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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 21, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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remember i'm watters and this is my world. with [♪♪♪]judge jeanine: hello and we to "justice." there is breaking news tonight as many americans and our afghan allies remain in danger overseas as the terrorist organization and brutal anti-american regime is once again in control of afghanistan. which brings me to my open. mark this day as the day the united states of america officially fell from grace as the world's super power due to
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the ineptitude, incompetence and dereliction of duty by a so-called commander-in-chief. a fumbling, idiotic, confused lying fool, incapable of extricating innocent americans and afghan allies from behind enemy lines in the war zone we entered 20 years ago. as american families of those trapped behind enemy lines. as afghani americans whose family helped us, as americans much all walks of life are glued to this crisis on television. they are met with government officials who are not only not candid, confused or outright lying. >> no one is being killed right now. god forgive me if i'm wrong about that. but no one is being killed right now. judge jeanine: that's a lie. that doesn't include people
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falling out of airplanes or remains being found in a wheel well? take a listen to this one. >> is the taliban takeover of afghanistan inevitable? >> no, it is not. judge jeanine: clearly the taliban has taken over. they have our weapons. and we can't even get americans to the airport. >> there will be no circumstance where you will see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. judge jeanine: i guess i shouldn't believe my lying eyes. take a look at your screen right now. joe, what do you call this? what are you talking about? >> let me be clear. any american who wants to come home, we'll get you home. judge jeanine: how do you expect any american in danger overseas to even believe you. one day you tell us to proceed
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to the airport but you cannot provide safe passage to that airport. the next day americans are told to proceed to the airport anyway. today we are told not to go to the airport. this in spite of your promise that you will use every resource to carry out the mission. you can't guarantee pass and to an airport in a third world country we controlled for 20 years, and you give up the bagram air force base, which is one of the most advanced military bases in the world? you leave us the united states with one air strip? you see the taliban. that's right. outside the airport with all kinds of sophisticated weaponry. you own that, joe. you gave it to them. you are the one too busy or too dumb as you go back and forth on your vacations to protect americans, not to even mention
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the southern border. we are now on the razor's edge. you believe americans, american citizens who put their lives on the line for america. barbarians who shoot women who won't cover their faces. who take young girls as brides. who have daily carnivals to watch the stoning of women and gays to death. you leave american citizens and afghan allies who put their lives on the line for america when there was no reason? you don't have the lightest idea what you are doing. you are clueless. but more than that, you are dangerous. and you believate about how you are being received so well by the international community.
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you are america is back. hey, stupid, the u.k. parliament condemned the united states, holding joe biden in contempt for the debacle in afghanistan. the head of german chance lower merkel's party described the withdrawal as the biggest nato debacle since its founding. while the brits and the french stunned by the unilateral withdrawal from the united states without even an email or phone call or return call to prime minister boris johnson. the brits and the french damped the torpedoes and did what everybody in america would be expected to do which is get out from behind this make believe barrier and get out and rescue their citizens. but you do nothing of the kind. remember the brit, the french, the germans, the dutch, the
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aussies, they are not there because they were attacked. they are there because we were attacked on 9/11. they did this for us you ungrateful tone death taxpayer funded career politician. mr. cool. do you even give a damn or is this all about schooling up millions like your drugged up son. you were so dumb you don't even admit the fear, the chaos, the hysteria as children 0 shot and beaten and brutalized. people running from taliban gunfire. you are too cool to admit that. no, nobody died? no one has died? are you watching cartoons all day? you have single-handedly put americans in danger. you single-handedly outsourced
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the protection of americans to the taliban. and don't act so stunned. everyone knew what you and barack were doing by emptying out gitmo, even civilians like me 10 years ago. could it be mr. president he was your excuse to release five terrorists from gitmo. those men the worst of the worst. some wanted by the u.n. for mass murders. they hate america and everything we stand for. and you released them. knowing many would return to the battlefield. the truth? this dirt bag on your screen now who your friend obama released for another dirt bag, a deserter by the name of beau bergdahl is back on the battlefield. not only back on the
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battlefield, he's in charge of the taliban. you fools! we were warned you were inept. we knew in our hearts you were. you consistently had the worst foreign policy strategy and diplomatic responses in recent history. the truth its, mr. president, you should not only be impeached as commander-in-chief, you should be court-martialed. that's my open. let me know what you think on facebook page and twitter #judgejeanine. joining me, senator lindsey graham. i understand now we have another guest, national security advisor robert o'brien.
