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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 23, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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got the taliban has told reuters they will not accept an extension for the august 31 deadline. i'm very curious how the administration is going to react to that. >> president biden says he doesn't want to extend that deadline anyway, he may have to we will have to wait and see how it all unfolds as a rapid rate. "fox & friends" picked it up right now. >> more chaos in kabul. >> a lot can still go wrong. >> history will not be kind to joe biden on this decision. >> tropical decision turning roads into rivers, were not done that we have flood advisory in effect. >> the fda full approval to pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. >> considering putting in vaccine requirements would encourage them. >> in less than 20 hours andrew cuomo leaves office in disgrace. >> in deciding day at the time
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to celebrate. >> ryan blaney, to the bottom of the track he's going to win in michigan. >> we begin with the fox news alert were tracking two major stories this morning tropical storm henri downgrades to tropical destruction overnight, heavy rain after making landfall in rhode island yesterday. >> thousands remain without power this morning estate of emergency declared for connecticut, rhode island in new york and will have a live report coming up. >> look at that water, meanwhile on the other side of the world the clock is ticking in kabul afghanistan as thousands of americans enough guineas race to escape the taliban takeover. the group rejecting any potential extension to the august 31 withdrawal deadline.
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ryan is live with the latest overseas. good morning. >> still a very dicey situation at the airport in kabul one afghan security guard killed in the last 24 hours in a gun battle at the airport that according to the german military were still working to ascertain whether u.s. troops were involved in the gunfight. meanwhile the evacuation of afghans who work with the u.s. as well as american citizens on the ground is accelerating, president biden said 28000 people been evacuated over the last nine days but is also warned a lot could still go wrong in the operation still has a long way to go. not at all clear he'll make the deadline and wrapping it all up in a days time. >> there's discussions going among us in the military of extending in their hope is that we will not have to extend but there will be discussions i suspect on how far along we are in the process.
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>> part of the problem the u.s. does not know how many americans on the ground you can register at the embassy when you arrive in the country but not everyone does in the register when they leave, there is a lot of chaos in afghanistan. an unknown there, what is clear the president came under a lot of pressure over the weekend to extend the deadline for the leaders of france and uk they want to make sure everyone that needs to get out the help the allies has the opportunity. over the weekend prime minister tony blair said the u.s. never should've withdrawn calling the decision imbecilic and for the taliban that cannot come soon enough. >> if the extended that means there extending occupation, there is no need for that. it will create mistrust between us, and will provoke a reaction. >> the president has warned that
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airport itself could become the target of a terrorist attack and i think the gun battle that we saw over the last 24 hours indicates how perilous and precarious the situation remains. ainsley: thank you very much for the live report in europe. to see the younger the gun battle, it is such people trying to desperately to get to the airport, seven people crushed including the toddler that lost their lives, i could not savor the mother said, the mother said i am done i tried to go and it did not work out i'm going to die here. >> she said made 2-year-old was a trooper and anytime they would hear gunshots outside the mother would say those are firecrackers every time they would go off a child under child would say crackers crackers, is said to try to get to the airport with her parents, disabled parents,
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her cousins and their 2-year-old daughter and her husband and she was pushed around in the 2-year-old falls out of her arms and crushed trampled by the crowd she was trying to find her picked up her lifeless body and it's like you're drowning in the ocean trying to find your child and you can't and she's devastating her heart is bleeding. >> she was a former employee of a u.s. organization emblematic of the people crowding the one and only in very few gates there effectively a kill zone of humanity, they're trying to get through everyone has some form of the paperwork right now but there's other confusion of what the processes that is something joe biden barely addressed at all he alluded to the fact that the parameter may be expanded but we don't have reports that american soldiers and troops have gone on done that, it's confusion he even acknowledged a lot can still go wrong and if you look at the looming august 31 deadline a week away at this point the taliban has all the leverage insane there
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will be serious consequences if it's extended. the tinderbox and they may cite all the numbers that they want but they have no idea who's out there and i tell you in adult weekly from the number of vets that i'm talking to dozens of dozens of people i know directly working with afghans on the ground either citizens or folks that they fought with just to get there mitigate and no one knows what the processes. >> people they were friends with an interpreter and advisors. >> the thing with the gate americans have been told stay wherever you are, shelter in place until you hear from us and they will tell you where to go and it sounds like certain americans are going to different rallies around the city and the ambassador from qatar is escorting them to the airport. but the airport gate was closed yesterday, 10000 people inside the airport waiting for a flight out and there's a backlog it was in cutter, there was no way for
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them to land any planes there were 70 planes are neither that meant they couldn't take off from kabul, those 10000 people can't just sit there yesterday, what could possibly go wrong next. now i'm inciting cannot leave. ainsley: there are critics on both sides of the aisle, they're not upset with joe biden for ending the war is the way that he didn't leave them behind so many americans and leaving behind so many afghan allies and their families and what it means for them in the future with the taliban there is a cbs poll that recently was conducted and it looks at the competence and joe biden's focus and effectiveness, look at these numbers back in april 56% said he was competent and now 49% back in april, 56 said he was focused and now 48 effectiveness back in april 55% and now 47%.
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steve: 74% say the removal of troops from afghan has got somewhat or very badly, 74%. and does joe biden have a clear plan for evacuating your civilians, the super majority 67% say no, 74% say the way the u.s. remove troops has gone badly and unfortunately for the president politically that is a bad number because 76% are independent, 87% of republicans say he's botched it but 62% of democrats to this is why he showed up yesterday in the white house with another live briefing because his approval is tanking i watch the whole thing after 4:00 o'clock yesterday i started an e-mail to write notes and it was almost nothing to take notes on he repeated what he said before and talked about the
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empathy and said it was inevitable that this chaos couldn't sue we done the best we can and we provided no clarity and extension of the deadline and said maybe the push the perimeter but no details. ainsley: in there will be more pain which is a fact based statement and a get better as you go forward then he was asked about the polling by reporter one of the preapproved list of reporters allowed to ask a question here's how joe biden responded to the poll numbers. >> because the united states is negotiating with the taliban over airport access and stuff, do you not trust them and the question on the public response to new poll shows americans want to withdraw with from afghanistan but they disapprove of the way that you handled it, the poll also found based in part and what transpired in the last week the majority of americans, forgive me i'm the messenger no longer consider you to be confident, focused or effective in the job.
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>> i have not seen the poll. >> it's out there. >> from cbs this morning. [laughter] >> right after that bowe erickson who is a white house correspondent for cbs dear white house staff showed the below pooling with potus if i was him i would not want to look at it either because it's not good news. because he was just the messenger, he was so adamant i really believe what i'm doing is the correct thing, it's messy but it's the right thing although mr. president a majority of americans don't like the way they are doing it. ainsley: now he seen the pole and you see him laughing at the statistics but is no laughing matter you see these images, tomorrow he's here to speak with the g7 leaders to coordinate response efforts in critics have been saying that joe biden should've done that and he slow to communicate with our allies. >> is something the g7 numbers will be urging him to extend the deadline which he has not
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provided clarity on yet, look at the amount and massive, not just interpreters and others were u.s. citizens who have been open about the fact they don't know where to go and they can't get in it's hard to imagine you will get everyone through before the deadline, the taliban says serious consequences you will need bold action and that's something we have not seen. >> kamala harris is so concerned about how women are treated in america but were leaving all these women behind to live under the taliban not being able to walk outside with an escort and not been able to have a job there oppressed and not able to drive, they won't be everything is lined up with the last 20 years in the taliban in control and how the women are going to be treated. steve: with the taliban in control you gotta remember who's still out there, isis is the author and takes a look at the
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national security advisor for the president said yesterday there's a possibility with what's going on in afghanistan right now isis could actually plan an attack, the range of possibilities, missile attack against the plane taking off or landing in the international airport or a truck bomb or with all those people outside of the gate, suicide bomber. don't be surprised if isis decides to grab. brian: that would be a two for them, they hate the taliban and that's the reason in many ways the gate has been close frequently because there's been threat assessments that isis has attempted to do that. ainsley: coming up tom cotton, asia hutchinson, joey jones, general coming up in tim kennedy, stick around, big lineup. it is 6:12 a.m., what is coming up. steve: dramatic video shows the wrath of henri as it made landfall, a calm after the
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be when we are back with your headlines the number of deaths climbing to 22 people after record-breaking rain sent floodwaters through middle tennessee 20 others are missing among those killed loretta lynn's ranch foreman 17 inches of rain fell in humphreys county in less than 24 hours floodwaters destroying vehicles, homes and pools. portland police arresting a man for opening fire and what was supposed to be a summer of love
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dennis anderson facing multiple charges for the gunfire the arrest capping off chaos as proud boys and antifa fought in the streets. ainsley: the two sides hitting each other with fireworks, paintballs and bats of the van was flipped over more arrest may still come, the house returns to work but not all democrats are on board with president biden multitrillion dollar spending agenda house speaker nancy pelosi is pushing for a vote on the $3.5 trillion budget resolution but a group of moderate democrats won't even consider that until the house takes up the trillion dollar infrastructure bill that the senate passed. staff shortage two alabama
3:19 am
chick-fil-a locations for closure dining rooms the restaurants in mcallen and madison announced they do not have enough employees to serve customers both adding their employees were overworked and exhausted their working to return to normal as soon as possible. gotta get everyone to chick-fil-a their waffle fries and everything else. >> is because their services are good and turn to find nice people although it is alabama and it's a south they are a dime a dozen down there. >> thank you very much on the wall street journal why when you go to the grocery store there is so much stuff missing it is said for the most part they order things but they only get about 40% of what they order because the supply chain in various manufacturers cannot make stuff so they order 100% but only 40%
3:20 am
comes in. ainsley: were seen not across the board if you're trying to buy house in ford antarctica contractor, lumber is expensive it's hard to get furniture, fabric things as a shooter every time we go to the grocery store, i love to make hummus and it's one type of tahini that you put in it every time i go it's a different brand because i guess the grocery stores don't know what they're going to get. >> the trucking industry was down 60000 drivers if you can't get it from a to b it's not going to be the hummus that you want. steve: a lot of you are impacted by the weather and overnight henri has weakened to a tropical depression but is still a gigantic rainmaker the storm knocked out power for 140,000 homes after it made landfall in rhode island yesterday thousands remain in the dark without power this morning as heavy rain continues to batter the
3:21 am
northeast. ainsley: fox whether correspondent steve bender is live in long island new york with the latest. good morning to you. >> good morning just as you had mentioned thousands are without power this morning 43000 people in rhode island, 8000 people in connecticut at smith point beach the main concern was a storm surge you'll notice behind me clear skies still dangerous riptide into zepeda through tuesday, were not in the area of concern is to the west as we seen the rain and the roman it's of henri sit over the region one of the hardest hit areas was in new jersey we know it made landfall in rhode island but 15e the impact was felt in all of the flooding as we take a look at newark new jersey 85 people were rescued including a dozen children as the floodwaters trap the vehicles in the road and
3:22 am
then we will head to the south of milltown new jersey cars, street signs and businesses became fully submerged with the floodwaters near where henri made landfall that's where we felt the tropical storm force twins and widespread damage, as we look at this one of the homeowners in massachusetts said it took down the biggest tree in their yard and that ended up landing in her daughter's bedroom, thankfully her daughter had just left the day before for college so nobody was in the room and nobody injured but widespread damage in the area because of the wind something we will continue to track is a remanence of henri a tropical depression will kick back towards the east and the atlantic in the next 12224 hours we do anticipate more flooding concerns the good news rhode island, connecticut and new york
3:23 am
are under the emergency declaration they can expedite that relief after the impact by henri. reporting live from smith point beach, will send it back. ainsley: thank you so much. steve: beautiful day. brian: steve is with fox whether, fox whether is coming soon. steve: today 14 days ago that governor cuomo said i'm going to quit in two weeks. today is the day but yesterday capitalizing on the storm, there he was he was doing a press conference, 32 minute presser yesterday morning and he tried to present just like in the pandemic as the man in charge, he had a meandering story, if you are watching your wondering what does that have to do with the storm.
