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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  August 22, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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remember i'm watters and this is my world. with [♪♪♪] ♪ pete: two major fox news alerts to start this sunday edition of "fox & friends" weekend. seven people killed in chaos near the kabul airport in afghanistan as thundershowerses of americans are desperate to escape. rachel: millions are bracing for hurricane henry. will: category 1 storm is closing in on the east coast. rick reichmuth and lauren brand charred are standing by.
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but we start with david spunt on the story on afghanistan. reporter: thousands want to get out of afghanistan not only from kabul but this comes as the mixed messages seem to thrive. one day it seems okay to go to the airport. then people are told not to go to the airport. the united kingdom defense forces reported seven people killed outside of a kabul airport. we hear those are afghan civilians. families are desperate to leave. the kabul airport officials are reporting that the american officials are not even to get to the airport. >> we know small number that we know of. we know of sporadic cases where they are not being allowed. harrassment is going on and some
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physical violence has occurred. reporter: add that to the new threat of isis branch in afghanistan. afghanistan known to house al qaeda. isis a rival terror organization has a footprint in the country. there are reports this morning that the biden administration is weighing airstrikes on some of our equipment that the taliban seized, trying to use against us. meanwhile the president himself canceled his planned weekend getaway to his home in wilmington, delaware. he opted to stay at the white house this weekend to get updated briefings from his national security team. he will get an updated briefing today on the situation in afghanistan. given an updated message to the american people. the president is also touting a possible way to compel commercial airlines, we're hearing that commercial airlines may go in, swoop down and rescue some of those folks in afghanistan, take them out to various cities across the country. also vice president kamala
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harris in singapore today and tomorrow. she will go to vietnam. this is part of a previously scheduled trip. she will be there for a few days, back to you. pete: david, thank you very much. i appreciate it. i would pick up where he started his report, the clock is ticking. august 31st, is the day u.s. troops is supposed to be out. we reverse ad lot of that. look simply at the numbers. there is 2500 americans that have been evacuated so far. roughly upwards of 10 to 15,000 americans there. you have the airport closed, the airport opened. that doesn't count for siv afghan applicants who we talked to. 10 of thousands of people to be evacuated. add to that civilian aircraft. there is no indication there is renewed plan to do anything about it. tell me, play this forward, how does this get better with emboldened taliban see the timeline coming, americans can't
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get there, feckless president not doing anything about it, more desperation, i'm afraid we'll sit here next weekend with even further deteriorating situation with hostages, potential hostages in the future. if you're sitting in the white house right now you're looking at the options in front of you doing what we're doing now is not working and untenable. rachel: isis apparently is a concern. they're worried people are funneled to the airport, only one way to get there. they're like sitting ducks, a perfect target for a terrorist attack. meanwhile kamala harris is on the way to southeast asia to visit singapore. the president will only can he will the trip, he was shamed into it. president trump last night at the rally said he was going on vacation while afghanistan was going to hell. will: kamala harris tweeted on the way to southeast asia to visit singapore and vietnam. to your point, pete, i don't
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think it is likely we sit here last weekend with the news cycle currently grown from its present condition. what i mean, the situation you describe is untenable. it will meet an inflection point. it will meeting is. so rachel, you point out isis now a concern. yesterday we were talking about the kani network of al qaeda in kabul. joe biden's presidency in this entire situation lives on razor's edge. one bad thing happening to an american citizen, somebody trying to get to the airport and we're supposed to be protecting this thing explodes. talking about potential airstrikes on our equipment we left behind. rachel: that is what i wanted to ask you, both of you, especially pete as a military vet, how unusual is it that you would leave your weapons, these are very sophisticated you know, lots of weapons and you would
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leave that in the country? i don't understand? pete: this is complicated. we didn't leave it. we left it with the afghan army. the whole promise our leaving that afghans would protect the fledgling government. we knew in 2011, 2012 they were already selling them. we never had accountability. we flooded down with the foolish strategy. flooded afghan army with our weaponry, heavy weaponry, vehicles, helicopters. when they laid down and didn't fight the taliban, the taliban swooped in to grab it all. it was a flawed strategy. rachel: all the intelligence points that they knew the afghan security forces were not going to be able to stand up. pete: you we knew where the weapons were or had the capacity to get them back? we didn't. to your point, will, one suicide
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bombing at the gate. that is why they closed it yesterday. isis would love to sow more uncertainty on the ground. taliban know they have leverage with a biden administration, so how do they use it. you're right there will be an inflection point. white house will say are we staying or more troops? nothing will fix the situation at all. will: i want to get to sound from former president donald trump. i would assume, correct me if i'm wrong, on brightside the taliban has no capabilities maintaining or flying helicopters. not right now. pete: russians and chinese do. they have the ability to sell them and bring if expertise to use how to learn them or fly them. will: president trump spoke last night. this is one of the greatest defeat in american history. >> this will go down as one of the great military defeats of all time. it did not have to happen that way. this is not a withdrawal.
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this was a total surrender, surrender for no reason. they weren't asking, we had them -- the equipment they got is the most sophisticated military equipment in the world. he surrendered our airbase. he surrendered our weapons. he surrendered our embassy. joke jobe was going on vacation as afghanistan was going to hell. [booing] and this is what you get when you have weakness in the white house. as i personally told the taliban leader if anyone ever double-crossed the united states of america it would be the last thing they ever did. we said it loud and clear. pete: 100% correct. no doubt about it. the taliban knew they were dealing with a serious person with donald trump. they know joe biden on this, many other things is fundamentally unserious. we showed kamala harris going to southeast asia.
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you know where she should go instead? southeast asia, afghanistan. show up be a real leader. rachel: really? pete: go into war sense? absolutely. george w. bush went to war zones. barack obama went to war zones. you can go to war zones. rachel: i don't recommend the kabul airport right now. pete: 7,000 troops there now. can't protect the vice president of the united states? real leadership is doing what you need most and doing something on the ground. will: if she took your advice, this is what she h she might inquire. this is american woman in afghanistan pleading for president biden's help. >> i would like our president to make a process of evacuation faster. of people like me, our fellow citizens and people who helped
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our troops on the ground and we are devastated. we are scared for our lives. every moment that a car passes by, i feel like they're going to pull in and execute us. i don't know if i'm going to see my children again. please, mr. president, please evacuate us. we need help. -- help us going to the airport because it is just, it is not possible to make it through all the people, people are getting shot left and right, the tear gas being released on people. it is so devastating i don't even know how to explain.
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it's a nightmare. i want to wake up. i don't know where i will do. rachel: that is an american mom. that is an american mom who was left behind by this administration because they pulled out before rescuing and evacuating our american citizens. she says that when she went to the airport there was another family, a mother, a father, a baby. the father was shot. the mother is crying. she is holding the woman who she doesn't know baby. the baby look terrified. these are horrific scenes. that is the an american mom. pete: american mom. i was on the phone multiple times yesterday with people trying to get to the airport. people helping. a sea of bodies. it's a kill zone. one way in, one way out. swaying matchsticks. there is nowhere to go. so it's a prime target. it is impossible.
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people are being beaten. things are being stolen from them. they have kids. no food. people inside of the airport there is no food and water inside of the airport. it is a deteriorating situation with no leadership. rachel: will, you had rob o'neill who did the kill shot on osama bin laden. you had an exit interview. he said this is impeachable what happened. this is an impeachable situation. that this is a president who has not done his duty of protecting americans. i have to say i agree. will: yeah i think, i think we have begun to see the end of the joe biden presidency. an end that will either manifest in resignation, impeachment or simply a spiraling out of control, the democratic party and his own administration will have to handle. this situation, we talked about how untenable it is, it is just so combustible. it is man-made as we talked about yesterday. it has been created by decision making within the white house.
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so i don't know how this ins, rachel, but i do think we're beginning to see the end. he is going to have to find increasingly unlikely parachute out of this. pete: longer you wait, more difficult it is, bolder actions become more fraught with complications. >> seems like everyone is washing their hands. generals are throwing him under the bus. deep state, i don't know what is going on. obviously the bus stops with him but there seems to be this sense in washington like we're going to put this on biden. all the other advisors are saying we told him not to. you can see there is a lot of weird division. i don't exonerate these generals. you heard donald trump last night saying we don't need woke generals. we need patton. i don't know how you know, much of the decisions that were made
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were solely on joe biden. he doesn't seem commodity plealy there. will: coming up in seven minutes i have a interview with former cia station chief in southeast asia. he said it was not one administration failure. it is a decisions made over several administrations. pete: they're saying. no one could have done this. this was bound to be a disaster. end it, leave, cut, go. that is only argument they will attempt to make. which would be disasterous. will: the other story of the day hurricane henri. rick reichmuth has the latest. rick: they will take the storm surge. up to five or six feet. sun just coming up. this storm making landfall during daylight hours. we'll have a lot of pictures of
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this all day long. you get the idea. the storm moved a little bit farther towards the east, tracking a little bit farther towards the east we initially thought. long island probably not taking a direct landfall. long island is to the south of connecticut right there people not familiar with the way the map is there. a lot of rain across parts of new jersey. we've seen a lot of flooding. we've seen five inches of rain in manhattan so far. the center of the storm far offshore yet. probably making landfall sometime around the noon hour. it will continue to pull off towards the north. as the storm does, the rain will spread out. sometimes you have hurricanes make landfall. the worst of it is in the center. this storm will be a little different. we'll see impacts felt pretty far out. flood warnings in parts of vermont and certainly towards the hudson valley. a lot of areas five plus inches
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of rain. the wind will be in pretty sustained period of time, into 40, to 60 mile-an-hour range. a lot of trees going down. a lot of power outages. when you have a lot of power outages, takes a long time to get restored. people without power be prepared for days or up to a week. everywhere else in the yellow, tropical storm warnings and guys, it is going to become a slow moving storm. we'll be talking about this probably until about tomorrow morning unfortunately. will: very quick question, rick, odds i catch a flight to texas at about 11:00 a.m. eastern time out of new york city? rick: these are really important things we're talking about here. prepare my home. prepare my property or are you getting on a plane. probably not. will: really? everything will get grounded. i have seen trains have been grounded. to your point very serious conditions for people in rhode island and long island as well. thank you very much, rick.
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pete: lauren blanch charred continues live team coverage. pete: people were checking out of our hotel early to what is ahead of rapidly changing conditions. the wind behind me is starting to pick up. notice the two flags, that is the hurricane warning we're dealing with here. obviously expected to rapidly throughout the day get worse and worse. rain starting to pick up over the last couple hours. as you look this way, what we're looking at. over the water, the wind definitely picking up. the waves starting to pick up. we are pretty sure it will get a little soggy for us here in old say brooke. there are millions in the northeast who have been dealing with this weather. it is going to get worse throughout the days. the governor here in connecticut
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has declared states of emergency in the areas as this storm continues to move forward. it is expected to bring some pretty bad winds, storm surges. it is at a time when tides are already high. the governor here in connecticut is warning residents to shelter in place now. he said the ground is saturated. meaning there is a lot of potential for flooding this weekend t already has been soggy ahead of henri's landfall. states of emergency. in new york, rhode island, here in connecticut. there is a local emergency in new york city. last night there was a flash flood warning around the big apple. in central park a homecoming concert was abruptly called off because of lightning from the storm. >> [inaudible] >> lightning. >> please listen to the following -- reporter: and president biden
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did hold a call with the governors over here in the northeast about the storm. the national guard has been activated. plus here in connecticut the utility companies have been warning about half the customers in connecticut could lose power. we did see some of those utility companies starting to preposition, basically getting ready for whatever happens to try to get the power back on as quickly as possible. later this afternoon president biden is expected to give us an update about the federal response to the storm, just about when the storm will be making landfall. will: thank you so much, lauren. we'll check in with you throughout the morning. we'll turn now to your headlines starting with this. the state department was hit with a cyberattack a source exclusively telling fox news a note faycation of a possible serious breach was made by department of defense cyber come monday. including evacuations in afghanistan were reportedly not affected. the breach was believed to have
3:20 am
happened a few weeks ago. the extent of the attack, who was behind it is not clear. governor andrew cuomo snaps as his final days in office looms. he was asked about the sexual harassment he faces. >> i am governor today and i am in charge. this is about a storm briefing to save lives of new yorkers. will: the disgraced democrat will leave office tomorrow at midnight. pete: as of right now he is in charge. rachel: he is in charge. will: what a doozy. pete: coming up a stunning admission from the cia former counterterrorism chief. why he says biden's afghanistan crisis was not an intelligence failure but something much worse limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." we have some more weather to track for you. hurricane henri's path to the northeast. long island, 280 new york area flights have already been canceled. we'll keep you updated as the storm develops through the morning. will? will: thank you, rachel. as reality of the taliban rule rapidly turns to afghanistan
3:25 am
joe biden said there was no warning that the terror group retain control so quickly but what did the president really know? my next guest says this crisis was not an intelligence failure but something much worse. former cia counterterrorism chief for southeast asia, douglas london is with me right now. thanks for being with me. i want to talk about the situation we led to where we are now was incompetence or political calculation. i read your op-ed, plainly you say this was a political calculation. here is my question to start, when joe biden says he thinks chaos was inevitable, when he told george stephanopoulos that do you think he was telling the truth? >> it depends on how you want to interpret the president of course. the complete american withdrawal did make chaos inevitable. of intelligence failures what occurs either the community does not foresee how developments
3:26 am
play out or fails to notify those who can make decisions. in this case the intelligence community did both. they did with president's administration today and president trump. in the case of both presidents they were pretty deliberate in therapy decision to move forward withdrawl of forces even with the intelligence projecting a likely out come. will: i read the piece. i think it is fascinating you say absolutely intelligence warned this would happen. i'm trying to parse whether or not joe biden was incompetent in his decision making made a calculated decision. if you're saying intelligence told him it would happen, i'm assuming he is telling the truth that he told george stephanopoulos it was inevitable. was he also telling the truth we priced this in? >> in both are true. united states, intelligence community plan for many scenarios, even unlikely one. that is part of what we do as a
3:27 am
routine. i think in the case of the president he put a bit too much faith in some of in senior advisers that had greater confidence that the agreement negotiated under the trump administration would hold. that the taliban would be a constructive partner and i think hope is not really an answer and shouldn't necessarily be an option. but that sort of faith and maybe in some case as bit of naivete, no doubt validated some of the president's preferences in prefer how he would prefer to see events on the ground as to how they happened. will: your contention he was warned by the intelligence community, he knew this could happen, he may have been a little surprised, he was hopingg it wouldn't happen this fast. some of the chaos priced in, if it goes bad, politically he can blame it on his predecessor? >> you know at the outset of the administration i had a sense the
3:28 am
president president maintained the commitment to the february 2020 agreement negotiated with the taliban by trump white house and retaining khalilzad, our special envoy was perhaps just that, to allow them to sort of take the rap for how things because it was an agreement they had negotiated but in his own mind the president thought he would have more time despite what the intelligence suggested and that even with perhaps the potential of we're seeing now the taliban might be a partner with all of this, help get americans out unharmed, see where we go from there in terms of counterterrorism. will: in my estimation, reading what you're saying here today and in your op-ed joe biden banked on very slim probabilities that did not come true therefore. douglas london, thank you so much for your insight this morning. thank you. >> thank you.
