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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 23, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. panic outside afghanistan's airport as thousands are looking to flee the brutality. the chaos has turned deadly. however, president biden is looking to convey optimism for the week ahead. >> the operation, let me be clear, the evacuation of
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thousands of people from kabul is going to be hard and painful no matter when it started, when we began. we are proving that we can move thousands of people a day out of kabul. we're bringing our citizens, nato allies, afghanis who have helped us in the war effort. we have a long way to go and a lot could still go wrong. >> harris: you're watching "outnumbered." here today my co-host, new york post columnist miranda divine, former deputy of national security adviser kg mcfarland and in the center seat today, retired marine corps bomb technician and fox nation host. great to see everybody. i feel like every time the pentagon talks, there's so much that we have to go through. i'm glad to do it with all of you. shots were fired near one of the gates at kabul airport just today. another sign of how difficult it is trying to safely evacuate
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americans and our allies. at least one afghan soldier was killed. u.s. central command tells us an unknown hostile actor opened fire on security forces. no u.s. troops were wounded in that. meanwhile, we are learning that taliban forces are harassing afghans at the airport, militants tearing up passports to deny innocent civilians chance to escape, the mayhem took a tragic turn as well over the weekend when seven people including a 2-year-old little one were killed. they were trampled to death. that child's mother told "new york times" this quote. my heart is bleeding. it was like drowning and trying to hold your baby above the water. this as we're getting new images of the u.s. marine corps helping evacuations there handing out waters to young children as they wait to be evacuated from afghanistan. and here at home, president
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biden says he's considering extending the august 31st deadline to withdraw troops, but the taliban has made a pretty public statement. not gonna accept that idea. in fact, the taliban spokes person called it a red line and extending it would provoke a reaction, technically consequences is what they said. lawmakers are warning americans' lives are at stake. >> they've put us in a situation where we have a hostage situation developing. they abandoned bagram air force base in one of the most stupid blunders in u.s. history and now we're relying on a civilian airport that has only one runway. i don't think the american people fully appreciate the danger in which the president has put us. one rpg means we're stranded. >> harris: we couldn't really get from the pentagon an accurate accounting of what had been left on the ground there.
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there was one point where the spokes person was saying, well, we destroyed a lot of those things. there were some things that we left behind, but we destroyed a lot. i'm looking at what they likely have. that scenario from ben sasse, the senator seemed awfully realistic based on what i'm reading. >> no, absolutely. i tweeted this. when kirby answered the question about weapons, if you listen at how deliberate he was, he essentially said we don't want people who might want to do us harm to have possession of these types of weapons. so really what he was trying to do was carve out a path in front of him that basically says, yeah, the taliban has our stuff and maybe we can work with the taliban and then it won't be so egregious that they have it. with these briefings especially from kirby, with the president as well, you're not only reading
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between the lines, you're really reading the intent. we can talk more about the president in a few minutes. >> harris: wow. >> that's a terrible place to be in. >> harris: i want to pause there for just a second and let's ruminate over what you just said. it's one thing to have to fact check but when you have to read somebody's intent, that is not a good space to be in. now you have to decipher whether you can trust the man whose so many american lives are in the hands of. >> looking at the taliban and they are speaking it, one group, like a central command authority. they're going to give orders out. that's not what afghanistan is. there are a lot of tribes. the tribe is in the extended family. we've got americans, we probably have thousands of americans all around the country, two or three at a school maybe in one
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province. or maybe we have an agricultural cooperative elsewhere. you don't just get in your car and drive on i-95 five hours to get to kabul airport. these people are not gonna get out. they are not gonna be rescued. there's just a handful of them in each place. when we say we're counting on the taliban, you cannot predict what some 25-year-old hopped up kid and everybody in afghanistan has a kid, what they're gonna do to the americans who are at that school down the street trying to make their way to kabul airport. what joey said, i really am struck with. the words are carefully chosen. they always keep saying americans who want to leave. i think they're gonna get to the point where they'll say, if they didn't show up at kabul airport, clearly they didn't want to leave. they're going to have that excuse as to why they left people behind. >> harris: joey, you're in the center seat today for a reason, as always, but because this time you are the center of the spokes
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on the wheel here. i want to come back on this.of intent and i want to tie that to what kt mcfarland is saying, in terms of our responsibility to get everybody out with a date certain of august 31st. publicly the taliban has said there will be consequences if we stay beyond that date. so what we were talking about last hour, that means you have got to start to get your people out around august 28th because it's gonna take you two or three days to get the troops back off the ground and back up in the air. what is the pentagon, what is the president's intent to tell us that they are in charge of what date we leave because we know that can't possibly be true. they'd be wrapping up the carpets now. >> i think what we have is an over abundance of smoke signals, saying one thing, doing another. saying one thing, meaning another. i think the ultimate intent there is not to signal to the taliban that they're going to stay past the 31st but they presume they will.