3:24 am
ainsley: this is his swansong and he capitalized on this opportunity and his critics are saying the president of the transit workers union said he's doing his best to keep a veneer as this world hasn't imploded on top of him, his ego every single time will be the biggest thing in the room. brian: he's an emmy-winning governor for exactly performance during coded, he will perform as long as the crowd is there until the very into. we put together the best or we might say worst of his press conference yesterday, watch. >> tropical storm henri has moved to the east headed back towards france, do you know the story about the man in the storm
3:25 am
he says i'm a god-fearing man, god will take care of me and the cynical man is of the pearly gates and he meets our maker in our maker turns back and says you're confused i'm confused i sent to truck, vote and helicopter, what happened there is only so much we can do, it is up to you i told my brother who lives in long island taking his vote out on the water, he did not listen and now he can put many lines on his vote.. steve: i think he could've done in two minutes but it went 32 minutes once again he's off the stage effectively today at noon. ainsley: is it during the day i was thinking it was late tonight. steve: is his last day but is telling the story about the cynical man and his brother it's crazy betsy head of the citizens union said this is the same pattern that he used with covid he takes charge and that's what
3:26 am
he wants to go out and looks like he's taking charge, does not surprise me is exactly what he did with covid and then you have people saying by the way where is the new governor. ainsley: people are wondering why she was left in the dark why she wasn't with him and why she gonna say something about her or give her the gavel and why she wasn't part of the press conference, people say he's leaving her with a lot of employees gone the health department has also many people, 58 from the doh staffers who make more than $100,000 there very important staffers with the department of health that is left the agency so they say he's handing her a depleted and demoralized health department in the middle of covid. brian: he may give another briefing today he'll take all the oxygen he can get before noon. this is all about him he'll go on full display doesn't believe he shouldn't be resigning and ultimately not willing to do the things that you would do as a leader which is transfer the responsibility to your lieutenant governor and
3:27 am
introduce her to the constituents and say this will continue, better, it cannot get worse but when criticism came against the governor for not including the lieutenant governor this is how the spokesman for cuomo reacted to the criticism. >> were focused on storm response in the lieutenant governor has been briefed on all efforts as a transition continues your quotes continue to be misinformed. steve: kathy hochul was on long island surveying the for the storm, he was doing the tv storm and she was doing the job. ainsley: janice dean who lost her in-laws and said the decisions that cuomo made in wrong kim who lost one of his loved ones he's in new york assembly men that will be on the show at 7:30 a.m. a few minutes from now, stay with us. brian: i make light of it because he's a character but the
3:28 am
relief that they must have knowing that the nightmare is over in an opportunity for a cleaner slate and some accountability we talked about the accusation but the covid nursing homes. ainsley: still a possibility of criminal charges. brian: 27 minutes after the top of the hour, top democrat leaders masks list and dancing the night away. as americans struggle to flee afghanistan joey jones react to the tone death handling the crisis. that's coming out.
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ainsley: good morning and welcome back we have the headlines seven people shot dead and 34 injured in a violent weekend of gun violence in chicago the victims range between 17, 62 last week and 56 people were shot with eight killed, the public is invited this afternoon to honor a daytona beach police officer killed in the line of duty jason rayner was shot during a traffic stop in june he died last week from his injuries. the private funeral took place yesterday but that community is encouraged to line up on the street as he's taken to his final resting place his fellow officer said he had a heart of gold he was just 26 years old. that is your headlines.
3:33 am
brian: rest in peace. thank you to men and women for what they do. government workers stranded in afghanistan, terrified she will never see her children again she is calling on joe biden for help. >> every moment that a car passes by i feel, please mr. president evacuate us. brian: joining us with reaction retired marine bomb tech joey jones, thank you for being here, before i get your response to that i don't know if he had a chance to see what joe biden said from the podium but he talked about pain and loss this way. >> the evacuation of thousands of people from kabul will be hard and painful, no matter when it started and when we begin, there is no way to evacuate this many people without pain and loss and heartbreaking images that you see on television.
3:34 am
brian: what we heard is pain and heartbreaks, is joe biden doing enough? >> that might be the most honest thing he said there may not be awake to evacuate the city without pain and loss and it should've been pain and loss from the taliban we should be stacking their bodies right now, we should be killing a lot of them, that is just the truth of it but that's a language that they speak were nice, were a good country but that's the language that they speak so why not communicate with them the way they want to be communicated if you think two or three high-value targets and they taken over and bombed the hell out of a couple of places sending 10000 more troops, they will speak that language really quick, they really will. brian: you're so right we know that donald trump would've taken an approach like that giving ultimatums publicly let our
3:35 am
people through or will stack taliban embodies, why can't they do that. >> all the president has to do is look into the camera and say you are going to get the country out of that i've made a decision that the decision he made to give them the taliban, you're gonna get a country out of it either way how many of you want to die and how many of you want to celebrate that the only decision the taliban needs to make and if joe biden gave them the ultimatum they would be in a different place right now, what bothers me you see people tweeting yesterday within a week or two all the americans came home and this was a successful operation, that's not true at all people have 30 died and look at the hardy, anguish and fear people running for their lives that is a crisis if not one person died but everyone run in fear they have to do without the rest of their lives, that is trauma we should not put that on her own people. brian: not to mention the damage
3:36 am
it does to our reputation when we attempt to partner with someone again saying you can trust us, you're exactly right i want to get to one of the topic the tone deafness knows no limits on the left whether it's kamala harris foreign trip waiting i'm off to the singapore i know there's other stuff on south asia but my triple be great, chuck schumer in new york city dancing it up with stephen colbert, having a good time partying and feeling great about posting videos like the online or you have nancy pelosi who had a fundraiser in napa valley where nobody was wearing a mask in their stacked shoulder to shoulder yakking it up it doesn't mean everybody needs to stop their life in every moment but if you're a leader of the party in charge and you see what's going on in kabul what you have a recognition that it should be all hands on deck here? >> take kabul out of it if your state government is in shambles because your governor is a horrible human being he's having to resign in the biggest city in
3:37 am
your state is imposing covid restrictions that make people show their vaccination card or disenfranchise from living in the city don't you think -- maybe there is a hurricane knocking on the door and about to hit new york city, don't you think there's reasons not to dance on live television, i'm just saying take kabul in afghanistan out of it, your constituents are not happy right now for about a half a dozen reasons and kamala harris, i have more empathy for kamala harris today than ever have because there is no way for her to win at anything her boss is going to undermine the opportunity and she doesn't have the talent to survive it the best thing she could do separate herself from it which means an action or taking ridiculous trips to vietnam while cobble is
3:38 am
under sees. brian: none of this affects them it's not there boys that went to afghanistan they don't know interpreters or translators that thought shoulder to shoulder with kamala harris in southeast asia, afghanistan is not that far away 7000 troops of the garter if you want to see a firsthand look at what's happening at the airport. great perspective, we appreciate it. brian: the fda is fully expected to approve the pfizer vaccine will this lead to an increase of people getting the shot marc siegel is standing by, new reporting reveals the lowest number of agents are protecting a stretch of our border despite a surge of illegals that's a staggeringly low number, our next guest is fed up with biden order policy, he quit.
3:39 am
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ainsley: we are back with the fox whether as were tracking henri it was downgraded to a depression overnight, he
3:43 am
continues to slam the northeast with heavy rain after making landfall in rhode island yesterday, the lightning bolt striking the one world trade center in new york senior meteorologist janice is here with our forecast. >> were still watching henri and unfortunately is not moving very quickly east one mile-per-hour is going to continue to bring heavy rain across portions of the northeast getting rainfall amounts over 9 inches for new york city and north and west, the past 24 hours shows you the spend the area of low pressure and the moisture still coming off the atlantic that's going to be the case for the next 12 - 24 hours we will finally get rid of it on tuesday and canada will have to deal with an area of low pressure those flood advisories will be in place for the next 24 hours at least an additional rainfall on top of what we birdied received. and saturated ground the potential for flash flooding hot hazy human conditions across the mississippi river valley into
3:44 am
the southeast and showers and thunderstorms not only to the northeast but across the midwest and he advisories were the temperature along with humidity for an oppressive condition and if you don't have air conditioning you need to get to cooling centers and we will continue to keep you up-to-date. steve autopsied on to you. steve: one of the country's busiest sectors for border agents handling migrant activity but the 240-mile dollar real stretch has a fraction of the manpower needed to patrol it. they only have 12 agents, only 12 is a federal law enforcement officers and it is taken a significant toll, one agent claiming morale is low, everyone shows up to work and almost dead inside, they're not allowed to do the job and they know that people are getting away everything go they, every single
3:45 am
hour, former icefield director for buffalo new york says biden order policy forced him to step aside from his role, he quit and he's joining us on this monday morning, good morning to you. >> good morning thank you for having me. steve: the 240-mile stretch only 12 border patrol agents, where is everybody else? >> keep in mind this is by design by the biden administration if you're gonna pull everybody off the line to do processing for the influx of illegal aliens that we've had since january i'm not sure what occurred in january to make the run to the united states, when you pull everybody off the line and put 12 guys to cover 245 miles, you're sending a clear signal to the boots on the ground that you do not care, you do not have our back in immigration enforcement is not a priority for you. steve: everybody else's endorsed processing the people who went
3:46 am
up to a pickup truck and surrender themselves and said can you please process me. what is morale like down in that sector, if you've only got one in ten for the deborah people that you need out on the line, how do they feel about that? >> morale is really low even in removal operations because there being detailed in cbp border patrol, it is low these are type a personalities that believe in god and country and to do the right thing and enforce the law and you take a large group of men and women like that and tell them that we know this is what the constitution says and this is the laws that were passed by congress and signed by president clinton in 1996 but we want you to look the other way and not do anything in there and have a hard time with that. steve: we look in and there's only 12 agents for 245 miles, do
3:47 am
you know who loves that, the drug cartels that means the chances of them getting their payload into the united states is much better. steve: i'm sure in the near future we will want to know again where all of a sudden all came from and i was talking to local health professionals in western new york yesterday and even their morale is low, they're dealing with covid and not being able to get the right information out but again the biden administration putting up the roadblocks stopping other professionals from doing what they signed up to do. steve: the administration wants fewer guys and gals on the line? >> absolutely this is all by design they turned off everything that president trump tried to do in previous administrations on securing the border they know exactly what they're doing, this is all by design they don't want the portable to agents on the border they want them inside processing wasting time on the illegal aliens instead of turning them around and sending them home.