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♪. rachel: is critical race theory moving america backwards? will: that is the argument of one father a descendent of slaves explains as he explained the harsh reality of the controversial teachings to his school board. >> i am not oppressed. i am not oppressed and i'm not a victim. i have three children. they are not oppressed either. although they are victims. racism in america would by and large be dead today if it were not for certain people and institutions keeping it on
3:34 am
life-support. sadly one of those institutions is the american education system. pete: that father, derek willburn joins us now. derek, i saw the whole thing. it is incredibly motivating. i speak for all of us. with what a powerful statement. you said my kids are victims. could be a victims of their own ignorance and laziness. you pound the table making kids feel like they're oppressed is the worst you can do. what was the impetus for stepping up to the podium, derek? >> every cloud has a silver lining. one of the silver linings of this year-and-a-half of covid mania, with children at home, doing learning from home, schooling at home, more and more parents looking at the kid's school work saying what is it really going on down there at that school that was built with my tax dollars, that was funded with my tax dollars, starting to take a closer look.
3:35 am
that is what happened to me. i started showing up at school board meetings in our district and other districts to see what was happening. dozens and other parents begun to do the same thing. what used to fly in under the radar without parents knowing, they no longer really can. when i saw crt, i said uh-uh, not in my school. began showing up. rachel: my school, not my kids. i'm also hispanic and i think it is important minorities step up who know this is destructive. i can't agree with you more, it is so important that we teach our kids they are not victims. the whole premise of crt, it is supposed to be bring about racial harmony aren't we making our kids more obsessed with race, they don't even care about it? >> you're exactly right. the agenda they're trying to put in place is doing the exact
3:36 am
object they claim to be in favor of. critical race theory at its core, critical race theory is claiming race is not biological, a social construct a social construct put in place predominantly by the caucasian minority, the ethnic minority, people of color oppressed and some ways subservient. my whole point i'm not oppressed at all. i live in a beautiful home in colorado springs which i refinanced last week. i had mortgage companies and banks tripping over themselves trying to give me their business. not a one of them saw that checked box that said african-american, said, sorry, we don't do business with your kind. that has never happened to me. those days are 50 years ago but they want to drag them into today and act when it is going on it is not. i'm not oppressed by anybody. rachel: amen. amen. will: derek, voices like your own are often marginalized not
3:37 am
given the platform quite honestly they deserve. do you feel like the point of view you embraced, a plaque american, descendent of slaves, do you think the point of view you espoused at the podium is a representative of the larger percentage of the black population in america that we might fully understand or are you a more lone voice pushing back out there that idea everyone is oppressed? >> i think it is the former. more people truly understand what is happening, see what is happening, want to do something about it but they are not given a platform to do something about it. i was invited by "fox & friends," so i'm grateful forethat it is 4:30 in the morning. i'm gritful. this phone call would not come from cnn we know that. this phone call would not come from msnbc. they have no desire to put people like me front and center. they want to maintain cattle on a vote farm. ultimately the black community is the one suffering.
3:38 am
will: we appreciate you getting up. pete: vote was 3-2. were you surprised? you were banned for this district for now? >> it is banned for now. in the neighboring district 20, president verbally said on camera with microphones rolling that the crt is not coming to this district either. there hasn't been a vote yet. slowly but surely parents are rising up, we're pushing school boards, letting people know you're the elected representatives of the people. this is what we want. if you don't like it we'll vote you out. the boards are beginning to respond. will: good for you. rachel: you are an inspiration for parents across the country. a lot of other parents think what you think and they will stand up because of your courage. >> i really do. you keep cashing checks. pete: you can articulate the way he did this morning. derek, thank you so much. rachel: you rock. thanks, derek. >> my pleasure. pete: up next, snapping next,
3:39 am
cashing checks, i like the guy. new threat to safety of americans in afghanistan. our coverage continues after the break. lled too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join.
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3:43 am
rick. rick: we're getting tons of rain from this storm. brooklyn saw over six inches of rain last evening and central park at one point last night saw just undertwo inches of rain in an hour. that broke the all-time record for the most rain in an hour. a lot of moisture obviously with the hurricane. the air can hold more moisture when it's a warm air mass like it is in a hurricane. that is why you see the downpours are so extreme. you get the idea with the heavy rain inside of new york city and across brooklyn has moved into parts of new jersey where we're seeing a lot of flooding into new jersey as well. the center of this storm is off the shore kind of in rhode island and connecticut. you notice it is to the east of rhode island. i don't think we'll see a landfall of rhode island, probably the worst of the winds not in long island but the worst of that in far east connecticut and towards rhode island. that is where the storm surge will be. a lot of rain ahead.
3:44 am
a big swath of two to four inches, a lot of in the five to eight-inch rain total. a lot of flooding next couple hours. landfall from the center of the storm likely by midday. pete? pete: rick we'll watch about it. just brand new a new report 20 people have been killed in the last seven days in and around the kabul airport amid a kindly put chaotic evacuation process. this as threats from the islamic state, from isis are forcing u.s. military personnel to establish alternate routes to the airport in their mission to bring americans home. our next guest a navy veteran who served in afghanistan, california congressional sean collins is here with us. thanks for being here. you're watching the situation in afghanistan like the rest of us but when we hear about more lives being lost, entryways to the airport being closed, we
3:45 am
still have thousands of americans that need to be evacuated, tell me how the situation gets better? >> so, right now there is complete chaos and disorder right now in afghanistan. we're watching it unfold now on our television. and i know first-hand what chaos and disorder mean. so i served in afghanistan from 2011 to 2012 and i was assigned to a special forces advisory unit in kandahar city. i actually lived lived in kandar city. i held lots of high level negotiations, he was the third most influential person in the country at that time. because he was so important the taliban would continuously take shots at him. i survive ad suicide bombing. i also survived a car bomb as well. so chaos and disorder is what terrorist organizations prey on. right now because we have a chaotic, disorderly situation in afghanistan right now, threats from the islamic state, threats
3:46 am
from other terrorist organizations are the real thing. people are vulnerable. the fact that 17 people already died, we need to be on high guard more could die very soon. pete: that is exactly right. you were in kandahar. you were down in taliban country. youd in what motivates them. what do you think they're thinking when they look at joe biden and the chaos right now? what calculations are they making? >> right now they're seeing a weak president and they're taking advantage of it. public humiliation was the number one goal of the taliban right now and president biden served that victory up to them on a silver platter right now and we've got to get control of that situation or else there will be a lot of american lives lost, there will be a lot of afghan lives lost. these afghans had america's back for the past 20 years. and we got to get the situation under control immediately. you know, again, i've been in this country, to your point, yes, i was actually in kandahar city. i lived at the police headquarters in kandahar city.
3:47 am
i saw first-hand what this country, the results of what can happen if you do not maintain law and order. pete: you mentioned public humiliation. there is a photo circulating after unit amongst the taliban, the special unit, they're wearing american uniforms. they're hoisting a mock, that mock iwo jima photo with their own flag of the taliban. this comes as we know there are 2000 armored vehicles including humvees captured, potentially 40 aircraft. what are the images meant to relay, and how significant are they? >> public humiliation, they're very significant. number one goal of the taliban was to publicly humiliate the united states as they were withdrawing from this country and president biden served that victory up to them on a is very platter. as an afghan combat veteran for
3:48 am
every service member that served in afghanistan over the past 20 years it is very disturbing because we're leaving that country right now in a dishonorable manner. president biden continuously tried to frame this issue as this was the right decision and that was never in dispute. that was a bipartisan issue. president trump already agreed with draw troops on may 1. president biden came in asked for additional three months, presumably so he could have more time to plan. we clearly see he did not plan. we're leaving the country in a dishonorable manner. that is dereliction of duty in my mind. pete: it is in the mind of many. sean collins thank you for your insight. good luck in your race. >> thank you, bye. pete: up next the media blaming climate change in part for the taliban take over. do you believe that? that story coming up next. we're looking at a cloudy new york city as millions brace for the storm to make landfall. residents in the storm's path
3:49 am
are being warned to shelter in place. we'll keep you updated as the storm develops throughout the morning. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate
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♪. will: back with a couple of quick headlines.
3:53 am
a manhunt is underway for two suspects accused of shooting and killing a off-duty new orleans police officer in houston. police releasing these images of the suspects and the car they are believed to be driving. the men tried to rob diners at a popular restaurant patio when one of them opened fire. the off-duty officer was pronounced dead at the scene. a second person was critically injured. texas state law make remembers poised to pass a gop-backed voting reform bill. a public house committee hearing on the bill will now take place tomorrow. enough texas democrats have returned to the state to restore a quorum after weeks attempting to block the bill in a series of high-profile stunts. rachel. over to you. rachel: thank you, will. as critics blast president biden for the taliban take over of afghanistan some in the media are placing the blame elsewhere. a new cbs news report suggesting that climate change helped strengthen the taliban.
3:54 am
one reporter writing, afghanistan has been rocked by climate change, past three decade brought flood and drought and left people hungry the taliban has capitalized on agricultural stress in government to recruit supporters. here to react publisher of, marc murano. thanks for joining us. this isn't the first time this has happened. aoc blamed people coming across from central america on climate change. we all know they come for economic liberty and opportunity. how big of a stretch is it to blame what is happening in afghanistan and the strength of the taliban right now on climate change? >> it makes absolutely no sense. this is an embarrassing article, written by a cbs news climate and energy reporter. this is a desperate attempt to try to make anything bad that happens in the world, if you're embarrassed by something, if there is a bad weather, it is
3:55 am
all climate change. it is the climate emergency. what cbs did, what you put on the screen, rachel, a fact-free claim, yeah, these bad crop failures of the other things in the past three decades, that caused it. go to the u.n. actual data. crop yields of food crops in afghanistan have doubled in the past three decades. so exactly the opposite of what cbs claiming. in addition to that, al jazeera and other news outlets, the opium yields are what is actually fueling and helping the taliban. so if anything, global warming, temperatures have increased over the last three decades, been a gentle increase in agricultural yields globally all over the world. afghanistan has benefited there is no explanation of the climate crisis for the rise of the taliban. the article fails from the start. cbs news is embarrassing itself. rachel: it seemed like a babylon behead line when i read it.
3:56 am
our military is woke. how long before the pentagon starts to use this, really quick, how long do you think the pentagon starts to use it as an excuse for failures in afghanistan? >> it is a great excuse. they have already done it at the border. we saw the biden administration claim illegal immigration is caused by the climate crisis. rachel: yep. >> in the obama administration same thing happened. isis was created by global warming. rachel: mark, thanks so much. i'm sorry we're running out of time. we have goat to go. more "fox & friends" coming up. >> thank you. nothing rhymes with liberty mutual. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you.
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4:01 am
hurricane henri. the category 1 storm is closing in on the east coast. pete: we have team coverage. fox news meteorologist steve bender is standing by but we start with meteorologist rick reichmuth. rick: not often you have a hurricane make landfall across the northeast. it has been a long time, almost 30 years. whether this hurricane will make landfall or a tropical storm not quite sure yet. i will show you something that might change what happens over the next few hours. flood warnings across parts hudson valley and massachusetts, vermont, all of connecticut, rhode island. parts of pennsylvania we haven't talked about. center of rain will spread out during the storm over "time." we're seeing incredible rainfall totals. brooklyn almost seven inches of rain last night. central park five inches of rain in new york big flooding across parts of new jersey this morning
4:02 am
with the same band of showers. anywhere you see red, eastern part of rhode island, coastal areas of connecticut. the center is nudged off towards the east. i had think that will keep the winds down a little bit across parts of long island and rhode island and parts of cape cod as well. probably significant storm surge especially across narragansett bay. heavy rain falling including areas of long island where we fine fox weather's steve bender. we'll check in with him to see what you're seeing. steve? reporter: good morning, rick. we're starting to see the rain pick up. we arrived a half hour ago it was a light drizzle. you can see the overcast conditions. really the story is behind me. we're at smith point beach, just to the east of fire island. they have closed off eight miles of this beach to the public. they also closed off the bridge, when we talked to to a park
4:03 am
ranger is rare but they're being extra cautious as hurricane henri moves ashore. look behind me. six to 10-foot waves are starting across the beach. the stairs behind me you can't see they have disappeared. that is the major concern is the storm surge. in long island we're looking one to three feet can move in. high tide moves in at 10:00 a.m. this morning. that could exacerbate that. we could see flooding as well as it moves onshore as you mentioned. brooklyn saw over six inches of rain last night that will be leading to some flash flooding and that urban flooding. why officials are telling you that you need to stay indoors for today. do the storm prep yesterday, early on today. time to weather that storm. we are under a voluntary evacuation here near fire island but no official evacuations at this point. we're looking at storm
4:04 am
preparations. if you're in the rhode island area, connecticut, you may still have some time to get some sandbags set up. really we're watching henri start to move onshore later this morning through the afternoon. we'll be here at smith point beach to talk about that. but the main story this morning is the rough surf you see behind me. it is starting to build. we could see some of that flooding later on today. we'll have more for you throughout the day on this coverage. for now we send it back to you in the studio. pete: fox weather steve bender. thank you so much for the report. we appreciate it. stay dry. another fox news alert as well. chaos in kabul. nato says, this is new information, at least 20 people have died around the airport in the last week. british officials say seven people were killed in the crowds. it comes as americans are being told now with a new update to stay away from the airport due to a threat from isis. one refugee that did escape, delivering a baby as she' rifed
4:05 am
in germany. will: afghan interpreter tells fox news those left in the city are filled with dread. >> this is not safe for us. minute by minute, like afraid somebody would kill us. rachel: president biden is expected to give an update on the crisis a little later today. pete: yet another update on the crisis. let's bring in a guest now who served in some of afghanistan's most dangerous provinces, now living in colorado. he is on a life and death mission to get his former afghan interpreter to to to here. rachel: we have the him and his wife heidi. what have you been hear being, i know you're reaching out to the interpreter, to all of your contacts. what is the latest? >> well the latest is, our
4:06 am
interpreter, we'll call him kevin for this conversation. rachel: sure. >> is hiding out with his family. he has a wife and four children under the age of 10. waiting for notification from the u.s. embassy that it is time for him to fly out. he has been on the special immigrant visa list for the better part of 10 years now and is a absolute shoo-in to bring over to the u.s. but yet he still waits. will: scott we talked to pete here on the couch several times the work he did with his interpreter. better phrased the work his interpreter did with american allies. give us insight to your interpreter what he did, the stories you can tell, i hate to use the word but earning the right to come to the united states of america? >> no. i liked the way you phrased it initially. he was an absolute honor to work with. kevin was one of those guys who was incredibly intelligent,
4:07 am
incredibly loyal. he was somebody who i trusted with my life. he was the only interpreter in country in 2006 to 2007 who was fully armed. so he had an ak-47 in his hands at anytime. he returned fire when we were in firefights. so this is a man that i trust with my life and that i want to see he and his family here in the united states soon. he has earned his freedom. pete: heidi, what is it like to see your husband in some ways fight the war again? he fought alongside kevin on the battlefield. now he is fighting to get him home as the situation deteriorates? >> you know i have a unique view in that you know, i understand what it is like also to be a military wife. so i'm also feeling, you know, heart break for my husband and heartbreak for kevin's wife, knowing she is also scared for kevin. and so we're all together. you know, just trying to get
4:08 am
through this and trying to see safety for this family as they served alongside my husband and our family is supporting him at those times. so we're just here to support each other. rachel: who are you reaching out to? who are the people that can help make this happen? >> so currently we have reached out to any and all congress members. we reached out to the congressman's office who has been wonderful. congressman also, congressman crowe and representative buck. we reached out to many people in the state department as well. there are forms to fill out. so when kevin fills out the forms we also had to ask people within the state department to also help support him as well. pete: scott, there is a queue right now, there is line just for american citizens who cannot make their way to the airport. as someone with a special immigrant visa, i know many of those guys are hiding out, waiting, wondering if the taliban will find them before they get to the airport what
4:09 am
kind of time frame do you have, what kind of confidences do you have that the white house will put together a plan to fulfill it? >> we have no time. there is no time. the taliban is all over the streets. they are going door-to-door. they have lists of folks that worked for the u.n., isaf, international security force, they are looking for him. they have kevin's name. they have his family's name. if not for kevin's wit and his ability to evade their observation he would have been rounded up like the last 150 people in the last 24 hours. there is no time. we demand action, we must have action now by our elected officials. will: quickly, scott, before you go. you're talking about kevin. i assume there is family involved as well, people beyond kevin that you're hoping to extract. >> absolutely. his wife, three daughters under the age of 10, his son under the age of 10, all need to be out.
