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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 23, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: it is monday, august 23rd. we're are following two major stories this morning. first, chaos in kabul, the biden administration defending its botched withdrawal from afghanistan as the taliban makes a bold new threat to washington. plus, tropical depression henri battering the east coast overnight, turning roads into rivers and putting millions of lives in danger. we have the very latest warning as the storm settles in over new england. you're watching "fox & friends first." i'm jillian mele. carley: i'm carley shimkus. chief meteorologist janice dean is tracking henri this morning and fox weather correspondent steve bender is live in new york with a look at the damage. jillian: first we go to doug luzader live in washington, d.c. with the latest on afghanistan.
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>> reporter: good morning. president biden says he may have to extend the u.s. troop deadline in afghanistan in order to get folks out but he's running into resistance this morning from the taliban. >> there's discussions going on among us in the military about extending. our hope is we will not have to extend. there will be discussions i suspect on how far along we are in the process. >> reporter: a taliban spokesman called any extension a red line and a provocation. there have been desperate and violent scenes outside of kabul's airport but the president stands by his decision for a quick u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan. >> we have evacuated nearly 28,000 people since august 14th. bringing the total number of people we evacuated since july to approximately 33,000 persons. we are proving we can move thousands of people a day out of kabul. we have a long way to go. and a lot could still go wrong.
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>> reporter: a lot could still go wrong and the white house is facing pressure from u.s. allies like british prime minister boris johnson who is pressing for more time. president biden spoke with french president emanuel macron. macron emphasized our collective moral responsibility for the afghan men and women who need our protection and share our values, we cannot abandon them. while the president promised to get americans out of afghanistan, the administration isn't sure how many are there. >> we can not give you a precise number but we believe that it is several thousand. >> reporter: later this morning, president biden will get an update from his national security team on where things stand right now in afghanistan. jillian and carley. jillian: thank you. that new information that doug had reported, the fact that the taliban told reuters had they will not accept an extension past the deadline, that's going to be something big for this administration to react to and
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figure out their game plan from here. because we did hear the president yesterday saying if we have to stay based on the conditions on the ground then we will consider staying. he said we have a long way to go and a lot can still go wrong with some people would look at that as you're being transparent, others would look at that and say, well, make sure it doesn't go wrong. what is the plan to ensure that we don't have things going wrong over there. the other thing he said that was interesting, he said if we didn't leave now, when do we leave, another ten years, five years. i keep going back to this. majority of americans, polls will show it, we'll get to that in a second, majority of americans don't disagree with with drawing from afghanistan. they disagree with the manner in which it was done. carley: yeah. jillian: if you look at the polls, cbs news polls, 63% of americans approve of removing u.s. troops, 47% disagree with his handling of the removal, let's go to another poll. 74% say that this has gone wrong
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and they say -- 44% say very badly, 30% say somewhat badly. you combine those two, 74% of respondents saying this has not been a good withdrawal. carley: i think that news -- first of all, the taliban talking to reuters is ridiculous, thinking that they have a spokesperson and they're trying to the create this seemingly legitimate government but the fact that they say they're not going to accept the extension on august 31st, of course they're going to say that. they want america out of afghanistan so now it's up to president biden to take a strong stance and say, well, you may like this -- you may not like the fact that we are going to be there after the august 31st deadline but we need to be there until all americans and all afghans who want to come and who have helped the american government leave and we -- if you don't like it, too bad. we're going to have the entire military behind us and you will feel our presence and if you do
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anything to hurt people that are american citizens or allies, you're going to feel that. president biden has taken the exact opposite approach. he has shown extremely weak leadership and it's probably reflected in this other cbs mol that says -- poll that says only 49% of people say the president's actions have been competent. you can look at the other numbers right there. jillian: 48% say effective or focused, excuse me. carley: you're right. president biden has talked about how other countries are responding to his leadership and he seems to think that everything is fine, and he can still be friendly with other countries who are you now now ey mad at him. take a listen to a former commander of the british military force, colonel richard kemp, here's what he had to say. >> i don't know president biden should be impeached. he's the commander in chief of the u.s. armed forces who just essentially surrendered to the
