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tv   The Big Saturday Show  FOX News  August 21, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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this will be a big storm, of course we will be watching it. benjamin: thank you very much. >> that does it for us but stay tuned to fox news, we will bring update on afghanistan and the cyber attack. benjamin and i are back tomorrow at noon eastern. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> hello, i'm aishah hasnie, welcome to the big saturday show there's a lot to cover tonight so let's begin with a fox news alert. thousands of people are trying desperately to flee the country after the taliban take over. there is mass confusion and chaos, especially at the airport. president biden the state
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department are only compounding the problem. biden is americans are able to get to the airport we have no indication they haven't been able to get problem through the airport. we made an agreement with the telegram far, they've allowed them to go through, so we know of no circumstance where american citizens are carrying american passport trying to get through the airport. >> the u.s. military last night had to rescue 169 americans by helicopter were just 200 yards outside of the airport, on the other pentagram back president, revealing americans are being attacked on the way there. >> we know of cases, a small number we know of, we are aware of the radical cases were there is no harassment going on some physical violence has occurred.
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aishah: to make the issue even more obligated tonight, the u.s. embassy and afghanistan issue security alert that reads, because of potential security threats outside the gates at the kabul airport, we are advising u.s. citizens to avoid traveling to the airport and avoid airport gates at this time. the state department says a new isis threat in afghanistan promptly the new warning from embassy tonight. chaos and confusion, taking over in kabul and the rest of the country, journalists who have been covering the war on terror in the country for decades now, it would come as no surprise that there would be a new threat following by the u.s. as they leave the country. charlie, i want to come to you first. president biden his speech friday set al qaeda gone from
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afghanistan but we find out much later that that is not true. listen to have a pentagon explains what the president said to our own jennifer griffin. >> what interest do we have in afghanistan at this time with al qaeda gone? >> we know that al qaeda as well as ice and afghanistan and we have talked about that for quite some time. >> the president said there's no al qaeda presence in afghanistan, that's not correct. >> what we don't think from what we believe is there isn't a presence that's significant enough to merit a threat to our homeland as there was back on 9/11 20 years ago. >> now we have the taliban, al qaeda and isis. charlie, why is there so much disconnect tonight? >> it is astonishing. the best reporters know this,
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the best question the most devastating questions are often simple once and she has done a fantastic job the past couple of days asking simple questions getting astonishing answers. nothing is more astonishing than that. a lot of people are talking about how this is a catastrophe going on for 20 years and i think it has been going on far longer than it should have been going on but this is more than this is a 50 year catastrophe and a lot of place but this is an area where biden was supposed to be the unrivaled expert in washington and this is what we wind up with an nothing is more alarming than listening to the breakdown for much disconnect you pointed out between the president of united states and his top advisers overlooking all of this in fact disconnect raises a couple of questions, are they not telling biden these
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things? is biden lying to us about these things or are they telling biden and biden as forgetting something somehow is unable to address them to the american people? wherever the answer is, it not a good one and there's a good reason i think so many, pulling shows so many americans are deeply concerned about our situation right now. >> and the underlying question, you hit the nail on the head, what did the administration know, when did they know it and why was there such a disconnect? the pentagon press secretary john colby set two days before kabul fell the city was not in any imminent threat and that was a true statement backbend based on what they knew then but benjamin hall was in kabul and afghanistan in november on the ground on camera telling us how close kabul was to falling from at the taliban was essentially taking over the roads in that
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part of the region at night, targeting opposition, killing people that might so did our intelligence just fail us or did something go awry here? >> we have to wonder if this is being seen through a prism because reports on the ground were saying that this was about to collapse weekly and for the white house and the pentagon, that is the surprising thing, the pentagon is supposed to be political, supposed to be doing their job and it's reports like this on the ground that make the press conference on friday an absolute farce. here you have mr. biden sounding like going into the international airport like taking uber to lax is going to be a pushy cop out of the loading zone and that's certainly not the case. multiple reports confirm isis is at the airport which prompted the warning to americans not to come to the airport. that could become ground zero for an attack on our people carried out by isis.