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that's what i read out of it. >> harris: don't you think the taliban know? they see us on the ground. they see us taking days for us even to put approaching 7,000 people. >> i'm proud of the corps of press to sit there and ask tough questions. >> harris: they were good. >> if they think they're smarter than those people, they probably think they're smarter than the taliban and they're probably not smarter than any of us. >> harris: kailee? >> yeah. props to the press corps. the questions they are asking are testing the american people's want to know. hats off to the press corps. trying to get answers, harris. but we're not getting answers. the on thing we learned is that the biden white house is really bad at numbers. they cannot give us an inventory of the equipment. they cannot give us a count of the number of people who have died at the airport in kabul. remember last week it was people
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hanging from planes. this week people getting trampled and they can give us a number? they can't give us the number of americans stranded in afghanistan or they can't give us the number of al qaeda. remember joe biden said it was zero, but in fact it's far more than zero. they don't have a number. one thing they can tell us is that our intelligence capacity is diminished because the number of troops on the ground there is no longer. what a scary scenario when you have a white house without facts and an intelligence capacity that is diminished. >> harris: they could just tell us they don't have it, right? you heard admiral kirby saying, well, let's just say thousands. then let's not say anything if you don't really know. i do want to get to this and then, miranda, i'm coming to you. i'm going to ask our team to play out the section where they were talking about that timeline, in fact, at the news conference. do we have it, with the pentagon spokes person? okay.
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then let's go to the part where they were talking about the numbers. they got into, are you deliberately trying to be vague? >> you can check the number. that's the most important number here, the number of americans. so if it's just a matter of checking the number, can you do that and give it to us? or if you're being deliberately vague, tell me why you're being deliberately vague. >> i think i'm just going to leave it at several thousand right now. >> well then tell us why. >> because i think the number is very fluid. it literally changes nearly by the hour. >> it's not more fluid than the 11,000, 37,000. >> i'll leave it at several thousand. >> harris: miranda? >> this is the sort of vagueness that we've had from day one. it's inexplicable, really. yesterday we saw the president
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give us a whole raoepl of teleprompter statistics. but nowhere in there were the number of americans that were evacuated. that is number that they do know, obviously. i'm assuming that it's a very small percentage of the overall number they're saying 28,000 were evacuated as of yesterday. that was a mixture of military aircraft, civilian charter flights and also nato allies. but also they must know how many americans. and then, you know, the overall messaging has been a complete disaster from day one. at least from the pentagon, they're giving regular updates within the constraints that have been placed on them by the white house, trying to answer questions. but, you know, from the state department, from anthony blinken, you just get mixed messages, total disinformation and from the president as well.
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they are trying desperately to spin the narrative, they've forgotten that they need to be straight with the american people. from the start and the president missed this opportunity yesterday. what the metric should have been, we are going to get out x thousand american citizens and any other allies that we can. and not put a timeline date on it. just say, we'll be out as soon as we've got out x thousands of our people. otherwise they have now tied themselves up. >> harris: they're gonna have to put a lot more people on the ground. joey, i'm gonna wrap it with you as we head to commercial. 7,000 isn't going to do it. you'll have to open another air strip up. you've created a single zone here. if we have to stay beyond august 31st, we've already been told there will be consequences. we're gonna pray that's not here at home and that it stays on the battlefield but what a hellish place for u.s. citizens to have to navigate beyond august 31st.
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your last thoughts. >> yeah. i think it gives the vague term several thousand. we know what the number is. we know it won't be something that americans are satisfied with. the next question is where are the rest of the americans? that question leads to, how are you gonna get those to the airport? that's not where he wants to go right now. >> harris: all right. we'll move on. chaos reigning in kabul. we know, the biden administration cannot seem to get its messaging straight on potential new terror threats coming out of afghanistan. they close for that. veteran homeowners, if you're ever going to use your va home loan benefit to get cash, now is the time. because interest rates are near record lows and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank.
