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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  August 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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eastern on fox news channel or on fox, after it airs. that is how "fox reports" on this saturday, the 21st of august, 2021. i'm jon scott. thanks for spending part of your evening with us. we will see you again tomorrow. >> mark: i'm mark levin. this is life liberty and levin. we have some great guests tonight. before we go to them, i want to talk to you. i was thinking about this before the show, do you realize we have in many respects less liberty today than we did before the revolutionary war? look at taxation. look at taxation.
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it's a disaster. think about it prior to the revolutionary war. look at representation. do we have representation today? do we even try to meet your member of congress lately? it is impossible. and if you do meet your representative, what are you going to tell them? they are passing 2700 pages of omnibus spending bills, and they're doing it in the middle of the night. you have no idea what's in those bills. that's less liberty than you had when we didn't have representation because what happens here is you get to vote, but you don't get to know anything. and that's the great irony of what's taking place. the democrat party has decided that it is going to take control of this country, and it is going to take control of this society in every aspect of this culture. and it's doing so, devouring one piece at a time, and we've reached a pinnacle now, where we either claw our way back or we're going to lose this country. is it too much to ask the 19 republicans in the united states
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senate who sold out at least half of the american people to vote the right way? you look at the founders of this country. they really put their lives and their fortunes on the line. all we ask them to do is vote the right way. and they can't do it, led by mitch mcconnell, the mcconnell republicans, all 19 of them. 30 did the right thing. the mcconnell leads a minority of a minority, 19. he helped grease the skids for what's going to be a massive expansion of already a massive welfare state. most of our laws are not made by congress. they're made by this massive welfare state, unelected bureaucrats, millions of them, who work in allegiance and alliance with the democrat party. and i want to talk about that a little bit in my opening discussion with you. and i want to turn to american marxism. this book has sold three quarters of a million copies. it has received no attention by the left, purposely. it has received no attention by
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the republican establishment, purposely. this book goes around both. it's aimed at you, the people of this country, the people who brought us the reagan revolution, the tea party revolution, the gingrich revolution, and the trump revolution. this is aimed at democrats and republicans and everything in between. this is aimed at blacks and browns and yellows and reds and whites, whatever your physical characteristics are of no consequence. if you love liberty, and you love this country, it is for you. and i am beating the pots and pans because what's taking place is going to be irreversible at some point. it's going to be up to us to do something about it, each and every one of us because you cannot rely on mitch mcconnell on getting him to do a damn thing right. here in part is what i say in "american marxism". it's adapted the allure of
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utopism. the mind is capable of infi in the fantasies -- infinite fantasies, there are common themes, social experiments, imprachtbility and impossibility of which in small ways and large lead to the individual of sub jo gags. -- subjogation. president joe biden and democrat party provide --. -- and a slew of executive orders claiming to end numerous historical and cultural injustices. so too does their demand for absolute one party control over the body politic, through extra constitutional schemes and other means. as marxism does not tolerate the competition of ideas or
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political parties. these efforts include changing the voting system to ensure democratic party control for decades, which has as its purpose the eradication of the republican party and political competition. attempting to eliminate the senate filibuster rule so all manner of laws can be imposed on the country without effective deliberation or challenge, threatening to breach separation of powers and judicial independence, by plotting to pack the supreme court with like-minded ideologues. claiming to add democratic seats to the senate to ensure its control over that body. using tens of billions, now trillions in taxpayer funds to subsidize and strengthen core parts of the democratic party base and facilitating massive illegal immigration, the purpose of which is to among other things all to the nation's demographics and eventually adds significantly to the pro-democratic party voting base. these actions and designs among others are evidence of an