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they're not in an agreement with the u.s. like the taliban is, the only pact they had was with their god. ultimately it's hard to see how this ends well considering how unstable the situation already is given the people ultimately in charge. joe biden, kamala harris, susan rice and ron lim, chief of staff active on twitter but doesn't take any questions from the press, no uncontroverted whatsoever. >> the most troubling part right now are the americans, we don't even know how many are still on the ground right now, our allies trapped in kabul at this hour waiting from the american government on what to do next. their only hope and while the president said americans are not having a hard time getting to the airport defense secretary lloyd awesome says he's heard americans are being harassed and beaten by the taliban on the way back. i afghan friend, a former translator for the u.s.
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government for many years, he has two brothers still on the ground in afghanistan, one in kabul right now, trapped there with his wife and four children, he was a translator as well helped the u.s. military for many years, he's been trying to get out of the country since 2016. he's done everything right, he has all the papers in place, sent everything is at been asked to send, he's not been given the green light to evaluate from the country. lisa, so what does this say about the way we deal with our allies, people who help us on the ground in situations like this? our immigration system, how do we prioritize the people who help us in times of crisis? >> i would say first, what does that say about a country willing to leave their own citizens behind? i'm sorry, that should be our focus as a nation, wrestling fellow americans first and
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foremost and then bring about the fight and afghan people. what does it say about a president, about a country willing to leave their citizens behind? this is worst foreign policy might you sit back and ask yourself, how did we get so much along so quickly and then you watch public statements given, he watched leaders speaking to american people hundred themselves in real time and he realized how they got so much it's around basic things, you know how to be a military mastermind to ask things like, how do we not know how many americans in afghanistan? i we not know who they are or where they are not know how to get a hold of them right did anyone think it's a good idea to remove our military if we are rescuing americans and getting interpreters and allies who fought alongside us out first and foremost and then bring about the military might abandon airfield which is a secure for 20 years in favor of the couple
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airport which has one runway and now the taliban controls the perimeter so basic things you don't have to be a military mastermind looking at commonsense standpoints and how did the generals, all these people were supposed to be, they did it so wrong and as americans, it makes me want to step back and say do i trust anyone in government, can i trust the information being sent? the people are so dumb or willing to lie to us so blatantly and leave americans behind. i am disgusted. i'm sure a lot of people at home feel the same way. >> the clock is ticking from you think about how long we can be there to evacuate not with growing isis trust and the taliban, it doesn't seemed like they would let us stay there longer to evacuate those people, we hope and pray they get out safely. coming up next, joe biden says allies support chaotic why is a
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former commander of the british armed forces saying biden should be court-martialed? next. ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show. president biden says the u.s. has the support of allies around the world. >> i've seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. the fact is, i've not seen it. the exact opposite i've got. the exact opposite for acting from committing to what we said we would do. >> but now it former commander, the british armed forces for any criticism from around the globe say he should be court-martialed. >> our world just became vastly more dangerous. the u.s. government, president biden you mitigated the united states, he cumulated the army states united states army. in my opinion, i don't say this lightly, i've never set about
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anybody else in this position, people have been talking about impeaching president biden, i don't believe president biden should be impeached, he's a commander-in-chief of the u.s. armed forces. he's essentially just surrender to the taliban. he shouldn't be impeached, he should be court-martialed for tray for betraying the united states of america united states armed forces. >> the four fascinating interview with former british armed forces airs tomorrow on life, liberty and living 8:00 p.m. eastern. president biden's predecessor was sort of famous for paying attention to what everybody said, especially if anybody ever said anything good about about him and in the days prior to that astonishing press conference earlier this week, you couldn't turn the tv on without hearing foreign leaders trashing our commander-in-chief
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and trashing the decision he made to withdraw from afghanistan and it's amazing to realize biden seems to be completely out of touch with all this. are you concerned about his state of mental awareness right now? >> euclid at this to the list of what the president got wrong this week. benjamin paul did a great report yesterday .151 over what world leaders were actually saying about, pulling out from afghanistan, he said he stood up categorically and said one by one but they were not kat left afghanistan, as defense secretary set of course al qaeda was going to come back. germany said this was solely an american decision reportedly, she said domestic political reasons, that is incredible and her successor said this is the biggest debacle nato has