3:48 am
steve: thank you for the update, former director of new york ice removal, thank you for joining us on this monday. >> have a great morning. steve: so far so good, kinda. the fda could grant pfizer full approval for the covid-19 vaccine doctor marc siegel joins us next on whether that will make a difference for people who are hesitant to get the shot, plus we first told you about the american named trapped in afghanistan, today a big update, he is on american soil senator tom cotton help make that happen, they join us in about 12 minutes. >> we are struggling we need immediate help mr. biden please help us in these afghans that supported you and help you.
3:49 am
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3:53 am
ainsley: the fda could give full approval to the pfizer covid vaccination as soon today but the new york times reporter is casting doubt on the need for boosters quoting an epidemiologist who argues the same level of immunity could be obtained by wearing a mask or avoiding indoor dining in crowded bars marc siegel joined us not to discuss this. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: the title of the new york times article says do not get another vaccine shot avoid friends, wear masks forever, do you agree and you compare masks to social distancing to them boosters in the vaccine.
3:54 am
>> i can't they're completely different we don't know the effectiveness of masks against the delta. they clearly add something but that's never been scientifically studied against delta secondly we know how the vaccine is doing against delta and its down from 990% to 50% because over time the effectiveness decreases so clearly there is a need for a booster and clearly that need increases if you're an elderly group or immunocompromised or if your healthcare will worker like me on the front line over the time they need increases were seen in israel where the boosters are making a difference that's erroneous and shows you how much scientific uncertainty is used during the pandemic for a gender driven information. ainsley: we heard about boosters for pfizer and maternal what about the j&j shot. >> that has not came out it's clear there's going to be a booster need for the j&j shot because that was less because it was only one shot and they're also going to end up saying you
3:55 am
can have any of the shots so if you had j&j you could probably have pfizer or moderna, i'm sure that's going to happen. >> there's also a review study out of italy and says the government is using politics to insist on certain measures like mask mandates and that kind of thing, you're familiar with this? >> this came out a great journal you're not going to be surprised at this at all, they discovered that the media was inaccurate and not that the media had misinformation but then politicians over the course of the pandemic in italy use this information to drive their agenda, my way or the highway we know, you don't know, we have the answers you don't have the answers, politicians grab onto this information and employ the politics of fear, guess what else that's occurred, the united states. ainsley: thank you for coming on with us. coming up next the american who spoke up on "fox & friends" is finally out of afghanistan that is great news he had help from
3:56 am
tom cotton to bring him home safely, they will join us live at the top of the hour. no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love. stressed? no stress. exercise. but no days off! easy, no? no. no. no. no. but with freestyle libre 14 day, you can take the mystery out of your diabetes. now you know. sir, do you know what you want to order? yes. freestyle libre 14 day. try it for free.
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>> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ (naj) at fisher investments, our clients know we have their backs. because as a (other money manager) how do your cl (naj) (naj) one that we don't take lightly. it's why our fees are structured so we do better when our clients do better. fisher investments is clearly different. make more chaos in kabul. >> a lot more could go wrong. >> history will not be kind to joe biden on this decision. >> tropical depression turning roads into rivers, were not done yet we have one advisory in
4:00 am
effect. >> the fda is aiming to give full approval to pfizer covid-19 vaccine. >> businesses putting in vaccine requirements and this would likely encourage them. >> in less than 20 hours andrew cuomo will leave office in disgrace. >> an exciting day i'm ecstatic this will be a time to celebrate. >> 24 ryan blaney firing to the bottom of the track he is going to win in michigan. fox news alert to major stories on this monday morning tropical storm henri has downgraded to a tropical depression overnight still battering the northeast with a lot of rain and landfall yesterday in rhode island. thousands remain without power this morning the state of emergency has been declared for connecticut, rhode island and new york will have a live report coming up. the clock is to get in kabul as
4:01 am
thousands of americans and afghans race to escape the taliban takeover the group rejecting any extension to the august 31 withdrawal deadline, mark meredith is live at the white house. >> good morning to both of you, all three it's a new week at the white house and president biden faces a lot of challenges that we saw from last week trying to get americans and afghan allies out of the torn country the white house eager to let people know that they are working on this in the great progress is being made and we hear from the president on sunday who insist there is a lot of work to be done. >> we have evacuated 28000 people since august the 14th bringing a total number of people who evacuated since july to 33000 persons we are approving that we can move thousands of people out of day out of kabul, we have a long way to go and a lot can still go
4:02 am
wrong. >> the president says the security situation on the ground in kabul and beyond remains shaky and officials are aware of the possibility of terror attacks from isis or a group that is being called isis k log groups are being moved out, it is possible that the u.s. may need to stay on the ground a little bit longer till past into the month to ensure more people to get out were hearing from the british the defense minister saying today he believed the evacuation efforts are down to hours not weeks and they don't expect to have to stay past the end of the month over the last several days we know the white house has reached out to foreign leaders and the president speaking with the president of france we have a readout in addition to the u.s. in the office of the manual says the head of state emphasized our collective moral responsibility toward the afghan men and women from their protection and share our values we cannot abandon them, over the weekend the government ordering six commercial airlines to transport people out of afghanistan those airlines are not going directly into afghan and themselves
4:03 am
they're going to bases nearby the people have been transported out of afghanistan the government setting up processing centers and places like qatar germany, kuwait and germany, we know that some of the refugee severity started to arrive in the u.s. and were seeing them go out of the airport in northern virginia we have an update from the white house in mid august 14 evacuated 37000 people out of afghanistan, president biden will be given an update on the evacuation efforts a little bit later on this morning a lot of people are eager to see what happens this week. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: these images you realize things are getting better in afghanistan and now they have to leave their homes because they're terrified of what it means to live under the taliban there on the airplanes and i'm sure they're allowed to bring one or two bags, that is it. steve: it happened so quickly than anyone on the ground anticipated there was common sense and intelligence saying it
4:04 am
would happen sooner rather than later and a lot afghans and went back to visit and then they got trapped in the plan since then has been chaos. brian: mark meredith updated us so far they've gotten 30000, they said they had to give a total of 80000, there is still 50000 short, let's bring in on this monday morning arkansas republican senator tom cotton who served in afghanistan may or of the senate armed service committee he joins us from the d.c. area. >> good morning, everyone. brian: the president said yesterday maybe were going to have to extend that deadline after august 31 but the taliban came out and said not so fast you cannot do that if you do that you face a reaction and cross a redline, is that way joe biden is in such a hurry because
4:05 am
he doesn't want to upset the taliban? >> i think president biden is timid and fearful of the taliban, frankly with nancy pelosi to vote on the three and half trillion dollar budget and i think they want this problem to go away they wanted off the front pages so they could talk about the reckless bundy plan that means were at risk of leaving thousands of americans behind taliban lines because of her get to be out by august 31 which is a week from tomorrow that means the military will roll up shop and head out beforehand and will leave our countrymen behind i saw the secretary of state said we have to accept the reality that the taliban is in control kabul, we do not have to accept that the taliban is in control of kabul until the united states says we are in control kabul and if they want to attack our people at the airport we have more than enough of the united states military to fight back and destroy those, that's what joe biden should say we are going to do until we get
4:06 am
every single american out of afghanistan. steve: here's what joe biden said yesterday, take a listen. >> is in a bar operation, let me be clear the evacuation of thousands of people from couple is going to be hard and painful no matter when it started and when we began, wouldn't have been true if we would've started a month ago were a month from now, there is no way to evacuate this many people without heartbreaking images that you see on television. it is just a fact my heart aches for those people that you see. steve: is it a fact that the taliban has to put our sins since her checkpoint to take their passports and threaten their lives and rough them up, what is it about this white house's view of the situation that prevents them from taking bold action that we get our people out? >> it's not a fact you can plan
4:07 am
different scenarios how we could've withdrawn from afghanistan i'm confident none of them would've been worse than what joe biden did with thousands of americans stuck behind taliban lines i was saying last weekend that we should've made it clear to the taliban they can't take control of kabul and we should keep them on the outside of kabul and joe biden again has been timid and in the face of the threat for weeks and he's allowed this situation to deteriorate to the point where we barely have control of the outside perimeter of the airport our citizens are being attacked with sticks and chains outside of the airport and having their papers and their passports confiscated all the while the french, the british even the dutch military is leaving the airport to identify their citizens and bring them back inside the wire, that's what we should've been doing all along and that's what we should start due today and we should do it for as long as it takes until we get every american out of afghanistan.