4:10 am
rachel: i'm so touched you guys have this vision of your families living near each other with your children playing together. we all pray that can happen. i know it's a very difficult situation. i'm sure they really, kevin and his family really appreciate all the work and time you're putting into saving their lives. will: no doubt, scott, heidi, thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you. pete: you can feel that, feel the personal passion. you thank them. you know they're doing everything they can but ultimately somewhere there is a kevin and his wife and his kids going building to building trying to hide from the taliban, hunting them down, for one reason and one reason only, because they had the willingness to work with americans and return fire against the taliban when he was there with scott. what a betrayal, what a failure to scott first, to the americans who weren't there on this mission for 20 years and then the afghans who stood alongside them, that you don't even have a
4:11 am
plan. there is not even a plan, let alone a serious plan to do something about it. rachel: still so fascinating to me, specifically with you know the interpreters that worked alongside our military. this has been months that people in the military, people like you have been saying please do something. everyone was seeing biden was intent on doing this deadline. why wasn't, why wasn't the bureaucracy released to like move this forward? we saw whether it is "operation warp speed," there is a way for a leader to you know, get rid of all the red tape and it has been months that people in the military, congressman waltz, yourself, so many others have been saying help them out. it is hard to believe we're here right now. will: we talked all morning long about sort of the razor's edge this presidency sits upon right now, this inflection point that could explode at any moment in afghanistan. of course that is paying a political price for joe biden. quickly show the polls up.
4:12 am
what happened to joe biden's approval and disapproval rating. if you had a line graph over time, you would see a plummet, plummeted approval and disapproval. presidency, seven months low, first time in the presidency below the disapproval rating. want to put that into words. here is a montage of americans how they feel about joe biden's handling of afghanistan. >> joe biden disaster from day one. we're weak on foreign policy we're taken advantage of. it is frightening. >> i'm happy we're finally leaving. i think the withdrawal could have been handled better. sort of haste to pull out. so a lot of people there will suffer. i think that is really sad. >> lower than that if i would. he has done an atrocious job. cia and their estimate how long afghans would last or even the military apparently tried to train these people.
4:13 am
it was a total disaster. >> we lost during the vietnam war on the news, i thought we would never go through that again. it is one of those messes. >> i'm sure trying to handle very well but that stuff what is going on over there. >> the way they're bailing out of there and allowing these people to take over our military equipment, complete disaster and, yeah, it's a mess. pete: these interviews were not done in trump country. that is los angeles california. rachel: that was not northwestern wisconsin. pete: specifically chose to go to a place to find support for joe biden. it is obvious. it is bipartisan. when we make ourselves look like fools on international stage it hurts all of us. if america's reputation goes down, we're really the only powerful free nation on earth with ascendant communist chinese and russia doing what they want
4:14 am
on around the globe, the future of the globe is at stake f we can't leave a simple evacuation from a war we want to get out of. will: if we can't do that right that is a demonstration to our allies and enemies how feckless we've become. will: feels so far away, when it is not like this, it feels so far away. i heard somebody say this, i can't give attribution who said it, americans don't care a great deal about foreign policy, but the last thing they want a humiliating loss on the world stage. they don't want to get dunked on by a bunch of goat-herders. that is the optic side of this. you're pointing out the real world implications about this. they feel far away but won't in some time. that real world application the power vacuum we leave behind will be filled by people who do not share our values, our interests, or our own national security. the chinese already have begun
4:15 am
to move for rare earth minerals. they have already begun to move in public relations. they put out statements saying the united states is a diminishing world power. who should you look to? look to us. by the way if you're a united states ally, a direct communique from the chinese, aka, taiwan, if you're an american ally, don't sleep well tonight. rachel: that is absolutely right. hong kong the same thing. i look at this, say wow, we had a president impeached over a phone call. this looks like a much more impeachable offense if you ask me. i know probably technically it is probably not but when you look at what is hurting america, when you look at this lack of leadership, and you wonder who are the people responsible for putting someone this incompetent, frankly this mentally frail in this position and that is, yes of course the media, many people are saying, you had people on your show this week who were suggesting it was susan rice and obama and maybe
4:16 am
valerie jarrett. i'm sorry as a political spouse i can't help but look at joe biden. no one knew better his state of mind than dr. jill biden and if you asked me the most patriotic thing jill biden could have done, love her husband and not let him run in the mental state he is in. she failed the country. pete: he wants to go to wilmington, delaware, for vacation. rachel: take a nap. pete: he is told he must stay in the white house to monitor the situation. what confidence any american have that a bold plan will be hatched to reverse what feels like a situation that when you play it forward only gets worse? more people die. suicide bombings happen. s who damagers are taken. then, this becomes that inflection point in a presidency in a country that which way it goes, nobody knows. rachel: you have to be bold. rob o'neill said take eight guys, get in, you said that
4:17 am
yesterday. these guys want to do it. the special forces, the people who do these kinds of missions. maybe time to let them do their thing. pete: violence of action. people are going to do including the taliban. they should die, not along the interpreters who fought alongside us. someone will have to do it. we go from war to weather all morning long because we have two big stories. we go back to fox weather's rick reichmuth. we have an update on henri. what have you got, rick? rick: all our heads are spinning in the transition between the two all morning long. i mentioned two minutes ago i wayne sure the storm would maintain hurricane state status through landfall. the hurricane center dropped it. 70 miles an hour. it practically doesn't have any changes to the impacts of the storm. a lot of rain obviously wit. still incredible winds. the winds will knock over a lot
4:18 am
of trees i fear. a lot of the ground is already saturated. rain we've already seen from it. this is a look at the hurricane track. what we're seeing the storm is moving over much colder water. warm water developed over hurricane strength. look at yellow. water is 80 degrees. storms, neat a water temperature of 08 degrees. because it didn't make landfall in long island and will skip it go into parts of connecticut and rhode island. 70 mile-an-hour storm doesn't really change impacts or anything we need to prepare for folks here. guys, back to you. >> thank you, rick. turning now to your headlines. high winds fanning flames of several wildfires torching northern california. more than 1500 firefighters are battling a fire east of sacramento. it is burned nearly 100,000 acres and destroyed
4:19 am
dozens of time. meanwhile the dixie fire has blackened the area twice the size of los angeles. the cachet fire-ravaged 56 homes terriing through a mobile home park this week. nancy pelosi eyes october the 1st as house's deadline to pass biden's multitrillion dollar infrastructure agenda. the speaker wrote a letter to fellow democrats urging them to not to delay a vote on a $3.5 trillion budget resolution expected this week. they will take up the one trillion dollar infrastructure bill which many people think is a down payment on the green new deal that the senate passed. many republicans say it steers too much money towards biden's social agenda. china officially allowing families to have three children. wow, thank you, government. pete: so nice. rachel: i know. instead of two. beijing raising the limits as it struggles to support its aging population. the communist country has been
4:20 am
restricting families since the 1980s and previously raised the child limit in 2015. roughly 12 million babies were born in china last year, the lowest number of births since 1961. and those are your headlines. pete: thank you, rachel. part of the another reason our eyes off the ball in afghanistan, the democrats not stopped pushing for one moment on the infrastructure bill. they're laser focused getting green new deal passed. rachel: eyes off the border. pete: up next, reality of taliban rule returns to afghanistan pressure is growing on pakistan criticized as the taliban's breeding ground. we'll take a closer look. cause e created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids.
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4:25 am
the enablers in pakistan. they have been a breeding ground for that islamic terrorist group. dr. zuhdi jasser american islamic forum. he joins me. thank you for being here. >> good to see you. pete: it is clear pakistan is a huge part of the problem and has been. what changes now what is different from pakistan's role now that the taliban has taken over kabul? >> well it is interesting it is going to shift a bit and now on full display for the world to see what the relationship is and to no surprise they're trying to lock down the border. there were almost 7,000 people that crossed the border every day between afghanistan and pakistan. so the taliban have free reign to run back and forth, haqqani network. make no mistake, they might be our ally on paper, but the reality they facilitated, exporter of terror. they lived to the name of
4:26 am
islamic republic or islamists. they're locking down the border. think isis in syria. isis started as a result of the syrian revolution under assad but then they got a strong hold in iraq as they crossed the border, took advantage of vacuums created in both syria and iraq. the same thing here, what pakistan is worried about they had a deal with the devil working with radical islamists of the taliban for some time but now that could sort of destablize their country because the taliban sees their surge, they will want to push back against that surge. pete: turn back against pakistan. no way you can classify pakistan as a friend of the united states when they kept the border open to enable terror groups to go back and forth when we were there. once the taliban takes control they lock the border down? by the way, here is a quote from a pakistani food stall owner on afghan refugees. we have refugees flooding the airport trying to get out of that country. here is what seeing on the
4:27 am
ground a few days ago when the taliban were rapidly taking control of cities afghans came here told me how worried they are under the prospect of living under taliban rule but i don't know how they escape that life now. so afghans can't go to pakistan. because there are over a million refugees there. do you believe that the taliban still has plenty of support in pakistan that they will use while they're in control in afghanistan? >> remember a lot of pakistan is sort of tribal. so they do have support especially with the haqqani network and other networks in the northern areas, western areas there of pakistan. so they will continue to use that but remember one of the reasons pakistan does not influx of refugees, all of sudden you have a lot of pro-american, pro-western supporters that would come in, that their isi would not want to give us eyes and ears inside of pakistan. so they're worried about actual western intelligence information
4:28 am
improving, folks that have been working with us. so they're locking down their border not because they had some epiphany against terrorism. no. we might actually have allies much more so than we ever had there, not because any great planning on our part but the biden administration caused this disaster and now folks are running away from the taliban into two countries even iran they're going to which is also an islamist disaster. as a result you're seeing countries in the region like pakistan acting in ways of self-preservation of their central regime in karachi than any anti-terror motives. pete: so true. dr. jasser, thank you very much for your time. >> anytime. pete: up next is the white house using covid-19 to distract from the disaster in afghanistan? dr. marty makary says, sure looks like it. he joins us coming up next. we're tracking tropical storm henri all morning as it moves
4:29 am
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4:33 am
will: back with a live look nair narragansett, rhode island. we have lauren blanchard from old saybrook, connecticut. what does it look like now? reporter: tropical storm henri is still very close to the hurricane strength. they don't want people to let up. let me show you what it likes like, we're getting rain in this area. wind definitely still blowing. we're expecting the worst of the storm coming in the later in the day. you see the hurricane warning telling people to get out or stay put according to the connecticut governor. also in this area as we're watching kind of the conditions start to deteriorate a little
4:34 am
bit, waves starting to pick up, wind, rain, coming through in bands. this area here in the northeast, they haven't seen a hurricane, something of hurricane strength in about 30 years. obviously good news with it, downgrading to a tropical storm. but still definitely want people to be careful, to prepare in connecticut. they are warning the utility companies are warning people about half of the customers here could lose power. they have prepositioned number of utility trucks, utility workers just in case power does knock out. the thing we'll watch with the storm the wind and the rain. later today, president biden will address the nation in those remarks. we do expect him to give an update how the federal government is going to be responding to this storm. he has already talked to the governors in these areas a number of have already declared states of emergencies just because of some of that flooding, that wind and of course that deadly storm surge this storm, now a tropical storm could bring.
4:35 am
will? will: lauren, thank you so much for the update. rachel, over to you. rachel: thank you, will. the white house was busy making headlines this week but not about our afghanistan response. the president instead announcing he will get a booster shot mandating the vaccine for nursing home staff but is this just an attempt to distract the american people away from his afghanistan crisis? my next guest thinks so. fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary joins me now. thank you, doctor. >> good morning. rachel: let's talk about this because we see afghanistan devolving before our very eyes. the administration spoke as much about afghanistan as covid. any covid new news we spoke about, to warrant this parody ever interest in terms of what the biden administration wants to talk about? >> hi, rachel, look i won't make a comment about the politics of afghanistan. maybe somebody thinks it is going well.