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judge jeanine: sorry for the technical difficulties. joining me to talk about the continuing terrorism in afghanistan. what did you think of my open? >> you must have shut count airways because we do the shut down. everything you said is true. but i am worried we are running our people from taliban into the isis hands. it's like the jurassic park of terrorism. people are together in a big wad outside the airport. how easy would it be for a suicide bomber to blow up our troops and all the people to get out. we need to push the perimeter back at the airport.
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we need to reopen bagram air base and cancel the august 31 deadline. this is a disjointed half ass effort. it's not the quality of the intelligence, it's the quality of the man receiving the intel. he was wrong about iraq. he was wrong about killing bin laden. he got in front of the world and said al qaeda is out of afghanistan. good god, is the man brain dead? he also said the taliban are wading people through the checkpoints. does he not have a television? he says our allies agree with what he's doing. i'm worried about an isis attack at the airport that could kill thousands of people including
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americans who are sitting ducks. if we don't change his plan quickly we'll get people killed by isis, not the taliban. judge jeanine: it seems no one is in charge. when you say we should take back the bagram air base, how do you do that? what leverage to we have when we get up and leave in the middle of the night and don't tell our nato partners we are leaving and don't even answer their phone calls, what leverage to we have to take back bagram. >> we have the finest military in the world and we should use it to save americans trapped behind enemy lives. take the air base by force if you have to. tell the taliban we are going to fight to get our people out. if you want a fight you will have one. but we are going to stay until we have our people out.
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we'll move the perimeter back at the airport so we can have some organization. and we are going to cancel the august 31 deadline. we are going to reopen the bagram air base. it's in the middle of nowhere. and tell the tall badge if you get in our way, we'll crush you. i have never been more disappointed or disillusioned to be an american citizen as i am right now. we have a commander-in-chief who is incapable of putting this together. he was giving different options. he close the most dangerous and dishonorable option available. he did the same damn thing in iraq. this plan we are trying to execute will get a lot of americans killed because isis will take advantage of the chaos at the airport. we need to fix this and fix it
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quick. >> obviously the thought of sending more troops in is one that doesn't seem pal thattable to a lot of people. it will simply be as you suggest for the purpose of getting americans and our allies out. why is no one trying to get our afghan allies out. we are opening the southern border tore drug dealers and everyone else. and we don't seem to give a damn. they have aligned themselves with americans to the point where they will die if they are left there. >> i can speak for one group and one group only. i don't poll when i decide what to do about afghanistan or iraq. i go there. i have been to iraq and afghanistan 57 times. i saw this coming a long time ago. thank god president trump thanked a conditioned based with montreal. if you ask the military would
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you risk your life to go back into afghanistan to get our people out they would say yes. we may lose some people if we do this. but what we'll lose if our honor if we don't do this. you can fight this war in our backyard or the enemy's backyard. if you are going to have partners you have to have honorable actions toward those partners. we had the ability to open up bagram. let's do it. let's do what the french and germans are doing. going out and getting our people. and cancel the august 31 deadline. there is no way in hell we'll get it done by then. we have a commander-in-chief who doesn't have the understanding for the situation presenting
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itself for our nation. a lot of people are going to get killed if we don't change soon. judge jeanine: it's not just that he doesn't understand, he understands. he doesn't have the will. and he put us on the world stage. we are literally as you say now on our backs. but thank you, senator lindsey graham. we delve deeper into biden's destruction of biden's credibility on the world stage and what it means for our safety here. robert o'brien is next.
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jackie: welcome to fox news live. millions of people in new york and new england brace for the arrival of tropical storm henri *. it might move toward connecticut or rhode island creating destructive storm surges and leaving behind mass flooding and power outages. on the other side of the country a major threat as high winds fan a wildfire in northern california. more than a dozen wildfires in california. some fire officials fear they may continue to burn through december. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." >> i seen no question of our
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credibility with our allies around the world. i spoke with our nato allies. the fact of the matter is i have not seen that. as a matter of fact the exact opposite. we are acting with dispatch and committing to what we said we would do. judge jeanine: no question of credibility? really? in reality as the world watches the horrific images that continue to pour out of afghanistan. can the united states restore credibility after biden's disastrous response? former trump national security advisor robert o'brien joins me to weigh in on that and more. good evening. >> good to be with you, judge. >> how do we show that we mean what we say and how do we get our americans out of afghanistan after having virtually given the taliban all of our weapons?
