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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 20, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> friday august 20th, this is a fox news alert. terrifying video out of afghanistan were taliban fighters are opening fire on crowds protesters. jillian: president biden is expected to address the nation on the withdrawal after dodging a media question for days.
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jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: we begin with the chaos at kabul airport where the us is expected to ramp up evacuations with 6000 people including americans scheduled to depart today. >> the president is committed to ensuring every american who what's to leave afghanistan gets out of afghanistan. he believes we can college that by august 30 first. >> defense officials don't know how many people they need to evacuate. >> how many american citizens remain in afghanistan? >> the state department would be a better place to go for an estimate. >> that answer not flying with lawmakers. >> the government can't even say how many american citizens we have, what will stop president biden flying on august 30 first with thousands of american citizens left behind? >> afghan allies worry they
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won't be able to flee in time, the city is out of kabul heartbreaking like this one. keeps getting me upset. of the the passover a razor wire fence in the hopes that american troops will bring the baby to safety. jillian: that is one example of many. live look, president biden and vp harris will meet with the national security team to discuss the ongoing disaster in afghanistan. todd: the president will give a live address after the briefing. griff jenkins joins us with more. >> reporter: the president's august 30 first deadline is looming and us officials are racing to evacuate thousands of desperate americans, vulnerable afghans with 5200 us troops on the ground while the taliban tightened its grip on kabul with checkpoints, gunfire and massive crowds at airports and crackdowns on dissidents after
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the president claims there was no warning this was coming. >> the intelligence community did not say in june or july it was going to call's like it did. >> reporter: in an internal state department memo first reported by the wall street journal and confirmed by fox news, 2 dozen officials at the kabul embassy want secretary of state blinken and other top officials the afghan government would rapidly collapse as us troops withdrew, the clearest evidence the administration was made aware taliban takeover was imminent. it is a warning rick grenell says the administration ignored. >> warnings were early. let me tell you in early june i have seen evidence of a stark warning to jake sullivan early june. >> reporter: bipartisan anger on
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capitol hill is growing, 50 lawmakers sending a letter to the president demanding answers as democrat led congressional committees call for secretary of state blinken and secretary of state austin to appear as soon as next weekend the chair of the senate foreign relations committee senator bob menendez calling a flawed execution of the us withdrawal and top republicans mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy asking for classified briefings the gang of 8. we will see what president biden has to say, he will address the nation with vice president harris in attendance. jillian: do you think there will be questions today? >> reporter: if i had to guess i would say the answer is yes because there are so many with such a serious situation unfolding but it is anybody's guess. jillian: thank you. there are so many questions that are unanswered at this point.
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one of them we've discussed over the last few days is the fact that it took the president a while to establish communication with world leaders and one of the big questions is why and there's a report in the daily telegraph that british prime minister boris johnson tried to reach president biden for 36 hours, tried to reach him monday morning uk time, they didn't connect until tuesday at 5:00 pm east coast time and we know the president has spoken with him and angela merkel. this is a worldwide issue that is affecting safety of people across the world, relationships with our allies across the world, so many questions not to mention the question what is going on on the ground, how are we going to improve the situation and get americans and our allies out of there, not justice in america talking about this. it is a worldwide problem.