4:36 am
maybe someone thinking the withdrawal is going poorly. regardless during the week of the news cycle where it dominated the news there have been daily headline grabbing announcements on covid from the white house with no new supporting data. within hours of the viral video from the kabul airport the white house leaked to "the new york times" that they plan to make every american get a booster and that will be announced the next day. of course that generated a lot of news, followed by a formal announcement the next day regardless of your age or natural immunity, followed by a speech from the white house the next day with no mention of afghanistan, only covid and no questions. and then on thursday they hit the nuclear button and they basically said the fda is going to grant full approval. they gave those details yesterday. this is an old game of distracting from other news but it should not be done with medical guidance. rachel: right. i don't think any of our viewers will be surprised to hear that the biden administration is
4:37 am
politicizing covid but what does that do for the medical community and in terms of ratcheting up the fear which we know has been you know, off the charts this entire pandemic? >> look, medical advice should be exempt from partisan manipulation and news announcements like this. we doctors enjoy centuries of trust that have been embodied to us through this incredible heritage we have where people believe what we're saying to be true, regardless of their politics or background. that is why i love being a doctor. when we politicize covid right now for the sake of changing the news cycle it damages that great credibility and public trust of the medical profession. rachel: i want to ask you one last question, this week also we're seeing that the biden administration is empowering their department of education to go after governors who want to ban mask mandates in school districts throughout their
4:38 am
states, basically. so what do you make of that? should the federal government, should the education department be getting involved on that level with masks and also could you quickly talk about what you think about the implications for being masked at school? >> this battle royale was ignited on wednesday when biden announced the education department was going to get involved. we don't need a massive national fight over this issue of mandates, of kids wearing masks. cloth masks on five-year-olds, that is not our problem right now. our problem is non-immune adults continue to be susceptible and they need to get vaccinated. we need to focus our efforts right now on where we can save lives. rachel: you've been a voice of reason. you've never politicized this. pandemic for the virus and a lot of our viewers trust you. >> thank you, rachel. >> up next a former translator concerned over the taliban take over joins us next.
4:39 am
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4:43 am
island. rick reichmuth is tracking the system all morning long. rick, what do you have? rick: middleton is right by nair began set bay, newport, rhode island. newport is a more recognizable name. this will stay off of long island. a little bit more time off relatively cooler water. we saw it weaken a little bit. doesn't really matter a lot of rain from this, anywhere from where this makes landfall especially off towards the right of that, we'll see the worst of the storm surge, some spots pushing up in narragansett bay. seeing five feet of storm surge. we have high tide cycles all of that making these storm surge as little bit worse for us. this is the official track of the storm. don't pay too much attention to
4:44 am
that center of it because as this storm makes landfall the rainfall will be spreading out and wind as well. a lot of areas still picking up five to eight inches of rain. that flood concern will continue for us for a while. pete: rick, thank you. appreciate it. over to you, will. will: kabul afghans living in the united states are terrified that their families back home are trapped. my next guest is a former translator who predicted the taliban take over and urged his family to move west to tajikistan. he is out of kabul he is concerned for their safety. he joins me now. let's start off with a bit of good news. your family is out of afghanistan. the fact they resettled in tajikistan that is a good situation, yes? >> yes of course. my immediate family is in tajikistan which is good news for me. will: i understand this came because you saw some of this
4:45 am
coming, you gave them a warning and told them to get out? >> yeah. like in 2020 there was a bomb attack on my father's car and my father was a major general in afghan army. right away after that we receive ed some live -- the taliban told us they would kill our family. that is why we decided. i talked to my family they came from afghanistan. will: we hear reports, there are suggests, nisar, we have images that would make it seem though it is not true, we might look at a taliban who wants to be more accepted on the world stage, be somewhat more civilized, make promises they won't look for retribution for those that worked for the united states or those with dual citizenship or american citizenship. do you believe that? do you believe the taliban will take a different approach? >> like so far now we are
4:46 am
looking and we are seeing like a very different taliban, like how they were in 1996 and between 1996 and 2000 but again, which i mentioned before that taliban are, keep break their promises and we don't believe that there they will keep this promise as well and based on my recent information and i keep receiving some calls from my friends and letters from afghanistan, they are still going and searching the peoples houses and people especially who are supporting the u.s. army and afghan armies. they are very smart right now. they're trying to go in the media and trying to show themselves very good people but i don't think there will be change. there is something behind the curtain. will: what do you suspect will happen as time passes and media
4:47 am
attention turns away, the taliban reverts to its old ways? >> based on my opinion, between the taliban and the united states peace agreement, as soon as the usa troops come out from afghanistan and i know that there will be some destruction financially and economic destruction from taliban government and other countries. after that the taliban will start and we will see, i believe we will see that what the difference is. will: we appreciate your perspective and we also wish you and your family the best of luck. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. will: pete, over to you. pete: thank you, will. turning to a few additional headlines. the man who survived the bode crash of that he feared the
4:48 am
family. connor cook misled investigators after paul's father alex urged him not to say who was driving the boat. he was awaiting trial on drunken boating charges in connection with the incident when he and his mother maungy were found shot to death on their south carolina property. prices are forcing americans to do shopping at dollar stores. over 1600-dollar stores are expected to open this year, representing nearly half of all new national retail openings. dollar general is also up 32% from prepandemic levels. this as inflation sends certain goods to their highest prices in years. and a racehorse is spotted sprinting down an indiana highway after getting loose. the horse bold and bossy, making a bolt for it after bucking her jockey. a local sheriff was able to grab
4:49 am
the horse and tried to calm her down. bold and bossy was checked out by a state veterinarian and it is said to be doing rather well. you don't see that every day. those are your headlines. straight ahead a ride to remember, even a storm can't stop these patriots honoring our 9/11 heroes with their annual bike ride from the pentagon to new york city. romises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
♪. pete: come hurricane or covid-19 america's 9/11 foundation has spent the last 20 years honoring our fallen heroes with their annual bike ride from the pentagon to shanksville, pennsylvania, and ending right here in new york city. will: we're joined by eric, ted and lex sy and roger who decided even a hurricane couldn't stop them from getting to ground zero. eric, start with you. you do have a bit of weather this morning. you've been doing this bike ride. tell us about the commitment, about this potential hurricane, tropical storm, is not stopping you. >> well we, our commitment we're always going to honor the victims of 9/11. we're never going to forget them and honor the first-responders who put their lives on the line for us every day they go to work. we announced to the ride in
4:54 am
arlington yesterday morning basically due to the weather we'll stop the ride in linden, for your safety go home because it was calling for torrential downpours and heavy winds and everything like that. we were still able to bring a large contingent of riders and first-responders into the city last night so we will never forget 9/11. rachel: how big do you think the ride will be? how many people are you expecting? >> well the ride, we started off with 535 in somerset two days ago, that was with 10 weeks of planning because as of may everybody was still shut down with covid. rachel: sure. >> so you know, we had to abide by the rules. we followed first-responders. we support them. in 10 weeks we were able to garner 535 people from around the country. pete: thank you for all the first-responders and what you do at the foundation. which don't have time to do it
4:55 am
justice. we have another 90 seconds. ted and lexi, 20 years since the ride was founded. reflect on it. >> it was interesting, came from the white house, came from november 10th. went down to the world trade center on the 11th. it was still smoking that was to raise the economy, boost the economy in new york. all we got was nothing but emails and letters saying do it again, do it again. we've done it 20 years now and it doesn't seem like 20 years. she was 3 months old? >> yeah. >> she was a babe. rachel: i like to see that. pete: benefit for our viewers out there, we're short on time, how can people do more, who benefits from this. >> the people benefit are the family members. we ride to never forget september 11th. there are 2977 reasons we ride. the whole point never forget. back the first-responders.
4:56 am
thank these guys. that is why we do what we do. >> our college scholarship program for first responder kids. will: you can help. go to america's 9/11, help them help others. thank you, eric, ted, roger, and lexy. more "fox & friends" coming up. god bless you. i don't want to catch it. well, you can't catch shingles, but the virus that causes it may already be inside you. does that mean bill might have company? - stop. you know shingles can be prevented. shingles can be whaaaaat? yeah prevented. you can get vaccinated. oh, so... i guess it's just you, me and bill then. i'm making my appointment. bill's all yours... 50 years or older? get vaccinated for shingles today.
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5:01 am
rick, what's the latest? rick: the storm weakened just a little bit, it's over some relatively cooler water, so yesterday the storm moved across the warmer water further south in the atlantic, and then it crossed the gulf streams which is that really warm water just to the north, significantly warmer than they would typically be this time of year, about 5-7 drees above average. that said, still not warm enough to sustain a hurricane. we started to see the weakening of the storm as a it moves over this cooler water. a 70 mile-an-hour or a 75 mile-an-hour storm, that's the demarcation where we call something a hurricane, the impacts aren't that different. we're till beginning to see rain, storm surge and winds. and because of those winds on really saturated soil, i think a lot of trees go down, we're going to see a lot of flooding far inland because the storm is actually going to be moving really slowly which doesn't typically happen when storms get
5:02 am
this far north in latitude. you see that water, really significant band of rain cutting across parts of central long island. we had that set up last night across brooklyn and manhattan where we saw 5 inches of rain, the all time most rain every in one hour -- ever in one hour in central park last night. that moved down across parts of jersey, flooding concerns across eastern parts of pennsylvania and way up across vermont, and that's going to be a problem. in the short term though, long island is where we're watching, montauk is where we have fox's alex hogan there. alex, what are you seeing right now? >> reporter: hi, rick, good morning. as you mentioned, we're at the very end of long island.
5:03 am
this is montauk. again, we know that henri has shifted slightly east, but we are seeing those heavy downpours and, of course, take a look at these massive waves behind me, that storm surge bringing the sand all the way up to the shore line, even covering these steps where i'm standing. it's heavy downpour, torrential
5:04 am
5:05 am
equipment, our equipment taliban stole and is using against us.
5:06 am
listen here. >> [inaudible] >> reporter: we have video of a group landing in india, one of dozens of countries taking in afghans, and more countries are expected to jump onboard and help. there's also this new threat from the isis branch in afghanistan that makes the situation even more complicated. usually when you think ultimateo
5:07 am
help shuttle evacuees from bases to other places.
5:08 am
5:09 am
>> john, two days before kabul fell, you said from that podium, quote, the city is not right now in any imminent threat environment. how could you get that so wrong? >> in the moment that i said it, lucas, it was true. j reactions out there on social media -- >> reporter: -- surrounded with taliban. >> in the moment i said based on what we knew at the time, it was
5:10 am
a true statement and, yes, three days later things dramatically changed. rachel: that makes us look so good, subject -- doesn't it? it was true when i then it wasn't true two days later. this is supposed to be the preeminent, most well respected, well regarded, you know, intelligence community in the world. and we get this wrong. will: i think it's relevant, the comments that you made while watching that clip. as he said, we're seeing the comments we've made on social media. rachel: yeah, they are following, aren't they? [laughter] will: associate media's not -- social media's not your north star. you might want to tell the american people the truth, then you might have to change your word -- might not have to change your word every other day. pete: great point. will: lucas was pressing him on did you know this was going to happen. ñné-
5:11 am
minutes, i would suggest we're going to be talking to general jack keane as well because what is immeant, pete, that situation you laid out earlier, the only thing you didn't mention was that which you mentioned earlier in the show. add in the extra fact that isis now has an increased presence, and yesterday we reported that al-qaeda has made their way into kabul. is you've got that sea of humanity. the becomes one of just another set of threats to all of those people and americans who might if want to try to make their way out. rachel: and the irony, right, the whole reason we went into afghanistan was because we said we don't want a base for terrorism. now we've got isis, al-qaeda, taliban, it just gets worse and worse. and, again, we just have these -- for 9/11 all on the heels of -- pete: once you're in -- you're so right. and it happens to be that it's happening at the 20-year mark, although originally, remember, joe biden wanted to peg it to 9/11 as if that was some sort of
5:12 am
perfect cherry. once you're there, how you leave matters the most. it's the signal that people enduringly take from that operation, and all the&9 weakness. and you said this earlier in the show, will, one incident, one explosion, one dead american soldier, one dead american marine, one videotaped assassination of a u.s. citizen or how about a translator who people know that the taliban -- because they're not going to abide by the rules. august 31st is coming. they're going to use that as leverage. one moment like this, and this accelerates even further. and the longer we don't take decisive action like pushing the perimeter out or getting our u.s. citizens, the more dangerous every event call -- eventuality becomes. will: women across afghanistan fearing for their safety as horrifying images warn of the dangers they face under taliban rule.
5:13 am
rachel: and this includes the after a began women's football team -- afghan women's football team. our next guest who founded the team used to live under the taliban rule, and she's warning female players to burn their jerseys and disappear. s.s[ this is so ironic, you've spent so much of your time empowering women to join soccer, to join the sport, to be part of it, and now you're telling women, the same women, to burn their jerseys social media accounts because the taliban is targeting them. >> yes, unfortunately, the situation because it's getting worse, it has become worse especially for the women, our football players who are publicly well known, they have founded the foundation of the women's national afghan team or
5:14 am
the purpose of the team that was founded was based on standing for our rights and women of afghanistan standing against taliban, standing against taliban ideology against islamic state that is against women. so we have -- our players have fought taliban many times on media, taliban is the enemy of humanity. are, they are in the hands of enemies, and they have no protection, and they have no voice. i have been in contact since the fall of kabul. all i hear are the voices of our players who are worried for their future, who have protection and all the time they are panicking that anytime the taliban is knocking at their doors.