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suffered and that's where i think the story moves now on a global scale, what is the future of nato? how can our allies trust our decision-making and what we do support us in these decisions when they feel like they were left essentially in the dark. you have an administration that came in with this idea america is back. we're going to be more transparent, we are going to be different and now people are left wondering, what we go back to? are we back now to 2001? >> exactly. the number of people we've heard say without america was back in this is what we get. lisa, for 50 years joe biden has been a member of good standing of the senate foreign relations committee, he campaigned very much as a globalist candidate, are you kind of shocked how quickly he's managed to alienate global world leaders who were
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clearly desperately rooting for his victory? >> i voice thought he was an idiot which is why i never relied on the media for my information about him and i think a lot of americans right now feel duped by the media that told them joe biden would be a return to normal, our allies would respect us and now look at this, international embarrassment that has massive repercussions for all of us and also the world because of your an actor, are you going to become more hostile looking at a president who turns his back and walks away from the american people? he doesn't do anything in the face of danger, you know china, north korea are going to get even more hostile, terrorist organizations want to use it as to test the watters and see where they can go and one think president trump understood that this president does not as you prevent more by deterrence and strength and he understood that he first took office dropping
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the mother of all bombs in afghanistan think missiles to syria while having chocolate cake president xi jinping and telling him back. this president under joe biden productive doing things like killing the north, the terrorist list trying to engage with iran every step, weakness, weakness and not a dangerous world we are entering into. >> right, strength always beats weakness. bring it home, i think a big reason a lot of people voted for joe biden was because i wanted, i call it the make it stop coalition of voters who just wanted the insanity and chaos in washington to go quiet and i understand why people want to back. clearly, they are not getting back. you think the people are realizing this? >> i think there is definitely buyer's remorse going on and you see the numbers now for joe biden going in to a horrific direction for him and did
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democrat party in general. how to correctly cycle it just wasn't any cake, it was a beautiful cake, i wanted to make that clear. [laughter] >> that's right. >> i've never called something beautiful before, not a problem. they are really corralling -- [laughter] my wife says i look like i'm in my second trimester sarno cake for me. [laughter] , charlie, lisa, i should perhaps the president didn't wait six hours before he made his first phone call to a world leader, maybe that would have inspired confidence for any american taken hostage or worse due to mr. biden's decision which is catastrophic and it could end up being his legacy, you will see an avalanche of gop lawmakers calling for his resignation interview democrat,
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they are not anywhere to be found on cable news, they are not even willing to defend him now. what happens if it deteriorates or adam schiff, nancy pelosi, they are usually all over cnn and msnbc and they are just now put on the back of a milk carton. what does this do to the present domestic agenda? if democrat going to be interviewed or not interviewed as long as afghanistan is in chaos, that would be a long time, how could they move forward with trillions of new spending schools voting initiatives because it's hard to promote an agenda while hiding under a pile of coat, charlie. >> that might be one of the only silver linings of all of this, i forget domestic agenda is absolutely dead but we have to leave it there. still ahead, joe biden has another enemy, mainstream media? ♪♪
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welcome back to the big saturday show, appropriate software. president biden canceling his scheduled trip to delaware, a crisis in afghanistan that will help the criticism from an unlikely source, the mainstream media. >> how does the biden administration miscalculate this intelligence greatly? >> joe biden is going to be the face of the failure of the withdrawal. >> he did not accept responsibly for the catastrophe unfolding. >> friends and foes alike are calling this withdrawal, it debacle and it's one that apparently the administration did not fully appreciate or see coming. >> this is not just about the overall life skills leaving afghanistan, this is about leaving peacefully, secretary,
2:28 pm
how to present biden get this so wrong? >> ali, the media is finally telling the truth, look at this whole, a real clear politics average and joe biden's approval ratings are under water from a 48.6% is approved, 47.8% approved, the media is finally telling the truth, but don't they own this? they're the ones joe biden throughout the 2020 election, don't they own this? >> completely. watching this clip, how the worm turns, it's truly amazing. can you imagine if these people use the same degree of vigor to actually cover the 2020 campaign? it would be amazing. joe biden probably wouldn't have made it but if they covid the fact that he refused to campaign, he hit in his basement, the fact that his party completely cut on full-blown for defense the
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police and he did nothing to do not succumb of the fact that party, he himself embraced this notion of open borders and free healthcare for illegals in this country, it's truly astonishing. under biden's laptop and the clear question about blatant corruption ukraine and china revealed on the laptop, in addition to other things we can't talk about during daytime television but my goodness, if only these people had been around during the campaign, we might have had a fair election. >> that's why it's called the laptop from hell. but joe, media lies to us, the government lies to us, people are starting to pick up on this but there are reports that the biden administration things there's not much fallout at home, people will eventually move on.