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listen to what a uk member of parliament has to say. >> the commander-in-chief call into question of men i thought with, to claim that they ran, shameful. those who never fought for the colors they fly should be careful about criticizing those who have. jillian: listen to that frustration in his voice. he's referencing the fact that the president a lot of blame on afghan troops. state department contract from the show yesterday civility were on the ground with these troops talking about their families and eating with them you don't know what is going on. a question many people have is why are other countries able to send their troops into the city because that is what is happening and why can we not have troops somehow get safe passage for people to make their
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way to the airport and we are the greatest military power in the world. todd: the answer to your question. jillian: on the ground -- neil: answer is we can and every individual we have had this week, members of the rank and file said we have the capability to get the job done. while you are mentioning questions another question is why the administration cannot answer how many people we have in afghanistan to begin with. every time we go to a foreign country we show a passport. i thought they were counting. a sense of who is in what country in case this happens. at the end of the day each day with each hour that passes the situation grows more and more diaphanous folks left behind enemy lines and we have a president who literally cleared his schedule following the disaster of an abc interview your right to ask is he going to
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take questions today because the american people have questions, they don't want your sanitized response and don't want you talking about covid when this is top of mind to the american people. jillian: covid is still important. todd: you can talk about we have a third booster in another moment, this is the critical moment right now what america is paying attention to. ari fleischer excoriated the president for the way he handled this. take a listen. >> should have talked about it and laid out the risks, he could have laid the case, here are the risks in doing so. there could be chaos, there could be problems, we do everything we can to minimize it but instead he made a military, and again -- todd: for an individual the claims to be the end all be all
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knowledge man of foreign-policy this is clearly not true. robert gates alerted us to this saying president biden has been wrong in every foreign-policy decision, barack obama learned this saying never underestimate his ability to mess this up. this is a situation we are in. we need to figure it out and figure it out now. team coverage of the taliban takeover continues. jillian: brian morrow is working to rescue americans and congressman johnson has words from the white house. ♪♪ knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> president biden: there is no good time to leave afghanistan. 15 years ago it wouldn't have been a problem, 15 years from now. neil: following that abc interview president biden will address the nation on afghanistan today. jillian: will he take some questions? joining us to discuss joe concha, everyone agrees he should take questions at the american people would deserve to have answers. what do you see happening? >> such a telling soundbite, there is no good time to pull out of afghanistan. there is a better time and that
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is called not during the fighting season. if they did this during the winter you would have the taliban and back in pakistan at their bases and it would not be the chaos we are seeing but as you mentioned biden and vice president harris, biden will deliver remarks, both leave immediately without taking questions and call it a weekend at 2:00 pm during this there is no going back in reversing public perception that they are in way over their heads. to give you context, to this point in his presidency donald trump had done 50 interviews at this point, five times as many as president biden, only done nine and you see why, unscripted biden leads to viral soundbites from the wrong reasons like i don't know how you do withdraw without chaos in suing and that is why you haven't heard from biden. he takes questions it could be bad.
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if he doesn't take questions that is worse. kristen: more -- to the point you were making, did you see this, msnbc reporter saying this is unclear whether he intentionally misled on afghanistan, watch this exchange. >> of acknowledging he was let us? >> we've had no briefing, no ability to get a sense of that. they are saying, they plan for and expected there could be a fall but the timing was what he was focused on it wouldn't be as precipitous as we've seen happen. todd: is this the end of the media cocoon protecting president biden? >> the turning point, we see it with every president, jimmy carter, iran hostage crisis, george h w bush read my lips no
2:16 am
new taxes and raises taxes, he doesn't get reelected, bill clinton has to do with a girl named monica or bush 43, hurricane katrina. for president biden this is a turning point and i don't think there's any return because this is a crisis of his own making, to pull out us forces without a plan, thousands of americans could be left behind, this could be the iran hostage situation times 100 but the president has a schedule so light even if he does take questions the day is done by 2:00 pm, who works this way in any normal capacity little own during a crisis and surely 50-year political professional can answer questions from different reporters regarding it but i have a feeling that's not going to happen and the vice president is not going to take questions because that's not in her dna. jillian: thanks. have a good day. i was about to say see you tomorrow. 16 minutes after the hour the taliban's new warchest made of billions of dollars.
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todd: national security analyst said the resistance may be a major force against the terror group, not a lot of optimism. why he thinks that next.
