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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tucker carlson, who is up right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." happy thursday. nobody seems to remember thisd but it was just a few months ago that joe biden gave the so-called intel community a vital new mission. and they had, he said, until the end of august to find out where the coronavirus came from. did it emerge from a penguin in a wet market? c or did the chinese military create the virus in a bio weapons lab in wuhan? joe biden assured us he was going to get to the bottom of it. he had the canniest asked
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sleuths in the world working on that mystery. they will figure it out, he said, you can trust them, so here we are at the endor of august, and what is the answer? where did covid come from? so far, no one has told us, and we are starting to suspect that nobody ever will. it's not like the media are planning to push that issue. vladimir putin is not from china. they don't care. m the coronavirus investigation? what coronavirus investigation? like joe biden himself, they have no memory of anything that happened three months ago. and come to think of it, maybe that was the whole point of the exercise. you announce a fake inquiry into something you have absolutely no interest in learning more about, and then you bet on the fact that everyone will forget that inquiry exists. pretty tricky. maybe that is the real purpose of the intel agencies, actually. not to gather intelligence, but to provide political cover to the politicians who control them. "oh, that is a good question, wolf, i will have the cia look into it and get back to you." pc
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right, just stay on the line, this call may be monitored for quality assurance. l it sounds cynical, we know, but it is striking when you think about it just how often politicians invoke the intel community when they are lying to you. here was joe biden just last month. >> your own intelligence community has assessed that the afghan government will likely collapse. >> that's not true. >> can you please clarify what they have told you about whether that will happen or not? >> that is not true. they did not reach thatru conclusion. >> tucker: so the intel agencies never said the taliban would sweep into kabul. that is what joe biden claims. do you believe him? you probably don't. the intel world may be partisan and deceitful, it certainly is, but we are betting they are not completely stupid. obviously they knew the afghan government could collapse. they must have told joe biden that -- or at least the people around joe biden. s
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can we prove that they told him? no, we can't prove it. and that is the beauty of using the intel agencies for cover. you get to make any claim you want to make, and no one can prove you are lying, because the truth is highly classified! maybe you are starting to understand why no one ever defunds of the cia. they are too useful. that was from july, the clip we just played, and at the time, biden told us the intel community "did not reach the conclusion that the afghan government would fall to the taliban." now it is august and the afghan government has indeed fall into the taliban. that is not our assessment as they say in washington, it actually happened, the afghan troops threw down the rifles, the president ran away, there is a black taliban flag hanging over the capital. so how did this all happen -- and more to the point, how did our extravagantly funded intelligence agencies not know it was going to happen? well, actually, they did know. sort of. that is joe biden's new position. he explained it yesterday on abc news. watch.
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>> back in july, you say taliban takeover was highlyy unlikely. was the intelligence wrong, or did you downplay it? >> there was no consensus. you go back and look at the intelligence reports, they said it was more likely to be some time went by the end of the year. >> tucker: are you following this? in the space of a single month, the official line went from "our intelligence agencies think everything is fine in afghanistan" to "there was no consensus in the intelligence agencies that everything was not fine" -- or something like that, it is not exactly clear what joe biden was saying there. all we can be totally certain of is that we will never get to see the documents he was referring to. so really, anything could be true, assuming truth still exists. pretty smart. c mark milley, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, is not ar clever. c a smarter man might have couched his lies for plausible
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deniability down the road, but unfortunately, mark milley is not that man. here is what he claims this week in public. >> there was nothing that i or anyone else saw that indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11 days. >> tucker: that wasgo totally unequivocal. according to mark milley, there was zero intelligence. "nothing that i or anyone else saw" suggesting a coming collapse in afghanistan. so he literally had no idea what was coming because nobody told him. the people paid to keep track were not keeping track, the intel agencies failed completely. and given their budgets and power, that is shocking if you think about it for a minute. clearly someone should be fired if not court-martialed. but no, says joe biden, that's not true. in fact, says joe biden, looking straight into the face of his old friend, the anchor at abc, no one in the entire u.s. government, and certainly not in the white house, could have done anything different or better, as we withdrew from afghanistan.