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taliban. he shouldn't be impeached. he should be court-martialed for betraying the united states of america and the united states armed forces. president biden humiliated the united states and the united states army. president biden has completely destroyed the credibility, totally destroyed it. carley: really quickly, jillian, an american woman spoke to fox news yesterday, she said she isn't going to try to get to the airport anymore because she's in hiding and she said i have given up hope of going to the airport, it's just not possible to make it through all those people and she says that every time a car passes she feels like she's going to get pulled out of her home and executed. jillian: we were supposed to have her on the show. we have been having issues trying to connect with her. it's hard in some areas to get the signal you need, a lot of people don't have wi-fi, et cetera. so hopefully we can speak to her at some point but we were supposed to talk to her this morning. another thing to note here is we haven't really heard the
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president giving that tough talk as you mentioned about this and you wonder how this is going to play out now that we're into the second week. are we going to hear him -- i think that's what a lot of americans hear is toughness from our president. he does say that i'm convinced i'm absolutely correct, that history will show this is the right decision. we had congressman james comer on in the last hour, he did agree, he said i do think history will show it was the right decision to pull troops out of afghanistan. the big issue, and it just -- i'm not sure if president biden fully gets this yet given the fact that he said if we didn't leave now, when do we leave, that is not the issue. the issue is the way in which it was done. th issue was all of these people chasing down planes, hanging onto planes, being forced off the planes in their death as they're in mid-air. a woman hiding out, afraid to go to the airport because of what she experienced along the way.
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carley: the other option is now that troops are out of afghanistan, could there be another 9/11 and could we potentially have to send troops back into the region and now the taliban is strapped to the teeth with weapons that american taxpayer dollars have paid for which is a disgusting element of this story as well. all right. so we're going to leave that conversation there for now. we have another big story to get to and that is fox weather. the number of deaths climbing to at least 22 people after record rain sent raging floodwaters through middle tennessee, 20 other people remain missing. jillian: up to 17 inches of rain fell in humphries county in less than 24 hours, floodwaters destroying vehicles, homes an schools. several looters were arrested despite an 8:00 p.m. curfew last night. carley: janice dean is here with our fox weather forecast. good morning, janice. >> unfortunately a terrible weekend for folks in tennessee,
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the northeast and mid-atlantic as henri made land fall as a strong tropical storm, over 9 inches of rain reported in some areas. we're not done yet. this area of low pressure is slow moving. there is some of the rainfall totals, so certainly even though we have a landfall in rhode island, new jersey, pennsylvania seeing heavy rainfall so that's going to be widespread unfortunately throughout the day today, into tomorrow and that's where we have flood advisories in place. additional rainfall of 1 to 2 inches on top of 9 inches that we've seen. a look at the rest of the day's forecast, southwest remains very warm, hot, hazy, humid, especially for the gulf coast, across the mississippi river valley, in towards tennessee and kentucky and parts of the mid-atlantic and northeast. so we'll continue to bring you the latest on all of those stories with fox weather. back to you. jillian: still ahead, fox
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weather correspondent steve bender will join us live from long island with a look at the widespread damage from henri. carley: plus michigan congresswoman lisa mclain and mike huckabee are here to talk about the latest threat. keep it here on "fox & friends first."
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carley: from vice president harris posting a picture of her arrival to singapore to new york senator chuck schumer dancing back stage at a concert with stephen colbert. jillian: democrats are being slammed for their handling of the crisis in afghanistan. here to react, michigans congresswoman lisa mclain. let's pull up this clip here of the vice president being asked questions by reporters. take a listen to this. >> what's your response to reports of americans -- >> slow down everybody. [laughter] >> i want to talk about two things. first, afghanistan. jillian: okay. so she went on to say that it's a high priority to evacuate americans, which is true. but the world has been waiting to hear from her on this. she hasn't spoken on afghanistan yet and she goes into that approach to the reporters laughing. she gets serious when she talks
2:15 am
about afghanistan but she's still laughing. what is your reaction? >> well, we shouldn't be surprised. i mean, she's laughing at the -- laughing the crisis in afghanistan off, no different than she is laughing the crisis at the border off. this administration is completely out of touch with reality and tone deaf. we have a severe crisis of epic proportion in afghanistan and the world is watching and right now we need competent leadership and we have kamala harris going to asia. we have biden on vacation. thank goodness we put some heat on him to actually come to his senses and come back from vacation. we have schumer dancing at the end of covid party which between you and me i'm glad covid ended. the rest of the country needs to catch up. we have nancy pelosi maskless at a fundraiser, covid must not be at fundraisers. come on. this is the time of crisis and
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this is a time for leadership to step up. the leadership can't fix the problem in which they don't believe exists. and right now leadership needs to get their head out of -- get their heads out of the sand and actually lead. this is what the american people deserve and they need to step up to the plate. jillian: this is obviously an all hands on deck situation and you would think that the vice president would be by the president's side through it all. so what do you make of the decision to move forward with this trip to singapore and have her not be in the united states as the president deals with afghanistan? >> i think it's a horrible decision. i cannot for the life of me understand the logic behind it as with a lot of the decisions that this administration has made. we have a crisis of epic proportion in afghanistan.
