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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 22, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip.same-day r. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ mike: tropical storm isofficiale landfall minutes ago in westerly rhode island with torrential rains, high winds and dangerous storm surges, luckily the tide is low at this hour the next high tide does not happen until this evening. welcome to fox news live i am mike emanuel and we have fox team coverage with alex hogan, brian yanez in connecticut and fox weather chief meteorologist rick, rick let's start with you. we talk a lot about the hurricane season we are just
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getting in towards the hurricane season september 11, this week we have tropical storm make landfall in florida and bring saturating rain across parts of the northeast that will be impacted by what was hurricane henri and now tropical storm henri anand hurricane grace made to lynn falls in mexico the second one as a major hurricane and really active. and nothing intimate that were watching was get that out of the way. this is what were looking at from henri most of the moisture, in fact all of the moisture from the west side of the storm not on the east side the rain that is good news for boston and cape cod but the storm surge coming in buzzards bay fortunately not coinciding with the high tide cycle which is really good news. you notice all the moisture across much of connecticut is rain and windy wins 30 - 40 miles per hour and that will cause potentially some of the trees due to go down because of the leaves on them and
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because of the saturated ground and now the wind. trees potentially falling and causing power outage over the next week potentially we should watch to see people get their power restored. the storm has moved over warm water that's why it became hurricane henri but this morning relatively cooler water water temperature about 10 degrees lower than what you need to sustain hurricane and that's why we sell this weakening to a 60-mile an hour storm before making landfall and that's what we saw the hurricane warnings disappear tropical storm warnings the entire state of connecticut in tropical storm warnings in the storm about to move really slowly over the past hours it takes about 12 hours to reverse from southeast to northwest connecticut and towards western parts of massachusetts and another 12 hours before it makes a right-hand turn, 24 hours were still talking about the storm sitting relatively in the same spot that means a lot of moisture falling a long time and
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whatever the rain been set up we will see significant flooding i fear notice flood warning is in effect across parts of vermont, new hampshire and eastern areas of pennsylvania all of new jersey were we saw heavy rain this morning but i think we will see bands moving to the rainfall totals we will definitely see 5 - 8-inch range of additional rainfall and some spots have already seen six to 8 inches of rain getting 2 - 3 and that'll exacerbate the flooding. from the center of the storm all the moisture falling to the west side normally we see the right side of storms where we have the moisture, not the case here the storm is transitioning from a tropical storm to a regular storm and when that happens all the energy filled out and we start to see the rainfall spread out as well. there you go a lot of rain ahead of us that includes like the hudson river valley in the mountainous terrain and will see
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a little bit more significant stream flooding as well. mike: rick leading us off, many thanks. live pictures coming from rhode island where tropical storm henri mainly in fall moments ago, there are concerns up and down the eastern seaboard as you just heard from rick concerns about interior sections as well and more on the latest conditions of the eye of tropical storm henri comes on short alex hogan is live, how are the conditions right now. >> we note the state has deployed 500 national guard members and thousands of state troopers to deploy across the state and this is one of the hardest hit areas in henri's path, this morning we saw heavy downpour and there is quite a wall something we have not seen through out the day but the torrential rain causing flooding into nearby roads, the storm as
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far up as were restating right now we have some lifeguards that are grabbing some of what we can see in sending people out to the water they have been telling anyone stay away from the water, do not go into that water and of course the riptide are the main concern we talk to the lifeguards and they say even though the waves are retrieving and might look more safe if anything. >> everywhere all over the place there is a lot of current and rips and if you're not a regular swimmer, pool does not count people think i swim all the time i get in the pool, the pool is great exercise but it is not the ocean and dealing with the dangers of the rips. >> the rain causing flooding throughout the tri-state area in the northeast, take a look at
