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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  August 22, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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day this gone, who will replace it? that is why america remaining super power from human perspective it is truly interest to humanitarian that america remain a great power. ♪ ♪ hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." this is an important show. i have two very important guests, my first guest is somebody you need to know, retired british colonel richard kemp. he has spent most of his life fighting terrorism and insurgency.
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commanding british troops on the front line of some of the world's toughest hot spots, including afghanistan, iraq. the balkans, northern island. he was -- ireland. he was sent to kabul in 2003. writing about richard, forces at the time said, his effort led to most successful, counterterrorism operation in kabul. setting back the enemy campaign. in more recent years, he spent several years in downing street, head of international terrorism team, he was responsible for producing assessment on growing global terrorism problem at the time for the cabinet.
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colonel kemp spent 3 months on a special intelligence assignment in baghdad, fallujah and >> for bravery, that sets stage for our discussion. colonel kemp how are you sir. >> very well, mark, thank you, real pressure. mark: i wanted american people to have a perspective from command or ground who fought in afghanistan but what you have seen taking place from britain over the last week or so. from my perspective, and perspective of a lot of americans this is a humiliation and disaster and surrender on terms that taliban wanted. i am deeply concerned this is a tipping point in the decline of the united states, military power, and the rise of the
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communist chinese. i have laid a lot out there. i would like your take on what you have seen. >> i'd like to begin by saying, i served alongside, fought alongside u.s. forces in different places in the world, i have the greatest admiration and respect for american armed forces, anything i might say, any criticism, i might make in relation to afghanistan is not a criticism of the u.s. forces. i think this what we're seeing, what we have seen the last few days, is the greatest foreign policy disaster that i've seen in my lifetime, from any western country, this is the most disaster us foreign policy event since at least second world war for the united states of america. it is -- has unbelievable
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strategic, consequences, beyond afghanistan, people compare vietnam and saigon to what they are seeing now on television. i think it worse. it very different to that. it did take the american armed forces 15 years to recover from saigon, it took them until the gulf war in 1991 that is the scale of the disaster they faced in 75. this is worse, i think it is worse because in saigon. in vietnam, north vietnamese were not trying to attack or to destroy the united states of america. they were very much focused on that country on vietnam. when the u.s. left, it left a failed strategy. a failed war in effect for a number of reasons, but it did not leave a war it should have
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still been fighting, in this situation in kabul, the the reason we were there was to prevent another 9/11, prevent another serious terrorist attack against the west from afghanistan. we succeeded in that in 20 years. but as we're leaving, i think that threat remains. and it is reenergize that threat, i think that threat is worse now than it was before 9/11, the threat of to the west, and we have done what al qaeda wanted to us do on 9/11, they brought down the twin tower, to lure the united states into afghanistan. where they would destroy the u.s. forces and humiliate the u.s. in the world. it is 20 years later, but pretty much that is what they have achieved now, the american forces have not been destroyed or defeated on the battle feel, but they have been humiliated by
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their president. and the whole of the united states of america, and the western world, also been humiliated. it goes beyond, that the nato alliance, our own defense secretary in britain, said he would attempt to cobble together a coalition of nato states without america to remain in av, nobody took his call, that says what nato circumstance nate -- nato is, nato is a paper tiger. when america pulls out nato is nowhere, others have massive strategic implications for the world and for the u.s. preprestige and good u.s. has done in the world, undermined by joe biden's catastrophic decision to are draw, know conditionally -- withdraw unconditionally with any regard who what is going on to unconditionally withdraw from the country of afghanistan. >> president biden has trashed
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the afghan soldiers and army, what do you say about that? >> i would say. that i never heard such a disgraceful speech from the president of the united states much america as i heard the other day he said the buck stops with me, but he then the went on to explain how the buck stopped with everyone else, it was not with him, it was everyone else, starting with president trump, and suggesting for one moment he was forced to carry out a policy like this because of president trump's policy is laughable, a pit -- pitiful excuse for what he has done.