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the bad parts you saw on television were inevitable. no mistakes of any kind by anyone connected in any way to joe biden occurred. no one can be blamed for anything. no one should feel guilty, everyone is sleeping just fine, thank you very much.h. watch. >> you don't think this could have been handled -- this exit could have been handled better in any way? no mistakes? >> no, i don't think it could have been handled in a way -- we are going to go back in hindsight and look, but the idee that somehow, there was a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that a happens. i don't how that happened. >> so for you, that was always priced into the decision? >> yes. >> tucker: really, mr. president? you couldn't have handled this better in any way, not even a tiny adjustment? t no, says joe biden. meanwhile, desperate people tumble from airplanes thousands of feet in the air. many thousands of americans remained trapped tonight in a country now controlled by the
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taliban. but no problem, says the president. how do you assess a statement like that? well, our friend piers morgan described it as "breathtakingly arrogant and disturbingly delusional," and that sounds about right, if possibly a little watching it, you wonder, does joe biden understandnd with this moment means to the country he leads? we had to leave afghanistan, he was right about that. it was always going to be ugly, that is true. but this ugly? this humiliating? this destructive to america's authority in the world, as damaging to our future? no. none of that was foregone. none of that was necessary. all of that was a choice that joe biden and his advisors made intentionally, over months. they priced it in, as he just told us. they knew it was going to happen, but they did it anyway. what does that say about them? what does it tell you that they left thousands of american
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citizens behind when they fled, and then seemed and seem markedly unconcerned about what might happen to have those american citizens in afghanistan under the taliban.y well, it tells you an awful lot. the united states government, to restate, exists to serve its own citizens. the u.s. government exists to serve its own citizens, period. the u.s. government has no other purpose. the moment the u.s. government stopped serving u.s. citizens is the moment the u.s. government becomes illegitimate. that is true. that has always been true, since the day the country was founded, and it is obvious to most people who live here. does joe biden understand it? sincerely. it's possible that he doesn't. toward the end of his interview with abc, there was a telling exchange. that exchange was never broadcast on camera. now, television networks edit interviews very often for time, but abc news appears to have
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chosen to edit out portions that may joe biden look, how to put it, not presidential, incoherent, confused. we think it is worth knowing what happened, especially in a moment of national crisis, so we are going to read from the transcript that we were provided, and here it is. george stephanopoulos: i think a lot of americans, even a lot of veterans who served in afghanistan, agree with you on h the big, strategic picture. they believe we had to get out, but i wonder how you respond toy an army special forces officer, javier mccay, he did seven tours, he was shot twice, he agrees with you, he says "we have to cut our losses in afghanistan," but he adds, "i just wish we could have leftes with honor." here is joe biden's response. look, that is like asking my deceased son beau, who spent six months in kosovo, and a year in iraq, as an army major, and you know, i'm sure he had regrets coming out of afghanistan, i
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mean come out of iraq. he had regrets to how it is going, but the idea, what is the alternative?e? now, we are waiting for that tape, but that is the transcript. now the president's son was in the navy, not the army. he was in the army, not the navy. it's not clear from that. we believe he was in the army and not the navy. he did not serve in afghanistan, he served in kosovo and iraq. joe biden can't seem to remember those details. we are not attacking him, we are not telling you this from glee, we are telling you because it is true. this is the man leading our country.m the scary thing about what is happening in afghanistan is not that afghanistan is collapsing, afghanistan has always been in various states of collapse. by our standards, for a thousand years. the scary thing about afghanistan is that it reveals american weakness, and weakness abets aggression. power vacuums are always filled. the problem with what we just read to you is that it reveals weakness at the very center of the u.s. government. weakness that possibly can't be
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fixed. that's the real problem. over time, it's the real threat. vince coglianese is the host of events, and a show on wmal d.c. and we are happy to have himim join us tonight. vince, thank you so much for coming on.e i know you will follow military affairs carefully, you have a background in it. i'm trying to figure out a very straightforward explanation for what the pentagon and biden administration you in the final days in afghanistan. what were they told about the likelihood of the afghan government collapsing? do we know that or is it different people telling different stories?at >> a lot of finger-pointing going on right now. a lot of the intelligence community blaming the leadership, the pentagon blaming the leadership, the leadership blaming the pentagon, all through a bunch of anonymous leaks to different news outlets. biden critics, i think, tucker, have over time thought to themselves, well, it does not what joe biden tells you, no more than a mascot for what they're doing, i'm beginning to think that joe biden might be in
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charge, look what he did in this interview this week with george stephanopoulos, the incoherence of his answers, isn't that guy actually running the show, that could explain any number of the disasters we see playing out in the united states of america right now. i mean, he did not know that we have troops in syria. he didn't know that the video of the afghans falling from that plane had happened to two days ago, he thought it was 4-5 days ago, as if the timeline really matters, but he had no concept of he doesn't know what his own intelligence community has told him. and he didn't know that you are not supposed to take the troops out before you take the civilians i would. you don't have to be sun tzu to know that that is terrible military strategy, and here he is, in one shot that we have to hear answers about this in front of the democrat party spokesman, george stephanopoulos, incoherent in his answers, bringing no comfort to any of us that someone is in charge.