4:08 am
ainsley: we all agree with that, i know you helped to bring our friends back to the united states this is great news were waking up finding out that he just landed in washington, d.c., let's bring in, our prayers have been answered in your back home, tell us about the journey and how you feel. >> good morning, everybody first of all i appreciate that he helped us get out of their when it was impossible i just got to washington, d.c. dallas airport, everything is fine were feeling safe and happy a little tired more than 36 or 40 hours but we made it here, thank you all. steve: we talked to you last week and you told us the harrowing story how you had gone to the airport twice and there was thousands of people and you
4:09 am
were reluctant to show your american passport because you were worried that the taliban would see that and follow you to your parents home and kill your whole family. tell us about the day that you finally made it to the checkpoint and got to the plains. >> eventually i had to do that my parents that you just mentioned had to show the taliban all the paperwork that he had in his hands otherwise they will ask where are you going and myself i showed my passport to be honest that i'm an american i want to go inside tom contrite his best and zach and other people i forgot their names those guys, they did their best to help me get out and they gave me a ride from home to the gate and somehow without going to the crowd they put me in the
4:10 am
front and i get a chance to talk to one of the americans so i showed my passport and i got my kids from over the fence and i was behind the wall to get in this is how i got in for mr. cotton and zach they help me too get in there. brian: we are glad you're here and thank you for your service to our country as a u.s. citizen that earned that citizenship. i see you happy, to get that admission accomplished means a great deal personally i know to you but he had the good fortune of being a translator for a future american u.s. senator, what is it like for others who don't have that connection, what is the process like. >> first off he was not my translator but he did contact her office last week and we gave him what we give so many other
4:11 am
americans who have been in touch the information that they needed about where to go to the airport, how to be prepared for the long wait in the hot sun sometimes are able to connect these folks with friends inside of the airport who are able to direct them to the right location where there is a least amount of crowding in the least amount of attack so were very grateful that he came back but as you said there's hundreds of thousands of others all around kabul and afghanistan and american standing by who need help from our government to help get them inside and get back to their country. it is pretty disappointing that it took a freelancing united states senate office who has been working around the clock with all of my young men and women on my team to help get them out and so many others when it should be the state department pride into providing this information helping them get out we will do everything that we stand for as long as we can but it goes back to joe biden making the announcement that we will stay in afghanistan to get our people out for as long as her people are there that's how we are with their fellow countrymen. ainsley: last week we talked to
4:12 am
marcus luttrell he is with a navy seal entrapped in afghanistan by himself and he wrote the book loan survivor we sent in troops and got him out he was hiding in a bunker and buried under sand and we found him he said all he kept they get about is getting back to american soil you have taken a similar journey you are fearful of death you feared your whole family was going to be killed, what was it like to be safe on american soil again. >> this is how i was feeling to get myself on my family and my kids they were my first priority this is what i did and thanks to senator tom he helped us get out of here and as you mentioned he helped other families and they were trying to get in so it was not just me that he was trying to help there was other families and especially myself and my parents i left behind my wife's
4:13 am
parents are still in afghanistan i'm happy that i'm here i save my kids but i lost still on maureen about them and i been working for americans nine years both sides, my parents i'm worried about them and tom can't i appreciate your help and i wish that you keep hoping everyone like me. thank you. my parents and whoever else is there i will appreciate that. steve: are your parents and your wife's parents worried about life under the taliban, what that is going to be like. >> of course they have been going every day with me so they have to show their passports and their documents that they work with americans in their visas and by the embassy they haven't got approval because of the long distance but they have their documents that show they can go inside now the taliban is checking every checkpoint and
4:14 am
they know them and my dad in the interview which i was not aware their target is already and really trying to get them out as soon as possible, you know what's going to happen, everybody knows. brian: senator, what's going to happen. >> the get go after them i've seen families asking questions your son still here, what he is he not going to america they said is your brother here, where are you going to go i heard you went to the airport stuff like that, those questions are scary. steve: i can't imagine. brian: i been in touch, a lot of it is other veterans members of congress michael walz lindsey
4:15 am
graham, how much of your time as a staff in your office is being spent on case-by-case working with translators and others? >> since last week and this is what most of my staff has been doing around-the-clock we have had hundreds and hundreds of cases open to help thousands of folks who are trying to get back to america we have a lot of young veterans on my staff or veterans in my alumni network was connected as to friends that we have at the airport in kabul or connected us to americans around the country who have family who are trying to get back after visiting his family to the united states. so we've set most of our work aside over the last week to help all of our fellow countrymen get back to this country and it could not be prouder of the young women and men who work for me. ainsley: how did you hear about his story. >> he contacted us early last week, in many cases we can provide the americans were trying to get back to this
4:16 am
country simply a human being who will be there on the phone or respond to the e-mail promptly so they know that someone back home is aware and trying to help them and getting them out as opposed to a random website that the state department was sending american citizens to last week so we can provide them the information and give them coaching at the airport and sometimes been able to connect them with friends inside the airport to direct them to the best gate to get inside so there's a lot of different techniques to help these americans and we can be happier but there's a lot of people like him around the city and around the country in his time the administration make it clear we will not leave any of them behind. brian: he is an american citizen buddy as members of his family who have worked with americans for 20 years and they still need to get out. the president said yesterday we might have to extend the deadline past the end of this month but the taliban came out
4:17 am
and said you can't do it that's going to be a redline you cannot cross it what's going to happen at the end of the month to the tens of thousands of afghans who will not be on the road to freedom. >> i listen to his message and he's trying to do that do not bring the people if they don't have any documentation, if they haven't been working with americans are just scared from the taliban to get out we don't need to bring those people and bring the people who are approved in networks for nine or seven years like my dad and my family keep bringing people from there from outside which hasn't been working they have their electrician built to show and that's how they got in, don't
4:18 am
bring those people in bring your parents and whoever works for you that their lives are in danger there's thousands of them like my dad. steve: you're seeing a lot of afghans who have no connection to americans but just want to get out before the taliban takes over? >> exactly most people already brought to america and let them go inside the airport i know a lot of people didn't have anything they had no proof that they work with americans but they wanted to save their lives, i'm not against them but if there's a limit of time and were running short of time, please bring the people for real that their life is in danger, not all of them. brian: from this chaos have you heard from any of her other fellow afghans questioning whether it was worth it, whether we really were committed to
4:19 am
having their back the entire time, does anyone regard it. >> of course what america is doing right now but mr. tom con and these people that take us out and all of our afghans another waiting in the hoping someone can help them to get out of afghanistan and as i mentioned earlier and should only be the people that work for americans and there still people to have their green cards and visas there still in afghanistan, my family is her i have relatives that live in denver but in afghanistan because they cannot make it in. ainsley: why couldn't your parents come with you. >> they were trying to but mr. tom condon is aware and the guy who helped me too get in were asking for four of us mean my wife and my two children he told us you cannot take all at
4:20 am
once we have to take you for first and then we'll have to talk with mr. tom con. brian: welcome home or glide your back speed. brian: thank you for your work and your insight. >> i will be in touch with you, thank you. ainsley: god bless you both, a lot of people praying for you. brian: that's good to hear representatives of the people working on behalf of those people. steve: will quickly big storm in the northeast and janice is taken a look at it. >> some of the rainfall totals close to 9 inches that will continue as the area of low pressure not moving very quickly it will bring heavy rainfall to new england and be out of the way by tomorrow but i want to remind you were in the peak season so were not done yet and we have entities in the atlantic and the next storm will be ida
4:21 am
and hopefully it'll move offshore and will continue to watch the heat as well. brian: thank you very much. steve: 7:20 a.m. more "fox & friends" in just a couple of minutes. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ] i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot.
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steve: today marks one year since jacob blake was shot by police responded to a domestic dispute in wisconsin violent and deadly uproar not only in wisconsin but across america adding fuel to an already violent summer of protest against police a year ago wisconsin congressman brian style oversees the city of kenosha as part of his district and he joins us right now, good morning. give us an update what has happened in kenosha over the
4:26 am
last year. >> we made a lot of progress but three terrible nights last summer when a democratic governor failed to provide the resources that were needed to end, no behavior in the city of wisconsin in kenosha what we saw play out across united states are democratic governor like liberals across the united states failed to draw the bright line between a person rights and criminal activity the result was played on tv screens across united states of america the city has come a long way i walked the fourth of july parade the other day there is still scars and handful of buildings boarded up with signs pointing out the people live in those buildings to asking those protesters and those writers not to bring down buildings but the city is come back strong and will come back ultimately stronger than ever before. brian: as we look at the destruction a year ago what are the status of charges against people who let the businesses on fire and destroyed property.
4:27 am
>> there is a lack of accountability for many of those individuals who have engaged in, no behavior. what we should have insufficient resources beginning on night one to arrest individual thing engaging in criminal activity are democratic governors like liberals across united states failed to provide sufficient resources to arrest criminals and criminal behavior and the result of many individuals were engaged in that type of behavior whether is burning down buildings or bodily injury or failing to be held accountable right now in kenosha and across united states. ainsley: one famous case, the 17-year-old who carried an assault style rifle to the area and he faces homicide and other charges for killing two protesters and his trial is going to be in november. but at the same time, what they were trying to do is bring attention they wanted police reform in kenosha, do they have more police were less police than they did a year ago.
4:28 am
>> they are struggling to recruit i held a law enforcement roundtable in our community a few days ago and what i heard time and again, from law enforcement officers whether that's achievable police or sheriff or a man on the street we are struggling to recruit law enforcement officers because of the anti-police rhetoric that we've been hearing for over year that's a challenge in kenosha and across united states of america. steve: thank you for joining us today in d.c. still ahead on this monday andrew cuomo time and power is nearly over today is his last day is a great democrat leaves office following a slew of scandals janice dean in your get some women wronged him helped hold him accountable, they join us live coming up next. amusement parks are like whooping cough. even ice cream is like whooping cough,
4:29 am
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4:32 am
ainsley: good morning we have some of the headlines a 10000-dollar reward is being issued to bring down the two suspects accused of killing a new orleans police officer. detective everett was shot and killed during an apparent robbery while dining with friends, another victim critically injured he leaves behind a wife and two children.
