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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 20, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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appreciate it. >> thank you guys. i appreciate you. jillian: i guess we will see. i would be shocked in the president resigned. i would be shocked if democrats did invoke the 25th amendment. todd: stranger things have happened in our world. jillian: right. todd: it's been a very heavy week. it's going to continue. hug your loved ones, this has been a tough one. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. [gunfire] >> the taliban opened fire on a group waving the afghan national flag. >> there are reports of multiple casualties. >> as of now, president biden he is scheduled to speak publicly about afghanistan today. >> i hope he gives us a resignation because he is going to face 15 to 60,000 counts of endangerment. >> we haven't heard a word from kamala harris in more than a week. >> kamala harris has fallen off the map practically in the witness protection program. >> quite a betrayal of the vice president not to be standing by the president. >> thousands of officers from across the officer paid their
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final respect to officer ella french. >> i have two children. they are my heart. today i am here it to pass my heart. >> it the texas state house is back in business now that enough democrats have returned back to the state. g.o.p. backed election reform bill. steve: good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on the east coast of the united states of america. it's 2:30 in the afternoon in kabul, afghanistan. as you can see right there, a fox news alert, anti-taliban protests spreading across that country with hundreds gathering in the capital city of kabul headquarter their country's independence day. >> demonstration quickly ended when taliban militants opened fire on that crowd. meanwhile, taliban fighters are reportedly going house to house, hanging people who have worked with the united states. will: terrible. thousands are still trying to escape. president biden is expected to address the united states today as his administration admits
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they don't know how many americans need to be evacuated. griff jenkins joins us live from washington with more. griff? >> good morning, will, stove, and ainsley. i think now the entire country is beginning to witness the full measure of taliban reprisal. according to retired marine sergeant, speaking to his interpreter from 2010 who is still trapped in country, taliban fighters are reportedly going house to house in afghanistan hanging people who worked with the u.s. and the violence not ending there. several deaths are being reported after taliban fighters opened fire into crowds of protesters celebrating afghanistan's independence day in kabul. a similar brutal scene in another afghan city where several others were killed for simply waving the afghan flag. yet, the blood shed is not detiering anti-taliban protest from spreading throughout the rest of the country. meanwhile, u.s. officials racing to evacuate thousands of desperate americans in in and
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vulnerable afghans. >> the president is committed to ensuring that every american who wants to leave afghanistan gets out of afghanistan. he believes that we can accomplish that by august 31st. griff: but there is one big problem. the pentagon admitting it really doesn't know how many americans are on the ground trying to get out. >> how many american citizens remain in afghanistan? >> i don't know. the state department would be a better place to go for an estimate of how many americans are in afghanistan. griff: in an internal state memo reported by the "wall street journal" and confirmed by fox news, two dozen officials at the kabul officials warned secretary blinken that the afghan government would rapidly collapse as u.s. troops withdrew. it's the clearest evidence that the administration was made aware the taliban's takeover was imminent with afghan security forces unable to stop it so we will see what the president has to say today at 1:00 p.m. he will address the nation with vice president harris in attendance.
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will, ainsley, steve? steve: griff, quick question, i was speaking to our white house correspondent last night and there were zero public events planned for today or the future because, you know, the last interview joe biden did apparently did not go that well. when did they decide and why do you think it is that suddenly they are going to come out at 1:00 and he is going to make a statement on afghanistan? >> hard to say, steve, when they decided it, but the simple old, you know, apparatus in washington of finding out who knew what and when certainly shed a lot of light in the president's comments in an would you have with george stephanopoulos. the question now is what exactly was known because this memo comes from mid july and, yet, we have seen in the matter of about a week the entire nation fall, particularly the security situation at kabul. >> we also will have to hear from the president now what's angering bipartisan lawmakers here on capitol hill and that is
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so what's the plan to further increase these evacuations and, yet, we know they don't even know how many are trying to get out. steve: what a mess. will: griff jenkins, thank you so much, griff. ainsley: we definitely need to hear from the president and get all these residents out. he says his administration will be able to do it by august 31st. will: apparently the taliban's crisis growing pains result in the violence woe expected. what was surprising in griff's report and you pointed this out, steve, as and we are watching the defiance we are seeing from afghans on the street. this is surprising to see these protests, to see these afghans standing up against the potential taliban rule. >> absolutely. those people who were protesting against the taliban, remember, the taliban has got all the guns and they are going door to door taking everybody's guns. they don't want to see any flags other than the taliban flag
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which is white flag with the arabic lettering on it there you can see the national flag. ainsley: risking their lives to fly the flag. steve: that's why they are running for their lives right there. speaking of running for their lives, the state department and dod, the white house, everybody is being cagey about how many people the united states citizens and others do we have to get out? they don't want us to know it's a gigantic number. and they can't possibly do it by the end of this month. we have got some video from an american who apparently has been trying to get to the airport to get on a plane. didn't sound like they got on the plane yesterday. and just sent us this video to show us what it is like when you -- when there are 1,000 people between you and an airplane out of that hell hole. watch. >> as you can see there is a lot of people here. we need-we need support. we all need support.
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this is what we should deserve after serving you guys for a while? i'm calling on everyone. i'm bleeding all over. did. ainsley: they are rushing trampling over people because they know it's a matter of life and death. all those people lining up on the airplane. did you realize this? i didn't realize this until this morning. i just assumed people would get on an airplane for free. the department of state was charging everybody $2,000 to get on an airplane. ainsley: $2,000? they don't have that. steve: of course not. the state department said repatriation flights are not free and passengers required to sign promissory note agreement and may not be eligible to renew
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passports until the paid. gigantic blow back on social media, of course, thought administration has said, you know what? everybody can get on the airplane for free. but what genius thought of that? these people running for their life. okay, put down your gun for a second. where is the 2,000 bucks? that's in the. this whole thing, this withdrawal or surrender, whatever you want to call it, it's crazy and look at the at a does. chaos. ainsley: there is a child that video. will: behind the scenes look for you. here is a front page look for you. this is a "new york post" this morning. worse than 79. up to 80,000 held hostage by taliban checkpoints. brian mast, republican congressman from florida says this is it. this is the event, joe biden is incapable. he must resign. >> you have now the taliban being the most well-arnold taliban. we don't know what
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surface-to-air assets that they are going to be moving thousands of people out via aircraft, right? they are not putting them out on boats, so what capabilities do they now have to shoot those out of the skies? we are moving thousands out of there. i hope when president biden comes on tv he gives us a resignation because he is going to face 15 to 60,000 counts of endangerment of everybody over there. and, you know, let's call this for what it is. this is probably about day seven of the afghanistan hostage crisis, which is going to be far worse than the iranian hostage crisis. steve: the big question is why wasn't there a better plan? why didn't they get more people out before the withdrawal? that's really it. the u.s. won't say how many people there are because they can't get them out by joe's deadline. do you know who is really furious at joe? not only many of you watching right now, but our nato allies. because joe left them high and dry. in some cases, they are going to
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get their people behind enemy lines. this week, a team of elite french police officers went into the green zone where the french nationals and vulnerable of a gaps were hold up at the embassy and took the people at the airport. ainsley: look at this video. steve: bypassing the taliban. clubbing people. british paratrooper left the airplane local allies. it is time according to senator tom cotton for the president to authorize the military rescue plan to go out and get people, americans and afghans who are trapped behind enemy lines. >> twitter is still allowing the taliban to stay on their platform, the spokesperson has 300,000 followers. and now twitter is apparently recommending to other people to follow the taliban and jake sullivan was talking yesterday and he said that we don't really know the number of people. the number of americans over there because, you are told to register with the embassy. but he said some people have
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gotten 00 planes and they come back or go to another company and not derogerringing. some people are not rogering at all. we don't have an accurate number as to how many americans we need to. will: this is gross mismanagement. dereliction of duty start to finish. how offensive is it we have to watch the french and british go in bust in and get their people out and we are over here not understanding how many americans are behind enemy lines and then to say this was all priced into the equation. joe biden telling george stephanopoulos. i know you guys have talked with this all this chaos was priced in is beyond the pale. when there is a call for joe biden's resignation make sure the top military generals and other decision makers resignations are stapled to the back of joe biden. here's the deal. then you are left with vice president kamala harris who is making it very clear that she was right next to joe when these decisions were being made. watch on cnn. >> president biden always said
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that he wants you to be the last person in the room particularly for big decisions just as he was for president obama. >> yes. >> he just made a really big decision. afghanistan. >> yes. >> were you the last person in the room? >> yes. >> and you feel comfortable? >> i do. steve: so the vice president we haven't really seen her in public, obviously, given the blowback that the administration is getting, you know, she is trying to stay away from this you heard right there on cnn in that interview where they were 75 yards apart. ainsley: are social distancing to the extreme. will: more concerned with social distancing than getting americans out of afghanistan. steve: she said like president obama and vice president biden i'm the last one in the room. i'm the last one talked. to say this is part of her decision as well. and her newspaper out in l.a., the biggest one, the "l.a. times" says kamala harris has touted her role on afghanistan policy. now she, too, owns it. they write in part. v.p. harris has been at least
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visually front and center as president biden has overseen america's retreat from afghanistan. she it attends most of his security briefings and to had to leave a business meeting with business leaders thursday afternoon to attend a mission. the execution of the withdrawal will also be added to her resume. underscoring the complex challenge she faces as biden's understudy during what is arguably the first crisis of his presidency. ainsley: they go go on to say she wants to erase any daylight between herself and biden. so it's going to be very difficult for her to separate herself from this issue. so now she is dealing with the border issue and then the pull out of afghanistan. will: all of which she had tried to distance herself from. you know, even fflly, ainsley. you know, when it comes to the southern border, we talked for quite some time why she wouldn't make her way untilly, to see what's going on. ainsley: is this the right time for her to go to asia?