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there were other options, he did not have to take this option, it is not president trump's fault or anyone's else's fault it is fault of the president of the united states of america, for that man to basically accuse afghan forces of cowardice, a man who never fought himself, i should add, i think that is a national disgrace for america. the afghan national security forces, have thought and died alongside american soldiers in afghanistan. and british soldiers. and 50,000 of them, 50,000 of them, have been killed in action against the taliban in the last 7 years, that is a phenomenal number. it dwarfs casualties that we
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britain and america took, for him to accuse them was not fighting and being cowards is shameful. he neglected to force out the the reason they collapsed is because he pulled rug out from under their feet, they were doing most of the fights in afghanistan. it was the afghan army that was going most of the fighting and dying in afghanistan. but they depended on air support from the united states, they depended on technical support to keep their own aircraft flying and logistic support as well, without that, they were far less capable of combat than they were with it. but even worse, more serious i,i believe is that decision of united states to leave afghanistan. to abandon afghanistan, was such a devastating blow to their moral, u.s. was their final
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guarantor of success, not having their country taken over by the taliban and not being defeated themselves. the americans were final backstop. when they went, afghanistan forces' moral collapsed, we saw the consequences of that. and same applied to the regional governs in the provincial capitals in afghanistan. they recognize that -- there was no chance of survival on their own without the u.s. they many of them went to the other side, or ran away. that is the reality. as a former soldier, who fought in afghanistan and the world, i just, was horrified by president biden's brands of the afghan
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army as cowards. mark: when we come back, some people in u.s. say it was 20 year war, 20 years is long enough, you said the brunt of the war was fought by the afghan army. we had 2500 noncombatant troops there. we had not lost an american soldier in 18 months. is it really to be considered a 20 year war or conversely? now what shaped. -- what happened. is it not now a 20 year war, 40 year war, 50 year war taken what has taken place in afghanistan, i'm curious to your answer, and how this changessure entire oure national security. that we now have in store for
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mark: welcome back america, we're back with retired colonel richard kemp, among his many
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career stop offs was afghanistan as commander of british forces. my question to you, given what has taken place in afghanistan, and on go, assuming that joe biden stays the same course, what are consequences for united states, britain, nato, free world and that area of the world. >> the consequences of what is happening are devastating for the whole of the western world. i mentioned earlier that the catastrophic affect on nato. nato is an important military alliance. many presidents have criticized it. but president biden has just destroyed its credibility. single-handedly. we face now is a terrorist threat coming out of
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afghanistan. that is greater than the terrorist threat before 9/11. jihadists in the world have been celebrating the events. the president of pakistan, who himself celebrated it, he should be pakistan funded the taliban throughout the campaign, while same time paid vast amounts of money by america and britain. but they are celebrating in the world, hamas and gaza celebrating here. and they will be reenergized and their recruitment has been boosted, they will launch attacks in the world against our countries as they did when they were inspired by the islamic state. al qaeda and the islamic state are strong in afghanistan at the moment, al qaeda fought along side taliban in recent battles,
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they will allow them to operate freely there. they can operate more freely than they could before 9/11, they know there is he fear of western intervention now, that is history, that is not happening again, they know that, they will be boulder. and jihadists from world will flock to afghanistan to train, prepare and launch attacked against the west. it is higher than it was at height. that one aspect of the situation. there is no one really who is celebrating this situation more than russia and china. they are the greatest cheerleaders for what happened, they helped to bring it about. they now will be emboldened themselves, they have done a huge part against the the west
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for now, they will look at deterrent that u.s. used to present, now they will say they pretty much have an open field to do almost whatever they like. those country we had hoped to entice to our side, in the to the western's sphere, those countries will way, why would we do that? these people are fairwweather friends, we cannot rely on them, or trust them, they will see russia and china as the more reliable ally than any country in the west, that will be damaging for our ability to wield power, that is one of the reasons that president biden gave for pulling out of afghanistan. that he would focus more effort, be able to focus more effort on confronting china and russia. this is the reverse of what he expected to happen.
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so many other implications, that i could go through, i won't. i think those are probably the most severe implications, we'll see china holding the upper hand over afghanistan now. with pakistan. and they will use their influence together with russia and iran in afghanistan, they will use that influence not only to enrich themselves by floundering afghanistan -- plundering afghanistan minerals and resources but using what they have there to hit the west, the world became vastly more dangerous, president biden humiliated the united states high -- humiliated u.s. army in my opinion, i don't say this lightly, i never said it about anyone else in this position, people have been talking about impeaching president biden, i don't believe he should be impeached, he is commander and chief of u.s. armed forces who
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is surrendered to the taliban. he should not be impeached, he should be court-martials for betraying u.s. of america and u.s. armed forces. >> colonel kemp, a couple questions. if you are taiwan now, or ukraine. dealing with russia or israel. deal be with iran and a whole host of terrorists, you have opinion relying on united states as an ally, you have a lot to worry about, now, down you? >> you have a lot to worry about. and president of taiwan made a statement when she said that -- which she said we now need in light of what is going on in afghanistan we need to look at strengthening our own defensive efforts, that is telling, they are not capable of defending themselves against china, they need the united states, now they
8:22 pm
are wondering if they got the united states, and same for ukraine, ukraine is in grave danger, israel, other gulf states in middle east are in grave danger, not only has president biden surrendered to the taliban but also been appeasing iran and encouraging iran to get back to nuclear deal that threatens all country in the middle east, led to an arms race in the meet. those countries -- middle east, those countries no longer rely on the u.s., they can't. and so, i think that you know, it leads to us a very, very shaky and unstable situation. they recognize that iran as much as they are aafraid iran is emboldened, they have interest in afghanistan but they are emboldened by weakness they have seen in united states, that will encourage them to be even more aggressive in the region.