4:33 am
today the state department expected to address the massive security breach first reported by fox news, the exact timing and scope of the breach is unclear a source familiar with afghanistan evacuations says operation has not been affected fox news will continue his coverage on the cyber attack as the department will hold the press briefing at 3:00 p.m. eastern today that the look at your headlines. ainsley: thank you today marks new york governor andrew cuomo's last day in office but family members of those lost under his coat 19 policies are calling on the incoming a administration to hold him accountable. steve: janice dean lost her in-laws of covid-19 in new york nursing home facilities is been one of the most outspoken voices trying to hold the governor accountable. new york democrat is only men ron kim lost his uncle to covid-19 in a nursing home as well, they both join us now to react, thank you for being here you both have been at the
4:34 am
forefront of demanding more from accountability on all fronts for almost governor cuomo i see those words, what your reaction. >> some relief, the spotlight that he loves so much is finally dimming unless he goes over to cnn and has a show with his brother which is very possible. but he is leaving, we think and we hope he can check out any time that he likes but i don't think he ever wants to leave. i will continue to raise my voice like i know my friend ron kimball to hold him accountable there are several investigations not only into nursing homes but state resources, friends and family covid test when nursing homes could not get any. he had a $5.1 million book still and gave immunity to nursing homes after the march 25 order so kathy hochul has a mess that is left behind. ainsley: assemblyman how are you feeling. >> i share her sentiment and i
4:35 am
feel relieved that the day is finally here and no longer in a position of power to abuse women workers, lawmakers and reporters, journalists, you name it, this is a man that was going to say and do anything to dodge accountability. and to be completely honest he is leaving albany on a very soft landing, this is a gracious exit he has not admitted to doing anything at all when he gets to leave albany, that's why i see a strong about continuing the impeachment process so we can get a full account of what he did wrong so we don't repeat those mistakes moving forward. steve: as we look at the u-haul that is taking his stuff out of the governor's mansion, if he has not impeached, he can always run for office again, cunningham. >> that is 100% correct people mistake the intent of
4:36 am
impeachment, impeachment means not just the physical removal of andrew cuomo, the man himself but the removal of his criminal acts and his wrongdoings in seeking public office, that is our constitution mandate to pursuing impeachment when we see criminal misconduct by executive office. brian: i'm sure you saw he held a 30 minute press conference yesterday about henri and basking in his last moment much like he did during covid putting on a performance that won him an emmy award and he still acting yesterday, your reaction to that and you mentioned lieutenant governor hogle are you hopeful she will reject some of the things that the governor has done. >> i'm not hopeful she still keeping howard zucker on board
4:37 am
who was and is the health commissioner and helped author the march 20 for the order she said she will get rid of all the people that could be possibly indicated with his governor but she hasn't gotten rid of howard zucker, see the governor yesterday ramble on about storms i have to say was a little bit ironic because they made fun of me for being the weather person into see him say these weather maps are very complicated, it's a dangerous storm obviously and i want people to be safe but quite incredible that the last thing he is talking about is a tropical system in new york. ainsley: assemblywoman can you do something about that do you have the power to tell them that you need to clean house when it comes to these individuals who made these decisions. >> absolutely no moment that the governor announced i was out there with janice and others to make sure the lieutenant governor is fully vetted we have the tendency in the country and
4:38 am
state to always call for unity and embrace everyone without really venting the next person of power. it is our duty to do so we have to make sure that she's setting up the right protocols, day one to root out the toxic and abusive nature like places like albany it's good that she's out there talking about collaboration and building partnerships, i want that desperately and i wanted to succeed but we need to see a lot more to truly believe that she's the right person for this position speak. steve: later today he'll be former governor cuomo thank you both. ainsley: a devastating situation in tennessee two dozen people killed by flash flooding, and update as rescue crews search for survivors next. steve: the world and americans want answers on the policy in afghanistan but this is how the vice president is reacting to
4:39 am
questions. >> what are your thoughts on the reports of americans. >> slowdown everybody. [laughter] i want to talk about two things, first afghanistan. brian: is a tone deaf from afghanistan's, reacted after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. find your rhythm. your happy place. summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best
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4:44 am
there is wearing a mask seemingly not that interested or concerned about what our boys are facing in our allies are facing on the streets of cobalt afghanistan life goes on i know not everyone's life has to orbit but if your leader in this country and you're finishing a 20 year war in the year activity at this moment. >> is not just completing a twenty-year work in this moment with dozens of people killed tried to get into an airport, we have had security forces murdered, taliban and we've been fighting for the past 20 years are controlled all of afghanistan and able to do anything that they want and they're not provoking americans the military forces that we have to get americans out it is not just the tone deaf of what type of the past 20 years but currently people being whipped in the streets, being stoned to death in your dancing in the streets, come on it's embarrassing and pathetic. brian: not to mention their constituents, like the emergence
4:45 am
citizens or veterans who have translators or partners on the ground calling their office we had tom conmen earlier who himself was invested in that fight and doing a lot more than those officers your people in need at this moment as you said in joe biden so far at the podium hasn't presented any plan is that not a concern to them? >> i don't know what they're thinking obviously they're not thinking. i go to my 6-year-old and ask how are you going to get 15th out of a hundred thousand people out of afghanistan and we would get a plan to a degree i'm gonna put airplanes, helicopters, my 6-year-old can do that but at this moment we have ngos, nonprofits, incredible people, no one left behind, the foundation, thousands of people coming together to try to get americans and afghans in our partners that it out safely while people are dancing in the street, this is the biggest blemish in american history even
4:46 am
compared to saigon the scale of how disastrous this is to our partners in the strategic level of messaging throughout the world i don't know how long it's going to take us to recover from this. brian: is a great point the world is watching but i can't help but wonder it's not chuck schumer's kid or kamala harris kid or nancy pelosi's kid that was in afghanistan fighting to secure something maybe it's not important to them, strategically how it ends, what is a matter. >> that's a great point is never their kids it's always the brave men and women going over there that choose to fight, these are not the children of the elite these are the children of people that believe the white and blue in the dream of being an american in the idea of freedom and there's afghanistan partners and allies and translators that have fought the same fight and have the same dream but there's also very dangerous terrorist
4:47 am
that are trying to use the chaos and anarchy and mayhem to get into the united states, the balance of trying to bring in our allies and friends safely all while providing security to americans, this is so dangerous over time and that has to be handled with care and it is not the children of these people doing all of the dangerous work like always, it is the backbone of america doing the heavy lifting is. brian: our president did have a deceased son who served, he talks about the troops often, at this moment when those americans need our government and our ferociousness, he's unwilling, relying on the taliban who we know wants nothing but us out so they can ruthlessly utilize the vacuum to their own benefit to include potentially hostages. if tim kennedy was in charge, what would happen to get our people home.
4:48 am
>> it is so simple when somebody asks what would you do i would been time, use every single resource available, not just the military between the department of state and our intelligence agencies to get americans out every american needs to know that there are plenty of people that are capable and willing and have the ability to get everyone out of the country in a moments notice this could be over by tonight and he said if you know what were going to do your american were coming to get you, if you one of the backcountry we have the ability and capability in the bravest most powerful military on the planet that will get you out in a matter of hours this whole entire evacuation problem would be solved but i don't know why we still have people there that need help. brian: it's true one simple message to the taliban you are one hair on the head of an american and we will bomb you back to the center you came from until every single american comes home, that the calculation they understand, thank you so
4:49 am
much for your insight. still ahead a race to rescue afghans who remain trapped under taliban control one woman desperately trying to help her family of 15 flea joins us at the top of the hour with her plea to the biden administration but reading, writing and division wire next guest argues the only solution to ridding classrooms of critical race theory is to break up bigger school districts, that is next. without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? oh! are you using liberty mutual's coverage customizer tool? for all-day, all-night protection. so you only pay for what you need. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ as your business changes, the united states postal service is changing with it.
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brian: the number of deaths climbing to 22 after record-breaking rain racing flood waters through middle tennessee 20 others remain missing at this hour our fox affiliate and national joins us live in waverley with the very latest. >> good morning were getting a firsthand look this morning as the sun is coming up and you're seeing it, the devastation throughout the area this is right off the main highway state route one not supposed to be there and is tangled up with power lines, it's a story that were seen throughout this morning, i'm standing at a local drop-off spot for bottles of
4:54 am
water and paper towels, anything that may help people who have been displaced, that's what were seen in this parking lot and if we take a look across the street the devastation continues just from the rainfall this weekend and the exxon gas station has a home in the parking lot the roof is partially torn off and there's a car under this house as well there is a tractor-trailer here earlier and it's been removed and we know the police are working hard to clear the roads in emergency response groups have a way to get to people who need help in our power line crews are working overtime 10000 outages reported yesterday, this morning the residents are waking up to 3000 but there's still a long way to go, the latest report from the police department said 26 people are missing, this is in addition to the 20 who have been confirmed here in this town, we will continue to give updates throughout the rest of the morning, not a good site to see in waverley. reporting in tennessee.
4:55 am
steve: heartbreaking story thank you very much. ainsley: as more states ban critical race theory in their schools the solution to remove it might require a different approach a wall street journal op-ed argues state bans on critical race theory won't work massive bureaucracy will invade them, the better solution is to break up huge school districts, the author of that piece joins us now to explain. good morning i read your piece, why do you say it's better that there's a better approach than just banning crt to break up the school districts. >> before world war ii we had 120,000 independent school districts in america they were governed by people who knew each other as neighbors and accountable the progressives decided they wanted to consolidate this district to bring them under the control of the professional education bureaucrats and that's what they did so today we have fewer than
4:56 am
14000 school districts over half of our kids are in bed districts are 10000 more students many with 50 or 100,000 or more students and those districts are controlled by a handful of school board members that decide everything from textbooks does a disciplinary practice what i'm saying we break up the districts we get more control and i'll give you examples what that looks like southlake texas a community of 32000 people you had to parents down there they got fed up with critical race theory and they decided to run for the school board that district has about 8500 kids they could meet a lot of these parents face-to-face and they both one of margins of 40 points you compare that district of 8500 kids with loud in county virginia which is ground zero to critical race theory nonsense loud in county has 85000 students in a geographic area that is half the site of rhode island what i'm talking about is not left or right or democrat or republican it's about restoring control over public schools and giving it back to communities.
4:57 am
ainsley: 37 districts that are larger than loudoun county and that makes it harder for parents to influence policy and the large districts. >> yes, ma'am. the reason i have faith in getting community control over the schools is what we know from survey after survey most americans are center-right only 70% of americans describe themselves as extremely liberal or even liberal and 79% of americans say this is the greatest country in the world or one of the best, regular americans are patriotic, they're not left-wing and they reject the race game only 20% of americans say they know what crt is and it's good for the country while 72% of americans oppose race-based equity schemes like affirmative-action that includes majorities of african-americans and hispanics, if we give the schools back to communities we will find most of the schools will be governed by conservative patriotic people.
4:58 am
ainsley: i was amazed growing up in south carolina we had 754 students in my freshman class in high school of more than 500 that graduated in a lot of dropouts that was huge our classes large then i moved to new york and long island where they might have 100 people in their classes it's basically a private school but a public education parents to have more control and you bring up the point the large districts you have loudoun county almost 84000 students how are these demonstrators able to keep track of what these teachers are teaching in the classroom. >> the truth is they cannot no matter what laws that you pass in the end the teachers are going to have to decide what goes on in the classroom if you shrink this size of the school district to make parents the watchdog and their voice counts that the only way to dispense with the nonsense whether it's could a race theory, trans gendered dogma or what is been picked up in a school of education as we speak.
