20% as compared to the 10,000 americans now dying each week. this was a little bit earlier in the pandemic. these medications need to be made widely available and promoted immediately for physicians to prescribe. last night, dr. risch told us here on this program that this
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therapeutic treatment could reduce hospitalization and death by as much as 85%. 85%. but that conversation, it's not considered by the media, it's mocked much less by the scientific expert consensus. only the vaccine can be discussed. second, identifier met particular anti-pair set particular drug used by antiviral for children in africa, some studies have shown the following ivermectin treatment associated with lower mortality during treatment of covid-19 especially in twreements severe pulmonary involvement. random trials are needed to confirm these findings. no doubt more studies need to be done. you can't even discuss ivermectin. the popular dark horse broadcast has been censored by youtube for doing just that only discussed the vaccine. third, convalescent plasma in
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monoclonal antibody treatments are promising. ron desantis have been pushing for these type of treatment centers. >> the fact of the matter is if you have high prevalence and people who are come down with covid, what are their options? and this early treatment is the best option and even a lot of people, you know, who are trying to play politics with it have previously acknowledged that this is something that is very effective. so let's just get real here. >> will: let us get real. let's do that of course, desantis is attacked because, again, only the vaccine can be discussed and considered. this is not science, this is sign tim as we discussed last discuss discussedlast night. sean strzok who does not share my politics. a memoir of politics, sex, aids and survival. in it he laid out that the federal government and the nih in the 1980s had an exclusive focus ton treating aids with the
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retroviral azt. while the nih focused exclusively on azt aids patients were dying of pneumonia. meanwhile clinicians and activists had found that a drug called back trump had helped treat pneumonia and saved lives. the nih not only ignored the success of bactrim it ignored treatments in favor of one favored solution. by the way, the head of the nih at that time dr. anthony fauci. here's a letter that aids activist larry cramer wrote in 1989: you are responsible for all government funded aids treatment research. in the name of right, you make decisions that cost the lives of others. i call the decisions you are making acts of murder. fauci ignored therapeutics while 17,000 aids patients choked to death waiting on his miracle drug. now, in full disclosure, i spoke to sean strub earlier today. he told me thinks fauci is doing
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a great job of handling covid. but i can't help but see the parallels. we have seen this movie before. we can't just fight each other about the vaccine. there are those again who fit the risk profile who should get the vaccine. if we keep fighting each other over the vaccine, we are not fighting covid. isn't that the goal to keep everyone safe and free? and, look, some people can't get the vaccine or simply won't. is fauci's solution to make them? what if fauci's one solution doesn't work? entertain that idea for one moment. what if it doesn't work? won't it cost lives if we pursue simply one solution, put all our eggs in one basket, won't it cost lives that we can't even discuss any alternatives? it cost 17,000 lives during the aides epidemic. and according to dr. harvey risch, again, it has already
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cost more during this pandemic. >> we have lost at least 500,000 americans needlessly who could have been early treated with medicines that we know work and those people could have treated and could have survived and so those are major catastrophic losses. >> will: 500,000 lives. half a million that could have been saved. now, that is a stunning display of arrogant buffoonery. here to respond now dr. matter in carry he is professor of health and -- school of health and professor of surgery and also a fox news contributor doctor makary, also good to speak with you. let's start with this goal that both dr. fauci and president joe biden have laid out. 100 percent of americans getting vaccinated. is that a worthy goal? is that a possible goal? >> well, first of all, will, anybody who is an adult who is nonimmune should go out and get vaccinated. but deciding before the data are in that every single human being
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with two feet needs to get vaccinated means that you have made a conclusion before the data are in. we don't know about vaccines in kids under 12. yet, they have already made a decision, a clinical trial is not yet done. and when you have such a top down political edict that then makes every one of the government doctors at the health agency just fall in line. guess what? that means you have to ignore natural immunity. you have to push for mandates for vaccines for kids even though it's not approved. you have to down play oral therapeutics, you have to criticize anyone who suggests that the two dose regiment needs to be modified. many of us were saying that the two dose regiment for pfizer and mow concern that should be a three month interval. research later showed that the immunity is 3.5 times better and now we see this call for boosters. if there would have been an open dialogue, if they would have been less dismissive of different points of view, we could have arrived at better
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conclusions earlier. >> will: it's worth repeating something you said at the start of your answer. you and i had a long conversation on the will cain podcast. i would encourage everyone to check out this conversation. you are of the belief that you if you are one of the 10 to 15% of american adults that have neither had covid or had the vaccine you should get the vaccine. there is no doubt, dr. makary, we have pushed all alternative treatments and therapy out of the conversation. i listed three potential therapeutic treatments that are simply not allowed to be considered. why, dr. makary, why are they totally banished? >> these are not alternative treatments some of these things. they are not sort of way out there. they are not fringe ideas. look at an oral antiviral with incredible phase 2 data you never hear about it it's in the current phase 3 data phase three trial it's going to read out any day now. convalescent plasma clearly shown to reduce mortality. no pharma company gets rich on it and yet we can only talk