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the video from new jersey heavy flooding in the streets even pouring into nearby businesses and likely underground, that is something we will continue to see not only just today but through tomorrow 42 million americans are currently under storm morning and last time a category one hit this part of new york within 1985 it is a sigh of relief and for residents who will not have to go through that but of course the storm brings many other dangers, as we mentioned flooding storm surge and power outages, right now png says 1800 customers are without power and that could continue throughout the day. we will continue to monitor this. mike: alex hogan live on long island, thank you very much. connecticut is bracing for flooding from henri after the storm came ashore a short distance from where brian yanez says in the heart of
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connecticut. what is the latest. >> good afternoon we're in old saybrook connecticut 36 miles to the west of where tropical storm henri came on shore in westerly rhode island right on the border between rhode island and connecticut, the conditions have gotten a lot better within the last hour, the bulk has passed, you can see the visibility, this is the connecticut river that goes into the long island town, much more calm, visibility you can actually see in the other side of the river which is a good development and you can take a look i can give you a sense this is where some of the books are tied up and you can see their barely moving if at all, that gives you a sense of how conditions in southeastern connecticut have improved, the real concern if you take a look at the video the area we were just that an hour ago of how bad it was, as it was coming on we are looking at 45 - 60-mile our
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guest to - 4 inches of rain in this area in six or more depending, the storm headed towards the hartford area which is capital connecticut in southeastern connecticut did get hammered over the last couple of hours in the big concern is about the power, you will see this photo a tree the fell on the power line that can happen very easily in fact the tropical storm last year knocked over 8800 trees which knocked out power to 750,000 people, right now 22000 customers are without power in connecticut and on top of that we have over 80000 customers in rhode island without power, initially the concern was a storm surge, you are talking about the storm coming on shore when high tide was hitting your 11:00 a.m. the west northwest wind pulled the water away from the shoreline and connecticut and other real concern is the inland flooding the streams and rivers getting too much water in the urban area
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of hartford connecticut getting the water and flash flooding as a store makes its way towards the westin away from the southeastern connecticut but overall i would say fema is ready they have 700% already with water and tarps and generators but so far considering what they were expecting with the power they set up for 69% of customers would be without power this far it looks like that will be under at least in this area considering the numbers and we will see as a storm continues to slow down and rain in the western parts of connecticut as it moves up. mike: brian yanez live on the coastline, thank you very much ♪ ♪ turning out to the crisis in afghanistan president biden sets up "face the nation" and the world on the situation in afghanistan as 4:00 o'clock eastern time for coverage here this as afghan refugees begin to
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arrive in the united states after a long difficult travel are team coverage continues with david spunt in washington. trey yingst and jacqui heinrich at the white house, jackie let's start with you, good afternoon. >> the president will deliver remarks this afternoon but it does not appear the president had any opportunity to ask questions a very limited number of people are going in and it has not been expanded and the pool of reporters who is typically going in for these kinds of remarks at the white house the president is under pressure to square the statements that he made this week with the reality on the ground in afghanistan and one of his most contested statements americans was having difficulty getting through the airport secretary of defense told lawmakers minutes later that was not the case and yesterday the state department told americans not to travel to the airport because it was too dangerous evacuation has been paused on-and-off because the various threat including from isis but the administration maintains
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their keeping pressure on the taliban to allow state passage for americans and allies. >> there have been incidents of people having tough encounters with the taliban as we learn about those incidents we certainly go back and engage the taliban leadership and press home to them that our expectation is that they allow our people with the appropriate credentials to get through the checkpoints. >> the white house does not have a complete count of how many americans are still stranded national security advisor jake sullivan said the u.s. is in direct contact with americans and others to guide them to the airport at the right time into the right place, there also moving people out of the airport to reduce overcrowding where several afghans have been killed and the crowds of people surging, sullivan says it's been a challenge to get a full count of how many americans are left. >> we know it's roughly a few thousand but let me explain to
