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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 22, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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kamala harris plating that will be canceled when she comes back from singapore. >> what about jen and then? >> that does it for us. we will see you next weekend. >> president biden addressing the nation a short time ago as the taliban steps up attack on afghans outside the kabul airport that evening i am jon scott and this is "the fox report". monitoring two major stories at this hour tropical storm hurricane henri but now beginning with doha with an up close look how people are trying to escape from afghanistan and a source tells
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fox news the taliban is increasing attacks on those at the airport tearing up passports whipping up other vital travel documents as afghans are deaf desperate to escape trade tray has more on this volatile situation. reporter: concerned reporting from the pentagon tonight indicating that taliban fighters are stopping people once again even one source telling fox his wife's teeth were knocked out by a taliban fighter after stopped at the checkpoint concerning reports away documents are handled by the taliban who now control the entirety of kabul afghanistan the 82nd air force division trying to operate were able to calm down
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the situation but still very difficult many people try to evacuate today we did get a firsthand look at the airport earlier. take a look. >> we just arrived in kabul afghanistan were evacuations are continuing at this hour. these applicants and those who has been approved are here at the airport waiting to take fights out of the country many have been waiting for hours it does seem that fights are picking up. the taliban took control just one week ago and there are still thousands of afghans and americans trapped. >> how did you get here? what is the process to get to the airport quick. >> and with the green card in the us passport. >> that wasn't happening? >> off in the distance you
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will see planes waiting to take them to safety that that's the big problem happening right now on the ground you seen the video of that period chaos outside of this airport. the taliban pushes people back and with the checkpoints across the city now there are american soldiers on the ground once again trying to ensure that american citizens and afghans can get to safety. reporter: often we are in history there on the worst day of their life. so many people leaving everything behind fleeing simply to get away from the taliban and coming to places like delhi where they are able to find shelter and safety but not able to find a sense of home and community that so many long for. jon: thank you.
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we will have more on the efforts of the government to help people get out of afghanistan and up ahead we will get reaction to the retired speech from the former us ambassador to nato president biden spoke about the response to tropical storm hurricane henri so let's check in with white house correspondent about that. >> big operational update on —- updates. us military has expanded the saison around the kabul airport and also discussions underway to extend the august 3t withdrawal deadline. that is important because pending withdrawal date sent throng's of desperate afghans to the gates giving a
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opportunity for isis to exploit. also the president and acknowledge if they would go beyond that perimeter to retrieve americans who are unable to give life like other nations have been doing knowing that they are bringing people and then to transport them which is the operational update the president is careful not to provide any information to undermine that effort. the president also gave detail to ensure people who come to the us pass background checks anyone who comes to their new home in america will have been vetted. a lot could go wrong and forces are disrupting threats that he push back on criticism that the chaos could have been avoided despite polls showing americans disapprove but the president believes history will look upon his decision favorably. >> my job is to make judgments
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no one else can or will make i made them i am convinced i'm absolutely correct not to send more young women or men into a war that is no longer warranted. reporter: the taliban have made good on their promise to let americans through adding they have not attacked us forces but he was asked once again if he trusts that taliban. >> do you trust them now quick. >> we don't trust anybody including you. i love you but there's not a lot of people i trust. the taliban has to make a fundamental decision will they attempt to unite and provide for the well-being of the people of afghanistan which no one group is ever done? reporter: the president says he would put sanctions
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depending on their conduct but he did not use the same language threatening overwhelming force if they misbehave that he has used previously in studies trying to preserve remaining goodwill as the evacuation effort continues. of course we are still hearing accounts of the taliban harassing and beating afghans as they try to make their way out with the telling of an afghan national who said his wife's teeth were knocked out by a fighter as she tried to flee the country. jon: so many horrific stories like that. from the white house, thank you, jackie. us air force fighter jet shot down and iranian drone over syria yesterday fox news was told it flew too close to american troops deployed. 900 us troops are stationed in eastern syria.