4:59 am
ainsley: you give it a lot of parents a good idea, thank you for writing this, if you want to read it's in the wall street journal. final hour of "fox & friends" starts right >> evacuation will be hard and painful. >> we should be stacking their bodies right now is. >> andrew cuomo's last day of governor. >> it's finally here where he will no longer be in a position of power. >> the surge of migrants taking control and agents are learning of a morale collapse. >> this is by design by the biden administration >> texas community gathered for a drive-by celebration of world war
5:00 am
ii veterans 96th birthday. >> i had no idea they would be this many. ainsley: to a fox news alert as we are tracking tropical storm henri downgraded to a tropical depression pick the storm battering the northeast with heavy rain after making landfall in rhode island yesterday. steve: thousands remain without electricity as a state of emergency has been declared for the state of connecticut, rhode island and new york and we will have a libra report on the weather and the fallout coming up. pete: the clock is ticking in kabul-- kabul as thousands of americans and afghans raced to escape the taliban's takeover, reportedly rejecting any extension to the august 31, deadline withdrawal appeared we are live at the white house with the latest. reporter: good morning. over the weekend we heard more mixed messaging from the white
5:01 am
house about the evacuation efforts and the president is insisting progress is being made that morning at the same time the u.s. may not be able to get everyone out of afghanistan by the time we expect august 31 and troops may need to stay longer with the white house saying over the last 24 hours or so they evacuated another 10,000 people or so. obviously, there is more work to be done we heard from the president sunday with pushback against critics who say the u.s. isn't doing enough. >> there were discussions among us in the military about extending and our hope is we will not have to extend, but there will be discussions, i suspect, on half-hour-- far along we are in the process. reporter: when concern is potential terror attacks in the white house says its monitoring intelligence for any signs of an attack from a group known as isis k, a group that may target americans or marriage and military. at the white house previously said they don't believe isis will be a major threat to the u.s. in afghanistan.
5:02 am
the british defense minister saying he believes there evacuation efforts are down to hours and not weeks and they don't expect to be on the ground past august 31. we know tomorrow the president will meet with other g7 leaders virtually to discuss humanitarian and security concerns and while the white house says it's working with u.s. allies on this, the french say they are having to remind the u.s. president what is at stake. we heard from the french president's office that said the head of state selected moral responsibility toward the afghan men and women who need our protection and share our values, we cannot abandon them. over the weekend at the u.s. government ordering six american airlines to transport people out with those airliners not going into afghanistan directly, but instead flying to the middle east and picking up people once they are out of afghanistan. for afghan refugees the u.s. is setting up processing centers and as for president biden he will give another update on all things afghanistan later this morning.
5:03 am
it's possible he could talk more about afghanistan later today with the possible press briefing at the white house this afternoon. back to you. ainsley: thank you. joining us now over the phone is a lady named lena and her family is trapped in afghanistan and she's an american citizen. she is here at home, but she's worried about her family there. good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: tell us your story. tell us who is over there and your biggest concerns. >> i have family members there, my brother, my mom and my friend who went to visit their family, they are trapped there. my kids are under a lot of pressure at the moment. i haven't slept in a week. i'm really worried. steve: lena, your family over there, did they work with the
5:04 am
americans or the allied forces? >> not directly, no. as a result, my sister-in-law three months ago got kidnapped by a taliban control because she had relatives overseas in america and europe. pete: if i heard you correctly, part of what you mention as well as that part of that group are american citizens who went back to visit their family and have still not been able to come home. are there a lot of u.s. citizen afghans in a situation? >> correct. my best friends are there with their four kids and they are trying to get back, but it is hard to. ainsley: we want to play something from the president. the president saying the taliban is the limit has
5:05 am
the obligation to provide for the well-being of afghans. listen. >> taliban has to make a final decision, is the taliban going to attempt to be able to unite and provide for the well being of the people of afghanistan, which no one group has ever done it since before, you know, for hundreds of years and if it does, it's going to need everything from additional help in terms of economic assistance, trade and whole range of things. the taliban has a said, we will see if they mean and/or not. ainsley: lena, what is your response? do you trust how that will take care of the people? >> absolutely not. i think they are playing a game. i don't think-- as soon as possible world recognizes them, they are going to go back.
5:06 am
99% of afghans, they don't believe they will change. steve: lena, thank you very much and we apologize for the transmission, not a very clear signal, but your words are loud and clear, your family is over there and they need to get out and our hopes and prayers are with your family. pete: thank you. i have to emphasize the point of what joe biden said there, have we learned nothing in 20 years? this question is the taliban going to attempt to unite and provide for the well-being of the people of afghanistan, is our president actually asking that question? as if the answer could be, yes, they will? it stresses the ignorance we have had on so many levels institutionally for leaders in our country and folks on the ground who never understood the nature of afghanistan, tried to build something
5:07 am
that was never connected to the realities on the ground and that question it stresses how little we knew in this belief that we are cutting a deal with the bad guy and we know it, but to pose the question that there might be an okay outcome. they will white watch what they need to pour now and right now it's beating our people at checkpoints. it's good behavior for the taliban, just wait and if they have hostages, which they will do if they need to after august 31, their true character has already been revealed. we know who they are. they are our enemy and unfortunately they control the country, but to ask that question-- ainsley: they already said we have to be out by the 31st. what will happen after that? look at the front page cover of the "new york post". this is an afghan mom who was trying to get out with her family and her 2-year old daughter fell out of her arms and she was trampled on or he or she, i don't know if it was a boy or a girl-- daughter, trampled on and killed
5:08 am
the. steve: seven civilians crushed in the stampede to try to get to the front of the line to get past the taliban checkpoint to get out to the runway to get on a plane. unfortunately, we heard some people are at the airport, 10,000 people and because so many flights are taking out there is no place to land they are supposed to land in cutter, but they can't land because there are too many planes of the people are stuck in kabul and yesterday the taliban said you know what, let's just not even open up the gates. no one is getting through. pete: the current guidance from our embassy, which we have banded into is now at the airport to u.s. citizens is to even try to go to the airport, don't even try. lena's friend who is a u.s. citizen is a sheltering in place as we know. the taliban has data and information on the americans, on afghans who worked with us and they are going house by house and it's a matter of time before they find these interpreters and citizens and that is to
5:09 am
their advantage and when you listen to joe biden yesterday, it's effectively we don't have a plan right now. ainsley: and we interviewed last week, her room who was an american trapped there and he was worried for his safety and felt it was important to go on camera and it tell his story for thankfully we have learned he just got back to america and is in d.c. probably will head back to colorado, but he is scared for his parents. he said his parents helped americans and they have papers to prove it and the taliban knows who they are and he said i was on the airplane coming back and a lot of people on the plane were not individuals, but were afghanistan did not help americans and that they just want to get the heck out but we are leaving behind people who helped and it's our responsibility to get those individuals out. here's a little bit of our interview this morning with him. >> message to joe biden, if he is trying to do that, with the data we have, make it like do
5:10 am
not bring in the people that don't have any documentation, that they have not been working with americans and they are just scared of the taliban to get out, but we don't need to bring those people entered bring the people who have proof that they did work for it nine or seven years like my dad. a lot of people were there that didn't have anything like no proof they worked for americans, but they save their live and i'm not against those people, but if we have limited time, please bring the people for real their lives are in danger and at risk. steve: everyone's lives are in danger over there and joe biden said yesterday that they may try to extend the safe zone around the airport, but didn't explain how they would do that. in the meantime, people are told to stay at home until we give you the signal and you will meet someplace. we do know apparently some americans have been met at a rallying spot with the ambassador from cutter and then he would escort them to the
5:11 am
airport, but that's just one person. there could be 30 or 40,000 other afghan a's who worked with the u.s. over the last 20 years who need to get out of town, so will they be able to do that for everyone? no. pete: i have the brother of my interpreter in afghanistan which is currently a senator and congressman and multiple people on the ground trying to give them guidance and this guy worked with americans for years and years and years, a trusted vetted ally and he can't get in the gates. we are trying now to figure out what gate. he has tried five times. he's been beaten. his daughter has been beaten so when joe biden goes to the podium and says maybe we will expand the parameter and hopefully things are happening that we don't know about, let's hope that is the case, but the clock is running out and the leverage is with the taliban and we are effectively begging them to let our people through and we are getting an ultimatum that would be necessary to say heads will roll in the taliban will.if you don't let americans through that gate right
5:12 am
now. ainsley: where is your interpreter now? pete: he's in the states, thank god, but he has not slept for a week. ainsley: i'm sure he's worried about his brother's safety. does every american soldier get an interpreter or do you get one-- pete: is not one for one, but most have at some point build a relationship with an afghan who needs multiple units over multiple years and we interviewed my interpreter on the weekend program and this is a guy who went out into combat environments and was therefore years and we are turning our backs on those people in a fundamentally unserious way and for the afghans trying to get on that don't have papers, that's not who we should-- go to the southern border, you can run right across the border so ultimately it should only be our citizens and the people who worked with us are the ones that should be saved. ainsley: because those are the ones in danger. pete: everyone is, but we can't bring everyone here. steve: you worked for years with other people to bring your interpreter over and he has been here for a while. pete: it took five or six years
5:13 am
because the process is so backlogged. steve: and you wanted to do it then, not now. now is the worst time possible because only people won't get through. pete: exactly right and a lot hung on hoping there was a future for afghanistan, but it all tumbled so we will continue to follow this story, but there's another when we are following and that's tropical storm henri, downgraded to a tropical depression overnight. steve: it was once a hurricane, but it continues to slam the northeast with a lot of rain and it made landfall officially in rhode island. although, most of the states in the northeast feeling at. ainsley: let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our forecast. janice: we know it doesn't take a name to storm to cause a lot of problems in tennessee some the moisture from the storm system brought heavy rainfall and unfortunately killed the several people. this is not done yet and it's a slow mover so it will continue to bring heavy rain today and tomorrow. finally, offshore. this is landfall
5:14 am
yesterday, 60 miles an hour sustained wind and it was at one point a hurricane. it got downgraded, but just sitting there and spinning will bring potential for very heavy rain for a number of hours and some of the same areas that got saturated, so the water has nowhere to go and flash flooding will be imminent. tuesday morning it is out of here and we will focus on the other big weather story which will be that heat across the method-- mississippi river valley with temperatures feeling well over 100 degrees and we will continue to bring the latest from fox whether. steve: thank you. 8:14 a.m. in the east and julian joins us with some headlines us before let's begin with at least seven people shot dead and 34 injured and another violently weekend of gun violence in chicago. at the police department releasing the new figures moments ago. the victims range in age from 17 and a 62. last weekend at 62 people were shot with nine killed. a texas estate committee
5:15 am