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will: now she is physically removing herself from this conversation by taking a trip to southeast asia. countries like vietnam. miranda dewine "new york post" columnist had this to say about harris' asia trip. >> this has been a debacle in afghanistan and joe biden owns it. he stinks of failure and defeat and she wants to be as far as away from that as she possibly can. you know, it's quite a betrayal of the vice president. i think, not to be and iting by the president's side when he has now given two, you know, sort of speeches, i guess you would call them, but kamala harris, to be going to southeast arab sharks which is really where america's allies are, looking to america to project strength because china and the america's other looking at americans and seeing weakness and now going to capitalize on it and i don't think kamala harris is equipped to project strength. ainsley: what would be so strong as a woman would be for our first female vice president for her to come out and say i'm
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getting all of the americans out of there because i know what the taliban is capable of doing to women. the violence in those schools. you have to wear something over your head. you have to cover your body. you are not allowed to walk outside without a chaperone at least that's the way it was 20 years ago. women are so fearful they will be killed or go back to that. steve: the white house isn't going to let her say that because joe is the leader and he's going to lead. we have seen the muddled message so far. it's interesting john mcglaughlin, donald trump's pollster over the last number of years, said on our air last night, regarding the people who majority of americans look at what we're going through right now, it's not a withdrawal. it is a remember sender. but he also says that in his polling, with the focus groups that they're doing, 62% of the people responding think that joe biden will not be president in four years and kamala harris will. so, is it to protect her brand? they're keeping her so far away
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from this thing? looks like it. ainsley: that's interesting. steve: yep. will: let's check in now at mimi's daughter in felt mills new york, which is near fort drum where our own lawrence jones is up early with the folks, what's up, lawrence? lawrence: we are in fells drills close fort drum in meme's diner the majority of the troops that are there in afghanistan come from fort drum. and when you see the fact that the it french are going to rescue their people and america is not doing that, a lot of people are concerned about the state of our leadership and the state of the country. now, we're going to try to enjoy our time here. we're going to have a lot of breakfast, i have biscuits and gravy, eggs, coffee, french toast. but we have a lot of serious
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topics to talk about. we are also going to talk about andrew cuomo as well and the state of new york and these vaccine passports how they feel about that. the top story today is afghanistan. alleluia are we going to go get our people back? we have the ability to do it. are we going to support our troops? they want to go get the job done. and the main message is what they did was not in vain. they lost a lot of their brothers and sisters, sons and daughter. we have got to do them justice. we're going to be talking about that all morning guys. send it back to you in new york. ainsley: everyone is on the same page, democrats and republicans. this is a disaster. lawrence: that's exactly right. it's a disaster. people keep asking where is the president of the united states? we were taught to do this entire campaign it was all about feelings. the issues matter. and this is a top issue. no one is disagreeing about bringing our troops home. buff the way they did this, leaving people behind, that is not the american way, and a lot of people are upset about that especially here and we're going to be talking with them all morning, guys.
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steve: you will, indeed. you are going to have breakfast, the first thing you mentioned was s'mores which is kind of crazy for breakfast. ainsley: you knew his favorite. what's your favorite, lawrence, you have it at every diner. lawrence: biscuits and gravy. steve: you said s'mores first. holy cow. start with dessert. lawrence: i needed some sweetness. i was in a somber mood. i needed something to give me a pep in my step. ainsley: hard to be happy. it's a friday normally we are. so many people risking their lives and over there begging for us to help. will: this is somewhat uplifting in a sea of bad news. how about a sea of blue. paying tribute to the life and service of chicago police officer ella french. she was killed while protecting her city. steve: a live report on the somber farewell to the fallen hero from chicago coming up next. ainsley: look how many are there. wow. ♪ heartburn... claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake.
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♪ be ains. jillian: good morning we are back with your headlines, a mississippi officer trournd safety after what officials are calling gun fight and ambush. it happened in jackson after officers tracked down a suspect in connection with reports about men carrying guns in a park. police are still searching for this suspect. and in albuquerque, gunfire erupt coffee shop. stable condition. five suspects in stable can be. >> tornado warnings were issued in massachusetts. the state saw heavy rain and winds. this as flooding from fred leaves two people dead and 20 missing in north carolina. dozens had to be rescued from their damaged homes. and it comes as hurricane grace
3:24 am
slammed mexico's yucatan peninsula with heavy rain and wind before being downgraded to a tropical storm. it's expected to hit mainland mexico later today. meanwhile enry is. the texas state house is back in business. lawmakers set to meet for a hearing tomorrow election reform bill. reach a quorum now that enough democrats have returned to the state. more than 5050 fled to d.c. in an effort to stop passage of the bill. many democrats still remain out of state. bank of america and lowe's urging to white to seize power to racial of color. racial equity 20 day challenge by united way america systematically and constitutionally racist.
3:25 am
get woke at work. bank of america and lowe's have not responded to requests for comment that's a look at the headlines, send it back to you. will: fallen police officer legal french is laid to rest. ainsley: thousands gathering to pay their final respects, including officers from around the country. look at that crowd. steve: i know it. a great tribute. ainsley: it is. steve: todd by worry joins us now with her mother's heart breaking speech. >> it was so heart breaking. thousand coming together for the funeral of fallen chicago police officer ella french. her mother saying this as she laid her daughter to rest. >> i have two children, ella and and drew. they are my heart. today i am here with half my heart. todd: how can you listen to that and not break down? tough words there police firefighters and other supporters coming from around the country to attend many of
3:26 am
them in uniform. fellow officers remembering french as an exceptional police officer and a remarkable person. listen. >> ella you were a great police officer, friend and partner. thank you for all the great memories. i miss you. todd: the father of french's partner shot and seriously hurt that shooting that killed french spoke to those who gathered. >> when we found out i never saw so much sorrow and pain in my son's eyes. i wish she could be here for family again. >> french was just three years into her police career. she is survived by her mother you saw there as well as her brother. the chicago police department saying ella will be missed but she will not be forgotten, back to you. steve: a terrible story. todd, thank you very much. ainsley: something a mother doesn't want to have to say be at their child's funeral.
3:27 am
we expect to die before our kids. that is just heart breaking and what a hero. it says it right there. a fallen hero. >> steve: that's right. in that video we saw carlosian necessary sr., the father of the young man who is fighting for his life right now, he and former are they are going to gin ainsley later in the telecast. >> he was shot, i believe two bullets left his one went through his eye and into the brain. steve: still in the brain. they haven't taken it out. ainsley: half his body paralyzed. steve: his hands were working yesterday when we ran that video and he was stroking his chin. will: we look forward to that interview we have later this morning. ainsley: i look forward to talking to the dad he reportedly
3:28 am
the mayor. all those officers turned their backs on her. and lori lightfoot and they feel like she has turned her back on them. we will talk to him about it. steve: he pretty much said what the hell are you doing here, mayor? we will hear it directly from him coming up. ainsley: it's 6:27 on the east coast. still ahead members of congress sounded the alarm on the biden administration's lack of urgency to get america's afghan allies out of kabul as early as june. steve: congressman and iraq war veteran peter meyers says the president's visa delay was a political stunt. that congressman coming up next on "fox & friends" on a friday. ♪
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but it tastes better on vinyl... servicenow. steve: thousands of american citizens are still trapped in afghanistan behind enemy lines along with tens of thousands of afghani waiting on special immigrant visas, the next guest says the biden administration slow rolled the visa process for afghans amid concerns for the political fall admitting afghan refugees rush of migrants at our american southern border. michigan congressman peter meyer and iraq war veteran who spent a year in afghanistan joins us right now from michigan.
3:33 am
good morning to you, congressman. >> good morning, thank you. steve: explain why the administration has been dragging their feet and how it relates to what is going on on our southern border. >> listen, president biden knows he has a problem. he knows he hasn't been able to control the flow of economic migrants come into this country across the southern border. and because of how sensitive he is to that, he slow rolled the process to get afghan interpreters who work for the u.s. military, individuals who put their lives on the line to serve our american mission. he didn't want those optics. as a result, what we asked that administration to do. what a bipartisan group of us asked us to start doing in april and may to speed up this backlog to get folks who would be killed by the taliban because of their work for the u.s. out delay, delay, delay. they finally started at the end of july and then by august 15th, the taliban had taken over kabul. steve: obviously, joe biden said, you know, we didn't think
3:34 am
this was going to happen that fast. there are reports that the generals and the advisers, they all said this could happen. they didn't get the win right. the win happened really fast. nonetheless, to your point, they blew it they could have been doing this late spring early summer. but instead there are, what, 80,000 afghanis who want to get out? >> and, again, i mean, these are not random individuals. these are people who work for the u.s. whose paperwork is either in the pipeline or completed. many of them are outside the airport, have their documentation. some of them have green cards. can't get to the gate. american citizens can't get to the gate many times. right now there is a lot of unpredictability. but to your point, i mean, this was a scenario that we knew could happen and we said even if it's a low probability, prepare for it do what we can do now. but estimates for that, the government wouldn't fall for 6 to 9 months after august 31st,
3:35 am
after withdrawal. that's when the clock is supposed to start. and then in early august oh it might be 30 to 90 days but, again, after august 30th. didn't make it to august 15th. steve: it's just a disaster. congressman, i have been reading, apparently boris johnson, the prime minister of the united kingdom, was so upset with what was happening because nato didn't want this to happen like this. joe biden pretty much unilaterally decide are for all of nato they were going to pull a plug on it the president would not call back boris johnson for 36 hours. then you look what other countries are doing. you got france they said this week very a bunch of french nationals stuck behind enemy lines. they sent an elite unit of police officers in to kabul and got people out and flew them away. same thing with british paratroopers. at what point does the president of the united states say, you know what? we still have a lot of people left over there, we're going to have the troops leave the
3:36 am
airport and go into town and bring the people safely out. that's got to happen given how screwed up it is right now. >> it absolutely does. that needs to happen. that needs to happen now. you know, to your point about leaving our nato allies in the dark on this. you know, over 2300 american soldiers sacrificed their lives in the conflict of afghanistan. we also have over 1100 soldiers from our nato allies. brits, canadians, french, the germans, all of the folks who came to our defense after 9/11 1 invoked article 5 of the nato charter and participated in the war in afghanistan, their soldiers, their marines died as well. i mean, there were sacrifices made all around yet they were the last to know. it was a shameful way to treat our of a lies. steve: you spent a year in country. i'm sure you have been getting text messages from people over there who are stuck saying please, congressman, help. by getting the word out today, maybe you will be able to help
3:37 am
them. congressman peter meyer thank you for joining us from washington. steve: lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends in a diner near for the drum in upstate new york. lawrence, good morning. lawrence: hey, good morning, steve. we are still in meme's and it is a packed crowd here. we are going to be talking about politics of the day. before i get to those folks i have got try my biscuits and gravy and it is, let's see, so good. more "fox & friends" coming up. ♪ promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy.