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tropical storm t20 making landfall in rhode island a heavy rain and high wind sliming several states in the northeast. we have oxime coverage we are alive and seabrook connecticut and also live from new york but now from the fox weather center. >> the storm is down to 40-mile per hour wind now losing energy as it is overland making that left-hand turn moving across connecticut from the southeast toward the northwest then it will stall out for about 24 or 36 hours. we will continue to see some period a pretty significant rain. looking at the satellite radar imagery almost all of the moisture off toward the west and that is the case for about the last 24 hours some of
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these have been very heavy central park over 7 inches of rain over 8 inches in brooklyn flooding concerns will continue over the next 24 hours this is where the place will be made day or so it will pretty much rain itself out we have flooding concerns all the way across for might and back across parts of new jersey wind is decreasing we could still see the wind bringing over trees and power outages down branches but for right now dealing with flooding that goes on for about another 24 hours. jon: our storm coverage continues from montauk new
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york on eastern long island with the latest there. reporter: no rain right now but the strong wind continues. mother nature bringing down coastal flooding and storm surges the brunt of the storm arrived around 11 this morning it cannot to see the storm they are pleasantly surprised that it did not touchdown. >> we survived with a little damage but montauk is pretty tough. reporter: lifeguards close the beach because of the dangerous rip tides but that did not stop kite surfers dozens of feet into the air the strongest when today we saw here in new york was in suffolk county clocking in at 60 miles per hour. governor cuomo says he
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deployed 50 national guards as well as 1000 state troopers. >> that is a significant surgeon something we are preparing for we have cruise out this morning on the beaches shoring up the dunes and we have bulldozers moving. reporter: officials called for a voluntary evacuation of fire island yesterday opening shelters for people and pets taking in 20 families who had nowhere else to go there are 42 million people under storm watch the president announced today that new york and connecticut and rhode island could tap into federal aid so while we know flooding and power outages and cleanup needs to follow.
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jon: from montauk new york, alex, thank you. not just a tropical storm causing problems we will check in with tennessee with record-breaking floodwaters have killed at least 22 people so far we will listen to their news conference. >> a lot of folks did not have flood insurance those who run a floodplain were affected but it's never nearly enough but this is a special circumstance. >> this is on the ground right now and still unfolding so we will be looking at the individual circumstances with this particular fled to see what help will be available and we will look for avenues for that we will explore that clearly in the next few days.
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>> . >> the difference for this particular fled i think we received 15 inches of rain and a 12 hour period of time it is very different than before but i'm sure there will be assessments after-the-fact about what happened and how it happened are there ways that we can look to mitigate this going forward? but right now this is a result of a record flood like that community has not seen before.
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>> [inaudible] >> patrick, do you want to comment quick. >> there are still rescuers looking trying to account for missing persons to share from our enforcement are continuing to identify those that are missing and working through that list i would expect given the number of fatalities we have seen so far that we will see mostly recovery efforts at this point. >> [inaudible] >> we have a communications center set up where people can let us know who is missing or if they are okay and the american red cross is activated making sure they are safe and well and facebook is activated i am okay there are a number of ways to identify missing persons through law
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enforcement and other responders so you can see it from the air we will have aviation assets and people on the ground. >> have families been united? >> i don't have that data with me. >> [inaudible] >> certainly not just national but across tennessee to organize so we could be fast and we put a premium on teamwork. no jurisdiction can have the capabilities that they need but working together was state and local departments across tennessee we can build those capabilities in just two weeks ago without that mutual aid
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coordinators of the operation center to call out rosters and for those that mean lean ahead and are ready to help we have practice this and we are often times the first provider in the biggest provider to the hurricane states for swift water capabilities and we have organized with the state deployments. >> when the flash flood warning came out they were taken by surprise. >> i have not heard any problems i know the national weather service was monitoring the flash flood watch that happens often this time of year in southeastern tennessee and the national weather service was issuing warnings and the amount of rainfall i think surprised all of us but