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if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. >> president biden: all the tools, training equal it of any modern military, provided advanced weaponry and will continue to provide funding and equivalent. todd: even armored vehicles, those are the things america left behind now in enemies hands. intelligence network ryan morrow here with what that could mean for afghans. great to have you on, very concerning. here us-made weapons in the hands of the taliban, 2000 plus armored vehicles including humvees, 40 aircraft potentially
2:22 am
including 60 black hawk helicopters and military drones, a 29 attack aircraft. the taliban and have technological capability to use the sophisticated weapons? >> if they don't they can find someone they can hire to teach them that so the united states has to be concerned about the aircraft. you don't want the taliban and their terrorists allies to have a capability when you're trying to rescue americans and afghan allies to get them out of the country but even if president biden authorizes airstrikes to hurt the taliban he has to do something at this point even just politically, it is foreshadowing of what is to come because the future of afghanistan does include a strengthening of the anti-taliban resistance and return of us military involvement because as al qaeda grows and al qaeda swears allegiance to the taliban and
2:23 am
most people forget that, the us will do drone strikes and things like that. kristen: are you so optimistic the taliban will win out? based on what the layperson is seeing, the taliban is taking over and there is no stopping it. >> the taliban and are bunch of clowns. they are serial killers but a bunch of clowns. the history of afghanistan when you put pressure on them they collapse quickly, the us afghan population in mobilizing to fight them, there are positive opportunities opening up and in the future you will see a return to october of 2001, the us allies, we get involved but not nationbuilding or anything like that.
2:24 am
will: we will see, hundreds of afghans and americans in danger. how tough are you finding it? >> you think you have a plan going but you have difficulty having the plane take off and leave and going through the bureaucracy makes it difficult but our sources are confident we will succeed and things get better in that regard. we want afghans to understand the united states is more than president biden, he might not be standing by you but the united states of america is and americans outside the government are here to help you. kristen: force you to disclose anything that could put health and safety at risk how are you going about this? >> i have no idea how to answer
2:25 am
that question safely. there are predictable measures to fly people outside the country and other people doing that as well. the email i'm getting is keeping me up all night, it is horrible was whatever you are imagining it is 10 times worse. todd: one final question, you mentioned trying to maintain the status of americans in the eyes of the afghan people. do they understand the impact president biden's decisions are having is not what the bulk of the american people want for them? >> i think they do but will they trust the us government even if they make the separation the american people seem to be on our side, when they are making decisions about their future they will say will the us government be there? will it be reflected in policy actions and for the rest of my
2:26 am
life they will think probably not. todd: i don't know if i would be that generous in my condemnation of a country that did this to me. thank you for your insight and good luck getting those people out. jillian: the biden administration wiping out billions of dollars of student loan debt for hundreds of thousands of americans. todd: cheryl casone to tell us who is eligible. >> reporter: the defensive education announcing the president will cancel $5.8 billion in federal student loan debt borrowers with permanent disabilities, that affect 320,000 people. these cancellations will be automatic. the education secretary saying this removes a major barrier from receiving the total and permanent disability discharges they are entitled to under the law. the doe is extending the pause of student loan payments until
2:27 am
january of 2020 -- 2022. todd: this has been a tough week, very serious week, freaky human robot time. ed: either of you have chores you would like to delegate? tesla's ceo, elon musk, has your answer, a humanoid robot prototype which is 5 foot 8, a screen for a head, eight cameras, could help with the labor shortage, launch next year and eliminate dangerous repetitive boring tasks. todd: from the boring company, is that where you are going with that? that is creepy the image you showed us. i don't want that guy in my house, he's going to kill me. i have nothing else. thank you. time now 27 minutes after the hour, the mask mandate that
2:28 am
leading up with president biden looking to take legal action. >> this includes using oversight authorities against governors trying to block and intimidate local school officials and educators. neil: texas is one of the states, attorney general ken paxton reacting next. jillian: play for a chance to win $5,000. are you need to do is -- todd: i asked the producer about that. your questioning is justified. jillian: all you need to do is predict six outcomes at the super 6 quiz show. todd: i think topics range from entertainment to sports, just ask him why.