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about pharma manufactured antibodies from regeneron. we can't talk about human antibodies that doesn't make anyone rich. a harvard virology just dismissed from the cdc vaccine covid work group because he had a different opinion on the j and j pause, he thought it was excessive. you have seen this get in line strategy. the fda experts were never convened to approve the covid vaccine. >> will: dr. makary, just to push you though why? why are we so singular focused? >> it's this new idea that you get in line, if you are not on board, get out of the way. but the purpose of science is to challenge deeply held assumptions, and in our research team at hopkins, we have a team arrival, different ideas. we have weaponized the idea of criticize tioning research. with you criticize any publication ever produced but it's now weaponized because if you are not in line with a top-down agenda then you are
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somehow misinformation. >> will: what about profit, dr. makary? what about following the money? >> if you look at the booster agenda, they have made that decision before the boosters have any data as to increased hospitalizations or severe illness. they are saying they going to recommend boosters in a month. we don't even know what the durability of those vaccines are at a year or two years or 8 months in preventing hospitalizations and severe illness. so far there is no data to support it yet, they have main up their mind before that data is in. >> dr. marty makary. check out of the will cain podcast information on everything every need to know about covid-19, its treatments, the vaccine, antibodies, everything you need to know with dr. marty makary. good to talk to you tonight. >> thanks, will. >> will: is this what joe biden thinks legitimate government looks like? why he thinks the taliban is having existential crisis.
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>> will: welcome pack. as the carp knowledge continues in afghanistan we need to ask are the leader in over their heads? do they have an evacuation plan are they even aware of how many americans are on the ground. >> how many american citizens remain in afghanistan? >> i don't know. >> will: well, i guess that's a no. what about our commander-in-chief? does joe biden understand what the taliban are after? >> what happens now in afghanistan? do you believe the taliban have changed? >> no. i think -- let me put it this way. i think they are going through a sort of existential crisis about do they want to be recognized by the international community as being a legitimate government?
4:20 pm
>> will: existential crisis kind of like growing pains. this is the same bloodthirsty militant group no matter what we have known no matter what the p.r. push shows. it was funny watching them joy ride in bumper cars. that's not who they are. by the way as we mentioned earlier, after they shot that video they burned down the amusement park. that's the real taliban. actually violent against human beings is the real taliban. now, let me bring in marine corps combat vet jesse kelly former obama campaign director robin, thank you both for being with me. jesse, do you have faith that the taliban has changed? they are going through some existential crisis? >> oh, absolutely, will. you see these guys are seen the error of their ways. i mean, by tomorrow, there will be schools for women in afghanistan. honestly, we are a country run by children. biden the entire administration run by a bunch of academics who have never spent five minutes in the actual real world they went right from the college campus into government somehow and that's the only way anyone on the planet could be stupid
4:21 pm
enough to think the taliban have somehow changed their ways or they are having a crisis or they are worried about an economy. you have to have the brain function of a dunning beetle like biden does to actually believe that. >> will: robin, do you think the taliban has changed? >> no. and they never will. they are in over their head. what president biden said was basically a polite way of saying that. they don't deserve politeness. the taliban will never change. i didn't believe for a second when they said they would be kinder to women because the very next day they arrested and detained the female governor, a female governor there in afghanistan. can you never take these people for their word. i was nervous when our former president invited them to camp david. i don't trust them at all. >> robin, to identify follow up with why is the biden administration attempting to trust or plead with the taliban to get the 15,000 americans behind enemy lines safely to the airport? if everyone on this panel and in your estimation joe biden as well agrees that the taliban
4:22 pm
cannot be trusted. why are we placing so much trust in the taliban? >> whatever it takes, will, to get americans home safely, american soldiers, it's not going to work with pleading with the taliban to do this. we're going to have a firm extri occasion plan. this is on the joint chiefs of staff and the secretary of defense. i personally want to see some more from secretary of state blinken. where has he been in all of this? >> will: you know, jesse, i can't help but be revolted quite honestly at the idea that everything we are discussing here was, quote: priced in to the calculation, chaos. set aside, jesse, right, how many black hawk helicopters, rifles, aircraft, night vision goggles, billions that we have left for them to use or sell, set that aside, the 15,000 americans were priced into this chaos? >> no, it wasn't priced and it wasn't planned out because this administration doesn't do anything really thinking about america. everything is geared about
4:23 pm