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i think they were making notifications. jon: the governor from tennessee and emergency rescue authorities addressing the terrible flash flooding that hit humphreys county where they got 17 inches of rain and less than 24 hours at least 22 are known dead and as you just heard they are focusing on what they believe will be recovery efforts so it sounds like they expect the number to increase. storm team coverage on tropical storm t20 continues and finally seeing a break in the weather. reporter: good evening earlier today at about 1215 the tropical storm made landfall just east of here in westerly rhode island and connecticut connecticut was ready for a direct hit and it jogged to
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the east a little bit bringing the wet weather over here and less wind we did see when between 45 and 60 miles per hour there are reports of some downed power lines and trees but overall this was the governor who spoke about the wind danger as well as the flooding. >> you will see that over the next 12 hours or so. compared to 800,000 of the outages of isaiah but we're still just getting started we have to track this very closely going forward. reporter: the big concern is about those power outages last year bringing down 750,000 customers with power. there was a fierce 69 percent of all people here on the
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one.3 million customers with this power. that's not the case here in connecticut it's a wet storm not necessarily a windstorm talking 71000 people who lost power in rhode island or 27000 who lost in connecticut they are working to get that power back on but the real story here is about the wet weather in terms of flooding inside of connecticut and west of here. north of hartford where the storm is settling in and urban flash flooding from streams as well as rivers but those that jogged to the east really is what connecticut was looking for innovating some of the worst of the weather but it still raining in different parts of the west coast and we will see tomorrow morning that we are getting reports of flooding in manchester connecticut and some downed
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>> let me be clear the evacuation of thousands of people from kabul will be hard and painful no matter when it started or when we began it would have been true if we started a month ago or a month from now there is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss without those heartbreaking images. jon: president biden giving an update on evacuation efforts in afghanistan also in defense of his administration also with his insight former deputy national security advisor for iraq and afghanistan and a retired army general. specifically about those words
3:25 pm
we just heard from the president i raised an eyebrow when he made those remarks during his news conference he seemed to suggest people would be falling off airplanes if it was one month from now so that seems a little specious? >> i have to agree we didn't have to be in this crisis setting over the last few days in fact i'm curious as to why we didn't begin especially the evacuation of the tens of thousands of afghans who worked closely with us why didn't we began that evacuation months ago all the way to february of last year when under the previous administration we signed an agreement that committed us to removing all troops by may of this year. may have had months in my view have accelerated the
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evacuation of these vulnerable afghans. jon: the current administration says the hands were tied by that agreement because the trump administration signed a peace deal with the taliban they felt it had no choice but to go through with it. but at the same time supposedly it was a conditions based agreement if the taliban did not live up to its obligations and we were under no obligation to live up to hours and a sense one gets the administration was bound and determined to be out of afghanistan by the time the 20th anniversary of 9/11 rolls around and then just accelerated the process and look at what we are left with. >> i think we were let down by the agreement which of course
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it was an executive agreement we have seen time and again one administration walk away from her previous administration so we were not legally bound by that agreement of february 2020 but maybe this is the point the president is making we were bound by the circumstances in his view and as he has said repeatedly he viewed this as a binary choice abide by the agreement and leave or face the acceleration of reinforcement to deal with the deteriorating security situation in given that binary choice he chose, acting prudently he chose withdrawal. jon: supposedly the taliban once world approval and is cooperating with the united
3:28 pm
states at this point why not go back and say we went back graham air force base back we want to use that as a place to stage choppers and military equipment so we can get the thousands of americans who want to get out of cobble in other parts of afghanistan and get them out you just have to wait and when we would get that done we will leave once and for all is that wrong approach? >> to go back to bagram at this point would require enormous input of american forces, largest additions, security personnel and we would be replicating what we're trying to do right now at cobble international - - in cobble. so there was into a basis from what we saw was the chaos and utter desperation of crowds in fact mobs running onto the
3:29 pm
runway inhibiting the take off most of that desperation is inside the innermost circle at the kabul airport has been quieted. we established a security perimeter but i think the focus right now is what we have and hand which is at kubul international. jon: retired general lute i wish we had more time to talk to have a lot more questions i appreciate you speaking with us. thank you. vital aid offered to help the evacuation on afghanistan the nation's minister of foreign affairs joins us next to explain those efforts. nary, rollerball design. because with the right pain reliever...