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move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point, with al qaeda gone? we went to afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid
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of al qaeda in afghanistan, as well as, as well as getting osama bin laden. and we did. >> that was president biden friday on the terror threat in taliban controlled afghanistan. then yesterday, he said the u.s. is monitoring the possibility that an isis affiliate in afghanistan, known as isis k could carry out attacks on or near the kabul airport during the evacuation. the message was also told on sunday. despite the president's comments, al qaeda does still have a presence in afghanistan. >> we got bin laden a decade ago -- >> the president said al qaeda is gone. simple question. is al qaeda gone from afghanistan? >> al qaeda's capacity to do what it did on 9/11, to attack us, attack our partners and
9:19 am
allies is vastly, vastly diminished. >> is it gone? >> are there al qaeda members and remnants in afghanistan? yes. but what the president was referring to was its capacity to do what it did on 9/11. and that capacity has been very successfully diminished. >> miranda, wrong about the number of al qaeda there. wrong when saying our allies are supportive of us. that will get us to our next segment. wrongly saying no americans are having trouble getting to the airport. wrong when he told george stephanopoulos no one is being killed. is this incompetence or lies? there certainly seems to be many of them on a daily basis. >> you're right. for anybody who paid any attention to joe biden's history, it's just par for the course. it's the way he's always been. he's always spun fantasies, whether it's about his own, embellishing his own record, pretending that he was part of civil rights movement, that he
9:20 am
met nelson mandela, that he's plagiarizing at universities. this is a pattern of a character that is not trustworthy. unfortunately, you know, joe biden was able to hide, in fact, when he was vice president, he was sort of very much second fiddle to obama, even though he was overseas where americans couldn't see him. he was wreaking all sorts of havoc. now that he's in the hot seat, they've tried to hide him away. they hid him away during the campaign. but in a crisis, you need to have your commander in chief front and center. so while he tried to stay on vacation, i think yesterday he mentioned something about daily updates. so we'll be seeing more of him, but i don't think that will help. >> no, it won't. one of the most egregious mistruths was the notion the
9:21 am
under no circumstances are americans having trouble getting to the airport. as the week proceeded i see headlines like u.s. embassy are telling americans not to go to the airport. isis forcing alternate paths to the airport. this is just blatantly false. >> yeah. and i think what you're starting to see is an administration coming apart at the seams. normally, as deputy national security adviser, and i'm sure you did the same thing as press secretary. you have a series of daily phone calls. you touch base with your defense department, intelligence community. okay, what are you dealing with today? what are you gonna say? how are you handling it? you kind of have a theme song where you're all singing different parts of this song. what's now happening is that the white house is saying one thing, the state department's saying something else, the defense department is having to correct it, and then there are a lot of media speech probably coming out
9:22 am
of the intelligence community. i think it's every agency for itself. you're seeing undercutting on the part of the state department, defense department, intelligence community of the president. these departments do not, the military, the intelligence community, they don't want to go down with joe biden. i think they've concluded this is such an unmitigated disaster of incompetence, they don't want to be part of carrying that flame. >> you nailed it, kt. that's why we have a messaging catastrophe. that was all on friday, joey. then you fast forward to yesterday, president biden said there's no way to evacuate ghanistan. hold up. in april he said this, we will not conduct a rushed exit. we'll do it responsibly, deliberately and safely. direct contradiction. >> you know, we started this segment talking about whether or not al qaeda is in afghanistan. really focusing on the reasons maybe we shouldn't have left at all or the risk that we're going to have after we leave. i hate going there. not because it's not an
9:23 am
important conversation, but because every time we talk about that, we throw the ball back in joe biden's court, who essentially lied to us about what this issue at and is. joe biden continues to respond as if we're questioning his decision to exit rather than the strategy he employed to exit. i think it's our responsibility right now to focus and hone in on how he's doing this, not why. that's incredibly important. in other words, how he's exiting, not why he's exiting. there's where the malfeasance lies. there's where the miscommunication lies. there's where not listening to hissed a -- his advisers lie. pretty much everyone in a position of decision is for themselves. when you have the president come out and give a briefing last week and then state department and department of defense essentially refuted that briefing in real-time just a few minutes or hours later, you know they're not communicating or
9:24 am
they just don't have faith and trust in him to convey the truth to the american people. >> yeah, exactly. that's when you know you have a problem. all of this convergence on this one central question that chris wallace asked on sunday anthony blinken, secretary of state. let's play that sound byte. >> does the president not know what's going on? >> this is an incredibly emotional time for many of us, including allies and parteder ins who have been shoulder to shoulder with us in afghanistan for 20 years. this is a powerfully emotional time, as it is for me. >> do you know what my dad told me growing up? harris kimberly, there will be times in your life when things are hard and you're gonna have to put your emotions to the side, compartmentalize them and get the mission done. he didn't have the colonel and his wife, the president, apparently. i got that message and no joke, i was like 3.