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autocratic, power hungry ideological movement that rejects political and traditional -- and seeks to permanently crush its opposition and emerges the soul political and governing power. the latter explains the obsessive unremitting war against the candidacy and then presidency of donald trump and his tens of millions of supporters. the democrat party aligned with its surrogates in the media academia and the bureaucratic -- colluded to discredit and cripple trump's presidency and destroy him personally, by unleashing an onslaught of slanders, conspiracy theories, criminal and congressional investigations, impeachment and coup attempts, the likes of which this nation has never experienced. the unremitting harmonized and ferocious blitz was aimed not only at the former president but his followers and voters. their purpose was to break the back and spirit of the political opposition and clear the field
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of obstacles to power and governance. indeed the democratic party continues to pursue now private citizen trump, having gained access to his tax returns for the offices of elected democratic officials. now, the campaign to delegitimize and marginalize the democrat party's political opposition is further evidenced by biden's reckless, racial rhetoric and accusing republicans in georgia and now other states of instituting jim crow laws that prevent black citizens from voting, a contemptible lie intended to upset minorities and turn them against the republican party. although weaponizing race is not new to the democratic party, given its historic pedigree, from supporting slavery to segregation, and biden's vocal and active opposition to integration, early in his senate career, it is shocking to witness this grotesque rebirth as a political tool. the democrat party seeks to empower itself by breaching constitutional firewalls,
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skirting, if not eradicating rules, traditions and customs, adopting marxist language of class warfare and aligning with marxist groups and ideological causes among other things. moreover it is using the instrumentalities of the government for its political empowerment and purposes. the truth is that the interests of the democratic party come before those of the country, an allegiance to the party is more important than fidelity to the country. it holds these characteristics in common with other autocratic and communist parties throughout the world. a professor of public policy at pepperdine university makes a persuasive case that today's so-called ruling class or elites -- [inaudible] our country. here's what he said in an essay, today he says we have a very different elite than america did as recently as the 1980s in terms of their nature, goals, ambitions, style, and ways of
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exercising power. the deepest fact of our time is that america has a bad elite, one whose skills, values, goals, tastes and types of knowledge are hostile to our nation's inherited cultures and people. the new elite that has emerged in the last generation or two has no interest in preserving anything but perhaps their own power. they lack historical knowledge and vision, which they supplant by -- or exchange for the powers of transformation and change. intoxicated by the power of possible, with emerging technologies, inspired by visions that only a globalist perspective can make attractive. this elite thinks of creative destruction as applied to culture, as winners in what they imagine to be americacratic struggle they can see nothing of inherited world preserving for their success. the characteristics of the revoling power given to our new
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elite the soul offed aless -- of -- adolescent art. for them streamlining power is key to creation and the obstacles to their creation are not checks to prevent tyranny but rather limitations, unnecessary friction in the headlong rush to transformed. this new elite, he writes, for instance, the good of free speech has become invisible because for them, free speech is simply friction, resistance to their goals. the elimination of hate speech is the goal, and the unimpeachable good that the openness of free speech prevents. and half a generation a work of centuries is undone and the levers of tyranny put in place. that's the best i think you can say of the contemporary elites. what he's describing there
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wittingly or unwittingly is the markist mindset. you have heard this before and i had it at the end of liberty and tyranny, when a great ronald reagan said words that will go down in the history forever more, freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, for one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the united states, where men were free. is it too much to ask these 19 senate republicans to vote the right way? we didn't ask them to fight the british crown. we didn't ask them to put their wealth on the line. we asked them to vote the right way. instead they sold us out. do they not understand what's swirling around in this country, that our very liberties, our form of government, our economic
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system, our sovereignty are all at stake? what is with these people? they fight like hell because they want to govern, and they don't govern. they capitulate. they sell out. these are the mcconnell republicans. this is a disaster. that infrastructure bill laid way for what is now a massive transformation of america that will make the fdr new deal look like a walk in the park, and they do it with 50 democrat senators, with a majority of four to five votes in the house of representatives, with no mandate whatsoever, with no input from the american people, with no committee hearings at all, yes, we were freer before the american revolution than we are today. what a disgrace. i will be right back. [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected.