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3:42 am
division working to evacuate americans amid the taliban takeover. >> tom homan lives in that area. he was on "fox & friends first" and is he going to join us with lawrence. fox news enterprise reporter lawrence jones joins us now from meme's diner. hey, lawrence. >> good morning, family. guys as you guys noted. fort drum is here. but what is important is that the majority of folks that are there, troops serving in afghanistan right now, during this deployment or from fort drum let's talk about charlie. your son west point grad, you said there is a certain way to do this. talk about that. >> my son tyler who is company commander of the 530 clearance company georgia when he was stationed at fort hood, was deployed south korea and in charge of moving a lot of the engineering equipment from moisture hood to south korea. my understanding that you know, once you are 9 months is up, and
3:43 am
it's time to ship everything back, it's people first, equipment second and soldiers are last. obviously it would be past week that we have had there is a little bit of inson sis tenancy there. lawrence: what would you like to hear from the president of the united states? >> well, it would be great if we knew who we left over there. you know, it appears that there is undocumented u.s. citizens that, you know, we don't know their whereabouts, we don't know if they hop on a plane and somebody is sick transmitting, whatever, seems to be a lot of a lot of inconsistency right now. >> thank you, charlie, thank you for your son's service. that's a sentiment we wanted you to hear. to hear from suzanne. suzanne air force veteran her husband also served as well. family members as well that served. you were in kuwait, talk about how the veterans are feeling today. >> emotions are all over the
3:44 am
place right now. >> sad, about what is actually going on there should have been a plan. there is no plan, we need to get our people out. we should have been out a long long time ago. it's very disheartening for all the hard work that everybody did over there to end it this way. >> you said that you can't each watch the news anymore. >> no. it's very upsetting. >> we have upsetting. it brings up all kinds of emotions. mostly anger. i would say. lawrence: thank you so much, thank you for your service. thing we have heard forgotten men and women no plan. last person want to talk to is rich. you served on the air force, you have been on the receiving end of something like this. talk about it. >> when we went in to panama and got general noriega i was stationed at charleston air force base. received the folks evacuated from panama. unlike this it was a little bit
3:45 am
different because it was an invasion but we got our people out before we took action. okay? and that's what didn't happen here. you know, fear, we got our military out and then oh my god, we left our civilians behind. you know. it's just upsetting. lawrence: thank you so much for your service. guys, as you continue to hear from person after person, you don't leave american citizens behind. when you look at the rest of these countries that are there. when you look at britain, when you look at the french people going to get their people, who are supposed to be the leader of the world and we're not doing that that is a sentiment we continue to hear. i will send it back to you guys in new york. steve: great perspective from people like rich right there who have been there in essence and seen this type of thing play out. always, good, lawrence, checking in with him all morning long. steve: 14 minutes now before the top of the hour on this busy
3:46 am
friday. jillian joins us with more. >> border patrol agents helped with the evacuation out of afghanistan. "the washington examiner" reports deployment to afghanistan and nearby countries to help process afghans trying to get to the u.s. the report says the deployment would be temporary lasting 30 to 90 days. spokesperson confirmed the move to the "new york post" but insisted it would not hurt efforts to secure the southern border. meantime, the new legal blow to the biden administration's immigration policies. a texas federal judge is blocking its ice enforcement guidelines. the rules limited ice to targeting recent border crossers, security threats and aggravated felons. the judge ruled the policy violates congressional mandates and causing a dramatic increase in criminal illegal immigrants being released into the public. britney spears is under investigation for battery after an alleged altercation with a staffer. a source telling page sixth the pop star swiped a sell phone.
3:47 am
the staffer said struck her. page 6 reports there is no injuries. unclear why spears allegedly tried to take the phone or if any charges will be filed. a murder hornet leading crews to the first nest discovered in washington state. three hornets were equipped with tracking devices despite two getting away. the third allowed the team to isolate the dangerous nest. hope to destroy any nests before september. before the colony would start producing new reproducing queens. i can't with these murder hornets. send it back to you. steve: that's as bad as it gets. all right, jillian, thank you very much. the. ainsley: check in with adam klotz for forecast. >> beautiful here on fox square early this morning there are places across the country seeing heavy rain and eventually rain here on the east coast. i'm going to begin with maybe the bigger story that we are going to be tracking not just today but all the way through the weekend.
3:48 am
tropical storm henri which will eventually become a hurricane as it works its way up the east coast. timeline late on sunday early monday where we would be seeing a hurricane or tropical storm it will be kind of on the border wall there. that will be making landfall sunday into monday along the northeast, getting up near the boston area. obviously that's a big story and we will be watching it guys, those are your weather headlines for you. back knew. steve: busy day in weather. thank you very much. ainsley: thanks, adam. a utah teacher is out of a job after only teaching two days this year after scolding her students. listen to this. >> i hate donald trump. i'm going to say it i don't care what y'all think. trump [inaudible] ainsley: wait until what else she said in her off the rails rant. that is next.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
steve it's back-to-school week for a lot of counties across the united states. let's take you to alpine school district in utah county, utah. they to the started with their school year on monday, and one teacher only made it to tuesday
3:53 am
because something they said was so crazy and so nuts it went viral and keep in mind, this teacher not a political teacher. ainsley: chemistry teacher. will: enjoy.
3:54 am
steve: that's not the chemistry teacher or class i remember. just saying. ainsley: she covered a lot of topics. everything from. will: she did cover a lot of ground. ainsley: lgbtq community climate change the vaccine. turn off fox news. donald trump i lft student who kept saying this is a chemistry
3:55 am
class. will: there is a funny people meme going around. talk about these variants you speak of. are they in the room with you now. on the serious note the most offensive thing obviously telling these kids your parents are stupid and you are smarter than your parents interjecting the relationship between parents and students. and that the most concerning aspects. many concerning aspects to this video. steve: what about the relationship between the teacher and the kids. we expect our teachers to be teaching our kids stuff like chemistry instead this happened. she has apparently left that school because the spokesperson said the behavior is not appropriate, not reflective of the professional conduct and blah blah blah blah blah. anyway, they would not say whether or not the teacher was fired only that the teacher is not working there now. the leader of the utah business organization he posted her address online, the local newspaper didn't post her name
3:56 am
because they, for on obvious reasons they didn't want to carry or follow her for years, i guess. the conservative guy thank you to the student who filmed this you are a hero. they would have never known. steve: that student's name is zane storms and according to fox news her name is leah keenan. will: parents need to watch what their kids are being taught. i know remote schooling has opened up a window over this past year. these are our children. these are our children's education. they will turn and they will spin this in some perverse way. ainsley: stick to the subject. will: how about a little chemistry. steve: what are you going to get on your sats if your teacher isn't preparing you. ainsley: do all can to help our american allies escape. some states eager to rec refugees we are going to talk about it coming up. ♪ every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients
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may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possibl with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. . [gunfire] steve: anti-taliban protests spreading across afghanistan. ainsley: quickly ended when taliban illustrate tantaros opened fire. >> many are outside the airport, now there is a lot of unpredictability. will: president biden is expected to address the united states today. >> even if he does take questions today if the day is done by 2:00 p.m. who works this way in any normal capacity let alone in a crisis. >> they will be required to watch a video that promotes
4:01 am
black lives matter. >> we want you to really go to the black lives matter meeting with us. can't i change your mind? >> one police officer in ohio fed up with the politics in policing is now resigning from his dream job. >> the decision i arrived at lightly but i'm grateful there is still men and women put themselves out there in harm's way. >> anticipate getting an annual booster shot like the flu shot. >> we are not necessarily anticipating that you will need this annually. >> stright a fox news alert. anti-taliban protest spreading across afghanistan with hundreds gathering in kabul honoring the country's independence day. will: the demonstration quickly ended when the opened fire on the crowd. taliban fighters are reportedly going house to house, listen to this, hanging afghans who worked with the u.s. steve: things have really changed since the united states pulled out in a big way. this as we learn president biden was warned of kabul's possible collapse last month.
4:02 am
the president is expected to address the nation today you will see it here on fox, meantime on fox here is griff jenkins to show us what is happening in washington. once again friday during a busy week and the update is everything is still screwed up it's a mess. i wish i had a better story to report on this friday morning. according to retired marine sergeant speaking to interpreter from 2010 still trapped in afghanistan taliban fighters are going house to house hanging people. really showing the true colors of the taliban's retribution and the violence not ending there several deaths after opened fires into crowds. celebrating afghanistan's independence day in kabul. similar brutal scene in another afghan city where several others were killed for flag waving. yet, the blood shed is not
4:03 am
deterring these anti-taliban protesters, spreading throughout the rest of afghanistan meanwhile u.s. officials are racing against the clock to evacuate thousands of desperate americans and vulnerable afghans. >> the president is committed to ensuring that every american who wants to leave afghanistan gets out of afghanistan. he believes we can accomplish that by august 31st. griff: one big problem depending doesn't know how many americans are on the ground trying to get out. >> how many americans -- american citizens remain in afghanistan? >> i don't know. the state department would be a better place to go for an estimate of how many americans or r. in afghanistan. griff: in internal state department memo first reported by the "wall street journal" the concern fox news two dozen officials kabul embassy warned that the afghan government would rapidly collapse as u.s. troops withdrew. it's the clearest evidence the administration was made aware the taliban's takeover was
4:04 am
imminent with security stowers unable to stop it. we seal what the president has to say today at 1:00 p.m. he will be accompanied by virus harris. i just tweeted out an embassy international report that says they have researchers on the ground verifies a massacre of nine ethnic men in the gaza any province southeast of kabul. three of the nine tortured to death. will, ainsley, steve? steve: griff, thank you very much. that flies in the face of what joe biden said nobody has gotten killed. of all places "the washington post" this morning has got an analysis of what our president said on interview yesterday. details the four biggest things he got wrong. one, he said we don't have any military in syria. come on, mr. president. you are the commander-in-chief you should know you have at least 1,000 people. he said nobody said keep 2500 troops here. mr. president, the "wall street journal," and "the washington post" both say your top leaders
4:05 am
told you leave a residual force. that's a pinocchio right there. joe biden said nobody thought that the takeover was going to be this quick but the intel community did say there was going to be a domino effect. they didn't say when exactly but they did get it right. it was a domino effect, 300,000 troops we trained over there. they are not going to fall apart. turns out that number not anywhere close to that so the things that the president said yesterday, a lot of damage control, a lot of it not accurate. will: the one thing that is the most incontrovertible rebuttable to the president's statements is the video on your screen right now. you get to see what's happening in afghanistan. here is some video we want to share with you that was sent to "fox & friends" exclusively. and this will show you what it is like american citizen trying to make their way to the airport in afghanistan. as you watch this and he speaks about the blood on him, it's because he has been shoved into barbed wire fences.