politics. that's the problem, will. they knew we had american citizens there. they knew we had thousands of them. we now know there are leaked state department memos where they told biden the taliban are going to take over right away. biden wanted a cheap political win before september 11th. that's what it was. so they didn't take five second to think about getting out our civilians maybe destroying our military equipment so they don't fall into the hands of the people we have spent 20 years fighting. it was all about politics. it was all politics all the time. that's why he is changing the subject now to coronavirus and the infrastructure bill. they only think about politics. never about america. never about americans. and why aren't our rangers and our special operators who are over there right now and our marines, why aren't they making gun runs out there grabbing our civilians? the french are doing it. the british are doing it our guys are chomping at the bit to do it. they are stuck in the airport scratching their rear end while our citizens are out there running for their lives. this entire administration is a disgrace. >> will: that's a great question
4:24 pm
why we are not doing that robin, you come from the world of politics. you were an obama campaign adviser. so, is jesse right? everything that has been done here, all the chaos that has ensued a byproduct of president biden choosing political motivations? >> no. and i say that because i take him at his word. he said i will take that criticism. if it means bringing our men and women home alive. i as a veteran, army ranger, i appreciate that. i just want to say, you know, intellectual honesty is in these times. and intellectual. that means we are not going it know what ranger regiment is doing because that's secret. we're not going to go know what special forces is doing because that's secret. they could very well be doing these gun runs, we will not know about it until these soldiers are back home safely. >> will: jesse, last word to you? >> look, will, this is a problem we have right now in the entire government. it's not isolated to the biden administration. honestly, he owns.
4:25 pm
this the military owns. this the intelligence community opens. this what i want to see from one person is accountability. >> will: here here. all right, robin, jesse, thank you both for your service, by the way. army ranger marine on this panel. thank you both and thanks for being with me tonight. >> thank you, sir. >> will: immigration, afghanistan, and ufos. all those topics and more with the great tucker carlson who is up next. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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4:31 pm
afghans had applied for visas to the united states, they jumped at the opportunity to waive them. in. >> i think the message that i want to relay to iowans is that we want to be a partner. we want them here and we want them to know and this he wool work through those processes whatever they may be. >> they are wonderful. they supported our men and women in uniform. they love america. they are hard workers. >> we would love to welcome them in to the state. >> will: joining me now the author of the new book "the long slide" avisible in stores but tucker and of course the host of the show right after this one tucker carlson. tucker, glad to have you on the show. you have been all over this story all week. i have been watching you talking about refugees being moved to the united states from afghanistan. here we are looking republicans being strong on immigration doing the exactly the opposite of what they want. >> welcoming to refugees and
4:32 pm
imgrant and decent open-minded big hearted people and that says something good about the united states. this sort of lack of concern about details from our leaders really tells how little they care about us. i watched joni ernst say that we welcome them really to your house? to your neighborhood? i don't think so. this sad little town with no power whatsoever. no one will ever go five years from now to see how it's going. no one is interested in the story of how it unfolds on the effects on your life, on your schools, on your infrastructure, on your taxes. does it make you happier? does it improve your life? do you think joni ernst cares? are you kidding? no. before the cameras, message, i care, i'm a good person, i'm compassionate. you? you know, who cares what you think. you are just a citizen. so, it really -- this is not an attack on the refugees for whom i think all people really feels. i certainly do. i want to get the hell out of afghanistan, i get it but what about americans? how does it affect their lives? have you ever been to a place
4:33 pm
where there has been mass refugee resettlement? i have. it's very tough to resettle large groups of people. tough to assimilate them. >> we have tough for the people who already live there. nobody cares. joni ernst clearly doesn't care. why would you vote for joni ernst after that? i don't know. i wonder. maybe they will again. >> will: i saw you talk about that earlier this week talking about the successful nature or the lack of successful nature of resituating refugees not just in the united states but across europe as well. it's been a real hit and miss operation across the globe. here's the thing. you talked about this, tucker, you said look, americans have a big heart. we want to help out. how do we walk this line? there is this sense that we do owe these people who helped us out in a time of war, we do owe them something. how do we balance what we might owe them to what we owe ourselves in terms of our country, our safety, and all the values that voters care about? >> tucker: well, i mean, first, identify the people to whom we really do owe something and then
4:34 pm
make the case. i mean, not all pashtuns are the same. just because you are from afghanistan doesn't mean you helped the united states or you are a hero. maybe joni ernst could head over to kabul and personally screen these people. maybe peter meyer of michigan could do the same. sort of shut up they are heroes. what are you a racist? don't like white guys in beards. race doesn't have anything to do with this. take it off the table. a country deeply dedivided ours, divided ours. country refugees whether people from guatemala or haiti or any part of the world that might come here. how does that effect us? it's not only a fair question but it's the main question and never asked by anyone in charge? that tells you everything about how they feel. >> will: here is a great example of that by the way. exactly what order of priority do americans maintain and in most of these politicians mind? right now americans behind enemy lines in essence in afghanistan. and wendy sherman she stood up to the podium today.