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>> i think on the second question, senator graham had some good ideas about reopening bagram and extending the perimeter around the kabul airport. the british and the french are sending out elite units to gather their citizens. judge jeanine: we are not. >> we need to start and we need to get those americans home safety. what i'm concerned about is the bigger picture and what comes next. you see what the chinese are doing with the global times. they published an editorial for the people of taipei. they say this is your future. the americans are going to abandon you and you will be surrendering to us shortly. that is the sort of thing that
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hurts our credibility. john radcliffe and i got together and came up with a few things that would have bipartisan support. we have to first take care of the americans and get them home. and salvage our credibility in afghanistan. then reestablish american leadership among our allies. we'll pay for this crisis for many many years going forward. judge jeanine: i guess i can take from that that you believe we suffered on the world stage, that china is in a position to take advantage. i understand that china and russia are doing joint military exercises. are you aware of that? >> we are. they are some of the biggest exercises conducted by any country the past 30-40 years. that's to send a message to our friend and allies in the pacific.
6:28 pm
that they are on the move, they are powerful and the u.s. suffered a massive defeat and they should come over to the side of the authoritarian. we need to speed up the delivery of weapons that taiwan already bought from the united states. we need to get those weapons to taiwan immediately. we need to renegotiate our contract with the marshall islands. we need to put a coast guard cutter in american samoa. in america samoa where you have 50,000 americans, they have no american presence. and they are being ravaged by illegal chinese fishing. it would be important to send a message to taiwan when the world
6:29 pm
things we are down. >> the question is does the president have, number one, lack of intelligence. i think it's lack of the president's intelligence. he doesn't have the intelligence or the will to do anything you and the other experts are recommending. we are sitting ducks in afghanistan. we can't even get our people out. we have got this guy milly and the head of the joint chiefs milly and the secretary of defense austin. i understand you were in the room when trump was there, and you asked what would be the consequences of pulling out the troop. my understanding is milly said there would be terrible consequences and you couldn't do that until the americans were out. do you remember that? >> the president made it clear he did not want a saigon-style exit.
6:30 pm
thee need to move to the pacific. and he said i don't want a saigon-style retreat from afghanistan. he knew that and general milley knew that. that was our policy. the president didn't want to leave any equipment behind in afghanistan. the taxpayers have paid billions of dollars. the taliban will be one of the best equipped armies in the entire world. the president understood this. when president trumplets office there were 5,000 nato troops there. 2-1. president trump who negotiated with nato to make sure there were 5,000 nato troops there as well. kabul was free and the situation was under control. we have got to get back to that situation at least long enough to get back to evacuation of our
6:31 pm
citizens. we need to get them to safety as soon as possible. judge jeanine: if we don't, we'll be the ugly americans. we'll be people information whom people put their lives on the line and ended up dying. robert o'brien, thanks for being with us. just as i thought. milly knew. he knew from the trump administration. as afghanistan fell to the taliban. one afghan journalist spoke out amidst the chaos. her powerful message and lara logan next. fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast heartburn relief in every bite. crunchy outside, chewy inside. ♪ tums, tums, tums, tums ♪ tums chewy bites
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>> i'm very upset today. i didn't expect overnight all
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the taliban come. they took my flag, this is my flag. judge jeanine: that brave reporter nazira karimi will never stop fighting for the afghanistan she loves. thank you for being here tonight. you are a respected journalist and reporter. and someone we have seen on television pleading with the president. what is it that is happening in afghanistan that you want to not happen? >> as you know, afghanistan is a crisis. it's a big tragedy. afghanistan people right now, they know what to do, that's why i'm here to raise my voice. the far gans are voiceless. especially afghan women. judge jeanine: what will happen
6:37 pm
to the afghan women and children. >> as i experienced them like 25 years ago, 20 years ago. taliban prevented woman to go to school. taliban prevented. the big consideration for me as a journalist, cal ban established madrasahs in pakistan is has brainwashed kids. i'm so concerned about future kids in afghanistan. they will have dark future, women and children, generally afghan people in a lot of situations if taliban continue their policy and their situation of course there is no future. dark future. dark future. judge jeanine: nazira, when you
6:38 pm