2:17 am
we just heard this weekend that they are not going to extend the 31st deadline. we don't have a plan of how to get all of our americans out, let alone the people that are trying to get to the airport and our afghany allies. what is our plan? we were in congress for several months and we were asking the heads of state, please, tell me what your plan is to get out. we are all in agreement that we need to get out. but tell us the plan. they would not share one detail. so my conclusion is either, a, they didn't have a plan or this administration is grossly incompetent and if they can't lead, i'm here to say today they need to step out of the way and get some leaders in there who will actually lead, who will actually understand what the crisis of the day is, and be attentive and present at that
2:18 am
crisis. listen, the house is burning. you shouldn't be going on vacation. jillian: a lot of questions remain, that's for sure. congresswoman lisa mclain, thank you for waking up early and joining us. we appreciate your time. carley: the time is now 17 minutes after the hour. declassified u.s. intel reveals hundreds of released guantanamo bay detainees are back on the battlefield, aiming to kill americans. a former navy seal sounds off next. jillian: details on a mission coming up. (struggling vehicle sounds) think premium can't be capable? think again. ♪ (energetic music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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carley: welcome back. hundreds of terrorists released from guantanamo bay are now at large, engaging in terrorist activities. at least 12 released detainees have launched attacks on u.s. forces in afghanistan.
2:23 am
joining me to discuss is jack karr, a former navy seal sniper. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, thanks for having me. carley: we have some pretty scary numbers that show that 229 detainees have returned to terrorism. that is one out of every three released detainee going back to killing americans and president biden is determined to close guantanamo bay and release more detainees. what's your reaction to that? >> well, it's been an issue for the last four administrations and it's really part of the afghanistan situation as a whole, most of us are incredulous that we're at this stage 20 years later, watching the events play out that we've been watching play out for the last week. the same thing with guantanamo bay. we've had 20 years to figure out how to deal with these prisoners and we haven't managed to figure out exactly how to deal with them yet after 20 years and all
2:24 am
the brilliant legal and military minds that we have working on the issue. now, there's something called the authorization for the use of military force and at the beginning of my fourth novel here and i wrote seven days after 9/11, congress passed a 275 word resolution titled the 2001 authorization for the use of military force, the document granted the president of the united states the authority to bring individuals and countries involved in the attack to justice. 20 years later it's the sole legal basis for the continuing war on terror and we have a fatwa from 1998 and that says to kill americans and allies is an individual duty for every muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it. so the question is, after we bring all the troops home from afghanistan, what's the legal authority to continue to hold these last 39 prisoners and of the 800 that we've seen go through there over the last 20 years, a lot of them have returned to the terrorist
2:25 am
activity that brought them there. carley: just to give people a sense of who may be released, 10 other guantanamo bay detainee prisoners are cleared for release including some of osama bin laden body guards and they're going to get released into a world where the taliban controls afghanistan. we no longer have intelligence on the ground when troops go back home. we no longer have bagram air base and president biden seems convinced there isn't going to be another 9/11. are you? >> well, you just never know. that's why we have such brave men and women on the front lines fighting this every day. we're going to go on defense at this point. we're not on offense. we're going to defense. interestingly enough, the department of defense was created in 1947. before that, its was called the department of war. those are two different missions, two different mindsets. department of war, offensive footing. department of defense since
2:26 am
1947, defensive footing although we've gotten good at man hunting over the years. that's what we'll probably go back to doing. we've had a lot of improvement in technology, so tracking some of these guys after they were released is different had they been released in 2,002 or so. carley: the taliban just told reuters they're not going to accept the extension of the august 31st deadline if president biden does choose to extend that deadline and keep troops there longer into september. what should the president's response to the taliban be on that front? >> well, once again, it is unbelievable to me that we are at this stage after 20 years and we're asking the taliban permission to stay a day after august 31st, asking permission for the u.s. citizens to come to the airport after 206 years at -- 20 years at war that's the best we can do, arming them, training them as well and now we're in a tactically and