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that's why they don't work. now there's release from golo. it naturally helps reverse insulin resistance, stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. todd: shootings with several officers hurt in the mexico, one in mississippi. jillian: all of it happening as thousands gather at a funeral for a fallen chicago officer. >> reporter: officer in jackson, mississippi was shot what officials call a gunfight. police are responding to a group of men, when officers arrived the suspect took off. ultimately exchanging gunfire
2:33 am
with one of those suspects, one officer in stable condition. four officers in stable condition after gunfire broke out when responding to a robbery. five suspects are in custody in connection with that case, always happening as thousands came together for the funeral of ella french. her mother saying this as she later daughter to rest. >> i have two children, they are my heart. today i am here. jillian: french was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop. her partner was also shot in the head, half of his body is paralyzed. he blames lori lightfoot saying she wants police to fight crime with a hand tied behind their back, can't fight evil crime, brute force with one hand tied behind their back. on top of this a shooting also
2:34 am
happened in philadelphia yesterday. one person was killed, four injured. philadelphia is seeing a 25% increase in homicides and shootings but the mayor has rejected calls to bring in the national guard calling it, quote, not respectful. todd: school mask showdown, president biden taking on gop governors who block mask mandates. >> i'm directing the secretary of education, and educator himself to take steps to protect our children. this includes using all of his oversight authorities and legal action if appropriate against governors who are trying to block and intimidate local school officials and educators. jillian: texas attorney general paxton, thanks for being here, what is your response to the president? we've been in many lawsuits, if you wants -- state control over
2:35 am
education, federal government doesn't run local schools. it is up to states to make decisions to protect their citizens, not president biden from washington telling every state what to do about masks. todd: how is the court going to rule on this? will they say these rules are in place to a reason, we need to protect health and safety or policy what president biden is trying to do is illegal? >> president biden doesn't have authority to regulate individual school policies. this is a state decision like texas doesn't have the authority in florida. it is up to each state to regulate how they take care of their children and citizens. we will be successful if they want to do something in court. jillian: keep us updated and we will follow that. we continue to track the number of migrants crossing the southern border on track to be the worst in history. this is from the princeton
2:36 am
policy advisers president and this is calendar year 2021 will be reported by a large margin is the worst in us history for southwest border apprehensions. the administration is tracking one.75 to 1.8 million apprehensions at the border, 200,000 higher than the next closest year. that says a lot. >> go back a year ago numbers were really good, quickly increased because the biden administration wanted them because they changed all the policies under the trump administration's stay in mexico program and not releasing prisoners into our state that committed crimes and not allowing people who have covid and we have thousands of people crossing the border, 200,000 and many have covid and they bring them into our state and send them all over the country with covid.
2:37 am
todd: you were successful in a ruling that dictates what ice can or can't do. how confident are you it will hold up and provide the framework for ice not just in the texas area but nationally to do what they need to do to keep us safe? >> i know president biden does not have the authority to avoid federal law, he started doing it on day one with many policies and these policies not only are legal but effective and president biden doesn't care about the consequences of that and doesn't care about that. that is why i am sure we are going to win. jillian: we want to get your reaction to what is going on across the world in afghanistan, fort bliss could receive thousands of refugees as afghanistan topples. we've been following this all week long, 22,000 afghan refugees could be settled here
2:38 am
in the us. that the latest from the pentagon. as of monday anyway. what is your reaction to what we have seen play out over the last five days? >> it disastrous. what is going on on the border, disappointing because a lot of lives, afghans we should be helping but don't have time. i'm concerned about them coming to texas because of the way it was done. we don't know if they are sending terrorists but we have a border that is wide open. i'm concerned they are coming into texas because of the way this is been done and how incompetently it has been done and i'm concerned for my citizens. todd: appreciate you getting up early with us, have a good weekend. still ahead the inclusion training video the incoming air force cadets are now required to watch. todd: having breakfast with friends, the first soldiers deployed to afghanistan and
2:39 am
lawrence jones, casual friday moment, join us live next.
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jillian: afghan families are desperate to escape caliban control and thousands of us
2:43 am
troops helping. todd: the first to be deployed and remain in afghanistan amid the taliban and take over. jillian: lawrence jones and tom homan having breakfast with friends, you are from this area and have a lot of pride for what these men and women are doing and have been doing and continue to do. tell me how you are feeling this morning about what has happened in the last week? >> i'm very happy "fox and friends" is here. we are here. they've been in afghanistan and iraq, these are american patriots. for drum is keeping this community live in this community supports the soldiers so there's
2:44 am
a lot of anger during -- turning this country over to the taliban and. so many lives have been lost. they lost a lot of soldiers in this community takes it personally. todd: do family members -- any word from their loved ones, when they are coming home on anything? >> they have no idea and nobody has any idea. the security the airport i don't think the administration made a date of withdrawal. my opinion everybody -- americans are those who assisted in the military. jillian: so many questions are unanswered at this point. what questions do you have? >> want to understand the sentiment.