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jon: the news conference a the president thing to the leadership and qatar for the generous support to get diplomats and nationals out of afghanistan the president calls it the largest airlift of people in history saying it would not have been possible without qatar help. earlier i spoke with the minister of foreign affairs about the evacuation efforts and the countries contact with the taliban. jon: your excellency, thank you for being with us. fair to say no country has done more for the evacuees from afghanistan afghanistan and international than qatar approximately how many have arrived in your nation quick. >> thank you very much for hosting me today. so to participate in the evacuation of the foreign nationals and afghan nationals
3:35 pm
to get them safely to qatar then going to their countries that are receiving them. today it's approximately 7000 but they are increasing tonight and also many of them that have already been processed to the home countries so that they will be allocated. jon: as you well know there are large number of us citizens and other citizens who are stuck in kubul and cannot reach the airport. your government has relations with the taliban. is there anything that qatar will be doing in the days
3:36 pm
ahead to try to make it possible for more evacuees to make it inside the airport or out of afghanistan quick. >> as you know qatar has been asked to mediate the conflict between the taliban and the us and afghan. and as we maintain the context which is now helped us to support different foreign citizens were living there in afghanistan right now we are trying to facilitate the movement of the people to the airport and the transportation and which we are doing for
3:37 pm
some of those media outlets in the schools that are operating there in afghanistan and we are taking the full responsibility taking them to the airport and ensuring their safety along the way and for those that don't have the access we are facilitating for them the context to be provided by the taliban and we try our best to help in evacuating right now there are a lot of challenges in these very from safety and security issue.
3:38 pm
also logistical challenges. jon: we were able to reach the airport today on a flight that your nation provided for our reporter so he could get a look at the situation on the ground but as you speak now to the american people what is the most important thing they should know? >> i believe it's very important to understand the situation in afghanistan and has been a different conflict from those allied forces and then that continued conflict with the taliban we cannot expect in a day or two and that will take time and that national consensus is what we
3:39 pm
have to do with the international community to be united to engage with the other parties ensuring that presentation of everyone and also with the people of afghanistan so on these matters and urging the other countries to call on the same matter there are concerns that many of the people who want out of afghanistan like foreign nationals in particular my end up in some way being hostages. do you have any thoughts on that or that because of your government influence with them do you believe the taliban
3:40 pm
will let the people go free who want to leave afghanistan? >> first of all to make it clear we have no influence over the taliban if we did we could reach a peace deal during that time that given the context with them and we have been urging them to make sure that they are also protecting the people especially the foreigners who are there and not to mistreat them in any way but we have seen some statements from them in assuring safety and security we have been watching very closely the situation we
3:41 pm
haven't received any reports with the crisis and then we hope the taliban will act in a way. jon: the united states and really the world appreciates the services your country is providing prime minister, thank you very much. , up next more on tropical storm teeseventeen making its way to the northeast. >> not only hurricane henri but also parts of tennessee and those of multiple fatalities we will have the latest on that coming up after the break. stay with us
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jon: big weather events today let's go to our meteorologist tracking henri and a deadly flooding in tennessee from our weather center. >> the storms yesterday the single biggest rainfall event in the state. over 17 inches in the town of waverly and at one point we saw 9 inches of rain in three hours. 40 miles to the west of nashville right now there are 22 fatalities confirmed and dozens still missing along the duck river which rose so quickly with that amount of rain our thoughts and prayers are with the people from tennessee obviously putting so much attention on the hurricane coming on sure as a
3:47 pm
tropical storm around midday. both of these stories deserve attention. this is henri moving across central connecticut that is the center that is not really a tropical system all the moisture has spread out dramatically from the center even across the parts of eastern pennsylvania and new york city over 7 inches of rain and brooklyn want to tell you we are getting into hurricane season this week alone we had fred with the northeast we had grace with two falls in mexico and now henri's a lot of action going on in the tropics. jon: thank you. up next more on the exit from afghanistan and the president's latest comments but congresswoman house foreign affairs member.