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adds enormously to our debt. can you give us some of the details? >> i like what you call it, mark, which is the bankrupting of america act, and that's exactly what this is. august 10th, 2021, this past week is probably going to go down in history as one of the blackest days in american congress where the united states senate voted for 4.5 trillion dollars of additional spending. that's the infrastructure bill and this additional 3.5 trillion dollars new great society program. this is not an infrastructure bill. it is basically a green energy bill. it's the green new deal. aoc is happy as a clam right now. they got virtually everything they wanted, from, you know, massive newment as of money for -- new amounts of money for mass transit. there's tens of billions of dollars for high speed rail and amtrak, and how long are we going to continue after 50 years to continue to pour money into the government-run railroads? there is only by my estimate about one out of over four
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dollars in this bill goes for what americans want, which is roads, highways, airports, fixing the potholes, that's not what we got here. i would ask those, i'm so angry as you are at those 19 republicans who voted for this bill, in the united states senate, and some of whom i admire by the way, i would ask them what did you get? you know, the democrats got everything they want. can you point to one thing, mark, because i can't, the republicans got? there's no keystone excel pipeline. we have a president here who is approving a pipeline, green-lighted a pipeline from siberia russia to germany but won't allow a pipeline from north dakota to houston. republicans should have insisted on these. i don't see in a compromise, you know, you get something, but i don't see anything that republicans got. it was a total victory for the left and for joe biden. >> mark: i will answer your question, because the republicans are stuck. they are stuck in an old narrative where the democrat party is in a completely new narrative. they want to fundamental
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transform this society, from our classrooms with critical race theory, with open borders, our economic system. they talk like marxists about class warfare, the oppressed, the oppressor, the victim, the victimizer. they go on and gone about these things. -- they go on and gone about these things. they are being led by the hard left in their party, for some reason they fear them and for some reason they have become them. this is how they see the surest way for absolute power. they want absolute power. that's why they want to change our constitutional system. that's why they want to change the courts. that's what autocrats do. the referees are out. they stack the senate. they stack the courts. they stack the voting system, and then you can never win. you can't even challenge. you can see what happens, steve moore, free speech is under attack. academic freedom is under attack. freedom of association is under attack. the bill of rights, which includes the 2nd amendment, they are all under attack. that's what's going on, and that's why i'm so furious with these 19 republicans.
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they can't even stand up to this? they can't even say to the democrats i'd be curious of your opinion, we're not voting for anything. you secure that southern border. you prevent millions of people who are coming in here illegally, including with the virus and criminals and other people, or you're not getting a damn thing. they can't -- they go down there and complain about what's taking place, but they act like they don't have any votes. there's 50 of them. they can do something, can't they? >> well, i listened intently to your opening statement, and i think you are right in terms of the horrors that are going on. i would add one thing to what you said, mark, and that is who is the big winner here? i mean, globally who is the big winner of the bankrupting of our country? by the way, this is now 6.5 trillion dollars of additional spending, the biden democrats have passed, in some cases with aiding and abetting by these 19 republicans. 6 1/2 trillion dollars, that's
4:21 pm
more money, mark, than we spent to fight the revolutionary war, civil war, world war i and 2, to build the interstate highway system and when reagan won the cold war, you add all those expenses together and they are not as much as the biden democrats have spent this year alone. and so this is i think it is going to cause a financial catastrophe. i think you are going to see raging inflation. we got a report this week that shows inflation is now, you know, at 5 1/2%, which is the highest level it's been in 25 years. those numbers are going to go up if we continue to -- [inaudible]. my point is the big winner here is china because we are debilitating our own free enterprise system, and if these kinds of trends continue, china, i never thought i would say these words will become the world economic superpower because our own congress is bankrupting our country. >> mark: you are right. the problem is from within. the greatest threat we have now is from within. >> it is. >> mark: this attack on the