2:45 am
very troubling to see what used to be the greatest country, and to allow americans to be stranded there. the french are rescuing their people. i want to hear what these families have to say and what do they feel about president biden? seems like he spent his time on vacation this past week instead of going out and addressing the american people and asking, answering legitimate questions from the press. i have a lot to ask the people, afghanistan is the big story not because these people wanted their loved ones to remain but because we have american citizens and the duty to rescue the interpreters that helped us in the middle of that war. also lost their loved ones to the taliban and, the fact that we are communicating with the taliban as if they are our friends is very troubling. i steer but they have to say
2:46 am
about this. todd: your one of the leading voices against crt. will you say the infiltration of that was in our country in the military and in general has hurt us in this circumstance. the way we handle it, the way president biden is handling it and the where we perceived, any connection you feel confident making at this time? >> reporter: the main objective of the militaries to win wars, kill the enemy and prevent enemies on foreign land from coming here domestically and committing terror attacks. that is the focus. when you are in battle and i talk to folks all across the country that have served. i'm the only one who hasn't served. you don't care to the left or the right of what color they are, you want to make sure they have your back. i feel like we could talk about
2:47 am
history and when there has been moment in time when we fell short we should learn that in our founding documents they let us through that. that rejected them but this nonsense in the middle of combat distraction to the real issue. go get our people. it is an acceptable, we are allowing our people to be on foreign land. everyone wants to be out of this war. all of us do but to let our people stay there is troubling for me. jillian: one more question you are from that area and have so many connections with the folks there. we've had many conversations in different directions here, some people feel it was offer not the last 20 years and we interviewed a goldstar widow who said i want to tell everyone for the last 20 years even though her husband died over there the last 20 years we stayed safe of any big
2:48 am
major terrorist events in the united states. i'm curious of people in that town feel that way but wasn't offer not. >> the service their sons and daughters it over there, better to play the away game than play the home game. keep the terrorists at bay. i don't think anybody regrets what they did. american patriots lost a lot of soldiers and we stand by, and they did a great job keeping terrorists at bay. todd: these are serious times. make sure tom gets some waffles. >> i'm always having fun when i'm eating. todd: when lawrence eats he looks like that, wearing a spare tire, thank you very much.
2:49 am
to get serious again taliban leaders are not being allowed to stay on twitter. their accounts are deemed recommended to other users. jillian: carley shimkus is here with the latest. carley: donald trump is banned from twitter due to the risk of inciting violence. that is what twitter said why they banned him from using the platform but the murderous i tell a man can use twitter to get their message out and if you follow the spokesperson of the taliban who has 300,000 followers twitter will recommend other members of the taliban to follow, the company released a statement on the subject earlier this week saying twitter will enforce its rules on the glorification of violence, platform manipulation and spam, top priorities keeping people safe and we remain vigilant but
2:50 am
there's a lot of outrage over this. kentucky senator rand paul tweeted the taliban is on twitter, so is iran's supreme leader but twitter band donald trump, save us from this madness. a lot of questions remain on why this is happening and if twitter will do anything to stop it. still ahead president biden will address the crisis in afghanistan as the white house faces backlash for its silence. todd: will they take questions? that is the question we will ask congressman ronnie jackson next. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> i don't think it could have been handled in a way -- we're going to go back in hindsight and look, but the idea somehow that there is a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. jillian: after that abc news interview president joe biden will finally speak on
2:55 am
afghanistan today. rob: and with vice president harris will lee d.c. for vietnam. people are wondering where have our leaders been. here is congressman dr. ronny jackson. congressman, thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. odded to response in afghanistan and the messaging here at home been so atrocious? >> well, todd, we are looking horrible right now on the world stage. this is an absolute national embarrassment. instead of being out in front of this and what's requesting on and what went wrong and what the plan was and what we are going to do next. biden has been in hiding like he always has. it hasn't inspired any confidence in our allies. as a matter of fact, all of our allies are very upset as of today the brits, the germans and french. >> we have upset pulling out. we didn't give them a head's up. they are in bad position too. they have people too stuck in afghanistan trying to get out. this is a horrible situation for this country. biden, once again, has failed us
2:56 am
and embarrassed us internationally. honestly, it's time for him to leave. i have been saying for a long time he is not cognitively prepared to be our president. this is another example of our failure. a lot of this is related to his cognitive ability e has created a national security disaster for this country right now. and it's time for him to move on and somebody else needs to do this job. is he not fit to be our commander-in-chief. it's time for him to resign. jillian: i don't think anybody thinks is he going to resign if he were we have vice president kamala harris there in line and take a listen to what she had to say on this decision to withdrawal troops in afghanistan this was just a few months ago in april. >> he just made a really big decision, afghanistan. >> yeah. >> were you the last person in the room. >> yes. >> and you feel comfortable? >> i do. jillian: we haven't heard from her on this other than i believe on twitter, correct? she hasn't spoken publicly about this which many i think would like to hear from her. what do you think? should we hear from the vice president on this?