4:06 am
watch this. >> as you guys can clearly see there is a lot of people here. we need -- we need support. i mean, we all need support. please help. this is what we should deserve after serving you guys for a while? i'm everyone. look at all this bleeding? i'm bleeding all over. rushing bleeding all over. ainsley: when you see the images and see the stories it's heart breaking we have been reporting on them all week. this morning we mentioned earlier on the show ryan rogers this retired marine sergeant, he told fox that the interpreter that he worked with, when he was serving our country in afghanistan, the man who helped him actually be able to live over there and understand the language in the helmand province, this is in 2010. talked to his interpreter trapped in kabul he didn't want to identify him for safety
4:07 am
reasons. the taliban came house to house door to door looking for americans there were three commanders that they hanged because they worked with us. they're the afghan national army. he said they are close to where i'm hiding and i'm terrified for my life. he went with his family to the airport because is he an american citizen and told you can get out. but there is barbed wire. there are thousands of people in front of him. what's interesting about this and, apparently did he not get out he has been trying for awhile. yesterday watching the state department briefing by ned price. we have a few reports of americans not being able to get through the cordon at the airport. that ♪ true to your point, will, just look at the video. this is video on the ground of the guy, an american trying to get out. he can't get out. the problem is for a lot of these people the administration
4:08 am
slow walked the visa process for the afghanys who helped us, ainsley like the guy you were quoting who were interpreters and they dragged their feet and now it's too late. there are 80,000 people who need to get out. will: you know, this is a complicated issue and we want to be led with our hearts but we also want to be led with our minds. we start talking about the people we owe something to the interpreters the refugees we want to bring to motorcycle. the question is how do we balance what we owe them to what we owe american citizens. meaning how do we make sure every single person is vetted and. ainsley: so true. will: you had a conversation with peter earlierer is not a war vet but on the front line of advocating for refugees. let's first hear what he had to say. >> president biden knows he has a problem. he knows he hasn't been able to control the flow of economic migrants coming into this country across the southern border. and because how sensitive is he to he slow rolled the process to get afghan interpreters who work for the u.s. military, individuals who put their lives on the line to serve our
4:09 am
american mission, he didn't want those optics. as a result, what we asked that administration to do, what a bipartisan group asked us to do to speed this up backlog to get folks who would be killed by the taliban because of their work for the u.s. out. they delayed, delayed, delayed. they start finally started at the end of july by august 15th, the taliban had taken over kabul. steve: that's extraordinary. what he said is we have been telling you for months about the problem on our southern border. he is saying that the poll-driven optic oriented white house is more concerned with the optics of well we have this problem with migrants on our southern border if we bring people in that will look bad for us. even though all these congressman said in april you are going to have a problem you better start it now. will: they could have been
4:10 am
processing them for months and making sure they're safe and vetting them. because chaos has driven the day, reactionary prohibition, reactionary back footed on your heel decision making you are compromising americans. ultimately you are compromising americans. ainsley: how did they not foresee this happening though? why did they say we are going to pull out before september 11th, before all our civilians are out? the taliban hears that, they come in and overtake and all our citizens are left there i wish joe biden had never released his strategy talked about publicly. steve: the problem is he made this deadline of the end of this month the taliban had embedded themselves in big towns. as soon as a week ago. they go, okay, let's take over kabul, they did it, boom. will: i want to stay on the subject if we can what do we owe those who helped news war with what do we owe americans? to continue this conversation, let's bring in republican iowa governor kim reynolds. governor reynolds, thank you so much for being with us this
4:11 am
morning. >> hi, will, thank you for having me. i appreciate it good morning, everyone. will: i had a fascinating conversation last night. i was hosting the 7:00 p.m. show on fox with tucker carlson and we were talking about your state. we were talking about quite honestly polling in your state that said immigration is the number one issue for iowans at the same time you and senator joni ernst stepped up and been at the front of saying we want to help with afghan refugees. i want to play what tucker's response was and get your response, please. >> i think we should note that americans are welcoming to refugees and immigrant because they are decent, open-minded big hearted people and that says something good about the unitedd states. but this sort of blytheness the lack of concern about details from our leaders really tells you how little they care about us. i watched joni ernst say that we welcome them, really to your house? to your neighborhood? i don't think so. some sad little town with no power whatsoever. no one will ever go five years from now to see how it's going?
4:12 am
no one is interested in the story of how this unfolds on the effects on your life, on your schools, on your infrastructure, on your taxes. does it make you happier? does it improve your life? do you think joni ernst cares? are you kidding? no. they go before the cameras, message eye care, i'm a good person, i'm compassionate? you, you know, who cares what you think. you are just a citizen. will: governor reynolds, what's your response. >> first of all, these are individuals that have been employed by the u.s. military. they fought alongside our soldiers in the trenches and part of the deal with being employed by the u.s. military is that they have the opportunity to go through the siv process. the special immigrant visa process. we need to uphold our end of the bargain that we made to them when they were fighting on our behalf. we want to make sure they are upholding the integrity of the vetting process.
4:13 am
it's our understanding we have been working with the state department that those that are loading and coming over have gone through the process. it not completed it they will go to one of the air bases and they will finish the vetting process there. we actually have had 94 siv recipients that have come from iraq and afghanistan since 2017 to the state of iowa. we want to make sure, that we are keeping our citizens safe. we are doing this in a responsible manner. we are working closely with the state department we have a record of doing that it is a promise we made to them. they fought alongside our soldiers. i believe we need to uphold that unconscionable what we are seeing happening over -- it's a disaster the lack of planning and strategy is just ridiculous. and we are seeing that play out before our very eyes. and at the same time, we have our southern border just open and they are doing nothing about the national security theaforts
4:14 am
are happening down there. the amount of drugs and human trafficking that's coming across the southern border. they don't care nothing about that. lack of responsibility coming out of this. it's redick luz. .>> steve: governor, i have a feeling your switch board inundated with people of iowa and elsewhere calling you saying i have got a friend who is stuck over there. or, you know, i was in the service and my translator -- nobody will pick up the phone in washington. can you help me? it's got to be i know you are nodding you are getting these calls. it's got to be frustrating that you can't help them. i know senator earns definitely, johnny is a combat veteran, she served our country. served the national guard 20 years. foust on our behalf to keep us safe and liberty and freedoms that we get to enjoy every single day. i was with her at the iowa state
4:15 am
fair yesterday or the day before. she has received multiple, multiple calls with individuals that she has worked with she is doing everything she can to help connect the dots and follow through with the promises that we made to them. steve: great. ainsley: i know that you are among several governors throughout the country that have said no mask mandates for our state. president biden has a message for you and all those other governors. listen to this. >> you know, we're not going to sit by as governors try to block and intimidate educators protecting our children. ainsley: are you going to hold strong? >> i'm going to hold strong. let me tell you. everything that this guy has going on, disaster at the border, disaster in afghanistan, i think he should focus on doing his job and getting americans out of afghanistan. and i will do mine. so, we have had -- you know, i led the country in getting our kids back in school last year. we were able to do it safely and responsibly. our kids are better off for it all the while he paid lip
4:16 am
service to parents and families while kowtowing and placating to the teacher's union. unconscionable what he is doing to these kids. i have 11 grand children those kids were in school and did it safely and responsibly. i have been at the iowa state fair. we have the fair going on right now. i can't begin to tell you the number of parents and moms and teachers that have come up to me and said please, stay strong. keep our kids in the classroom. let us decide what's best for my children. we know, we know their please don't reverse the ban on mask mandates. so your audience knows we did this through the legislature. we have elected officials by iowans. senate and i signed it. and i signed it. this is something that iowans support. we can do it safely and responsibly. i have been doing it for over aer year. he needs to do his job as commander-in-chief and focus on this -- the national security that is being threatened at the southern border and the crisis that is happening in afghanistan
4:17 am
and get americans home. ainsley: congratulations on the fair. the fair was closed last year because of covid-19. that's probably the most famous fair in the country. >> it is. i would invite you all to come out and participate in it. steve: i was born in iowa. ainsley: yeah, you were. >> that's right, steve, i know that i walk and eat my way through every day and talk to just hundreds of those iowans. has been so fun. ainsley: have the congest where you put the buckets and drop the corn kettle whoever is running for president. >> you do know our iowa state fair. ainsley: we took the cameras there for fox. our viewers know it too. you have the cleanest fair. will: we were there "fox & friends weekend." we were there last week for field of dreams. >> it was incredible. absolutely incredible. we were so grateful to fox. they did a phenomenal job just with the game and working with mlb and just highlighted, i think mlb. you saw the best of iowa and
4:18 am
iowans. will: governor, bravo to serving iowans on mask. what we owe to refugees and united states of america. serving our interest as well. i hope can you balance those. >> it's a balance. like everything else. it's a balance. will: thank you, governor. he. ainsley: keep fighting, governor. thank you. steve: all right. 7:18 here in the east. just north of us, considerably near fort drum in felts mills new york are lawrence jones at meme's diner talking about everything the governor was talking about. lawrence: good morning, family. still at meme's. getting messages from folks all day asking me, you know, what is the mood here? people are sad? somber mood. people want action from the president. they want to actually hear from the president. family members of soldiers, fort drum is here. today interestingly enough, we were expecting soldiers to be here because they are always here at meme's.
4:19 am
we have this reserved sign for our military folks because of the rules of the military, a lot of them aren't here so we could hear their voice. and for me that is a sign. not only have they been silenced from the pentagon, when it comes to the strategy that is going on right now in afghanistan, but the american public aren't allowed to hear from them and that is sad. we don't leave people behind. and we have left our people behind and the military folks are upset about that. will: thank you so much, lawrence. will be talking to you soon. coming up, as the taliban reportedly carries out a door-to-door manhunt for anyone who worked with the united states, my next guest penned a new op-ed on how to contain the taliban. general jack keane served in vietnam and he offers insight coming up next. ♪ welcome back to milkshake mustaches, high fives and high dives. to 3-on 3s... 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s.
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will: tall ban carrying out cash to-to-door man hunts tracking down and hanging anyone who works for the previous afghan government and the united states. next guest penned an op-ed on how to contain the taliban outlining how afghanistan will surely provide to al-qaeda and urging that the u.s. still has time to act. here now fox news strategic analyst and retired four star general jack keane. general, always good to talk to you. i began to have this conversation on prime earlier this week. let's think about long term and short-term and let's start, i guess, long-term, general, how do we continue to protect american interest to make sure no terror attacks make their way to this shore? how do we protect against al-qaeda now? >> well, first of all, dealing with afghanistan, job one in
4:25 am
average is to get all of our american citizens and afghan partners out. i believe the president should absolutely make a public announcement as well as tell dod and department of state we're going to stay in afghanistan for as long as it takes to get our citizens home and get our partners out, period. and then, also, authorize the department of defense to apply all the resources available to them or what they need that they may not have with them to accomplish that mission. and if that means establishing safe corridors which is what senator lindsey graham and i suggest or pick up hubs. whatever is necessary to break the obstacles and impediments that are stopping particularly our afghan partners from making it through the checkpoints that the taliban have. some of our citizens i suspect are tied up. i have yet to hear a plan. what do we do with all the people who can't get to kabul because the taliban checkpoints are blocking them from doing that so that's job one.