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>> tucker: well, that is exactly it, and just to be totally clear, we said this before, we should respect old people, all of us hope to be in joe biden's position, alive at 78, not mocking him for his mental decline. but the idea that at the center of american power is a void is weakness on this scale in a moment of international volatility, this is not the only country that is going through spasms of change right now. it's happening all over the world. there's a lot going on. we don't pay attention because americans typically don't, but that is true. so, like, how nervous should we be? >> well, i am nervous about his mental decline.. and not judgmental about it at all. but the reality is, this is the kind of person you would not let drive by themselves to go pick up their medication at the pharmacy. o this is, right now, what we have with joe biden is a guy who has basically been in hiding in camp david over the weekend, 15,000 americans all of a sudden being stranded in that country as afghanistan collapsed, and now he is supposed to go to
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delaware this weekend for yet another vacation? i do not know what is going on, and i'm really nervous about the state of the country. >> tucker: yeah, and honestly, damn barack obama and susan rice and the people around him who knew perfectly well he was incapable of leading the country, who pushed the most cynical presidential campaign in history of this country on the rest of us, against donald trump, fine, but this is the guy they got elected president by any means necessary? they knew that he couldn't leave the country and they did it anyway? i mean, at some point, will people be held accountable for this? nothing like this has ever happened before. s >> yeah, and i wonder where his equity is. you think of the president can do it, maybe his second-in-command can step upp from but kamala harris has fallen off the map, she is practically in the witness protection program now. the same woman who earlier this year had said she was the last person in the room on the decision to get out of afghanistan. she was very comfortable with
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their plans. now she has completely disappeared? that is not by mistake. she is trying to stay away from this. she hopes she has a political future, and she think this will drag her down. >> tucker: yeah, this kind of weakness invites bad things, that's just truth your conceptst to say that. vince, i appreciate you coming out tonight. vince coglianese. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: it might seem like an odd transition to go from what is happening in afghanistan to ufos, but if you take three steps back, they are on par as major developers.o u.s. government released a report telling you some of what it knows about ufos. but it turns out that report was dishonest. a lot was left out. we will take a look at with the government is not disclosing straight ahead. ♪ ♪el will take a look at with the government is not disclosing straight ahead ♪ ♪
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vote, so we thought it was worth following up on. tonight, we have an update on that. congressman kinzinger has been spotted crying again according to our sources in places where you will rarely see tears, in waffle house. you are seeing the waffle house location on your if you look close, you see adam kinzinger clearly distraught, crying in a place that serves waffle. according to our sources, it is unclear exactly why he was crying, a shortage of boysenberry syrup. we can't tell you more. but if you see adam kinzinger crying again, you will see it here first. so, for many years, ufos were the province of wackos, people who famously wore tinfoil hats, and then, out of nowhere, we learned, actually, ufos are real. the government has been tracking them for more than 70 years. so we decided to take a closer look at what the government knows and what they haven't told
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us. we have a brand-new episode on our long form documentary series, "tucker carlson originals." we spoke to a lot of different people on the subject, including businesses who study movement, w to give evidence, to assemble a body of evidence about what these things do, what they're capable of, and who might be operating them. here is part of what we found. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: for close to 80 years, our leaders have told us that ufos aren't real. they are weather balloons or strangely shaped clouds, but they were lying. for decades, we now know based on probes of documentary evidence, the u.s. government has worried a lot about ufos, strange, unimaginably fast u aircraft of unknown origin, violating military airspace, and moving in ways that define known physics. what are these things? how much should they worry us? those questions are worth asking, so we did.