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>> i think when this is over the american people have a clear understanding of what i did in my we did it. but that is the job. my job is to make judgments to
3:52 pm
make judgments nobody else can or will make i made them i am convinced i'm absolutely correct not deciding to send young more men and women to war that is no longer warranted. jon: president biden do finding his decision to withdraw us trips districts were afghanistan will get the parts of republican new york congresswoman from the house foreign affairs committee. you saw the speech. what did you think quick. >> i am disappointed again he doesn't really look like he understood what is aware of what is happening on the ground it's very disappointing he continues to raise the straw argument that american support of pulling out of afghanistan. he should be criticized for the way it has been done this has been a disaster and national security disaster a
3:53 pm
humanitarian disaster as we all scramble to get american citizens green card holders afghan trendsetter translators out of the country it's a desperate situation and he refuses to acknowledge it. jon: he said he doesn't want to send any more sons and daughters to die in afghanistan in the war but it has not been a particularly hot war for a long time. eighteen months since the last casualty in that same vein he talked about spending $300 million a day with 2500 troops in country, we were not spending that amount of cash. >> no. have planned properly we wouldn't see that chaos there are numerous private us on —- private contractors and private military you are assembling engaging the services of some of the airlines to help evacuate from this desperate us on —- desperate situation people cannot even get to the airport they are. it's incredible that he continues to say let's say
3:54 pm
that we were starting to move into a situation where we actually had peace and status quo and had he done this properly even listening to the state department employees from the cable that we do this in a different way and we could have done this by not putting people through the grave risk that we have, and the response from the secretary blinken was it's patriotic to accept dissent they have to pay for this decision it is tragic if you knew what we are going through behind the scenes to get these people out safely. jon: the president said history will prove him correct. your final thoughts? >> i think history will prove he's one of the worst presidents and worst commanders in chief we've had in history especially based on this decision and many others. but this will not age well and
3:55 pm
joe biden is not aging well. jon: congresswoman, from the house foreign affairs committee, congresswoman from new york, thank you. we will be right back.
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jon: one more check with our meteorologist at fox weather center. reporter: the center of what kind was henri came onshore as a tropical storm now moving from southeast to northwest,
3:59 pm
connecticut. almost no moisture toward the east of this. that is good news there have been trees down and power outages. over the next 24 hours it will move to the northwest and a hard right, that process will take a fair amount of time, talk 24 hours of the storm in the area, we'll see spots with likely 5 or 6 inches of rain and continue flooding threat until tuesday morning. jon: thank you, rick. >> stay with fox news and for latest on henri and the exit from afghanistan, including mark levin's interview with colonel richard kemp. he calls the exit the greatest foreign policy disaster of his lifetime, on "life, liberty and levin." tonight one hour from now. 8 p.m. and also sacrificing afghanistan part of lara logan's
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21st century terrorism reveals on 10 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. that is how "fox reports" this sunday august 22 of 2021, i am jon scott. we'll see you next week. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us. i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," u.s. is leaving afghanistan but what is being left behind. the taliban controls the country, people are in real danger. including afghans who helped the united states tonight president biden says that united states has now expanded safe zone around the airport in kabul and access to it says 11,000 people


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