say dark future, what will the taliban do to these people? >> the taliban repeated the same old policy. the policy that we had in afghanistan captured afghanistan in 1996. they kill men, they killed woman. they prevented woman to go to school. they prevented woman to be in society. the taliban -- this is taliban's policy ideology. i doubt it will change somebody's ideology. you are a judge, you are a kind woman. you are so generous and you have a lot of experience as a woman, as a judge. what do you think -- what is your judgment about somebody that has a dark and very, very
6:39 pm
negative experience and repetition? of course today's kids tomorrow's future. kids are like sponge. kids have a lot of like expectation. united states supposed to bring some opportunity for them. united states supposed to raise the program for refugee visa numbers for afghanistan people. the thousands of people outside the airport right now. they sleep nighttime and daytime. and they are waiting to leave the country. why the people suffered all the time. this is more than 20 years. and the people suffered. why? i don't know what game is played in afghanistan. why stand * doesn't have the right to live a peaceful -- what is our problem. judge jeanine: thank you, nazira
6:40 pm
karimi. thank you very much. god bless. >> thank you very much. judge jeanine: here with reaction, former war correspondent, lara logan. you could hear the pain, the anxiety, and the experience nazira clearly has and what is expected to happen. though i don't know that she described in depth and detail what will happen. what will afghan women face? then i want to talk to you about what is going on in terms of the different tribes in afghanistan. >> this is a death sentence for afghan women. basically for those who aren't executed or assassinated for being police women in the army or working in the government. they will be subjected to a life of hell within without joy.
6:41 pm
imagine everything that is dark. these people are forces of darkness. their ideology is a force of evil. women are imprisoned in their own homes. they cannot leave without permission from a ban. the burka, i have worn a burka. it gives you an extraordinary headache. it's designed to fit one head. they are made of polyester and it's brutally uncomfortable in the heat and humidity. you have no rights. most women are beaten in their homes. i heard some say they have broken their wife's arms for leaving the home without permission. that clip that you have been showing, that young woman whose
6:42 pm
face is pressed up against the bars, screaming the taliban is coming. it's all she can say. you can feel and hear the abject terror in her voice. that's because these people rule with fear. they are absolutely brutal. this is not some failed experiment in afghanistan. in afghanistan they believe in rights for women and having freedom and a free press. what america has done by abandoning the afghanistan people on the world stage. your moral authorities all gone. just get your people out and try to regain your credibility by putting a carrier somewhere in the taiwan strait. give me a break. you need allies. that's how you protect yourself. you project power and you walk
6:43 pm
softly and carry a big stick. you stand by your allies. you don't just use them. why can't any of our allies say we are done with you, united states, you didn't do what you promised. and we are manning you over to your enemies to slit your throats in the night and good luck to you, we don't care. is that the message? judge jeanine: lara logan, you are one smart woman. thank you so much. be sure to watch lara's special tomorrow night at 10:00 p.m. right here. lara logan has no agenda, sacrificing afghanistan. new fears as we learn more about the extent of the u.s. weapons the taliban now controls. colonel david hunt reacts next.
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>> biden's botched exit in afghanistan is the most astonishing display of gross incompetence by a nation's leader perhaps at any time that anybody has ever seen. judge jeanine: former president trump moments ago at a rally in alabama slamming biden's complete failure in afghanistan.
6:48 pm
colonel david hunt joins me with reaction. good evening, colonel. i'm going to ask a question that assume i'm asking you this at the beginning, not now. did the president have the people and the equipment available to him to get all americans out and all our afghani allies out? >> sure. up until about 70 days ago, absolutely he did. >> and is there any reason you can think of why he didn't think that that was a good idea? >> no, i can't get in anyone's head. certainly not a president. i think it needs to be said. i think the decision trump made and biden made to get out was the right decision. it's catastrophic the way we are doing it. this is a presidential decision
6:49 pm
failure. the president has been told and briefed what was happening, when the best time to pull out was, what the problems will be, et cetera. and he made this call. i don't understand why. because of saigon which we saw and should have learned from, this is actually worse. judge jeanine: it's certainly worse than saigon. plus in addition to that we have so much sophisticated equipment, artillery, tanks, and all of our weaponry is in the hands of the taliban. it's as if joe biden says we'll be there for a few years, then we'll give you our weapons. how did that happen? >> the same way it happened in iraq. we spent $48 billion training the afghan army for 20 years. with that came equipment. we turned the equipment over to them for their use.