5:15 am
will: yeah. the very existence of this team, the fact that it exists at all, a women's soccer team, is a statement of progress. we understand. fifa sunt necessarily -- doesn't necessarily have the greatest history of standing up for everything moral and right in the world, so who do you need right now for this women's national soccer team? >> i need the world to stand with my players, with the women of afghanistan. i need, i need the people right now, some of our people, some of our players are in great danger, and we have tried our best to get at least some sort of papers for them to leaves; struggling, they are in danger at the airport, and the people who=÷ñ?ñ?ñ are soldiers, they dt allow them to go. they have the papers, they have the legal papers, but the soldiers are are not allowing them to go. they are screaming, they're
5:16 am
saying they are football players, their lives are in danger, they have all the legal papers. i have seen the videos of our players calling me midnight crying how they have been beaten, how they have been stopped in different checkpoints, and i hear the gunfire there. it is scary. their lives are in danger, and i want the world to stand with them. >> k health care alida, you're -- khalida, you're coming to us from denmark, have you heard from megan rap know, anybody -- megan rah rapino to bring more attention? >> unfortunately, no. rachel: that's interesting. if. >> nothing from the prayers who have been activists. -- players who have been activists. éq;rát#ulqcpf activists. women's rights, real women who are in danger in their own field, soccer. fascinating. we're going to be praying for
5:17 am
you, we're going to keep putting attention to on and this, hopefully, shining a spotlight on it, so we can get help for those girls. >> thank you. pete: also trey yingst joining us on the phone. he's live from the airport in kabul on the ground. give us a lay of the land. we've been talking about this location, what's happening there. what are you seeing? >> reporter: good morning, guys. we just arrived at kabul, afghanistan, with the qatari military, and there are thousands of people trying to flee. the runway is orderly, there are lines of people getting into c-17 transport planes, and the americans here are working hand in hand with the other governments trying to move this process along. the taliban took over kabul just a week ago today, and there are not only afghans, but american citizens on the ground here in afghanistan still trying to
5:18 am
escape. l]8]nra,g9ruaonc> made their way through afghanistan were taking over major cities, kandahar, and it created a scenario where they were quickly able to get weapons that were given to the afghan security forces by the americans. now american forces on the ground are concerned those weapons are going to be used against them, and that's why the situation is so the entire airport, the entire airport is locked down right now. will: the military side locked down right now. we've seen reports on the other side of the wire, on the oh side of the airport -- other side of the airport. inside the wall you said the runway is orderly. that's the scene inside the airport at large? is it on one side chaos, the other side order in. >> reporter: yeah. we've seen images of videos being released from the other side of the wall showing seven straight days of chaos. you can see some smoke rising up
5:19 am
along the horizon, and it looks like a different world than the evacuation we're seeing before our eyes. and that's been the situation. the u.s. military was very quickly able too20 of the airport, but the chaos outside is making it extremely difficult for these civilians and these americans to get to the transport planes. that's part of the reason why over the weekend we actually saw the u.s. military evacuate 169 people the big problem is that the reality outside is not really matching up to the rhetoric we're hearing from washington and, quite frankly, the forces here are overwhelmed. they're trying to get so many people out of afghanistan, and it just simply is not happening as quickly as many believe it should. pete: you're right, trey. i know you just got there so may not have had an opportunity to get the whole lay of the land, but hopefully you'll get an opportunity to talk to u.s. forces there. is there a sense that something
5:20 am
else needs to be done, something more proactive needs to be done in order to get the thousands of u.s. citizens that are still not at the airport into the airport? what's your sense of the capacity of u.s. forces? >> reporter: right now the capacity of u.s. forces, it's tough to tell what exactly these the wire because we know there are americans stranded all throughout kabul and all throughout afghanistan. the biden administration still does not have a clear number on how many americans are stuck in afghanistan, but they know that it's a lot, and they know that given the current operations and the abilities that they have on the ground, they authorized to go out and collect americans from across the country. and that is inevitably going to become a major, major problem for the united states in the coming days, because the pressure is increasing. the taliban, very clear they're
5:21 am
getting tire of american forces being here, and we are getting very, very close to that august 31st deadline for withdrawal, and that is part of the reason analysts believe you are seeing this intelligence of extremist-backed isis possibly threatening american civilians who are trying to flee and that is a big, major concern. will: hey, trey, i'm trying to visualize the chaos, how many gates are people trying to make their way through to get into the airport? is the problem to one of massive logistics where you have a group '9mo8>9"3ugdmojjgjlsññlt of people trying to get through just a few checkpoints and americans trying to vet them? is that the main logistical challenge? >> yeah. there are three major gates at the airport for kabul. any given day the situation could change and one gate will become active and others are shut down because there are too many people arriving. i want to paint the picture from where i'm standing.
5:22 am
i can see seven large military transport planes, and at every single one of them there are lines of afghans. and they are waiting to board. some of them are going to head to doha, qatar, where we just came from. others will head to the united arab emirates. and we've seen a number of countries opening up their borders temporarily because there's a very big push to ask u.s. allies and those friendly to the united states to at least temporarily hold these civilians because there are just too many people. and the scene here, like i said, it's orderly on the runway, but we all saw those videos of people literally falling to their death on thisyvñnuv[ because they were that desperate to flee the taliban. i think when you look at the people who are walking by me right now headed to these transport planes, it's a picture of relief, of gratitude, of just
5:23 am
pure and amid those moments is children smiling and waving and putting up the peace sign because they're caught in the middle of all of this this, and they're trying to make sense of it. just the few people we stopped as they were ability to board a plane, i asked how does this feel? they said, it feels great. it feels great. such enthusiasm because they understand once that flight takes off, they are no longer personally at risk of being killed by the taliban. pete: trey, you mentioned the three gates and it shifts. i've heard the same report. a gate is open one day, one hour it's open, the next hour, dayst it's not. it's making the trip treacherous. add that to the fact that the9 new guidance is for u.s. 8#ñ;+é6íe;h=>avy gates. so what is the process? if are individuals notified if they're a citizen, go now to
5:24 am
this gate now, or is there a process at all? what are citizens waiting on there? >> reporter: the question i keep hearing. and as we reported across the region on this developing story, people reaching sending e-mails and messages on social media, the question i hear over and over again, what's the plan? because with everyone has a firm understanding that if you're an american beyond the perimeter that soldiers have set up, there really is no clear plan to get them to safety. and you have taliban checkpoints across the city of kabul. it's very, very concerning to people who are trying to flee and get to the airport because, you make a great point, even if you have the proper paperwork, even if you have an american passport, there is no assurance. the government cannot assure your safety to get to the airport, which means those american citizens have to pass through taliban checkpoints
5:25 am
where we have seen people on video, .>'eeég x,uz)maooytrpg when you understand how dangerous the situation is. the british defense ministry today confirmed that seven people were killed just outside z the gates where we're standing in a crush because there were so many people, a sea of people pushed up against the wall. chaos trey, you're not one for hyperbole, you're a great reporter, and for you to say there's no plan is as clear as it can get for americans on the ground and our viewers here that it is absolute chaos. trey, thank you so much. we're going to continue to check in with you. thanks for being there, indices expense bl, the information you're providing. rachel: fascinating how a u.s. passport is both a blessing and a curse. i mean, it's your ticket out of the country and to safety, but at the same time, you have to go through a taliban checkpoint --
5:26 am
pete: presenting a u.s. papasport at a taliban checkpoint? will: yeah, we've described the chaotic situation at those gates that would be those who would like to leave afghanistan have to go through. to go through. let's $b2 general jack keane about this process and the potential threats that they will now face. general keane, thank you for your time this morning ahead of time here. you know, we talk so much about the taliban, but now there are reports of isis in the region, of isis in kabul. yesterday we talked about al-qaeda's increasing presence with the this whole thing, general, seems like it sits on a razor's edge. what are the growing threats? >> well, first of all, let me just say, i mean, united states' national honor is on the line here, and the whole world is watching. what we're talking about is getting a all of our americans out and all of our afghan partners out. and it's certainly a mistake to still have a date certain of 31
5:27 am
august. the declaration has got to be made to our own forces, to the state department and certainly to the taliban that we're going to stay here for as long as it takes to get our american citizens out and our afghan partners, and you can either cooperate with us, mr. taliban, or not, but we are going to do this mission and complete it. we've already lost, will,■uñ credibility as a global leader in the world. i mean, the consequences,es i think, are going to be felt for years to come as a result of this ill-conceived, hasty withdrawal which set the date certain which then robbed us of any opportunity to provide the necessary conditions to prevent a taliban takeover and also to get our citizens out before we got out. and that is the heart of the problem that we've been trying to recover from in the last week or so watching this disaster and
5:28 am
debacle before our eyes. i'm convinced we have got to be determined about this and let people know that we're going to stay for as long as it takes to get the job done. will: and, general, that message that we'll stay as long as it takes would be, i guess, if we draw a line in the sand, but there's also this feeling, general, that we're under our own time crunch because, as i mentioned, the threats are growing, isis, al-qaeda and, of course, the taliban. so in the short term, there's the security threat that puts us eñlí what's happening here with isis, the estimates before the takeover were somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 isis fighters. and who are these isis fighters? they're mostly taliban guys who, when isis accomplished their mission establishing the islam ebb -- islamic state which
5:29 am
stunned the world back in 2014, a lot of rebranding went on with radical islamist groups, and isis became internationally celebrated. will: right. >> so many of the taliban groups moved and rebranded themselves as isis, one, thinking they were going to get some money, recruiting, and i think they probably, you know, ooh identified even more with maybe the eye access ideology than the taliban one. but they're mostly after began guys. -- afghan guys. not exclusively that. but when the taliban let everybody out of the jails, they let their own fighters -- i'm talking about the detention centers where the terroristses were, jailhouses as well -- they let the taliban guys out, but they let isis and al-qaeda guys out, so there's hundreds of isis guys now back in t÷/wc!#ñúh mail -- military and the state department's acting like this, that means they have credible intelligence of a suicide -- i do believe we've got to go
5:30 am
outside and go get the people and bring them to the airplanes if that's necessary. we certainly have the capability to do that, we just have to find the will to do it. will: that seems to be in short supply right now, general keane, at least as a political calculation. it's not, obviously, as a military calculation. as a political calculation, will is in short supply. general keane, thank you for getting up with this morning and sharing your insights. >> great talking to you, will. take care. will: you too. we are still keeping a close eye on tropical storm henri. these are live pictures from rhode island. we have a live report in connection. ♪ ♪ don't you just love the look on the kids' faces... yea, that look of pure terror..., no, the smile...
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pete: we are back with a live look at fire island, new york, where large waves are rolling in as millions brace for tropical storm henri. steve bender continues our coverage from long island, new
5:35 am
york. >> reporter: good morning, pete. we're just down the way from fire island where they've actually closed this beach. it's 8 miles that is closed to the public. we're at smith point beach, and they've actually closed the bridge coming in here. really the story is the wind starting to pick up, but look behind me as the rough surf starts to take form, 8-10 foot waves crashing that is leading to that storm surge already, and we're seeing this reach up to the sand dunes. we have a nice about 10-foot seawall that's protecting us, but that doesn't stretch. the entire way of the beach, that is the concern, the storm surge are threat. we're going to see 3-5 feet move in, and then we talk about that wind impact. it's starting to pick up, 35 mile-per-hour gusts. as you notice those waves crash behind me, that's an indication of the wind that's picking up and we've been here since 6:30 in the morning, it has not
5:36 am
stopped raining, so that is sap at rating the ground. and so when tropical storm henri starts to move onshore later, it won't take a really large wind gust to knock over some of those trees, and we do have concerns for power outages later on today. so as we saw last night, the rain started to move in, brooklyn, new york, saw over 6 inches of rain leading to some of that flash flooding. that is a concern not only today, but through tomorrow. and then we're also seeing some of that flooding in 40 bogen, new jersey. -- hoboken, new jersey. yes, it is a tropical storm, but we learned last year even if it's just at tropical storm status, it is the rain and the water content that will really put a hurt on everyone around here, something we will continue to track is the flooding concerns here and, of course, the wind as this moves onshore. so reporting live from smith p port beach, back to you, pete. peter: absolutely. ing steve bender, thank you so
5:37 am
much. steve is with fox weather. fox weather is coming soon, so look out for the that. rachel, over to you. rachel: thank you, pete. well, police and protesters are clashing across australia with as hundreds are arrested in anti-lockdown protests against sydney's nightly covid curfews, and melbourne is facing their sixth, yes, sixth, shutdown. our next guest is says this is a stark reminder of why he's so happy to live in america. the ceo of the foundation for liberty and american greatness, nick adams, joins us now. nick, so great to have you on the show, so great to get you perspective on this. you know, this has been a real eye-opener. i thought i knew australia before the pandemic, and the pandemic has really shocked, i think, a lot of americans. i didn't think that australians would stand for this kind of government, you know, control over the population and over
5:38 am
their movements as they have. i mean, it's nice to see the protests but, god, it's taken a while. >> well, rachel, look, australia is showing what life looks like without a first or to second amendment. showing what life looks like after eternal submission and neverending compliance. what happens is all of a sudden even a peaceful protest is about as welcome as a pork chop in kabul. things have become really bad down in australia because the government has pursued a policy of zero covid which has kind of led to this cul-de-sac of perpetual lockdowns. my grandmother, my 84-year-old yaya was going to the cemetery visiting my late grandfather, and even she was moved on by police. so what we're seeing is a fatigue of the compliance that people expect of
5:39 am
australians, and people are waking up. rachel: do you think this resistance will persist, and will it make a difference? will the government be responsive to this kind of pushback? many. >> you know, rachel, that's very hard to say. if i had to guess, say probably not. i think this is kind of the way that things are done. the international perception of australia is marketedly different to the domestic reality. australia has always been more of a european kind of place when it's come to government, when it's come to being compliant. i don't think that the government was expecting what is happening there right now just like people around the world not expecting what's going on there right now. and it just make me so grateful to be an american even though we've got a president that's about as useful as a parachute on a submarine. at least we still have some modicum of free speech and we're protected, and people can
5:40 am
legally protest without being met by the violence that they were met with a couple of days ago in mel would your -- melbou. rhoderachel: some of the restris have been, as you said, embarrassing, comical. don't go say hi to your neighbors, as you said, in a cemetery outdoors, being moved along and told to lock indoors. just for the record, 200 days of lockdown, 6 separate stay at home orders. 1,000 people have died of covid. really quick with, what have been the mistakes the government -- beyond these massive restrictions, what is the biggest mistake they've made, in your view. >>some. >> definitely pursuing this policy of zero covid. it's an impossible target. it's never going to happen. year they kind of got sucked into this idea because everyone else was struggling with covid and australia wasn't, that an urgent vaccine rollout wasn't necessary. they bungled that rollout. there was bad press with the one advantage zien, the astrazeneca, that they invested in, so people
5:41 am
didn't want to go and do that, so now this is what their dealing with, rachel. rachel: all right. well, nick, we're glad you're here in america. you definitely have the spirit on 1776. [laughter] thanks for joining us this morning, giving us that insight on what's happening down under. >> always a pleasure. rachel: okay, take care. pete? pete: thank you, rachel. we're going to now bring in trey yingst who we just spoke to on the phone is now live on camera, i believe where, from the airport in kabul. trey, get you up on a shot there. amazing to see you there. it's the first reporting i've seen there inside the airport. set the scene for us, trey. >> reporter: guys, we just arrived here in kabul, afghanistan, with the qatari military. they are shuttling afghans to doha where they will temporarily remain until they're able to find a safe home. you can see behind me there are civilians lined up here at the airport. these are the lucky ones, those who made it past the chaos
5:42 am
outside, past the taliban checkpoints across the city of kabul. it's been one week since the taliban took over kabul and formally took over afghanistan, and the people here are tried. you -- tired. you see is it on their faces, you hear it in their voices, but they're also e leaved because they understand implications of an afghanistan ruled by the taliban. remember, as the taliban made these territorial gains, they took weapons, they took machinery, and now they are a force that many believe here in afghanistan cannot be reckoned with. and that is why you see so many people behind me getting on these planes to anywhere. and the scene here -- [audio difficulty] they will travel to places like qatar, the uae and pakistan. but the scene just outside the gates remains pure chaos. american troops are doing everything they can to get those who have the correct paperwork
5:43 am
through, both afghans and american citizens, but this is a major question about what to do with the americans who cannot make it to this airport because they are currently stranded, and the taliban day in and day out is threatening those americans, they are setting up more and more checkpoints, and it is becoming increasingly dangerous to be an american citizen here in afghanistan. will: trey, first of all, appreciate this reporting. it is great to have you on the ground there at the airport in kabul. i want to explore that picture which you told us ability at the gate, at the checkpoint. we see the people behind you right now. it seems to me there's a choke point that then gathers the chaos, a crowd of people. where are, for example, the people behind you vetted? are they vetted before they get on the plane? are they vetted outside at that gate and that's the slowing down of the process? when and where does that take place? >> reporter: so outside it's really every man for themselves. it is pure, pure insanity.