4:26 am
the second thing is how do we contain -- how do we contain this new taliban government that's running afghanistan? and i think it begins politically with not recognizing he it. not giving it legitimacy. and we should make a declaration to our allies that there is going to be consequences if there is any recognition of this barberrist will regime. there is enooday justify what i'm talking about. the second thing is, we can declare this organization and should declare it a foreign terrorist organization. that sets off all sorts of consequences that are positive in terms of the isolation and containment of this regime. and there is certainly ample justification to do aim of that. freeze any kind of capital coming into this country,
4:27 am
international monetary fund has made some adjustments. if there is u.n. money heading that way. certainly any money from the united states has got to stop. that's self-evident. also what our allies and partners are involved in is cut off the stream that was heading to afghanistan and make certain it's severed so that there is political and economic isolation of the regime. i have yet to hear a plan from the administration on how we're going to provide overwatch of afghanistan, terrorist organization that we know form there, will so, we can track them and then take action to intervene against them. there have been no plan or discussion how we are going to do that except all over the horizon. i think that's wishful thinking in my own mind. will: that's what i'm talking about general keane over the long term how do we continue to deal with this regime and the terrorists they might harbor? but you and senator graham by the way have an op-ed in the "wall street journal" where you
4:28 am
address these issues? how do we deal with the taliban over a bigger horizon? you began talking to me about the short-term. job number one. let's deal with the problem on the ground right now. and i want to play for you some sound, from jennifer griffin. she is pressing the pentagon on why it is it seems the british and french are capable to getting their people out listen to. >>this paratroopers are leaving the airport to rescue an evacuate some of their citizens. why isn't the u.s. doing that? >> our main mission tips to be to secure are hk to allow those citizens to come and be processed at the airfield. >> so back to your job number one general keane what do you make of that that the french and british are making grounds or doing work and it seems that we're not yet? >> well, we know from antidotal evidence. most of us who have connections in afghanistan all have people who are connecting to us and asking for assistance. that certainly has happened to
4:29 am
me. the antidotal evidence i have is very similar to what's been reported on fox is that there is huge impediments to getting to the airport. the taliban are preventing that from happening. okay. got that. it's not in the taliban's interest to let their own citizens leave the united states after they have been helping the united states for 20 years and eventually we will kill these people. let's put a plan together to go get them. it's not that hard to do. is there risks associated with that plan? you betcha. are we about evacuating american citizens and also our afghan partners? and i believe that risk is acceptable to be able to accomplish that mission. and i know for a fact how strongly our soldiers would feel about going out and helping american citizens. most of the time they are helping other people in other countries. it's very rare that they directly are are assist guilty and saving the lives of the american people. they would go through a wall to accomplish that mission. will: i bet.
4:30 am
again jack keane thank you so much. >> great talking to you, will. will: you too. thanks, general. incoming air force academy cadets now required to watch inclusion training videos. >> saying all lives matter is saying like fire department showing up at your how fast when it's burning down and spraying down the house across the street instead of yours because all houses matter. will: what's the cost of the military's fixation on going woke? pete hegseth, rachel campos-duffy next. for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
4:31 am
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jillian: good morning, back with a look at headlines, starting in philadelphia where the mayor is rejecting calls to bring in the national guard among a surge of violent crime in the city. >> have to send in the national guard and troop carrier into a neighborhood in philadelphia, to me is not respectful to that neighborhood number one. number two, they are not capable or trained to do urban policing. jillian: this as philadelphia is seeing a nearly 25% increase in both homicides and shootings compared to last year. safety director rochelle walensky says there may not be a need for an annual covid vaccine. >> we are not necessarily anticipating that you will need
4:35 am
this annually. jillian: this as the cdc pushes back a meeting to review covid booster shots by one week. the medical community remains divided about whether data support a need for boosters. the biden administration still needs the cdc and fda's approval before moving forward with booster shot initiative that would begin in late september. so, stay tuned for more information. president biden canceled more than $5.8 billion in student loan debt for borrowers with permanent disabilities. the move will impact over 323,000 people who were unable to work because of permanent disabilities. the department of education says it will continue to stop asking borrowers for information on their earnings to qualify for the loan cancellation even after the pandemic. a look at your headlines. send it back to you. ainsley: incoming air force academy cadets watch the so-called inclusion training video with a focus on black lives matter. take a listen.
4:36 am
>> saying all lives matter is like fire department showing up at your house when it's burning down and spraying down the house across the street instead of yours because all houses matter. >> exactly like, of course, all houses do matter. and we're not saying that they don't, but right now we are focused on this one particular house because of the frickin' fire. steve: okay, so that's a little snippet of that here with more "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: rachel, i know your father was in the air force, people going to the academy and they are required to watch this. do you think they are wondering hey, why do i have to do this? rachel: yeah, i mean this is so far away from the experienced that i as a military brat living as military bases around the world as you know the military is interracial marriage and racial diversity far ahead of
4:37 am
the rest of, you know, american society has been more diverse and more integrated for decades ahead of everybody else. so it's really weird and foreign to me to hear. there was another vignette, steve, where a kid was biracial and somebody asked him well, aren't you having to choose between your two, you know, your african nigerian dad and your mexican mom? and all of this is so weird. why would we want in an institution that we need cohesion and cooperation and camaraderie in order to win wars, why would we want our soldiers to object says about race? and i think getting calls from across letters from teachers across the country saying i have never seen more racial disharmony since the introduction of critical race theory. one last point, crt, blm, this is all cultural marxism. why would we want our soldiers to be supporting marxism. it's bizarre.
4:38 am
will: here is what the airs had to say the video is required training for inbound cadets ahead of their arrival to the u.s. air force academy. this is the first year this training has been used at the academy. used at universities and colleges across the country. pete, first, thank you for getting up early on your vacation. pete: you know it, only for you. will: hey, so we have talked about this. it's sort of awakening wokeness in the military and you are there -- always curious to ask you. you have been involved in the military for a long time. did you see the seeds of this? in all your years in the military, did you see this coming or did you actually each experience it years ago? >> i didn't experience it because it was truly a colorblind institution when i was in as as a platoon leader. the idea that oh this is the first year we are doing it and it's being done in other universities and colleges, the point is the air force academy or west point it's a different type of institution. you are training different types of students. you are training future second lieutenant, platoon leader who
4:39 am
are going to lead men and women in battle not in, you know, an i.t. company or in finance. in battle, in war. you are forging warriors. and so to say all our other colleges and universities is a canard and very dangerous. and by the way, it's all under the guides in the air force of diversity, equity and inclusion. diversity equity and up collusion. inclusion.why don't we instead t another de and i. defense maybe evacuation, maybe intelligence in maybe teaching the next generation not to bungle kabul like we did saigon because when we don't learn from history we repeat it. these institutions are here to train future leaders not wokesters. but this is -- i didn't see it in the military but as i talk to people who are in right now going through these institutions right now, it is everywhere. the pentagon is infected by what
4:40 am
they call diversity equity and up collusion which is the white wash version of critical race theory which reracializes everything. and creates discord in an institution which needs to be cohesive as rachel said. will: you asked. rachel: if i could ask pete a question. will: one of them what comes up on the show fun game to see which one of them has their notes in front of them. do you want to see which one has it ready. ainsley: who can do it off the top of your head. will: i know because i have been on that side. there it is hegseth has it on the phone right there. ainsley: who is on, rachel? rachel: joe concha is going to be on, lara logan will be on. pete? pete: okay. she is using memory. she ran out. senator rick scott, she is correct about joe concha and lara logan, lisa booth, matter makary the doctor type and willie robertson. ainsley: i know you are on vacation are you coming back for the show? pete: i might shave.
4:41 am
i do plan to be back. i will be there. steve: pete griswold where are you right now? pete: this is my parent's backyard. we dropped off the rv. we are heading back today. will: i will see you in the morning. pete: looking forward to it, see you guys. ainsley: bye. steve: next up head to upstate new york where lawrence jones is having breakfast with friends near a diner near fort drum where the topic, lawrence, is kabul, afghanistan. >> you know, we were expecting, guys, to talk about cuomo and a lot of the other news. but afghanistan is definitely dominating the conversation. we also ran into a friend, tom homan iser who. he will be joining us live after a quick break. more "fox & friends." ♪
4:42 am
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will: turning our attention to. ainsley: fox news contributor tom homan join us live from meme's diner, good morning, gentlemen. lawrence? lawrence: good morning, family. our great friend tom homan is actually from right outside of this town. we are at meme's guys. tom, can you talk about the mood here? i think it's hard to describe if you are not here talking with the folks. >> the community really counts on fort drum, flight fort drum is home to the tenth mountain division. that's the most deployed infantry division in the entire nation. they have been to somalia, iraq and afghanistan for 20 years. this community wraps itself around fort drum. what is happening in afghanistan is important to this community. a lot of the people work on the base. a lot of soldiers that are currently on the base, live in our community. it's all one big community. so the feelings are deep here that so much has been sacrificed
4:47 am
by the soldiers of fort drum. lost a lot of soldiers. to say see that country fall in the hands of taliban is disturbing to most people in this community. lawrence: tom, we are sitting at the table that was meant to be for our soldiers. they weren't able to come here because essentially they have been silenced that they can't talk about politics or anything like that. but, they have a voice on this topic. and they are not too happy. >> no, they are not. you know, the secretary of defense the military is being politicized, right? they should be training and a lethal force to defend this country and play the away game. keep the bad guys out of this country. right now the leadership is so busy talking about critical race theory that the soldiers feel, you know, they have been abandoned by their own commanders. and let me say, these soldiers here fort drum are american patriots. this community, they are flag loving, gun-carrying patriots. and it's sad what's happening to our military now. god bless fort drum. god bless the tenth mountain division. they are keeping that country safe. [applause]
4:48 am
they are there trying to keep that airport secure and trying to get as many americans back to this country. best of the best right here at fort drum, new york. lawrence: that's exactly right. we are going to be talking later on in the show to military wives people that have been impacted. you know, tom, while i have got you on, i want to switch topics. immigration. a big issue. new numbers coming out. we just read that there is going to be -- the latest number is 200,000 more than -- the last record. so you were there during the trump administration. what needs to happen right now to get the border under control? >> bring me back, i will fix it in a week. because what i dual is reinstitute the trump administration policies. you can like or love president trump. the fact is president trump has done more to secure our border than any president i ever worked for and i worked for six of them. this administration isn't mismanagement. it isn't incompetence. this is open borders agenda. they came with a plan to open
4:49 am
the border. they came with a plan because joe biden sold himself out to the left. lawrence: does the -- do they know they can go to mexico? >> i said many times they already have over 300,000 got-aways people got across the border not arrested by the border patrol. already arrested seven on the terrorist watch list. how many didn't get arrested? this is not just immigration issue. it's a public health issue because of covid coming across that country it's a national security issue because if you are somebody in this world wants to do us harm the way to get into the united states southwest border because it's wide open. lawrence: tom homan former ice director. i will send it back to you in new york. that is a big question when are we going to secure the border because we know the terrorists know they can go to the mexican border and come to the united states and cause us harm. steve: all right, lawrence and tom, thank you. enjoy breakfast. will: tom said six presidents. so he started under reagan. pretty interesting.