2:27 am
strategically disadvantageous position on the world stage and in kabul. what's happening in kabul is the same thing that happened for 20 years, senior level leaders in washington, d.c. have thrown our troops into this meat grind and they're going to do the best they can and make it happen despite of the poor leadership in washington. carley: thank you for joining us. thank you for your service and insight this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. jillian: 27 minutes after the hour. the center of american diplomacy hit by hackers, what we know so far about the cyber attack. carley: veterans across the country banding together to help after a began interpreter shall -- afghan interpreters. the leader of the operation joins us live, next. ffective. and while walgreens has safely administered over 25 million free covid-19 vaccines, we can't stop there. because this is still our shot.
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carley: we are back with a fox news alert, president biden approval ratings plunging amid the afghanistan crisis. jillian: marianne rafferty joins us live from los angeles as the secretary of state is working to clean up false remarks by the president. >> reporter: the chaotic scenes continuing to unfold, the president's approval ratings are taking a nose dive while many americans support the withdrawal in afghanistan, they don't like how it was handled. an nbc poll shows 60% of americans disapprove while 25% approve and the cbs poll shows 53% disapprove, while 47% think he's doing a good job.
2:32 am
president biden seeming surprised and unaware of the high disapproval ratings during a press conference on monday. so a cbs reporter tweeted, dear white house staff, please share the below polling to potus, he said he had not seen it. the president's critics saying with thousands of americans still trapped inside kabul, the time to act is now. >> he needs to commit to getting out every american and stop playing word games by saying things like every american who wants to go or as many american as we can, it needs to be clear, we'll get out every american from behind taliban lines. >> reporter: the president's overall approval rating also down, a new nbc poll of shows his approval down 4 points since april and those who disapprove of the job he's doing up 9 points. with former secretary of state and fox news contributor mike pompeo saying the botched withdrawal is also ruining america's credibility. >> this debacle will certainly harm america's credibility with its friends and allies. i hope the biden team has it
2:33 am
within them to remain a strong force. >> reporter: secretary of state antony blinken is grilled on the president's claim that al-qaida is gone. >> is it gone? >> are there al-qaida members and remnants in afghanistan? yes. but what the president was referring to was its capacity to do what it did on 9/11 and that capacity has been very successfully diminished. >> reporter: later today, president biden will meet with his national security team for updates on the situation in afghanistan. jillian, carley. carley: marianne, thank you. jillian: 20,000 afghan interpreters and family members are still trapped in afghanistan. >> we have been on the administration for months now to make sure we're working with those interpreters to get them safely out of the country. the state department, it has drug its feet. these afghan interpreters are in
2:34 am
deep jeopardy with the taliban. jillian: as chaos in kabul continues, a network of hundreds of thousands of veterans are using intelligence and satellite images to direct afghan interpreters around taliban checkpoints. member of digital dunkirk and former defense intelligence super who served in afghanistan, alex plesus joins us now. tell me how that got started and what you guys are able to do to help those on the ground and what the situation is really like for them. >> good morning. thanks for having me. the situation on the ground is reflective of the coverage that's been going on. it is accurate. it's extremely messy as you can imagine given the rapid nature of the collapse. the situation at the airport of itself is pretty dire. so the airfield itself is nearly impossible to access for a lot of folks. our men and women in uniform are doing a tremendous job, providing security and taking
2:35 am