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the american people why we don't exactly know when people come to afghanistan for american citizen we asked them to register with the u.s. and busy many leave and do not deregister and others come and choose not to register the first place it's americans that are right. >> the last one for hours more than 23 military flights and 35 coalition flights have been continuing evacuation and we continue to get the updates on the latest numbers. mike: jacqui heinrich live at the white house. the evacuations are proceeding at the airport but the chaos in earlier today trey yingst was on one of the flights evacuating people from kabul to doha he saw overwhelming challenges firsthand. >> we just arrived in kabul afghanistan were evacuations are continuing at this hour you can see behind me these applicants and those who have been approved and bedded are at the airport
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waiting to take flights out of the country many have been waiting for hours, it does seemed like the flights are picking up, the taliban took control of afghanistan one week ago and there are still thousands of afghans and americans trapped, how did you get here, what was a process of getting to the airport. >> the airport was very hard to get to, it was very hard to come in the eligible people need to come get a green card, u.s. passport and a special visa. >> that was a happening ? >> no it's not happening. >> from the distance you will see planes waiting to take them to safety but many of them cannot get to safety, that's a big problem happening on the ground and cobble, using the video of the pure chaos outside of this airport, the taliban feet away from american troops pushing people back sunday
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checkpoints across the city and now there are very serious intelligence reports indicating the isis could target u.s. citizens who are tried to make their way to the airport give a very difficult situation in the taliban who took over the entire country and got weaponry, machinery and more manpower by prisons across the country, another are american soldiers on the ground once again trying to ensure that american citizens and the afghans can get to safety and it really appears like a recipe for disaster because you have weaponry that the taliban now controls you have not only taliban fighters but also members of al-qaeda free from prison and you have this innocent civilian population trying to desperately get to safety. it is moving along but people are frustrated and they want to get out and they are concerned
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if they make it out there is family members and friends left behind will be in danger from the taliban. mike: trey yingst with a firsthand look at the crisis of kabul airport thank you very much. united, delta and american and hawaiian airlines are joining efforts to remove refugees after departing from afghanistan on military planes it's a never under the pentagon civil reserve air fleet david spunt joins us with the very latest, good afternoon david. >> this was ordered by defense secretary lloyd austin the pentagon making this announcement this morning the civil reserve airport is used to compel private airlines to actually help evacuate some of the afghan refugees into the united states, to be clear these are not planes delta planes or american planes that are landing in kabul airport this is going into dough hall, guitar and other countries once afghan refugees have left then they will come and bring them to
10:16 am
various countries. let's take a look at some of the airlines specifically that are participating we know hawaiian airlines, american airlines, delta, atlas air, on me are all taking part, yesterday a plan with afghan refugees landed at the international airport, outside of washington, d.c., some of those on the plane will take shelter at the bellis expo center the center entered into agreement to house afghans as a layover stop to get them shelter and food until they find something more permanent. there are also reports of the biden lighthouses weighing options to order airstrikes to destroy our equipment the taliban stole and using against us, the united kingdom defense forces reporting seven afghan civilians killed outside the airport and kabul where you so many people scribbling to get there some americans are just not able to get to the airport including this american woman we spoke to in afghanistan.
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listen. >> mr. president please help we can go to the airport because it's not possible with all these people people are getting shot left and right gases being released on people, i don't even know how to describe it it's a nightmare. i want to wake up. mike: one of thousands, tens of thousands of private stories some of the afghan refugees will be going to texas, fort mccoy in wisconsin and also fort lee in virginia as a temporarily holdover. mike: powerful and touching stories, david spunt live in
10:18 am
washington, thank you very much president biden said to give an update on the situation in afghanistan 4:00 o'clock eastern will bring you live coverage when it begins. we'll have more on the situation in afghanistan with house veterans affairs congresswoman nancy mace, that is coming up next. ♪ joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx® works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! get real relief with cosentyx. millions of vulnerable americans watch me! struggle to get reliable transportation to their medical appointments. that's why i started medhaul.