6:50 pm
they ran off the battlefield and they were bribed as was the government. the government collapsed. the equipment went with them. it's an extentive amount of weaponry and intelligence equipment. they will be the best equipped military in that region for a long time. but that's what happens when you try to do nation building and you don't pull it off. judge jeanine: you have enough experience, colonel hunt. this is the essence of who you are. how do we get these people out of afghanistan? >> first of all you have to let the commander on the ground to do his job. right now if you want to put these guys outside the wire, you have to ask the white house to do that. we need to get all the americans in kabul home, and all of the afghans we promised home.
6:51 pm
donahue -- the american soldiers are the best in the world. we know how to do this. but we can't allow decisions to be made at the white house. we'll go down to smith street and save a couple of americans. it can't be. and that's what's happening right now. >> why would the president not give permission for the military to go outside of that make-believe barrier? >> it's sometimes called good after bad. it's a bad decision. the same thing happening with benghazi. somebody is briefing them there could be trouble. it's all nonsense. we have soldiers there doing one thing. get americans home first. get the afghans home, then get themselves home. we know how to do this. judge jeanine: would you agree
6:52 pm
we lost our footing on the world table, colonel hunt. >> we lost a step or two. it will take a while to get it back. this is embarrassing. we have a great military and intelligence community. they weren't involved here. it was one man's decision. it will take a while to clean this up. judge jeanine: as we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11. fox news contributor joey jones talks about the sacrifices he and his men and women in uniform made to keep us safe.
6:53 pm
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afghanistan veteran fox news contributor joey jones joins me with reaction to afghanistan with the telegraph. everything we've seen over the last horrific week, thank you for being here tonight. you did a tour in iraq and
6:57 pm
afghanistan and you lost both legs and afghanistan. what has this week been like for you. >> my legs a big deal, i recovered, i'm fine with that. the father's i lost overseas, brothers i lost in afghanistan is what makes me mad. we are not not mad because of our sacrifice, we are mad because this man -- eternal peace in this war and did so gladly. this man in the white house couldn't give us the dignity of quitting with honor, he couldn't give us that much and that hurt google the name -- superstar recipient, one of my best friends. i'm in my home, he was a green beret, served honorably in afghanistan, he's not bullet wounds recovery from today if he gets a text as a veteran today that they want civilians to go to afghanistan with nonprofit
6:58 pm
organizations and rescue people as our president and our ability military, that's a situation we are in. he sitting in his hump with bullet in him may be the one who close to save people because the president won't might our people military people do it. >> what we heard from nsa, the head of the nsa o'brien was on earlier said was in the room when mark milley was told by the expert that he left early without a plan for our people to get out, it would be a catastrophe so biting new, they all knew, why are they doing this to us, to american families on the world stage two afghan partners, why? >> it's a game of politics. one thing, there have been for president over this war, joe biden is the only one who did
6:59 pm
not inherit this horror. you could argue george bush inherited bill clinton execs and beddings this happening to been in with but joe biden was vice president, he gave the war as vice president to donald trump so for him to walk up there until the america people with a straight face that somehow it's something he inherited, that is a lie. we don't have any, i don't get to be partisan pleading for the lives and dignity of my fellow brothers and sisters there now today. this is about partisanship. president trump sat across the table table, there's probably a pipe dream but the idea was give the telegram a voice within afghanistan and maybe they won't terrorize it. president biden turned it into give afghanistan to the taliban and maybe i'll get this done before the midterms so i can run for reelection without it being a current issue because that's despicable.
7:00 pm
>> that is despicable. and he did it without a concern for the american people, the lowest of the low. joey jones, thank you for your service and being here tonight. everyone, don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show. i am jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. ♪♪ dan: hello, welcome to "unfiltered". a couple of messages i need to get out there that's important. the ps is over. first message is for joe biden are president in name only. you failed, you are a total effort colossal, epic failure. you have the american people and our country, you failed our


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