4:22 pm
capitalist system, the attack on the constitutional system is like something we have never seen before, and i would add to your point about china, steve moore, that we're doing more damage to ourselves than china could ever even dream of doing to us. and i look at this, and i say to myself, the american people aren't in for this. the american people didn't vote for this. joe biden said he was a moderate. he's nothing like bernie sanders. he is bernie sanders. this is the bernie sanders agenda. bernie sanders isn't a democratic socialist. he's never been a democratic socialist. he is what he is. he's an old brooklyn [inaudible]. i remember guys like this. he's got control of the democrat party. the democrat party wants more control. i heard ed markey say who is from massachusetts, i heard him say, steve moore, this is only the beginning. we've got a lot more to do when it comes to the economy and to climate change and all the rest of it. this is a first step, and so people need to understand, they are never going to be satisfied
4:23 pm
because people who stir the pot like this and turn systems inside out and create all kinds of horrendous consequences, some predictable, some not, they never look in the mirror. they are never circumspect. it is the fact they don't have enough power or your money or control. this is the first step? you talk about 6.5 trillion. that doesn't even include the 6 trillion dollars proposed budget by joe biden, does it? >> that's right, well put. you know, so we're talking about numbers that i never thought we would ever be talking about in this country. when i first came to washington, 35 years ago, when ronald reagan was president, i remember when we passed the first trillion dollars budget. we weren't very proud of that. but now here we are, you know, 30 some years later, and we're at 6 trillion. and the 6 trillion on top of that, and it is very frightening. our interest costs are going to go through the roof. i think you will see higher
4:24 pm
inflation, and i think that the big winners here are going to be the chinese and our foreign competitors who are probably as trump used to say they are laughing behind our back right now. >> mark: when we come back, steve moore, in the end, what are the consequences for the average american when we spend like this, when we try to manage an economy this way? we will be right back.
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>> jon: welcome to fox news live. i'm jon scott. hurricane henri is making a beeline for the northwest coast at this hour. -- northeast coast at this hour. expecting to make landfall tomorrow afternoon on new york's long island or southern new england. hurricane conditions and heavy rain could start as early as tonight. this is the first hurricane to hit the region in 30 years. some neighborhoods could see as much as 10 inches of rain. disturbing developments in afghanistan as the u.s. military continues evacuations from kabul's international airport. defense officials say there are potential security threats outside the airport from the islamic state. the u.s. embassy in kabul warns americans not to go to the airport until they are given specific instructions of what to do. 17,000 people we're told have been evacuated in the past week. i'm jon scott. now back to "life, liberty, and levin".
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>> mark: welcome back. steve moore, great economist, i want to ask you this, you and i lived through massive double digit inflation, when interest rates -- i remember at one point they were like 20% or close to 20%, mortgage on your house was 12 1/2%, and it was a disaster, and nobody knew if america would ever survive this, and reagan and volker basically had to bring down the economy in order to bring it back, and a lot of people suffered horrifically and we were lucky to get out of that. my question to you is this is far worse than anything richard nixon ever did. this is far worse than anything lbj ever did. the numbers are just beyond belief even when considering ironically inflation. what is in store for the american people if this keeps up? >> let me just give you one concrete example, so this week, we got a new inflation report
4:30 pm