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and they will push harder to destroy israel by sitting up bases of attack in syria, and reinforcing their present in lebanon. they will be doing working harder yet against saudi arabia, they have been at war with, proxy war via yemen and reenergize across the region, we'll see great danger from iran and other countries that are no longer deterred by the united states. mark: we'll be right b if you're 55 and up, t- mobile has plans built just for you. switch today and get 2 lines of unlimited and 2 free smartphones. plus you'll now get netflix on us. all this for up to 50% off vs. verizon. it's all included. 2 lines of unlimited for only $70 bucks. and this rate is fixed. you'll pay exactly $70 bucks total. this month and every month.
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another sam octoberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers) >> welcome to fox news live. a record breaking rainfall causes as many 22 deaths in middle tennessee. at least two are young children, the search continues for more who may 12eu8 still -- may still be missing. >> henri downgraded to a tropical depression, but not before indicating areas of north east with heavy rain. coming ashore on rhode island. 80 thousand homes could be without power until mid week. >> in on west coast, a dozen wildfires are burning in
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california. >> back to "life, liberty and levin." ♪ ♪ >> welcome back colonel kemp, my question is. very grave one. is america in the decline? can america come back? is china on the rise? what do you make of this? >> before i answer that, i would like to say also that i don't think that america alone is responsible for the situation. i think european countries also sharees a degree of the blame. i think president biden should take most of the responsible. but there are other sovereign states who are powerful, including britain in europe, who could and shoo should have played their own role more strongly and could have
8:29 pm
influenced or tried to influence president biden in his decision, it is not america alone. america toha blame but there is huge responsibility on britain's shoulders for example. >> in terms of decline of u.s., i think we are seen a settled world order since 1945 pretty much. we had many conflicts since then. but world order has been largely settled, we saw shifting dynamics in relation to communist russia, soviet union. but the situation has been stable, we got used to, i think a world of increasing prosperity, of great stability for pretty much every country in the west. including the u.s. we find it kind of inconceivable that will be shaken. changed. people talk about the threat of
8:30 pm
climate change, and from coronavirus. and all of the rest. i believe that this threat from the actions of the united states in this situation has been far more consequential than either of those problems. because i believe that not only are we seeing a united states about to go into deep decline internationally after this. china of the already clawing its way up. we were allowing it to. we were asleep at the while while it was happening, not only america but european countries, as well, allowing it to claw its way up to the top on the back of our o technology, our educationf our financial resources. that is what they have been doing. now we potentially face a situation where china actually does come out on top, and
8:31 pm
america descends, ends up under the dom nation of china. i don't think that is out of the question, i think that could happen. we need to regain the situation. the situation can be regained. i mentioned before it took 15 yearss from saigon in '75 until the first gulf war to regain america's -- status in the world, i believe this is is a great deal worse, it could take several decades to recover, but we must, and quickly as possible. america is in my opinion, the greatest country in the world. america cannot, the world cannot afford for that status and that position of leadership and all of the good it has done in the world, decade after decade, i don't think we allow it to go. it is a, you know the action results from this is decision of united states, but i as a brit
8:32 pm
would encourage the people of the united states to turn the situation, you are not turning it around with the people at the helm there now. now. >> ma is what american people need to comprehend. biden, is president of the u.s., leadership of democrat party runs congress, they pick the generals and national security advisers andy secretary of stat. domestically they make the decisions on open borders, and whether they am brace capitalism or a form of marxism, and a country that bleeds from within will bleed from without too. it am make bad decisions internally and externaly. if you don't believe in the united states of america here at urhome, you sure as hell are not going to believe in the strong
8:33 pm
abroad. colonel kemp thank you very much. for coming on the program. your war against terror and your war against freedom, your support of the britain and nato and the u.s. god bless you my friend. >> thank you very much. >> we'll be right back. shingles? camera man: yeah, 1 out of 3 people get shingles in their lifetime. well that leaves 2 out of 3 people who don't. i don't know anybody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash? and donna next door had it for weeks. yeah, but there's nothing you can do about it.