is set to meet soon to hear public testimony and the moaning reform bill to some of the runway house democrats returned to work last week allowing the house to gain form to resume a discussion on the gop backed bill picked despite the walk out the senate chamber passed the loading major. it must reach the governor's desk by september 5, or lawmakers could face another special session. a world war ii veteran gets a sweet surprise for his 96th birthday. watch this. a texas community gathered for a drive-by celebration of doug morris is a big day. around three dozen cars drove by his front porch to wave hello to he and his family. he said he was surprise of my people showed up and he said he loved every minute of it and he deserves every minute of it. speed when he looks a great. janice: he does. ainsley: such fun. steve: thank you. straight ahead on this monday the taliban
5:16 am
refuses to extend the evacuation deadline passed next tuesday, but how much pressure does this put on u.s. troops who are on the ground? general don bullock served 10 tours in afghanistan to fight the terror group and he is here live next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. savor your summer with lincoln. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ oh! are you using liberty mutual's summer is a state of mind, you can visit anytime. coverage customizer tool? sorry? well, since you asked. it finds discounts and policy recommendations,
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5:20 am
>> i think there is no need for that. it will provoke reaction a. steve: there you have the taliban warning that united the state of consequences if troops are not pulled out by the august 31, deadline. our next guest served at
5:21 am
10 tours in afghanistan leading special forces a-team to the region on horseback to fight the taliban. remember them? retired brigadier general don bolduc joins us right now. good morning. >> good morning and thank you for having me on. steve: you back, just like 20 years ago the taliban in control of afghanistan again. >> well, just like 20 years ago we go back in there and take it 'we just have to be given the word and i hope that is the planning going on it now because this 31, august deadline is gone, there is no way and it just puts our troops they are now in more of a predicament. steve: i don't know if you heard of the commander-in-chief yesterday saying like yeah, we might extend it. we will have to wait and see how things turn out. we just heard from the taliban, they said if we go past that, that's a red online and it will be a big problem. >> well, you know i'm really not concerned
5:22 am
about their redline because this is the united states of america and we are the one who develops the red line. we can't that will-- we cannot let them control this. we are not developing a plan to seize airports, shorten the time distance american citizens are in afghans and other allies can get to through secure airfields. go out there, make safe areas and bring them back in, facilitate this. we are not doing that now then we are doing the wrong thing in the pentagon and so we need to get on this now and this idea about letting the taliban control this environment is completely wrong. look, we beat them twice there and we can beat them a third time. give us the work and we go will go back and make it happen. steve: here's the thing, general, i have no doubt that would happen, but the president sounds like he is happy with how things are going. yeah, it's kind of a messy but there will always be pain, but he said yesterday he absolutely sure this is the right answer, to go ahead and pull people out and you see what's
5:23 am
going on right now. of the problem is there are tens of thousands of people on the outside that went to get in. we need the safe quarters that you are talking about, but the president seems happy with having the american forces inside past the taliban checkpoints. >> yeah, you know this is wrong. i wasn't bashful in 2014 , 13 and 14 when i told the administration their change of strategy from noncombat-- from combat operations to noncombat operations was a strategic and policy mistake big time and i'm not afraid to tell them now. it is another mistake and it's wishful thinking on their part, it's poor strategy, puts americans lives in danger and sends a terrible geopolitical message across the world to america, what we stand for and what we will do, how we will support our allies and how we will fight against our enemies both foreign and domestic. at this is wrong is.
5:24 am
steve: general, is the president getting bad advice from his commanders or is he just making the wrong decisions clinic i think he's making the wrong decisions, and i certainly am not confident in the advice he's getting because i served with these guys. when we needed them at the lower levels to stand up for us and tell the administration and tell the political leaders that their strategy and their policy was wrong and it was going to lead to less security, more casualties and put the taliban and al qaeda in charge and look what they did, you know their ideas invited isis. it's been bad all the way around. it's probably a combination of the two. steve: see what happens today. general, thank you very much for your service and getting up early reporting for duty here on "fox & friends". >> my pleasure, steve. god bless you and all that you do for our great nation. steve: thank you, sir. coming up on this
5:25 am
monday, we have an exclusive look at the crisis unfolding along the border as we learned at the lowest number of agents patrolling part of that border despite the record surge in migrants as you look live at mission, texas. pool floaties are like whooping cough. amusement parks are like whooping cough. even ice cream is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. sometimes followed by vomiting and exhaustion. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because whooping cough isn't just for kids. subway®... has so much new it didn't fit in our last ad. like the new deli-style oven-roasted turkey. and new hickory-smoked bacon. it's the eat fresh refresh™ at subway®. there's so much new we don't even have time for this guy! but i'm tom brady! oh, and there's smashed avocado too!
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pete: we are back with the crisis at our southern border, illegals isolated at a texas park while covid cases surge to an all-time high. bill is live from mission, texas, with exclusive footage from border runners caught on camera moments ago. reporter: good morning. there is never a dull moment down here at the border and we want to show you the video. at pretty wild as we were setting up to go live. this was about an hour ago and as soon as we got on scene a group of runners, zipping by us as we are setting up for our live location, a group of about 10 single adult men, one was carrying a pair of shoes and they ran right in front of us, disappeared into a field and it appeared they got away from what we saw. there were no border patrol agents anywhere. they ran into the cotton field and we did not see them again here doesn't mean they were caught somewhere else, but from what we saw there were
5:30 am
no agents to apprehend them. this is the sort of thing that happens every day. you could be on some random road and you could have a group of runners come running across. look at our fox drone this is why we are here. at what you are looking at is a compound, emergency compound in the park that was built by the city of mcallen and what it is is a compound to house a covid positive illegal immigrants who have been released from border patrol custody in the city said they had to build this as an emergency shelter because the federal government was that just dumping 70 migrants into downtown mcallen, releasing them into the custody of the catholic charities and so many were testing positive for covid that they had to put them somewhere because the feds were just releasing them in the latest numbers we have is 14.8% of those migrants were testing positive for covid 19 and in one week alone the feds dropped off more than 11,000 migrants to get that compound you are looking at is the city saying we have to protect the
5:31 am
public and how these folks somewhere as they are covid positive and if we doubt they will be walking the streets because the federal government isn't doing their job. catholic charities helping out and they say they are completely overrun and cannot keep taking these kind of numbers. take a listen. >> the numbers have increased gradually from 200 and it came to a .2 weeks ago we were almost 2000 people every single day that were released to us and we just didn't have the capacity to manage that number. reporter: all of this happening is border patrol morale is in total collapse from what is reported. washington examiner article that just came out talk to a bunch of border patrol agents, border patrol union and former officials in the biden administration and those agents are painting a dire picture saying agent morale is in freefall collapse with some telling the examiner quote we feel dead inside and part of the reason why they feel
5:32 am
that way is because they feel they are not able to do their job. so many agents have been pulled off a field patrol duty and assent inside to do paperwork and help process with these family units i keep coming across that they feel like there's no one left to patrol the border. washington examiner highlights one instance that's pretty startling, or a 245-mile stretch of the border now tell rio texas they are currently offered-- only 12 agents patrolling the entire area, the lowest of all time for border patrol in that area appeared to back out here live, we have been hearing the same thing from border patrol agents with every trip we have been on. they say they have feel like they have been turned into babysitters, social workers, assistants who only do paperwork and sometimes they say they feel like a uber driver transporting the migrants where they want to go in and they are released into the catholic charity. a lot of frustration out there. if you look at the compound, again what will happen as the day goes on his family members and sponsors of the immigrants who are
5:33 am
sick in the compound will show up to pick them up and then drive them and take them elsewhere across the country. they have been from california, louisiana and elsewhere in texas. they are coming from all over to pick them up after they say they have tested negative. back to you. steve: real quick, staggering images, staggering numbers and that number you have at the bottom of the screen, 12 agents for 245 miles, what could you conceivably patrol, i mean, that's effectively a wide open border. >> it is and it's a huge problem and that's part of the reason why agents have been voicing so much frustration. typically, you will see pickup trucks come a border patrol pickup trucks along the border on patrol but everywhere we go, that's a rare a site for the most part. a lot of them are pulled off patrol having to do paperwork and as you mention, 245-mile stretch of the border with only 12 agents patrolling it. at there will be a lot of runners getting three which is exactly what we
5:34 am
just saw. there weren't agents where we were and there are pockets where they know they can get through and it's going to be a big problem. pete: already is. thank you for the great work. we appreciate it. ainsley come over to you. ainsley: thank you. a new vaccination series is investigating some of america's most chilling murders and in a new weeklong crime story series called murder mom with nancy grace. watch this. >> the poor were those children went through, you know, you can say how long mom has been in jail and people deserve that, but these kids, i mean, it's almost like torture for them to be in that car. they count on their mom to protect them, their parents and for them to be subjected to this is just, i mean, i have seen so many child homicides and i still after all of these years can't wrap my mind around it.
5:35 am
ainsley: here with morris vaccination host nancy grace. a good morning, nancy. >> good morning and thank you for inviting me. ainsley: thank you for coming on. it's hard to believe a mother could do something to their own child in the first episode you are highlighting is a susan smith story to tell us the details. >> what really kicked this office a lot of people may not remember, but i do, this past week would have been little kaylee anthony's sweet 16 and i was just down there, ainsley, working on a special investigation about what we know that the jury never knew and i was driving through the neighborhood, ainsley, and i bet most of the people in that neighborhood have no idea what happened as if her life never occurred. back to susan smith, yes, that case brought to the forefront parental homicide because very difficult to get a conviction on a mom because in our mind we think mom we think of our mom.
5:36 am
i do. someone that loves, sacrifices everything for you and jurors would prefer to believe that mom didn't do it or was insane. now, in susan smith case, she had a clear mind and motive. she had fallen for a younger guy, the son of the richest guy in town and he did not want children so she strapped her two little boys into the car and push it into the lake and said-- sat there while they drown and then she made an anonymous black guy that carjacked her in the middle of nowhere and took off with her children. that brought this phenomenon to the forefront of the public conscience. ainsley: i know we probably don't have time to go through all five cases you highlighted. what are some that stand out to you and your mind? >> well, of course, taught mind mom casey anthony who seems to her legacy to be hanging around bars and a hot pants doing shots with guys. many people feel ripped off by the justice system when top mom
5:37 am
casey anthony was found not guilty but instead of focusing on that i think we need to focus on what we can do to stop child homicide within the home and she gave jurors to realization that mom's new murder. ainsley: i think we have a clip of that. let's take a look at that. >> you have stated many times, you believe casey anthony killed her daughter. why? >> when she returned from her mom and finding out casey had been hitting the mom's bank accounts again, there was a confrontation, there was a fight, casey was test-- angry and i think that was the tipping point when she left you know the one thing she could get back to cindy and really get to her would be to take away the most important thing in her life. >> kaylee? >> yes. ainsley: hard to believe she would have been a 16.