5:44 am
there's really no other way to tribe the scenes outside. taliban fighters just feet away from american troops. and you have people like the afghans behind me who have the correct paperwork. they have the visas that they need to leave afghanistan, and they have the really work their way through the crowd to get into the airport. and that's why you saw those photos at the end of last week, heartbreaking photos of mothers handing their babies over barbed require, over concrete walls unsure if they would see them again. they're that desperate to flee the taliban. and that is the processing that we see here. it is very chaotic outside, and when you get inside, you can see this orderly scene. before everyone gets on the plane, americans, afghans, they are checked by the forces that they are traveling with whether it is the qataris, the emiratis, the americans. there's a security check to make sure there's no con that that band and everyone is there and clean and, quite frankly, the
5:45 am
people behind me are just those people, they are civilians who are simply trying to get to safety. finish the bad guys, the people who are terrorizing the country of afghanistan are off in the distance. they are in the hillside off behind me, and they have taken over in this country. and that is why you see the afghans behind me doing everything they can to get to safety. rachel: trey, no one more terrorized in that country than americans but also women and children. is so tell me, what is the breakdown that you're seeing of people trying toes to escape of men to women and children. >> reporter: right now it's a mixture of people. we see a lot of families and young children. the parents understand the gravity of this situation. they understand they may never return to afghanistan, and that is extremely difficult to process. many of the children, they're not quite sure what's happening.
5:46 am
when you have a 4 or 5-year-old suddenly ripped from their home and to an airport and then to a country they certainly have never been to, it can be extremely difficult to process. but i want to talk about women for a second. rachel: yeah. >> reporter: yesterday my cameraman and i spoke with five university students from kabul, all women, young women with bright futures ahead studying political science and business with. we talked about politics, we talked about culture, and we talked about the situation. and when you look in their eyes, they are trying so hard to be strong, so hard to be young women and the future of afghanistan -- [audio difficulty] knowing that you're not -- [audio difficulty] pete: trey, i think we're losing your connection, but with we have so many more questions to ask him. i think we're going to -- at top of next hour, we're going to go back to trey.
5:47 am
hopefully, his hot is six ifed. we'll -- his shot is fixed. we'll get the answer to that question. rachel: i want to get the answer because we interviewed the soccer star that's helping other women in afghanistan who play soccer, they're in daughter-in-law for their lives because they play soccer. pete: that's right. rachel: they're facing death. and, again, no call, as we learned, from megan are rapino and these use lessoninger players here in the united states. it's very sad. pete: he's going to have more time to gather information about what's happening outside the gate and the process or lack thereof for u.s. citizens and passport holders. let's go to senator rick scott, a navy veteran, senator, thank you so much for being here. you heard trey yingst reporting. we've been talking about the closing of the gates, the opening of the gates, people have paperwork, but they can't get through. have you ever seen anything like
5:48 am
this type of disaster zone and chaos that's unfolding in kabul under this administration in. >> i am disgusted. i mean, this is not how america should act. what joe biden has done to put american citizens and at risk and american allies and gavins that helped us -- afghans that helped us is just disgusting. when you hear the story of americans being beaten and just the chaos going on, and these people are -- they don't know if they're going to be alive, they're going to be dead. the harm that he's put american soldiers in, i mean, it's just -- i don't know where joe biden is. i hope this guy is healthy and strong enough to lead because if you look at right now, he's clearly not doing it. he's been on vacation since he got elected, and he's put americans in harm's way not just there, which he clearly has, but we've got an open southern border. so who, what terrorists are going to be coming across our border because of what he did in afghanistan? if i mean, heart goes out to everybody trying to get to
5:49 am
america and to the freedom we have, and my heart goes out to everybody worried about whether they're going to be alive tomorrow or not because of the taliban and joe biden's decisions. rachel: yeah. i mean, it's, it's unbelievable. mixed messages. go to the airport, no, don't go to the airport. how many people went to the airport and maybe got hurt because we just don't know, we just don't know what's going on. we saw this morning we had a call from an american mom trapped behind lines. senator? >> well, i mean, the guy is -- biden has no plan. how could you, how could you do what he did, the leave equipment and bases and just leave americans and our allies behind? i mean, who does this? who's joe biden think he's taking care of in he's cheerily not acting in america's best interests, and if you're an ally to america today while joe
5:50 am
biden's the president, do you believe he's going to stand up and defend -- he won't even defend americans. do you think he'll defend taiwanese? japanese? who's he care about? i just, i'm really worried about if he's okay, if he even can do this job. will: we've heard from various congressional and senatorial offices that they have been fielding calls from americans looking for help for family members or people they served with, and quickly, i don't know if you've been fielding calls like that, but how does it work? what can you do? can you get on the phone with the state department? tell people what, how to get to the airport? i'm just curious, outside of the white house what can you guys do to help people in. >> i'm getting lots -- we're getting a lot of calls. one family, we're told, was beaten on their way to the airport. a family we talked to, the state department, they went there the, there was no way to get in. i mean, it's just complete
5:51 am
chaos. we're doing everything we can to work through the state department and help these families, but there's no plan. pete: there's no plan. just like we heard from trey yingst, you hear it from senator scott. thank you so much for your time. beappreciate it. more "fox & friends" at the top of the hour. we're going to talk to charlie kirk and what they're doing about critical race theory coming up next.
5:52 am
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pete: with criticism mounting over critical a race theory, school board watch list is the latest initiative by turning point usa to help parents expose cr. founder charlie kirk joins us now. charlie, we don't have as much time as i would like, but this is an awe if many initiative. ex-- awesome if initiative. explain what you're hoping to do. >> thanks, pete, for fitting this in on, i know, a crazy breaking news day. this is the battle to save america's classrooms. crt is infecting a all of our institutions including our military, by the way, which ties into a lot of the breaking news we're seeing, and we need to expose it in our classrooms which is why we started school board watch list of the top 100 school boards across the country so parents and taxpayers know exactly what's happening in
5:56 am
those three school board meetings. school board watch, it pairs beautifully with our grass roots networks of students in high schools that they know there's a way to push back and that, finally, taxpayers can be equipped with the information to push back against wokism and crt in their local areas. pete: that's it. it's information and transparency. you've got woke activists hiding in plain sight. no one has any idea where to learn information about those school boards. school board watch to check it out. charlie, thanks for all you do. we said it was short, but you delivered. appreciate it, brother with. >> thank you. pete: more "fox & friends" on the other side. at you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
5:57 am
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♪ rachel: fox news alert for you. seven people killed as chaos takes over near kabul's airport. we are live on the ground on the desperate efforts underway. will: henri is set to make landfall in new england soon, you're looking live at western rhode island. pete: let's go to fox weather's chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for the latest. rick. rick: good morning. i talk a lot about the peak of hurricane season. this is where we are, this
6:01 am
yellow line. still the majority of our hurricane activity statistically ahead of us. this week we had fred that that saturated the ground across interior areas of upstate new york and new england, and that's going to have impacts. we also had grace, by the way, that made two landfalls as our first major hurricane of the year and henri getting very close to the coastline, likely making landfall around rhode island probably first going over block island which is just off the coast, the tip of long island there. you see this very heavy rain, it's been moving across parts of long island trout the morning -- throughout the morning, dumping really significant rainfall rates. take a look, obviously, the center of the storm just off the tip of long island. it's going to continue to pull in anywhere to the east of that where the worst of the storm surge is going to come n i think like places near the bay and spots up across cape cod and the island seeing the worst of the storm surge. a lot of this coincide ising
6:02 am
with an astronomical high tide. anywhere you see this green now we have flood warnings in effect. that also includes parts of new hampshire. the storm has gone a little farther off towards the east, we'll see it far away from the center, the rain, we've already seen that. flooding conditions across parts of new jersey, across parts of eastern pennsylvania. but over the next couple of hours as the storm moves in, we're going to see still a lot more rain here. take a look at this, a lot of places even far away from the center of this maybe even ooh another 5-8 inches of rain. all right, the center of the storm now just off the tip of long island, that's montauk, that's where we have fox's alex hogan out there. alex are, you're almost right at the center of the storm. what does it feel like for you there right now? >> reporter: hi, rick. it's a lot of strong wind and rain, but you can probably hear
6:03 am
from our reporting right now we're about 35 miles away from the tropical storm henri, and just to give you an example of how strong it is right here, this is the staircase i just walked up. they had to put up caution tape because it's actually starting to break because of these massive waves slamming into it, something that will only continue throughout the day. again, this is low tide. hard the imagine what this could look like in just a couple hours' time. so as a result to prepare for all we will see today, suffolk county officials urged everyone on fire island to evacuate. take a listen. >> go back and forth, keep an eye on it during the storm and pray for the best. >> we have bigger problems than my food because the whole town will go away. >> we have a house will there. it's unsafe for the professionals if we stay. >> reporter: all of those ferries are halted for today, great opportunity for those people to get out of this.
6:04 am
guys, back to you. will: okay. thank you so much. now let's move to the other big story of the morning, let's go live to the airport in kabul, ask, where we have trey yingst on the phone -- afghanistan. trey, nice to have you again here. we were speaking just 20 minutes ago as we have throughout the morning. as we were talking to you earlier, there were some live pictures. in the live shot we had with you a little bit earlier, there were a line of people behind you prepared to board planes out of kabul. finish i'm curious as you set the scene, the people that are ready to leave, are these american citizens? who is it that's currently in line to leave? >> reporter: most of the people we are seeing right now at the airport in kabul -- [audio difficulty] but they are american visa holders. we just spoke to one family, a man told us that at the beginning of july he received confirmation he could go to the united states with his family. he was holding all of the passports in his hands, and he
6:05 am
just explained how the security situation deteriorated so quickly as the taliban made those territorial advances, and he was stuck with his family. he then described what it was like -- [audio difficulty] from where i'm standing, planes are taking off hour by hour, there are currently four c-17s on the runway, people lined up waiting to get inside them to get the safety. but that's not the case outside the airport walls. that man i was talking to said it took him four days to get here. he attempted to come with his family, was pushed back by the taliban. another day had to go through a taliban checkpoint and was turned around. it's this constant, constant fear that not only the afghan civilians have, but the american citizens that are here. and this is not over. this is in the middle of a very chaotic situation. pete: trey, i know you just got there, and it appears to be orderly inside that portion next to the aircraft which is an improvement from the images we saw earlier when people were
6:06 am
clinging to planes and, tragically, falling from them. so it seems the process inside has become more orderly. but you mentioned what's happening outside, and we're showing one of those images we've seen a lot of. one day it's one gate, the next day it's another gate, one hour it's open, the next hour it's closed. sometimes the papers are helpful in getting through, other times they are not. the embassy has said come to the airport, now they're saying don't come to the airport. you're saying most of what you're seeing on the airfield are visa applicants, probably translator, advisers, others who have worked with the u.s. but when it comes to is citizens and bringing in the maybe 10,000 citizens that are still in and around kabul, afghanistan, what sense do you have that there is any plans to to about ily insure that -- proactively insure that citizens can get to that airport and get out? >> reporter: well, let me first say this about the american troops i've encountered since i've been here in afghanistan. they have been nothing but kind
6:07 am
to these afghan civilians. giving them water, food, making sure they feel safe, playing with the children. i mean, they're really doing their best to make a very, very bad s situation the best they c. when you look at this from a 30,000-foot view, there's a lot of questions, a lot of things up in the air right now about what happens to the civilians who are not here on the runway. you can hear planes behind me, their engines roaring as they try to take off off from kabul during this period where we've heard some gunfire off in the distance, but it seems relatively calm. the concern though for the american forces here, it is only a matter of day it is, it is inevitable until this becomes a problem how you get those americans who are far outside of kabul and deep in the city to safety. rachel: right. trey, obviously, that's probably going to have to be a special operation, i don't know. i'm just wondering, you say that most of the people coming
6:08 am
through are people with a visa that, you know, clearly affiliated in some way with with the american government. how concerned are you now that we know that isis is in the country and al-qaeda? does this actually make outside of the airport. a terrorist target? >> reporter: it's a major, major conditions, and i think -- [audio difficulty] why we saw the u.s. state department communicate through the american embassy, do not come to the airport. american citizens are being told not to come to the airport. so it raises the question, if you are an american citizen stuck in afghanistan right now, what should you do? and the answer that the american government has right now for those individuals is to wait. wait and wait until you are contacted by an official who tells you when it's safe to go. that only lasts for so long. i can't stress this enough. the current situation that we are seeing on the ground right now in kabul is temporary.
6:09 am
the order, the lack of chaos in this one location, it's simply temporary. i mean, we've seen images outside. the british defense ministry today confirmed seven people were killed in a crush of people just outside where we're standing right now, and it's because bay chaos has a way of moving very quickly through vulnerable populations especially when you have the taliban running the country. and that's the situation right now. the taliban is in control of afghanistan. they have gone to prisons, released their own fighters, released al-qaeda insurgents, and they have millions of dollars of american weapons. it is a recipe for disaster. will: trey, you're right there, essentially embedded with the u.s. military, and i me our military is always standing realize. as you were telling us how good they're being, how helpful they're being to the evacuees and refugees, what's the sense of the footing the american military is on there?
6:10 am
in other words, with that kind of situation you just described, is it a defensive footing? is it a security-based presence? is it a military, you know, combat-ready presence? is it more of a humanitarian preoccupation right now in getting people on the planes? >> reporter: i would say the forces that we saw here at the airport, their role is to insure that these civilians feel comfortable. i wouldn't say to represent the entire u.s. nation right now in afghanistan. we have heard over and over from the if pentagon press secretary john kirby or president biden himself, this is not a combat mission. well, when the taliban is surrounding the airport, or i'm looking off into the hills around the airport in kabul, the taliban controls those hills. and to give you just a sense of how concerned the united states and it allies are right now about the security situation, let me just describe to you when we landedded in kabul, about 20 minutes before landing here, the lights in the cabin turned red,
6:11 am
and us isenly the -- suddenly the mood changed. the soldiers around us, the qataris have been extremely helpful in getting us here on the ground and getting us access to this story. but these qatari soldiers who were sitting around, you know, passing time during the flight, suddenly their mood shifted. they put on protective gear. they drabbed automatic weapons -- grabbed automatic weapons, they holstered their handguns, they started to load magazines and put magazines in their protective chest plates. this was a combat readiness scenario. and when the back of the c-17 touched the runway, these ca qatari soldiers, in a very orderly and strategic fashion, weapons raised, walked out and then walked much more quickly to almost a sprint, got into position, made sure the area was secure and then cleared us to
6:12 am
leave the plane. people on the ground here are very aware that the taliban is in control and that the taliban does not have the same calculation for what the value of human life is. the qataris are aware, the americans are aware, and every other country that has soldiers on ground in afghanistan right now understand that reality. rae rae wow. trey, i mean, with all the mixed reports coming out from, you know, the -- our government, it's so important to have someone like you on the ground telling us exactly what's happening. it's really great, honest reporting. thank you, trey. pete: thank you, trey. stay safe. we're going to check in with you. really appreciate it. when you -- [laughter] when you think about the, you can call it combat or not combat, but if your enemy is there and they would like to kill you or take your citizens, you're many in a combat situation. and you know when you feel it. i love what trey felt about that
6:13 am
environment. we a saw the takeoff of the c-17, that's to protect against surface to air missiles. the michigan has the weapons -- taliban has the weapons, the question is do they want to use them? [inaudible conversations] pete: they know how to use surface to air missiles, i'll tell you that. rachel: that's true. pete: when trey said the plan for the american government is to wait and all you hear from citizens and afghan interpreters and others is the taliban is building a list, they have access to the names, they know who the people are, and they're going door to door to find these people, that is an untenable situation. will: you know, i asked trey that question because i can only imagine -- you don't have to just imagine, you have experience -- the dual purpose existing in each one of those soldiers' minds. on one hand, you're having to essentially become a processer. you're looking for paperwork or aiding those or who are processing, right? trying to bring order to the chaos that exists at the gate.