10:23 pm
>> physics is based on things that are testable, reproducible, and falsifiable. for the first time, we have videotapes now, and we have taken measure of the characteristics of these objects, so this is now real science. >> this is not just science fiction. this is not just conspiracy theory. >> these things are real, they are violating our airspace indiscriminately. >> the evidence 100% contradicts what the government and u.s. military wants us to believe about the phenomenon. >> this is a subject more journalists should take more seriously. >> i couldn't identify it. it was flying and it was an object, that's all i can really bring back. >> tucker: this footage shows a 5-foot long object moving at more than a hundred miles an hour off the coast of puerto rico. >> look at this thing. it is traveling much faster than it should. how many aircraft do we know that dive into the ocean? with these crafts effortlessly go back and forth between the water and the air. our missiles cannot do that. the stresses would be enough to
10:24 pm
rip the metal apart. >> tucker: the u.s. government has collected many videos like this. the doctor sat down to watch them with the eyes of a trained physicist and had no idea for what he w saw. after years of official denials, in early 2021, the federal government declassified video of some of the navy's closest encounters. >> we are just seeing a fraction of what the military has in its archives, and it is enough to make your jaw hit the floor.av >> tucker: navy pilots shot this video off the coast of florida in 2015.n >> bro. >> you can actually cockily how fast it is moving, the altitude, because we have the cameras, the equipment. >> the wind is out of the west. >> and this object does things no known aircraft can duplicate. what we see on videotapes, no chinese, no russians, or no u.s.
10:25 pm
hypersonic drones can execute. they break the sound barrier with no sonic boom. they can hit the ocean and not break apart. >> tucker: one of the most vexing mysteries about ufos is why the u.s. government has lied about their existence for so long. >> just remember our pilots, every day when they are on patrol, they encounter these things, but of course, many times never report them. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: one of the most intriguing things we found was a potential connection to cattle mutilations, which it turns out are real, something else we thought was the province of wackos. no, those are totally real and have been investigated by the fbi twice. it's fascinating. anyway, that is a brand-new episode "tucker carlson originals" called "the ufo files," stream it right now on so, you are not allowed indoorsa
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in some cities, not allowed to buy food in public unless you are is that legal? it is obviously fascist, but is allowed under the law? a lot of restaurant owners think it is totally illegal and are fighting back, thank god.. ♪ ♪ nd are fighting back, thank god. ♪ ♪ [male narrator] serving overseas was just the beginning. we might be home from war but our mission continues in communities all across the country. while we face new challenges every day, the spirit we bring to battle has never been stronger. the call to serve has never been louder.
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>> tucker: we interviewed a man last night, one of the saddest stories we've done an awful long time, he is awaiting a liver transplant and will die without one. he cannot get the covid vaccine for physical reasons, he thinks that could kill him. now he has been told by his hospital he cannot get an organ transplant and has been taken off the list because he won't get the vaccine. this is happening in our country right now. jason rantz broke down that story it has reached out to thee
10:32 pm
hospital, the university of washington medical center, and he has learned the man we talked to last night is not the only man facing death because of mandatory vaccines. jason rantz joins us tonight with an update. jason, thanks for breaking the story. even by the standards of the lunacy we are living through, i found it shocking. tell us what else you have learned. >> i have learned they have denied been denying surgery for organ transplant patients at least as early as june. i spoke to two other individuals who found themselves virtually in the same place as derek, arguably actually in worst case, so 64-year-old frank sam allen. he was told on june 7th that hed would not be eligible for a heart transplant -- in fact, they took him off the list because of two reasons: he refused to wear a mask,ot which was because he can't breathe very easily with it due to his heart condition, and he did not want to get the covid vaccine due to the heart inflammation possibilities as a side effect, so based on that, they decided to completely yank him off the list. by the way, he has been on the list for two and a half that was pre-covid. today, i spoke with a guy named joshua hunter, 39 years old, the father of two young kids. he was told in june that hey, you're probably going to need to start thinking about the vaccination, but he never knew
10:33 pm
it as a policy until it became a policy, so now they are saying because he did not want to get the covid vaccine, that he is being listed as inactive for a lung transplant, which as he told me today, and this was incredibly heartbreaking, he expects he won't survive more than 3-5 years unless he gets this. and it's just taking these patients completely by surprise, and they are both basically telling me -- and derek said the same thing -- they are trying to communicate with their doctors and get a better sense of these decisions, but it's not an easy process. they are not able to do an appeal, as well, and so,do especially in joshua's case, just sit me down with a doctor and go over the data with me and tell me why it is safe and address my concerns and i will get the vaccine, but they don't seem willing to do that, at least not at this point. >> tucker: the risk of heart inflammation is real. it has been documented by t researchers.