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the party tried to shift topics by joe biden giving the press conference on covid. whether media move on? >> i don't think so this time, what we are seeing, the images are so powerful coming out of afghanistan, how do you see this resolving itself in a week or two and particularly at 11? the 20th anniversary, i hate that word when it comes to a negative event but when we mark the 3000 that, you can only imagine what the scene will be like in kabul and other parts of the middle east in terms of celebrations around that and possibly perhaps tax been carried out in a symbolic way so this doesn't go away based on what's going on on the ground. you talk about average holes with biden underwater for the first time just two months ago. that tells you how much he's in a hurry and there has been post to catch up yet and bring down that even further.
2:31 pm
even if there's a miracle, it's stabilized in a month or two, it's hard to see how team biden overcomes inflation with private crime to deal with, or catastrophes to deal with and think about what's the u.s. has become, the more expensive place to live, particularly with for the poor middle-class in a place that essentially no borders. democrats are in series trouble and whoever the nominee is in 2024. >> we are in an environment where we have seen the government like to us in real time about afghanistan or the media and activations abc edited the interview joe biden, how do you get to the truth in today's environment? >> all week i have been asking myself this question, i think a lot of journalists have, too. is this really happening? with everything going on, is this really happening?
2:32 pm
this week with the headline, this case actually happening. this is a major turn for this administration because foreign policy is one thing. the decision to pull out his one think that this is not about the essence of who we are as americans. the question of do we leave our allies behind, how do we handle this going forward? we have people on the ground begging us to take them with them. i just think back to the people that i know who have families who are helpless, hopeless and their families here in america in turmoil, americans, they feel that they will never see their relatives again. i think to myself, i was talking to my friend the other day and
2:33 pm
she said to me, it killed me on the inside and she said why do you think, what you think people are thinking in that part of the world right now? they are thinking this is why we don't trust america, this is why we don't trust the u.s. and i really do believe what happens in the next kabul of days will emanate from for this country. >> this is why i am a skeptic, it's healthier to always question and ask why but right right points all around. moving ahead, straight ahead on the big saturday show the florida governor staff is kicked off twitter but let the taliban have a voice. hypocrisy alert is next. stay with us. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> welcome back to the big saturday show, twitter continues to allow the taliban unrestricted access to it platform, they levied a 12 hour ban on press secretary last night without warning. she tweeted out notifications she received minutes after receiving the band, twitter deemed her tweet toward a reporter as abusive behavior as
2:39 pm
for twitter's policy on the taliban, tuesday's statement read, and i quote, i'm not making this up our top priority is keeping people safe and we remain vigilant, we will continue to proactively enforce our rules, specifically policies against glorification of violence. joe, nobody dissect the media better than you do, can you break this down for us? >> sure, i wrote about this this week as far as the taliban having the ability spokespeople to recruit and act freely on social media, particularly twitter sharing videos and propaganda and so on, there's probably propaganda video that shows taliban fighters wearing u.s. gear, holding us-made weapons in the video has allowed to be state upon video possible
2:40 pm
2024 nominee, press secretary and the press crash all the time over stories all the time. the obama white house was notorious for screaming at reporters over the phone but twitter and its base won't sit back and allow it to happen so they band the 45th president trump but yet still allow the taliban. jack dorsey who looks like he's got tom hanks forecast away to last this to happen, get a razor, clean yourself up. he's an activist and nothing more. sorry, i had to throw that out. >> look at the producers, they got back together in a hurry. >> are they twins? >> if it weren't so terrifying, it would actually be hilarious. you live in florida, you live under the reign of ron desantis
2:41 pm