4:35 pm
this is the first thing she said before she talked about, it was yesterday before she talked about americans or anybody else, this is the first thing she had to say. watch. >> before i take your questions, i want to speak to a situation that's very personal to me. ing [inaudible] could not flourish and prosper without the full participation of women and girls back then and they can flourish, they cannot flourish and prosper without women and girls now. >> will: that i'm sure, is something we can both agree on, women and the prospering of women. everybody is for that but, before we get americans out from behind enemy lines that needed to be addressed. >> tucker: what i love about that. wendy sherman is a buffoon obviously. she implicated in that disaster. people like wendy sherman got us there and kept us there 20 years she should apologize. first thing she says i want to talk about myself and give you a
4:36 pm
self-righteous moral lecture how i'm better than you. that's a perfect capitulation of everything. enough but, let me talk about me for a second and my concerns and my history and my lived experience and what a good person i am. so with that aside, now, to your questions, oh, shut up racist, another one? shut up, racist. how long are people going to put up about this. enough but wendy sherman how about us 340 million people who live in a country that is getting worse. how are you going to improve our lives? any answer? >> will: i doubt it i think it's a good opportunity to talk about your book. you have a book out. we just mentioned long slide. 20 years in journalism. last time i talked to you on air, i started to go down this path and asked you when it is that you think the media lost their way. was it always so slanted? i want to ask you instead about the american people. i have been shocked and i have been talking about it this week, tucker. you know, media, politicians, elites, corporations, they are corrupt, perhaps irredeemably corrupt and we can see that now. it's manifesting in these covid
4:37 pm
policies. it's not science, it's scientism, i'm a little taken aback by my fellow americans. not just compliant but some become the enforcer of this antiscience sort of authoritarian nature over each other. and i just wonder like, what is it about our fellow americans that have embraced this idea of let me force my other ideas on you? >> tucker: yeah. unfortunately, the entire country is being manipulated by highly clever ruthless people who are harnessing the worst quality in human nature, you know, lynchings have happened throughout history not just simply in this country but in all countries because there is something in people that want to turn on the unpopular kid and beat him to death. that's like who we're. that's the ugliest part of who we are. if you where ruthless leaders willing to exploit that for their own gain and we do, then they wind up turning the population against itself and vaccinated, unvaccinated, white, black, these divisions which we
4:38 pm
didn't recognize a year ago are now defining our lives and we're being used. i mean, that's the truth. if you want to subdue people, divide them. and that's exactly what they are doing. you know, people shouldn't participate in it. but, again, they are harnessing human nature against us. >> will: i think that's exactly right. then the next object question is used by whom for what purpose? >> yeah. well, for control, of course. i mean, smoke more weed, you know, here is netflix just we got this really you got it, huh? is that going to help me? probably not. >> will: not only do you have the long flight out your book. another passion that we actually have in common that is the idea of ufos. i'm pretty fascinated by this and you is a new fox nation special about ufos. what's that about? >> well, i mean, there is just a huge amount of evidence that the u.s. government for 70 years has been tracking these objects that are real. they are not a foreign government. they are not human beings inside we know because the g forces they exhibit are beyond what
4:39 pm
people could with strand. and they have lied about it for all these years. the question is why? what are these things? kind of a big story if you think about it it's not a figment of our imagination. they are absolutely real. they defy science as we understand it so like what the hell? why is that not the biggest story? i know covid is the biggest story like the flu. but ufos are real. how far is that for a headline? i was in the news business for a long time. i have guess i still am. that's a headline. ufos are real? what? we blow past okay, fine. no, not fine. what is this? >> will: in a year of covid and race and everything else, you are right, the government acknowledged that ufos exist and that kind of flew under the radar. all right, really quickly. >> tucker: yeah, flu flew under the radar like a million miles an hour. >> will: what can we expect from the long as well. >> book is out. pretty good. i like listening to people when i was back print guy. always listen not always on
4:40 pm