10:34 pm
i personally know two people well who have had it. i'm sure most of our viewers do. that doesn't mean you shouldn'tv get the vaccine, but it does mean it is an actual, medically documented risk, and the doctors there say no, just go ahead and die, if you don't obey, we are not interested in hearing about it? >> it's really interesting, because they do make a medical case that is rather sound and it could be reasonable to most? people, look, these people are getting immunosuppression aftera they get the organ transplant, so that the body doesn't't rejet it, so if you were to get covid in that state, you are at a higher risk of death, and i think there is a reasonable case. however, it is still supposed to be up to theheta patient. what they are arguing here effectively is that we are asking you to take the covid vaccine so you don't die of covid after getting the so we are going to take you off of the list, which almost guarantees you are going to die as a result, not of covid, but i'm not getting that transplant. it makes no sense whatsoever, and it is certainly not living up to "do no harm" to your patients.
10:35 pm
>> tucker: no, it's totally deranged, and we put up with it for this long, and that is whyan it is continuing, and it is getting incredibly dark, and physicians who should know better are participating in it and should be ashamed of themselves.ha there is no other illness to which these standards apply. hiv get a heart transplant, no, we don't do this with anything else.d p this is political, it's disgusting, and if we allow it, it's going to get worse. sorry to editorialize. jason rantz, i appreciate your reporting on this. thank you very much. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: in the city of new york from our biggest city, no one is allowed indoors anywhere unless they are vaccinated and have their papers to prove it. the city's mayor, bill de blasio, who is probably the unhealthiest leader in any city in america, a man who literally lives on marijuana and cheetos, has decided he knows better than doctors, so doctors can't go to restaurants unless they are vaccinated because he knows better than they do. he is threatening to punish any
10:36 pm
business that refuses to comply with his arbitrary and insaned mandate. here is him. >> as to the penalty -- so again, our goal here is not to penalize restaurants and indoor entertainment fitness, to educate for a month, get everyone clear about what they need to do, and just make sure people do it. if we get noncompliance after that much education and that much of a gracet period, we wont hesitate to give penalties, but we certainly hope to not have to do that often. a first offense, for example, is $1,000, a second offense is $2,000, i think a third is $5,000, i will get you all the details, but it is an escalator approach to make clear that people have to conform with the law. >> tucker: yeah, but people don't get penalized for, say, looting macy's or spray painting the f word on the side of public buildings or defecating on the sidewalks. the city falls apart, but physicians who have decided nott to get vaccinated are penalized by dr. bill de blasio.
10:37 pm
mask noncompliance, anyone? this is illegal, obviously, and now some restaurants in new york city are suing over the mandate. louis gelormino, an attorney representing those restaurants, joins us now. i appreciate your coming on tonight, thank you very much for doing this and for telling us about it. so what are you doing on behalf of these restaurants? >> well, my partner and i, as you know, we have been on the forefront of this fight from the beginning, from two years ago -- >> tucker: i know. >> my partner and i are criminal defense attorneys. this isn't our wheelhouse. we got recruited, obviously like to eat, we got recruited by the wrestlers in staten island and new york city to go to bat for them. we just brought a lawsuit yesterday trying to get a permanent injunction against these mandates. they are almost anti-constitutional because he
10:38 pm
knows these are unconstitutional and they are doing it anyway. >> tucker: so, i mean, what do you do with a political leader, a politician, who decides toutar ignore the law? their job is to uphold the law and they are ignoring the law, why are the rest of us obeying the law, again?do >> you know, tucker, it's unbelievable how the mayor of the city continues to punish the restaurants and the gym owners and the small business owners and blame them for the whole covid virus. we could go through the numbers, you do it constantly, tucker, 75% of the spread is at home,wn only less than 1.5% of the spread is at a restaurant.he you know, this mandate, these edicts, these decrees, they have been going on for three -- almost two years now from almost two straight years, rulinges new york state and new york city by decree. it'sng insane. it violates all kinds of constitutional issues, from privacy to hipaa, to equal protection, even possible violations of the interstate commerce
10:39 pm
it's insanity, and like i said, we are trying to battle it, and we hope we are going to be successful, i think we are going to be heard september 3rd staten island. you know, what makes you really laugh, though, is the mayor last night got on and said his legal department said they were on sound legal footing. never before in the history of m america have employers been told to fire employees that want to work. never before in the history of america have employers, small business owners, been told to check papers at the door before they can see people, and never before in american history has american citizens been told to show their health care papers before they can eat, and they say that it's on sound legal footing. it's laughable.