press secretary, i am assuming you probably rather live in a state where ron desantis press secretary has a twitter account than in a place where the taliban has a twitter account but i'm just guessing from i don't mean to put words in your mouth, what you make of these crybaby reporters the runt of the teacher every time a source pushes back on a story and tries to give a taste of their own medicine? >> they need to grow up, obviously be a little tougher but i think it's a lot bigger than that, to be honest. you look at what twitter doing and facebook and youtube, it's a chilling effect on america and a chilling effect getting the truth out there, fewer and fewer places where you can tell the truth and america and that has big implications for the country because if you say something youtube doesn't like about
2:42 pm
vaccines, they will take you down and monetize you, it's a problem for news organizations and people like us who work in the media to post your own videos, they will take it down and remove it makes people question, am i allowed to post this, can i post this are not? to prevent spectrum getting out there and we talked that come to fruition with the concern over wuhan back at the origin of the coronavirus, your quote you couldn't even have a conversation from a twitter take you down and youtube would take you down. we are preventing this environment where the truth can't get out there, critical truth, too so this is a really big concern and i think people should push back really hard on this because it's having devastating impact on the country. >> i agree. should the taliban be on twitter? >> you know what's interesting because facebook and what's app are moving to try to ban the taliban from their social media
2:43 pm
platforms but the new york times reports that the taliban facebook followers doubled this week so they are not having much success with their efforts it seems and i agree with joe when he says twitter is an incredibly powerful tool for the taliban as it speaks legitimization. that is their goal, they want to be seen as a legitimate government by other governments around the world, they will use it to threaten the afghani people to communicate what they want, they will use it to empower and embolden their own group and cusick to recruit and some even fear in the intelligence community they will use it to coordinate attacks around the world. the serious question this raises, it's not just about social media and whether the spokesperson for the taliban will be verified or a checkmark or not, this is serious because you have to think about what they are doing and what they are
2:44 pm
doing is, they want the dominoes to start falling from a they want people to start seeing them as a legitimate government and you have to wonder how many other countries are going to start to see them as a legitimate government. >> truly astonishing and the leadership of twitter and other social media companies are up to their ears in it without a doubt. let's go from one crisis to another, struck down from remain in mexico role, what does it mean for the search along the southern border? at next. ♪♪
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♪♪ philadelphia, welcome back to the big saturday show. worsen in afghanistan from ongoing crisis but also the catastrophe of the border is only getting worse. the u.s. supreme court temporarily delayed reinstatement of donald trump's remaining mexico policy.
2:49 pm
yet this, there have been over 1.3 million encounters of the southwest border 2021. as the crisis continues to spiral out of control for the biden administration doesn't seem to care. a little pet peeve i have in journalism, we thought terms and assume the audience knows exactly how to define and what it means so what is remain in mexico policy? >> remain in mexico just ensures people traveling from other countries in central america as they cross into mexico first, they will remain there until there immigration process is complete and the united states, for can't just bypass mexico implemented this country. there's title 42 still in effect stemming some of the migrants from coming in and contribute to why we see so many unaccompanied children's being tossed over the
2:50 pm
fence winding up in the middle of the night across the border. this is inherently about how we see what's happening at the border. the white house recently put out a statement which they said central american countries are grappling with corbett and now the delta variant, this is a large part why we see such a surgical for but that is not true. at least i've been there twice now at the border and i have talked to these folks from a variety of different countries and what i am hearing is they lack jobs, there is corruption and the narco and cartel. what are the solutions from the white house for those problem, we haven't heard much about yet. >> i put you on the spot there, how do you define words or more complex policy than is you aced that.