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president biden expected to give an update to evacuate americans and allies from afghanistan were joined by south congresswoman and veteran affairs committee nancy mace and serves on oversight and transportation infrastructure committee. welcome. >> good afternoon and thank you. mike: you call for stopping finger-pointing and learning lessons from afghanistan, would you expand that? >> we have been in this war for approximately 20 years and we have seen for an administration to republican to democrat contribute to the issues and challenges were seen today in afghanistan, i do think it's premature to point fingers one way at this direction, i think several months we get to investigate what happened and when and who said what and where we will find both parties republican or democrat contributed to our failures in afghanistan over the course of
10:23 am
the last 20 years what i've seen over the last week is troubling we gone from chaos to catastrophe in my number one priority today is to get our citizens out of their and if we have the ability to get alleys on the ground out of there as well, we gotta be able to do that and that's our focus where it needs to be as it stands today. mike: there's question whether president biden ignored his military advisors and his political advisers, here is the secretary of defense from today. >> the president listened to her and put, again a rigorous and thoughtful process and he made a decision. and i support that decision. mike: your thoughts congresswoman. >> the president had eight months and we feel that every moment, i believe the vast majority of americans do not want us to continue to stay in
10:24 am
afghanistan that we decided to choose and evacuate during the season of terrorist like the taliban, peak fighting season, the end of august early part of september not in the dead of winter when they take a break from fighting, when you are evacuated you would think you would want to pull out your citizens and allies first and then remove or demolish your equipment before you retreat with your military or evacuate your military we did it in reverse order and we missed the second step, i think it's how we've gone about this process which is why you're seeing folks from both sides of the aisle pretty angry of how they executed this evacuation. mike: we expect more congressional briefings and testimony on the hill, what you hope to learn. >> i think it is too soon quite frankly to have testimony on the hill, we ought to be focused on getting our troops, i've hear stories of physical day of
10:25 am
people being trampled or shot or murdered in the streets of kabul trying to get to the airport, allies of citizens alike we heard just before on the previous segment of female citizen of the united states begging and pleading for help he was terrified, that is really where our focus should be, we need to get our citizens out of there as soon as possible we should not have an arbitrary deadline of august 31 we don't leave until we get everything a citizen of the united states out of their, we have plenty of time and monday morning there saying three months, six months, nine months, i have a lot of questions for leadership within the administration but i'm gonna save those questions once we get all of her citizens out of there safely first. mike: nancy mace in the great state of south carolina, thank you for your time. president biden said to address afghanistan crisis in just a few hours it is set for 4:00 o'clock eastern time we will have full coverage, chris wallace will have an in-depth interview with secretary of state anthony blinken on "fox news sunday" at the top of the hour and days refugees from afghanistan have
10:26 am
been landing in qatar in the country's government has been instrumental in assisting evacuees including americans, jon scott speaks with qatar's foreign minister about his foreign relief efforts as well as ongoing crisis in afghanistan, don't miss john's interview tonight on "fox report" at 6:00 o'clock eastern. tropical storm henry is bringing strong winds to the northeast for more on the path, after the break. ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement what are you wearing, dog? they're pants, dog. no, these are pants, dog. no way. my pants are pants, dog. pizza on a bagel—we can all agree with that. uhm whatever those are, they're not pants. [ ding ] ♪ music playing. ♪ there's an america we build
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age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. mike: tropical storm henri is dumping a foot of rain across the new england area the storm came a short while ago and westerly nor violent, steve is in long island, with impactors of our. >> it is the wind impact right now we have our bands that wraparound effect there is a counterclockwise rotation that you will see on radar we are
10:31 am
getting the wind to pick up again 40 - 50 mile-per-hour guest on smith point beach, this is really picking up again this afternoon and we heard from county executive steve earlier this morning saying even the divisions have calmed down the storm is coming into the afternoon for long island and we need to stay vigilant and a concern is obviously all the rain that were seen with the wind impact and potential for trees to fall over in the power outages over 1500 people are without power here on long island but look behind me that is a story from the beach agile noticed the rough surf, see that rips off the top and indication of how strong the wind impact is currently right now here's the good news from smith point beach the water is starting to recede and will see them until 5:00 p.m. in late tonight around
10:32 am
11:00 p.m. will have high tide that the concern for storm surge as the water moves back and will see the storm surge 1 - 3 feet right now are asking people to stay inside, hunker down in long island, typically we see the shower starting to pick up and this is been an ongoing weather storm leasing throughout the day on long island we saw the wall of mist moving and is not going anywhere anytime soon so we will keep you up-to-date with what's happening with tropical storm henri. mike: steve, welcome to the fox family, that was steve bender in bellport new york, fox weather coming soon, watch for. ten people are dead 40 missing in humphreys county tennessee after the area expensed extreme flooding saturday the county sheriff chris davis calling it the worst flooding he has seen in 20 years.