4:50 am
ainsley: yep. will: all right. coming up. do you want to win $5,000? of course you do. we have got the fox bet questions you need to answer to win big. ainsley: and country star lee brice taking a break from his busy tour to chat with us. plus a special performance from the road in the next hour on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ every back road in this town ♪
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on violent crime spree. the fifth suspect is still on the run. police officer in ohio fed up with the politics in policing now resigning from what he calls his dream job. brian can item tells "fox & friends first" the tables are turning on officers. tried to put ourselves outs there to try to stem this rise in crime. are tried to quell all the violence, it's often ourselves that end up being the victims. >> as the defund the police
4:55 am
movement grows, officers are increasingly becoming targets of violence. over 185 officers are shot in 2021. send it back to you. ainsley: one is too many. but that is unbelievable. thanks so much, jillian. steve: about five minutes before the top of the hour on this friday. check in with adam klotz who is on the street with the "foxcast" for today. hey, adam. adam: beautiful out here for now. eventually rain is going to move in and then rain and possibly tropical weather is going to be next couple of days. dive right in with our radar over the last 24 hours. that is rain moving into the central areas of the mid-atlantic, d.c. area. those are flood watches and warnings, advisories now stretching across that region. that's just the beginning of what we are going to see over the weekend. tropical storm henri well down coast. sharp turn and run up the east coast over the course of the weekend. this is our forecast. our cone of uncertainty if you
4:56 am
will, it strengthens up to the hurricane. runs along the east coast before turning into new england. 75 miles per hour. possibly some sturgeon, a landfall on sunday. that's going to be the big story as we head into the weekend. of course, we will be watching it throughout the weekend. those are your weather headlines for now. back in to you. ainsley: all right. thanks, adam. the fox bet super 6 app. is giving you another opportunity to win $5,000 in a quiz show game. all you have to do is answer six questions correctly on a wide variety of topics. will: fox nation host tom shillue the host of fox nation happy hour sign up for fox nation to get access to other original content and events and other personalities on your device. steve: let's play. joining us right now here is tom. tom, these are the actual questions, of course, these are things that haven't happened yet so anybody could actually win the 5,000 bucks. >> that's right. you can, too. all you have got to do is
4:57 am
download the appear. look how easy it is to play. click, view the questions and here they are. question number one, which of the following movies will make the most at the domestic box office on friday reminiscent. paw patrol the movie. fitch the protestor gay or flag day? >> ainsley: i'm going with paw patrol. will: i don't know these movies. steve: i'm going with paw patrol too take the kids. will: crowd on b. >> don't count out the kids. question two which team will score the fewest points nfl fewest points eagles, chiefs, bears or tie? steve: i'm going to go with a tie. preseason football i will go with the bengals. will: bengals. ainsley: i will go with bengals. >> tom: hollywood critics the crown, the voice the hand made's tail, resurgent or bridger ton.
4:58 am
ainsley: either bridgerton or crown. steve: gilligan's island is not in this year? will: i didn't watch any of these. steve: i haven't heard of any of them. >> what crypto currency will finish friday with the highest percentage gain bitcoin, tether, poke dot dozier coin. will: i'm going with here to yum. ainsley: i'm going with bitcoin. steve: it looks like by ar landslide people think it's going to be b. will: san diego. ainsley: san diego. >> i don't know why that's the way go with the majority. which streaming limited series live tv movie will win at the movie association. hamilton, gamut, underground
4:59 am
rail road or wonder vision? steve: gene's gamut. i saw that. ainsley: really good. >> great show. will, go with gam bit. awards show nobody even watches any more. >> they postponed the shows. you will have to wait another week to get those two answers. this is what the fun is of playing in realtime. steve: that's right. speaking of fun, happy hour, people need to watch that it's great show. it's a lot of fun. will: what did you drink when you were on it? steve: never mind. something i don't drink on the couch. i think it was. will: it milk. steve: glass of wine. it was happy hour. will: thank you, tom. >> thank you, guys. ainsley: thanks, tom. steve: coming up on 8:00 on the east. the next hour of "fox & friends," the final hour
5:00 am
5:01 am
will: welcome to "fox & friends". afghans it defined the taliban by holding protests across the country with hundreds marching waving afghanistan's flag but the demonstration ended when militants opened fire on the crowd of. steve: you can see them running for their lives and taliban fighters are reportedly going house to house and if they find someone who worked with the united states, they hang them, according to reports. ainsley: this as we learn present and biden was warned of kabul's possible collapse last month. the president is expected to address the country today and griff jenkins joins us live at the latest. reporter: good morning. we will see what the president has to say as officials raced to evacuate thousands of desperate americans and afghan allies. we learned in the last hour the u.s. evacuated
5:02 am
5700 people from kabul aboard a 16 air force c-17's. of the biden administration adamant about getting americans out of afghanistan, but there is one big problem depending-- the pentagon admitting it really doesn't know how many americans are on the ground. >> how many american citizens remain in afghanistan? >> i don't now. the state department would be a better place to go for an estimate of how many. reporter: what will we do about those outside of the perimeter of the airport? we heard from retired general jack keane and fox news contributor here on "fox & friends" who said the white house needs to come up with a plan. >> a plan together to go get them. it's not that hard to do. is there risk associated with the plan? you bad check, but are we about rescuing american citizens and our afghan partners, that risk is acceptable to the level to accomplish that mission.
5:03 am
reporter: an internal state department memo first reported by the "wall street journal" confirmed two dozen officials at the kabul embassy warned secretary of state and other top officials that the afghan government would rapidly collapse as u.s. troops withdrew and meanwhile several deaths are being reported at their taliban fighters would fire into crowds of protesters is celebrating afghanistan independence day in kabul. according to a retired marine sergeant, a interpreter still trapped in the country taliban fighters are reportedly going house to house in afghanistan hanging people who worked with the u.s., steve, ainsley and will, we will see what the president has to say accompanied by vice president harris later this afternoon a. will: we have questions for you. steve: there is a story out there that apparently until yesterday the u.s. government was charging the people who took
5:04 am
these evacuations flights $2000 a head and then it's like are you kidding, you can't charge those people trying to get out. now apparently flights are free. any idea what gina said you know what, let's charge people $2000? reporter: i don't know and fox news digging into the story as it comes fast and furious. to ensure people can get homes should clearly and freely now, but the real problem and you guys talk to general keane and he was addressing the fact that said-- the dod said look, it's too risky to go outside this perimeter and to get the americans that are stranded there and now, we are addressing the taliban that americans will get safe passage, so whether they have to pay or not i don't think any stranded american cares is so much as just getting to the airport. that's going to be a
5:05 am
bigger story playing out and we will hopefully hear from the president on how he intends to publish that. ainsley: thank you. we have talked to a few americans trapped over there, some of them don't want to release their identity because they are scared that taliban will find them. we have video that was sent to us from a guy that is there, un-american and he had some blood on him. we will play it for you. he was saying he was being pushed into the barbed wire. listen to this. >> we need support. this is what we should deserve after serving. calling on everyone. i'm bleeding because people were rushing. steve: because there are thousands of people they are all
5:06 am
trying to get onto an airplane to get the hell out of there. fox news correspondent-- reporter: hello, steve. steve: geraldo, that guy who sent us this video where his blade from the barbed wire, thousands of people in front of him in the state department, i was listening to nick price said there are a couple of reports of people who can't get out, but for the most part all americans are getting out. that is not true. >> i think americans are definitely in better shape than the afghans who helped the united states. steve: that american's blood from the razor wire. >> it is a zoo out there it's extremely dangerous tempers are flaring. people are-- it's a terrible thing to watch. panic is a terrible thing to watch, watching mothers and their children over the wire yesterday was something that i could not believe that we were watching, i
5:07 am
mean, moms giving up their babies just of the baby would be safe. of the thought i had was that the babies are safe now. now they are in americans hands and that's our challenge, to get all americans into those soldiers arms. we have to get all the people that worked with us over 20 long years, people that put their lives on the line, people that saved our lives over time and we were so loyal to us and respectful of the united states and so to see us succeed in our goals, none of which were accomplished as this thing went to hell in a handbasket. i'm very angry about it. as a student of military you know maneuvering, i have never seen an army be evacuated before civilian spirit of the army was intended to protect. it's bizarre we evacuated gis and then brought back these other soldiers. steve: twenty years ago this was your first assignment for fox news.
5:08 am
we started in such a big way and now, we are surrendering. >> i see-- remind me and it brings back so many memories and the initial offenses and optimism to get osama bin laden replacing this repressive government with representative democracy and everything and then we chase bin laden and he escaped and that was the first zero no, he escaped and then to be on the air when we got him and broke the news. i was in washington d.c. just by chance. we should have left and then in 2011, and then we stayed for 10 more years. will: there is the indictment of the 20 year project, but also the indictment of the week, should have been months project, the execution of leaving is a lesson of mismanagement regardless of whether it's a d or r beside your name and it threatens to take in i think at this point i just joe biden but everyone in the administration and perhaps several people in
5:09 am
the pentagon. i want to show you how far this can and should go because here is the vice president say and i was integral in the decision-making process. >> president biden always said he wanted you to be the last person in the room particularly for a big decision just as he was for president obama and he just made a really big decision, afghanistan. were you the last person in the room? >> yes. >> and you feel comfortable? >> i do. will: i have to think, geraldo, the indictment said execution of this are far and wide. >> i mean, it so elemental, so simple, bagram air base is virtually impregnable and for 20 years we held an before that the soldiers held it and you go to kabul airport, one of the most vulnerable, i mean, that we did our thing backwards and that's what's so concerning now, can-- there is this window of
5:10 am
opportunity, it seems to me, the taliban is desperate for foreign institutions to help out of the banks in afghanistan are empty. there is no public utilities. no one is doing the water, sewage or electricity and all those cell phones they are so proud of they will start to blink out, so they need the international community, the taliban does so maybe they will be on their best behavior to the extent this savagery we are seeing is their best behavior. at least we are not seeing heads cut off and not seeing the isis type of gaudy obscene scenes as much, but i wish-- we need our people out. it's like it's maddening every day you wake up in afghanistan is eight and a half hours after us so the day is already gone and no buses have come to take people out at these hotels and homes that are stranded and it's very upsetting. will: we are seeing-- not necessarily showing it on air but it is beginning to evolve.