that shows that the inflation rate is now rising at about 5 1/2% on an annualized basis. those are very high rates of inflation. we have been used to about 2%. here's what is interesting we got a jobs report on friday, joe biden saying look at the big pay raises americans are getting, 4% pay raise. if your inflation rate is going up 5 1/2%, they are getting a 4% pay raise, you are losing money. right? your paycheck is shrinking. so inflation is a thief. it shrinks the value of the dollar. that's a lesson we should have learned from the 1970s. what really frustrates me, because i was part of the reagan revolution, you were too, and reagan came in and did some really important things. we cut tax rates. we got inflation down. nobody thought it was possible. he did it. we did welfare reform. we said look, we're going to help people, but you have to work for the benefits. we're going to get people back into the workforce off of welfare. we deregulated the economy. everything that is in these
4:31 pm
bills, and this 3.5 trillion dollars bill that's coming up, mark, and we're going to be debating this i think through christmas, this is like world war iii. we cannot allow them to do this. every bad idea, you know, they want to reregulate the economy. they have got critical race theory in here. they have this modern monetary theory idea that they can keep powering and not going to cause a collapse. it is so bad. it's got all the election so called reforms. it gets rid of voter id. i mean every bad idea that you talk about every night on the radio, it is in this bill, and we cannot allow it to happen. 40 billion dollars more for the irs. this is a critical moment for the conservative movement to rise up against this, peacefully obviously, but we will spend decades undoing the damage that the biden democrats want to do over the next three or four months >> mark: what kind of a representative system is it where you have these massive bills, written by democrat staffers that members,
4:32 pm
particularly republicans don't even know what's in it until it is time to vote, where the american people have no transparency whatsoever? it is they. it is we whose lives are going to be affected by this. we don't even know what to say if we call a member of congress about what's in these bills, and to undo these things? did we undo obama care? little tiny piece of it, the individual mandate, it's still with us. it is still a disaster. you have also written that they are stealing money out of medicare and medicaid, which the trustees say are going to go bankrupt in anywhere from two to four years. they are stealing money out of medicare by increasing the amount of benefits and spreading them more broadly. so how are you going to fund medicare, medicaid? trillions, tens of trillions of dollars more are going to be necessary. i don't think that the extent of this disaster is fully understood because we have a corrupt media that will not report what's taking place, both in terms of our constitutional republic and in terms of our fiscal state.
4:33 pm
what say you? >> i completely agree. and look, let's put this in a language that people can understand because we talk about this budget in the millions and billions and trillions of dollars, and it's incomprehension -- it is incomprehension large. every time a baby is born in the united states in the maternity ward and the parents are holding the newborn infant, that child is being tagged with a $750,000 share of the national debt, $750,000 -- it is like adding a mortgage on to the toe of a young child every time they are born in this country. i mean, this is fiscal child abuse what's happening. we're passing these massive debts on to our children. everyone knows it is wrong. i don't care if you're a liberal, conservative, independent, you know it is wrong. and yet they believe that they can continue to borrow at this pace and spend at this pace. it is a massive shift away from resources in the private sector to resources commanded by
4:34 pm
politicians and the government. and that is totally contrary to our free enterprise system and what our founding fathers set up which is a limited government with innumerated powers. >> mark: this kind of spending is not unusual in autocracies or democracies that are collapsing. in kind of spending is not unusual -- this kind of spending is not unusual when the people of power are trying to hold on by their fingernails on to that power. a great republic, a massive economic engine like this to take steps to destroy itself. i'm going to go back to this, steve moore, and for 19 republican senators to help it go along and pretend otherwise is an absolute disgrace. we used to have what they called hawks. we used to have social conservatives. we used to have what was called fiscal conservatives. everybody was able to rally around the fiscal conservatives. we don't even have that anymore.
4:35 pm
that's how bad this has gotten. steve moore, thank you for your voice out there and keep up the fight and god bless you. >> thanks, mark, back to you. >> we will be right back. it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because it's not just for kids. fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. whooping cough vaccination fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win.