10:33 am
charles watson is live from waverley tennessee and has a very latest. >> were about 60 miles west of nashville we just arrived in waverley and what were seen so far is not pretty at all, take a look at the construction here, you see tons of debris floating in the river here, a storage shed across the way flipped on its head, ripped apart you see a car and almost completely submerged, some of these areas, humphreys county, waverly seen 17 inches of rain and to give you some perspective that is about 20, 25% of the rainfall that they would see any year that is the rainfall that they saw in just a few hours on saturday, some of the other damage that were seen this gives you an idea of how forceful the floodwaters were take a look at this home you can see the cement
10:34 am
wall knocked over, the trashcan topping through the wood structure that shows you the water got so high and so forceful that it was basically pushing through structures trying to get anywhere it can, you can see the debris in this tree over here the water was taller than i am i'm around 6 feet tall the water got that high you can see the debris in the tree over there and if you need another perspective of how strong the floodwaters were across the way you can see the pickup truck, f150 tossed around like it was a toy, at least ten people are dead and you mentioned 40 other people are missing, we are told by tennessee emergency management agency then search and rescue efforts underway today but folks are going to have to have patience as we drive through humphreys county we saw there
10:35 am
was roadways that were partially washed away and we sell parts of guardrails ripped off and left on the side of the road in a mangled mess of metal a lot of communication issues right now we've seen utility poles have been knocked down wire snapped in half, authorities are continuing search and rescue efforts there is reunification center open and mcewen tennessee for folks that will meet up with puma members and be reunited with family members and the united red cross is on the ground trying to assist some of these folks out here who have been through some devastating situations of the last 24 hours. you have to imagine how scary the situation was for the folks who live out here, you see the folks who were clinging onto
10:36 am
anything so they would be swept away in these waters. the situation that is unfolding on here that authorities are trying to make better. mike: powerful images, let's hope and pray the 40 missing are rescued and brought home to their families. charles watson live in tennessee. thank you very much. ♪ for more on the political fallout on the situation in afghanistan will bring an arizona state representative he served 22 years in the military we are seeing the bronze star for the service in afghanistan and running for congressman of arizona and joining me johanna mosca who served as director for the obama administration she organized present obama's address to the nation from afghanistan and is currently the ceo of global situation room, welcome to both of you. mike: let's start with you you were involved with president obama's address to the nation from afghanistan i believe in
10:37 am
2012, how do you assess what the biden administration is handling this drawdown of evacuation efforts. >> yeah, it is been a while in the making. if the images show us anything this week it shows that the world wants more engaged and empathetic america. i have actually been on with the pentagon and the state department because i know people who are in afghanistan trying to get out. i know that the pentagon and the state department are doing everything that they can to process and get people out and include more than just the americans and one thing that is kind of disgusting to be honest is looking at this for a political win. the truth is a humanitarian crisis is long in the making and i read the three page agreement that president trump got with the taliban and all it addressed was american security and all they got for the merck and security was an agreement that we could get out and they
10:38 am
weren't going to attack us and they gave us 5000 other taliban soldiers in removing sanctions and they gave them the ability to take this to the un security council there is a lot of blame to go around but if we move past the political fallout and look at what were going to do to get these people out of afghanistan and get them relocated and receive the taliban that is a terrorist organization. >> here is president biden from friday. >> we have no indication that we haven't been able to get in kabul to the airport. we made an agreement with the taliban this far they allow them to go through it's in their interest for them to go through. mike: forces on the ground suggest there is major trouble getting to the taliban and into the airport, what is your assessment? >> i'm not surprised that that is happening what is happened we put the american people there and in afghanistan in a dangerous situation. we need to have an american first policy. we need to get the americans out first, then what we need to do is concentrate on our allies
10:39 am
that are serving in afghanistan, if we don't do this and all have an american first policy then we're gonna see more americans give up behind, when i was in the military we had agreed that we lived under, i will leave a fallen comrade, this is with the failed biden administration has done and what the department of defense has done we need better leadership and we need to move quickly so we can make sure these americans are safeguarded and brought home safely from behind enemy lines be when you know something about messaging we expect to hear from president biden around 4:00 o'clock or so eastern time, what should he say. >> i think he's going to continue to save that will get americans and those who supported america out of afghanistan, he's doing everything that he can. one thing that i keep seeing is people questioning whether america can be reliable partner and i have continued to say the reason why they're debating and doubting us is because of our political divide, i hope at this moment we can find a unifying
10:40 am
source and find a way to save the people who helped us and for the americans to get out and then again work on how we can be the taliban that is a terrorist organization. mike: you have a distinguished military record, we thank you for your service. what are you hearing from the afghan war veteran colleagues? >> this is a tragedy. i thought this enemy in 2014 it's in unforgiven and many and if we think the taliban is going to negotiate with us in a week policy on the biden the administration that they are going to let these americans into the airport, first of all there going through a kill shame, figure to let them through, we need to make sure that we remain strong in our allies are weak, we are to take a look at that and what's going to happen in the future and how can we negotiate and protect allies in a country. this is something the biden administration failed on, this is not the ground fighters
10:41 am
fault, the guys and gals fighting in afghanistan this is a field of administration, field policy and we have a week department of defense secretary that has led into this are fed into this. we need to get our americans out and take care of america first we need to secure our borders and we need to talk about all the other ideas of the president has talked about, let's take over america and gate are mercantile. thank you so much for your time. mike: president biden said to give an update on the situation 4:00 o'clock eastern time as remarks come as thousands try to flee the nation, the chaotic scene there at the kabul airport, we will bring you live coverage when it begins. thousands of migrants pouring across the southern u.s. border, a live report from the frontlines of the immigration crisis, that is coming up next. ♪ limu, you're an animal!