5:11 am
ainsley: geraldo-- >> you mean the scenes? will: s, the horrendous scenes. don't pretend it's not happening now and i'm not saying you are saying is not happening, just because it's on television doesn't mean it's not happening. ainsley: vice president headed to vietnam and there's an article in los angeles times as kamala harris touted her role in afghanistan policy and now she owns it. it's hard-- the article talks about how she wants to erase any daylight between her and joe biden. will be very difficult for her to separate the cell from the situation. >> she has had such an unsuccessful vice presidency so far and she is so widely regarded as someone who is very secondary to joe biden. her failure to assume dynamic control of issues like the border that was assigned to her, now she is going to vietnam. why she going to vietnam? what's the symbolism? is a to show vietnam
5:12 am
after our retreat 46 years later now is a modern country? is that the story? we are not-- vietnam is different than afghanistan to vent-- afghanistan is savage, brutal, isolated place. i think our interest in afghanistan going forward should be humanitarian, but right now the most urgent thing is to get fox news and everyone in this business has worked on this, get our people out of there . we have got to not let this dissolve into a hostage situation at. they need u.s. aid. they need international aid. and they need acceptance by the un and so forth and and the taliban has to become for 10 minutes let them be a modern forced to evacuate the country. you know, pull our irons out of the fire. we did a terrible terrible job. steve: any understand the frustration with the gold star
5:13 am
families and anyone that served, volunteers into that country and now look at how it's evolved. geraldo, thank you so much. >> so nice working with you. will: you must be exhausted working five hours a week. [laughter] will: man has been working for decades. >> my little screen in the basement. will: let's check-- let's go to mimi's diner where our friend lawrence jones who has been working all morning is near fort drum. reporter: good morning, family. i have enjoyed my time here listening to the people. a wealth of knowledge. we will talk to one expert about why bagram air base was closed and we will talk with military wives that are being impacted by this and what they are saying. so many different perspectives and it's not a political perspective. it's very personal to them. we will talk about that more and more on "fox & friends".
5:14 am
will: let's go to gillian who has headlines as she rushes over steve: you were busy shaking hands. gillian: out of breath, but that's okay. a mississippi officer is rushed into surgery after being shot in what officials call a gunfight and ambush. it happened in jackson, after officers tracked down a suspect in connection with reports about men carrying guns in a park. the suspected gunman turned himself in. in albuquerque, gunfire erupts during an armed robbery at a coffee shop. four officers were hurt and they are in stable condition for five suspects are in custody. the city of san francisco moving to suspend 20 employees in the police, fire insurance department who refused to disclose their covid vaccination status. in a letter obtained by "the san francisco chronicle" the department heads right
5:15 am
quote your failure to comply and dangers the health and safety of the city's workforce and public we serve. the city is recommending a 10 day unpaid suspension. stomach a virginia university is requiring student employees to undergo social justice training. james madison university training video labeled male, straight, gender or christian people as quote oppressors saying they engage in systematic subjugation of other social groups. of the school says that training was to help freshman orientation guides work with incoming students who might have a different background than their own fear and as 20 years since 9/11 attack a traveling memorial made out of dog tags is honoring those who gave their life in the global war on terror appeared it looked like a flag draped over servicemember's casket made up of more than 7000 dog tags. this 50 gold stars on her goldstar families and so far the memorial
5:16 am
has traveled to over 50 sites around the country to incredible. will: thank you. gillian: sure, i'm going to go catch my breath now. gillian: people don't know the obstacle course. i was wanting this way and that way and steve you were off the couch. steve: it all worked out. ainsley: lawrence is a just sitting there. gillian: back to usb to thank you. meanwhile, it was solemn yesterday in chicago. the wounded partner of a fallen chicago police officer on a long road to recovery. her funeral was yesterday pure his family placing blame on the mayor for handcuffing the police. the courageous cop's father will ainsley momentarily. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is
5:17 am
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5:21 am
ainsley: thousands are gathering to mourn the loss of fallen chicago police officer ellis french who was fatally shot in the head after routine traffic stop turned violent. her partner, carlos, was also critically shot at the scene, shot in the eye, in the head, and the shoulder and thankfully he's now awake and speaking out for the first time from his hospital bed. >> thank you for your support and donations. and your prayers. i love you all. ainsley: i love you all. as his assigned recovers carlos senior a former police officer and the father of carlos is calling out chicago's mayor lori lightfoot for tying the hands of police and endangering
5:22 am
his son and he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: how is your son doing today? >> there are good days and bad days. ainsley: tell me when you got the call how you found out that this happened to your son? >> i had just spoken to my son 20 minutes prior to the tragic events. he called me too see how i was doing and introduced me too one of his new partners that had said had worked with myself, i worked with his grandfather and his father and that was ronnie bloss that i worked with and i said hello to joshua and i told him to be safe in my son said we have another partner here, french and i said if she french or is that her name and he said no, dad, that's her name. i said hi and to be safe and went home and 20
5:23 am
minutes later i get the call. ainsley: a call you dreaded, of course, the worst call of your life. >> yes, my daughter called me too tell me my son had been shot. ainsley: i am so sorry and i am glad he is on the road to recovery. what does that look like >> you will get more information from my daughter who is a doctor and has been coordinating his medical team around-the-clock and she has just been so helpful for her brother and the strain she is going through because as we all know as policemen we are used to violence and tragedy, doctors aren't, but when it is your own the feeling is totally different and i thankful that she's holding up. ainsley: there was word lori lightfoot, the mayor, who supported defunding the police showed up at the hospital and we have the picture of the hot police officers turning their back on her. we heard you had words
5:24 am
with her. what was your message? >> my message was one as a father and one as an officer. my son had made it clear to me and other officers that over the past few months there-- they were being diminished in their ability to do their job and not only effectively to perform it in matters of regular procedures, but compromising their safety, their effectiveness. they do catch offenders in my son was complaining that the same offender twice in one week with a gun and could not understand how they could be out. as you mentioned, i did say things to lori-- my son was not a fan of her as many police officers aren't because they don't feel the backing, the sincere backing. there was one thing to say we support our men in blue for their sacrifices, but it's a lackluster of not really from the heart and the
5:25 am
people pick up on that. they don't see it, so they don't do it and then they mentioned police violence. there's no police violence care there are police that are violent. there are doctors that are bad doctors, bad lawyers, some media, so you can't brush everyone police are often accused of doing that, profiling or picking out a single racial group, it's not about race. it's about instances. it's about knowing what you have been doing for a job. it's not anything like it and that's what she's doing. she's encouraging it and that's not just her. it's other politicians also across the country appeared it's not just a chicago. three officers were shot yesterday in new mexico to people are becoming emboldened and violent. ainsley: what is your message to the two men charged with this?
5:26 am
>> most of what i want to say cannot be said on television. as most parents can understand, but they didn't have to do it they did because they weren't going to get charged or arrested probably by our state's attorney because the guy that sold them the gun to shoot these two officers walked out of cook county jail without placing any cash bond. that's the kind of scenario we have right now. i don't know how it is other places, but it's a revolving door. it's a get out of jail free card. please people-- it's so they look good in their next election or pole or whatever. they tried to do this for that benefit, that they endanger the entire community in the city of
5:27 am
chicago. northside, southside, rich, poor, white, hispanic, asian, they are not putting the bad guys and keeping them in the jail. police are doing their job, but they can't keep peeking at the same guy over and over again. ainsley: their decision and these criminals changed your life forever, your son's life, his wife, his child's life, the french families life, there is no value for human life anymore these people need to be put behind bars and the local leaders need to hear this a story loud and clear. our prayers are with your family. thank you so much for serving and for your son's a service. >> thank you and keep praying for my son. ainsley: we definitely will. thank you. more "fox & friends" coming up like mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. with usaa safepilot, when you drive safe...
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steve: look at the bleeding with a heartbreaking video from an american stuck in afghanistan trying to get to the airport, can't get past the taliban. there is more than 50 u.s. senators calling on president biden to speed up the special immigrant visa program. lindsey graham is one of those centers and he joins us from south carolina. senator, good morning. >> good morning. steve: there is a bunch of afghanis, estimates a 65 to 80,000 who helped us and now they are stuck and the taliban is going door to door knocking on the door and if they find to someone they don't like they just hang them. >> yeah, so the french in the british are willing to send their forces inside afghanistan to extract the people who help them and their citizens. we are duty-bound to get every american citizen out and honor bound to get those afghanistan who fought along our side out and here's what i would say, if we leave any american to hide, if we leave thousands of those afghans who fought along our side behind
5:33 am
bravely, joe biden deserves to be impeached or a high crime and misdemeanor of dereliction of duty appear if we really want american behind, if we don't get all those afghans who have stepped up to the plate to help us out, then joe biden in my view has committed a high crime and misdemeanor under the constitution and should be impeached. steve: senator, you know you have heard it joe biden, he had some whoppers in the last couple of days. when he was talking to george stephanopoulos he said no one said we should keep 2500 troops over there but according to the "wall street journal" and "washington post" top leaders said to leave a residual force to keep a lid on this thing, but he said no, i'm going to do it my way. >> well, he did the same thing in iraq. joe biden has been a wrecking ball regarding foreign policy for 40 years security was told by the military we need to a residual force on the ground. i told president trump this comp if you take all of our troops out,
5:34 am
the taliban will take over and the taliban will align with al qaeda and we will have another 9/11. you cannot protect america with everyone out. residual force is necessary. it was an insurance policy against 9/11. cia and post, the military was an insurance policy against another 9/11 and joe biden cancel that insurance policy against sound military advice and i will say again, if he does not get every american citizen out, if he doesn't get those who fought bravely along our side, the afghans out he has committed a high crime or misdemeanor of dereliction of duty. any military commander will be court-martialed for leading people behind and i think the commander-in-chief owes it to every american citizen and i was a to the afghans who fought along our side to get them out because if we leave them behind they were going to get slaughter. steve: absolutely. after he did that interview with george stephanopoulos where he
5:35 am
said nine-- the "washington post" has got a story this morning , for big mistakes he made in that particular interview including particularly the event commander-in-chief doesn't know we have a thousand dollars-- a thousand guys in syria, but nonetheless, he canceled all of his public statements as of yesterday and now suddenly, i think, 1:00 p.m. this afternoon he will have remarks from the white house. clearly, it hit the fan. it's a whole driven white house as they are looking up holes and going maybe we wanted out, but we did not want to get out of there like this. >> i can tell you for those who want to leave afghanistan, we are blind and naked when it comes to potential another and 9/11. it's imperative we have americans on the ground protecting american interests or we-- are we going to trust the taliban to take care of our interest in afghanistan cracks we could have done this with a small special force type cia type making sure al qaeda
5:36 am
never hits us again. we had an insurance policy against another 9/11 and joe biden canceled it. he has done two things. he's made it harder for america to get allies in the future because we are going to abandon afghans who helped us and quite frankly, he's made another 9/11 tenfold more likely by withdrawing everyone. president trump left troops on the ground as an insurance policy against another 9/11. the french and british are willing to go into afghanistan to get there people out and i would urge president biden to do joint military operations with the coalition of the willing to get everyone out who deserves to be taken out. steve: senator, into our newsroom in the last five minutes we have gotten an interview with an afghan interpreter who is holed up somewhere in kabul and needs to get past the taliban and he can't because there's a thousand people and razor wire and he says i wish i never would have worked with united states of
5:37 am
america and that will be the legacy of this particular surrender, withdraw, whatever you want to call it. >> what we get him through that checkpoint at the taliban believe the united states would be willing to use all of its military might in this endeavor. again, we are duty-bound to get americans out and honor bound to get afghans out and if i were president of the united states i would be working with our allies to come up with a military evacuation plan ensuring all of our citizens get out and those who helped us in our time of need get out and here's what i think, that's not going to happen. i think the military will not go beyond the airbase and airport. i think that's a huge mistake, literally thousands of afghans left behind that most likely some american citizens because we don't have the will to impose on the taliban and evacuation plan in our interest and i do believe and i don't say this lightly, if it joe biden does this, if he leaves a bunch of people behind who helped us, he
5:38 am
deserves to be impeached. that would be a high crime and misdemeanor under our constitution. joe needs to go if he does this speak to someone else who is steamed at him is a nato because with the unit out-- unilateral the united states, suddenly those people are scrambling to get their people out and that's what your point earlier that's why the british and french said to hell with the united states, we are going to get them and they went into the green zone, got the people, put them on airplanes and boom, they are safe. >> steve, let's look at this, never get to the left of the french. if the french are willing to use military force to get their people out and the british are willing to joe-- do it, we should join the effort. why not a joint coalition to get everyone out who honorably served along our side? i've been into afghanistan probably 20 or 30 times and served as a reservist and the translators who helped us, i know them and they deserve to be brought out. we are honor bound to do
5:39 am
this. if we do not do this, it's a stain on our-- i will tell you this, if you ask our military tomorrow, we are looking for volunteers to go to afghanistan to get people out who served with you, there would be a million hands raised. steve: great point. lindsey graham, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. steve: lindsey graham from south carolina. will: to the left of the french, that's a decent motto. we are having breakfast with friends in new york near fort drum. ainsley: soldiers remain in afghanistan today working to evacuate americans under the-- steve: lawrence jones our enterprise reporter is there in the diner. he's getting paid to have breakfast and you are getting an air fall. reporter: guys, it's the job of a lifetime and they are giving up the raw unfiltered truth. meet mckinsey. she's a military spouse. tell me how you feel about what's going on right now, mckenzie?