9:25 am
i don't know why they feel like they can't tell this president the whole truth. i don't know if he was being genuine when he flashed that beautiful smile yesterday, but are you really trying to convince me that no one told you how bad your polling is and that's not why you're standing out here and are going to be standing out here every day trying to turn that around? i don't know what's worse. he can't take it, can't take the truth or he thinks that we don't know it. i don't know what's worse. but joey jones, it looks to me that if isis is on the ground forcing new routes to the airport, through their cruelty and violence that we have witnessed on this planet, and al qaeda is on the ground, i didn't know all these people even liked each other. what have we done, brought the world's worst haters together? >> well, i just want to go back to, you know the response of it's an incredibly emotional
9:26 am
time. just my own experience, i put bodies in bags and have taken bombs apart that same day. do you think there wasn't an emotional time? when you have a job to do, you do it or get out of the way and let those who can do it, do it. decisions need to be made. people's lives need to be saved. that's all that matters right now. >> well said. you had a very simple question. does the president know what's going on? what we heard from the secretary of state is what we call a double dodge to the question. the world had some harsh words for president biden over afghanistan. even tony blair calling the withdrawal imbicelic. how serious is the damage to our reputation? that's next.
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months ahead is far more risk taking from the chinese, from the russians, from the iranians, from the north koreans. they think this is their moment to seize what they can while they can. this only gets worse, not better, for joe biden. >> harris: i want to dig deeper with you, miranda, on what their moment could look like. what have our adversaries been laying in wait to do next that we know about? >> well, look, we know china's been buzzing taiwan. the sky's the limit. frankly, i do want to step back a little bit and just say about the criticism of america overseas. you know, take it with a little bit of a grain of salt. this is a debacle for sure, but
9:34 am
there are a lot of, even cheese lair, warmonger. people in europe. there's an anti-american sentiment there. there's an idea that it's good to kick america while it's gone. china, of course, is going to criticize america. we're only one presidential election away from america regaining control of the free world. i just wouldn't let it get everybody down. it's not the end of america. it just shows americans, though, that their vote counts. they shouldn't be voting on trivial things like mean tweets. they really do the due diligence on their candidates. it also is a slap in the face to the media and to big tech which covered up the president who really, if you knew what is the reality of who he is and who he's always been, this outcome was always going to happen. all we can do now is cauterize
9:35 am
the damage. >> harris: what you said about how we choose to vote for someone is just so present. it always is for me, miranda devine. we are caught up in our mean tweets, cancer culture. taliban doesn't care. kayleigh. >> you are exactly right. that is extremely well said for both of you. it's amazing. biden, saying we are only hearing support from our allies. there are myriad quotes from our allies debunking that. lincoln said i can only speak to what i have heard. did he hear from the uk parliament where you have conservatives and labour party members voting to hold president biden in contempt for dishonor. boris johnson, the prime minister, was even part of this action. the prime minister, same one who
9:36 am
praised biden, now calling him out for dishonor. this is the same prime minister that president biden took 36 hours to pick up the phone and call when he was doing god knows what on vacation at camp david. he should have been calling foreign leaders. >> harris: joey, i want to take this back to the ground in afghanistan, where our allies depended on each other over the last 20 years. i'm hearing german and french soldiers, british soldiers looking for their own citizens. i have to think, joey, that those are incredibly dangerous situations, not just for their citizens but for those men and women, of whom some you fowing fought alongside. it's not about the governments of allies, it is the actual people who carry out the orders that we're thinking of in terms of allies. >> no, absolutely. we have amazing men and women who have fought in this war for
9:37 am