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mike: these are live pictures from the fox flight team in the rio grande valley of south texas were officials of a surge of migrants crossing the border every day, live with the very latest, good afternoon bill. >> good afternoon to you throughout this border crisis we had a chance to talk to a lot of border patrol agents on the ground who are extremely frustrated in the event, they said this feels like is turned into social workers and babysitters and they can't physically go out and do their job anymore, to the point as we pull up some vital video report from the washington examiner painted dire picture of how the border agents are as a whole they talk to a bunch of border patrol agents a border patrol union in the picture that they are painting on a whole, border agents are about it collapse with some agents telling the paper we feel almost dead inside
10:47 am
the part of the reason they feel that way so many agents are being pulled off a few patrol duties and reassigned to help with processing doing paperwork for all the family units that sort of thing how bad they said in del rio sector on a recent day at 245-mile stretch of the border normally told agents available to patrol.stretch that the lowest in history for border patrol in that sector and border agents have been telling us for the past few months they feel like they can't physically do their jobs anymore and sometimes all they do is transport they feel like cooper drivers take a look at this video on august 2 a few weeks ago when we were in downtown macau and we were watching is portable agents were bringing busload after busload of migrants and dropping them off in downtown macau and releasing them from custody hundreds every single day this is something that happens every week because border patrol is so
10:48 am
overwhelmed and border agents were telling us are so frustrated because they do the paperwork and they give them a free ride and you feel like an over driver and drop them off the catholic charity is overrun they can't keep taking the migrants every single day take a listen to what the executive director had to tell us recently. >> the numbers have increased in two weeks ago almost a thousand people every single day that were released to us. >> as migrants continue to cross the border all along the us-mexico border which are looking at is photos from laredo sector put on by the border patrol in laredo yesterday which are looking at 20 migrants who tried to swim across the rio grande to get into the united states we previously seen as low
10:49 am
enough in some areas where they can walk across but these folks actually tried to swim across in the border patrol marine unit had to go out and apprehend them take a live look at her fox drone one of the true epicenters in the rio grande valley a lot of folks were saying this is going to slow down as we head into the summer, you heard the administration say this is cyclical, it's seasonal that thing happens every year, it is not true it's brutally hot it's been for a while were heading into late august and last month alone to enter 12000 apprehensions of the border a new 20 year high nothing is slowing down here, will send it back to you. mike: the south texas border, many thanks. tropical storm henri has mainly in full on the connecticut rhode island stateline many report to power outages in the white house has made disaster declarations for multiple states including connecticut and new york with president biden expected to provide an update on storm
10:50 am
response efforts 4:00 o'clock eastern time, joining me for the latest response fema administrator, i know how busy you are, they can joining us. >> my pleasure thank you for having me on. mike: what are your biggest concerns as you assess what were seen from tropical storm henri. >> my biggest concern right now people might think the threat has passed and they shouldn't while we haven't seen the winds we could've seen were still seen a lot of rain and it will go inland in areas that avert even saturated by rain over the last several weeks people need to stay vigilant and be aware of their surroundings. mike: before you were chosen for the fema job you lead emergency management in new york city what are the challenges with new york city perhaps in the path of the storm. >> the biggest problem is the density of those areas when you have urban flooding and individuals that might try to drive in that it creates a lot of backlog and a lot of
10:51 am
dangerous situations for individuals so if you're in the area that is experiencing road flooding you need to stay home and not driving it is going to create more problems. mike: what are your biggest concerns areas is it rhode island, connecticut, some of the inland places perhaps roll mountain towns were a storm hovering over could cause trouble what are your geographic concerns. >> i think we will see impacts across the region while we haven't seen the wind damages that we could've seen as we go inland into the mountainous areas that a variety seen a tremendous amount of rain over the last couple of weeks this additional rain will cause more flooding and that's one of my biggest concerns right now. mike: how quickly do you sense you'll be able to surge resources to the hardest hit areas once it is safe. >> really have close to a thousand people in the region right now doing resources such