transmit like i am now. it held up pretty well. you get a sense how much the country has changed. >> tucker: you talk about all of the people you have known along the way. people that used to be friends. i have experienced that same kind of thing, when you live on one side of the media. i have. >> tucker: i bet you have. >> will: i'm open open to still being friends. >> tucker: me too. politics is not the most important thing to me. that's for sure. >> will: that's exactly right. >> tucker: thank you. >> will: see you on "tucker carlson tonight." thank you, tucker. >> thank you. see you, man. >> will: thank you. a federal judge taking judicial activism to a whole new level. you will not believe why she is calling our immigration laws racist. victor davis hanson is up next. ♪ grsh ♪ ♪
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♪ >> will: welcome back a record number of migrants entered the country illegally last month some for the second or third time. a nevada judge is saying don't you dare punish them. judge miranda dew releasing a case against immigrant indicted after being deported twice which a felony. but, according to the judge, it's not a crime at all because
4:46 pm
the deportation law he is accused of break it's racist. joining me now to react is victor davis hanson senior fellow at the hoover institution. victor, always good to see you. i read the law nothing on its face, victor. if you break the law entering the country you will be deported and charged with a felony somehow that's racist? >> well, she read the law too the difference is she doesn't think it has any currency she is an advocate of critical race theory critical theory, critical racial theory this starts in the coffee room of the law school and filters down to us at ground zero. what it says is if the number of people affected by a law does not represent the racial makeup in the general population than the law has no currency and it should be thrown out disparate impact if hispanics are 20% of the population and deported or more because they come from mexico, obviously or central america, but nevertheless, if they are being deported more
4:47 pm
than their numbers, then there has to be implicit racism. you don't have to prove. and you know, it's really applied selectively, will, i like the nba. it's a meritocracy but it's about 7% african-american males and they make up about 6% of the population. somebody sued and said you know, i'm asian and i want to be a it center and this is racist because of dispirit impact they will get no wore. if you say to retired general austin or general mele, wait a minute, if you are going to do woke stuff and we believe in disprit impact 73% of the people killed in iraq were white males of the middle class about 74% in afghanistan, let's hold off putting any more white males in combat until other groups are proportionately represented in the casualty rates, people would think you are insane. so they pick and choose how they apply this legal theory and they use it on the construct that all of these nefarious white males
4:48 pm
floating around somewhere rigged the system against people of color rather than the law says we don't care what color you are, we don't care what gender. you break u.s. federal immigration law, we deport you. do it again, you are going to up the penalties until you don't do it anymore. and anybody with any sense knows the logic of that. >> will: she points out i think it's something like 80% of the deportees are from mexico. therefore ex post facto it's racist. victor, i don't know if we need to apologize to the viewers did you use the term hispanic. across cording to the judge latinx. she has. >> very funny word isn't it because i think the pugh poll said only 3% of latinos use that term. it's a very complex sophisticated beautiful language and they have a male and female masculine and feminine plural latin that and latinos. we don't in english we just have americans. they can't let that alone. created a fake word that nobody uses except the judge.
4:49 pm
>> will: i wanted to follow up on disparate impact i know how they would explain away for example your nba hypothetical. i have had this debate quite honestly. it's all about power dynamics if you are not in the superior power you are not a victim of dispirit impact. here is the funny thing about that they are not applying that consistently. right now new york segregation laws would force you out of restaurants if you are not vaccinated would have a dispirit impact on black new yorkers. only 30-something% of black new yorkers are vaccinated. you are seeing a dispirit impact right there. nobody seems concerned about that discrimination. >> according to the logic, yeah. but, i mean, i think the federal post office -- postal service is about 23, 24% african-american and about double the representation. nobody complains. we are not mad that the mail is handled by people who are more represented than their proportion. once you go down that road, there is no logic to it except
4:50 pm
fiat. we are going to do this and you are going to accept it or you are racist. otherwise explain logic. >> will: that's the end result fiat and power is the result. always good to hear from you victor davis hanson thank you for your time. >> thanks. >> will: don't go anywhere johnny joey jones triple j he is here. we are putting him on the clock. ♪ ♪ that's why i started medhaul. citi launched the impact fund to invest in both women and entrepreneurs of color like me, so i can realize my vision and give everything i've got to my company, and my community. i got you. for the love of people. for the love of community. for the love of progress. citi.