5:40 am
>> it's disheartening. it's heartbreaking. i'm angry. i'm frustrated. but, i want to show my support for our troops, our soldiers, our americans that are over in afghanistan right now this isn't for nothing. we are here for you. you have all of my support, all of my husbands a support. i feel like our nation as a whole, we are here and i feel like we have to do better as americans. this could have been handled so much differently, so much better. reporter: that's a common thing we hear. thank you. kathy, went to go to you. mindy kitt-- mckenzie said we could have done a better job. what say you? >> i agree. i think we should have
5:41 am
had an exit strategy which i do not think was in place, but i think our soldiers over there might be in more danger because the taliban has taken over and i just wish we could get everyone out including the interpreters, families, american citizens that are over there and of course get our soldiers home safely. reporter: no one left behind. >> exactly. reporter: bob, you are a veteran and you talk about strategy a lot here what needs to happen to get our people out of their? what should have happened? >> well, first of all i want to emphasize, lawrence, that the military is extraordinary at planning contingency operations, best case, worst case and everything in between and i'm confident that the military offered up to our civilian leadership all those options and one situation i like to highlight is the fact that we pulled out of bagram air base a very sophisticated airbase that gave us intelligence platform capability and we pulled
5:42 am
out of their left behind all kinds of equipment and i think that was really poorly planned. we should be pulling out from that location rather than from kabul. reporter: current leaders need to answer for that and lastly i would like you to talk to lee. lee, you all provide so much services for veterans. >> we doing right now especially in trying times in the trauma these soldiers are going through, it's a place where they can come and relax and talk with fellow veterans and are nothing and you know the focus we have at the legion as we are reaching out to our community doing things in our community. we work closely in our community. that's what the legion is all about and with this war and conflict going on, people need that outreach. reporter: thank you. darren, sorry i didn't get to you. to our veterans, thank
5:43 am
you for your service. we are praying for you. it's been a blast being here. i'm going to send back to you. steve: thank you. ainsley: a lawrence, great job. steve: a lot of patriots there. will: let's head to jillian peter she's been waiting. gillian: i did not have to run through an obstacle course this time. good morning. let's start off with the story, four suspects are in custody after this 18-year old boy is shot and killed outside his jewish seminary in denver. police say he was chased through the private school before he was killed, but they don't believe it was a hate crime. the man accused of his murder were reportedly on violent crime spree trick that for the suspect is still on the run. this is the suspects picture. last hour we showed the photo in error when talking about the victim. a train plowed through the side of a semi truck driving parts of it over two football fields before stopping pick the semi was apparently stopped by the gate on the railroad but thankfully no one was
5:44 am
hurt thank goodness if your the fbi reportedly knew a second laptop of hunter biden's has been stolen as early as december 2019 to the federalist is reporting the fbi knew the laptop contained material making the biden family and national security risk and possibly subject to russian influence. president biden has publicly denied wrongdoing by himself or his son and questions are being raised about whether or not the president was receiving intelligence briefings on the laptop or he was left in the dark. that's a look at your headlights. back to you. ainsley: thank you. let's check in with adam, our meteorologist for our fox weather forecast. reporter: and bit of sunshine out here on fox square as we speak, but that's not going to stick around for a long time. a lot of rain up and down the east clothes-- east coast. rain moving through the mid atlantic particularly around the d.c. area and baltimore appear those are flash flood watches and warnings around d.c. with heavy rain the last
5:45 am
couple of hours. the story into the weekend will be a tropical storm henri that will be running up the east coast with wind up to 75 miles an hour eventually becoming a hurricane and maybe making landfall at the end of the weekend. that's a story we will be paying attention to for the week and. back to you. steve: typical friday during the summer. ainsley: thank you. a country star with a whole lot of salsa to perform as part of our all-american summer concert. lee brice is up next. will: first let's check in with dana perino for what's coming up at the top of the hour. reporter: i love to do that tees on friday because i get to see your country music stars and lee brice is certainly one of them. hopefully tropical storm henri will not be so rude to ruin the weekend for us. president biden will speak at 1:00 p.m. today amongst reports that the white house is frustrated with how the public has reacted to the debacle in
5:46 am
afghanistan so we will talk about that. we have congressman winthrop, and also laura logan will be here. see you at the top of the hour. y imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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that's cool, but ours save us serious clam-aroonies. relax people, my wireless is crushing it. that's because you all have xfinity mobile with your internet. it's wireless so good, it keeps one upping itself. steve: you know him from hits like hearted to love and one of
5:50 am
them girls. ainsley: now the award-winning country music star is getting back on the road and he returns to the stage for the first time in over a year. will: lee bryce joins us for the all-american concert series and a special performance of his single, memory i don't mess with. a good morning, lee. >> good morning. how are you? steve: you were in jersey yesterday performing. where are you now? >> speaking of rodeo, we are in connecticut now and across the street is rhode island and we are headed up to call hartford right now. ainsley: in this weekend you will perform at the never forget concert on long island which is for the tunnel to towers a thing. >> absolutely. let's hope the weather holds up so we can get where we got to go and get back. will: you are back with fans out there. it's been a while. i don't went to ask you a generic question and i'm sure it's amazing to have fans, but those of
5:51 am
us that our performers like what is it you feel, what is it that so different that has been missing? >> we have been singing to like just a camera for a year end a half now and for the last six weeks, five weeks, six weeks we had been back on the road in that little hole on-- in your heart as a performer, to feel the energy coming back with a lot of voices and faces, i can see stories in their eyes and that's the part i miss as far as the live performance because we did perform live, but it was through a camera and it's very, very hard to imagine thousands of folks out there rather than having them right there and feeling. steve: lee, to that point, you love performing, but we have all been locked down for a year also and people love to go to the shows because it's like i'm getting closer to normal. >> yeah, that's true and you can see it, getting out there, yes, i'm
5:52 am
getting my fill and my joy, my heart kind of filling out from that part of me, but i can see the faces out there and they have been-- all of our fans, these shows have been crazy fun because i can see that the people had just been craving and yearning to get out and hear live music, to be together and to kind of feel like normal like you said. that's probably the best way to put it. ainsley: we want to play your song. we have about 20 seconds. your story, you grew up in south carolina and then where did you go after that, nashville? >> i went straight to nashville after my spring lake-- break visit from clemson and basically never came back. steve: alright, so as we started the interview you were in new jersey last night and if anyone would like to see him, get your tickets to see lee brice on to read lee so ladies and gentlemen, he's our feature performer for the all-american, concert summer series.
5:53 am
here's lee bryce with "memory i domestic with" ♪♪ ♪♪ red leaves on the river ♪ footprints in the sand ♪ cold walk in december ♪ warming up your hands ♪ sundress on the front steps ♪ ♪ son up by the lake ♪ ♪ blanket down in the backyard ♪ ♪ laying awake ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
5:54 am
moonlight on the backseat ♪ ♪ breeze through the wires ♪ ♪ springsteen on the speakers ♪ ♪ girl, i'm on fire ♪ ♪ that stuff i don't think about ♪ ♪ because it still kills me now ♪ ♪ still can dance around ♪ that memory i don't mess with ♪ ♪ the girl i was obsessed with ♪ ♪ the one i was obsessed with ♪ ♪ girl, you just don't get it ♪ ♪ i fall right back with one slip ♪ ♪ always leave me helpless ♪ ♪ don't hate me, i can't help it ♪ ♪ your memory i don't mess with ♪ ♪ it's good running into
5:55 am
you like this ♪ ♪ but, girl, i'm close as i can get ♪ ♪ you are a memory i don't mess with ♪ ♪ the girl i was best with ♪ ♪ the girl i was obsessed with ♪ ♪ girl, you just don't get it ♪ ♪ i'd fall right back with one slip ♪ ♪ i always leave me helpless ♪ ♪ don't hate me, i can't help it ♪ ♪ gotta leave us where we left it ♪ ♪ you are a memory i don't mess with ♪ ♪ red leaves on the river ♪ ♪ footprints in the sand ♪ cold walk in december
5:56 am
♪ warming up your hands. ♪♪
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> check out will cain you are working overtime today and back tomorrow. >> a long day. i will be on prime time tonight at 7:00. we'll be there together. check out the will cain podcast as well. >> you are doing a great job. >> see you tomorrow on the couch "fox & friends" weekend. i think i'll come back. >> bill: this video from overnight. terror on the streets of afghanistan. men, women and children running for their lives in that picture. will the president respond to those images? he speaks today at 1:00 eastern time. good morning, everybody. at the end of what has been a humiliating national week. bill hemmer live in new york. good morning. >> dana: that sums it up well. i'm dana perino. the president will speak at 1:00. he has only taken questions from an abc interview. they released the entire transcript. i urge you to


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