20 years. when it comes to the issue of where we are with the allies, president biden would tell us, he had a binary choice. president trump set him up to bring in more troops or take everyone out. the next issue is how you take them out. president trump would tell us essentially we could leave and there would be peace in afghanistan or an opportunity to. i don't know if that's true, either. i didn't get to be part of this. i had to fight in two wars. i didn't see a difference in the two. i'm not seeing a difference in the messaging from biden and trump. the only thing i care about is, is my son going to have to go to war at 18? that's who i'm voting for next. >> harris: you mentioned the good job that the press corps were doing at the pentagon news conference today. one of the things that i'm seeing this press, both the administration representatives and president biden on is, look, can you stick to the topic now? the topic isn't whether or not
9:38 am
we were going to leave. that was a popular movement, action by the american people across presidential leadership. from one in office to the next. that's not the issue. the issue is how did you plan to do it and how you've executed that plan because it looks like you are leaving a lot of people to get their heads cut off. kayleigh. >> that's right. it's how we left. president trump made clear. take out the civilians, take out the equipment, bomb the bases and take out the military last. he said i asked a 5-year-old would you take out the civilians or military first? the 5-year-old said civilians. >> harris: just ahead, president biden's job approval, i mentioned this before, apparently they didn't show it to him, or he said he didn't see it. in multiple polling, it is lower than it's ever been. the new numbers and how the president seems to be laughing them off.
9:39 am
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>> the crisis in afghanistan is dealing major blow to president biden's job approval. an nbc news poll shows just 49% of adults approve of the job he's doing. below 50% for the first time since his presidency. the same poll shows 60% disapprove of how he's handling the situation in afghanistan. in a cbs news survey found majority of americans no longer find his actions competent, focused. here's how the president reacted when asked about that. >> also found based in part in the last week, majority of americans, forgive me, i'm just the messenger, no longer consider you to be competent, focused or effective in the job. the cbs news poll. what would you say -- >> and joe biden, he's not the only one laughing.
9:44 am
let's roll tape. here's vice president kamala harris. >> hold on. hold on. hold on, everybody. i want to talk about two things. first afghanistan. we couldn't have a higher priority right now. particular high priority is making sure that we safely evacuate american citizens, afghans who worked with us, afghans at risk including women and children. >> harris? >> harris: why doesn't she go to afghanistan? i mean, she really cares about women. and if she says her highest priority, could fpb have a higher priority, you better be keeping an eye on that border. that's her other job. i know she wasn't handed this one per se but biden told her to be the last person in the room when the decision was made on afghanistan. she owned it. the country is so blood thirsty
9:45 am
for its women. we have such a high profile woman breaking barriers and all with kamala harris. we can't find details to get her sphap safely in afghanistan. is that something that's outside the tail? i think that's needed. i really do. you could certainly protect her at that airport. that's what's supposed to be secure. gosh, wouldn't that be a moment? wouldn't it be a moment to see the nation's female vice president step down in a country that hunts us women like stuff under their shoe. they just want to kill us. they just want us to basically cater to their every need? wouldn't that be everything? >> joey, your thoughts on that. >> i'm sorry. i didn't hear you direct that toward me. it would just be a distraction. i don't need kamala harris in
9:46 am
afghanistan. i need troops there. what we're dealing with now is an administration that's got their eye on the political side rather than the policy and getting americans home. that's what troubles me. >> yeah. you're exactly right about that. miranda, do you think if they cared about the policy you wouldn't have harris and biden laughing. you wouldn't have chuck shumer dancing in the streets in central park with a television host. you all wouldn't have nancy pelosi at a fund-raiser with billionaires, notably maskless. this party, they got to get their act together here. >> these images are just horrendous and they really tell you what the heart of the democratic party is. they just don't care. they think they can get away with it because americans aren't paying attention to something half a world away. but americans are.