care of the folks that are there and the diplomats on the ground, they're doing great work. the issue comes as you mentioned with the rapid nature of the withdrawal and the situation we're in now. so a group of veterans and also former -- government officials from other government institutions we banded together and it's almost a natural role. i know that may not sound -- that may not sound normal to people who are listening but we've been at war for 20 years so we have a network of folks who have been in country for random periods over those 20 years, people who trust them, experience navigating government bureaucracy so we're acting as a force multiplier in terms of helping people get information and able to bring them to the right folks to help extricate them. jillian: how difficult is it really to get people out of afghanistan, to get them from their homes or of where they're
2:36 am
hiding to the airport, to get them on the planes and get them out and if your efforts have you had any or known of any confrontations with the taliban, trying to ensure the safety of these individuals? >> yes, right now there's only one way to get out of the country and that is the airport in kabul. everybody who is looking to leave is there, it's not a state secret, it's well-known. the taliban are providing the outer most ring of security and vetting folks to the degree they want to do that before they make it to the other layers of security, before they can get into the airport. yes, the taliban have been turning folks away. there's been multiple reports of the taliban having previously beaten people with sticks, whipping people. it has not been a good scene by any means and obviously the report that's come out, there's been thousands of people trapped outside the gates and folks inside that we're trying to deal with so it's a very precarious situation at this time. jillian: before we let you go, do you think our government is
2:37 am
doing enough? >> i think our folks on the ground are doing absolutely offing they can. potentially expand the perimeter and humanitarian corridor would be extremely helpful, if the taliban would hold to their word and allow people to leave who want to leave and not seek repry sals against them because they announced a general amnesty. the lower level folks on the ground in many areas are not adhering to that and that's where we're finding problems. it's become difficult. i'm one of many in this large network that's kind of trying to help and we're going to continue to do so to the extent we can and help our folks on the ground be successful and acting as eyes and ears. jillian: what an incredible job that you and others are doing. the taliban told reuters they will not accept an extension to the withdrawal deadline. we'll keep an eye on this and continue to follow it. as i know you will. make sure you keep us updated. we would love to check back in with you.
2:38 am
>> thank you so much. carley: commercial airlines are you now helping with evacuation efforts out of afghanistan. jillian: cheryl casone from our sister network fox business joins us with the latest. cheryl: good morning. several large carriers including american, delta, hawaiian, southwest and united airlines are going to be contracted out by the pentagon to help evacuate americans, visa holders, refugee as well. the planes are not going to be going to karzai international. they'll transport people from safe havens, only the third time the u.s. government has activated what's called the civil reserve air fleet. these airlines will be compensated but again it's only military aircraft landing in and out of karzai airport. carley: another sigh better attack at -- cyber attack at the worst possible time. cheryl: the state department has been hit by a cyber attack. the source telling fox news, the operations in afghanistan are not affected. it's unclear who has been
2:39 am
affected. the homeland community recently raided the department of state i.t. security with a d, the lowest rating possible. we have a lot of he details we still don't know about the attack including what was taken, what was seized. .jillian: cheryl, thank you. still ahead, a handful of agents are tasked with patrolling a 24r and their sector is second in the nation for migrant encounters. carley: the vice president of the national border patrol council says morale is at an all-time low and he joins us live next. mmm, licorice records. wonka, digital workflows for it tell us this machine needs updating... kids don't really have records anymore... but it tastes better on vinyl... servicenow.
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>> good morning. coming up on "fox & friends," top of the hour, we're going to bring you the latest from afghanistan and try to put the crisis in perspective from all angles. we'll talk to senator tom cotton who is warning of a possible hostage crisis. also arkansas governor asay hutchinson who is welcoming afghan refugees to his state, plus joey jones, special forces sniper tim kennedy will join us. we have a busy three hours, kicks off 17 minutes from right now, on the channel you trust for morning news. in the meantime, back to the 12th floor and jillian and carley. good morning, ladies.