10:40 pm
>> tucker: yeah, they wouldn't know the law if it got in the shower with them. you are from staten island, all the hipsters in brooklyn, the counterculture, they are like little conformist lemmings, they are just like little soldiers doing the bidding of those in power, they are disgusting, and i am so glad you are standing up against them. thank you very much for coming out tonight. >> thanks, tucker. i appreciate all you do, we really do. >> tucker: thank you. so after a nationwide search, there are many contenders, we found the worst teacher in the entire country and we have the video. you won't want to miss it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so, the iphone is obviously rearranging our brains and making us compliant, dumb, and destroying our attention span. but there is an upside. they have video, so a lot of parents all of a sudden know for certain what is happening in their kids' classrooms.. this is actual footage from someone called leah, a chemistry teacher in the alpine school district in the state of
10:46 pm
watch. >> tucker: well, she seems like a happy, well-balanced person.
10:47 pm
i wonder what her personal life is like. could you imagine? she is apparently no longer employed by the school district in utah. jesse watters is the author of the great book "how i saved the world," which he did, he joins us to assess. jessie, you grew up in a school environment, right? our teachers worse than they were or are we just able to record it? >> i'm mostly upset with her syntax, tucker. i mean, i don't expect her to speak like piers morgan, but she sounds like she just got pulled over during an episode of cops. "y'all?" >> tucker: the shirtless man next to her. >> tucker, you know when you sing in the shower or you dance in the dark? you are at your freest, your truest self, because you don't think anyone is watching. and this is this woman, and this is many teachers, hundreds if not thousands of teachers believe no one is watching.
10:48 pm
so they dominate this space. these kids are at the very tender age -- the teachers are kings, queens, there is no transparency. there is no accountability. and you can tell by the way she saunters around and slings the propaganda that she has been doing this her entire career. and the only reason she got checked was because there was a camera. but i've got to tell you, she's not going to get fired. you can't fire teachers. it is almost impossible. the unions will swoop in, they will file a suit, and she will collect her paycheck, her you can go into a classroom, drunk, kiss a student, slap a kid, they will send you into a rubber room at the very most. >> tucker: you know what you can do is do a series of hour-long specials of camera phone video of lunatic teachers, and i hope that kids across this country will record every second
10:49 pm
of every class and send us the highlights. you've got kids. you don't have a right to know what is going on in your kids classroom? they should have cameras, they should have surveillance cameras -- the rest of us are being surveilled.hi i walk down thes. street and 19 cameras are watching me. what you going to a classroom with my children and somehow you can't be recorded? no, no. >> i have kids in catholic school, so there is no way the catholic teachers are doing anything close to this, but could you imagine, tucker, if this was reversed? and this was a conservative teacher that was saying "screw joe biden, turn off cnn, if you believe in climate change, get the hell out of my classroom?" that story would have knocked afghanistan off the front pages. >> tucker: yeah. and by the way, i would have hated it. >> it goes both ways. >> tucker: stop it. exactly. the great jesse watters, great to see you tonight, as it always is.
10:50 pm
>> thank you. >> tucker: so, we are being told by joe biden and kamala harris -- whatever we are calling her, that covid vaccines work perfectly, even though they still wear masks all the time at our terrified of people who have not been vaccinated. now have announced a new policym that suggest in the clearest possible terms that vaccines don't work.. we will tell you how we know. by the way, if you go to, you can order a signed copy of "the long slide." we hope you will. ♪ ♪ ery, some will die. those who do survive face extreme challenges. operation smile works to heal children born with cleft conditions. we need you. there are still millions in dire need of healing. go to today
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>> tucker: well, back in january, liberals around the world celebrated the white house was no longer occupied by an orange president. now, and a lot of the viewers this show have noticed t something.g. joe biden is turning orange. that is not an exaggeration. look at the pictures. in other words, the orange man is back.