9:47 am
i think the polls are lagging. there was one from friday showing that the majority of voters do not think that biden is mentally or physically fit for the job and a majority also think someone else behind the scenes is making the decisions. that's disastrous. >> absolutely. coming up, the dire warning from a leader of an under ground hers t in afghanistan. think about those words. an under ground church as the taliban is set to be hunting down christians. ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, now introducing ensure complete! with 30 grams of protein. so then i said to him, you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, ensure complete! so you only pay for what you need.
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>> president biden expected to speak in the next hour on covid. we'll watch to see if he takes any questions on the disaster in afghanistan. we'll also talk with congressman mike rodgers, retired black ops pilot, michael o'hanlon about afghanistan. the fda gives full approval to pfizer's covid vaccine. what that might mean for vaccine mandates and giving shots to children under 12? all that plus the afternoon's breaking news. i'm john roberts. join sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports." see you then. >> the taliban reportedly going door to door, searching for
9:52 am
christians and even inspecting phones for bible apps. the leader of an under ground church saying, quote, the taliban has a hit list of known christians they are targeting to pursue and kill. the u.s. embassy is defunct and there is no longer a safe space for believers to take refuge. all borders are closed and all flights to and from have been halted with the exception of private planes. people are fleeing to the mountains looking for asylum. they are fully reliant on god, who is the only one who can and will protect them. kt, that quote is from a man named pastor x. he had to use an alias for obvious reasons. >> you know, this is how the taliban is behaving when the world is watching. they are on their best behavior. when the world season watching, they'll take those christians,
9:53 am
particularly christian women. they will torture them. they will do heinous and terrible things. it will only reinforce the uncaring nature not only of the president but, sadly, of the united states government. >> no doubt. joey, inspecting phones for bible apps at a time when we know taliban has informants everywhere. praying for these christians indeed. this is really troubling. >> absolutely. these are stories that make it so important for us to look back and say, how did we not have the intelligence to predict the taliban would bum rush the government this way? how did we not bring in a strategy to help people, at least mitigate the risks to themselves. we might not have been able to solve all the problems for everyone, but to give them lead time, to give them decisions if they wanted to leave, to cover their tracks, if that's what they need to do to stay there. if we accomplished nothing in 20 years, we should have been able to predict this. that's why it's such an
9:54 am
egregious thing to see happening. >> it is. miranda, christianity today article saying they're having people, girls over the age of 12 with an x on their door and they will seize the young girl. if you hide your young daughter, they will kill your family. just heart breaking. >> this is history repeating itself. if you remember in 2011 when there was the abrupt withdrawal of troops from iraq, we had the christian genocide. you see women were enslaved at the rise of isis. again, that was joe biden. he was the vice president who obama put in charge of that troop withdrawal. he thanked barack obama for allowing him the honor of presiding over what he called potentially one of america's, the administration's greatest triumphs. so we saw what happened then. it should have been crystal clear the same thing was going to happen now.
9:55 am
it's tragic. >> no doubt. i urge all of you to pray for the christians. go to global catalytic ministries. they have a goal of raising $500,000 between now and 9/11 to help 5,500 families. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ellow veterans. one of the benefits that our country gives us as veterans is the powerful va home loan benefit. it lets us refinance 100% of our home's value, not just 80% like other loans. that's a big difference. and it can mean a lot more money for you and your family. and this is the best time in history use it because home values are now at record highs while mortgage rates are near record lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you take out $50,000 or more to use as you wish. improve your home, pay down debt, or just put it in the bank for the financial
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>> harris: wow. what a way to end today. an afghan woman giving birth. she started having complications, and the pilot went to a lower altitude to increase air pressure inside the aircraft, credited with saving her life. once the plane landed, they boarded the usa 17 and safely delivered that baby girl. joey jones, our men and women of the military can do at all. >> joey: you know, to quote
10:00 am
the eccentric death goldblum in jurassic park, "life finds a way." >> harris: i love that. so good being with all of you today. when you see a story like that, and it reminds us of what we are capable of. "america's newsroom" starts now. >> john: good news to report there. thank you, harris. fox news alert. more fallout from the hasty and chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan. new threats from isis to derail president biden's plan. hello. i am john roberts in washington. >> sandra: welcome, everyone. i'm sandra smith. glad to have you back. we are seeing brandy a picture overseas. u.s. on the ground. they are giving us a firsthand look into the massive u.s. mission at the airport there. ongoing efforts to not only secure the airfield, but also give aid and


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