6:14 am
on the other hand, you are scanning for security threats, and op one hand you are prepared for what seems like not just a possibility, but an inevitability at some point. so is you are defensive. i don't want to call it offense, but -- pete: it's been the type of mission we've had for the past 20 years. the enemy could be anywhere. you might be doing one thing five minutes apart very differently. so i'm sure there's an outer cordon, an inner cordon securing different portions so those troops focused on the you mantarian side can to that -- humanitarian, and we've heard returns that the commanders of these units and the soldiers themselves are chomping at the bit to go out and get u.s. citizens that are sitting there and waiting as people hold babies up and show their papers through a kill zone, how much would that eat at you? it would eat at any american when you know you're prepared and have the capability to do
6:15 am
manager -- rachel: why won't they let them? that doesn't make sense. will: just how you make sense of that one image, the outer and inner cordons and separating those, if i'm watching a soldier lift a babe over razor wire, i feel like i'm on the edge -- pete: you are, and you know what you're relying on in the taliban at some level who's out there actually in control of the sea of people, and right now they're not shooting at you, but that could change in five minutes. will: exactingly. pete: so you are inherently vulnerable in that moment, and the worst thing to have is no plan, is to be on your heels, defensive, not being proactive. if the president were to step up and say this right now, in one hour the americans are pushing out a perimeter, if the taliban fights back, they'll be shot. in 24 hours everyone american that wants in this gate must be allowed safe passage immediately, otherwise we're dropping bombs all over your face, all across -- rachel: rob o'neil. pete: that is all you have to say, and you say it all publicly
6:16 am
so the onus is on them. and you know why they won't? they're afraid of unintended consequences. yes, things could go sideways, that is unfortunate. what's worse than a hostage situation of americans caught behind taliban lines? rachel: not acting is going to have consequences as well. we've been seeing heartbreaking images, we got a heartbreaking call that we had to listen to this morning. fox radio did an interview i with an american mom trapped in afghanistan a, pleading for president biden to help her. listen. >> i would like our president to make the process of evacuation faster. people like me are -- and people
6:17 am
6:18 am
pete: imagine. rhoderachel: it's just unbeliev. and this american mom if, as a woman, she is particularly vulnerable. not only could she be executed, she could also be taken and forced to marry some taliban fighters going door to door taking women, girls as young as 12 years old. imagine being that person, having to get that knock on the door and being taken away or watching your daughter being taken away. that, again, that is an american citizen who was on the phone there with fox digital radio. so -- pete: and what you're seeing now because there is no plan for those u.s. citizens and others are headlines like this. former u.s. special operations forces, you've got current and former military members are getting folks out one at a time through private -- rachel: acting on their own. pete: -- because no one else will do it. i'm a part of a few of those efforts right now. not as high level as that, but you're working any connection
6:19 am
you can to try to get this individual in or that individual. over time. it's worked in one instance or another, but that's not a plan. will: how long until some kinetic action? up next, senator lindsey graham joins us with the latest on the response to the crisis in afghanistan live from capitol hill, coming up. finish (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:24 am
57 times. most of the time -- i met pete over there when he was teaching ncos and great officers of the afghan army about military tactics, so i've spent a lot of time over there. this plan will never work. we need to be all in when it comes to getting our people out safely, and we're not. there's a bottleneck at the airport that is ripe for a suicide bombing attack by isis. i want the audience to understand the difference between the michigan and isisment they hate each other -- the taliban and isis. the taliban is aligned with al-qaeda, isis is the most radical of the three. they consider al-qaeda to be like the rotary club. so if they could attack the us, isis, that would be a twofer. that would be embarrassing to the taliban, and it would hurt us. and there's a jihadist olympics going on throughout the world betweenal i'd al qaeda and isis and other groups, and the gold
6:25 am
medal goes to the group that can do the most damage to us. so our folks, our military people, those trying to get out at the airport are sitting ducks for a suicide bomb attack. we need to get that perimeter pushed out, we need to open up bagram air base, and we need to tell the taliban what pete said is. you help us, or we will be at war with you. pete: what do you say to the white house, senator, that it seems as fearful of the unintended -- what could happen if we actually said that. that's their excuse, bad things might happen. what do you say to that? >> right, right. the hand-wringers are everywhere. what i'm proposing puts our military more at rsipo that we e bagram air force base and make it operational. that's where i did my reserve duty mostly, pete. you can see for 20 miles. send the military over to bagram and let military flights leave
6:26 am
there, push the perimeter back from the if airport or so we'll have more control of who gets in, and we'll do away with the bottleneck. that would increase risk to the military, but you pay now or you pay later. and here's what i hear, pete. our military members are dying to go inside of afghanistan to get our people, to do what the french and the germans are doing. you want to help the military morale of this country? tell them we're going to be all in when it comes to getting our people out. right before i went on the air, president trump called, so you got one more viewer. and i can promise you, if he were president of the unite, he would give the -- of the united states, he would give the taliban an ultimatum. he'd have a situation up where it would be hard for them to attack us. people respected him, they feared him, and the problem we have as a country is our commander in chief, joe biden, is the intelligence failure. the intelligence failure
6:27 am
regarding afghanistan and iraq is joe biden himself. he doesn't have the ability to put puzzle together. finish we've created a nightmare scenario where we've bottled people together trying to get to the airport, and it's ripe for a citizen bomb attack by isis if we don't change our plan quickly, a lot of american soldiers and civilians on the ground are going to get killed. will: senator, we've heard you lay out your vision, push out from the if perimeter, retake bagram. we see the current situation which seems to be untenable, just simply an impossible situation to continue. so in the alternative, potential for worse. so what do you think will happen? as you look into -- and i hate to put you into a crystal ball, but as you look at this president and the decisions he's made so far, what decision will he make, and how will this play forward? if. >> i think i know what he's going to do. he's going to let the taliban run out the clock. and come august 31st, we're
6:28 am
going to start leaving. and, pete, we're going to leave a lot of people behind who fought for us so bravely. if you believe in merit-based immigration, which i do, the people who served with us in afghanistan should be at the top of anybody's list. you know you get points for joining the american military. how many points should you get to serve with pete hegseth and all these other people for years risking your life? so i think the taliban is slow-walking us. they're going to give us an ultimatum august 31st, and biden will blink, and they'll have thousands of hostages to bribe us and hold us hostage down the road. i think isis is going to hit us on the way out if we don't change our footprint and our strategy, and this will haunt us for decades. sky haddists will be on steroids all over the world. i worry about our troops all over the world. who's going to help us in the future? if and the chance of another 9/11 is through the roof.
6:29 am
i would say this, without soldiers on the ground with a cia presence helping them, the likelihood of another 9/11 has gone up by 70 or 80%. and over the horizon force is about 70% less effective than having counterterrorism forces on the ground. this is a failure at so many different levels, but biden's going to leave, and the taliban's going to give him an ultimatum august 31st, and he will blink. pete: i hope you're wrong, senator, but i fear you are right. this is a total surrender. the taliban see that, and so do our allies and enemies around the globe. senator lindsey graham, thank you so much for your time and your clarity on this, we appreciate it. rachel: thank you, senator. pete: and while the senator was talking, we were showing live shots from kabul. i believe now we have trey yingst back up with us live from the airport in kabul. trey, it's been 15 minutes since we poke to you. we're seeing a flurry of
6:30 am
activity there. what are you doing? >> reporter: absolutely. the qataris have just finished boarding afghan civilians onto the c-17, they will head to doha momentarily. they're just going to have their bags loaded onto the mane, and they will be well -- on the plane, and they will be well on their way the safety. this is an example what american troops, qatari troops and a variety of other countries who are here on the ground in kabul are doing day in and day out, trying to get as many afghan civilians out of the country and as many american civilians who have the correct passport and paperwork out. and so what you're seeing right now is one of those evacuation flights loading. and we saw a lot of relief on the faces of these men, women and children as they stepped onto this plane because they realized that the gunfire we're hearing in the distance and the tension in this city of kabul will no longer be their reality.
6:31 am
they may have a new start somewhere else. pete: trey, that's the amazing part, i can can feel the urgency just in that effort there, and that's inside the safe zone inside the airport which underscores the amount of frantic and urgency that must be happening at every other aspect of the pipeline, especially outside the gates. so so for the qataris, these are people -- are they assisting with americans? are they their own citizens that they're bringing out? and, you know, talk to us about how each country is handling this. >> reporter: the qataris are playing such a critical role in these evacuations. you really cannot underscore enough the role that qatar is playing in all of this. they're not only providing evacuation flights for americans, afghan civilians and a variety of other people who are stuck in afghanistan, they're also acting as a critical link with the taliban. a lot of the calm that you see
6:32 am
behind me, it's a very limited calm, but it has to do with the efforts by qatar because they are able to say to the taliban, let these people get out, let the flights take off. and if there is any sort of attack on our allies, there will be consequences, and they have this unique leverage in the region, and they have been using that leverage over the past week following the taliban takeover of ca 3wu8. it's been -- kabul. it's been one week that we saw taliban fighters, the video, everyone saw it around the world, they walked into the city, and they walked right into the presidential palace, and afghan president ashraf ghaani was on a plane. and people we've spoken with both here on the ground in kabul, afghanistan, and also in doha, qatar, were these civilians are headed now feel betrayed in many cases, they feel left behind. i told you about these young women who are university students in kabul, and they said our government leavitt us. and they ready -- left us. and they made a really, really
6:33 am
clear point, they kept underscoring this point, that when they heard american forces were going to be leaving from afghanistan, they felt this kind of nervousness in their stomachs because they know that the taliban, when there was tough talk against the group and there were airstrikes in some case against the organization, they felt like they had to at least temper their efforts to terrorize the afghan people. no more. that is not the case anymore. the taliban is now running free in afghanistan. they are running the country. and that is why you see these civilians desperate, risking their lives, in some cases people losing their lives simply to get away. will: hey, trey, we picked up, i picked up bits and pieces of the logistical operation this morning, you said flights on the hour. i read in the beginning some of these flights were 50% full, so we're looking at a c-17 behind you, we're seeing images -- i believe that's a c-17 -- we're
6:34 am
looking at images inside one of the aircraft. what are we looking at, on the hour flights going on? how full are the flights? as pete asked, are these all american-driven flights, multiple international, different countries? what's the logistics at the airport right now? >> reporter: the americans are calling the shots in all of this. we even heard the captain come on the speaker inside to the plane when we arrived today saying we're waiting on clearance from the americans. the americans are running the military side of this airport in kabul. there isn't such a flight schedule that is laid out in a way that would be anywhere near a normal manifest for an airport. this is based on the security situation hour by hour, it's based on the number of people they're trying to get through on any given day, and it's also a based on a calculation that the americans are making about how safe it is for manes to land here. -- planes to land here. we are surrounded by the taliban
6:35 am
right now. this airport is inside taliban territory. and that's a major concern to the americans, but it's also a major concern to the other countries who are landing here. when you asked about the countries that are coming to assist with these evacuations, not every person who evacuates from kabul is heading to a place like doha. some are heading to islamabad, pakistan, some are heading to the united arab emirates, others heading to american bases, and then if they have the proper paperwork, on to the united states. it's a mixed bag. but i can tell you based on the civilians we spoke with here on the ground in afghanistan, many don't care where they're going as long as it's not inside taliban territory. rachel: you say the airport is surrounded by the taliban. with we know the taliban has basically inherited a war chest of weapons. are you getting any information about just how much in control they are of the city in terms of organization? i mean, you say they're around the airport, but any other
6:36 am
feedback that you're getting about just how organized they are in terms of their takeover of kabul? >> reporter: well, look, they are extremely organized. they are far more organized than officials in the biden administration discussed just at the end of last week. we heard john kirby at the pentagon talking about how quickly the taliban could take kabul, and he said kabul is not in imminent danger. fox's lucas tomlinson really pressed him on this point. two days later, kabul fell into the hands of the taliban. the group literally walked into the presidential palace and took over. they have hundreds of thousands of american small arms, they have a reported 200 u.s. aircraft, and they have a number of err pieces of machinery -- other pieces of machinery that are extremely concerning to the americans because it includes advanced technology. and we've heard gunfire in the distance, they are very close to
6:37 am
the airport, we know they're just outside the gates, we have seen the faces of these civilians just totally drained and people simply desperate to get away. and that's what you're seeing behind me right now, these c-17 transport planes. the qatari government sending their military in to get more than a hundred afghan civilians out into dohaed today. pete: operational security is very important, so i wouldn't want you to reveal anything that you otherwise should not, but is there any indication that things like a-10s and apaches, other lift assets that are more offensive in nature -- i know we heard about some chinooks that were part of a rescue effort, does america have the capacity there or elsewhere to launch a proactive offensive attack or a mission should they need to nord to get citizens out -- in order to get citizens out? >> reporter: america has the air power on the ground that they need to secure the airport
6:38 am
in kabul, or period. period. the big question is do they have the air support in the region to go and rescue americans who cannot make it to the airport. and you hear this over and over again from the biden administration, that there is a plan. and the question we we keep hearing whether it's people reaching to occupy out online saying we have relatives or friends trapped in kabul or elsewhere, they keep asking what's the plan, have you heard anything, who can iing contact to make sure my loved ones get to the operate. and while there is a limited plan to get countries including the united states on the ground here to evacuate those who can make it to the airport, there is no clear plan in place to save the thousands of americans not only spread out around kabul, but in other cities, kandahar, smaller cities around the country, and they have no way to get here. this is the only way to leave afghanistan right now, and it is surrounded by the taliban. imagine what the rest of the country looks like. that's the thing everyone
6:39 am
really -- it's going to be focused on in the coming days because it is a problem the administration if will have to deal with. they are not going to leave american lives behind, american citizens in afghanistan, it's just, it's not going the happen. but they are going to have to find a way to get them out, and that is going to be extremely complicated. will: hey, trey, we hear reports of frustration certainly at higher levels in the military, frustration with the role, frustration being held back. what's the morale which the troops that you've encountered there? >> reporter: the american forces on the ground are extremely happy to be here because i think they understand the role that the united states is playing in all of this. and i don't want to peek on behalf of the entire american military here, but the people that we spoke with were very happy to be helping these civilians. kind-hearted young men and women, american troops that were here giving out candy bars and
6:40 am