2:44 am
carley: good morning. jillian: now to this, tropical storm henri weakening to a tropical depression overnight. the slow moving storm battering the northeast with dangerous storm surge and severe flooding after making landfall in rhode island yesterday. carley: fox weather correspondent steve bender is live at smith point beach in long island, new york with the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, jillian and carley. a much better scene here this morning where we're seeing the skies start to clear, a beautiful sunrise in the background. we still do have a rough surf and dangerous ripcurrent though along long island here, at the beaches, through tuesday but the main impact zone was to the west of us and we're going to be talking about that major rain event. so let's head into new jersey. we know henri made landfall as a tropical storm near westerly rhode island. it was in newark, new jersey where they had the heavy rain leading to 85 people being rescued including a dozen
2:45 am
children from floodwaters as vehicles became stuck in the road. as we led to the south, milltown, new jersey, cars and street signs, businesses almost became fully submerged by floodwaters. closer to the center of the storm with tropical force winds there was widespread damage that was felt. a homeowner in in massachusetts said henri brought down the biggest tree in her yard and the tree landed into her daughter's bedroom. thankfully, the day before her daughter had just left for college. now, the wind and downed trees led to widespread power outages, something that we're keeping track of this morning and rhode island has just under 45,000 people still without power and over 9,000 people in connecticut are without power this morning. we're going to continue to see the rainfall today into early tomorrow as it sits over the region. rhode island, connecticut and new york are under that declaration for emergency so we're hopefully expediting that
2:46 am
relief aid after henri starts to exit out towards the atlantic in the next 12 to 24 hours. reporting live from smith point beach, we'll send it back to you, jillian and carley. carley: that aid absolutely needed. that was fox weather core spoon deputy steve bender. fox weather is coming soon so watch for it. border patrol agents are reporting rock bottom morale amid a staffing crisis. the washington examiner reports only 12 agents are covering the entire del-rio sector. it's the second busiest immigration sector in the country, covering 245 miles of border. top border officials say those agents encounter an average of 1,000 migrants per day. the surge of migrants taking a toll on border patrol agents. former agents are now warning of a morale collapse within the agency. john antonson, vice president of
2:47 am
the national border patrol council joins me to discuss. john, i want to show what a former cbp senior official said. he said that morale is tanking fast, this can be seen in the simple statements made by agents but even more importantly it can be seen in increasing processing times, agents are just flat tired and we are seeing and hearing it. a lot of agents feel like they have become babysitters and they can't could their job. >> that's absolutely right. whether you talk to someone with 2 years on the job or 22 years on the job, they'll say the same thing, we've never seen it before. agents are frustrated and they're upset they can't go on the field to do the job they're hired 20 do. to do.carley: talking about tht that this seems unbelievable that only 12 agents are patrolling the 245-mile stretch of the del-rio sector which is one of the busiest sectors in the country and i think people hear that and then reflect on what's going on in afghanistan and the fact that the taliban
2:48 am
has taken over which could embolden terror groups and realize that there are massive stretches of the southern border that aren't being guarded right now so what does that mean for the safety of the american people? >> well, so those numbers are right. that was put out last month and there are some days when we have fewer than 12 agents patrolling the border. texas dps stepped up and they're helping us to catch some of the people trying to get away from us. but border patrol agents have a mission which is to prevent terrorists from entering the country, illegal immigrants and narcotics. if we can't do our job, it frustrates everyone. imagine if a large urban police department stopped responding to calls because they were indoors dealing with detention or processing, that's what we're dealing with here and agents are upset. carley: what are a majority of agents doing right now? you said detention and processing. does that mean most agents are pulled from the border to handle the paperwork involved in all of
2:49 am
this? >> that's exactly right. there are many shifts where some stations deploy zero agents to the field because our priority has become getting people through the system as quickly as possible so we can make room for the next people that are going to cross. carley: that's wild. and cbp they did respond to this warning of a morale collapse. they say border patrol is fortunate to have dedicated law enforcement professionals who remain resilient as we seek to improve enforcement efforts along the border, day in and day out. our border patrol agents continue to meet the need to protect our nation's border as well as process migrants safely and expeditiously. it's not their fault. they're doing their jobs. there just aren't the numbers there. you talk about the police and the fact that the defund the police department led to a lot of frustrated law enforcement officers who then retired early, do you expect the same thing to happen among border patrol? >> i do. we're already seeing it. there are agents who have eight years before they retire who are
2:50 am
already starting the countdown or looking elsewhere. a lot of agents who thought they were going to retire with border patrol are looking for any other place that will allow them to do their job. carley: thank you so much for joining us this morning. getting the message out there. we appreciate it. jillian: it it 10 minutes until the top of the hour. president biden asking the taliban to look out for the well-being of afghans after leaving americans stranded behind enemy lines. former arkansas governor mike huckabee sounds off, next. (man) my ex is dating a pisces. so i'm like, 'screw it. let's talk manifesting. let's talk chakras. let's talk self healing my way through the 12th house. (woman in van) set your intentions. (man sitting) crystals up. (woman) full moon bath ritual. cleanse and find your magic.