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♪ ♪ >> will: just a few minutes left in the show, so that's time to put my friend johnny joey jones -- you heard me say triple jay, right, are you cool with that? does anybody call you triple jay? >> yes, all of the cool kids. >> will: count me as cool. four stories, 60 seconds each, let's go. jeff bezos has a space rocket, but now he is really living the high life beer for the amazon found a report of a just and installed a soft serve ice cream machine in one of his many home.
4:56 pm
now he really has everything. hey, joey, you know what people in texas really want in their homes? sonic ice machines. have you ever had ice from sonic? that is gold, baby. >> chick-fil-a ice. listen, it's an ice cream machine that looks like an ice cream truck. i think you have a picture there, i have my own ice cream truck here in georgia at my house. unfortunately, though, it is not soft serve. my daughter margo serves it to me. let's just hope he did not get it from the people who make the mcdonald's soft serve ice cream because they are always out. if he has fixed that problem, he should do a service to all of us -- >> will: but it's good. mcdonald's is good soft serve. >> you know, i don't think they actually go out, i think the workers just say that so they do not have to clean it too late. >> will: or maybe it is like diamonds, restrict to increase price. >> so you come back tomorrow. >> will: you have a pellet ice machine, that's fancy. it looks like daniel craig has
4:57 pm
turned from james bond to dr. no, he said he will not leave his children any money for inheritance. joey, is 007 right to leave his kids double oh zero? that was in the prompter and i resent that you put that pond in there. >> listen, my dad did not leave me millions, either. the difference is my dad did not raise me rich. if you are going to your kids up living a rich and lavish lifestyle than completely cut them off when you die, do you really have that lack of faith in your own ability to parent? i would not care at all about leaving my kids money because they would use it right, give it away themselves and go earn their own. it's just a weird thing that tells me he doesn't know how to parent that well, anyway. >> will: that is a big charge that could possibly be true. [bell rings] there is a threshold. if you start leaving somebody too much, i think it definitely has a corrupt and diminishing effect, but i don't think it has to be zero. zero seconds on the clock so i have to keep moving.
4:58 pm
moving on, a reverse zoo in south africa is flipping the script and letting people climb inside the cage is as would lyons walk around then. come on. joey? >> listen, south africa has lions. you don't need to go and buy a box, most people try not to because they need to be able to do their own thing, chase herd animals. i know the thrill of taking out a herd animal and eating it. leave the lions alone. i'm not a big fan of hunting but don't go sit in a box and pester them. >> will: look at that, that is like a shark cage but for lions. i thought it was just walking around. no, you are fully protected. i want to go in a shark cage. i'm in on that. i would love to go down and see the sharks. no? >> no, i've lost enough parts, man. [bell rings] i don't need to take any chances. >> will: that's a really good point. finally, remember these ominous
4:59 pm
videos showing robots acting human? it turns out they might have been exaggerated. the robots apparently can't even jump. am i supposed to be afraid of this? >> this is actually footage of me working to walk at walter reed. they are using the raw footage here. please our wounded vets trying to learn how to walk and that is what we look like. not even that graceful. as a robot kindred spirit, i try not to make fun of my brother end. i hope they are doing okay. >> will: hey -- i hope you're good at the robot, because these are the outtakes. there was another video where they were doing back flips and ninja courses. let me tell you something, the rise of the robots is going to be a problem. you might be in good with them. you might be, but i'm not. >> what makes me mad is these robots can do backflips and i am over here still needing help. hook me up and get me a better parts. >> will: that's a really good, substantive point. why can robots do that, and joey wants some legs that can do that, why hasn't that -- we need to get our priorities straight.
5:00 pm
that's a good point. >> i'm telling you. >> will: all right, joey, good to see you, man. >> i appreciate you. >> will: thanks for watching "fox news primetime." i'm will cain. i'll be back here tomorrow, as i was, go download my podcast at fox news podcast, apple's modif. now get ready to hang out with tucker carlson, who is up right now. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy thursday. nobody seems to remember this but it was just a few months ago that joe biden gave the so-called intel community a vital new mission. and they had, he said, until the end of august to find out where the coronavirus came from. did it emerge from a penguin in a wet market? or did the chinese military create the virus in a bio weapons lab in wuhan? joe biden assured us he


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