mres and water to women, young men who are here trying to flee the country. the question though is about morale, and people are tired. they don't know what comes next. they know that august 31st deadline is just around the corner, and there is tension here. there is a real understanding that this is a noncombat role, but it could very quickly turn into a come a bat role. when we arrived, there was smoke in the distance, we heard gunfire, and the taliban is hundreds of feet away from where we're standing right now over the walls of this airport, and the american soldiers here understand that very, very quickly. pete: trey, we're going to give you a break here in a moment, but we've heard reports have done proactive offensive operations and that has frustrated u.s. military officials. have you seen evidence of that, other countries that have gone out and gotten their people in. >> reporter: we saw a video and still images online of the
6:41 am
french, and i know other countries have done it, sent special forces out into kabul to retrieve their citizens, and we know the united states did that in a limited capacity just at the end of last week, 169 people, but it's unclear what the plans are to get the rest of the american citizens out, but we know other countries are doing it. it's a possibility. but there is one person who can make that decision as every military commander in the united states has made clear, and that's president joe biden. will: trey yingst right there in kabul at the airport. thank you so much. pete: thank you so much. will: doing great work, thank you. pete: and he knows the dynamics really well spending so much time in jerusalem as well, how it all fits together. rachel: absolutely. so embarrassing to hear that other countries are getting their citizens out, you know, going in there, into danger and special forces to get them, and we're doing it in such a limited way. pete: are you kidding me. let's bring in "sunday morning futures" anchor maria bartiromo,
6:42 am
she'll continue coverage in 20 minutes, but just your overall reaction, maria. maria: pete, this is a very grave situation, as you all have been reporting. what we are going to zero in on in the next hour is what caused joe biden to make the decision to close the bagram air force base on july59. now, there is -- july 5th. now, there is some speculation that he wanted it closed right away because he wanted to insure that the generals were not going to accept any new equipment. they did not -- he did not want the generals at the air force base to be open to getting more equipment, getting more weaponry to further fight the taliban because the bottom line is he wanted out. so he closes the air base on july 5th, he comes out and gives a press conference on july 8th, now an infamous if press conference where he said absolutely, no, it's not a
6:43 am
guarantee that people will be airlifted off the embassy building and that the taliban would take control. exactly what he said was not going to happen happened. so we want to understand fully what caused him to make this decision to cut and run, shut the air force base, the air base and still with thousands of americans on the ground giving us no opportunity to protect those people. of course, you've been talking about the tens of billions of dollars in weaponry that was left behind, another really grave situation that now we have all of this equipment in the hands of the taliban. we don't know who else is in inspecting that equipment such as the communist party of china. the add adversaries aral arelyig off, we had a sign iser attack at the state department a few weeks ago, so you can understand
6:44 am
what weakness in america's leadership means for the rest of the world, particularly our adversaries. that's what we're talking about this morning with former secretary of state mike pompeo, arkansas senator tom cotton as well as kevin mccarthy because the gop leader is going to answer the question why the house of representatives is rushing back from vacation to vote tomorrow on nancy pelosi's massive tax and spend plan. democrats have cut and run. they don't want to talk about this, they only want to go zero, real narrow and focused on the tax and spend and the budget which, by the way, i should point out has a decline in defense spending while spending on the epa is up 22%. that's joe biden's america, that's joe biden's budget. will: all right. rachel: not surprising since they're now saying that climate change is the reason why the taliban has taken over. [laughter] pete: maria, we'll be watching in 15 minutes. rachel: thank you, maria with. pete: they want to pass that bill and not focus on what's
6:45 am
going on. rachel: awesome stuff, maria. pete: we're going to turn to tropical storm the henri. you're looking live at the deteriorating conditions in middletown, rhode island. steve bender is on long island. >> reporter: hey, good morning. tropical storm force winds, here at smith point beach. we are just outside of fire island, and this area has been closed to the public, 8 miles of this beach has been closed off. they've also closed the bridge coming in here as all the preparation for tropical storm henri. we really spent the wind start -- fell the wind start to pick up here. that pelting rain. you notice behind me, it is all about that surge, and you'll notice the rough seas as the waves start to form, and every time they go to crest and start to see that mist coming off, you'll see the wind gusts get up to about 40-50 miles per hour.
6:46 am
we do have hide tide right after 10 a.m. this morning, so we're going to watch this storm surge move in, and that is a concern here for long island are. we could see 3-5 foot storm surge and bring that inundation to areas along the beach. the other concern is it's been nonstop rain and saturating the ground, and as this wind starts to pick up and we see those gusts reach into the 60 to 70 mile-per-hour range, that's where we could see the trees start to knock down and power outages all around this region. something we will keep a close eye on. we've just heard that new york governor andrew cuomo, he's going to having a storm briefin- to be having a storm briefing at 10 a.m. to address tropical storm henri, but for right now in the middle of long island we are watching these conditions really deteriorate. the rain is coming down, and we'll have live coverage all morning long. for now, back to you in the studio. will: steve, we understand the eye of the storm is, i believe, a little to your east.
6:47 am
we've seen images behind you, so you're at the 9:00 dial of where the eye of the storm is, and that's pretty powerful turf, so you seem to be getting some of the worst of it at this moment. >> reporter: yeah, exactly right. i'm glad you brought that up. when earn to the west on the western quadrant of this storm, that is where you'll get more of the storm surge activity. you think about the eastern quad rant, that that's where the eye wall is and the strong winds will be impacting, but for us, it is all about that storm surge and the rough sea that you see in the background. rachel: steve, by the way, is with fox weather. fox weather is coming soon, is so watch for that. right now we're going to turn to our friend, rick reichmuth, for our foxwet forecast. rick: good morning, guys. yeah, he was just talking about the eastern side of that. the way the winds move the rotation around a hurricane or some kind of tropical storm pushes all of that water in, and that's where we see the surge. you now taken a look at where the center of the storm is which is off the east coast of long
6:48 am
island, about to move over block island, and that is going to push all of that water, the heaviest of the water will be in across narragansett bay, buzzards bay, and i think a we're going to see really significant flooding from that and kind of coincide, i think probably, with high tides and astronomical because of the full moon. we've got a lot of moisture and rain that's very far away from the center of the storm. i think we're going to be seeing a lot of moisture off towards the west, that means lots of long island. new york city last night saw 6 inches of rain, flooding going on in jersey as well. one thing that's helped us a little bit is because the storm has missed long island, that's given it a little more time over the water, and that water temperature is a little bit cooler than what it needs to sustain a hurricane. those winds have weakened down to about a 65 mile-an-hour
6:49 am
sustained wind. we're going to see a lot of areas in the 40 to 50 mile-an-hour range. because of that wind, the water that's been already -- and some of the moisture that fell earlier this week from the remnants of fred, we're going to be talking about probably inflooding and a lot of -- inland flooding and a lot of power outages from trees going down. we're going see that forward motion slow before it makes its right-hand turn, that's also not common with these storms that happen in the northeast very often. so prolonged period of rain, prolonged period of flooding you see anywhere in that green we have flood warnings across parts of the northeast. guys, back to you. will: last night the tunnel to towers never forget convert commemorating 20 years -- concert. rachel: on the same day the never forget walk made a stop in shanksville, pennsylvania, with a ceremony to honor those lives lost.
6:50 am
pete: chairman and ceo, frank siller, began the 42-day walk in arlington, virginia, on "fox & friends" three weeks ago. this morning he joins us about halfway through the journey. frank, it's great to see you. you're looking healthy. rachel: i think he looks like he's lost a little weight. [laughter] pete: i think so. we've been covering it, and i know you've been following the events in afghanistan. what are you thinking about as you get closer and closer to ground zero? >> well, i'm thinking about, of course, that we lost 2,977 lives 20 years ago, one of which was my hero brother that gave his life wile saving others, new york city fire fighter, but i'm also, of course, thinking about the 7,059 women that gave their lives for our country since nerve if, went and -- since 9/11, went and protected us here ott on our homeland. this past week i've been walking and talking to many gold star
6:51 am
widows. last night at the concert we had many gold star families and widows, and they are distraught on everything that is going on as i am and as many americans are seeing what's going on over there. so that's why i'm walking. that's why i'm walking from the pentagon to shanksville to ground zero, not to forget the sacrifice that was made 20 years ago and the sacrifice that's been made ever since. rachel: yeah. it's so wonderful, what you're doing, that, you know, we never forget. this is such a great way to highlight this. when you talk to those gold star parents, what are they telling you about your walk but also about how they're feeling at this point with what's transpiring in afghanistan given the sacrifice that those families have made? >> well, they're thanking me for making sure that their loved ones are not forgotten, and we really cry together, to be quite frank with you. and yesterday, when i was at shanksville and i laid a wreath
6:52 am
right at the site of where flight 99 3 came down -- 93 came down and the 40 heroes on that plane, it was the first battle in the war on terror, and they won that battle because they took back that plane and took it down to save americans on the ground, and i was with a group about 30 firefighters, and we literally walked up there, and i knelt and said a prayer there, and i put my hand on the boulder that represents where the plane went down, and we all knelt there together, and i will never forget it for the rest of my life. we put our heads down, and we said a prayer not just for 9/11 families, but for the7,059 that gave their life ever since. they are distraught and the personal stories they're telling me, it's very emotional, to say the least. pete: i still get chills thinking about todd beemer and let's roll and that clarion
6:53 am
call. you still on track to be here with us on september 11th? >> i will be there september 11th, for sure. of i'll be retracing my brother's final footsteps, albeit i'll be doing it with sneak ifers on. he did it with his gear on and 60 pounds of that gear and ran for that tunnel. and he came out the other side, he saw two buildings on fire, he saw a scene, a horrific scene of the choices people had. and i'm going to say it, a lot of people -- we can't forget that as americans. but how about all the heroes that went up those stair ises and saved so many lives that day. that is the greatness of america, those great people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for us. we don't want to forget it. and i will be there on september as the sun rises up, i'll be coming through that tunnel to honor my brother and all those to who perished that day. rachel: by the way, a lot of schools aren't teaching about
6:54 am
9/11 because they say it's too controversial. i hope a lot of kids are watching what you're doing, the sacrifice that you're making, walking ask and highlighting this very important event that still has consequences today we're feeling. pete: thank you, frank. will: very inspirational a. thank you for your time. >> thank you. god bless. pete: we turn now back to the crises in afghanistan as fears grow for the safety of our stranded and allies. our next guest is declaring today, this sunday, a day of prayer. rachel: billy graham van listic president franklin graham says we must pray for a miracle from the hand of god, and he joins us now. franklin graham, thank you so much for joining usment it's always an honor to have you on our show. talk to me about what you hope accomplish in this day of prayer. we know that american lives are at stake right now, so many christians, we hear they're going door to door looking at cell phone apps to see if there
6:55 am
are bible apps and so so many people in danger, women, children, christians, americans. >> i believe the only hope for our country, for afghanistan is god. and we've got ourselves in such a mess, and it didn't need to be this way. we find ourselves where you have 300 some thousand people in afghanistan that worked more americans over the last 20 year, contractors, ngos, government, military, they've all got targets on their back. and the president says he'll get all the americans out, that's about 15,000. but we've got the christians and so many others that are left behind that they're going to be in such peril. and the only one who can help is god. and we need to pray that god's hand will be upon them, that he would protect them. we also need to pray for our
6:56 am
president, that god will just give him wisdom of how to get through this mess. and it's not just the president, but it's all those that work in the white house, people that are advising him on a day-to-day basis. they -- we need the pray that god would just watch over, give them wisdom and that he would guide and direct us through this storm that we find ourselves in. and the consequences long term are unbelievable. this is going to unite the islamists around the world. and we're going to see, i think, more terror organizations come out of afghanistan, iran, these other countries. and it's just so sad what took place. for 30 -- the last 20 years we've prommed the after a began people -- promised the afghan people weaver going to stand with you, both republican and democratic administration, that we're going to see you through this, and we were so close. a few more years would have made a huge difference, but somehow,
6:57 am
for some reason, the president thought we needed to get out immediately. we just need to pray for wisdom from almighty god. pete: frankly, you're right. i also didn't realize how personal this is for you, that your son, edward, serves six combat deployments with special operations in afghanistan. this is something very near and dear to your family as well. >> no question. and we have friends in afghanistan right now that are serving in the military. and they were home and they got called up immediately the go back -- to go back. their lives are in danger. yes, it is close to our hearts, and we pray for them as well. but i would encourage churches across the country, individuals, at some point during the day just pause for a moment and just call upon the name of almighty
6:58 am
god and ask him to help us through this crisis in afghanistan and pray for the people of afghanistan, that they will be able to get through this. i don't know what the answer is, but i know god does. we call upon his name, and i believe he will hear our prayers and answer our prayers. will: it is with we turn when there is a need for hope in the midst of hopelessness and a miracle in the midst of chaos. franklin graham, thank you so much for your inspiration this morning. >> thank you. will: we've been with you all morning long talking about this crisis in afghanistan. i believe, is it -- to do we have, throughout the morning we've had exclusive on the ground coverage from the airport, we've been showing you images of what we've seen for the last four hours talking to trey yingst at various times throughout the morning, painting the picture of this crisis is. pete: is and that's what's happened as you cover this, more and more information is revealed, tiny bits of
6:59 am
information about what's happening, is it citizens, is it americans, is it translators, is it women, is it men, which gates are open, are we going to be proactive about it, that the plan is, as trey described it, right now for the american military and government is to wait. and then you hear at the same time from all these people tuck there saying the taliban are hunting my family, they're hunting u.s. citizens, they have lists, heir going street by -- they're going street by street. it is untenable. there will be an inflection point as you talk about, will, and it feels, unfortunately, that there's tragic moments ahead. i pray that does not happen. rachel: i think you right, not acting is going to have an action as well, and as our former president said last night, don trump, there is a message being sent of weakness, and that's the fear that i have is. pete: you are relying on the taliban, and you are retreating. you are sending only one signal.
7:00 am
will: well, the status quo will not remain the status quo. it will be either dictated by strong leadership, assertion, initiative, or it will be reactive and weakness. either way, the status quo will not last, but fox will. continuing coverage, stay tuned to fox all throughout the day. maria bartiromo with "sunday morning futures" next, and she'll take ♪ ♪ ♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone. thank you so much for joining us. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo, hostage to newly armed taliban. 80 plus billion dollars worth of sophisticated weaponry left on the ground now many the hands of terrorists. coming up what went wrong and can we recover? this week americans in afghanistan getting beaten up trying to get out of the country. passports being confiscated


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