2:57 am
>> >> we absolutely should be hearing from her. she is trying her best keeping her powder dry. short of that comment she doesn't want to be associated with this at all like she didn't want to be associated with the border. she wants to keep her hands clean on all of this. she know what is unmitigated disaster this is. this is only going to get worse the next few days and weeks. not a better alternative but at least somebody held accountable. i feel like biden has gotten away so much. people have cut him slack because he has cognitive issues and he is older. somebody meads to stand up and take responsibility for what's going on. he hasn't done that. she won't do that. it's time for him to go. i think he will resign or i think his own party will remove him through the 25th amendment as the days advance. there is too much liability with this map. they can't cover for him anymore. todd: as you sit here today you think the 25th amendment will be invoked by the democrats in congress against joe biden? >> i absolutely think that's
2:58 am
what's going to happen. i have been talking about this for about a year and a half. i have been saying even when he was candidate biden that he wasn't cognitively fit to be our president. i'm telling you as days go on it won't be ronny jackson it will be the democrats talking about it because is he failing on all fronts. when he gets up in front of the camera he is an absolute embarrassment. is he so unprepared for what's going on in this country. and every time we confront him with something like this, it just becomes more and more obvious that he cognitively cannot do this job. at some point they have to address that and they will have to take care of it. todd: congressman that is a bold claim, begs the next question. have you spoken to any democrats who are leaning that way? obviously i'm not asking you to name names. but have any democratic colleagues there in congress said this is something we are seriously thinking about? >> i haven't heard any democrats talk about that. they are being very quiet about what's going on. they don't have anything to good to say about him so they are keeping their mouths shut. as time goes on, they will not be able to cover for him right
2:59 am
now. the mainstream media is not covering for him on their either. they have given him top cover for six months on every single bad decision he has made. they are not doing it on this. he is out in the open right now. not going to be good for him there are people in the administration, obviously, even are in kamala harris' circle that are probably chomping at the bit a little bit right now looking at this thinking they are going to be in the oval office in short order and they may be right. jillian: how would things in your mind be different if he were to be, you know, removed from office or resign from office? what would be different? we have got about 30 seconds. >> no, i don't know the things that kamala harris is a better alternative than joe biden. i don't know if we she would be a better decision maker or commander-in-chief than he is. i honestly don't think she will be. he has failed. he has shown he can't da this. he has to move on and somebody else has to have the opportunity to make it right. jillian: a lot of big talk on friday morning. congressman ronny jackson, thank
3:00 am
you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you guys. i appreciate you. jillian: i guess we will see. i would be shocked in the president resigned. i would be shocked if democrats did invoke the 25th amendment. todd: stranger things have happened in our world. jillian: right. todd: it's been a very heavy week. it's going to continue. hug your loved ones, this has been a tough one. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. [gunfire] >> the taliban opened fire on a group waving the afghan national flag. >> there are reports of multiple casualties. >> as of now, president biden he is scheduled to speak publicly about afghanistan today. >> i hope he gives us a resignation because he is going to face 15 to 60,000 counts of endangerment. >> we haven't heard a word from kamala harris in more than a week. >> kamala harris has fallen off the map practically in the witness protection program. >> quite a betrayal of the vice president not to be standing by the president. >> thousands of officers from across the officer


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