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>> welcome back america. our nextlc guest, a great man, retired u.s. general. kellogg. former chief of staff of u.s. national security council under president trump. 1990-91 chief of staff for 82nd airborne during operation desert storm. silver star, several bronze stars, general kellogg, thank you, we heard a lot from
8:38 pm
president biden and his surrogates in media. president biden is blaming everyone but himself for what is has now transpired in afghanistan. blaming intelligence, military, afghans and presidentor trump. as for president trump, you were there, president trumplt dealt with the taliban. i remember general, he was not a push over. he was practical, principled man, we saw that in iraq. when iran hit our forces in iraq, what he did to sole suleimani, we sue what he did in syria when they were gassing their own people. he hit them twice. also inn afghanistan, he didn't rush to remove every person out of afghanistan. i remember a few years ago he dropped one of the biggest bombs
8:39 pm
in our conventional arsenal on top of those people as they were organizing another offensive against the afghan and afghan soldiers. what do you say to president biden and serogates when they say we just picked up the plan to president trump put together and had no choice. >> that is absurd. i was there from the start, reason we wanted to withdraw from afghanistan was to intellectually, strategically pivote to face china, and russi, emerging threats, for two years we thought our way through, and last two years we went to execution mode, 18 months ago in february, we decided to come up with a plan, we came up with a plan how to remove ourselves from afghanistan in a very
8:40 pm
measured way. we came up with certain conditions, and when the conditions were met, we would continue to withdraw forces. so the final gate we had, we were going to meet, was an intra-afghan agreement between taliban and ghani government. we would have a reconciliation, ghani would not be there, and have an orderly transfer of pow, an certain safe guards to ensure thatit government said aa coalition government going forward. to ensure that was going to happen, the president was personally engaged. something that biden has not done. president trump picked up the phone and called chief negotiator for the taliban. baradar we not out of a pakistani jail for this purpose. and explained to him what we were going to do, he was talking to him in february of a year ago, that was a month after we
8:41 pm
killed suleimani. he got the message, and president as only president trump could do talked in trump trumpian terms that is if you violate this agreement, we know where you live, we will come and find. you he did the same thing to ghani going forward as well, that plan with gates to withdraw in an orderly away, and a good end state. it would have worked. let me say something about how trump works it at one time over a year ago, he said why not bring the taliban and the ghani government, back to camp david. and people fell on the floor. i said, he had a good point. this happened with camp david accords with and sadat they spent 12 days at camp david until they hammered out an agreement.
8:42 pm
we were kind of doing the same thing, there was a process in place, there was a plan in place. there was not a precipitous retreat that you see today in place, we were lead by a very informed heard decision maker in president trump. that is not what you see today, today is national debacle. mark: other thing, did your plan include pulling out military forces before pulling out american citizens? >> no. >> what kind of plan is that? >> well, start with, it is not a plan at all, that is not how do you it we had that last condition, we were not pulling last forces out, we had 2500 troops on ground in agreement between chairman millie and gina haskell we would hold at that number with our aircraft, and maintain bagram airbase until the agreements were made, we set
8:43 pm
1 may as a forcing function, we told baradar that, the president was clear with him, we fold toln that's correct very clear -- very clear, we would never have done it this way, we would have protected americans. citizens would have come out first. mark: we don't know how many americans are there now, you see thee horrific video of women, throwing their children and babies over the fence. i can't imagine, then the taliban has not changed at all. if president trump were still there, based on what you know and advice you gave him and so forth, the man that i know, i know very well, i don't think he would have tolerated that for one second.
8:44 pm
he didn't tolerate the syrians gassing their own people. he could have said that is none of our business, he said that is our, i'm not putting up with that. he moved heaven and earth to get one american out of a kidnap situation or two. i don't think that president trump would have been afraid to pull triggers all over the place when it comes to military to get american citizens out of afghanistan. what do you say. >> i know that for a fact. i was with him in oval office, i saw president trump in crisis situations, i saw his resolve. you didn't screw around with an american, or we were coming after you, we did it is suleimani and baghdadi. and syrian gas, said you are violating international norms, he was not afraid to do it. he did it. i there was with him and proud to be with him, he was a man of the force.
8:45 pm
and may not like his tweets, but you had to admire his courages and how he made his decisions which is hard. mark: it think we would take his tweets over what we're seeing today, i'll be right back. better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! get real relief with cosentyx.
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mark: welcome back.