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2:55 am
provide for the well-being of the people of afghan again which no one group has ever done. >> president biden urging the taliban to protect our allies as a terror group says it will not extend august 31 deadline for western forces to leave asking p here to react arkansas governor mike huckabee it is great to have you this morning, thank you for waking up early. i'm curious what do you think of us having to ask the taliban to do anything. >> it's ridiculous it's like asking the foxes when they take good care of the chickens if we leave the coop open for them, the taliban can't be trusted you're asking a group of terrorists, who does he think these people are i'm stunned joe biden would make a ridiculous observation that work in acetal a band to protect women, they won't to be kind to christians, they won't to somehow be benevolent of americans and the afghan easy help the americans
2:56 am
tried to get to the kabul airport, they won't. joe biden did something i wasn't sure he would do he fulfilled a campaign promise he promised to bring america together in unity, he's dead and were all unified in total agreement for the most part that joe biden has totally bungled and botched this operation and humiliated the united states of america. >> what do you think that the president needs to do in response the taliban says are not going to accept troops after august 31, what should the president's response to that be? >> he should make it real clear is not their decision whether they're going to accept troops were gonna take americans out of their in the afghan is out who helped us that some of taliban decision we made a dumb decision to polar military out before we got our civilians out in our state department people out before we got the afghans to
2:57 am
whom we had promised safe passage and another on their own. the fact is our government can tell us how many americans are there there's thousands of americans on the countryside, not everybody was in kabul and we don't even know, they tell us how many they've gotten out in the number they have given us is more than the ones that they said was there when the whole operation started. the truth is they don't have a clue now their recruiting airlines to bring their planes over because overwhelmed with the number of people to try to get out. >> the recruiting airlines that the reserve air fleet that the president was talking about yesterday when he spoke to the nation commercial aircraft being used on voluntary basis to help with the same movement of the processing center which he also mentioned yesterday that are located in other countries. that is fantastic news that we have all of that set up but a week later it leaves many people questioning when did this start and why wasn't the set up
2:58 am
sooner, if you had a full plan going into this all of this would've been set up in the works. how do we write the ship at this point, can we? >> is going to take a real concerted effort not only logistically to get our people but it's going to take the stronger military presence because folks are not going to be able to grab an uber and get to the kabul airport easily the taliban is checking people's passports and throwing their passports away, brutalizing people this is not a pretty situation at all and i do worry about the long-term impact upon the credibility of the united states right now under joe biden's leadership america's word is dirt and the europeans feel it were being criticized for running away from responsibility from the french, the germans, the europeans i sell richard kemp i was with him
2:59 am
on israel on several occasions the high-ranking retired british officer who cannot believe that the united states has decided to take this course leaving his reputation in tatters and leaving people in harms way in a way that is not like what we normally do. >> president biden's approval rating is down four points from april and i think a lot of that has to do with safety, americans don't feel safe because of the rising crime and now there's a concern that there could be another terrorist attack on u.s. soil. >> recently made it easier for the terrorist because what we said to the world as if you're in trouble, good luck on your own, that's not how america has operated in the past under democrat or republican presidents and it's not how we should operate in the future. >> tickets are much for your insight waking up early we really appreciate it, have a good day.
3:00 am
the latest information that we got the taliban has told reuters they will not accept an extension for the august 31 deadline. i'm very curious how the administration is going to react to that. >> president biden says he doesn't want to extend that deadline anyway, he may have to we will have to wait and see how it all unfolds as a rapid rate. "fox & friends" picked it up right now. >> more chaos in kabul. >> a lot can still go wrong. >> history will not be kind to joe biden on this decision. >> tropical decision turning roads into rivers, were not done that we have flood advisory in effect. >> the fda full approval to pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. >> considering putting in vaccine requirements would encourage them. >> in less than 20 hours andrew cuomo leaves office in disgrace. >> in deciding


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