2:51 pm
a host right now, i think we have to submit some names right now. charlie, we mentioned 1.3 filling people crossing the border since the beginning of the year, that was july, now we are august. approaching more like 1.5 million now more than the population of 11 u.s. states. my question is, since joe biden book kamala harris in charge of this many months ago and she's the same person compared ice to the kkk and said illegal migrant pricing should be made legal, she said at a candidate, she should be put in charge of this so is this intentional? change the demographics and places like texas, arizona. >> no doubt it intentional. this is by far as bad thing are in afghanistan, this is the biggest catastrophe political catastrophe we have in our country today. politicians could have saved themselves to truly dollars and soldier's lives and a lot of
2:52 pm
misery in afghanistan, instead of spending 20 years there, they secured our borders and make sure we knew who's coming into our country and we let in people who wanted to be part of our country and didn't let in people who don't want to be part of our country except to tear it down. >> easy question, quick answer for you as far as joe biden put in office for more than 210 days divisive the border despite the catastrophe down there, will he ever do that? >> immigration policies are creating national security crisis, potentially will have 2 million people crossing the southern border this year alone. at the same time, taking in untold amounts refugees and we are being told about their reports please us are being sent out to people in afghanistan no names on them. people are filling them out and trying to show up and get into the united states and it's not like we can call the taliban and
2:53 pm
figure out who some of these people are. even in a perfect world, the visa system is a butte as off. the 9/11 hijackers who had someone who came over on a student visa, we are not in a perfect world, we are in a chaotic world for that betting is imperative because we are creating a national security problem for america. >> something like a quarter of a million migrants that came over the border did not come from central america but other countries and as you said, we don't know who they are to end this big show, our big saturday plus, that reminds me of sophomore year, that's next. [laughter] [laughter] >> i someone who resembles i -- [laughter] >> i someone who resembles i oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team.
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>> welcome back to the big saturday show. it is now time for the big saturday flops. so afghanistan's president fled the country and abandoned his people who for days left wondering where their leader went. this is my big flop for the week. afghan reporter emotional at the pentagon briefing on monday. >> where is my president? people expect he will be with the people. [inaudible]. >> absolutely heart breaking to hear. imagine if our president did something like that, just shocking. charlie, what's your flop? >> so cbs reports that the taliban is empowered by, you guessed it, global warming. thank god afghans don't read cbs
2:58 pm
news because if they did, they would have even more contempts for us. lisa, what is your flop? >> it's always global warming isn't it? my big flop is harris is heading out of town while afghanistan is in crisis. she announces she will stop at her home in california to campaign for governor newsom. which of these campaign advisors thought this was a good idea? the biggest foreign policy disaster playing out in time. 55% of americans don't think she's qualified to be president or can handle the duties. she was polling at 7% in her home state when she was running for the democrat nominee and dropped out before iowa. who had the bright idea that this is the move that's going to seal the deal for gavin newsom? i want him to lose, but not smart. joe, sorry. >> yeah, not a problem. so we had an msnbc host, and he quotes the notorious big song
2:59 pm
what's beef which is actually the song that came out as my wedding to. it was a bizarre attempt to explain the seriousness of covid-19. and let's hear it. i can't describe it. let's play it. >> covid is dangerous. it is lethal. it is a bit like the beef notorious big used to rap about. beef is when i see you guaranteed to be in icu. when covid sees you, you can end up in icu. >> okay. so look, his heart is in the right place. execution, he sounded like dr. evil doing just the two of us with mini me and austin powers two. >> should we have a rap battle between you and him? >> we can do this. i will leave it here. only 40% of african americans
3:00 pm
has the covid vaccine. those numbers are infinitely lower than asians or whites. so it was a good effort, but maybe try a different approach next time. >> thank you, joe for explaining that to us. that does it for us here on the big saturday show. we will see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for the big sunday show. "the fox report" with jon scott starts right now. >> jon: new threats for americans desperately trying to get out of afghanistan, while a hurricane threatens the northeastern u.s. good evening, i'm jon scott. this is the "fox report". we are tracking several major stories at home and abroad right now. the effort to evacuate all americans from afghanistan, a cyberattack at the state department, and a state of emergency declared for those in hurricane henri's path. let's begin with the storm and meteorologist adam clock live in the fox weather center.


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