8:49 pm
general kellogg, your wife was a paratrooper, served in 18th airborne in grenade invasion under president reagan. your son, our daughter and your son-in-law saw combat in afghanistan. you have your family is patriotic. you have put your lives on the line, one way or another. one time or another. you see what is happening now in afghanistan, i would be curious about your thoughts. >> yeah. it is a crisis of leadership. we're not see anything leadership from commander in chief on down, it is disturbing to me, a disaster security adviser, he is in over his head. i question what blinken is doe, president biden is a individual that gates said he was wrong on every foreign policy decision.
8:50 pm
he did not want to go after osama bin laden, told president biden to not do after bin laden that is public record, this man, you have to question his leadership capability biden was questioned by obama, he said, don't underestimate joe biden being wrong. or making a mistake going forward. this leadership, also is now permeated his security time. i have great questions about leadership potential and going forward with his chairman of joint chiefs, with secretary of defense, national security adviser, secretary of state. we have president biden for 3 more years, maybe he should think really hard about replacing that time. he wouldn't, but i think that team needs to be replaced, i don't know that america has confidence in it any more, i don'tt have. i don't think they will make the right decisions.
8:51 pm
i think that american people expect that. if he is not going to leave at least put new people in place. mark: a disaster, the president of u.s. has a press even last week, he turned around and walks away, talks about vaccine and how he wants to impose his will on the american people, and talk about republican and republican governors in the way he will first talk about the taliban or al qaeda, it isve amazing, it al about politics with this man, and his legacy, his legacy is destroyed, his presidency is destroyed. i think that makes him more dangerous. more provocative. more unpredictable. it concerns me a great deal. last question for you, in china and north korea, and one of the leaders sof called in tehran. you are putin, they are
8:52 pm
salivating now, aren 't they. >> the country i worry about is china, they are an expansionist nation, they h are pushing their in-- terrial integrity, i am concerned about them. you see what they did with the uighurs, i don't think that president bidenen is handle the. i don't think he has the wherewithal or intellectual capacity. >> let's give trump to credit, he reached out, he reached out to kim jong-un, he was strong when we talked to him, he was willing to walk away. putin seess that as well in russia, they are not lick their chops, but saying i've taken the measure of this guy, he does not
8:53 pm
measure up, we should be concerned about that. mark: you know, you mentioned president trump. we didn't lose an inch of anything. >> no. >> under president trump. high was attacked. for his way high managed his fore -- he managed his foreign policy, g we never gave an incho iran, high was crushing iran economically or an inch to north korea, he did talk with them, we surrendered nothing. we never gave an inch to anyone on any front, high shut off russian pipeline. that biden game back to the russians, he imposed toughest sanctions to the oligarchs that any president in my lifetime with and respect to domestic affairs he secured border, he understands among other things that terrorists can come across the border, today the terrorists are more numerous probably more vigorous than before. the borderr is wide open. general thank you for your
8:54 pm
service, your y family's service to the country. i wish you all the best, god bless you, sir. >> thank you, mark. mark: we'll be right back. ein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. what do we want for dinner? boost® high protein also has kburger...nts i want a sugar cookie... wait... i want a bucket of chicken... i want... ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. one of my favorite supplements ..
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and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> welcome back, america. when i think of the united states of america, he think of great presidents, statesmen and leaders. i think of a fantastic united states military and so much they have been through everything in the course of history. george washington. abraham lincoln. people wanted him to sue for peace and he said no. we must have victory. i think of theodore roosevelt. i think even of franklin roosevelt during world war ii. dwight eisenhower. i think of ronald reagan and
8:59 pm
donald trump. these were great men in many ways even in the case of fdr i strongly disagree was so much of what he did. but when it came to defending the united states of america, when it came to defending united states of america, each faced different kinds of threats and they stepped up. they were great men. we are now confronted with a bumbling fool in the office of the presidency prove. week incoherent generals. we can incoherent secretary of state and national security advisor. we are in a grave statement now. and our enemies are sharpening their fangs and fingernails. it's a very dangerous time in our country. when i say in our country, i
9:00 pm
mean domestically with the borders wide open, the push of american marxism in classrooms, a media utterly corrupt and a congress bankrupting us, america if you have not waking up it is about damn time that you do. i will see next time on "life, liberty & levin". >> a poll out today shows america one to withdraw from afghanistan but they disapprove of the way you have handled it also over the last week a majority of americans , i am just the messenger no longer consider you to be competent, focused or ineffective in the job. >> i haven't seen that poll. steve: i bet you haven't. biden hours ago another bumbling stumbling performance


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