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>> mark: welcome back, america. our next guest steven miller, former advisor to president trump, he's the founder of america's first legal, excellent group. steven miller, i want to ask you a couple questions to begin with. first of all, joe biden is obsessively attacking governor desantis of florida because joe biden as we all know is a top medical and health expert, and he's been right about so much in his career and during his senate career and as a president and as a candidate of course when he was attacking vaccines and so forth. so this constant politicization
4:40 pm
of the vaccine and the constant politicization of mask wearing, while at the same time, the president is solely responsible really under the constitution for securing the southern border, and he could care less how many illegal aliens come into this country from all other corners of the planet who have coronavirus, who have the delta variant, maybe have some other diseases long successfully fought off by americans healthcare system. even worse you've got rapists, sexual predators, ms 13 coming across the border, what kind of mentality does it take for a president of the united states when he has the power to do something on the southern border allows this kind of mayhem to take place and then keeps attacking republican governors? >> i think you have to begin by understanding something, mark, that you have covered so extensively, which is that the
4:41 pm
left wing program is intentional, not accidental. you really have to begin there. in other words, what's happening on the border isn't a case of a bunch of hapless bureaucrats unable to maintain order. are they hapless? absolutely. are their bureaucrats? of course. but is there a design behind it? is there a plan behind it? absolutely. people in the white house working for this president, people at dhs working for this president are systematically taking affirmative steps every single day to make it as easy as possible to come into this country illegally, including if you are carrying a disease, including if you have a very serious illness, variations of coronavirus, the delta variant, you name it. now, why is he attacking desantis at the exact same time as he is responsible for the greatest epidemiological disaster in the world right now,
4:42 pm
which is our southern border? and the reason for that is because they are using the public health situation as a political weapon with the help of the media and with the help of foe scientific experts. what i mean by that is and they have demonstrated this for months now, if they can get a fake news network like msnbc, get a very liberal scientist on tv and attack desantis, attack other republican leaders because they're not locking down, because they are not shutting down, hoping this will scare away suburban voters, but i truly believe that americans are getting wise to this, and they are seeing that this administration cares nothing for science, cares nothing for public health, and has only two goals in mind, one, an open border to expand the party's power, and two, to expand the reach and authority of the government to control citizens.
4:43 pm
that's it. >> mark: you know, steven miller, the delta variant has been known since december of last year. it started in india. are you aware of anything dr. fauci or the nih or hhs or the nonexistent fda commissioner or this president has done to address the delta variant from a scientific or a vaccine perspective any time in the last eight months? you know, donald trump grabbed the issue of the virus, operation warp speed. do we have some kind of operation warp speed going on? and if it is, isn't it the greatest secret right now in the country? >> yes, the best kept secret in the country. well, you've actually hit on the essential point, which is that president trump's approach to fighting the pandemic was all science, and what i mean by that is that he put his emphasis on medical marvels that included creating three vaccines in record time. it also included pioneering
4:44 pm
therapeutics to treat the illness itself, right, because a vaccine you take before you are sick to keep you from getting sick and then a treatment or a therapy is something that you do to reduce the severity of illness once you are sick. you may remember that president trump emphasized therapeutics. where is this administration on therapies for sick people? >> mark: they are nowhere. i'm not aware of anything they are working on, anything they're working on with the private sector. you know full well if they were, they would be touting it as the next great invention. we will be right back. t you tak, sgt. houston. thank you. that was fast! one call to usaa got her a tow, her claim paid... ...and even her grandpa's dog tags back. get a quote.