10:52 am
as quick water rescue teams, liaisons and some of her incident management teams are positioned and i have individuals in every state emergency operations center were ready to respond right now as soon as we identify what the needs are that the state asks. mike: tropical storm's expected to tomorrow does not mean by tuesday or so you should have a sense of the extent of the damage? >> we will start to see some of the damages through the day today but were expecting rain to go into the next one for 248 hours so until we see all the rain past we won't know the full extent across the region, coastal area will have a good idea by tomorrow what the damages might be. mike: it's august 22 as you look at the calendar how concerned about hurricane season going forward through the months ahead? >> we are in the peak of hurricane season right now this is our eighth named storm and i
10:53 am
don't see any signs of it leading up we are postured and ready to support the rest of the season as it continues to grow and the national hurricane center for dick's many more storms throughout the rest of the hurricane season. we just need to keep our eye on it. mike: we saw devastating images from our colleague in tennessee, ten people reported dead, 40 reported missing, search and rescue operations underway what you know about the situation there and what are your concerns about the storm? >> my heart and my prayers go out to the families that are been impacted in tennessee right now, i did speak with the state director of tennessee earlier to get an idea of what they were expanding, they are out right now assessing the damages and we are ready to support them if needed. mike: the fema administrator we thank you so much for your time we wish you and your team the very best. >> thank you mike. mike: we'll be right back.
10:54 am
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buick owners get $500 purchase allowance someone once told me, that i should get used to people staring. so i did. it's okay, you can stare. when you're a two-time gold medalist, it comes with the territory. he saw the overwhelming challenges firsthand trey yingst joins us live, you been to a lot of the hotspots across the middle east what struck you during your time at the airport in kabul. >> we reported all around the
10:58 am
world and reported in conflict zones in war zones and this experience was unique in a sense that use also many people who were experiencing the worst day of their lives, there's no other way to put it imagining getting a phone call from the taliban and have to tell your family we need to get out of this country and do everything that you can to get to the airport and get on a plane and then come to a country in some cases they never been to before, though story so money people sharing similar events that unfolded inside of afghanistan were on the ground in kabul a few hours ago at the airport and people lined up all the wrong the airport waiting to get on the military flights many coming to qatar and you saw on the faces of people a mixture of emotion on the plane this is a military transport this is not a passenger airplane, young children without any windows to
10:59 am
look out and the lights dimming it's a scary experience in these family had to work their way through the taliban checkpoint each person said they had a different but similar story and had to do the taliban they left everything behind because they were fearing for their lives some people crying others had emotion that they were trying to process because it was unique and difficult experience leaving their entire lives behind but i think that gets to the core of the entire situation, everyone doesn't know. mike: in terms of emotion did you get a sense of relief with folks recognizing they were leaving afghanistan when they weren't sure they could get? >> many people very excited to leave the country because they did fear for their lives and make it into the airport and was a sense of completion for these
11:00 am
people it took them 4 - 5 days to get there. mike: you're doing a phenomenal job, many thanks president biden set to give an update on the situation in afghanistan 4:00 o'clock eastern time we will have live coverage when it begins pre-that's all for fox news live, "fox news sunday with chris wallace" is coming up next, thank you for watching, have an awesome day. >> i'm chris wallace as a u.s. rushes to evacuate americans and afghan partners from kabul, president biden reckons with a new reality. chaos near kabul airport as people desperately try to flee the taliban back at home the biden administration shifts explanations and point fingers over how quickly the afghanistan fell. >> it was nothing that i or anyone else all the indicated a collapse of this army and this government in 11


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