5:38 am
nancy, you also highlight emily glasses 5-year old son disappeared after being put down for a nap and his body was found under a bridge and then this jewish nectar,-- julie shen occur. >> she shot both of her children because they had become mouthy. she actually shot them in the mouth. bo was reaching down to tie a shoe string for soccer practice and i am taking my son to soccer practice today and when i think about what she did to about as she sought kaylee as she was studying at her computer because the husband traveled all the time and was really high in the military and that she was angry because the children would no longer do what she told them to do, so she shot them dead after much, much consideration, premeditated. ainsley: is that she still behind bars? >> you know that's right, she is behind bars exactly where she needs to be. ainsley: nancy, thank you so much for highlighting these moms
5:39 am
and telling us their stories. unbelievable. >> thank you. ainsley: sign up for fox nation now to see all of these plus exclusive access to other original content and your favorite personalities on any device the coming of a fox news exclusive, we were on board an american military plane transporting people out of afghanistan. see how it all played out, coming up next. utal. well, you can try using the buick's massaging seat. oh. yeah, that's nice. can i use apple carplay to put some music on? sure, it's wireless. what's your buick's wi-fi password? it's buick envision. that's a really tight spot. i used to hate parallel parking. me too! the all-new buick envision. built around you. all of you. pay no interest for 72 months plus current eligible buick owners get $500 purchase allowance on most 2021 buick suv models. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. buick owners get $500 purchase allowance an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel
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5:44 am
place of turmoil and chaos right now and everyone in america is watching that unfold and arkansas is included in that and our heartbreaks being able to get americans out of there, but also we recognize for 20 years we have had afghans that have supported the military mission, that have worked right beside our military personnel and we can't leave them behind. i think that is within the character of american history of our nation that we don't leave allies, those that have supported us so closely behind and so sure, arkansas should welcome those that have been properly vetted, that have supported our military and we have a history of that in arkansas. we shouldn't underestimate the challenge of that process. obviously, if arkansas has a site that is selected, then it's going to be involving public health. is going to be involving community. we don't know whether arkansas will be selected. we will wait and see,
5:45 am
but it's important that i say as governor that we would welcome and do our part to support those that have supported us. steve: it's interesting you said if they are properly vetted. are you confident that government would do that before they resettle anyone? >> well, no doubt that will be significant part of the process. now, there are different levels of vetting and we have got to make sure that they are appropriately getting special immigrant visa, that they have the connections and should be verified. our military personnel, it's going to be challenging, no doubt about that, but then whenever they arrived they have to probably be further vetted and from a public health and a security standpoint, but we can't let those caveat stand in the way about welcoming nation and expressing our support for those. ainsley: governor, where will they go? how will you house them? >> well, it's already been released at that
5:46 am
apartment upstate and the defense have evaluated fort chaffee which is a military out post in western arkansas and they received tens of thousands of vietnamese refugees when saigon fell and so arkansas has a history of supporting those that have supported our military. i spent 19 years in that community. it is a military friendly community. we are very proud of that mission and it just because they come there to be processed it doesn't mean they will stay there. they will have different ways in different parts of the country to locate, but as a result of that, we had over 4000 vietnamese settle in fort smith area and they are an incredible important part of our community and very proud of their assimilation into american life.
5:47 am
pete: as you know as we attempt to evacuate allies out of afghanistan our southern border remains open it, getting worse by the day. from the illegal migrants coming across the border are you aware of continuing arrivals in your state? >> there are, and it's a burden on our system. we are looking at ways to document that and, of course, as you know i worked in homeland security post 9/11. i have a responsibility for border security and what we see there today is an absolute travesty and a front to the protections that we are used to honor border areas and so that is not only a security issue, but it's also a public health issue with covid in the delta variant still very much an issue. steve: governor, thank you for joining us and telling us how arkansas is rolling out the red carpet. at there are tens of thousands of afghanis who need someplace to go and they could be making
5:48 am
a stop in your state. thank you, sir. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up, the race to rescue allies, afghan war veterans helping interpreters trapped in kabul dodge that taliban checkpoint and satellite images as one veteran doing just that joins us live to explain. steve: but, first we are heading out in 12 minutes and they are taking over. good morning. >> tough act to follow. >> jacking is coming up, to talk about the military aspects. >> i went to ask him about isis and also you will meet this woman who is getting families out and also interpreters. she is in an apartment in new york city but she's getting a lot of results. >> also, so many americans are taking up the slack with this administration dropping the ball. he will meet a ton of them starting today and throughout the week so we will see you in a couple of minutes with a brand-new week starting at 9:00 a.m. >> happy monday
5:49 am
everything that we do is centered around how can we help that veteran? how can we help that veteran family? we'll help anyone we possibly can. we'll get them in that home. we'll help them do a refi. we'll help them to get cash out of their home. whatever it is that's going to help that individual. and if it's not going to help them, we don't do it.
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move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. pete: spewing pressure growing in afghanistan as the taliban rejects any extension to the august 31, withdraw deadline. steve: they call it a red line.
5:53 am
as thousands of americans and f kenny's way to get out. pete: we are live with the latest. great reporting yesterday with fox weekend on the ground in kabul. you're back in kabul this morning. what are you hearing? >> we are learning more about the taliban and that august 31, deadline. they say they will not accept an extension by the united states or other western parties on the ground and it is under reports of a firefight this morning killing one afghan security guard outside of the airport with a number there-- a number of others wounded. it gives you a sense of the situation and the intense danger that american forces will continue to face while there. take a look at our reporting yesterday from inside afghanistan. >> of the government is flying a number of rescue missions this week to get vulnerable afghans out of harms way they are headed right now directly to kabul on this p 17 112 civilians
5:54 am
civilians'. we just arrived in kabul in just a week ago the taliban took control of this city and there are thousands of americans and afghans waiting to flee. the airport is currently surrounded by the taliban making it extremely difficult for people to get here and get to safety, this is new intelligence indicates groups like isis may try to attack americans as they make their way to the airport. scenes of chaos we saw play out over the past as seven days continuing once again today as u.s. forces try to keep a line between their soldiers and the taliban i want to show you here there are still planes landing. there are thousands of afghans and americans trying to get to safety, many of them having immense difficulty, but just you can see the faces of these women and children, a feeling of relief for many. how do you feel making your way out of afghanistan now?
5:55 am
>> my feelings are good. i'm so happy now. reporter: for many people on this flight it was the first time they ate or drank anything in hours as they had just been sitting on the runway waiting to get picked up after work in a way through taliban checkpoints into the actual airport. you can see a range of emotion on people's faces with some people just relieved to be headed to safety another's reality is setting in. they may never see their homeland again. the big question for the biden administration, how many americans are left inside afghanistan and we still don't have a clear number. we also don't have a clear plan about how those americans will be rescued, not only from kabul, but the entirety of the country. back to you. steve: great reporting. thank you. pete: that stark statement, still no plan. while joe biden addressing the ongoing crisis yesterday as the world marks one week since kabul fell to the taliban hands.
5:56 am
>> determination to get every american citizen home and evacuate our afghan allies is unwavering. we continue to see not only enormous scope and scale of the effort, we will see the individual lives that are affected, families that are desperate to get home, veterans who have mobilized to try to help their former interpreters get to safety, frightened afghans who aren't sure what to do. to state the obvious, it's heartbreaking. pete: our next guest is one of the thousands of veterans desperately trying to save allies. trying to direct interpreters around it taliban checkpoints at the kabul airport. let's bring in matt zeller. thank you for being here and for what you're doing. you heard the president say yesterday, veterans mobilized to try to help their former interpreters get to safety, it has come to that. it's you, veterans working independent of
5:57 am
the biden administration what are you doing? >> not sleeping. i slept two hours last night because i'm personally trying to get some of my own family to the airport and i failed. that's how impossible it is. right now it is almost-- we have had people in line for days and they just can't get out. there is a digital gun curb movement that's gone global, veterans across the world have united to save our own because we understand that there is no one else coming for them but us. pete: that is the understanding. you hear the president yesterday, do you have any confidence that he will mobilize to do something proactive? >> i do. i do because we have made it abundantly clear that the entirety of his presidency probably comes down to how well we do this and if we fail to keep this promise not only will we not find ourselves with allied forces, but it's clear nato has called
5:58 am
into question american leadership and i can't begin to think if we run from the taliban how will we stand up to russia or china? pete: how is this happening? you mentioned satellite imagery in your office we can disclose all of this but it's a collaboration bits and pieces of information, this time, this gay, this person and even you as someone who's right in the middle of it sometimes can't get those folks where they need to be. >> yeah, so all of us are back using our old skill sets, pulling injury from commercial satellites and working with companies that provided to have real-time satellite photos with people on the ground that afghans are stated sending in videos of taliban checkpoints. we have analysts who are plotting, we are doing everything we were trained to do to try to save these people. i am on deployment from my living room. pete: i believe that. do you believe we are doing right by our afghan allies? >> yes, cbs pulled the
5:59 am
american people yesterday and found overwhelmingly 81% of the american people want us to save every single one of our wartime allies. that's why i'm telling you now, if we fail to do this, if the biden administration decides to cut and run before the job is over, this will come to dominate domestic politics for at least the next two election cycles, i mean, again, we are concerned about benghazi, imagine how concerned we will be about who lost afghanistan to the taliban a. pete: what is the single most important thing that must be done right now? >> we need to keep the beachhead we have opening, for as long as it takes to get mission complete, that is the goal, not when the taliban tells us it's time to leave but when admission complete is declared and the only way we can declare that is if we take every single one of our afghan wartime allies. let's be clear, if we leave them behind they will die. pete: you are right.
6:00 am
match, you are doing your part. thank you and appreciate your time. >> thanks for having me. pete: he said it, on deployment from his living room. steve: and how many people like him have family members or loved ones or someone they worked with and they are spending every waking hour trying to get them. ainsley: and if we leave them behind they will die, he said to. steve: thanks for joining us today. we will see you back here tomorrow


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