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4:49 pm
has ever seen, during a pandemic, they are proposing to effectively eliminate the legislative filibuster by using an arcane budget process to enact a citizenship bill to enact amnesty for this nation's illegal alien population. what that will mean is first, there will be a run on the border that makes even today's apocalyptic conditions look tame by comparison. secondly, every single illegal alien who is given citizenship through the power of chain migration will be able to bring in their entire extended families and their extended families and their extended families after them to the 20th power. what it means is that it is not just whatever number you want to use, the illegal immigrant population here today, but unlimited chain of relatives all across the world, so we will have effectively created a new
4:50 pm
nation comprised of illegal aliens from a population standpoint. in other words, the numbers will be so large, tens of millions that will be able to come into the country. it will be like adding an entire large country into our country, and it will be done buried within this 5 trillion dollars budget bill that they are hoping to pass on a pure party line vote 50, 50, with the vice president breaking the tie. this is real. this is dangerous. this is happening as we speak. people need to wake up. >> mark: it is an amazing thing to see how little concern there is among republicans on capitol hill on the senate side. of course we have a corrupt media who thinks this is all swell. it is just shocking to me how little discussion there is about this right now, and it's because they put these things in these massive bills. they pretend they are budget bills, and they are going to
4:51 pm
have an enormous effect on the american people. i want the american people to understand everything i have written in american marxism is in this bill. >> uh-huh. >> mark: whether it is no sovereignty. remember what gallup said. gallup said 42 million south of the border. that's just south of the border. forget about the rest of the world, said if they could, they would come to the united states. what biden is saying is come to the united states. what the democrats are saying is come to the united states. but all the rest of it, this massive degrowth movement that they dress up as climate change and a green new deal, the economics of that, how that will impoverish so many americans and the war on success, the destruction of the voting system, to make it so only one party can ever win, blowing out the republican state legislatures so they have no say on and on, steven miller, you study history, this is probably the most diabolical presidency and diabolical democrat party probably since slavery, don't you think?
4:52 pm
>> joe biden is the vehicle, the vessel that american marxists have been waiting for their entire lives to advance the radical program, and what they are doing is they are putting it all into one bill, everything you just listed off, from the equity agenda, to the destruction of voting rights, to the climate agenda to of course the open borders agenda, and they reason if we did this in five or six bills, we would get crushed by the sheer weight of the exercise. they think if we do it all at once, in one giant bill, maybe we can get away with it. ultimately it is up to all of us. it is up to everyone watching this program, and it is up to all the american people to say to their senators no, do not pass this bill. do not destroy our country. do not take away our treasured american way of life. >> mark: the focus, the thin reed we have between tyranny and
4:53 pm
liberty here, the focus has to be on manchin of west virginia and sinema of arizona every other democrat senator is marching behind. these two are posers to moderation and posers to the middle and now every american in this country needs to contact their offices and make it abundantly clear that they expect them to stand up to this. it also shows one other thing steven miller we are always one election away from tyranny because if the democrats ever take 51, 52, 53 seats, they will ram through whatever they have to -- they don't play within the boundaries of the constitution. they play outside the boundaries, do they not? >> they play as far outside of the boundaries as they need to. part of being a progressive is believing the rules don't exist. they are whatever you need them to be to serve their agenda at the moment. i will close by making this point. change happens slowly until it happens all at once. we have all been witnessing for
4:54 pm
generation as the transformation of our country, economically, socially, culturally and otherwise, but now is the all at once phase. this is the effort to finish the job for the marxists by passing one bill to create permanent power for their agenda, their vision, and their party. that's how serious this is. mark kelly, the arizona senator who has not yet said where he stands, and he needs to be told by his voters do not support this bill. >> mark: all right, steven miller, beautifully said, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> mark: we will be right back. welcome to allstate. where you can pay a little less and enjoy the ride a little more. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now, get new lower auto rates with allstate.
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mark: welcome back, america. i started the program by saying in so many respects we have less freedom today than before the american revolution, and we
4:59 pm
truly do. should the democrats succeed in their next step that will take the sect several months, we'll have less freedom than we have ever had as a people. there will be countries freer than ours. what's happening here is the american marxists hijacked our system. they are trying to do with 50-50 vote in the senate with the help of 19 republicans, the 4 or 5-vote majority in the house, something that has never been done in this country before. trashing the united states constitution. trashing the economic system and american sovereignty. our enemies think this is a grand thing as they sit back and watch it. your liberties are being stolen by omnibus bills. by weak republicans.
5:00 pm
by marxist movements. they are being stolen. we still have time. we have a few months. pass the word. get your copy of "american max marxism." i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jets *. jets -- i'm jesse watters. the hostage cry is. you can only hide for so long. biden hid when he was in the senate and during the campaign and during covid. first he killed vaccine confidence with the j & j pause. then he killed the border. now


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