10:56 pm
what is happening here? is there something about the white house that turns people orange? is it the water? is it something else? we don't know but we are going to stay on that story. the orange man is back. so, joe biden has announced that every american who has been "fully vaccinated" should take a booster shot starting next month. well, that's kind of strange. we were told the vaccine would keep you from getting covid, and now all around us we see people who are fully vaccinated getting covid, i just happened to the governor of texas this week. tonight, "the sun journal" of maine, the senator from maine has t what is going on here? maybe they don't have their booster shots.. what are the booster shots? what is the science behind them? what side effects do they cause? are they necessary? why are they necessary? alex berenson has looked at the data on all of this and is here to sort it out. alex berenson, thanks for coming on. what should we make of this?
10:57 pm
>> well, tucker, there is so much here. before i get to that, i have to say to you, thank you. when last we spoke, twitter had banned or blocked me for a week, you know, and we talked about that, we talked about my sub stack. i am back on twitter now, and people can follow me there, but more importantly, thanks largely to you and your viewers, there are now almost 100,000 people signed up for the sub stack, so if twitter bans me permanently, they can't silence me, and i really have you to thank for that, so let me get that out of the way. >> tucker: thank you. >> thank you. by the way, what they banned me about last month was saying, look at the data in israel. the vaccines are failing. and that is why the israelis are now pushing a third shot, and that is going to come here. nowell, guess what? "the new york times" yesterday wrote a story that said basically the vaccines in israel are failing. h here's what we know, and there is a tremendous amount of science here, it is hard to go into in a couple minutes,in but
10:58 pm
very quickly, the vaccines cause a short-term spike in antibodies, okay, when you are injected with a vaccine, your bodies produce a lot of spiked proteins, your body then produces antibodies to that protein. for a short period of time, you have very good protection after the second shot against being infected. unfortunately, it is now obvious that protection does not last. instead of acknowledging that, instead of acknowledging that probably the only way we are going to get through this in the long run is just by people getting infected and recovering, as some people suggested was the best move to make last year, the people who were in charge of the public health establishment, who has been tell you for a year that vaccines are the miracle that is going to get us out ofov this, are on desperate strategy to try to boost immunity again with a third shot. the problem is they have no clinical trial evidence that that's actually going to work in the long run. they barely have any evidence it's going to work in the short run. they have evidence -- and i'm not exaggerating -- dozens of people, the original
10:59 pm
clinical trials were conducted on tens of thousands of people. this is a very dangerous game they are playing, and they know it.ex >> tucker: if there is no evidence, how are they forcingng this on the entire american population? how is that allowed? >> well, you know, they haven't quite been able to force it yet, but what they are doing with thg original vaccines as they are getting private companies to do their dirty work for them, foren the most part, private companies and schools, so there are more and more quasi-mandates happening. now, with it clear that we are going to need at least a third shot, i assume at some point they're going to say to all ofof those people who consider themselves fully vaccinated now, guess what, you are not fully vaccinated, you need a third shot. p the problem again is they don't know at what point the vaccine -- the antibodies that y the third shot generates will wane. a when will they need a fourth shot? when will they need a fifth shot? they have absolutely no idea
11:00 pm
what path they are taking us on. and again, sorry, thanks -- >> tucker: we are out of time. it's too crazy, we can't participate. alex berenson, great to see you. brand-new episode ofry "tucker carlson originals" on ufos, and genuinely interesting on we'll see you tomorrow night. have the best night. here is sean. >> sean: tucker, thank you, welcome to "hannity."t americans trapped behind enemy lines, being kept at the whim of the taliban, yes, a terrorist organization. on sunday, the entire country of afghanistan fell to the taliban, as joe biden gears up for yet another long weekend in delaware. wow. only the airport remains under u.s. control. at this hour tonight, thousands of americans and thousands of our allies hopelessly stranded all over the country, as we said, behind enemy at this hour, the biden administ


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